Tales of Two Horizons Factbook

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Tales of Two Horizons Factbook

Postby The Industrial States of Columbia » Tue Oct 13, 2015 8:45 pm

1835 AH RP
Links: OOC | IC | Map | Number Map
Lesser Links: Maps Thread | Theme

OP Board:
- OP – The Industrial States of Columbia
- Vice-OP - Senkaku
- Co-OP's - Liecthenbourg|The Kingdom of Glitter | Sveltlana

OP Directives:

RP Description:

This world has changed. Where once one horizon was seen as the boundaries of the known world, now there have been two. In the west, England challenged the behemoth of Spain and emerged victorious, bloodying the Iberian mainland into civil conflict and claiming Brasil as her own. The Portuguese left their war torn home to seek better fortunes in the colonies, capitalizing on England's reduced influence in North America to expand into the southern portions of continent. The French too have maintained influence in the New World. Though they have lost Nova Gallia to revolution, French Louisiana remains a font of potential riches. To the north the Kalmar union survived and evolved, once a tool of Denmark now of Sweden, after Gustavus Adolphus claimed the throne. In the east, though Constantinople still fell, the fires of Byzantium remained, and alliance of Balkan states, Venetians and the Morean League drove back the invaders to the walls of Constantinople, before succumbing to petty rivalry and disbanding. The Mamluks have risen to fill the void left by the Ottoman caliphate of our time, biding their time to expand once more. In the far east, the Song have survived the inexorable tides of the former Mongol invaders, and have risen stronger than ever, basking in the fires of production and claiming far distant shores as their own. To the South, the Majapahit conquered and united Nusantara, expanding their lucrative trade and exotic goods far from their home islands. Japan watches warily across the seas, determined to resist the tides of the Song and other great powers by building an empire of their own in the Pacific.

The world has changed, and much change shall yet be seen. Will you build your nation from the ancient mists of time into the fires of industry in the East? In the West, shall you unify petty countries into an all conquering empire? Or shall you brave the New World, to seize riches and glory in wild and vast lands. The choice great leader, is yours...

A Note on the Purposes of the Factbook
This is where you may post a profile of your nation, updating it as you progress in the rp. Map updates are to be posted in the maps thread however, and multiple posts are not usually needed.
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Mexico: At a Glance; Factbook

Postby Sveltlana » Wed Oct 14, 2015 3:22 pm

The Second Mexican Republic
At a Glance


Current Leader
— Presidente F. Maximiliano José María de Habsburgo —

Official Name of Nation
— La Segunda República Mejicana —
The Second Mexican Republic

Current Minister of Foreign Affairs
— José Carlos Nepomuceno Espiridión de Ruiz —

Current State
— War in the North —
Mexico against Confederation + Dominion

Size of Military
— 140.000 soldiers —
Only 60.000 of them are 'real soldiers'

Size of Navy
— 3 Ships of the Line —
Various other smaller ships.

— ca. 7.300.000 —

Link to App

To be expanded below.
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Postby Alleniana » Thu Oct 15, 2015 2:54 am



The Swiss Factbook/Storage Space for Random Relevant StuffP1 429

Raclette City Place, Cheese Canton, Schweizerische Republik
30th February, MDCCCXXXV Anno Domini

thus it begins

Link to app

List of IC posts
An Election, 26/1/1835 C.E.
Diplomacy, 1/4/1835 C.E.
The Turning Cogs, 22/4/1835 C.E.

Other Useful Information
Map of Swiss territorial expansion and internal organisation, from 1/1/1835 A.D. onwards

Military Organisation
Nation-General - Entire Swiss military (including navy/air force, in theory, if they were to come into existence)
Army-General - 100,000 men (Army, named as Army <descriptor>, e.g. "Army of Switzerland") (but since the Swiss Army isn't that big yet, it's just anything more than one division)
Division-General - 10,000 men (Division, named as Division <Roman numeral>, e.g. "Division II")
Battalion-General - 1,000 men (Battalion, named as <ordinal> <descriptor> Battalion <descriptor>, e.g. "1st Cavalry Battalion Jura")
Company-General - 100 men (Company, named as <ordinal> Company <battalion>, e.g. "2nd Company 3rd Artillery Battalion Basel")

