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by Scotatrova
Confederation of imperial states wrote:
Scotatrova wrote:
Kalder smiled at the Knight's comment about learning English and whispered something to Maeya in Arovean. She smiled back at Kalder before getting up and walking over to the Knight. She then grabbed his head and pulled the Knight in for a kiss. It didn't last no more than 3 seconds before Maeya pulled back.

"Well, this should make contact so much easier."

Kalder let out a small chuckle and Guardian stood puzzled and confused before letting out a small smirk. Kalder then nudged his sister.

"Oh, I'm sorry. This is how Aroveans learn languages. It can be pretty confusing to some foreigners, but it helps us very much."

The Knight was slightly confused as Maeya walked towards him, However he felt a brush of confusion and slight panic hit him as she grabbed his head. Maeya then Kissed The Knight, The Knight's eyes widened with shock peering over at Guardian. The knight saw guardian stick his hands up slightly, signalling "don't look at me". after Maeya stopped, she stopped and said, "Well, this should make contact so much easier.". The Knight kept his demenour through the slight ordeal, nodding, "May I ask why?", "Oh, I'm sorry. This is how Aroveans learn languages. It can be pretty confusing to some foreigners, but it helps us very much.". The Knight nodded, gesturing to the doorway behind him to the right, "Head up Stairs, Sanza will make some food to alieviate the Cryogenic sickness and it's effects". The Domain is Hidden from public eye so we should be uninterrupted". If Kalder and his sister proceeded upstairs, The Knight peered over to Guardian, who'd gained a Smirk on his face.

"Tell. No One".

Guardian smirked back at the Knight while Kalder and Maeya walked upstairs.

Felix Mercer
Earth 2149, The Marvel Zombieverse, The center for zombification

Felix stood in disbelief at the sight of the huge horde that had amassed itself in Times Square. He knew that this in itself wasn't going to be easy. He stood behind the zombified Hawkeye as the other super zombies gave him weird looks. He stood still as he saw several heroes like Captain America, Thor and Daredevil all turned into hideous creatures.

"Me and Hawkeye were doing some searching for food when we came across this guy. Apparently he suffered some kind of amnesia and hasn't had anyone to eat in a while either. Looks like we have to look for alternative food sources. Somewhere, anywhere."

Captain America, or Colonel America as he was called here stood up and inspected Felix.

"So, where are you from newcomer? Did you come from the city, or somewhere else in the desolate world?"

"Well, I actually came from Hollywood. Ya know, a place where they made movies back before Los Angeles was picked clean."

"Yes, I'm well aware of Hollywood. So Spider Man, Hawkeye, anything out of the ordinary to report from your search."

"Not much Colonel, so what are we going to do about the food shortage?"

Spider Man kept talking with Colonel America while Felix thought to himself for a bit. He kept thinking for some way to escape, but not spoil that he wasn't infected. That was when there was some commotion among the horde. He could distinctively hear someone call out, but he couldn't make out what. Then it came to him. "Food". Had the super zombies found food, or had they found out that he was. That's when he heard a small explosion. The horde then began to head towards it. Colonel America turned and called out to Felix.

"We found an uninfected meta, you gonna just stand there or help out in the kill? Doesn't matter, more food for us."

The Colonel then joined in on the charge and Felix stood there. He didn't realize it, but he turned and started running. Now was the perfect time to make a run for it, with his life. He barged into a deserted hotel and made his way up the stairs. Several, half eaten bodies littered the stairwell, but he made his way to the top. From up there, he could see that the horde was engaging on a person, but he couldn't make out who. But then he saw metal flying and could hear the clanging. Then, a figure of red and purple became visible and a shield of metal flew around him. It was Magneto, and he was fighting. However, the horde kept advancing but he didn't give up. Felix sat back on the edge of the roof and tossed his gun around.

"Well, hate to say this Mags, but better you than me. At least for now anyways."

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by The Templar High Council
The Templar High Council wrote:"Good enough for me! I like my odds!" Kylie jetted down to Earth, headed for a town west of London known as Reading.

After landing in Reading, Kylie set off for... well, she didn't know specifically. She was just following her rings, who led her on a trip though the leave-coated streets of the town. Eventually, she found her way to the river Thames. Walking along the riverside road, Green finally got her to stop.

["This is it, right here."]

Looking to her left, Kylie saw... a bookstore. A quaint brick building, along a row of houses of the same composition. There were three windows facing out; one large downstairs and two smaller up. Above the door hung a sign that said "Merlin's Library" in faded letters.

"You've gotta be kidding me... How have history nerds not found this guy yet!? He's got a freaking sign!" Kylie exclaimed at her hands, now wearing clothes that wouldn't get her so much attention. She wore jeans and sneakers, brown t-shirt under a corduroy jacket, and a green beanie. Stereotypical cold-weather wear for the Green Lantern girl. It was fall in the UK, it's as cold, or moreso, than it was in NYC at the same time. She came prepared, mostly because it would really suck to be freezing while meeting Merlin.

["We don't know that it's Merlin. We already told you that."]
["Yes,"] Green chimed in. ["Perhaps the reason he hasn't been found is because he's not here. There is a chance you might have to fight, so be ready."]

"OK, thanks. But for now, I'm going to do this on my own." Kylie took off her power rings and held them in her palm. "Let me do the talking, and bust out if we need it." She stuck the rings in her jacket pockets and pushed on the door, which rang a bell on the inside. On the inside, it was very crowded. Not with customers, but with books. Shelves and stacks of bound books opened up in front of Kylie. The check out desk was at the back, presumably. Gotta be Merlin. No one could run a store where they can't see people leaving with their stuff or not. Kylie walked to the wall to her right, away from the door, and picked up a book sitting atop a stack. It seemed she was in the fiction section, as the book she picked up was an old copy of The Hobbit. Could this be any more cliche? she thought to herself, as she continued to dig through books. After digging for a bit, she approached the desk in the back of the room with one book: a hardcover copy of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. There was a bell sitting on the desk, and Kylie quickly tapped it, sending a melodious RING throughout the store.

"One moment, please!" A voice sounded from the back of the store. A few moments later, the voice's owner appeared: an old man with white hair and a beard. That was as far as Kylie's anticipated image of Merlin went, as this man was far shorter than expected. His face was scrunched up, but not in an angry way. Like his whole face was squinting to try and see her better. He was thin, and wore a vest that looked itself to be at least a hundred years old. "Eh, what can I help you with?"

"Um, I'll just take this book." Kylie pushed the book forward, and the old man started ringing it up. "So... you're Merlin?

"Well, it is my store. I'd hope I was, because I don't think I'd be working at anyone else's bookstore." Merlin chuckled as he continued pressing buttons on his fairly dated computer.

"Merlin like, the wizard from King Arthur?"

"I've heard that hundreds of times. Yes, like that Merlin. Sadly though, I'm not him. If I was, I'd find some way to magically generate business for this old shop." Merlin laughed again, a humble Hohoho as he finished pressing keys on his computer. "That will be eight pounds, miss."

"So, uh, I only have dollars. American dollars." Kylie pulled some money out of her pocket to emphasize her point. "Will it do?"

"American dollars? How did you get here without having British pounds?" Merlin stared at Kylie, somewhat incredulously.

"I... uh... flew." Kylie's unusual answer piqued Merlin's interest. His eyes narrowed as he stared her down.

"Is that so?" Faster than she could respond, Merlin kicked the underside of his counter and a magic circle appeared on the other side. From the circle came a magic pulse that knocked Kylie back, but didn't disturb any of the bookshelves.

"Wait! Wait! I'm not here to fight! Just ask a question! Or maybe a few!" Kylie dug herself out of a pile of books as Merlin approached with his staff. He looked even shorter without the counter.

"Hmm? And what would that be?" He asked, raising his staff to fight back.

"It's about the Red Knight! And Perceval! My name's Perceval!"

With that, Merlin halted his attack. "So that wasn't just a solar flare, something from Camelot is here..." With a wave of his staff, Merlin righted the books and lifted Kylie to her feet. "Follow me."

"Wait, where are you going?" Kylie asked looking the old wizard in the back. For some reason, he seemed more heroic after he turned his back to her.

"Where?" He replied, a twinkle in his eye. "To the root of it all; Camelot, of course."

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by Finland SSR
A Heart of Darkness

Frank Mayhem

Now, the capsule... Capsules are so convenient. For example, normally I would need to keep the teleporter pod in a safe spot, probably somewhere far away, make sure nobody steals it, and all of this would take time, while now, you can just plop this little pea-sized capsule and bam - instant product. You can simply keep in your back pocket. Truly one of the greater technological marbles of humankind. I searched my pockets... yes! It's there, safe. I took it out, pressed the button, threw it on the ground, moved back, then back in.

Now then. I opened my eye GUI. Immediate news flash. Celestial Army attack on Hera. Hera? Wait, isn't that the crazed mercenary camp of a planet?

But a Celestial Army attack on Hera...

Coordinates 775 22551.


We're here. Planet Hera. My teleporter landed in a barren outskirts region, looks like some kind of tundra. Cold, frozen wastelands. The sun is barely above the horizon, despite it being early afternoon. A few purple trees, some grass here and there, mountains in the background. Right, all trees are purple here. And that's not even the weirdest thing about this chunk of rock. I jumped out of the pod and shrunk it back into a capsule. Hera is an odd planet. Barely any atmosphere and no magnetic field. About the same size as Earth, but almost completely made of metallic substances, thus 15 times denser. I didn't really feel the difference, but an untrained Earthling would either asphyxiate or be crushed by the gravity in a minute or so.

Maybe two. To be honest, I'm not the person to wonder about this kind of stuff. I have a database, but I'm not really using it. It's just that I thought about it while flying above the Heran landscape. Soon, the tundra changed to roads, power lines and sparse villages. Despite being extreme, Hera is inhabited. Seriously. And by quite a lot of people. The Herans are as odd of a race as their planet is. Hera has always been a planet covered in bloodshed, but they held on and built their own civilization. Super powerful, but not really militaristic, just a bunch of mercenaries for the greater powers. And now they got hit by karma.

I mean, I don't mean bad to them. I'm not a space racist or something. But hey, your race has built itself on killing people for galactic emperors, you should make sure you don't get a revenge attack, so when one of them steps in and invades you direct, in a revenge attack, you should re-evaluate your life choices. The battleground was getting closer and closer, I could feel it. I could feel the lust of battle. It's my eleventh sense. Ismodeus's fault.

Even though I was flying at hypersonic speeds, it felt like I was just taking a walk. The atmosphere was so thin and rare that there was almost no air resistance. My hair was stationary, which, I believe, would look really, really weird. Why am I even thinking about this-

Oh. There they are. I've reached Hera, the capital of the Heran Despotate, as well as it's biggest city and now a pile of ashes and dirt with a massive swarm above it - mostly grey and black, with some green and red mixed in. I'm not even participating and it's already a clusterfuck. Energy blasts and beams flying everywhere, injured Herans and destroyed Androids falling down to the ground, energy auras, white hair, and it's just hard to determine which side is winning.

Well, I mean, I won't achieve anything by floating in the sidelines, so...

I took out the Heat Blade. My body automatically flared up in it's Influx aura.

...It's time to change the odds.

Backflip, crouch down, powered up charge forward. We're in. I was in the outskirts of the huge battle, but things were already heating up. Slash, chop - a few of those machine freaks down. Energy blast to a large cluster - already a killing spree. Some more chops, blocking a few blasts, a wide kick to get them away from me. They're not reacting. Now, a wave... Wait, a Heran in front! Abort! Abort!.. Phew, almost hit that oddly dressed girl over there.

Hold on. She's charging an energy blast - aiming at me!

"Hold on! I'm on your side-" BOOM! Hit me at point-blank range... I flew out of the battlezone like a ragdoll, crashing into a pulverized office building below, on the razed ground. That... that bastard! She... she... I'm lacking words to use here... Well, I suppose I can't really blame her. There's only two of us "good" androids in the entire universe, after all. She might have never met Xicor to establish that possibility...

Speaking of Xicor, why isn't he here? He should be the one taking blasts from unsuspecting teenagers and fighting millions of androids, not me! Oh, wait, the Heran is here. She followed me. I stood up and jumped out of the impact crater, landing a dozen meters away from the alien girl. She was in her super form, clouded in a green fiery aura, slowly walking towards me with the battle in the background. Staring at me... with frustration and never-ending anger. It's like I was her sworn enemy, but it's just that we've never met before.

"You all..." she spoke. "Marching in an unending grey mass, trembling innocent races in your way. You are the scourge of the Universe, just like my people once were. But we have changed, while you stubbornly reject it and continue your bloodthirsty march."

Well said. Maybe. I don't study Heran history.

"But even though you have numbers and power on your side, we have faith. We have hope. You are the Scourge prophecized millennia ago, and if that is true, you will be vanquished by one of us."

One of us! ONE OF US!

"But while time is ticking. I will prepare the field for the First Angel to sow and reap. I will make sure he won't have to fight alone. You don't hear me - you are a machine without will, but you'll know that my name is Itaku, and I am your fate."

With those words spoken, the awkwardly philosophical teenage Heran girl, apparently named Itaku, leaped forward and charged towards me at hypersonic speeds, extending her right fist forward. I was still processing her words, but even I could see such an open blow. As we contacted, Itaku found her hand stuck in my palm.

"I'm awfully sorry, Itaku, but I'm on your side. Your voice has been heard."

The expression on the girl changed from pure fury to pure... confusion.

"You... can talk?" she muttered.

"Yeah, and that's not all."

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by Tomia
John was shocked at Sarah's sudden change of mood. He had no idea what she was upset about, but was quite relieved when her angry look broke and was replaced with a cute smile. John gave a relieved smile of his own and kissed the chocolate off of Sarah's cheek. "Sorry sweetie, I'll try to remember that."

Sam continued to listen to DeeDee as she explained her teaching methods. It made sense to Sam. She did struggle with creativity and self doubt, and that was definitely what she needed help with. "You're right DeeDee, that's what my problem is. I'll try to get better at being creative." Sam told the demon before realizing that DeeDee hadn't moved her tail from around Sam's leg. Sam blushed when she realized she couldn't really move without DeeDee, and was glad her sister spoke up to provide a distraction.

"Well, it's getting kind of late. Maybe we should head back to the hotel?" She said to the group before turning to John, "You think you could get rooms for Roy and DeeDee if they want stay too?"

John nodded, "Sure, I think I can manage that. The owner of the hotel is a friend of mine. He'll help me out." John said with a smile.

Nico heard Kiris ask about the cellphone and he decided to answer. "Well, as we were running out of the bank, there was one of the robbers passed out on the ground. I saw his phone in his pocket and I decided to take it. I know that might have been wrong, but it looked like a professional crime and I figured we could learn something about the people who did it." Nico told Kiris, still withholding his theory about his parents. He then turned to Nelli who he realized was being left out. "This is Nelli by the way." He told Kiris. "We met her when we got here, I suppose she can tell you about herself better than I can." Nico said before sitting down again.

After about a half an hour, Kiris heard a voice in her head. It was Mars, using the telepathic connection that Kiris had established between them. Kiris? It's Mars. You and the others should come down here. I decrypted the phone. Come down and I'll show you what I found. Mars told his friend through thought speak.

