Infinite Justice: Beyond Archive thread.

For all of your non-Nationstates related roleplaying needs!
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Infinite Justice: Beyond Archive thread.

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Put your apps in here!

Name/Alias: Xander Smith/Emperor Xander/Monarch

Gender: Still a guy.

Age: 11. Inhabits a human body at the physical age of 27.

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):

Species: Elo

Backstory: Y'all know what happened.

Powers and Abilities: Quantum Manipulation: After absorbing the power of the Ancient Elos, Xander gained their ability to warp reality on a quantum level. There is very little that he cannot do. However, Xander lacks the knowledge to use his power properly and has mental barriers placed so that he can't tap into more than 5% of his full power.

Weaknesses: Xander has a nasty temper.
His full power is completely unstable. He has no control over it.
Anti-matter is to him what Kryptonite is to Superman.
High levels of energy absorption will weaken him as well, or at least force him to fight in a low energy state.

Destructive Capacity: Galactic. Universal at full power.

Speed: Lightspeed in combat/Can enter hyperspace for MFTL travel.

Durability: City+Very potent Regeneration

Lifting Strength: Multi-star

Striking Strength: Star level.

Standard Equipment:

Intelligence: Quite high. Xander has superb knowledge of human and xenobiology. He is also an extremely skilled combatant.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Naja

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): Image

Species: Inhuman

Backstory: Too lazy.

Powers and Abilities: Molecular Manipulation: The true source of all of her powers. Though she is unaware of this, meaning she can't manipulate molecules other than her own. This grants her incredible powers.

Supernatural Condition: Naja is physically monstrous. Though she is typically on par with a Kryptonian under a yellow star, she can go much higher if the need arises.

Energy manipulation: She can project vast amounts of energy from her eyes and hands.

Healing Factor: Naja can come back from almost nothing.

Weaknesses: Magic: While she has more defense against magic than the average person, it's not enough to make a real difference.
Emotions: Naja's powers are tied to her emotions. She is more powerful when angry and severely weakened when she's sad.
She also doesn't keep her powers on at all times. Leaving her vulnerable when she's not using them.

Destructive Capacity: Normal: Solar system. Full power: Galactic.

Speed: Varies, on average is about 5 million c, travel wise.

Durability: Country level+ Regen

Lifting Strength: Large planet. Full power: Stellar

Striking Strength: Large Planet, Full Power: Supernova.

Standard Equipment: None.

Intelligence: Slightly above average.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Otis "Bolt" Steredenn

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): ... 5lv0dy.png

Species: Inhuman Kineceleran

Backstory: Otis never really had a good life. At the ripe old age of five, his father was killed by a drunk driver. The good news was that he left behind a sizable life insurance fund. Unfortunately for him, his mother became violent and depressed shortly after. It wasn't often that he was forced to fend for himself when mother dearest simply forgot he existed or simply didn't care. When he hit puberty, something snapped and he wound up fighting his own mother while she was drunk. It didn't take much for him to knock her out, and when she woke up in the morning she didn't remember what happened.

Otis had to get out of that house. It was insane living with the woman who sadly happened to be his mother. But he had no money. Well. At least until he saw her punch in her PIN and yoinked her debit card and car keys. After which he called the police on her and she was taken into rehab and out of his life. He sold the house and took the rest of the money to live on the road at the age of 17. Two years passed and he spent his days messing with drug dealers. This caught up to him and several hired goons were chasing him into a green fog. They caught up to him to find him encased in a huge green cocoon and what really scared them off was the dog the size of a car and the woman who threatened to beat them senseless with her hair.

Queen Medusa had taken the cocoon back to Attilan to await for the Nuhuman to, hopefully, come out alive.

Since then, Otis adapted to his life as an Inhuman. He went about his life normally until he wound up killing Darkseid and having his power firced upon him.

Powers and Abilities:[box]Omega Physiology: As the host for the cosmic energy of the Omega Effect, Otis is far more powerful than he used to be in every way.
Energy Manipulation: Otis can project the feared Omega Beams, from his hands or eyes, for a huge variety of effects. The beams being feared for their insane accuracy and deadly power.
Psionic Manipulation: The Omega Effect also grants Otis potent psionic abilities.
Matter Manipulation: Otis can manipulate matter on an atomic level. Demonstrated when he created the Pantheon on the Moon with little more than moon dust and rocks.
Superpower Augmentation: Otis can give people powers, enhance the ones they already have, or strip the powers from someone. Shown when he gave a hornet super strength.

Weaknesses: Otis is a pacifist and hates fighting. He will only fight if he's severely provoked.

Destructive Capacity: Multi-Galactic+

Speed: MFTL (combat) Teleportation (Travel)

Durability: Galactic

Lifting Strength: Stellar level.

Striking Strength: Galactic class.

Standard Equipment: His helmet w/ visor

Intelligence: High school dropout, but relatively street smart, and immersed in pop culture.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: [/box]

Name/Alias: Felicity "Velocity" Summers

Gender: Female

Age: 30

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):

Species: Inhuman

Backstory: Felicity was born into a good home. Her parents were kind and caring. School however, was a much different story. Her grades were average at best, but she constantly found herself getting into fights. She rarely was the antagonist, but after her first one where she broke someone's nose and collarbone, Felicity immediately knew what she wanted to do with her life. Beat people up, and get paid. She started wrestling in highschool and then after graduating, jumped into MMA as soon as she found out about it. Her parents were obviously concerned for her safety, but that didn't stop her from following her dream.

For the next decade, she more than proved that she had skill for MMA. Quickly rising through the ranks and even going pro. Money soon followed as she gained popularity, sponsorship and money soon flooded her. Life was good. She had a big house, enough money to keep her well off until the day she died. Then things took a turn for the weird. While she was on a rest day, a massive green cloud covered her home. Because she didn't think anything off it, she was outside at the time, and thus was trapped in a cocoon in the middle of nowhere.

However, Xander was patrolling the cloud because it was passing over a large population center. He told Medusa that if he found any of the cocoons, he would take them to Praetoria and call her first thing to let her know. Felicity's was the only one that he found. And so he took it to a safe room on Praetoria and went to call Medusa when the cocoon was getting ready to crack open...

Powers and Abilities: Speed Force Conduit: Felicity has a natural access to the Speed Force. This is what grants her the ability to move as quick as she does.

Supernatural Combat: Thanks to her speed and skill, Felicity is a nightmare of an opponent.

Weaknesses: Slippery surfaces
Sonic based weaponry
Her legs
Zero gravity

Normal/Speed Force

Destructive Capacity: Small building/Can punch through anything

Speed: Mach 5/Incalculable

Durability: Tree Level/Tree Level

Lifting Strength: 1 ton/1 ton

Striking Strength: Gigajoules/Infinite Mass Punch

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Highly Skilled fighter. High School education.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character: Inspired ever so slightly by Undyne.
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Elena Galadera/Stormlight/Batgirl
Name/Alias: Elena Galadera/Stormlight

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Appearance: (Facial Appearance)
Outfit(left one)

Species: Human

Backstory: Elena's brightness was shown from the very start, learning how to read and write from the very start. She showed an astonishing aptitude in her art, and quickly her parents gave her her own easel and painting set. As she grew older, she started to travel more, going to the hills and forests to paint landscapes. She, graduating from high school early, went to an institute of art in England, and there improved her skills even more.

One day, hiking up a mountain with a few friends to paint the view, they were separated in an unexpected storm. Elena, reaching the top of the mountain, suddenly saw a bright light, and she felt something, a presence, and essence enter her. Falling unconciscous, she awoke in the beginning of dusk and headed down, encountering her friends. Graduating from the institute early as well, she headed home to the U.S, and suddenly discovered her powers, given to her by the mysterious essence that inhabited her, and she somehow knew that it would never leave, and would become one with her. Practicing with her powers, she soon discovered their limits, and is quite amazed at them.

Powers and Abilities:
Stormlight: Elena was inhabited by the Stormlight Smith's essence, giving her the powers of the Stormlight Smith, who has faded from existed. Stormlight is a variant of light.

Light Absorption (or Infusing): Elena can absorb light from anything but living creatures to use, by taking in a breath. The larger breaths she takes, the more light is taken in. This may darken a room, and give her an available power source. However, she must be careful not to breathe too deeply to not turn the atmosphere or her clothes around her into slate gray. This absorbing of light will also make her glow.

She refers to this power as infusing, and has been gifted by the Smith Stormlight spheres, magical balls that can hold light at any time. If there is no light available, Elena can draw light from the spheres, which will make them dun , meaning colorless. They can be refilled by putting them in the sun or moonlight. She carries these spheres on her person at all times. Elena can infuse these spheres herself with her own power, storing it for later use. She can also infuse any objects with light, such as her clothes, a stick or a sword.

Flight: Elena has the power of flight.

Peak Human Condition: Elena has peak human accuracy, agility, combat, durability, endurance, equilibrium, flexibility, healing, intelligence, longevity, reflexes, sensory system, speed, strength and wisdom when she has enough Stormlight. These will increase and decrease with the amount of Stormlight she has.

Sense of Color: Elena's sense of color is different from most humans, seeing everything in more radiance. The more Stormlight she has, the more her sense of color will increase, so that she can tell what shade of a color is visible.

Force-Field Manipulation: Elena can generate and manipulate powerful forcefields that are capable of blocking most things. Integrity of the force-field depends on her concentration.

Stormlight Suit and Equipment

  • Stormlight Suit: The suit itself is one like most of the Bat family costumes. Instead Elena's suit, is all white. The fabric is Kevlar, and is also supported by several shock plates within it, serving as cowl.
  • Cape: Elena's cape is of both memory cloth, meaning that it is essentially flexible in its normal state, but becomes semi-rigid in a fixed to form "hang glider esque wings " when an electric current is passed through it from the microcircuits in her right glove. It reaches her feet, and is also bulletproof and fire resistant.
  • Boots: Elena's boots are highly resistant to shock meaning that she can land on the ground at any speed without fear of breaking something.
  • Stormlight Spheres: Elena has several Stormlight spheres in her utility belt, along with many tiny ones embedded into her suit, allowing her to draw Stormlight from them at any time.
  • Gloves: Elena's gloves contain flexible mirrors, from which she can reflect Stormlight. These mirrors can be activated by several movements, words, or wrist buttons.
  • Utility Belt: Elena's utility belt can only be unlocked by her, and contains writing materials, notepads, Stormlight spheres, smoke grenades, extra comlinks and grappling guns.

- Elena is still a human, and so can be hurt by anything a human can be, besides diseases. Her durability, speed, lifting strength and such, with Stormlight, are only at Peak Human Level, and she can easily be overpowered by those with greater strength.
- Being in darkness for an expended period of time will drain her energy and Stormlight.
- Elena is only as powerful as the amount of Stormlight she has or can absorb. If she runs out of Stormlight while using her powers, and cannot immediately renew the supply, she will not be able to use her powers until gaining Stormlight, along with her Peak Human Condition.
-Vulnerable to Darkness Manipulation
- Is unable to be powered by Stormlight spheres on eclipses.

Destructive Capacity: Town Level

Speed: 10m/s running, 100 m/s flying

Durability: City Level

Lifting Strength: Peak Human

Striking Strength: Class GJ

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Extremely high, Peak Human Level. An avid reader far above her age peers. What she lacks in strength, she makes up in knowing when to strike, where to strike, and the best strategies and etc. Basically, Batman level intelligence.

Optional stuff

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character: Loves muffins with a passion, avid reader and painter. Her Hair appears dark usually and will turn gold when she uses her powers.

Valka Silverhand
Name: Valka Silverhand

Titles: Goddess of Forging, Metal and Fire, The All-Mother of Asgard

Gender: Female

Age: 2,700, appearing to be 25.

Face, with hair that is a bit more golden, like this.
Regular Armor
Secondary Armor
Heavy Armor

Species: Asgardian

Backstory: Valka had been destined to be a warriormaiden, from her very birth. In fact, as she came out of her mother's womb, she cried out, and was silent, so much so that they at first thought she was dead. But the young Asgardian grew quickly, growing to love her father's forges, making herself stronger, while she also trained with melee weapons. She showed talent for metallurgy, so much so that the dwarves of Nidavellir allowed her to often work among them, teaching her their secrets. And so it was, when she came of age, Odin named her the goddess of Forging, Metal and Architecture. She has often remodeled Asgard, and gained a reputation for masterful skill in battle. Once she had taken on her titles, she reforged Odin's spear Gungnir, and has reforged Mjolnir several times as well. In a battle long ago against the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim, she sacrificed her hand to save Thor from the blow of Malekith, who had snuck up behind the son of Odin to deliver a crippling blow. After sacrificing her hand, she drove Malekith off, forcing the dark elf to flee her wrath. Returning to Asgard, she forged herself a new hand, of uru metal. For her actions, she was permitted to ride among the Valkyries, and was gifted one of their winged helmets. She still often rides with them today, and with Lady Sif, Thor and the Warriors Three as well, on hunting trips, whenever she is on Asgard. Odin permitted her to go to Midgard, and there she is now, curious about what makes these Midgardians so intriguing to Thor. Meeting the Dallen from the alternate Earth, they fought, and Valka receiving the Nord Corps Ring, went to Asgard with him. Later, receiving a distress call, she headed to the world of Aiuar, helping Aeshandra to fight against Asra who had destroyed the souls of several Vokornians. Being sent on assignment by Odin far away, she was absent for the great battle in which almost all of the Asgardians were killed in one last titanic battle. Performing Thor's death ceremony, she gave him her sword, Oathbringer, due to her unfulfilled oath, and finding the shards of Mjolnir, also found Odin, dying in his crown room. Changing her title to the Goddess of Forging, Fire, Metal and Thunder, he also made her the new host for the Odinforce, which became the Valkaforce, Odin naming her the new ruler and All-Mother of Asgard before he died. Sailing on Skipbladnir, she made her way to the life raft on Madworld.

After the events on Battleworld, Valka fought in the Builder War alongside the heroes of Earth and Hadrimmelis, winning everlasting wonder for her pulling of Mjolnir from a universe away to rip through a Builder on the Kree planet of Hala, changing the tide of the war. And then, in a saga now titled Renascence Eternal, Valka travessed the universe, meeting different versions of herself and going on a rampage through every single Earthen hell to free her future daughter, Valveig, from the grip of Those Who Sit Above in Shadow. Although Valveig returned to her own timestream after the saga, Valka conceived about 10 months later. Then, she fought alongside the other heroes to defeat Yuga Khan, the father of Darkseid, and Alastir, who was invading Earth.

Powers and Abilities:
Asgardian Physiology including
--Superhuman Strength: (60 tons, more depending on Valkaforce)
--Superhuman Speed, Reflexes, Agility
--Superhuman Stamina
--Superhuman Dense Tissue
--Superhuman Durability
--Superhuman Extended Longevity
--Regenerative Healing Factor
Supernatural Combat Skill: Valka, being thousands of years old, has legendary skills with all weapons, beyond what should be possible
Weapon Manipulation: Valka can create, shape and manipulate summon any weapon to herself at all times
Undying Loyalty: Valka will remain completely loyal until the very end unless she has been betrayed or her loyalty rejected.
Attire: Can change to regular form or battle form at will, along with her armor
Enchanted Armor: Valka's armor, self-made, is enchanted, allowing it to repair itself, and is of uru metal.
Enchanted Hand: Valka's new hand is of uru metal, and can be transformed into anything Valka wishes, such as an additional weapon.
Worthiness Enchantment: Mjolnir also has an worthiness enchantment, allowing only those who are worthy to pick it up. The weapon reads, Whosever holds this weapon, if they be worthy, shall possess the power of VALKA.
Flight: Valka has the power of flight, being able to fly faster than light speed while completing complicated maneuvers.
Metal Manipulation: Valka can bend, create and manipulate metal.
Fire Manipulation: Valka can manipulate and create fire.
Weather Manipulation: With Mjölnir, Valka is a powerful manipulator of all and any weather.
Fire Immunity: Due to forging domain
Energy Absorption: Due to Valka's armor being of uru metal, her armor can absorb energy/magic. This is also due to her enchantments put into the metal, and her nature as a goddess of metal and forging. However, Valka herself cannot absorb energy, her armor and weapons can.
One-Woman Army: With her array of skills and experience, Valka can fight with the strength of the entire army.

-Valka is vulnerable to magnet manipulators, along with ice and water benders.
-Susceptible to attacks more powerful than that of her armor, or insane amounts of energy her armor cannot absorb.
-Feels extremely hurt when loyalty is betrayed
-Loyalty may blind her, being extremely loyal to a fault
-Has to take one day each year to recharge the Valkaforce, in which she is vulnerable

Destructive Capacity: Small Galaxy Level, I'll say. However, really immesurable, if she was completely at 100% and using the Valka Force, and all of her possible arsenal. Perhaps immeasurable was the wrong word to us here, I'll say top is Large Galaxy, maybe Galactic. Apologies, that was me being stupid, subconsciously upping her.

Speed: FTL (x10+), though, the Valkaforce also allows her to create portals

Durability: Galaxy Level

Lifting Strength: 60 Tons

Striking Strength: Class XMJ

Standard Equipment:
  • Valkyrie Helmet, Uru Armor, Long, flowing blue cape.
  • Winged Horse: Salvistar and. The one of the last of the great winged horses, Salvistar can ride to Valka's summoning at any time or place, enabling her to ride in space as well.
  • Skipbladnir: A Viking-style long-boat whose enchanted sails and oars enabled it to navigate the "sea of space". Its mystical properties enables Valka to ride it safely without any natural protection from the vacuum of space. Skipbladnir can be mystically shrunk to the size of a fist.
  • Weapons: The Odinsword is in Valka's possession. This mighty, huge sword is only to be unsheathed when 'the end of the universe is at hand'. Gungnir, the spear of Odin is similar in properties to Mjolnir, returning to the hand when commanded, and having a worthiness enchantment. Lastly, Oathbringer is Valka's original sword which is often sheathed at her waist, forged of uru metals and enchanted to never dull or chip.
  • Nord Corps Ring: Gained during the conclusion of her duel with Dallen, the Nord Corps Ring allows Valka to create anything she can imagine from her ring. It runs on her sense of honor, glory and loyalty. However, it is not her primary weapon.
  • Valkaforce: The Ancient and vast Asgardian cosmic force which can be used for incredible feats, such as energy blasts, teleportation, and magical feats such as manipulating matter for a number of purposes, erecting nigh impenetrable force fields, barriers which can shield entire cities, altering size, endowing people or objects with powers, or destroying Captain America's shield. In its use, and in general, Valka is slightly weaker than Odin. With the Valkaforce, Valka has slain gods with a single punch, decimated an army of the dead thousands strong, among other feats. Also, she also has a Skymother form, becoming a giant form of herself, truly one with the Valkaforce.
  • Vokoronian Collective: In order to defeat Asra, Valka bonded with Aeshandra and the Vokoronian Collective, enabling her with their powers. Those powers include Precognition, Telekinesis, and an Astral Form.

Intelligence: An excellent strategist, due to her years of experience. Is very intelligent as well in her fields, forging, metals and architecture.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: Two Steps From Hell is epic !

Random Facts about your character: Has a very loud voice when needed. Fan of cinnamon-sugar PopTarts ;)

Valveig Silverhand
Name/Alias: Valveig Silverhand, Goddess of Stories and Runes

Gender: Female

Age: 20 or so.

Another Face, minus the eyepatch
Heavy Armor

Species: Asgardian

Backstory: Valveig is the daughter of Valka Silverhand, All-Mother of Asgard. In Valka's previous future, Valveig was originially the Goddess of Rebirth. As that, she did something none had done: she killed Those Who Sit Above in Shadow, the Gods of Gods, who presided over the cycle of Ragnarok. But it turned out to be a trap, the Lords of Shadow seizing Valveig's soul and body, controlling her and using her to attempt and gain control over the life cycles of all things. In the event known as Renascence Eternal to the Asgardians, Those Who Sit Above in Shadow were truly slain and Valveig was freed, becoming the Asgardian Goddess of Stories and Runes.

Powers and Abilities:
  • Asgardian Physiology including
    --Superhuman Strength: (15 tons)
    --Superhuman Speed, Reflexes, Agility
    --Superhuman Stamina
    --Superhuman Dense Tissue
    --Superhuman Durability
    --Superhuman Extended Longevity
    --Regenerative Healing Factor
  • Masterful Combat Skill: Despite being young, Valveig is a masterful combatant, being able to kill Valka six times(against her will) with the help of the Lords of Shadow.
    Attire: Can change to regular form or battle form at will, along with her armor
  • Enchanted Armor: Valveig's armor, made by her mother, is enchanted, allowing it to repair itself, and is of uru metal.
  • Runes: Many elements, forces, and powers can be translated into symbols, or runes. Valveig can either speak these runes, or write them, whether in the air, or on a surface. The force/element/power can be exerted on different things and stuff...
  • The Names of Things: If Valveig discovers the true name of everything, she can exert tremendous power over it, controlling it, and wielding it. This includes sentient life, but the true name of a sentient being is very difficult to find because it is always changing with the different experiences that people have, and most people do not know their true names. Right now, Valveig only knows the Name of the Wind, effectively giving her Air Manipulation.
  • Story Manipulation: Valveig, in her short studies, has already learned many stories, which she can recite or use Illusion Manipulation to create a visual for her readers. In time she might be able to enter into stories, but she may never alter them. Her abilities gives her a form of Cosmic Awareness as well, to see where new stories are being written.

  • Susceptible to attacks more powerful than that of her armor, or insane amounts of energy her armor cannot absorb.
  • Quite young, and so, rash and inexperienced.
  • Electricity or fire wielders.
  • Does not know many Names or Runes.

Destructive Capacity: Island Level

Speed: 10,000,000 m/s

Durability: Continent Level

Lifting Strength: 10 Tons

Striking Strength: Class TJ

Standard Equipment:
  • Uru Armor, Long, flowing maroon cape.
  • A Pegasi named Talvi
  • Her sword, Battleborne

Intelligence: Possibly unlimited, with her unlimited access to stories

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

Craig Thomsen
Name/Alias: Craig Thomsen/Silverwing (Earth's Artificer Absolute)

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Appearance: (Here.)

Species: Human (Mutant)

Backstory: Craig had quite the remarkable beginnings. Learning how to read and write from an very early, abnormal age, Craig started kindergarten at age 3, a testament to his brilliance. He quickly skipped several grades in quick succession, driving himself with the support of his parents. In 6th grade, he was taking 9th grade classes, and so he quickly graduated high school. Craig had an affinity for technology from the very beginning, he loved to take things apart to see how they worked, and he constantly asked questions. Gaining admittance to MIT, he patented several quite useful inventions and soon gained his Master's in both Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering, graduating at age 16. It was then that he was recognized as a genius on the levels of Tony Stark and Reed Richards. Coming fresh out of college, he spent some time working on inventions to improve the environment, creating a car that ran only on water and a phone with a superior AI that challenged both Apple and Google. With several suggestions, Craig went on to form Thomsen Tech, a research and development engineering company, with products that are used around the globe. Craig, learning from the mistakes of Stark, stayed far away from weapons development, making sure none of his numerous inventions could be used in warfare. It was then that he discovered his powers, and began applying them as a hero. Though he could make one, he wanted to do something different from an Iron Man suit, though he made one for the fun of it, and in emergency cases. For now, however, he created his own Falcon wings.

However, Craig was captured and tortured by the government organization known as ARGUS when he refused to make plans and weapons against the superhero community. After a year of torture, he escaped...

Powers and Abilities:
Technology Manipulation: Craig can control and manipulate technology and machines, meaning that he can communciate with them, and if he so wished, hack into anything.
Nanite Manipulation/Microbots: Inspired by yet another movie as a teenager, Craig created tiny microbots which could create constructs and structures. He controls them with his mind and his only restriction is his imagination.
Supernatural Intelligence: Craig has always shown a brilliance in everything he tries and there seems to be no limit to what he can do when he sets his mind to it.
Maximum Brain Capacity: Craig can fully use/access 100% of the brain capacity, allowing him, among other things, to be resist telepathic attacks.
Pain Suppression: Due to his torture, Craig can now suppress the pain he feels, having an incredible pain tolerance. That doesn't mean that he is immune to all attacks, but that he won't feel them, and can continue fighting.
Indomitable Will: Thanks to the torture and the Rainborn Core surrounding his heart, Craig has unusually strong willpower.
Second Sight: Second Sight, the act of Craig seeing only being a way for his mind to translate the information that it gathered in an easy way. To utilize Second Sight, he accessed what he had called the tech realm, where, for example, computers and the Internet really where. Humanity had only, in some way, managed to tap into Second Sight. When in Second Sight, he cannot see physical things that possessed no technology, though his other senses could alert him of such. But Second Sight was extremely vulnerable to magic, to the extent that he could not even see it.

-Craig's armor's main weakness is being susceptible to metal and magnetism manipulation. Attacks of electrical manipulation would power him up, though if exposed for a long time to electrical attacks would overload the suit.
-Besides the suit, Craig is only mostly a human, and so is vulnerable outside of it.
-Like everything, Craig's suit requires power, and will power down after running out of juice. Though Craig has constantly improved his power cores, the suit does not have unlimited power.
-He also has a tendency to be overconfident.
-The torture has scarred him mentally, giving him PTSD, causing flashbacks, among other things.

Destructive Capacity: City Block Level

Speed: 1,000 m/s

Durability: Country Level

Lifting Strength: Class M

Striking Strength: Class PJ

Standard Equipment:
Silverwing Armor

At the time of the incursions, Craig decided he needed an upgraded exoskeleton, and obtained Valka's help in building one, which he named, the Silverwing Armor. The Silverwing Armor is Craig's most advanced, with a multitude of features, and increased durability, being made of Adamantium, Vibranium, and Uru. Craig also has a psionic link with the smart armor.
  • Falcon Wings: Inspired by the Falcon and Iron Man, Craig made his own version, creating surprisingly light armored falcon wings, allowing him to fly. The wings can be flapped in the fashion of a bird, and they can also be used as a shield. They are made of a light, metal allow, and are retractable.
  • Disc: The disc can be thrown like Captain America's shield, and is programmed to always return to his hand, like Thor's hammer. One disc is permanently mounted on the back of his armor, and an innumerable amount can be summoned from a dimensional storage. The disc mounted on his back can split into two discs upon Craig's command. They are also coded to Craig's genetic code, and anyone else attempting to wield them will receive an electrical shock. The discs have different settings. The highest setting can cut nearly anything, other settings are charged with varying amounts of electricity, and another still will set the discs on fire.
  • Shield: The Silverwing armor can create a circular energy shield around itself which is impervious to water, fire, and most energy attacks. In fact, the energy shield can absorb the energy of certain attacks. However, repeated punches can disable it, and the shield can rapidly deplete the suit's power cores.
  • Smart/Nanite Gloves: Craig's armor can blast energy attacks from its palms. Also, the gloves are "smart" and similar to Spiderman's design in that Craig has a storage of his nanites inside, that he can issue forth and use in attacks. The gloves can also emit electricity.
  • Energy Adaptability/Power Cores: The Silverwing armor has several large power cores. It is also adaptable, able to store solar, thermal, wind and electric energy, utilizing it for Craig's uses.
  • Symbiotic/Liquid Metal: The Silverwing armor, made out of a Adamantium, Vibranium and Urur alloy, is a liquid smart metal that solidifies upon contact. Craig has a psionic link with the armor, allowing him to summon it without electronics, and he can even manipulate the armor to attach on another person, or only use parts of the armor, or liquid tendrils of it. Suiting up looks like this. He frequently wears it as a band on his wrist.
  • Onboard Computer/AI: The Silverwing armor contains an advanced computer within it to assist Craig with targeting, calculations and general information when he needs to focus on other things. Craig's AI, B.O.T, runs this for him, and will tell him of suit integrity, oncoming attacks, and other things..
  • Laser: The Silverwing armor also has highpowered lasers which can be used for cutting or attacks.
  • Sensor Array: The armor has several sensors that include radar, night vision, and physiological/medical scanners that allow Craig to take and monitor the vitals of other people, including heart and brain scans. Craig can also scan a viscinity for life forms, though that only checks on a thermal level.
  • Life Support: The armor has oxygen storage, along with emergency food packages. His waste is automatically converted to energy. The suit is also waterproof, and can withstand high temperatures, and survive in space.
  • Teleport Wrist Device: Craig can now teleport to certain locations using his new teleportation device
[*]Appearance: This,, this and this armor's legs.

Thomsen Tech: Craig owns the multibillionaire company Thomsen Tech, which focuses on research and development around the world. Some famous products include the Tom phone, the Thomsen car, a Virtual Reality MMO game, wind turbines, and various more inventions. Thomsen Tech is constantly coming up with improvements and new creations for the planet. All of its resources are at his finger tips, and the company's headquarters is in Northern Virginia.

Orb of Cognition: Craig invented the orb to give him access to alternate realities. Although he failed in that, the orb has several other abilities, listed below. The orb is made out of the same alloy from the Silverwing armor, and is coded to Craig's DNA. It is also semi-sentient, a part of Craig, in a way.

Intelligence: Craig's intelligence is extremely high, on the level of Reed Richards, Tony Stark, Doctor Doom, and Mad Max. By far the smartest 20 year old in the world, and among the top 8.

Optional stuff

Theme song: See What I've Become - Zach Hemsey
Random Facts about your character: Loves Krispy Kreme doughnuts, plays the violin and cello, and is surprisingly good at soccer.

Craig's Patented Inventions

  • The Thomsen laptop: One of Craig's first creations after founding Thomen Tech, this laptop has extremely long battery life, an limited AI, and can survive a drop of 10 feet.
  • Virtual Reality: Craig also created a VR console, which can host nearly every game in existence, besides those predominately based on violence. The console is like a helmet, and it comes along with the Thomsen TV, which has scanners to track every motion the player makes. Craig also created a game called Virtual Reality Online, which is a MMO game where players enter VR and play in any universe or universes of their own creation.
  • Filtering water bottle: A biodegradable water filter in the form of a water bottle that can strain out and filter 99.7% of all materials and substances not drinkable.
  • ThinkPen: A pen that can write whatever you are thinking in nearly perfect handwriting
  • Nanobots: Little robots that can travel through the bloodstream tracking medical conditions
  • 3-D Printer: A 3-D Printer for both home and work that is quick and easy to use
  • Craigbot: A small robot whose primary purpose is to serve, both in conditions that are too dangerous for humans, and for medical purposes.
  • Tom phone: A smartphone that is both sleek and durable. The Tom phone has a superior AI to it's competitors, along with other features, such as seamless connection to all other Thomsen products
  • The Thomsen Green Car series: Environmentally stunning cars, this series of cars emit little to zero emission. One is powered by water, another by the sun, another by wind power and yet another by biomass.
  • Wind Turbine: Thomsen Tech's form of a wind turbine that is small, effective, and nearly soundless.
Silverwing Armor and Orb of Cognition

Valancy Stirling
Name/Alias: Valancy Stirling

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Appearance: Here

Species: Demi-Primordial

Backstory: Valancy is the daughter of Gaea, the Elder Goddess having conceived her with a man named Taron, her father. Accessing some of her powers very early, she showed an exemplary relationship and connection with nature, almost always surrounded by plants and animals. While not appearing very often, Gaia kept a close eye on her daughter, and very rarely intervened to help out. However, Valancy's powers were partially locked, only allowing her some of her power until she was deemed worthy and powerful enough to handle more, as many children of the Elder Gods have gone mad with unrestricted access. Valancy moved through school very, very quickly, going to college and getting her Ph.D in Environmental Studies and Environmental Sciences in record time. Noted in TIME magazine as one of the world's experts on environmental issues, also the youngest of them, Valancy works with S.H.I.E.L.D, the UN and U.S government in global and national environmental issues.

Powers and Abilities:
  • Nature Manipulation/Creation: Valancy has nearly power over almost all aspects of nature. However, she cannot manipulate the elements(besides plants and the earth, not including metal), or the weather.
  • Wood Mimicry: Valancy can transform herself into a tree or her body into hardened wood which is impervious to most bullets, and knives.
  • Healing: Valancy can heal herself and others at nearly anytime, restoring a biotic organism to its optimal condition. She can also heal herself by transforming into a tree and staying in the sun for several hours. However, this comes at great cost, as Valancy must also take the pain of the healed wound upon herself. Thus, healing a person nigh to death might cause her to fall unconscious.
  • Floraportation: Valancy can teleport herself into any tree or plant on the earth.
  • Ecological Empathy: Valancy can sense the overall well-being and conditions of her immediate environment and natural setting.
  • Plant/Animal Speaking and Empathy: Valancy can speak to all plants/animals and sense their emotions.
  • Immortality: As long as there is some vestige of wood or trees on Earth, Valancy will never truly die. She can be killed, but she can regenerate in any tree/wood.
  • Demi-Primordial: As a demi-primordial, Valancy has superhuman strength, speed, agility and durability. While she cannot fly, she can leap very far and high distances in one bound.
  • Terraforming: Valancy can now change the environments of different areas into completely new environments. However, she cannot change an ocean into a mountain, for example, and the bigger and more drastic the terraforming, the longer it takes.

  • Fire: Valancy's main weakness is fire, which she has little defense against
  • Limitation of Wood Creation: She can only create wood/trees where it is viable for the tree to survive, and not out of thin air.
  • Human Body: Valancy still is part human, and her wood mimicry won't defend her against several nuclear weapons, high-powered attacks and etc.
  • Terraforming is limited and takes time
  • Healing causes pain of the wound to be transferred to Valancy

Destructive Capacity:Country Level

Speed: 100 m/s

Durability: Town Level(she can/will regenerate from a tree or plant)

Lifting Strength: Class 25

Striking Strength: Class GJ

Standard Equipment: A long, brown trenchcoat.

Intelligence: One of the undisputed experts in environmental matters, pretty smart but not genius level for all other subjects.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character: Excellent cook.

Elentáríel, of the Starkindlers
Name/Alias: Elentáríel, of the Starkindlers

Gender: Female, technically.

Age: Very, very, very old. Several billion years at least.

Human/Avatar Form
Original/Creation Form
Dreamwalker Form

Species: Gilith'Maur (Starkindlers)

Backstory: Elentáríel was the third of the Starkindlers. Considering herself to be an artist, she has "painted" the cosmos with innumerable stars, also arranging them to create figures of all kinds. Her originial form inhabits the star which the planet of Hadrimmelis orbits, with the World-Dragon's permission. It was she who first discovered the World-Dragons long ago. But the Gilith'Maur interact little with most, for they not only are painters of stars, but guardians over the dreams of mortals as well. But their isolation did not last. The Starkindlers gave little aid to the World-Dragons in the Time Demon War, being a race with no interest in battle nor war. They had foolishly agreed that they would be able to survive if they stayed out of it, that was something all of them were in agreement with. But after seeing the destruction that was wrought by the Time Demons, and the costs of that war, they slowly changed their ways, emerging from the shadows, creating avatars who traveled and learned, sharing their knowledge as well.

Starkindler Information: The Starkindlers were created by the Star Force, a cosmic entity, which created the first star. They were created to brighten the universe with constellations of stars. Eight Starkindlers were originally born out of the Star Force, but one fell, turning path and mind to darkness, leaving seven. Their objective was to maintain and create the constellations, and to watch over them. And that is what they did. The Starkindlers considered themselves artists. They also walk and create the dreams of mortals, guarding them from nightmares, which may, in certain cases, escape into the physical realm.

They go by many names, being originally called Gilith'Maur, which loosely translates to "Those of the Starlight." There is also the name of Silma'Maur, meaning "The Silver Dreamers", along with "The Dreamwalkers" but their most common name are the Starkindlers.

A Starkindler has several forms. Their original form in which they were created. Those original forms inhabit the stars they create. They will also revert to this form when creating new stellar bodies or constellations. A Gilith'Maur can also create innumerable avatars of their conscience, and will. These avatars are them, in a mortal form. Avatars do not, however, possess the full power of the Gilith'Maur, only part. Information is shared between these avatars as they learn it, and the Pure Star Form is connected as well. Every avatar must be different in some way, no matter how small the difference, to prevent a paradox.

And the third and final form is the Dreamwalker Form, specifically for when the Starkindler is walking in the dreams of mortals. They will not switch if they are doing this from outside, but once within, they can be seen in this form. However, the Starkindlers attempt to avoid detection, though several cases have occurred were mortals have beheld them and told others.

There are several ways the Silma'Maur may create new stars. Every Starkindler possesses an easel, upon which is a map of the universe. With care, they may literally paint a star onto the sky, creating it. Another way is by song, the Song of Creation, they call it. Every song is different in every way, just as stars are, but every song sounds similiar to this or this. Or this.

The third way, is by spoken word, called "Words of Radiance" by the Starkindlers. The Words must be spoken confidently and sure, with no doubt, in the Starkindler tongue. And the fourth, is by thought.

Powers and Abilities:
Star Force Manipulation: The ability to harness and use the Star Force. Avatars do not possess the full capabilities of the Star Force, but can be granted more control in desperate cases. While dream-walking, a Starkindler cannot create new stars, and vice-versa. The Star Force can be granted to others, but is rarely done.
  • Stellar Manipulation: Starkindlers can create new stars, and control their movement and position. They cannot, however, prevent stars from dying or falling. Upon a being's death, Starkindlers do have the ability to turn said person into a star.
  • Star Habitation: Starkindlers can live within, or move part of their conscience to any star that they have created themselves. Stars are created with chambers inside, filled with the tools, works, and other things. Avatars cannot teleport themselves to these chambers, but that can be done by Starkindlers themselves.
  • Light/Starlight Manipulation: Rather self-explanatory...
  • Stargate Creation: The Starkindlers were those who created the first Stargates, devices which create wormholes to other Stargates, or anywhere in the universe. Stargates must be encoded with 7 or 8 chevrons, if travelling to another Stargate. These Stargates populate much of the universe and there is one on nearly every planet.
  • Telepathy and Telekinesis: The Starkindlers possess some of the powers of the mind.
  • Avatar Creation: The Starkindlers may create avatars of themselves. These avatars can be of any race, age, gender or appearance. As explained above, avatars cannot be exactly the same.
  • Dream Manipulation and Dream Walking: The Starkindlers can create dreams within sleeping beings, and walk within their minds and dreams, fighting back the nightmares.
  • Flight: Rather self-explanatory as well...
  • Healing: The Starkindler also has the power to heal any living being. That, however, does not include other stars.
  • Immortality: The Starkindlers and their avatars are immortal, though they can be killed with great difficulty. The immortality of an avatar may also be canceled if the avatar wishes to live a mortal life.

  • Avatars cannot access the full power of the Star Force unless granted it.
  • Avatars created cannot be the exact same person, or a paradox will occur
  • Black Holes: The one thing Starkindlers fear, what happens when stars die. Though stars live for a very, very, long time, they are not immortal. The Starkindler, when the life of a star is at its end, will cause the star to break up and fall to several planets, creating starmetal. Starmetal is a luminous metal which is difficult upon most mortal eyes. It is incredibly strong, and can also hold great amounts of magic, or absorb it. The Stargates are made of starmetal that has been mixed with other metals. Think of it on the level of uru, adamantium, and vibranium. This event is called Starfall. More to come on this later.
  • Darkness Manipulation users can cause damage to those wielding the Star Force.

Destructive Capacity:
Avatar Form: Country Level
Dreamwalker Form: Planet Level
Creation Form: Star Level

Avatar Form: Hypersonic Level
Dreamwalker Form: Speed of Light Level
Creation Form: FTL (x100+)

Avatar Form: Continental Level
Dreamwalker Form: Planet Level
Creation Form: Star Level

Lifting Strength:
Avatar Form: Class K
Dreamwalker Form: Class M
Creation Form: Class G

Striking Strength:
Avatar Form: Class ZJ
Dreamwalker Form: Class YJ
Creation Form: Class YJ

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Varies with avatars. Extremely high, for the other forms.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: In Dreams
A FAQ and additional information about the Starkindlers can be found here.

Race name: Alar

Race standard/average appearance: All Alar have a diamond shaped imprint right in the middle of their foreheads, they are born with it. Also, their eyes are quite luminous, irises appearing to be silver. All Alar also have bioluminescence, and can control their glow in brightness and body part with practice. Otherwise, they appear to be just like humans.

Race Specific abilities: Alar are inherently born with slightly greater strength, speed and agility than humans. However, the greatest weight most Alar can lift without external help is equivalent to that of a car, and while they have greater speed than humans, they do not have greater endurance, meaning that this greater speed can only last for a brief period of time before their muscles use up any stored energy.
Alar are also bioluminescent. This bioluminescence expends very quickly, and thus, Alar eat about 2 human meals for every meal they eat.
Alar were created with somewhat different physiology than humans. Instead of a heart, each Alar has 5 Shards within him or her. One Shard is located under their diamond shaped imprints in their foreheads, controlling rational thought, calculations, strategy and memories. Another shard is where their heart would be, controlling their emotional sides, and, in rare cases, the innate powers of that Alar. One Shard is in the palm of each hand, controlling their senses, and the 5th Shard may either be in their left or right foot, controlling physical facilities and other internal functions. These 5 spots are the most vulnerable of all Alar, and damage to one of their Body Shards can cripple them, while no Alar has been recorded as have being able to survive with critical damage to 2 or more Body Shards. A popular form of execution among the crueler times of the Alar saw stakes pinned through each Body Shard, the victims then left with 5 stakes pinning them to the ground, causing excruciating pain, and eventually, death. At great monetary cost, and possible the loss of emotions, physical facilities, rational thought, and/or memories, body Shards can be replaced.

Also, each Alar can access an shared information matrix, as they call it, a database that helps them identify and learn. Upon mere sight, they can identify another Alar, their family, files, and other information, ensuring that Alar history remains. Also, all Alar have an enhanced touch, which extends to all of their body, not just the hands. Hair plays a major role in this, and thus, most Alar keep their hair long.

The Alar people revere the stars above all else. For a child to be named after one of the Starkindlers is a great honor to that child, and the family. Despite having less advanced technology than Earth, their astronomy matches Earth, if not exceeds it.
The Alar world, Solunæ, has 7 days, just like Earth. Their Sunday is Sol, Monday is Yavan, Tuesday is Elen, Wednesday is Théil, Thursday is Silma, Friday is Maur and Saturday is Aren.
As for names, while first names generally refer to concepts, ideals, heroes, and Alar history, there is no such thing as a family name. Each individual, after a defining moment, is given a surname by the community, the Alar have no need of family names to distinguish themselves thanks to the information matrix. Once this chosen surname is given to an Alar, it cannot be changed.

Alar are deathly afraid of the dark, to the extent that they will not spend a second in darkness. They are naturally bioluminescent, and at night, they sleep with candles in their rooms. Daring boys blow out each other's candles as a prank, but such a prank can have deadly consequences, causing an Alar to have a panic attack. Darkness is the enemy here, for they believe that darkness hides the foes they fought long ago, and the Leth'hao.

There are unproved predictions about an event we would know about the eclipse, called a Malan by the Alar, in which the sun is completely hidden. Some historians argue that on a Malan, there can be no light, and a Malan, several thousand years ago was responsible for the end of the Eon of Radiance, an age of enlightenment, peace and discovery.

Starkindlers and Shards:
The Alar were created by the Starkindlers, one of the oldest races in the universes, the creators of the very stars. But the Starkindlers had two foes, or so the legends go, the Leth'hao, the Voidlords; beings of pure darkness that could consume the very suns, and a fallen sister, whose name was so dark that none knew it, and whenever this sister was spoken of, the shadows seemed to grow, and a chill grew in the hearts of the Alar. Her power was not even of darkness, as it had been perpetuated to be, instead, her power was of unlight, something more than darkness.

The Starkindlers shaped the Alar, sacrificing shards of their own body, and for a time, both creator and created were at peace. But then, after years of preparation, the Starkindlers' fallen sister reemerged, seizing control of the divided Leth'hao and unifying them, leading them into battle. There was battle in the stars, upon that day, and on that day, star and kindler both fell. When the Starkindlers were slain, their bodies changed into diamond-like, crystallized stars that had by some art were as cold as the Depths of Adrast(the coldest place on Alar). But when these stars reached the atmosphere of Solunæ, they burned up, breaking up into thousands, if not millions of shards that dispersed themselves across Roshar. It is said that the Alar of ancient times fought terrible foes, known as the Fellen, every 17 years, as well, and it is suspected that the Fellen were agents of the Leth'hao, though not verifiable.

And shards became the most valuable resource upon the homeworld of the Alar. Shards can vary in size, some being the size of a diamond, and others, the size of a small room. The largest shard ever known, upon Solunæ is Gavril, an entire mountain crystallized by shards. Much mining takes place there. Some shards are simply beautiful, shimmering off the light of the stars. But others are imbued with powers. Some can produce the elements, others can release energy, others can be used as light, as swords, even, and all sorts of purposes. The power of those shards imbued with powers is assumed to be finite, but no limit has yet been reached. Shards shape Alar society, with the amount you have being a symbol of status and wealth. Some go as far as to build shard plantations and bring others into slavery or service to mine shards from underground. Others, as Alar technology progresses, use shards to attempt to create new lifeforms, an endeavor that has been met with failure.

But perhaps the greatest use the Alar have found for shards are in weaponry. Swords with shards embedded within their hilts or blades cannot break and glow when battle is near. Even more powerful are Shardblades, ancient weapons over which wars are fought. A Shardblade appears a simple sword. However, the shards within the sword project a field of energy past the area of the sword which can cut through nearly anything.

Solunæ is a divided world, the Alar squabbling for resources, shards, and b/c of both past and present disagreements. However, at the moment, there is no one dominant power, the last of those came almost 500 years ago, in the reign of Emperor Austre, who almost unified several continents.
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Name/Alias:Daniel Carter/Sentinel/Batman

Gender: Male

Age: 38

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):
Scars Chest
Scars Back
Crusader Costume(Except Blue)
Sentinel(Main Uniform)
Batman(Only Used When Neeed)
Prison Uniform(Arc Exclusive)
NightBlade(Arc Exclusive)

Species: Human

Backstory: Daniel or Sentinel is arguably the most iconic hero from the world he hails from, Earth Infinite. Beginning his journey as a simple teenager with a vision armed with knee pads, sweat clothes and a baseball bat he patrolled his hometown of Atlanta and was dubbed Crusader. How did he arrive at this point? Well my friend, that, is another story. The Legend known as Sentinel, who has taken on the mantle of his world's Batman, began his rise from the lowest. A street level teenage vigilante with no big future due to past crimes motivated by personnel loss. Seeking to atone he sought to fight back against his former fellow gang members, the Krime Kings. Dubbed 'The Crusader' by his city, he bore this title for years and was eventually trained for a brief time by the likes of Batman, Nightwing, Captain America and even Spider Man. Daniel was gifted with a new costume as a sort of graduation gift. From there, he trained himself to the very peak of human capability in both body and mind. And then, he surpassed it.

Daniel, as Crusader would go on to form the first team of Infinite Justice, and not long after adopted the persona that he would become famous for. That of Sentinel, his first real battle however, was against a superior assassin in which Daniel was outclassed in every way. Deathstroke the Terminator. He was soundly defeated. Daniel would go on to recover and double his training and battled against the likes of Frieza on Namek, return to crush the Krime Kings in Atlanta, Face off against the Joker, Stop a Lantern War on Oa and then grow Infinite Justice to be a global organization.

Sentinel would later succeed in bringing the Kryptonian Race back from the dead through a massive cloning project, the first of which became his own adopted daughter. Became the new Batman. Defeated Daud, his closest Rival and friend in a friendly bout and simulation and is generally regarded as the most brilliant tactician on the side of Justice in his world.

Daniel was at the center of the IJ and UC war manipulated by Lex Luther, defending his base and allies without taking a single life. Awoken an ancient Guardian which gifted him with a complete knowledge of alien martial arts, invaded hell alongside his ally Daud, defeated a Demoness Warrior, freed the soul of his longtime friend and ally Sora-El alongside Daud by defeating Trigon. Defeated Dapp as a Black Lantern and then ended the Darkest Night and Nekron's rule by willing himself back to life as the first White Lantern, a power he soon relinquished.

Two years after this, the Convergence he investigated the new Earth starting in Gotham, however Deathstroke plotted to bring the hero down to his own level, and after a brutal battle against Deadpool, Lady Shiva and his world's Deathstroke, it appeared that Danel had finally succumbed to human fear, and stole the life of his tormentor Deathstroke...Slade Joseph Wilson.

And now, in prison chains, it seems that Daniel's iconic story is at an end.

Or is it only beginning?

Powers and Abilities:
Martial Arts Intuition
Enhanced Intelligence
Crimefighting Mastery
One Man Army
Indomitable Will

Weaknesses: Beneath that armor, Daniel is human and despite all of his training and technology, he cannot out think everyone and sometimes his training and experience only prolongs the inevitable. Once his armor is bypassed, anything that can fatally harm a human would kill him.

Destructive Capacity: Peak Human

Speed: Peak Human

Durability: Peak Human

Lifting Strength: Peak Human

Striking Strength: Peak Human

Standard Equipment: The Sentinel/Batman uniform is outfitted with an arsenal of gadgets and capabilities. The armor is near bullet and knife proof, is environmentally sealed allowing Daniel to operate near anywhere. Can see in night and thermal and x-ray vision, has an advanced HUD which can relay information on his opponents health condition, the suit has a active cloaking ability making him near invisible. BataRangs, grapple gun, smoke bombs, shock gloves, kinetic gloves capable of small explosive power, extendable titanium bo staff, cryo grenades as well as a host of other gadgets to aid in his efforts. The suit can even empower Daniel if he is wounded like a exoskeleton capable of moving on it's own with Daniel merely directing its effort so he does not need to extend too much energy fighting.

