The Multiverse Chronicle [P2TM News|Main Thread|Read-only]

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The Multiverse Chronicle [P2TM News|Main Thread|Read-only]

Postby Stormwrath » Tue Mar 29, 2016 7:28 pm


Welcome to the main thread for the Multiverse Chronicle, ladies and gentlemen! This is a newsletter thread created to provide adequate information to roleplayers to the latest roleplays and events taking place in the Portal to the Multiverse subforum. Aside from providing news, it will also serve as a repository for up and coming RPs—in a similar manner to the Advertisement thread—as well as content related to roleplaying such as helpful tips, interviews, editorials, reviews, and other miscellaneous articles and content.

While the Multiverse Chronicle serves as a news thread for P2TM, it isn't the first one created for that very purpose. There has been one venture in the past, the P2TM Times by The Starlight. It was an idea that was carried out over the course of a few months and had great feedback and support from many players. Recognizing that there are some hurdles that may be in the way of this idea, the Multiverse Chronicle seeks to improve on these and hopefully grow.

The Multiverse Chronicle will attempt to provide issues monthly, and will feature content written by our more than able Authors and Editors (see Staff). These people provide this newsletter with a variety of writing styles that reflect their perspective with each edition.

In addition to this thread, an ancillary thread is provided for players to discuss ideas for future issues as well as submit their own content to be potentially included here. With that in mind, the main thread is closed to all users—only the thread OP may post here. Content submitted by players will be reviewed by the staff members.

The current staff of the Multiverse Chronicle is composed of volunteers of all writing skills and styles, tasked with creating and editing articles prior to the release of each edition. It consists of Editors, Resident Authors, and the thread original poster—who serves as Editor-in-chief. Please know that the views expressed by each staff member in their articles and content do not represent the views held by the Multiverse Chronicle, nor do they necessarily represent the views held by other staff members. Furthermore, the views expressed by contributors to the Multiverse Chronicle do not necessarily represent the views held by the staff, the Multiverse Chronicle, or the P2TM community as a whole.

The Multiverse Chronicle's current format is inspired by State of the Galaxy. Many thanks to their staff for letting us borrow some elements of SotG for our newsletter!
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Postby Stormwrath » Wed Mar 30, 2016 11:07 pm

Volume 1, Issue 1, 31 March 2016


Happy Spring, and welcome to the first issue of the Multiverse Chronicle! To start us off, here are some of the latest and greatest RPs that we're featuring this month.

And no, this issue is totally not an April Fool's prank, nor is it a preparation for it.

First on the list is Irregular Occurrences, a mystery/detective roleplay hosted by Charlia that's very indicative of her love for the Sherlock Holmes series. The RP is about a group of kids in London called Irregulars that aid Holmes in his detective work by serving as his informants. Set in the Victorian Era, this RP features quite a lot of things you'd expect from a Sherlock-based piece of work, such as deduction, detective work, villainy, and solving problems of all sorts of magnitudes. Bad news: there's no Sherlock in it. (What?!)

While school RPs have certainly been a staple of P2TM, in fact they're oversaturated with them, few have showcased schools that go above and beyond not just to kill beasts, but people. Yes, people. Atlannia has certainly caused a stir here with Assassination Academy: King of Killers!, an RP where students are trained to assassinate individuals—not for the sake of becoming Ezio Auditore, but because murder's awesome and you have to be badass at it. Speaking of badass, there's Badass Academy, for training the most badass protectors of mankind in the entire Multiverse. Then there's Academy of Villains, an equally unique RP that says that any two-bit person with a superpower can be a hero. So why not be a villain? And of course, who can forget about Holy High, the high school for gods? Or Mana Academy, the school for wizards who seek to master elemental magic? Or Blake Holsey High, the school for, ummm, normal people. (What?!)

Fantasy RPs are another staple of P2TM, and as such they get some of the limelight. Four Nations No Longer, based on the popular Avatar series, is an RP dated after the events of Legend of Korra. Here we see a picture of the world where the four nations are on the road to recovery after the events of a devastating war. There's also Cielos Luz, where players will take up the role of Celestials, humans that embody the power of any of the 88 constellations and fight demonic forces seeking to take over the world once more. For a little reminder of how things used to be during the High Middle Ages, with magic and elves of course, Aona has made Seraphim, a roleplay set in a dangerous time in Arcia's history. Finally, there's The Order of the Stag, which focuses on an organization of soldiers who are humanity's only defense against what evils lie beyond the Wall. They're probably Nightwalkers.

For those with a thing for bureaucracy, politics, and squabbling, here's Washington, essentially a simulation of the United States government. There are three threads your politicians can go to: an IC thread for general things, a Congress thread for Congress sessions, and a debates thread for the political mudslinging.

Now for the historical and real life roleplays. Well, sort of.

Who doesn't love pirates? For those who have characters born to be on the high seas doing piratey things, and for D&D action because pirate RPs can only go so far, Cerrania has the RP for you! It's A Pirate's Life: The Sword Coast! And who doesn't love cowboys? Journey west with your horses and wagons in Dusty Trails, an RP set in the American West. And who doesn't love colonials? Oh, wait. Here's To Discover a New Continent, where you play as any colonial power seeking to colonize the continent of New Gelderland.

Should you want to know what the world will be like in the next decade, here's 2016: A Realistic World RP. Here you play as any nation-state in the world, or maybe as a rebel group seeking to take on their respective governments. A similar RP would be Alleniana's Recorded History, a roleplay set on an alternate planet Earth where you play as any human civilization that you can make in your head. This isn't the world you knew, as things are going to be very different. Seriously, there are 50,000 years of human history to change here, so go nuts.

Let's head up into space, where sci-fi RPs wait for you in the stars. Star Trek: The Shadowdancer traces the tale of the Shadowdancer, a merchant ship that goes from system to system doing all sorts of tasks—some of which may not be related to commerce and trade. They might probably be mercenaries, but I digress. For Mass Effect lovers, here's Mass Effect: Delayed Arrival. For those who want to freely play as an interstellar empire in the galaxy, here's Depths of Space: The Uncertain Future. Having been set ten years after the events of Depths of Space, this RP depicts the galaxy in an uneasy peace, ready to be shattered in the blink of an eye. Another good one is Hubris of Tartarus, set on an interplanetary cruise ship on a voyage to Mars, the asteroid belt, Europa, Venus, and our very own moon. Of course, there's the chance that something will go wrong, but that's what makes this RP so appealing.

And who could ignore Star Wars? Star Wars: The Fall of Coruscant immerses you once more in the Star Wars universe you know and love. Or probably are starting to get sick of because J. J. Abrams allegedly ruined the franchise. But who cares? It's Star Wars! For another take on it, here's Star Chronicles: Rise of the Sith Academy, which tells of a hidden school where Sith are being trained to embrace the Dark Side.

There are also sci-fi RPs with apocalyptic tones that you should check out. Are you a Fallout fan? Boy do we have an RP we recommend just for you! Fallout: When Freedom Rings, created by Elerian, set in a post-apocalyptic Pennsylvania. Expect lots of tension, intrigue, dark themes, and radioactive mutants crawling all over the places. Rejoice, inhabitants of the Earth! XCOM 2: Dire Reckoning has come to give us the experience of playing an elite soldier fighting against the ADVENT Coalition and their alien masters. If this isn't cool, I don't know what is.

Should you have any roleplays you wish to feature on our next issue, you may visit our Discussion Thread or TG any of our staff. Farewell all, and have good play in the Multiverse!

Want to Advertise Here?
Want players to check out your thread? It's simple, really. Just go to the Multiverse Discussion Thread and submit your advertisements to us! Roleplays, community threads, all welcome! We'll take care of the rest!

Roleplays, especially roleplaying games made with words and phrases, can come in all sorts of settings, themes, storylines, and ideas, shaped by the players that participate in it. There's the fantasy RP full of monsters and magic, and there's the sci-fi RP full of aliens and high-tech items. There's the slice-of-life RP, for those who want to take it slow, and there's the school RP, for those getting away from real life school for the time being. And there's also the -punk RP set in whatever core power source or technology fancies your tastes (steampunk, dieselpunk, cyberpunk, etc.) It's a long list, and I'm not going to go through all of what can be made by you, the players. But each one of them has their appeal with different kinds of players.

For many, it's good to come up with an original roleplay, something that no one has ever thought of before. Original characters, original locations, original forces playing out behind the scenes of your RP's reality, you get the idea. However, some of us, while we seem to be in front of our screens all the time, don't have enough experience, writing skill, inspiration, or imagination to come up with a universe of their own.

