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NO MAN's LAND: the THAW - a Survival RP (OOC/On Hiatus)

PostPosted: Tue Jan 26, 2016 7:24 pm
by Beiarusia



Twenty-seven years.

Time cares not of our calamity.

Of our demise.

We, a mere blip within the cosmos, our rise and our fall, our history, our struggle, it means naught once all has been said and done. Human civilization stands now in ruins, a relic of times since gone pass. A monument of our former glory as the masters of this planet; a monument to the sins of the world.

The Outbreak could not be stopped.

Could not be contained.

The world as we once knew it is no more, a slate wiped clean in a global pandemic unlike anything once before seen. Millions upon millions have fallen, and the rule of mankind has effectively come to a close. This is how humanity dies, not with a bang but in quiet whisper, consumed by plague and our own inner madness.

But even in darkness there is a light.

The human will to survive, to overcome, still lingers when all else has decayed. Survivors, holdouts to a dying world, stand firm against the inevitable. These select few press onward, moving forward when so many others have already crossed over and into oblivion, and though they continue to breathe, to live, they must do so in the twilight of human existence. Every passing day is a struggle more difficult than the last and tomorrow is never guaranteed. Fate is soon approaching and their time is running out.

And what of you? Will you accept the cold embrace of the end or will you claw at every second of life? Alone or with others? And if the chance remained to right what was so horribly wrong would you take it no matter the sacrifice?

But it does not matter as first you must survive in a world no longer meant for man.

No Man’s Land.

27 years ago the manufactured virus, T-13, devastated the world. Nations have fallen and the last few pockets of civilization are under constant threat, whether it be from bandits, the infected, or nature itself. Most of humanity has since died out and the world has given way to Darwin's Law. Resources are frighteningly scarce, a never-ending winter has settled across the globe, and extinction is a dawning certainty.

This is a Survival RP. That is your primary goal, and awaiting you is a challenging environment inhabited by dangerous creatures and less than trustworthy people. Our tale continues in Colorado in the dawn of Spring. You will need to band together if you wish to make it through the twilight of human existence. Will you fight for one last day on Earth, or will you sacrifice it all for the good of mankind? What is right and what is wrong in a world that knows only grey? The choice, ultimately, is yours to make.
There is no safety to be found in the wastes of America. Most settlements remain small with large towns becoming increasingly uncommon, a fact further worsened by the ever intensifying global winter. Bandits, slavers, and cannibals all lurk outside civilized society, and most cities have since become the homes of monstrosities that are barely recognizable as human. Resources have become scarce. Gasoline is no longer available and ammo is in short supply. Food, while once abundant, is now something to fight over. What technology remains is haphazard and held together through a mix of skill and blind luck, scavengers risking life and limb to pick clean the ruins of the world. Every scrap of junk now has purpose. Those who waste will not survive long.
In the weeks leading up to winter a great upheaval has taken place within central Colorado. The Vultures, a powerful gang of bandits and cutthroats, has lain waste to many settlements, razing all that would dare go against them. Aspen was the first to burn. Then came Grand Junction, and finally Salida. It was during the Battle of Salida that the Vulture emperor, Bill, was slain and a coup undertaken by Jennifer Paulson. Those who have since marched towards winter are now split between the growing power of Denver and the outskirts of the state. Peace was only a temporary promise of the seasons, and with the thaw of spring upon them all so to is the violence of man once more.
01: OP/Co-OP have final say. No exceptions.

02: OP/Co-OP reserve the right to deny any application for whatever reason.

03: No God-modding / Meta-gaming.

04: No directly controlling another player character unless given permission to do so. No directly controlling a faction unless given permission to do so. You may freely control any and all NPC's that are not central to any one player or any major plot line.

05: Factions will be considered any group with more than four people.

06: Posts must be a paragraph minimum. One-liners are unacceptable.

07: Try to use correct grammar. No walls of text that are not broken up into paragraphs. No sloppy writing. Use punctuation and try to spell most things correctly. Failure in attempting to improve will lead to removal from the RP.

08: Follow the established lore. What the OP/Co-OP dictates is law regardless of how you may feel otherwise. Ask questions if you must and answers will gladly be given. We will not cater to any one person should they disagree about how things work. Breaking/altering/ignoring the lore will result in removal from the RP.

09: Be courteous of one another in the OOC. Civil arguments are fine but should not devolve into shouting matches. Moderators should not have to visit the RP thread for whatever reason. Alternatively, feel free to be as much of a dick in the IC as you desire.

10: You may create multiple characters if they come as a set (husband/wife; siblings; friends; etc.). You will need permission to create any character that is not part of a set. Any side characters will be treated as NPC's and their fate will be at the complete discretion of the OP/Co-OP should they interfere with the story or present an unfair advantage to any one person.

11: You character should not be overpowered. You can die, and every challenge should be just that, a challenge. This means no unlimited ammo; no shrugging off bullets like the Master Chief; no unexplainable streak of good luck. Any overpowered characters will be dealt with, harshly.

12: Be active should you apply. No need to be online 24/7 (as I certainly will not be) but don't join only to not post anything. If you will be gone for any significant amount of time then please notify the OP/Co-OP or simply leave a message in the OOC. Those who do not risk having their characters killed off in violent and amusing ways.

13: Have fun.
NOTE: Be unique with your character (within reason). Military characters especially are highly discouraged and may be DENIED. Any returning characters are already ACCEPTED - so long as they're still alive - but will need to repost their app for record keeping.

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[b]RP Examples:[/b]

[size=50][b][color=red]DO NOT REMOVE:[/color][/b] 4242564[/size]

GREY is optional but recommended.

The virus cannot survive within these individuals.

No harmful effects to infected individuals. Contagion can be spread.

Beneficial mutations have taken place within infected individuals that can grant benefits ranging from enhanced physical attributes to increased mental faculties. The contagion can be spread.

Individuals with no immunity can become infected with any strain of T-13.

NOTE: Most individuals at this point in time, 27 years after the initial outbreak, are either IMMUNE or CARRIERS of the virus. GIFTED are exceedingly rare and those with no immunity are virtually nonexistent.
A manufactured viral mutagen possessing a high rate of lethality. The virus quickly and often times destructively targets the DNA sequences of a living organism leading to abnormal cell growth, necrosis (cell death), and spontaneous recombination and mutation. The virus cannot survive long outside a living host and as such transmission is predominantly through direct contact with an infected individual via tainted blood or other bodily fluids, however, close proximity (coughing, sneezing, etc.) can potentially lead to infection in a handful of cases. Extreme heat can destroy the virus.

Once inside a host the virus mutates into one of several varying strains, a process that is influenced directly by the genetic makeup of the infected individual. Note that the virus will mutate regardless of the strain of initial infection. At this time there is no consistent method in which to determine which strain will form upon contamination.

Infection Rate: High
Lethality Rate: Extremely High

The most common of the various strains, the virus embeds itself into the respiratory and circulatory system of a host, though other systems may be affected to a lesser degree. Flu-like symptoms are often present in the early stages of infection and generally worsen with time. The lungs specifically are often irreparably damaged, leading to breathing difficulties and, in the latter stages, internal hemorrhaging with death arriving shortly afterwards. Incubation periods and progression rates vary wildly between individuals, though the young, the elderly, and those with weakened immune systems often succumb to the virus within a matter of days if not hours. Healthy individuals can potentially survive for several weeks with proper treatment.

Infection Rate: Low
Lethality Rate: Moderate

The virus predominantly targets the neural pathways of a host but can also cause mutations in both the skeletal and muscular systems. Though varying between individuals brain, nerve, and spinal damage can result, potentially leading to partial or full paralysis and brain death in extreme cases. Individuals who survive infection often suffer catastrophic brain damage leading to extreme aggression and a loss of reason. The incubation period is typically several days. Infected and Psychotics both suffer from TB-13.