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by The Fallen Jedi
Demon God Alastir & God of Peace Shimura

The two opponents crashed into the planet of Arcos with such force that the very planet itself shook with the sheer force of the impact, the two gods were powerful in their own perspectives, Alastir being empowered by the demonic forces of the universe, supplying him with such foul energy that any other body would collapse from entropy, while Shimura, being the god of peace, was being empowered by his own peace of mind as well as the calm-flowing energies of the Universe, the two were titans that could only be matched by another universal force, as the two were individual aspects of the Universe, one was of a malevolent nature, and one was a benevolent nature. As Shimura and Alastir shot back up into the sky, the two were punching and kicking each other with such ferocity that it appeared that the two of them were essentially blurring themselves out of existence "I didn't expect anything less from a battle hardened mentor of peace, my nemesis!" Alastir smiled in joy, feeling every bit of Shimura's tranquil fury, and was enjoying the experience!

Shimura narrowly avoided a dark energy-enhanced punch from Alastir, his hair weaving through the wind as he avoided a few of Alastir's strikes, he only stared at Alastir with neutral eyes as the two continued to fight, he was not going to break down in front of such a force of darkness "Alastir..." Shimura said inwardly, watching as in Alastir's left hand, a dark energy began to swirl wildly like the wind itself, the very darkened aspect of wind and everything associated with the sky, a nasty variant to deal with indeed "You truly have changed..." Shimura acknowledged sadly, subconsciously calling upon the power of holy fire, the very essence of this fire able to deal a decent amount of damage on forces of darkness like Alastir "It seems that you will never change!" Shimura exclaimed, baring his teeth at Alastir, the two opponents trusting their respective elements forward, and as the two clashed, it created a storm of wind and fire so great that it caused both Alastir and Shimura to crash into the ground, with Alastir suffering burns that actually hurt him, and Shimura suffered lashes all over his body.

As these two injuries began to heal, Alastir was the first to rise up with a frown on his face, Shimura was on equal standing with him, his darkened influence had not spread sufficiently enough to make a difference in this battle, and he could not allow it to drag on any further, he had to make sure that he was powerful enough to take Shimura on, and he could not even exceed his old friend's power, they were on equal standing "You are indeed very powerful my friend." Alastir chuckled, his entire form turning into a plume of smoke that began to slowly disappear "But expect me to come back one day Shimura, because I am so very close to my objective, and you don't even know what it is, farewell..." Alastir replied, fleeing to the Demon Realm.

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by Tomia
The Angel and the Demon
The large minataurs charged forward toward Lightbringer and Darian, their footsteps shaking the ground beneath them. Darian unsheathed his sword and a blast of flames suddenly surrounded him that was so strong it disintegrated two of the minataurs in front of him. Now he was the Sword Demon fire sparking off of his body and armor. "Come on! Fight me!" He shouted in almost animalistic voice. When Darian took this form, he became more aggressive and embraced part of the darkness inside him. He had to be careful not to lose control completely though, oherwise the
Demon would take control and Darian would be lost forever.

Sword Demon and Lightbringer both fought the horde of monsters that charged them. "Begone, insults to purity!" Lightbringer shouted as she fired two arrows simultaneously into one of the Minataurs. The creature let go a wicked howl as the arrows made contact with its flesh and attempted to raise it's ax in retaliation. However, the arrows suddenly began to glow in a hot flash of white light and soon exploded in a burst of energy. The minataur and two of its nearby brethren were suddenly encompassed by the blast and when the blinding light faded, no traces of the dark creatures remained.

When it became clear that his minions were no match for the siblings, Zeritin stepped forward menacingly. "You think you are strong, because you wield ancient magic? You are children playing in adult clothes. I will teach you what real power is!" Zeritin shouted before releasing huge blasts of dark energy at Darian and Serene. They were both taken by surprise and knocked down by the blast that were now holding them in place.

"Let us go you freak!" Darian demanded.

Zeritin merely chuckled. "You have no power over me mortal. You will soon be a distant memory." He said smugly as suddenly the wind began to pick up and an ominous dark cloud was swirling around the demon in wizard robes.

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by The Silhouette of Adventure
I clear my mind. With perfect precision I see my place in the vast Universe and bask in its glory, the Awesome powers of the Omniverse clear and present in my thoughts. Here, on this primal plane of the mortal psyche, all is clear to the patient, watchful eye, and-

-And someone just broke into my damn office while I was meditating. Again.

A Tale of Loss - The Professor

I open my eyes slowly- I don't know if this is a couple students on a harmless dare, or this so-called HYDRA that has been menacing the world, or anyone between. After all, who wouldn't want to get their hands on the arcane knowledge of the Sorcerer Immortal? To be fair, for now, most of it was just that- Arcane knowledge, not actually skill. I had memorized the incantations, perfected the summoning rituals, Hell, I even improved some of the alchemical recipes- But no matter how hard I tried, magic just refused to cooperate with me. Make no mistake, I could pull off most spells in the book... They would just be pale reflections of their true power. The only exceptions were the spells that I had spent all one hundred and fifteen years of my magical training perfecting- Levitation, for example. I only ever meditate while levitating.

Ah, getting distracted. I closed my eyes for a moment to shake out the cobwebs. Even a hundred years later, I'm still too used to the monotony of being trapped inside the Earth. I breath in slowly, deeply, and open them once more. "Sediv agret." I whispered softly, and for a moment, nothing happened. Slowly, my vision began to fade, and it was replaced by a similar scene- I was looking out the back of my head. I love this spell. I smirked, watching two of my students meander around my study. My smirk vanished when one began to reach for a particularly dangerous book, and I willed myself to whip around, rising from my sitting position and extending my arm. "Oeprot!" I called, freezing him where he stood. The other student paled and attempted to run. I rolled my eyes. "Suspal." He fell.

I lowered myself to the ground, using my levitation to bring both of them in front of me. "Why are the two of you in my office, exactly?" I cross my arms. "I don't give lessons on Thursdays. See me in class tomorrow. Now leave." I dispelled my petrification charm and sighed. Damn students. On the bright side, at least I have tenure. I set my wards back up and returned to my meditations. Teaching at the Oxford University of Charms and Spells wasn't the most rewarding job, but hell if it didn't pay well. Ever since the supernatural became mundane, Oxford had even started letting him teach his classes in actual classrooms instead of in the sublevel!

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by Zarkenis Ultima
Jamie Mason was walking down the streets of New York City, heading back to her apartment after another successful day of living off of mowing other people's lawns. The pay, as one would expect, wasn't exactly outstanding, certainly nothing to live off of, but thanks to the Archetype she usually adopted when performing that type of menial work, she often found at least two or three rather costly jewels per day, which she pawned for money that was actually sufficient to sustain her relatively comfortable lifestyle. She was, evidently, given far less than what the jewels should actually cost, but she didn't mind at all. It was still enough money, and the fact that he was making profit off of it as well meant that the guy who bought the jewels from her didn't complain or ask questions when she turned up about every day to exchange some more shiny stones for some more dollars. It was a simple, easy way to make money, and most importantly, it didn't involve breaking pots.


The girl stopped for a moment to look at her inventory. She had enough to pay rent and to buy some more videogames, so she briefly considered taking a detour to the game store she frequented, but decided against it in the end. She decided that she was a bit tired for the day, the bar that measured her energy stat looking about half-empty, and in any case she still had a handful of games that she hadn't finished yet, so she could entertain herself with those for a while before heading to bed, instead of actually heading off to buy more when she didn't really need them yet.


Jamie continued walking, pulling out her cellphone to distract herself with it as she continued heading down the path to her apartment. She could pay a cab if she wanted to, but she had always been a little stingy with that kind of thing, preferring to walk rather than give away her money for something that she could easily do herself. That said, walking wasn't too terribly interesting either, and she had, at one point, considered skipping through it, but when she had tried it, she found that, for some reason, she couldn't, and so she had resigned herself rather quickly and continued on her path. Whatever was supposed to happen as she headed back probably wasn't all that important, but either way she didn't bother complaining.

As she continued moving, however, she noticed that one of the streets she had to go through in order to follow the shortest path home was blocked off by a bunch of cops who were apparently arresting some mutants who had been wreaking havoc in the area. Scowling at the sight of the yellow tape, she was about to turn and walk around that block to follow a different path home, when all of the sudden, something jumped out, something that had been hiding nearby. It was a ridiculously obese man, and after jumping out of his hiding place, he grabbed Jamie from behind, attempting to use her as a hostage, threatening to hurt her or worse if the cops didn't listen to his demands to release Magneto and Apocalypse.


"Ew ew ew ew EWWWWW!" The girl cried out in her mind as her own body and the entire world froze around her. "Oh, of all the things that could've happened to me on a normal day, why did it have to be getting grabbed by a BIG FAT WEIRDO?!" She complained, though no one else could hear.


On Jamie's hand, and more concretely, on the ring finger of her right hand, there was a small, nondescript ring of a dull gray color. It was always there; the black-haired girl never ever took it off, not even to shower, and it was certainly fortunate that she didn't have any intention to take a flight anytime soon. Regardless, that ring was not simply a piece of shitty jewelry, it was so much more. Its true name was Psychosynchrotron, and it was in fact a powerful weapon created millions of years ago in a distant part of the universe, a reality-warping artifact that for some very strange and convoluted reason had ended up in Jamie's possession, synchronizing with her mind and granting her unique powers that matched her personality and hobbies.

And it was glowing.

Suddenly, Jamie's clothes turned red and white instead of their usual purple and red color, and a fireball appeared in her hand. She promptly hurled it at Blob's face, causing him to yelp in pain and release her. After she was free, she ran forward several steps before turning around, and then began hurling several more fireballs at Blob, causing him even more pain. "Don't ever touch me again, you creep! What the hell were you thinking?!" She shouted at the obese mutant as she continued shooting fireballs at him. After a while, however, she stopped, and instead jumped high into the air, probably higher than a normal human ever could, before falling back down, her feet slamming into Blob's head. "You stupid!" She shouted, before jumping again and repeating the same attack. "Fat!" She continued, attacking one last time. "BASTARD!" She screamed before jumping off at last, landing on the ground, her ring ceasing to glow as her clothes returned to normal. The head trauma she had inflicted on Blob by jumping on his head three times was apparently sufficient to knock him unconscious.

Tomia wrote:---

"Oh." Kirisvala mumbled as she listened to Nico explain how they had taken the cellphone from one of the robbers. She believed him, not thinking that he was lying or anything like that, though even then she couldn't shake the feeling that he was hiding something from her; that was probably her unconscious assimilation of common human body language at work there, she thought for a moment, before discarding her suspicions. Even if he was hiding something from her, she understood that he had no reason to tell her everything, and in any case, he didn't seem dangerous or like someone who harbored ill intentions, and so, she decided that what he'd told her about the robbery was enough.

Hearing him introduce Nelli, the Hadrian turned towards her. The Star Demon shrugged. "Hello there. I am the 'magic alien' that Cat here kindly described." She said nonchalantly. She had, indeed, been interested in meeting the Young Bloods before, but at the moment, given that the topic of the conversation was the deed of the siblings, she did not feel any particular inclination to participate.

Even then, the conversation continued, until, after a while, she felt Mars' voice speak inside her head, smiling slightly for what to the others must have seemed like no reason at all. "I know it's you, dummy You're the only one who gets to talk to me like this." She replied playfully, avoiding the impulse to giggle at the comment solely so that her guests wouldn't feel too weirded out by that. "I'll bring them right away." She stated afterwards, more seriously, before standing up and gesturing for the three newcomers to follow her to the elevator. "Come with me, my friend found what's in the phone." She told them, heading into the elevator and carefully pressing the buttons with her knuckles.

Tomia wrote:---

Suddenly, a robotic rabbit hopped into the forest clearing where Darian and Serene were fighting against Zeritin... or rather, where they had just been incapacitated by the demon sorcerer. The bunny hopped along freely, evidently ignorant to its surroundings, but soon enough, a young blonde woman entered the clearing as well, running towards the mechanical creature and picking it up. "What's the big idea, Cloudy? I've been chasing you for days!" Etla said angrily, chiding the robot bunny, though the creature evidently didn't understand a thing of what she had said and simply acted nonchalant about the whole thing. Etla smiled at this. "Aw, I can't get angry at you, Cloudy." She said, hugging the robot bunny.

It was then, and only then, that she noticed the two strangers bound to the ground by dark magic, along with the weird guy who was cosplaying as a character from Lord of the Rings or something like that. He had a strange dark cloud around him, so she figured he was up to no good. With that in mind, she turned to the Astarious brothers. "Oh, hello there. Are you guys in trouble or something?" She asked as she shoved Cloudy into the Cloud, to be retrieved at a later date, when it didn't seem like there was danger nearby.

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by New Rnclave
Towa: Acros


The swirling madness of the blizzard at the heart of Acros twisted and warped at the will of the creature within...

This was almost exactly what she had dreamed of for years now. For most, a dream such as this, a dream of complete dominion over the known universe was impossible. But now, the entire known universe was in her hands, a violent paradise of her and win creation. There were going to be billions of victims, any who did not submit to her rule would be torn apart by her husband. Even the Kai's themselves would flee in terror.

A monolith of power and muscle stood before her, a product of her creation, not Demigra's or the Kai's. Her creation, her husband, would conquer the universe. When his power flared, the pure bloody crimson power that flowed through his veins, the world trembled. The first in many victims had fallen to her. A Saiyan unlike any other she'd met so far. He was a skilled warrior, there was no denying it. But he lacked the power to stop subjugate others, not like her Mira. Trillions would bow before him, and by extension, her. The violence he would unleash upon the universe would be unlike any other, the thought of it almost brought a tear to her eye. Every opportunity to conquer and humiliate the perceived 'Gods' of this universe, was an opportunity she wouldn't miss.

Mutilated and broken was how she expected they'd find the Saiyan and his allies. The strongest Acrosian should at least be alive as far as she was concerned. Roshi, if she remembered correctly, would most likely be dead. None survived upfront confrontations with her Mira, at least not unless she allowed it. The strongest Acrosian and the female one should at least be able to provide a good fight to Mira, if nothing else. But a good fight meant little in the grand scheme of things. A good fight was nothing, she honestly doubted any of them could even harm Mira, and if they could, their death would be even more amusing. These were some of the strongest beings in the universe, no they were nothing in comparison to her creation.

" Soon, husband of mine, we will defeat those pesky Kai's." Towa grinned, looking up at Mira. " Then we w I'll make may who opposed you-"

" Opposed us." Mira corrected. " They opposed you as well."

It wasn't the first time he'd mentioned it. However humiliating it was, she had been just as unsuccessful in usurping the Kai's by herself, than as she had with Mira. With the Saiyan gone, the Kai's had lost their last lap dog, the last line of defense between them and the beings they thought themselves mighty enough to damn to Hell.

" I want DNA from the Saiyan." Mira remarked." His endurance and hidden potential could be very helpful."

" Why the Saiyan? He was-"

" I gave you an order!" Mira snarled, turning his bulky frame towards her, black lightening rippligj across his frame.

