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Postby Yonwood » Sat Aug 22, 2015 6:31 pm

Tranversal Colonial Viceroyalty

Viceroy Al'niah & Commander Usdila of the Commando Divsion

Viceroy Al'niah sat at her desk with a cup of tea in her hand as she looked across the table to the newly appointed Commander of the Commando Division and ex Republic Separatist of the recent civil war."Usdila is a pleasure to meet you again and this time as coworkers"Al'niah said and sat her cup down.

"Cut the pleasantries Viceroy,you didn't let the Turians executed me and you gave me a rather prestigious position in your commando division. So what is it that you want?"Usdila asked with a rather defensive manner."Illum my dear Commander,Illum the trade Hub of the Terminus and a thorn in our side. For the Viceroyalty to expand its hold on our sector of the Traverse we will need Illum under our control. Ruled by greed and it's labor laws are just appalling,a plight on Asari culture. As the new Commander of the Viceroyal Commandos,I'm placing you in charge of eliminating certain individuals as well as sparking up resentment in the populace. You'll also will find a suitable leader for Illium's new governorship"she said and acted her terminal so a hologram popped up of a Turian.

"This is mister Texnius Axlerius,CEO of Axlerius Yards of rather large Shipyard Company. He is well known Council Supporter as well as a Indentured Servant Abolitionist. He is well beloved by the populace as well,he is the perfect candidate for Illium's new governor"Al'niah said and looked at the commander who was looking at the Turian Hologram." But why a Turian?"Usdila asked as she turned her gaze to the Viceroy.

"Because he's the only high profile player in Illium politics that can be persuaded into joining the Viceroyalty."she calmly said and took a sip of her tea."You'll take the new Stealth Frigates and the commandos to Illium and begin operations to take over the planet. You also need to gain control of the planet's Dreadnaught which can easily be disguised as a pirate Hijacking ".

"Verywell Viceroy,I'll be off within the next week"Usdila said and stood up,giving a slight salute before walking off to create the plans to take over Illium.

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Postby Celivaia » Sat Aug 22, 2015 7:27 pm

Office of the Dalatrass,

The Dalatrass had just finished some paperwork when the Economic Minister and High Commander Gubame enter her office, and give updates on the current state of the Salarian economic and military projects, after hearing that all is well, the Dalatrass signs off on phase two of the project, and all that is entailed.

"Oh, in addition, Dalatrass," said the Economic Minister. "We have received an anonymous donation to the tune of 350 bCr (remember, 1 mCr is equivalent to 500 million Cr, so 2 is one billion, 700 would be 350 billion). Since our funding is already allocated this month and was established last month, I have passed it into next month's discretionary budget. Think of the possibilities! We could expand Oranil! With our stations there, any economic surplus would have a much larger gain there! Also, at some point, I would very much like to establish a major station in Oranil. So many credits..." The Minister's eyes glaze over at the thought of having such a strong economy next door to Pranas.

With the Economic Minister suitably distracted, High Commander Gubame chimes in. "Our fleets are progressing well, as I've already mentioned. Once complete, our naval power will be vastly expanded, and we will be able to operate more freely. In addition, I believe I have a new research proposal. Our ground forces are limited in their capabilities due to their physiology, but if we can work around that... My proposal is to develop a battlesuit to expand on a Salarian's abilities, while simultaneously limiting our frailty. It may be a bit of a hassle, but with our limited biotics, I've had some military engineers and scientists in the STG draw up some specs for a new system, one that, if feasible and applied properly, could turn the tide. Technical biotics. Incorporate advanced technology such as power generation, weapons tech, and shield tech into the battlesuit, and we can simulate biotic abilities.. And also add a hardpoint for a rocket launcher, or heavy machine gun, something of that nature. There's also the possibility of establishing a wireless link between the suit reactors of those close by, and increase the power of the suit and its abilities for one member. Naturally, we wouldn't likely be able to build enough to keep all our divisions armed, but even applied to our SpecOps teams, it would make a big difference, albeit at a high cost.."

"Interesting. I'll pass it along to our Alpha and Bravo stations, see what they say."