Infection Rate: Extremely Low
Lethality Rate: High

The most destructive of the various strains, the virus targets DNA sequences throughout the body, leading to uncontrollable recombination and mutation. Progressing in a similar manner to that of TB-13, given time an infected individual will undergo severe physical mutation which is often times fatal. Survivors are generally no longer human in terms of appearance and behavior, and are extremely dangerous vectors of the virus. Incubation period is typically several weeks. All Reaver variants suffer from TC-13.

Infection Rate: Extremely Low
Lethality Rate: N/A

A neutral strain that causes no physical change within a host body, though flu-like symptoms may be present during the initial stages of infection. While not harmful in any way to the host the virus may still be transferred to other individuals via close contact or close proximity, after which mutation into another strain may occur.

Infection Rate: N/A
Lethality Rate: N/A

The rarest of all the strains, the virus targets the DNA sequences of a host but with surprisingly beneficial results. Though greatly varying between individuals, those infected may see a boost in physical traits, immunity, perception, mental abilities, and other as of yet identified benefits. Though boasting positive results transmission among others is still possible, after which viral mutation may occur.

Infection Rate: N/A
Lethality Rate: N/A

This strain has mutated to affect species other than Homo sapiens. A catchall term, progression variously wildly between species with either little to none or massive mutations present. Any creature can potentially be infected, however, those in greater contact with humanity are at a much greater risk. Mutts suffer from TM-13.

Infection Rate: N/A
Lethality Rate: N/A

A recent mutation, little is known of this variant save for the fact that it can override previous immunity.
Those suffering from infection typically retain some semblance of their former humanity, though have generally succumbed to acute brain trauma and range from feral husks to highly disturbed individuals.

Occurrence: Uncommon
Danger: High

Not much different from their ancestors, wild pigs have undergone several distinct mutations that have made them a danger to not be underestimated. Long, razor sharp tusks are capable of tearing through flesh and even thin metal, and thick coats prevent all but the highest of calibers from piercing through. As big as any human, and oft times larger, Boars have spread across America, leaving a path of destruction in their wake. Despite this their meat is prized by hunters and will fetch a good price if one is willing to risk the hunt.

Occurrence: Rare
Danger: Moderate

Suffering from an advance state of brain damage, Infected have become little more than feral husks lashing out at anything that so much as moves. Typically congregating in hordes or small groups, Infected wander about aimlessly and with little purpose other than to consume what they can, including each other at times. Unfortunately time has not been kind to these poor souls and most have since died out due to starvation and exposure, meaning that any encountered are most likely recent conversions. Generally weak, Infected rely on numbers to overwhelm survivors. Most injuries will prove fatal to an Infected, however, damaged pain receptors allow for continued action even after suffering catastrophic damage. Some infected, however, do display capabilities of higher thought functions and can sometimes be found alongside Psychotics.

Occurrence: Common
Danger: Moderate

Formerly a dog or some similar canid, mutations have little changed Mutts. Typically resembling a large coyote, Mutts are pack creatures that very much remain dog-like, though with an apparent aggression towards non-infected. Though wild many have been domesticated by Psychotics, and some have even formed mutually beneficial bonds with Lurkers. Their speed and size makes any Mutt a dangerous foe should it get close, after which the beast will target the neck and jugular for a killing bite, though it will lash out at any limb of opportunity. Otherwise a lone Mutt is easily dispatched. Packs will tend to avoid large groups of survivors unless desperate for food.

Occurrence: Uncommon
Danger: High

Warped by infection, Psychotics are little better than their Infected brethren, but unlike the shambling husks Psychotics are highly capable of abstract thought. Intelligent to a degree, Psychotics often band together in what could only be considered tribes, laying waste to any threat or potential meal they come across. Though originally having little purpose other than survival, over the years Psychotics have become organized to the point of rivaling humanity. Capable of using tools and weapons, as well as forming complex strategies, Psychotics are a major threat to any survivor and will blindly devote themselves to any cause. However, due to brain trauma, aggression is quick to give way to blind rage. More damning is that the strongest, not the most intelligent, often lead tribes.

Occurrence: Common
Danger: Low

A descendant of modern deer, Stags are much more capable of surviving in the cold landscape of post-Outbreak America and have since become a common enough sight. Dark in colour and with a thick, woolly coat, the most prominent feature are the great antlers found on both bucks and does, branch-like and incredibly sharp. In terms of behavior, a Stag is no different than any other deer but are much more aggressive and as likely to attack as they are to flee. Their antlers are capable of causing serious injury to the unwary. They can interbreed with other deer, the offspring of which will always be a Stag. They're meat is safe to consume after cooking, however, those with no immunity must take care when handling a fresh kill.
Reavers are any infected which have undergone severe physical mutations. While some retain a vaguely human appearance most have become something completely unrecognizable, and are aptly referred to as monsters. Similar to Infected, the brains of Reavers may or may not be adversely affected, though in most cases devolution in any form gives way to overt animalistic behavior.

Occurrence: Rare
Danger: High

Berserkers are Psychotics that have undergone physical mutation similar to that of a Brute, granting immense strength and heightened durability. Alternatively, Berserkers may be thought of as Brutes that have retained their minds to some degree. Regardless, these hulking beings are quite dangerous, perhaps even more so than a typical Brute. Found alongside Psychotics, Berserkers, whose intelligence may vary, tend to be the heavy hitters and are quite capable of tearing apart foes with their bare hands, though many tend to use heavy weapons that only they can lift. They are, however, quite slow and easily outmaneuvered. Beserkers are rare, existing along a fine line between Psychotic and Brute, the latter of which is actively killed with impunity by the former due to mental instability and aggression.

Occurrence: Extremely Rare
Danger: Extremely High

Having gained considerable physical mass, Brutes rely solely on their immense strength to see them through any conflict, cutting down anything, Infected or otherwise, that may so happen to stand between it and its target. Known to tear through metal, Brutes somewhat retain their human form, though in a twisted and disproportionate manner. Increased muscle mass and bone density grants an incredible strength as well as forming a thick armor against bullets, allowing this Reaver to withstand an absurd amount of abuse before showing any signs of physical wear. The skull in particular is capable of surviving against most small arms. While varying between individuals some Brutes possess claw-like protrusions along their arms, likely calcified growths, granting them an additional weapon in which to main and kill. Brutes possess next to no intelligence and can be outsmarted with relative ease, and though capable of short burst of speed, these behemoths are ultimately slow and lumbering. As dangerous as they are, Brutes have effectively died out due to starvation and exposure.

Occurrence: Common
Danger: High

Buzzers are thought to have originated from horse flies, infected and having mutated extensively over several generations. The size of a softball, Buzzers are primarily scavengers, swarming and feasting on carrion and being quite capable of stripping a body of its flesh within minutes. However, Buzzers have been known to attack living beings as well and have become a pest. A swarm can kill a large creature within seconds, sharp mandibles ripping flesh from bone with practiced ease, and though individual Buzzers are more annoyance than threat they rarely venture far from their fellows. Their speed and extremely small size makes them extremely dangerous and it is best to seek shelter or avoid infested areas entirely. These creatures are reluctant to approach fire and tend to avoid open flames of any size. Nests are typically burned because of this. They are aptly named due to the loud noise they generate when in flight.

