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In Memorial of the Fallen [RWBY RP|OOC 3|Open]

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by Stormwrath
In Memorial of the Fallen has won two awards last this year: Best School-based RP and Best OOC Thread!
Thank you to everyone for making this possible,
and congratulations to all the winners and participants!

The OP can best be viewed with Rift or Century (Wide RMB) theme.
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This RP is a reboot of this RWBY based RP. Credits to Mira. Thanks for making it happen!


Stories scattered through time.

Mankind has grown quite fond of
recounting the exploits of heroes and villains,
forgetting so easily that we are remnants;
byproducts of a forgotten past.

Man, born from dust
was strong, wise and resourceful;
but he was born into an unforgiving world.
An inevitable darkness, creatures of destruction,
the creatures of Grimm
set their sights on man and all of his creations.
These forces clashed,
and it seemed the darkness was intent
on returning man's brief existence
to the void.

However, even the smallest spark of hope
is enough to ignite change,
and in time man's passion, resourcefulness and ingenuity
led them to the tools that would help even the odds.
This power was appropriately named

Nature's wrath in hand,
man lit their way through the darkness;
and in the shadow's absence came strength, civilization,
and most importantly, life.
But even the most brilliant lights eventually flicker and die.
And when they are gone…
darkness will return.

So you may prepare your guardians,
build your monuments to a so-called "free world,"
but take heed…
there will be no victory in strength.

Salutations, ladies and gentlemen, Huntsmen and Huntresses, to In Memorial of the Fallen, a fantasy/academy roleplay! Storm here. If you haven't already been aware, RWBY is an American animated series created by Monty Oum (may he rest in peace), well-known for its pseudo-anime style and 2.5D animation. And awesome fight scenes, very awesome fight scenes. In this RP you will be taking up the role of teenagers who are training to become part of the next generation of Hunters, an organization dedicated to protecting Remnant from the Creatures of Grimm.

While at Beacon Academy, students are organized into teams of four, which at graduation may choose to stay together or disband. This is so they can foster friendship and build lasting bonds, which will be necessary if they are to graduate this academy. From an out-of-character standpoint, this means collaborating and compromising so everyone can have a good time roleplaying.

This RP is open to all who apply, writing style and skill level are irrelevant. You don't have to watch RWBY or brush up on the setting on the RWBY Wiki, we'll just ease you and your characters in, giving you opportunity to learn the RWBYverse as you play.

I am the GM thy OP. My word is law.
  1. Thou shalt respect the decisions of whom I choose to delegate my power to (that is, North Arkana and Sonitusia).
  2. Honor and respect other players, so you may be preserved. Thou shalt not troll, flame or spam.
  3. Thou shalt inquire the OP or Co-OPs for any concerns. This may be done in the OOC thread or in TG.
  4. Thou shalt not bring OOC drama. Keep that to yourself.
  5. Thou shalt use proper English grammar.
  6. Thou shalt not godmod or metagame. Thou shalt not control canon or NPC characters.
  7. Thou shalt not write posts with graphic violence, nudity, or sex. Keep it PG-13. Rape is not tolerated.
  8. Thou shalt not radically alter the setting without the OP's explicit permission. Thou shalt not disregard established IC canon to advance your character's goals.
  9. Thou shalt not slack or hinder thine fellow players in posting (post-block). Inform of thy absence should there be circumstances.
  10. Enjoy yourself!

As stated earlier, players of all writing styles and skill levels are welcome to apply. Please use the app templates provided below. If you are accepted, you are expected to post regularly at least once a week in order to avoid post-blocking. If your character has been inactive for four weeks, he/she will be dropped from the RP. The OP has sole power in accepting applications, and Co-OPs can only recommend a certain decision for the OP to take concerning a pending app. You may omit the OOC Information fields if any of your characters have already been accepted.

This isn't a mandatory rule for players who wish to app characters into this RP (for obvious reasons). But it is recommended for consistency reasons. Source

Hey guys! I notice that there are fans who love making their own RWBY OC's and OC Teams. I think it's awesome, and if you're going [to] be thinking about an OC Team then you should know the naming rule in RWBY.

  1. [Character names] in RWBY must be:
    • A color
    • Something that sounds like a color
    • Something that means a color
    • Something that makes you think of a color
  2. If that character is on a team, then the first letter of their name must fit in a 4 letter acronym that spells a team name that also must be:
    • A color
    • Something that sounds like a color
    • Something that means a color
    • Something that makes you think of a color
That was the rule that I set for whenever we need to come up with a name in RWBY. You can bet there were countless hours in cafes scribbling on the backs of napkins while looking up names scrubbing through thesauri and dictionaries, looking up the color in multiple languages, finding naming sites that could lend meaning to a character in mind. Or researching various histories of names that I wanted and finding a way to give it color.

Thus all the names in RWBY (minus Ozpin... for reasons...) follow this rule. It was certainly heard when I wanted a certain name, but couldn't give it a color meaning or somehow find a way to make it fit the criteria of being on a certain team.