Month 7: 2818 mCr

Research Station "Alpha" - Sur'Kesh - 400 mCr
Research Station "Bravo" - Jaeto - 400 mCr
Ja'Kilush -
- 1 Urban Area (+45 mCr/m) - 100 mCr
- 1 Fuel Depot (+5 mCr/m) - 15 mCr
- 1 Planetary Guns - 50 mCr

Minor Space Station (Oranil) - Re'Lurall - 400 mCr
- 1 Urban Area (+45 mCr/m) - 100 mCr
- 1 Fuel Depot (+5 mCr/m) - 15 mCr
- 1 Planetary Guns - 50 mCr

Salarian Assault Fleet One
35 Corvette Packs - 210 mCr (Free GARDIAN, Thanix Cannons, Multicore Shielding) (140 + 50%) - 2 Months
25 Frigates - 375 mCr (Free GARDIAN, Thanix Cannons, Multicore Shielding) (250 + 50%) - 2 Months
20 Destroyers - 375 mCr (Free GARDIAN, Enhanced Sensors) (300 + 25%) - 3 Months

STG Enforcement Support
1 Specialist - 8 mCr (Drop Troops, Advanced Armour, High-quality Weapons) (Wesirn Baelon, STG Strategist/Union Commando- 4 Months
8 SpecOps Teams - 57 mCr (Enhanced Ewar, Drop Troops) (48 + 20%) - 4 Months

Treasury: 263 mCr

New Economy for Oranil
PRANAS: 735 mCr + 0% = 735 mCr
ORANIL: 1890 mCr + 20% = 2268 mCr
- System Assets:
- Minor Space Station (1 Urban, 1 Fuel Depot, 1 Planetary Guns, +10% System Credits) "Ja'Kilush" (+50 mCr/m)
- Minor Space Station (1 Urban, 1 Fuel Depot, 1 Planetary Guns, +10% System Credits) "Re'Lurall" (+50 mCr/m)

TOTAL: 3003 mCr/m
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Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

Month 7

Postby Archangelskl Oblast » Sun Aug 23, 2015 5:06 am

(7)Human Systems Alliance - Mifan - The systems alliance ramps production after an advance in VI tech explotes from the tech market to facctorys. -1 month off all production this month.

(4)Asari Republics - Elysian Kentarchy - A small campaign has been started by several small groups in an attempt to impeach the asari matriarch from office. Score a 1-2 next month and you MAY be forced to change your leader.

(1)Turian Hierarchy - Archangelskl Oblast - Catastrophe, a FTL drive on a small frigate went critical today, as emergency respondents attempted to evacuate the occupants of the major space port in the capital. To much misfortune there was not enough time and the FTL drive blew up complacently destroying the space port and some surrounding neighborhoods. Many are still being recovered from the rubble but hierarchy officials believe the death toll to bu in the thousands. -1 Major space port and loss of all credits that were produced from it this month. (-1500c)

(10)Salarian Union - Celivaia - "Galaxy of Fantasy" Expansion Released Nearly all Credits go toward salarian govornment funds
“"Waters of Kolono," the newest expansion for "Galaxy of Fantasy," is the hottest gaming title this season with an estimated 3.14 billion downloads after yesterday's midnight release. The title is already out-grossing mega-simulstim "Nekyia Corridor," but the producers aren't flaunting that fact. "We're just pleased that both long-time fans and newcomers to the game are excited about this expansion," says lead designer Ferrus Korlick. "Players can now immerse themselves in 200 to 300 hours of new gameplay." Korlick also addressed technical difficulties with the release: "For those having some trouble logging on from Earth, we ask for your patience. We haven't fully recovered from the fire in the server stadium last night."” Nearly all funds from the game release are said to be put to good use in future indevors. (Annon donation of the 700c from the game company.)+700c

(1)Batarian Hegemony - Argentumurbem - Batarian state Arms factorys are forced to grind to a halt today after a reactor melt down renders the plant inoperable. Must pay 50% of your income this month in order to continue builds on units.

(10)Krogan (Urdnot Clan) - The Krogan - Prize Varren Breeding Rights Sell for A Staggering Amount
“A record 7.3 million credits was paid for breeding rights to Gorefang Akosh Himon Igole Forvros, the varren who wowed judges at this year's Inter-Colony Varren Kennel-Club Show on planet Kruljaven. Gorefang is a red-striped clefnose from Tuchanka who, his trainer boasts, "has torn the heads off of a dozen armored mercs." While the judges had no way to verify this particular qualification, Gorefang is free of scars and has fine dentition. Don't rule the claim out, though -- experts say that piercing standard krogan battle armor is quite possible for a varren in top shape. Tests have recorded Gorefang's jaw exerting more than two metric tons of pressure per square centimeter. That's quite a bite!” +700c for your prized varren.

