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Elfen High 2 (OOC 11, Closed, Hindustan Zindabad)

PostPosted: Mon Nov 17, 2014 11:24 pm
by Nightkill the Emperor
The sun goes down on the ancient school
And the light goes and fades
At his base, the soldier sets down his tool
There's no more need for blades

The Earth turns, but remembers how it burned
In Hell, a city of angels changes hands
The battles and wars of old end, lessons learned
Many leave to Purgatory, to settle a new land

The headmaster moves through the halls
On paths he's often passed
The final walk, as Death calls
The time to rest at last.

He sits down in the Graveyard, and sighs
And smiles and prepares for what's next
In the world outside, some die - and some rise.
He closes his eyes, and his fate he accepts.

And then his old companion Death arrives
The man goes, all his time gone
But love endures. Memories survive.
This story ends, but the world carries on.


Nationstatelandsville wrote:It struck me just now what we're doing here.

Elfen High is the tale of a magical school run by the Devil, who was raised by God the janitor (with some help from Loki) and is best friends with an alcoholic Russo-Japanese half-ogre and a delusional Appalachian Atticus Finch, which battles against the Great Old Ones (lead by a Shakespeare villain in tights) and dragons (who also happen to be the creators of the universe). The student body includes a female Hitler made of clay, her boyfriend an English knight (who is only slightly perturbed by the whole Nazi thing), a young girl who has spent some time as both a robot and an angel (but mostly as the universe's chew toy), the Sphinx of Thebes, and a sex-addicted vampire-hunting Batman rip-off. The staff, meanwhile, is composed of the actual Nylaratheop (now deceased), a half-raccoon whore, and the former headmaster who faked his death because he was bored one day. Regular contacts include an impotent and aging Thor, a well-read bartender Dionysus, the reincarnated Third Doctor, and Freddie Mercury. The most powerful weapon in all of existence is an angry David Bowie. By the end of the day, Don Quixote will have joined the cast, because Khaan saw his name on his bookshelf. And, of course, all of this is part of the grand plan of the fascist angel Uriel (who happens to be physically identical to televisual actor Giancarlo Esposito) to... do something.

And the President of the United States of America is Clint Eastwood, amongst other things.

Does anyone else think this is really fucking weird?

Nationstatelandsville wrote:
Nightkill the Emperor wrote:I'm not sure how to explain Elfen High.

Nat, NEI, explain Elfen High.

OK, so you know Harry Potter? Forget it, because it's nothing like that.

Right. So there's this school. It's only sort of a school, though, because the last time anyone went to class after the first day was in 1926, and they got lost on the way to the bathrooms.

It's a magic school, in England, near London. There's a lot of magic, but there isn't a lot of school. It's run by Aleister Crowley (but not that one), who is the greatest hedonist to have ever lived, while also the most powerful wizard in the world. Surprisingly, this works. The staff is made up of psychopaths. Entirely. The one sanest one was a drunk half-orc who abandoned his son. Then you have the students, who are stuck-up, snotty, bratty, hormonal, and completely fucking stupid.

Everyone hates everyone, except when someone else hurts one of them, at which point the entire school beats that someone to death.

There are angels, and there are demons. They live, collectively, in Heaven - a despotic theocracy, Hell - a wasteland of the bizarre and bloodthirsty warlords who make Genghis Khan look like an amateur, and Heavensgate - a colony of Heaven's in Hell, which is the most progressive out of the three in that not everyone's life is shit (usually). They all hate each other, and humanity, and it's Elfen High's job to keep everything peaceful. Elfen High does this by being drunk (everyone, all the time), late, and inexplicably naked.

Also, there are these abominations from before time called the Fae, who are trying to kill everyone, everywhere. And then's there another abomination who is trying to kill everyone, everywhere, but even more so, called Leviathan. And then Satan and God are in there somewhere, but no one really knows how. Nor does anyone care, because they're all crippled emotionally and are shitfaced.

Also, there are dick jokes. Mainly dick jokes.

Olthar wrote:Elfen High is what happens when you give drugs to a monkey. Then you shoot that monkey in the head and give the drugs to something far, far worse.

Nationstatelandsville wrote:
Nightkill the Emperor wrote:If there's something I'll miss about this rp itself, it's the huge, massive world we've built up. There's so much shit and history here.

Which, mind, is also going to make the ending of this arc hell because of how many things we need to wrap up.

We've accidentally crafted a Tolkien-esque world, complete and resplendent in its complexity and comprehensiveness, all built around dick jokes and lesbians.

We're like a rainbow. Except instead of looking pretty, we play pretend as demons, Eldritch Abominations, and lesbian catgirl otakus.
- Ameriganastan

I don't have morals, I just don't want to jack off a rhino's giant dick face. - Nude East Ireland

The Elfen High Theme Song, courtesy of Astro.



Elfen High: An argument for free will?

Tropes page and Characters Page
The House of Jehovah

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News Thread.

Rule Zero: Obey OP.
I expect this to be a good RP, and as such, I must demand quality from my players. Thus, anyone who makes extremely short and/or (Although the two usually go hand-by-hand anyways) undetailed posts will receive a warning.
If you quit, and say you aren't joking, that's it. Goodbye, you're on your own, don't let the door hit you on the way out.
Unless I am notified beforehand, if a player is inactive for three days, I will take over his or her character(s) if it is ever needed to advance the plot, and the player will receive a warning. If the player is inactive for five days, unless he or she can justify his or her absence, he or she will be removed from the RP.
Do not incur in godmodding, unless other player(s) have agreed to allow you to control their characters or otherwise the scenario had been set up beforehand.