Enter the franchise roleplay.

To provide you with a definition, a franchise roleplay is a type of RP where players can play as characters in an already existing fictional or nonfictional universe, especially known literary and mass media franchises. For many of us, it's much easier to come up with an RP based on existing material, especially if said material has been fleshed out to Tolkien levels of worldbuilding. Many GMs (OP in NS jargon) like to come up with RPs that are dearest to their heart, especially if its their favorite literary series, comic serial, or show. I mean, look at this place! There's quite a lot of RPs based on Fallout, Star Wars, My Little Pony, and certain popular anime shows—some of which have proven to be very successful with players.

So why are these kinds of RPs so popular with GMs?

Many say that one of the biggest reasons GMs choose to create franchise RPs is because they just do not have the time or commitment to produce original RPs of their own. And who could blame them? Let's be honest, worldbuilding is hard. No matter how proficient you are at writing a lengthy post, coming up with an entire universe in your head to immerse in can be difficult, especially when you're doing it alone. Since the material and resources for the RP exist, especially on the Internet—what not with the various Wikia sites and dedicated forums being set up all over the place, as well as people who are very informed with certain franchises—it's easier on the fingers, eyes and brain cells.

But this doesn't mean said GMs are lazy. Okay, I get it, original RPs are cool, especially if it was made by a creative someone who has put quite a lot of effort into putting it together. That doesn't mean it makes franchise RPs less creative because it takes less effort. Some talented GMs have taken the existing material for their RP and made it more exciting and appealing. I have come across quite a lot of franchise RPs with players that stretched their creativity to the limit, coming up with plot lines that even the original creators haven't thought of yet—some of which I am interested to join, but either neglected to do so or just didn't because of other commitments. Yes, it is best to stick to the established worldbuilding of the franchise, but that doesn't mean you cannot RP any adventure you want for your characters. Okay, maybe not destroy worlds. That is totally not okay.

Some hold the opinion that the RP was created by the GM because it's a franchise dearest to his/her heart. I agree with this a lot, and I'm sure some of you do too. After all, why not host an RP built on the stuff you love? To draw an example, I created In Memorial of the Fallen (based on RWBY) because that series is dear to my heart, and also because I didn't want Grimm Eclipse to die off. Also, gun blades are awesome.

Others think that GMs make franchise RPs because they want their RP to be instantly recognizable to other players, thus drawing their attention and ensuring activity. After all, why wouldn't anyone want to join a Star Wars RP, A Song of Ice and Fire RP, or a Fate series RP? I should point out that player activity based on that notion can vary at times, depending on how popular the franchise is. My advice for GMs who wish to make RPs based on franchises most haven't heard of is to come to terms with the possibility that few will be interested. Same goes for those who are GMing RPs based on popular series, but executed poorly.

To conclude, franchise RPs are popular because of our natural tendency as roleplayers to participate in something that we love, especially if it's a certain series. I think the same would go for all of life's experiences. Original or franchise RPs, players are all looking for the same thing: to play their characters doing all kinds of adventures in a fictional setting with the goal of telling a story and having fun with it. It's what I think makes the P2TM community so appealing, if not the entire NS RP community.

Stormwrath is a Resident Author and the Editor-in-chief of the Multiverse Chronicle. He is primarily known for being the GM of In Memorial of the Fallen: a RWBY RP, and is coming up with his very own original RP in the future.

The Zone: A Survival RP
Why are so many people attracted to the Zone anyways? The government bars it from outsiders, the military patrols its walls, and even if you make it past the authorities alive, the interdimensional creatures will tear you limb from limb. Some say there are artifacts there, stuff attributed to aliens or government experiments, others say they're novelties from other dimensions. Who knows? No one has ever made it out alive without being broken. Hopefully you and your band of scavengers can survive what horrors lie inside the walls.

Contact New Grestin for details.


Petwora Rising
There is more to the world than meets the eye. Earth, planet of humans, planet of science, and planet of religion, but most importantly, planet of monsters and magic. Legends, myths, and folklore of mankind tell of beasts and creatures that roam the world. Most people assume that these stories are fiction. They are so wrong. These monsters exist.

The IMOSA is back, with more monsters to fight, and more characters joining us! Applications open! Contact Faal Lot Himdah for details.


In behalf of the Multiverse Chronicle, I apologize to those that were offended by Fin's review. We didn't mean to offend anyone by the content placed here. To rectify this, I have taken the liberty of removing the offending article from our current issue. We promise this will never happen again.
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Postby Reploid Productions » Sat Apr 02, 2016 12:29 am

Stormwrath, you need to take much greater care when reviewing the material submitted to your forumzine here. If you want to run a collective publication like this, it is your responsibility to review material for rulebreaking content before posting it. I'm leaving this one at a stern case of Looming Ominously, but please keep in mind that you are responsible for whatever you post, and that includes articles given to you by another player.

Stormwrath wrote:ROLEPLAY REVIEW — by Finland SSR
[align=justify]So, weaklings, milk-mouthed nation players and nerds, what brings you to my neighborhood? What do you want from me—the illustrious Finny the First, Nomad Shahanshah, Emperor of All the Fun and All the Wank? And All the Finlands? And All the Abridged Series?

I see, the so-called "StaRP News" has failed to keep it's heart rate up. I mean, when you're being hanged and beat to death by five burly men armed with steel rods, it's tough to pay attention to such insignificant tasks. But a new challenger and a new convict has risen up to kick that poor-ass Tolkien fan out of the media monopoly and establish his own supposed successor to the P2TM Times—the Multiverse Chronicle. Here in Infinite Justice, we destroy multiverses for fun. But let's not talk about us and how we are so overwanked that it's starting to get funny. Let's talk about more pressing matters.

Like me. I guess since I'm now here to help this thing survive a few more days, I will introduce myself, so you stop asking and spread the word.

Throughout the grand Mentor and Veteran circles across the Multiversal Lands of the Portal, the Seven Cities of Forum and the United General Socialist Republics, there is one person who instills fear into the hearts of even the strongest, the bravest and the most shitposting. His name is always muttered only in absolute, unrelenting fear, his face makes [violet] freeze in fright and kneel down to pay respects, and his voice makes Infected Mushroom stop being such a crazy idiot.

The person I am referring to in the above paragraph is my bitch.

I am known as Finny, full name Finland SSR. Even though I come from a post-Soviet country, I am not an alcoholic—the only thing I drink is pure 100% Vytautas mineral water. And if you are even the slightest bit aware of what that shit is supposed to be, you'll know it's a badassery guarantee. As a person from Europe, I am automatically superior to any one of you lazy McDonalds eating bastards in all possible and impossible categories. My mere presence creates universal healthcare programs wherever I go. Even the smallest word or demand I say is automatically passed as law in the European Parliament. I have Superputin on speed dial. I am experienced in gorilla warfare and I can kill you in over 800 different ways, and that's just with my bear hands and the bottle of Kvass I have nearby. So don't fuck with me if you're a man, and do fuck with me if you're a woman.

If you think I'm waay too cocky and sassy, try meeting Neros or Rob.

Anyway, welcome to Eastern European Extravaganza, where we are going to take a monthly look at the roleplays this so-called "best subforum on NS" has to offer. I am from Infinite Justice, the hands down best RP on Earth (screw you, Elfen High), so I automatically look down to every roleplay I come across, but I will try—read, try—to be as objective as possible when reviewing.

And for that, we need stats. In order to review a roleplay, we will have to review every major part of it and make a clear cut.

Here are the stats:

    Idea — is the general idea of the roleplay crap or slightly less crap. There is nothing better on this subforum.
    Mechanics — this includes the rules, the limitations, the apps and whatever the hell Little G is trying to do with his shit. Why do we like the mechanics RPs of his, anyway? You could just as easily play a board game, and that doesn't put a dent on your electric bill.
    Player base — how active, how skilled and how wanky the people playing are. Determined via IC post quality, disparity and the power levels.
    Graphicshow pretty and girly the OP and the apps are.

    General rating — determined via math. MATH, MOTHERFUCKER, DO YOU SPEAK IT?
All of the four categories will receive a rating of an Atriaverse roleplayer in a 10 point scale. Slender is the equivalent of 0, Finny is the equivalent of 10.

Got it, fam? You have it stored in your head? Fine, let's get this shit rollin'!

REVIEW #1 — The Ancient Ones

This is going to be easy. Let's get this one out of the way:

The Ancient Ones is inspired by The Walls Have Fallen.
The Walls Have Fallen was inspired by Adventures Through the Multiverse.
Adventures Through the Multiverse was inspired by Death of the Multiverse.