-at-Large appended to a rank means that they aren't actually leading a unit that they are able to
-of-<unit> appended to a rank means that they are leading the unit appended that is of a lower rank than they are fully allowed to
There are no NCOs; a soldier may seek commission at any time, and there is a separate supply structure and auxiliary officer structure connected to the main one
Uniform is fairly uniform (heh) across the army, and consists of a madder rose coloured frock coat/justacorps cross (parted at the bottom middle, has lapel, single part in the middle with buttons, collars, down to nearly knee height; so, maybe like more like a coatee-great coat cross???), over slightly-longer-than-usual a sleeved waistcoat of white, with also a single line of buttons in the middle. Red breeches reach nearly to the ankle, and black leather gaiters reach up nearly to the knee, issued with white socks. Headwear is something like a slouch hat, a bowler hat, a bucket hat, a homburg, a trilby and and a fedora all merged in one; made of hard black felt, it has a small brim all around, extending at the front and back. The brim might be a little bit flexible, but the crown, which has a slight gutter, is rigid, and made of Merino wool generally (unless Merino wool can't make hard felt, in which case assume some other black felt; whatever a bowler is made of, I guess). The brim isn't upturned, but it's not droopy either; somewhere in between. Feel free to call it a Swiss hat; incidentally, Google Searching that turns up something similar to what I envisioned. The hat has a cockade with white in the centre, red outside, and is larger for officers. A badge will be of differing design depending on unit (colour is division, writing is battalion & company), and will also vary in size for officers, while gold (and silver?) epaulettes and trimmings determine rank; perhaps officers wear a modified taller hat, with a plume that changes according to rank. Soldiers will have packs and muskets and supplies and all the usual stuff; bayonets and muskets are made to the "Swiss pattern". Rucksacks are a sort of yellowy leather, with tassels and trimmings depending on division.
you may or may not have noticed that black, red and yellow are all present, only other colour is white for the cross >:3

List of Units
Army of Switzerland

Division I (red badge and red fringe on battle flag)
Bern's 1st Infantry Battalion
Bern's 2nd Infantry Battalion
Unterwalden's & Bern's Heavy Cavalry Battalion
Aargau's Infantry Battalion
Aargau's Artillery Battalion
Luzern's & Zug's Grenadier Battalion
Basel's Light Cavalry Battalion
Solothurn's Infantry Battalion
Zenden's Rifle Battalion
Jura's Infantry Battalion

Division II (white badge and white fringe on battle flag)
Schaffhausen's Infantry Battalion
Zurich's Infantry Battalion
Zurich's Heavy Cavalry Battalion
Schwyz's & Glarus' Infantry Battalion
Thurgau's Grenadier Battalion
Saint Gallen's Artillery Battalion
Saint Gallen's Infantry Battalion
Uri's & Graubunden's Rifle Battalion
Appenzell's Infantry Battalion
Vorarlberg's Light Cavalry Battalion

Division III (black badge and black fringe on battle flag)

Division IV (yellow badge and black fringe on battle flag)

Division V (a red and a white half badge, red and white striped fringe on battle flag)

Division VI (blue badge and blue on battle flag)

Division VII (a red and a black half badge, red and black striped fringe on battle flag)

Division VIII (a red and a yellow half badge, red and yellow striped fringe on battle flag)

(a white and a black half badge, white and black striped fringe on battle flag)
(a white and a yellow half badge, white and yellow striped fringe on battle flag)
(a yellow and a black half badge, yellow and black striped fringe on battle flag)
(green badge and green fringe on battle flag)
(purple badge and purple fringe on battle flag)
(skin colour [carnation in heraldry] badge and skin colour [carnation in heraldry] fringe on battle flag)
(light blue [bleu celeste in heraldry] badge and light blue [bleu celeste in heraldry] fringe on battle flag)
(ash colour, dark grey [cendrée in heraldry] badge and ash colour, dark grey [cendrée in heraldry] fringe on battle flag)

List of States
St. Gallen
Tyrol, partition
parts of wurttemburg left to go

Italian Tyrol Autonomous Region (pending name)

List of Treaties
Pact of Freiburg im Breisgau
Signed with: United Kingdom of the Netherlands
Terms: involuntary; indirect non-aggression, mutual defence
Signed: 1815, 29th July
Renewal/Termination: Every 5 years
Termination cooldown: Half a year

Treaty of Zurich
Signed with: United Kingdom
Terms: involuntary; direct non-aggression
Signed: 1815, August 1st
Renewal/Termination: Every 10 years
Termination cooldown: 1 year

Treaty of Sitten
Signed with: Kingdom of Tuscany
Terms: involuntary; direct non-aggression
Signed: 1815, August 21st
Renewal/Termination: Every 10 years
Termination cooldown: 1 year

