Under the Walls of Night [IC|Closed]

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Under the Walls of Night [IC|Closed]

Postby G-Tech Corporation » Sat Apr 11, 2015 4:49 pm

Under the Walls of Night


Mordian. A death world. A hive world. One side bathed in light bright enough to strip flesh from bones in moments, the other submerged in darkness so complete that outside your hand in front of your face is invisible. She has no natural resources; long ago her oceans boiled away, her mines ran dry, her ecosystems were subsumed by the voracious appetite of humanity. Mordian has only one thing she gives to the Emperor of Man in her undying fealty- bodies. To be a hiver on Mordian is to be a faceless figure amongst countless billions, a raindrop in a typhoon. Beneath the artificial skies and in the squalid alleyways, the fetid tunnels, and the forgotten constructions, millions live and die, their lives not ever recorded or remembered. Rule of Mordian has been given over, by the grace of the God-Emperor, to the Tetrarchs; they are nobles in every sense of the word, except the nice ones. With no resources to speak of, their rule is harsh and absolute- resentment festers in every corner of the choked masses, a thousand plots born at daybreak to grow to choking fruition by nightfall, if such utterances had meaning beneath the cloak of eternal night. Only the men and women of the Mordian Iron Guard stand between Mordian and chaos, for the world is a man sinking under his own weight, and the rule of law can only be maintained by oceans of blood. Alongside the Iron Guard the Arbites stand ever vigilant, harsh beyond belief, but cruelty is justice in this howling night.

And these defenders of the Imperium will need every ounce of faith, every shred of hatred, if they are to stand against the storm. One battle has Mordian survived, one great victory recorded; they broke a host of Chaos upon the very steps of the Tetrarchal Palace when a foul spell allowed the Traitor Legions egress from the Eye, but this was only their first trial. Now the summer heat rises again. In the underhive the numberless gangs are restless, and man and beast disquieted. Mysterious disappearances have been reported to the Arbites, and no traces of the missing ever found. A foul force lurks here anew, perhaps, or another sinister presence has made its lair in the eons of stacked construction that are the hives.

Welcome, then, to Hive Tenebris. Ruled by the Tetrarch Arvail with a fist of steel, it produces some of the least valued units in the Mordian Guard- even with training, his hivers rarely amount to much, and are only more warm bodies to feed the bottomless appetite of the Imperium's wars. But bodies they are, and bodies can smother any fire when enough are poured on top of it. Beneath the streets of Arvail, however, trouble lurks. The Emperor's Tarot has been foretelling disaster for a fortnight now, and now the full measure of the future is obvious. A thousand enemies descend. Chaos. The Great Devourer. Even the Orkish filth are trying to lay their hands upon the birthright of the Iron Guard. But they shall not have it.

Day One of the Crisis

High above the teeming masses Tetrarch Arvail made his eyrie, lord of all he surveyed. From the heights of plassteel and blastcrete, above even the clouds, the Tetrarchal Palace loomed over all below. The fetid masses. Truly, it was as the Arbites often joked in private, the humor they never showed to Imperial citizens; their job was not to defend the rule of law against outside forces, but against the blasphemous masses and xenophiles that masqueraded as the God-Emperor's faithful. Arvail sighed, his heavy double chin wobbling against the tubes of his rebreather. An enormously fat man, he had grown corpulent on the excesses of power- only the most expensive machines could keep up with his lusts, and in the night he felt something call to him. But so far he hadn't responded to that plaintive appeal- the Tetrarch was a stupid oaf of a governor, corrupt and inept, but even he knew that Chaos held rarely any promise for her most devoted of servants. This made him, for a governor of a hive world, somewhat of a prodigy. Arvail didn't think of himself as such, sipping his synthwine as he stared down at the endless chimneys of pollutant smog pouring above the hive, but his rule could have been far worse.

Unfortunately for Hive Tenebris, it could also have been far better. Neglecting the Guard and the governance of his dominion, many foul things had crept into the city. Now they were emerging in force. The Red Summer had begun.

Warlord Trait Rolls:
Brotherhood of Bones: Master of Ambush [Warlord and three units may Infiltrate]
The Cult of the Architect's Chosen: Target Priority [Units with 12" of Warlord reroll 1s when shooting or on Overwatch]
Precinct I: Implacable Advance [Warlord and all units with 3" have the Crusader special rule]
The Defiant Children: Martyrs for the Brood [D3 Infantry units may be designated at the start of a battle to have Martyr grenades]

Just give me a point total - for instance, "40 points, gained 20 points on Day 1" so we can track when folks are buying up reinforcements.
Also, if it might be unclear, add a little blurb at the end of your post like "Arbites send squads X and Y to occupy Palace of Zod".
Every faction may move into one unoccupied territory per day, and declare infinite assaults against neighboring enemy held regions, though one assault against any specific region
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Postby Olthenia » Mon Apr 13, 2015 11:46 am

Planet: Mordian
Location: Bulwark of Shadows
Day After Primary Incursion: 1

Perastus Ryndoon.