(8)Cerberus - The Rebel Alliances -

(6)Elcor Courts - Pac Kindom -

(4)Illuminati - Ralnis -

(7)Galstic collective - Kinistian -

(1)Colony of Eden Valley - Yonwood - Your economy is still recovering from the war only months in the past. It will take more time than expected to restore your world to full functioning order. loss of 50%- of income this month.

(9) Lazarus -
month 1
(3) The Lazarus Project - Shepard's body Is recovered in worse condition than imagine. Shreds of were left of the man who saved the citadel. +3 months. (15 months left, w/ set back= 18 months left for completion.)

month 2
(10) The Lazarus Project - A massive breakthrough!! Lead Scientists suggest the construction of a cone to fully repair the tissue and lost or irreparable organs! - 5 months (18 months left w/ breakthrough= 13 months.)

month 3
(1) The Lazarus Project - A bad month for the Lazarus project. The nano technology assisting in the repair has misread orders and damaged some brain tissue in the frontal lobe. +5 months (13 months left w/ Malfunctions= 18 months.)

month 4
(9) The Lazarus Project - The cloning has worked, the Shepard clone will be used to replace several organs and repair the brain damage from last months issues. -4 months (18 months left w/ breakthrough= 14 months.)

month 5
(9) The Lazarus Project - The heart has began pumping again! Shepard's blood had begun to run again, even if he is still connected to several life lines this is still a huge breakthrough! -4 months -4 months (14 months left w/ breakthrough= 10 months.)

month 6
(9) The Lazarus Project - Some body functions are restored, collapsed lungs are repaired! -4 months (10 months left w/ breakthrough= 6 months.)

month 7
(5) Construction of the subject continues as planed. (6 months - 1 month = 5 months.)
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Postby Argentumurbem » Wed Aug 26, 2015 11:41 am

In these days of glory, my fellow citizens of the Hegemony, we should remember why we must strive as we do. Your loyalty to our people's future is rewarded with work and a life devote of hardship. It is with pride that I tell you, men and women of Khar'shan that His Supreme Mastery has decreed that those servants who have shown themselves to be efficient workers are to be permitted a chance to gain the highest honour our people can grant to another: citizenship.

I dislike this immensely, Gherish informed those few who still had the ambition to rise to become one of his council members. A plaque had already filled with the engraved names of those who had fallen in the line of duty while serving on the council panel. The Council will see this as a prime moment to strike.

Are we certain that it was an accident? Asked one of the more astute members, a young man who Gherish had refused on principle to learn the name of. If it were those slaves then the humans may believe that there is disunity among the people.

I am certain, the Supreme Leader replied. SIU confirmed that it was incompetence that lead to the explosion. And the culprits are all dead, he added silently. However I still want all fleets on high alert.

The councillors nodded sagely, as if they could understand his reasons. They think what they want. I just need them to serve.

I want every serviceman believing that every time they open their eyes the Council will be striking, that human terrorists are firing asteroids at our homeworld. I want them to grow accustomed to war. It would make it easier for when it happened. He needed the weak weeded out. The Hegemony needed a race of warriors more than a people.

Batarian State Arms, having been the victim of heartless and jealous Council-based competition, are currently being forced to issue a letter stating that they were forced in to retracting many of their new, cutting-edge technology. Despite this attack on the economical and military superiority of the Hegemony, we, the people of Khar'shan, shall continue to thrive and strive for our peaceful future.


planetary defense guns lvl 3 - 350

planetary defense guns lvl 3 - 350
Gambling Dens x2 - 100

planetary defense guns lvl 3 - 350

20 destroyers - 284
To Stop The Scythe - A Sci-Fi RP set in the world of Mass Effect. Join the Shadow Broker's team and hunt down the mysteries surrounding the Protheans, uncovering secrets that were best left unknown and fight your way to the knowledge that can bring about the destruction of the Reapers.

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Postby Kinistian » Wed Aug 26, 2015 8:43 pm

Kinistian wrote:
Galstic Collective||Xichomom||Exodus-200000 years ago

200,000 years ago,somewhere in the Traverse

Ships wail,monitors flash red and shades of purple,massive metallic warships roar overhead to combat the Elder Machines. The dark harvesters coming towards the last Galstic stronghold in the galaxy,their fleets all converged on the last planet that needed "cleansing". Their armada vast and endless like that of deep space,their horrible beams of energy slicing though the masterpieces of the Galstic Navy and in the thick of it all was the Hyperdreadnaught Xichomom,the last of its kind and the last hope of dodging Galstic extinction. The huge daunting vessel firing his hundreds of smaller cannons on his hull,desperately trying to beat back two Elder Machine Capital Ships as they tried to get a clear line for FTL. The Hyperdreadnaught wailing as it was hit by the arsenal of Reaper weaponry.