Son of a bitch, he ripped off Atriaverse.

Anyway. The Ancient Ones is a multiverse cross-over roleplay (man, so original and new) created by The Dark Neighbourhood of Deros. Oh, sorry, The Dark Two-Story House Across The Street of Deros. Wait... The Dark Brotherhood of Deros. And the forgotten dumpster brother of Neros. If the roleplay sounds unoriginal and you think it's not going to go anywhere—you'd be right. Although you'd also be wrong, because these guys are at 2000 posts and still going strong. I guess when Atria is busy with better shit, somebody has to fill the niche.

Idea — Deros/10.
The whole idea of this roleplay is generic as all hell. Basically, it's DotM, except with the added super original race of The Ancient Ones. Such a badass and cool name, I know. Sounds like what you would call an army of elderly pensioners invading your burrito shop. But apparently, the Ancient Ones are not as ancient as we thought, because they were horny and young enough to get it on with a bunch of low-lives (probably Mexicans), creating hybrids. Then the walls of the universes cracked for some reason and the Ancient Ones all died from a collective stroke. And that's it. Seriously, I'm not even cutting out any stuff from the story. I mean, I'm making it sound fun, but whatever.

I am not rating it too low, seeing as this is a roleplay made in Atriaverse spirit and by a rather new person, but it's still too short. And unoriginal.

Mechanics — Slender/10.
Hey, at least it made me laugh at this one part:

8. Due to their strength, I'm banning Dragon Ball characters

Seriously dude. We don't even have any universe tiers! Dragon Ball is actually in the low-mid of Shōnen anime power tiers! What?

Aside from that funny part (and hey, maybe they had some problems with DBZ wankers, so that could explain it), it's shallow even for the low crap tier of P2TM. It's even a little shallow for the top high tier of II. There is a list of rules that all could be made out from common sense, a shallow app that doesn't even have a bio and a pretty crappy OP in general. I know the guy is new, but new people should not make roleplays. At all. Wait until you have at least a few thousand posts of experience. It makes us all look bad in front of the investors.

Player base — V O I D/10.
You know you're fucked when you take Osnil as a co-OP.

Anyway, the roleplaying in this RP is not too bad. They are at least mostly following the paragraph rule. Mostly. Slender is there, so there is no 100% completion. You're not going to get the "decent roleplay" achievement anytime soon. The established characters follow the personalities of their better counterparts, but it's done in such a cartoonish way that you'd swear this is a parody. And hey, Narin is playing DBZ characters, those bastards lied to me! You fuckin' Americans, no transparency in your nation detected.

Graphics — Deros/10.
There is one picture of a generic multiverse background and a few spoilers. Classic minimalist Deros. Postmodernism is over—get some fashion up in there.

It's shallow, it's unoriginal, it has been done many times before and better. People still play it, though. Maybe we have a collective weird fetish for this kind of shit—I mean, DotM didn't look all that impressive either.

Next review.

REVIEW #2 — Dusty Trails


...sorry, can't do an inferior culture. Europride doesn't let me.

Out of the whole god damn Multiverse and into the Wild West, Texas, 1875. Dust is constantly picked up and blown in the wind. A few tumbleweeds pass across the empty streets of the growing immigrant village of Finnyville. It's a calm and warm morning, and no inferior American bandits have attacked, not yet, at least. In the wooden Sheriff's office—the largest building in the town—a flow of wind enters the room through an open window and knocks down a bottle of whisky from the lawman's table. It breaks and spills the liquid all over the room. This sudden event wakes up Sheriff Finny, he opens his eyes, stands up and exclaims:

"Top kek."

Idea — Star/10.
Is it just me, or is the Western genre so underused? Everyone is all about steampunk, sci-fi and fantasy like they're the fucking Holy Trinity, while some other settings are left to bite the dust. Western is down there with crime and elevator scene RPs, and at least those two get worthwhile works made for them once in a while. The idea of a western is pretty neat, though I didn't notice any original story or anything to build yourself around aside for a lengthy description of the setting... I'm not familiar with the American Wild West, I'm more of a Cossack fan (ooh, someone should get on that!), so I would be lost there. But hey, screw pre-determined plots, let's shoot some aliens!

Mechanics — Silh/10.
It's nothing spectacular, but for someone with 4000 posts, it's worthwhile. The app is actually somewhat detailed and interesting, it even asks you for a job and gives you space for additional stuff you want to put. Like penis size, or the number of horses the character has shagged so far—or other stuff, but those two fit into the Wild West theme. There are no novelties or anything, but the Western style in itself is novel enough. Also, the rules are so determined to help you that they even give you hazard warnings. Don't go into Native American territory and stay away from anyone named "Jeffery", like that.

Player base — Silh/10.
Man, I'm loving this roleplay! It's—

Oh, wait, the sass. *coughs*

I mean, it's alright for a bunch of newbies who can't even power wank
because this is a human roleplay. All posts I've seen so far are long enough, detailed and actually interesting. Long enough to, it worked for a year or two, fit in Infinite Justice. I'm not at all familiar with the Texas and Wild West themes, but I can work with this. They get a plus.

Graphics — Beir/10.
It's okay. There is a picture, the roleplay is neatly formatted, and thus I think there's still some chances for this dude. What's his name... The Lendol Archipelago? Yeah, that's the guy. You ain't as craizeh as I tho'ht, fella. Fuck it, I cannot do a Texan voice.

I'd put a ring on it.

Aaaaand that's all folks for today.

Speaking of the article in question. There is a very large difference between "review/constructive criticism" and "generous heaping helping of flaming, flamebaiting, and trolling." This so-called "review" falls firmly into the latter category.

*** Finland SSR, 3-day ban for flaming/flamebaiting/trolling. *** I recommend that you review the site rules thoroughly before you attempt another "review."

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Postby Stormwrath » Sat Apr 30, 2016 8:03 pm

Volume 1, Issue 2, 30 April 2016


The Portal to the Multiverse has had its own share of roleplays that died off due to a varied amount of reasons. Inactivity, OOC drama or post-blocking are some of these. Some OPs have chosen to just let it fade away into the bowels of P2TM, while others have chosen to revive them. This month happens to be when some OPs took the latter because of the interest of their player bases as well as their fanbases. Let's take a look at them, shall we?

First, let's begin with a brilliant science fiction roleplay: Sempiternal: Path to Immortality Revived. Lith's brilliant work is shown when he paints a near-dystopian world where vulgar capitalism and transhumanism take over the world, making it a very dangerous place to live, that is if your character isn't a high-ranking member of a megacorporation. It would've been an irony for this RP to die off, because of its overarching theme (humanity having a shot at living forever), but thank goodness Lith saved a PPsyC for it!

This would be the second time that Vancon's iconic Athena Program was rebooted, but that doesn't mean it still ain't awesome. Experience ATHENA: Fall Of Europe again, with Tiltjuice taking up the OP mantle, with an all-new storyline in the works, and old and new characters returning. For humanity!

There are also some school RP reboots open for players! Next is Petwora Rising: Rebooted, by Faal Lot Himdah. Get back into the aciton with IMOSA if you're into how to learn how to shoot monsters in the face! But wait? What about people with superpowers? Infinite Justice is back with a fourth iteration! If you don't like having to dedicate yourself too much, we have EHEG: Season Two! Shyluz is back with his breakthrough comedy sandbox RP. Not contented with the generic human-with-powers RP? Absolute Duo is absolutely back!

For those who hearken to the days of Upotte!-style RPs, Sonitusia has rebooted Robert's Academy of Weaponry! Weaponry, it's the way to get it done! Weaponry, it's effective and it's fun! You can beat 'em up by any means or blow them all to smithereens! A favorite of this sentient machine, never mind the fatalities! Where there's municipalities to crush a set of with the threat of weaponry!

Oh, sorry. I just had to reference that.

Yes, I know, I cheating on this one, but this doesn't mean you shouldn't check out Depths of Space: Untold Past, if you're tired of having to see humans poke each other with torpedoes and laser beams. This takes place around a billion years before or after mankind appeared on Earth, both of which are terrible times on that planet. Seriously, either Earth still has single-celled organisms or gets roasted by an expanding Sun. It's their pick. Anyways, you can play as an ancient or hyperfuturistic alien civilization that once touched the stars with its influence.