  • Sometimes I'd have a specific character design in mind and then they would need a color and a team.
  • Sometimes I'd have only the name and therefore I'd either need it to fit somewhere, or come up with three other names to justify it. But then find even better meaning in other names.
  • Sometimes I'd have a team name and look for as many way to spell said team member or team itself to match.
This rule from day one when i started thinking about RWBY set into motion this chaotic series of events where each and every day we found meaning and circumstance for our characters. I embrace this chaos and let it run throughout creating texture while we try to make sense of it.

I've seen some RWBY OC's and OC teams that follow the first rule, but don't know about the second. I'm putting this out there so that you don't invest in something that isn't accurate to the rule. And I like that you think about these things because I was the same one day, watching someone else's work, dreaming up my own.

Setting rules for yourself that are difficult to overcome is hard. But that's why we do it!

- Monty Oum
(Erase everything in parentheses)
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[box][align=center][img][/img][/align][hr][/hr][size=120][b]CHARACTER INFORMATION[/b][/size]
[color=#666666][b]Race:[/b][/color] [ ] Human [ ] Faunus
[tab=30][color=#666666][b]Animal Traits (Omit if human):[/b][/color][/tab]
[color=#666666][b]Reference Image(s):[/b][/color] (Optional)

[size=120][b]COMBAT INFORMATION[/b][/size]


[size=120][b]OOC INFORMATION[/b][/size]
[color=#666666][b]RP Activity:[/b][/color]
[color=#666666][b]RP Example (link or one shot):[/b][/color]
[color=#666666][b]Did you read the rules?[/b][/color]

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[box][align=center][img][/img][/align][hr][/hr][size=120][b]TEAM INFORMATION[/b][/size]
[color=#666666][b]Team Name:[/b][/color]
[color=#666666][b]Team Members (with short description):[/b][/color]
[list][*]> team member 1 <
[*]> team member 2 <
[*]> team member 3 <
[*]> team member 4 <[/list]
[color=#666666][b]Team Loadout:[/b][/color]
[list][*]> team member 1 weapon <
[*]> team member 2 weapon <
[*]> team member 3 weapon <
[*]> team member 4 weapon <[/list]
[color=#666666][b]Team Semblances:[/b][/color]
[list][*]> team member 1 semblance <
[*]> team member 2 semblance <
[*]> team member 3 semblance <
[*]> team member 4 semblance <[/list][/color]
[color=#666666][b]Team History:[/b]
[color=#666666][b]Year Level:[/b]

[size=120][b]OOC INFORMATION[/b][/size]
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by Stormwrath

Updated August 22, 2017 (GMT+8, Philippine Standard Time)
CURRENT MAJOR EVENTS (Hosted by the OP and/or Co-OPs)
  • Tournament Arc

CURRENT MINOR EVENTS (Hosted by individual players)
  • Lucius vs. Pyrrha (CLOSED)
  • Hannah's Clone Training (CLOSED)
  • The Not-So-Great Paint War (OPEN)

  • 'Tis be a secret...
Beacon Academy, the huntsman academy in Vale.
  • OP, approve apps and update roster. Co-OPs, link recommended pending apps in your desks.
  • Make sure everyone posts at least once a week.
  • OP, link Team Apps to the Team Section.
  • Co-OPs, handle things when the OP has announced absence. If I fail to respond in 48 hours, assume I'm absent.
  • It's tournament time! Make sure to help the teams coordinate in their upcoming fights.
  • Fill in NPC slots with PC teams if formed. Co-OPs, make sure that they file in team apps to formalize it, and make sure to link it in your whiteboards so the OP can get on it.
  • Maintain current pacing. This is so we can get to V4 as soon as possible.
Welcome to the new OOC! Don't mind the adorable Zwei Grimm in the corner, that's for decoration.
You can make your own story arcs, too! Feel welcome to create player-driven story lines involving your characters. All you have to do is fill up this template.

Code: Select all
[box][align=center][img][/img][/align][hr][/hr][size=120][b]PLOT IDEA[/b][/size]
[color=#666666][b]Players/Characters Involved:[/b][/color]
[color=#666666][b]Duration of Plot:[/b][/color]
[color=#666666][b]Post Frequency:[/b][/color]

Do not remove this tag. It helps us find apps.[/size][/box]

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by Stormwrath

DISCLAIMER: Certain expounded content may be headcanon and shouldn't be misconstrued as established RWBYverse canon.

Front facade of Beacon Academy.
Beacon Academy is a prominent Huntsman Academy located in the Kingdom of Vale. Like its sister academies, its purpose is to train the next generation of Huntsmen and Huntresses, elite warriors whose job is to slay the Creatures of Grimm and protect mankind from evil. Its current headmaster is Professor Ozpin. Beacon Academy was founded eighty years ago at the conclusion of the Great War, when the four kingdoms of Remnant established the brotherhood of the Hunters. It is located along the eastern boundary of the City of Vale.

It is a residential/boarding school, with students residing in dormitories within the campus for the duration of their time here. However, students aren't limited to the campus outside of classes, and can spend weekends and free days in Vale. Those who wish to apply must pass a rigorous entrance exam, and applicants often train in primary combat schools to learn the basics of fighting and weaponry. Students are generally admitted at the age of 17, though there have been some exceptions. The school also participates in student exchange programs with the other Huntsman Academies, especially during events of great importance such as the Vytal Festival. These exchange students may participate in the school's activities like their Beacon counterparts.