Occurrence: Uncommon
Danger: Extremely High

Hardly recognizable as human, Lurkers are pack creatures that move quickly on four legs, using their claws and sharp teeth to tear through flesh and bone alike. Showing an aversion to light, Lurkers are typically found in dark hideaways, such as dense forests or the ruins of cities, venturing out only in the cover of darkness or clouded skies. As a whole Lurkers have been hugely successful, becoming an apex predator in some areas of post-Outbreak America. Highly intelligent, Lurkers are rarely found alone and use their numbers to flank, feint, and corral targets into kill zones. A lone Lurker, however rare, are still a highly lethal threat in their own right. Boasting heightened senses, Lurkers are quick footed and capable of climbing through or over most obstacles. Bone growth, while not on the same level as that of a Brute, also grants them some enhanced durability. Their greatest strength, ultimately, is their stealth, often stalking prey for hours on end without being noticed. Aside from light, Lurkers also shy away from open flames. It is recommended to avoid areas with a known Lurker presence or to travel in the daytime, staying clear of any spot with suitable shade or cover. Recent generations show considerable devolution with only the barest trace of their human ancestry remaining.

Occurrence: Extremely Rare
Danger: High

Mutations to the lungs and larynx allow a Screamer to produce a shrill, disconcerting scream - hence the name - at the cost of severe skull deformations that render this Reaver completely blind. These wails, and their powerful concussive shock, can prove fatal in close proximity and disorienting to those standing further out. Most dangerous, however, is the tendency of Screamers to draw in other infected, acting as a beacon that can be heard upwards of five miles away. These screams can rupture eardrums, blood vessels, and ultimately kill those who happen too close. A heightened sense of smell also helps to aid in locating prey. It is recommended to keep one's distance as other infected tend to linger near Screamers. Similar to Infected and Brutes, Screamers have largely died out.

Occurrence: Common
Danger: Moderate

Skeevers are large, almost skeletally thin rats that are often found in sewers and other dark hideaways. As large as a dog, Skeevers are mostly hairless with long teeth and beady eyes that seem to glow in the darkness. They will actively attack anything they come across and their bites often succumb to infection and gangrene. Terribly afraid of fire they will avoid open flames entirely. Their meat can be eaten after cooking, but the taste leaves much to be desired.

Occurrence: Rare
Danger: High

Weepers are the progeny of Lurkers, though what makes them truly dangerous is their cry. Sounding like a human child, many unwary survivors have inadvertently been drawn into a Lurker den only to be ripped to shreds. Worse still it the Weeper's ability to mimic language, a skill that adult Lurkers do not display, either due to physical/mental limitations or for reasons unknown. Capable of causing severe injury on its own, Weepers are largely dependent on adult Lurkers to survive. Because many who stumble across Weepers are subsequently killed the world is largely ignorant to the danger they pose.

Occurrence: Uncommon
Danger: Extremely High

Thought to have originated from chimps kept in American zoos, infection has terribly warped these creatures into something monstrous. Hairless, tall and with long, spindly limbs, thick torsos, and very sharp claws, Wendigos are adept at both climbing and tearing into flesh. Preferring forests over the ruins of cities, Wendigos are active primarily in the day, rarely form large groups, and are willing to brave open fire. They have been known to attack Lurkers and the two actively avoid one another. Intelligent, Wendigos will often torment their prey for hours, sometimes days on end, and often kill for no reason other than to sate their blood lust.
T-14 is a recent evolution of the virus and is capable of overriding previous immunity. Survivors, Infected, and Reavers are all susceptible to an advanced infection that is more contagious and oft times even more destructive than previous strains. Those who survive are referred to as Abominations and should be avoided at all costs.

Occurrence: Rare
Danger: Moderate

Bleeders are survivors or Psychotics affected by the T-14 virus. Suffering massive brain trauma, Bleeders are essentially Infected that, in a cruel twist, produce an overabundance of red blood cells, leading to prolonged internal hemorrhaging that, while no doubt exceedingly painful, is not immediately fatal. This bleeding make them very capable of spreading the contagion and Bleeders should be avoided.

Occurrence: N/A
Danger: Lethal

Only rumored to exist, Juggernauts are like Brutes but much worse. Possessing a similar muscle and bone growth in the extreme, adrenal secretions have made these monsters near unstoppable forces of rage, capable of tearing through anything and anyone all the while remaining impervious to almost everything from high caliber rounds to high-grade explosives. Slow, it is best recommended to run if at all possible should a Juggernaut ever be encountered. Though only rumored to exist, they are also rumored to be unkillable.

Occurrence: Rare
Danger: High

Shrike are true abominations. Undergoing uncontrollable stem-cell growth and mutation, Shrikes are a conglomeration of limbs and flesh upon a twisted skeleton. Relatively static, Shrikes are only able to crawl with their many useless limbs, preferring to lay in ambush for unwary prey to cross its path. Once captured, a Shrike will engulf its target and rip the poor creature apart from all directions. Shrikes prefer nooks and other suitable spots in which to lay in wait, using its gangling limbs to draw in prey that comes too close. There is no escape after being captured and death is almost immediate. Because of their reliance on ambush Shrikes are easily avoided should one pay attention to their surroundings. Shrikes are exceedingly difficult to kill but are vulnerable to fire, and unlike other Abominations, sightings have been made on several occasions.

Occurrence: N/A
Danger: Lethal

Believed to be Lurkers affected by T-14, Stalkers are a mutation upon a mutation, being identified by some as an unholy mix between a Brute and a Lurker, a rough but apt description. Larger and far more lethal than any Lurker, Stalkers are thought to roam the derelict subway systems and sewers of ruined cities, feeding on anything foolish enough to venture deep into these dark underworlds. Insanely strong and with a high bone density, Stalkers can tear through most anything, are fast moving, and utilize stealth to move relatively unseen despite their large size. Stalkers are said to avoid light and fire even more so than Lurkers. Sightings have been unconfirmed and their existence is not entirely believed. It is recommended that you do not seek out the truth for yourself.

Occurrence: N/A
Danger: N/A

Unlike other Abominations, the Uplifted have gained many beneficial traits from infection, retaining their humanity and being akin to the Gifted but even more so. They are thought to possess heightened senses, increased strength, total immunity, and a capability to heal from most wounds including nerve/brain damage. Believing themselves to be the next step in human evolution, and with little to counter this claim, the Uplifted are not believed by everyone to exist, being thought of as little more than a myth to tell unruly children. If they do exist, however, their goals and motivations are unknown, and that alone is enough to make them dangerous.
Danger: N/A

A large biomedical corporation with the strength and power to rival that of a small country, Atlas was, at one point in time, the most powerful entity within the United States - and abroad - both before and after the Outbreak. Founded primarily on biomedical and genetic research, Atlas was rumored to have had some connection to T-13, conducting extensive research on the virus after its release. Atlas would later be forcibly disbanded by the Remnants after being made the scapegoat to calm an ever angry populace. All research relating to the virus was either destroyed or went missing in the purge.

Danger: High

A general term, Bandits are any persons who live outside of civilized society. Ruthless and living in the moment, bandits are criminals first and foremost, a plague amongst humanity and even to themselves, fighting over depleted resources and killing for the simply pleasure of spilling blood. Though various bandit gangs scour the wastes of post-Outbreak America, most are small and highly unorganized, relying on brute strength and intimidation to survive. Each gang is unique its its own way. Some only live to kill, some are cannibals and slavers, and a few have morals that may not be outwardly apparent. All in all, bandits should be avoided whenever possible.

Danger: Low

Centered in cities such as Boston and Richmond, the east coast of America has fought long and hard to become a bastion of human civilization, an uphill battle that has been a struggle since day one. Contending against bandits, infected, and at one point the Remnants, the east coast has become a somewhat stable location though with a small population. Due to the distances involved the various factions of the east coast rarely stray farther west than Pennsylvania.

Danger: N/A

Roving bands of Psychotics have plagued humanity ever since the Outbreak. The Chosen are regarded to be far worse. Displaying an intellect and cunning unbecoming of their brethren, the Chosen are not widely believed to exist, being the stuff of legend and nightmares. Some would even claim that the Chosen are Uplifted. Regardless, it is recommended that all Psychotics be avoided at all costs.