Intelligence: Daniel is a tactical genius who speaks multiple languages, and is capable in engineering and cloning but many scientific and law fields he has a simple general knowledge in. It is generally accepted that given the direction and time, Daniel can gain an advanced knowledge any field in a rather short amount of time. Daniel is also capable of coming up with complex plans in an improvised state, and does not always need prep time.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:
Sentinel/Batman(IJ1 and 2)
Heart of Courage

IJ Beyond-Fall of Legends Arc
Cody Altered and Extnded SFIV Theme

IJ Beyond-As NightBlade
Wrong Side of Heaven

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Mayla Carter

Gender: Female

Age: 34

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): The Motherly Hero

Species: Human

Backstory: Mayla is the wife of Daniel and mother of Sabrina and August. When she was 16, she followed Daniel, hoping to impress him after he protected her on Oa, and gave her his Vibranium Sword. Defending him from the Joker, she impressed him to the point where he took her on as a apprentice. Several years later, she took on the role of robin when Daniel became Batman, and after Morgana broke up with Daniel to protect him, she became romatically involved with her partner. And eventually the two married. Since then, she has mostly retired and focused on trying to giver her family a normal life, but after the death of her son, she only saw things fall apart.

Approached by Balance, she made a deal, that August would be brought back to life. However, Balance for equal exchange, made it so that August was revived as a young adult, and that Mayla, would never be able to actually see him. She simply knows that he is alive. Now, broken from the repeated losses of her family, from the trial to the murder of August and making the deal with Balance. She separated from Daniel, in order to get things straight and try to convince Daniel to hang his cape up.

But now, she heads from Metropolis to inform Daniel, that their son is still alive. Somewhere. But someone else, is also searching for Daniel, and Mayla is about to run into this new enemy first.

Powers and Abilities: Ki Ability Grants powers of flight, Instant Transmission, electricity shocks and ki blasts and abilities.

Weaknesses: Compared to other DBZ based characters, she has very limited potential. So essentially her weakness is more powerful opponents, sounds kinda weak I know but there are plenty in the roster. Mayla is a superhuman compared to mankind, but far less impressive when compared to a Kryptonian, Saiyan, Asgardian ect.

Destructive Capacity: Town/Small City Level

Speed: Hypersonic

Durability: Mountain Level

Lifting Strength: Class M

Striking Strength: Class TJ

Standard Equipment: Vibranium Sword given to her by her husband Daniel.

Intelligence: Mayla is a educated woman, she has a more than basic education but is not the tactical genius of her husband, however, she is very intelligent in martial arts and fighting situations, not genius but able to analyze and guess enemy tactics and weaknesses.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Sabrina El Carter/Star Girl

Gender: Female

Age: Physically & Mentally 18, Actually 15

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): The Legend's Daughter

Species: Kryptonian

Backstory: Already ten years old when she was 'born' Sabrina is the first successful clone from Sentinel's Kryptonian Restoration Initiative. However, his original intent was to bring Sora-El back to life. Using some dna from the deceased teammate, he cloned the fallen hero and attempted to imprint her memories into the new being. He was only half successful. Aged to a mature child, he released her from her tank and realized that the young and scared girl...looked like Sora-El but was in fact not her. He had failed to bring his long time friend back from death. However, he did not cast the helpless child off as a failure, instead seeing that she was a unique being, he convinced his new fiance to adopt her with him. Naming her Sabrina El Carter, the young girl finally had a family. Growing up with Sentinel as a father, as a Kryptonian and her adopted parents being human, life was not always easy for the young Kryptonian.

While a revived Sora-El acted as a sort of mentor for her abilities. Her occasional angry outburst would leave a piano lodged in wall or a baseball through the house...and her neighbor's...and his neighbor's...and so on.

Despite being somewhat spoiled growing up, she is kind and has inherited her father's pure intentions and has always wanted to emulate him. Desiring to prove herself not to society, but in the yes of her father. Who she grew up quickly hearing of his exploits and marveling at how he managed to achieve half of what he did with no powers. As even her adopted mother, while human, was capable of superhuman feats of strength, speed and even energy projection.

When she was only fourteen, she began formally training for a hero career and by the age of fifteen, she was the youngest member of the Teen Titans. Being a Kryptonian she was vastly more powerful than any of her comrades and believed that qualified her to be the leader, and when she was turned everyone, she promptly left.

After a brief stint by herself she formed a new all female hero group called the Femme Fatales. Despite the name, this hero group began to make a name for itself eventually becoming recognized by Infinite Justice itself.

18 when the Convergence began, Star Girl was warped into Earth Beyond, triggering her father to go and search for her. However, Sabrina found her father, via the battle on television and immediately tried to reach him so that she could aid him in his losing battle. She arrived too late however, and only just arrived in time to see the police arrest her father.

Disturbed by the sight of her father being treated as a criminal, Sabrina is for now trapped in Earth Beyond, but she will soon learn that things are not as they appear to be.

Powers and Abilities:
Super Strength
Super Speed
Heat Beams
Ice Breath
X-Ray Vision

Weaknesses: Kryptonite and Magic

Destructive Capacity: City Level(Varies with Solar Radiation)

Speed: FTL(Varies with Solar Radiation)

Durability: Island Level(Varies with Solar Radiation)

Lifting Strength: Class M(Varies with Solar Radiation)

Striking Strength: Class EJ

Standard Equipment: Her Uniform

Intelligence: Vastly Intelligent with a Kryptonian Mind, but not necessarily a creative thinker

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: August Carter/Ranger

Gender: Male

Age: 13 (Appears early twenties)

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):
At 13

Species: Human


Powers and Abilities: DBZ Ki Powers inherited from mother

Weaknesses: Ki abilities are less developed than his mother's as he has opted to fight similar to his father's style. Mastering martial arts and using armor and technology and only using his superhuman abilities to augment that fighting style.

Destructive Capacity: Small Building Level

Speed: Sonic

Durability: Large Building Level

Lifting Strength: Class 100

Striking Strength: Class MJ

Standard Equipment: His Ranger Armor(Specifics Uncertain)

Intelligence: Actually only has a early high school education, he is only 13 after all. Even if he appears far older. But, he is a trained hand to hand combatant and is skilled in his abilities.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Ralph the Rat

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): Shunned Defender

Species: Mobian(Rat)

Backstory: Born in a Overlander Mega City, deep beneath the streets and in it's sewers Ralph grew up in a clan of Rat Mobians that resided in the city. The only mobians left due to the intense racism of their kind by the Overlanders, and their ability to live rather easily in the polluted cityscape. Ralph grew into his abilities early, and found a home teleporting and traversing the city's sewers and occasionally skyline. His talents well suited to evading pursuing Overlanders and reaching any place within the city with ease. Living rather carefree and actually defending the citizens of his city from time to time did nothing to change the fact that he was shunned by the people he defended, unable to see past him being a Mobian. This never bothered him, because for all of it's flaws, his home was his home. But the Overlord of the city was killed by a political rival, and once word spread, suspicion soon found it's way to his people, and they were violently forced from their homes and fled the city into the surrounding countryside.

Taken in by fellow mobians, he learned of ancient myths, of unlimited power in seven emeralds that could plunge the world in darkness. Of a supreme emerald which could negate their power. And of fabled heroes...A Blue Blur who would achieve a superior form to defend the world, a mobian fox genius with no equal, a silent strong willed protector of the Master Emerald and a compassionate hammer wielding heroine.

But the power they battled over with the forces of evil, were long lost and thought to be nothing more than ancient memories. However, while Ralph was exploring the ruins of an ancient mobian civilization, he discovered a brilliant green shard. What he found to be a piece of the fabled Master Emerald. Realizing that if it existed, then surely the Chaos Emeralds existed as well, and remembering how many times the world had been threatened by their power, he resolved to restore the Master Emerald, as it could negate the powers of the Chaos Emeralds, providing Balance. But there was another who sought the power of the ancient legends, a Green Hedgehog who is the fastest thing alive, bent on revenge on Overlanders and humanity, seeking to use the power of the Chaos Emeralds to wipe them out and claim the world for Mobians, with himself as king.

Ralph would come to clash with this being several times in the coming years, known as Scourge the Hedgehog and rumored to be the descendant of the ancient hero. But now, with both of them closing in on the final Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald Almost restored, the fate of their world hangs in the balance.

But little do they know, yet another being from yet another world, will change everything.

Powers and Abilities:
Teleportation Combat

His powers focus more on moving undetected and mobility rather than power or offense. He is also far from powerful, able to bust walls and small rocks at his best and his durability is quite weak. He relies on not being hit at all rather than tanking hits.

Destructive Capacity: Peak Human/Wall Buster

Speed: Peak Human

Durability: Below Average

Lifting Strength: Average

Striking Strength: Human

Standard Equipment: N/A

Intelligence: Ralph is of average intelligence. He is rather gifted in archaeology and is a fast learner. But so far his intelligence has been geared to mastering his abilities and studying about the mythical Chaos Emeralds.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: Dreams of an Absolution

Random Facts about your character:
Ralph is 98cm tall or about 3.2 feet making him just a couple centimeters shorter than sonic the Hedgehog.
Ralph's favorite food is actually grain based food, not cheese.
Ralph does enjoy mazes, although his skill set makes it quite easy for him to 'cheat'.
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*Note: I like making "enforcer" characters. I'd also like Damian to be on the evil side. So whoever the big bad is, you can add Damian to your payroll if your character has the $$.

Name/Alias: Damian Abbot/Freelancer

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):


Species: Human

Backstory: Growing up in the UK was a simple life for Damian. Taking on old family traditions he trained in various weaponry to pursue the family business. The Abbots for ages have been sellswords ever since the medieval era. They fought on the losing side with the Saxons at Hastings and on the winning side with Richard the Lionheart at Arsuf during the Third Crusade . In the present day the Abbot warrior tradition remains strong. It begins as a years long indoctrination process as children train in various weaponry starting at a young age then graduate towards learning more advanced special ops skills to keep with the times. They have had to adopt greatly to the modern era and have done so splendidly.

Upon Damian's eighteenth birthday and the completion of his training, he was taken to the secret family spring from which the Abbots draw their power. To drink from the spring gave them the ability to form the energy constructs they use in battle. Such constructs give them access to an arsenal of weapons at any time. Using his powers and skills, Damian went on to become the warrior he was meant to be. Determined to add glory and prestige to the family name.

Though the Abbots value honor, they are still sellswords in a sense. To take payment from an employer meant they were bound to fight for them until the gold ran dry despite whatever cause they were fighting for. At times this has put them on the losing side and having to flee. As much happened when they fought for Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field and with Napoleon at Waterloo. This allowed them to learn many forms of combat from the Samurai of Japan to the Apache warriors of the New World.

For the fourteen years after his 18th Birthday, Damian has traveled the world acting as a mercenary for those who could pay well enough. This has taken him through every hellhole in the world. He favors only those who can and will pay him the most. Sometimes this means working for the government. Others, its being an enforcer for those who would do innocents harm. He has no reservations about committing acts of brutality against armed combatants though has a strong code of honor that prevents him from harming bystanders or innocents.

Powers and Abilities:

Supernatural Reflexes

Spec Ops Mastery

Energy Constructs

Weapon Proficiency

-Can form various melee or thrown weapons with his energy constructs in the form of a transparent red glow to use in combat. Also can be used as a shield. Damian can also charge the thrown weapons with energy causing them to explode upon contact (or when he wills it) with the yield differing on how much he charges it. This does take time and energy.


-Energy constructs require focus to keep form. Too must distress, pain or unconsciousness can cause them to dissipate.
-Energy constructs can be dissipated if enough force is applied to them. Though Damian can compensate for this by adding more energy to his constructs to make them stronger.
-Charging constructs to explode or be stronger takes time and energy.

Destructive Capacity: Considerable, given that he will supplement his ability to destroy with explosives and other weapons if need be. Although he does need to bring such equipment along. Aside from what has been described, Damian will only use equipment available in RL.

Speed: That of a well conditioned professional athlete. Though still within the range achievable by a human.

Durability: His suit offers marginal protection. Most is done through evasion and his energy constructs (shields). Other than that, he is a normal human.

Lifting Strength: That of a well conditioned professional athlete. Though still within the range achievable by a human.

Striking Strength: That of a well trained martial artist. Though still within the range of achievable by a human.

Standard Equipment:

-Jetpack on his back that allows him to leap greater distances like onto tall buildings or allow him to descend from a fall safely. Using it to fly indefinitely would drain its power too quickly.
-Light armor
-Various gadgets
-A protective visor that allows for enhanced optics such as zoom, infrared and nightvision
-Most equipment he takes are on an ad hoc basis, depending on the mission.

Intelligence: Damian has a high level of expertise in the fields of military/special/intelligence operations due to training and experience.

Optional stuff.

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Name/Alias: Len-El/Striker

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):

Species: Kryptonian

Backstory: Len-El was a former military soldier of the Kryptonian military, born from a family of farmers, and moved to the city after he graduated from academy. Part of the rebellion of General Zod as one of his major, and was arrested after the rebellion failed. He was sent into the Phantom Zone, though. He was released (actually escaped) the Phantom Zone to another planet. On the planet he landed on, most of the citizens are scientifically renowned and the planet is mostly a pacifistic planet with high security to protect their pacifism. He captured one of the rocket after killing some of the scientists and the guardians of the planet.

The rocket's guidance system was broken in the process and he was landed on Earth, on Siberia. A company of Russian soldiers were dispatched, and were dispatched quickly by Len-El. However, feel of guilty overwhelmed him so much that he felt sadness and angry over what he did. He stole one of the dead soldiers' uniform to replaced his old uniform and went to Russia. In his time of traveling from SIberia to Russia, he became stronger and faster as he trained himself back to his normal conditioning. When he arrived in Russia, but still unable to speak local language, he stole a black clothes with "S" symbol on it, unknown to him. To him, a new alias is needed, and thus Striker was born. He became a local hero of Russia, but never really know who is he due to how fast he disappeared and how strong he is.

He planned to go somewhere, somewhere better. USA, is his first choice. After a short intervention in Gotham, where he faced against super-powered criminals and all, he found himself on New York, battling law enforcement for a while before fled even further to Siberia, where he hides for a long time. Tired of extensive fighting between superpowers and non-superpowers, he went into inclusion and settling down in Tomsk, and finally found himself in taking care of an orphanage as a volunteer, and fell in love with one of the staffs who seems to be hiding something. Turns out she was a smuggler who smuggled organs from children, and orphanage is the front for the operation. Heartbroken, and angry, he burned the orphanage down after rescuing the children, left the staff and her people inside the burning orphanage. He went to New York again, this time, to be a hero. Or someone else.

Powers and Abilities:
Like all Kryptonians under yellow sun, he possesses vast strength, speed and endurance; super hearing; x-ray vision; telescopic, microscopic and heat vision; super-breath and freeze-breath; invulnerability; healing and flight. He also has military training of a soldier under Zod's command, so he has some more abilities of military soldier.
Basic marksmanship ability.

-He's tired and unwilling to help heroes and villains, preferring to protect the normal people from them.
-Kryptonite, Red Sun, Magic, Solar Energy Exhaustion, Lead.

Destructive Capacity: Island Level

Speed: - Sonic (Mach 1/340m/s) (Supersonic >)

Durability: Country Level

Lifting Strength: Class K (10^5 - 10^6 kg):

Striking Strength: Class PJ

Standard Equipment: Black hooded jacket, black jeans, and a handgun.

Intelligence: Senior high school-graduated level.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character: He's not as naive as he used to be and he will sorts into dirty tricks if it fits him.

Name/Alias: Jonathan Pierce/Agent Jo

Gender: Male

Age: 38

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):

Species: Human

Backstory: Formerly an agent of CIA and a Marine, he was transferred into SHIELD since his talent was turned out to be much more needed on the specialized field such as SHIELD. In the SHIELD, he was part of the SHIELD Task Force group tasked with reconnaissance missions and combat missions across American soil, and later, Middle East soil where his team met resistance from Mandarin and his men. After the end of the battle which resulted in a death of half of his team and the destruction of Mandarin's Middle East base, Jonathan was transferred into Washington DC as a liaison for SHIELD and the government of USA, sometimes contacting with Department of Defense as well. But he still become field agents, when needed.

He lost his arms and his position after the Civil War, but found himself on a new employment for Lord Technologies, headed by Maxwell Lord. Maxwell, knowing about his past, let him in into his business of superheroes efforts and replaced his missing arms with cybernetic arms and replacing his legs with cybernetic. As of now, Jonathan works as the point man of Lord Technologies, and the world of heroism to a lesser extent and currently operating in Metropolis, promoting technologies of Lord Technologies and acting for their interest.

Powers and Abilities:
-Skilled marksmanship
-Skilled combat skills
-Advanced military training
-Cybernetic arms and legs.

He's vulnerable to EMP that could shut down his cybernetic parts. And he is still partially cybernetic so there are parts that is still human parts.

Destructive Capacity: Wall/Tree Level

Speed: 100m/s (223mph - 360kph)

Durability: Peak Human Level

Lifting Strength: Class 5 (1,000 - 5000 kg)

Striking Strength: Class KJ

Standard Equipment: -Standard SHIELD equipments (gun, SHIELD suit, SHIELD device)

Intelligence: University-graduate intelligence, business management.

Optional stuff. He's an Agent of SHIELD, acting as liaison, and sometimes, as field agent when needed.

Theme song: N/A

Random Facts about your character: His past is unknown.

Name/Alias: John Ritter/The Magician

Gender: Male

Age: 37

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): Image

Species: Human

Backstory: John Ritter was known as the Magician, a dark-based superhero and part-time stage magician who operated in Alaska. Born in Alaska from a normal family, as a child he was stumbled upon a dark orb while playing on the backyard. He touched it and it transported him to the secluded temple in Tibet, where an old and frail man and the previous The Magician chose him as his successor and began to trained him but at the same time taking care of him and loving him lovingly, so as to turn him into a good man.

But how does a dark-elemental wizard can be a good man? By doing good and heroic deeds, of course! So he was sent back to Alaska when he was a young adult and back into his backyard, in what turned out to be a remains of an abandoned house-turned-night club. He looked around for the whereabouts of the previous owners of the house, which is his family and he found his sister, the remaining member of his family. His parents had been divorced following his disappearance and his sister was in an orphanage, 10 years different. Claiming to be his uncle, he picker her up and became her uncle, although she doesn't knows about that.

But life as a magician in Anchorage is hard. Therefore, he and her sister moved to America, more precisely the mainland. His sister went into working as Daily Planet reporter but at the same time he worked as a part-time magician. And a hero in Metropolis.

Powers and Abilities:
-Hypnosis and mind control ability
-Dark-based magic powers
-Basic hand-to-hand combat skills
-Ability to form shield and protective circle to protect him from normal weapons
-Increased strength and stamina and durability

-Vulnerable to light-based magic powers
-Vulnerable to magic-infused weapons

Destructive Capacity:Island Level

Speed: 100m/s (223mph - 360kph)

Durability:Large Building Level

Lifting Strength:Class 5 (1,000 - 5000 kg):

Striking Strength: Class KJ: Kilojoule class.

Standard Equipment:
-Magic book
-Magician costume
-And a dark pendant that infused him with dark-based powers.

Intelligence: Standard high school intelligence

Optional stuff.

Theme song:Thousand Eyes

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Kyle Vannis/The Enforcer

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):

Species: Clones (from humans, so human?)

Trevor Grey was born as Number 11, as a part of experiment from European Union's effort to developed super soldiers and to be able to rely on their own instead of superheroes to protect their own nations and its security. The experiments also included clone engineering to clone one DNA, of the leader of the experiment, Dr. Trevor Gray, who voluntarily gave its own DNA as the subject. There are as many as 300 subjects, and as the project continued, 11 remained as the only successful ones and now armed with super soldier abilities, including super strength, super durability, super toughness, and agility. However, on one night, some of the experimental subjects went out and rebelled against the scientists and soldiers guarding the projects, killing almost all of them and almost unstoppable, but they are still weakened by the fact that they still able to be defeated and gained blood loss. From those 11, 3 killed, and the remaining 7 still in stasis, while one escaped. Using the name of Trevor Grey (coincidentally similar with the leader's name), he escaped to United States of America, posing as an immigrant and then lived as a homeless man in USA but with no recollection of his past and with his super strength.

During his time as an escaped experiment in USA, he began to knew about humanity's existence. He began to learned about basic education for humans, and later,he was recruited, sort of, after he intervened in an assassination attempt on one of the crime boss's in Gotham City by his rival, the Falcone family. The Falcone family saw what he did and decided to recruited him into their family, eventually earning him power. However, when the Falcone went to Bludhaven to avoid a significant problem, he was placed as the leader of their crime business in Gotham. His ability is still at the peak of physical conditions. As of now, he's the leader of Falcone family's crime businesses in Gotham City, and he looks for the better future of his fate.

Powers and Abilities:
-Super Strength
-Super Durability
-Improved Agility
-Improved Eyesight
-Basic Martial Arts and Marksmanship
-Intimidation using his imposing stature

Weaknesses: Weaknesses:
-The effect on his power made him older than his age.
-Their blood type is different from normal people, so they required blood transfusion from their kin.
- With no infusion of special liquid to his body, his strength waned.

Destructive Capacity: Small Building Level (He's a super soldier, but since his escape his strength waned, although he's still extremely strong.)

Speed: 100m/s (223mph - 360kph) He is fast, as well as learning basic speed movements involving vaulting and climbing and jumping while running.

Durability: Small Building Level (His durability is standardized in the experiment as to lessen the cost of the production)

Lifting Strength: Class 10 (5,000 - 10^4 kg): The mass of an adult elephant. (His lifting strength waned considerably).

Striking Strength: Class MJ: Megajoule class. Attacks can have effects similar to high-explosives. At high end we’re talking about outright building busting attacks.

Stamina: Peak Human.

Standard Equipment: A black leather jacket with brown shirt, a standard black gloves, a nice grey scarf, and the standard equipments of gangsters, with few military gadgets here and there.

Intelligence: As high as a graduated senior high school student with average scores.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character: He's a clone.

Name/Alias: Ling Sian

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): Ling Sian

Species: Human

Backstory: Born on 1870 during the decline of Qing Dynasty, Ling learned the arts of alchemy, under the official teaching of Qing's finest alchemists, as did millions of young men and women who became students just like him. He was not the finest alchemist, as he learned about Chinese alchemy's original abilities such as healing and defensive aspects, instead of the expansion abilities to apply it for offensive use. On 1899, on the eve of Boxer Rebellion in Northern China, almost all of the alchemists were ordered to support the rebellion to the field, including him, as a medic alchemist.

However, at the same time, his father went into illness, and with no medications he had at that time, he decided to used the dangerous forbidden technique, to fuse humans with animals. Known on legend to be able to cure illness when the human and the animal got fused together, but was forbidden because in the ancient times humans and animals got fused together for entertainment purposes, and then it was banned.

He learned it secretly during his time in the alchemy academy, and fortunately the process was a success, but he was found out quickly when his friends arrived at his house, to called him to the field. A battle ensued, and ended with him disappeared, his father, now fused with a dog, ran away, and his friends all died. It's a mess.

It turns out he was transported into the future, and then he arrived. At the city of Metropolis...

Powers and Abilities:
-Chinese alchemy, specialized in healing and defensive ability
-Dangerous forbidden technique of fusing humans with animals

-He is not a combatant, nor skilled in combat.
-He cannot speaks English.

Destructive Capacity: Street Level

Speed: 1m/s (2.2mph - 3.6kph

Durability: Human Level

Lifting Strength: Average human (50 - 80 kg):

Striking Strength: Class H:

Standard Equipment:
-Qing-standard alchemist robe

Intelligence: Senior high school-grade intelligence

Optional stuff.

Theme song: Theme Song

Random Facts about your character: Since he cannot speaks English, his sentence will be colored in red, as to explains that he speaks Chinese.

Name/Alias: John Burger/Agent Zero

Gender: Male

Age: 38

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):Image

Species: Human

Backstory: Part of the SHIELD strike team, John was a former SAS operative who joined SHIELD after he was discharged. In his days as SAS operative he was known for his excellent ability as a sniper, so after his days as operative was over, he was chosen, less like joined and more like selected to joined SHIELD. In the SHIELD team, he participated at overseas operations, assassinating high-ranked officers, whether they are HYDRA, AIM, or from corrupt governments, or allies who betrayed the SHIELD.

After his latest operation was a success, he was tasked to be part of the special black ops team, the Dark Recon, with authorization from the SHIELD, formed with the selection of superhumans and skilled humans with the intent of helping SHIELD with the possible escalation of Super Registration Act.

Powers and Abilities:
-Expert marksmanship
-Expert combat training
-Expert military training

-Normal human with all the weaknesses of normal human

Destructive Capacity: Wall/Tree Level

Speed: 10m/s

Durability: Wall/Tree Level

Lifting Strength: Class 5 (1,000 - 5000 kg)

Striking Strength: Class KJ

Energy Projection None

Standard Equipment:
-Exoskeleton suit that is enhancing his strength, speed, durability, and armed with cloaking device.
-M12 Pistol
-Gauss Rifle

-Flashbang and Frag grenades

Intelligence: Moderate

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character: This is his last operation before retirement, he is tired.
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Wave 1 (pre NS break) Characters:
Wave 2 (after my hiatus) characters are on page 4.

Name/Alias: Nanashi "The Brick" Strong, also known as Harry Strong

Gender: Male

Age: 36

Appearance: Image
His hair is black and he does not have on the Fusion vest however. He usually wears an alternately colored Z fighter gi.
Species: Human

Backstory: A martial arts and athletic prodigy as a child, Nanashi grew up in solitude atop Mt. Fuji in japan, training his whole life to become the best at what he could. Hearing about the Feats of the Z Fighters, he was inspired to pursue a career as a defender of earth, alongside fighters whom inspired him, such as Goku. Training all his life, he went through many trials and errors, made lots of mistakes and ate lots of ramen. Years upon years of training led him to the day when he applied to become a Z Fighter. However, it did not work out as he suspected. Instead, he proved his fame by placing in the finals of a World Martial Arts tournament, as well as becoming the champion of several underlining leagues and underground groups. Nanashi was known as "The Brick", for his extreme, inhuman durability and confidence. Upon applying a second time to become a Z fighter, he was accepted,

Powers and Abilities:
Peak Human Physiology: With decades worth of meditation and training, Nanashi is at the peak of his potential, far outclassing other Z Fighters and martial artists.

Ki Manipulation - Level: MASTER: Humans like Harry are much, much better at controlling and mastering ki than other races. They can create better moves, stronger ki blasts and other stuff. Harry is able to use his defensively, or offensively, or creatively. He is known to be very creative and manipulative with his ki.
Energy Sensing: Humans can sense energy without a scouter and determine an opponent's power level, quite accurately. This ability is largely outclassed by a high tier character like Myosai, who may perfectly sense a power level.
Physical-Mental Peak: Nanashi is at the peak of his physical condition, and due to decades of training and meditation, has the ability to keep in par with some opponents even higher than him, and may even outclass some durability-wise.

Kaio-ken: A dangerous, but last-minute technique, this technique can either multiply Harry's power level times two, times three, five, or in some cases, twenty, in order to receive a fast, dangerous burst of energy, only for a short time. In this form, it drastically drains his stamina, and can leave him vulnerable when worn off It has a small time limit, but will increase his power dangerously. The Aura color is red.

"Full Potential!": "Brace yourself, opponent! My full potential's coming right at ya!" Harry's own custom unlock transformation. In this form, his power output increase is colossal, multiplying his power base by 100x. Unlike other forms like Kaio-ken, this unlocks his full potential, but requires a calm mind, and lots of reserve energy to take. Harry is also able to go par with higher-tier opponents in this state. While in this state, it has no negative effects, but Harry must remain perfectly concentrated to keep it up. The energy output and power level increase is much higher than that of the Kaio-ken. In this state, he has a green aura.

Base Aura: Blue
Kaioken: Red
Full Potential: Green

Notable Techniques

Ki blast - Basic Ki blast, ranging in size, shape, and explosiveness.

Ki shield - By channeling his Ki, harry is able to produce barriers out of Ki, in order to tank devastating blows and blasts. Though, it has the capability to shatter, it requires large amounts of focus and concentration.

Kiai - A very powerful, white-clear force that emits from the Harry's body and inflicts severe damage to the surrounding area. Alternatively, this force can be used to dispel weaker attacks.

Ki constructs - A move he devised himself. At the cost of some extra power, harry is able to produce weapons out of solid Ki, such as swords and shields, which fulfill the role of their real life counterparts. Alternatively, at any moment he can put away the weapon to regain any lost energy.

Ki wave - An energy wave, varying in size, power, and strength.

Instant Transmission - He is able to seemingly teleport short distances around opponents, in order to gain advantages over them.


Explosive Artillery Barrage - By rapidly firing highly explosive Ki blasts at an opponent, he is able to destroy large amounts of area in short amounts of time, or launch devastating barrages at opponents varying by distance. Up close, it is most dangerous, due to the spread and rapid fire.

Dual-Style Beatdown - A rush attack focusing on balancing speed, power, and defense. Mostly using punches and kicks, and Instant Transmission. To top it off, a devastating Ki blast-filled slam down to the ground finishes the devastating rush.

Kamehameha - A move learned from other Z Fighters, this classic move requires a great deal of concentration, yet is a finisher and a Signature move for Nanashi. By cupping his hands behind his back and thrusting them forth with a blue Ki sphere, he is able to fire a powerful, explosive blue beam of concentrated Ki, which is largely outclassed by some of his other moves like Burning Fist or Brick Breaker, but requires much less reserve energy in some situations, and is absolutely brutal when used creatively.
Versions of his Kamehameha include:
Warp Kamehameha (teleport behind opponent and fire point blank)
Super Kamehameha (capable of bursting moons)
Pissed Kamehameha (feeds off of anger, used in Kaio-Kens.)
Dual Kamehameha (Fire two kamehamehas from both hands! How cool is that?!)
Target Locker Kamehameha (effectively creates a sight-guided Kamehameha if used in conjunction with one of his moves.)
Repetitive Kamehameha (Rapid fire barrage of Kamehamehas from a single ball)
Super Repetitive Kamehameha (mix between an energy barrage and a Kamehameha. Absolutely devastating if used against a big target but requires a lot of energy.)

Target Locker - A Small, medium power-leveled ki sphere that will log a location mental in Nanashi’s head, allowing him to guide his attacks somewhat perfectly towards his opponents and always know where they are. Though, faster moving opponents are trouble to track. Harry guides his attacks by placing his left arm on his right bicep, and thrusting his right arm out straight, where it is directed by trusting his middle finger and index finger in the direction of the target. Thus, it requires a line of sight on the target.
- Guided Scattershot - a move only capable of being used after a Successful hit by Target Locker. Although a single ki sphere is able to successfully hone in on an opponent, this shot fires a massive cloud of them, much more explosive and just as dangerous. This is capable of wiping out entire groups of weaker enemies, or blocking out an opposing flurry of energy attacks.
- Orbiting Strike - This fires two largely powerful ki spheres, which may either orbit around the locked target, or combine to form a much more powerful and larger attack, still capable of being directed and strafing opponents, or may, in some cases, even surround an opponent inside and explode on them.

“Brick Breaker” - Nanashi’s signature attack. Has a much more powerful version below. By crushing a sphere of Ki around his fists, Nanashi is able to smash entire Buildings in half with this much power. It amplifies his striking force tremendously, and, in this state, he is capable of KOing opponents with a devastating, ki-powered punch. Named after he smashed a story of a fortified building in half with this technique.


拳バーニング , Burning Fist - Nanashi’s most powerful move. Surrounds his dominant arm [right] in fiery, Blue-white ki coursing with all his energy. Used on high tier opponents and as a last resort, this attack is powerful enough to put a hole the size of a dinner plate in even the most powerful opponents, and can even crack entire continents at full strength. Though, nanshi knows his limits, and often holds the power back, for the safety of everyone nearby. By producing a fiery, blue-white, Island-sized explosion, it is capable of completely obliterating most opponents, not by the explosion, but by the force of the punch alone, while as a downside, it basically drains all energy from the user. It has a dangerous, red rush technique version for the Kaio-ken, called the Burning Rage Fist, which surrounds his arms and legs with a red, fiery aura and, if used correctly, will devastate opponents very quickly. Its most powerful form is the Super Burning Fist, which produces a pure white explosion, surrounds his arm in a white, fiery aura, and is only capable of being used when in his Full Potential state. If not held back, this attack is capable of cracking a large, deep in a planetoid, and may have a chance of warping space time around his fist, producing small hallucinations, but this is only a guess. After using this final attack, Nanashi would collapse and fall unconscious, or even die.

Weaknesses: As said in the notable techniques, some of his attacks require a great deal of concentration and large amounts of stored energy. Because of this, Nanashi is always pushing himself to the limits, even dangerously, in order to increase his power. While he does not get frustrated easily, he has a small patience, a vulgar mouth, and a short, destructive temper, which may be an upside to some but a downside to him. In addition, he is dangerously overconfident, not even surrendering in fights he knows he cannot win.

Cute girls also do the trick, regardless of what species they are.

Normal | Kaio-ken | "Full Potential!"

Destructive Capacity: Large Island Level | Moon Level | Planet Level

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ | Relativistic | FTL x5

Durability: Large City Level+ | Island Level | Planet Level+

Lifting Strength: At least Class M+ on all levels.

Striking Strength: Class EJ | Class NJ | | Class XJ [capable of destroying a moon-sized planet]

Standard Equipment: His gi, a small pack [containing weighted training clothes, a small amount of senzu beans and daily necessities, toiletries, etc.], fingerless gloves.

Intelligence: Martial Artist master, regular intelligence. Has a tendency of acting before he thinks, and is very reckless when it comes to behavior.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: TBA

Name/Alias: Myosai

Gender: Female

Age: Physically: 16/17
Actual Age: EXTREMELY old, estimated as old as earth.

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): Left two pictures: Current Appearance. Upper right pictures: head busts. Lower pictures: Skimpier Alternate outfit if you're into that shit, and Child version.

Species: Majin [Demon]

Backstory: Myosai was created as As an embodiment of various childish traits long ago. Adding in emotions such as Innocence, Curiosity, Destructiveness, and a dab of ADHD Hyperactivity, you've got yourself Myosai, a demon with a power level so massive it needs a new number for it. Luckily for everyone unfortunate to come across her, not only has she not discovered her full power [yet], she likely never will, thanks to a seal put on her after her what ever fucking DBZ God realized how immensely powerful she was. Having been dropped into the world by her unnamed creators with nothing to do inside her "continental prison" except to train with a ki- powered sword and her own energy, but with a limit as to how powerful she can get, she quickly grew bored, to the point of even destroying entire continent for fun. A Benevolent figure, just recently she broke herself out of her own prison built specifically for her, with no real goal in mind but to have fun, no matter how harmful she may be to others.

Myosai has fought and overcome many obstacles along her story in IJ, most majorly being defeating Cell on Mars [And Janemba somehow...? But Janemba most likely escaped.] A benevolent force with an increasing power, she is morally good, but outspoken and clumsiness will make her a major hazard to some.

Powers and Abilities:

Standard Majin Loadout:
Absolute Regeneration
Body Manipulation
Enhanced Stamina
Instant Learning (only works with Ki based techniques)
Immortality [Does not Age, can still die]

Powers she owned by base:
Hidden Power: In ten stages. Currently she is in stage 10/10-her full potential. Myosai may permanently increase her power capability, and thus her destructive capability through maturity and enough anger/energy present. When she moves up a stage, she unlocks an unprecedented amount of power, her grammar improves, and so does her maturity, along with obviously her power level and physical appearance.
Anger Empowerment: Myosai's answer to Super Saiyans. By channeling her anger into her fists and into her ki flow, Myosai is able to go on dangerous rampages when fighting opponents she is frustrated with. This is dangerous for her. Myosai is friendly at base, but this turns her into a ravenous monster capable of destroying everything in her path.
Absolute Energy Sensing: Myosai is able to sense the power levels of anything living, be it a human or Magnus, and extremely accurately. This technique was perfected over a long period of time.

Thanks to Absorbing Cell and Some of Janemba's abilities, Myosai retains most of their abilities and techniques, and now wields one of Janemba's Dimensional Swords, Janemba's powerful weapon of choice.

Abilities Learned from Cell:

"Cell's Super Saiyan Mode": Though cell is incapable of going Super Saiyan, he still has Saiyan Cells in him, and thus, is able to increase his power tremendously. Myosai calls her "Super" form, where she receives a slightly increased muscle mass and gold aura instead of Purple, Super Myosai. Using this will drain her energy extremely quickly, but pays off by having an increase in power.

Namekian Cells: Improve her regeneration in some circumstances.

Human Cells: Is able to guide some attacks with several Z-Fighter DNA inherited from Absorbing Cell.

Notable Techinques:

Ki blast - Basic Ki blast, ranging in size, shape, and explosiveness. Can be guided thanks to Yamcha cells inherited by absorbing Cell.

Ki disc - A sharp disc made of Ki capable of slicing through most objects effortlessly. Can be guided.

Ki shield - By channeling her ki, Myosai is able to produce barriers out of Ki, in order to tank devastating blows and blasts. Though, it has the capability to shatter, it requires large amounts of focus and concentration.

Kiai - A very powerful, white-clear force that emits from Myosai's body and inflicts severe damage to the surrounding area. Alternatively, this force can be used to dispel weaker attacks.

Ki constructs - Gained from Nanashi's DNA in Cell. Almost Identical to Nanashi's technique.

Ki wave - An energy wave, varying in size, power, and strength. Can be guided or charged.

Instant Transmission - Learned over time.

Vice Shout - Causes major damage to nearby infrastructure and is only capable of being used when she is angry. Is capable of tearing holes through dimensions.


Kamehameha - A move learned from Cell, this is one of Myosai's strongest attacks. Instead of being blue in color, hers is pink-purple.

"Doom Ball" - A move which Myosai often uses when greeting someone in her game of "death ball", or used during fights, rarely. Whenever this humble ball of guidable ki is smacked away, it gradually increases in power and size, to the point of being able to obliterate most foes if not properly dodged. Drains Myosai of energy each time she hits it.

Ball Cannon: A Green-white wave, this attack will trap targets in a large, green ball of Ki, and will explode whenever Myosai says so. The explosion is large enough to turn a continent into a 'really big lake' if Myosai is on her fullest potential. Used to annihilate Super Android 13.

Rifled Barrage - Influenced by Agent Poseidon/Odysseus's repeated use of Assault Rifles, Myosai is capable of firing rapid firing, non-explosive but extremely painful spheres of ki in rapid succession, like Frieza's finger cannon. Only, her arms are in the fashion of an assault rifle and the spheres exit from the invisible 'barrel'. The rounds may increase in explosiveness whether Myosai pleases.


Doomsday Slash - A move used in conjunction with her Angered State and her Ki-powered sword. A Devastating slash, this slash is capable of slicing asteroids in half, but is only used as a life-threatening last resort due to the massive amounts of energy put into it. It is accompanied before by a devastating sword combo and a kick high into the air, where, afterwards, Myosai would usually collapse.

Weaknesses: Myosai is EXTREMELY ADHD, often stopping fights to rest, sleep, or, worse, even make friends with enemies. Though she has matured, it is not enough to stop her childish side from taking over. In addition, Myosai is semi-pacifist, often choosing to intervene in fights she knows she can win, and to save her friends, often going to suicidal measures to keep them safe. She is dangerously overconfident at points, and has a massive hunger.

AURA: Normal Form | Super Form | Angered Form

Destructive Capacity:
Planetary Form | Multi-Planetery/Stellar Level [Depending on energy output] | Solar System Level

Sub Relativistic-FTL | FTL x100 | FTL x 1,000

Durability: Multi-planetary, but Star Level due to increased strength and regeneration. Bullets affect her body.

Lifting Strength: M+

Striking Strength: XJ+

Stamina: Extreme superhuman + Trained Saiyan level. Regeneration can exhaust her.

Standard Equipment: Myosai's clothes are typical Majin wear, with some black and gold undergarments that are super skimpy in design. She has a fancy sheath for her blade around her belt, and often carries her Ki-powered Sword into battle. Her sword's strength increases depending on the amount of ki she pumps into it.

Intelligence: Average. Makes shitty choices, a lot.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:


Name/Alias: Magnus

Gender: Male

Age: 120,000 years old.

Appearance: Varies depending on form taken from shapeshifting. Base form he uses is This, yet he is more friendly than terrifying in his appearance. He weighs in at about the same weight as a military-grade heavy duty transport plane and stands at a height of 8 feet, 6 inches. Lava is usually runny when he is fighting.
Other appearances include:
"Giga Magnus"
"Armored Up" Magnus
Super Volcano State

Species: Living Volcano (otherwise known as a Golem)

Backstory: In an ancient tribal religion, stories told of a defender of earth made of pure lava and rock, sent by the creators to protect the Earth from evil and maintain a control of balance over its most powerful natural forces.

Well, obviously, the gods of that religion chose a foul-mouthed lava being named Magnus. Being sent down to roam earth forever as a Lava Monster and protector of earth turned out to be more of a curse than a Blessing to magnus. Not only was he disrespected by his peers and those whom he protected, but he also was, well. Stuck there, forever. It seemed. Over the course of his huge amount of time on Earth, Magnus had been through it all- Ice Ages battling Frost Golems, meteor strikes which wiped out the dinosaurs, and the period where Humanity became gods with the introduction of Nuclear Weaponry. Magnus became the force behind all major Seismic Activity and Volcanic activity on the planet, responsible for most of the major Earthquakes and Volcanic eruptions of history, necessary to maintain a perfect balance in the world. Magnus grew a hatred for humans, yet was forced to respect them and not deliberately kill them. Almost like he was babysitting them.

Then, along came Myosai, and that Dashing Tina. Myosai was Magnus's first fight, where she accomplished his job by blowing up a town that needed to be wiped clean for him. Magnus's role as a Defender of Earth became clear in the battle against Cell, for the fate of Earth. Accomplishing deeds that no other rock golem could ever do, Magnus formed a ragtag group of Heroes known as the "Rock and Rollers" [name change to come], consisting of powerhouses like his girlfriend Tina, another earthly force personified, Myosai, and Odysseus, a Mercenary with the ability to create any weapon or equipment out of thin air. They've seen multiple battles, including a fight against the Androids, a brawl with Tyrax, and more to come.

Magnus's story has no end, as of now. As long as he lives, he will be a literal force of nature, and his death may cause Cataclysmic consequences.

Powers and Abilities (thanks Tina, here goes..):
Earth/Volcano Embodiment, includes:
    Magma Manipulation
    Earth Manipulation
    Earth Mimicry
    Magma Mimicry
    Geokinetic Combat
    Geo-Thermokinetic Combat
    Terrakinetic Constructs
    Magma Constructs
    Earthquake Inducement
    Magma Regeneration [high level]
    Island Creation
    Seismic Sense
    Fire Manipulation
    Minion Summoning
    Gravity Manipulation
    Size Manipulation
    Earth Portal Creation [still not yet mastered]
    Earth Energy Manipulation

    And a few other ones:
    Indominatable Will
    Foul Mouth [effective against foes like Janemba]
    Power boosts gained from: Lighter fluid, Lava.
    Fire is able to burn underwater
    Able to survive in space
    Immortal [in the sense that he does not age, due to his status as Golem. Can still die and be sent to afterlife.]

Weaknesses: Magnus's big weakness is Acid-based abilities and direct hits from Ki-based attacks. These attacks for some reason deal double the damage and tamper with Magnus' regeneration, allowing him to be vulnerable to most attacks. Magnus has a hatred for human beings, yet is unable to kill them unless they have specifically done something evil or wrong in the eyes of his Gods. Magnus is very slow, relying on his durability in combat rather than speed, and relies a lot on melee combat. Magnus also has an inability to control sand, or metal.

Destructive Capacity: City-Level to Multi-Planetary level, depending on the move.

Speed: Below average human. May move faster with gravity Manipulation to lighten himself and even faster with Geokinesis.

Durability: Small Star level, likely higher thanks to his regen.

Lifting Strength: Class Z

Striking Strength: Class XJ

Standard Equipment: A can of lighter fluid for your every power boosting need!

Intelligence: Average human intelligence with the mouth of a twelve year old on Call of Duty.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Odysseus Septimus (Odysseus the 7th) AKA Agent Poseidon

Gender: Male

Age: 30 years old

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):Here

Species: Genetically Modified Human

Backstory: The year was 1985. Originally, concepts for the ultimate warrior were drafted during the late years of the cold war by an alliance of three Powerful American private defense corporations, known as Titan, Sabre, and Typhoon. These corporations all wanted to design the perfect soldier: Indestructible, intelligent, and unbreakable, and, using the latest advancements in science & technology, supernatural and psychological weapons research, and nuclear super weapon technology, create “gods". Each of the three well-funded corporations came up with the brilliant idea to produce each of their own Super soldiers, to put into battle against the other Soldiers to see which one would triumph. Titan used it’s technological assets, while Sabre used advancements in supernatural warfare. Typhoon used the latest advancements in super weapon warfare,
When the idea was green lighted by the American Government, each of the three corporations went to work to make their own super soldiers, in a program codenamed DEMIGOD.

Titan made arguably the most successful super soldier, by selecting a specific child with specific genes to put into use against Sabre’s Hades and Typhoon’s Zeus.

His name was Odysseus Doe. The Doe part came in because his parents were killed when he was a child. An orphaned child, he grew up with an abusive “master” with the other Orphan kids, and learned quickly to hate, and kill or be killed. Naturally this came into effect when he came out by sending a 5th grader to a hospital in 5th Grade, and when he gained top honors in high school. His personal motives included finding those who killed his parents, becoming the strongest out of everyone, and killing all enemy opposition, as his inspiring history professor told him. Odysseus later joined the CIA as an agent, but was pronounced MIA and later KIA on a solo mission in Afghanistan.

The above was what his actual file said. In reality, the Odysseus who died was a clone from the Original Odysseus. The clone was used to cover up his later identity as a super soldier. He was not killed in Afghanistan, in reality he was kidnapped by Titan operatives to be used in the DEMIGOD program.

With Odysseus now being a ghost, his operations could begin now. Initially Titan selected seven other candidates along with Odysseus to see which one was fit enough to wear the title of Poseidon. Odysseus, being the 7th and last candidate to be selected, gained the surname of Septimus. From then on out he was extremely successful in the tests, dispatching all the other candidates ruthlessly until he was the winner.

With Odysseus being Titan's new Poseidon Agent, he was designed to beat out Sabre's Agent Hades and Typhoon's Agent Zeus with a rock-paper-scissors manner, which will be listed in his powers and abilities below. With the help of the Nanomachine-producing Tacitite fused into his bones, he was able to accomplish feats in hours that would've taken Hades and Zeus days to do. However, from the initial tests in combat with and without the other DEMIGOD agents, it was clear that he was going to win the competition by a long shot. So, Sabre and Typhoon teamed up against Titan to knock Poseidon out of the competition. Forming an alliance between their two companies that soon became known as The Olympus Corporation, they declared to the U.S. Government and Titan Corp. That Poseidon was too dangerous to control. With support from the US Government, they expected to wipe out Titan and Poseidon in an instant. Little did they know, however, this was going to be much harder than they anticipated...

Now, with Hades and Zeus defeated, Odysseus will roam the world as a free man. He is a member of Magnus's ragtag group of heroes, the "Rock and Rollers" [name change to come] and is currently competing for the title of the World's best Mercenary.

Powers and Abilities: Beforehand, Odysseus had peak skills, even at a young age. A top-class student and an excellent learner, he could adapt to situations much faster than Hades and Zeus. CIA training and Training in Titan has given him Solid Snake-level stealth abilities and near-omnipotent Tactical Awareness in some situations. Titan's training has improved his already excellent marksman skills, and has given him the ability to learn how to use nearly any weapon in milliseconds, then figure out how to kill a person with said weapon in one hundred different ways. In his free time, he was said to be an avid reader of The Art of War and other works by famous battle tacticians, studying Napoleon, Caesar, and other Generals' tactics in order to improve on his own. He had incredible athletic skills, even for a child. These skills were vastly improved during his augmentation sequence. The self-replicating alien metal known as Tacitite was pumped into his body to the point of it fusing with his bones, making them virtually indestructible. In addition to that, the nano machines in Tacitite were fused into his brain, increasing his intelligence and physical abilities, and giving him access to using these nano machines creatively in combat. While the Tacitite was meant to make him unbreakable and bulletproof, it did that, but he also unlocked a hidden, unintended skill of using the nano machines to bend matter to his will. He could program the machines to form into various objects outside of his body, more specifically weapons and shields, and could use the machines to repair bodily wounds as well, albeit much slower than creating things out of thin air. Over time, he grew used to doing this, being able to craft, say, a pistol or ATV bike in mere seconds out of thin air, but still could not manage to heal wounds as fast as he wanted.
With his full-control over his Tacitite fused into his body, he could also program the nanomachnies inside the substance to increase specific body functions, such as motor skills, speed, intelligence, and strength. However, he could only pick a specific "buff" once at a time.
Lastly, he decided to craft a little surprise to those who tried to extract the Tacitite from him. It was planted to his gene code and his gene code only, so if one was to try to use his Tacitite upon extraction, it would either Explode on them, explode in them, or release highly toxic neurotoxins that induced hallucinations, halted bodily functions, and broke down bodily cells, effectively turning the body to a fine dust.

So, for a tl;dr conclusion, his powers are:
Matter bending (can create nearly anything out of Tacitite in thin air, bigger objects take longer)
Near-Omnipotent Tactical awareness (Solid Snake up in here)
Buffs (Improve various body functions, one at a time)
LIMITED Healing (extremely slow healing over a long period of time)

Weaknesses: [list=]Tacitite is unbreakable, but Magnetic
Healing is drastically outclassed
Cannot Manipulate food
Matter creation takes time for larger objects
Buffs require physical focus and are painful, and do not last long
Is not a high-tier fighter
Has a fear of space
Often cheats in fights
Psychological Warfare[/list]

Destructive Capacity: Street Level or Superhuman. Weapons vary from regular firearms, to Zeus's BFG, which annihilates entire Cities in seconds.

Speed: 10m/s w/out buff, 80 m/s with buff, Supersonic with board

Durability: City Block Level (base), Town Level-City Level (using a Tacitite-created "Mini bunker" shield technique).

Lifting Strength: Superhuman+ with buffs

Striking Strength: Class KJ without Buff, Class MJ with buff.