Students are grouped into teams of four during their four years at Beacon. The purpose of this is for the students to work together, develop empathy, and foster a feeling of friendship and respect for each other. These teams are organized through initiation, which assesses their individual qualities and skills before they are being placed into teams. This takes place in the Emerald Forest, which is outside of the school.

There are two kinds of learning experiences that Beacon's curriculum employs: through lectures and practical exercises. Teachers give lectures for the purpose of information and theoretical analysis, while practical exercises put to use what is learned in the classroom. Out-of-campus activities are held as well. Students are also sent on missions as part of their academic requirements. First-year students are accompanied by a professional Hunter, while upperclassmen can undertake missions on their own.

While in class, students wear uniforms. Male students wear black suits with gold trim, accompanied by a blue vest and a white shirt with a red tie. Females wear a red plaid skirt and a brown jacket with a tan vest and white shirt with a red ribbon tied at the collar, with optional stockings or leggings. The school is rather lax with proper dress code, and that has allowed students to personalize their uniforms however they want it. However, they do not have their uniforms on during combat practice.

Main Avenue

A long and wide pedestrian walkway gracing the front facade of the Beacon campus. It is marked with trees and holographic flag poles. It is wide enough to accommodate several students walking to and fro between the docks and the main complex. Halfway between the docks and the amphitheater there is a fountain.


While the term may suggest a group of piers jutting out from the edge of Beacon cliff, much of it is actually comprised of a single large platform capable of accommodating a number of airships. The docks mark the entrance to Beacon Academy, and from there one can go to any point of the campus on foot.

Beacon Tower

The tallest building in the academy. A number of green spheres or lights are located at the top of the tower, hence the name "Beacon Academy", due to its appearance being similar to a lighthouse. Below this is Ozpin's office, and below that is the Cross-Continental Transit Center.

Lecture Room(s)

A classroom. Duh. The seats are arranged like that of the amphitheater, with the students facing the professor below. There is a small space at the front of the room that may be used for combat training. Their appearance may vary depending on the teacher occupying the room since they would probably use a lot of visual aid for their lectures.


It is an assembly area located at the end of the main avenue. It has raised bleachers arranged in a circle around a circular stage. A large open area in front of it is where the students may stand in student body meetings. The stage is also used for dueling practice. In front of the amphitheater is a statue of a Huntsman and a Huntress triumphantly standing on top of a rock, with a Beowolf prancing under it.


The dorms at Beacon are co-ed dorms, and can accommodate a maximum of four people. Teams usually occupy one dorm room each. The doors to their dorm rooms are secured with an electronic lock, which can be unlocked with the student's Scroll.


Where the students eat. Duh. The tables are arranged in two rows with a passageway in between. Students may sit with anyone here, really. No one said it was illegal. They can choose to eat in their dorms, though.


Despite its purpose to be a place with lots of books and where students may study in peace and quiet, it hardly is that way. Often it's being used by students as a gathering place, where they chat or play board games. Don't try to piss off the librarian.

Emerald Forest

The adjacent forest outside of the main campus where the students have their initiation. They are launched off the cliffs on purpose-built launchpads that can propel a person several hundred feet into the air. It is encouraged you have a landing strategy. Be warned: while the ruins are certainly a sight to behold, there are many Grimm that hide in the forest, ready to pounce on an unsuspecting initiate.


This is where the students go for forging classes, forge a new weapon, or repair existing weapons. Everything that they will need is here: tools, materials, parts, and workstations. A testing room is placed right next to the workshop for students to test their weapons once they're happy with it. If they need any help, they need only ask the intern—he's paid to do this stuff. Or not. We don't exactly know since Ozpin's rather secretive about where the money goes on campus.


This is actually an informal name, as it is actually a multi-purpose room that can be used for holding special events such as school dances or formal reunions. Here is where the students gather during the school dance every year, either to go dance with that special someone of theirs or to just devour everything on the tables.

Amity Coliseum

A massive floating stadium currently hovering over Beacon Academy. This is a major attraction for visitors of the Vytal Festival, and is where tournament battles are held. Each component was contributed by each of the four Kingdoms in a literal and symbolic display of unity. Participants in the tournament fight in an arena that can simulate any conceivable environment, be it mountains, forests, urban ruins, or even lava or ice landscapes.


A collection of booths, stalls, and tents that was set up at Beacon for the Vytal Festival. Food stalls, game booths, and souvenir shops are there for those who want to explore the grounds or get away from the action at the Amity Coliseum. OOC Note: Players may create their own booths.
Jackson Silver — Avena Sharpe — Carmina Birch — Leif Spruce

Heamet Lareylis — Ether Coremy — Aria Teller — Theriam Lareylis

Charlotte Noble — Mentari Nachtmann — Caitlyn "Chess" Cheshire — Lucas Blixsen

Shiro Sora — Takuro Sora — Akatsuki Inuma — Reinard Stahl

Savannah Montaigne — Hannah Blikdase — Ashley Caldwell — Onyx Dace

Clover Nocciola — Layla Ajanus — Albastru Nostradamus — Lucius Aurelius Firmus

Mandisa Netem-ra — Tasha Eleos — Hall Grey — Chen Milong

Crim — Graham Arx — Jackson Violer — Zac An

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by Stormwrath

DISCLAIMER: Certain expounded content may be headcanon and shouldn't be misconstrued as established RWBYverse canon.