Alright now.

I'm creating a list of consequences for not obeying the basic rules of courtesy and self control.

If I ban you for a period of time, follow it. If you don't, you will get one more shot. Break ban again and I will flat out kill the character of the person breaking the ban or take permanent control the character.


Sup niggas?
Some of you might remember this. It's back. And I've made some edits and changes to make it better than it ever was before. So let's sit down and enjoy the ride.
NEI gets the rights to say "I knew it."

A few billion years ago, the Universe was created. Don't ask how, nobody knows, though people tend to agree this was a bad move.

On an insignificant little blue planet in the Milky Way, creatures evolved. First came the bacteria, then came the amphibians, then the reptiles, then the birds, then the mammals and then the Indian narrator who probably got quite a few things wrong in this sentence. But what also evolved were vampires, demons, werewolves, fairies, Gods, etc.

First were the Egyptian Gods, and shortly after them were the Hindu Gods. They got along affably enough, and ruled the Earth together. Then came the Greeks, Aesir, Aztecs, Shinto and Abrahamics, along others. They lived under the rule of the Hindus and Egyptians, who kept the Earth from being destroyed by their constant warring.

Then the True Fae revealed themselves. Nobody was quite sure where they came from- another planet? Another dimension? Another galaxy? But they showed their intents to take over Earth, and Earth allied to defeat them. The Egyptian Gods were completely destroyed in this struggle. After centuries of warfare, the True Fae were chased away.

In the aftermath of the battle, all the Pantheons and supernatural beings were severely weakened. The supernatural council got together, got wasted, debated on whether the rumors of Loki screwing Aphrodite were true, and then they ultimately made the decision to leave Earth, due to the fact they were too weak at the moment, and those dirty hairless apes living there were getting stronger and more advanced every day.

So with some exceptions, supernatural creatures left Earth for the Celestial planes or their own universes. But nowadays the supernatural is wondering why the hell they left, and are considering returning to Earth. And some humans, aware of the supernatural, are also aware that they might want to return. They're also aware some places on Earth are more magical than others.

This is where the fucking title of the rp, Elfen High, comes into play. Somewhere in Britain, there is a highly magical hotspot. A few decades ago, a boarding school was built over it. As a defence, many teachers here aren't what they appear, and are usually trained mages. The school has even become a place where highly intelligent, or students with high magical potential, can be protected.

But magical creatures, though they officially aren't supposed to go to Earth, they often make visits here because they love the sheer magic of it. They often came here.

And then on December 21st, 2012, a horde of rogue demons entered London and started slaughtering. They were stopped by one Mr. Crowley, the Headmaster of Elfen High, intent on protecting his home.

But the Masquerade, so carefully maintained before, was shattered for good. Humans now knew about supernatural beings, even if the knowledge so far is slim. Elfen High upgraded from a mere school to a training facility where countries send children with magical powers.

It is now 2018. The school year is beginning.

Roleplay mechanics

You are allowed up to spread out 18 points through your basic powergrid (INT, STR, SPD, DUR, FS).
Characters who are Staff receive 21 points here.

You are also allowed to spend 11 points specifically in magic levels.
This means you could have, for example, Level 5 Cyrokinesis and Level 3 Healing or Level 4 Laser Vision and Level 4 Teleportation or Level 3 Healing, Level 3 Spider webbing and Level 2 Telepathy. If you don't want to use up all of those 8 points, you can take the Magic Level points leftover and put them in the other skills.
Characters who are staff have 15 points here.

Old Elfen High veterans get a +1 on magic level points and a +1 on the basic powergrid categories. AWB veterans get another +1 on basic categories. If you're from both, lucky you.
Nightkill the Emperor wrote:OK.

If you have one PC, this guy has standard powergrid (before any changes are done due to AWB/EH bonus and story bonuses)
If you have two, you lose two points in general "physical" categories as well as one point in magic skills.
If you have three, you lose three points in general "physical" categories as well as two points in magic skills.

And so on.
This no longer matters worth a shit.

Only one character of yours may receive AWB/old Elfen High bonuses. And it goes without saying that if Character 2 wasn't in Arc 1, he doesn't get the +3 point bonus.

Can aid when making rolls for cracking puzzles or building things. I shall use a d20 die and so the scale goes like this.
1 INT (-3 on all INT rolls)
2 INT (-2 on all INT rolls)
3 INT (-1 on all INT rolls)
4 INT (+1 on all INT rolls)
5 INT (+2 on all INT rolls)
6 INT and so on and so forth. Plus all the roleplaying bonuses you will get.

Equivalence Levels:
0 - Mindless
Mindless drone, driven by primal instinct. Or just a vegetable. Either way, you are very, very dumb.

1 – Dabbler
Easily confused. The best laid of plans of mice and men is a phrase you don't know the meaning of. Literally. Multi tasking is a chore for you. You need to focus on one action at a time and are easily confused with complex strategies. Also, you only have very little knowledge of the supernatural. Basically no knowledge of the supernatural whatsoever.