Danger: Moderate

There are two main thoughts believed by the various Cultist found in the wastes: A) the Outbreak is a sign of God and akin to the Rapture or B) the Outbreak is the next step in human evolution. Regardless of their belief, all Cultist remain steadfast in promoting their own views, sometimes peacefully and other times with violence. Found anywhere with sizable populations, most Cultist are merely written off as mentally unstable and generally ignored, often treated as a pest or nuisance. Those who delve into violence are little better than bandits, using morals and twisted rationality to justify what they do.

Danger: High

A bandit gang that has gained considerable notoriety, the Vultures have become a plague far worse than the infection in post-Outbreak America. Controlling the city of Denver, this band of marauders has claimed vast amounts of territory while under the leadership of their self-proclaimed emperor, Bill, and have lain waste to much of central Colorado. Using slave labor to build a new utopia, the Vultures are perhaps the largest group west of the Mississippi, and likely the most dangerous. Recently a coup has been undertaken within Denver, Bill having been slain and a new leader appointed. Several smaller gangs - Amazons, Bullet Farmers, etc. - have since been assimilated into the Vulture hierarchy, hereby renamed as the Dominion of Denver.

Danger: Low

Controlling territory in the state of Louisiana, the aptly named Louisiana Republic is a small slice of civilization that has done fairly well since its establishment. Though nowhere near the size of the Republic of Texas, the two share a common ambivalence to the other and both work towards the reestablishment of modern civilization. Like the Republic of Texas, the Louisiana Republic is unlikely to involve itself in situations outside its territory.

Danger: Moderate

A religious cult headed by a man known only as Father Mackenzie, the Order claims to spread peace but has been involved in various underhanded tactics in their base of Salida, including fraud, deceit, and murder. Using a network of spies, the Order intelligence on most every faction within Colorado, and uses this to further its own ends. Following the Battle of Salida, the Order was shattered and its leaders having disappeared.

Danger: Moderate

Similar to the east coast, the west coast has made strides in becoming a bastion of human civilization, but whereas the cities of Boston and Richmond have been adequately successful, the pacific northwest has been plagued with war and violence, something which is unlikely to improve in coming years.

Danger: N/A

Formerly the government of the United States, the Remnants maintained control of the interior of the nation for several years following the Outbreak. A pseudo-fascist state, this government was extremely brutal when dealing with any potential threat, relying heavily on military strength to force outsider factions into submission all the while creating a safe haven free of infection. However, this final bastion of America was not to last. The virus eventually found its way into Remnants' territory and this final refuge of the United States fell within three months time. Years after its dissolution, the Remnants have become little more than legend, though rumors abound that a small fraction survived the second collapse, loyal to a defunct system and scouring the wastes of America on some unknown mission.

Danger: Low

A loose confederation of settlements within the former Texas territory, the Republic of Texas has become a sizable hub of civilization in post-Outbreak America. Cooperation between settlements united under a single flag allows for greater protection, production, and overall survival. To outsiders, the Republic of Texas stands as a valuable agrarian region, typically trading food for other needed resources. Trained militias have kept bandit attacks generally low. The Republic of Texas rarely, if at all, intervenes in situations outside its territory.

Danger: High

Tribes of Psychotics are a very much real threat. Akin to bandits, tribals are extremely aggressive and territorial, attacking anything and anyone with little provocation needed. Rarely do multiple tribes cooperate amongst one another. Psychotics in general should be avoided.
Danger: N/A

Formerly a small settlement, Aspen was a peaceful town that was offered protection by the surrounding mountains and dense wood. The people of Aspen were largely reliant on trade in order to survive due to food production being limited by the cold climate. As such scavengers were generally held in high regard. However, after running afoul of the Vultures the settlement would be torched, any who remained killed. It has since been abandoned.

Danger: Moderate

A military installation near Colorado Springs, and formerly known as NORAD, Cheyenne Mountain was a major bunker during the Remnants' rule of Colorado. After the collapse of the Remnants the base was abandoned. The area has largely been unexplored due to the danger of nearby Colorado Springs. The true nature of Cheyenne Mountain is unknown though there is speculation that Atlas was once involved in the facility's conversion following the Outbreak. It has such become a topic of embolden scavengers and treasure hunters, but, as stated before, has yet to be breached.

Danger: High

South of Denver, Colorado Springs has been claimed by Lurkers and other infected. Having never been properly scavenged, the town is likely a scavenger's paradise, but the dangers posed make this location exceedingly dangerous.

Danger: High

The largest city in Colorado, Denver has largely been overrun by infected who continue to maintain a firm grasp of the area. Despite this many scavengers have attempted to brave the city, seeking troves of untapped goods that could likely supply any settlement for months if not years. The dangers, however, greatly outweigh the benefits of any such endeavor. The Vultures have claimed large parts of the city and live in a precarious balance against the infected lurking in the shadows. Still, parts of the city remain too dangerous and are still inaccessible to this day.

Danger: Low

A small settlement northwest of Denver, Estes Park has remained unnoticed by the Vultures for years. Largely self sufficient, this settlement relies largely on avoidance rather than intimidation, having little to no militia save for a small defensive force largely meant to handle infestations. A bandit attack of any size would be devastating.

Danger: N/A

A small outpost sitting at the intersection of Interstate 70 and Highway 82, Glenwood rarely had a population exceeding 10, being more of a resting point than a permanent settlement. Most people heading to or from Aspen must pass through Glenwood if they wish to avoid Twin Lakes. Similar to Aspen, Glenwood was attacked by the Vultures and has been abandoned.

Danger: N/A

A larger settlement west of Denver, Grand Junction was possibly one of the most successful settlements in Colorado in large part due to their isolationism. While not hostile, outsiders were generally looked down upon with mistrust. A trading hub, and having avoided undesirables, the settlement thrived for quite some time. However, it was later destroyed by the Vultures and has since been abandoned.

Danger: Moderate

An abandoned town that has been scavenged extensively, there is little of note here save for the grave marker under a maple tree.

Danger: High

A small town hidden away in the mountains, Pitkin is believed to be the home of the Chosen. Likely only a tribe of Psychotics, the town is regardless a dangerous place and should be avoided.

Danger: Low

A modest settlement in northern New Mexico, Raton is a trading town and is one of the northernmost locations still associated with Republic of Texas caravans. A strong militia discourages bandit attacks and the settlement is largely friendly because of this with room for expansion. Many of those fleeing Salida made it to Raton before the winter.

Danger: N/A

A small, unassuming settlement, Salida was later taken over by the Order of the Golden Dawn. Though in a relatively exposed location, a trained militia kept Salida safe despite its proximity to both Denver and Twin Lakes. During the Battle of Salida the local defenders managed to defeat the Vultures and instigate a coup against Emperor Bill, however, despite the apparent victory the Vultures would manage to destroy the town less than a month later in a surprise assault in the dead of winter. The settlement has since been abandoned.

Danger: Moderate

Further down Highway 82 and pass Aspen, Twin Lakes is a rural area where Lurkers have frequently been spotted. The area has little been explored because of this, but rumors persist that Atlas, or remnants of Atlas, once held a presence here. These claims have been unconfirmed.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 26, 2016 7:25 pm
by Beiarusia
March 13, 2043 (Year 27: Day 240)
52°F/11°C - Sunny

Day 0 (July 18, 2015)
A bio attack takes place in several major cities across the continental United States. Several hundred die in the first few hours of the crisis while thousands more are infected. Most are transferred to local hospitals for treatment.

Day 2
Following the rapid spread of infection the United States Coast Guard imposes a strict quarantine of afflicted areas.