Satellite world map of Remnant.

Remnant is a Terranesque planet where RWBY, and consequentially this RP, takes place. It is the only known planet in the system to have life. It is populated mainly by a diverse range of plant and animal life, the Creatures of Grimm, and the humans and faunus organized into four kingdoms and several villages, which interact with each other through trade, war, diplomacy, and communications media. Remnant is orbited by only one natural satellite, the Moon. There are four continents on Remnant: Sanas (largest continent), Anima (eastern continent), Solitas (northern continent), and Menagerie (southeastern continent).

Little is known of Remnant's ancient history, and most recollections of it are passed from generation to generation in the form of myths and legends—many of which still persist today such as the tale of the Seasonal Maidens and the Silver-eyed Warriors, both known for their extraordinary power. The origin of humans and their derivatives in Remnant is unknown, and continues to remain an enigma in scientific circles, but legends tell that they were born into an incredibly hostile world. The Creatures of Grimm, monsters of terrifying countenance, fought with humans for much of mankind's history—so much so that humanity was almost eradicated. But a new resource was discovered, named Dust, and men developed the capability to reverse their fate.

In the absence of Grimm, mankind was able to forge great civilizations that spread all over the world—nations and kingdoms that rose and fell as time marched on. Science and technology advanced with each passing year, as newer discoveries and inventions made the world a better place to live. Dust gradually grew from a weapon of war to a resource of peace. The mysterious crystals of Remnant were used for various purposes, most notably as an energy source providing the four kingdoms with energy.

Yet, as often is said, with the absence of one enemy is the presence of another. Humanity found an enemy in itself, and it was indeed a formidable foe. The kingdoms of the world fought destructive wars for various reasons—some for land, some for power, and some for resources. In addition the faunus, a branch of humanity known for certain physical animal traits such as horns or ears, was being discriminated against, laying the foundations for the Faunus War. But what was perhaps the most destructive conflict in human history was the Great War—named after the scale in which it was fought. Nations rose against nations, and kingdoms against kingdoms—all for the propagation of the ideological dichotomies of collectivism against individualism, censorship against self-expression, and totalitarianism against democracy. In fact, many people were outraged at their governments for suppressing the arts—a vital part of expression—that they named their children after colors in defiance of this.

Seeing as the world before them was in ruins, the surviving kingdoms of the world—Mantle (Atlas), Vacuo, Mistral, and Vale—met in Vytal and forged peace. The ideals of individualism and liberty prevailed, and a new ideology emerged among the kingdoms: unity in diversity. The world had forged for itself a path towards globalization and reliance on each other to survive. A testament of this are the Huntsman Academies and the Cross-Continental Transmission Network established after the war as a statement of unity, as well as the Vytal Festival, which celebrates mankind's cultural and societal diversity. Yet there are challenges that await the inhabitants of Remnant, and it is the hope of many that humanity will stay united.

Political Map of Remnant.
The kingdoms are considered by mankind as sanctuaries from the threat of the Grimm, and as beacons for humanity. There are four kingdoms that currently exist are Atlas, Vacuo, Mistral, and Vale.

Most of the human and faunus population of Remnant make their residence within the confines of the kingdoms, as the world outside is open to Grimm attacks. The reason for their relative safety is because of their geographical features—which serve as natural barriers against the Grimm. While they are referred to as kingdoms, there is little or power vested in a hereditary sovereign, if there are any at all. Instead executive and legislative power is held by a council that sees to the needs of its citizens. These councils may be democratically elected or appointed by the Chairman of the council, depending on the kingdom's government system.

The armed forces of each of the kingdoms are at most equated to self-defense forces, and they only conscript citizens into the military in times of emergency or crisis. Only Atlas maintains an expeditionary force, and it's entire population also serves as its reserve personnel.

Each of the four kingdoms hosts a Huntsman Academy, an institution established to train the next generation of Huntsmen. Generally the government and the academies are separate institutions, but Atlas is a special exception. It is noted that they have coalesced the civilian government, the armed forces, and the academy into one unified entity.

Vale is one of the four kingdoms of Remnant, and the primary setting of RWBY—and by extension this RP. It is located on the eastern half of Sanas. The kingdom comprises mainly of the City of Vale, the island of Patch, Beacon Academy, a couple of major cities among its western coast, and Mountain Glenn; and is surrounded by the Forest of Forever Fall to the north, the Emerald Forest to the east, and mountain ranges to its east and south.

It was the only kingdom known to have attempted an expansion of its territory by means of colonization. This colony was called Mountain Glenn. It had sophisticated infrastructure that connected it with the city proper, but it succumbed to repeated Grimm attacks that forced the government to abandon the colony—lest the Grimm enter the Valean homeland.

While most people would take the airships to go to the kingdom proper, some prefer to take their time. In this case, this was Aiden. He continued to drive his car, going down the road that wound around the cliffs. This road led to a highway, which served to collect all kinds of vehicles from the smaller roads that fed to it, like a mighty river of automobiles collecting cars from its paved tributaries. This highway went on for a couple more miles, leading to the magnificent pearl of a city that stood apart from the dangerous world—the city of Vale.

