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PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 4:30 pm
by New Aksarben
Torsiedelle wrote:Should be neat, noting that Maghrl is in the EU universe, and Sozewe I put in the new timeline. Two different time periods AND timelines.

Yep, they're going to be so confused trying to puzzle out the idea they're actually from two different versions of the star wars universe :p

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 4:44 pm
by Swith Witherward
Highfort wrote:Representative Septimus Itum and Neste Trilb will be indisposed until further notice... They're moving to a new thread for now. Not forever, just for now!

The Representative seat will now be open for the Building, and since it's been a few months I'll assume that either someone's been chosen or the seat's being left empty for the time being. Cer, up to you.

Opa gets Sentia and Titus' corpse stays in the vat in the Nifid lab.

Honestly we should leave it open for now, IMHO. If we're kicking into this new "gates" play style, it might be best to allow CoOPs to govern initial "adventures" without going through a committee-may-I process.

On that note, I has notes to drop in. I'll tackle that tonight so Cer can spent more time with kid kiddo, though he said he'd drop in to review NA's app.

The BranRiech wrote:Yep . . .

Here's hoping.

EDIT: Actually, would it be alright if Drova puts together a little team to go looking for Yuna? He'd be more than concerned that his sister's gone missing, and I was wondering if it'd be an opportunity to see more of the world.

Rather than leave a major cliff-hanger that would cause everyone to go out looking for missing people, it's easier to have Demens inform people about the whereabouts of those on the Pony story. Otherwise it would make no sense for Chaos to sit around while a daemon has gone missing, nor would Sterling and Giovenith sit on their butts an not worry about Willow. I'm sure the Luxans would have fired up every bit of equipment this winter just to see if they could spot Aegis.

For right now, let's coast rather than asking the OP to jump right back into gaming. Cer's trying to do a major change for us. He's not had a moment to himself for three weeks, and he's already dedicating time towards the main format. That leaves me to set things up for Drova to explore and, frankly, after dealing with PL for three weeks... well, I'm exhausted.

But...We need to establish game elements quickly so players can then use Gates to do their own things. That's why I'm taking just a few players to the Gatehouse (the story is mapped out already, start to finish, and won't take too much time).

Players, use this time to adjust their character's primary and secondary goals. Seriously. We now have an objective that binds us together and allows us to function as a team. Fashion goals that apply directly to this cause. Players not involved should wake their characters up and bring them to the dining room. Please focus on loose ends: Sith and Jedi are ironing out a working relationship, for example.

Use this time to figure out what players/characters you want to interact with. We have to set up teams.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 4:47 pm
by The BranRiech
Stuff to set up for Drova?

Ooooh, I'm intrigued. And for Yuna as well, I'm excited for her future as a Cultist.

I'll post either tonight or tomorrow. I'm setting up the RP idea I came up with the other day.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 4:57 pm
by Swith Witherward
Alrighty... I wanna be on a team!

My play style:
I prefer to post every other day for PL, and prefer to work with players that do the same. My PLosts will be lighter but still carry some weight and support the story. I don't mind waiting longer than that for specific players, provided they don't stall me completely. One-on-one hard core gaming with a weekly schedule is fine by me, provided the story is encapsulated - but this is the stuff you see me crank out with Agy, Cer, Gio, Tilt etc.

I prefer to play with those who take time to craft their posts and with players that take the initiative rather than depend upon me to entertain them.

And I have to lead a few teams because I'm a CoOP. Minerva can not get stalled in another dimension. If you're on a team with Minerva, and you fuck around and don't post, your character will probably die or get left behind. The only characters I'll cover are Cer's or a CoOPs for gaming purposes, or Opa - it's easy for me to touch base with Agy when making posts for him.

My PCs
Marcus - I'd like to keep him running with Opa as well as Giovenith. His background and dev is tied into both characters, and I've seriously enjoyed using him to help Gio's character grow.
Team Assets
  • Can serve as tech expert
  • Can serve as science geek
  • Can protect
  • Con: Will not work too well in dimensions where his hardware makes him stand out and a possible detriment to the mission - for example, in a real world setting.

Nila - I'd like to keep her with Ocho, but also with Romy. Both characters are the comical straight, which means I can bounce Nila's quirks off them well.
Team Asset
  • Scout (knowledge as well as innate stealth abilities)
  • Medic
  • Immune to magic
  • Pro & Con: Buttons must be in the same dimension as Nila, which means the exo goes along on these missions. The exo is capable of laying low.
  • Con: Nila is a twit. A genius, yes, but a total social twit.