"All Units to their designated hibernation chambers.FTL will begin shortly"Fesslian 2234 monotony said over Gasltic communication lines as it was finally able to angle the ship at the clearest destination it could get."FTL in 3...2...1"and the Xichomom was off,barley missing a Reaper that had grasped itself on a Galstic Battlecrusier before firing his dreadful beam at point blank range. The last glimpse of the Galstic empire was the Reapers destroying its last great fleet and the burning of its last Galactic Hub world.

After 3 days of running the Xichomom deactivated its FTL and diverted all power to necessary systems. Fesslian 2234 the only active program aboard the mighty vessel,to begin its selfish vigil until life was rediscovered.

Present Day.....

The Xichomom slowly floated into the first solar system in centuries. The sun of the systems illuminating the giant vessel as it slowly passed. The marks of reaper blasts still stained and dented the massive haul,the faint signature of Fesslain 2234's scanning operation was the only other signal then that of the Asari's,which to them was unknown but somewhat similar to the Geth but more advance.

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Postby The Volus » Wed Aug 26, 2015 10:53 pm


The Rallen,Operation Nightfall

"All personal remain on stand by,entering the Tasale System in 5"Captain Markus Kersurinas said over the internal comm channels of his heavy cruiser the Rallen. The Turian bad ass relinquishing command of the ship to his pilots before swaggering out of the bridge and into the command center where maps of a Illium and Nas Astra were up along with the headshot of Jona Sederis,the Eclipse founder and leader.

"Alright men gather around"Markus said as he walked to the central holo gram grid panel to go over the plan,his green eyes twitching to watch his diverse team of specialist come forward to see what their leader has cooked up for them."This is Matriarch Jona Sederis,the great and prestigious leader of our fellow Mercs the Eclipse. Wanted by the council for various crimes ranging from murder,smuggling,conspiracy and a few hundred other accounts that would take the rest of my live time to point out. This is the big leagues ladies and gents,if we can Jona Sederis Tergatus will receive galactic wide attention and open the way to an entire new field of contracts. Not to mention this target has probably one of the biggest payday any Merc will see in an Asari life time.".

"So what we find where she's hiding and put a bullet between her eyes?" Estosh'Zakiral asked though his masked head."Improbable,Matriarch Sederis must be taken alive in order receive higher amount of credits as well as the complete submission of other Eclipse leaders" Azotur stated quite quickly to his Quarian colleague."Azotur is right Estosh'Zakiral,just killing Jona wouldn't be enough to persuade the entire Eclipse to join our side. Jona is a symbol of power and makes sure her henchmen know that. If we show them who's truly more powerful and get her subordinates support we can effectively assimilate the Eclipse. We will then use her ship to get off Illium and rejoin the Rallen" Batila said as she put her hands on the railing to lean forward a little.

"Correct so this will be a shock and awe stealth grab,I want this quick clean and very effective"Markus said as he crossed his arms while he looked at his team. Her private ship The Sun Huntress,will be docking on Illium is approximately 1:00. The Rallen will active stealth systems to avoid Illium security forces and once we know the docking area of her ship we will drop down with a squad of Hell-jumpers. Azotur will make sure all security cameras and escape routs are locked down while Estosh'Zakiral takes up a good snipping position in order to provide fire support. Batila,myself and the Hell-jumpers will engage her personal guard. Once we have custody of Jona Sedris we will first show her off to her subordinates across the galaxy to show how weak their leader truly is and offer them stronger leader,Captain Markus Kersurinas"the Captain said who was received with a quick and silent nods from his comrades."Good,head to your pods and get ready for a pivotal moment in out quest to control the gangs of the galaxy"Markus said,giving them a salute which they returned before heading to their various drop pods along with the awaiting Black and White armored Hell-Jumpers.

1 hour later...drop pod Hanger
"Azotur,any sign of the target?"Markus asked as he fiddled with his M-96 Mattock's clip."Checking,give me a moment,Illium's docking systems are quite complex and private docks have their own universe of firewalls"the Salarian replied as he hacked away on his terminal right outside his Drop Pod."Markus her ship is docking now!"he suddenly burst though the comm channels."Alright ladies target's ship has been confirmed at the drop point,act with extreme care,I want this Matriarch ALIVE"Markus said before hitting the big red button that made all the lights start flashing in the hanger. Specialist and operatives rushing to their pods and strapping in.