Vale was an incredibly lively place, a picturesque bustling city that attracted all kinds of people from within and without—a haven for mankind from the monsters outside of its walls. Not only that, it was surrounded by a prominent mountain range that served as a geographical barrier against the Grimm. The walls protecting the city were quite thick, very high, and certainly well-guarded, with the finest of Vale's soldiers watching day and night. Every few hundred meters or so were towers where they were garrisoned. The car slowed down and stopped at a checkpoint, and a guard came by to check. Aiden was cleared to pass, and the car began to accelerate again.

Map of the City of Vale.
If one were to make a comparison with any city on Earth, it would perhaps be likened to Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, or even Vienna. It was incredibly beautiful and vibrant, where one could find all sorts of interesting places to visit, such as coffee shops, bookstores, parks, and iconic buildings that flanked every street. People roamed to and fro without much concern. A cosmopolitan atmosphere was abound, with all sorts of cultures melded together in a harmonious fashion. To the locals, "life is here." Here was life left unmolested, left to thrive and flourish.

Downtown was close by, and Aiden and Blake were greeted by narrower streets, some of which were paved with carved stones. It was certainly a more avant-garde part of the city, where the traditional street lights, traffic signs, and pedestrian walkways were replaced with holograms. They resembled the ones that were back at Beacon Academy, only they displayed the emblem of the kingdom in place of the school's. People in this side of town were described to be hipsters showing off the latest Scrolls or holding Stardust Coffee cups in their hand—not that they were any different from the rest of the population.

Atlas is a kingdom located in Solitas, the far northern continent of Remnant. It is the the world's strongest military power, and its leader in scientific and technological advancement. Formerly known as the Kingdom of Mantle, it was the result of the absorption of the Mantlean civil government and armed forces with Atlas Academy, the huntsman institution based there—forming a government system that has elicited mixed comment from the other kingdoms, as well as from citizens.

The most well-known face of Atlas is its military, known as the Atlesian Armed Forces. It is comprised of two primary branches: the Atlesian Army, which conducts land-based operations, and the Atlesian Navy, which conducts air-based operations. Its navy boasts Remnant's largest aerial fleet, capable of projecting Atlesian military might through its aerial warships and fighter-transports. A large part of the Atlesian military's numerical strength is comprised of android soldiers, which take the place of human infantry, though this doesn't mean Atlas has phased out human military personnel entirely. Some of them still serve in the army, whether by the rifle or by the mechanized battlesuits.

Notable entities based in Atlas include the Schnee Dust Company, one of the largest conglomerates in Remnant in terms of influence and market revenue, and Atlas Academy.

Mistral is a kingdom located on the easternmost continent of Remnant. It is the largest of the four kingdoms, occupying the entire continent of Anima, however it is their size that has proved troublesome to its government. Villages surround the kingdom, and many of them are home to thugs that roam the area and hang out at inns, evident of the lucrative underground. Haven Academy is located here.

Mistralian culture, a rich specimen of the culture of Remnant, resembles a modern incarnation of Greco-Roman culture, though it does have Oriental elements, too. They are prominent for their theatrics, fashion, art, and architecture. In fact, they are known all over the world for their unique mountain-anchored buildings.

A famous event taking place here is the Mistral Regional Tournament, an annual tournament likely participated by huntsmen and huntresses as well as students from Haven and Sanctum. It is similar to the Vytal Festival Tournament.

Vacuo is a kingdom located on the western half of Sanas. It is the location of Shade Academy, one of the four huntsman academies of the world. This kingdom is geographically isolated from the world by its nigh-inaccessible desert, but otherwise accessible by air.

The kingdom was once a lush and fertile land that was home to vast natural wealth, something that the other kingdoms desired to harvest. For a time Vacuo was colonized by the other major kingdoms until a major catastrophe struck. Because of overexploitation of their resources by the colonizers, the Vacuans saw their paradise slowly turn into the desert that lies in its place today.

Vacuan culture is much more libertarian and laidback than their counterparts in Atlas, Mistral, and Vale. People wear casual clothing to formal events, arguing that it's still "shirt and tie." This may be because their country sits on some of the largest reserves of Dust in the world, and their isolation has proved to be advantageous for them to thrive and not just survive. Society seems to be on the verge of anarchy, but people will respect you if you can survive among the sands.

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by Stormwrath

The Creatures of Grimm are fearsome monsters that inhabit much of Remnant. They come in all sorts of terrifying forms, some that resemble animals, and others that are just simply indescribable. The Grimm are the primary existential threat to human civilization, having set itself against mankind since the latter's appearance.

No proven origin has been given for the Grimm's appearance in Remnant, but they appeared some time after man appeared. In an instant the two were locked in a struggle for survival, with the humans losing much ground to them. However, with the discovery of Dust, man had the power to repel Grimm attacks and establish safe havens for them to thrive. Those safe havens later turned into civilizations with their own governments and societies.