Now that we have the reboots out of the way, it's time for the roleplays up and coming this month! Desperate Measures: A New Home tells the tale of a human colony on the planet Kulos, fighting for survival against native alien races. It features elements of sci-fi and fantasy. Secondly, there's Out of the Silent Planets, a very detailed RP chronicling the struggle between the human Terran Confederation and the extraterrestrial K'Tarr. Next we also would like to feature To the Stars, a sci-fi RP featuring ponies colonizing the cosmos. As quoted from Das Metro, the OP, "Pretty neat, yeah?" Fan of Mars? Colonize that red planet and make your future there with To Mars We Go! Finally, there's D-COM, short for Dimensional Combat Unit, humanity's last hope against extradimensional extraterrestrials. It's basically X-COM but with aliens from other dimensions. Form up with your squad and deliver the aliens with dakka! Oh wait, wrong franchise.

Speaking of franchises, are you a fan of Infamous? There's Infamous: Sons of the Patriots! What about A Song of Ice and Fire? Those RPs never leave P2TM, and with good reason. The Regency is the RP for you! What about Dark Souls? Humans and the undead clash once more with Torsiedelle's Dark Souls: Heroes of Ashborne Temple! And to top it off, we have Avatar: The Legend of Rai, for fans of the Avatar series! Want a SAO RP that isn't explicitly one? There's Legends of the Virtual World: Heroes Rising, set in ELF Online. Which is totally not Sword Art Online. Promise.

School RPs will never fade away from the face of P2TM, so here's one that screams out normal and eccentric at the same time. My Classmate's Epicene Look is a slice-of-life roleplay set in an all-girls high school with a few traps (androgynous teenagers in anime jargon) enrolled in it. We have no idea why. Anime tropes are abound, you have been warned!

Want to play God, or squabble with your fellow deities on how the Earth should be like? Now you can without causing a stir by joining The Creators! Wait, that's all of the deity RPs? Huh. For superhero RPs, Shadowwell has made Emergence!

Now for more urban settings. Some of you may be interested in Article 29: Kaliningrad, where you play as a memer of a spec ops unit tasked in fighting vampires. Still more might want to join The Gilded City, set in a Victorian-era fantasy city.

For fans of alternate history, there's an AH WW2 RP called 1946: Himmler's Surprise Attack, to give the Nazis a shot at the fifties (hopefully), as well as 1941: A World on Its Axis, where the Nazis are replaced by a more belligerent German party. Not to mention there's a United States Political Role Play! No really, the title explains itself. Speaking of the United States, tear this Union apart or preserve it! The War Cry of Uncle Sam tells of a broken up America embroiled in a devastating war from sea to shining sea. On to medieval RPs we go with Knights of Metal, Horses of Steel, set in an alternate 5th century AD with modern technology! For a more speculate look into the future, here's 2018: Hanging On, where you take control of a country reeling from the chaos of the Middle Eastern conflicts of this decade, which has apparently taken over the world.

Sadly, there are some RPs sealed off to prospective players, but we'll feature them anyway. G-Tech Corporation provides the Multiverse with another mechanics-based RP called Starfall. Next, Reverend Norv provides us with a stellar roleplay called Pilgrimage, an experimental RP featuring the sojourn of a family led by the Archangel Gabriel. While you can't join any of these, you can certainly come and read as the story progresses.

And that is all the updates for this issue! Should you have any roleplays you wish to feature on our next issue, you may visit our Discussion Thread or TG any of our staff. Farewell all, and have good play in the Multiverse!

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ANNOUNCEMENT — by Stormwrath
In behalf of the staff of the Multiverse Chronicle, I deeply apologize for those of you who have been offended by our previous issue. It was not our intention to write articles to offend or malign players in regard to their writing style, nor will it ever be. As editor-in-chief I have taken the liberty of removing the offending article from the previous issue. We promise that this incident will not be repeated again.

While it is a reviewer's job to be honest about the RP he/she is reviewing, it is in no wise ethical to use it as a means to defame or malign certain players, player groups, or even an entire RP community. Reviews are meant to provide players with information on the good qualities to emanate from a certain RP as well as some things to improve on, for the P2TM community is built on building players up and not tearing them down. We apologize for having failed in providing this.

Stormwrath is a Resident Author and the Editor-in-chief of the Multiverse Chronicle. He is primarily known for being the GM of In Memorial of the Fallen: a RWBY RP, and is coming up with his very own original RP in the future.

My Classmate's Epicene Look
Shepard All-Girls Academy is entering yet another school year, with old and new faces are coming in! Heck, some of them aren't even female! Yes, you heard that right. If you think it's going to be one hell of a semester, you'd be wrong right. So go crossdress and join My Classmate's Epicene Look!

Contact Stormwrath, Mirakai or Videssos for details.


REVIEW ARTICLE — A Truculent Madhouse Review

Seraphim is a newer production from the Varsity Row Collaborative Storytelling Group. The roleplay bills itself as “a fantasy roleplay, that takes place on the island of Arcia” or, more humorously, as “a military, motley-crew fantasy RP, like the Ocean's 11 of preventing Fantasy World War III”. Its OP and overarching GM is Aona.

At first glance, the viewer is tempted to label it as another Skyrim knockoff. However, the OP took some pains to veer away from that genre to present us with something which carries a much better vibe. The plot, while seemingly complex, is handled well by the players.

Characters are caught up in a political maelstrom as empires, kingdoms and invasive colonists all vie for control. It is a brutal existence, but overshadowing it all is a plague which will set the populace on its ear and change things forever. Be it for good or for bad, there’s no going back to the good old days again.

Not too much has been revealed so far; the story is ten pages in at the time of this writing. We can expect the characters to endure harsh quarantines and destruction, and Aona has given some foreshadowing of an antagonistic “something else” being out there. However, it is the players that have kept this role play alive; The OP, Aona, has not contributed in a while. Instead, a core of 4-5 players maintains the story, headed by Relikai as an unofficial OP. It’s become a collaborative storyline to help the others along the way.

As with many In-Character threads, the writing starts out tight and maintains its polish somewhat, though players do tend to get lazy and toss in the occasional one-liner. The characters come across as believable for the most part, and the reader finds themselves empathizing with one or two along the way.

If there is anything negative to be said about presentation, it is player laziness regarding the removal of quoted text before post submittal. Quoted text distracts and detracts from the overall flow. This is especially true with those players that insist upon quoting text that contains prior quotes. While quoted posts get a free pass in many role play games, Seraphim has far too nice a flow to indulge beginner habits.

The Out-of-Character thread behaves itself. 45 pages in, and it remains on topic. More-so, it lacks the trifling, juvenile asterisk play found in countless OOC threads in P2TM. This reflects positively on not only the group, but on Varsity Row as an organization.

All in all, the role play had great potential and a dedicated player base. Poor marks are given only for the OP’s absence, and the quoted posts.

The Multiverse Chronicle has withheld the identity of the Truculent Madhouse at the request of the author.

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Postby Stormwrath » Sun May 29, 2016 2:50 am

Volume 1, Issue 3, 29 May 2016


Recently players and users all over NationStates have been growing a bit too tense, especially during the days leading up to June. What may be so dreadful about June, you ask? Most people outside of NS will tell you it's the beginning of summer, a happy and boring time where students all over the Western world rejoice at the arrival of summer. Here on NS, we dread it the most. Newcomers come from all over, players post as fast as fighter jets, and flame wars rage for weeks and even months to come.

Welcome to NS Summer.

But let us at the Multiverse Chronicle ease your worries, as we have a sleuth of new RPs that may help you take time off the chaos and pandemonium of NS Summer. Let's begin, shall we?

First off, there's the Fairy Tail RP that has been active for about a month now, and it gives players from far and wide a shot at the Fairy Tail universe. Called A New Tale, this is where you join a guild of wizards who go out on adventures all over the Kingdom of Fiore. Next we have yet another Game of Thrones RP, War of the Usurper, which follows the tale of the events taking place 15 years before official ASoIF canon. Something to dampen the pains that you may have experienced from Season 6 recently. (I haven't wrote down anything here, but you're thinking it now). However, there's a little perk: your characters can alter the course of the Seven Kingdoms' history in a way that even George R. R. Martin hadn't thought of! Okay, maybe he would if he wanted to kill off certain people.

Speaking of royalty, war, and bloody medieval politics, In the Name of the King has a lot of that. This RP, eerily similar to Game of Thrones, feature you as the member of a noble family competing with other nobles who shift loyalties and take sides faster than the time it takes for someone to change personal data on social media platforms. Ain't that something? Next is The Phoenix League, Doughtertania's original fantasy RP featuring pirates and other swashbuckling stuff. You play as the member of a secret society tasked with keeping certain magic artifacts out of the hands of evil men and women who want it for various reasons. And why would we forget Aggathis, another original fantasy RP? Or Mahō Shōjo Fuksaetsu, that magical girl RP that comes along every once in a while?