Markus's pod had life and camera fixtures on all the pods in current operation and once he saw all the the men and women strapped in he pulled a lever and entered the drop coordinates. With a loud alarm the hanger doors flashed aside,rockets on the drop pods flared to life and the hail storm boomed out of the under belly of the Rallen. Markus watched out his cockpit hatch to see over dozen pods screaming though the atmosphere,hitting turbulence a little once reaching lower atmosphere and Nas Astra skyline rapidly coming into view. After a minute of plummeting,the pods crashed into the priavte docks of Jona Sederis,some landing straight into the metal flooring while others bouncing off to skid across its surface,kicking up sparks as it went.

Markus saw two hell-jumpers wear injured upon landing and quickly hit the detach button,escaping his pod with his rifle raised up firing a short burst into a poor Salarain Eclipse member's face,ripping though his tech amour with minimal effort thanks to the Mattock. All around he heard the sounds of a firefight raging across the dock,with Hell-jumpers escaping their pods to engage the enemy.

Markus rushed though a hell stream of bullets to reach the first pod,twisting the manual opening mechanism and Turing away as the door shot off. He quickly ran inside to pull the critically injured human away from the flaming pod,firing his rifle at a few Eclipses to make them drop back down under cover. He dragged the injured man to the team medic who had gotten the other Hell-jumper who was a Turain.

Markus got on the comm to hail his team"REPORT!!!"he demanded to his team.

"Azotur here,proceeding to secure the shuttle bay"

"Estosh'Zakiral here,landed in the raptors using it to my advantage,I'm covering Azotur and eyes on Jona Sederis. She's currently on the other side of the dock,be carful it seams she came prepared"

"Batila here,with a few Hell Jumpers a few yards from your postion."

"Alright on my way Batila,cover fire!"Markus said and sprang up from his position firing his rifle and spring towards Batila who had sent a wrap at the enemy while her Hell-jumpers fired their assault rifles at the various Eclipse positions. Markus dropped to his needs and skidded across the floor to behind some creates next to Baltia who retreated back under cover to speak with him.

"Batila,signatory now!"he said and watched the Asari send the gravity defying energy to the
Eclipse position sending them tumbling wildly in the air. Markus seeping up to quickly despatch them with his deadly gun before signaling is teammate and the Hell-Jumpers to move up. As they ran around the corner they came face to face with Jona Sederis who was holding a Batarian Hell-Jumper up by the neck before placing her Katana to his stomach and pulling the trigger,splattering blood and material all over the edge of the dock before tossing the lifeless body over its edge.

"Drop the gun Jona"Markus said as he and his Mercs rose their guns at the powerful Matriarch."Hahhahaha,no one is more powerful then the eclipse"she said with a insane tone to her voice."I'll make sure I'll never see your ugly faces ever again"she said with a short gasp of delight at the thought of killing this wanna be Mercs for destroying her private docks."You won't find me where you'll be going"he retorted and without warning Jona sent a shockwave biotic attack towards them. Batila only managed to cover Markus and herself from the attack but the four hell-jumpers where flung back.

Batila threw down her weapon and raised her arms up,two very long and hot omi blades slowly erected from her arms,sparking flying in between the pitchfork type blade while the more standard looking but longer one steamed off radiation. Markus popped out his thermal clip in exchange for a fresh one along with reaching in his back pocket to draw out Stun Grenades. Jona grinned her teeth at the two,pumping the Katana and activating a mass effect field around her body.

Batila made the first move,throwing a wrap at Jona before charging forward at Jona with both omi blades raised to penetrate. Markus side stepped wide to the left and rush forward,sending bursts of bullets to the left side of the narrow platform so Jona would force to dodge right and onto the charging Batila. Batila thrusted her right arm that held the pitch fork blade forward,catching Jona in shoulder. Jona hawed in pain and caught her other arm with her handle hand. Jona placed one finger though the trigger loop to hold her gun while she rose her other fingers to shoot out a biotic blast that went into Batila's abdomen,causing her to loss breath and plunge backwards.

