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A World in Chaos: An Alt-Earth RP (IC/Open) SIGNUP FIRST

PostPosted: Mon Sep 22, 2014 7:57 pm
by Ghondra
A World in Chaos

An Overview of the World Today
By Jean Moreau, IGDSA

The World Today is not the world the way it was befoe the 6/6 Attacks of 2006, the world before was a World in harmony, unified by the power of Peace, Goodwill, and Democracy the world over. But alas, everything must come to an end, with the good things ending a little bit too soon apparently.

After the end of the Cold War, a War in the Shadows which has repeatedly threatened the world with total oblivion by Atomic Fire, the Nations of the World did not know what to do, after all the existence of so many advances in society, technology, and even Humanity itself has been spurred by the threat of War, so the nations f the world made a compact, to never again see the fires of war consume their peoples. Alas that compact was consumed by Naivete and overt optimism, it was just Human Nature to pursue conflict wherever it might lie.

In the Levant, and the lands of the religion who has so long ago has been synonymous with peace, goodwill, and the pursuit of knowledge has been disenfranchised and prejudiced by the world at large for the actions of the few who wish to see it change to a religion of oppression and ignorance. All the while the promised land is threatened to be engulfed by nuclear fire and Sectarian Conflict.

In the Old World, despite the veil of civilization and peace lies a corruption that threatens to engulf the continent, with the Lands of the East threatening to once again establish a system, an anachronism of the new virtues of a reborn world.

In the New World, the Powers that be, locked in a state of paranoia, conservatism, and rejection of progress threatens to restore the old order of threats, terror, and war,

And in the lands of deserts, rainforests, and tribes lie the everlasting corruption of the old world, threatened with Sectarian conflict born from a century of Colonial Rule.

No this is not the promised world of peace, and global harmony. In this World in Chaos, only human nature can prevail. Ironic, as Human Nature was the thing that got us into this mess.[hr]


Clockwise from Top-left: View of the Victoria City WTC smoking, Coalition Forces move in for Operation Viper, Jordslagi police battles Pro-Independence protesters in Uversk Province, and the Dallian Wall is torn down, marking the end of the Cold War.

The 21st Century marked a great time of Strife for Terra, with War, Terrorism, and General Instability regnant in the post 6/6 World. This RP is sent in an Alternate Earth with different Geography, and all that, sort of like Ace Combat's World of Strangereal, not at all dissimilar from our own post-9/11 World. The link to the original interest thread is above.


Original Interest Thread
OOC Thread
Tech Thread




Credits to Ptolemais for this Compilation:


Jiăde (free market socialism...?)
Falconmont ( ^ )





POPULATION (in millions)
Alegeharia - 1250
Athartha - 1000
Jordslag-Valim - 950
Andoria - 910
Falconmont - 734
Ghondra - 650
Persica - 550
Prussenija - 471
Aqruthia - 274
Helvetia - 85.5
EUP - 75
Jiăde - 40

Total world population of approximately 7billion with only these nations.

Helvetia - 84,500
Jiăde - 64,646
Ghondra - 34,287
Athartha - 34,072
Jordslag-Valim - 31,534
Alegeharia - 29,875
Persica - 24,875
EUP - 19,639
Falconmont - 15,513
Aqruthia - N/A
Andoria - N/A
Prussenija - N/A

GDP TOTAL (in trillions)
Persica - 89
Alegeharia - 74
Ghondra - 45
Athartha - 34
Falconmont - 23.6
EUP - 19.5
Jordslag-Valim - 10.8
Helvetia - 7.2
Jiăde - 2.5
Aqruthia - N/A
Andoria - N/A
Prussenija - N/A

ACTIVE MILITARY (in millions)
Athartha - 57 (5.7% percent of population...)
Ghondra - 32.5 (5.0%)
Falconmont - 10.5 (1.4%)
Alegeharia - 7 (0.56%)
Persica - 5.5 (1%)
Aqruthia - 4.5 (1.6%)
Jordslag-Valim - 4 (0.4%) (and 22,000 planes, almost 2x the US Air Force!)
Helvetia - 1 (1.2%)
Jiăde - 0.3 (0.75%)
EUP - 0.55 (0.73%)
Prussenija - N/A
Andoria - N/A

1. Please use POV characters for Narration
2. Use proper punctuation, spelling, and capitalization
3. No godmodding
4. Stay MT/Early PMT
5. Time passes 1 page/month
6. All OOC discussions must take place in the OOC Thread
7. No one-liners
8. If your post concerns a major event involving, or set in a country, please consult the affected country before you post it