My Quasi-NPC PCs
Minerva- CoOP tool for Gates/New Character Retrieval.
Will- CoOP tool for Gates/New Character Retrieval.

Rodey- god help you all.
Team Asset
  • Functions like a science officer; can cover for a healer
  • Psionic
  • Polymorph
  • Cons: won't tolerate foolishness from team members; we don't know what would motivate the Nifid to help.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 5:03 pm
by Swith Witherward
I have peppered the crap out of Cer with questions about the Gate and teams, and about supplies. So I'll kindly bow out so he can establish a few things, and then return in order to move us along IC.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 5:05 pm
by Tiltjuice
Swith Witherward wrote:I have peppered the crap out of Cer with questions about the Gate and teams, and about supplies. So I'll kindly bow out so he can establish a few things, and then return in order to move us along IC.

/me salts fennec

I will add my own info shortly.

My play style
Enter the mirror penguin. I match others' post rates and effort, but prefer once every two or three days, especially for longer posts. Tone depends on the overall story's tone.

I prefer to play with those who take time to craft their posts and with players that take the initiative rather than depend upon me to entertain them.

Swith Witherward wrote:And I have to lead a few teams because I'm a CoOP....The only characters I'll cover are Cer's or a CoOPs for gaming purposes...


My PCs
Chrys - She'll continue to develop; on a personal aspect with Hans, and on a more work-ish aspect as Luce's understudy.
Team Asset
  • Can protect herself or others
  • Can be a confidant and/or advise on classical culture
  • Can be a space heater in a pinch
  • Con - Extremely specialized, she'll be a fish out of water when dealing with hard science/tech.

Team Asset
  • Scout. Observes, provides information and gives thoughts about what's known.
  • Can advise on classical culture
  • Con - Appears stiff/aloof. Not to be sent out as the face of the group for anything, unless mass quantities of alcohol are involved (a con in itself).

My Quasi-NPC PCs
Luce- CoOP tool for Gates/New Character Retrieval.
MB- CoOP tool for Gates/New Character Retrieval.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 5:44 pm
by Giovenith
Replies will be up soon.

I like to imagine that during the meeting/argument between the Greater Beings that lead to Galli's creation, Pearlelei wasn't there because she was in the middle of a mortal supermarket having a deep internal conflict about what brand of paper towels to buy and whether or not she should continue wasting money on bananas when no one eats them and they go bad so quickly. Because I always get an idiotic amusement out of anticlimaxes like that.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 5:54 pm
by Tiltjuice
Giovenith wrote:Replies will be up soon.

I like to imagine that during the meeting/argument between the Greater Beings that lead to Galli's creation, Pearlelei wasn't there because she was in the middle of a mortal supermarket having a deep internal conflict about what brand of paper towels to buy and whether or not she should continue wasting money on bananas when no one eats them and they go bad so quickly. Because I always get an idiotic amusement out of anticlimaxes like that.


PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 6:03 pm
by New Aksarben
Mag'll be my main for going out on missions, though when Viitanen shows up properly he might be willing to go out for more missions, things fitting to his abilities and such :p

I've listed Mag's skills before for the varg thing, that should work well enough for that.

[*] Can fight for himself, though prefers not to. Guns, bit of close quarters, etc.
[*] Knows a bit of science and technology, and fixing mechanical creations.
[*] Very durable, to put it bluntly. He feels sensation through the synthetic skin, though he can't die unless they destroy enough of him, or happen to hit where his AI is stored.
[*] immune to Radiation, extreme weather, vaccuum, other hostile environments.
[*] Con: Like marcus he stands out like a sore thumb, and is in a state of slight disrepair so he'll need to take time every so often to make sure his systems are up to snuff.

I agree, Gio. Greater Being parent's must have similar struggles to irl ones!

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 6:10 pm
by The BranRiech
As much as I don't want to. I'm gonna' have Bran parked for now.


Drova's going to be my main for missions, more than likely, and Yuna as well for some lighter stuff (Or whatever's planned out).

Drova's strengths: Fight competently with a sword or gun, fly, and is well-educated.

Drova's weaknesses: He's not very durable, terribly socially awkward, and easy to anger.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 6:23 pm
by Stormwrath
I'll have Macy be parked for now, and I had already announced why earlier.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 6:36 pm
by Torsiedelle
Honestly not sure who I'd main. I would say Torii, obviously, but then Audette has combat experience and augmentations that can help her fight, and Sozewe is a fucking Sith warrior...