2 - Average
Puzzled, but productive. You can work on two things at a time, but giving it your best falls short. When chasing two rabbits, you usually lose both. Patterns and formulas do not come to you naturally, but when faced with the same event again, you can apply previous knowledge. You have a decent grasp on "smarts" and you've started learning more about the hidden world of the paranormal, but you're still not very proficient.

3 - Above Average/Apprentice
Productive member of society. You can work diligently in an environment, and can figure out logical solutions to patterns and formulas. You’re pretty smart. Also, your knowledge of forbidden lore continues to grow, but your not as knowledgeable as someone who specializes in it.

4 - Genius
You’re pretty damn smart for a normal human. In a world without superhumans, magic and other assorted weirdos you’d probably be called one of the smartest men alive. Too bad that’s not the case. From this level onward you can create your own tools and items…WITH SCIENCE.

5 - Borderline Superhuman
The difference between you and a normal genius is….that you’re smarter. Admittedly, it’s not that fancy, but at this level any gadgets and other assorted items you make is already further than most modern technology of our age.

6 – Low Superhuman
You need to muster all your willpower when you see someone messing with a Rubix Cube, or struggling with a scientific formula. Are they really that dumb or are you just that fucking smart?

7 - Superhuman
You cognitive functioning is akin to that of a supercomputer.

8 – High Superhuman
People are going to think you’re bonkers, but that’s because they just don’t get you. You are beyond their comprehension; yet there is almost nothing that lies beyond yours. The technology you create is far beyond your time and well into sci-fi areas.

9 - Fucking Hell, Einstein
Your mind is on the edge of enlightenment. You are capable of remembering massive amounts of information with ease, as well as comprehending things that even most of an superhuman intellect could only dream of processing. The technology you create is just plain ridiculous. Like stumbling right into an episode of Dr. Who, only with better special effects which aren't as fake.

10 - SCIENCE!!!!!!!
Your thought processes are impossibly complicated and fast; you process information at a godly rate and probably have a perfect memory. Your intellect is without fathom.
You are the incarnation of SCIENCE, even though you still have no idea why that word has to be in all caps all the time.
This is for when you attack someone physically, with punches and such. Goes by the same principle as the INT above. Also determines how much weight you can lift (see brackets).

Equivalence Levels:
0 - Pathetic (0 - 50 lbs)
You're probably Nat.
1- Weak/Average (50 - 150 lbs)
Do you even lift? You probably don't. But it's not that bad. Could be a lot worse.
2 – Fit (150 - 250 lbs)
Yeah, you work out. Pretty good.
3 - Bodybuilder (250 - 600 lbs)
You're very strong. Yup.
4 - Peak Human (650 - 1000 lb)
Alright, alright, we get it. You're as buff as a man could possibly get.
5 - Borderline Superhuman (2 tons – 10 tons)
6 – Low Superhuman (20 tons – 50 tons)
7 - Superhuman (60 tons – 90 tons)
8 – High Superhuman (100 tons - 150 tons)
9 - Immense (160 tons – 225 tons)
10 Epic (250 tons – 400 tons)
This decides your total health points. Durability is decided by this formula (x^4+100). You'll note that health is very much an exponential value.

Equivalence Levels:
0 - Fragile
Body is weak, frail, sickly or possibly underdeveloped. Your stamina and general physical constitution could be likened to that of either an infant or an elderly person. Either way, it's probably best you not get into fights; or any kinds of physical activity, for that matter. You're probably Ende.

1 - Weak/Average
You probably don't work out. You can take a few punches from an average person, but really that's about all. Your stamina is pretty low too. You can run for a few minutes before exhaustion. On a good day.

2 - Fit
Reasonably physically fit but nothing too special. Can take some degree of damage but still vulnerable to everything. Maybe you work out regularly, run some laps sometimes. Your stamina isn't impressive, but it's not underwhelming either.

3 - Athlete
Physically fit, tougher than the average person, more resistant to damage but altogether still human. You're very athletic, maybe even at a professional level. Running marathons are no big problem for you and you can take a beating in a fight.

4 - Peak Human
Extremely fit. You've reached the peak of human durability. The amount of damage and pain you can withstand is almost superhuman. Almost. Participating in martial arts competitions or marathons would just be unfair. You can function at peak capacity for long amounts of time.

5 - Borderline Superhuman
Is physically tougher than a person is usually capable of becoming, has greater stamina and more resilient. Things like bullets and knives now do only little damage.

6 - Low Superhuman
Human level strength does nothing, neither do bullets and knives. Body is becoming extremely difficult to be damaged by standard means.

7 - Superhuman
Conventional weapons of any kind start to have little to no effect. Even some superhumans wil have difficulty damaging you, your skin is pretty damn tough and nothing human made could hope to harm you, even something that isn't human would find you difficult to harm.

8 - High Superhuman
You are the epitome of toughness, your skin having reached a level that is just insane. Superhumans find you difficult to harm and your body can take large amounts of punishment and brush it off. Fatigue is just a distant memory, your body unable to tire out.

9 - Beyond Superhuman
You’re nearly invincible, conventional weapons shatter upon your body. Disease is nothing and even poisons will be found useless against your transcendent physiology. Your body could run for years on end, fatigue is not even in your vocabulary.