Standard Equipment: Odysseus permanently carries a variety of Tacitite created weapons that he likes so much, he doesn't even bother to dematerialize upon finishing use:

"C6X20 Laser-Guided Pistol": A weapon he crafted on the go, this custom-made Pistol is entirely of his design. Resembling a cross breed between a G18, a Revolver, and a Taser, this revolving Pistol is equipped with a built in blue laser pointer, sound and flash suppressor, bayonet, improved iron sights, an ammunition printing Tacitite 3d printer, and a high-power LED flashlight. The Laser not only improves his aim, but can also aim for him. Using a built in computer the Laser, once successfully locking onto a target, can fire a rapid burst at the target, incapacitating it or killing it. This gives it sniper rifle level accuracy, with the stopping power of a shotgun, and with no need to reload thanks to the 3d printer which spews out Tacitite bullets, giving him constantly enough ammunition to keep firing round after round.

"Trident Ninjatō": while it doesn't resemble a trident, it has the cutting power of a cutting torch and the durability of diamonds. If it can cut through flesh like a knife through hot butter, who knows how fast it could pierce a reinforced iron door or tank armor? Instantaneously?

Model 1887 Shotgun "Slugger": A shortened barrel and built in Tacitite bullet dispenser means this lever-action shotgun never has to reload and is the perfect close quarter weapon. Capable of switching to stun, explosive, dart, buckshot, and slug upon his voice and his voice only.

XM8 "Recon" Variant: This design is not his originally. It is a XM8 with the same laser-guided technology as the C6X20, but the stopping power of a shotgun and the accuracy of a laser. It has an under barrel mounted grenade launcher, a longer barrel with a flash suppressor, a built in ammunition dispenser, and hybrid sights.

"Slammer" Missile Launcher: This custom-built RPG-7-Panzerfaust 2-SMAW hybrid is a one of a kind weapon. For base, it can fire Anti-tank rockets that can destroy entire city blocks, but for longer range it can fire Cluster missiles which give the effect and power of a MRLS burst. It can be equipped with any projectile, from clusters of metal, RPG warheads, Nuclear warheads, and MANPAD warheads to take on any target that comes at him. This weapon gives him the power to actually HURT hades and destroy almost any vehicle that comes at him, but reloading is still a pain.

His final equipment is a folding hover board, another design by his own imagination. This board uses strange repulsion technology and antimatter technology provided by Titan to allow him to cruise at supersonic speeds, and preform turns that would leave a F-22 jet in a smoldering pile of rubble on the ground. It's portable, and undetectable by security scans unlike his other weapons. This board allows him to make quick escapes and travel long-distances, without the need of a power source. However, a well-placed Anti-materiel rifle shot can ground it permanently.

Intelligence: IQ of 160, with the decision-making skills of a Supercomputer and the Tactical awareness of solid snake.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: TBA

Random Facts about your character:

Odysseus has accomplished the following:

Defeated his insanely powerful rivals
Assasinated a clone of Vladimir Putin
Dodged bullets effortlessly
Managed to materialize military vehicles
Is fluent in dozens of languages
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Name/Alias: Both CeeCee and DeeDee (2 beings, one body)

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Species: Human

Backstory: CeeCee and DeeDee never knew their parents, their first memory was that off an orphanage and as they were abandoned as a child the orphanage has no idea who their parents are. Their stay at the orphanage was short however. CeeCee was the name chosen for them, and whenever CeeCee mentioned DeeDee, or DeeDee mentioned herself at first they simply thought that was her imaginary friend. However as she got older it became more and more clear that (in the eyes off everyone besides CeeCee and DeeDee) CeeCee had a split personality and DeeDee was the name of her second personality. Considering how violent DeeDee was the orphanage wasn't fit to take care off them so they were shipped at the age of 5 to a psychiatric ward for children where they were raised by doctors who tried to mimic an as "normal" environment as possible for them to grow up with as they attempted to, in their eyes, cure CeeCee.

The main problem the doctors faced was the fact that DeeDee seemed equally dominant as CeeCee. Normally in split personalities there is one personality who is more dominant and active most. With CeeCee and DeeDee it was an exact 50/50 split. The second problem was the fact both sides had enough features to be called complete people. CeeCee was followed rules very easily and in fact felt uneasy when there were no rules to follow, she needed a strict life. Besides that she was also very intelligent especially when it came to technology, and in general one off the sweetest girls you could imagine. DeeDee on the other hand could barely do mathematics and had no insight in technology at all. She was however extremely gifted in the arts, mainly singing and painting. She was also a hellraiser who would break rules needing no more reason than the rules existence. She was a violent bully that had to be separated from other kids as she'd sometimes hurt them simply because she felt like it.

CeeCee and DeeDee grew up in that ward until they were 16, constantly following sessions where they had to speak about each other, at this point in their life they had all ready created a firm set of rules amongst each other so that one would not end up ruining the others life. It was short after her 16th year that the doctors and psychiatrists began to realize CeeCee wasn't a person struggling with schizophrenia, but that DeeDee might actually be a separate person, the 2 somehow linked to one body. The thing that caused this realization was the fact that during a medical exam the results were so drastically different than usual they had to look how that was even possible.

What had happened was that every medical exam they ever went to it was always CeeCee who took it and never DeeDee. CeeCee had been going to military school for several years now and even outside school was constantly training herself, the strict rules that came with this were exactly what CeeCee wanted. DeeDee however barely did anything, she did just enough to stay skinny and good looking but nothing more. As a result CeeCee had a very fit body more muscular than most girls wile DeeDee had more the spoiled brat kind off figure. After several more medical exams, now taken daily to figure out why the results were so different, that always had different results, the doctors asked for first CeeCee to take it and directly after for DeeDee to take it. CeeCee did so without complaining naturally and the doctors got the results that followed CeeCee's curve off the last 11 years perfectly. DeeDee objected a little but did the medical exam as well, as CeeCee swapped to DeeDee, the doctors for the first time literally saw CeeCee change, more slender, different make-up and even different clothing.

There was no longer any denying that they were truly 2 separate persons, as they realized this they spoke about this to CeeCee and DeeDee and showed their interest in examining how this was possible. DeeDee was currently the one controlling the body as they spoke about this and she became enraged that they locked her and her sister up this long for a reason she and her sister told them for over a decade wasn't the case and now that they finally admitted it they wanted to keep them for examination. In CeeCee's rage something snapped inside off her and the room around her began to crack as she was furiously screaming insults. Not realizing it herself at first but her capability to do magic was triggering and everything around her would suffer it's consequences. A part off the building she was in exploded and many people got injured because of this and several who were in close proximity to her did not survive. Besides CeeCee and DeeDee nobody knew what happened there however and the people who knew what CeeCee and DeeDee were had perished. Those who survived were people that never knew better than that DeeDee was a split personality of CeeCee.

As CeeCee was mad as well she completely agreed to leave the psych ward with her sister, but she still liked her military education. She managed to convince DeeDee and the principal off her military school to move to the military school to finish her education. CeeCee would be the dominant mind during school hours and other school related activities , DeeDee would be the dominant mind during the rest off the day. The first thing CeeCee did when living at military school was design the suit she is wearing now, she didn't understand how but when DeeDee had activated her magical skills she suddenly got the idea for a suit like this. Finding funding with the military for the suit she managed to built it and gain the powers she has now.

CeeCee continued her military training and DeeDee learned to control her magic. On the day they became 21 CeeCee graduated from military school with highest honors, with her suit she had been given a special training one fit for someone with the power to take down an army by themselves. By this time DeeDee had gained great control over her powers and had a criminal record long enough to get her sentenced to life in prison, luckily for her CeeCee had found and deleted any evidence that she and DeeDee were the same person giving DeeDee a safe house with CeeCee. And luckily for CeeCee in return DeeDee had promised to try and avoid killing people or permanently injuring them.

After CeeCee took a job to clear out Gotham city of it's criminal element she quickly came to learn this job was becoming an impossible mission that could only be solved by extending her mission indefinitely. Having never spent a single penny of her earnings over the years, together with everything DeeDee stole over the years, they were able to build a club of sorts inside Gotham. Then having CeeCee's technology mixed with DeeDee's magic followed by pulling a lot of strings they managed to build a phase generator that would pull the Devil's Den out of phase with everything else, just far enough that it became completely neutral territory where CeeCee and DeeDee could make their own rules and people could only enter under their allowance.

Through this club named the Devil's Den they also made a lot of new contacts as this place attracted heroes and villains alike from across the galaxy, through one of these links DeeDee came in to contact to a powerful demonic book, one that was frankly above her own league. Through a mishap using this book DeeDee got infused with demonic energy turning her in to a half-demon. And through the bond C&D have this eventually caused CeeCee to get targeted by a red lantern ring becoming the first red lantern since the last group came to an end. As another side effect the phasing technology and the mixes in C&D's physiology seemingly was causing their bond to weaken, they found themselves capable of traveling a lot further without feeling the pull to each other for a lot longer periods of time. Indefinitely even as long as one of the 2 remained inside the Devil's Den. That said they could still hear each other and see through each other with ease, their mental bond hadn't weakened one bit.

Lately DeeDee has started to mentor a girl on the ways of magic, this seemed like a fun endeavor for her that could also help her learn more herself, mentoring is as learning for the student as it is for the tutor after all. During these days she has been in her demonic form more and more feeling like her human form was simply to inferior. At the same time CeeCee began upgrading her own body with cybernetics, a cybernetic heart as back up now that she had the red ring and in essence no natural heart to speak of. At the same time she used nanobot technology to increase her bodies potential by upgrading her muscle tissue in to a bio-mechanical hybrid of sorts.

Powers and Abilities:
  • Depending on whether CeeCee or DeeDee is currently dominant her entire body changes. If put next to each other you would instantly say they're twins as they share the same face, height, and so on. Yet they have great differences as CeeCee is trained to peak human physical limits and has a body that shows it and is like an army girl, DeeDee is skinny as she walks the sorceress path. CeeCee wears a powersuit wile DeeDee wears regular clothing. As the dominant personality switches the body adapts even the clothing, make-up, and so forth change.
  • CeeCee embodies protection and order. DeeDee embodies destruction and chaos.
  • As neither personality is dominant they have an unspoken agreement they swap from time to time.
  • It exhausts both CeeCee and DeeDee to do this but they can temporarily split in to 2 bodies and for a limited time be completely separate people. They however have to stay within 100 meters of each other or like magnets they will get pulled to each other and become one being again and they lose consciousness directly after the fusion.
  • Their minds are completely separate so neither knows what the other thinks.
  • They can talk to each other even when in the same body all though it does look like someone would be arguing with themselves in an insane way (they don't swap bodies to do this just let the other talk through them to reply.)

  • Wile their minds aren't linked everything else is, everything one feels the other feels as well, even when split in to two bodies.
  • They don't work well together as they're like fire and ice to each other.
  • Having a second personality with you always can be very distracting, especially when the personalities have a rivalry.
  • Separating drains all their energy rapidly, they can only maintain it for about an hour before they fuse again and collapse exhausted.

Random Facts about your character: CeeCee and DeeDee see each other as sisters, whether there is truth in this or not nobody not even themselves knows. They have a sort of love hate relationship towards each other, neither wants the other to die or suffer but at the same time they are complete opposites and are therefore almost always on opposite sides. CeeCee fights for order wile DeeDee loves chaos.
Wile they are always disagreeing, if they do both fight together (wile having a body each) they can make a near unstoppable combo.

Name/Alias: CeeCee / C&D

Gender: Female

Age: 27 (is physically 22)

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): In her powersuit (she doesn't hide who she is) The suit can vanish in to a pocket dimension allowing her to show in regular clothes.

In her suit:
[u]Out of her Lantern suit:


Her general outfit and appearance at the Devil's Den:

Species: Human

Backstory: Check app CeeCee + DeeDee (above this one)

Powers and Abilities:
  • Wears a Red Lantern Ring which grants a powerful shield, construct creation, flight, blood projectiles, increased healing speed, and so on.
  • She's is an elite in most forms off military combat (has no training in Asian fighting styles).
  • Through her ring, nanobots and the connection with DeeDee her aging process has practicly stopped.
  • Tactical genius and technological genius.

  • She's overconfident and always angry.
  • The regeneration her suit offers can only speed up natural healing, what can't be healed naturally, the suit can not heal (so no regrowing limbs for example).
  • DeeDee's influence can distract her from her cause.
  • She's hotheaded.
  • Not sure if a weakness but her military training makes her come over socially awkward to non military.

Destructive Capacity: Planetary Level

Speed: FTL (x1,000,000,000+) in pure travelling speed. Her fighting and reaction speed is Mach Speed.

Durability: Planet Level

Lifting Strength: Class K

Striking Strength: Class EJ

Standard Equipment: Her Lantern Ring.

Intelligence: Savant with technology and tactical genius.

Theme song: 12 Stones - Bulletproof

Optional stuff:
Through Crimson Blood, And Skies of Fire,
None that are can withstand our Ire.
With Rage we Fuel our Growing Might,
We'll crush our Foes, We Stand and Fight!

Name/Alias: DeeDee / D&C

Gender: Female

Age: 27 (is physically 22)

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):
Her eyes have the same colours as CeeCee only reverted (left pink, right dark blue)

Her Demon Form (Her tail is more slender and longer and the 2 different coloured eyes persist through the demon transformation):

Species: Human-Demon Hybrid

Backstory: Check app CeeCee + DeeDee (above this one)

Powers and Abilities:
  • Destruction Magic
  • She barely ages because her destruction magic destroys the years she is supposed to age.
  • Her magic is extremely powerful in it's simplicity, it does not try to change, manipulate, influence, it simply destroys.
  • She can create magical beams, flames and explosions all meant to destroy.
  • She can create a shield with her destructive magic, it is a very violent shield because rather than defending the user, it tries to destroy everything that touches it (from the outside it looks like a blackish red aura).
  • She can summon destructive demons from the realm she rules.
  • When wounded she can use her destruction magic to "destroy" wounds, this causes extreme pain where the wound is, but the wound will be gone and your body will have returned to a healthy state, just in agonizing pain.
  • She has an extreme high pain threshold.
  • Levitation.
  • She is a genius when it comes to learning magic.
  • She has a vast array of demonic magics as well now.

  • Her chaotic nature causes her to refuse to listen to reason or logic and can end up doing something that could end up harming herself for the sake of causing chaos.
  • She enjoys pain a bit to much.
  • She is easily distracted.
  • Healing and construction magic counters her magic.
  • She is cocky and overconfident, challenge her and she will take on your challenge.
  • She is giving in to her demonic side a bit to much.

Destructive Capacity: Star Level

Speed: 1m/s (2.2mph - 3.6kph) without magic, 10m/s (22mph - 36kph) when levitating, she has teleportation so infinite when it comes to travel.

Durability: Planet Level as a Demon.

Lifting Strength: Class 100

Striking Strength: Class GJ

Standard Equipment: Just her clothing.

Intelligence: Savant in everything mystical, magical and musical (yes she's an artist :))

Theme song: Halestorm - Mz. Hyde
By the Way, they call each other sister from time to time but they aren't actually related.

Name/Alias: Zephy / Auria / Gale (Mostly Zephy) / Archon of Air
(Zephy, Auria and Gale are names she's known under. Archon of Air is her title.)

Gender: Technically none but because of the way Zephy has been summoned in to existence her physical body is that off a female.

Age: 9 217

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):
When Zephy is in her physical form she resembles this:

When Zephy is attacking or is being attacked she looks like this:

(In between attacks or being attacked she'll automatically revert to her physical form until she attacks or is attacked again)

Species: Elemental Archon (only one in existence as far as she herself is aware)

Backstory: In essence the history off her would be the history off air itself and begin with the birth off the universe, however Zephy herself has only existed 9 217 years. Wile she is the living form off air itself and all air in existence is part off her, she only received a mind and body off her own when a powerful sorcerer attempted to summon the elements themselves to do his bidding. At first he never succeeded, he managed to shoot fire, cause tremors, bend a river and conjure a whirlwind. But none off that was through dominance off an element, it was simply magic taking the form off an element.

After many years off research, failed experiments and wild theories, the sorcerer realized the problem. Something can not listen to your commands and follow them if they have no means to hear your commands. And just hearing your commands would not be sufficient, the commands needed to be understood, after all, an untrained dog will not sit on command. The solutions to this was that before the elements could truly obey, they had to gain both a body and sentience. Through dangerous soul-consuming magic the sorcerer managed to cause the winds to converge to extreme densities, forced the air to take a shape, and by the end off the spell, where the air converged a woman was lying seemingly gasping for air. Zephy was born as an Archon of Air.

Zephy's gasping for air was a sort of instinct, the first moments off sentience panicking that she could not breathe, not yet realizing that was because she was the breath itself. Zephy quickly came to realize what she was even if she did not understand who, why or how. The sorcerer did not give Zephy much time to find out though as he started to try and enslave Zephy to do his bidding, as was his intention from the beginning. He was somewhat disappointed that his experiments had only yielded one Archon as he desired control over all the elements, but he was sure that with the first enslaved the other elements would fall even easier. What the sorcerer had not realized though was the volatile, powerful and extremely dangerous nature an Archon of Air would have. Without even realizing what she was doing in a single wave off Zephy's hand winds so powerful blasted towards the sorcerer they shred the flesh from his bones, causing a painful death for the sorcerer.

Zephy was now alone, with no purpose and no idea why she existed. And wile a being in this situation might be expected to wonder what their purpose is or what they should do, none off these questions ever occurred to Zephy. Being the Archon of Air she had the attributes of air, she was completely carefree, a being who would go where the wind took her, literally. She had no goal, no destination, no allegiances and no interest in having any of those. She just moves forward and if something was in the way she'd either flow around it, blow it over or shred through it.

The past Millennia and a half Zephy has been in a constant drift, never in a solid body causing knowledge of her existence to have shifted to the realm of ancient tales and myths.

Powers and Abilities:

  • She's very easily manipulated as long as she has the mind off a child;
  • Extreme heat causes her to lose focus as her body automatically wants to disperse at extreme temperatures;
  • Unless it causes a physical force which would push her body aside, she is vulnerable and killable by magic;
  • Wile she can make multiple bodies off herself, all mimicking sentience, she only has one "main" body hosting her mind;
  • If you can somehow destroy air molecules you could kill her and with her all air in existence;
  • She can not force air to leave a body or create a vacuum, she can make the air disperse making it hard to breath but she can not force it to leave completely unless it is forced to by the laws of physics (like a hurricane creating a vacuum by sucking up all the air);
  • She is very easily distracted.

Destructive Capacity: Large Planetary lvl

Speed: 269 813 212.2 m/s (90% the speed of light) Just like she can glide on the air currents she can also glide on the light currents.

Durability: Universe (Not counting magic to which she's very vulnerable)

Lifting Strength: Technically nothing as she has no physical strength, but using air, Class E

Striking Strength: She has no striking strengths, just aerokinetic attacks which is her destructive capacity

Standard Equipment:Absolutely nothing, she doesn't even wear clothes the ones you see are made out of air.

Intelligence: She can communicate at a normal adults level but has the intelligence off a young child. (Don't ask her to do math).

Optional stuff. Just like the air has constantly changing directions and can both be soothing as terrible, Zephy has a constantly changing personality and has potential to great good and great harm. When first meeting her she can be a childish naive person who just wants to play like a soft breeze keeping a feather afloat and the next time you meet you could meet a vicious being set on destroying anything in her way like a violent hurricane tearing everything asunder.
If she dies, all air in the universe begins to vanish.

Theme song: Elemental Air - Cataclysm Music

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Ember /Ignacia / Ruby / Ashe / Archon of Fire
(Ember, Ignacia, Ruby and Ashe are names she's known under. Archon of Fire is her title.)

Gender: Technically none, but in terms of looks she comes over female (and is in essence female).

Age: She'll be born in her opening post so as old as the time that passes between the opening post and whatever the last post is at that time :p. Resembles in her early 20's

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):
In her fire form

In her physical form

Species: Elemental Archon

Backstory: She isn't born yet so doesn't have one yet. I am going to put her personality here though. She's a hothead that needs to stand in the spotlight, people have to pay attention to her in her eyes

Powers and Abilities:
Ember is even more unique than the other Elemental Archons in essence that she embodies fire only in terms of heat and light without oxygen or fuel. She is fire without fuel which allows her total intangibility making her capable of moving through other physical objects and not just be immune to physical attacks. The only way to capture her would be to use magic or somehow invent a way to trap light.
She can sense heat everywhere and therefore can sense all living beings that emit heat, regardless of how small and she values every single one of these beings greatly.

  • She is an extreme hothead, never thinks before acting and if she thinks it's about how to make herself stand out more.
  • She wants to put on a show, everyone HAS to look at her, she HAS to be the center of attention in her eyes.
  • She doesn't really know her own limits and could go supernova without realizing she's going to far and end up destroying entire solar systems.
  • She's vulnerable to magic.
  • Not sure if a weakness but, she values life greatly and will not take another's life without purpose (for example a part of a forest should only burn down to ensure it doesn't grow to big for it's own survival).

Destructive Capacity: Stellar/Solar System Level (She can go supernova with her as the center of it)

Speed: Speed of Light: 299 792 458 m/s

Durability: Not counting magic, I think it's hard to say in her case because she has even less off a physical body than her sister Air, so it could be infinite. I'll put down Universe ^^.

Lifting Strength: Human lvl

Striking Strength: Human lvl

Standard Equipment: Absolutely nothing

Intelligence: Standard human lvl

Optional stuff: If she dies, all fire in the universe dies out with her (in effect causing all stars to go out together with the molten cores of every planet.).

Theme song: Molten Front Firelands - Cataclysm Music

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Rin Tarla (That was her last name but she doesn't remember)
Her alias was Frequency (Doesn't remember that either)

Gender: Female

Age: She is physically 16, and is mentally 16. Her real age, however, is 53.

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):

No suit as of yet.

Species: Human, mutant

Backstory: Rin was an average child, with an average life, average friends, average parents, average everything. But when she hit puberty everything began to change for her, her mind began to slow down, her personality shifted erratically and the noises she heard from everywhere kept her sleep deprived and mentally unstable. After many visits to clinics and doctors it became clear her problems were caused by her own DNA, she was a mutant.
After a lot of deliberation, decision making and teary eyes, they were approached by a teacher from Xavier's school for gifted youngsters. For a long time things went well, but regardless of how much Xavier helped her, he couldn't stop the memory loss. Part of her mutation had simply repurposed her long term memory by increased short term memory. Her mutant abilities also drastically slowed down her aging process, it took 40 years for her to age from 12 to 16 she was in fact one of the first students of Xavier's school. Her situation, both the slow aging and the inability to retain memory it was deemed best to keep her in the same class for a decade and make her believe she was the age she looked.

Eventually she had grown so skilled with her abilities she began fighting crime together with the x-men, in general she was a part of the x-men family and things went great. However one day she vanished on a mission and has so far remained missing. 8 years have passed since then.

Powers and Abilities:
- Sound Manipulation
- Sound Empowerment
- Sound absorption
She can do almost everything listed under those 3 as applications.

- She can't turn her powers off, she always hears and sees everything that happens up to a distance of 500 kilometers including hearts and heartbeats, wile this may seem like a power it's to much for her brain to handle. Because of this she has no long term memory as it's all being used just to keep her short term memory working.
- Her brain doesn't work on electricity, it works on sounds, music to be precise. Depending on what song is playing she gets a completely different personality and set of emotions.
- She has to listen to a song through a headset on a deafening loud setting because random ambiance noise would be such random noises she'd go catatonic. With her ears she is only allowed to hear one song, over and over as long s she wishes to retain that personality. Everything else she hears through sound absorption and don't affect her brainwaves.
- She is a very confused person as she can only recall about a weeks worth of events, everything older than a week she forgets.

Destructive Capacity: Small Country level (5 Teraton)

Speed: Speed of sound ^^

Durability: She can take as much as she can dish out so Small Country level

Lifting Strength: Teenage girl level :P

Striking Strength: Teenage girl lvl again.

Standard Equipment: Her clothes and her headset that will literally be stuck to her head (somehow).

Intelligence: B+ student (c student when it comes to languages)

Optional stuff.

Theme song: AMNESIA by Miracle Of Sound

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Balance

Gender: Female

Age: The exact same age as the galaxy she's in.

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):

Species: Celestial Entity

Ever since the Galaxy was born, she has existed in it. She was born together with the other Celestial beings every Galaxy received upon it's birth. And just like those entities she was born to embody an aspect in this Galaxy, the one she was named after, Balance. She however never acts on her own, she is more of an indicator to happenings in the universe. The more in balance the universe is, the healthier she appears, the more out of balance the universe is, the more wounds and signs of illnesses she has. Any being in the universe can call out for her in an attempt to make a trade for anything they would want. Being the embodiment of balance she will grant any request assuming they can give something of equal value to them in return.

A hero that is willing to pay his life for saving his planet for he believes his life is a small sacrifice to save the world will have his request denied as the value is not equal, there is no balance in this request. However if this hero had a child who would mean the world to this hero, then the life of this child could be an acceptable offer.

The reason she offers these deals though is not because of what she is though, and more because of what she wants. Balance does not understand emotions, she herself has them, but she does not realize she has them. The emotion that puzzles her the most is desire, and ironically enough this has given her the great desire to understand desire. Even though she does not realize she has this emotion at all, causing her to subconsciously emanate an aura of desire causing people nearby her to be less inhibited to act on those desires. Therefore she visits places randomly and offers deals to grant someone their desire for something they hold at the same value as what they desire.

However as she is seemingly incapable of understanding emotions she grants wishes that have been bartered for in a way that she interprets them which ended up with the client receiving what they asked, but not necessarily what they wanted. Many of her granted trades have actually resulted in the death of their clients because of their use of poor wording.

Powers and Abilities:
Nigh Omnipotence
It seems weird to list more after Nigh Omnipotence, but listing the subpowers that are most prominent.
Desire Aura She isn't aware of this, but she has a permanent desire aura around her imbuing every being around her with great desire, and the instinctive need to act on it (by talking to her).

Because of her power anchoring she can not affect herself with any of her powers.
She can not use her powers on any other celestial being.
She can not create a great unbalance in the universe as in essence creating a great unbalance would affect herself and she can not affect herself with her powers (see power anchoring again).
She's weaker than the infinity gauntlet.
She will almost never fight the only way she'd fight is if something would throw off the balance of the universe enough to greatly affect her. Or if directly challenged by a being capable of harming her as if harming her would cause great inbalance.
She lacks Omniscience and Omnipresence. And she can not grant Omnipotence, Omniscience or Omnipresence.
She seems incapable of understanding emotions wile still being influenced by them.

Destructive Capacity: Universal Level

Speed: Immeasurable

Durability: Universe Level

Lifting Strength: Immeasurable

Striking Strength: Immeasurable

Standard Equipment: A blindfold, a sword, and a scale (all can be seen on the picture).

Intelligence: She knows everything except the future. She seemingly is incapable of understanding emotions.

Optional stuff: In general she does not talk unless talked to, but simply being near other beings causes their desires to skyrocket and instinctively approach her to try and make a deal.

Theme song: Equivelant Exchange

Random Facts about your character: She's addicted to trying to understand desire and tries to understand it through granting wishes that have been paid for. In a way you could say she's addicted to desire.

Name/Alias: Lysia

Gender: Female

Age: Because of Time-poisoning (Chronokinetic poisoning? I'm not sure what the term would be for being poisoned by time itself) always in flux.

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):

Species: Amazon

Backstory: Lysia was one of the last Amazons to be born before the amazons went to Themyscira, even though she remembers nothing before Themyscira, being to young at the time it became the Amazonian home. Growing up she was trained in the art of battle and excelled in the art of archery. Realizing this was her strongest feature she decided to become the best in it, centuries worth of training allowed her to accomplish this goal making her capable of hitting a candle wick 3miles/5kilometers away, further if she was in an elevated position causing the horizon to move further away.

In general Lysia had always known relative peace, no large wars or the likes, but there were some incidents from time to time that called her to battle, one such an incident was when someone had stolen an artifact infused with the gift of Cronos, the titan of time. This artifact, a necklace, made the wearer immune to non-temporal attacks and if given the chance to learn how to use it they could do whatever they'd like with time itself. At first it seemed like an impossible thing to prevent, the person could not be harmed any longer after all. However the necklace itself held no such power, and with a masterful shot Lysia's hand the necklace was destroyed. This however caused an energy feedback causing Lysia to seemingly vanish in to nothingness. Many years later however she reappeared, for her however not a second had passed.

After reuniting with her sisters it was assumed the feedback had simply tossed her through time, but when growing pains and weird events occurring around her continuously stronger and stronger it was clear more had occurred. Wile trying to figure out the extent of what the feedback had created she attempted to control these events, and wile learning how to use these temporal events to an effect, eventually the energy reached a critical point and a massive eruption in time occurred. She, the Amazons, in fact the whole world was lucky, there were no lasting effects, all that had happened was a large number of buildings were destroyed. She herself died in this explosion, but it didn't take long before the very powers that killed her resurrected her and started building up energy once again.

Not wanting to harm her sisters she vanished from Themyscira one day, now she wanders the earth, constantly moving, constantly fighting, constantly trying to keep these powers in check doing all she can to avoid blowing up a second time. Who knew how much damage a second explosion could cause after all.

Powers and Abilities:
  • Amazonian Physiology
  • Enhanced Archery: She's really, really good with a bow ^^
  • Time poisoning (it is the source of her power and her greatest curse)
  • Chronokinetic energy build-up: She always builds up more and more temporal energy which she can use to fuel her other powers:
    • Infinite Supply: She can create an infinite amount of Temporal Weaponry
    • Infinite Resurrection: Whenever she dies she resurrects, the only way she can die is by freezing her in time
    • Temporal Bow Construction: Speaks for itself she can make a bow out of time itself
    • Temporal Arrow Construction: Same as above, just arrows
    • Chronokinetic combat:
      • She can move herself backwards and forwards in time, suddenly appearing where she would be heading, or returning to a spot she was recently. If moving forward in time she can't guarantee where she will appear exactly as she could have tripped wile going where she would be heading
      • She can infuse her arrows with Chronokinetic powers, giving them the power to when they hit something, slow them down, speed them up, freeze them in time (temporally), move them forward or backward in time, and possibly some other time related stuff that I can't think off now ^^
    • Temporal healing: instead of healing a wound revert to a time when the wound wasn't there
    • Uncontrollable precognition and retrocognition: She sometimes gets flashes of past and future events randomly

  • Temporal Healing only works on herself by sleeping, or by dying in which case she resurrects to full health
  • The chronokinetic poisoning can cause bursts of pain
  • The temporal energy build up is constant and if it builds up to a critical mass she causes a massive explosion which throws everything around her randomly through time and potentially creating wounds in the fabric of time. PLaces where time bleeds in to the world causing all kinds of weird things to occur. (This is the main reason she constantly trains and uses her power to try to use up more energy than she constantly builds up before this happens)
  • Because the precognition and recognition happens randomly it can cause her to become unable to do anything until the vision ends causing her to be completely helpless

Destructive Capacity: This is a tough question, not only does dealing temporal damage have a finicky destructive level, her buildup of temporal energy exploding could create a tear in time itself, where does destroying time scale exactly?
She herself is between Wall and Small Building level

Speed: Again, tough question, she can move through time in essence, moving between negative infinity to positive infinity.
If she isn't using her temporal powers to shift through time and only as a minor boost 42 mph/ 153 kph.

Durability: Large Building Level, that said regardless of hard she is hit she will resurrect if she dies

Lifting Strength: Class 17

Striking Strength: Class MJ

Energy Projection Again, how much energy does an attack have that can destroy time?

Standard Equipment: Her armor

Intelligence: Very intelligent but not used to modern technology having spent her entire life on Themyscira.

Optional stuff. She doesn't think highly of men because of having spent her entire life on Themyscira.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character: This may be my first non-lesbian character in here, she just hates men ^^.

Race name:Venèfilem
Race standard/average appearance: Mainly humanlike but a lot paler or even completely white in some case. They are also born with markings over their body, sometimes minor ones, sometimes major ones. Some so prominent the majority of their body is covered to the point where you'd mistake the marks for their skin and their skin for the marks, some only have a stripe or 2 on their face. Some have flowing lines, some have marks, marks that go from solid squares to the most abstract you can think off.
Race Specific abilities: All are born with magic, having magic is as normal to them as breathing. That said how strong they are in their use of magic varies tremendously.
Homeworld name: Venef
Lore:This planet is also the focus of magic, all magic in existence comes from it. It works like the heart from a vascular system of a body, but the body in this case is the entire universe, and the planet is circulating magic, not blood. Because of this every person born on this planet has an extremely powerful connection to magic. The planet is always ruled by those who are the strongest and any person who is on the throne can be challenged by anyone at any time with the only rule being that the ruler is given enough time to recuperate between battles. Entire groups may chose to challenge a single ruler and then rule as a council, even though these councils often end up becoming a free for all leaving only one to be declared supreme emperor or empress.

Ever so often someone on this planet is born with an extreme affinity to magic, one far outshining anyone else and they usually get a title "hearts of the empire" and are used to upkeep the laws, all of them, they have to obey the laws and have to follow the orders of the emperor/empress but at the same time have the power to dethrone any ruler if they themselves break the law. The one currently leading as Empress was originally one of the "Hearts", but she had seen great injustice over the years, she was a prodigy among prodigies. Some only have magic because they were born on this planet so it is in their veins regardless and some are born with the capabilities to truly master magic, the Empress was born as if she couldn't only control magic, but that she could become part of the source itself, and as part of the source, she could tap in to its limitless potential.

A rule the hearts had to follow themselves was to never take up the seat of Empress, but when the strongest one of their order did, there simply was nobody strong enough to dethrone her, not even if every remaining heart banded together could they defeat her. Using her powers she decided crimes would no longer be tolerated, none of them would be tolerated. And after some failed attempts she decided there was only one more option. Everyone committing a crime would be reprogrammed to have an undying loyalty to the Empress and become part of her army. But at the same time enough of their mind was kept intact so they remained their individuality.

Not settling with simply solving the problems of one planet the Empress sought out other inhabited planets to liberate them from their crimes taking them over the same way she did her home planet, ever moving further and further. And as such, the Second Empire was born.

Name: The Second Empire
How large is the faction in numbers: 129 solar systems

Short description of Tech level: Technology is all over the place, the heart of the second empire is the planet Venef and everything there is created by the use of magic so their technological level was extremely low yet they had created vessels if powered with magic are capable of space travel including hyperspace travel. And through conquest of 128 other solar systems they have added the technological marvels of those solar systems to their own growing exponentially fast in terms of technology where it is far ahead of the technology from earth.

Short history of the faction: The Second Empire was formed when the Empress of Venef chose to bring peace across the galaxy. And she believed the only way to bring peace was to eliminate crimes everywhere by mind controlling anyone braking any laws or simply outright killing them if it was to much effort to control them. Considering she understood there would always be people standing against them she has made a deal with the Guardians of the Universe that she would announce to them when she'd invade a new galaxy. Giving them the time to warn the planets there and any green lanterns patrolling that sector. Because they have lost every fight so far against the Empress this usually means in an attempted evacuations of all they can.

Just below the Empress is a single person with the title Maw of the Empress, a being of solid energy that is addicted to the Empress's power. And just below this Maw are the Fangs of the Empress. Beings with incredible power that for their own reasons follow the Empress's every word and are usually sent out to conquer planets giving them a chance to surrender completely before the Empress has to join in herself. They are also her eyes and ears when information needs to be gathered under special circumstances.

So far every planet that ever came in to contact with the Second Empire is now under its control, or has been destroyed.

Race(s) the faction is made up of: the Venèfilem are the ruling race with the Empress being a Venèfilem. That said wile every conquered planet has a Venèfilem leading them they are usually copies of the Empress herself. Besides that there are tons of races with names I haven't invented yet ^^.
The Maw is a unique being that does not have a race.
There are 3 Fangs: The Terrified Beast is a Gentarian. Beings who live according to a vow of hospitality and peace, never fighting. Their race exists of beings of incredible uncontrollable power and for that reason have learned to live in harmony. But once in a wile one is born whomse powers simply can not be contained so for the safety of the planet they are banished. The one following the Empress is one that was banished and the Empress managed to contain his powers with a mask.
The Wave of Life is an Eternal Mother. A race of watery beings that have taken it upon themselves that they exist to protect al life in the galaxy. The race consists of only a handful of members and the one that joined the Empress believes she will create a universe where no unnecessary deaths will ever happen again.
Weapon Infinity is a Darlyan, Darlyans are a race of an incredible intellect and technology that surpasses most other technology in the universe. Unfortunately they are also the definition of genius borders insanity as half their population becomes insane during puberty losing all sense of reality. The one following the Empress is a Darlyan that has invented a way to psychically create any weapon she can think of or has seen before. Darlyans also have an extreme natural resistance to magic to the point the Empress would need to exert large solar system levels of destructive magic to simply even hurt one.

Edit: PS: I'll make race apps to for Darlyans, Eternal Mothers and Gentarians if you want.
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Name/Alias: Maxwell Morningstar | Mad God | Mad Max

Gender: Male

Age: 25



Note: Maxwell is now 6'4, 250lbs. I may retcon his massive, previous figure.

Species: Superhuman (Genetically homo sapien sapien)

The arrogant young boy of his youth was replaced by the humble leader of necessity, Mad Max was able to reconcile the guilt and regret he felt over the loss of his father during the Time War, and even was able to get revenge for his wrongful death by Eon. Still though, in the absence of that regret, he had no motivation to accomplish anything anymore. It was the emotion that drove him to do better, to be daring, to challenge ideas, concepts, and Gods, but with the vast powers within the Cosmic Cube, he found new purpose, and with the All-Seeing Eyes, he saw what was over the horizon. The End.

Thus, our Mad King turned himself into a Mad God, and created Madworld in order to rule over billions of people as an ironfisted despot, an autocrat in the modern age, and above all, as a life raft to survive the coming destruction of the entire multiverse. Below the crust of Madworld was not a mantle of molten magma, but computers and machinery, all designed to calculate, test, and create the means to survive the ultimate death of everything. Mad God dubbed it "the Ark", and likens himself to a savior-yet-to be, and plans extensively for the End in order to survive and ensure others close to him survives as well. Where the Kingdom of Ur once stood, a portal is in it's place that leads to Madworld so that he may come and go to either as he pleases.

On Madworld, Val has become his Queen, but retains memory of the nation of Ur Maxwell used to rule over. She is conflicted over the man, or God, Maxwell has become and his despotic rule over these people. He healed her injuries from the fight with Dapp and expected her to just accept his thank-you with one hand while he oppressed the lives of billions with his other? She's been cold, distant toward him, but she doesn't know what is coming. He does what he does out of necessity - the billion people on Madworld are but extensions of the supercomputer, like computers linked to a server, and their processing power enabling the server to work as needed. It is a sad, cruel world, but fear accomplishes more computations than freedom and creativity do, and the evidence is clearly shown.

Thus, the Madworld Saga begins.

Powers and Abilities:
  • Absolute Energy Absorption: A powerful ability, Max can absorb any and all forms of energy without limit. He can then use this energy in any way he sees fit - be it in the form of energy blasts, healing, energy clones, increased physical attributes, and the like. His power acts as a natural shield as well, as it has an area of effect around 2 meters in radius from himself. This shield is powerful enough to withstand gunfire as it saps the kinetic energy from them. This power also allows for the draining of life forces and even copying the powers of others by the subsequent drain. He calls this ability the "Ragnarök Sanction".
    • Energy Perception/Energy Sensing: Mad Max can see the natural energies all around him, and with the All-Seeing Eyes, which further augments this ability, allows him to perceive future events based on their energy. He sees these things as lines, fractures, and clusters that connect objects, and events, in the universe together.
    • Absorption Shield: A barrier the Mad God can create that draws in all forms of energy into himself, and at the event horizon, is seen almost like a bubble where energy is scattered around and absorbed evenly. He can create this over himself and others like so:
  • Supernatural Intelligence/Indomitable Will: Maxwell possesses a vast intellect, capable of calculating even the outcomes of battles while in the middle of them. His capacity for learning is almost unrivaled, and his mind is one of the sharpest. Max also has a willpower forged out of titanium itself because of his intellect and belief in himself. This makes reading and invading his mind next to impossible, and allows him to perform incredible feats due to sheer willpower.
  • The Hercules Method: A self-taught conditioning regimen learned from Tibetan Monks, the Hercules Method grants the user a peace of mind and body unlike any other, and cultivates a willpower that is iron-clad. This willpower is then used to create a supernatural condition for a normal human being, granting access to regenerative healing, increased reflexes, strength, stamina, and the like. As a stand alone power, it would make him above a Peak Human in raw physical attributes, which are then further increased by his Energy Absorption abilities.

  • Law of Conservation of Energy: Energy cannot be created or destroyed, Mad Max must get it from somewhere. He circumvents this by having vast reserves of energy, which brings us to the next weakness.
  • Max can exhaust his energy reserves, at which point, he is like a car running on fumes. He can keep going for just a little while, but must absorb more energy to survive if he reaches that low.
  • All that intelligence, and he can still be outsmarted. Not to mention, all that brainpower consumes a lot of energy to begin with.
  • Long, drawn out fights that continuously waste his energy supply would really, royally rustle his jimmies
  • In the absence of massive energy reserves, he cannot heal effectively
  • Petite, cute women

Destructive Capacity: City-Level, can increase with more Energy.

Speed: 1,000 m/s - Variable with Energy

Durability: City/Town Level - Theoretically indefinite due to the Energy Absorption Shield.

Lifting Strength: Class 100 - Variable with Powers.

Striking Strength: Class TJ+ - Striking Power can be controlled with energy output, and so Max could punch out stars if he absorbs one, and so forth.

Standard Equipment:
  • Mad God Armor: The set created to replace his Promethium-Adamantium armor, the Mad God armor features a rare Vibranium isotope known as Anti-Metal, designed to smash apart and slice all other metals, including Adamantium and Vibranium, at the molecular level. It is alloyed with Promethium, which generates and absorbs nearly infinite amounts of energy. It would prove cancerous and highly mutagenic for anyone else to put it on, but when worn by Mad Max, it becomes a powerful set of armor due to his energy absorption abilities. It feats many technological upgrades from his previous suit as well, allowing for him to hold vast control over Madworld.
  • Madworld: An Earth-like planet created by Maxwell Morningstar after he attained the Cosmic Cube from Dr. Doom following the conclusion of the Time War, it holds a population of over one billion residents, all created by the Cube as well, and is run by Max under the title of "God-King" with an ironfist. Madworld is situated only a few light years from the Sol system, and has an entire history created by the Cosmic Cube despite it's age being less than a few weeks at most. Below the crust of Madworld is a massive supercomputer, whose aim and purpose is not well known except only to the Mad God. Where the Kingdom of Ur once stood, a portal is in it's place that leads to Madworld.
  • Cosmic Cube: A powerful artefact, this Cube was designed and created by Dr. Doom for Mad Max as a payment for his assassination of Eon. To what end Doom wanted this accomplished is unknown, but the Cube has provided Maxwell was immense power, enough to create a world and breathe life into a billion residents, as well as a thriving ecosystem. He absorbed the Cube into himself, and is thus one with the Cube.

Intelligence: Highly intelligent, Maxwell can be considered an ace of all trades for his in-depth knowledge and understanding of almost any subject known to man and beyond. An able economist, politician, leader, and strategist, no one can ever underestimate the sheer depth of smarts lying with Maxwell's cranium. Powerful, deadly, and smart, he is a combination not to messed with on your average Tuesday. His mental abilities have only improved from his possession of the Cosmic Cube, and currently, stands as one of the smartest mortals on the cosmic playing field.

Optional Stuff

Theme song: "...You do not have long enough arms to box with God."

Random Facts:
  • Updated as of 5/23/15

Name/Alias: Valerie Valentine | Val | Zero G

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Appearance: Roughly 5'11", 180lbs

Species: Mutant (homo superior)

Update in Progress

Powers and Abilities:
  • Empathy: Able to feel the emotions of others, simple.
  • Emotion Empowerment: Val has her physical stats empowered by both her emotions and the emotions of those around her. Any emotion is

  • WIP

Destructive Capacity: City-Level | Theoretically indefinite.

Speed: 1,000 m/s | Can operate at slightly above FTL if fully realized.

Durability: Human Level - She is fragile normally, and with gravity powers, can reach up to Building levels currently.

Lifting Strength: Immeasurable - She can lift, in theory, anything with her powers.

Striking Strength: Immeasurable - Not in terms of crazy-powerful, but that her strike can vary wildly with how much gravity she puts behind a strike. Class MJ-GJ is her usual area, though.

Standard Equipment:
  • Mad Max: Her caretaker and savior, where Val is, Mad Max is not far from her. They can fight in a duo at times, but for the most part, Max seems to do a lot of the heavy lifting for Val.

Intelligence: While it's implied that she is a smart girl, her mental state makes measuring her intelligence erratic, as it seems like between her "Val" personality and "Zero G" that Zero G is much more adept at combat and strategy while Val seems to be distant and aloof.

Optional Stuff

Theme song: "..."

Random Facts: N/A

Name/Alias: Otto Godblessed

Gender: Male

Age: 300


Species: Asgardian-Jötunn

Backstory: Not much - he is the bastard son of Vili, brother of Odin, and Gerðr, Jötunn wife of Freyer. To hide their affair, Vili banished Otto from Asgard as a newborn, yet the child survived in the void of space due to it's chilling temperatures. Despite this, he grew up to be a holder of knowledge and secrets, a firm believer in order and justice - and accepted by Asgardian society without any ill effects due to the unknown nature of his birth. He learned Allspeak and went around Midgard spreading his ideas, mediating disputes, and other such feats of diplomacy. He came to know Maxwell Morningstar following the end of the Time War, and agreed to become his righthand man on Madworld for unknown reasons.

Powers and Abilities:
  • Asgardian Loadout: This condition is a result of his heritage. He has strength, speed, and durability on a similar level to Thor, as Otto's father is Odin's brother, Vili.
  • Cold Empowerment: As his mother was a Frost Giant (Gerðr), Otto gains incredible power and durability, not to mention speed, faster healing, and intelligence, when in the presence of colder temperatures and environment on top of his Asgardian physiology.
  • Draupnir (Odinring): The Ring forged alongside Mjolnir in Norse Mythology, Draupnir was said to multiply itself into eight rings of equal weight in gold every nine nights. However, this was but a "default" setting on the ring, as once Otto got ahold of it, he used it to access the vast Odin Force instead. He uses the Odin Force to become adept at keeping the law and order wherever he goes, but it's many other, powerful, uses have been noted, particularly in dropping temperatures.
  • Law Intuition: The result of his use of the Odin Force, Otto has an affinity for laws and their maintenance, making him a prime candidate for Mad Max's rule in Madworld. While on that planet, he is the law in most cases.

  • Asgardian Weaknesses: These seem rather iffy. They can't really use magic, and die in Ragnarok. Not really notably weaknesses in my book, so I have some more to add, specifically for Otto.
  • Heat: Just as cold empowers Otto Godblessed, heat will siphon and greatly diminish it. Sufficient heat, such as being cast into a star, will render him mortal and human-like in his durability. His trump card against this is the Odinring, which he can use to drop temperatures to absolute zero, even in the heart of stars, through use of the Odin Force.
  • Object Removal: He's but a normal Asgardian without the Odinring, so take that as you will.

Destructive Capacity: Large Planetary

Speed: FTL (x10+)

Durability: Star Level

Lifting Strength: Class Y

Striking Strength: Class XKJ

Standard Equipment:
Intelligence: Adept at the law and it's interpretation, he can be seen as a bookworm and know-it-all at times. He lacks street smarts, so lingo and various phrases are lost on him. At times, his overzealous belief in the righteousness of the law can blind him to wrongs in that same law, and allows abuses of that system to go on so long as they are legal. Despite that, he is a firm believer in blind justice.

Name/Alias: Czar-Mir | Mir

Gender: Male

Age: 23


Species: Daxamite (Kryptonian offshoot)

Czar-Mir was but a lone child of a Daxamite, whose own bride even left him for his behavior. I say it like that because the man was an authoritarian, nothing ever impressed or grabbed his attention, no matter how hard Mir tried, his father was just a abusive zealot who restricted the boy at every turn. He was raised like this, a weakling, under the heel of his father, and any chance at breaking away or trying to improve himself was met with violence, emotional trauma, and everything you could think of as torture. Mir became jaded, feeling that he was indeed weak, but as he entered his teenage years, he found the strength to stand up to his father.

His courage and strength weren't enough, and Mir was beaten and broken down into a bloody pulp by his dad. Mir fled, but really had nowhere to go. He wanted more power, he wanted revenge, he didn't want to feel weak anymore, and these emotions and desires attracted a Yellow Lantern Corps Ring to his finger. Though long past the Sinestro Corps War, Mir took the Ring and slayed his father almost effortlessly. An edgy story, but give a man with no options a gun, and watch him rob his own grandmother. Mir found himself empowered by the Ring, and having nothing left on Daxam, left to deny his father once more and explore the stars.

For years, Mir drifted around the cosmic neighborhood, got into fights, and generally, was just looking for his own way in life. He was a decently smart kid with a traumatic childhood, it left him jagged and broken, but inside was still a good heart, somewhere. By absolute chance he discovered Warworld in it's state of anarchy after Mongul was killed by Liberty, leaving it without a ruler and for every citizen to try bloody his hands over the control chair. Mir entered this rat race in order to discover his own destiny, thinking that perhaps Warworld is his ticket to the big time, maybe he could use Warworld for good...but he needed to prove to the citizens that he was a competent leader, and for the people in Warworld, that meant destroying another planet.

Again by luck, the first planet in Warworld's sights? The artificial planet under the heel of the Mad God, Maxwell Morningstar, Madworld.

Powers and Abilities:
  • Daxamite Loadout
  • Indomitable Will
  • Sinestro Power Ring: He uses the ring as a storage for Yellow Sunlight, further increasing his abilities as a Daxamite and providing access to other potential powers. He has somehow incorporated his battery into his own body, ensuing the Ring is fully charged whenever it's around him.