Torii seems to be more well rounded, though. Probably because I've had a few years to develop her. Is it possible to cycle them? I definitely want Sozewe in on something involving the city or fighting, same with Audette.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 7:06 pm
by Chedastan
Well obviously Romy is gonna have to come onto these missions, I mean what else would he even do? :P

  • Is a General from the Wilhelm Imperium, an immeasurably vast empire (should be pretty obvious by now)
  • Can bring some strong weapons and equipment with him, especially when fully equipped with his power armor (weapons owned: a magic sword, 37mm autocannon, 40mm shotgun)
  • Training to use all that stuff, and more
  • Regenerative, and self preservation abilities
  • Cons: Kinda still human despite his more than natural abilities, prefers melee over firearms


Character Name: General Romulus Aphrodisiac

Character Gender: Male

Species: Enhanced Human (enchanted implants)

Age: 33 (Though technically many centuries old, given time dilation from his own reality)

Appearance: If you can get his armor off, he essentially looks like a tan, bald, dark hair bearded man. Who of course still stands tall in and out of his armor. And his physique looks appropriate for his job.

URL to Character Picture, if any: If any you say, heh.

Primary Objective: Ultimately still try and find a way to get home, whilst also upholding Imperium ideals.

Secondary Objectives: Find out where he even stands now with the new founded knowledge that he has of his own existence. Still preform whatever duties that come up for him in the building.

List Mundane skills here:
-Organization and planning
-Combat training of the slashing and shooting variety
-Leadership and speech
-Extensive knowledge of the history of the Wilhelm Imperium (Up to Wilhelm XXIX)
-Tea brewing

These are specialized skills that set you apart from the average person. You have 7 points to spend here. Examples are swordsmanship, sniper, coercion, piloting etc.
Ability 1 and Points Spent: Swordsmanship-4
Ability 2 and Points Spent: Strategy and Tactics-1
Ability 3 and Points Spent: Power Armor-3

Ability 1: Imperium's Perseverance
Power Level: 4
Strengths: Damage resistance and damage output increase when Romulus is in very bad shape. IE: Near death to badly injured.
Weaknesses: He still feel everything, and becomes more suicidally determined the longer the fight drags out, and he gets more hurt. And anything sufficiently powerful will go straight anyway before it could take effect. And he could still pass out from enough damage anyway.
Restrictions: Needs to be in great pain in order to take great effect.

Ability 2: General's Grace (Regeneration)
Power Level: 3
Strengths: Can regenerate from wounds, and be healed faster. Also allows him to hit more without physically damaging himself.
Weaknesses: He still feels everything, and gets more angry from it for awhile. And anything powerful enough will still go through like butter.
Restrictions: Not always starts to work instantaneously, and takes time.

-A magic sword called the "Magnum Langschwert Madeleine." Made out of crystal prisms and the strongest metals the Regime of Wilhelm XXIX could muster. Its special properties burns and melts most materials at physical contact, and can easily boil flesh off a man. And as a sword, it cuts through most metals like actual butter. Good training is obviously required to use it without killing the user, but by most standards, it's a powerful and effective instrument. It also creates a very bright rainbow effect every time it's used, and can be alternatively used as good light source.

-General's Power Armor equipped with a 1 pounder wrist mounted autocannon, and runs on a Hydrotectonic V9.1/3 engine power plant (it needs hydrogen and steam). The alloys used were considered near best of the time of Wilhelm XXIX, so it's pretty damn resilient by even modern standards still, and that's not factoring added power supply. Also comes equipped with the Magnum Langschwert Madeleine Gauntlets that allow the user to even hold the sword without it burning and melting them, being made out of similar material, alongside the customary MLM Scabbard. The armor also has several utility tools installed, including:

-Computing system with hard drive
-Wilhelm Imperium General's Manager Algorithmic Program. Provides basic algorithm management for aiding in strategy and tactics
-Night vision and light protection installed in visor lenses
-Hazardous Environment Filtration System with NBC protection capability
-Basic scanning instrument
-Historical log programs
-Loud Speakers
-Emergency suit repair multi-tool, and internal diagnostics
-Emergency Trauma Regulation Injection System. Think a auto injector with special morphine
-Advance Internal Climatic Control. Regulates internal suit temperature
-Installed radio and Imperium uplink communication system. Obviously uplink won't work as intended outside of it's home dimension, as there's no Imperium to connect to

Also equipped with a emergency 2 pounder bore gauge pump-action shotgun called the "Hoplite Schrotflinte." That's stored in his suit most of the time until the situation calls for it.