10 - Nigh Invincible
Your body is godly, invincible to all but the mightiest of superhumans and even they find it hard to damage you. Nothing foreign can harm your body, whether it be disease or poison.
This is a very underused stat, to my moderate disappointment. It shall be used for dodging or getting from point A to B quickly. Average running speed listed between brackets.

Equivalence Levels
0 - Pussy (Cannot walk on your own)
1 - Average (6 mph -12 mph)
2 - Slightly above average- 12 mph- 20 mph)
3 - Track Runner (20 mph - 25 mph)
4 - Olympian (25 mph - 40 mph)
5 - Borderline Superhuman (40 mph – 100 mph)
6 – Low Superhuman (100 mph - 250 mph)
7 - Superhuman (250 mph - 400 mph)
8 – High Superhuman (400 mph – 550 mph)
9 – Blur (550 mph – 700 mph)
10 – Flash (700 mph – 1000 mph)
Your fighting skills.

Equivalence Levels
0 - Comatose baby
You don't even have any basic fighting instinct. Nat once beat you up and took your lunch money.

1 - Untrained
You have no training and little to no experience. You almost lack the ability to throw a decently placed punch and would stand no chance in a hand to hand fight with someone with even a little bit of training.

2 - Trained
You may have taken a few classes in martial arts, or might just have some experience. You would still have a hard time competing with someone who is well trained, though you're no pushover.

3 - Well-Trained
You've either been very well trained in martial arts, or have gained experience from being in many fights in your life time, and know how to fight fairly well compared to the average human.

4 - Master
You're a combat specialist who has been taught how to fight very well. You've achieved the highest rank possible in a single martial arts style, or have enjoyed extensive training in several forms of combat.

5 - Borderline Superhuman
You've mastered at least one or more fighting styles, or maybe you have learned a few styles to supplement the one you've mastered. Even Master Martial Artists would have great difficulty fighting you.

6 – Low Superhuman
Your skill is beyond human limits. You've mastered at least one or more fighting styles, or maybe you have learned a few styles to supplement the one you've mastered. Your reaction time exceeds that of a normal human.

7 - Superhuman
You have mastered multiple forms of combat, and fighting a normal person would be like combat with a still target. Your muscles move faster than your mind, your reaction time is faster than thought and it’s become pretty much unthinkable for a mundane opponent to even get a punch in on you.

8 – High Superhuman
Even for superhuman standards you’re exceptionally skilled at fighting. You have mastered a huge number of combat styles. Your reaction time is flawless, and even large groups of highly trained or master combatants pose little threat to you. At this point, your body almost just moves on its own in battle, requiring little to no conscious thought.

9 - Master of War
You are a being of pure combat. You have mastered a crazy amount of combat styles. Your reaction time is godly, and you read people like maps finding the flaws in their style like they were obvious. Fighting anyone but the best of the best is little more than a mindless chore for you. Even the craziest of manoeuvres in battle are possible for you.

10 – Nightkill
This is it. The pinnacle of martial perfection. You might as well be psychic, that’s how easy you can read most people’s fighting style; you can react to their moves almost before they’ve even made them. Your fighting abilities have grown to the point where there’s no longer really such a thing as ‘styles’. You’re beyond that now.
Only those in the highest levels of superhuman skill could even hope to keep up with you in battle.

Same rules as INT. The effects of roll results, since magic is so varied, will be decided by me during battles unless it's just a normal fight scene.

You can invent them yourself, ain't that nice? The examples listed for each equivalence level should sketch an image of how strong your power will be.

Equivalence Levels
0 – No Powers
You have no magical powers. Seriously. Absolutely nothing. You're a basic human (or other species that doesn't have magical powers, but, really, humans seem to be the only species that haven't figured it out yet). On the magical level, you're Nat (or a potato, but they're the same thing, really).

1 – What, you call this a power?
I suppose you could call this a power, but not really. It's pretty shitty. You might be able to have better senses - think night-vision, better hearing/seeing, slight healing, maybe even a bit of transfiguration/shapeshifting, or perhaps you could create a little bit of elemental energy manipulation, like setting things on fire. And by "a little bit", I mean "basically nothing". Either way, your power sucks. No, I mean, seriously, it really sucks.

2 – Decent, I guess
I guess you can call this a power. Think very low-tier. You might be able to slowly regenerate, teleport yourself a little bit, do some decent shapeshifting, or maybe actually create more than a match-head of fire. Still not that impressive, to be honest.

3 – Low Superhuman
This is decent. Maybe you can launch a hadouken every once in a while. Your power is still "enhhhh". I don't know what to put for this level of ability.

4 – Below Average Superhuman
Alright, this is your average magic user. Think an average demon's fire power (assuming we're talking about demons that have this type of power). You can manipulate at higher rates, produce stronger attacks, stuff like that. If you have a healing power, you should be able to heal most minor injuries in thirty seconds, and major in minutes (Cannot start regenerating until damage has stopped, AKA if you’re being burnt or electrocuted you can’t begin the regeneration process until you are no longer being attacked.). Things like regenerating a lost limb would still take almost a day and would be impossible in a battle. At this point, you might be able to do a bit of illusionist-type stuff, perhaps a little bit of transfiguration, pretty decent shapeshifting, okay elemental powers, stuff like that. You're a bit lower than the average wizard.