Jona quickly twirled her grip back into her shot gun and quickly tried to aim at Markus who used his own gun to beat the gun away from him,causing them both to lose their weapons. Jona however didn't need a weapon,her body whiling is blue aura she lunged forward kneeing Markus in the stomach before punching him in the face. Markus held up his arms to cover his face,as he felt her punch at him a few more times Markus regain control of breathing and spring forward from his defensive postion. He gave her a quick jab to the face and a upper cut,making her stumble back. Jona growled darkly at the Turian,whipping the blood from her lip before charging forward,swigging left but Markus ducked and tackled the Asari. Her back hit he ground hard and Markus quickly sat up on top to quickly deliver as many punches as he could onto her but was sent for a twirl by another shockwave,sending him flying and into a few crates.

His head pounding Markus staggered up,he reach down and threw his stun grenade. A grunted as the flash a one bang obstructed his senses. He made out the outline of Jona covering her ears and face while Batila came up from behind to knock her out with her own Katana. Batila quickly tossed the gun and went to help Markus regain is posture.

Smacking his dry lip,Markus kneed down next to Jon and cuffed her hand."Azotur,collect the camera feeds and organize the self detection of the bodies. Estosh'Zakiral,help the wounded on the Sun Huntress,Batila and I have a galatic wide call to make"he said with a pant,he along with Batlia grabbed the Asari and dragged her up onto her ship and into the comm room

He punched in every major figure in the Eclipse organization and watched as every single one popped up on the VIT-COMM."Eclipse generals,I am Markus Kersurinas and this that lays before you is Jona Sederis"he said and dragged forward the snarling Asari. He watched as some frowned while other seemed intrigued."Jona Sedris is unfit to led you anymore,she disregards y'all as her play things and her "goals" are not ambition,they're insane and diluted. I have however certainly have fall the skills and the drive the make the Eclipse even more powerful than it already is,soon your payments will be even more substantial than under Jona and the Eclipse will be the most wanted private security in the entire galaxy,or if you need more encouragement I'll find you just like I did Jona Sedris here"he said and probed the back of her head with his Heavy Pistol.

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Postby Celivaia » Thu Aug 27, 2015 7:07 pm

Salarian Task Force Alpha,

Admiral Anon Gizu, head of Task Force Alpha, had been sitting above Palaven for several weeks, waiting for news of when Operation Scalpel and Sickle would take place. No word was given by the Hierarchy as to when the strike would occur, and Gizu sat waiting patiently all this time.

"Your orders, Admiral?" asked a very bored, very sour Flight Navigator Meralan. "... I've had enough. Send an encrypted message to the STG, request approval to commence the operation without Turian support. Once you send the request, begin mobilizing the fleet to the Relay.." The admiral thought for a moment of the route the fleet would take to Batarian space. "Bah, we'll be fast. Take the fleet the long way, through the Local Cluster to Arcturus Stream. Human presence should be enough to deter the Batarians from keeping an eye on us as we move into position. If the human navy asks, then tell them we're on our way through, and won't be stopping for long. If they don't, then all the better."

"Yes, Admiral!" replied a now much happier Meralan. He typed up a quick message to the STG, used the regular high-priority STG encryption ciphers, and sent it off to the STG. "Message away, communicating to fleet route information and orders via short-range broadcast. No one heard but us."

"Very well, Flight Navigator. Take us out."

Several hours later ---

The Salarian fleet had just come through the Relay into Arcturus Stream, when the Alliance 1st Fleet registered on the Task Force's scanners. An Alliance representative hailed the Task Force flagship and requested the purpose for its presence.
"Don't mind us, humans. Just passing through, nothing to see here.. What, sorry, I think I'm losing the channel. Solar interference or so--" the Admiral made the universal "cut the call" signal after a Salarian Ewar officer began to jam the signal from the Salarian's side.
"Well.. This is going to be fun." said the Admiral. Evading an Alliance rep's call was probably not the brightest of ideas, but time and surprise are both of the essence, and being waylaid by diplomatic "necessities" is rather tiresome. "Fleet, regroup on the Relay, prepare to pass through to the Exodus Cluster. If an Alliance vessel contacts you, tell them that you're busy, and if they could leave a message after the Relay flare."

Within a matter of seconds, the Salarian fleet had jumped through into Exodus Cluster, and the Admiral began to assign deployment orders.