Education or Training: Wilhelm Imperium Modern Major General Academy of Hackory.
Character Background/Biography:

Hailing from the Wilhelm Imperium's province of the Madeleine Heartlands, located in the Contritione Pervalida Mundos Universe where the Wilhelm Imperium makes its domain, among infinities of other domains and realms. Romulus Aphrodisiac was raised from his statesman of a father, under Wilhelm Creed. As Wilhelm XXIX's Regime began, Romulus was already enrolled in the Wilhelm Imperium Modern Major General Academy of Hackory, learning everything of the might of the Dynasty and the Imperium, and its many foes over the centuries. He was very eager to serve the Imperium. Eventually when time came for former General Titus Everest to die of old age, Romulus was the first to nominate himself as the successor, having trained his whole life up to that point to have the position, and having served in many of former General Titus Everest's campaigns. Amused by his initiative and history, Wilhelm XXIX made him the new General on the spot, and tasked him as he did with his predecessor, to conquered the known frontiers to create more known frontiers, and to maintain control of existing provinces. It was the duty of all Generals of the Wilhelm Imperium.

After years of conquering the frontiers, and wiping out dissidence with no slowing down. His known career will finally come to a climax, at least as far as history after that will say about him. Almost through with the task of wiping out the Prismites that had been a thorn of the Imperium for several Wilhelms, Romulus was close, very close. But on the faithful day of the final blitz against them, the weather had turned violent, the Prismite Warlocks were messing with the weather in a last ditch effort to prevent their utter genocide. But as the blitz commenced, the Imperium's seer determination overpowered all odds, and on the final hour of the day cycle, Romulus had cornered the last Prismite Arch-Warlock. Having spent it's lifetime fighting a hopeless war against the Imperium, the Pismite chose to sacrifice itself by doing the forbidden. Tearing a thread through space time.

As the thread tore, a tear enveloped, sucking Romulus into it before he could kill the last Arch-Warlock. Being hurled into universes and realities, just narrowly avoiding being stretched to oblivion. Crossing over to dimensions and back. Romulus was eventually hurled to his final destination, here. He is now unaware of what exactly happened to him, unknowing of the extent of what had occurred, and has happened in his absence. Back in his home, time had already past far too late for his own time. He is remembered centuries later as the fabled General of Wilhelm XXIX, the one that was lost destroying the Prismite Menace. He will likely never know everything of his home, given him being now stranded in the universe and reality that's not his own. And being left to what horrors reside here.

URL to Apartment Picture: Just add a couple portraits of Wilhelms, some more Imperium decor, remove and add some furniture, and you got it pretty much.
Link to RP examples: Guys :P

One paragraph that sums up your character. This paragraph is what we'll use on your player tab on the first page of the thread. This MUST be brief. Your tab will contain a link to your application so people will have full details
Character Name: General Romulus Aphrodisiac
Brief Description: General of the Wilhelm Imperium that was sent through multiple dimensions and universes to end up stranded here. Now force to contend with the new and strange inhabitants, with his only constant companions being his will for the Wilhelm Imperium, his experience, and his equipment. He must make due, and try and hope in vain to find a way back home. If so Gods and Wilhelm help him.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 7:11 pm
by Cerillium
New Aksarben wrote:Maghrl's definitely going to want to go on away missions, and unless its necessary for some reason Sterling would prefer to hold down the fort and help with the clinic I believe I remember reading was established. That or studying things that could help and improve his magic, though he's never going to be much of a fighter as it is.

The whole post also got me thinking if the various religions in star wars, even the Force, has greater beings. I mean the Vong religion has a distinct pantheon thus by PL rules would have some sort of Greater being behind them. But what about the Force? It expresses its will to people who follow it often, it seems to have some sort of intelligence behind it, though its not really a god really. No idea what it would count as in the cosmology stuff we have for PL. :p

Also, might as well post this since the time skips done, tell me if I need to change anything in it, I'm fine with him not being introduced for a while, just want to get the app out there.


Character Name: Sakarias Viitanen, or U6-47

Character Gender: Technically none, but defaults to male

Species (nation personification, human, alien, etc): Synthetic Human Generation 2(also known just as Synth. He's also more of a bridge step between the two entirely sapient and human sounding but with the older appearance.)

Age: roughly 80 years, though as a synth age doesn't really affect him very much. His parts have increasingly began decaying with time and wear and tear though.