Immediately, fear spiked through Towa. It was frightening how quickly Mira's anger had turned on her, having raised her hands in surrender, she gently set a hand in Mira's shoulder.

" So we will." Towa murmured softly, as to not upset her creation.

Smirking devilishly, Mira looked over at her.

" His last moments are clear to me. He died a coward, tumbling through a blast of ki uncontrolled. He screamed in pure agony before it carried him for rom my sight. I could see his bones break, his skin flick away in the heat."

This was the merciless cruelty she expected from her creation. The first time she'd seen Mira's power, she'd been in awe. But now, his power was hundreds of times greater than any he wielded before. This was a warrior of legend, a Horsemen of the apocalypse. Once the Kai's were destroyed, the fools who thought themselves worthy of being King of Demons would follow. For now, she'd follow in Mira's shadow. But she'd rule the Demon realm someday.

And then the universe would know true terror.

" No force in the universe could stop us." She said, her from growing darkly across her features. " I think we should begin our reign of terror with any Saiyans in this universe. Your power could benefit nicely from them."

Stepping over a crack in the earth, no doubt caused by the battle between Mira and Roshi, they began to move forward, a seemingly endless white expanse stretching out before them.

" Ha... HA... HAHAHAHAHA." The cackle echoed darkly over the landscape, the ground quaking. " This will be frat fun. I can't wait to see what creatures think themselves worthy to oppose me."

In the distance however, as if in defiance to her statement, a single azure blur shifted through the cold air of Acros. If she was to place bets, she'd place zeni on it being the Acrosian woman. Despite being an amusing prospect, it was a useless gesture. Whatever kind of power this woman might of achieved, paled in comparison to her Mira. Although, the idea was enduring. The woman had some connection to the Saiyan, whether it w as romantic or not yet clear. But the Saiyan had spent the last four months running from his guilt over cheating on a mutant woman on Earth. Regardless of who it was, they would soon learn their lesson for challenging the strongest being in existence.

" Another pathetic excuse for a warriors coming to challenge us. Apparently they already forgot the lesson that Saiyans death was supposed to teach. Do you think obliterating him was enough? Or do they need another show of force before they scurry like rats?"

With his stoic expression back, Mira crossed his arms, looking throughly bored with the whole situation.

" They'll fall before me just like he did, it's nothing new to me."

As the figure grew closer and closer, it became clear that whoever this wasn't Acrosian in nature. A combat dogi was adorned on this figures frame, it's black and green colors fluttering in the wind it'd created. Which only served to further Towa's confusion. What other warrior had come today wearing such clothing? Perhaps Oniyo had broken Demigra's control and was coming to challenge them? Or perhaps one of them had come to their senses and was coming to pledge allegiance. Mira could carry the title for now of course, but she'd claim it later.

With a flare of azure energy, the snow and earth before them parted dramatically, rock and ice flying out, the crater just big enough to hold the feet of whatever fool had come to challenge them. So far, and not the Saiyan had flow directly into his doom, the others seemingly deciding it was best to sit back and wait out Mira. Smoke began to clear as their challenger made himself known.

The Saiyan had returned. While inferior to her creation, it was all the more shocking that this freak had survived what should've been death, seemingly healed and completely recovered. This fool would suffer greatly if for no other reason, that he'd dared to challenge her Mira again.

' You survive death only to run into the face of death once more? While foolish, I'd never taken this Saiyan for a madman.'

There was already a series of laughter coming from Mira, her creation clearly amused. Unable to contain herself, she joined in in the laughter, the duo spending several minutes simply laughing in the Saiyans face. But as the seconds passed, something became increasingly off about the whole situation. There was no worry or concern evident on his features, and he certainly didn't look ready to bend knee. Instead, he looked determined, almost certain confident.

" Hiroshi." Mira said, the word slipping past his life s between bouts of laughter. " I didn't think I'd need to prove my superiority twice. I would've even run if I was you. But here you are?"

With a unnerving smile of confidence, the Saiyan raised his head, staring directly into Mira's eyes.

" Nice joke." Hiroshi answered back. " But I think you'll notice a slight difference in how I fought the last time I was here, and how I'll fight this time. You could even say I was a new Saiyan. As it stands... You won't be able to back up all that tough talk anymore."

' Can't back it up? This fool has gone mad. My Mira defeated him easily last time. He didn't even hit him five times!

" As far as warriors go, you're second rate now. You're yesterday's news."

There was a slow, dark chuckle which started to rumble out of Mira's form as his body began to blister with new energy. Hellish power swept over his body as the aura burned from the core of his being. The entirety of Acros seemed to start to rumble and crack as black bolts of lightning danced over muscle and bounced between patches of skin. The air, once cold and harsh, came alive with the power of her Demon. Without any semblance of the same kind of power, Towa felt herself struggle to remain rooted, her feet sliding over slick ice, a final gust of power sending her tumbling through a snow drift.

Focusing all of her power, the blue skinned demon managed to stop her uncontrolled roll through the snow, raising her arms to shield herself from the harsh, cutting wind now slicing through the air. The ground beneath her slowly began to shatter further and further, before cratering around Mira in a rapid, dramatic fashion. It's reverse sent Towa scrambling back towards Mira for what felt like forever, shockwaves after shockwaves staggering her, before a bright Crimson light emerged from the centre of his being itself. The explosion of raw power lit the dark clouds above them with Crimson flames seemingly, as the entirety of the reality around them seemed to shine with an emerald glow of destruction.

Left in the center of all of this, as clouds of dust were blown away, was the floating above the crater, indomitable figure of Mira. Glowing with now a black field of energy, he just started to chuckle deeply, pointing his palm forward.

" This time, before I crush you and throw you into the wind, I'll make sure you're dead. We'll deliver a more fitting punishment on you once we're rulers fi the universe, won't we Towa?" Mira chuckled.

" Yes." She muttered, catching her breath in face of the recent happenings. " We'll punish you just like we did any others who stood in our way. Now kill him Mira! Send him to Hell!"

Breaking into uncontrolled giggles, Towa awaited the utter annihilation that her Mira would deliver upon this Saiyan.

" Go ahead and power up Saiyan. I won't murder you without letting you through your pitiful attacks after me. It's funny really, your one of the last members of your race, who or what do you fight for? Honor? Glory? Without a race to share it with, honor means nothing."

Something broke in the atmosphere a second later, the calm features of the Saiyan morphing into determined, almost righteous fury.

" I fight for one person." Hiroshi spoke evenly, his eyes swirling with teal. " And right now, she needs me!"

Immediately eyes shifted fully to blue-green, his hair shot in the air as the familiar golden aura of a Super Saiyan emerged around him. It wasn't anything terribly impressive, just as before. Well, it wasn't anything impressive, by comparison to Mira, or even her really. Even as the aura swirled around him, and while stray chunks of ice and debris slowly lifted into the air, Towa's giggling never ceased , and a grin spread across Mira's face.

When Hiroshi's hair spiked more intensely, and electricity rippled along his frame, it was hardly a change from last time. It was in this form which Mira delivered the final blow to Saiyan last time, beating him to a pulp before blasting him away.

Slowly, the ground began to rumble as the Saiyan began reaching the pinnacle of his power. The aura of fire shot into the air above him, spiking upward, but not peaking anywhere near her Mira. But there was something different about this one, something strange was happening even as she observed it. It was as if Hiroshi was preparing himself still, to power up. But this was his final form, the Saiyan was still held back from the power he so desperately craved.

"All done?" Mira grinned, his voice filled with a hint of amusement. "Did you really think this would be any different than the last time? You'll throw everything you have at me and fail like-"

Then it all started to happen. Reality began to quake, just like it had moments ago for her. In a single second, the aura around Hiroshi's body raged violently, uncontrollably even, shifting around him in a violent swirl. Power burned from his form, being spent on seemingly nothing before lightning picked up around him. The ground beneath him reverse-domed, pushing into the crater Mira had formed, before it expanded out in under a second, the crater blasting out for miles across the scarred landscape . The ground beneath Towa herself shattered as it shot past her.

Suddenly however, the huge crater pushed up, as debris, rock, and ice bulged upward, before blasting into the air in huge chunks and in waves of dirt snow and ice. A scream of pure animal rage, or perhaps agony, was now coming from the corona of golden fire floating across from her creation

"Mira!" She cried outwards, desperately trying to shield her face from the onslaught. "What's happening!? Help me!"

Even as she did, a cyclone of snow from below wrapped around the golden figure and his aura, as jets of pure golden energy emerged all along the giant twister as it violently swirled around this new, unbelievable power, or at least the explosion of it. The intensity of the energy finally impacted the area beyond the crater, as a new wave of pure force slammed into her, her creation hardly flinched at it, but Towa was helpless against it. Even with all her power at the fore, she was cast aside, like a toy boat in a wind storm.

"Do you think this is enough to threaten me Saiyan?!" Mira shouted against the howl of the winds.

His own aura expanded violently, crackling across the surface of Acros, making another violent explosion outward. The two huge powers clashed across planet, black energy and red mixing and twisting violently even without making contact.

Roaring, Mira's power seemed to rise in tandem with this new power as crimson and hellish black energy flared from him, before lagging backwards in the face of such overwhelming power. It was almost uncontrolled and animalistic.

Then it happened. The cyclone of debris began to fade, and a golden bolt blasted through the wall of snow and ice which had risen around the Saiyan. Whatever that was, it was Hiroshi. A mane of pure golden hair poured down his back, and as his form rammed into Mira's aura, his body slicing through it as if it weren't even there. Even her creations frame shifted in shock and surprise. It was impossible to follow how quickly the Saiyan closed, and only for a slip fraction of a second, in blurred vision, did Towa see the blow land. Knuckles smashed into Mira's face, and the entirety of his body shifted back. Blood spat into the air at a hundred times the speed of sound, and the entire wall of hellish ki he'd built for himself blasted in all directions as he was stopped in mid step.

Then, the force of the blow rolled over her, throwing her helplessly away. Inside it she could hear bones breaking, skin impacting, and the sound barrier shattering more times than he could understand. The force of the blow was so great, even as far as she was away, Towa felt her right side, the side closest to the blast, snap. Bones broke in her arm, followed by her collarbone, and then her ribs. Choking in pure agony , Towa could only watch as her creations form blasted back and through the air with barely any resistance, only a gargled cry of shock escaping him before the Saiyan-Kaioshin predator launched himself after him, the world wailing in its own agony at the very presence of such a power.

Barely, her eyes trailed after the two frames, but inside she already knew the outcome which was rapidly approaching. Mira would be defeated...

All of her dreams died in that one blow. She would only come to realize it more as the two warriors tangled in the sky.

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by Charmera
Zarkenis Ultima wrote:
Tomia wrote:---

Suddenly, a robotic rabbit hopped into the forest clearing where Darian and Serene were fighting against Zeritin... or rather, where they had just been incapacitated by the demon sorcerer. The bunny hopped along freely, evidently ignorant to its surroundings, but soon enough, a young blonde woman entered the clearing as well, running towards the mechanical creature and picking it up. "What's the big idea, Cloudy? I've been chasing you for days!" Etla said angrily, chiding the robot bunny, though the creature evidently didn't understand a thing of what she had said and simply acted nonchalant about the whole thing. Etla smiled at this. "Aw, I can't get angry at you, Cloudy." She said, hugging the robot bunny.

It was then, and only then, that she noticed the two strangers bound to the ground by dark magic, along with the weird guy who was cosplaying as a character from Lord of the Rings or something like that. He had a strange dark cloud around him, so she figured he was up to no good. With that in mind, she turned to the Astarious brothers. "Oh, hello there. Are you guys in trouble or something?" She asked as she shoved Cloudy into the Cloud, to be retrieved at a later date, when it didn't seem like there was danger nearby.

"They are indeed in quite the pickle, my hopefully soon to be new friend." Spoke a voice as a being suddenly appeared as if from thing air, having bent the colour around her so that she was invisible. This was Auia, who was currently next to Etla. This being seemed to radiate pure colour now, seeming to be almost overexposed. Like someone had turned up the itensity of all the colour around her by a factor of 100%. She had a smile, though it soon morphed into a concerned expression as she turned to the siblings. She quickly moved to free the twins, severing the darkness with blades of solid colour at insane speeds.

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by Scotatrova
War of Kings

5 Years Ago
The Superhero Registration Act is put forward by the United States Government, requiring all superheroes to be registered and their identities, no longer a secret. Several heroes such as Iron Man, are all for the bill. But others, like Captain America, Batman and Superman, are against it. This leads to two sides being formed. Wonder Woman, who stands as a supporter of the bill, tries to convince the King of Wakanda, the Black Panther into signing the bill. After much debate, the Black Panther rejects the proposal, and Wonder Woman leaves the palace in fury.

On Themyscira, she convinces all the Amazons that man is wrong if they don't sign the S.R.A. She assembles a group of Amazons to act as delegates and head to Wakanda in order to cut a deal with Wakanda that would ultimately force the Black Panther to sign the bill. The Black Panther see's the Amazonians as a threat, and orders his army to engage and stop them. The Wakandans tell the warriors to turn and leave their homeland, but the Amazonian's, led by a frustrated Wonder Woman continue to move towards the palace. This prompts the Wakandans to open fire on the Amazons, and a small battle ensues. The X-Man Storm appears on the scene, and attempts to calm the forces by creating a thunder storm. Wonder Woman sees Storm's actions as a threat, and attacks her. Storm attempts to stop Wonder Woman by shooting a bolt of lightning at her. After blasting her, Storm tries to reason with Wonder Woman and to respect the Black Panther's wishes, but Wonder Woman punches Storm in a fit of fury, and the punch breaks Storm's neck and kills her.

As soon as news of Storm's death reaches the king, he declares that Wonder Woman and the island of Themyscira have committed an act of war, and Wakanda will do whatever it can to battle the Amazons and avenge the death of their queen. The Wakandans and Amazonians then engage in a war that will cost the lives of millions. Heroes across the world have mixed views on the war, with some heroes backing the Wakandans and some aiding the Amazonians. The Avengers and Justice League take no official sides in the war, but lean towards the side of their teammates.

4 Years Ago
As the Civil War occurs in the United States, the Wakandan-Amazonian War wages in Africa, but the war is seemingly balanced out with the Wakandans great source of Vibranium and the Amazonians with their fighting skills. A year, and the war shows no signs of stopping. By now, over 3,000 Amazons and Wakandans have been killed, but Wonder Woman and the Black Panther are still going strong. The two leaders now have a vendetta for each other and have received mixed comments from outside powers. Several African nations bordering Wakanda declare that the Amazon's pose a security threat if they would win the war, and begin to fight on the side of Wakanda. This comes as a shock to the Amazons and other world governments. Several months afterwards, and armies have already been beaten by the Amazons. Wonder Woman declares that if any other government declares assistance to Wakanda, they will all suffer the same fate. After seeing that the Wakandans are still fighting with immense strength, she secretly asks for assistance from various groups, though many deny the request.