5 – Average Superhuman
Alright, this is a pretty damn impressive power. You can shoot fireballs out of your hands, teleport a pretty decent distance, control elements pretty well (think like, one of the better benders in Avatar, because there isn't really a better way to describe it), things like that. Your power probably won't be too useful against higher-tier supernaturals, but you can slice through your basic human/demon/angel pretty quickly.

6 – Above Average Superhuman
You are a damn good wizard. If your power is healing, you have an amazing healing rate. Your hand is gone? Pfft, that's not a problem. It's back within a minute. Most higher-skilled wizards/supernaturals have this type of power. Your power is dangerous. You might even be able to project (think Loki), reanimate, teleport groups...your power is pretty decent.

7 – High Superhuman
You're...Gandalf. Um, I'm not sure to put for this level. You're better than your average wizard, but you aren't, like, godly. Demigod, I suppose? No, probably a bit lower than that. I have no idea.

8 - Master Superhuman
Teleport is easy for you. Group teleport is a cinch. You can rip holes in dimensions/universe with ease. Energy manipulation? Think along the lines of the Avatar (because my mind is really bad at writing descriptions) - you can do some seriously awesome shit. You could probably make a tornado if you wanted. No, screw that, it would be easy for somebody like you.

9 - God-Level
Your power is insane. You can devastate most normal wizards/supernaturals, and even do some serious damage to gods/other things along that level. You are a fucking magical nuke. Your power level exceeded 9000 a while ago - you can take on things like minor gods and higher demigods pretty easily.

10 - Nightkill
Why the hell do you have this much power? No, I'm serious, this shouldn't even be fucking possible.

This is not a difficult concept for one to grasp.

You are born. You live your life. Something happens. You die. You wake up in Hell. You find yourself immortal to old age and disease. You act like an idiot. You die. Death comes. Death explains stuff. You reincarnate now as a living thing with no memory of past lives.

And the cycle continues.

Code: Select all
[b]Age[/b] (Actual):
[b]Age[/b] (Appears):
[b]Appearance[/b] (Picture or good description):
[b]Weaknesses[/b] (Optional, but you could get more points if you do this):
[b]RP Sample[/b]:

For examples of applications, see "Accepted characters"

Lore and History

A few thousand years ago, a God named Yahweh showed up. He decided to make his own race, and so he took some human blood and created a new species called the angels. The first three angels were the brothers Lucifer, Uriel and Michael.

Yahweh created a large population of angels, then he left without saying a word while his youngest child, Raphael, was still a kid, Lucifer a young adult, Uriel a late teen, and Michael in his late teens. L, U and M had serious daddy issues as a result, though Raphael can't remember.

Lucifer went down to Earth to check out the humans, and to his shock, he fell in love with one of the Hindu humans there. They lived a long and happy life together, and then she died. Lucifer sprinted to Hell to save her, but it was too late. Her soul had already been destroyed.

Furious, Lucifer went back to Heaven and instigated a Heavenly Civil War, declaring their Father dead and him now in charge. Uriel, Michael and Raphael fought on Yahweh's side, and eventually defeated and banished Lucifer, the eldest angel and before that moment, the Joy of Heaven and the Morningstar, to Hell.

Heaven is now ruled by Uriel with an iron-fist. Uriel has daddy issues because he believes that he disappointed his father, and that's why Yahweh left. Now he follows 'the Will of God' so strictly that the hugest Christian fundie would have problems with this, and he forces everyone else to do the same.

Heaven is a big Crapsaccharine World as a result. Michael is saner, and also believed to be more powerful, but he believes that if he stops Uriel, another Heavenly Civil War will occur, and they can't afford that. So he spends his time sexing Gaberial or taking part in the huge Heavenly black market for drugs. (Does both secretly, obviously. Uriel would kill him if he found out.)

Heaven has 800 million angels, and 2.1 billion humans. Uriel stopped letting humans come through after the Industrial Revolution began, believing they were 'unpure', no matter how much of a devout Jew/Christian/Muslim they were. Humans in Heaven are treated as slaves.

Angels are normally human-shaped but there are many who look monstrous. Some angels can shapeshift or cast illusions.

Hell is fucking huge. Hell is fucking old. Hell is a separate dimension, as carefully detailed as our own. For the sake of this discussion, we will not be discussing the Hell Universe, but the Hell Planet.

Hell is fucking huge. Hell is fucking old. Hell is the size of Jupiter, and dozens of billions of demons, humans, fairies, and other races reside here. Hell is filled mainly with demons, who are split between Old Time demons and New Time demons. Old Time demons are the demons from the times when the Hindus and Egyptians ruled the Earth. They look animalistic. New Time demons are demons from after Lucifer Fell in Heaven. These demons are more humanoid looking. Most demons are either farmers or soldiers. Hell is stuck with swords and shields tech-wise. Demons are a very diverse species, with succubi, Bajang, Jinn, Kappa, kraken, etc. Most demonic soldiers are skilled with illusions.

The average angel is three times as powerful as the average demon.

Hell is ruled over by Azazel, an actual demon and not a Fallen Angel. Azazel got this position for being very powerful and very cunning. He does have a Council he occasionally consults, made up of Fallen Angels and demons.

The Planet Hell is filled with huge amounts of natural resources, trillions of trillions of barrels of oil, trillions of gems, an abundance of coal, and extremely rich and fertile soil. As remarked by some "Hell looks more like Heaven then Heaven."