Notable Grimm

The number of Grimm variants remain an elusive number for scientists to keep track. While the most common types of Grimm resemble animals, real or mythological, more recent types have been discovered that take on stranger forms, baffling Grimm taxonomists. The following below are common or notable Grimm that can be encountered outside of Beacon Academy.

  • Beowolf — a common type of Grimm that looks like a wolf with extremely long appendages. They can both stand upright and walk on all fours.
  • Boarbatusk — a Grimm that resembles a warthog. It can curl itself into a ball and roll at opponents.
  • Creep — a Grimm that looks like a theropodic saurian lacking arms.
  • Death Stalker — a large Grimm that resembles a scorpion. Its stinger glows in the dark.
  • Goliath — one of the rarer kinds of Grimm. It looks like a giant elephant. Its armor is said to be so strong that a 50-caliber bullet cannot pierce through it. Goliaths are an example of more docile Grimm, and will attack if provoked.
  • Griffon — a flying Grimm. Must not be confused with the mythological creature of the same name.
  • Nevermore — a flying Grimm that resembles a giant sparrow or raven. It can discharge its feathers at the ground at terrifying speeds to impale opponents.
  • Ursa — a common Grimm that looks like a bear.

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by Stormwrath

DISCLAIMER: Certain expounded content may be headcanon and shouldn't be misconstrued as established RWBYverse canon.
Founded at the conclusion of the Great War, the Huntsman Academies are where the next generation of Hunters are trained. They play a significant role in the defense of the Kingdoms from outside forces, especially from the Creatures of Grimm. Each of the four kingdoms has a Huntsman Academy, namely Atlas (Atlas), Haven (Mistral), Shade (Vacuo), and Beacon (Vale). The characters of this RP are mostly students studying at Beacon.
Aura is the life force manifested in Remnant’s living creatures. With enough experience, practice, and the right training, it can be activated and used for a wide range of abilities, especially in combat.

It is the manifestation of the soul, a metaphysical entity found in humans, faunus, and animals—and more recently in synthetic individuals. Its visibility may depend on its strength, and its appearance varies from person to person. The Creatures of Grimm lack a soul, and therefore do not use Aura. It is activated through training and practice, though it can be unlocked by another person.

Skilled Hunters have the ability to amplify and control Aura in order to employ it in a myriad of methods to augment his/her combat abilities. Primarily it is used as a defensive barrier that protects the user from harm, but with practice one can block even the strike of a King Taijitu with just the Aura. However, this does not mean that they cannot feel sensations such as heat or pain. Others use it alongside weapons to allow for a wide range for offensive and defensive capabilities.

Despite its protective qualities, it doesn't render the user invincible, and it can be worn out through continual use. As more damage is sustained over time, the Aura level is progressively depleted. This can limit the application of Aura in longer periods of combat. A colored sheen will ripple across the person's exterior whenever his/her Aura is completely depleted, thus indicating they can be physically injured.

In a tournament-style battle fought between two combatants, Aura can be monitored through the use of Scrolls or other capable electronics. Once a combatant's Aura level drops below 15%, it is not anymore sufficient to protect the user from harm. The referee may choose to call the match and declare the one with the highest Aura percentile as the victor.

One cannot explain the subject of Aura without touching on Semblance. A Semblance is a special ability unique to each individual, and can be compared to superpowers. It is the projection of one's Aura into a tangible form that the user can use. It is said that after unlocking Aura, one can discover his/her Semblance in time. This allows users to alter certain physical phenomena, depending on the power they have. Some use it with Dust to increase their combat effectiveness against foes.

However, there are some adverse effects that come with its use. Overusing one's Semblance for prolonged period of time can affect the user, most especially by consuming his/her energy or Aura level. Physical and emotional stress can also affect Semblance in undesirable ways.
Dust is a major source of energy in Remnant, side by side with electricity. But where the latter comes in two forms (negative and positive), Dust exists in four basic types which come in four basic colors, these being: red, brown, green, and blue. They can then be further mixed and matched to become different forms, of which can then be used to power machines, or enhance the combat abilities of hunters and huntresses.

The name is implied from the the thought that the very first stage of a human is from dust, hence ‘Dust’ being a human’s purest form. It was discovered during a time when humanity was on the brink of complete annihilation, when their ingenuity and resourcefulness found them a substance that allowed man to take back control of its world. Harnessing the awesome power, they pushed back the Grimm, driving them to the corner, and building civilization from the ruins. Since then, Dust has become an integral part of everyday life. Despite its importance and widespread use however, humanity has yet to scratch the surface on the mysteries of Dust.

Weapons can be used to a greater effect with Dust, as each crystal or powder comes with their own unique properties, or elements.

  • Fire — Flickering red like the dancing flames, it contains a burning heat within. When touched, one can feel the warmth at their fingertips, and when unleashed, can incinerate all that is in its way.
  • Water — Clear blue like a running river, one can feel the cool liquid flowing when it graces their fingertips. But when angered, water can become a dangerous foe, washing away all that is impure.
  • Earth — Deep brown like the rumbling ground, this form of Dust takes form of the land around us. Often calm and supporting, but when aggravated creates chaos on infamous scales that evil can only hope to achieve.
  • Air — Soft green like leaves blowing in the wind, it is as wild as a beast. Ever moving, ever changing, air can never stay in one place unless captured, as it is in Dust. At one moment, it can cool a man down on a hot day, the next it destroys entire fields, blowing in punishment from the skies.
While these comprise the basic forms of dust that can be found in mines in the ground below, there are of course many other types that can be harvested, and even more that can be made by combining them together. These include a combination of Water and Fire, creating Steam that can power steam engines or generate a cloud of humid gas of which lowers vision considerably. Or perhaps you’d prefer Lightning, a form of dust that can create raw electricity when activated. Many more combinations are possible, with producers of the resource constantly finding new and innovative forms of Dust that can be create. One such producer that excavates this mineral is the Schnee Dust Company.