Treaty of Karlsruhe
Signed with: Kingdom of Hungary
Terms: involuntary; direct non-aggression
Signed: 1815, August 22nd
Renewal/Termination: Every 10 years
Termination cooldown: 1 year

Treaty of Chur
Signed with: Kingdom of Hellas
Terms: involuntary; direct non-aggression
Signed: 1829, June 5th
Renewal/Termination: Every 10 years
Termination cooldown: 1 year

1835 Legislative Assembly General Elections
Main Election
Republican - 15
Liberal - 11
Traditionalist - 10
Democratic - 6
Federalist - 5
Catholic - 4
Swiss Reformed - 4
Romansh - 1
Rural - 1
Subtotal: 57
Italian Tyrol Election
Italian - 1
Total: 58

Result: Republican-Liberal-Democratic coalition formed (majority of 32 out of 29 needed), under leadership of Hans Johann Schmitz of the Republican Party
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Postby The Jonathanian States » Thu Oct 15, 2015 4:05 am

Seiner Majestät Post, reserviert im name des Königreich Preussen.
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Postby Senkaku » Thu Oct 15, 2015 8:48 am

The Empire of the Great Song

Coat of Arms




Capital: Dongjing

Official Language: Mandarin Chinese

Regional Languages: Cantonese, various dialects, etc.

Official Religion: Heaven-worship

Major Religion: Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism

Minor Religions: Islam, Christianity

Demonym: Chinese

Government - Absolute monarchy

Legislature: None

960- foundation of the Song Dynasty by the illustrious Emperor Taizu.
1278- coronation of the Zhizeng Emperor.
1415- coronation of the Hongxi Emperor.

Currency: Tael

Date Format: dd/mm/yy/zodiac (Lunisolar sexagenary, dated to the birth of the Yellow Emperor)

Heavily WIP

List of Emperors of the Song Dynasty:


The illustrious founder of the Great Song Dynasty.

The glorious protector of the dynasty from the Jurchen Jin barbarians.

The savior of the dynasty in its darkest hour, restoring order to the land when Heaven had turned away from Earth and men were as beasts.
The glorious completer of the reconquest of all China from the steppe barbarians of the north.

The wise far-seeing sage lord who sponsored the first voyages east to Penglai and Fusang and the establishment of imperial control there.

Victorious leader of the Ten Great Campaigns, extending the Glorious Song Empire thousands of li into the uttermost barbarous west.

Father of our current illustrious emperor.

(current) His Imperial Majesty the Datong Emperor of the Glorious Song Dynasty, the Son of Heaven, the Emperor of China, the Lord of Ten Thousand Years, Hegemon of Fusang, King of Ceylon, Sultan of Kilwa, Protector of the Empire and Lord of the Five Directions.

Great Song in the Era of Datong, Year 4532 Wood Goat

In the Year 4532 Wood Goat, the Song Dynasty rules over all of the Middle Kingdom, Neimongol, Inner Manchuria, and Xinjiang. Across the seas, the Song rule over Taiwan, Luzon, the South Sea Isles, Hainan, and far to the east, Penglai and Jinshan. To the west, over the seas, Ceylon and the Swahili Coast are also under Chinese dominion, as are some Somali lands.
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Postby Caltarania » Fri Oct 16, 2015 10:05 am

Kingdom of Hellas
Βασίλειον τῆς Ἑλλάδος
Vasílion tis Elládos

Coat of Arms

Motto: Eleftheria i Thanatos

Anthem: Hymn to Liberty

Population: 753,400

Capital: Athens

Official Language: Greek

Minority Languages: Turkish, Bulgarian, Romani

Official Religion: Orthodox Christianity

Other Religions: Roman Catholicism, Islam,
Lutheranism, Calvinism

Demonym: Greek, Hellenic

- Queen: Alexandrine I
- Prime Minister: Spyridon Trikoupis

- Treaty of Budapest: 10th February 1829

Currency: Greek Drachma (₯) (GRD)

Date Format: dd/mm/yyyy (AD)

Kingdom of Hellas

this be wip
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Postby Conwy-Shire » Fri Oct 16, 2015 7:16 pm

Kingdom of the Two Sicilies
Regno d'e Ddoje Sicilie
Regnu dî Dui Sicili


Motto: "Montjoie Saint-Denis"

Anthem: "Inno al Re"

Population: 8,014,819
Imperial Population: 7,000

Capital: Napoli

Official Language: Neapolitan

Regional Languages: Sicilian, Italian, Nafusi Berber

Demonym: Sicilian

Government Form: Deputised Absolute Monarchy
Monarch: King Ferdinand II de Bourbon
Administrative Deputy: Abramo di Taranto