  • Daxamite Weaknesses: Like Kryptonite...except with Lead.
  • Can have his will broken through traumatic means, and through doubt.
  • Cocky, a bit arrogant, Mir tends to have an superiority complex in order to mask his true feelings of inadequacy and failure
  • Sinestro Ring Weaknesses

Destructive Capacity: Large Planetary

Speed: FTL (x10+)

Durability: Star Level

Lifting Strength: Class Y

Striking Strength: Class XKJ

Standard Equipment:
  • Daxamite Clothing (pictured)
  • Warworld: Mir came into possession of Warworld after an intense, bloody struggle following its liberation by Liberty from the tyrannical hands of Mongul. He wasn't on Warworld when she freed it, but he joined the bloodbath for leadership almost immediately afterwards.
  • Sinestro Power Ring: Gained by Mir from defeating a Sinestro Corpsmen when they attacked Daxam, he kept the Ring and feld his xenophobic planet and explored the stars - something highly forbidden by his people.

Intelligence: Seemingly dull and average, Mir is actually fairly intelligent and strong-willed, but as a result of his upbringing, that natural ability is somewhat repressed and diminished, and shines brightly when Mir is in the heat of the moment, be in combat or racing against the clock to accomplish some life or death task. He comes off as brash and rude, but deep down, just wants to be accepted and among friends.

Name/Alias: Darkstar | Maxwell Morningstar

Gender: Male

Age: 25


Species: Superhuman

The story of this Max is not one based on Madness, no, he was quite the logical man, a brilliant one, a top scientist and a premier mind emerging from the world and the best the Baxter building could produce. He could play ball with the best in the business when it came to brains, and this Max was never the smartest man in the room - rather, he was in rooms with the smartest men in the world. Working closely with his father and Reed Richards, Maxwell grew up to be a very sheltered, very brilliant scientist and technophile, his potential and abilities being recognized very early on.

The same old same old happened in the Ultimate Universe, Secret Invasions, Superhero Wars, crises and the things like that, but nothing could prepare him for joining Reed in the Illuminati toward the end of the Game of Worlds. There, he had to meet his darker side and end up destroying worlds and other Earths, and eventually design and build a life raft for when the Incursions became too much to handle, or they reach the bitter end of the Multiverse. In his time, though, he became Scientist Supreme of Earth after the death of Henry Pym during a botched Incursion. Before this, he and a young intern by the name of Jenny had began a relationship together.

As the years tolled away, with Max designing and building both doomsday weaponry and preparing for ultimate survival, he was able to finally crack the code of surviving a Multiversal cataclysm through the aid of his girlfriend, Jenny, who possessed certain mutagenic powers and potential embedded in her DNA. As with the Beyond Universe, time eventually ran out, and when the likes of the Avengers, Justice League, and powerhouses like Kilian and Alex fell, Darkstar had to activate the liferaft and put his now fiance Jenny into harm's way. That was until, however, he showed up on Ultimate Earth.

Rather than save them too, the Mad Max of our Universe destroyed the Baxter Building and it's inhabitants, destroying the Multiversal liferaft and it's systems along with it. The rationale was to ensure the increased chances of survival for the Ark on Madworld and to eliminate competition, especially from a perceived "evil" universal counterpart. Acting on this misinformation, our Mad Max destroyed half of Manhattan and left only one survive from the epicenter of the destruction: His Ultimate self. That Max survived based only on his incredibly high-tech exo and nanosuit, which itself was damaged beyond repair. Already under intense stress from the Incursions and building the Liferaft, his psyche broke apart completely when all he ever loved and lived for perished in a flash of light. The last thing Ultimate Max had seen was our Max leaving the world. Ultimate Max swore revenge, but was engulfed in the final Incursion.

His being was saved by Dr. Doom, however, and he was intended to be Doom's answer to the expected survival of Mad Max into the Battleworld. A sort of Anti-Max to counter him, but Doom did not give him powers or allow his memories to return until the discovery of Alex's life raft in order to keep him in line as a normal Baron over the Madlands. Now, though, he senses his true purpose and calling in the fractured remains that he calls a life, and that is to kill his Beyond self, even if it means the Multiverse needs to collapse once more.

Powers and Abilities:
  • Anti-Energy Manipulation: The most anti-Mad Max power that exists.
  • Supernatural Condition: The result of successful serums produced in the Ultimate Universe, Darkstar has speed, durability, and strength far surpassing any peak human.
  • Supernatural Intelligence/Enhanced Inventing: Darkstar was the Ultimate Universes' third most brilliant mind, falling only behind Reed Richards and Victor von Doom, surpassing even Hank Pym and Anthony Stark in numerous fields of science and development areas. In his universe, he was Scientist Supreme of Earth and possessed a vast cadre of armored suits and gadgets in order to put him on a superhuman level, and followed in his father's footsteps to be a scientist specializing in physics. Nowadays, he uses his brilliant mind to construct revenge schemes on his Beyond counterpart.

  • Positive Energy: Darkstar's anti-energy may obliterate energy, but in the process, gets destroyed itself. Someone with enough energy could just destroy all of his anti-energy before he can replenish it.
  • Arrogance: He's a real dick and has no friends, no one can rightfully trust him, either, because he uses them and is rather blunt about it.
  • High Concentration: Darkstar needs to concentrate to use his ability since he is not trained very well with it, and the sudden release of vast amounts of anti-energy can have disastrous effects on nearby space that he does intend to happen.

Destructive Capacity: Galactic Level - Darkstar's Anti-Energy Wave can rip apart an entire galaxy, but he doesn't walk around hitting at this level.

Speed: FTL+ - Speed is irrelevant.

Durability: Galactic Level - An exception can be made here if he is bombarded with tons of energy, as his anti-energy would be completely obliterated, much like how he can destroy energy. Double edged sword here.

Lifting Strength: Class Y - He can toss around planets and potentially move other large celestial bodies by influencing their gravity with anti-energy.

Striking Strength: Galactic Class - Same as Destructive Strength, Anti-Energy Wave can fuck shit up.

Standard Equipment:
  • Large Fleet: Darkstar possesses a large interstellar battlefleet of impressive technological capacity and strength. Capable of besieging the best of alien solar systems and destroying worlds, the fleet can go toe to toe with comparable structures found in the Kree, Skrull, and Shi'ar Empires without a hassle.
  • Anti-Energy Armor: His clothing itself is made of almost pure anti-energy, thus destroying any kinetic energy that comes into contact with it. Though, when hit enough, the anti-energy is obliterated as well, so it's effectiveness will wear down over time if Darkstar cannot replenish it.
  • Anti-Energy Link: A personal link of sorts that ties Darkstar to the source of anti-energy in a given universe, which is understood as "dark energy" in physics.

Intelligence: As brilliant and cunning as Mad Max Morningstar, Darkstar perhaps edges him out due to his brutality and amoral ability to use people as pawns and eliminate them without any regard. He is actually extremely gifted in technology, more so than Maxwell, and does not understand his powers as well as Max does since he is not used to having superpowers. Another aspect of his intelligence is the inability to fail, or more likely, the inability to recognize and learn from his mistakes. Darkstar is far more arrogant than Mad Max, and far less human than the Mad God.

Name/Alias: Van Zant | Paragon

Gender: Male

Age: 17


Species: Human

Vant Zant was born a free spirit and a drifter, the son of a single mom and dad who walked out before he was born, he was relatively normal and grew up just getting by as he mom worked tirelessly to provide for him and keep the bills paid. He would just make the cut to pass in his school work, despite constant nagging from his mom and teachers about how he could do so much more - he had other things in mind, like having fun with friends, chasing after girls, playing video games, and hanging out whenever, wherever. Van became the life of the party and a smooth talker, charismatic to a fault, and somewhere along the lines, a superhero.

You couldn't pinpoint an exact moment when the powers showed up, but Van could see their beginnings in early middle school ages and slowly progressing as he grew older until he had an above average understanding of how his tactile telekinesis worked - the boy even studied and read about his powers from a library, as well as reading about other heros as he matured. He kept his powers to himself for the most part, that being the one thing he never bragged about, until his mom caught him practicing one night. The two sat down and had a discussion on what to do with his gifts - and Van admitted his desire to be a hero. Supporting his decision, Van's mother set him loose on the world to do good and apply for membership in the Justice League, but he just sorta drifted around instead.

Since he opted for a GED instead of graduation, Van left high school shortly before his seventeenth birthday and found a job, apartment, and the means to become a hero. He made a name for himself locally, but Jump City is a harsh and unpredictable mistress, and all he wants to do is either find some fly honey's or other youngsters with powers like himself. Just for friendship and to know he's not alone, teaming up is barely on the radar.

Powers and Abilities:
Tactile Telekinesis: Paragon utilizes tactile telekinesis, which gives him a personal force field of telekinetic energy to use as he sees fit. This personal field goes only a few molecules above his skin, but can extend to other objects so long as Van is in contact with him. With this in mind, Van uses this power to simulate other powers and abilities, not unlike pre-New 52 Superboy in that regard, but as a normal Human instead. He simulates the following powers, with more to come as he practices and discovers new abilities:
  • Flight/Levitation
  • Force-Field Generation
    • Force Armor Generation
  • Invulnerability
  • Telekinesis (personal)
    • Telekinetic Blast
  • Telekinetically Enhanced Condition
    • Psionic Strength
    • Telekinetic Regeneration

  • Repeated, severe blows can break through Paragon's energy field
  • He can only move objects he's in physical contact with, but the effect is immediate
  • Van doesn't have an unlimited supply of stamina, and once he's worn out, his powers decrease rapidly until he collapses from exhaustion

Destructive Capacity: Island Level

Speed: FTL

Durability: Continent Level

Lifting Strength: Class T

Striking Strength: Class EJ

Standard Equipment: Nothing of particular note beyond clothing and pocket change.

Intelligence: Somewhat of a pretty boy and a hot shot, Van Zant may not appear to be all that bright at first glance. However, as we delve deeper into his psyche, we realize that the boy is a genius in his own right, not a world-level one, though, but enough to make the right kind of people pause and take into consideration what's going on under the hood. Take his power and how he uses it, for instance. A normal user would take it at face value, but Van Zant has used it to give the appearance of multiple powers and abilities, and is constantly learning either from his own mistakes or from others. Despite this, he is stubborn and flirty, so his smarts are quickly discounted and forgotten in everyday conversation.

Optional Stuff

Theme Song: He's a teenager, and this is what I imagine teenagers listen to.

Random Facts: N/A...Yet.

The Daud Squad:

Name/Alias: Daud Viqaas Andreas

Gender: Male

Age: 32


Species: Superhuman

Daud is the son of two mutants themselves, but he does not like the term, and instead uses "Superhuman" instead as he feels it fits his personal description better, even if it does not represent reality. His father was a man of wrought iron and steel, hardy and well-fought while his mother was a woman of intelligence and sophistication, and in the lottery of birth, he ended up with all the good traits of his parents, while developing his own negative ones. From a young age, he had discovered that he could outstrip his classmates at all sorts of physical activities, and motivated by Stone Cold Steve Austin, he took an interest in wrestling and martial arts.

Supported by his parents, young Daud grew into an affluent douche, whose upturned nose at his own abilities was a source of major contempt from other young heroes at the time. He was quick to master skills and forms of combat, leading many of his former teachers to profess their amazement at the wunderkind and his lightning fast, direct confrontational style, leading to his adoption of the name Mirage, not after the optical phenomenon but the French and Latin roots meaning "to wonder at" and "to admire". He was placed on the fast track to join Infinite Justice, as other major groups first wanted to see him grow as a leader and person before putting an arrogant brat in their midst.

However, Daud had refused to join IJ at it's incarnation, and had business to settle with the gangs of his home town, New City, which ended up costing him the majority of his friendships, alliances, and even parents in a single battle. His only saving grace was the attainment of a Red Lantern ring of rage, and the brutal conquest of a Qwardian Lantern ring of fear, yet he would trade both of these treasures to return things to the way they should be. The past cannot be changed, though, so Daud was forced to move on, growing up and maturing immensely as he trained to harness the new powers he come to possess, ultimately joining Infinite Justice in the end.

In the four year interval following the Green Lantern Corps Arc, Daud had made true on his promise to create what he called the "Ultra Corps" to serve as a parallel to Infinite Justice, but taking an amoral stance on the death of villains. He and Kilian built the organization from the ground up, harnessing powerful heroes who shared their views and rejected the notion of allowing horrible, vile individuals who abused their power to destroy others to live. They practiced an extreme form of Justice, earning the ire of other groups, but becoming accepted in due time because of their commitment to avoiding needless deaths, proper handling of missions, punishing radical members, and working with international agencies to avoid conflict at all costs.

[Now his family bs]

Powers and Abilities:
  • Superior Adaptation/Adaptive Regeneration: Perhaps Daud's greatest and most powerful ability, he can adapt and repair himself when facing nearly any situation, at first a simple addition to his skill set and slowly growing to be his most powerful trait. He can regenerate at supernatural speeds, and now after the timeskip, can induce his own adaptations when needed - though it can still happen subconsciously.
  • Absolute Condition: The years have been fairly easy on Daud, but his training did not stop, it only took a backseat to raising his family. Thus, his his impressive physique remained intact and even grew exponentially due to his adaptive powers, meaning he'd get the most out of training if it was only an hour after work. His condition rivals that of Gods themselves, and faced his fair share of them to attest to this fact.
  • Supernatural Combat: Beyond Level | Daud is a full-fledged master in multiple disciplines, both Earthly and Alien, combining much of the best traits universe-wide to produce a martial art that can potentially give regular citizens the power of deities when they fight. This style has become known as God Fist, and Daud uses it to greater effect than previously thought, even teaching some select few it's abilities.
  • Indomitable Will: Developed at some point prior to joining Infinite Justice, Daud has had tremendous willpower and resolve, never giving a single inch if he felt the need. Daud's development of this power has only grown since settling down with his family, teetering to Absolute Willpower, but never manifesting in the physical world. Despite this, Daud is not strategically inept and will retreat if the situation calls for it, but the power is mainly held by allowing him to keep a perfect, clear sense of mind in the face of mental attacks, approaches, and the like.
  • Tactical Analysis: Daud has been shown to be a master strategist and tactician, a power he himself did not know he possessed, but more than likely developed it as a side-effect of his adaption powers. His plans are able to take into account multiple scenarios, adapt to changes, and plan things to the very last detail. He is one of the reasons for the Ultra Corps' major successes throughout it's existence, as his mind is always on the move, and it drives him to stay multiple steps ahead of any potential opponent, not just current ones. Despite the nine years of being away, he has kept up with his sound mind, yet tactically executes grocery shopping instead of villains nowadays, though.

  • Unpredictable circumstances render his tactical advantages void, as he won't be able to account for them.
  • Daud can be harmed physically, but death is seeming like a further and further option as his abilities progress.
  • Magic is still unknown to Daud. He has the smallest immunity of any powers to magic, meaning he would be rather fucked against a Magic User.
  • Ki (DBZ) manipulation is difficult, to the point that he has abandoned it as an artform. His own brutal powers and abilities make up for them, in his mind at least. He has only recently been taught to read Ki levels.
  • Quick, rushed fights can be his undoing if the opponent is of greater power than he is, as he won't have time to adapt.
  • His past actions, and even his current ones, seem to have taken a toll on Daud. He has bee receiving mental help for them, however, and his family is helping as well.
  • His family is now his main priority, thus, his dreams of achieving a universe-wide lasting peace may have been abandoned.
  • Stronger, Faster, and more Intelligent Opponents can best him. Every man's weakness!

Destructive Capacity:
  • Base: Solar System
  • With Atomic Smashing Strike: Universal+

  • FTL (x1,000,000,000)

  • Galaxy-Level
  • Universal-Level+ with Adaption

Lifting Strength:
  • Class Z+

Striking Strength:
  • Class NJ
    ASS: Universal+

  • Nearly Infinite

Standard Equipment:
  • Casual wear
  • Via Power Ring storage:
    • Cosmic Power Ring
    • Sword of Twilight
    • Nordic Battle Armor
    • Eternity Gauntlet

  • Second only to Daniel Carter, highly intelligent and competent in strategies, tactics, and battle sense.

Optional stuff: N/A
Theme song: Here.

Random Facts:
  • Best character
  • Beat Kyoten too many times to count
  • Largest family size

Name/Alias: Mustafa Gaul | Gaul | Cosmic

Gender: Male

Age: 15 (RoST: 20)


Species: Superhuman

Mustafa Gaul is a young man born in a night of passion, the unwanted product of a one-night stand between his father, a man who he looks down upon, and his mother, a person who he holds the most respect for. His dad was roughly 17 when he was conceived, his mother about 19, and for the longest time, he had never known who his father really was, and as such, developed an intense hatred for him for putting him and his mother through such hardships. Despite this, many times he just wanted to know him, where he was, why he never came to visit, why him and his mom had to struggle with money.

Still, though, he developed into a rather normal child, but with a passion for watching various martial arts matches on TV, such as Wrestling, Boxing, MMA, and just about any sort of combat sport one could think of - he was watching it like a hawk. It was his way of escaping, of coping with the loss of a father he never knew. He began to train and adopt regiments at a young age as well, possibly 7, and in those sessions, his opponent was always his neglectful father. He discovered his powers sooner than that, however, and used them to great effect in expanding his mind full of knowledge, and developing his body.

Ever the watchful mother, his mom, Sarah Gaul, would try and develop his hobby, but the appearance of his superpowers meant that he wouldn't be able to compete against normal fighters, but it bothered him little. Mustafa's drive was based upon finding his father and beating him to a bloody pulp for walking out on his family. He went as far as to forsake his given name - one his mom had given to him based on the origin of his father's name - Mustafa, and instead simply refer to himself and want to known by his mother's surname, Gaul.

Gaul, however, was able to complete high school in a single semester and focus on his true desire of finding his father, forging himself into a body made of near perfection, a mind sharped against a grindstone of diamonds, and a vendetta worth dying for. Through careful prying, planning, and research, Gaul was able to track down the name of his father, and the shock hit him right in the gut as he heard the name. Daud.

Daud, the hero, a man he had read about countless times, looked up as a child, got into playground arguments over "who would win" right after the heroes had their Civil War, a man everyone had to thank at the end of the Blackest Night Crisis. It explained Gaul's own phenomenal power, but, it was like fighting against your own personal hero, and the worst of all was, Daud had been there in his childhood in a much different way than any normal father. Gaul still couldn't forgive him, though, for saving the world and ignoring the one family he had left on the planet.

Thus, Gaul entered the Tournament, knowing Daud would be there. He entered the Adult Leagues despite his age, as biologically, he was twenty. For five days prior to the Tournament, he had trained in a Hyperbolic Time Chamber run by a superhero gym complex, pushing himself further beyond, gaining full control of his power and further christening himself as a warrior hellbent on revenge, convincing himself that Daud was his only enemy. He did not know that Daud had no clue of his existence, that Sarah Gaul was simply a one-night stand with faulty protection, that had Daud known, he would have supported them anyways. Sarah Gaul did not even attempt to contact Daud, even after he became a internationally known hero, perhaps afraid of tarnishing him reputation or something.

In truth, Daud does not know, but once he finds out, he will accept his first born son into his arms without question, something even Cosmic will not expect.

Powers and Abilities:
  • Self-Molecular Manipulation/Self-Atomic Manipulation: Gaul has complete and utter control over all of his atoms, molecules, and particles to an undefined limit. This means he can move as fast as he wants or needs to, increase density, strength, durability, you name it. Gaul can fly as well with this power, even increase the neural connections in his brain to elevate intelligence and forge stronger emotions. This is his one power, but all others descend from it. It is nigh-impossible to control his molecules better than he can, as his control is virtually unlimited.

    A full list of his powers can be found here.
  • Supernatural Intelligence: A product from his father and his own meddling with his molecular structure, Gaul is inconceivably smart, cunning, and tactically brilliant. It's possible that he could even put his father, Daud, to shame, as he prefers to plot and plan rather than rush straight into a battle. This intellect aids him incredibly with his power, as he is able to understand it and use it in unthinkable ways, as well as prevent him from overexerting his molecular structure or something even more horrid.

  • Can only manipulate his "own" molecules and atoms, not others. What qualifies as his "own" is generally within touch yet does not extend to massive structures and the like. Think of it like being able to penetrate one million molecules or so beneath his hands, feet, and such, meaning his clothes and general person is counted, but another being or an entire planet is not. (For reference, a human hair is roughly 300,000 atoms thick)
  • There is a limit on bestowing personal powers in that he is not trained or experienced in their application, which can easily be exploited.
  • A blaring weakness is that since he can control his own molecules and not those around him, another being can control his surroundings to his disadvantage.
  • Also, since it is just his own molecules, if they are destroyed, he's pretty boned if he doesn't gain new ones. However, destroying his molecules is nigh impossible due to his control and mastery over them - only truly omnipotent beings and beyond can accomplish such feats.

Destructive Capacity: Star Level+ (Can theoretically reach to Universal Level since he has complete control of his molecules - yet tends to remain in the Planetary-City Levels, with his maximum being the Star Level)

Speed: FTL (x1,000,000+) (Potentially able to go further beyond, yet has no experience in such applications.)

Durability: Multi-Galaxy Level+ (Massive due to his power, he can simply tank massive blows and come just short of universe-ending destruction. This is mostly under the assumption that the strike does not obliterate his molecular structure by overpowering his control)

Lifting Strength: Immeasurable (Literally as strong as he needs or wants to be - it is assumed that it is below a Universal Level)

Striking Strength: Class XJ+ (Can reach into Galactic Level for aforementioned reasons)

Stamina: True Infinite, so long as energy still exists, he will be able to move and do his bsnss.

Standard Equipment:
  • Clothing/Armor

Intelligence: Absurdly high due to genetics and manipulations. Literally as smart as he wants to be, and that is around a 12th level intellect.

Optional Stuff

Theme Song: Most Badass.

Random Facts:
  • Daud's first born son
  • Biologically 20, chronologically 15 due to Hyperbolic Time Chamber training producing a five-year disparity.
  • Daud was 17 when he was born
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Name/Alias: Kazuko Masaki | The New God of Nature
Gender: Male
Age: Approximately 200,000 Years Old
Appearance: Lord Kazuko Masaki: God of Nature
Species: Human-Immortal (Primordial Empowered) Hybrid
Born as one of the two children to the Immortal God Spera and an Unidentified Female Human, Kazuko's early life was destined for strife, as his mother died during Childbirth, and Spera was forced to give him up, as the Immortal Species was in the process of an Extinction Event that occurred once every million years, however, Kazuko was not alone in this dilemma, his brother, Asumar Masaki was to be born only minutes after Kazuko's birth, making Asumar the younger brother, and Kazuko, the Elder Brother. When separated from his father, both Kazuko and Asumar found themselves in the loving care and protective embrace of Master Shimura, who they would believe to be their actual father while he was, in fact, their Surrogate Father.

During the early phases of his life, Kazuko was noted to be a friendly and caring individual, his love of all life being evident as he occasionally stood alongside Master Shimura and would meditate along with him in order to connect with the spiritual energy around him. When his training began, Kazuko, while being an expert prodigy in combat with both hand-to-hand, and melee weapons was somewhat reluctant to fight, as he desired to bring peace in a nonviolent way rather than fighting on the battlefield, however, as he was eventually exposed to the barbaric ways of the Masaki Galaxy at this time, Kazuko came to realize that some battles were worth fighting for and would come to the decision to train in the ways of defensive combat, and eventuallyy, offensive combat.

On the day of Master Shimura's "ascension" into the heavens, this was the day that both Kazuko and Asumar put their heads together and desired to bring about a long lasting peace in the Masaki Galaxy as well as the restoration of the long-lost order, thus, the two brothers came to invent the very first prototype of the Masaki Guardian. Feeling as if this was the very first accomplishment that the two had performed, they desired to not only continue the production of the Masaki Guardians, but to create an organization of these entities that would be responsible not only for the protection of the two of them, but to protect the Galaxy at large.

Many years later, when the Dynasty was at it's peak potential, Kazuko was sworn in as the First Grand Warlord of the Old Masaki Dynasty, being selected by a vote from all of the Masaki Guardians and representatives of the many sectors of the Galaxy. However, unbeknownst to Kazuko himself, Asumar was negatively affected by this decision, causing him to temporarily disappear off of the radar, with Kazuko pondering about the future of the Dynasty and thus unaware of what happened. Eventually, when multiple mysterious powers rose up and rebelled against the Dynasty, it was to Kazuko's shock that Asumar was responsible for leading the charge, whose confidence in the Dynasty's leadership had dwindled, eventually, Kazuko and Asumar both clashed, with Kazuko defeating and exiling Asumar.

Years after Asumar's exile and the sharp decline of the Old Masaki Dynasty, it was revealed that Kazuko's body had rotted away due to his period of strife, his heart burdened by the decision to exile his brother, allowing his spirit to ascend to the immaterial realm, where he could watch all of the events of his Galaxy in peace, however, this was not to be true, as eventually, through unknown means, Asumar obtained his powers again and went to Earth, this served to be the catalyst that would grant Asumar control over Kazuko's body by entering the spiritual realm and enslave Kazuko's soul to his every whim, however, in anticipation of this, Kazuko had planned for this and, with a great amount of difficulty was he able to break the soul binding, forcing Asumar's spiritual essence away from his body. When Kilian managed to imprison Asumar in the Speed Force, Kazuko desired to bring Asumar back to the side of good, knowing that he was not entirely lost, and with a great effort of convincing his brother, Asumar promised to try and turn his track back onto the side of good, uniting the two brothers once more.

Powers and Abilities:
  • Nature Manipulation: As the newly established God of Nature as a result of Darkseid's untimely death, Kazuko has the ability to manipulate any and every aspect of life that is connected with it, including all four natural elements and even transmuted elements at his disposal, he is also capable on calling upon the forces of nature in order to energize his body with it's essence
  • Psionic Manipulation: As a result of Master Shimura's, Kazuko is able to combine his energy into his telekinetic powers and is also able to utilize the basic and advanced properties of Telekinetic, Telepathic, and other Psionic Based Capabilities, he is also able to bolster his powers and abilities as well as use it for supplementary, attack, and defensive purposes.
  • Life-Force Manipulation: During his training with Master Shimura, who stressed the importance of indulging one's self in the Universe as well as their own inner being, Kazuko pushed this training to it's Nth Degree, the result being that the Former Grand Warlord has the ability to manipulate the fundamental force that allows life to appear/exist, grow and flourish throughout the universe, he is also able to control their own personal life-force that dwells within him.
  • Hybrid Physiology/Demigod Physiology: Due to his unique Human-Immortal Heritage as well as his recently unlocked latent capabilities, Kazuko's energy is now half divine, and half mortal. Not only is Kazuko's energy signature unique, but he has also achieved a type of immortality that not only allows him to not age, but it also grants him a supernaturally enhanced body that also includes powers such as Enhanced Durability, Supernatural Endurance, Supernatural Senses, Supernatural Speed, Supernatural Stamina, Supernatural Strength, and even a highly advanced regenerative healing factor.

  • Having grown up alongside his younger brother Asumar, Kazuko has grown a special bond with him and his family, his desire to protect his family strong within him, which also occasionally stands in the way of his own moral code.
  • Kazuko's ability to manipulate the forces of Nature are severely hampered when he is in a location that has been rendered a utter wasteland with no sources of life nearby.
  • As a although Kazuko is a pure-hearted individual, when under the sufficient amount of pressure, he will perform actions that are against his moral code, which will lead to a severe lack of confidence in himself, a result of his feelings coming into conflict with themselves, this leads to not only a certain amount of interference with his nature-related powers, but all Offensive and Defensive Related Abilities.
  • The Day of Equinox: Perhaps one of the most Unique Weaknesses for any individual connected to the Immortal Species, when the Utopia Planets in the Masaki Galaxy align together, an event known as the Equinox Event takes place, effectively cutting off the Cosmic Forces within the Masaki Galaxy and even causing the flow of the Cosmic Forces through even a hybrid to come to a complete stop. Severely disrupting an individual's connection to all powers affiliated with the Cosmic Force within the Masaki Galaxy, fortunately, this weakness is limited to the duration of the Equinox Event, which normally lasts up to a week, but has been recorded to last even longer in certain cases.

Standard Level | During Equinox Event

Destructive Capacity: Solar System Level, Moon Level
Speed: Pre-FTL (x1,000,000+), Sub-relativistic (1% of Light Speed - 29,979,245m/s)
Durability: Solar System Level, Moon Level
Lifting Strength: Class P (10^15 - 10^18 kg), Pre-Class K
Striking Strength: Class XJ, Class EJ

Standard Equipment: Nature
Intelligence: Being one of the very first Grand Warlords of the Masaki Dynasty, Kazuko is said to be both extremely smart and wise, responsible for using both his tactics and his pure wisdom to bring peace to the Masaki Galaxy

Optional stuff.
Theme song: - WIP -
Random Facts about your character: - WIP -

Name/Alias: Lord Asumar Masaki | The God of Constructs | Second Grand Warlord of the Dynasty
Gender: Male
Age: Approximately 200,000 Years Old
Appearance: Lord Asumar Masaki: 2nd Grand Warlord & God of Constructs
Species: Human-Immortal (Primordial Empowered) Hybrid
- Work In Progress -

Powers and Abilities:
  • Constructs Creation: As the God of Constructs, Asumar has the ability to summon forth constructs from varying origins, and of varying size.
  • Psionic Manipulation: As a result of Master Shimura's training, Asumar is able to combine his energy into his telekinetic powers and is also able to utilize the basic and advanced properties of Telekinetic, Telepathic, and other Psionic Based Capabilities, he is also able to bolster his powers and abilities as well as use it for supplementary, attack, and defensive purposes.
  • Aura Manipulation: Like Kazuko, Asumar trained under Shimura who stressed to immerse one's self in the Universes power as well as the spiritual forces around them. Asumar focused primarily on the Spiritual Aspect of this training, allowing him to manipulate the energy of their spiritual essence instead of the entire universe, as well as his own Spiritual Essence.
  • Hybrid Physiology/Demigod Physiology: Due to his unique Human-Immortal Heritage as well as his recently unlocked latent capabilities, Asumar's energy is now half divine, and half mortal. Not only is Asumars energy signature unique, but he has also achieved a type of immortality that not only allows him to not age, but it also grants him a supernaturally enhanced body that also includes powers such as Enhanced Durability, Supernatural Endurance, Supernatural Senses, Supernatural Speed, Supernatural Stamina, Supernatural Strength, and even a highly advanced regenerative healing factor.

  • Like his brother Kazuko, If Asumar does something that goes against his Moral Code his feelings will come into conflict with themselves, this leads to not only a certain amount of interference with his construct-related abilities, but all Offensive and Defensive Related Abilities.
  • Asumar is protective of his only son, Ryuichi Masaki, and would go to whatever lengths to assure that his son survives, even if said sacrifice requires him to put his life on the line to defend him.
  • Asumar's Constructs are directly linked to his emotions, in the event that his concentrated on something else, or feeling any conflicted emotions, the weaker his Constructs are.
  • The Day of Equinox: Perhaps one of the most Unique Weaknesses for any individual connected to the Immortal Species, when the Utopia Planets in the Masaki Galaxy align together, an event known as the Equinox Event takes place, effectively cutting off the Cosmic Forces within the Masaki Galaxy and even causing the flow of the Cosmic Forces through even a hybrid to come to a complete stop. Severely disrupting an individual's connection to all powers affiliated with the Cosmic Force within the Masaki Galaxy, fortunately, this weakness is limited to the duration of the Equinox Event, which normally lasts up to a week, but has been recorded to last even longer in certain cases.

Standard Level | During Equinox Event

Destructive Capacity: Solar System Level, Moon Level
Speed: Pre-FTL (x1,000,000+), Sub-relativistic (1% of Light Speed - 29,979,245m/s)
Durability: Solar System Level, Moon Level
Lifting Strength: Class P (10^15 - 10^18 kg), Pre-Class K
Striking Strength: Class XJ, Class EJ

Standard Equipment:
Intelligence: Regarded as the Dynasty's greatest Military Mind of all time, Asumar is a master strategist of all situations and even utilizing the wisdom he learned from Master Shimura in order guide the Masaki Dynasty in any way possible

Optional stuff.
Theme song: - WIP -
Random Facts about your character: - WIP -

Name/Alias: Master Shimura | God of Peace
Gender: Male
Age: Over 200,000 Years Old
Appearance: Master Shimura: The God of Peace
Species: Enhanced Human
- Work In Progress -

Powers and Abilities
  • Peace Manipulation: As the New God of Peace, Master Shimura has the power to influence all forms of peace, including mental, physical, spiritual and conceptual ones, regardless of the area and numbers involved.
  • Psionic Manipulation: Due to his expertise of the utilization of Psionic-Based Capabilities as well as being responsible for training both Kazuko and Asumar in the ways of Psionics, It is implied that Master Shimura is one of the most powerful Psionics within the Masaki Galaxy and has the potential to access the Cosmic Forces in the Universe.
  • Spiritual Force Manipulation: As a result of his extremely long Life Span, which has exceeded Two Hundred Thousand Years, Shimura has connected himself to his own Spiritual Being and even the vast energies of the Universe, thus, this has allowed Shimura to push both aspects to their absolute limit, allowing Shimura to manipulate the vast energy of the universe as well as his own spiritual essence.
  • Mystical Martial Arts: Over the course of his lifetime, Master Shimura has mastered multiple forms of Martial Arts. Not only is he a master of multiple forms of Martial Arts, Shimura can also use his innate knowledge of pressure points and nerve clusters to also increase the effect his physical has against his opponent.
  • Power Apex Inducement: One of his most unique abilities also include the power to tap into and unlock the full and maximum potential of powers, abilities of the mind, body, and spiritual power of another individual.

  • As the New God of Peace, when there is more War being made than peace, It is possible that Shimura will weaken over time, until peace is restored, note the more war that is made, Shimura will become increasingly weaker over time.

Destructive Capacity: Large Star Level
Speed: Peak-FTL (x1,000,000+)
Durability: Large Star Level
Lifting Strength: Class P (10^15 - 10^18 kg)
Striking Strength: Class XJ

Stamina: Extremely High
Standard Equipment:
Intelligence: High

Optional stuff.
Theme song:
Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Lord Arctico | Cosmic Emperor of the PTO | God of Ice
Gender: Male
Age: Late 30's/20's
Appearance: Lord Arctico
Species: Arcosian
- Work In Progress -

Powers and Abilities
  • Ki: As a result of his Arcosian Nature, Arctico previously had the power to manipulate his own vibrant life force, however, after his training with Lord Frost, Arctico managed to expand highly on this ability and push it to it's Nth Degree, this coupled with Arctico's own Ultimate Evolution Form transformed his own Life Force, converting it into pure, Divine Energy, however he is free to manipulate the Life-Force of the Universe at will.
  • Telekinesis: Due to his unique Arcosian Nature as well as his connection to the Primordial/Immortal Spectrum, Arctico's base telekinetic capabilities have been intensified to the nth degree, allowing him near ultimate control over all Telekinetic based abilities.
  • Ice Manipulation: As the Anointed New God of Ice, Arctico has the ability to create, manipulate, and shape Ice to his own content, as observed when he created an ice sculpture in honor of his father, Lord Frost. This ability is also implied to mean that Arctico has the power to manipulate water to his every whim as well.
  • Supernature Condition: As a result of his Mutant-Arcosian Lineage, Arctico is known to be unnaturally more powerful than many Arcosians, due to the fact that the Cold Family is known to have mutated genes that have made them more powerful than most Arcosians.
  • Physical Immortality: As a result of making a wish off of the Black Star Dragon Balls after collecting all seven of them. Arctico was granted the power of Physical Immortality, meaning that even serious injures he sustains in battle will simply heal near-automatically.
  • Cosmic Manipulation/Power Cosmic: As a result of his harsh training with his father, Arctico has the ability to call upon the cosmic forces of the Universe in order to assist him whenever needed, to the extent of this power Arctico can go, is unknown, but he has accessed the power of the Power Cosmic on numerous occasions.

  • In Extremely Hot Environments, Arctico has a far more difficult time attempting to conjure up ice than on more temperate planets (I.e: Earth)
  • While having been given Physical Immortality as a result of the wish made upon the Black Star Dragon Balls, Arctico's Immortality may have granted his body and extremely fast healing and regenerative rate, but he can still die if his atomic/molecular structure is ripped apart or if his Immortality is removed from him.
  • Day of The Equinox: - Refer to Asumar and Kazuko's Application -

Standard Level | During Equinox Event

Destructive Capacity: Solar System Level, Moon Level
Speed: Pre-FTL (x1,000,000+), Sub-relativistic (1% of Light Speed - 29,979,245m/s)
Durability: Solar System Level, Moon Level
Lifting Strength: Class P (10^15 - 10^18 kg), Pre-Class K
Striking Strength: Class XJ, Class EJ

Stamina: Nigh-Infinite (Infinite when using Power Cosmic)
Standard Equipment: Purple Scouter
Intelligence: As the Cosmic Emperor of the now Reformed PTO, it is inferred that Arctico has extremely high intellect.

Optional stuff.
Theme song:
Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Lord Alastir | Demon God Alastir | Son of Darkness
Gender: Male
Age: Roughly 14,000,000
Appearance: The Black Magician, Demon God Alastir, Alastir, The Fallen God
Species: Fallen Immortal God
- Work in Progress -

Powers and Abilities
  • Magic: After having his Godly Powers being stripped from him, Alastir was forced to look for an alternate method to his former powers, thus he absorbed the powers of Lord Antioch, obtaining his diverse knowledge about the dark arts and light magic in general, which also allowed some of Alastir's powers to return to him, having stabilized his darkened essence.
  • Primordial Darkness Manipulation: Although this power was removed from Alastir after being de-fused from Satera, Alastir required an equally dark presence in order to stabilize his own energy signature so that he could properly utilize such power, when he absorbs Lord Antioch's power however, Alastir's dark signature stabilized once more, allowing him to utilize the dark energies to full proficiency once more.
  • Transcendent Demon Physiology (This power will be unlocked after absorbing Demon God Demigra's Power): After using the Black Star Dragon Balls to revive the once feared Makaioshin of the Demon Realm, Demon God Demigra. Alastir eventually absorbed the power of Demon God Demigra, becoming the new Makaioshin of the Demon Realm.
  • Psionic Manipulation (Power will be unlocked after absorbing the Three Members of the Dark God Unholy Trinity): Although having lost his powers of Psionic Manipulation when he was removed from the Satera Fusion. Alastir found that the only way to return his psionic powers to their full potential was to absorb the members of the Unholy Trinity, who were implied to be far more potent in their psionic powers.

  • (Applicable until absorbing Demon God Demigra) As a result of being stripped from all of his godly powers, not only has this made Alastir vulnerable to being killed, but it has also substantially weakened his Immortality, meaning that Alastir can be killed permanently.
  • (Applicable Until Absorbing Members of the Unholy Trinity) Due to being removed from Satera, his godly powers stripped from him, Alastir has lost the ability of Psionic Manipulation, which now also means that Alastir is weak in the face of Psionic-Based Abilities.
  • When is stamina is depleted, so will his ability to utilize the forces of Magic until his stamina begins to return to him.
  • Due to being categorized as a Fallen God, Alastir, even though he will eventually absorb the powers of the Unholy Trinity, will be rendered unable to call upon the latent energies of the Masaki Galaxy freely.

Lord Antioch Absorbed | Demon God Demigra Absorbed | Unholy Trinity Absorbed | Full Power Acchieved

Destructive Capacity: Planet Level, Large Star Level, Solar System Level, Galaxy Level
Speed: FTL (x100+), FTL (x1,000,000+), FTL (x1,000,000,000+), FTL (x1,000,000,000,000+)
Durability: Planet Level, Large Star Level, Solar System Level, Galaxy Level
Lifting Strength: Class K (10^5 - 10^6 kg), Class G (10^9 - 10^12 kg), Class P (10^15 - 10^18 kg), Class E (10^18 - 10^21 kg)
Striking Strength: Class PJ, Class ZJ, Class NJ, Class XKJ

Stamina: Limited (Magic), High (Demigra Absorbed), Nigh-Infinite (Unholy Trinity Absorbed)
Standard Equipment: Demigra's Staff (Demigra Absorbed), All Immortal Items (Unholy Trinity Absorbed)
Intelligence: Extremely High

Optional stuff.
Theme song:
Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Lord Satera, The Keeper of Balance, Protector of Dark and Light
Gender: Male
Age: 14,000,000 (Chronologically), 1 (Actual Age)
Appearance: "As the Keeper of Balance, It is my job to uphold order in my Galaxy and assure that none who dare to cause harm to my home shall ever spill blood that goes against the established balance in the Galaxy."
Species: Immortal (Technically), Primordial (Obtained the power of Lord Ouranos)
- Snip -

Powers and Abilities
  • Omnipotence (Masaki Galaxy Restricted): "He who bears the full power of the Primordials at his disposal shall be granted the power of endless wonders in order to defend the very foundations of our realm until the end times."
  • Immortality: "To defend the realm of the Primordials, he who obtains the full power of the Primordials shall never perish from natural causes, nor shall ill-will destroy his body or soul."
  • Psionic Manipulation (Near-Ultimate): "He who has been blessed with the powers of the Primordials shall obtain the collective knowledge of billions of years, the power to control object with his mind to use for whatever purpose he desires."
  • Cosmic Energy Manipulation/Aura Manipulation/Spiritual Force Manipulation: "With the collective knowledge of the Primordials, the user shall maintain the ability to utilize the energy around oneself as well as the energy that lies beneath ones body."
  • Transcendent Physiology: "Thy who becomes a vessel for the power of the Primordials shall be granted a power so deep and so great that it transcends the power of the Immortals, becoming a true god that is beyond all expectations".

  • "Thou who maintains the ultimate source of power (Omnipotence) shall forever be barred from using such powers out of thy realm, as the power to control everything within one's realm shall only be used to protect thy realm until the end days."
  • "Though blessed with the power to live forever, thy cannot disobey the rules of time and space and can thus be willed out of existence by a higher plane of being."
  • Day of Equinox: - Look to Asumar and Kazuko Descriptions -

Outside of the Masaki Galaxy, Full Power

Destructive Capacity: Peak Solar System Level, Galaxy Level
Speed: Between FTL (x1,000,000+) & FTL (x1,000,000,000+), FTL (x1,000,000,000,000+)
Durability: Peak Solar System Level, Galaxy Level
Lifting Strength: Class T (10^12 - 10^15 kg), Class Y (10^24 - 10^27 kg)
Striking Strength: Peak-Class NJ, Peak-Class XKJ

Stamina: Extremely Large, Endless
Standard Equipment: N/A
Intelligence: Contains the collective knowledge of every known Primordial that lived long ago

Optional stuff.
Theme song:
Random Facts about your character:

Race name: The Precursors | "Planet Forgers" | "Cosmic Dragons" | "Astral Dragons" | "Those-Who-Existed-In-The-World-Before"

Race standard/average appearance:
  • Astral Dragons/Cosmic Dragons: Legends sing of draconic beings who have been sewn from the very fragments of cooling worlds throughout the (Masaki) Galaxy, their bodies resembling the manifestation of the very element their body and mind have been birthed upon.
  • Planet Forgers: They hid in the darkness of the Astral Dragons, their form enveloping planets at a time in utter darkness, their wings resembling giant planetoids surrounding the worlds that existed so very long ago, the legendary Planet Forgers, the very Precursors that were created and tamed by the celestial beings of their time (Primordials). The Planet Forgers, while said to be somewhat smaller than the legendary Star Forger, the Planet Forgers are far more powerful than their Star Forger counterparts, due to the fact that they are younger than their aged counterparts.
  • Star Forgers: "Those who ascend beyond the point of Planet Forgers evolve into the rare and legendary Star Forgers, who act as the elders and the teachers to both the Astral Dragons and the Planet Forgers. However, due to their advanced age, their reliability in battle has decreased substantially, but these Precursor Legends are said to be so masterful of their natural abilities that they can upon disasters of great proportions. These Star Forgers are also said to be gargantuan in size, rivaling the size of Sol's Sun.

Race Specific abilities:
  • Elemental Manipulation: Regarded as their ultimate ability, the Precursors are blessed with elemental powers so great that these mighty entities are able to create stellar bodies, or planets with their almighty power of elemental manipulation, these beings of legend are supposedly so masterful of this ability that they are able to transcend the powers of planetary elements and evolve into power of cosmological manipulation.
  • Cosmic Manipulation: By transcending the confines of planetary elements, these legendary beings have evolved to such a point that they are able to influence the movement of the cosmic energies around them, even to the point of manipulating the fundamental forces that make up the cosmic forces, such as the manipulation of stardust and many other cosmological substances that make up the observable universe.
  • Hydra Physiology/Dragon Physiology: As the name suggests, these mighty Precursors take the form of elemental beings either resembling a large dragon, or a planetary sized Hydra, as these beings were created out of the will of the Primordials, existing primarily to serve and protect the Primordials, but existed to also defend their home down to the last being, implying that this legendary species disappeared while fighting against a unknown threat to the Masaki Galaxy, these beings also have the ability to transcend, or ascend to legendary levels of power that describe them as godly beings.

Homeworld name: The Precursor Realm (Original Homeworld, Status Unknown), Mortis (Adopted, Status Active)
Lore: They are those-who-existed-in-the-world-before, their very existence remaining only a mere legend amongst those who had long ago faded into the valley of death, not a single particle of their history remaining. They are the Precursors, the very first species ever recorded into coming existence, those who were responsible for the creation of each and every ecosystem of cooling words that they stumbled upon, they are also credited with the creation of Sigma Galli Prime, this planet being blessed with the Seed-Of-All-Creation, the seed destined to restore life to an infant Galaxy. Regarded as a legendary race with such raw and latent power, this great species mysteriously and suddenly disappeared from the face of the Masaki Galaxy, their legends being carried on by both the Primordials and then the Immortals soon after.

Name: Precursor Remnants

How large is the faction in numbers: Reduced to low number double digits, the Precursor Remnants are a mere fragment of their former numbers and glory

Short description of Tech level: Near Ancient, The Precursors have not strived to make technological advances, relying on their elemental capabilities as the only "Technology" they possess

Short history of the faction: After their apparent disappearance as well as the recent expansion of Apokolips into the Masaki Galaxy, it let to a hidden consequence that all would be oblivious to, the Ream of the Precursors was thrown out of the Masaki Galaxy and propelled into the deep expanses of the Observable Universe, the monolith leading to their realm was rendered destroyed, thus making the remaining members of the Precursors unable to leave their realm in order to locate the ancestor of Yon-Kamur, the legendary Planet Forger who was amongst the most powerful of his kin and personally responsible for the terraforming of Sigma Galli Prime, however, the history of the Precursor Remnants starts millions upon billions of years ago, a legendary race of these mighty Dragons and Hydra's fading away into near non-existence as their use for the Galaxy had just about run out.

Currently, the Precursor Remnants, with the exception of the Star Forger remains trapped behind the veil of the Precursor Realm, waiting for the return of either Yon-Kamur's Ancestor or the Stardust Star Forger to lift the veil that blocks them from reaching the Universe, however in recent years, stars and other stellar bodies in the Masaki Galaxy have begun to fade away for unknown reasons, implying that the Stardust Star Forger has reached such an advanced age that it is beginning to die, or has died already, however, the ancestor of Yon-Kamur is still very much active, unknowingly under the alias of Akor the Dragonborn, who must find himself and his true origins, only then will there be a renewed hope for the ancient Precursor race.

Race(s) the faction is made up of: Precursors
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Name/Alias: Karnilla/Urd, Skuld, Verdandi

Gender: Female

Age: 1,000,000+

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):

Black Priests:

Species: Black Priests

Backstory: Karnilla is both three beings and one. Originally, she was a part of the collective hive mind of powerful entities known as the Black Priests. Specifically, she is three Priests. These three Priests at one point did something that was believed to be unthinkable: they broke apart from the rest of the collective and formed their own individuality separate from the rest. The three fled and attempted to go into hiding.

For millennia, they were hunted down, and for millennia they searched for a way to permanently avoid the collective. They eventually settled on an idea that they were fervently against, but were left with little choice. They combined to form one being -- Karnilla. They lied low for millennia more until all traces of them being hunted down were gone. The collective were convinced that they had died. However, this doesn't mean that Karnilla is free to roam around and use her powers freely. As the Priests, she can't use their abilities to their full extent or else it would alert the rest of the Priests of their existence once again, and Karnilla herself suffers from her own weaknesses.

In relatively current time, Karnilla has been traversing this universe, as despite the fact that she is aware that the other Priests believe her to be dead, she still fears leaving the universe and entering another and potentially running into a group of Priests. She -- or they, rather, have begun to question their existence altogether. Whether they roam the universe to find a place to find home or not, they aren't sure.

Powers and Abilities:
The Black Priests have an ability to use "words" (in the form of symbols), that produce a certain affect. A combination of different "words" can produce even more diverse effects. Though not technically magic, to the average being it appears to be so, despite the Priests themselves not making a distinction between "science" and "magic." Each Priest that makes up Karnilla has a specific "word" that can be used for certain effects. They are as follows:
  • Urd makes use of the word Image and with it she controls the elements of water, fire, earth, and air.
  • Skuld is the de facto "leader" of the group and uses the word Image that allows her to use telekinesis and telepathy. She's also responsible for travelling across vast distances by using her telekinesis to teleport her and others.
  • Verdandi uses the symbol Image and uses it for energy absorption, projection, and manipulation.

There are also some abilities that all three share such as flight, enhanced strength, speed, reflexes, etc. and regeneration that allows them to heal from non-lethal damage like a lost limb within seconds. Something like being blown up, however, would take them at least an hour to recover completely from. When they are together they are at their strongest and they have the option to either combine their "words" together or combine themselves to form Karnilla. When combining their words they can use a limited form of molecular manipulation that allows for things such as transmutation, manipulating their own molecules, and changing the density of things.