Day 5
Riots erupt in the city of Seattle (an affected area) after several individuals are killed trying to break quarantine. Hundreds are killed in the ensuing chaos.

Day 8
Riots erupt in the city of Chicago (an affected area) as illness continues to spread during an information blackout. Shortages of various goods further escalate the tensions. Death toll has reached over 200,000 across the United States in affected zones.

Day 11
The first case of infection is reported outside of the quarantine zones.

Day 14
Quarantine fails in several cities as infection quickly spreads. Death toll has risen to over 1,000,000 across the United States.

Day 15
Travel, already limited due to the attacks, is completely banned to or from the United States by foreign nations.

Day 19
Quarantine fails in the city of Chicago. Many who have survived quickly leave the metropolis area.

Day 22
The Federal government is unable to maintain control of the situation. Safe zones are established across the nation. An exodus is made to leave the cities. Many will not find safe haven. Death toll has skyrocketed to almost 100,000,000 and climbing.

Day 25
Infection is reported in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Korea.

The Feeral government has ceased normal operations. The Remnants form.

Day 28
Chicago is firebombed by the USAF.

Day 58
Infection is reported across mainland Europe and Asia, Australia, and Northern Africa.

Day 109
NATO disbands as the governments of several nations collapse.

Day 238
The Russian Federation fractures into several independent states. Death toll has reached 700,000,000+ globally.

Year 3: Day 13
The Australian government collapse.

Year 3: Day 13
Most democratic governments have ceased functioning.

Year 1: Day 131
Atlas, the biomedical corporation reported to have ties to T-13 and the Outbreak, is forcibly disbanded by the Remnants. All data and research relating to the virus is destroyed or disappears.

Year 3: Day 117
The Republic of Texas forms.

Year 4: Day 99
The Remnants Navy disbands with most vessels being reported as lost or AWOL.

Year 4: Day 302
Infection is reported in China's northern provinces. The Chinese government enacts a protocol of elimination against all suspected peoples. Death toll reaches upwards of 100,000.

Year 6: Day 207
The Indian government, pushed to its limits by infection, encroaches northward in the search of land and resources. They come into conflict with the Chinese PLA. The two governments soon declare war against one another, each seeking to secure Southeast Asia.

Year 7: Day 111
The Indian/Chinese War comes to a sudden end with a substantial nuclear strike. India, China, Southeast Asia, and other nearby territories are obliterated. Death toll is speculated to be upwards of several hundred million.

Year 8: Day 88
Nuclear winter has set in across much of Asia. Japanese, Korean, and eastern Russian governments collapse.

Year 11: Day 89
Fallout has contaminated nearly all of Asia, the Middle East, and parts of Eastern Africa. Global temperatures have dropped by 10 degrees Celsius.

Year 13: Day 299
Infection is reported within Remnants held territory.

Year 14: Day 4
The Remnants collapses. Other factions within the United States are now faced with a surge of infection.

Year 15: Day 19
Boston falls to infection.

Year 15: Day 101
Richmond falls to infection.

Year 19: Day 100
95% of the United States has fallen or succumbed to infection.

All that follows is No Man's Land.

Year 27: Day 90 (October 14, 2042)
The settlement of Aspen, solely reliant on foreign trade, is faced with disaster after a caravan from the Republic of Texas is lost to the Vultures, meaning that no longer is there enough food to last through the coming winter. Desperate, a small expedition is assembled to trade for food, seeing out for the settlement of Grand Junction. Things, however, take a turn as the youngest member of the expidition, Sera Tallow, wanders off, leading to a tense encounter with a Reaver Brute that is, ultimately, killed by Wolfgang "Wolf" Magnusson.

Year 27: Day 91
The Vultures, en-route to Aspen, raze the settlement of Glenwood. Further up along Highway 82, the expedition continues north before stumbling across a Lurker den. Joseph Foley is bitten and the den set ablaze by Cain. Soon thereafter the Vultures stumble across the site. Cain sacrifices himself to protect the others only for Jennifer Paulson to follow suit. Both are captured. Thomas Paine rides after only for his horse to be shot and killed. He too is captured. By evening the Vultures have arrived at Aspen, where Emperor Bill is shot during his speakings with the mayor, Madison, the latter of which is killed in retaliation. Retreating, the Vultures capture Erik Paulson, he having gone after his daughter, Jen, and are soon ambushed by those seeking revenge. The ambush fails and the Vultures escape with their captives.

Year 27: Day 94
The Vultures return to Denver where most of the captives are treated to Emperor Bill's generous hospitality. Things quickly go wrong, however, and Erik is killed by the bandit leader. The others are thrown into the arena to face off against an abomination for an entertaining death. Against all odds the mutated Brute is killed and Emperor Bill is gravely wounded by Jen. The survivors are summariliy thrown into the slave pens while efforts are made to save the life of the Vulture emperor. Skeever, Emperor Bill's right-hand, is impressed with Jen and offers her the opportunity to aid him in his planned coup. Elsewhere the remaining Aspen townsfolk make way for Grand Junction, stopping for the night near Carbondale. Sera, joined by Luke LaForge, Foley, and the Walking Men, leave for Denver to save Jen and the others.

Year 27: Day 103
The survivors of Aspen finally reach Grand Junction. However, all is not what it seems as the mayor, Emanuel Watts, plans to use the new arrivals to guarantee the safety of the settlement against the looming Vulture war band. The outsiders are rounded up, detained, or scattered, leading to a tense conflict within the settlement. Plans go awry as the Vultures attack the town. During the escape Rebecca Garmany is shot and killed in front of her parents, Hugh and Lauren. Those who can flee eastward towards the town of Salida, a stronghold of the Order of the Golden Dawn. The survivors are soon caught between the two opposing powers.

Year 27: Day 104
The Vultures attack Salida. Neither side gains much ground and the battle quickly comes to a standstill. During the chaos, Sister Mary defects from the Order, escaping with her loyal followers, her son Cain, and the injured Sera. Before the Vultures can gain momentum, Emperor Bill and most of the bandit leadership is killed and the Vulture hierarchy thrown into disarray in a coup led by Jen.

Year 27: Day 163
The Vultures launch a surprise assault against Salida in the middle of a snowstorm. The settlement falls and the Order fractures, though its leadership escape. Survivors flee south, eventually reaching Raton, New Mexico where most wait out the winter.

Year 27: Day 240 (March 13, 2043)
A new beginning.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 26, 2016 7:25 pm
by Beiarusia
Chapel Hill
- Elaine
- Thomas
- Randy Fargus^
Cheyenne Mountain
- Richard Ambrose
- Luke Anton
- Hugh Garmany
- Lauren Clark Garmany
- Sera Tallow // Beiarusia
Raton, New Mexico
- David
- Dean (Bartender)
- Ishmael^ // Landenburg
- Nero (the Cat)
- Rodrigo (Mayor, Raton)
- Striker (Scavenger)
- Gregory Freeman^ // Deramen
- Martha Freeman // Deramen
- Drake Glanmore
- Matthew John Harlowe // Mizrad
- Gared Huntzman^ // Maverica
- Jefferson Huntzman^ // Maverica
- Tyrone Mercer
- Lucia Turner* // Sarejo
- Westley Turner+ // Sarejo
Salida Outskirts
- Veronica McHale*
- Andrew Palmer*


* = Immune
+ = Gifted
^ = Partial/Carrier
GREEN = Military
RED = Infected
VIOLET = Bandit