The effect is spoiled some by the horrific living conditions of the residents, especially the dead humans, who are treated as either slaves...or food.

Most of Hell is extremely warm, but there are some icy cold regions. Hell is 75% land, 20% water, and 5% acid/lake of fire. It's also spoiled by the environment.

"It's a miserable place to live, but it's a more miserable place to die." - Herald of the Incomparable Legion of Light, Archangel Raphael.

Hell is a huge planet, and much of it is volcanic. Volcanoes are all over the planet's surface, and constantly erupt, causing much ash to be in the breeze of Hell, to the point where most species have evolved to survive in such conditions, such as developing lids that can be put over their eyes. Most of the fauna in Hell have various backup systems, such as a multiple hearts, testicles, nervous systems, lungs, and much more. And tougher skin, more strength and speed than Earth creatures.

This is needed to survive in Hell, where conditions are absolutely horrific. Creatures living here are much more dangerous than on Earth, and virtually every creature is omnivorous. Including the damn plants. It's suspected Earth and Hell were much more linked, which shows as many animals seem to be evolved and more dangerous versions of Earth creatures.

Case in point, what are the cockroaches like in Hell? Those creatures are armed with venom sacs that release venomous spores all over it's body which it can release at will, a bullet will barely pierce through the layers of it's skin, it can survive without it's head for forty days, has a backup heart and nervous system, it can last two weeks without food or water, and it lays around 1500 eggs in it's lifetime.

An even greater case in point; only 25 of these eggs manage to live to adulthood. Conditions in Hell are so harsh that this creature that could dominate virtually any ecosystem on Earth has a very low chance to living to reproduce.

Hel, Hades and Yama hold small pieces of land in Hell. They owe rent to Azazel.

Every dead guy goes to Hell. No exceptions. You could have been an absolute saint, and you still end up in Hell. Uriel doesn't let anyone into Heaven, and forced the other Gods to accept it. To be fair, the other Gods didn't really give much of a shit. There are occasionally humans who die and make it to other realms, partially because some God or another took a personal interest.

You know how Palestinians complain Israel is occupying their land.

This is how demons think of Heavengate, except it's worse.

Heavengate is the land surrounding an area where Hell is relatively close, dimension-wise, to Heaven. Raphael and some angels are stationed here to prevent a demonic invasion. Demons really hate Heavengate, since it's enemy occupation of demonic land. Heavengate angels are more powerful than average angels. They also are more liberal on some things, like homosexuality, but humans are still treated as slaves.

Heavengate is a piece of land the size of the East coast of the United States, and is the main source of the roaring drug black market in Heaven. Around twenty million angels live in Heavengate, as well as thirty-three million demons and forty-two million humans.

Home of the Greek Gods.

The Greeks used to be a powerful and proud race. Emphasis on proud. These guys fought. A lot. They also fucked a lot and keep sneaking into the real world to do that, so a lot of magical humans are descended from these guys. Zeus is the top dog, but in practice he's pretty stupid and doesn't do much. As a result, Athena tends to do most of the actual work and runs things and is smart enough to get Zeus to go along with it.

Poseidon is powerful, roughly equal with Zeus and smarter. However, Poseidon is more tired and old now, so he's mostly retired to his underwater kingdoms in his private universes to sit around and relax. He's petty and vindictive, but has grown up more.

Hades keeps himself almost completely isolated in his kingdom in Hell. He's also powerful so Azazel doesn't try to fuck with him. Hades really only speaks to Athena and Persephone, believing that pretty much everyone else can go get fucked.

Olympus exists in it's own dimension, one created by Chronos, the father of Zeus and his siblings. I'm sure you guys know that story. It ended with the Titans, formerly rivals to the Egyptians, being captured and sealed away by the modern Greek Gods. There are many smaller dimensions that link to Olympus, but this is the crux of the Greek domains. There are a lot of humans here, as well as other races, because the gods decided to capture and take a lot with them when they left to their own dimension.

Olympus is a giant mountain with several cities dotting it and a thriving economy. The people still have technology from the end of the Roman Empire though.

Creatures from...somewhere. They fought the Gods in the distant past. Even now, speaking their name is regarded to be dangerous, and they are referred to as titles such as "The Lords and Ladies", "The Shining Ones" and "The Gentry." They utterly weakened Earth, chasing away the supernatural beings and killing off the whole Egyptian Pantheon. There are reasons why nearly every supernatural being is scared of the thought of the mere thought of them. For semi-obvious reasons, these guys are game breakers.

They were powerful as hell, but most details are shrouded in myth because most people refused to even think about them after the War.

The school is massive. There are security cameras and magic spells protecting it. It looks bigger on the inside than the outside, as a shitload of Doctor Who companions have said. You pretty much need a GPS to get around the school. There are elevators, monorails and even native wildlife in some of the halls. The school has some corners that don't make sense, leading to speculation that the place was built by a Cthulhu cultist.

The school was founded in 1880 by a mage named Valaran Fixban, who created a shelter for those of magical talent. Unfortunately, Mr. Fixban was killed in 1952 during a tragic accident. Details about this are obscure. The only other person there had been Mr. Crowley, who is now the head of Elfen High. He remains mum about the matter and does not discuss it.