Deputy of the Militaries: Virgilio Zummo

Deputy of Economics: Fulberto Vincelli

Deputy of Foreign Affairs: Ferrando Albasini

Deputy of Public Works: Alfonso di Girgenti

Establishment: 12th December, 1816

Currency: Ducat of the Two Sicilies (Sicilian Ducat)
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Postby Empire of Gibraltar » Fri Oct 16, 2015 8:35 pm

The Qajar Dynasty of the Sublime State of Persia
خاندان قاجار از دولت بلندمرتبه ایران


Current Leader:
Shah Mohammad Shah Qajar
Born: 1808, Age 26
Regin Began: 1834, 1 Year Reign
Current Heir:
Naser al-Din Shah Qajar
Born: 1841, Age 3
Territorial Claim:
Army Size:
Navy Size:
Link to App:
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Postby Jaslandia » Sun Oct 18, 2015 7:48 pm


The Grand Duchy of Epirus

Current Ruler: Grand Duchess Theodora I
Age: 25

Children: Prince Constantine, Princess Zoe
Short Bio: A granddaughter of Grand Duke Nikephoros II, Theodora is the daughter of Nikephoros’s second son Prince Alexios, and the Hungarian Princess Márta. Theodora lived a pampered and sheltered life, and initially, she was not expected to inherit the Epirote throne.

In 1820, Prince Nicholas was assassinated by an Albanian nationalist. Nicholas was second-in-line to the throne, with his father being Grand Duchess Anna’s younger brother, then-Prince Nikephoros. The royal family was devastated by Nicholas’s loss, and now, Prince Alexios was expected to be the future Grand Duke. However, Alexios was uninterested in ruling, preferring to drink and spend time in brothels. With the stress of being future Grand Duke bearing down on him, Alexios spent more time away from his family, and instead, the prince got drunk at bars and patronized prostitutes. This took a toll on Alexios’s health, and he died of liver failure in 1825.

With both Nicholas and Alexios dead, the burden of succession passed to Theodora. Theodora found her activities tightly restricted, with by her mother Márta and her mother’s lover Lavrentios Michelakakis closely monitoring Theodora, and when combined with her father’s death, the princess became melancholic and withdrawn. On the rare occasions Theodora ventured out in public, the people rejoiced at seeing their future Grand Duchess, but this only added to Theodora’s stress.

Finally, in 1828, with Theodora having reached the age of 18, the princess finally broke free of her mother’s control. Seeking to avoid coming under her mother’s control again, Theodora began searching for her husband. She found one in Michael Xanthopoulos, a nobleman who was 6 years her senior. Despite Michael’s lower birth, Michael and Theodora were madly in love, and in 1830, Grand Duke Nikephoros II granted permission for the two to marry. They were married in an elaborate ceremony at the Cathedral of St. Paul and St. Asteios in Dyrrachium on November 15, 1830.

In 1833, Grand Duke Nikephoros died at age 78, and Theodora inherited the throne. In her first proclamation as Grand Duchess, she stated that her husband Michael would be her co-ruler, coronated as Grand Duke with the same dignities as her. The coronation took place on January 2nd, 1834, thus beginning the Era of Theodora and Michael.

While nominally Theodora and Michael share power, Michael mostly defers to his wife, leaving Theodora the ruler of Epirus. As Grand Duchess, Theodora oversaw the continued patronage of Greek culture, the expansion of the navy, and the lowering of taxes. Theodora has also invested in the army, and privately, she has taken a strong interest in military affairs in order to prepare for any coming wars. Though Theodora has only been on the throne 2 years, she has already proven herself to be a fair and just monarch.

Current Co-Ruler: Grand Duke Michael
Age: 31

Children: Prince Constantine, Princess Zoe
Short Bio: Born Michael Xanthopoulos, Michael’s father is John Xanthopoulos, Duke of Neokastron; while Michael’s mother is Anselma Amerighi, daughter of a Venetian diplomat. Michael grew up in the family’s luxurious estate just outside of Dyrrachium; Michael lived in extravagant wealth, and he received the best education possible.

However, in 1816, a major economic downturn devastated the Xanthopoulos family fortune. Michael’s family lost much of their wealth, and the little money they had left was wasted in business ventures that failed to pan out. Desperate, Michael’s parents wrote to Grand Duchess Anna, asking she accept Michael as a ward. Anna agreed.