Appearance: Sakarias is a Synth, and a late second generation one at that. As a result his ‘skin’ is more of a polymer plastic/metal alloy that is durable, and slightly off-white. With age it’s browned slightly, and pieces have rotted, broken off, or otherwise been lost. The pieces he’s missing is actually relatively significant, the back of his neck plate, part of his cranial ‘skin’, his right forearm, an area of his stomach and side, a few fingers on his left hand, and the covering of his left leg below the knee. Past the holes in his coverings, you can easily see his innards, the skeleton and wireframe that make up his person, along with the mechanical organ analogs that let him do bodily functions like any normal human.

His facial features were modeled after his distant progenitor of his mind, a sharp chin, angular face, high cheekbones, and a slightly gaunt overall appearance. Though he does lack proper hair, his eyebrows have a facsimile that creates bushy eyebrows over his slightly sad looking eyes. The similar faux hair is on his chin, in a small beard that covers his chin but not much else. He always has a smile on his face, especially when playing his music. The plates of his face(and most areas actually) are surprisingly flexible and moldable, letting his face form proper expressions that if it wasn’t for the off color and obvious holes in his body, might fool someone from a distance.

In part to hide the holes, he wears covering winter gear. On his head a plaid scarf, ushanka style cap with a faded pre-war symbol on it. He has beat up and damaged jeans, and a winter jacket over a plaid shirt and white undershirt. He wears heavy boots, looking almost like a lumberjack if it wasn’t for his lean form. Despite being mechanical he still feels temperature, and while he can’t get hypothermia, he’d prefer to stay warm, and covered. (his systems could freeze of course, but he’s pretty weatherproof)

URL to Character Picture, if any: N/A

Primary Objective: (What is your character's main goal? This should be the thing that drives their part of the plot.) -Improve his skills with violin, and play for as many people as he can. In the wastes spreading the joy of music was one of the things he always relished doing, and that’s not changed.

Secondary Objectives: (What other goals does your character intend to achieve? These should drive subplots.)
-Find a way to replace his panels and circuits to make sure he continues, well, living. That requires figuring out the polymers that make him up, getting resources, and finding a way to create the parts.
-Continue to hone his skill in music. Potentially get recognized for it and famous.
-Build instruments and other trinkets to sell, or to give away to kids (has a soft spot for children)
-improve his skills in general, aside from the combat ones.
-Maybe even learn a new instrument, like piano (there's few intact ones in the wastes)
-Also potentially adopt some kids in the future, he's always wanted to be a parent.
-Get some new clothes, you can only wash a set so many times before even that doesn’t help much.

These do NOT require points. These are the average, daily things your character can do. Examples are "drive a car", "speak a normal Foreign Language", "play a guitar", "write poetry". Some mundane skills come from your bio and are freebie. A soldier knows very basic training (shoot a gun, basic drill). Medic, martial arts or sniper would be a Specialized Skill or Talent.
List Mundane skills here:
-Basic cooking skills (aka how to roast things on fires, with little finesse or style)
-basic history of the Commonwealth, pre and post-war
-Fluent in English and Finnish(the mind he was based on knew both)
-basic survival skills for the Commonwealth (how to fight, what areas to avoid, basic tracking skills to see if dangerous animals were nearby, starting fires)
-Knowledge of Institute technology and history.
-normal synth capabilities/abilities(stronger, generally faster, and more durable than a human, can't die unless they're entirely destroyed or the databanks containing their personality are wiped. Immune to common human ailments such as disease, radiation, lack of oxygen, or food. can technically live forever as long as they're properly maintained. They can also interface with computers by just plugging themselves into them, since they're digital consciousness. He can also use his own bodily energy to recharge the batteries of his guns, though that's limited in supply too.)
-Training in institute weapons, and infiltration techniques. nothing beyond the average synth though. He's no Courser.
-Basic Cybernetics (mainly maintaining his own body)
-how to play pool, poker, and a few other basic card games at a rudimentary level

These are specialized skills that set you apart from the average person. You have 7 points to spend here. Examples are swordsmanship, sniper, coercion, piloting etc.
Ability 1 and Points Spent: Violinist 3
Ability 2 and Points Spent: Carpentry (with a specialty in making instruments) 2
Ability 3 and Points Spent: Weapon Finesse - Pistol 2

You have 7 points to spend here on supernatural skills or abilities. Sonic Scream, Levitation, Spell Casting, Shape Shifting etc. Superman MUST have his kryptonite, so Restrictions are what can't they do with their power or what balances it. They can only use it when they genuinely need it? They can't use it for more than five minutes without serious side-effects? Some things are allowed without points. A pegasus has wings thus it can fly. A raptor is fast thus no points are spent in speed. These "natural" abilities should be listed in the character's description, however.
Ability 1: None
Power Level:

Institute laser pistol custom-modified with improved sights, an improved capacitor, and beam focus.
Ammo for his gun, currently about 50 batteries (few dozen shots each)
A violin which he discovered in the school he used to go to, preserved in a special violin case. While not a famous kind of violin like a Stradivarius, it's special to Sakarias as it's one of the pieces of his old life that he’s managed to recover.