What would be of interest for many of you would be What Lies Below: The Port in the Storm. This RP is set in a world where giant monsters come from the bottom of the ocean and start terrorizing mankind's coastal cities. Much opportunity is to be found in the much more dangerous seas of the Mediterranean, particularly on the island of Serenita, where you can play pretty much any character you want to be. Except monsters. Sorry. Another RP would be Of Zombies and Men, featuring the zombie apocalypse you know and love. Still another would be Nomadium, which takes the concept of magic in the form of "a superpowered cancer" for the one who uses it. Which is kind of like Deadpool, only still with cancer. SPOILERS.

On to the realm of sci fi! Quarere Cygnus features mankind battling against an eldritch threat that seeks to consume the galaxy. You'll be playing as a member of a crew onboard the Cygnus, a warship sent to scout out for these monsters and get rid of them. Next is Warhammer 42,000: Legacy, set in the W42K W40K universe, another incarnation of the many W40K RPs oriented towards faction-based RPing. Another one you might show interest in is The Conaway Expedition, a ship sent out by mankind to explore the far reaches of the Gamma and Delta Octants. Yes, you read that right, octants.

Hominis Regenerati explores a unique universe where the Earth literally starts anew, albeit in the violent manner of fire and brimstone from natural cataclysms. Humanity is wiped off the face of the Earth, and their abducted counterparts take their place to repopulate the world. Next is Star Wars: The New Sith War, which explores yet another schism in the Sith order, featuring many of the things you loved about Star Wars. I know it's a little too late to say this, but May the 4th be with you as you RP.

Because it's NS Summer, it would be appropriate to feature school RPs that you'll likely join even as your RL education takes a little break. Mana Academy is an RP featuring a school for wizards who train to use their powers for the good of mankind. It's like Harry Potter in a way, only not as isolated as Hogwarts. Next is Camilla Academy, another RP featuring students to train to fight and slay monsters. S.H.I.E.L.D.: Avengers Academy is a superhero school RP where you train to become a superhero along the lines of Captain America (debatable), Thor, Iron Man, and Hawkeye.

Because the United States government had some shortcomings in the eyes of its citizens, we have an RP where you as a politician can set things right, and hopefully not screw up! Washington is back, and bigger than ever! Play as a Senator, Congressman, or even a member of the President's cabinet, and play out the nation's future the way that it should be done.

If you thought Sherlock Holmes RPs were dead, you'd be dead wrong. And your method of deduction would be faulty. Shades of Baker Street happens when the famed detective mysteriously disappears, and his aide Dr. Watson looks for people who may be like his old partner in pretty much everything. Following this is the interesting historical RP Age of Roma, a faction-based RP where you take up the leadership of a nation set in the Hellenistic Era. The course of history can be changed by even the most minute of your decisions, so use that to attain greatness for your civilization! And we understand that perhaps you'd like a nation RP set in a more "recent" historical era, and so we would like to promote to you Full Circle: 1891, set in the Late Victorian Era.

Want to live out the fantasy of being in the Dragon Ball Universe? Well you can with Dragon Ball Genesis! Next we have Age of Shinobi: Rebirth, a reboot of the RP based on the Naruto franchise. This is where you play as a kind of ninja called a Shinobi, who cast awesome finger spells and wield deadly ninja weapons such as throwing stars and kunai! And lastly, there's an Akame Ga Kill up and running, so get your assassin gear ready and dip your blade into those moronic soldiers of the Empire!

Thank you so much for continuing to read the Multiverse Chronicle! As editor-in-chief, I apologize if some of you were confused why this article was being posted early—I will be going in a two-week vacation somewhere that may or may not have internet service. As always, you can visit our Discussion Thread or TG any of our staff if you wish to feature an RP in our next issue, or give us your comments and suggestions so your reading experience may be improved. Have a good play in the Multiverse, everybody!

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P2TM NEWS — by Stormwrath
Varsity Row has come onto the P2TM RP scene recently, and they are already making a name for themselves. Some of the Multiverse's best and brightest have come together to go out and make quality RPs featuring interesting story lines and have good RP time together, some of which have even made good impressions in the minds of readers.

Varsity Row, the group behind RPs like Seraphim and Omens of the Fatherland, was founded by Aona over two months ago, assisted by Joshulia, Vesperis, and Complectuss. Since then it has gained a moderate roster of members from all sorts of writing styles and skill levels. The purpose of this group is to help create a community that encourages and develops creativity and collaboration.

Entry into Varsity Row is done through application. Applicants endorsed by VR sponsors are more likely to be accepted by the staff, the OP states, but that doesn't mean those without them can't ever hope to join at all. Accepted applicants without sponsors are designated as Squires, who are obligated to engage in OOC activity with the group and join VR-sponsored RPs for a certain period of time before officially becoming a member.

OOC respect and understanding are required of VR members—for them, civil dialogue and mutual good will are necessary to ensure that RPers collaborate on RPs effectively.

The RP group is a very selective community, who chooses the best of the best. Quality over quantity seems to be the rule of Varsity Row, and Aona and his fellow RPers have certainly been consistent with that. Some of their roleplays happen to feature incredibly detailed lore and neatly written IC posts that have captured some people's imaginations. Their emphasis on excellence, creativity, and quality is similar in a way to how Nintendo maintains the quality of the games on its systems.

Perhaps like the Japanese video game giant, Varsity Row would benefit from their core principles. Time will tell if their tried values will prove to be true.

Stormwrath is a Resident Author and the Editor-in-chief of the Multiverse Chronicle. He is primarily known for being the GM of In Memorial of the Fallen: a RWBY RP, and is coming up with his very own original RP in the future.

Our good old RWBY RP is BACK!
A new volume, a new chapter, a new story. And yet we seem to have the same old shenanigans we know and love from RWBY. We have more lectures to sit through, more monsters to fight, and perhaps a hidden evil lurking in the shadows that you must stop. Join the Huntsmen and Huntress today in the RWBY RP In Memorial of the Fallen!

Contact Stormwrath, Icrum, North Arkana, or Sonitusia for details.


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Postby Stormwrath » Thu Jul 07, 2016 9:12 pm

Volume 1, Issue 4, 7 July 2016


NS Summer has arrived, and so have a plethora of new roleplays for you to check out! Newcomers to P2TM are certainly going to love these RPs. Note that this issue only covers the RPs that released in June and not the first week of July.

To start us off, we begin with the Fantasy genre, and boy do we have a lot this summer. In fact they may have had a resurgence in popularity and post frequency. Check out the instant hit fantasy RP, The Legends of Eroris! Join the many players from all over the Multiverse and jump into this incredibly massive and immersive universe and experience what makes it so popular! If you want alternative settings besides Eroris, you’re in luck! Explore the continent of Gaea in Gaea, Songs of Yuletide. Next we have the reboot of The Order of the Stag, where your characters are a part of a fighting force that protects humanity from fearsome creatures beyond the Wall.

Speaking of the Wall, what is fantasy without Game of Thrones RPs to pass the time after the conclusion of Season 6? (No spoilers please.) We have two of them for you to choose: Game of Thrones: War of the Usurper, set around the time of Robert’s Rebellion, and Game of Thrones: You Win or You Die, which is set during the present canon of the series. How will you change the fate of the characters whose blood George R. R. Martin has on his hands?

On to the next genre, Superhero RPs. Venture of Heroes, set in the modern age, is a great alternative to the popular Infinite Justice series. For a setting closer to the Mutants of X-Men, please check out We Were Never Heroes. And finally, for a more classical take on them, the kind you’d expect of superhero comic serials published from the 1960s up to the 1980s, do join New Frontier.

However, not all great characters are heroes who wear capes or heroes with natural supernatural abilities. Heck, they don’t even need to be heroes at all! For those who may have missed out on their characters becoming iconic antagonists, possibly ones that could one-up the Joker in terms of awesome, the Academy of Villains is rebooting!

Speaking of school RPs, Girls Und Panzer: Battle Europa brings us back to the tank sports franchise we all know and love, only this time it’s used to unite the continent in the same way as Eurovision. Set in an alternate Europe, it features teams that represent their nations in the field of friendly tank warfare, and possibly a sleuth of anime tropes to go with it.

Africa also gets an RP as well, yes? Not exactly. 1920: The Window to Africa is about another European war that’s going to commence, due to the actions of France taking southern France, or Occitania. Wait, that doesn’t seem right… Regardless, it would most likely spill over to Africa. Let’s admit, national politics can be funny at times, making them a subject of satire and comedy. P2TM’s version of this is Friends of Ferdinand, set in an alternate Europe featuring an overextended Portugal ruled by a government with a colorful cabinet of ministers. And who said this was going to be Europe’s day in the Multiverse? It’s America’s as well! War Cry of Uncle Sam Episode 2 continues the tale of a divided United States attempting to survive the next few years of conflict.