In 1818, Michael was sent away to Doukas Palace in Dyrrachium to join the royal court. For four years, Anna helped to raise Michael. During this time, Michael first met his future wife Theodora, though their interactions were brief due to Theodora’s infrequent visits to the palace.

Finally, in 1822, Michael came of age and joined the court as a courtier. The next year, Michael’s father died, and Michael became Duke of Neokastron. Michael moved back to his family estates to tend to the family’s finances. With the economy improving, Michael invested in a serious of successful business ventures, improving the family’s financial situation. With the finances secured, Michael returned to the royal court in 1827. The next year, he again met Theodora.

Theodora and Michael quickly fell in love. Theodora found Michael to be charming and handsome, while Michael thought Theodora was vivacious and witty. However, the romance was somewhat of a scandal at court: by this time, Theodora was heiress presumptive to the throne, and it was expected she would marry a foreign prince. However, Theodora had made up her mind. At last, Grand Duke Nikephoros II consented to the marriage in 1830, and the couple was married in a lavish ceremony.

In 1833, Nikephoros II died. Theodora, as Nikephoros’s granddaughter, succeeded to the throne of Epirus. In her first decree, Theodora laid out her government’s long-term goals, and also announced that Michael would be her co-ruler. However, even before the coronation, Michael made it clear both publicly and privately that he highly valued his wife’s judgment, and would let her take the lead in most governmental affairs. However, Michael didn’t surrender all his power: Michael still maintains quite a bit of sway among the nation’s finances, and Michael is a powerful liaison between the Senate and Theodora. While Michael has taken a secondary role during his reign, Michael is still a shrewd and intelligent man, who is able to exert a great amount of power over Epirus.
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RP Population: 675,000,000

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Postby The Kingdom of Glitter » Mon Oct 19, 2015 12:22 pm

The Columbian Federation


E pluribus unum

Columbia: At a Glance

  • Legislature: Federal Congress
    • Senate
    • House of Representatives
  • Capital City: Manhattan D.C.
  • Population: 8,692,300
  • Language: No official language, but English is dominant.
  • Primary Ethnic Group: Anglo-Saxon Americans (Yankees)
  • Religion: Officially Secular while Christian sects are the majority religions.

The von Johansen Administration

Political Parties

Liberty Party (Ruling)
  • Populism
  • Agrarianism
  • Manifest destiny

Whig Party (Opposition)
  • Liberalism
  • Protectionism
  • Modernization


Federal Army

Army of the East (10k - regulars)
  • Northern Division (5k)
    • 1st Dragoon Regiment (1k)
    • 3rd Dragoon Regiment (1k)
    • 5th Dragoon Regiment (1k)
    • 1st Cavalry Regiment (1k)
    • 1st Garrison Regiment
  • Southern Division (5k)
    • 2nd Dragoon Regiment (1k)
    • 4th Dragoon Regiment (1k)
    • 6th Dragoon Regiment (1k)
    • 2nd Calvary Regiment (1k)
    • 2nd Garrison Regiment (1k)

Army of the West (15k - regulars)
  • Ohio Division (5k)
    • 7th Dragoon Regiment (1k)
    • 9th Dragoon Regiment (1k)
    • 11th Dragoon Regiment (1k)
    • 3rd Cavalry Regiment (1k)
    • 3rd Garrison Regiment (1k)
  • Michigan Division (5k)
    • 8th Dragoon Regiment (1k)
    • 10th Dragoon Regiment (1k)
    • 12th Dragoon Regiment (1k)
    • 4th Cavalry Regiment (1k)
    • 4th Garrison Regiment (1k)
  • Illinois Division (5k)
    • 13th Dragoon Regiment (1k)
    • 15th Dragoon Regiment (1k)
    • 17h Dragoon Regiment (1k)
    • 5th Cavalry Regiment (1k)
    • 5th Garrison Regiment (1k)

National Militia

40,000 with 20,000 attached to each army. All infantry regiments

State Militias

Total: 14,500
  • Lothian: 500
  • New Hampshire: 500
  • Vermont: 500
  • Massachusetts: 1,250
  • Rhode Island: 750
  • Connecticut 1,250
  • New York:, 2,500
  • New Jersey: 1,000
  • Pennsylvania: 1,750
  • Delaware: 500
  • Maryland: 1,500
  • Appalachia 1,000
  • Ohio: 1,000
  • Michigan: 1,000
  • Washington: 500
  • Illinois: 500
  • Wisconsin Territory: 500


Great Northern Fleet

Stationed in Boston, the Great Northern Fleet is the superior of the two fleets maintained by the Columbian Federal Navy (CFN). The flagship of the Great Northern Fleet, the CFS Constitution, is also the flagship of the navy as a whole. The first-rate ship of the line made her maiden voyage in 1798 and has been in active service since, recently undergoing reconstruction to modernize the ship once more.