Education or Training: music school, carpentry trade school, trained on the job for instrument construction, later, synth military training, and then through surviving the wastes.
Character Background/Biography:
Before the Great War, there was a new Finnish immigrant to the United States, escaping the rising turmoil in the European Commonwealth (the Fallout Universe’s more solid and unified EU), named Sakarias Viitanen. He had been brought over at the age of 14, along with his parents Juho and Taina Viitanen. By the time he’d reached the age of 18, the situation in Europe was growing dire, with nations threatening to secede over resource and political conflicts. It was 2058, and it was time for Sakarias to go to college.

Always having been a very musical person, Sakarias took studying music at a moderately prestigious Music college in Boston, Massachusetts. The instrument he’d pursued his whole life was violin, and he was quite good at it. But sadly the Finn ended up dropping out after only two years, not being able to cut it in the school. With that same year came the news his parents had been dreading for a long time: The European Commonwealth had collapsed infighting and civil war tearing the continent apart. The Soviets even retook territory previously lost to them, such as Finland. His parents were devastated, which only drove Sakarias further away from his passions into helping support them. It was hard times, even in America.

Luckily Sakarias had enough money and credit for loans, so he got into a trade school and took up carpentry. He was marginally better at this, but very unhappy and soon had developed a drinking problem. He was miserable, but at least he would have steady work. Since the world always needed carpenters to build houses, infrastructure, and other things, he soon found work with a construction company. But he wasn’t happy, it wasn’t what he wanted to do his whole life.

Years later, in the year 2075, he found something that might make him happy again. At a small family company who still made traditional wooden instruments instead of new plastic and synthetic ones, he found a job. He could help make instruments he loved. He even offered violin lessons at their store, teaching kids who couldn’t afford to get lessons from the professional teachers. During this time an opportunity to get a bit of extra money through volunteering for a brain scan came by, and he took it to support the parents he still lived with. Little did he know this would help ensure his, or at least his personalities, survival into the future.

Sadly, just as Sakarias Viitanen was finding his happiness events of his world transpired to end it. In 2077, the bombs fell and Sakarias’ life was blown away, like so many other billions of people’s lives. The world ended, but life went on.

The synth Sakarias didn’t however remember any of that, until he got his own sentience almost decades after his construction as U6-47 almost two hundred years later..

U6-47 was built as an experiment, the 47th in a line of attempted upgrades to the second generation synths. It didn’t prove a very successful one, but they managed to perfect them sounding entirely human with a few quirks. Due to the brain used while constructing his brain template, he speaks with a slight Finnish accent but it’s rarely noticeable. He worked under coursers to help retrieve synths, and due to his surprising survival rate was trained to be one but never proved good enough to and as such the training was wiped to him. He was shifted to defense of institute operatives and maintenance of the Institute building itself.

He was an unthinking, unfeeling, killing machine (literally), brainwashed by their constant reprogramming and memory wipes. If he remembered much of his time there he would have hated it, and like all synths he was little more than a biomechanical slave.

He was firmly under the Institute's control, but lucky for him when the Railroad came he was away on a mission. When they and the Sole Survivor, as legends call her, stormed the Institute and broke their control over the synths, U6-47 was far away in the north, and suddenly found himself undirected, with the rest of his squad. Without knowing how to continue their mission, they headed back to the college on foot. But like other synths suddenly left leaderless and without brainwashing, the personalities they were based on started re-emerging.

Soon enough, he had a name, and remembered his love for violin. When he and his group arrived back at Cambridge College square, they found a settlement being built, one for Synths and only synths. A direct tunnel had been dug in the month it had taken them to get back, going all the way underground to the former Institute. After exploring their databases Sakarias learned about himself, and he even found an old pre-war violin which from then on never left his side.
The new settlement of Cambridge wasn’t sitting well with the newly independent synth, so he headed north, and soon found one in an old lumber mill that would accept him. He was given a house, which he soon set to work patching up, and like his predecessor, started working as a carpenter again, making things for the kids of the settlement, little toys or instruments, or whatever they wanted. Besides that he worked on the town’s fortifications, and buildings, making them sounder than ever before.