His eyes were as hollow and empty as the space between stars. The eyes of a man who had seen the Unbeholden Reaches. Had trod the dust of the Halo Moons and even, rumor whispered, made parley with the things that dwelled there. And yet men called him Captain. Men and women of every stripe and color of the Imperium's suns. Hard-faced colonist-sons tired of scraping a living from the flinty soil of their fathers Edge-Worlds. Brindled narco-tribesmen from Far Tiqui and jowly Saynay corsairs from the barren worlds of Comena's Cradle. Others were gang-marked scrapelings from half a dozen hive worlds, serving shoulder to shoulder with voidborn outlaws from the desert-townships of Dolorium.

Under him, all were brothers. Bone-brothers.


In the half-lit dark of the warp-scrambled storage-galleries that formed the sub-levels of the Bulward of Shadows, men moved. They clustered into fire-teams. Checked battery-gauges and muzzle stocks, and closed their eyes in muttered chants to gods beyond imagining. Beyond it all, the low, laser-sharp hum of half a hundred fully loaded las-carbines thrummed in the stale, air-scrubbed air. And then they moved. Arrestor-locks screamed on aeon-old hinges as bulkhead gates gaped open in a gush of pressurized air.

Thus, across the armored highway that linked the Bulwark's formidable form with spires of the Celestial Gate further east - a host of cultists in patched and stolen uniforms of the Mordian Iron Guard made their slow way onward, ever onward. Ahead of them, a malign, Xeno-written decryption code sliced through a host of security interlocks and PDF subroutines. Its false song lulled the machine-spirits of half a dozen gates along the Celestial's anterior walls into thinking they were expecting a routine convoy from the 42nd Mordian PDF; a local company dispatched to the Hive World's southern continent months ago.

In short, the Brotherhood of Bones swarmed up along the highway connecting the Bulwark of Shadows with the Celestial Gates. Hopefully shielded from vox-transponders and PDF scrutiny; their dark gods watching.

In the coming hours, Perastus and his Bone-brothers should have Hive Tenebris by the throat.

Actions: The following units of the Brotherhood of Bones invades area XI - Celestial Gates:
- Company Command Platoon, led by Captain Perastus.
- Heavy Weapons Squad
- The Enforcers, Sgt. Lyber and Mercedion.
- Renegade Milita Platoon, led by Izambaro.
- The "1st Favored" Militia Platoon, led by Lanky Ladwys.
- The "2nd Favored" Militia Platoon, led by Lt. Triston.

If at all possible, Captain Perastus, his Enforcers and the 2nd Favored will attempt, by virtue of Perastus' Warlord trait 'Master Ambusher', to infiltrate the Gate's substructures before combat begins.

My army list, in its entirety, is about halfway down page 12.
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Postby Lunas Legion » Mon Apr 13, 2015 12:31 pm

Adeptus Arbites Pict-Log
Planet: Mordian
Location: Precinct I Fortress
Day after Primary Incursion: I

Thought for the Day: Death is a reward for a lifetime of service.

"I do not like this." Drexx reluctantly admitted as he peered over the parapet of Precinct I's Fortress into the surrounding hab blocks. They had a kill zone cleared around the Fortress itself, some 300 meters by his reckoning. Less of his men had responded to the summons back to the Arbites Fortress than he had hoped; a lone repressor team, plus a pair of patrol teams.

It was not much; but the Emperor would provide for them, and Drexx had full confidence more of his forces would arrive soon. However, he now had to make a call. No doubt the Tetrarch had summoned more Imperial forces; he knew full well that he had requested further support from his superior in the Adeptus Arbites. Whether it would arrive in time was another matter altogether.

"You don't have to like it, sir. We do the Emperor's work. It is for the good of the many that the few must suffer." The Suppressor leaning next to him growled in response. "Like us at our posts."

"I have to make a call, Suppressor." Drexx sighed. "We can move to secure the Lawbringer or the Gardens, but I do not know which to move for. The Tetrarch has remained silent to me, as have the Iron Guard and the Emperor himself."

"The Lawbringer." He answered immediately. "The nobility are corrupt, decadent and the reason we exist. They should attempt to save their own skins. The Lawbringer's firepower would be much appreciated by the men, should the usurpers have looted heavy vehicles."

"Very well." Drexx reached up to the small vox-piece embedded within his ear and pressed it. "Patrol Team A, you are to move to secure the Lawbringer Cannon in Traitor's Plunge. Over."

"A rogers. We hear your orders, sir. In the Emperor's name."

"In the Emperor's name, Proctor." He ended the transmission.

Patrol Team A (see army list) moves to IX- Traitor's Plunge.
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Postby Bone Fort » Mon Apr 13, 2015 10:35 pm

Planet: Mordian
Location: Great Viaduct
Day After Primary Incursion: 1

"I'll be honest," he said, as he stared down from his perch atop a Russ's sponsons, "You're all relatively expendable and will probably die here. As grateful as I am that you managed to answer the call to arms, not so many others of our comrades have managed to do so in such a timely fashion. That was expected. It'll take time to rouse our full strength, so we must be ready. We've gained a firm beachhead here, and have the strength to hold it for the time being. There's is little that our enemies can muster at such short notice to take on our Leman Russes. Our armor will shrug off anything they throw at it, and our guns will cut down their futile efforts. But that presents us with a bit of a conundrum. With the numbers present, you bring nothing to the fight here except for bodies that the enemy can actually harm."