Many say however, that Dust is limited in quantity, as like many other ores, it takes hundreds of years for the earth, or wherever it comes from, to cultivate it once more. In other words, no matter how long it takes, be it years or millennia, if not used resourcefully, mankind might one day find itself helpless once more...
It shouldn't be a surprise to know that Remnant, like Earth, has its own stories of an assortment of characters and their exploits—tales that were passed down from generation to generation that tell of humanity's triumphs and shortcomings. Some of these tales include the Story of the Seasons (Four Maidens), Tale of the Two Brothers, and the Legend of the Silver-eyed. It is also easy to say that these fairy tales are nothing more than myths and legends, but it should be said that even the most absurd stories have some basis in reality.

Of course, whether these legends and stories are indeed true as some people say, that remains to be seen…
Known as the world's greatest warriors, Hunters—more specifically Huntsmen and Huntresses—are highly skilled warriors of Remnant whose job is to slay the Creatures of Grimm and to uphold the peace that exists in the world. The occupation was created at the conclusion of the Great War—along with the Huntsman Academies—in order to safeguard mankind's future.

Those who wish to become Hunters often attend combat schools in order for them to be acquainted with combat, weaponry, and the utilization of Dust and Aura in the battlefield—though there are a few who have attained their skills on their own. A rigorous entrance exam must be passed by applicants in order for them to be enrolled into any one of the four Huntsman Academies. Trainees are generally admitted at age 17 and complete a 4-year course before graduating, but as with combat school, there are some exceptions. They are grouped into teams comprised of four members in order to foster teamwork, empathy, and lasting bonds. A team may choose to disband after graduation or remain intact. In order to maintain combat excellence, hunters-in-training participate in combat tournaments such as the Vytal Festival Tournament, as well as go out on missions. Freshmen are accompanied by a professional Hunter, while sophomores, juniors, and seniors can do it on their own.

Hunters may choose who to work for and the nature of their work. Thus, they are expected to show no allegiance to any political entity, most especially the kingdoms and their respective governments. They find employment through the use of mission boards, which detail the tasks that may need to be done. Search and Rescue, Perimeter Defense, Bounty Missions and Escort Missions are some of the jobs that they can do.

It should be noted that Hunters are treated as celebrities by the people of Remnant, and this may extend to hunters-in-training. And why wouldn't they be? Fighting is awesome.
Cross-Continental Transit Network

The Cross-Continental Transit Network, otherwise known as the Cross-Continental Transit System or the CCT, is a communications medium in Remnant that allows for near-instantaneous wireless communications over large distances. It is reputed to be Remnant's most influential technological innovation of its time, similar to the Internet on Earth.

The difficulty of establishing worldwide communication has been a problem the four Kingdoms faced. Before the CCT, railroad couriers delivered messages between Kingdoms, risking their lives in doing so due to the presence of Grimm. Artificial satellites weren't feasible, for Dust as a rocket propellant doesn't function beyond Remnant's atmosphere. Thus Atlesian scientists and innovators had taken radio technology and improved it to a significant degree to allow for a wider range of content. It was to be the gift of the Kingdom to the world.

Four primary relay towers have been erected in each of the Kingdoms to facilitate communications, along with smaller secondary towers outside of the Kingdoms. Should any one of the towers be taken down due to mechanical failure, for maintenance, human error, or even by terrorist attacks, the entire network will be taken offline as well—thus making it an incredibly vulnerable communications medium.


Robots are humanoid machines that can perform tasks that are done by a human or even more, with the distinct advantage that they can be mass produced. They are generally powered by electricity which comes from certain sources such as battery packs, and have functions controlled by either computer programming or electronic circuitry. They can also be given an Artificial Intelligence, which allows a robot to adapt to certain situations on its own by using logical thinking protocols.

In Remnant, Atlas is the leading force in robotic technology. Such things can be seen from their extensive use of robotic military applications, such as the Atlesian Knight or the large Atlesian Paladin. Reports also indicate that Atlas is on the verge of successfully creating robot hunters, of which have human personalities with well described combat protocols.

In terms of commercial application, Nachtmann Technologies is well known for creating robots for help around the household, and even for industrial uses to improve the efficiency of heavy tasks that would require longer man hours to complete. But due to these kinds of uses for robots, many labor unions across Remnant have been known to speak out for the loss in job openings as more and more tasks are taken by artificial beings.