In the depths of the Ocean, Aquaman is considering the war and if it poses a threat to Atlantis, considering he is normally aligned towards Wonder Woman. However, after much thinking and to the dismay of Wonder Woman, he aligns with Wakanda, declaring that it would be best for Atlantis if the Wakandans were to come out on top due to the Amazonian's "savage nature". Namor, who see's Aquaman as a rival in the ocean, declares that he will ally with Themyscira in the war. Namor plans on dominating the seas, and if he were to ally with Wonder Woman, it would sure bring about a crushing defeat to both the Black Panther and Aquaman. Soon, the two Atlantises break off relations for good. Several clashes occur in the Ocean, and it's effects would be felt worldwide.

3 Years Ago
Since Aquaman and Namor have joined the war, the cost was something terrible. The two kings established two outposts each in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. The two sea armies would clash in the waters outside of the outposts, which sent tidal waves rippling outwards. In the Atlantic, cities like New York, Metropolis, Gotham, Rio de Janeiro, Capetown, Lisbon and London were all submerged. Countries in the Indian Ocean suffered much greater, as Aquaman has an outpost stretching from the waters of Java in Indonesia, to the Southern coast of Australia. Perth and Mumbai were just two of many casualties in the War at Sea between the two Atlantises.

Meanwhile the war in Africa still rages on. Much of the surrounding countryside in Wakanda has been burned as a result of the war, and the nation faces famine. The United States and several other government start sending food to Wakanda, and Wonder Woman and several Amazonians sabotage some of these transports. Wonder Woman declares near victory over Wakanda, however it is clear Wakanda is not down yet. The Black Panther upgrades and mobilizes a legion of soldiers prepped with Vibranium Armor, which counters and serves as a deterrent to the Amazonian armor and evens the odds for the Wakandans.

2 Years Ago
Up on the Moon, the Inhumans watch this quarrel from above. At first, the Inhumans ignored the conflict but as it has now extended to even the depths of the oceans, Black Bolt has decided to take action. He calls a meeting with the rest of the Illuminati in Wakanda, where they all discuss the situation. Black Bolt declares that he will stand alongside the Black Panther in the war, but will not get directly involved. The Black Panther greatly thanks Black Bolt for his support, while the other Illuminati members declare their neutrality.

When Wonder Woman hears word of the meeting put in place by Black Bolt, she is enraged. She then threatens the Inhuman King that he will fall if he gets involved in the war on the side of the Black Panther. Furious, Black Bolt brushes off the threat by Wonder Woman and a day later, Attilan has declared support of Wakanda. Various Inhumans fight alongside the Wakandans in Africa against the Amazons. Some agents are then sent to try and infiltrate the Amazonians, among them are Black Widow and Hawkeye. Nearly breaching the Amazonians, they are captured by Wonder Woman. She declares that anyone caught inside of Themyscira in favor of the Wakandans, are enemies. She then takes Black Widow and Hawkeye prisoner, which causes immense outrage from the public and the Avengers. Soon, the Avengers are in no favor of the Justice League and the two teams are now at odds.

1 Year Ago
Wakanda, Themyscira, Attilan and both Atlantises are now at war with the Justice League and Avengers nearly in a grudge match. The Wakandans and Amazonians are still fighting, though getting exhausted from the duration of the war. Attilan has joined in on the side of Wakanda, and is assisting Aquaman's Atlanteans in the war against Namor. The Avengers declare that Wonder Woman give back their teammates, or else they will face against Wonder Woman. She denies. The Avengers then pledge to side with the Black Panther in bringing down Wonder Woman and the Amazonians. Meanwhile, the X-Men join the war in favor of their fellow mutant Namor. Wolverine and his X-Men attempt to lead an assault on Aquaman and his army, but are defeated by Aquaman and his combined forces of Atlanteans and Inhumans. The Justice League then has no choice but to declare their support of Wonder Woman, but are't seen on the battlefield for awhile.

In Europe, Doctor Doom has been watching the war for some time and observing. He has been noticing the amount of support each side has been getting and knows that Latveria will not choose either. Instead, he thinks of his own plan. He contacts Magneto, leader of the island of Genosha and bargains a deal. He tells Magneto that if he promises to side with Doom in declaring that Genosha and Latveria will serve as contributors to the war, they will each get Themyscira and Wakanda for themselves. Wakanda will be given to Doom, so that he may acquire the Vibranium deposits and share them with Magneto, and Magneto will annex the island of Themyscira while Doom assists in the clearing out of the Amazonians and inhabit the island with Mutants. Both men agree that they will go along with the plan and the next day, Latveria and Genosha announce that they will back up each side. Latveria for the Wakandans, and Genosha for the Amazonains. Both Wonder Woman and Black Panther are suspicious at the actions being called at the same time, and do not trust the leadership of the two dominions.

The Wakanda-Themyscira World War, as it now has been called, has been raging for 5 years. Millions of lives have been lost and Wakanda and Themyscira still stand strong alongside their allies as the war continues. The Avengers supported Wakanda, while the X-Men have battled Aquaman on the side of Namor. The Justice League announced their support for Wonder Woman, but have not shown it. Superman attempted to have a conference with a group of superheroes to discuss how the battle between Black Panther's Wakandans and Wonder Woman's Amazonians has caused massive death and destruction in Africa, The Atlantic and Indian Oceans and Western Europe, with America similarly endangered as tensions between the JLA and Avengers continue to rise. However, the meeting fails and the heroes cannot cooperate to find a solution, and the meeting is disbanded. Soon, The Avengers attack some JLA members, which now prompts the Justice League to respond. Captain America, Thor and Iron Man lead their team against Superman, Batman and their allies while the world is still engulfed in a war between Themyscira, Wakanda, Two Atlantises, Attilan, Latveria and Genosha.

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by Tomia
The Grimms
When the group finished their meal, John paid the bill and walked out with everyone to the limo that was waiting for them to take them to the hotel. They all piled into the car as it drove off to the resort. John sat quite close to Sarah, his arm wrapped around her waist as he held her close. Roy sat next to Hannah but kept a respectable distance, not wanting her to feel uncomfortable or anything.

Soon they arrived at the large luxury resort, which had an incredibly spacious lounge equipped with a glass chandelier and multiple TVs. John headed up to the front desk and came back with room keys for everyone. I managed to get us to all be within a few rooms of each other. Sarah was the only one who he didn't give a room key to. "Figured you didn't need one." He said to her with a soft wink.

Sam let out a soft yawn. "Well, goodnight everyone." She said before heading up to her own room. Roy turned to Hannah, "Well I guess I'll head up to. Unless maybe you want to hang out for a little while?" Roy asked blushing a bit. "If you're tired I understand. It's just... well its been nice talking to you. I've never really had someone my age I could hang out with." Roy told the youngest Grimm sincerly.

Cora suddenly heard some explosions outside of their tower and decides to investigate. She then saw a strange woman dressed in red and white shouting fireballs at the Blob, before knocking him hard into the ground. Cora flew down to the girl's side once the fight was over. "Thanks for dealing with him. We must have forgot about him. So you seem to have some pretty unique powers, what's your name?" The cyborg asked curiously.

Young Blood Tower
Nico wondered what Kiris was smiling about, no one had said anything particularly amusing. Then she suddenly told the that her friend was waiting for them downstairs and he wondered how she had even communicated with him. Was she speaking to him with his mind or something? However he decided not to question it, especially since he was too preoccupied with the idea of finally having answers. "Alright, let's go." Nico said as he followed Kris down stairs to Mars' lab.

Mars was sitting at his computer desk when they arrived, a very large monitor sitting in front of him with a number of desktops and other hardware surrounding him. "Good you're here." Mars said as he turned to see them. "Well, I've definitely found something on the phome. Whoever it belonged to went through a lot of effort to hide it, but well... let's just say I'm better." He said with a bit of a smile.

"You see, breaking into the phone wasn't too tough. I just ran a reverse encryption program through the phone's software and it was cracked in a few minutes, the files inside though were much better protected. Most of them were diagrams or coded texts with written instructions, but there was something else too, an audio file. All the texts were from untraceable numbers and probably from burner phones so those are dead ends. The audio file however, well that's where I hit jackpot."
"The voice in the file was scrambled." Mars told them, playing the original file as the sound of a very robotic voice filled the air, giving further instructions about the robbery and what to do with the money. "I managed to unscramble it, but that wasn't enough. You see, the audio file was scrambled three separate times, someone really wanted to keep their voice a secret. But... I managed to recreate what is almost assuredly the original file. Here, take a listen."

Mars played the audio file again and the room was once again filled with a voice. This time it was the clear sound of a human woman's voice, and Nico stood there in absolute shock, his mouth hanging wide open. Filling his ears, with crystal clear likeness, was the sound of his mother's voice, giving instructions to a robbery. Mars saw his reaction and raised an eyebrow, looking a little confused. "You know this woman?"

Darian and Serene
As they were incapacitated a blonde woman with a rabbit suddenly came up to them and asked a very obvious question. "No, we're having a party here on the ground, care to join?" Sword Demon asked sarcastically.

"Don't mind him, my brother gets cranky when he takes this form." Lightbringer said to the Rainborn. Then suddenly Auia showed up as well. Was she still following them after Asgard. Still Lightbringer couldn't deny that she was grateful for her presence when she suddenly used her owners to break the siblings bonds. Zeritin however was clearly not amused.

"You two are meddling where you do not belong! Begone!" He shouted before shouting large blasts of dark energy their way. Sword Demon and Lightbringer soon shot up to their feet and continued where they left off. Shooting and cutting down every minataur like creature they saw.

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by Scotatrova
Guardian walked up to the Quarry, where he saw Kalder and Maeya. He didn't know what they were doing at first, but then he noticed that they were sparring with each other. Maeya kept shooting her energy blasts, which appeared to be a lighter blue as compared to Kalder's dark blue blasts. Kalder ducked and dodged most of her attacks before finally flipping over her and gently blasting her forward. Maeya stumbled before firing back another blast. Kalder fell back as it hit him in the chest and rolled over on his feet. He chuckled before he brushed himself off.

"Impressive, your skills are improving from last time. You actually hit me this time."

"Oh shut up, not all of us had military training on Arovea..."

The two got quiet at the very mention of their now destroyed home planet. Guardian noticed the silence and decided to walk up to them.

"I don't think we've formally met. I'm Guardian, one of Kalder's friends on Earth. Nice to meet you."

Maeya bowed.

"An honor to meet someone of your stature. I thought most humans were fragile meat bags."

Kalder cringed at the comment while Guardian smiled and brushed it off.

"Most of them are, that's why there are people like me. To protect my fellow fragile meat bags."

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by Confederation of imperial states
Scotatrova wrote:Guardian walked up to the Quarry, where he saw Kalder and Maeya. He didn't know what they were doing at first, but then he noticed that they were sparring with each other. Maeya kept shooting her energy blasts, which appeared to be a lighter blue as compared to Kalder's dark blue blasts. Kalder ducked and dodged most of her attacks before finally flipping over her and gently blasting her forward. Maeya stumbled before firing back another blast. Kalder fell back as it hit him in the chest and rolled over on his feet. He chuckled before he brushed himself off.

"Impressive, your skills are improving from last time. You actually hit me this time."

"Oh shut up, not all of us had military training on Arovea..."

The two got quiet at the very mention of their now destroyed home planet. Guardian noticed the silence and decided to walk up to them.

"I don't think we've formally met. I'm Guardian, one of Kalder's friends on Earth. Nice to meet you."

Maeya bowed.

"An honor to meet someone of your stature. I thought most humans were fragile meat bags."

Kalder cringed at the comment while Guardian smiled and brushed it off.

"Most of them are, that's why there are people like me. To protect my fellow fragile meat bags."

The Playful Trainign session was interrupted, when a Large ripple effect appeared to their right, then it turned into a Portal. They paused before a large, Hulking Alien walked out of the Portal, Catarock himself.

"Arovean, I'm here for you.." Catarock said, his voice deep and intimidating. Catarock was obviously talking to Maeya, Guardian snapped into action, getting ready and flying at Catarock ready to start pummeling him. Catarock simply back handed Guardian, Hard, sending him crashing through a hunk of solid Marble, 4 Shipping containers, and finally comign to rest in a Crane. Kalder knew who this was, Catarock was a meanace on the inner most part of the Milky way, Endangeriing many species and even catching the Arovean's attention on more than one occasion. Catarock noticed the second Arovean, "a second one? No matter, I'm here for the younger specemin" Catarock said, walking towards Maeya.

Kalder then released a large blast of Energy on Catarock, direcyl aimed at his chest, It did nothing. Catarock simply turned his head, and shot a large disintegration lazer out of his eye, not killing Kalder but knocking him back. Catarock then grabbed Kalder with one of his large hands, smashing him into the ground, then began to hit him with a total of 7 hits, a single one would crush a tank. Catarock grabbed Kalder, holding him close to his face, "I Won't kill you, it'd be too easy, I'll send you to your own personal hell" Catarock said, opening a second portal to an Alternate Dimension. Catarock tossed Kalder in, closing the portal after he was thrown in. Catarock looked at Maeya, too terrified and stunned ti move, "now, onto you". Maeya attempted to fly off, but Catarock shot his Disintegration beams out of his eyes, knocking her out of the sky and sending her crashing into the quarry ground, unconcious.

Catarock grabbed Maeya, walking back to the Portal, "almost to easy..." Catarock said with a devilish Chuckle as he walked back into the Portal to Dathomir, closing it behind him. Out of sight, Guardian had recovered, and saw what had happened to Maeya and Kalder.

(OOC: Scot approved of the actions that were taken by his characters in this post)

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by Scotatrova
Guardian stared in disbelief and pain, as he had a headache from his tumble. He stood sitting there like a duck before getting up and returning to the Knight's Lair. After arriving, he starts telling the Knight everything, from the big rock alien appearing and throwing Kalder in a portal.

"Then the big rock guy picked up Maeya and left through some kind of portal."

Guardian looked at the Knight, as he typed away at his computer, not doing much of anything.

"Did you not just hear me?"

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by Confederation of imperial states
Scotatrova wrote:Guardian stared in disbelief and pain, as he had a headache from his tumble. He stood sitting there like a duck before getting up and returning to the Knight's Lair. After arriving, he starts telling the Knight everything, from the big rock alien appearing and throwing Kalder in a portal.

"Then the big rock guy picked up Maeya and left through some kind of portal."

Guardian looked at the Knight, as he typed away at his computer, not doing much of anything.

"Did you not just hear me?"

Knight's Domain

The Knight continued to type at the Knight computer, standing with Guardian standing to his right. "I have been", The Knight displayed an occulance disturbance map of the quarry on the monitor next to Guardian. "the Occulance Disturbance readings show 2 Disturbances, right where you Described the Portals being". on the large central Monitor, The Knight began zooming froma picture to earth, heading outwards from the solar system. "The Technological prowess and Information Gathered from Maeya's Pod, I'm able to Lock onto the Trail left by the Teleportation Portal's Disturbance, " The Monitor stopped at a still iamge of a Purple and red planet.