The education system is a mixture of German, American and British systems. Maths, English, Chemistry/Alchemy, Biology and another foreign language along with Worlds History (yes, plural) are all obligatory, as is physical education. There are many elective classes. Many.

Time works differently in Elfen High. In the school's area, time is slower- a day lasts 30 hours here rather than the 24 outside. The shitload of magical energy also causes people to get tired less, so a person usually only needs five hours of sleep compared to the recommended nine or ten hours in the regular world.

Elfen High allows people of any race. And they're serious. Demons, oni and demigods are all beings who have attended the school. Staff is not permitted to reveal the race of any student or fellow teacher without permission from Crowley or the student him/her/itself.

Rules are flexible and effectively the teachers are the law, though even they report to Crowley.

The school is technically in the United Kingdom, but in practice it's an independent entity and most people aren't sure what to classify it. Crowley is pushing for the school to receive it's own UN representation.

Unfinished: Asgard, Hindu Lokas, Other Gods and Myths

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Backstory One-Shots
Merry Christmas: A heartwarming tale about Daisuke and Minh.
In The Distant Past: Minh is remembering the good old times. An ominous figure shows up very briefly.
Arthur and Lucifer
Hallelujah: A peek into the cruel measures taken by the Father.
The Devil Remembers: Lucifer remembers the time he spent with his wife as he watches Heaven burn.
The Old Days: Loki and Fixban talk to a younger Crowley.
You Feeling Lucky, Punk?: A small story where Michael speaks with Clint Eastwood.
I'm Not Who You Think I Am: Set has a brief chat with Lucifer, before vanishing. Lucifer then tells Metatron about it.
I Will Be More Than That: The story of the last stand of Sobek's army in Atlantis.
More Time: A story of Crowley's past, featuring Loki, Fixban and Uriel.
Paradise Lost Part 1: Lucifer on his deathbed.
Invictus: Azazel contemplates the future while thinking of a classic poem.
I Will Remember How You Scream: Azazel tortures Rosalind and explains his motives.
Protector of the Earth: Michael defeats Lucifer.
One More Run: Crowley encourages Minh.
Noble Ambitions: Zacheriah contemplates his achievements.
Make A Man Out of You: Crowley gets laid.
War is Hell: A demon soldier does his duty.
Hard Choices: Athena and Crowley talk about his ruthless decisions.
Twilight of the Gods.- Set laughs at Lucifer's grave. Shit gets real.
A Man Who Would Be Called Lewis Jameson: Pretty heartwarming and good tale with the man who would be called Lewis Jameson.
Sword Search Part 1: First entry in how Crowley acquired the legendary sword Gram.
Lover Never Leaves: Crowley at two deaths.
How a human dies: A young soldier girl makes the ultimate sacrifice.
Path to Darkness: Lucifer rallies his troops.
The Progress of the War: Eastwood and Sanchez discuss the war effort.
Retaking Control: Behemoth in the past.
A Hindu Story: My version of Krishna defeating Indra. Also, Ganesh negotiates with a new and ominous character.
Date Night: Lust dates Az. This is possibly one of the most beautiful things I have ever read.
Promise: A mother says goodbye to her daughter.
The Old Fight, Pt. 1 and The Old Fight, Pt. 2: Something about Godzilla? :P
Fighting for a Better World: A demon reminisces on the relationship between demons and angels.
Christmas, Pt 1 and Pt. 2: A son meets his father on Christmas Day.
Scorn of the Ancients: M-m-m-m-Mario!
Christmas With Gay Eric: A fateful meeting with an elf on Christmas.
Timeboy: A boy dreams to become the Doctor.
My Eyes Are Up Here: Calliel being Calliel
Ancient Skirmish: L-l-l-l-l-Luigi!
Azazel: The day a demon becomes a demon.
Maledicite Doni: The diary of a young soldier.
Salvatore Scuro and Suffering Soul and Stay in Shadow and Solicitation of Silence
The Turning of the Tide
Company: Two godly celebrations.
Date with Destiny
My Favorite Hirokiri
Magic Banana: Knowing Mav, this is probably dirty. This may or may not be the case.
Starry Night: Crowley and Leah looking at the stars.
Mirrors: Mirror, mirror, on the wall…
When Marowit was broken.: Self-explanatory.
Time for Change: Prologue for Sisitu.
An Angel and a Demon Walk Into a Bar: Calliel learns how to do “a sex”.
Neil’s Day Off
A Realization of Feeling: A pseudo-sex scene in over 4k words.
Two Sunsets, Two Sunrises: A boy learns of prophecy concerning him.
Lazarian – Border Patrol: Laz working as border patrol.
The American President: How the President does business (non-cannon)
The Harbinger of the Sun: The Harbinger rejects his role.
Something Old, Something New: The past affects the present which affects the future.
The Burden of the Immortal: Fixban has had a bigger role than you'd think.
Crowley in the Catacombs Part One: Crowley's attempts to teach a history class wind up something completely different.
The House on Rue Saint-Honore- Daniel is in Paris, meeting up with some interesting figures of the past. Extremely good.
A Vague Pottering
A Calm Night- the Wyrd Past
Latin Class
Émilie, lève-toi!
The Wyrd Past- Before
Domestic Affairs - A look in the life of Gay Eric and Parnell
Every roll of the die -A certain character returns, killing off some drug competition in Arizona.
Tijuana -Nicholas Carry is more than he seems, and he knows far too much.
Plan of Dammation - A very belated update to this list. The Mormon mercenaries.
Let there be light.-Liora awakens in heaven, and has a mildly pleasant conversation with God. (Not main timeline).
Ciao di Nuovo - Sir Nilark runs into his doubts and an old flame in Florence.
Where Dips the Rocky Highland
A Little Trailer of Things to Come.
Kal Ho Na Ho
Versuch XXII -"Hilde does a practical demonstration of Alchemy applied to Medical Science."
An Unwelcome Guest - The Three Ciels meet.
Elfen High School Radio.
Jornada Del Muerto part one
Pondicherry Part One - Daniel Andreas remembers his past, and how it relates to the jewel of former French India.
Jormada Del Muerto part two
A Midsummer Nights Dream
Will-O-Wisp - Will-o'-the-wisps are atmospheric ghost lights seen by travelers at night, especially over bogs, swamps or marshes. They resemble flickering lamps and are said to recede if approached, drawing travelers from the safe paths. In European folklore, these lights are held to be supernatural beings or spirits such as fairies, attempting to lead travelers astray
Memories of Fire and Brimstone