And what would be the Multiverse without war RPs? A World in Chaos takes place in an imminent future just a couple of moments away from Armageddon, or from lasting peace. It’s up to you how you want history to go. An interesting RP you may consider joining is The Struggle of the Grey Platoon, which is about certain youth in Astrana that were conscripted into the military in a major war.

Science fiction RPs are in abundance, so we believe you should enjoy them. Are you into robot characters, robot uprisings, or even both? Blood and Circuits: Robot Uprising tackles the tale of a revived robot rebellion threatening the established order of their human masters. Here is an RP that really lives up to its title; The Best of Both Worlds: A Star Trek/Mass Effect crossover, is an excellent RP for players to immerse themselves into two of sci-fi's most iconic franchises. Humanity Never Learns is an RP featuring human civilization that had reeled from an alien invasion. The extraterrestrials have left, and they left their technology for the humans to take. Play your part in this postmodern cold war.

Some of you may want to join an RP featuring a galaxy that is teeming with life and waiting to be conquered, but don’t want to endure the drama brewing in the Diplomacy subforums from time to time. We have you covered, Twilight of the Galaxy is the RP for you! If you want a go at a Stellaris-based RP, The Golden Ring is about an alliance in the galaxy that’s surrounded by potential enemies. If you want to come up with a nation and/or species in this RP, it makes great use of the Stellaris Species Generator.

While there are optimistic space operas, there are also post-apocalyptic sci-fi RPs out there. A more recent one is We Were Children, where a mysterious microorganism has killed most of humanity aged 18 and above, leaving the children of the world behind to fend for themselves. A similar RP would be Plight of the Soul: Ruins of Albion, taking place in a post-apocalyptic United Kingdom that fell to a biological weapon turning people into slightly smarter zombies.

And why should we ignore animal-focused RPs? Zootopia RP gives you a go at the anthropomorphic mammal utopia Disney concocted. If you’re not into that and into a more realistic animal RP, you should join the NS National Animal Rescue Team, which is a more laidback RP where your characters rescue a certain nation’s national animal every week.

And finally, for a more serious RP to get your hands on, we finish with Deep-Rooted: The Warring Dynasties. This RP is about two warring families in a certain Californian county whose conflict is mainly driven by past incidents, personal rivalries, and racism.

Thank you so much for reading this update of the Multiverse Chronicle! Make sure to stop by our official Discussion Thread if you want to submit articles or RPs to feature in our next issue, or TG any of our staff for ideas. Do also visit the P2TM IRC Channel (#P2TM) if you want to reach us faster. And as always, play nice in the Multiverse!

P2TM NEWS — by Stormwrath
A new RP group has opened its doors to P2TM this summer, known as the Thought Cafe. Launched on June 25 of this year, it has earned a sizable amount of members, and is expected to attract more.

Thought Cafe is founded by Ghondra, a fairly experienced RPer, as well as other players that participated in the science fiction RP Humanity Never Learns. Its target membership is towards the casual player base, but it has attracted RPers of different writing styles and commitments. It has even attracted players traditionally on other communities such as NSG and the Diplomacy subforums (primarily NationStates and International Incidents). The group also has a dedicated group of resident mentors for newcomers to learn the trades of roleplaying and worldbuilding.

Ghondra explains, “The difference between Thought Cafe and previous iterations was the fact that behind it was already a solid group of RPers and from then onwards it just grew and grew.”

He has stated stated to us that Thought Cafe was an idea he was entertaining, and he offered to create it to maintain activity among the players of Humanity Never Learns. “That way,” he says, “when it slows down or go on hiatus it would not die.”

Currently their members have five RPs running: A World In Chaos, Humanity Never Learns, Plight of the Soul: Ruins of Albion, New Frontier, and The Legends of Eroris—all of which maintain an active player base to varying degrees. More are currently in development by the group.

“What I expected to gain was of course more experience,” he told us, “and to get to know more skilled and experienced RPers in P2TM. And of course to have fun. NS without a group can be lonely sometimes.”

Stormwrath is a Resident Author and the Editor-in-chief of the Multiverse Chronicle. He is primarily known for being the GM of In Memorial of the Fallen: a RWBY RP, and is coming up with his very own original RP in the future.

INTERVIEW — by Altito Asmoro
Everhall is the creator of The Legends of Eroris, the fantasy RP that became an instant hit this summer. Having only started towards the later parts of June, it has garnered over 500 IC posts from its player base by the end of that month, with more posts coming up.

We were able to reach him and interview him for his newest entry into NS, and probably one of his most successful so far.

    Where does the RP idea come from?
      It was during some of the last months of the school year that I thought of it, and when I worked on it. For the longest time I had expected myself not to play NS again, but suddenly I got back into it making the first version of this RP titled Interregnum. It was originally planned as a faction/country RP where you vie to become the Emperor, same old same old. But then something happened. While I was watching Youtube, it was revealed to me the most of the Lore of The Elder Scrolls was made by it's players. That gave me an epiphany: could I do the same thing? I worked hard on making the initial lore of the RP, I changed it around, changed the name, and voila! The Legend of Eroris: Arrival (Expect to hear that title more in the future).
    What's the setting like?
      Eroris is a setting that is really created by the players and me. I've never ever seen a single worldbuilding RP work in all my days. It just doesn't work. So I made it so you worldbuild and play the RP and it works. Eroris is a continent divided into many provinces that serve as some of the main points of action, Valyaria, Mirfuhn, The Reach, Norravägg, and the Vale. I actually have an entire Lore Thread dedicated to defining the setting of TLoE. The briefest summary I can give is that Eroris is a land that you and I build, it is a land of hidden details, volcanoes, mountains, plains, valleys, and everything in between.
    What are the OP's goals?
      My main goals of this RP was to establish the finer lore of the series. I plan on making subsequent RPs to The Legends of Eroris all set in the same world and beyond. I also wanted everyone to have fun in exploring this rapidly expanding world! With new monsters, religions, and peoples appearing everyday! This is the first of what I hope to be a grand series of RPs on P2TM.
    What is the main plot of the RP?
      In the Year 170 of the Fifth Era the mysterious forces of the Akounate landed on the shores of Eroris intent on conquering it. They tore through the continent with their onslaught only to be stopped through luck at the gates of Isnhrion, Capital of the Ashen Empire. The Akounate signed the Ember Treaty ending the Great War, making the pledge to not threaten the kingdoms of Eroris for thirty years.

      The RP starts in the year 199 of the Fifth Era when the truce with the Akounate is one year from ending, and the Empire is at its lowest point with a new emperor, and while other problems occur within the provinces. This is obviously the less EPIC version of the explanation, but it gets the job done.
    Were you surprised that so many people responded to your RP? How did you feel?
      Well actually yes. I've been attempting to have a successful RP for as long as I can remember on P2TM. I kept trying and trying with some new ideas and some old ones and they always just failed. On of my most successful failures was The Long Winter which is slightly what I based Legends of Eroris off of. The main difference between this and the other RPs is that I've worked hard on this and I got the word out. To sum up my feelings... I feel proud, and happy about my accomplishment, which I hope will be the first of many.
    Was it a coincidence Legends of Eroris became popular? Or was it launched at the right time?
      I think it was just launched at the right time. Since it's based off The Elder Scrolls it would be kinda an extinction level event to post it while a popular RP like The Elder Scrolls: Ascension was around. It killed my last RP I mentioned. With that RP finally winding down and a vacuum of Fantasy Medieval RPs for competition, I think The Legends of Eroris was thrown out at just the right time.
    And finally, will we be expecting more RPs from you in the future?
      That is an absolute yes!
Altito Asmoro is a Resident Author of the Multiverse Chronicle. A prominent P2TM RPer, he has participated in many major RPs this year such as Venture of Heroes and Personification Life.

INTERVIEW — by Altito Asmoro
Beiarusia is one of P2TM’s rising and upcoming OPs and RPers, involved in RPs such as the Outbreak RP, No Man’s Land, Land of the Free, and others. We able to reach him in time and interview him about his newest RP, We Were Never Heroes, which has been gaining popularity recently.