As Karnilla their abilities drastically change and includes
  • Super strength
  • Super speed and reflexes
  • Super senses
  • Superhuman durability
  • Resistance to extreme environments and telepathy
They also retain their powers and they are enhanced substantially, so Karnilla also has
  • Telepathy and telekinesis
  • Elemental manipulation
  • Energy projection, absorption, and manipulation
  • Matter manipulation
  • Space-Time manipulation

For the Priests, their major weakness is that they grow weaker the farther apart they are. This affects everything from their ability to use their powers to how quickly they regenerate. As Karnilla, they have several major weaknesses. She retains the consciousness of all three individual Priests and they often clash with each other, which causes her powers to fluctuate. Ironically after becoming more independent, they can exist in a combined form that is hindered by their individuality. Another weakness she has is that there's a limit to how long she can remain in the form. If they don't use their powers at all they can go for a full week before having to separate. Constant use of their powers for more than around 5 hours and they start "rejecting " one another and are forced to separate. She can stave off this forced separation but it requires she consume the life force of other beings.

Key for the following: Karnilla/Urd/Skuld/Verdandi
Destructive Capacity: Galaxy/Continent/Continent/Island

Speed: x10,000 FTL+ (travel), FTL/Mach 100/Mach 100/Mach 100

Durability: Solar System (automatic shields)/City/City/City

Lifting Strength: Class Y/Class 5/Class 5/Class 5

Striking Strength: Small planet/Class KJ/Class KJ/Class KJ

Standard Equipment: None of real importance

Intelligence: Extremely high, having lived for over a million years and having been linked to the hive mind of the Black Priest collective.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character: Though she retains some of the consciousness of Urd,Skuld, and Verdandi, Karnilla's personality is entirely unique. Whereas the three Priests are serious and generally stoic, she's quite energetic and enjoys fighting.

Name/Alias: Jamal Hawkins

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): 6'6 and 400 lbs


Nova Corps Armor:

Species: Human

Backstory: Jamal was born on Earth in Miami, Florida. He was your average, everyday middle class American before his recruitment. He was, at the time, working at a Home Depot while going to university to get a Business degree. Suddenly on his way home he was kidnapped surprisingly not by the Kree, but by the Skrulls. Apparently the Skrulls had been hidden among a few majorly populated cities in an attempt to seek out genetically fit humans in an attempt to replicate the Kree experimentation that produced the Inhumans.

That was quickly shut down as, ironically enough, the Skrull ship that was meant to transport the humans to a research facility was intercepted by the Kree, who kidnapped the already kidnapped humans. Unfortunately for the Kree however, they were intercepted by a group of Nova Corps members. The Corps, in demand of new members, accepted Jamal into their ranks after he agreed to join them. After years of serving in the Corps he quickly grew in ranks until he reached the rank of Centurion.

Powers and Abilities:
As a member of the Nova Corps, Jamal has access to the Nova Force, a virtually limitless source of cosmic power. The Nova Force gives him a multitude of powers and abilities:
  • Gravity Manipulation: One of the core abilities of the Nova Corps is the ability to manipulate gravity. Extensions of this allows him gravimetric flight and gravimetric shield generation.
  • Super strength, speed, reflexes, durability, etc.
  • Lack of a need to eat, drink, or breathe oxygen
  • Energy absorption and projection
  • Healing factor, though it's not substantial and does stuff like helps heal broken bones and the like faster
  • Xandarian Worldmind: The Worldmind a sentient collective created to govern and maintain all forms of Xandarian culture. The Worldmind contains all knowledge collected by the Xandarian people including art, science, history, and philosophy. It also contains all knowledge, personality, and experiences of all Nova Corps members. It is also used for:
    1. Regulating usage of how much of the Nova Force Jamal can use
    2. Downloads profiles of opponents directly into Jamal's mind
    3. Detects nearby energy surges, including those used in teleportation[
    4. Access other computer systems
    5. Can protect Jamal from psionic manipulation using Psi-shields

Weaknesses: As stated above, the Worldmind limits how much of the Nova Force Jamal can use, as all Nova Corps members use a portion of it. He has access to more than the majority of members as he is of fairly high ranking, but he has clear limits. He can choose to override those limits forcefully, but the increased access would be a danger to himself as it would erode away at his sanity.

  • Speed: Combat speed | Travel Speed within planetary atmosphere | Travel Speed in space
  • Durability: Without Supplementary Shields | With Shields

Destructive Capacity: Moon

Speed: 100,000,000m/s | Light Speed | FTL (x1000+)

Durability: Moon | Planet

Lifting Strength: Class 20

Striking Strength: Class NJ

Standard Equipment: None of note that hasn't already been mentioned

Intelligence: Fairly above average however with Worldmind he gets an artificial boost.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: D'Vorah

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):

Species: Avicularian

Backstory: D'Vorah is the last remaining member of a long dead alien huminoid insect species. They flourished on their home world until it was devoured by Galactus. With their home world gone, they spread throughout the universe which lead to disaster of whatever world they settled on. With these planets having no evolutionary defense against Avicularians, it was impossible to maintain the ecosystems of the planet. Everything was devoured, sometimes within the span of a mere week.

Eventually the species was virtually exterminated because of the threat they posed throughout the universe. D'Vorah
Has avoided detection and thus being hunted down for centuries now due to carefully moving from planet to planet and taking "snacks" rather than full meals that would lead to the destruction of all life on the planet.

Powers and Abilities:
Insect Physiology This allows her many abilities such as:
  • Flight
  • Four pincers that protrude from her back when she so chooses
  • Enhanced durability due to her hard exoskeleton
  • Enhanced senses
  • Enhanced speed and strength
  • Enhanced reflexes

She has abilities unique to her species such as:
  • Four pincers that come out of her back
  • A venom that she can excrete out of her mouth as well as coat her arms, legs, and pincers with. The venom can be corrosive or simply poisonous and cause delusion, confusion, paralysis, etc.
  • Control over insects and houses several different types of insects that she can release from her abdomen or from her mouth.
  • Can transform into a swarm of insects

  • Her biggest weakness is that she can't see resolutions as high as humans can. Though it isn't as low as normal insects this still hinders her at times.
  • Though her transformation into a swarm is a useful defensive maneuver she's also vulnerable in this form and can be fairly easily killed by a wide ranged energy blast.

Destructive Capacity: Building

Speed: Mach 100

Durability: Continent

Lifting Strength: Class K

Striking Strength: Class EJ

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Above average

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Ruby

Gender: Female

Age: Unkown

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):

Species: Sogaal


Powers and Abilities:
  • Enhanced physical attributes such as super strength, super speed, enhanced reflexes, etc.
  • Shapeshifting
  • Precognition: With her third eye, Ruby can see all possible futures and is able to sense which paths are the most likely. This can also manifest itself into sort of a "spider sense" where she gets a warning of impending danger.
  • Weapon Augmentation: She can increase the size of her gauntlets
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: Largely resistant to piercing, blunt, and elemental attacks but if the attack is powerful enough, it can harm her.
  • Electrokinesis: Ruby can manipulate electricity, though not to a significant degree
  • One Man Army

  • Ruby is basically the type of person in an MMO you get into your party to tank the boss. So while she does have great reflexes and attack speed, she prefers the brawling type of fighting.
  • Her precognition isn't instantaneous. She has to concentrate in order to pick out the most likely future scenarios. The farther in the future she looks, the more branches there are and thus the longer she has to concentrate. Even for events that will happen in the close future, the amount of concentration and time required makes it not really viable during combat. Her "spider sense" like power is more effective during combat, but it doesn't' tell her things like what type of attack it will be, just how dangerous it is and where it's coming from.

Key: Without Gauntlets/With Gauntlets
Destructive Capacity: Large moon/Large planet

Speed: Mach 100

Durability: Star

Lifting Strength: Planet

Striking Strength: Small planet/Large Planet

Standard Equipment: Power Gauntlets


Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Lola

Gender: Female

Age: Uknown

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):
Normal appearance.
Human form.

Species: Some sort of anthropomorphic species of rabbit or some shit.

Backstory: Lola was created in 1985 as a fictional character in a series of comics by a man by the name of Walt Warner. In said comic strips, she was from a version of Earth where, instead of humanity being the most "successful" species, the planet was dominated by anthropomorphic rabbits. Lola was a superheroine who was basically the "Superman" of her fictional universe and was essentially meant to ride the wave of Superman's popularity and apply it in a more kid-friendly setting.

Lola's comics rapidly grew in popularity and Walt saw massive success with his comics. Despite this, Walt quickly realized that he wasn't as happy as he should have been. He concluded that the reason for his sadness was because he was single. In other words, he was simply lonely. After many failed blind dates and trying out many sites such as okcupid, pof, and with no sucess, he became even more depressed.

However, rather than acknowledge the fact that he was simply not very good with communicating with others, he reached a different conclusion: the women were the problem. Walt grew to believe that women were simply shallow and depraved beings who clearly couldn't recognize a great man when they saw one. One day while browsing the internet in order to gather information about what children like in order to further increase the success of Lola's comics, he stumbled upon a My Little Pony fan fiction. What he failed to realize though, was that this was a fan fiction meant for cloppers which involved Twilight Sparkle with an anonymous human character meant to represent the reader. At first, Walt was taken aback, but he found himself oddly intrigued and continued reading.

Walt didn't stop there. He continued reading fan fictions along the same lines, eventually becoming obsessed with them to the point where it hindered his work on Lola's comic. He became delusional and became open to the idea that the only ideal partner can be fictional. Rather than deal with the scum that was real women, he could create a woman according to his desires that could actually live up to his ideals. Thus, he established life's one true reality: "2D is love. 2D is life."

After working to create a new character that could fit his ideals, he found it to be difficult to do, as most people simply don't know what they want in an ideal partner, even if they claim that they do. Then it dawned on him that he had already created his ideal woman: Lola. At this time, he neglecting the comic significantly and was being warned that his comic would be cancelled if he did not stop slacking off. However, upon his realization, he immediately went back to putting 100% into the comic. In fact, the comic became even more successful as Walt developed her as a character more and more based on his ideals. Parents loved how deep and fleshed out the character was while being simple enough so that children could empathize with her, leading them to be more incentivized to expose their children, especially their daughters, to Lola as a role model.

Walt's happiness did not last very long, however, as he grew more and more in love with Lola while also knowing full well that she wasn't actually real. While he did believe in the reality that is 2D women>3D women, he could help but long for a physical relationship. One day he created a body pillow with Lola printed on it in an attempt to compromise. He did activities with the body pillow that he wished to do with a romantic partner, such as having dinner with it, sleeping with it, watching a movie with it, etc. Still though, this wasn't enough. It wasn't a substitute for a real person. Lola needed to be real.

And so, Walt desperately searched for a way to somehow make Lola real. He eventually turned to magic and went through ancient text after ancient text -- ancient dark arts ritual after ritual. He soon found a ritual to summon Mephisto and summoned the demon. He sacrificed his soul in order to make Lola real. The deed was done and his dream was made a reality. Walt explained his life story to Lola, that she was a fictional character who he brought to life because she was his dream girl. Finally, he and his one true love could be together. Lola simply looked at him with pure disgust, said that he was absolute garbage, and left. His heart shattered, Walk committed suicide and hung himself that day.

Nah, just fucking with you guys.* Lola is from another dimension similar to the 5th Dimension where the laws of physics are vastly different. Her universe was destroyed as a result of Secret Wars. When everything was put back to normal, for some reason, she didn't find herself back in her home dimension. Rather, she ended up in the Earth Beyond universe. Not wanting to live life in a different universe alone and confused, she found that she could pass for an Inhuman and thus went to Attila to live among them.

Powers and Abilities: Paradox Inducement. Don't worry, she can't do any insane OP shit like blink universes out of existence. Rather, she can just make an event happen in an illogical manner. A good example is making water hot, making up down, make a knife blunt, etc.

Weaknesses: She can't really control her power all that well and it can often backfire on her if she isn't careful. Furthermore, she has to consciously activate this power; so, if you manage to catch her off guard, she'd be pretty screwed. She can also essentially be bought with any sort of vegetable, or fruit, especially carrots. Also, magic.

Destructive Capacity: Wall

Speed: Mach 1, but can "teleport" for travel

Durability: Wall level

Lifting Strength: Class 5

Striking Strength: Class KJ

Standard Equipment: Nothing

Intelligence: Average human

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character: *Or am I?

Name/Alias: Leo Antonov

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): Costume on left and regular appearance on right:Image

Species: Human

Backstory: WIP

Powers and Abilities:
Ghost Physiology- Leo can transform into a ghost, and can at the beginning of his hero career, he will have:
  • Superhuman strength
  • Superhuman speed
  • Flight

As time goes on, he'll discover other abilities that people typically think of when they think of ghosts.

Weaknesses: He's really inexperienced with his abilities. He has to actually transform before gaining any of his abilities, and therefore he can be killed by anyone or anything quick enough to catch him by surprise before he manages to do so.

Destructive Capacity: Small building

Speed: Mach 1

Durability: Small building

Lifting Strength: Class 25

Striking Strength: Class GJ

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Above average for a high school student

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:
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Name/Alias: Samuel Davidson/Bryce Tempus/Doombringer

Gender: Male

Age: Mentally 55, Physically 20

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): This without the spider symbolImage

Species: Mutant

Backstory: Short summary, after being killed by chaos snakes, Doombringer ascended from hell into a new body, then waited twenty years to become Doom bringer again. Its in the IC pages 112

Powers and Abilities:
Absolute Healing Factor: near instantaneous healing on most minor injuries, able to re attach limbers in seconds, able to regrow limbs in a half a minute, can survive as long as a single cell of his survives, but would take about a week for his body to completely regrow.

Weaknesses: Big, Big explosions or anything that incinerate his entire body

Destructive Capacity: City level if he was at his limit.

Speed: Peak Human

Durability: unlimited as long as a single cell of his survives.

Lifting Strength: Peak Human

Striking Strength: Peak human

Energy Projection N/A

Standard Equipment: Dual wield Katana, Dual wield Desert Eagles, and a shotgun. He carries specialty cartridges for the shotgun that include: Kryptonite slugs, Nth metal Slugs, Adamantium slugs, and good old Combat Slugs

Intelligence: He has an extensive knowledge about the universe and basic level education in plenty of fields. Doubt it, he was a yellow lantern married to the asgardian of wisdom. He can be that smart. He also has a law degree.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: (Sing to the Spiderman theme)
He will kill you anytime
Can he kill you with a punch
Yes he can he's Doombringer
Look out he is Doombringer

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Sol (reapplication as a fresh start main character with room to develop, ill keep Bringer and Astrid around in case of emergencies *throws all surplus action figures into incinerator*)

Gender: Male

Age: In consciousness 4.5 billion, in being 25

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): Image
Species: Star God

Backstory: 4.5 billion years ago the sun was born from a nebula in the milky way galaxy forming the solar system we know today. 4.5 billion years later an unknown magic type detected Sol's vast consciousness within the star and thought it was an infection. Summoning the consciousness into a rock the rock instantly became a new mineral "Solarium". 20 years later in 2010 the U.S government found the stone exuding mass levels of radiation similar to kryptonite. They also found it attuned to solar radiation. Deciding it best to get that thing off of earth they launched it at the object it seemed to be connected to, the sun. 5 years later the probe holding it finally crashed into the sun causing Sol to form his body. Having the entire memories of the solar system in his mind he took the form of a human. Feeling duty bound to defend his solar system and its inhabitants he flew off to defend it.
Powers and Abilities: Photokenesis: Sol can manipulate light
Flight: Flying
Fission Beams: Sol's body is constantly undergoing nuclear fission. He can release some of the energy caused by this in a controlled beam like nuclear explosion he calls a fission beam. These can be as strong as he needs them to be.
Fission Punch: Fission Beams, only he instead coats his fist with energy and punches people with nuclear explosions.
Solar Flare: same thing as superman solar flare, reduces him to his crystal form
Solar Omnipresence: Sol has omnipresence of everything within his solar system.
Radiation Immunities: Sol is immune to all forms of radiation
Radiation expulsion: Sol's version of reliving himself with out using fission powers. His body can eject gamma radiation at random intervals if the stress gets to much.
Regeneration: if his solarium core is not destroyed sol can completely regenerate his body
Gravitational Strength: Sol can use gravity to give himself super strength. If he intakes more mass this increases.

Weaknesses: Sol is bound to his form by the Solarium Crystal in his chest. If it is broken (though its about the strength of uru metal) sol will return to conscious form and be confined within the sun until someone summons him back. Also if the sun is destroyed he dies. So if the end of everything happens again he can't make it even in a life raft. He also needs to recharge on hydrogen every once in a while which he can do from almost any source. His body is as hot as the surface as the sun naturally though he can contain it except in cases of extreme emotion.

Destructive Capacity: currently planetary level if he fired a fission beam into a planets core, potentially Galactic


Durability: not sure how strong uru metal is though I remember reading something about Mjolnir surviving the end of the universe and falling into the next one so correct me on that. To completely kill him a stellar level attack on the sun destroying it would do it.

Lifting Strength: Pre stellar, or anything smaller than the sun. this can increase or decrees if sols overall mass increases

Striking Strength: Class XMJ

Energy ProjectionLarge Planet Level

Standard Equipment: Toga and his good ole fists

Intelligence: He has total recall of the entire solar systems history including all of mhuman knowledge and all the knowledge of anything that ever crashed into the solar system, so like half the crap in the galaxy. So learning stuff on a universal scale, but on a galactic scale pretty smart

Optional stuff.

Theme song: [url]

Name/Alias: Astrid Arcanis, Goddes of Magic, Runes, Knowledge and Strategy

Gender: Female

Age: 1,700 appears 20

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): Image

Species: Asgardian

Backstory: Astrid is the Asgardian God of magic and strategy. This was made clear at age two when she completed a rudimentary book of spells and tried to submit it to the Asgardian Library. She became a master of all languages and of the human game of chess. She could predict strategies of her opens hundreds of moves ahead and could even win a game so quickly a human might have not even realized he had lost. She then began to apply her skills to battlefield tactics, writing manuscripts on different battle strategys, and training with duel wielding swords. She often spied on earth and became particularly I treated, almost attracted to the human Bryce Tempus.

Powers and Abilities:
Asgardian Physiology- Astrid is Asgardian making her able to lift put to 45 tons, move at super human levels with super human stamina, take multiple his powered hits at the level at SSJ1 focus kamhameha and has a healing factor allowing her to recover from any damage that doesn't sever a limb.
Magic Manipulation- being a Goddes of Magic Astrid can manipulate it to her will
Photokensis- Astrid can use magic to manipulate light
Telepathy- Astrid can communicate telepathically and overpower weaker minds
Telekinesis- Self explanatory
Two handed sword skill- Astrid trained under Tyr himself making her very effective with her two blades of Mana and Arcane
Superhuman Longevity
Precognition- Astrids mind of strategy allows her to see most events before they happen, similar to the Spider sense
Omni-linguism- Astrid knows most languages, but not all. No term for knowing most languages so I just labeled it as Omni
Animal Morphing- Astrid can morph into her sacred animal the Osprey.

Weaknesses: a lot of Astrids abilities are small knowledge in a lot of exiles meaning, while she can use them, they just aren't very strong. She also gets really unnerved when she is about to be beaten and also gets completely in hooked when someone gets through her precognition. She is more of a supporter than a tank and can't take many hits like Thor. She also has a dark side which can cloud her judgement.

Destructive Capacity: Planetray if she pushed herself to the limit

Speed: Ftlx2

Durability: Country level

Lifting Strength: small building

Striking Strength: City level(with her boost spells)

Standard Equipment: her battle armor and dual wielded swords.

Intelligence: she has studied earth throughout and knows most languages. She has a PhD in everything from oncology to Cheesemaking. Don't ask.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: Skyrim theme

Random Facts about your character: she is mildly attracted to Doombringer for reasons she can't under stand

I will be updating Bringer in the archive to bring his app in line with his new sinestro corps powers.

Name/Alias: AntiBios

Gender: none though his voice is masculine

Age: 5

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): Image
Species: Sentient Robomechanical Conciuness (or star god in a robot body)

Backstory: At the leading of Red Skull, HYDRA began many astronomical studies at the dawn of WWII. One scientist made a huge hypothesis but was unable to prove it. His theory was that every single object in the universe had a consciousness. After the fall of hitlers Germany the scientist continued his efforts researching this until his death. His motive was to capture one astronomical objects consciousness into a mechanical body which he could control. After his death his research lab remained empty for dozens of years until a new supervillain organization entered the lab hoping to adopt the scientist research into their motives Ending all life within the universe or assimilating it into robots under their control. Within the lab they found the scientist notes and a machine capable of drawing a stars consciousness into a power cell. Doing such they drew the star consciousness into a power core after many large global ops of stealing vibranium and adamantium then fusing them into an alloy before casting it into a robot. They then inserted the power core into the robot. Instantly jumping to life with the groups ideal AntiBios rose from his chamber. He proceeded to slaughter every being and absorbing all the power within it as well. He then flew off to parts unknown for 5 years to gain more powerful.

Powers and Abilities:
Frictionless Flight: By creating a frictionless bubble around his body AntiBios can use his jets to reach potentially infinite speeds. He has to absorb much more power to make keep the bubble up at these speeds and he would probably need a stronger body.

Ion Beams: created by a charge in anti bios hands he sets the very atoms in front of him on fire. These are replaced withis normal lasers when in an airless environment.

Energy Absorbstion: AntiBios can absorb most forms of energy including computer data, electricity, heat and life forces. Think cell, only not transforming and able to do this with simply a touch of a hand to any form of energy.

Hyper Sense: through his mechanics AntiBios can keep up with things moving twoards mach 10. He can also hear the entire spectrum and see in infared and ultraviolet.

Precognitivity: AntiBios can predict almost any event by calculating the odds of different events within his head.

Gravity Manipulation: AntiBios can use Gravity Modules in his arms to Increase his already powerful strength.

Weaknesses: He can be melted or manipulated by POWERFUL metal benders. His ultra sense can be beaten by moving faster than Mach 10. His antifriction fields take a bit to charge. He can accidentally absorb computer viruses when absorbing computers energie. His energies can also be absorbed out of him. Can be ripped apart, and can't enter water if damaged. He also instantly powers down if his star core is removed. Although that releases a greater mental threat.

Destructive Capacity: Planetary.

Speed: Frictionless: ftlx 3, with friction flying mach 3, with friction running mach 1
Durability: correct me if I'm wrong but I bilive the vibranium adamantium can survive planet destroying hits?

Lifting Strength: City level with gravity modules, large building without them

Striking Strength: City Block level

Energy Projection Ion beams: large building level. If he detonated all the energies stored in his body, it would wipe out Uranus.

Standard Equipment: Gravity modules in gauntlet, ion beams in hands, jets in boots and shoulders, friction bubble generator/stellar core in chest, and capable of calculating pi to the 1000000000 digit and able to access every single pice of human knowledge along with the star within knowledge.

Intelligence: see computer description above

Optional stuff.

Theme song: war of the worlds tripod sounds. That's all you will hear before you die

Random Facts about your character:

To get an idea about reasoning with him or at least the star within, think Shrunken from Eragon for reference on the stars mental state. Or if you haven't read the books think autistic joker on acid.

No he does not have a star powering him, he has a stars consciousness forced to possess his body.

Name/Alias: Arc Veyroh/ Mark Tempus/ Jorgen Doomson

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): Image

Species: Mutant/Asgardian Hybrid

Backstory: Son of Doombringer and Astrid Vallhallis, Arc was given the human name Mark by his father at birth. However shortly after, Doombringer vanished never to be seen again. Things only got worse when he and his mother were caught by a servant of Koki and sent 17 years into the past. At age 3 his mother disappeared, called by Odin to return to asgard due to the time fluctuation she just caused and was forced to leave the child until he demonstrated Asgardian traits. Sent to an orphanage the child was quickly revealed to be able to manipulate electricity, fire, water, air, and earth, causing the nuns there much fear, until Charles Xavier came along and offered the child a place at his school. The nuns had called him Veyroh based on what he used to call one of them, but Charles gave him the first name arc because of his electrical manipulation. Later on at age 10 after 5 years at the Xavier School, Arc was involved in a massive explosion caused by another child. After surviving this massive blast with little more than having his clothes burned off, Odin was forced to accept that Arc was more asgardian because of his mutated DNA, and actually posses the powers of a full blood asgardian. Living and training in asgard for seven more years he returned to earth to find his place in the world, due to him not being treated right in asgard for not being full blooded. He decided he was going to earn his mother's species respect in battle.

Powers and Abilities: Asgardian Physiology: Arc's asgardian DNA took more fo a dominant stance in his body due to his mutations which give him all the powers, such as super speed, strength, etc. of a normal Asgardian
Flight: Arc is able to manipulate the air around him to fly within earths atmosphere.
Elemental Manipulation: Arc is able to manipulate Electricity, water, fire, air, and earth to his bidding.
Animalistic Communication: He has learned basic communication with animals through his mother.
Conjuring: If he is ever without an element he can summon a bit of it to use, except for electricity which he can generate through his own body
Electrical Generation: Arc's cells use excess energy to manipulate energy

Weaknesses: every human and asgardian weakness, plus none of his mutant powers working off of earth.

Destructive Capacity: Planetary

Speed: Mach 1

Durability: City level

Lifting Strength: 3 Large Buildings unaided by elements, City block level aided

Striking Strength: Unaided by elements, Building Level. Aided, City Block Level

Energy Projection Country Level

Standard Equipment: His Pants.

Intelligence: Basic human history and human education, Entry Level Asgardian Education

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:
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Name/Alias: Mia Aveline / Marionette

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): Pic

Species: Human

Mia was born prematurely, and her wealthy parents turned to Futurepharm in order to save themselves from the embarrassment of losing a child. They were assured by the scientists and doctors that they were more than capable of saving their young daughter, and so felt more than capable of leaving her in their hands. However, one of the scientists involved saw this as an un-missable opportunity. Having been a leading researcher in the Extremis Supersoldier program, the Doctor had never given up on the abandoned project – secretly funnelling funding to continue the development of a new Extremis serum until all he needed was a suitable test subject. Mia was perfect for this role. Her parents had given him free reign over using any means necessary to ensure the healthy survival of their daughter, and had no intention of asking undesired questions. Moreover, their deep pockets prevented his employers from looking to closely at what he himself was doing as well.

During a surgical operation, the Doctor painstakingly injected his new serum into each of Mia’s muscles. This new Serum had been developed from the original Extremis, but with the added component of an unidentified compound that had been discovered to contain miraculous properties. These Threads seemed to be capable of impossible feats, but the scientist had never been granted the funding to learn how to synthesise them – in using his serum on Mia, he was risking the last of his supplies. This proved to be a poor decision. The Threads he inserted into the baby girl, unfortunately, dissolved within a day; the scientist finally accepted defeat, his theories proven to be false. However, once Mia began to enter puberty, her body started to produce the Threads itself – unbeknownst to the unnamed scientist that gave her the ability.

After her birth, Mia’s parents’ interest in their daughter had quickly waned. They had only had a baby since it was the most fashionable trend among the super-rich at the time, but they soon discovered that they had little stomach for the tedious parenting that came after the wonderful initial attention from their fellow elites. As such, Mia was raised entirely by the house staff – although ‘raised’ may be too strong a word. Employees first, the staff had little incentive to offer much care to the spoilt child while their employers were away. They fulfilled their duties: cleaned the house, chauffeured her and made the meals, not one kindness more.

The isolation and separation from real compassion was all that Mia has ever known, and so she never once considered anything wrong with it. She never hated her parents for their lack of affection, indeed they provided her with anything that she asked, but nor did she love them. They were merely two more actors that seemed to enter occasionally upon the stage of the world, merely to depart with minimal impact upon Mia’s own life. However, once she turned 10, Mia’s parents decided – based of course on the fashions of the day – that it was high time to enrol their daughter in a school.

After having been taught at home for her entire life, Mia did not know what to expect. She had never been around so many people, all crowded around in such a small space. Usually she would have had the entirety of the mansion and the estate grounds to herself, the staff wanting as little to do with her as they could get away with. Yet at school, Mia was surrounded by the scents and sensations of humanity. Mia quickly discovered that she had no control over the events in the classrooms and on the field. Used to having her every whim and demand catered to, the laughter and mockery of the school-children terrified the young girl and caused her to withdraw within herself. It was at this age that she truly came to recognise the world of Supers and Mutants. The young girl engrossed herself in the stories of these nigh-on mythical beings, individuals who were separate from society because they were better. It was a comforting world for the heiress to get lost in, and whether it was fiction stories from the strips of a comic, or the very real acts that dominated the news, Mia surrounded herself with her newfound passion. So much so did Mia prefer the world of these magical creatures, that she tried to shut herself off from the outside world while at school, focusing on the calm, structure and order within herself; it was the only way that she could last until she made it to the sanctuary of the family house at the end of the day. Why were the children so mean? Why did they laugh at her and mock her and throw dirt at her? None of it made any sense to the spoilt child.

Mia longed, desperately, to cry out at it all, to enforce her wishes and structure upon the school grounds – her lack of control terrifying in its foreignness. However, soon she began to notice that her own body was resisting her own control – changing without her desiring it. The development of her Threads came as a surprise to the girl, and started out as little more than an idle curiosity. However, she became engrossed in the strange strings, experimenting with them on her dolls to much excitement and glee at her discoveries. Finally having a way in which she could mould the world outside her door to her own views of perfection, Mia rejoiced at the transformation. More than that, she quickly realised that she had earned a connection to the world of Superheroes. It was clear to her, then, why she had been so separate and so isolated throughout her life: she was different from the others, much like Superman was different, or Thor. Like her heroes, she was better than those whom had ostracised her. Mia’s entire world view was shifted. She no longer saw herself as being unaccepted, but rather as being above.

However, in those years the development of the Thread was not the only change that preoccupied Mia’s body. Up until that point, she had largely been comfortable with her isolation and segregation from her peers, content with the imagined company of her heroes. But suddenly she felt her stomach knot and twist upon seeing how others interacted, how they would share a look or hold one another. Curiosity turned into jealousy, which rapidly evolved into a simmering hatred at the happiness of her peers, those whom had always bullied and mocked at her. Mia began to use her Thread more and more, intent on manipulating others rather than simply remaining content with being separate. A few students from her school district would disappear from the streets tragically, never to be seen again.

As Mia grew more confident in her own abilities, so did she start finding herself becoming bored with the activities of her youth. Although her initial intentions had been to spite, Mia found that she relished her new sadistic pass-times – the crushing of the happiness of others satisfying, at least temporarily, her own. And so, almost by accident, Mia found herself engaging more and more in criminal activities. While the world of superheroes and villains had always been a draw to the girl, Mia fell even more in love with the romance of good versus evil as she became a part of it. Super-powered individuals could mould the world, craft it and shape it, to their whims and Mia wanted nothing more than that for herself.

Hiring herself out as an assassin or a goon for other jobs, over time Mia began to make a name and construct a reputation as the Marionette. However, compared to other villains, she still remains relatively unknown – if only because her victims have a habit of not recounting their experiences.

Powers and Abilities:
- Superhuman reaction times and agility as a result of the Threads sewed into her body. This is to the extent that she can block bullets with her parasol.

- Body manipulation: Using her Thread like as a puppeteer’s string, Mia can effect a sort of mind control. However, she is unable to (yet) actually control their minds, rather being able to manipulate fine motor control. Although she has been experimenting with sewing directly into people’s brains – with only limited success.

- Resistance: Mia’s body is incredibly resistant to blunt-force trauma and poison due to the Threads weaved within her muscles; she can even heal from otherwise fatal injuries caused in such ways. However, incisions and cuts severe her Threads, rendering them useless. Bullets can act similarly, although it does depend on the round and circumstances.

- Thread creation: Mia’s body naturally produces her Threads, which she can spool with ease into her hands to use as a potent weapon and tool, weaving the Threads into an array of different shapes.

- Thread Cloning: Given sufficient time, Mia can craft puppet clones from her Threads, although these are mindless beings that she must control and they are substantially weaker than she is. The fact that she must control them herself, and that they are not autonomous, means that if she creates too many, then her effectiveness in battle wanes – as does that of the clones. This thereby puts an effective limit on how many she can reasonably create. It is also much more difficult for her to produce a clone of someone without having them there to act as a visual guide for her creation.

- Rage Empowerment: I’m putting this here because I think it could prove interesting down the line. However, Mia doesn’t know that her emotions are this linked to her powers – nor has she ever become angry enough to notice. In fact, even in a life-or-death situation she will likely not be able to access this power. Rather, something far worse would have to set her off.

- Pointy objects: Mia is vulnerable to cuts and incisions which sever the Threads that bind her muscles and bones.

- Lovestruck: Completely infatuated with the Superhero –BLANK- Mia may go out of her way to try and get his attention – so far as to willingly jeopardize other objectives. While this does not necessarily impede her ability to fight against her other opponents whatsoever, it could potentially be used against her in other ways.

- Psychotic: Cruel, arguably sadistic, and exhibiting strong sociopathic tendencies, Mia can often act nonsensical and mad. This can mean that she neglects important objectives.

- Naive: In part a consequence of her psychotic nature, Mia doesn't fully comprehend her actions. She can also be pretty naive and innocent with respect to the consequences as well. Other than that, pretty much what it says on the tin.

Destructive Capacity: Mia normally uses a maximum of City Block level, although her capability is actually much higher than this (Stellar or Star System?). She’s just never bothered to use that much power, and at the upper echelons simply doesn’t know how. In fact, even in a life-or-death situation it is doubtful that she would use her full powers.

Speed: Mach 10 (?)

Durability: Mountain Level (Note that this is blunt-force trauma, as knives and cuts are her weakness).

Lifting Strength: Superhuman (Class 100 ?)

Striking Strength: Class MJ/GJ

Standard Equipment:
Threads: Laced throughout Mia’s body are her Threads: incredibly strong strings of an unknown origin that exist symbiotically within the girl. Mia’s body naturally produces the threads along with regular muscle, and she can spool it in her hands, fashioning it for an array of uses. Furthermore, when she extends it beyond her body without severing the link, Mia can maintain a certain degree of control over the Thread, even if she does not appear to be actively manipulating it.

Mia’s Parasol: Fashioned from some of her finest Threads, Mia is rarely – if ever – seen without her bright pink parasol. Although it appears innocent enough, at a mere thought form its Master, the Threads which make it up can harden enough to stop even high calibre ammunition. Mia also wields the tool as an offensive weapon, capable of instructing the Threads at its edge to become as sharp – if not sharper – than any mortal blade. When wielded by one with Mia’s agility and reactions, the parasol then becomes more than capable of slicing through flesh, bone and thin steel with ease.

While Mia is fairly intelligent – she is most definitely by no means stupid – she can also be hopelessly naïve. She also tends to act rashly and on impulse rather than clear-cut logic and rational.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: Nui Harime's Theme

Random Facts about your character:
- She adores the colour pink.
- As the only child of her incredibly wealthy parents, Mia is fairly known among the Super-rich. She attends parties and events alongside her parents.
- One of her greatest treasures are a collection of comics and news-paper cut-outs telling of the great deeds of her heroes.
- She considers herself to be similar to the likes of Superman and the Justice League, even toying with the idea of one day becoming a member. She fails completely to recognise the difference between her own actions, and those of Heroes.
- Personality:
Selfish and sadistic, Mia relishes having control and desires for the world to bend itself around her. She views normal people as play-things and puppets, a perspective she was first taught by the inattentive and aloof attitudes of her parents to their staff and child. Mia was raised with everything that she could have possibly desired, her parents’ practically limitless wealth spent to occupy their daughter so that they did not need to. This caused Mia to turn in on herself, becoming incredibly self-centred and adopting sociopathic tendencies – unable to empathise with her peers. As she grew older, Mia came to be increasingly jealous of others and their relationships, however. She had everything, so why could she not have what they had? It was only a matter of time before Mia tried to take what she wanted.

However, it is perhaps of note that some psychologists may argue that - at least subconsciously - Mia is merely looking for the acceptance and warmth that she lacked throughout her youth. Although other experts would counter that it is pointless to try and comprehend a Monster.

Name/Alias: Dean McCarty

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): (I can’t seem to find a decent pic) Quite handsome, Dean makes sure to keep his body in good form. Caucasian and of Irish descent, Dean McCarty looks like a good ol’ specimen of Homo Sapiens. No extra arms, legs or tails to be seen.

Species: Human

Born in Gotham City, Dean grew up in a charity-run orphanage, which often found itself short on funding and rooms. Many of the children who grew up on the streets or in orphanages turned bad in Gotham, driven to crime and hate as a means of survival. For a time, it looked like Dean would travel down this path as well. He became infamous among his peers as a bully before he’d turned 12, and on multiple occasions he was threatened with being evicted for his actions. At the time he didn’t care, at least out on the streets he’d have been his own master – maybe one of the gangs would have taken him in.

This wasn’t as far-flung as it may have seen. While plenty of kids and urchins pinned their hopes of survival on the unforgiving Gotham streets on being picked up by one of the powerful street gangs, Dean had easily caught their eye. By the time he was 15, he’d made something of a name of himself with his physical prowess – having already carried out a number of minor mule or drop jobs on behalf of some of the local mobs. He was on the high road to the top of the bottom of the pile of Gotham, and dreamed of the gang life that awaited him in adulthood. Such reminiscing didn’t go unnoticed.

One man turned Dean’s whole life around – shifted his path for the better. His name was Father McMillan: a Priest who had spent much of his life trying to keep the Orphanage on its feet. Dean had quickly drawn the man’s attention as a young boy with real potential – one of those unfortunately rare examples of someone who could perhaps actually drag themselves from the sickening spiral of poverty. Yet all Dean seemed to do was squander his intelligence with laziness and ambivalence, far more interested in drugs and guns than school and study. When Dean had been called before the board of the Orphanage for yet another tribunal, he was given but a single chance to redeem himself – and only after much insisting from Father McMillan. The Priest had struck a deal with the Head of the Orphanage. He would try to turn the boy to the straight and narrow, and in return the Orphanage would look the other way just one last time.

By the time Dean turned 18, he was a changed man. McMillan had taken on a real father role in the boy’s life, having taken him under his wing. McMillan dedicated every waking hour to charity, and while at first had had to drag Dean along with him, soon found the young man organising his own events. The Priest had given Dean a purpose in life with which to direct his energies: helping others. Moreover, despite his position, Father McMillan had little intention of thrusting his religion upon his pupil, rather instead trying to imbue upon him basic human morals. McMillan had declared to Dean, that above all else, killing was wrong and death was a tragedy – be it of a friend or of a foe. It was a sharp twist in mindset for the boy whom had been engrossed by the thought of drive-bys and shootouts, but it resonated within him – perhaps with a heart which had received little use in his youth. This made it all the harder when McMillan was killed.

Dean saw it when it happened. The old Priest had tried to force his way between two opposing gangs, fearlessly determined to calm their heads and prevent young blood from being spilled. McMillan had told Dean to stay out of sight, but even so he could hear the single gunshot resonate loudly across the neighbourhood. Both groups of youth had fled as the Priest lay bleeding on the ground. Dean had felt powerless, unable to do anything to help his dying friend. Afterwards he received nothing but condolences and good wishes, endless mourners speaking nought but good words of the man whom had taken on the role of his father. Not long after, Dean enrolled himself in a Paramedic course – pledging to continue on with McMillan’s work and try to do some good in the city of Gotham.

Powers and Abilities:
Paramedic – A gifted paramedic rivalling – or even surpassing – many trained physicians, Dean has a natural gift for healing. Whether this is due to his will, determination, training, or even perhaps some minor, latent mutant gene is unknowable.
Ride or Die – It turns out that Dean’s got a knack behind a wheel. He’s taken his ambulance to hell and back and has been renowned for repeatedly thrashing his own record for the shortest response times.

“I’m a doctor, not a…” – Dean isn’t a soldier. He’s not a superhero. He’s not even a trained police officer. While he can fight, calling upon the experiences of his childhood, he’s not a warrior. He’s just someone who can offer to help others who are unable to help themselves.
A Good Heart – Compassionate to a fault, Dean values life above all. He believes that, deep down, there is goodness in everyone – McMillan hadn’t given up on him after all. This makes him exceedingly trusting, and he tries to aid anyone in need – be it the mob boss or the officer in the back of his ambulance.

Destructive Capacity: Street Level

Speed: 10m/s (maybe faster in his Ambulance)

Durability: Athletic human – Peak human

Lifting Strength: Human level – Peak human level (Just cause I don’t want him to die when somebody sneezes)

Striking Strength: Human class

Standard Equipment: A standard medical kit and other supplies stashed in his paramedic uniform.

Intelligence: Most definitely above average. While a lack of a decent education before college meant that Dean never really fulfilled his full potential, he is naturally quite gifted.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character: Dean feels a degree of sympathy with ‘baddies’. He knows that were it not for the intervention of Father McMillan, he may well have ended up as one of them. He’s also a bit of a Superhero fan, even if the destruction they tend to cause in their wake sometimes causes him to question whether their actions are always for the better.
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Zark's Characters Part 1

Postby Zarkenis Ultima » Fri May 29, 2015 5:58 pm

Character Applications
Original App
Name/Alias: Akihiko Yamamoto

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Appearance: Here.

Species: Half-Oni, half-human.

Backstory: Akihiko Yamamoto was born from the union of an oni in disguise and an American scientist living in Japan. Aki never knew much about his father, as his mother never really talked much about him, or about what she used to do before he was born, for that matter. What he knew ever since he could remember, was that he was different from the other, fully human children, even though his mother was completely human as well. For this reason, he was kept isolated from the other children during part of his childhood, but eventually, his mother, a brilliant scientist, developed a 'limiter' of sorts, which served to conceal his half-oni nature. Thanks to this, Aki was able to live a relatively normal ife, though his powers continued to develop despite being limited, along with some of the technological savvy that the boy inherited from his mother.

One day, the electronics store that Aki's mother had was raided by a group of rogue Yokai, and, in an attempt to protect his mother, he took an old sword that was mounted on the wall, intending to try to use it to fend off the attackers. He had never expected it to be Kusanagi, the godslayer blade developed and subsequently discarded by Project Tsurugi, a project funded by the government in an attempt to develop a weapon strong enough to protect themselves from some of the greater cosmic threats out there. Though the blade was flawed and deemed unusable, Akihiko's mother stole it, fixing and improving the weapon out of sheer pride, as she refused to believe that the project she had worked on for so long was a failure. Now, the weapon was in Akihiko's hands, and using it, he dispatched the raiders with little effort.

After that, Akihiko received permission from his mother to bear the powerful sword, and began using Kusanagi to fight crime in the city of Tokyo.

Powers and Abilities: Regenerative Healing Factor
Disease Immunity
Anger Empowerment
Killing Intent
The above are all powers derived from his half-oni nature. However, he also has Mechanical Intuition.

Weaknesses: For starters, he is not as strong as normal oni, on account of his oni blood being diluted with human blood (or the other way around it depending on how you want to see it). His mechanical intuition is just that, intuition, and as such he cannot really explain why stuff works, for example. Due to his oni nature, soybeans affect him negatively. His main asset is his sword, so taking it from him reduces his threat level significantly.

Destructive Capacity: Small Building Level in human form, Large Building Level in hybrid form.

Speed: Sonic in human form, Hypersonic in hybrid form.

Durability: Small Building Level in human form, City Block Level in hybrid form.

Lifting Strength: Class 10 in human form, Class 100 in hybrid form.

Striking Strength: Class MJ in human form, Class GJ in hybrid form.

Standard Equipment: Akihiko's only piece of equipment (besides clothes and other personal effects) is his sword, Kusanagi. The ultimately discarded brainchild of Project Tsurugi, Kusanagi is a miracle weapon born from the union of human engineering, advanced alien technology, powerful arcane magics and materials from far beyond Earth; the function that its creators had in mind when they crafted this weapon was that of killing gods. It was built with several limitations in place to prevent misuse of its power, and as a result, its power can only be released in 'stages', each of which is unlocked by the fulfilment of specific conditions (some of which have been altered by Akihiko since the blade's creation). There are many of these power stages, but so far, Akihiko only has access to the first three.

First Stage: Sleeping Edge - Kusanagi behaves as a normal sword, although particularly sharp and extremely hard to break, its durability far exceeding Akihiko's own, even in hybrid form.
Second Stage: Lightning Ride - Kusanagi's hilt and blade both extend slightly, and electricity courses through the blade; it can also be concentrated at the tip of the sword and fired away, though it will take some time to recharge afterwards. The blade becomes significantly sharper, able to cut through stone walls with ease.
Third Stage: Waking World - Kusanagi's blade becomes coated in emerald flames and more lightning begins to course through it, allowing for several successive lightning blasts which are exponentially stronger, or a single, enormous discharge. In addition, the fire can be manipulated to some degree by the user. Partly thanks to the fire, Kusanagi becomes capable of tearing through thick steel walls by this point.

Intelligence: Very smart in certain technical matters, slightly below average in mostly everything else.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: Monastery In Disguise

Random Facts about your character: He lives with his mom. Take that as you will. -nods-
Original App
Name/Alias: Etla Rainborn

Gender: Female

Age: Ageless. Looks around 20.

Appearance: One, two. Rainborn robes. Sword and armor.

Species: Rainborn

Backstory: Once upon a time, there was a creature, somewhere, lost in infinity. He was a powerful being, very powerful, and so he made an abode for himself, a separate world, where rain constantly fell from above, wherever above happened to be, and in the middle of it he placed a large, enormous fountain, hundreds of times larger than himself, floating in the nothingness. He called this place the Skyworld, and called himself Father Sky, for he was the ruler of that place. But alas, Father Sky felt lonely, and so he began creating life, breathing his own essence into hundreds and hundreds of creations, all of them his children and heirs of the Skyworld. Father Sky had always fancied himself a toymaker, and so, he crafted these beings as though they were dolls, gifting them all with fair features, and also crafted them as though they were action figures, gifting them with special abilities. He created hundreds, and then thousands of them, each with a unique personality, and gave them the ability to tap into the Skyworld and the ability to use the world around them to change for if they ever found themselves away from home.

And so, with all of his children now frolicking happily across the Skyworld, running around atop the crystalline waters of the great founatin, Father Sky and his children, the Rainborn, all danced and played and fought and laughed, staying like this for a long, long time, though how long it was impossible to tell, for the stars did not exist and the rain never stopped. Regardless, they lived like that for a long long time. However, one fateful moment, the very youngest child of Father Sky, a girl called Etla, fell off of the great fountain, and began drifting through dimensions, wrapped in a cocoon of rain sent by Father Sky to protect her. She slumbered for a long time within this cocoon, until finally coming to rest on the sky above a world inhabited by humans. She fell on Earth, and her story has yet to be told.

Powers and Abilities:
Indomitable Will and Will Empowerment
Dimensional Storage: Practically limitless. Her armor is in here, as is her Iron Core.
Power Core: Etla, like others of her kind, has a "Core", which she can switch out for another. Depending on the Core she has, she may gain additional powers or greater physical abilities. Most any object can function as a Core, but not every object is guaranteed to have a noticeable effect, and some may indeed have adverse effects instead. The Core starts as a "Hollow Core", which does very little and is the default state of the Power Core, though she will gain more as time passes. There'll be a Core list below this app. Cores can also affect her armor and her sword, as they are connected to her.
Power Core Transference: Only works with other Rainborn. In very vague and general terms it is a sort of "Soul fusion", in that one will gain the power of the Core(s) of the other Rainborn(s) while the others become inanimate for as long as the Transference is active.

Weaknesses: She is at her weakest when using the Hollow Core, as her abilities are severely limited in such cases. In addition to that, one with a working knowledge of Rainborn physiology could reach into her chest and pull out her current Core, depriving her of her abilities. If her Hollow Core is destroyed, she dies, no way around it. Severe trauma delivered to her Hollow Core can also impair her, much like one can impair a human by delivering sufficient head trauma.

Destructive Capacity: Street level in default state.

Speed: 10m/s (22mph - 36kph) in default state.

Durability: Wall/Tree level in default state.

Lifting Strength: Peak Human level in default state.

Striking Strength: Class H in default state.

Standard Equipment: None really, except her armor, her sword and an iron sphere, currently in storage.

Intelligence: Little actual knowledge currently, but high learning capacity.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: Here

Random Facts about your character:
-Despite her ignorance with lots of Earth stuff, Etla is perfectly aware of certain social concepts like family.
-She's a skilled dancer.
-She doesn't like cats, but she respects them.
-Though she is chronologically the youngest Rainborn, some of Etla's siblings treat her like an older sister. Family relationships in the Skyworld boil down to each individual Rainborn's psychological state, not their actual chronological age.
-Her senses of smell and taste are practically unused, though she does have them.


Core List
  • Hollow Core: The basic state of the Power Core. Etla cannot access the Dimensional Storage unless her Power Core is in its Hollow Core state.
  • Iron Core: The Power Core that results from Etla placing an iron sphere within her chest. It bumps her lifting strength to Class 5, striking strength to Class KJ, and makes her sword indestructible. Her armor remains unaffected.
  • Runic Core: The Power Core that results from Etla absorbing a steel sphere engraved with the runes Thurisaz, Tiwas and Raido. It bumps her lifting strength to Class 10, her striking strength to Class MJ, Speed to Sonic, makes her sword indestructible and grants her the abilities of Electricity Manipulation and Enhanced Swordmanship.
  • Star Core: The Power Core resulting from Etla absorbing the frozen heart of a star. It bumps her durability to Star Level, speed to Speed of Light, lifting strength to Class P and striking strength to Class NJ. Grants her high-tier Fire and Light Manipulation, as well as flight.
  • Sentry Core: Gives her the stats and powers of the Golden Guardian (NOTE: Only those of the Golden Guardian, not those of Nightmare or the Dark Sentry).
  • Uru Core: The Power Core resulting from Etla absobing a shield-shaped artifact crafted from Uru by Valka herself. Boosts her durability to Mountain Level and gives her Energy and Magic Absorption and Manipulation (Magic Manipulation only to a small degree).
Original App
Name/Alias: Garnet Greyson

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Appearance: Like this.

Species: Human

Backstory: Born to a single mother as the result of a one night stand with a stranger, and bestowed with her mother's last name, Garnet's childhood was not the most comfortable, what with her mother struggling to make meets end each passing month. She was not able to afford Garnet the best education, that was for certain, but all in all, things were manageable, and in time, they started looking up, as her mother got a more stable source of income. Garnet went off to highschool and managed to get a part-time job as well to help with the bills.