"This Planet here, Dathomir", The Knight thought back to Kalder, turning his head to Guardian. "If Kalder's in Another Dimension Entierly, Then I won't be able to get to him, However, I can maybe Hotrwire and Reconfigure the transportation technology on Maeya's Pod to attempt to make a Makeshift Portal Generator". The Knight paused, "Of Course this would mean we're heading into a Planet, controlled by an Extraterrestrial Warlord, of whicht he Entire population, Estimated by Sanza to be 3.2 billion Inhabitants, Are All Soldiers. ". The Knight fully turned to Guardian, "this is a Deathwish Mission, Are you Prepared to head into Dathomir?"

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by Zarkenis Ultima
Tomia wrote:---

Upon arriving at the rather luxurious hotel after a relatively short trip on John's limousine, Sarah followed her boyfriend and everyone else into the lounge, bidding farewell to her sisters as well as Roy and DeeDee, before turning back to John, hearing his comment and grinning. "Well, you guessed right. You're a smart cookie, aren't you?" She said to him, before pulling him down and giving him a kiss, much longer and more passionate than any they had shared before that day, leaving him breathless before allowing him to stand up straight again. "Although..." She continued, a mischievous smile on her face. "I am quite tired, as I said. I will probably need something if you really want me to teach you some interesting things tonight." She continued. "Ah, but fortunately, I do believe you have just the thing." She said, before dragging him to their room.

After that night John likely never wondered again what it felt like to have a girlfriend who used his blood as both an aphrodisiac and an energy drink.

Tomia wrote:---

Jamie was panting slightly after beating up Blob and knocking him out, both due to the exhaustion of using the ring's power to do so and due to the shock and surprise that she had felt when he had grabbed her. She was still very much on edge, despite having utterly defeated the obese mutant, and so, when someone flew down and landed beside her all of the sudden, she literally jumped, startled by the presence of another person so close to her. In an instant, she was preparing to shift into another Archetype to deal with her, but she took another moment and looked at the person beside her. It was a redheaded woman who didn't seem very hostile, and so, she calmed down a little and listened to her, though she scowled at the woman's comment.

"You forgot about him? So it's your fault that the fat creep jumped out of nowhere and touched me?" She said angrily, before sighing and attempting to calm down again. She reasoned that it probably wasn't their fault... entirely, and in any case if they were the ones who knocked out Magneto and Apocalypse, who were being taken away by the police that very moment, then they had probably done enough that day.

She shook her head to clear out the last remnants of anger and then looked up at the woman again. "Jamie. Jamie Mason. Who are you?" She asked.

Tomia wrote:---

Etla shook her head. "Oh, no thank you, it doesn't look very fun, but thanks for the invitation!" She responded cheerfully at Darian's sarcastic comment, not realizing that it was pure sarcasm until Serene pointed it out. She uttered a small "oh" after hearing that, and then nodded, simply watching as the other new arrival, who seemed nice and had called her friend, use some sort of magic color power to release the siblings from their bonds of darkness. Figuring that she didn't really need to do much here anymore, she started to back off from the area. "Well, I'm just gonna-" She spoke, but she was cut short when Zeritin suddenly shouted at them and hurled black magic at them, forcing her to jump out of the way.

"Oh, you want to fight, buddy? Why didn't you say so before!" The blonde girl said, her previous gentle smile turning into an excited grin at the prospect of possibly getting a good fight. Earth had had it good for the past while, and Craig hadn't been threatened anymore, so she hadn't been able to amuse herself with a decent fight; it was the reason she had taken up the hobby of making mechanic rabbits. Regardless, the point was that she was hyped now, and that was more often than not a bad thing for whoever caused such a thing. Stepping forward, she shouted words of power.

"Power Shift: Star Core!" She spoke, and immediately her power rose, as her chest now housed the mighty Star Core. Afterwards, she summoned her silver and crimson armor and her gilded greatsword. "Get ready!" She said to Zeritin before launching a beam of light at him rom the tip of her sword.

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by Scotatrova
Confederation of imperial states wrote:
Knight's Domain

The Knight continued to type at the Knight computer, standing with Guardian standing to his right. "I have been", The Knight displayed an occulance disturbance map of the quarry on the monitor next to Guardian. "the Occulance Disturbance readings show 2 Disturbances, right where you Described the Portals being". on the large central Monitor, The Knight began zooming froma picture to earth, heading outwards from the solar system. "The Technological prowess and Information Gathered from Maeya's Pod, I'm able to Lock onto the Trail left by the Teleportation Portal's Disturbance, " The Monitor stopped at a still iamge of a Purple and red planet.

"This Planet here, Dathomir", The Knight thought back to Kalder, turning his head to Guardian. "If Kalder's in Another Dimension Entierly, Then I won't be able to get to him, However, I can maybe Hotrwire and Reconfigure the transportation technology on Maeya's Pod to attempt to make a Makeshift Portal Generator". The Knight paused, "Of Course this would mean we're heading into a Planet, controlled by an Extraterrestrial Warlord, of whicht he Entire population, Estimated by Sanza to be 3.2 billion Inhabitants, Are All Soldiers. ". The Knight fully turned to Guardian, "this is a Deathwish Mission, Are you Prepared to head into Dathomir?"

Guardian thought silently for a moment before he made his decision.

"I will stop at nothing to bring the both of them back, even if it costs me my life."

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by Confederation of imperial states
Scotatrova wrote:
Confederation of imperial states wrote:
Knight's Domain

The Knight continued to type at the Knight computer, standing with Guardian standing to his right. "I have been", The Knight displayed an occulance disturbance map of the quarry on the monitor next to Guardian. "the Occulance Disturbance readings show 2 Disturbances, right where you Described the Portals being". on the large central Monitor, The Knight began zooming froma picture to earth, heading outwards from the solar system. "The Technological prowess and Information Gathered from Maeya's Pod, I'm able to Lock onto the Trail left by the Teleportation Portal's Disturbance, " The Monitor stopped at a still iamge of a Purple and red planet.

"This Planet here, Dathomir", The Knight thought back to Kalder, turning his head to Guardian. "If Kalder's in Another Dimension Entierly, Then I won't be able to get to him, However, I can maybe Hotrwire and Reconfigure the transportation technology on Maeya's Pod to attempt to make a Makeshift Portal Generator". The Knight paused, "Of Course this would mean we're heading into a Planet, controlled by an Extraterrestrial Warlord, of whicht he Entire population, Estimated by Sanza to be 3.2 billion Inhabitants, Are All Soldiers. ". The Knight fully turned to Guardian, "this is a Deathwish Mission, Are you Prepared to head into Dathomir?"

Guardian thought silently for a moment before he made his decision.

"I will stop at nothing to bring the both of them back, even if it costs me my life."

The Knight nodded, taking a Mental note of Guardian's words. The Knight turned back to The Knightcomputer and entered a series of code, all the whilte Maeya's pod was lowered infront of The Knight computer. after a few minutes, and a spark of green energy light from The pod, it activated, creating a direct portal to Dathomir. The Knight and Guardian walked over to the Portal, The Knight walking in with Guarian following. The Skies of Dathomir were fiery red, the sounds of fire, howling, and screaming ambient noises. The Knight looked around, keeping a straight face but internally disturbed by the sights of Dathomir, he raised a hand to his right ear and contacted Sanza.

"Sanza, find and track Maeya's Energy signature, display a holographic projection from the sonar readings", [yes sir]. The Knight held his right hand straight, after a few moments a projection of a large portion of Dathomir was displayed, a Red Dot visible ina large Cathedral looking building. The Knight peered over to a large Palace in the distance. The Knight then turned his head to Guardian, "here's the plan, You're going to go and secure Maeya while I Go and Face Catarock". The Knight ended the Holographic projection, just as Guardian was about to take off, the Knight spoke. "Guardian...", The Knight caught Guardian's attention, "If I don't make it back, headback through the portal and go on without me. And Good Luck" The Knight finished, extending a hand Towards Guardian.

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by Scotatrova
Confederation of imperial states wrote:
Scotatrova wrote:
Guardian thought silently for a moment before he made his decision.

"I will stop at nothing to bring the both of them back, even if it costs me my life."

The Knight nodded, taking a Mental note of Guardian's words. The Knight turned back to The Knightcomputer and entered a series of code, all the whilte Maeya's pod was lowered infront of The Knight computer. after a few minutes, and a spark of green energy light from The pod, it activated, creating a direct portal to Dathomir. The Knight and Guardian walked over to the Portal, The Knight walking in with Guarian following. The Skies of Dathomir were fiery red, the sounds of fire, howling, and screaming ambient noises. The Knight looked around, keeping a straight face but internally disturbed by the sights of Dathomir, he raised a hand to his right ear and contacted Sanza.

"Sanza, find and track Maeya's Energy signature, display a holographic projection from the sonar readings", [yes sir]. The Knight held his right hand straight, after a few moments a projection of a large portion of Dathomir was displayed, a Red Dot visible ina large Cathedral looking building. The Knight peered over to a large Palace in the distance. The Knight then turned his head to Guardian, "here's the plan, You're going to go and secure Maeya while I Go and Face Catarock". The Knight ended the Holographic projection, just as Guardian was about to take off, the Knight spoke. "Guardian...", The Knight caught Guardian's attention, "If I don't make it back, headback through the portal and go on without me. And Good Luck" The Knight finished, extending a hand Towards Guardian.

Guardian shook the Knight's hand.

"We're both going to go home. Good luck."

With that, Guardian flew off to search for Maeya on what could be described as hell itself

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by Mavorpen
A Tale of Life and Death: Chapter I
Cancerverse: Part IV
Our Universe, Starship Sanctuary

"So, I'll just spare you the tedious details of why you're here... but, essentially, I nee to find this universe's Avatar of Death." Alt!Mar-Vell looked up at Major Victory, who was being constrained above the ground by the tentacles of a Cancerverse creature. Four spell circles hovered around the air in front of him. "It will know I'm looking for it and it will be hiding from me. It will be supremely good at disguising its true nature. It has one of the binary forces of reality empowering it, after all. But deep down, no matter how hard it tries, it will not be able to cloak all traces of its unique signature. At the very least, it will register as an anomaly. And that is why these gentlemen--"

Alt!Marvel gestured to Alt!Quasar--who stood next to him--and Alt!Giant-Man and Alt!Iron Man who were across the room, managing the spell circles via screen projections. --round up every anomalous being that I've detected. So far, we have had no luck in finding the Avatar of Death. Now, I'm fairly certain that you area displaced individual from a now defunct timeline. So I doubt you're the one we're looking for. However, psionic probing leads us to believe that you have knowledge that could be useful in determine the whereabouts of the Avatar. You have surprisingly powerful psionic defenses--likely implemented by your fellow Guardians-- however, we will break you. So, I urge you to tell us where the Avatar of Death is... before things get nasty."

Major Victory spat at Alt!Mar-Vell. "Funny, I was thinking the same thing. See, I'm not gonna tell you anything about where you can find this so-called 'Avatar of Death.' But what I can, and will, tell you, is that you're in serious trouble.

Alt!Mar-Vell smiled. "Hmm. Is that so? Please, do go on. Fascinate me further."

"Lord Mar-Vell." Alt!Quasar said, grimacing and gripping his forehead.

"Not now, Vaughn."

"My Undying Lord, something just gated into the immediate vicinity of the Sanctuary."

Alt!Mar-Vell's smile quickly faded and he frowned. "I'm sorry, something just what? No one knows we're here!" He snarled.

"Someone does, My Lord. Six someones. Ultra-fast, and coming right at us."

["Attention. Stargate insertion successful. You are accelerating to point four of light speed. Target Locked. Ten thousand spans and closing. Impact in three."] The Annihilators emerged out of the Stargate, closing in fast on the Sanctuary.

"Thank you, Worldmind." Jamal responded.

["They enemy is most likely already aware of your approach, Jamal."]

Jamal grinned. "What approach? We're there." The team tore into the ship, causing it to shake violently.

Major Victory grinned triumphantly down at Alt!Mar-Vell. "You here that? That's the sound of you guys about to get your asses kicked."

"Alright, gentlemen, you know the drill. Shock and awe." Jamal said as he, Quasar and Surfer blasted through the hoard of Cancerverse creatures attempting to stop them from reaching the bridge of the ship. Jamal had decided to make use of their numbers and so he took Quasar and Surfer with him while the others each had their own role as well.

["Attention--Hostile three meters. Kill confirmed. Attention--two hostiles, two and four meters. Kills confirmed."]

"This way." Surfer said, leading the way using his cosmic awareness.

"Accuser to Nova Prime. I've found where they're keeping the prisoners." Ronan said as he crashed through the ceiling of the prison cell.

"Copy that, Ronan. Resistance?" Jamal responded.

Ronan landed in front of a large creature that was pretty much the The Scorpion King from the shitty movie of the same name, only it was bonded to a Symbiote from the Cancerverse. "Some. But..." Ronan lunged at it and brought his hammer down hard, crushing the creature's skull instantly and causing it to release a ear piercing screech with it's remaining breath. "Nothing I can't handle."

"Engineering decks will be cleared and secured in three minutes." Gladiator stated as his heat vision cut cleanly through an entire row of Cancerverse creatures. To his left, Beta Ray swung his hammer, Stormbreaker, at the head of Alt!Wolverine who, unfortunately, lacked the adamantium skeleton of the Wolverine of this universe. Consequentially, his head violently shattered as black blood flung into the air.

"That a guesstimate, Gladiator?" Jamal asked.

"A cast iron guarantee, Nova." Gladiator replied. He turned to see Alt!Colossus attempting to get Beta Ray from behind, snarling as he did so. Beta Ray was too fast, however, and turned to release a torrent of yellow lightning at the creature, tearing through its steel-like skin.

"You. Still thy tongue." Beta Ray said.

"Woah, heads up!" Quasar said, motioning at the incoming Alt!Thor, Alt!Quasar, Alt!Iron Man and Alt!Captain Marvel.

"Surfer, get ready. The Revengers are the enemy's big guns!" Jamal called out, readying himself.

"Interesting..." Surfer said and plowed through the group of Revengers with ease, blasting Alt!Thor and Alt!Iron Man aside with his hands imbued with the Power Cosmic. "When we next have a quiet moment, Jamal, we can discuss the definition of the term."

"Did Surfer just do deadpan trash talk?" Quasar asked as he blasted the stunned Alt! version of himself with a beam of energy.

"I think he did. Can you believe it?" Jamal responded, lasting Alt!Captain Marvel with a gravimetric beam. The two continued forward and Jamal crashed through the door of the bridge, seeing Alt!Mar-Vell standing next to Alt!Giant-Man, who held Major Victory in his hand.

"You warriors of Death's realm are quite resourceful, I must say. Come, get your ally before he has to split." Alt!Giant-Man began squeezing Major Victory in his hand, causing him to scream in pain.

"Jamal, we can take him. Side by side like we did with Annihilus!" Quasar said, as the two tore through the Cancerverse creatures defending the bridge.

"I recall you dying when we tried to do that." Jamal remarked.

"Exactly. What are the odds of it happening twice?" Quasar replied as he created a slingshot construct and fired a large ball at Alt!Giant-Man that tore straight through his skull. Howling out in pain, Alt!Giant-Man let Major Victory go and fell back to the ground.

Meanwhile, Jamal rushed Alt!Mar-Vell, grabbing him by the waist and smashing him into the wall behind him.