    Where does the RP idea come from?
      I enjoy writing fiction stories and, having an active imagination, I have many plots in mind. After participating in a few RP's I tried my hand at creating my own and, rather than make a plot from scratch, I repurposed story ideas that I've had for a long while, tweaking details as needed to make them more RP friendly. My current RP, We Were Never Heroes, is based somewhat on a story that I wanted to write, but evolved into its own thing as ideas popped into my head while attending to other RP's. So it's somewhat based on previous ideas and original thoughts.
    What's the setting like?
      The setting of We Were Never Heroes wasn't decided 100% beforehand when the RP started. Originally it would have taken place in a fictional city named Cobalt City (possibly a placeholder name) but after some discussions with the Co-OPs we decided to set the story in an actual location. As NYC and Los Angeles are common movie cities I decided to set the story in Seattle, WA; as the Pacific Northwest is both a favorite area of mine and underused in media. Except for a few fictional locations, the city is pretty much the same as it is in real life and isn't too unique of a place.
    What are the OP's goals?
      The goal of all my RPs is to tell a story while having fun. As someone who would like to write novels in the future I try to have a coherent plot with a beginning and end, though in some cases the end is left open depending on the story. For We Were Never Heroes however, the plot line is rather rigid. Barring minor details I already have the ending played out. Since I have the story ideally it would play out in its entirety and everyone involved would both find it interesting and have fun helping to create it in a sense.
    What is the main plot of the RP?
      We Were Never Heroes is set in a somewhat alternative timeline where people with superpowers, Variants, are not all too uncommon. People know that superpowered people exist, but as of yet not much has come of it. There are no costumed heroes and villains duking it out on the streets and things are very much the same as they've always been. However things are changing, after an unknown man by the name of the Benefactor calls together a crew of nobodies with the intent of using them to save the world—though his reasons and motives are truly unknown. Falling into the Benefactor's views, the heroes become involved in something that is truly world changing.
Altito Asmoro is a Resident Author of the Multiverse Chronicle. A prominent P2TM RPer, he has participated in many major RPs this year such as Venture of Heroes and Personification Life.

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Postby Stormwrath » Sat Jul 30, 2016 4:05 pm

Volume 1, Issue 5, 31 July 2016


In the beginning, writers came from the heavens and the earth to play in the Multiverse, and Max Barry saw it was good.

Welcome to the July Issue of the Multiverse Chronicle, players and readers! NS Summer continues on with great activity, and so we continue to bring to you roleplays that you may be interested in. Or you know, something to pass the time while waiting for your fellow RPers to post in a particular RP you’re participating in participatively.

Now let’s get on with it!

As the period of the fantasy RPs left with June, superhero RPs are becoming popular this July, and so we begin with Gotham: The Coming Storm! Set in the DC Universe, particularly in the setting of the Batman comic series, you may play as any DC character or create your own. Next is The Ancient Ones: Age of Nothingness, the superhero RP that continues the tale of superheroes pledged to protect the Multiverse from destructive forces. What will be of reality after the destruction of Infinity and the rise of new evils? That will be for your characters to decide should you join. If you want an RP based more on chances and game-based mechanics, then check out Humanity’s Apotheosis, an RP set in an alternate 1970 with superheroes and supervillains. If you want a superhero RP more suited to players of school RPs, you're in luck! Let your characters learn how to be noble protagonists and/or vicious antagonists once more with the reboot of Academy of Heroes and Villains! Finally, Cielos Luz has rebooted for the 1st time! I mean 2nd time! 3rd time? 4th? No idea, we may have covered this RP in a previous issue.

And then God said, "Let there be Deity RPs."

We begin with the reboot of Gods of Farhiem, set in a fantasy world populated by gods and mortals. Players may choose to be a god deserving of the worship of his/her followers, or a mortal at the whims of fickle beings with supernatural powers. It's often like that. Yet there are those who wish to see existing pantheons of gods face off, or those same gods fighting mythical monsters of terrifying stature and countenance. Enter Hubris of the Gods, where your character is in the middle of a tense time between the Roman and Greek pantheons in a present-day North America.

And then the science fiction enthusiasts cried out, "Where are the sci-fi RPs? The steampunk, dieselpunk, cyberpunk, and the other -punk RPs? God or some other deity, why don't you create those?"

Munus: Modern Gladiators is an RP that brings the things you know and love about combat RPs, gladiators, fighting technology, and the Hunger Games together—all in humanity’s near future. Featuring professional warriors from all over the world, they fight in massive simulated environmental arenas to the death if need be. Another RP you might be interested in is the Overwatch RP, based on the popular Blizzard hit that dethroned Team Fortress 2 and Battleborn within hours of release. Your characters were once part of an international organization of soldiers and warriors to defend humanity, but now it's driven underground by events. War threatens to happen again—will he/she fight for or against mankind beyond the usual gameplay expected from MOBA games?

Twilight of the Galaxy is back, immersing us once more with a galaxy to build and nations to play as! Will you decide to leave your mark on the galaxy or perish in the void trying? Finally, for a world to build with other players, here's The World of Mana, a sci-fi/fantasy world for players to immerse themselves in.

We all love the various Punk genres, though P2TM's take on it has been rather post-apocalyptic. This doesn't mean we don't like it, otherwise we wouldn't feature these RPs for you. Witness! Blood Horizon draws inspiration from the Mad Max franchise, set in a similar wasteland featuring gas-guzzling cars, over-the-top weapons, and characters drawn straight out of fringe metal culture. Will you ride out to the equivalent of Valhalla, shiny and chrome? Or do you shun dieselpunk in favor of cyberpunk RPs? If it's the latter, there lies Frostbitten, a more mature RP featuring a setting of near-eternal winter. Your character must survive in this dystopian megacity by whatever means necessary, or freeze in the cold.

There also have been more unorthodox sci-fi RPs with cyberpunk undertones, particularly the one explored by Nova Geode Extreme. For some unknown reason the avatars of users gained self-awareness and now must live in this virtual world that runs independent of the actions of the users. You, the player, are a member of this world's overarching council as a Peace Operative, and you can interact with characters in the world just like you would in an actual video game.

This is so meta.

Historical RPs, be they real or fictional (mostly fictional), continue to captivate players. For an experience taking place in the final days of a Roman Republic in the midst of a power vacuum, you may join Rome: Iron and Rust. For a more recent time, check out 1791: Ways of the Old World. Set in an alternate history Europe devoid of an Age of Exploration, chart your country's future at the beginning of this new Colonial Age as an existing European power or one you can create on your own. Also around this time is L'Aigle, set during the Napoleonic Era. Something more recent? Alternative Divergence sets you in the 1860s, where you can alter the course of history in whichever direction you desire. And then for an even more recent time, check out Band of Brothers: 1914, set in World War I.

And then the skilled writer said, "Give me more interesting RPs."

There have been more RPs coming up with more interesting story lines and character goals for players to achieve, in case you haven't noticed. The Private Museum of Lord Jamison Gould is one of these RPs. Your character will take part in a series of expeditions to expand a certain noble's private treasure collection—you know, the kind of noble you'd expect from early 20th Century England with a love for visual art and classical music—with danger, adventure, and opportunity awaiting for those would-be Indianas and Lara Crofts. Another one that stands out is Only In Our Heads, a horror RP involving a group of college students on a vacation in the Aleutian Islands. For fantasy lovers who feel that they're being overlooked, Reign of the Heirs is a fantasy RP in the same vein as the many Game of Thrones-based RPs, franchise or original. Its setting is one where players can contribute and expand, adding new locations and plot devices as the tale of a war for the throne unfolds.

In this world rife with conflicts and international terrorism, one can expect an RP along those lines. Enter Task Force Phoenix, a multinational spec-ops unit tasked with combatting terrorism and other forms of asymmetrical warfare. Then we have The Doors Between Worlds, tackling the Multiverse with doors to other dimensions and game mechanics. And finally, join the Interdimensional Cable Building Guys, by which we ask readers not to look into the title too much, because that's what it is. Really.

Thank you so much for reading this latest update of the Multiverse Chronicle! Make sure to stop by our official Discussion Thread or TG any of our staff if you want to give us feedback and suggestions. Make sure to also stop by the IRC channel (#P2TM) if you want to reach us faster. Thank you for reading, and play nice in the Multiverse!

Plight of the Soul: Ruins of Albion
The roleplay itself takes place in the backdrop of a fallen Great Britain in which the ruins of communist retrofuturism, mega corporations, factions, and an apocalyptic cult clash. Plane crash survivors find themselves hunted by the cult who seeks to bring about about a mysterious prophecy.

Yet they must also be on the run from the hivemind which controls the turned. Mega corporations seek the crash survivors out while employing both human, and robotic mercenaries to find the people to perform horrendous experiments on. Those who survived the epidemic may also be a threat.