PostPosted: Thu Sep 25, 2014 7:38 pm
by Ghondra
Foreign Relations & Policy of the United Empire of Ghondra and Gaella
Written by the Faculty of International Relations of the University of Bismarck


"In Defens of Thine Realm"

PERSICA: Relations between Ghondra and Persica are... unique to say the least. Both countries maintain embassies and consulates in their respective countries, and economic cooperation is vibrant between the two Great Powers, they are even co-founders of the Brettonian Union, the organization that managed to maintain the longest period of cooperation and peace in the continent, relations cannot be anymore stranger between the two kingdoms.

Relations between the nations fluctuate periodically, it always depends on the popular opinions of the nations citizens that dictates the policy of many past Ghondran Prime Ministers to the Persicans. Relations between the countries today are amicable, if not lukewarm.

PRUSSENIJA: The relations between the two nations of Ghondra and Prussenjia could be described as extremely tense. Prusesenjia's expansionism, and Ghondra's own imperialist ambitions has turn the relations between the two country to one of near-perpetual hostility, there are even many in both countries who believe that the Ghondrans and Prussens are forever destined to fight each other in a perpetual cycle of violence. This is widely dismissed by Anthropologists, Psychologists, and Sociologists. Economic relations are almost nonexistent, but the two nations have managed to find a common ground in that they wish to prevent the world's destruction by maintaining countless diplomatic lines, and channels, helping to prevent war whenever it might break out. But despite the theory described above, the ambassadors between the two countries have even managed to become friends. Despite the air of amicability between the ambassadors and diplomats. Relations between the two countries are very much hostile.

JORDSLAG-VALIM: Out of all of Ghondra's numerous diplomatic relations, none can compare to the friendly relations between the Empire and the Union. Jordslag-Valim is Ghondra's largest trade partner, with $20 Billion passing through the Straits of Bismarck every month, and both countries maintain numerous security agreements, with over 30 Bases, and some 50,000 men stationed inside Union Territory. They share a maritime border with the Straits of Bismarck, and a land border at the Island of Centerport.

AQRUTHIA: Relations between Ghondra and Aqruthia are cold at almost every level, the opinions of the Ghondran people on the Aqruthian are strained, and many older Ghondrans still remember the days where Aqruthia was a Ghondran Colony. Ghondra maintains an embassy in the country, and a consulate in the Canal. Despite good economic relations, the actions of the Aqruthian Government on trade tariffs has been controversial and trade between the two countries have deteriorated due to the issue.

The current Government, headed by Lord James Caldwell has made the Empire's Foreign Policy it's top priority, what with the 6/6 Attacks, and the deaths of thousands of Ghondran Soldiers in overseas wars. Lord Caldwell, elected this year (2014) has pledged to maintain Ghondran bases overseas while simultaneously launching a campaign to reconcile relations, particularly with their former colonies (example: Aqruthia) and to establish a global link to combat terrorism and extremism and to maintain peace between all the world's nations.

Some has described this policy as Naive.


PostPosted: Fri Sep 26, 2014 12:16 am
by The Emerald Dragon

PostPosted: Fri Sep 26, 2014 8:51 am
by Alegeharia
Alegeharia sends a diplomat to Ghondra to commence talks and what not. This is one of Alegeharias better diplomats

Edit *snip*
Alegeharia send the other diplomat to falconmont through a (pmt) plane that is not pinged on radars way above anyone's declared airspace to land into falconmonts airport.

At the Capital
Legoiceking, who is very bored sitting at a table with nothing to do, decides to visit his old home The Castle of Alegeharia and give free tours to all who are interested. Despite the bodyguards suggesting against this he went anyway because he knew he was safe with his weapons and group of assassins that are most likely there as it was a place of theirs at some point.The bodyguards went with Lego anyway and posted themselves at the door to protect/watch all who enter the historic site.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 26, 2014 11:03 am
by Renetopia
Presidential Palace courtyard, Qiye, Jiade

Li Xing looked on as a crowd cheered and cheered. It's official. Li has been elected president. His first term and he hoped it would be a good one, with no controversies or problems, inside or outside the country. Everything looked like a dream. But, his gut instinct knew that stormclouds are approaching.