["Jamal, it is critical that you pay attention. The being you are assaulting has power levels beyond--Warning!Warning!"]

"You're kidding me with this, surely?" Alt!Mar-Vell commented as he was slammed into the wall behind him.

["Warning! High-threat hostile. Shields at full."] Alt!Mar-Vell punched Jamal, his fists surrounded with red cosmic energy. Jamal grunted as he was knocked back, feeling almost the full force of the blow despite his shield being put up in time.["Gravimetric shields breached! Reconfiguring shield profile."]

Alt!Marvel prepared to continue his attack, however he was grabbed from the side by Silver Surfer, who lifted him off of the ground. "Mar-Vell. It pains me to see an aspect of my old comrade so distorted by hate."

"This will pain you more." Alt!Marvel reached up and fired cosmic energy at Surfer, obliterating Surfer's board and sending him flying to the ground. By this time, Jamal had recovered and charged at Alt!Marvel. Meanwhile, Quasar was defending Major Victory with a shield construct from Alt!Giant-Man, who was trying to crush them with his right hand while he held his head in pain with his left hand and cursing.

"I'm glad you came here, Jamal. It is Jamal, isn't it?" Alt!Mar-Vell stated as Jamal circled around him at faster than light speeds, bombarding him with gravimetric beams from essentially all directions. Alt!Mar-Vell simply raised his hands to his sides--red cosmic energy emanating from them--and somehow prevented all of Jamal's attacks from reaching him, as though an invisible wall blocked them. "I can read your name in that echo chamber you call a mind. Just like I can read your motives for being here."

["Attention. Non-standard psionic probing detected!"]

"I see. You came here with some naive notion that you could achieve some sort of strategic victory and end this war by cutting off the head of the snake, so to speak." Mar-Vell remarked as he and Jamal punched exchanged counter punches. Red energy surrounded them, encompassing them in a sphere of cosmic power that began destroying their surroundings. He then grinned.

["Unable to screen out psionic probes--skkzzzkt!"]

"How unfortunate, however. All you have done is confirm what I initially believed: Major Victory is not the one I seek. And therefore, I don't have to waste any more time with her." Alt!Mar-Vell suddenly deliver a powerful punch to Jamal's head, cracking his helmet.

["--tzzkk! Damage sustained, data-core. zzkkt!"]

He delivered another to Jamal's gut and then clasped his hands together and brought them down upon his head at an angle. Jamal coughed up blood as his body turned around from the force of the blow, and Alt!Mar-Vell grabbed the back of his neck. "So accept my thanks in the form of this gift. An eternity of living. Inextinguishable pain, flowing from the Many-Angles of my masters." Alt!Mar-Vell reeled back his right fist and red cosmic energy surrounded it.

["Error. Reboot. Error reb--"]

The Cancerverse, Titan

"Drax, you utter flark. What did you do?!" Star-Lord shouted as he looked at the decimated skeletal remains of Thanos. "You just destroyed Thanos! You know, the being that's fundamental to our plan to save the universe!"

"You have no plan." Drax scowled. "I did what I was created to do--what I HAD to do. I destroyed him."

"D'ast it, of course I had a plan! I always have a plan! Trust me, I've done this kind of thing before! We were going to undo the major cosmic wrongness that makes this unvierse such a shithole using Thanos. But no, you just had to give into your silly pathological needs, didn't you?" Star-Lord said.

"Shut up!" Drax pointed at Thanos' remains. "You have no idea what it's like, Star-Lord. You have no clue what it's like for me to have my sole purpose be to destroy Thanos. You have no idea what it's possibly like to have that coded into your soul!"

Star-Lord rushed at Drax and grabbed him by the collar. "What do you think I'm doing here? What do you think we've been doing for these past few years? My sole existence has been devoted to guarding the Galaxy, something that's now been shifted to saving the whole d'ast universe! We had one ace, and that was Thanos. Now because of your flarking 'biological imperative' the future prospects of everyone in our universe has been screwed!"

"Peter!" Mantis said, walking over to Star-Lord's side. "I don't think Drax had any say into what he did. I'm in his mind right now. He became an Avatar of Life the moment he was created to be Thanos's nemesis."


"Peter, this is a universe where Life is supreme. He was overloaded. His compulsion became utterly irresistible."

Star-Lord cursed and let go of Drax. "We... we should have never brought him here."

"Agreed." Mantis replied. "In hindsight, it was a grave misjudgement."

"Uh... guys?" Rocket called out. The group turned to see Thanos's skeleton floating into the sky, screaming as eyeballs formed in the eyesocket and intestines began growing beneath the ribcage.

"What's happening to Thanos?" Star-Lord asked as he watched electric-like cosmic energy emanate from the skeleton as more organs reformed.

"You gotta be kidding me." Rocket said in disbelief as Thanos fell to the ground, completely reformed and very much alive.

"Cosmo is readink pain on a level so vast, cosmo can barely damp it. Thanos, he is reborn, atom by agonizink atom, cell by excruciatink cell..." Cosmo said.

"His distress is unbearable. Gamora, I think you were right. Thanos must have been invested with an indestructible form while he was housed in the cocoon. He's become immune to death."

"M-more than that, Mantis. T-to all intents and purposes, Death has rejected me. I can never return tot he side of my true love." Thanos stammered. He then scowled and his tone shifted to one of pure rage. "She...she must have known. She must have known what would happen when she reforged me and sent me back towards life's light. Oh, great void of Oblivion... she has used me for her own ends just like you have been."

Star-Lord slowly approached Thanos and began speaking in a calming manner. "Okay, Thanos, let's get a little perspective here. Sure, you're alive, but that means we can continue with the plan. Now, admittedly, I'm sort of making this up as I go along, but you're the key to this Thanos. We have to stop the unfettered Life-Force of this universe and--"

Mantis grabbed Star-Lord's arm. "Peter, be careful. Thanos is in an extremely precarious state."

"Why, because his girlfriend just dumped him?" Star-Lord sarcastically asked.

"Given that his 'girlfriend' is one of the major Abstracts and he's, y'know, Thanos the Mad Titan, I'd say yes." Rocket said. "Just... let him cool down before he rips you a new thermal exhaust port. I mean, the guy's even growling."

"Erm, that's not Thanos." Mantis stated and she was pushed aside as Drax rushed at Thanos. "Drax, no!"

"He's got to be destroyed...forever!" Drax said as he reached forward and grabbed Thanos's arm. The point where they touched began glowing, releasing a white light that expanded outwards as Thanos wrapped his right hand around Drax' throat. Drax began screaming, however it was quickly cut short as the blinding light encompassed him and he was incinerated by a roaring Thanos.

Mephisto's Realm

"Karnilla, what do you think you're doing?!" Mephisto shouted at the sorceress.

"Nice to see you too, Mephisto." Karnilla responded. "I'm going to need you to act like your typical greedy and narcissistic self."

Mephisto looked at her as though she was insane, visibly struggling to find the proper words by which to respond with. "I... what do you m-" He suddenly stopped as his focus shifted upon something else. He could feel the magical energy of the realm beginning to be absorbed by Shuma-Gorath. Mephisto became visibly livid.

Mephisto raised his arms. "No! You will NOT steal from me, Shuma-Gorath! This realm is MINE!" The flow of magical energy into Shuma-Gorath was halted, prompting Shuma-Gorath to turn and face Mephisto.

"There we go. Perfect!" Karnilla exclaimed. Karnilla's plan so far had gone along perfectly. It was simple, really, and it applied a concept that pretty much every competent magician should know: a demon's Realm is under their virtually absolute control. In other words, they were functionally omnipotent. Of course, this had limits, and while they could warp reality to a significant degree within their own Realm, this wasn't an absolute rule. Had the Shuma-Gorath they faced not been a small piece of the demon, and instead was the entirety of him, Mephisto would get absolutely admonished regardless of whether they were in his Realm or not.

"Alright, let's begin." Strange said. Karnilla nodded and their eyes began glowing. The two began using The Words, the ancient power of the Black Priests that distorted reality itself. It was fundamentally incomprehensible to the vast majority of beings, as the language was, verbally, unlike any known to man. The language contained "words," certainly, however, they were symbols. It was virtually impossible to learn as, unlike languages such as Chinese, there was no way to phonetically teach the "pronunciation" of these Words.

The two powerful magic users combined these symbols--these Words-- and it drew the attention of Shuma-Gorath away from Mephisto. "What are you do--" Shuma-Gorath began when he was cut off by the realization that one of his tentacles was disintegrating. The process spread through his entire body until his body was destroyed entirely. However, the instant this happened, a bright flash exploded outward and Shuma-Gorath seemingly popped back into existence.

"Well, that takes care of his physical manifestation. Now, for the astral form." Karnilla stated as she grew in size until she was the same size as Shuma-Gorath. The two Earth-sized beings stared each other down before Karnilla suddenly punched him. The Realm rumbled as the shockwave of the punch spread throughout it. She reeled back for another punch but it was stopped by Shuma-Gorath wrapping one of his tentacles around her arm.

Shuma-Gorath fired a beam of energy from his eye directly into Karnilla's face. "You will fall, sorceress! Then I will take this Realm and your universe!" Shuma-Gorath exclaimed. Karnilla grimaced as her face was forced to turn to the left from the force of the attack.

"Y-y'know, for a giant eyeball, you're really talkative to an annoying degree." Karnilla pushed against the force of the blast and turned her face to Shuma-Gorath, firing energy beams from her eyes that pushed back Shuma-Gorath's attack. From the eyes of a mortal, this would have appeared to be a simple slugfest. However, the ramifications of the battle were not visible unless one were unfortunate enough to be directly affected by it. Karnilla frowned as she felt these ramifications take place. One of the reasons why she decided to take the fight to Mephisto's realm was to mitigate the damage dealt to the actual universe itself. However, her fight with Shuma-Gorath still affected the universe. The power broke through the dimensional walls that separated Mephisto's Realm from the universe.

The clash of the Empyrean forces forced entire galaxies themselves in the Realm to bid fair to tremble and quake in agonizing disarray. The savagery of the spectacle was, frankly, indescribable. Planet after planet was shaken and storm-tossed by the after-shocks. Distant constellations were eroded as countless stars were shattered. For every thousand celestial objects destroyed in the Realm, so too was a corresponding celestial object in the universe. Their battle was caught in a fixed dead-lock, and had it continued, the universe itself would have been at risk. Thankfully, Karnilla had expected for their power to be relatively evenly matched, which is why she had chosen to garnish his attention alone in the first place.

Hellfire lifted into the air and like a tidal wave, splashed on Shuma-Gorath from behind. Shuma-Gorath cursed in some ancient and long forgotten language from an entirely different dimension as his astral form was burned from the Hellfire. This was something Mephisto had wanted to do since the group invaded his Realm in the first place, however Karnilla had sent him a mental message to wait until the time was right to attack. The attack created a small window of opportunity for Karnilla and she swiftly took advantage of it--putting one final push into her attack. The energy beams released from Karnilla's eyes quickly overtook Shuma-Gorath's attack and ripped straight through him. The gaping hole in him began spreading outwards until the astral form was entirely annihilated.

"Well, now that was fun." Karnilla smiled as she shrunk back down next to Doctor Strange. Then she glanced at Mephisto, who was staring daggers at her.

"Get. Out."

Our Universe, Starship Sanctuary

"Owwww." Alt!Mar-Vell gripped his head and dropped Jamal to the ground. "An Avatar of Life just died back on our world. Only one thing could have done that. No wonder we couldn't find the Avatar on this side. Someone's taken it to our reality and trying to unleash it against our masters. And someone has just incurred my severe displeasure." He raised his arms and purple energy swirled around him from his feet up. "Revengers! Immediate translocation! We have our prey!" With that, he and the Revengers on the ship disappeared.

Quasar rushed over to Jamal and knelt down next to him. "Jamal, are you okay?"

"Y..yeah" Jamal took off his helmet and looked it over, observing the cracks going through it. His eyes glowed yellow for a split second and the cracks disappeared. "Surfer?" Jamal glanced at Silver Surfer, who was holding the broken remains of his board.

"I am fine. However, clearly we have seriously underestimated the potency of our enemies, Jamal Hawkins." Surfer reached out in front of him and his board reconstructed itself back as good as new. "Now that they have escaped and found what they were searching for, I fear for what is to come."

"Gladiator to Nova, are you there?" Jamal heard through his helmet as he placed it back on his head.

"Copy you, Gladiator. What's up?"

"We've secured the engineering levels and Ronan's freed the prisoners. What in the name of Sharra happened to all of the hostiles? One minute we were fighting a whole slew of enemies and the next there was a big flash. Was it some kind of mass teleparture field?"

"Pretty much, Gladiator. They bugged out. I think the shape of the game just changed in a big way." Jamal responded. He gestured at the rest of the group in the bridge and they flew off--Major Victory riding on the front of Surfer's board--to regroup with the others.

"You bet your ass it has." Major Victory said. "They know what the rest of the Guardians and Thanos are up to. And that's not good. At all.

"I'm sorry, did you say Thanos?" Jamal asked, clearly confused. "What does Thanos have to do with this? Isn't he, y'know, dead?"

"No, he's very much alive now." Major Victory responded.

"Ah. The Avatar of Death. Of course."

"Oh, I forgot." A red spell circle as well as a magical construct of Alt!Mar-Vell's head appeared in front of Jamal, Quasar, Surfer, and Major Victory. "One last thing." The ship violently exploded, decimating everything within a light year radius, including the multiple planets in the system.

Cancerverse, Titan

"He's dead. Nice job, you've finally seen off Drax. I hope you're happy." Gamora said as Drax's remains broke apart in Thanos' smoking hand.

"Gamora, it is a mistake to consider any of this in personal terms." Thanos replied. "Regardless of what you may believe, it was an inevitability that Drax would have to be dealt with."

"Says Mad Titan who just got pissed off because of beink chucked by his girlfriend." Cosmo said.

"Yea, that's smart. Keep pushing him, doggy and you'll be next up on his list." Rocket said.

["Drax's death is far more serious than you may think."] Vision said. ["Think about it. A death has occurred. Real Death. The death of a Life Avatar. Titan is no longer a place of safety. Death just lit up our location like a beacon."]

As if on cue, an alarm rang out and ISAAC stated, "Incoming teleport beam! Outer screens compromised! Inner shields compromised! Teleport barriers penetrated! Attack imminent! Attack imminent!"

["You see? We have to abandon Titan, Star-Lord. We must abandon it--"] Before Vision could finish, his body was torn in half at the waist as dozens of shots fired from a weapon from above rained down upon the group, with the others barely managing to dodge out of the way.

Alt!Scarlet Witch, Alt!War Machine, Alt!Captain America, Alt!Hawkeye, and Alt!Wasp flew down out of a red teleportation circle to attack the group. "Revengers, take them down!" Alt!Scarlet Witch commanded.

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by The Silhouette of Adventure

When the Galactus Engine pierced the veil between the two realities, the Reclaimer was ordered by his Mistress Death to join in the fight with the Cosmic Abstracts, and so he did.

He was utterly unprepared for actually observing the death of the Lady of Sorrow. Within the Reclaimer's mind, once again, the two halves of his being engaged in internal conflict.