He was finally happy, but like always it wasn’t complete happiness. He still had to help fight off raiders, kill, and all sorts of other nasty things he’d prefer to never do. But that’s life in the wasteland, for you…
URL to Apartment Picture: (What's the inside of their apartment look like) something like this, but more upscale and pre-war, with pristine colors and surfaces.
Link to RP examples: (this MUST be a DIRECT LINK to your IC post in an RP, NOT a link to the RP thread itself. If you don't have examples, make your biography good.)

One paragraph that sums up your character. This paragraph is what we'll use on your player tab on the first page of the thread. This MUST be brief. Your tab will contain a link to your application so people will have full details
Character Name: Sakarias Viitanen
Brief Description: A Synth with the mind of a pre-war Finnish immigrant violinist and carpenter that only wants to live in peace and play music.

Approved. Check TGs. I'll add him after work tomorrow.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 7:24 pm
by Torsiedelle
Just thought of something. The mission will be short, right? No need for supplies or water, just run in, get the target, run out?

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 7:25 pm
by Highfort
Almost forgot to do an asset assessment for Opa:

  • Durable Construction - Can take a beating from both kinetic and energy projectile weapons
  • Hardened Shield - Can deflect energy projectiles and absorb physical blows, as well as shield bash, with shield
  • Internal Batteries - Can conduct missions for extended periods of time without sleep (up to one week straight on battery power)
  • Solar Powered - Does not require food or water to conduct missions; charges in direct sunlight
  • Double-Barreled Plasma Cannon - Effective range of up to 660 meters with built-in HUD functionality; requires no ammunition
  • Maintenance Limbs - Given a repair kit, can repair limited damage; also can self-maintain given the right supplies
  • Enhanced Sensors - Can detect movement in low-light environment (night vision) and has sensitive hearing when stationary (500x better than humans)

  • Heavy Frame - Difficult to transport in vehicles due to weight and size
  • Riot Android - Loud, bad for stealth missions
  • Limited AI - Difficulty in diplomatic and social interactions
  • Future Tech - Sticks out in non-FT environments

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 7:29 pm
by Swith Witherward
Giovenith wrote:I like to imagine that during the meeting/argument between the Greater Beings that lead to Galli's creation, Pearlelei wasn't there because she was in the middle of a mortal supermarket having a deep internal conflict about what brand of paper towels to buy and whether or not she should continue wasting money on bananas when no one eats them and they go bad so quickly. Because I always get an idiotic amusement out of anticlimaxes like that.

I figured she wasn't there because she hates the way the puffed-up jackasses waste her time. :p

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 7:34 pm
by Torsiedelle
Natural Fighter - Torii is used to fighting, running, crawling, and shooting. She can move quickly, and quietly if needed, and is a crack shot
First Aid - She's no doctor, but she at least knows how to wrap a bandage and apply a tourniquet if needed.
Unwavering - She may be terrified before a fight, but once bullets start flying, Torii puts her fears aside and focuses on the battle.

Small - Torii is small and frail, not really good at melee combat, and relies on a bayonet or hand weapon for most close encounters.
Mundane Human - no powers, fancy cybernetics, or abilities. She's a normal human.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 7:36 pm
by Swith Witherward
Can be a space heater in a pinch <--- Tilt's character has the best supernatch' skill of all! Warmth!
-Tea brewing <----- Ched's character has the best mundane skill of all!

Torsiedelle wrote:Honestly not sure who I'd main. I would say Torii, obviously, but then Audette has combat experience and augmentations that can help her fight, and Sozewe is a fucking Sith warrior...

Torii seems to be more well rounded, though. Probably because I've had a few years to develop her. Is it possible to cycle them? I definitely want Sozewe in on something involving the city or fighting, same with Audette.

Yep, characters can cycle. Also, we can have more than one team out there at any given time.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 7:56 pm
by Tiltjuice
/me glances at Ched and Torsi's listings

Is this one of those times we should list all the abilities and such of our characters or no?