"Alright fleet, we have little information on Batarian fleet deployments. Assume their entire fleet is on the other side of this Relay. Because of that, we won't enter as one fleet, at least not all of us. Fighters and Interceptors, you enter the Relay first, and begin to engage any ships on defence duty. Once they're engaged and their attention diverted, the rest of the fleet will jump through, at which point you disengage, and the fleet disperses, and regroups at Approach Vector Checkpoint One. Then the task force will make a pass, our goal is to cause as much damage to the dry docks where the dreadnoughts are being constructed. Once we pass the dry docks, however, we have reports of Batarian planet defence guns being constructed, the fleet will break into several frigate lances, which will strive to hit as many construction sites as possible, while the main body will then attempt to cause damage to the capital city itself. Aim for high value targets; spaceports, shipyards, industrial complexes, anything. We only have one pass. Once you get past Target Line Delta, break off, regroup at checkpoint Bravo, and from there we'll begin approaching the gate for exfiltration, and return to Annos Basin.

Fleet! Move out!"

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Psychotic Dictatorship

Postby Mifan » Thu Aug 27, 2015 11:06 pm

Arcturus Staton
2 Hours Before Salarian Contact

"So the whole investigation wasn't worth it?" Shastri was speking with Commander Jiang and Major Yung on the investigation of Cyrene.

"No Prime Minister. Other than a few skirmishes with Mauraders, we haven't found anything that would cause for the colony to disappear. We can continue to search the area if you wish."

"Negative, you will leave the colony and end the investigation, there is no point in continuing any longer. Return to your HQ as soon as you leave."

The Major and Commander both saluted the Prime Minister and closed the channel. Shastri sat at her desk and decided to figure out the new budget and get it approved by the Parliament.

2 Hours Later

The 1st Fleet, under the command of Admiral Hackett, has the task of defending the capital of the Alliance, Arcturus Station. All was going well until a Salarian Fleet passed through the area, shocking the fleet, as they had received no word of the Salarians coming through the territory. When an Alliance representative tried to make contact, the Salarians, cut communications and refused to make contact.

The same was said in the Exodus Cluster, where the 3rd Fleet also was ignored by the Salarians when trying to make contact. When word of this reached the Parliament and the Prime Minister, ever fleet was put on high alert, as the Salarians had no reason to come through Human space.


"I know Shastri. The Fleet used the Relay in the System, although we don't know why or where they went. We can only guess where they went. Considering they gave us no warning beforehand means one of two things. They lost contact with Sur'kesh or...."

"They have a target to take out. And if they do, then who?"

"Based on where they jumped, the only logical answer would be the Batarians. There is nothing over there that would cause them to send a fleet in however. Regardless, the fleets will stay on high alert, until stated otherwise. I'll be in touch."

Start Credits=329
1 Frigate (Stealth systems - +75%, Thanix cannons - +25%) 22 Credits- 1 Month
3 Spec ops teams ( Combat Biotics- +50%, Stealth Training- +50%) (Earth) 41 credits-1 Month
1 Fuel Depot- (Eden Prime)-15 credits
2 Urban Areas- (Eden Prime)- 200 Credits
Remaining-51 Credits
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Uh, they're called green hearts.

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Postby The Krogan » Mon Aug 31, 2015 8:39 pm

Tuchanka: Urdnot Capital
Urdnot Dak'ir's Kennels

Dak'ir tossed a piece of roasted pyjak steak towards Gorefang, one of his most prized Varren, and one of the reasons why he now had an extra 7 million credits to spend on the advancement of the Clan. The leader of Clan Urdnot had recently entered Gorefang at the Inter-Colony Varren Kennel-Club Show, an attempt to both show what some of his most prized Varren, and to admire other owners' as well. The last thing he had expected though was the attention that Gorefang would get, and when the mention of large sums of credits for breeding rights came up, Dak'ir went into overdrive to present Gorefang at his best. Luckily, he hadn't had to embellish much at all, his Varren was quite the specimen and what he had said about Gorefang being able to kill mercs was true for the most part, Dak'ir rarely felt the need to count how many heads his varren had torn off, but figured it was around how many he had stated.

"Well Gorefang my friend, looks like all that ass kicking has finally paid off huh? In the form of breeding requests!" He said, immediately bursting out into laughter and tossing the varren another hunk of meat. Standing up, Dak'ir turned to the rest of his pack and said,

"Now, Gorefang here is something you should all aspire to, regular training with by me personally is going to become a thing now, sitting around being lazy is no longer an option" and with that said he left.