This is impossible. We're going to die!
We're not going to die. We're a God of Death.
Do you think that matters? A god damn Cosmic Abstract was just murdered in front of us. They can kill us, and they will kill us! We have to leave, now!
Are you insane? We're an agent of Death, no matter how much you dislike it. You agreed to work with me to defend our Universe, and it's too late to back out now. We're in the thick of it.
I don't care. I don't care! If we don't get out of here, we're going to die, and-
Oh shut up. Just... Look. If you cooperate with me here, I'll give you your body back for an hour after we win- And we will win.

While the Reclaimer was distracted with his internal battle with himself, Jamal and his group set out into the Fault. This snapped Reclaimer out of it and he returned to the fight, helping the remaining Abstracts to hold off the Engine.

[[ Terrible, terrible writing. I'll try and fix it at some point, sorry.]]

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by New Rnclave

By the time the Demon saw the long haired Saiyan, the fist had already landed.

One eye swelled with fluid as all the blood in his skull shifted to one side. The immediate sensation of his jaw shattering followed, and blood splattered against the inside of his cheek and spat out of his mouth, mixed with saliva. The sheer power which rolled with the blow sent his body tumbling backwards without any control, lifting him into the air as well. With an intense velocity, the giant flew back, the ground beneath him shattering. Before he could even hope to regain control, Mira felt something incredibly past rocket below him.

The battle over the last hour hadn't just taught him how strong he'd become, it'd taught him how to predict the actions of these Saiyans. It was clear that Hiroshi had implemented much if want Oniyo did into his one technique, but it's mixture with Namekian styles and Earth Martial Artisis made it especially dangerous. Already, he could tell Hiroshi had moved beneath him, and was traveling around the same speed he was, trying to land another series of strikes. When pain exploded in the center of his back, and the entirety of his momentum changed, Mira's suspicions were confirmed.

' I've got you now, think you can just slap me-

Even as his frame rocketed skywards, this time through layers of dark clouds, Mira felt the same formidable energy slip past him. Sneering viciously, he raised both his arms over his chest, just as a boot appeared seemingly from out of nowhere. When it collided with his guard, the two of them froze in the air, while a thunderous boom echoed across the snowy world. With a cocky smirk, Mira stared at Hiroshi, delighted that he'd disrupted the Saiyan's assault by predicting his moves.

"Funny." Mira remarked simply. " You're the stronger of the two of us, and I-"

Before he could finish his boast, or formulate an attack, he already felt the Saiyan's hands on his ankle as the image of the maned warrior disappeared. Swinging down violently, Mira felt himself launch towards the frozen surface with no control. Slapping into the icy earth seconds later, his face and shoulder ploughing through the frozen ground easily, his body broke the surface with no effort, before his body burrowed deeper and deeper, finally slamming into the bottom of an icy spire. It was solid enough to stop his momentum, but the speed and force he was sent with was enough to send cracks exploding along the spire, the mountain of ice crumbling down. Which meant his face and shoulder were in a great deal of agony.

Gingerly bringing his hand up to his jaw, Mira howled in agony as he set the broken bone. Kneeling at the bottom of the crater, he stewed in anger, before briefly glancing out the whole his frame had created. Beyond the destruction, he could sense the mountain of power that was the Saiyan, simply waiting for him to return and reengage in combat. Slowly, Mira felt something bubbling in his throat. Unable to hold it back any longer, Mira burst into laughter. All of his worries began to evaporate as he rose from his hole in Acros. Across from him, his opponent simply levitated in the air, his now incredibly ape like face set in determination. His opponent was formidable of course, there was no denying the power the Saiyan could now throw around. But Mira could see the truth in Hiroshi's face. The little twitches, how his jaw set, how his tail flicked nervously behind him. The Saiyan was struggling to hold onto his power. For whatever reason, it hadn't begun to decrease yet, but he was visibly struggling to hold onto it.

Mira would win, even if it took time to wear down the warrior before him.

" Well you certainly have impressed me." Mira chuckled, the unbending look he received in return only making his smile grow wider. " You're leagues above me now. In fact, I'd wager that you're a threat to Lord Beerus. But you fail to understand one thing, I'm an android. My power is not only incredible, but my body utilizes all of my ki, down to the sub-atomic level. While your power is wild and uncontrolled. My power can return to me slowly, while yours might take a bit longer than that."

The mistake he'd made when facing the Saiyan before was not taking him seriously throughout the fight. Now that he was the inferior in power, Mira would need a proper strategy. There were telegraphs he missed before, he wouldn't miss them this time.

" I don't give a shit about what you think." Hiroshi spit back, his features blazing with determination. " I'm going to defeat you and go find my daughter. You're not an opponent, you're a roadblock."

With a slight chuckle, Mira slanted his head to the side.

" You'll pay for underestimating me."

Before Mira finished his words, Hiroshi blinked from sight.

The world slowed drastically as Mira felt vibrations across the scarred surface and in the air, Mira's mind struggling to track the Saiyan's energy. Stepping to the side at the last moment, the demon caught a golden glowing fist in his palm before it could slam into his cheek, holds the appendage while simply staring down the Maned Warrior.

" What? Did you think that I was joking? I'm-"

Pulling back immediately, Mira barely averted another blow, this one swiping in from the other side. With both arms extended, Mira saw an opportunity, bringing his elbow across the Saiyan's almost surprised features.

Suddenly his world sucked in as he looked down at the Golden Warrior, his head slowly turning back towards him, a small mark on his cheek. Looking down a second later, the Demon only saw Hiroshi's leg sticking in his stomach, his ribs having shifted away from the blow, putting horrific tension on his organs. Scowling, Mira had no time to respond or stop the next blow from Hiroshi's knee swiping up the side of his face. Immediately his head and body were thrown back, but his feet held. Another blow crashed across his face as second later as Hiroshi's knuckles impacted his cheek, blood spitting into the air from his lip.

Gagging in agony, the demon immediately struck back, his arm swinging out and finding only air as Hiroshi slipped beneath it. Frantically striking out with his leg, the limp was simply batted away by the Saiyan, his weight pushing the limb away. Using his momentum to swing around, Mira lashed out, head butting the Maned Warrior in the ribs. Hiroshi barely winced from the blow, having already been in motion after Mira. Desperately bringing up his forearms, Mira never raised his guard in time, a glowing fist slipping past his guard, breaking his nose simply.

His vision filled with crimson saw blood exploded from his wound, blood trailing the Saiyan's fist, the blow finally causing him to lose his footing. Rocketing upwards, Mira howled as he threw his power forward, stopping his radical ascent and sending a wave of red ki washing across the planet.

" You stupid, arrogant-"

Before he could finish, his wave of ki exploded outwards, a golden bolt rocketing out if it. Milliseconds later, he felt Hiroshi's boot impact his chin. Immediately, his head snapped upwards, his frame helplessly corkscrewing from the force of the blow. Pausing for second, Mira felt Hiroshi zip past him. Forming energy in his hands, the blue demon waited for the Saiyan to stop his momentum. As his body simply tumbled helplessly for a fraction of a second, Mira twisted to look directly at where the Saiyan waited to deliver another combo of blows, throwing his palms outwards, the blood red bolt exploded towards Hiroshi.

The sound of pure energy burning through the sky thrummed through his ears as the world in front of him was overwhelmed by a burning crimson light. Rolling out across the already ruined landscape, the explosive wave burned away miles of snow and ice, sending more rubble rocketing off into the horizon.

Inky smoke billowed into the air all around him, and the blue demon just breathed out heavily, grinning to himself, the demon felt his own energy dissipating, and Hiroshi's returning with a vengeance.

Immediately the smile disappeared as he looked into the cloud in front of him, seeing the perfect outline of the Saiyan-Kaioshin. As the sky cleared, he could see the fabric of his fighting gi was torn and ripped, and in some places burnt, but otherwise he was absolutely fine. Standing there, the Super Saiyan seemed to have not moved, his arms at his side.

" Nice trick." Hiroshi remarked simply. " But can we hurry this along? I've got places to be."

Growling, Mira clenched his fists in frustration, a barrier of hellish black energy gathering around him, preparing for the next bout in their battle.

" You have a lot of nerve Hiroshi. How dare you not take me seriously! I'll kill you and that pathetic daughter you prattle on and on about! This will all be over when your run out of power." Mira shot back, his voice filled with fury.

The confidence in Hiroshi's eyes didn't waver for a moment, his face passive and determined. The Saiyan was settling in, and the prospect of tangling with the Maned Warrior frankly scared Mira.

At this point only one plan ended in the Saiyan's death.

Destroy the planet and keep himself shielded.

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by Siliarba
Tomia wrote:The GrimmsSam let out a soft yawn. "Well, goodnight everyone." She said before heading up to her own room.


Getting to Sam's room before her was easy with teleportation magic, normally visiting a girls room would be for sexual reasons but Sam wasn't there yet. Not used to it being this challenging, that said I tend to go for the chicks that are practically dancing naked in the club and saying you're the owner is enough to get a 4some. Guess challenging isn't the right word then and it would rather be, regular? Whatever, tonight's testing time, and it's gonna be a biggy, I wonder if she'd blame me if she loses a limb. Whatever, if that happens I'll buy her a new one. I'm rich I'm sure I can buy limbs somewhere.

It didn't take a lot of waiting for Sam to arrive in her own room, I waited a few seconds for her to walk in before grabbing her from behind. I was in my full demon form this time so my arms would've felt like a mix between scales and metal, iron with a heartbeat I like to call it. Before I allowed her to react or fully asses the situation I simply screamed out "Test time!" and teleported us away to my own personal little dimension. I don't come here enough lately, the demons must be missing their queen.

I gave Sam a few moments to come to her senses from what had just happened, she would find herself in a hellish land, barren mountains, trees with fiery red leaves and felgreen bark, streams of red water resembling blood. And standing around her demon-like beings of many sorts, some big, some regular sized, some human-like, some resembling DeeDee's form. And so on, the fact was she was surrounded by them and DeeDee was sitting on the shoulders of one of the bigger ones. "Now that you've gotten yourself a moment to assess your surroundings allow me to introduce you to my servants and your training partners for the next, as long as it takes for you to succeed. It's something I also underwent, it's the subjugation of this realm. How long did it take me again?" The big demon she was sitting on didn't hesitate to answer the question for me "Four months, one week, three days, seven hours, and I don't recall the minutes my queen." "Good boy Seozhal, the minutes aren't needed she gets the point I'm sure."

"Now this won't be a test like before Sam, this isn't one of those tests I expect you to finish in one day or one go. Frankly I don't even expect you to finish it in a year. You see when I subjugated this place, firstly, I think I was already stronger than you are now, secondly, I never left until this place got subjugated." Some of the humanoid demons responded this time "Nearly got you killed to, a lot, I still remember shooting a hole through your stomach." Another responded just after "Or ripping of a limb, that was fun." the demons continued talking about ways they had injured DeeDee during the time she was here to take control of this dimension. "Again, she gets the point my subjects. I'll explain the rules now, every night I'm taking you down here and you get half an hour the demons won't attack you or even chase you, after that the chase begins. They already know you're my property so they will avoid doing drastic things like ripping of limbs like they did with me."

"Secondly, you'll stay here every night for 8 to 9 hours, whether you spend those hiding, fighting or fleeing is up to you, the test ends once no demon dares fight you any more. Here are some tips, the big guys, like Seozhal over here, are made from an explosive material, they tend to fight with crushing attacks that could take down concrete walls and when they are weakening they have the tendency to blow up with an explosion that could take out the foundation of a sky-scraper, and then begin regenerating. The smaller ones will try to swarm you and shoot fire at you from all directions. The humanoid male ones like blood and gore, they'll try to slice you up from up close with their blades and claws or gore you with their horns and impaly parts. The female ones will try to seduce you and sleep with you, kinda like me, except when they do it it's deadly as they're stealing your energy." Some of the female demons instantly replied to this, "Not entirely true our queen, you didn't die when we tried it on you after all, not even when we grouped up on you." I giggled, just as they did, before responding to them "Yes but only because I knew how to drain energy back from you girls, plus I have an immense stamina pool to begin with, years of practice."

"In any case, any questions before I leave you to your test Sam? If you're wondering about injuries I'll heal you every morning when I come to pick you up and the demons won't do anything lethal to you, just fight you for 8 hours straight with an army of thousands."

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by Mavorpen
A Tale of Life and Death: Chapter I
Cancerverse: Part V
Cancerverse, Titan

"Fall back! Fall back!" Star-Lord shouted as he and Rocket stood next to each other, firing their weapons at the group of Revengers who had suddenly broke into the stronghold of the Machine Resistance deep in the Cancerverse. "Rocky, pour it on!"

"That's exactly what I'm doin'!" Rocket replied.

"Targers acquired! Revengers dismember!" Alt!War Machine called out as he fired rounds from a machine gun emerging from his left forearm, fired lasers from a laser canon built into his right arm, and a Gatling gun emerging from his back fired from over his shoulder.

"Ftaghn! Let's reveal the Many-Angled path to salvation to these poor, death-blighted fools!" Alt!Hawkeye said, firing arrows from a rapid-fire crossbow gun.

Mantis rushed in front of Thanos and caught two arrows between her hands. "You heard Star-Lord, Thanos. Get back!"

"I am invulnerable, woman. These things can do nothing to me." Thanos snarled.

"We have no idea what they're capable of! Get back! You're too critical to gamble with!" Mantis said, turning to face him.

"I refuse." Thanos simply replied.

"DO AS I SAY!" Mantis shouted, snapping the arrows in half. Thanos was left speechless and his expression comically changed several times. It shifted from initially sheer surprise, then confusion, then anger, and back to surprise, demonstrating that he genuinely had no clue how to react to Mantis' outburst.

"Yes, do as she says!" Gamora said as she launched over Thanos and brought her sword down upon Alt!Captain America, who had attempted to sneak up on Thanos from behind. Alt!Captain America blocked her sword, however, she immediately kicked him in the stomach, sending him stumbling backwards. "How many Avengers are there in our version of the universe? I can barely keep track! Bet real money these are just the first wave!"

"We won't need a second!" Alt!Wasp hissed. "Captain! Drive them towards me! I'll paralyze them and inject them with mi-go eggs!"

"Well, now that's just straight disgusting." Rocket remarked.

"Comrade Vision!" Cosmo said, looking down at Vision's separated upper body. "Please to be stayink still while cosmo seals hydraulics with telekinetic tourniquets and--"

["Y-you are a g-good dog, Cosmo..."] Vision interrupted. ["B-but resistance is all that m-matters. Thanos is all that m-matters. F-forger about me..."]

"I will not forget about you, my love." Alt!Scarlet Witch said as she flew down to him. Cosmo turned to face her and began growling, to which she responded by encasing him in a magical bubble and with a wave of her hand, flinging him to the side. "You be quiet!" She knelt down in front of Vision and her voice and expression grew softer and was visibly filled with regret and sorrow. "Vision, I took control of the advance team in the hope that it could head off Mar-Vell's search. I am so sorry, I never meant for you to be harmed. I--"

["I know that, W-Wanda."] Vision stammered as he coughed up some sort of synthetic fluid.