PostPosted: Tue Jan 26, 2016 7:25 pm
by Beiarusia
Year 0: Day 36
- Jake (Shot)
Year 17: Day 27
- Samantha Tallow (Blood Loss)
Year 27: Day 91
- Jeremy (the Horse) (Shot)
- Issac (Guard, Aspen) (Shot)
- Madison (Mayor, Aspen) (Decapitated)
- Daniel Allen^ (Butchered) // Second Helghan Empire
Year 27: Day 94
- Erik Paulson^ (Stabbed) // New Grestin
Year 27: Day 97
- Skeever (Shot)
Year 27: Day 103
- Benny (???)
- Bruno (Mutilated)
- (Sheriff) Crestin (Shot)
- Tern (Buzzers)
- Drew Fanchon (Shot)
- Rebecca Garmany* (Shot) // Wallenburg
- Bruce Thorn* (???) // Sveltlana
- Kate Thorn* (???) // Sveltlana
Year 27: Day 104
- (Emperor) Bill (Shot)
- Claire (Suicide)
- (Petty Officer) Domino (Executed)
- Ingrid (Shot)
- (Seaman) Jameson (Executed)
- Wilhelm (Shot)
- (Petty Officer) Williams (Executed)
- (Master Chief) Richard Fleming (Executed)
- David Garrison (Executed)
- Keegan "The Admiral" Gilroy (Strangled) // Laurvier
- Jack Norman (Suffocated)

- Jessie (???)
- (Father) Miguel (???)
- Sampson (Executed)
- Caleb Garmany (Lurker)
- Sarah Deckard Paulson (???)
- (Seaman) William Sheryl (???)

- Asskicker (the Horse)
- Butch
- Elliot
- Emma
- Jacob (General Store, Aspen)
- Marty
- Reed
- Ruth (Bartender, Glenwood)
- Sasquatch
- Sophia
- Mary McGall+ // Deramen

Survivor: 25
Bandit: 85
Boar: 0
Infected: 16
Psychotic: 6
Mutt: 10
Stag: 1
Berserker: 0
Brute: 2
Buzzer: 13
Lurker: 31
Screamer: 0
Skeever: 0
Weeper: 2
Wendigo: 1
Bleeder: 0
Juggernaut: 0
Shrike: 0
Stalker: 0
Uplifted: 0

RED = Infected
VIOLET = Bandit
BLACK = Survivor/Other

PostPosted: Tue Jan 26, 2016 7:25 pm
by Beiarusia
Name: Sera Tallow
Birthplace: Fargo Wisconsin
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 18
Pic/Description: (outdated)
Scrawny would be an apt description of Sera. Malnourished for most of her life, Sera is small framed and somewhat underdeveloped given her age, a trait which serves to further perpetuate her slight androgyny. Fair skinned and with soft features, a rounded face, crooked grin, thick eyebrows, and a small, pointed nose with faded freckles across the bridge. Copper hair, tousled, is sliced short and into a shaggy, pseudo-pixie/bob cut, though it has since grown longer in the intervening months and now obscures her left eye despite her best efforts. Generally speaking, Sera looks very much like her mother, this being most evident with her icy blue eyes.

Occupation: Scavenger (formerly)

- 9mm Rounds (x34 / two magazines)
- Glock 17
- Glock 26
- Foley's MARPAT Jacket
- Laptop (non-functioning)
- Order Robes
- Rucksack
- Throwing Knife

Immunity: None

Sera puts on a tough exterior to hide a sensitive soul that has suffered greatly throughout her life. Curious, mischievous, and prone to getting herself into trouble, Sera truly is kindhearted but has great difficulty in expressing her feelings, choosing instead to remain purposefully distant around those who may or may not understand her, something which has left her socially awkward . Profoundly affected by her mother's death, Sera is pessimistic and with little care for self preservation, willing to risk herself for what little gain there is to be had. Lives in the here and now with little to no thought for the future. Suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder. After all that has happened thus far she has lost her will to live and has since fallen into a depression.

Good with her hands, Sera is quite handy and is capable of taking apart and, sometimes, repairing various mechanical and digital machinery if given enough time and access to the correct tools and/or parts, having learned by doing. Good with directions, cooking, and general housework such as cleaning, sewing, and organizing. Physically weak, Sera is both small enough and flexible enough to fit through many narrow spaces.

Organization and even numbers are something for which Sera strives for - her favorite number, for some odd reason, is 13. She likes tart foods, particularly fruit, exploring, and writing/drawing. Sera also enjoys all types of music despite being unable to carry a tune in a generously sized pale. Cleanliness, above average personal hygiene, long baths, and tidy areas. She can often be found cleaning.

Sera has a strong aversion to spicy foods, touching things or people with ungloved hands, boredom, and general dirt and grime.

Due to the traumatic events surrounding her mother's death, Sera suffers from Hemophobia (the Fear of Blood) and Erythrophobia (the Fear of the Colour Red). Other phobias have also presented themselves throughout the years including Eremophobia (the Fear of Being Alone), Nyctophobia (the Fear of the Dark), and Trypanophobia (the Fear of Needles). While not afraid of the Infected she does fear becoming infected herself and has often entertained the thought of suicide should this fear become a reality.

Despite the circumstances of her birth, Sera was always loved by her mother who went to great lengths to provide for the girl. Born in Fargo, Sera and her mother would live in a small settlement for several years, the girl being one of very few children. As winter encroached and food supplies became limited, a group broke away from the settlement and made to move south towards the Republic of Texas, Sera and her mother amongst them.

Things would not go well from the beginning. Disputes within the group would lead to constant arguments, finally fracturing outside of Omaha following harassment by a small bandit group. Splintered of their original strength, the group would decide to continue southward, their numbers dwindling as time went on. Things would only get worse as the few remaining neared Denver. The others consumed by infection, Sera and her mother would take shelter in a small home, the woman being fatally wounded in her effort to protect her daughter. It was at this time that the two were discovered by the scavengers Mercer and Drew, who promised the dying woman to protect the child. Burying the mother, Sera was taken back to Aspen.

Sera would spend the next ten years living in Aspen, becoming a scavenger alongside the two men who had rescued her. Though life has since been good to the girl the events of her mother’s death still haunts her to this day.

After the loss of Aspen, Sera would join the others in their exodus to Grand Junction. It was here that she would see her friend, Drew, murdered during the mayor's betrayal. Injured, she was taken by Cain to the town of Salida where she would become involved in a plot to defect from the Order. Abandoning the town with several others they would push east towards Colorado Springs. Before they could reach their destination, however, Cain and several others would become separated, a loss that would plunge the girl into depression as she had now loss everything and everyone. Soon thereafter the group would find shelter at Cheyenne Mountain, a former Remnants military base. The winter would be spent here.

RP Examples: - - -

DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564

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Tiggity tig tag mctagerson.

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For those returning, thoughts on the new OP?

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Tag.exe has been uploaded to this RP.

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I don't understand why "the" is lowercase, but I like the OP a lot.

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Beiarusia wrote:For those returning, thoughts on the new OP?

Guh it's beautiful Bei.

And I have my own spot on the OP now! My life is complete!

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Sarejo wrote:
Beiarusia wrote:For those returning, thoughts on the new OP?

Guh it's beautiful Bei.

And I have my own spot on the OP now! My life is complete!

P-Lease. I was a Co-Op before it was cool.

Also, I broke one of my hard-drives within hours of using it. I'm terrible at this computering thing.

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New Grestin wrote:
Sarejo wrote:
Guh it's beautiful Bei.

And I have my own spot on the OP now! My life is complete!

P-Lease. I was a Co-Op before it was cool.

Also, I broke one of my hard-drives within hours of using it. I'm terrible at this computering thing.

Think he meant the Pacific Northwest under FACTIONS. And that sucks.

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Beiarusia wrote:
New Grestin wrote:P-Lease. I was a Co-Op before it was cool.

Also, I broke one of my hard-drives within hours of using it. I'm terrible at this computering thing.

Think he meant the Pacific Northwest under FACTIONS. And that sucks.