But then, one bad night, Garnet's mother got killed in an attempted burglary. The girl was just coming home when she found out, and was understandably screwed. Not only was she desperate after having lost her only relative, she had also pretty much lost everything else. Now she had an economic struggle all of her own, with no one to help. With some effort, she found an apartment to stay at and a job to pay the bills. Sure, it wasn't the most comfortable existence, it had never been, but money was a bitch, and on top of that, it was also a necessity in her world.

While returning to her apartment one day, she found out that she was being stalked. Soon the situation turned ugly, and there was no one to ask for help. Managing to run away, she entered an abandoned building for shelter, but she was followed nonetheless. At the last second, before the assailant seized her and did unspeakable things to her, she found a secret room, and inside that room, placed on a strange bloodstained pedestal, there was a gun. Fearing for her life, she took the gun, and suddenly, everything went to hell. She had strange visions coursing through her mind, visions of monsters, visions of battles, visions of distant lands. But it was all over in a moment, and when she regained her consciousness, only a moment had passed. She was holding the gun, standing in front of her stalker. There was no fear in her mind anymore, and she shot him down with an expertise belonging to a marksman despite never having fired a gun in her life.

Her life changed drastically after that. Strange shadows began attacking her, shadows that could only be put down by the strange gun she had acquired that day. She had to begin moving from place to place, unable to settle and have a normal life. The attacks have stopped happening as of late, and Garnet finally managed to settle down with a nice man she started dating, though she still keeps the strange gun with her.

Powers and Abilities: She has none, they're technically from her equipment.

Weaknesses: ^That's a weakness of hers: she's only a regular human without her equipment. And not only her powers are borrowed from objects, most of her skills are, as well.

Destructive Capacity: Street Level, Wall/Tree Level with Misery, Large Building Level with Agony.

Speed: 10m/s (22mph - 36kph)

Durability: Human Level

Lifting Strength: Average Human (50-80 kg), Class 10 with Agony.

Striking Strength: Class H, Class MJ with Agony.

Standard Equipment: So far, the only piece of equipment she has is her mystic gun, Misery. As befitting its arcane nature, its bullets are capable of punching through buildings with ease and cause spiritual damage to any living creature, capable of potentially destroying their souls even if their bodies resist the punishment. It has a maximum capacity of ten bullets, but is capable of generating its own ammunition over time, and will completely reload itself five seconds after the last bullet in the clip is fired. Simply wielding it makes the user capable of shooting like an expert marksman despite any lack of prior experience, and will affect their psychology as well, but the weapon is rather picky: Once it has bonded with an user it will offer none of its powers to another person trying to wield it. Since it has a very peculiar ammunition, this essentially means that the weapon becomes completely useless after firing off the first ten shots. Currently, it is bonded to Garnet.

Agony. A gauntlet capable of materializing and dematerializing at will, it was found in the form of a simple black glove. Its arcane properties increase the strength of the user to an incredible extent, allowing the user to shatter walls with little effort. Furthermore, strikes can be charged, causing the gauntlet to glow with a red aura as it stores energy for the upcoming blow. These attacks are much stronger, capable of even bringing down a whole building in a single strike, and every blow made like this will inevitably cause an explosion of red light at the point of impact. Wearing the gauntlet causes the user to have an instinctive knowledge of hand-to-hand combat and how to optimize attacks. Like Misery, it will not confer its powers to someone it isn't bonded to, meaning it will only be a useless black glove. It is currently bonded to Garnet.

Despair and Longing, twin ivory bracelets, one with a purple gemstone, another with a blue and orange one. The former is capable of projecting a large, skeletal hand of an ethereal purple, which she can use as a grappling hook of sorts or as a weapon. The latter is capable of opening portals.

The Nameless Sword, a fragment of a cursed weapon purified and reformed after it was imbued with a piece of Blake's soul. It is a very sharp and powerful blade, with latent magic potential and the ability to grant its wielder supernatural swordsmanship. Like all of the other weapons, it is currently bonded to Garnet.

Malady, Garnet's fearsome mask, which grants her vastly increased agility and dexterity, along with improved reflexes and a degree of regeneration. Though her speed itself is not vastly increased, her reactions are improved to an incredible degree, and her agility allows her plenty of feats despite her stats. Her regen allows her to recover from some injuries, but anything that would instantly kill a human will most likely get her as well.

"What follows after a woman, but her Shadow?" is Garnet's reasoning for naming her steed. Like every Phantom Horse, Shadow has the ability to carry immense loads, break the barrier of sound, and travel through dimensions with ease. In addition to this, it is capable of using magic to defend itself, it is an intelligent lifeform and it possesses some limited form of mind link with its owner. It is currently bonded to Garnet.

Intelligence: Remarkably intelligent for a human, though lacking in knowledge.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: My Demons - Starset

Random Facts about your character: None that I can think of for now.
Original App
Name/Alias: Known as the planet Hadrimmelis, which is its true name; known as the deity Adrammel, known as the ruler Adrianne.

Gender: Female, most of the time.

Age: Like, really fucking old.

Appearance: Planet Form
Dragon Form
Human form (1), (2)

Species: World-Dragon

Backstory: Out of date
Hadrimmelis has lived for a very, very long time, and in fact, if you asked her, she would not be able to accurately say when she was born. She has also been dormant for a very, very long time, but even then, she has been influencing the events of her surface, creating and guiding several races to prosperity even as she slept, ensuring their safety and nurturing them dearly, considering all of them her children. Uninterested in the prospects of conquest or glory, she instead contents herself with ruling her people under the guise of Adrianne, sole rightful ruler of Hadrimmelis and prophetess of the dragon deity Adrammel, lording (ladying?) over them with a fair and even hand. Recently, though, she has been growing more and more curious about events happening far outside of her own atmosphere, and not long ago she finally decided that, in the interest of seeing what the rest of the universe had to offer, and in order to make sure that she spotted any potential threats to herself and her people before they could come close to harming either, she would send some of her avatars far away, to explore and research.

Powers and Abilities:
World-Dragon Physiology: Powers available only to the World-Dragons. Can only be used by the World-Dragons themselves and not their avatars or chosen, with the exception of shapeshifting for avatars.
  • Planetary Manipulation: As the World-Dragons are planets themselves, they have complete control over what happens inside of them. They are able to manipulate their own massive gravity to a degree, as well.
  • Lifeform Creation: World-Dragons can create biological organisms to inhabit them, ranging from microorganisms to sentient animals.
  • Avatar Creation: World-Dragons can create avatars of themselves through which they can interact in a physical manner with other creatures, even far beyond their own lands. These avatars are an extension of the World-Dragons themselves, which allows them to perceive everything they perceive and to be in full control of their every action, also granting them a minute fraction of their full powers.
  • Immortality: Chronological, as World-Dragons are able to live billions, perhaps trillions of years, though they can still be killed.
  • Self-Sustenance: Self-explanatory.
  • Flight: Self-explanatory.
  • Infinite Digestive System: Though they do not, technically, require sustenance, World-Dragons are capable of devouring en masse.
  • Shapeshifting: World-Dragons have the ability to change their form, though they mainly use this ability through their avatars.

Dragon Force Manipulation: The ability to harness the power of the enigmatic Dragon Force, a cosmic force centered around the creation and shaping of astral bodies, granted to the World-Dragons by the abstract representation of space, Infinity. It flows around the universe and can be harnessed by the chosen of the World-Dragons as well. It possesses some degree of sentience, and is the sole entity capable of creating more of the World-Dragons, aside from Infinity herself.
  • Dragon Force Immersion: Users of the Dragon Force are capable of creating entry and exit points that lead to and from the Dragon Force Dimension itself. Among other things, this allows them to travel from one point of the universe to another with relative ease, as well as charge themselves with the Dragon Force, though sustained exposure to the Dragon Force Dimension can prove hazardous to mortal creatures. The World-Dragons are known to meet in a temple within the Dragon Force Dimension to discuss matters of great importance. Exit and entry points are called Serpent Holes.
  • Cosmic Creation: Users of the Dragon Force are capable of creating entire solar systems and galaxies, brick by brick, one astral body at a time.
  • Psionic Manipulation: The Dragon Force allows World-Dragons to possess an enormous psionic power and great mastery over it. Among other things, the Dragon Force grants its users powerful telepathic and telekinetic abilities.
  • Elemental Manipulation: The Dragon Force grants its users the power to command the elements of the world in order to shape worlds; however, though they are capable of manipulating all of the elements, users often choose to specialize in only a handful in order to increase their own potential. Hadrimmelis specializes in Earth, Fire, Thunder, Light and Metal, while being weak against Ice, Water and Darkness.
  • Spatial Manipulation: Users of the Dragon Force have a limited ability to manipulate space and dimension around them, enabling them to teleport, summon other creatures to their location or store important objects in secure pocket dimensions.
  • Power Granting: An ability exclusive to the World-Dragons, it enables them to endow others with the power of the Dragon Force, allowing them to manipulate it to a limited degree. They are granted Psionic and Elemental abilities, as well as flight, and a fraction of the physical might of the World-Dragons themselves. In exchange, the World-Dragons that grant others these abilities are able to perceive everything that the chosen ones perceive. World-Dragons are able to revoke the privilege of using the Dragon Force at any given time.

World-Dragon Physiology:
  • World-Dragons, aside from the Dragon Force, have no inherent ability to control the actions and/or evolution of the lifeforms they create once they have been created.
  • World-Dragons can only create avatars as they slumber. Once awakened, they lose the ability to do so.
  • During their slumber, World-Dragons forget a large deal of their knowledge and memories.
  • World-Dragons are unable to utilize their planetary manipulation on anything that is alien to their bodies, even if it happens to be on them.
  • World-Dragons place great value on life, and so they will not awaken if it would entail the destruction of all life on their surface, unless a much more urgent matter forces them to do so, or unless the Dragon Force wills it.
  • Avatars of the World-Dragons are weak to banishing magic.

Dragon Force Manipulation:
  • Though the Dragon Force itself is infinite, only so much of it can be put at the command of a single creature at a time. Thus, unless users of the Dragon Force immerse themselves in it once in a while, they will eventually run out of power. This applies to the avatars of World-Dragons, as well.
  • Though the World-Dragons are the only ones capable of harnessing the immense power of the Dragon Force to its fullest extent, they can only do so for a limited time before exhausting themselves and having to replenish their own energy by falling into a deep slumber.
  • As mentioned before, users of the Dragon Force have to specialize in certain elements in order to increase their potential. As such, they also become weak to other elements. Hadrimmelis herself is weak against the elements of Ice, Water and Darkness.
  • World-Dragons are only capable of manipulating the Dragon Force to a limited degree while slumbering. As such, their power will be split evenly between their avatars, if they control more than one during a given battle. In addition to this, the Dragon Force they command is only enough to ascend one of their avatars to Dragon Form at any given time.

Destructive Capacity:
Human Avatar Form: Island Level
Dragon Form: Planetary Level
Awakened Form: Multi-Galactic Level

Human Avatar Form: Mach 10
Dragon Form: Speed of Light
Awakened Form: FTLx100

Human Avatar Form: Continental Level
Dragon Form: Star Level
Awakened Form: Universal Level

Lifting Strength:
Human Avatar Form: Class K
Dragon Form: Class P
Awakened Form: Galactic

Striking Strength:
Human Avatar Form: Class PJ
Dragon Form: Class NJ
Awakened Form: Class XPJ

Standard Equipment: None really.

Intelligence: Enormous, though it may or may not show.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: Lilium (Jazz cover)

Random Facts about your character:
Original App
Name/Alias: Jamie Mason | Final Boss

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Appearance: Here

Species: Human

Backstory: During most of her life, Jamie lived a relatively normal life. From an early age she was a videogame enthusiast, and though at first her parents found this quite endearing, soon it turned out that she spent a tad more time than desirable in front of the console, and though they had to admit that her ability with the controller was remarkable, they started trying to dissuade her from playing for hours on end. Naturally this didn't sit well with the stubborn girl, which was a source of many a disagreement between her and her parents. However, for the most part, life continued on as normal for the Masons. But this would not last and, eventually, while Jamie was out looking for a part-time job to pay for her hobbies (as her parents refused to do so anymore), she saw a light falling and landing not too far away. She immediately went towards it, curiosity taking over her, and as she arrived at the scene, she saw that the object that had fallen from the sky was a small gray ring: the Psychosynchrotron.

Upon placing the ring on her finger, Jamie fell into a momentary trance, after which she was fed information about the new abilities that the Psychosynchrotron had granted her. Excited to no end, she ran off and began testing and practicing her powers. She returned home one day later, having lost track of time, and attempted to show her parents her new abilities. But they were, understandably, not very happy with her for disappearing for a day and so, they were not very appreciative of her new abilities, saying that they were dangerous and berating her for vanishing and for picking up something that she didn't understand and that could threaten her life. They also told her to take the ring off, and she refused vehemently. They got into a big fight and Jamie ended up storming off with her things to try and live on her own.

A year passed since the incident, and Jamie managed to move into an apartment to live by herself, earning money from mowing other people's lawns and using the Psychosynchrotron's powers to help the innocents on occasion and to manage to make herself decent meals without blowing up something.

Powers and Abilities:
Psychosynchrotron Wielder: Jamie's abilities stem from the Psychosynchrotron, a reality-warping device in the shape of a ring which, after automatically syncing up with her mind, granted her reality-warping abilities directly based on videogames. This power mainly manifests itself in four ways:
  • Video Game Physics: This specific form of the Psychosynchrotron's power passively grants Jamie several abilities such as the capacity to pause, save, load, access the menu and check specific information. Strictly speaking, she could also quit, but she's never tried this before.
  • Videogame Materialization: Pretty self-explanatory. Jamie can overwrite reality with the reality of a videogame. It doesn't need to be a complete overwrite, however; it is possible to simply apply a specific rule of the videogame to the real world, or create a videogame landscape toned down by the rules of reality.
  • Archetype Manifestation: Functionally, a combination of Video Game Mimicry and Video Game Constructs. This ability enables Jamie to choose a specific character (the Archetype) from a videogame and adopt that character's intrinsic abilities. With characters that gradually grow more powerful, she immediately has access to their endgame abilities; with characters who have to pick certain abilities and neglect others, Jamie can change from one to the other at will (re-spec, if you will), but cannot use both at the same time; with characters who have multiple forms, she can freely change between forms, but cannot use powers of a higher form without activating it first; with characters who have item-based abilities, she cannot use said abilities before materializing said items. Other rules apply on a case-by-case basis. Naturally, Jamie can also materialize any objects associated with the Archetype activated. There is a short cooldown before she can change again after adopting an Archetype.
  • Command Input: Basically enables Cheating. She can use any cheats, regardless of the Archetype currently active. Cheating will gradually reduce her energy depending on their magnitude; with cheats that are instantaneous, the drain is also instantaneous, while with cheats that are toggle-based, the drain will be postponed until the cheat is toggled off, at which point Jamie will be drained depending on both the magnitude and the duration. The drain can go as far as rendering her comatose while she recovers energy, though it won't kill her; any toggled cheats will deactivate before that threshold is reached, and instantaneous cheats simply won't occur.

Weaknesses: Her weaknesses depend mainly on the active Archetype, as she will adopt both the strengths and weaknesses of said Archetype, and some of them have some very glaring weaknesses which can be exploited (which also means that she'd have a lot more trouble fighting against someone with extensive knowledge of videogames and pop culture than against someone who thinks 'missile launcher' when someone mentions an RPG). She can also be overpowered with varying degrees of difficulty and, unless she adopts an Archetype, she'll have human stats. Cheating, despite being very helpful, has its drawbacks as well, as stated above. If she were to be somehow separated from the Psychosynchotron, she would lose her powers.

Destructive Capacity: Street Level without Archetype

Speed: 1 m/s without Archetype

Durability: Human Level without Archetype

Lifting Strength: Human Level without Archetype

Striking Strength: Class H without Archetype

Energy Projection: Human Level without Archetype

Standard Equipment: Besides the Psychosynchrotron she only has clothes, a wallet, a backpack with some jewels and a GBA (with charger and all).

Intelligence: Average, save when it comes to videogames.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: I Can't Beat Airman

Random Facts about your character: Despite the song, she has, in fact, beaten Airman.
Her most used Archetype is the Link Archetype, for reasons entirely unrelated to combat.
Original App
Name/Alias: Kirisvala Az Ranwynn | Dragon Mage | Goddess of Names

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Appearance: Looks like this but with red eyes, with a bony tail like this and claws and horns like these.

Species: Hadrian | New God(dess)

Backstory: Kirisvala was born into the Wynn clan in the monstruous mountain ranges of Hadrimmelis, where the silver spires of the Hadrians are built atop the highest peaks. The Wynn clan had been plotting to dethrone the Eternal Ruler of the world, Adrianne, for centuries, without really knowing that said Eternal Ruler was also the Dragon Deity and the World itself. Regardless, they went at it for quite a bit, failing because Hadrimmelis herself would always know what they were plotting and would manipulate things ever so slightly so that their plans would harmlessly backfire. This did little to deter the ambitions of the Wynn clan, who attempted to teach every new generation to continue the work of their ancestors.

Then came along Kirisvala, who, for some reason or another, just wouldn't take their noble purpose seriously. Kiris was pretty much a child prodigy, quickly mastering several spellsongs, but she preferred to be out playing with the monsters of the mountains than inside the metal spires, plotting to overthrow the Eternal Ruler. Such was the exasperation of her elders that they eventually gave up on her altogether, instead focusing on the others. So, finding herself with more and more freedom, Kiris began wandering further and further, until she eventually left the mountain range, arriving at the crystal city of Anrriven, where she found one of the portals leading to the Devil's Den, and then another one that led to Jump City.

Since then, she became one of the founding members of the Young Bloods, and has been staying with them for several months. Recently, after the end of the Builder War, the death of Darkseid affected her, turning her into a New God, the Goddess of Names.

Powers and Abilities:
Hadrian Physiology: The Hadrians are a people of beast-like appearance who live in the fiery world of Hadrimmelis. They form into clans and make their abodes in giant metal spires, and they're mostly a warrior culture, though there are clear exceptions sometimes. They have a great variety of racial abilities.
  • Somatosensory Imprint: Hadrians can detect the presence of anyone they have come into contact with recently, and track them down no matter where they may be. This effect, however, is temporary. After a while, the Hadrian in question will stop being able to sense the target.
  • Linguistic Assimilation: Of a particular type. It does not work with physical contact, but rather, it works by 'perceiving' the language in question. For example, if a Hadrian were to hear someone speak, they would instantly assimilate the language. However, if they notice their particular body language, then they will also learn it and become able to interpret it. In certain instances, this peculiar racial trait can allow Hadrians to communicate with abstract entities and concepts.
    Telepathy: Kirisvala can now 'speak in thoughts', as she has dubbed it, after a conversation with Charles Xavier.
  • Enhanced Roar: The Hadrian race have evolved strong vocal chords which allow them to let out a powerful roar that can achieve a variety of effects.
    Energy Bullet Projection: Through both the Hadrian roar and her own magical abilities, Kirisvala's roar can project magic energy bullets.
  • Healing Tears: Hadrian tears are golden in color and have healing properties that allow them to cure most injuries, though they have no capacity to cure disease and sickness.
  • Enhanced Bite: Hadrians have sharp teeth and strong jaws, not much else to say here.
  • Siren Song: Hadrians have supernaturally beautiful singing voices.
  • Elemental Immunity: To fire and lightning.

Magic: The people of the mountain clan Wynn are a particular group of Hadrians, in that they have dedicated themselves to the practice of magic. Specifically, they employ special songs which allow them to harness the power of magic. Along with these songs, they also have a variety of magic-related powers. Worth noting is that all of these songs have the added effect of the Siren Song trait.

New God(dess) Powers: After the death of Darkseid, Kirisvala became the Goddess of Name, part of the New Gods of the Age of Man. As such, she has acquired several new powers, some of them unique, along with an enhanced physical condition.

Weaknesses: Hadrians are especially susceptible against the cold. Their bodies are relatively fragile in relation to their claws and tails, so if one avoids targetting those, it is easier to cause harm to a Hadrian. If one were able to silence Kirisvala, she would be unable to either utilize her magic or her roar and her energy bullets, so it would negate most of her offensive capabilities (of which she doesn't have many, since most of her powers are utility). Her magic, though strong, requires time to activate, and she cannot move while casting. In addition to this, as a New God, she has a weakness to Radion. She also has a weakness for blue-eyed aloof teenage geniuses.

Destructive Capacity:
Normal: City Block Level+
With Amplifier: City Level
New God: Star Level

Normal: On foot, 1 m/s. On claws, Sonic.
New God: On foot, Sonic. On claws, FTL (which is kinda moot at this point but hey whatever).

Normal: Body is Peak Human Level. Claws are Multi-City Block Level.
New God: Body is Moon Level. Claws are Star Level.

Lifting Strength:
Normal: Class 100
New God: Class Z

Striking Strength:
Normal: Class MJ
New God: XJ

Standard Equipment: The Dragon Mage costume, detailed in paragraphs 6 and 7 of the second portion of this post. Also an amplifier necklace, which enhances the power of her magic and her roars.

Intelligence: Average knowledge, but high learning capacity.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: Paradise on E

Random Facts about your character: Kirisvala would mean "little flame".
Original App
Name/Alias: Nelli

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Appearance: Here. She has butterfly wings with sharp black edges.

Species: Half-Human and Half-Star Demon

Backstory: Nelli was born from the fortuitous union between a mortal man and the deity known as the Obsidian Butterfly, Goddess of Sacrifice, keeper of the House of Descent and leader of the Star Demons, a race of all-female celestial creatures of great power who were at war with the solar deities. As the Obsidian Butterfly had returned to the House of Descent immediately after her foray into the world of humans, Nelli was born in that world that sat above the thirteen celestial strata, cared for by her mother and raised by the Star Demons as if she were one of their own. She learned that her kind would be in charge of ending the world when the sun sank into the earth, and that her duty was to ride with them when that moment came, but as she heard the stories told by the Star Demons, who frequented Earth, the girl's curiosity grew. She had been forbidden from leaving the House of Descent, and so, she spent most of her time playing near the Flowered Tree while listening to the stories of the Star Demons. Eventually, however, her curiosity reached a critical point, and she decided to run away and see the human world for herself. Stealing her mother's concealing shroud, as well as a ritual knife, she ran far away and then performed the spell that would take her to the mortal world.

Powers and Abilities:

Weaknesses: For one, light, especially sunlight, reduces her powers. Despite the healing she's not immune to pain and can be knocked out. She can't fly; her wings don't do anything, though they're sharp at the edges. Also, human stats everywhere.

Destructive Capacity: Small Building Level

Speed: 10 m/s

Durability: Human Level (+ Regen)

Lifting Strength: Average Human Level

Striking Strength: Class H

Energy Projection: Small Building Level

Standard Equipment: A black knife and the shroud of darkness, which renders one completely invisible and undetectable through sight (smell, sound and touch will still work).

Intelligence: Highly intelligent, has a knack for magic and eerily detailed knowledge on certain violent matters.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: Hell's Maw

Random Facts about your character: Her name means "Truth".
Original App
Name/Alias: Sarah Grimm "Blood Iris"

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Appearance: One, two

Species: Human. Not a vampire, despite what you may think.

Backstory: Sarah Grimm, known by some rumors on the street as the Blood Iris, was born under circumstances shrouded in mystery. Her earliest memories are from when she was ten years old; anything before that is just memories shrouded in a dark haze, though there is one thing that always inevitably manages to break through whenever she tries to remember: the blood moon, high in the sky. Sarah's childhood was rough at first, for she had to look out for her younger sisters, Samantha and Hanah, the latter being just a baby. As she loved them dearly, though, she pushed on, becoming sly and cunning, learning how to take advantage of her powers in order to survive and provide for her sisters. As she grew and her looks became unnaturally appealing, she learned to take advantage of this, too, developing some hedonistic tendencies, though she always put her little sisters first.

Eventually, as they traveled from town to town while living off the streets, the Grimm Sisters gained some notoriety among the poor and the marginated, rumors about them spreading through the streets. And in these rumors, the eldest, they called her Blood Iris, for her eyes were red and these were the words she once muttered before annihilating a group of violent gangsters who had set their eyes on them. The Blood Iris was not hailed as a hero or spurned as a villain, though; she was known to be neither, and left alone.

Left alone, that is, until one day, she and her sisters met that man, the wizard. He claimed he wanted their power, the power of the blood moon, and that he would do whatever it took to obtain it. A battle took place, one that the sisters won easily with their combined power, but the wizard didn't seem to be content with being put down. Time and time again he rose, and they fled, but he would always show up when they least expected it. Since then, Sarah has been fleeing with her sisters from that man, hoping to keep them safe from whatever he was.

Powers and Abilities:
Blood Manipulation (very advanced).
Shadow Manipulation (very advanced).
Supernatural Beauty.
Hypnotic Suggestion (only mildly strong; eye contact only).
Mind Link (with her sisters only).
Blood Iris: Moon Prison - A special ability that can only be used during a full moon, it causes localized reality warping centered around Sarah, creating a boundary that can not be crossed once established, meaning that nobody can enter or exit once the Moon Prison is created. Inside the Moon Prison, Sarah's abilities are increased dramatically and she becomes a blood creature, gaining invulnerability. The Moon Prison can only be sustained for a certain ammount of time before collapsing, and leaves Sarah completely exhausted if used to its full duration.

Weaknesses: Her stats, for one. If something has no blood, she can't puppeteer it. Light messes with shadows. Very protective of her sisters, to the point of risking herself to protect them despite being physically inferior. Blood Iris: Moon Prison can only be used during the full moon.

Destructive Capacity: Lower-end Street Level

Speed: 1 m/s

Durability: Lower-end Human Level

Lifting Strength: Lower-end Average Human

Striking Strength: Lower-end Class H

Standard Equipment: Just clothes and a stolen Tom Phone.

Intelligence: Average on most topics, fairly high when it comes to things related to her powers. Rather cunning and perfectly capable of manipulative behavior.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: Bloody Tears

Random Facts about your character: She can actually grow shadow strands of hair at will, but she wanted to try it short.
She doesn't need to drink blood at all, but she can still gain power (and pleasure) from it.
Her surname (and her sisters') is one she made up, inspired by a book that was her only belonging for a good part of her childhood.
She often enjoys tricking people into thinking she's some sort of vampire, despite the fact that she obviously lacks fangs and does get reflected in mirrors.
She has hedonistic tendencies, but she tries to be a very responsible big sister.
She doesn't actually have to name her techniques (such as Blood Iris: Moon Prison) but she does it anyway.

Zark's Characters Part 2
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Postby Charmera » Sat May 30, 2015 6:14 pm

Name/Alias: Ju’lee Ma’alen,

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): This: ... 68v5av.jpg
With this suit: ... riguez.jpg

Species: Martian

Backstory: Ju’lee (or Julie as she is known to most) was a Martian who was taken from Mars early on in her life by a fleet of piratical slavers, her parents both killed by their leader. She was stuck with them for years, forced to do menial tasks. Though it wasn’t all bad, as the pirates of her ship took a liking to her (The feelings were not mutual) they let her have a certain degree of freedom, though she was hampered by a loyalty collar always clamped around her neck, keeping her from running away.
However, eventually the collar was starting to glitch and break, giving Ju’lee incremental power. Soon, she hatched an escape plan of sorts. She managed to find a way to get to the ships escape pods, before she was cornered by several of the pirates. Luckily, a Green lantern, Amyak Kan, attacked the ship at this point, as the pirates had been a threat to his sector.
Kan defeated the pirates and took Ju’lee in as his own child. He raised her the values of the Green Lantern corp and all it represented. Eventually, Kan died, a painful and debilitating disease crippled him and then slowly killed him. Ju’lee became his successor of sorts, the ring determining her as the most suitable to be it’s wielder
Powers and Abilities:
Martian Philology
Green lantern Ring (Still Learning)


Inexperience and Youth.

Slave collar: Drains her Martian powers somewhat and she hasn’t been able to remove it. Most beings aren’t even really sure how it works. Most of its more debilitating functions seem to have disappeared as the collar aged, but it still drains the young martians power.


Fire, Fire completely screws her over (It’s both fear and a natural weakness, weakening her will (aka her power rings power source) and her body) Her fear of fire is really holding her GL training back.

Ring Weaknesses: (From the GL Wiki)
"Mental Instability Protocol: Drug use, neural interference, vertigo or other forms of mental incapacitation can render the wearer unable to use their ring.
Yellow Impurity: Formerly, the rings were unable to directly affect yellow. Now, a wearer can bypass this if they can 'accept fear', which is personified by the color yellow. Rookie lanterns are more susceptible to fear and thus vulnerable to the color yellow.
Rage Vulnerability: The Red light can corrupt the aura of a Green Lantern, draining the power of a Green Lantern Ring. Red Rage vulnerability has since been shown to be subject to the same restrictions as Yellow Impurity. While it will have a direct affect, its ability to entirely alter the user is dependent on the Green Lantern's ability to "understand", "accept", and "control" their rage.
Recharge Protocol: Formerly, the rings needed to be charged after a period of one planetary axial rotation (dependent on each ring's location), regardless of how often it was used. Currently, the rings retain a charge until they run out of power. This variability ensures that the wearer takes great effort to keep it charged.
Vibrational Interference: If a vibration from a device is set to a certain speed, it causes the ring to function only in miniature, so that if the user wanted to make hands to grab something, the hands would be smaller than intended. A clock has been seen to do this."

(Note that these are a combination of her Ring powers and her Martian powers)
Destructive Capacity: Moon Level (Update: High Star Level)

Speed: Mach 50 (Sub Relative)

Durability: Island Level (Large Planet Level)

Lifting Strength: Class T

Striking Strength: Class YJ

Standard Equipment: Power Ring, Power Battery

Intelligence: High, streetwise and intuitive, though she’s young, reckless and often does stupid things that put her in danger.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: "Lisa" Seraph, Gabriela

Gender: Female

Age: 1

Appearance: ... 6vytmq.jpg

Species: Android

Backstory: Lisa has only been in existence for a short time, and has only been active for a fraction of that time. Much of her memory is blank. She has no idea who created her or why. Though she hasn't thought much about it at this point. If she did dig back far enough in her memory, the first thing she remembers is waking up in a Forrest, before being taken by a kind elderly man. Unfortunately, she didn't speak nor understand languages, so for some time she was confused, though she quickly picked speech up. The old man took care of her for some time, however Lisa was suddenly left alone when he died of a heart attack. Again, leaving her lonely and aimless, wandering around the world without purpose or goal...

Powers and Abilities:
Android Philology.
Advanced Learning: Lisa begins with very little knowledge, yet can learn and process at an incredible rate. So far, she’s mentally almost a child. Mentally she's either rather clever or somewhat dumb depending on the subject.

War form: ... nipulation

Weaknesses: Subject to the weaknesses a machine would be.
Not very aggressive. Will often only flee or fight to disable.

Lisa Orginal
Destructive Capacity: Wall/Tree (Increases with Spacial manipulation)

Speed: Speed 10 m/s (Lightspeed Reaction time)

Durability: Small house

Lifting Strength: Class 10

Striking Strength: Wall/Tree

Standard Equipment: Nothing.

Intelligence: Childlike, at the moment. Has the potential to grow.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Virgil / Unit 9 / "Star Locust"

Gender: Female

Age: 1

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): ... 0x1280.jpg

Species: Android

Backstory: Not much is known about the enigmatic figure known as Virgil. She appears on world after world, slaughtering all the lifeforms she finds. When confronted by any galactic authority like the Lanterns, she simply disappears. She can scour planets of life if left unopposed, but tends to leave the planet itself intact. She does her killing slowly and methodically, preferring to resort to chemical and biological weapons over brute force.

Powers and Abilities:
Android Phisology
Biological Weaponary Suite: Programmed with biological weaponry, including multiple synthetic diseases she can release into the air around her or inject into the bloodstream of her foes.
Chemical Weaponary Suite: Programmed with multiple chemical weapons, including kryptonite warheads, countless toxins and many deadly gasses.
Anti-organic programming: Programmed with Considerable knowledge on the weaknesses of almost all known life forms and the many ways to kill them.
Life form Analyzation: She can analyze life forms for weaknesses and strengths.
One man (Woman) Army:

Completely inept against androids (Unless they’re from her own series, in which case she’s good.)
She's not very good at co-operating with others.
Needs time to adapt to her foes, often taking more time to strategise the stronger her foe is.
Tends to prefer ranged combat, and will keep her distance even from weaker foes. She can participate in melee combat, but is noticeably less efficient at it.

Destructive Capacity: Planetary

Speed: 100,000,000 m/s

Durability: Planetary

Lifting Strength: Class T

Striking Strength: Class YJ

Standard Equipment: Her own personal ship, “Annihilator”

Intelligence: Highly Intelligent and calculating when it comes to killing, in fact near genius at dealing death. Insanely skilled in the art of extermination, combat and slaughter. Though, in a sense, she knows only death. Otherwise she’s rather dumb. For example, she knows all the weaknesses of Kryptonians and many methods to killing them, but she's a very poor communicator.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Claudia Dawson

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Appearance: ... 2xtmfi.jpg
Minus the Armor.

Species: Mutant (Hulk)

Backstory: Claudia was a fairly normal girl, if a little boisterous and confident. Stubborn and free spirited, she was semi popular in school. Her parents had divorced, leaving her in her dads custody, though she had adjusted to life without her mother.
One day, she discovered her powers. She was at first excited about them, though secretive due to the stigma put on mutants. At first she had them fairly under control, but soon it started to become too much for her to handle. It got to the point where she accidently left her boyfriend at the time permanently and horrifically scarred for life.
As a result, she ran, out of fear of hurting the town she grew up in. Having moved far away with the little money she could scrounge. Guilt had corroded her, but she still tries to remain friendly despite everything.

Powers and Abilities:
Pyromancy: The ability to manipulate flames and heat.
Blue Flame: She can turn her fire blue for extra heat, though she can only do this with a limited amount of flame.
Wind Manipulation: The ability to manipulate air and wind.
Pheonix Force Host (So far she's only been able to tap into it unconsciously to keep up with Hiroshi, but can propell her higher)
Hulk Physiology

Other than her incredibly destructive abilities, she’s a normal human.
Her abilities are rather hard to control, and she can be reluctant to use them.
She hasn’t had long to get used to her abilities either,

Destructive Capacity: Solar System Level

Speed: FTL (x2,000+)

Durability: Solar System Level + Regen

Lifting Strength: High Stellar

Striking Strength: Low galactic class

Standard Equipment: Not much. A phone maybe.

Intelligence: Fairly above average, but not amazing.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: Something about fire.

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Tina, Terrana, Adamantia, Jade, Archon of Earth

Gender: Technically none, but for most intents and purposes female.

Age: 9 216

Appearance: ... 4rrjpj.png

Species: Elemental Archon

Backstory: Unlike Zephy, Tina was created as a side effect of the experiment that created her. The considerable magic channeled to create Zephy, unknown to the wizard, ended up creating another elemental being as part of natures need for balance combined with the magic used in the spell. Born from the repurposed and changed soulstuff of the mage, she wandered into the world without purpose, and has yet to find one.
Somewhat lazy, sedentary and apathetic, Tina spends most of her days sleeping. Due to her nature, sleep and rest is more appealing to her that most else. When she has been awoken however, she has caused some of the most destructive earthquakes due to her rage at being awakened and the resulting crankiness. She’ll either go to sleep or go check out whatever seems to have awoken her from her sleep and go teach it a lesson. Sometimes she may be motivated into action, but most of the time she sleeps in caves or buried in the earth or in volcanoes. Due to this she’s very easily been mistaken for one of the greek or norse gods.
For the last two thousand years she’s been in hibernation, sleeping off an epic fight of some sort. However the longer she’s been asleep, the more cranky she gets, the more violent the earthquake when she awakens…

Powers and Abilities:
Earth Manipulation
- Magma Manipulation
- Sand Manipulation
- Metal Manipulation
Earth Mimicry
Geokinetic Combat
Terrakinetic Constructs
Rather slow despite durability, so she had to rely on ranged attacks against fast opponents.
She has trouble in the air and a near crippling fear of heights (Unless she can touch solid ground, in which case she's fine)

Destructive Capacity: Large Planetary Level

Speed: Normal Human while not using Geokenisis, Mach 100 while using Geokenisis to propel herself.

Durability: Star Level

Lifting Strength: Class Z

Striking Strength: Class NJ

Standard Equipment: A backpack with various items to serve as memoirs of things she’s done.
Intelligence: More intelligent that her sister, though not amazingly so.
Optional stuff.
Theme song:
Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Aqua, Tidala, Oceana, Weava, Archon of Water

Gender: None, yet technically female

Age: Pretty recent.

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):
Water form ... 7f4af6.jpg

Human Form

Ice form ... MANiBE.jpg

When pissed: ... 1356319708

Species: Water Archon

Backstory: Not really much, was born at roughly the same time as Ember.

Powers and Abilities:
Hydrokinetic Combat
Hydrokinetic Constructs
Water Form Manipulation
Water Manipulation
Water Mimicry
Moisture Absorption
Motor-Skill Manipulation by manipulating the water contents (about 70%) within body.
Weather Manipulation (Rain, clouds, no lightning or wind)
Ice Manipulation
Steam Manipulation
Vapor Manipulation
As far as archons go, Aqua is unique in that she has a physical body of sorts, but doesn’t. She can connect herself to sources of water and control them by touching. The more water she has in herself, the more strong she is.


Vulnerable to magic and anything that attacks water.

Destructive Capacity: Large Planetary

Speed: Sub Relative

Durability: Solar System

Lifting Strength: G

Striking Strength: ZJ
Standard Equipment: Nothing.

Intelligence: Arguably the smartest of the Archons, Aqua is however hampered by her somewhat fluid and changing personality. She can be quite friendly, shy, kind and calm one moment and then be stirred into cold hearted rage the next. Protective of those she cares for, she can be nurturing and is instinctively motherly.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Ph’koranda or Ph’kora “Dawn-Star”

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Appearance: ... 1_1280.jpg

Species: Tamaranians

Backstory: Ph'kora and her brother were children of a respected and skilled Tamarianian warrior from whom they were estranged, yet they still respected her, yet they themselves had more interest in the science and magic of the other worlds. The Vokornians and the Symbiotes were of special interest to her brother. He ended up creating a Symbiote like suit after much experimentation. When he tried on the suit, it seemed to develop both a sadistic desire to inflict pain and a taste for blood. He nearly collapsed from the pain of using it.

Some time later, Ph'kora's brother was killed by a mysterious stranger who she remembered having a scar on his right eye and was very skilled in the application of magic. She swore vengeance and donned the suit. This has all happened rather recently, and she has just learnt to be able to use the suit properly after months of trying it on with no success. Now, she's chasing down a lead on earth which is said to lead to her brothers killer.

Powers and Abilities:
Tamaranian Physiology
The “Iron Maiden”: A living suit of armour created by the culmination of both science and magic. Ph’kora was the second to wear it. Her brother being the first, but he saw the danger it possessed and how it could warp ones mind, it also causes agonizing pain to its wearer. Luckily Ph’kora has found a way to work through the pain, though such is hard for her mind.

The suit boosts ones physical attributes considerably and their natural abilities. It does so in various stages, each stage bringing more pain. It's powers are similar to that of the Carnage symbiote in that it can shape itself to some degree, yet does not have the ability to cause spider man to loose his spidey sense. In adition however, a user can donate blood (of herself or others) to the Maiden to achieve certain effects.
- Teleportation (Drains Ph'kora the further she goes)
- To create constructs of blood (Drains her the bigger the constructs)
- To unlock the next stage of her suit for her to advance to later (Considerable Drain, needs to sacrifice someone powerful to avoid dying. She has so far only unlocked the first level (Or she will as of the first IC post with her))

She can drain others of blood to replenish herself if she wishes. However the underlining problem with the suit is that the more she use's it to kill or drain, the more it will corrupt her.

The suit is bound to her, so she can call upon it to envelope her at will. Again, a very painful process.

Magic Skill: Ph'kora can heal herself and others with magic. She has to focus in order to do so. She's also an avid student of the magic arts.
When she uses the suit it can be very hard to think and focus due to the massive amounts of pain it causes
She can only wear the suit for a limited time or she will pass out from pain.
She can't use her blood abilities too often, otherwise she will pass out.
Healing takes a while even with magic since she's not amazing. Much simpler to drain someone else, but thats a moral choice.
With youth comes inexperience

Basic Tameranian/ Stage 1 Iron Maiden (Lots of Pain)/ Stage 2 Iron Maiden (Much more Pain)
Destructive Capacity: City Block Level/ Country Level/ Planetary

Speed: Mach 10/ Mach 1000 / Sub Relativistic

Durability: City level/ Moon Level / Large Planet Level

Lifting Strength: Class K/ Class G / Class T

Striking Strength: GJ/ PJ/ EJ

Standard Equipment: A book on magic and her robes, plus the Iron Maiden which is is bonded with her,

Intelligence: Very inteligent, yet her rationalizing skills and inteligence take sharp declines when she uses the suit, pain and bloodloss making thinking hard.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Chorus (Alissa) / Verse

Gender: Female / Male

Age: 25 / Unknown

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):
Chorus (Allisa) ... 0x1200.jpg
Verse ... 5ze19a.png

Species: Human / AI

Backstory: Chorus is a famous pop singing turned swordmaster and Verse is an ancient artefact which she wields. Otherwise you guys are going to have to find out. ;)

Powers and Abilities:
Verse enhances Chorus’ condition based on how many souls he has copied.
Soul Copy: When Verse kills a being or injures him/her (The more the individual is bled the stronger the copy), a copy of it’s soul is made and stored within. Not only does this enhance Chorus’ abilities, but it also gives her a special power based on the soul copied. (Another way to achieve this effect is to give Verse to someone else for a short time. The weilder’s soul is copied and stored within the blade.
Interestingly, the power she gains is not based on an individuals power but the strength of their personality and will. For example, if she managed to kill an emotionless yet powerful being, she would get a very small boost, however if she were to do so with someone with little power but a strong personality and will, it would be larger.
The blade by default can also create inferior clones of copied souls, (Though Chorus can’t use the abilities while the soul is cloned) She can also use the blade to resurrect souls within, but only if they’re dead. (However she looses the power gained from the soul and she can’t do so after a certain time.
So far, she has gained these abilities:
June (Jaunt): Allows her to very quiockly teleport over short distances, allowing her to evade most attacks.
Amy (Analysis): Slows Chorus’ perception of time to a near stop and boosts her and Verse’s intelligence and planning skills, allowing them to stop, plan and execute complex maneuvers. It also gives increased battlefield awareness. Has a cooldown time of ten seconds. Automatically activated before fatal injuries can be sustained. (Unless it was activated 10 seconds before)
Unknown (Verse): Projects a lance of energy capable of punching through most material and travels very quickly.
Alissa (Chorus): Chrous may transform the blade form Verse into a microphone and unleash an area attack which can either lull most enemies into a trace like state or utterly annihilate them with a soul enhanced vocal explosion.

Verse is also, completely indestructible and can cut through nearly anything. (She can also use new souls to augment existing abilities, by interfacing Verse with her mind, she can customize to her hearts content before a battle, though she is open to attack while doing so.)

Chorus: Chorus has masterful skills in weilding Verse. She's extremely capable with the weapon.

Chorus is human despite having Verse.
Verse can be seperated from Chorus, and will work in the hands of others.
Verse's abilties are dulled when Chrous' emotional state is effected.

Destructive Capacity: Human / Large building

Speed: Human/ Hypersonic

Durability: Human / Small building

Lifting Strength: Human / peak human

Striking Strength: Human / MJ

Standard Equipment: Verse has Chorus and Chorus has Verse

Intelligence: Both are highly inteligent, Chorus being a highly talented swordmaster and singer (Allisa Grant is actually a famous pop star) and Verse being very wise.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:
(I hope I'm not being tooo blatant with my inspiration :P)

Random Facts about your character:
They would make a great sictom. "Girl meets sword."
Alissa likes singing. She currently has a number one hit out now.
Alissa writes her own songs, though Verse often helps.

Name/Alias: Liberty, Unit Number 8

Gender: Female

Age: 3

Appearance: ... 07x512.jpg

Species: Android

Backstory: One of the series that birthed both Lisa and Virgil, Liberty is the big sister of the group. Though Liberty has been away from her other sisters for quite some time. True to her name, Liberty fights for the freedom of every sentient being in the galaxy, railing against tyrants and those who would enslave others. She can tolerate some dictators and governments if they seem benevolent, but will

Powers and Abilities:
Aura of Liberty: Around her, her allies find their powers increase and skill too. ... ing_Factor: Her parts are made to self replicate at an incredible rate when damaged, meaning she can regenerate from damage. Able to accelerate the cell regeneration in those around her. ... nipulation ... nipulation
Flight (Wings)

Her self righteousness and heroics.
She can be rather stubborn and reckless.
Her regeneration can be halted by destroying all trace of her and it has trouble healing wounds from plasma or magic.
If any action would cause the harm of innocent life, she cannot take it.
Her Fire Manipulation and Lightning Manipulation are reliant on systems that tap into magic for her. Certain shards of magic artefacts imbedded within. You can disable them if you disable magic.

Destructive Capacity: Star

Speed: Sub Relative

Durability: Star

Lifting Strength: Class E

Striking Strength: Class NJ

Standard Equipment: Her blade.

Intelligence: Very politically intelligent and tactically and strategically smart, as well as an amazing orator. Will sometimes resort to methods other than force to free people.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character: Interestingly, she’s not that much of a fan of America as her name would imply. Though she can tolerate it as she does with other governments.

Name/Alias: The Silver Queen

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): ... 4qw427.jpg ... 885e51.jpg

Species: Mutant

Backstory: Not much is known about the person known as the Silver Queen. She managed to make quite a stir in Gotham recently, gathering a gang of criminals together and generally making things worse. She’s managed to stay under the bat radar for now, though she seems to be eager to confront the Bat and his allies. Likely because she’s crazy. Ruthless, psychopathic and Sadistic, she’s not the type you want to cross.

Powers and Abilities:
Metal manipulation: The Queens control of metal is limited in area, but incredibly strong. The more metal she tries to manipulate, the less control she gets over it. However when it’s just a small amount, she can manipulate it to a considerable degree, turning it to liquid or solid at will. She has also developed the technique of manipulating the amounts of iron in human blood.
Metal Physiology: The Silver Queen body is made of a durable metal, which she can also manipulate at will, but is immune to the manipulation of other Metal manipulators or metaleokenetics. She can absorb more metal into her body, but this is a length process, though it does heal wounds.
Enhanced speed and reflexes.
One Woman (man) Army:
Enhanced Combat (With Knives, blades and any cutting weapon)

Weaknesses: Her insanity and near suicidal bravery can be taken advantage of.
She has a tendency to play with her targets rather than just finish them off.
She has trouble manipulating metal in heavy things or large things. The more surface area and weight the weaker the metal manipulation is.
She needs metal in order to regenerate.

Destructive Capacity: Street to low wall

Speed: 100 m/s

Durability: Wall

Lifting Strength: Human

Striking Strength: Human

Standard Equipment: Knives. A lot of knives. Maybe a machete or two.

Intelligence: Highly intelligent yet completely insane. She plans ahead and calculates, but tends to do what’s currently on her mind over any plan.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

Not sure what song to got with for here theme... And I feel like she needs one.

Name/Alias: Aeshandra

Gender: Female

Age: Very, very old (Though somewhat young by Vokornian Standards)

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): ... female.png

Species: Vokornian (The Collective)

A recently created Vokornian, not one of the elders of her race, yet still very old. She was however old enough to have experienced the “Loss” as it is called. She remembers having flesh and feeling, but now she is left with none of that. She joined the collective, the path of pain too cruel of her and the self penance of the Order she found particularly useless. Instead, she strived to find a cure for their condition, return their lost flesh to their aching souls, their need for the flesh that allowed them to feel and live, rather than the hollow existence they etch out now.

Powers and Abilities:
Vokornian Physiology:
Energy Being Physiology: Beings of both arcane and psychic binding around a spirit being of energy, Vokornians can swap bodies at will with something without a soul (A corpse for example) Reproduction happens once every million years by the merging of energy. Once dead, they can reform after several million years, though during this time their energy is vulnerable to absorption and transformation. Some don’t survive the reincarnation.
No feeling: Vokornians don’t feel pain… or anything really

Divination Magic (Magic) (Minus the Psionic Manipulation)

Collective: The more Vokornians around her, the more her powers are strengthened, and at any time she may be taken over by the overmind, who increases her powers considerably, though this can swiftly burn her out and won’t work unless there are other collective members or an open mind nearby.

Is physically not much besides her durability, which mostly comes from armour.
Tends to overthink and overplan.
Her magic and Physic abilities are subject to all the same weaknesses of those abilities, and without them she’s functionally powerless.

Destructive Capacity: Planetary

Speed: Human

Durability: Planet Level

Lifting Strength: Human

Striking Strength: Human

Standard Equipment: Soul Armour, Omni tool.

Intelligence: Highly intelligent scientist with many millions of years of experience and life behind her.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:
Has a group of Collective scientists and soldiers with her most of the time.
Is currently working on the planet of Aiuar, creating a device which should return flesh to the Vokornians.

Name/Alias: Masami Kazumo

Gender: Female

Age: 99 (Appears much Younger. Very young for a Kitsune)

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):

Species: Kitsune

Backstory: WIP

Powers and Abilities:
Combat and Katana Proficiency.

Kitsune Tail: The tails are the source of power for Kitsunes. The more tails a Kistune has the more powerful they are. They can hide these tails, however this lessens their power considerably. Kitsune's either gain tails by living long lives or by defeating great evil spirits and other threats to humanity. So far, Masami can access the powers of a one tailed Kitsune. It can be very draining to have all their tails out for too long.