I'll turn that group of shits into a right force to be reckoned with at the next show, he thought to himself.
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Postby Celivaia » Sat Sep 05, 2015 6:51 pm

2 Days before the departure of Task Force Alpha from Turian Space


The Dalatrass was in a secure meeting with High Commander Gubame in his office off the STGHQ squadroom. They were going over plans for the coming strike on Khar'shan, and her shipyards.
"And that's the plan, Dalatrass. We make a quick strike, just enough to halt construction of their new dreadnought contingent, and a strike against their industrial complexes and the like. However, I was thinking of doing an action a bit more... direct, and lasting. Even if we destroy the shipyards, there's no guarantee we'll be able to strike again and cut them off. Something a bit more.. lasting. I had the STG drawup the chain of command for the Hegemony, and we've identified a rather.. weak-willed, passive individual. What if we assassinated everyone above him, leaving him command? The only question is how."

"Well, obviously we need to keep our hands clean. The Asari are likely to be at least somewhat displeased by our action against their shipyards, we'd need an outside source. Pull up information on some mercenary groups."
"Done and done, Dalatrass.. STG believes that the TTSU, operating out of the heavy cruiser Rallen, would be the best bet. They just neutralized the head of Eclipse, a rather bold move. Limited target neutralization seems to be more their strength, perfect for a mission of this scope." said the High Commander.

"Excellent, High Commander, give them a call, and prepare the mission details."
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The Rallen,On route to Citadel

"Your heads will be mine!"Jona screeched at the Tergatus employes with Assaults rifles that stood on the opposite side of a the plasm door."Ya lady keep running your mouth off and see what it gets you"one soldier dared and popped the thermal clip to let it steam out compressed air for added effect. Jona grind devilish,rising the bird and yeld"fu---".

Her force was cut off by the same solider shocking her entire enclosure with the push of a button."I wonder if we can turn her red"he said to companion who shrugged uncaringly"go ahead,but don't damage her. We need this harlot alive in order to collect the bounty." He said before rubbing his neck."Fair point"he exclaimed and unleashed his finger upon the button to let the Asari collapse to the floor gasping for air while curling up the cold ground.

Just then a deck hand with a data pad raced down the corridor and up a short flight of stairs and inti the command bridge where Markus stood talking with the new eclipse officers. He turned around and read though the content before turing to his new men."Sorry boys just got something very interesting,carry on with your current objectives and I'll forward Jona's "last paycheck" to y'all once we meet up again"and they nodded with understanding and slowly cited the VITT-COMM screen.

"Azotur,give me a direct line with these COMM channel and tell our pilot to head to these coordinates"Markus said over the comms and was received with a rodger that. Markus waited at the VITT-COMM as beeped away a signal to the STG ship that scent him the message. Their proposal was quite handsome,he just had to make sure that this was for real though.

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Postby Celivaia » Tue Sep 08, 2015 8:17 pm

Remote Point,
Widow System

Upon receiving both visual and signal confirmation that the ship that arrived at the point was, in fact, the Rallen, an STG probe sprung to life, and established a secure communication line between the Rallen and STGHQ.

"Greetings, Commander... Markus, I presume? I am Dalatrass Relbana, presiding over Sur'Kesh, and the Union." began the Dalatrass. "I bring to you a business proposal. We took note of your recent..... how should I put this.. removal, of Jona Sideris, head of Eclipse, and thought we should call concerning a target." An image pops on screen of a Batarian. "This is Gherish Crob'bath, awful name, head of the Batarian Hegemony, code-name "Warlord." He has been a thorn in the galactic community's side for quite some time now. Our proposal is this; head to the Kite's Nest Relay in the Exodus Cluster at PRECISELY, this time and date." The relevant information pops up on the screen, above Warlord's picture. "From there, you will be read in on several other particulars for the job, but we can hit the broad strokes now. Once you're in Harsa, you will drop your team into the Hegemony's capitol building, and from there, sweep, clear, and kill any Hegemony official you can find, EXCEPT for this one." An image of a second Batarian comes onto the screen. "This is Gholrashi Cra'thular, code-name "Legacy," he is a low-level Hegemony and military official, however he has a certain... timidity, that could come into use at later points in time, and we wish for him to inherit the Hegemony from his superiors. The catch is, however, that he cannot know you are purposefully leaving him alive. Make sure he escapes, lives, whatever, just ensure that he does not die, and is coherent enough to take charge of the Hegemony after the strike is completed. I am transmitting an information packet to you now. This packet details every single official above Legacy that you must eliminate. Confirmation of the kills are required. Payment will be 200 billion credits." (OOC: 400 mCr, one mCr is 500 million) "As you can see, the plan will take place in a little under 2 days time. Any questions?"



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