"People of Jiade", he began, "The days of sorrow and self-pity are behind us! The Sun will shine once more on our glorious country. I promise you that I will do my best to improve our already-great nation. When someone, anywhere on this planet, talks about our country, they will think of nothing but positivity, prosperity and one heck of a role-model nation.

My dear citizens... The Sun is shining once more!"

The public applaused and cheered, but Li knew too well this happiness won't be easy to maintain...

PostPosted: Fri Sep 26, 2014 4:08 pm
by Ptolemais
Prepared by the Secretary of Internal Affairs in cooperation with the General Secretariat


The state of the Helvetian economy is strong. Oil and natural gas production continues to increase while the production of other equatorial producers begins to level off, and in many cases, decreases. This places Helvetia in a strong position moving forward as the utility of fossil energies does not appear to be going away in the near future. The Helvetian Sovereign Wealth Fund at this time contains $1.25trillion and investment policies by the Treasury Secretariat are poised to see a 2.5% return per annum in addition to continued influx of energy revenues. As of this time, the Fund has not been tapped for government expenses, and it is the recommendation of the Treasury Secretariat that this remain so.

With extraction of natural resources well underway, government monetary and tax incentives for Arctic exploitation have been decreased. The Treasury Secretariat has focused its efforts on enhancing Helvetia's industrial capability. Currently, Helvetia produces much of its own technical equipment, but is reliant on imports of heavier industrial machinery. Particularly, since the adoption of the Rothenburg Pact, Helvetia is beginning to become reliant on UFE members Prussenija and Taehan for this equipment. This not considered a threat, however it would be desirable to promote domestic production of as many essentials as possible.

The most significant project currently being undertaken by the Treasury Secretariat is the Evora Continental Pipeline. Currently, Prussenija is on board as a partner for this pipeline and construction is expected to begin in the coming months. The pipeline is the product of years of planning to overcome the challenges of constructing the world's longest underwater pipeline to ensure it is safe and durable. Even on land, the challenges continue due to the harsh Arctic conditions the line will be subject to in its northern segments. However, industry experts are confident in the technology being used. Most of the funding for the pipeline is being provided by Helvetian energy corporations.

See attached image. Black represents approved pipeline, while orange is speculative additions at a later date.


The state of the Helvetian military remains advanced. Despite six years of truce with Avoria, there have been several notable near miss incidents on the eastern coastline. The Avorian military has become somewhat less aggressive since Helvetia's military alliance with Prussenija was formalized, but publicly Avoria remains staunchly at odds with our country. Avoria still asserts extensive rights to Helvetian Amakusa which is in position between Avoria and the ancient Helvetian mainland. The island has not yet been exploited, but it appears to hold significant natural resource deposits. Much of the Helvetian Maritime Force (HMF) is positioned to defend this island as the most likely hotzone of a renewed Avorian offensive. The Defence Secretariat has every confidence in Admiral Saegusa's ability to defend the island.

In accordance with annual procurement regulations, the HMF will be acquiring 8 new destroyer-class vessels to replace its aging ones. These new vessels will be of the first class fully utilizing railgun technology, and will increase Helvetia's edge against Avoria. The first ship is entering service within the month, and the next seven will be in active service within two years. The first vessels will be assigned to Admiral Saegusa's HMFS Kanade aircraft carrier as part of Carrier Strike Group One.

Finally, the most significant project of the Defence Secretariat is the United Forces of Evora Northern Headquarters (UFENORTHCOM) on the western coast of the ancient mainland. UFENORTHCOM, or Helevetian Forces Base Azumi (HFB Azumi) will serve as the Arctic command for the UFE and coordinate its defensive precautions in the north-east of Evora. In the unlikely event of a global conflict involving the UFE, UFENORTHCOM would likely be the last line of defence against a total invasion of the continent. As such, the base has been constructed with the Helvetian doctrine of absolute defence in mind. The base has been rated to withstand nuclear, and even limited kinetic bombardment, it maintains extensive defensive weapons batteries for anti-air, anti-personnel and anti-ship combat, it has state of the art naval docking and air landing facilities rated to the harsh northern climate, and it has a self-sufficient nuclear power facility. UFENORTHCOM is Helvetia's most significant contribution to the UFE and it is staffed by officers from member states. It will also be the new base for Arctic training exercises, the next of which will include soldiers from Prussenija, Taehan and other friendly nations. The facility was constructed at great expense, but serves as a demonstration of Helvetian technological capability.