No tail: Minor physical boost to peak human levels, Supernatural Beauty, Enhanced senses, Minor Illusion magic to cover her Ears, Magic (Fairly minor at this point), Claw Retraction, Shapeshifting (Into fox form), Semi-Immortality
One tail: Increased Physical abilities and Magical ones, Fox Fire, Illusion Magic, Weapon Generation, Enhanced combat
Two tail: Increased abilities, Predator Instinct, Intangibility, Flash Step, Supernatural Concealment, Wallrunning
Three tail: Increased abilities, Ninja Magic, Infusion, Size Manipulation (to an extent),
Four tail: Increased Abilities, Life force absorption, intangibility, invisibility, Flash step
Five tail: Locked
Six tail: Locked
Seven tail: Locked
Eight tail: Locked
Nine tail: Locked

Each tail is harder to maintain the newer and less trained a Kitsune is with it.
Kitsune are vulnerable to powerful dark magic.
Foxfire is defend-able if you have water based powers.
Ninja magic and techniques are dependent partially on your opponents falling for tricks.

Destructive Capacity: Street level, Large building level, City block. Mountain, Large city

Speed: 50 m/s, Hypersonic, Mach 500, Mach 10,000, Mach 250,000

Durability: Peak human, Small Building Level, large building Level, City Block level, Mountain level

Lifting Strength: Peak Human, Class 5, Class 50, Class K, Class G

Striking Strength: Peak Human, GJ, GJ-TJ, TJ, PJ

Standard Equipment:
Intelligence: In no tailed form, she's bright but nothing special
In one tailed form her intelligence and wisdom gain a boost and she gains above average skills in both.
In two tailed form her intelect grows sharper and her wisdom gains a boost.
In three tailed form she is considerable high above average, on par with most scientists, doctors and smart people.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Katie Prince, Voltra

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Appearance: ... 1dc0a5.jpg

Species: Mutant

Backstory: A fairly normal girl besides her mutant powers, though she does work part time as a vigilante. Has received no formal training and has refused offers to come to the Xavier institute. She plans to have a normal life but really can’t resist the allure and “awesomeness” (in her words) of “fighting baddies, helping people and generally kicking ass”. Her career as a vigilante started only recently.

Powers and Abilities: ... nipulation

Lack of experience.
Her powers can be volatile, and can be extremely dangerous if she screws up.
Vulnerability to water
Better trained with Electricity powers than the other two, with which she’s still learning.

Destructive Capacity: Small city Level usually, though potentially much. much higher.

Speed: 1/100 th the speed of light (The speed of electricity)

Durability: Human, Can pump up to Small building so far

Lifting Strength: Human

Striking Strength: Human

Standard Equipment: Her suit… Covers her face and stuff.

Intelligence: Near genius level, though she doesn’t realise it and is not great at applying it.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Ashyandra, or Ash or Ashy. She prefers to be called Ash.
Gender: Female
Age: Very old
Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): ... nsgate.jpg
Species: Vokornian (Returned)
Sister of Aeshandra and long time scientist for the collective. In her drive to discover a cure to the Vokornian condition she found her path cross with a cube of cosmic energy. Unfortunately for her undue tampering led to her being sucked into the cube and acting as its conciousness. Not able to use it. When doom have the cube to max, she passed on her energy andins to him. And she is one of the first of the Vokornians to be "Returned", second only to the rumour of Vokor himself being resurrected in the body of a human in the prophecy of the three heralds of the new era. The second supposedly being the mysterious leader of the Kabal, Zyinii.
Powers and Abilities:

Returned Phisology ... nipulation
Energy/Extrasensory Perception
Supernatural Beauty

Twilight Manipulation
Elemental Manipulation
Force-Field Generation
Teleportation/Portal Creation

Ash has just awakened, and so does not have access to her full powers yet.
She's cocky and arrogant.
Sensations can distract her or put her out of commission as they are much more intense, other than pain. (For example, kissing her would likely leave her stunned for a while or put her out of commision. Spicy food would burn like an actual fire. Minor sensations can distract her. )
She's not used to having a sack of flesh body, and as a result she can sometimes be clumsy and she can be quite easily put off balance.
She's not yet sure how to use her new powers, having not had them for so long.
Full power stats/Awakened Stats ... e-capacity Destructive Capacity : Galactic Level / Planetary level ... s/45-speed Speed : FTL (x10+) / Sub relative ... durability Durability : Small Galactic Level / Planetary level ... 7-strength Lifting Strength : Class Y / Class G ... strength-2 Striking Strength : Class XKJ/ Class ZJ

Standard Equipment: Nothing yet. Though maybe some clothes.
Intelligence: Incredibly inteligent and wise, though easily distracted now and somewhat clumsy due to the newness of her body.

Optional stuff.
Theme song:
Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Aru'va Kell

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): Image

Species: Rantu

Backstory: Aru is part of a race which quickly adapted and evolved at an incredibly rapid pace. The Rantu now have technology lightyears aheard of earth. The Rantu have seen fit to lend some of their forces to the efforts of galatic peacekeeping so their interests can be secured. Aru is one of those individuals. Hunters are sent to eliminate targets which are deemed to be active and villainous threats to the galaxy. Often they work as bounty hunters to gain extra coin on the side. Hunters are responsible for designing and maintaing their own weaponry, and so they often are incredibly intelligent even among a abnormally smart race. The Rantu consider close combat barbaric and dishonourable, for a warrior to be involved in such a brawl is the height of shame. As a result they develop their firepower to be truly awe inspiring.

Powers and Abilities:
EX 300 Battlesuit: An incredibly advanced designed, capable of boosting its wielders abilities and keeping them safe with advanced shielding technology. It also boosts it’s users reflexes to the point where they are incredibly sharp. It also allows it’s user to teleport and render themselves invisible.

Weapon Systems: The battle suit has an arsenal of weapon systems available to it, one of the most powerful collections of ordinance in the entire galaxy. She’s able to manifest five of any of these weapons on either her drones or her own suit.

- Light Railgun: The Light Railgun, deceptively, is not light. It’s a heavier weapon, however it is utterly devastating. It is called light because it projects a projectile at speeds that exceed the speed of light, the material used being durable enough to withstand that and heavy enough to cause considerable damage on impact. It does so by a technique similar to the magnetic acceleration guns of earth, but far, far more advanced.

- The Bubble gun: A gun which fires bubbles which incase its target and engulf it. They then keep the target encased, and cant be destroyed by force. Only force from the outside of the bubble may set the target free.

- Plasma cannon: Fires a beam of pure molten energy which eats through most matter. A default weapon, but still very useful.

- Target seeking missiles: This missiles use a series of highly advanced guidance systems to reach their target no matter what. Even able to phase through solid matter to find their prey.

- Tesla Gloves: Weapons able to throw around electrical bolts that make thunderbolts look like the charge you get when rubbing your feet on a carpet.

- Tachyon Arrow: A bolt of unstable energy which warps the stream of time itself to travel much faster than light to hit it's target for maximum impact.

- Warp grenades: Highly unsable and capable of taking out large areas by shredding their atoms apart. This "Grenades" are usually either concentrated in a small area, increasing their force or over a wide area.

- Flayer Cannon: A massive cannon which fires massive light-like beams which disassemble the nucleus of atoms it hits.

Drones: Renu has several floating drones which can carry one of her weapons for her if she wants. These drones are easily replaceable and easily repaired from the main suit.

Weaknesses: Many of her more powerful weapons have long reload times, recoil and long charge up times.
She's nearly defenseless without her armour.
She will never, never, never engage in melee combat. She is innept in it, and to make matters worse will not fight back if forced to fight in melee. She considers it a horrible dishonour and would rather die than do something so barbaric.

Destructive Capacity: Varies from Street to High Solar System Level, depending on the weapon she uses.

Speed: FTL (x20)

Durability: Star level

Lifting Strength: Human

Striking Strength: Peak Human

Standard Equipment: Suit. Drones and guns

Intelligence: Highly calculating and intelligent. Also quiet cunning and resourceful. Though she is completely inept at physical close combat.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

*Stats out of date

Charecters in stasis:
Name/Alias: Grixia Nalforia

Gender: Female

Age: Several thousand

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): ... 65zdp9.jpg

Species: Human

Backstory: Once a human princess in another dimention, she accepted a deal from four demons in exchange for immortality. Her end of the bargin was eternal servitude, but she found a loophole in the contract, as not one of them specified anything about trying to kill them, which she did secretively and absorbed their powers over death. Freed from the bounds of contract, she traveled the dimentions serving her own whims, taking a specific interest in our own dimention. She will often interveen to save it, though she cares neither for the people nor any authority, and tends to do as she pleases.

Powers and Abilities:


Drain magic: She can drain life force, magical energy or mental energy from her opponents with spells.

Dimension hopping and teleportation

Apathy: She generally doesn't care about most things. Tends to act too late in some matters.
Her powers weaken against druidism or any natural earth magic,
None of her powers are very physically destructive. They specialize more in corruption and resurrection.

Destructive Capacity: Moon Sized in Area of effect, but about building level in actual destruction.

Speed: Human

Durability: With magic, Planetary level

Lifting Strength: Human

Striking Strength: Human

Standard Equipment: Standard Magic stuff, book of spells and so forth

Intelligence: An expert manipulator and extremely persuasive. She’s keen and intelligent, though ultimately self serving and devious.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:
Name/Alias: Kirana Van

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): Image

Species: Kryptonian

Backstory: One of the few survivors of the death of Krypton as a child, Kirana Van was raised and educated by a Krytonian robot her parents charged with guarding her. Both her father and her mother seemed to have disappeared, even though they managed to escape Krypton before it exploded with their daughter, somehow knowing the planet would explode. Kirana has worked as a mercenary since, working for the Black Wardens corporation. However, early on in her training with them, they secretly implanted a computer AI in her brain using kryptonite tools which would prevent her from using her full power and special psychic walls to prevent her from talking about Black Warden missions. Though the Wardens collapsed and Kirana is now no longer in their employ, she still has not found a way to be able to remove the computer without killing herself, so she’s stuck with the AI chattering in her brain. She now wanders the galaxy, looking for financial opportunities and her lost parents.

Powers and Abilities:
Kryptonian Philology. (Limited by mental blocks put in by
Combat Experience and Skills
The AI, Patience: An AI in her head. Doesn’t really do anything to help, though she has limited influence in Kirana’s mind.

Kryptonian Philology. (Weak to magic, the sun, kryptonite)
Somewhat arrogant, tends to overplan or underplan depending on the situation. Somewhat apathetic.
Her powers are currently blocked by mental barriers,

Destructive Capacity: Planetary Level

Speed: FTL

Durability: Planetary level

Lifting Strength: Class Y

Striking Strength: Class XJ

Standard Equipment: Has her own starship, though it’s mostly just small and fast. Nothing really special.

Intelligence: High, She’s rather cold and calculating, her pride can get in the way. She’s often more of a strategist, planning ahead more often than jumping strait into a problem.
She’s ever so slightly unhinged, her experiences and the AI in her brain slowly chipping away at her sanity.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Hanah Grimm
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): ... pg?1703246
Species: Human
Hanah, Samantha and Sarah Grimm are three sisters who were born with dark powers tied to the coming and going of the moon. Their birth is an event completely shrouded in mystery, and of their past, only the eldest, Sarah, remembers anything, and even then, nothing but vague and hazy memories. They were left on the streets to fend for themselves since little; at that time, the youngest of the sisters, Hanah, was but a baby, while the eldest, Sarah, was only ten, having nothing to her but the clothes on her back and an old story book, from which she took her and her sisters' last name. Growing up on the streets, they each learned to cope in different ways, with Sarah always looking out for her sisters despite her lax behavior, using her cunning while Samantha took advantage of her brilliance, with Hanah developing an aloof exterior and facing the world with aggression.

The three of them lived off of the careless and the unkind, off the unwary and the rich, and eventually, they gained some notoriety among the poorer of streets. Not much, for certain, not enough to be labelled villains or heroes or anything inbetween, but enough that rumors about the enigmatic Grimm Sisters began to spread wherever they passed; and they passed through many places, for they were unbound by things such as home and were free to roam the world, keeping each other safe, surviving and thriving in no small part thanks to the powers each of them held.

But not everything could remain good forever, and so, one day, they met a mysterious man, a man who sought their powers, for he knew they were born of the moon. The Grimm Sisters fended him off and fled from him, but every time he was defeated he rose again stronger, and every time he was thought lost he appeared once more. Fearing for each other's safety, the Grimm Sisters have been running from that man ever since, with many questions in their minds. Who was man that, why did he want their power and, most importantly, why did everything seem to be tied to the blood moon?

Hanah is quite grumpy, moody and aggressive. She resents being treated like a kid just because she’s the youngest, though she really does love her sisters and would take a bullet for them. (And has done so multiple times) Hates being called little. Hates being the youngest, though secretly she’s young at heart.
Powers and Abilities:
Enhanced Senses and Predator Instincts
Regeneration and lunar attack empowerment
Earth Manipulation and Lunar Beam
Invisability at will and intangibility at will.
Fire manipulation and flight

Moonwolf: Only during full moon, she gains incredible size (Three times the size of a large building and increased abilities
She’s young and inexperienced
After transforming she tends to have a period where she become weak
Completely reliant on her sisters
Doesn’t plan ahead much, is more the muscle of the group. ... e-capacity Destructive Capacity : Street
Werewolf: Large building
Werebear: Large building+
Werepanther: Small building
Weredragon: City block (Low)
Moonwolf: country level ... s/45-speed Speed : 10 m/s
Werewolf: 100 m/s
Werebear: 1 m/s
Werepanther: Almost sonic
Weredragon: 150 m/s ... durability Durability : Peak human
Werewolf: Large building + Fast regen
Werebear: City level
Werepanther: Small building
Weredragon: Small-Large building
Moonwolf: City Level ... 7-strength Lifting Strength : Peak Human
Werewolf: Class 100
Werebear: Class K
Werepanther: Class 50
Weredragon: Class 75
Moonwolf: Proportional class M ... strength-2 Striking Strength : Peak Human
Werewolf: GJ
Werebear: Low GJ
Werepanther: Low GJ
Weredragon: Low GJ
Moonwolf: EJ
Standard Equipment: A backpack with a teddy bear and her sleeping bag, along with anything else they need.
Intelligence: Average.
Optional stuff.
Theme song:
Random Facts about your character: She’s the Tank of the group, though despite that she tends to be protected herself a lot.
She loves comic books, cartoons and keeps a teddy.
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Third Alternative:

Oh noes.

Fin has decided to try again.

What terror or destruction will this bring to our land...

Aye, aye! Re-app!

Name/alias/titles: Frank Mayhem

Gender: Asexual (Android), though has so far been leaning towards identifying as male, Earthling influence.

Age: 51, maybe, who knows by now

Appearance(Pics are fine): ... 410244.jpg

Species: Celestial Android (Class X)

Backstory: My name is Frank. Or, to be technical, the label I've taken upon.

I was born a slave for an infinitely powerful overlord. Born to fight. Built to destroy. Pulverize alien races without a say and leave only corpses behind. But my primeval and ugly nature is history. I've landed on Earth and I've been a part of the ranks of it's heroes since. While I am alone in the universe, I do not consider myself so.

To be honest, I am not even aware why I still walk this planet. The Universe is vast and full of wonders and challenges waiting for me to explore. Perhaps it's my outside - the Earthlings are the closest race to my build. Sometimes they fear me, sometimes they reject me, and once, I thought the latter of them, but I can see their doubts. I'm still a chunk of metal, but I can still understand others - Earth's people are among the weakest, but are also the most targeted.

It's been forty years now. I've started to give up my past for the present. I've started to wear Earthling clothing, I follow Earthling news, and in distress, I help them to combat their enemies, I help Earthling heroes, not my "nation" of origin. I've found a person to share my troubles with - she's a machine, just like me...

But that is not to say that I've completely given up on my origins. I'm not alone. There is a person, roaming the Universe, who I can call a brother... And much like with biological brothers, there can be feuds, struggles, rivalries.

What does the future hold for me? I have no idea, but things aren't looking that bad right now...

Powers and Abilities: Frank is a Class X Celestial Android, member of an incredibly powerful breed of a whole class of pure-fighting androids designed to be a wicked independent Celestial's personal army. Thanks to a stroke of luck, Frank became free from his creator's commands, and is one of two only "alive" members of his powerful race.

His current powers include:

Infinite Energy/Self-Sustainance - This time explained not through god damn reactors, but through the power of the Celestials. Frank has infinite energy. He can never get tired or need to eat or drink. He is not bound by oxygen either.
Superhuman Strength, Speed, Durability, Reflexes, Endurance - You can see the levels of power he has below.
Energy-based Flight
Energy Projection
Energy Constructs
Various gadgets which he doesn't really use, to be honest
Warp Gun - a modified railgun that fires bullets moving at 10 times the speed of light. Non-homing.
Super-Brain, as in, it's a super computer. Processing speeds much higher than those of ordinary humans, of course.

Power Influx - A temporary transformation Frank acquired recently. It boosts his power dramatically, but at the cost of losing his infinite energy source, exchanging it for a finite, though more powerful one. As such, he can stay in this form for a limited amount of time, and once the energy runs out - he's back to normal, and has to wait until Influx recharges to transform again. Frank has been training heavily to master this form, and discovered an additional quirk within it - Power Influx's power can be increased even farther through the Level System. Standard Influx is Level 1, though training subsequent levels can be achieved, which increase his power at the cost of a higher energy drain (when unmastered) and, to an extent, his morals and humanity. So far, Frank has only unlocked Levels 1 and 2.

Weaknesses: Vulnerable to high amounts of electricity. The Heat Blade is useless against high heat resistant materials like Adamantium. He also can't get any stronger than what he is now - he's an Android, his power is a fixed number.

Influx can only be used for a limited amount of time.
Base Form | Influx, Level 1 | Influx, Level 2 | Influx, Level 3

Destructive Capacity:
Continental | Low Star | Solar System | Multi-Solar System+

Low Relativistic | Speed of Light | MFTL | MFTL

Continental | Low Star | Solar System | Multi-Solar System+

Lifting Strength:
City Block | Planetary | Stellar | Multi-Stellar

Striking Strength:
Class ZJ | Planetary | Stellar | Multi-Stellar

Stamina: Infinite. He can live and fight forever.
Reasonable, though he can get worn down by long fights.

Equipment: Type-551 Heat Blade - a one-handed cybernetic sword-like melee weapon which is a standard issue primary weapon for the Celestial Androids. The closest equivalent that I can think of is the Falchion from Strider. It's a sword-ish thing whose blades operate at over 10,000 degrees Celsius, cutting through basically everything with little to no resistance. Incredibly effective against flammable material and elements with a low melting point, useless against material with high heat resistance.

Intelligence: Large database of various kinds of information in his database, mid-gifted logic, thinking and strategy skills. High amount of combat experience - he's been fighting pretty much throughout his entire life.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: Warrior of Gods

Random Facts about your character: nanananana

Name/Alias: Itaku. Last name's Sayyid, but Herans don't bother with last names.

Gender: F for FFFFFFFFF...

Age: 18

Appearance: Thank god for Xenoverse

Species: Race of Hera (Heran)

Backstory: The Herans are one of the millions of sentient humanoid races that inhabit the Universe, and they are one fairly well known. For billions of years, their planet, Planet Hera (the fact that it's also the name of a Greek goddess is merely a coincidence - 'Hera' roughly means 'Earth' in Heran language), being situated in the middle of an important galactic spur, has been a battlefield for many galactic empires and civilizations, even when the planet's life was just entering it's early stages. Explosions, laser, plasma and pure energy blasts were common, the atmosphere was getting more and more polluted and toxic. These rough conditions reflected themselves onto the planet's inhabitants and their evolutionary lines, and the Herans became one of the toughest and strongest alien races available.

These changes were noticed by the many local thriving empires, and the Herans quickly became well known as high-class and expensive mercenaries. Their ferocity in battle knew no bounds, and their power was one of the things that helped drive the Planet Trade Organization to a universal scale. But not all was in dark colors. Being situated in a major crossroad of galactic trade and having interacted with advanced alien cultures since the beginning, the Heran civilization flourished and skyrocketed in development. In mere decades, it turned from an early agricultural society to a sprawling futuristic civilization.

However, fear and paranoia has infested the entire planet. The Herans were vicious warriors, and their kill counts were in the billions, if not trillions. However, the Yazidi faith, the dominant one on the planet, predicted this exact event. The planet will grow and advance, but soon judgment will strike and vanquish all that are infested with evil deeds. And being soldiers for hire, Herans are surely terrified. The Bojack Gang, the most famous of Heran mercenary groups, alone might drive the entire planet to annihilation. However, the Yazidi manuscripts also tell about 'The First Angel', a young warrior who will obtain unbelievable power and will either fight for the Herans or doom them, depending on how he was treated before his ascension. Many priests are already travelling far and wide to find this mysterious boy. Or girl, who knows.

Meanwhile, Itaku is the daughter of a veteran Heran soldier and a young priestess. Most of her life was alright, I guess. Living in the barracks of her father's regiment, she was personally mentored by the leader of the unit, Shaytan, the Prince of Hera, who taught her basic ki control and gave her combat training. Surprisingly to him and most others, Itaku's power and skills grew much faster than expected, and even learned how to achieve the Full Power transformation when she was still a child. This information about a child prodigy started spreading throughout the planet like wildfire, but not many of the rumors were confirmed or caught on some of the more powerful members of the clergy or royalty. Itaku didn't really know that so many people had heard about her - she usually just stayed at home and spent her time training. As such, her suddenly getting invited into the Nihil Novi - King of Hera's personal guard - at the age of 16 was a huge surprise to her, but she accepted anyway.

It didn't take long for the limits of her power to be tested on the battlefield - against none other than the invading Celestial Androids. This is where her Full Power Heran capabilities were first pushed to the max - and to (almost) everyone's surprise, she was at the level of an Elite warrior! She could rival the Galaxy Soldiers in power! A mission to Earth left the girl stranded for a while, and she spent her time well - fighting this odd, weird Saiyan named Hiroshi. It was a pretty even fight, and he was a big jerk, but, luckily, nobody died. The deaths are for later. There wasn't much rest back in the Heran Despotate, either - Celestial attacks grew stronger and stronger, despite the race doing their best to strike back. They just kept coming.

And then they came. What Heran annals already marked down as the Clash With The Scourge descended upon Planet Hera - a direct attack by a massive contingent of the Androids. The battle to secure the capital took hours, Itaku was in it, but, unfortunately, all was seemingly lost, and for the first time the fate of the entire Heran race was on the brink. Meanwhile, stuff was happening. The young Heran met an odd warrior - it was a Celestial Android, but it seemed... alive. It could speak and had an opinion - and she soon found out that his name was Frank Mayhem, a superhero from Earth.

Frank and Itaku arrived to the Aistii Cathedral, where the last of the Herans prepared to make a final stand. Almost immediately after entrance, a shocking revelation came - the priests have already found the First Angel, and it was her.

What proceeded was a transformation to Itaku's ultimate form - the God of Hera, or the First Angel. As prophecized, the power was obscene, and soon, the Celestial threat was vanquished, and Frank left the stage.

What awaits? Things.

Powers and Abilities: Supernatural Condition, Advanced Ki Manipulation... It's Heran physiology, mate.

Super Heran Transformation: Also referred to as 'Full Power Heran', it is a transformation achievable by strong Herans through harsh training and dedication. In a way, it is similar to the Saiyans' Super Saiyan form, it multiplies the user's power, can be turned on or off mid-fight, gives a cool aura and a minor physical appearance change. In Super Heran form, Itaku's hair stands up a bit, becomes red, while her body turns light green and a lot more muscular. Although only the strongest Herans are able to use this form, Itaku surprised everyone by unlocking it at a mere age of 14, and has been training in it's usage since.

The First Angel: Analogous of the Saiyans' Super Saiyan God form, though far exceeding it in power, and far more rare. Only a single Heran throughout history is capable of achieving this transformation, and it just so happens to be Itaku. Her hair turns to bright aquatic blue and the skin color becomes a bleak light green. Along with a massive time-limited power boost and godly ki, the First Angel is also capable of utilizing a form of Divine Magic.

Weaknesses: Super Heran is an energy-based transformation, like Super Saiyan, and thus costs energy to maintain, though Itaku has been training to minimize the drain.

The First Angel transformation is really strict in it's usage - Planet Hera must be in grave danger, there must be a ritual conducted, during which she is vulnerable, and the transformation has a time limit. As such, she has only used the form that one time, and, despite attempts, hasn't been able to replicate it since. Shaytan has hypothesized that there might be a way to bring out a portion of the power through specialized training, but even he doesn't know what Itaku should do. Also, if Hera is destroyed or in some way ceases existing - the First Angel form stops existing, too.
Thanks to some important development and plot devices, this weakness has been removed by Old Kai, and the First Angel can be used anytime.

Base Form | Super Heran | First Angel
Destructive Capacity: High Planetary | Mid-Stellar | High Galactic

Speed: Relativistic | 0.9 c | MFTL+/Teleportation

Durability: High Planetary | Mid-Stellar | High Galactic

Lifting Strength: High Planetary | Mid-Stellar | Galactic Class

Striking Strength: High Planetary | Mid-Stellar | Galactic Class

Standard Equipment: Nothing notable.

Intelligence: Pretty standard, though there's battle experience in the mix that should not be pushed aside.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: *shrug*

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Prince Lucien of the Great Lithuanian Empire, Lucien Gediminid

Gender: M

Age: Physically 9. Actually about 1 and a half.

Appearance: Base form, Transformed

Species: Genetically engineered Saiyan

Backstory: Lucien is the genetically engineered and enhanced "son" of Augustin Gediminid, current incumbent of the title of Emperor of Lithuania (known as White Prince between superhero circles). A wealthy entrepreneur and back then one of the last surviving members of his dynasty, Augustin first saw the power that the Saiyans can possess on Earth, during an invasion of two of their warriors. Their fighting capabilities were solidified when a Super Saiyan appeared on Namek. After some DNA and data collection, the Prince launced his personal project to create his own alien warrior, one devotedly loyal to him and perhaps his main force in challenges that might someday appear.

After some not-so-legal tinkering, the project succeded. The created and grown child was christened as Lucien. At first, Augustin's fathership was quite harsh - in order to test the newborn's power, he sent him against powerful foes, like the space tyrant Slug or nigh-omnipotent Lyhn. However, Lucien's innocent behaviour and will to help and protect others quickly grew on the normally cold Prince's heart, and he finally officially adopted the child as his own.

However, that is not to say that the young Saiyan's life immediately settled down. Soon, Augustin's homeland Lithuania fell to civil war, and the royalist faction invited him back as their claimant. While battles went well for him at first, the republican government quickly employed the nation's metahuman population to serve as extraordinarily powerful forces. In order to stay ahead of the game, Augustin brought his son for support, and his incredible power eventually led to winning the war. Lucien became the new Emperor's main executioner, the one who fights incoming personal challengers for him. He never rejected his father's orders, but deep in his heart, he felt like he wasn't doing the right thing...

This odd man, who calls himself Frank, tried to sway him... but what awaits next? Things.

Powers and Abilities: Enhanced Saiyan Physiology - Augustin doesn't just steal technology and DNA. He improves on it. Technically, Lucien is a Saiyan, a member of a nearly extinct alien warrior race, but his genetic makeup are quite different. Aside from the standard Saiyan abilities, like ki control and superhuman condition, Lucien gains strength from training quite a lot faster than normal, even more than a Half-Saiyan, and can unlock transformations more easily.

Matter-Energy Manipulation - Also a part of the above power, and one of Lucien's signature abilities. Lucien can control, shape and absorb any non-carbon based matter, as well as some forms of energy (mainly energy blasts and constructs). While this power has it's limits, and Lucien still hasn't mastered it nor learned some of the more advanced and powerful ways of it's usage, it is a very versatile tool. Also, regeneration through absorption - should note that.

Super Saiyans 1 and 2 - I think we all know what those are by now.

Weaknesses: Being a kid, and a Saiyan at the same time (Saiyan children are really short), he is still quite fragile and has short reach in melee.
Lucien cannot absorb organic matter and some forms of energy, like kinetic, and isn't particularly good at it's usage. He is normally immune to inorganic and energy attacks, but can be hit by them if caught off-guard. Magic stuff doesn't work, too. Also, no matter creation yet.
Of course, the Saiyan Tail. Also, transformations consume energy.

Base Form | Super Saiyan | Super Saiyan 2
Destructive Capacity: Planetary | Low Stellar | Solar System

Speed: Hypersonic | Relativistic | 50x FTL

Durability: Regeneration + Planetary | Low Stellar | Solar System

Lifting Strength: Class M | Sub-planet | Planetary

Striking Strength: Class PJ | Class NJ | Class XKJ

Standard Equipment: Nothing notable.

Intelligence: About as much as you'd expect from a 9 year old. Some battle experience, but nothing much.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: *shrug*

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Atiala Hypernova

Gender: F

Age: 22

Appearance: Base form and Solar Super Saiyan
Super Saiya Costume
(possible alternative)

Species: 1/2 Kryptonian, 1/2 Saiyan

Backstory: There's not much to it anyway, so I will keep it short.

Atiala's mother was a Kryptonian space pirate, while her father was a low-ranking Saiyan warrior in service under the Planet Trade Organization. In fact, the story how they met ties up to that - during an unsuccessful raid on a border planet, she was captured and arrested, with him being appointed to watch over her. They soon fell in love, escaped prison, married each other and settled down on Earth. In New York, of course, because why not. Atiala was the child that ended up being created from this relationship (wow, Fin, excellent wording, man). Living a pretty happy and satisfying life in a suburban neighborhood, she quickly grew addicted to the stuff that Earth has to offer - video games, the Internet, coffee, staying home. While not exactly a superhero just yet, Atiala is naive, kind and wouldn't turn down helping a person in need.

Also, she was in the Justice Queens for a while. Yeah, that was a thing. That's where she got her first taste of both fighting more than just random crooks and school bullies - cosmic beings, in fact. It was... an experience.

Powers and Abilities: Krypto-Saiyan Physiology - Atiala is a hybrid of two alien races, Saiyans and Kryptonians, inheriting the abilities and powers of both.
All Kryptonian Powers (Look up Superman for details, but basically a crapton of powers via sundipping)
Basic Ki Manipulation - energy blasts, basic beams, ki flight and ki empowerment
Saiyan Transformations (Currently none)
Saiyan Potential - you know, no end to training and stuff
Anger Empowerment
Some more I probably forgot

Also, Solar Super Saiyan. I'll explain it in the IC.

Weaknesses: Atiala, while gaining the powers of both of the races, at the same time also inherited the weaknesses attributed to both of them, like:
Kryptonite, all types. Like the pink kind. Especially the pink kind;
Weakness against magical attacks;
Like Saiyans, can get mind controlled fairly easily;
Lacks much combat experience or training, preferring to overpower her opponents with raw force instead of skill;
She is surprisingly slothful, and would prefer doing nothing instead of something

Stats are updated for RoSaT training. Italics are SSSJ.

Destructive Capacity: High Multi-Solar System, Galactic Level


Durability: High Multi-Solar System, Galactic Level

Lifting Strength: Multi-Stellar, Galactic Class

Striking Strength: Class XPJ, Galactic Class

Standard Equipment: Nothing notable.

Intelligence: While Atiala has a super-brain inherited from her Kryptonian side, she rarely uses it in battle, or much else.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: *shrug*

Random Facts about your character:

Alternate Warriors:

Name/Alias: Frank Mayhem

Gender: Asexual, no sexual organs of hormones, Finny did it first, you prick

Age: 51

Appearance: This, just with a black M on the forehead. You know what's up.

Species: Class X Celestial Android

Backstory: This Frank is from an alternate universe.


Okay, that isn't saying much.

The timeline in this alternate Frank's universe transpired mostly the same - Frank was still born, he and Xicor still encountered the Namchinnians, he still lived on Earth and joined the Third Alternative, - but one event was the turning point. On the first level of the evil magician's, Bebidi's, ship, after beating one of his strongest warriors, the Celestial Android, having a possessable soul thanks to the Namchinnians giving him one, was confronted with an offer from Bebidi: the wizard would pull him out of the pit of butt monkeys that he was stuck in, unlock his third Influx form in exchange for killing his team members.

Unfortunately for everyone, even Bebidi, Itaku did not show up to break him out of the trance, and soon, Frank agreed. With his power and inner former evil unlocked, Majin Frank easily mopped the floor with the rest of the Third Alternative, but, as the wizard saw, the Android's will and seek for independence were too strong for him to control, and he broke out. Bebidi made a few attemts to gain him back, but to no awail, and, frustrated, Frank destroyed the entire spaceship and the Reality Reader with it in one fell swoop.

No longer held back by anyone, not even his morals, Frank was about to have a nice time... but, in an alternate universe, Bebidi's Reality Reader found him in a dire moment, and his story will go on...

Powers and Abilities: As a Celestial Android, Frank has hold of these abilities:

Infinite Energy/Self-Sustainance
Superhuman Strength, Speed, Durability, Reflexes, Endurance
Energy-based Flight
Energy Projection
Energy Constructs
Various gadgets which he doesn't really use, to be honest
Warp Gun - a modified railgun that fires bullets moving at 10 times the speed of light. Non-homing.
Super-Brain, as in, it's a super computer. Processing speeds much higher than those of ordinary humans, of course.

Power Influx - A temporary transformation Frank acquired recently. It boosts his power dramatically, but at the cost of losing his infinite energy source, exchanging it for a finite, though more powerful one. As such, he can stay in this form for a limited amount of time, and once the energy runs out - he's back to normal, and has to wait until Influx recharges to transform again. Frank has been training heavily to master this form, and discovered an additional quirk within it - Power Influx's power can be increased even farther through the Level System. Standard Influx is Level 1, though training subsequent levels can be achieved, which increase his power at the cost of a higher energy drain (when unmastered) and, to an extent, his morals and humanity. Before succumbing to Bebidi, Frank had only unlocked levels 1 and 2, and, through the wizard's magic and potential unlock abilities, was able to reach the next level - Level 3.

Weaknesses: High amounts of electricity, Influx can only operate for a limited amount of time.

Base Form | Influx, Level 1 | Influx, Level 2 | Influx, Level 3

Destructive Capacity:
Continental | Low Star | Solar System | Multi-Solar System+

Low Relativistic | Speed of Light | MFTL | MFTL

Continental | Low Star | Solar System | Multi-Solar System+

Lifting Strength:
City Block | Planetary | Stellar | Multi-Stellar

Striking Strength:
Class ZJ | Planetary | Stellar | Multi-Stellar

Standard Equipment: Clothes, sewn by Xander - pretty durable, - and the Type 551 Heat Blade. You know the deal.

Intelligence: Has a large database of information on all sorts of things, has 40-50 years of continuous combat experience. Y'know, things like that.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Majin Buu, nicknames include Super Buu, Ultra Buu, Zen Buu and others

Gender: M

Age: Time immemorial

Appearance: 1 2

Species: Majin

Backstory: Majin Buu, self-entitled "Zen Buu", was born as a Majin in one of the endless amounts of alternate universes. His universe was, in some ways, similar to that of ours, in some ways different, but it was a bit weaker than what we're used to. Majin Buu was awakened billions of years after his conception by a nefarious alien wizard, named Bibidi, as a tool for conquering everything. This didn't bode well, as the Majin clashed with the Universe's Kaioshins, and while he was not defeated, Bibidi was, and the monster was left sealed on Earth. Of course, Earth was a poor place to put a bubblegum demon on, and only five million years later, Buu was released from his slumber yet again, this time by Bibidi's doppleganger, Babidi.

The Kaioshins were too weak to challenge the Majin all on their own, and Earth's superhero forces came in to help. Naturally, it didn't turn out well, as Buu suddenly ate it's good self (which is a whole other story), entered it's so-called "Super Buu" state and proceeded to absorb everyone strong enough to challenge him. However, despite staying evil, his personality started to change... very... slowly. He wasn't the old primal grunting beast who would blow shit up on first sight - he became intelligent. And clever. And slightly less evil, and far more arrogant. Well, why not absorb everything that has power, he says? Let's test the limits!

And they were tested. Nothing could stand in Buu's way for a long time. Not until Bebidi found him in his Reality Reader, anyway...

Powers and Abilities: Majin Physiology: Majins are beings of pure evil and magic, created at the very conception of the Universe as manifestations of chaos and destruction, made in order to keep the balance between order and chaos in check. Usually, they sleep dormant for billions of years, only released on special occasions, but very powerful magicians can go around the rule and summon a Majin to do their bidding. The Majin race has many odd, unique or just gross abilities that make up their arsenal, and should definitely not be underestimated.

  • Body Manipulation - Majins are stretchy, amorphous and easily moldable, kind of similar to bubblegum or goo, that can be controlled remotely via the Majin's will. A Majin can easily stretch their limbs or their body, increase or decrease their size or even rip off pieces of their flesh and use it as a weapon with no negative effects. All pieces that make up a Majin are controlled remotely and can change density and shape at will, becoming liquid or solid in seconds.
  • Regeneration - This is the meat of a Majin's true power. Thanks to their magical prowess and transcendent nature, Majins can regenerate at absurdly high rates, practically defying the laws of physics and conservation of mass - but who cares? You think you're cool if you can regrow your arm in a few days? All it takes for a Majin to fully recover is a single molecule - and it completely regrows in seconds! Truly a body of Plato.
  • Magic - Most magicians draw their powers from an outside source, whether it is an orb or their energy, or their potential. Majins don't need that - they're pure magic. And as such, their capabilities for the arcane are off the charts. The most famous and well-known of their spells is the Chocolate Beam - transmutation, but their abilitues go far beyond that, from healing and telekinesis to enhancing their own abilities.
  • Absorption - The big threat. Majins aren't all-powerful, and they often face enemies stronger than themselves. On these occasions, this ability shows. Majins have the ability to absorb people - add their bodies, their powers, memories and personality to their own. This can be done in two ways - eating a person turned into chocolate or another food item, which kills the victim and adds less power, or absorbing them completely by engulfing them with a piece of their body, shrinking them with magic and adding them into a cocoon in their body's stomach dimension. This does not kill the victim and leaves them free for escaping ...somehow, but gives the Majin every single ounce of it's power and abilities to use.
  • Ki - The ki. It's a metaphysical thing that surrounds all of us, and manifests in some people as ki-based abilities. Majins have obscene ki potential, being easily able to overpower other ki users like humans, Arcosians or Saiyans without needing transformations or stuff, and they amplify it with magic and regeneration to become a true dread on the battlefield. Ki can be used for a plethora of abilities, but the most widely known is energy projection and manipulation, as well as high-speed flight. Majins also have the uncanny ability to instantly learn every ki attack or move they see and use it for themselves.
  • Self-Sustenance - Self-explanatory. Majins can eat for pleasure, and they really really like sweets, but they can survive just as fine all on their own.

Acquired Powers: A hell of a lot. Buu absorbed everything of note in his universe, and gained all of their powers and abilities, not to mention monstrously increased his own. He is powerful enough to level down large chunks of the Universe, can make dimensional (not universal) portals, and his ki is so huge and well-controlled that he can do pretty odd and rare things with it, like manipulate and warp matter (to an extent, think Janemba), teleport, create complex and massive energy constructs and more. The full extent of his abilities is still unknown, as he never goes all-out against an opponent, preferring to play around and let them have the hits.

Weaknesses: While Zen Buu's regeneration is godlike, his endurance is certainly not on the same level. In fact, when I said Majin bodies are like bubblegum, it wasn't just a reference to their pink skin. It's not too hard for an opponent magnitudes weaker to dish out at least some damage on Buu - rip off an arm, blow out a hole in his chest - it's just that regeneration is there to save the day.

And speaking of regeneration, it's not infinite either. Buu still has energy reserves and stamina, ones that reconstructing his whole body slowly drain. If he takes too much damage from an opponent stronger than him, his regeneration might still fail.

And, as I said, stamina and reserves. While Buu's stamina is very, very large and can take days of intense combat to deplete, it's not infinite. Buu is no omnipotent - he is powerful, but not all-powerful.

A majority of Zen Buu's power comes from the victims he has absorbed, which are held in his stomach dimension, where he sends his absorbed victims and puts them in cocoons. They are not dead - just in a sleep-like state - so someone who makes an energy barrier as he's getting absorbed, or teleports into the stomach, has a chance of freeing all of the Majin's fusees and drastically weakening him. Of course, it's not easy, - Buu can manifest himself inside of his stomach to stop the intruders - but it's possible.

Destructive Capacity: At his full power, Multi-Galaxy+. He almost never uses all of it, though. | High Galactic

Speed: Massively FTL/Teleportation via Instantaneous Movement | Massively FTL/Teleportation via Instantaneous Movement

Durability: Low Star + regeneration | Low Star + regeneration

Lifting Strength: Pre-Stellar | Planetary

Striking Strength: Between Class XPJ and Galactic Class | Class XPJ

Standard Equipment: Nothing notable. He does wear those long white pants, but they're a part of his anatomy and regenerate with him.

Intelligence: Godlike. Buu retains the memories of the trillions of his "fusees", all of their knowledge, their fighting experience, their scientific or engineering prowess, their feelings and their secrets. He has pretty much all of the knowledge of an entire universe stored inside of him, and he can use it all at once. He knows thousands of fighting styles, thousands of powers, thousands of attacks, thousands of combinations of said powers and attacks, and more. For pretty much everything that can be thrown at him, he knows a counter.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character: With all those billions of people inside of him affecting his personality, he's softened up. Also, he's a tall dude.


I suppose I need an app for him as well now.

Name/Alias: Xicor (not the AF one, but the AF one, but not the AF one)

Gender: Android.

Age: 51-ish. Same age as Frank.

Appearance: ... 0504211055

Species: Class X Celestial Android

Backstory: People used to call me a grunt, but now, I've taken upon the name of Xicor.

I'm one of the quadrillions of Celestial Androids, built by a mad, insane god for his own personal goals. From the moment I was forged on a distant, lifeless planet, he tried to incite a sense of slaughter and ceaseless lust for murder into me. He tried to program me to become a machine designed to subjugate innocent lifeforms in his quest for power.

But those days are history. I'm freed from his grasp, I've rejected his wicked ideals. The Celestial Army provided me with power, and I have since decided to use their "gift" to make them taste their own medicine. I am but one of many lone champions of freedom. Sentinels of the right to stay alive. They send my brethren against me, but my body and soul denies the fact that those controlled, never-ending, brutal machines are in any way related to me. I am alone in the universe, I do not have a trillion brothers.

It has been fifty years, and no matter how hard I fight, they just keep coming. But I sincerely believe that the end of the brutal reign of Ismodeus will soon be over. They have ceased to expand. Celestial Android factories keep getting shut down, or destroyed. The Army remains a zombie horde, full of powerful, but not alive robots, and their ranks are shrinking every second... I believe I might be able to do it. It's my goal - without it, my life has no meaning.

Though, there is still one person I might still be able to call a "brother"... He's down there, between the Earthlings. Instead of trying to save the Universe from his creator, he enjoys the company of some... bugs! Like they are his friends and family or something! Much like with biological brothers, there can be feuds, clashes, rivalries...

What's going to happen next? Where will I go when I finally dethrone the tyrant that forged me in the first place? I don't know, but I am sure ready to find out...

Powers and Abilities: Xicor is a Class X Celestial Android, member of an incredibly powerful breed of a whole class of pure-fighting androids designed to be a wicked independent Celestial's personal army. Thanks to a stroke of luck, though, Xicor became free from his creator's commands, and is one of two only "alive" members of his powerful race.


Base Form | Influx, Level One | Influx, Level 2 | Influx, Level 3

Destructive Capacity: Continental | Low Star | Solar System Level | Multi-Solar System+

Speed: Low Relativistic | Speed of Light | FTL, x100 | MFTL

Durability: Continental | Low Star | Multi-Star | Multi-Solar System

Lifting Strength: City Block | Planetary | Stellar Level | Multi-Stellar

Striking Strength: Class ZJ | Planetary Level | Stellar Level | Multi-Stellar

Standard Equipment: Xicor's main weapon of choice is the Type-551 Heat Blade, a deadly cybernetic melee weapon whose blade operates at temperatures of over 10,000 degrees Celsius - a standard issue for the Celestial Androids. Due to such intense amounts of heat and energy projected into such a thin space, it can cleanly cut through pretty much anything. Except extremely heat resistant materials like Adamantium, that is.

Intelligence: A great deal of combat experience, computer brain has processing skills higher than an average human, a fairly good strategist in battle.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:
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Name/Alias: Sonja Delacroix


Age:53. Born October Fifth, 1962.

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): She has no costume.

Species: Human.

Backstory: Born to Angela and Jack Delacroix, Sonja was trained in manipulation and subterfuge from the earliest she could be. Her mother was a popular and energetic Senator in New York, while her father earned his money a little less honestly. Which is to say, he was a prominent and feared Mob boss in Brooklyn. From her mother, young Sonja learned how to politic and curry favor with others, while her father taught her the value of fear and plain ol' manipulation. From this poisonous stew emerged a young woman who, despite her lack of powers, quickly became even more feared than Daddy Dearest. And she was happy.

But all things must end.

In the September of 1983, Jack Delacroix was killed. No one knew who'd done it, but the old guy had been shot in his sleep. A sniper, either lucky or incredibly skilled, had put a bullet in the Mob boss's head. Jack had left everything l, including his empire, to his daughter, and Sonja wasted no time in asserting her dominance over her father's mob. However, while Sonja strengthened her criminal rule over NYC, her life began to collapse. Her mother, a former Senator and now Mayor of New York City, was found guilty of various crimes and corruption. Sonja barely escaped being caught in the maelstrom of her family's collapse, and came out none the worse for wear. Probably. She still smiles at the wrong things.

After this debacle, Sonja began to make a name for herself not only in crime, but in legitimate business. She established the Knightstone Corporation, a multinational company that develops weapons and other arms specifically for dealing with metahumans. There have been rumors that Delacroix was involved with Project Cadmus, but these were unsubstantiated. Recently, she has established a Gotham branch of Knightstone. Time will tell if this was a good move or not.
Powers and Abilities:
Sonja has no superpowers. None. She's not even a scientific genius like Lex Luthor. Rather, her most potent ability is that of manipulation, of misdirection, and of obfuscation. However, she's a damn good shot and a capable hand-to-hand fighter.

Weaknesses: She's an ordinary human, if one with a genius-level intellect.

Destructive Capacity: Street Level

Speed: Level Three speed.

Durability: Average Human.

Lifting Strength: Average Human.

Striking Strength: Mid-Level Class H. She's not all that physically strong, but her Aikido training has made her a skilled combatant.

Standard Equipment: Besides her immaculate suits and dresses, Sonja nearly always carries at least one pistol on her peron.

Intelligence: Like I said in her powers, Sonja is a highly intelligent, manipulative bitch. She can and will at least attempt to play everyone around her like a fiddle, and most of the time she succeeds. She can not only create plans where every possible action in some way benefits her, but she can also improvise them on the fly.
Optional stuff.

Theme song: No.

Random Facts about your character: She has some kind of mental illness, but it defies diagnosis. She's pretty much a female Hannibal Lecter, minus the cannibalism and serial killering.

Name/Alias: Aaron Marsters/Ironheart.

Gender: Male.

Age: 22

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): Dis.
His costume is a silver-and-black suit, resembling Flash's outfit. But without the lightning bolty thingies. .
Species: Metahuman/Kryptonian Hybrid.

Backstory: Aaron was born in urban Chicago, to Ian and Connie Marsters. Ian was a mechanic with the power to manipulate metals, which he passed down in part to Aaron. Connie was a high-school principal for a nearby district.

She was also a Kryptonian, and her real name was was Conara Jaz-Kao, daughter of a pair of scientists from New Krypton. When Zod's forces attacked Earth during the 100-Minutes War, Conara, a young soldier, was among them. However, she was smart, and really had nothing against humans, so when Zod and his army began to badly lose, she fled.

Nothing more is known of Conara's life from then until she reappeared, with a new name and human alias. Some might suspect the involvement of the Justice League, or just Batman. But six months after the war, Conara resurfaced, this time as Connie Fredricks, who would soon marry Ian Marsters, and have a son named Aaron.

Aaron grew up as a normal child; he went to school, tried not to do homework, all that fun shit. His metahuman powers never surfaced until the age of ten, when he accidentally broke the partly steel zippers and buttons off of Becky Haleart's clothes. She punched him in the face, and Aaron was sent home with a warning and a black eye, since no one knew about his powers until then. But Conara was scared. Would Aaron inherit her powers? Would he somehow manifest the powers of Krypton?

And, of course, he did. Aaron had always had horrid eyesight: his vision was 35/68, nearly blind. He wore special glasses, and there was no indication that his senses were going to improve. Then, he saw through some walls at night, and caught his parents having some "alone time". Then, Conara knew. The next day, she told Aaron the truth: about Krypton, and Zod, and how she'd fled. She promised to help him learn the use of his powers, and at great cost, she did. Even if the entire second floor had to be redone, and Connie had to explain her entire history to Ian, who'd never known he was married to a Kryptonian. But, unlike John and Martha Kent, Connie didn't tell Aaron how to use his vast powers. She simply trusted that he'd be able to make the right choice, and he did. Aaron worked as a hero for a while, apprehending a few robbers, getting into a fight with the Joker at one point, all that fun stuff. But then, reality ensued. Heroing doesn't make a lotta cash, and Aaron had dropped out of highschool to do the whole "superhero" jazz, so he had no cash.

But, like all the rich and powerful people of the world and underworld, Sonja Delacroix needed protecting. After Ironheart stopped a bank she owned from being robbed, Sonja asked Aaron to meet her at her local office, where she offered him a job as one of her two heads of security. He took the job and it's ludicrously high pay, and hasn't looked back in three years.

Powers and Abilities: Aaron, being half-Kryptonian, has the powers of a Kryptonian: Superstrength, heat vision, superbreath, and flight. Plus, his father's metahuman genes give him the power of ferrokinesis, the power to control iron and steel.

Weaknesses: Kryptonite, magic, that whole red sun thing, etc. And if he tries to control too much iron or steel at once, it may overload him, potentially knocking him unconscious.

Destructive Capacity: At the max, Island Level.

Speed: Tier Five.

Durability: Mountain Level.

Lifting Strength: Class M.

Striking Strength: Class TJ.