The world has turned a blind eye to Great Britain while war is on the horizon between the three superpowers. This plane crash is the center piece of something much bigger.

Contact Benuty.


P2TM NEWS — by Stormwrath
Don't Join This RP Group has debuted this month under a newer and more welcoming name: Do Join This RP Group. And like its predecessor, DJTRPG is back with great appeal. Currently with a small and stable roster of members, it is expected to come back with full force this fall.

The group was founded under its previous name by The New Greek Republic in 2015. It attracted players who participated in RPs like Iron and Steel, who found themselves to be playing the same RPs with each other—necessitating for a group like this one. Its appeal was centered under the same quality of many RP groups of the time—the lack of an organized set of rules and regulations by which members are supposed to follow. Thus it grew and grew producing RPs that experienced varying success. After the founder of DJTRPG left, the members reorganized and created the current founderless community that we all know and love today. Hits like White Man's Burden were active back then, a few of which were considered its best RPs during its 'Golden Age'. "We had no rules," Sanabel describes this period of the group's history, "no roster, no leaders, no 'interest' or 'brainstorming' forms, just free flowing ideas, memes, and community."

It underwent a hiatus in early 2016 due to disruptive activity by trolls and flamers alienating its player base, but interest in it was revived in the Spring of this year. However its official return didn't take place until this summer. So far the new group has yet to make its full debut, Sanabel noting that he "expects the group to have a resurgence in the fall, as people gain more time." Its current user base is slowly growing, and for now its current activities seem to be laying out ideas for future RPs.

Sanabel says, "One thing I love about DJTRPG is how close I have been with the members for so long, and the best part is how I look back and see us growing together over a long period of time. Though, to an extent, I think our trending towards realism and maturity has killed off our noobish zeal that drove the group in the early days."

Stormwrath is a Resident Author and the Editor-in-chief of the Multiverse Chronicle. He is primarily known for being the GM of In Memorial of the Fallen: a RWBY RP, and is coming up with his very own original RP in the future.

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Postby Stormwrath » Wed Sep 07, 2016 8:28 am

Volume 1, Issue 6, 7 September 2016


NS Summer has seen certain genres define the interests of players every month. If fantasy RPs had taken over June, and superhero RPs had dominated July, science fiction RPs had stolen the limelight for August. Let’s look at some of the RPs that shone like the stars, shall we?

To begin, we have Galaxia Politi, a faction-based RP featuring all sorts of nations and groups among the stars fighting for their place. It is certainly going to feature more heavily on internal and external politics, though war is almost always in abundance. Next is Wrath of the Cosmos, which takes on a more sandbox and character-based approach compared to other FT RPs, so take your players on adventures literally out of this world. However, if you wish for an RP with a more developed story in mind, then check out Brave New Tomorrow which features the crew of the Trailblazer, a capital ship sent out to explore the cosmos.

Yet there are some players that choose to ignore the vastness of space in favor of a fantastical world expounded through descriptive language. Enter Syltara, an RP featuring the interaction of human settlers with the native alien race. Another one is Fallout: Frozen Frontier, set in the frigid Alaskan wilderness.

Yet it's not all epic space battles, energy blasters, and light sabers in the Multiverse, no matter what the subforum's title may have you believe. There are still RPs that have stood out this month. What Does It Mean To Die Again? is an original horror thriller RP set in purgatory. You play as people who have died and been stuck in limbo for some time, trying to survive in this not-so-great afterlife. Another one you should check out is Irdenvahl: Escape from the Spyres, where you and others play prisoners attempting a dangerous escape from a medieval prison fortress. The Future of Imperio Crysalion is a political leaning fantasy RP where you play as a feudal lord doing what feudal lords do best - expand your domains, wealth, and influence while kissing the Emperor's ring at the same time.

Speaking of which, Game of Thrones: A Feast for Crows is a similar RP, taking place during the War of the Five Kings. Now ain't that something to look forward to while you take part in the agonizing wait for the 7th Season of Game of Thrones? For consolation, you can have the character you most hate in the show dead!

Of Artefacts and Antiquities is an urban fantasy RP set in England, dealing with the exploits of characters coming across certain relics that have unimaginable power. And then there's Petwora Rising, a reboot of a reboot of a formerly inactive fantasy school RP that its creator refuses to let die. And finally there is Godmarked a deity RP that features a race of gods and goddesses called Ichor.

Chicago needs a hero from crime and the forces of evil! Are you up to the task? Then join Champions of Chicago, a classical superhero RP set in the iconic American metropolis. However, not all supernatural beings use their powers for good. In fact in Pax Aeterna, they have shared the desire to rule the world as they see fit. As a member of the frail and powerless humans you have two choices: submit to the meta-humans' will or rise up and fight.

Yet we can't help it if some players want to RP in settings grounded in some semblance of reality. Want to die in the name of the Father, Son, and Spirit while taking a few Muslims with you to the Judgment Day? The Holy Father calls you! Play Deus Vult, a historical RP set in the 1st Crusade. If you don't know when that was, it's at the last decade of the 11th century. Next is Meeting of the Greats an AH RP set in the mid-18th century at a turning point in Europe's history. Of course, people get tired of seeing Europe play a prominent role in human history, so we recommend you check out Sans Europa, where Western civilization is phased out for more Asian influences during the 14th and 15th centuries due to the role of a much deadlier Black Death. And by "Asia" it's "everything from the Levant to the Pacific coast".

For more recent times, we bring to you Tropico: Hola Presidente!, a political franchise RP set in the fictional country of Tropico. Like its counterparts in the real world, political intrigue and the complexity of governance await players, though it does imitate it all with satire. Yet it's not always going to be a time to be silly and mock our real-world politicians. There are still greater threats. See if you have what it takes to preserve world order by signing up for ♦Unit Zero♦, the modern war RP featuring the namesake spec-ops group and their mission to fight the enemies of the free world. Or so they'd have you believe.

And to wrap this update up we bring to you these franchise RPs. Stories of Aincrad: The Last Mile wraps up the story of the Stories of Aincrad series of RPs as players make the final journey past the final 10 floors of the floating tower and earning their freedom from the tortuous game of Sword Art Online. If you seem to be disenchanted with such grim takes on video games, don't fret. For all those Pokemon lovers out there, Adeia is an RP that features an original region and all those Pokemon for you to catch them all! And finally, put on your sailor uniforms and flashy hair for the Sailor Moon RP that has debuted: Sailor Moon: Apocalypse. We were told this features lovecraftian enemies to fight, but we hope that's just a rumor.

But anyways, thank you so much for reading this latest update of the Multiverse Chronicle! Make sure to stop by our official Discussion Thread or TG any of our staff if you want to give us comments and suggestions. Make sure to also stop by the IRC channel (#P2TM) if you want to reach us faster. Thank you for reading, and continue to play nice in the Multiverse!

NationStates has got a recent reorganization of its forums this month, its most visible change being the creation of the Fifth Dimension forum group, which contains the Portal to the Multiverse and the Forum 7 subforums. This has been part of the constant evolution of the site with the times, coinciding with a restructuring of the NationStates staff leadership, and many have shown optimism, criticism, or apathy over the new changes implemented.

As of now there are six groups on NationStates that players may choose to participate in: National and International Roleplaying (formerly Diplomacy), World Assembly, National and Regional Gameplaying (formerly Gameplay), Nuts and Bolts, General Discussion (formerly General), and the new Fifth Dimension, with a separate Archive section for dead threads. Except for Nuts and Bolts, each of them has their own subforums with their own communities, and many players have participated in some of these communities.

The former General forum group was split in two, becoming the General Discussion and Fifth Dimension groups. According to staff members of the site, the main reason for this was to properly address the issue of whether the P2TM and F7 subforums—which contain communities geared towards roleplaying and forum games, respectively—fit with the rest of General, which are known for out-of-character discussion and debate among players about all sorts of things.

The name "Fifth Dimension" had been suggested by Cerillium, a P2TM RP Mentor, taking reference to the Twilight Zone franchise.

Another noticeable change would be the color tags and new names of Mentors. The II Mentors, renamed the N&I RP Mentors, retain the iconic Mint Green jacket while the P2TM Mentors, renamed the P2TM RP Mentors, have been given a newer Teal Green jacket (AUTHOR'S NOTE: though some users including the author would respectfully contest that it is actually Emerald Green). This has helped clear the confusion of which Mentor is which based on the color of his/her user name.

Stormwrath is a Resident Author and the Editor-in-chief of the Multiverse Chronicle. He is primarily known for being the GM of In Memorial of the Fallen: a RWBY RP, and is coming up with his very own original RP in the future.

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