Also yes.

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New Grestin wrote:
Beiarusia wrote:Think he meant the Pacific Northwest under FACTIONS. And that sucks.

Also yes.

Bei is right... I don't need to be Co-OP :P Too hard

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I feel we should probably remove PLW from the Co-Op list until we know he's, ya know, actually still active and all that.

Seems a waste if he isn't.

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New Grestin wrote:I feel we should probably remove PLW from the Co-Op list until we know he's, ya know, actually still active and all that.

Seems a waste if he isn't.

Will rectify momentarily.

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Name: Christopher Garmany
Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts
Ethnicity: White
Age: 20

Occupation: Biochemist, harvester, guard

Equipment: Steak knife, can o' beans, poncho, Beretta 92, 37 9mm bullets, old silencer, half a pound of hardtack, 2.5 liters of water, hand-powered radio and flashlight, hardcover copy of Heart of Darkness.

Immunity: Full

Personality: Professional and calculating, Chris has little concern for outsiders and has fully adopted New Orleans's preference for suspicion and prioritizing his own people over anything--or anyone--else. With his only sister dead and his parents disappeared into the winter, he is even more likely to do anything to find his family and protect the few friends he has left. Nevertheless, there is a core of human compassion beneath Christopher's stony exterior. He abhors needless violence and destruction, and he seeks to restore the world--or at least some small part of it--to its old glory.

Skills: Well-learned in biochemistry, Chris also has training with bolt-action rifles and submachine guns. He is not much of a survivalist, but he has gathered the basics of scavenging and scouting. He has medical skills and knows how to treat a variety of nonlethal wounds. However, he lacks experience in the new world, having been raised in Boston and then New Orleans, both major strongholds against the outbreak. The journey he has embarked upon, and the perils it may bring, dwarf any previous excursions he has had beyond the walls.

Likes: Literature (old and new), peace, stability, music (especially the flute), history, helping his friends and family.
Dislikes: Outsiders, the wilderness, reavers, discord, death.
Fears: Bees, snakes.

Bio: Christopher Kenneth Garmany was born in 2022 to Hugh and Lauren Garmany in Boston, Massachusetts. He had an older sister, Rebecca, and a younger brother, Caleb. When Boston suffered a massive attack by the infected hordes, he had to watch a reaver tear apart his brother's body. After the Battle of Boston, the family moved to New Orleans via the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman and started a new life. There, Christopher struggled to make friends, but he excelled in his studies. When he turned 18, he began to study biochemistry and work on a project to combat the virus that began the outbreak. His work on this project was cut short when his mother disappeared in Colorado and his father and sister soon after when they went to investigate. When Christopher learned that his sister had been killed, he joined a team to go retrieve his parents and exact retribution for the death of his sister, who was a lieutenant in the Louisianan army. The winter held them up and forced many to turn back, but Christopher and a few others have pushed on into Colorado.

RP Examples: ¡Yo soy el rey de México!

DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564

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by Ontorisa
Hopefully I'll be able to get an app up this weekend. No promises though.

Planning on starting anew.

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by New Grestin
Did someone say applications?

I think I heard someone said applications.

Name: Jennifer Louise Paulson
Birthplace: Jericho, Republic of Texas
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 26

Occupation: Empress of the Denver Dominion

Immunity: Full

Personality: Generally amiable and kind to those close to her, but able to turn on a dime to pure psychopathy. Occasionally egotistical and constantly crass, with little regard for other's opinions. Increasingly paranoid due to her position.
Skills: Mediocre Marksmanship, Decent at Hand-to-Hand combat, Excellent interrogation skills
Likes: Literature, Old World Media/Technology, Power, Cats
Dislikes: Weakness, Religion, Old World ideas & government, Dogs
Fears: Powerlessness, Being unable to save those she cares about.

Bio: Born to Sarah and Erik Paulson in the sleepy town of Jericho, Jen had little time to meet her mother before she was wrenched from her stable life and carried into the wasteland. Her and her father traveled for almost all of her formative years, giving her a crash course in the brutality of the wasteland. She witnessed murder, suicide, beatings, even cannibalism from an early age. This, of course, had a profound effect on her psyche. She resented her father, who always spoke of how much better things were before the Fall.

During the events of the Winter, she discovered what her father truly was. A liar and a coward, who had let her mother die out of some misplaced morality. When her father was killed by the late Emperor, Jen went into a state of shock, spending much of her time simply trying to eek out a survival. She found her true calling with the death of the Emperor. Jen rose to his position, taking command of the Vultures and steering them towards a much different future than they'd imagined. A future not unlike the far-off past.

RP Examples: lolwut.

DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564

Name: Randy Fargus
Birthplace: None of your damned business
Ethnicity: White
Age: 37

Occupation: Trader, Mercenary, Would-be Assassin

Immunity: Partial

Personality: Arrogant, boisterous and generally annoying. Prefers to keep his secrets as just that. Generally kind, but hardened by the lost of his former lover and the betrayal of a newfound friend.
Skills: Excellent lockpicking, Pretends to be Charismatic, Decent Marksmanship
Likes: Bullets, Guns, and making Bullets
Dislikes: Not having Bullets, Jennifer
Fears: Losing his friends, Spiders

Bio: Randy's past is muddy to say the least. A mercenary by trade, he traveled up and down the West coast for most of his adult life. His birthplace is unknown, though he has claimed multiple places including Washington D.C, Dallas, and "Fuck you". He maintained relationships with women across the country, most notably his partner Claire. The two were together for a considerable amount of time until they were separated during a botched deal in Kansas city. Believing each other to be dead, the two went their separate ways. Claire eventually moved to the outskirts of Denver, where she met up with the escapees during the Winter.

He reconnected with his lost love, though there were hard feelings on both sides. Regardless, he truly cared for her, only to lose her when she sabotaged the Salida armory and committed suicide. Devastated, Randy denied the attempts of the new Empress to rescue him from the Order, descending into angry alcoholism before a realization hit him. The person at fault, the one who had caused all this, was the Empress herself. She needed to die for what she had caused, and he would ensure that happened. No matter what.

RP Examples: Ha.

DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564

Name: Andrew Palmer
Birthplace: Coors, Colorado
Ethnicity: Caucasian / Hispanic
Age: 25

Occupation: Dominion Expeditionary

Immunity: Full

Personality: Naive and trusting, albeit rather stupid at times.
Skills: Excellent Leadership skills, Weapons-crafting, Charisma
Likes: Making people laugh, Nature, Bacon, The Dominion
Dislikes: Traitors, Infected, Insects
Fears: Being disapproved of, eternal damnation

Bio: Born to two slave parents in the city of Coors, Andrew became a devout member of the Bullet Farmers at an early age. He worked in the factories, where he helped to manufacture the very bullets that would secure the Emperor's rule. For many years, he toiled in those factories, where the workers suffered under unspeakable conditions. In the end, though, he was taken under the wing of Wilhelm, the Bullet Farmer's leader. He would become one of their greatest soldiers, even leading a contingent on the Winter Assaults.

During this time, he became extremely religious, often reading his bible for hours at a time. With the siege of Salida, however, and the Empress' rule, he was forced to take his beliefs underground. Even still, he was incredibly devoted to the cause. Both out of a misplaced sense of devotion and a crush on the Empress herself. He would help to lead the assault on the city, though refused to take part in the massacring and looting.

His refusal to take part in the early insurrections landed him a spot on the Empress' expeditionary unit, which stayed behind to hunt down any remaining Order members. During this time, he became friends with Veronica, the unit's leader.

His faith in the Empress and his faith in god, however, would be forced to compete.