Standard Equipment: Aaron normally carriers a pair of long iron knives, and a Sig Sauer pistol.

Intelligence: High-school education.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character: Aaron hates the color orange. And you may have noticed, his powers are weaker than both his parents. He has only displayed Kryptonian senses once, and unlike his father (who can manipulate any metal that originated on Earth), Aaron can only control iron and steel. Plus, his general powers are weaker than an average Kryptonian.

Name/Alias: Magister Quallon Far'Nozen/Bryse McClaine.

Gender: Male.

Age: 8200 human years.

Appearance: Natural Form
Human Disguise
Species: Zulthori.

Backstory: Magister Quallon comes from the planet Zultho, on the far side of the Andromeda Galaxy.

Or what remains of it. Zultho has been ravaged; by a war, barely won, by the resulting hunt for all the planet's resources, by the aftereffects of the weapons used in the war. The planet barely survives, kept going by the strict rationing the theocratic government keeps in place. The march of progress has halted, as everyone struggles to survive.

The Theon, ruling government of this hellish wreck of a planet, has thusly scavenged as many of the old starships as they can, repaired them as much as possible, and shot thirteen off in random directions, each carrying a Magister, a high-ranking member of the Theoncario, the military arm of the Theon. One of these ships, bearing Magister Quallon Far'Nozen, landed in the Pacific Ocean of Earth.

Quallon managed to steer his ship to the nearest landmass, which turned out to be California, and waited in his ship while the systems scanned the area, made him a disguise and backstory, and everything else that an alien bent on conquering the Earth could need to appear human. Since then, Quallon his been living a human life, moving with his ship (disguised as a Suburban [It's bigger on the inside]) into Gotham, where he has endeavored to learn all he can about what, if any, defenses this planet has.

The outlook isn't that great.

Powers and Abilities:
Superhuman Strength: Quallon is stronger than any normal human, able to deadlift nearly a ton and a half.

Speed: The Magister is very fast.

Pyrokinesis: Quallon, like all his species, able to manipulate temperatures to create and control flames.

Flight: You can't see it in the pictures, but Quallon has a pair of wings.

Weaknesses: Dying. His skin, while harder than a humans, could be pierced by a 50 caliber bullet or something similar. Plus, being hit by a car would ruin his day.

Destructive Capacity: City Block Level

Speed: Class Five.

Durability: Wall/Tree Level.

Lifting Strength: Class Five.

Striking Strength: Class MJ.
Standard Equipment:
Ship: Quallons ship is his main piece of equipment, being his home. It has machines inside capable of creating a believable human disguise, as well as being a warship, thus heavily armed.

Armor: Quallons armor, seen above, can deflect blasts from a fifty-caliber gun, as well as heating and cooling him when there are adverse temperatures, and healing injuries.

Guns: Ooh yeah, motherfucker. Quallon packs a laser pistol, capable of cutting through three inches of steel. He also has a boltrifle, a laser gun powerful enough to make Superman very unhappy.

Intelligence: Quallon has the cumulative intelligence of over eight thousand years, as well as the cunning needed to survive in the Greatest War. So yeah, he's pretty damn smart.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character: I have caught Charmitis. There will be more characters.

Jake Denton

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Postby Of The Rnclave » Wed Jun 03, 2015 10:09 am

Name/Alias: Hiroshi Mako

Gender: Male

Age: 17


(Hair is black thou )


( Middle Bang isn't hanging it goes up as well )

Species: Half Saiyan-Kaioshin ( Like Supreme Kai )


Discontent with Freizas rule, Hiroshis mother left Planet Vegeta for a better life, hoping to escape before Freiza no longer needed the Saiyans. Arriving on a far away planet, she met North Kaioshin ( Not King Kai and different one ) and as people do, they mated. As Hiroshi grew older, it became clear that the Kaioshins intentions were not pure, made clear in his constant verbal and physical abuse. Finally, when Hiroshi was 9, Oniyo, his uncle, challenged his father, a battle of unseen destruction waylaying the planet. But finally, Oniyo was defeated, and the rebellion was punished. For her assistance in the rebellion, Hiroshi's mother was killed, yet not by the Kaioshins hands, but Hiroshis.

At age twelve, the boy left away in the night to head to another planet, having already surpassed his father in strength, his firsts top was Planet Namek, where he trained with several different Namekian masters, learning to control his ki and adopting he Namekian fighting style. At age 15, the boy returned to his home planet, confident in his abilities enough to believe he could defeat his father. What followed was a beating of no comparison, a shaming in front of the entire planet. For his insolence and weakness, his right arm, up to his shoulder and across his peck, was permanently scared. After healing enough to wake, he was banished instead of being sentenced to death, traveling to earth in hopes of learning techniques to kill his father.

Powers and Abilities:

-Energy Sensing
- Ki mastery
- Ki attacks
- Martial Arts
- Saiyan Physiology


- Tail
- Weakness to Magic
- Arrogant and Cocky

Destructive Capacity:
- Base: Planetary Level
- Super Saiyan: Lower Stellar Level
- Super Saiyan: Solar System Level

- Base: Speed of Light
- Super Saiyan: FTL (x100+)
- Super Saiyan 2: FTL (x1,00+)

Durability: Moon level

Lifting Strength: Pre-Stellar

Striking Strength: Lower Stellar Level

Stamina: High since he's a Saiyan prodigy

Standard Equipment: His Gi and the Z Sword

Intelligence: High. Living with his father, he was forced through grueling physical and mental training, learning vast amounts of knowledge available to the galaxy

Optional stuff.

Theme song: The Last Agni Kai

Random Facts about your character: He's random? :p

There we go
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Postby Imperial--japan » Fri Jun 05, 2015 8:54 am

Name/Alias: Kika Xiones

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):

Species: Human

Backstory: Kika was born to an incredibly...plain household. She had one elder sister that always looked out for her best interests, and her mother and father were rather attentive to her needs as well. Grades were acceptable, she played sports on the weekends, and had a decent circle of friends. The future looked bright, but when Kika was eleven, she and her entire family fell victim to a home invasion. Her elder sister was missing, and both her parents were killed in the ensuing confrontation. With nowhere else to go, Kika was sent to live with her uncle.

Unfortunately, being the heavy drunk that he was, Kika was just as much of a victim to his outbursts as was the rest of his family. When Kika's uncle put his wife into the hospital, she conspired with her cousin to end his life. It was during the plotting, that she came into contact with a being known as an 'incubator'. It was from him that Kika was offered a way out of the abuse, and a way to help her cousin. She was offered a single wish in exchange for a lifetime of servitude to a cycle she didn't care to know about. So Kika made her wish:

"The power to live only for myself, and to make myself happy."

With her new found strength and agility, Kika pushed her uncle from a second story window, onto the pavement below. Despite accomplishing what she had agreed on with her cousin, he was absolutely furious. He screamed things at her like "Taken too seriously" and "Heat of the moment". Then when he moved to strike her, Kika broke his hand. Nobody would strike her like her uncle did. That would make her unhappy. She was rather unhappy with the way that her cousin was treating her. She had killed his father like he wanted, sold her soul to a cat, and he only yelled at her. In retribution, she snapped his neck. Maybe that would teach him.

It's been three years since that fateful day, and Kika's garnered a reputation among others like her as "A murderer" and "Sociopath".

Powers and Abilities:
  • Weapon Summoning
  • Speed Manipulation (She can control the speed of others, objects, and herself in all forms).
  • Soul Gem: Kika's soul no longer resides within her body. Her body is only a husk, an instrument to allow her to complete her mission. Her soul resides in her soul gem, which resides on her person at all times. If the gem was destroyed, she would die.

  • Soul Gem: The soul gem is very fragile, and simply throwing it to the ground can break it.
  • Single Weapon Summon: Kika can only summon more Hook Blades.

Destructive Capacity: Wall/Tree Level - (>5000 - ? joules)

Speed: 100m/s (223mph - 360kph)

Durability: Large Building Level

Lifting Strength: Class 5 (1,000 - 5000 kg): capable of lifting cars, small trucks, smashing concrete walls ect

Striking Strength: Class KJ: Kilojoule class. Slightly superhuman to outright wall busting attacks.

Standard Equipment:
  • Hook Blades
  • Soul Gem

Intelligence: Slightly Below Average

Optional stuff.

Theme song: Here

Random Facts about your character: Rekt

Name/Alias: Sesa (Sometimes called Majin Sesa)

Gender: Female

Age: 157,371 Years Of Age


Species: Majin

Backstory: A long time ago in a Universe far far away...the second to be precise. It was quite some time ago that Majin Sesa was brought into the world via the powers of a very lonely Witch. It was a strange thing to try and adapt to the world around you when you were already fairly sapient. Luckily, whether it was a racial trait or she was just a secret genius, Sesa quickly learned the language of the woman who gave her life and what her reason for existing was. The woman who had bred her was infertile and had always longed for a successor. Whether genetically related or not, Sesa's mother took credit for giving her life, and took up the dutiful maternal role. Though she was still attempting to get a grasp of her own existence, Sesa dutifully complied with what her creator desired.

Not long after, Sesa's mother began to teach her successor in earnest. The witch being her 'creator' and all, taught the Majin how to grow in strength quickly by detailing her races 'absorption' abilities. Eager to please, Sesa started by Absorbing the entire population of the village she and her mother inhabited. Sesa could of cared less about the fates of the villagers, but seeing her creators look of satisfaction told her that this was something she was supposed to do. As Sesa traveled alongside her creator in their quest to gain power, she absorbed numerous towns and cities. With nobody to stand in their way as the duo traveled around their home planet, it wasn't long until Sesa found her first real fight at the hands of a group of hero's bent on defeating the evil witch and her 'monster'. Angry over the insults tossed in the direction of her creator, Sesa engaged in combat with the 'hero's' and after a relatively difficult battle emerged victorious.

Unbeknownst to Sesa, those hero's were the best that the entire planet had to offer. It was the original goal of her 'mother' to have Sesa absorb this worlds most powerful warriors, and with that completed she tasked her legacy with one final wish. "To absorb her and the rest of the pathetic Universe until she was indisputably the strongest living creature in existence. To be the great legacy that she leaves behind". In compliance with her creators wishes, she absorbed the witch that had raised her to become a being of destruction and continued with the rest of the planet.

There was no time to stop if she wanted to fulfill the witch's desires. Finishing the onslaught of the planet she had tormented for almost two decades, Sesa became a plague upon the universe she inhabited. With only one goal in mind, she continued her onslaught upon thousands of worlds, slaying and absorbing countless foes. For thousands of years, Sesa continued onwards towards her goal. Death and destruction reigned wherever she went, and it was only with her last major confrontation that she found herself being bested. A white haired warrior with a steely look in his eyes stood to oppose her. He would eventually be her temporary undoing. For days they fought on and on. It only became apparent within the last few hours of the fighting that the warrior before Sesa was ever slightly stronger than her. Upon coming to this realization, Sesa lost herself in blind fury and attacked with everything she had, intent on ending this quickly. To her misfortune, the warrior survived and managed to severely wound the rather depleted Majin. Splitting herself to create decoys was the only way she was able to escape the situation alive, but Sesa felt that she had been considerably weakened by the warrior.

Unable to continue her efforts to become stronger while that god-like warrior remained on the hunt for her, Sesa utilized her creators knowledge of tomes and otherwordly abilities to find herself a haven. She casted a spell to transport her to a new destination, not-knowing that she had been transported to an entirely new Universe. Now with only a fraction of her former power, Sesa would continue her efforts to become the strongest being in existence.

Powers and Abilities:
  • Despite a Majin's ridiculous regeneration, Sesa isn't able to regenerate if there isn't anything to regenerate from. So yeah, total destruction will kill her.
  • Sesa's Ki attacks may be powerful, but unfortunately she was the half that was not gifted with her enormous Ki reserves.
  • Sesa tends to lose herself in anger when she finds herself losing a fight. She'll become sloppy and more prone to error.

Destructive Capacity: Planetary Level

Speed: 1% of Light Speed - 29,979,245m/s

Durability: Wall/Tree Level

Lifting Strength: Class K (10^5 - 10^6 kg): The mass of the largest animal: blue whale, the heaviest aircraft with maximum take-off mass.

Striking Strength: Class GJ: Gigajoule class: Attacks carry the force of many tons of TNT explosives. Building level to low end multi city block level

Standard Equipment: She doesn't tend to carry anything aside from the clothing on her back. Why do so when you can simply take what you need?

Intelligence: Below-Average

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character: Meh
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Name/Alias: Tomia Mako

Gender: Female

Age: 3.5 Years Old



- 2/3 Saiyajin
- 1/4 Kaioshin

Backstory: Born of a forced copulation between Hiroshi and Ariel, Tomia was left planet-side while Hiroshi escaped to Earth. As the oppression in the Union became worse, Tomia and her mother escaped to Earth where they lived modestly for two years. During the conflict with Garlic Junior, she was abducted by Garlic after they abused and nailed her mother to the wall of heir meager house. Throughout the entire battle, Tomia was in constant danger and was more than once used as a distraction by Garlic. Following the collapse of the Dead Zone, she witnessed the death of her father and was forever scarred. She is now in the care of Claudia.

Powers and Abilities:
-Super Speed
- Ki attacks
- Martial Arts
- Saiyan Physiology
- Telekinesis

- Tail
- Weakness to magic

Destructive Capacity: Street Level ( When Angered )

Speed: 10/m per second ( When Angered )

Durability: Peak Human Level

Lifting Strength: Peak Human

Striking Strength: Class GJ ( When Angered )

Standard Equipment: Her clothes

Intelligence: The Intelligence a 3 year old would have, plus some battle experience

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:
She's a rape baby ( technically )
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Postby Empire of the Siberian Flaming Eskimos » Sun Jun 07, 2015 10:43 am

Name/Alias: Salis

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): 6'3" male with an average build and medium length black hair.
Replace spirally top of helmet with black hood.

Species: Human

As a child he'd been abandon by the parents he never knew to an abusive woman who would raise him. He was thrown out at the age of seven when his powers started forming, scaring her when he accidentally warped her into the sewers below the run-down apartment that was their living space. It wasn't a home, Salis had never had a home, it was simply a shelter to stay in for awhile. After being thrown out of the hellhole that had been his life, Salis turned to robbery with his new found abilities in order to stay alive. He started off not able to get much, but soon was fairly well off for an abandon street boy. Gangs were a constant danger though, and without real means to protect himself and with an underdeveloped power Salis was in real danger. For this reason he joined with the Crimson Lions, one of the biggest gangs in the area, at age 14. When he joined he wasn't welcomed with open arms as he'd hoped. The others looked down on him for both his age and powers, mocking and ridiculing him whenever possible. Physical violence wasn't as common since they needed him intact for gang fights and other things, but it was definitely present. Salis eventually built up an emotional wall to block everything out. For him not feeling was better than the pain that he had to endure on a daily basis. With this new blankness of expression, Salis bided his time, becoming a expert marksman with both pistols and snipers. Eventually he was one of the best shots on the street, and that combined with his power allowed him to get back. One night, at the age of 23, he and the five gang members he was usually assigned with for their nightly patrols of the streets were going through an alleyway. When it became apparent that the alley was a dead end, Salis turned to go back. The other gang members had different plans. They shoved and kicked at Salis, yelling at him and beating him. This was the harshest treatment Salis had received yet from them, and when their leader moved towards his pants, Salis snapped. With a yell of rage he dropped through a portal below him, appearing behind them and efficiently firing a bullet into each of their heads. These hadn't been the first men Salis had killed, but they were definitely the most satisfying. The rest of the Crimson Lions eventually came after Salis when they heard of the deed, but he easily picked off their forces by always staying at easily defendable locations. Usually roofs that he could snipe from, these places would continue to be favored by him in the years to come. From this point on Salis would stay a loner in the criminal underworld. No friends would ever enter his life, and no family he knew of even existed. He would pick up the occasional one time accomplice on harder jobs, but they either left quickly or betrayed him. Salis continued to grow further and further from social life, becoming an unemotional robot that simply strived to stay alive.

Powers and Abilities: Salis has the ability to create inter-dimensional portals that allow him to warp from one spot to another. If he is in an unfamiliar environment he generally needs a line of sight so that he doesn't warp into something that will kill him, but simply creating two portals on either side of a wall isn't a problem. He can also create a portal on his person to block attacks and split objects(i.e. creates a portal along his forearm and swings it through the trunk of a tree, cutting through it with little physical exertion.)

Weaknesses: If he is blinded by bright lights or complete darkness he is unable to safely create portals. Attempting to do so will usually result in him going somewhere he didn't intend to go and possibly be injured.

Destructive Capacity: Wall/Tree

Speed: 1 m/s on average, maybe 10 m/s during an all out sprint

Durability: Human

Lifting Strength: Above average human

Striking Strength: Class H

Standard Equipment:
Sheathed Knife
9mm Glock

Intelligence: Knows his way around cities and other urban environments, as well as being a good fighter due to his years dealing with gangs. Not really a scholarly person, but knows basic things like reading, writing, and math. Also knows his way around firearms as he is able to disassemble his Glock and reassemble it without problems.

Name/Alias: Unit Delta-8256 / Del

Gender: Female

Age: 28, but looks and acts like a 19 year old

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):
This, but with a bit less ammo racks and no bone hilts on the swords.

About 5'11" without armor, 6'7" with it.


Backstory: Unit Delta-8256, or Del, was originally developed by HYDRA to be the perfect weapon. Starting out as a simple program to help calculate probabilities and statistics in combat settings, as time went on she was developed further and further to do more until she was able to analyze an impossible situation and find a way to complete it with minimal casualties and at least partial success. Once they started seeing her potential for being an actual operative, they set out to create a body for her to inhabit. Once it was done, Del was equipped with state of the art combat armor that could absorb much larger damage than any human and still function well. Enhanced reflexes, speed, strength were combined with her A.I. intelligence and computing power to create a perfect soldier. In order to keep a low profile when needed though, they gave the armor the ability to phase out of existence to reveal a full functioning artificial human body that perfectly replicated the functions of a real one. While eating and sleeping weren't required, they could be imitated perfectly whenever needed and she was given new learning sub-routines in order to help with cover. These new functions worked much better than expected though. As time went on going undercover as a human and seeing the world around her, Del started to learn far more than what was necessary. A personality started to form and she took on human traits. Emotions and moral's came into effect, eating and sleeping became more of a need, and she started to question what she was doing. Living through a world of idolized superheros lead her to start questioning what she was and what she did. Why did she kill these people for HYDRA? What did they do? What were their goals? Everything around her became more and more clear as she stuck her nose where it wasn't supposed to be, hacking into classified files and exploring morality more and more. It soon became clear that she couldn't show her new self to her creators, and that continuing to do their bidding wasn't something she could do.

Powers and Abilities: Can transform into a badass suit of armor at will that has heavy armor plating and energy shields to boot. She can also use all sorts of weapons proficiently due to the nature of her design. Since she's an A.I., she can also go into electronics around her and take control of them.

Weaknesses: Has an override code and could be hacked if you managed to find a virus or program strong and smart enough.

Destructive Capacity: With just her armor, probably wall/tree level. It really depends what she has access to and taking control of a nuclear missile or giant space laser would give her far more power.

Speed: Armor allows her to go 20m/s, but it varies based on what she has access to.

Durability: Her armor allows for small building level, but once again it depends on what she has access to.

Lifting Strength: Armor allows for about 1,000-5,000 kg, but it depends on what she has access to.

Striking Strength: Armor gives class KJ, but it depe- fuck it, you get the picture at this point.

Energy Projection: Armor gives small building level. If you can't guess this is supposed to say, then I don't know what you were doing for the past five stats.

Standard Equipment:
Her suit that is always accessible with a single thought.
Del has a variety of guns and two swords

Intelligence: She's a highly advanced combat A.I. who's slowly becoming more human. She's not extremely up to date on pop culture or trends, but can access any info on the Internet with a thought along with being able to do calculus in her sleep. In other words, she's stupid smart but won't completely get some jokes and be slightly awkward until her personality is done forming and has reached a full human state.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:
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Postby Treko » Sun Jun 07, 2015 10:46 am

Name/Alias: Westley Adams/ Kross Stitch

Gender: Male

Age: 26



Species: Human

Backstory: Westley has always been an athletic person and it could be seen in the multiple martial art trophies he had won. His father on the other hand was a magician that usually took on kid shows to help foot the bills for the family. On countless occasions his father offered to train him in the arts of magic, but Westley always refused. He had nothing against magic, but only saw it as a useless hobby that he would never use. When Westley reached 23 he began taking care of his father as a car accident rendered the legs of his father unusable. While searching tools in the basement Westley stumbled across a brick wall that hid a secret alcove behind it. He was taken back as multiple trinkets, charms, and tomes sat on the shelving of this alcove. Though, the item that caught his eye was placed in a glass case. A single needle and black thread laid there silently waiting for some fool to pick it up. Westley being the curious fool that he was opened the glass case and took up the needle and thread. While examining it the needle shot out of his fingers and burrowed into his skin. Westley screamed in agony and pulled on the black thread, but all was lost. The needle was already at work sewing the veils of dark magic onto his skin and cursing him until the day he died. After overcoming the pain that covered his body, he confronted his father who was shocked to see what he had done to himself. His father accepted what had happened and told him the origins of the needle. It was the tool of Halureoch, an ancient and powerful demon that used his needle to sew his victims flesh to the ground while he tortured them relentlessly. Westley father and mother had fought the demon on his plain to prevent him from entering the human world. Both of his parents were successful, but his mother had been lost to her wounds. Westley's father took the needle and hid it in the human world for no demon would be able to grasp at its power. However, there was no way to lift the curse without resulting in the death of Westley. After accepting the fate he was given, he took up his father's offer to learn magic, but only if he could combat the evil associated with it.

Powers and Abilities:
-Martial arts
-The Black Thread: Allows the user to shoot any length/multiple strands of black thread with needles to trap, hold, drag, etc.

- He's human, and that means he's not indestructible. The veil stitched onto him can only offer him so much

Destructive Capacity: Wall/Tree Level

Speed: 10m/s running

Durability: Peak Human Level

Lifting Strength: Athletic human

Striking Strength: Class H

Standard Equipment:
-Red tattered cowl
-Stitched on mask
-stitched black clothing
-Nomex suit
-black BDU pants
-black boots
-retractable metal bow staff

Intelligence: Slightly above average

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character: Cannot fully remove his costume as it is stitched on, but that does negate him from tearing of certain parts.

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Postby Eriel » Sun Jun 07, 2015 3:48 pm

Name/Alias: The Judge

Gender: Female

Age: 806

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): Looks human. Light brown skin, dark hair, usually tied in a ponytail. Tall and slender. Wears a Victorian era style man's suit, fitted for her feminine physique, sometimes complete with a top hat and cane.

Species: Time Lord

Backstory: Born on the planet Gallifrey, she ventured out into the universe at the young age of 112 on a TARDIS (a Gallifreyan time machine/space ship). They adopted the names the Detective and the Judge in a commitment to fight injustice around the universe. 80 years ago, her brother vanished, but the Judge ventured on, looking for him. She crashed on earth and lost her TARDIS. That's where she is now. Stuck on earth without her TARDIS.

Powers and Abilities: Can cheat death with a process called regeneration, where every cell in her body rewrites itself and she essentially becomes a new person.
Intelligence way beyond that of a human. Mostly human physiology aside from having two hearts and aging very slowly.
Has a sonic screwdriver, which is basically a do-anything-tool. It can fix things, break things, open locks, analyze all sorts of data. Pretty much anything except for being used as a weapon (although it has a limited capacity to make robots and other potential mechanical enemies malfunction).
MacGyveresque ability to turn everyday household items into sci-fi gadgets and technology.
Is an omniglot, i.e. speaks every language. Can even communicate with non-linguistic beings, such as animals or even babies, to a limited extent.
Would be able to travel through time and space if she had her TARDIS, but until it's found she doesn't have that power (I felt time travel was a bit over the top, but maybe later, if that's all right).

Weaknesses: Doesn't use violence if she can get around it (she would say that's a strength, not a weakness, but let's be honest, it's a hindrance). Sonic screwdriver doesn't work on wood.

Destructive Capacity: City Block level, ranging up to Planetary level if given enough time and the right resources. Would never do that, though... probably.

Speed: 1m/s

Durability: Peak human level

Lifting Strength: Above avarage human.

Striking Strength: On the upper side of Human Class.

Standard Equipment: Sonic Screwdriver.

Intelligence: Extremely high.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character: Loves cats. Hates coffee. Gets easily distracted. Was once romantically involved with Henry the VIII. It didn't end well.

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Postby Doughertania » Mon Jun 08, 2015 11:58 am

Doughertania wrote:Name/Alias: Dagon/Azrael

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):
Without it, he is a built man with an ever changing appearance due to his constant cellular shiftings. The Suit shows him as a Caucasian male with brown hair and brown eyes.

Species: Genetically Modified Human

Backstory: Archangel-7 was to be like the others before him - the perfect soldier, able to deliver punishment to any place in the world quickly and dangerously. The scientists who made him also dreamt of one who could be "reusable," as the previous Archangels had each eventually tried to break free after seeing the outside world or after committing atrocities. To obtain this, they gave 7 a healing factor more advanced than the others. This would stop him from taking any permanent damage. They also treated him with a thorough brainwashing to prevent him from gaining any independence. Archangel 7 was now called "Duma" as he would serve in silence.

However, the brain washing worked to well. During one particularly rigorous session, Duma was driven mad. He viewed reality as false, and viewed himself as a construct of someones imagination. This new mental state helped him break out of the scientists' control. Duma freed the others, then changed his name to Azrael, for he had become the Archangel of Vengeance.

Azrael hunted down the scientist's facilities until they were all purged from the Earth. From there, he decided to hone his skills, and becoming a hero to atone for his deeds as Duma. He toke the name Dagon to help him assume his new life.

Powers and Abilities: His strength, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes and senses are above that of even the greatest human specimen. He has an amazing healing factor, allowing him to regenerate entire limbs, and allows for immunity to telepaths, drugs, and poisons. He is an expert swordsman capable of holding his own against hordes of enemies. He is also a master marksman. He also has a form of cosmic awareness (The ability to break the fourth wall.)

Weaknesses:Despite how powerful the Suit is, Dagon still has no idea how to completely work it, and the only ones who did were killed by him. Damn scientists, never leaving behind an instruction manual. This means that sometime the Suit will malfunction or perform erratically.

Dagon's healing factor also is will powered. If he is demoralized enough, he will not regenerate.

Finally, he is mentally unstable. The brain washing turned him insane, making him here voices and believing there is a narrator who sometimes controls his actions.

Destructive Capacity: Without the Suit, Wall/Tree level. With the Suit, the highest attempted was Island level, but it may be possible for it to be higher.

Speed: Without the Suit, 10m/s (22mph - 36kph). With the Suit, the highest attempted was Hypersonic (Mach 5/1701.45 m/s), but it may be possible for it to be higher.

Durability:Without the Suit, Wall/Tree. With the Suit, the highest attempted was City, but it may be possible for it to be higher.

Lifting Strength: Without the Suit, Class 1. With the Suit, the highest attempted was Class 100, but it may be possible for it to be higher.

Striking Strength: Without the Suit, Class KJ. With the Suit, the highest attempted was Class GJ, but it may be possible for it to be higher.

Standard Equipment: He wears the Suit of Sorrow, an advanced suit of organic armor which combined magic and future technology into a suit. Even Dagon isn't completely sure of everything it can do. However, he knows it allows him to talk to the past Archangels (genetically altered super soldiers), can absorb and reflect magical and energy based attacks, and transform into street clothes. The Suit is equipped with a teleporter which sends him to either places he can see directly or coordinates he states. The Suit also is capable of projecting realistic holograms over Dagon, complete with audio. Dagon uses this to show the face he presents as his, a Caucasian male with brown hair and brown eyes. Finally, the Suit has hammer-space poaches - a form of infinite storage named after the holes cartoon characters could pull hammers from.

He wields the Sword of Sin and the Sword of Salvation. The Sword of Sin is a magic flaming blade which burns bright when facing evil entities. It can morph into a pistol or a variety of explosive and heavy weapons. In this form it is black with red runes. It is also capable of making those injured by it face the pain of the sins they've inflicted. The Sword of Salvation is a magic blade with a cold aura which glows with a blue aura when in the presence of good. It can morph into a pistol, or a variety of more precise weapons like a sniper rifle or submachine guns. In this form it is light grey with blue runes. Both weapons are extremely sharp and can pierce most normal armors and shields, as well as fire variable ammunition, ranging from elemental to trackers.

Intelligence: He's not a genius, but he's smarter than the average joe. Is capable of thinking his way out of most problems.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: I'll have to think. Probable something from Two Steps from Hell.

Random Facts about your character: He likes to make jokes. Occasionally they're funny.
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Postby Mirakai » Mon Jun 08, 2015 1:46 pm

Name/Alias: Keralia Ravenheart

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): Image

Species: Mutant

Backstory: Keralia was just a young girl when it happened. She had been playing with some friends when suddenly, men in dark suits took her away. They took her to some strange place, where they experimented on her, tortured her. "All in the name of science," they said. "For the greater good," they said.

Now they say nothing. One day, Keralia had enough. She mustered up all the power she had, and broke out of her cell. Stealing one of the backup calculation devices they had tested on her, Keralia escaped, and killed all the scientists who had done this to her. Now, she wanders the globe, living off the streets.

Powers and Abilities:Vector Manipulation.

Weaknesses: Her power is calculation-based, and therefore is always linked up to a mini-supercomputer. She can only use her power for about 45 minutes before needing a recharge. If she is out of power, she can only use extremely basic applications of her power

Destructive Capacity: Island Level

Speed: 1000m/s

Durability: Peak Human Level, but can reflect up to planet-busting using her powers

Lifting Strength: Class K

Striking Strength: Class ZJ

Standard Equipment: Mini-supercomputer.

Intelligence: Extreme

Optional stuff.

Theme song: Here

Random Facts about your character: I'll expand on the crappy bio later
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Postby Kaoiluja » Mon Jun 08, 2015 1:52 pm

Kaoiluja wrote:Villain for Themus

(Tell me if this is good or if he is to UP or OP. Was trying to be careful with this one.)
Name/Alias: Vladkaht Jaloki

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown ( ancient )

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): ... EYQMyggMCA Add some longer hair and slightly older features.

Species: Basakiith (extinct)

Backstory: There was a time long ago when the first civilizations in the universe began to take hold that the Basakiith ruled in a glorious empire over the Akanksa star system. They were good and just rulers who were known for being just and noble, bound by a strict code of honor. In those days magic had not yet been discovered or tamed by the hands of mortals, but the Basakiith were of no shortage of mages. During this age mystical power was not drawn from magic, but from ones connection to the primal forces of the universe. These were the primal mages of the Basakiith, beings at one with the most animalistic forces of nature.

These were the days when the primal forces were still dwelling among mortals as a natural occurrence. The mages empowered by them did not choose their destiny; they were born with the ability and taken from their parents at the first sign of their emergence. This was the path that Vladkaht took, stripped of his past and his surname. He was not troubled by this however. To be selected by the primal forces to become a Mage was a great honor beyond any a simple mortal could achieve. He trained with the others of his kind, and his tutors could see he was of a prodigious disposition.

In these days casts were long and arduous, riddled with complex phrasing and rhythmic patterns. It was not uncommon for a Mage to learn only two within their life. Vladkaht, however, memorized his first by age 7. By 14 he had learned three, and by the time of his enlightenment, the day when he would be given a new surname and be pronounced a fully authoritative mage, he had learned no less than six casts. This was a feat unknown to any ever seen before, and he was praised as a Mage of overwhelming might. He was given the surname "Jaloki," meaning "magnificent of mind." This helped make up for the agonizing headache had from staining his young mind so profusely.

Then came the great rebellion of Armageddon, the time when the people's under the great Basakiith empire became ungrateful of their just masters. It was prompted by a foreign minister who inspired defiance in their territories. Vladkaht, now in a high office of government, might have noticed the ambassadors schemes had he not been so enveloped in his studies. In the end, he was the only one who could have stopped what would happen next.

None except Vladkaht know exactly what happened, but we do know that the war was so destructive that it wiped out all life in the Akanska solar system, and that the only one to survive was Vladkaht himself. Found by the Basakiith god Mirza, the last of his kind, he continued to train despite being distraught over the loss of his home. Soon he became not just the greatest prodigy, but the most powerful primal Mage ever known. For time untold he has wandered the universe in torment until he finnally reached a breaking point. He decided that no matter what he did he would use this power to rebuild the Basakiith empire beyond its former glory into a new golden age... By whatever means he deems necessary. And those who step in his way are sure to face the wrath of a man who has become something of a god.

Powers and Abilities:

Alderii's Divine Enforcement of Form: Vladkaht is the only Mage to have ever mastered this cast, the most difficult one ever created. This is a permanent cast uttered by the Mage long ago. It allows him to never truly die, able to resurrect any time his magic fails him. Also grants him greater physical ability as well as an impressive regenerative factor.

Active Linguistic Casting (the list is substantial, but it's the first form of magic so it's going to be. I'm listing all of his current casting abilities.):
Hand of Chaos: Opens a rift into a dimension of chaotic energy, causing a torrent of dark force to erupt from the fissure. Appearance similar to a dark red and black glowing Kamehameha.

Shifting of the Sky: Unleashes a supernatural storm cloud that fires lightning at opponents.

Abbots Folly: Hurls a flattened bolt of energy that acts as a huge projectile guillotine, slicing through the toughest of materials.

Hauskals Spectral Displacement: Renders Vladkaht completely imperceptible for a period of time.

Nomads Curse: Binds a target to another item or person, creating a tether of Unbreakable spirit energy between the two for a short time.

Winds of Skaeola: The site bends around him, allowing for flight.

Call of the Third Legion: Summons a large elemental golem to do his bidding.

Philosophers Walk: Functions as a method of teleportation.

Rage of the Wandering Fool: Plunges him into a feral rage that strengthens his physical attributes.

Lord Vankals Veil of Savage Providence: creates an enchanted shield around the user that siphons the trace primal energies from around him, protects against physical Attacks and Will completely absorb most energy based Attacks for the users own usage.

Inferno of Gods: Unleashes a blast of ethereal flame that cannot be extinguished except by the user willing it or by the users death.

Cosmic Wrath of the Emperor Infernal : Causes the most primal malevolent forces to be channeled into an area, wreaking havoc on anything in it range.


Sealing of mouth keeps him from casting

Will show difference between normal and activation of RWF
Destructive Capacity: Solar/Multi Star(is that a thing?)

Speed: ground speed: 300/400, flight: Mach 10/25

Durability: Planet/Solar

Lifting Strength: Class 50/class M

Striking Strength: ZJ/YJ

Standard Equipment: Primal Force Gems imbedded in the skin of his hands. These gems can fire bolts of primal energy and create shields that can protect against all forms of attack, including psionic (still breakable like all shields though.) Primary method of attack.

Intelligence: Limits unknown.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: Remix of Sail

Really gets into the whole lost and half mad theme of Vladkaht.

Random Facts about your character: While he has been known to be something of a fanatic, Vladkaht is still capable of emotion. He has actually saved civilizations before, but will always try to use these things to his benefit.

It may not seem like it as he uses his casts, but every time Vladkaht does he experiences extreme pain. However, he has literally "died" so many times that such pain, though excruciating, has virtually no effect.

Kaoiluja wrote:CODE: SELECT ALL
Name/Alias: Lúxvälik-Taerr Szúnda'agh / The Outworlder

Gender: N/A. Referred to as male.

Age: 3.7 million years

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): Will appear for the majority of the story as a dark muddy greenish humanoid figure. His skin is riddled in bulges and crevasses as if he were made from a form of alien plant life. Lacks all facial features except for dark black eyes. There is a soft pulsating light that comes from different parts of his body when he is using his powers or communing with Waiyäv.

Species: Biological Monstrosity

: The primordial being known as Waiyäv was born as a force at one with the planet Xe'êlu itself. Every creature, from the smallest insect, to the tallest elder tree, to the sentient life forms that inhabit the planet is but an extension of the one true being. Old as the stones under ones foot, it spreads its tendrils through every crevasse of the world, controlling everything that transpires. For a while the being was content, watching life go on its way across the globe. Then came a time when Waiyäv became lonely after so many millenia as the only highly intelligent creature on Xe'êlu. While it took great pleasure interacting with the many animals that populated the surface, It desired something more. So the ever wise ruler of Xe'êlu went to creating intelligent life.

It is said that the chosen were made from a fragment of Waiyäv itself. Unlike the other creatures on Xe'êlu, who's seemingly natural habits were in fact carefully coordinated by Waiyäv to fit into its infinitely complex will, the chosen were given a degree of free will. They developed over the planet slowly at first, but with guidance from their divine ruler they began covering the globe, slowly becoming more and more faithful to Waiyäv. They advanced at a fraction of the time it would take for any other species to do the same. Everything they did, every bit of knowledge they uncovered, was done to add to the knowledge of Waiyäv, who's power was only matched by its insatiable curiosity. Soon they were crafting technologies from life itself, following in the footsteps of their master. Waiyäv was delighted with their progress, and now that they were to this point it decided to satisfy another thing that nagged at its ever expanding mind: what lies beyond the moons and planets that surround me?

Slowly at first, the chosen ones began to build grand ships that settled amongst the stars. Upon every planet they placed fragments of Waiyävs mighty tendrils, allowing the being to gradually take hold in entire solar systems of planets at a time.
Every now and then they encountered a planet with life already in place. In extremely rare cases they even found civilizations of intelligent beings. Most submitted quickly to the gods will, and those that retaliated were dealt with accordingly in an efficient and swift manner. In the end the people's of the conquered planet would live under the rule of their new master, and like all that encounter the primordial being would be added to the interface that was Waiyävs mind, blissfully enveloped in its benevolent embrace. Waiyävs presence was everywhere, and with every settlement its knowledge increased. It's mind, which had been incalculable from the days before the first chosen one was fashioned, was almost all encompassing.

At some point on its quest across the stars the creature began to reach its mind into places unknown to the various races that lived amongst it. It discovered something profound, a force that lies beyond this universe. Waiyäv claims that this force revealed that it was in fact Waiyävs creator, the one who had put him into existence to fulfill one purpose: Unite this universe under one rule. Once it did this, Waiyäv would finally achieve transcendence, and would finally bring its dream of an eternal kingdom to reality. So its quest became not just a campaign for power, but a holy crusade to bring order and light to the universe. It's people expanded with a newfound ferocity and passion, for they knew that if they could finish this task, their now enlightened master could put an end to all evil.

While progress was good, Waiyäv still found the stars to alluring to be dealt with at the pace that its people were going. It then came to a drastic and unprecedented conclusion. It would create a being of unchallenged power to search the stars as a flagship for the chosen. He would be a beacon for them to follow, a prophet that would lead them into infinity. So Waiyäv crafted Lúxvälik-Taerr, the Outworlder. He would be sent to scout out the most distant reaches of the universe, and wherever he would go, he would be sworn to protect all sentient life he encountered. Thus he became not just a trailblazer for the chosen people, but a defender of the universe and all of its inhabitants. For to Waiyäv, all life is precious. And what is Waiyävs will is certainly the same as the will the will of the Outworlder.

Powers and Abilities:
•Xe'êlu composite physiology: As the prime specimen of his planets collective biological spectrum, Outworlder possesses an extremely complex alien anatomy. Some applications relevant to the app are
~Shapeshifting: can morph himself into nearly any shape and convert different parts of his body into various tissues and biology based materials. Cannot mimic non-organic materials.
~Regeneration: Extensive self healing ability. Can fully reform from a single cell, though regeneration takes time proportionate to the magnitude of damage.
~Supernatural condition: strength, speed, intelligence, senses, etc.
~Eldritch Mind: The neurological system of Lúxvälik-Taerr is actually not centered in any single organ such as a brain. It is omnipresent throughout his entire body. The complexity and makeup of his mind is so foreign that telepaths find it impossible to comprehend or influence. This allows an effective immunity to all psychic attacks such as mind control. Someone who persists in trying to read his mind can possibly be driven insane.

•Telepathy: High level psychic powers that allow him to to communicate over vast distances and influence the minds of hundreds at a time. Often his main form of communication. An interesting aspect of this ability is that Waiyäv has forbidden him from directly interfering with the free will of beings who possess a "spiritual sentience," so while he can influence people and their actions, he won't be legitimately mind controlling other RPers or humans in general. Only animals and lesser beings.

•Genesis creation: can spawn from his body a wide variety of minions who possess some limited individuality but are ultimately extensions of himself. Can potentially spawn considerably large armies. Also creates organic structures. Is known for generating a special kind called "spires" that function as beacons for channeling the spirit and consciousness of Waiyäv onto the planet he is on.

•Telekinesis: We all know what this is. Capable of powerful bursts of telekinetic energy that range from minor explosions to city busters. Able to manipulate large objects and compress/expand them at will.

Primordial Tether: Waiyäv has placed on The Outworlder a bond that binds him to reality. This means that no power, reality warping or otherwise, can remove his present self from existence. This is not to say he cannot die, but that the only way to kill him is through physical conflict with his present self. By manipulating this tether he can attack another persons tie to existence, thus damaging their soul.

Weaknesses: Can be very passive in a fight, attempting to get a person to see reason before actually trying to harm them.

Cannot interfere with free will.

Limited by the will of Waiyäv. If something is deemed dishonorable by him The Outworlder physically cannot do it.

Regeneration, and thus Shapeshifting, can be weakened via tachyons

Electricity causes issues with his nevous system

Destructive Capacity: Planet

Speed: Ground speed- 176mph, telekinetic flight- Mach 38, interstellar travel form- incalculable

Durability: solar

Lifting Strength: Moon when at best

Striking Strength: PJ

Standard Equipment: none. Can create any equipment he needs from his own biology.

Intelligence: Ungodly. Contains the collective knowledge from thousands of worlds and possesses the ability to process it all like a supercomputer.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

The first song

Random Facts about your character:
- The Outworlder is known to have an inability to feel fear. He knows what fear is from reading the minds of others, but it is still A foreign concept to him. Waiyäv wires him with an inability to feel several detrimental emotions, like doubt, worry, wrath, or regret. This makes him rather annoying to both enemies and allies because of his seeming disregard for the intensity of desperate situations.
- While he cannot feel fear himself, he is a master of psychological combat. He often uses telepathy to discover his opponents worst fears and darkest emotions, then forces them to confront them by way of illusion or by physically morphing into them himself. Conflict with him can be as emotionally scarring as it is physically.

Name/Alias: Orianec "Ryan" Cinapsu/Maelstrom

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):
Facial profile

Inner exo-suit (always on. A Little Sleeker, more compact and only extends halfway up the neck.)

Full suit

Species: Atlantean Hybrid

Backstory: Orianec is a cultural anomaly, the product of the love between a Thalassian and Panthalassian, each a member of the two ethnic groups within the Atlantean social order. They were a good and loving family, living in the ocean depths under the rule of the so called "Atlantean Towers," Namor and Arthur each represented their ethnic group in the dealings of society, hoping to work with one another to create a halfway point between the rivaling classes. They were, however, unable to halt the growing conflict between their groups. Nevertheless, Orianec came of age with his parents in the ocean world of the Atlanteans.

From an earlier age he showed strange characteristics. The underwater creatures of the deep were naturally attracted to him, and his time was often spent swimming with sharks and He was known for lifting large boulders and out pacing even the most seasoned of Atlanteans in swimming. The magicians of the Atlanteans noted that a strange magical aura emanated from the child, for not even their greatest masters could effect him with their magic. His father, Zednanre, a well known scientist in the Atlantean community, began to study these effects out of concern and curiosity about his sons condition. Over time he determined that these traits were the work of a genetic enigma caused by the intertwining of the two bloodlines. The exact nature of his condition is extremely complex, often called a "one in a billion chance of being possible." In other words, his genetic makeup is the perfect alignment of Atlantean DNA.

His father began to use his research on the boys condition to further the development of several new technologies based upon his physiology. His work was applauded by many for both the unique nature of it and unprecedented advancement it caused. He was, however, not without rivals. Several unsightly parties began trying to blackmail him into giving them the secrets to his work by claiming to have evidence of him committing treason. His father, the stubborn man he was, called their bluff, and when they could not get him to reveal the source of his study they tried extracting his knowledge through other means.

When Orianec was 13, his home was attacked and ransacked by masked men and their enslaved creatures. His father managed to fight them off for a bit to allow his family to escape, but at the cost of his right leg. He was later dragged out of the house by his mother, and from then on would use a bionic extension to walk. Now confronted with the loss of his leg and the endangerment of his family, Zednanre was forced to seek refuge from the Atlantean Towers.

He begrudgingly revealed the source of his work to be his son, and told them of the strange abilities his son had developed. Both Namor and Arthur decided to allow them to be kept under guard to protect them from those who would seek to take the boy and learn how his abilities developed. He grew older under the watchful eyes of the Kings of Atlantis, and heroically developed an interest in the art of combat. Driven to further his capabilities to their maximum potential, he developed an exo suit to strengthen him past his limits. Against the wishes of his parents and his mentors, he has become a lone mercenary, eager to explore the world under his own command.

Supernatural condition, Aquatic affinity, telepathy, extensive knowledge of Atlantean martial arts and technology, Technology enhanced condition, regeneration, Magic resistance, Technopathy, ocean based magic.

His suit must remain well circulated with water, or he will eventually dry up like all Atlanteans.

Shows both out of suit and in suit
Destructive Capacity: Continental

Speed: Super sonic on foot, Massively supersonic in water.

Durability: City Level+ ( larger via force fields)

Lifting Strength: Class M,

Striking Strength: MJ-TJ

Standard Equipment:
His filtration suit is his primary source of water, as it converts ambient hydrogen and oxygen atoms to water to avoid running out. The suit is stronger or weaker depending on how much water it currently has, and becomes charged any time it comes into contact with water in its vicinity. The built in technology expands his Atlantean strength even further than it normally should.

He carries many gadgets and weapons. Some notable or most used ones are:

Conundrum Pistols: Discharges solidified telepathic blasts that damage physically while also causing disruptions in its targets mind.

Dehydration Coil: Charged with atlantean Magic, this coil fires an arc of magical essence that begins to continually strip the water from something the longer it is held on it, possibly causing death.

"Vera" : The Ultimate armor piercing round, and one of his greatest prides (hence the endearing nickname he calls it by). The exact nature of the ammo and functions of "Vera" are unknown, but it has been known to pierce things that natural projectiles should, by definition, not be able to. It can puncture supernaturally hard materials, by pass force fields and other energy defenses and even cause lasting damage to those with regeneration. Though not confirmed, Orianec has claimed to have "Punched a hole in Vulcan" with this gun.

Rainfall: An ethereal knife charged with anti-energy. If stabbed with this the victims body will experience the effects of extreme entropy.

Force field generator: Creates a barrier around himself to increase durability.

Teleportation mechanism: allows for short and long rang teleportation. Works similar in technology to the Globe of Transportation.

Spore Grenade: Unleashes an explosion of toxic undersea spores that erode the skin of non-aquatic creatures while increasing healing for the Atlantean.

Cryo-Sphere: A disabling weapon that freezes targets with technology similar to that which is used by Mr. Freeze.

Cloaking Device: Can turn Orianec invisible indefinitely as long as there is water to fuel it.

Various sensors:
Super hearing
Microscopic Vision
X-Ray Vision
Night Vision
Target/Tracking Systems
Physiological/Medical Scanners
Various other generic explosives and firearms( able to function underwater)

Intelligence: Genius Level intellect

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Xurvash

Gender: Male

Age: N/A (time is not a concept in the void)

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): ... een004.jpg

Species: Spirit of the void

Backstory: During the reign of Emperor Nektortuk II during the dawning of the third dynasty of the Basakiith empire, the primal mages of old began to stray from their faith, dabbling in the occult and dark forces. These heretics worked in secret, and it is said that they were the first beings in the universe to bring a demon into existence on our plane. Such was this blasphemy against the natural order of life that the practice was prohibited by the Emperor on pain of death. But these men were crafty, and they worked in underground cults unbeknownst to the authorities who banned them. They sought power from the dark forces, and in their foolish pride they reached to far, and they touched something that mortals were not meant to come into contact with.

There is a place beyond dimensions, beyond all things known and comprehendible. It is the Void, the space between spaces. Here, logic is a but a distant and ridiculed idea. The creatures of the void lived and did not live in a place of absolute nonexistence. Describing their world, worlds, and lack thereof would drive any man mad. What we do know is that at some point they became aware of existence, and for reasons unknown sought out its complete destruction.

Xurvash was sent as a scout for his kind. He descended into existence to try to understand its nature and how to destroy it, for something such as logic was strange and foreign. The mages of the Basakiith were filled with fear at its sight, and some went mad when looking into the living abyss. Their attempts to fight back, however, were destroyed with the blink of an eye. Xurvash began consuming the world, and it was only through the combined might of the mages Ka'abosh, Taelk and Sise-Neg the time traveller that the creature was defeated, and all memory of it wiped from existence. It was locked into the deepest recesses of a temple that will not be named, chained by the bonds of reality itself.

It has since lain dormant, suffering under the weight of time, a concept it barely understood. It has grown to hate all creatures, and because of that it would rage and fight its bonds, trying to rise again. He is almost risen by now, and all he needs is a little strike of luck to finally seek his vengeance on the world.

Powers and Abilities: Teleportation, Black hole physiology, Void magic, portal creation, telepathy, mind control, energy negation, nothingness constructs.


Is currently bound by the laws of physics and logic of this universe by the enchanted chains, keeping him from reaching his full power. These same chains are a constant bother and irritation to him.

He is unaccustomed to living in the "alien" conditions of functioning under reason and logic, making him out of his element in any given situation.

(These list the current bonded state of Xurvash. The power levels he reaches without his chains are unknown.)

Destructive Capacity: small galactic

Speed: FTL

Durability: Solar system

Lifting Strength: Planet

Striking Strength: ZJ

Standard Equipment: Nothing (in the most extreme application of the word).

Intelligence: Undefinable by mortal comprehension.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

The slightly glowing core of Xurvash is actually devoid of all energy, consistently hovering at well below absolute zero.



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