UFENORTHCOM in relations to other major military facilities:

A Helvetian soldier makes his way through an undisclosed level of UFENORTHCOM


The state of Helvetia's foreign affairs has struck a solid balance. Currently, our strongest ally by far is Prussenija. However, Taehae is a close second due to its membership in the UFE. These are also our two largest trading partners, followed by Jiade and Aqruthia. Helvetian energy currently makes it to all countries of the world in varying amounts.

Unfortunately, our policy towards Prussenija has placed us at odds with countries such as Ghondra. We have been conducting trade with Ghondra steadily, but it is possible that if hostilities break out between them and Prussenija then that trade will cease. It is advised we approach Ghondra cautiously in the future, as Prussenija is our most valuable trade partner.

In accordance with Helvetian policy of Realpolitik, our relations with other major nations remains indifferent. There is currently no major policy conflicts between Helvetia and other major powers aside from our alliance with Prussenija. The Foreign Affairs Secretariat advises we improve relations with major powers to ensure a safety net against the unlikely event of an embargo of Prussenija causing reduced demand and reduction of trade should Aqruthia close its trans-oceanic strait. We should also move towards stronger relations with Aqruthia in general.


This concludes the summary of the annual report by the Secretary of Internal Affairs on the most pressing matters of the nation. The report is available in full for inspection by application to the Chief Administrator of the Internal Affairs Secretariat.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 26, 2014 4:57 pm
by Alegeharia
Alegeharians diplomats arrive in there respective areas
Ghondra and Gaella
The diplomat arrive sat the embassy and starts the day with hugging everyone :hug:

1st Talks
1. Alegeharia wishes to be friends
2. As an ally you get to ask for help and will most likely get the help you need
3. Wishes safe passage for tourists.
4 In case of wars Alegeharia wants to put 500 men in your grounds if it is tactical

Lican is waiting for one of Cals people to come and get him as he forgot the way. He is currently waiting for at the airport where he is stranded as the plane was called back.

New Science
Alegeharian Scientists are looking for ways to create the first hover board. The Estimated research fund is to be around 15 million. Alegeharian Officials have limited the scientists to 3 months.

Alegeharia passes a new bill that allows more religious freedoms. This bill allows for polygamy and more "Alternate" Churches to be established.
Alegeharias king/president can be seen giving tours at the Historic Castle Of Alegeharia. These tours last about 45 minutes and will close at 5pm.
In other news Talks have begun at the Empire of Ghondra and Gaella. Hopefully the talks go smooth and our diplomat comes back alive.
Aqruthia issued a policy that seems a bit harsh to Alegeharia. The leader has given no comments to this and will be having a confrence with his most trusted advisers.

Diplomatic Missions
A diplomat is being sent to Aqruthia to gain information as to why the policy seems really harsh to Alegeharia.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 26, 2014 5:07 pm
by Ghondra
Ministry of Defense
Imperial Row, Victoria City
July 8th 2014 A.D.

The man entered the dark interior of Level-13B of the MoD, he was dressed in an impeccable black suit, carrying his black suitcase, it's contents unknown, even to him. He passed a collection of check points, unguarded with the exception of metal detectors and the numerous CCTV Cameras positioned in hidden spots, but he has familiarized himself with every nook and cranny of the dark basement, and he did not mind the digital eyes watching him.

He reached the end of the hallway, punching in his pass code, he entered the brightly lit room, he took notice of the two sentry guns mounted on the wall, again like the cameras, he was all too aware of their presence. He took off his shades, walking to the table at the far-side of the room. A simple and plain affair made of metal.

He placed his black suitcase on the table, the suitcase creating a loud thud in the process. He punched in the pass code, slowly opening the suitcase as if it was a fragile and petite china doll. The suitcase held a folder marked "EY-00 EYES ONLY" in big bolded red letters that looked like it was stamped there. He opened the folder, the article of paper that was held by the marked folder was named: "HELVETIA I-SIS CELLS" He slowly opened each file, a dossier, 1 out of 3 had his/her files with a large 'X' on their personnel picture, indicating their deaths.