RP Examples: Pffft

DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564

Name: Veronica McHale
Birthplace: Elitch, Colorado
Ethnicity: Asian-American
Age: 29

Occupation: Dominion Expeditionary

Immunity: Full

Personality: Distrusting, Paranoid and antisocial. Tends to focus on minor, irrelevant details.
Skills: Excellent Marksmanship, Good Hand-to-Hand, Survival Skills
Likes: Guns, Gun-related Conversation, Conversations also involving Guns, Tattoos
Dislikes: Old World ideas & government, Literature, The Empress
Fears: The Dark, Large crowds

Bio: Raised in Elitch, home of the Amazon tribe, Veronica was raised from an early age to be distrusting of others. She fought the other children frequently and, instead of stifling her aggression, the Amazon Elders sought to turn it towards their enemies. Like many children in Elitch, she became a child soldier, fighting alongside the other tribes and often against them. When the unification occurred, she became a part of Bill's forces.

Eventually, during the Winter, she helped besiege the cities of Aspen and Junction, though Salida was of particular importance to her. The Zealots killed a group of her friends, a scouting force, and carved one of them up to return. Wilhelm, in a bout of psychopathy, mercy-killed the scout. Veronica was one of many who wanted to kill the man, but the decision was made to keep Wilhelm alive, at least through the winter.

At the battle of Salida, Veronica fault valiantly and was rewarded for her efforts. In spite of her dislike of the Empress, or perhaps because of it, she was sent as part of an expeditionary unit to hunt down the remaining Salidan survivors. Coupled with Andrew, she chose to make the best of the situation.

With any luck, Andrew might die of Cholera or something.
RP Examples: Ha. Ha.

DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564

Name: Martin Averies
Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 54
Occupation: Dominion Surgeon & Adviser to the Empress

Immunity: Partial

Personality: Calm, Calculating and reasonable. A sane man caught in an insane world. Apathetic.
Skills: Excellent Surgical & Medical Skills, Decent Marksmanship
Likes: Cleanliness and Order, Alternative Music
Dislikes: The Former Vultures, Meat, Guns
Fears: Being unable to save himself, Snakes

Bio: A prominent surgeon in his heyday, Doc was one of the first people to experience the outbreak. The disease did more than just ravage the body, the chaos it unleashed caused untold fatalities. Trampling, Car accidents, shootings. Anything he dealt with on a weekly basis was happening within hours. He couldn't save them all, of course, and that guilt followed him until he left the city. He was the only one left at the hospital after the evacuations occurred. He was forced to leave his patients to die. There was no escaping that, and it ate away at him until the fall of Fortress America.

He traveled the wasteland, lending his talents wherever he could. In the end, though, he ended up in Bill's court. A surgeon was a valuable commodity these days and he was the top provider. Even during the Winter Sieges, Doc stayed close to Bill, fearing that he might outlive his usefulness someday.

The end of Bill's reign and the start of Jennifer's gave him a new opportunity. She appointed him as an adviser and afforded him a level of respect that he hadn't felt since the glory days. The two worked together, even in spite of his distaste for her methods. He trained apprentices, created a hospital in Coors. He even convinced the Empress to let them provide care for free.

He could turn a blind eye to the regime's atrocities, just as long as he got to keep living the dream.

RP Examples: Nope

DO NOT REMOVE: 4242564

I am nothing if not prepared.

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by Wallenburg
Grew, how do you find the time...

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by New Grestin
Wallenburg wrote:Grew, how do you find the time...

I've known about the new OP for a while now. Wrote most of these, plus a rather long intro post, in the last few days.

I had Sunday and Monday off, thankfully.

I also, literally just now, noticed there was a "Sheriff Crestin" in the roster.

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by Complectuss
Name: Samantha "Sam" Hargrove
Birthplace: Castle Rock, CO
Ethnicity: Chinese American
Age: 21-23, exact is uncertain
pic was too big

Occupation: Supply Runner
    One hiking backpack
    First Aid kit
    Hiking boots
    Hunting dagger
    A 9mm pistol
    Small box of ammo
    Minimal food supplies
    Short rubber tube
    Flint and steel

Immunity: Carrier

    Loyal (to an honest cause)
    Basic First Aid
    Weapon Proficiency (shotgun, pistol, knife)
    Infected (kind of a given)
    Fear of Loss
    Fear of Failure
    Fear of betrayal

Sam was born in Castle Rock to her mother and father in a small community of people. Things were hard for the first few years, there were still a lot of infected around the cities, but there was also a plethora of supplies in the area. The group kept far from populated areas. It was the best way to ensure the safety of the children, which there was a surprising amount of. Most of them were older than 9. The younger ones hadn't made it. The community, however, survived there for about 4 years, although peace would not thrive in this city.

She remembers the day vividly, despite her young age at the time. Her mother was teaching her how to draw. They were beginning with color theory, how beautifully the opposite colors accented each other and created a compelling scene. She couldn't remember what she said, but it had made her mom laugh. She loved it when her mom laughed. It was the last time she would ever hear it. A loud boom, followed by a shrill scream interrupted their joy. Her dad arrived a moment afterwards and met his wife's eyes and said only that they had to leave. Her mother began tossing things into a bag, not caring for her usual tidiness. They ran out the door, but her hand slipped out of Sam's as she stopped. "Diana what are you doing?" her father urged.

"I forgot something!" she called as she turned back into the house.

"There's no time for this!" She was too far to hear. With a distressed sigh he tucked Sam and himself against the wall for cover. Diana emerged shortly thereafter clutching something that gleamed in the sunlight. She rushed towards the others, eager to leave. She never made it. A gunshot lodged itself into her leg, then three in her bag. It looked as though she were screaming, but she did not make a sound as she collapsed on the ground. Sam didn't know what was happening, but she had to get to her mom. She tore free of her father's grip, much to his dismay, and ran to her. More shots fired around her, but it was different this time. They came from her father's own pistol. The bandit dropped dead on their porch.

Sam's vision was blurred with tears- what was going on? Why were these people here? Why did they hurt her mom? Frantic questions ran through her small mind, unable to comprehend the situation. She cried and cried, screaming for her mom as her father picked her up and they ran from Castle Rock. Her memory of it was unclear after that, and she had fallen asleep eventually, according to her dad.

In the following weeks, their party of two met with other survivors of Castle Rock as they wandered, hoping to find refuge in the mountains. Eventually, they did. They discovered a group harbored in Estes Park, who welcomed them, albeit apprehensively. She has lived there ever since. Her dad grew into a bitter man. She didn't blame him. He did, however, have his fair share of precious moments with his daughter. She remembers the time he gave her a gift. It was only a few years ago, when she was around 16 or 17. He said it was for her birthday, because she was born in spring and the frost had just ended.

Her present was an ornate necklace of silver. Instead of a pendant, however, a beautiful ring hung from the strand. It was inlaid with glittering gems of varying violets. It was fantastic, and she asked where it came from. He explained that it was the ring with which he took Hannah to be his bride. It was what she had gone back for that day, and the last physical memory of her he had left to give. He kept a photograph of them in his bag, but that was most certainly his to keep.

That was also the year she began supply runs for Estes. First she accompanied two experienced runners on trips. From there she learned the ropes. Next, she and another training teen would go. Now, she was a lone runner, and she was damn good at it. She would disappear for usually about a week, maybe two if she went far. She took a bike to nearby locations, and occasionally even to the foothills. It was one of her favorite things because she was allowed to be alone for a while. For short times, nothing pervaded her mind or threatened her sanity except the cracked asphalt and the wind. She loved it. There are plenty of experiences during her runs to discuss, but that isn't important right now.

For now, our focus is what she is doing as the story begins to unfold.

RP Examples: already talked to Beiarusia about it

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by Beiarusia
Wallenburg wrote:Grew, how do you find the time...

So are Hugh and Lauren still gonna be around?