First Rate1
Third Rate2
Fourth Rate1
Man o' War6
Sloop o' War12

Mid-Atlantic Fleet

Stationed in Philadelphia, the Mid-Atlantic Fleet is the second fleet maintained by the Columbian Federal Navy. Compared to its sister fleet in Boston, the Mid-Atlantic Fleet is much better fitted for coastal defense than it is offense. The Mediterranean Squadron consists of a Ship of the Line and several of the unrated frigates from this fleet. The Squadron has been tasked with fighting Barbary pirates in the Mediterranean for decades, but since the European colonization of the coastline of Mediterranean Africa, expeditions across the Atlantic seldom occur and the squadron is largely ceremonial.

Second Rate1
Third Rate1
Man o' War7
Sloop o' War8

Federal Marines

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Postby Liecthenbourg » Tue Oct 20, 2015 9:06 am

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
Great Britain

Coat of Arms

Motto: Dieu et Mon Droit

Anthem: God Save the King

Homeland: 24,860,000
Colonial: 257,572,700

Capital: London

Official Language: English

Regional Languages: Scots Gaelic, Irish Gaelic,
Spanish, Indian Languages, Native Maori Languages, etc.

Official Religion: Anglicanism

Major Religion: Hinduism

Minor Religions: Judaism, Catholicism, Sikhism,
Islam, Native Beliefs

Demonym: Briton

Government - Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Monarch: William IV
Prime Minister: William Lamb

Upper House: House of Lords
Lower House: House of Commons

Act of Union - 1707
Act of Union - 1800

Currency: Pound Sterling (£)

Date Format: dd/mm/yyyy (AD)

Heavily WIP :P
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Postby Relikai » Tue Oct 20, 2015 7:45 pm

WIP yeah woohoo
Name: The United Kingdom of the Netherlands , Verenigd Koninkrijk der Nederlanden, Dutch
Symbols: Flags and Symbol
Claims: Territory 7, Whole of Australia, SouthEast Asian Islands.
Power: Secondary Power

Government Structure: Constitutional Monarchy, voting allowed only to property holding males, voting system is First-Past-The-Post Plurality.
Ideology/Policy: Expansion, Capitalism, Colonialism.
Leaders: Stadtholder William I
Capital City: Amsterdam

Netherlands - 3,092,000
Opslaan - 200
Timor - 218,500
Australia - 127,200
Suriname and Antilles - 64,500
Primary Ethnic Group: Dutch, German
Minority Ethnic Groups: French, Belgian, English, South American, Australian, Timorese
Description of Ethnicity: Northern Germanic Protestants
Language: Dutch, German, French, English
Religion: Protestant, Catholic, Judaism, Old Catholic

Foreign Relations:
Pro : Russia, Prussia, Austria, Great Britain and Tokugawa Shogunate
Anti : France, Spain, Belgium, Nusantara.
Neutral : Other nations.
Military Information: Professionally trained and equipped with muskets and rifles. Dutch soldiers are few but well trained in defensive tactics.
Army Size: 17,000 infantry, 1,000 cavalry, 2,000 artillerymen. 2,000 of the infantry are of the Holland Guard.

Army of Holland
2,000 Holland Guard
7,000 Infantry
400 Cavalry
200 Artillery pieces, 40 are mobile field pieces.

Army of Antilles
3,000 Infantry
100 Cavalry
10 Artillery pieces, all mobile field pieces.

Army of Australia and Guinea
5,000 Infantry
500 Cavalry
190 Artillery pieces, 90 are mobile field pieces.

Navy Size: 22 Ship of the Lines, 46 Frigates, 68 Sloops. 10,000 sailors and marines.

Holland Fleet
10 Ship of the Lines, 13 Frigates, 23 Sloops.

Antillian Fleet
5 Ship of the Lines, 12 Frigates, 28 Sloops.

Fleet of the East
7 Ship of the Lines, 15 Frigates, 12 Sloops.

Trade Route Escort Fleet
6 Frigates, 5 Sloops.

Imports & Exports: Imports food, tea, coffee.
Currency: Guilder
Contactable via Skype - Julius_Kanzaki , if y'all desire other Roleplaying Opportunities. TG before adding.


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