Scrolls are handheld electronic devices that are similar to smartphones or tablets. It is a collapsible slate that can open up horizontally (in the case of tablets) or vertically (for smartphones). Students at Beacon use it to gauge their current Aura level.
A Hunter is generally nothing without his/her weapon. Such weapons can come in all forms, and are used to fight enemies and monsters throughout Remnant. Much of these weapons are based on general weapons like daggers or firearms, but can be combined with other weapons and given additional features in order to increase their effectiveness in combat. After all, killing is what really matters.

The majority of weapons appear to be transformable, that is, having more than one form. They use a foldable frame, often utilizing an automatic system, which has the advantage for easy sheathing as well as for easy transformation. Weapons of this kind have two or more forms, generally a melee form and a ranged form, and they may be swapped by the wielder whenever the need for it arises. Weapons forging is taught at primary combat schools, and students there are expected to come up with personalized weapons.

Dust may be utilized by the weapon for greater combat effectiveness, giving off some kind of magical effect. It may be used directly or in the form of Dust ammunition, which is common in most Hunter firearms.

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A Dream — by Charli
The guys made this so I had to put it here.

  • Stormwrath — by day, OP of the fantastic thread In Memorial of the Fallen and Queen Mother of its extensive family tree. By night, Sailor Senshi of Uranus, fighting the forces of darkness even though it's totally breaking the laws of the universe because of the lack of a more appropriate celestial object as a namesake, and... also the Queen Mother.
  • Icrum — the genial fatherly figure and consort to the Queen Mother. The Queen Mother yells at people. The consort suggests.
  • North Arkana — the shepherd cloaked in black, whose crook looks suspiciously more like a scythe. When spending time with Charlia, often dresses up as a wolf and tears things to bloody shreds of darkness together. They enjoy that very much. Also suspicious of Serah, perhaps believing that he is an actual wolf under all that yellow sheep's clothing.
  • Sonitusia — twin of Shyluz, a ghost who haunts these hallowed halls. Probably looks like one of those little girls from The Shining.
  • Shyluz — twin of Sonitusia, a ghost who haunts these hallowed halls. Probably looks like one of those little girls from The Shining.
  • Charlia — literally a black sheep, the one that most people badmouth at the family reunions. Because seriously, who wants a black sheep in the family? Not this group.
  • Zrhajan — the geeky cousin. Expected to be sporting a bow tie and fez, or a long coat and Converse, this one's not to be talked to in any language other than Nerdese.
  • Serah — A yellow sheep. Also badmouthed, but when you put Serah and Charlia together they are a bumblebee sheep, which is admittedly pretty cool. (This RP does not support the Bumblebee shipment, that is, the shipment of Blake and Yang as a romantic couple.)
  • Faal Lot Himdah — a wizard. Possibly evil. Seen associating with Charlia, who baas at him a lot when he doesn't feed her enough. #BlameVoid
  • Aidannadia — the pesky little brother with an obsession with dolls. For a reason no one fully understands, has a collection of sheep dolls.
  • Kuhlfros — the ancient Viking who's somehow survived this long. Probably a ghost. Or a mutant.
  • Mirakai — a perverted wolf. Enjoys stalking Charlia, whose bleating is ferocious in response to the wolf's lewd remarks. BAAAAAAAAAAA.
Alrighty, here's the bunch of fights that our teams will be having in the tournament. Note that these are all 4v4 and the winners of these rounds will proceed to the 2v2s. Note that not everyone can win. If your team is going to face an NPC team, you have the option to RP it out or just skip to the 2v2s. If you think that they should be matched with another team, just let me know.

Match 1
W1 will proceed to 2v2
Match 2
W2 will proceed to 2v2
Match 3
W3 will proceed to 2v2
Match 4
W4 will proceed to 2v2
Match 5
W5 will proceed to 2v2
Match 6
W6 will proceed to 2v2
Match 7
W7 will proceed to 2v2
Match 8
W8 will proceed to 2v2

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Welcome to the 3rd OOC Thread for In Memorial of the Fallen!

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Oh look, it's a thing.

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Hai. By the way, Storm, if your still looking for more Co-OPs, once summer hits, I can provide

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Taigawa wrote:I know I asked to rejoin this...I hate seeming impaitent and all that. Can I? I never left, my internet died.

I have a tablet but it's stuck in a bootloop so I can't move my apps from the old OOC. I do understand if I am not allowed to though.

Just use the new app template.

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Taigawa wrote:I know I asked to rejoin this...I hate seeming impaitent and all that. Can I? I never left, my internet died.

I have a tablet but it's stuck in a bootloop so I can't move my apps from the old OOC. I do understand if I am not allowed to though.

Just use the new app template.

Alright, I will app tomorrow... Maybe only have one character this this time.

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Just use the new app template.

Alright, I will app tomorrow... Maybe only have one character this this time.

Sure sure.

Volume 2 initial IC post coming up.

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Nachfolgia wrote:Wooohoooo!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!



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Nachfolgia wrote:Wooohoooo!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!



Is that coming soon?

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Stormwrath wrote:


Is that coming soon?

Yep. Still haven't agreed on a game for them to play tho.

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Stormwrath wrote:
Nachfolgia wrote:
Is that coming soon?

Yep. Still haven't agreed on a game for them to play tho.

Yesssss!!!! Time for Avena to whoop butt in the virtual world just like RL.

Edit: Did you ever add the combat gear of your characters to the app?