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Countries in EH

Code: Select all
[b]Composed of[/b]:
[b]Characters from here[/b]:
[b]Changes since magic was revealed[/b]:

State/City/Province app
Code: Select all
[b]Flag (If applicable):[/b]
[b]What is it? City? Province? State?:[/b]
[b]Language(s) spoken:[/b]

Code: Select all
Magical Academy App

[b]Language of instruction: [/b]
[b]Main Studies:[/b]
[b]Notable Alumni:[/b]
[b]Relationship with Elfen High:[/b]

The United States of America
-------North Carolina
-------Puerto Rico
-----------San Francisco
The United Kingdom
The Colbert Nation
-------Hong Kong
-------Baja California

The Princeton Magic Academy for the Deaf and Blind
The Berezovski Academy of Jewish and Rabbinical Studies
Corvo Attano High School
St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows' Institute for Catholic Youth
Academia Mexicana de Lucha Libre

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You may as well post - I really doubt that I'll fill up many reserves.

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by Nationstatelandsville
They're called "roundels", you son-of-a-bitch.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 5:16 am
by Constaniana
What are the round things?

PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 5:19 am
by Nude East Ireland
Constaniana wrote:What are the round things?

Everyone should know that Con comes from an alternate universe where circles don't exist. So, you know, don't show him any or he might die.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 9:45 am
by Zarkenis Ultima
Nude East Ireland wrote:
Constaniana wrote:What are the round things?

Everyone should know that Con comes from an alternate universe where circles don't exist. So, you know, don't show him any or he might die.


PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 10:15 am
by Nightkill the Emperor

PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 10:28 am
by Astrolinium
Zarkenis Ultima wrote:
Nude East Ireland wrote:Everyone should know that Con comes from an alternate universe where circles don't exist. So, you know, don't show him any or he might die.


That's more of an oblong if anything.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 10:32 am
by Zarkenis Ultima
Astrolinium wrote:
Zarkenis Ultima wrote:

That's more of an oblong if anything.

Circlier than a zero. -Shrug-

PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 10:34 am
by Astrolinium
Zarkenis Ultima wrote:
Astrolinium wrote:
That's more of an oblong if anything.

Circlier than a zero. -Shrug-

That's not good enough, Gabriel.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 10:41 am
by Zarkenis Ultima
Nightkill the Emperor wrote:

These are true.

"Flamebaiting in its mathematically purest form."

That's just beautiful.

Astrolinium wrote:
Zarkenis Ultima wrote:
Circlier than a zero. -Shrug-

That's not good enough, Gabriel.

Incidentally, zero is the number of fucks I give, Elijah. :P

PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 10:59 am
by Astrolinium
Zarkenis Ultima wrote:
Astrolinium wrote:
That's not good enough, Gabriel.

Incidentally, zero is the number of fucks I give, Elijah. :P

Well, then remind me to pick you up some more when I go to the fuck store later: if you ain't givin' any, you better be out.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 11:03 am
by Zarkenis Ultima
Astrolinium wrote:
Zarkenis Ultima wrote:
Incidentally, zero is the number of fucks I give, Elijah. :P

Well, then remind me to pick you up some more when I go to the fuck store later: if you ain't givin' any, you better be out.

I'm all out. I can't be bothered to remind you. -Nods-

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I'm playing Far Cry 4.

It's set in a country modelled after Northern India.

That alone is a reason to get it.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 11:40 am
by Agritum
The Villain is a mad half-British Hong Kong man.

Did you make this game, Night?

PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 11:41 am
by Nightkill the Emperor
Agritum wrote:The Villain is a mad half-British Hong Kong man.

Did you make this game, Night?

No comment.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 11:52 am
by Zarkenis Ultima
Agritum wrote:I'm playing Far Cry 4.

It's set in a country modelled after Northern India.

That alone is a reason to get it.

I've seen it on Steam.

As always, I ignore it, because it costs money.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 1:12 pm
by Nationstatelandsville
Agritum wrote:I'm playing Far Cry 4.

It's set in a country modelled after Northern India.

That alone is a reason to get it.

Insert obligatory Miracle of Sound.