He paused to let that sink in. The Initiates assembled in front of him didn't object; it was a fair enough assessment. Though it might have been the awe distracting them. It's not everyday that lowly rank-and-files such as themselves got addressed personally by the Magus. He wondered what they must have thought, looking up at him. His appearance wasn't one that screamed "Magus", for one. Far from the image of a solemn, bald Magus in noble robes, he was a more quiet, unassuming figure. Atticus Carpenter, Magus of The Defiant Children, instead was adorned in tired, worn out looking outfit more fit for a Ash Waste Nomad than a a cult leader. Hell, he even had a full head of hair! Most the cult did, in fact. No one was sure why. Usually Genestealer Hybrids had shiny chrome domes, but they... didn't. Probably some random mutation. These things happen from time to time.

"... But that is not to say you are useless. Far from it. If we are to wage war upon the oppressors, we must secure our holdings here. And so it falls on you to secure the starport. It is paramount we gain control of it. He who commands the skies commands the ground. Understood?"

Two or three blankly nodded, the rest still staring at him wide eyed and slack-jawed.


Initiates move to XIX- Spaceport
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Postby The Armed Republic of Dutch Coolness » Wed Apr 15, 2015 8:13 am

Planet: Mordian
Location: Hab Artis
Day after Primary Incursion: I

Lady Miriah Zadresh raised her arms as the carapace body was put in place by her ever faithful handmaiden, Bellata. The bodyplate strapped on, she lowered her arms and put on her bracers. They were mostly symbolic, made out of silver and carved with the iconography of the Changer of Ways. The room they stood in had once been a small cafetaria, located among the homes and stores of Hab Artis. Now it stood empty, tables moved out of the way but for one with a map on it, and the doors closed as the Cult of the Architect's Chosen matriarch changed into her combat attire. The Hab had been successfully taken, and without much trouble - the Architect was with them for sure. The Cultists had led the initial assault, and when resistance appeared to be almost non-existant among the hab's populace, Miriah's personal guard had advanced. It had been an easy battle, with some of the populace even seemingly worshiping the Dark Gods themselves. Even now, Preacher Amelis was speaking to them - perhaps they could draw recruits from the locals soon. Those that were absolutely loyal to the Corpse Emperor still were being pulled out of their homes and publicly executed by Amelis' cultists as the Household Guard had began fortifying the location - no doubt the Imperium's servants would soon attempt to retake the Hab.

Finished with her armor, Miriah took her weapons, a forcesword and a bolt pistol, hanging them from her belt as she walked towards the table standing at the center of the cafe, the handmaiden Bellata following suit. Together, they looked at the rough map of the Hab, and the larger map of the Hive.

"We must use our victory here," the Tzeentchian witch began, "to further ensure the Architect's plans will be fulfilled. I want my faithful servants, whom have stayed with us since the start, to scout the Victory Spaceport. Sekbas shall go with them to ensure that the Architect is with them - if possible I wish for them to seize it. Large parts of the Hive might still be unaware of our existence, and we shall use this to our advantage. By taking Victory Spaceport we shall almost immediately become a force to be reckoned with. We will control the Hive's access to much needed resources such as food, as well as taking the Hive's reminder of victory over Chaos. The entire Hive shall suffer. Riots will erupt, people will turn against the nobility and perhaps even embrace the Architect as their master... Inform the servants and Sekbas, Bellata, my dear. There is much work for us to be done!"

Zadresh's Servants (10 Cultists) and Sekbas (Daemonhost) move to XIX - Victory Spaceport
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Postby G-Tech Corporation » Wed Apr 15, 2015 10:57 am

Battle- Victory Spaceport - Region XIX

Map Guide
Central circle with red star is the "Hill". Models in base contact may hold the hill, Troops choices may secure the Hill- that is, if a Troops is in control and a non-Troops enters contact, the original Troops continues holding the hill.
Objects outlined in black are 5+ object Cover, treated as fully passable.
Objects outlined in white are 4+ object Cover, treated as fully passable.
Terrain outlined in light grey is 4+ area Cover, treated as difficult.

Battle Type: King of the Hill
Rules: Random Game Length [3 - 4+ to continue]
Victory Conditions: Destroy the Enemy, Victory Points
Victory Points Awarded for: Slay the Warlord [1pt for killing enemy commander | Cultist Champion for Chaos, Hybrid Acolyte], First Blood 1pt, King of the Hill d3pts

Deployment Rolls and Rules
Defiant Children 4 | Chaos 1 - Defiant Children may choose if they deploy first or not. Side that deploys first takes first turn. Deploy up to 6" away from either north or south table edge, first deploying army choosing which table edge they deploy on and other army taking other edge.

Update the map as you deploy, and feel free to use the 6" measuring sticks in the top-left corner of the table to determine distances.
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