Adventure in the Wild! [OOC]

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Adventure in the Wild! [OOC]

Postby Oasisa » Wed Aug 26, 2015 6:57 pm

Standard Roleplay rules apply. If you don't know what they are, see beginner roleplay thread. If your being a %%%, I will kick you out. Not that I expect anyone to. And just a reminder: I AM THE DM, MY WORD IS LAW.

I am the DM, I describe and you react.

5 people will take on the role of hunter, gatherers, and mediciene people to get food for their tribe in the winter.

Your goal is to get 100 food points and bring them home for the winter. Every post is 1 day, and you guys only got 100 days till winter when there is no more food to get. Everyone will get one post to describe what they did during the day. If someone posts twice, 2 days pass, so coordinate! You will also have to deliver the food home, and the most a single person can carry is 10 food points, so choose how you get food wisely! Addtionally, in the wild you are running around a lot to get food, so you will need to consume 1 food point yourself every 10 days or you start starving (see below for starvation rules).

Also, the better the roleplay in an action, the more I am likely to favor your success in an action. One liners and particularly bad roleplays will bias me against your success (I am the universe after all, so I can manipulate the percentages below, though I won't tell you about it).

So be enthusiastic!

Also, everyone gets 10 health points. Get to zero and you die!

You need food while you are going too (see starvation rules).

When you have all decided your roles, post 1 at a time in the IC forum, which is


And coordinate with each other through the RMB or telegrams. Otherwise if someone double posts 2 days will pass while the one person does 2 actions over 2 days and the others just sit around doing nothing. Also, if anyone is inactive for 10 days on this roleplay, they will become a missing person and will be dead for the context of this roleplay.


Once you pick your role, you can't change it, so pick wisely!


10% chance of getting 10 food points per attempt at mammoth.

Success: Get 10 food points to deliver.

50% chance of no injury
20% chance of losing 3 health points
20% chance of losing 5 health points
10% chance of instant death


Find berries, each bush is one food point. Berries are distributed all over the map.

Medicience man:

When he finds a herbal bush, he has the ability to give 1 health point to someone else.

Starvation rules:

Your tribe has food from the previous winter, but they can't spare any more for you guys, so you need to forage for your own food!


No food for 10 days in a row (10 actions)
Lose 1 health point

No food for 15 days in a row
Lose an additional 2 health points

No food for 20 days in a row
Lose an additional 3 health points

No food for 30 days in a row
Lose an additional 5 health points

No food for 40 days in a row
Lose an additional 7 health points

No food for 50 days in a row
Instant death from starvation

And that's it. Post which role you want below and any roleplay information you want to put below (these are prehistoric people, keep it realistic or your not in).
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