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 8:00 pm
by Swith Witherward
I listed the basics in mine.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 8:04 pm
by Tiltjuice
Mrr. Righto, checking the level of detail.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 9:15 pm
by The BranRiech
Post from me tomorrow, I'll get everything caught up, and start posting on schedule again.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 9:50 pm
by TotallyNotEvilLand

TNEL's Personal Playstyle - I vary wildly. Sometimes I can manage multiple posts a day, but it's generally safe to group up with me if you post every other day or once a week, as my schedule is so flippant and unreliable that it makes me hard to come by at some points. I'm also forgetful, so if you're grouped up with me it'd be a good idea to ask for an off-site means of contacting me (As in, Steam) so I don't keep you stalled and you can quickly get in touch. As for my actual posts, it's very improvised kind of stuff. I throw in subtle jokes, puns, and character thoughts as often as I can, and I'm usually pretty light on action unless it's a scenario that calls for it (side-effect of being 'raised' in F7, I suppose).

My Characters
- Whupping You So Hard Your Momma Feels It
Bonuses -
Physical Strength; Her species is naturally stronger than the average human, and her dedication to fitness only enhances that. She can lift loads that bodybuilders would struggle with, with relative ease as well.
Experience; Spending the better part of a few millennia either leading armies or fighting in them gives you a good idea of what you're doing, whether it be personal combat or leadership. If you were looking for someone who's seen it all, you'd likely approach Crysal.
Intimidation; Big thing with crazy hair and fangs! Unless one is prepared for her or has seen worse, odds are she's going to leave quite an impression on any lesser person that she meets, especially if she's angry. Enough screams and threats of dismemberment, and the enemy might just surrender without having to resort to violence.

The Bad -
She may attract undue attention to the team if brought into settings where things like her are rare, hated, or non-existent. Any sort of real world scenario will have her pinned for some horrifying abomination in short order.
She really doesn't give a damn what toes she steps on. Anything that suitably pisses her off can expect no mercy or help from her, so dealing with begrudging or initially unfriendly people may result in her not wanting to work with them at all. First impressions are everything to her.
Thanks to an incident that resulted in her accidentally... merging with another sapient creature, Crysal will occasionally shift into a smaller, rabbit-like form, either willingly or not. While most of the time this is just an amusing diversion, if this happens in the heat of battle she's rendered near-useless.

- The Original Second Fiddle
Bonuses -
Sneaky; With a combination of a small build, quick reflexes, and the ability to shift her body into smoke at will, Adri can climb, dodge, and weave with the best duelists around, not to mention have an easier time with stealth and theft. She's excellent to have on your team if you've got someone to play distraction, while she sneaks around the back and deals with everything else. She's also rather unassuming, looking like a small child. When her hood is flipped on and tail-hair chopped off, she can pass for human without close examination.
Wisdom; While perhaps she's not really a master scientist or philosopher, you'd be lying if you called Adri stupid. Time spent studying religious texts the world over and spending the better chunk of her formative years in India and East Asia have given her a bit of spiritual, as well as practical insight. If one needs an obscure bit of history or religion brought up, odds are Adri can recall it fairly easily, and she considers herself to be quite good at solving puzzles as well.
Healing; Far from a master surgeon or a restoration mage, Adri at the very least has basic knowledge regarding bandaging, disinfecting, and first-aid. Still, if there's someone more experienced it's probably best to ask them first.

The Bad -
She's frail, having the body of a child and lacking one of her eyes. Missions that involve heavy combat, lifting large objects, or excessive physical strain aren't suited for Adri as she'll tire out or hurt herself quickly.
She can be more than a little manipulative and vengeful. While she won't risk a mission for a petty grudge, she might work to undermine people she feels are immoral, unjust, or that she just doesn't like, which could potentially, indirectly jeopardize a mission.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 30, 2016 2:05 am
by Stormwrath
Physical strength — A natural consequence of Macy's robotic frame. This allows her to carry things many times her own weight.
Flight — Uses the magnetic field of the dimension for flying.
Internal batteries — Who needs sleep when you're a robot? Battery life is three days, charging time is three hours.
Advanced AI — Decent social interaction, intelligent, you get the idea.
Internal sensors — Helps her see in certain EM spectrums otherwise outside visible light, as well as sense vibrations.
Humanlike android — Can be an asset in stealth missions, since Macy is outwardly human in appearance.
Durability — Can hold her own in a brutal fight, except if her opponent uses firearms.

Lack of internal weapons — Those were stripped when she was converted into a civilian android. Synthetic skin won't allow it.
Water — As long as she closes her mouth in tasks involving water, she'll be fine.
Unstable magnetic fields — Dimensions with unstable magnetic fields can mess with her flight abilities. I mean, look at Galli!
Breakable — Can be critically damaged by force equal to that of colliding with a high-speed train.