Alt!Scarlet Witch scowled and her eyes glowed a bright blue. "Forgive me." She whipped around and magical energy exploded around her, knocking back all of the Revengers.

"Ftaghn! The witch has turned!" Alt!Captain America shouted as put up his shield. "Traitor! Blasphemer! The Many-Angled Ones will flay your living soul for this!" He lunged at her while Alt!Wasp flew down at her as well.

"Oh, I know they will." Alt!Scarlet Witch fired blue magical energy at Alt!Wasp with her right hand, causing her to explode. With her left hand, she smacked Alt!Captain America back with a pulse of energy which tore his body apart. "Still though, I chose the side I believe in long ago. I will gladly accept the consequences."

"Well, this is an interesting development." Star-Lord's voice said from behind her. She turned to see the Guardians group gathered together. Star-Lord and Rocket were aiming their weapons at her and Gamora was pointing her sword at her as well.

"Tell me we aren't taking her seriously." Rocket said. "This is clearly just some flarking trick!"

"Agreed. I am detecting elevated levels of deceit in her mental architecture." Mantis said.

"Yeah, don't have to be a telepath to sense that." Star-Lord agreed.

"Look deeper, Mantis. She just lied through teeth to her teammates. That is the deceit that you are readink." Cosmo said.

["M-my wife has been working for the Resistence since Mar-Vell f-first took power. She h-hid her true allegiance behind a veil of hexcraft. I ask y-you. Please, trust h-her. She is the o-only hope you have of getting out of here."] Vision pleased.

"We have waited a long time for a chance like this." Alt!Scarlet Witch knelt down next to Vision and looked up at the group. "This is why we have shown our hand today. You Guardians have presented an opportunity that we cannot afford to miss. Lord-Marvell seeks you, the Avatar of Death." She said, pointing at Thanos.

"I need to reach the site where the Necropsy ritual was performed. Can you transport me there?" Thanos asked.

"Naturally, it is protected by powerful magiks, but yes, I can take you there. However, it will exhaust my powers. These Revengers will recover within minutes, and more are on their way."

"You were resigned to the consequences of your betrayal, were you not?" Thanos said.

"Of course I am. Do not misunderstanding. I was not complaining, I was merely stating a fact. I will suffer at my husband's side, consumed by the infinite horror of the Elder Gods."

"If I am successful, that suffering will be finite." Thanos remarked.

"Hey! Hello? Person in actual charge here? I call the shots!" Star-Lord said.

"You haven't been in charge of anything since we started down this road, Quill." Thanos scoffed. "You are of no consequence. None of you are."

"Alright, I get it! Stop with the compliments! You'll swell my head!" Star-Lord said sarcastically. He turned to Alt!Scarlet Witch. "Send us to the site of the Necropsy, like he said. I'm really sorry that the bad guys are going to flark you up, but there's too much at stake."

Alt!Scarlet Witch suddenly looked up and her eyes glowed red. "Lord Mar-Vell is moments away from arriving. I can smell his stink on the cosmic winds. Good luck..." She raised her hands and energy gathered around her as she began to teleport them. "Good luck. Do not waste this final chance."

Our Universe

Where once was the Sanctuary Starship, there was now an ocean of fiery energy brighter than the very Sun itself. In the center of this ocean of energy, was a yellow glowing sphere that became noticeable as the wave of energy began dissipating. Upon closer inspection, one would notice the finer details of said sphere and find that it was made up of many overlapping circular constructs modeled after Captain America's shield.

The shield construct suddenly launched forwards, leaving behind a trail of energy like a comet streaking across a night sky. A voice from inside of it shouted "Hold on!" as it barreled through the ocean of energy a light year wide. Upon exiting from the energy fallout from the destruction of the Sanctuary, the shields began parting and from it emerged the Annihilators as well as Major Victory.

"Sorry, guys. I had to draw on everyone's power to reinforce my Quantum Construct. There really wasn't time to ask time for permission." Quasar said.

"I believe we can forgive you under the circumstances, Quasar."

"Nice energy form, by the way." Major Victory said.

Quasar chuckled. "Thanks. I just thought 'shields' and my subconscious did the rest." He looked back at the bright, star-like ball of energy they had just escaped from. "I just wish there'd been time to protect any of the others. I only had a nanosecond at best to react in time."

"D'ast!" Ronan shouted. "All that for nothing! We just wasted our one opportunity to end this war once and for all. The enemy leader escaped after making us look like chumps and nearly slaughtering us all."

"No." Jamal said. "Now we know why this war is being fought. We know what's driving them. He's looking for the Avatar of Death, who, according to Major Victory here--and despite reports initially indicating he was dead--is our good ol' buddy Thanos. Worldmind, can you calculate the mass jump dynamics to the battle at the Fault?"

["Already on it."]

Frontline, the Fault

"It is bleak. We are losing time." Medusa said to the group before her. The Annihilators had quickly rushed back to the Inhuman/Kree Imperial flagship and upon reaching it, Medusa had called them to the bridge to discuss the success of their mission. When Jamal told her that they had failed, while she was noticeably upset by the news and released a curse under her breath, she didn't seem all that surprised. Jamal figured that she probably assumed they had failed seeing as how the enemy forces at the Fault were still pouring in.

"Kree casualties are currently running at 49%" Medusa continued. "And the numbers for the Shi'ar, Spartoi, and the Annihilation Wave do not fare any better. Enemy forces are streaming out of the Fault in unimaginable quantities. The engagement zone is now stretched across two parsecs and their 'Galactus Engine' is the most monstrous threat of all. We received word of a mysterious figure appearing that seems to have made killing the invaders easier by his mere presence. Still, our universe's Galactus and the other high Abstracts are barely holding it in check. But, the most frightening part is that we are beginning to detect entities behind the Galactus engine that are even larger and more powerful. It's as though the Galactus Engine was merely an appetizer to weaken our forces as much as possible."

"We have to redouble our efforts." Gladiator said. "We have to even call upon the Badoon and the Dire Wraiths to stand with us."

"Hold on. We need to find Thanos." Jamal said. "Thanos is the key. We know that now."

"Jamal, we made a brave bid." Gladiator said. "We tried it your way. We failed. Trust me when I say that none of us blame you, but now it comes down to a straight fight."

"Star-Lord took Thanos to the other side of the Fault. If we can assist hi--"

"Jamal, Star-Lord and his Guardians are unpredictable and unreliable." Karnak interrupted.

"Hey!" Major Victory shouted angrily.

"We mean no offense, Major, but Karnak is correct." Medusa said, stepping forward. "Star-Lord has always been a loose canon, and perhaps we would have been more willing to assist him in his plight had he consulted us over something this momentous in the first place. Furthermore, we have no way to even find him. And we certainly do not have the manpower at this point in time to waste doing so. Do we even know if he's still alive?" Medusa asked rhetorically.

"Thanos may have been a prospect, Queen Medusa, but Star-Lord has squandered it. I can't believe I'm saying this, but the Shi'ar is right. There's nothing left to do but fight." Blastaar said.

"No." Jamal simply responded. "I've told you all once, and I'll tell you again. We fight them head on, and we're done. Period. You do what you will, but I'm going in after Star-Lord." Jamal turned and began walking to the exit. Suddenly he felt something wrap around him and constrict his movement. He looked down to see Medusa's hair entangling him and preventing him from continuing forward.

"We need your power here at the frontline. I command it!"

"With all do respect, Queen Medusa..." Jamal said without looking back. "I'm Nova Prime. The last embodiment of the Xandarian ideal of justice. By my very nature I'm inherently not under the command of any party in particular. I decide where my power gets used."

Medusa initially frowned, however the frown quickly faded and she sighed. Her hair released Jamal without a word from her. Jamal continued forward and when he reached the door, he turned and simply said, "Good luck" before leaving. About a minute after he left, Jamal heard footsteps fast approaching him from behind.

"Jamal! I'll come with you!" Quasar said, running through the hall and stopping next to him.

"No. Even though it didn't seem like it back there, I do agree with Medusa. She's right, to an extent. The battle front is where we should focus the bulk of our power. With the Resolute Duty out there on the line, the Nova rookies need a leader there. And that's why..." Jamal turned and placed his right hand on Quasar's chest. From his hand, a bright orange glow emerged. "...they're yours to command."

["Jamal, what are you doing?!"]

"Not now, Worldmind." Jamal responded as a Nova Centurion helmet appeared on Quasar's head.

"Jamal, wh--"

"You lent me your Quantum Bands when I needed it most. I'm just returning the favor and loaning you some of the Nova Force." Jamal grinned and held up a fist. "Give 'em hell. I'll see you when we're done and I get back from helping Peter. Lord knows what kind of shit he's gotten himself into over there."

The Site of the Necropsy Rite, The Cancerverse

The Guardians found themselves transported to an entirely new location. "Well, what do you know. I was half expecting that to be a set up and for us to have been teleported smack dab in the middle of an enemy fortress." Star-Lord said.

"How do we even know if this is the right place?" Rocket asked.

"Well..." Star-Lord looked around at the desolate landscape, the eerie bleak sky, the lightning raining down from the sky, and, most importantly, the crashed Sanctuary ship in the background that confirmed that this was the place where this universe's Thanos had crash landed. "Just a hunch."

"Do not worry. This is certainly the place. Transformed beyond all recognition byt he obscenity performed here." Thanos said.

Mantis gripped her head as though in pain. "These structures are caked in some sort of limbo ice. It's like they are not alive, but neither are they dead. I sense... ancient and abominable intelligences... something beyond the measure of normal cosmic dimensions. I... I think I'm going to become sick."

Thanos suddenly turned away and looked in another direction and scowled. "The super-dimensional coils of the Elder gods transect this location. All universes are converging here, even the oldest ones, the Chthonic realities that are the most atrocious and profane of all. This is where he let the Old Ones in. This is where he killed Death."

"Right, this is your big moment. This is where you do your thing." Rocket said.

Thanos began walking forward. "I appreciate the vote of confidence, Raccoon. Whil eI may be a quick study, I am a being of science and as such, magic is not my strong suit. Reverse-engineering the magic behind the ritual will take a moment of contemplation and analysis to psychometrically discern the specific details. You can all go now. This is down to me."

"Yeah, no. C'mon, you're way too smart to seriously think we'd leave you all alone here." Rocket said.

"Cosmo is agreeink with Rocket. Cosmo's thinkink we should not be lettink you out of our sight. Drax was nutjob, but also decent judge of character."

Thanos scoffed and continued to lead the group forward until they reached a valley. "Well, you've got yourself an audience, Thanos. Get to work. Clock's ticking." Star-Lord said.

"No. The clock's stopped." The Guardians quickly turned around to see Alt!Thor, Alt!Giant-Men, Alt!Captain Marvel, Alt!Iron Man, Alt!Quasar, Alt!Captain America, and Alt!Mar-Vell behind them. "Your names and this place were the last things the Scarlet Witch screamed before I devoured her soul."

"MAR-VELL!" Thanos screamed as he suddenly charged in headfirst.

Likewise, Mar-Vell lunged at him and shouted "THANOS!"

"Oh, shit." Star-Lord said.

Normal Space, Knowhere

"Looks like the whole place has been evacuated." Jamal said as Major Victory led him to the Continuum Cortex of Knowhere. The doors opened and the two walked over to the computer system in the center of the room.

"You think Star-Lord is being reckless, Nova?" Major Victory asked as the two sat down at the computer.

"He's always reckless." Jamal chuckled. "He's a loon with a short fuse who jumps in without looking. But, it works for him. He's probably the bravest man I've ever met. His spirit is what makes the Guardians work on a fundamental level."

Suddenly the computer screen turned on. ["Bio-code, Jamal Hawkins, detected."]

Jamal turned to face the screen and saw Star-Lord's face. "Hey, Jamal! If you're watching this, then things have probably gone to hell. It's hit the fan, I won't lie to you. We found Thanos on Sacrosanct, the Universal Church of Truth's homeworld. They resurrected him; large as life, twice as ugly. We've taken him into the Fault. Straight into the Cancerverse right under the enemy's nose. I know you probably consider me crazy right now, but trust me, Thanos is the only thing we have that can end this nightmare. Look, we've mapped the Fault using the Continuum Cortex. If you're here, that means you probably came here to help us. Follow the route we used to get in, and then lock onto my passport transponder. If it isn't too late, I'd really appreciate it if you could be here to give a guy a hand. It'll be just like old times." With that, the video feed cut off as the message ended.

"Well?" Major Victory asked.

"Do you need to ask?" Jamal replied.

"I can operate the Continuum Cortex and get you in there on his trail."

"Alright..." Jamal walked onto the transportation pad. "Ready when you are."

The Site of the Necropsy Rite, The Cancerverse

"You can't win, servant of Death!" Alt!Mar-Vell said as he and Thanos fired powerful cosmic blasts at each other that met at the center of the space between them and locked in a clash. While these two were relatively even at this point in time, things weren't looking particularly good for the others.

Alt!Giant-Man had been bombarded in the face by the rounds from Star-Lord's guns, however it appeared to not do much damage at all. Rather, he covered his face with one hand and charged him. Moving too fast for Star-Lord to avoid, Giant-Man had grabbed him in his large hands. Rocket didn't fare any better, as he fired at Alt!Captain Marvel. Unfortunately, Rocket's weapon was simply not the right one for the job, as he was firing energy blasts at an energy absorber.

Cosmo planned on taking out Alt!Thor, who was the most dangerous of the bunch, with a telepathic attack aimed to shut down his brain. Cosmo unfortunately discovered that Alt!Thor's mind, being that of a god, was painfully difficult to invade. He barely managed to roll to the side in time to avoid the Mjolnir that was tossed at him. Meanwhile, Gamora was on relatively even terms against Alt!Captain America, as she tested his defenses with his shield, looking for an opening. Alt!Iron Man was also locked evenly with Mantis, who was defending herself against the repulsor beams fired from the palms of his suit with a telekinetic shield.

The energy clash between Thanos and Alt!Mar-Vell grew to a crescendo and the focal point of the joint clash grew larger and larger until it exploded outward. Alt!Mar-Vell was the first to move and he lunged at Thanos. Thanos clasped his hands together and brought them down on his head, causing him to spit up blood. "Tell me, who said I wanted to win, Kree dog?" Thanos grabbed his head and shoved it into the ground, cracking it and creating a sizable crater. "I just wanted you here, close, face-to-face." Thanos then picked him back up by the throat, squeezing tighter and tighter as his voice grew louder and more desperate. "Do I need to spell it out, flea?! Give me what I crave. Give me Death! Give me the release of oblivion!" Thanos shouted. Suddenly, he released his grip and knelt down. "Do this, and I will give you everything you want in return... my Undying Lord."

The fights in the background between the Revengers and the Guardians grew to a halt as every single individual paused in the middle of whatever action they were doing. Most of them collectively looked--save for Star-Lord--at the kneeling Thanos in utter disbelief in silence. That silence was broken by Star-Lord, who was standing next to Rocket Raccoon. "Rocky?"

"Yes, Pete?"

"I can't bear to look. Did Thanos just screw us over?"

"Oh, like you wouldn't flarking believe."