He read each dossier with the attention given to that of a Schoolgirl to Teen Heartthrobs, until he met the last page, which was true to the organization's unpredictable nature, was not a dossier. It was unmarked, about 3 paragraphs long, and filled with multiple bolded, italicized, and all-caps words and letters, along with the presence of numerous Redactions. He began to read.
Nam et ipsa scientia potestas

"Intelligence Cells operating in Helvetia, including Field Cell XII and LVII, and SIGINT Cell XVI, along with Team Six are currently the last remaining cells operating within the boundaries of Helvetia, they are under orders to report to their handlers in [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] every 24 Hours due to fears of potential loss, in accordance with the initiation of the MONTAUK PROTOCOL after the disappearance of Cells [REDACTED] through [REDACTED] and the deaths of dozens of our agents stationed in Helvetia.

Director Anderson has authorized the deployment of Spy Satellites in Geosynchronous Orbit around Helvetia, through the use of background radiation from the Sun we have managed to hide these Satellites from view, but there is still a 1 in 50 chance that they could be discovered, though they are far away from the range of available ASAT weapons.

Department [REDACTED] has recommend that we deploy additional Special Forces and Black Ops team to [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] while Department [REDACTED] has recommended that we deploy 'Sleeper Cells' in the Defense and Intelligence Mainframe of the Helvetian Government in an attempt to stave off the possible destruction of the remaining cells.

We have detect possible Prussen involvement during these Helvetian mission interdiction.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 26, 2014 5:27 pm
by The Emerald Dragon
Unclaimed Western Arctic territory

Over 350 soldiers, all on snowmobiles and wearing their BDUs - minus the gear were setting up a perimeter; a recent directive had ordered the creation of another state in the area, and with that came vast supplies of oil and natural gas. Of course, the Council had dictated that the state had to be at the nearest possible point to the country despite being across the large sea, which divided the Arctic region. Around 1,000 people, looking for a fresh start were heading into the region.

The Capital of this province would border the large sea, and create a viable port to export natural resources, back to the Home Territories.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 26, 2014 10:27 pm
by Neo-Assyrian Empire
The Grand Empire of Prussenija

The train came to a screeching halt, but no one seemed to notice. The cars were filled with pale people, cast away and abandoned by their government. Some were political prisoners, others just handicapped. But they all shared one thing in common: They were all no longer viewed as humans in the eyes of the State. Then, there's a knock on the car door as it slides open. "Up! Up, up, up!" yelled a guard, standing in a black military uniform. Two soldiers closely followed behind him, holding back a dog from attacking the new arrivals. As the castaways stepped out of the train car, they were blinded by the bright beams of search lights, pointed directly at them. As they slowly shuffled into a gated area, a single monotone voice could be heard from a loudspeaker:

"Welcome to Eberdessen, otherwise known as Hell."

No one knew what went on inside of Eberdessen's walls except for the Marshal of the Camp, and no one was going to live to tell the tale. At least, that was the hopes of the Head Marshal.

The thump of a glass landing on the Head Marshal's desk echoed through out a silent corridor. Surrounding Vandessen were a dozen of his most trusted military advisers. He looked around. Not a single one dare speak before the Head Marshal. "Today, we begin a new era for Prussenija," began the Head Marshal, "Today, we have began to work with the Helvetians in order to start the construction of a pipeline that shall feed our war machine in the East. At the same time, we are beginning to show the world that we will not bow down to the corrupt democrats in the West. No, we shall bend to their every will. That is why we shall begin to move forces towards Ghondran territory, and perhaps boost forces in North Bretton."

The officers began nodding. "My Marshal, while this is a good plan, perhaps we should consult with other members of the Pact and see if they would be willing to sacrifice troops and resources towards eliminating Ghondra."

"Why?" The Marshal looked at the officer with a look of intrigue. "Why say that? Are you suggesting that the Empire is incapable of taking out Ghondra on its own?"

"No, sir, but maybe it would be best to seek ai-"

"You dare say that WE are weaker than the democratic scum of the west?!"

"No, sir-"

"Guards, get this man out of my sight!" Two heavily decorated guards walked towards the officer, their boots marching in unison. They grabbed him without saying a word and dragged him out of the room. All the while, the officer was begging for mercy from the Head Marshal, which was not given. "So," continued the Head Marshal, "Does anyone else have any... 'suggestions'?"

No one spoke or even looked at the Head Marshal.

"Good. Now, I want to send a statement to the Ghondrans, both literally and metaphorically. We will boost the amount of troops in North Bretton and shall start to turn the public against the Ghondrans."

Communique From the Grand Empire of Prussenija

To the leader of Ghondra,
At what lengths will you go to fight for a cause that will end in tears? I find your and your government's attempts to cling to a failing ideology as noble at best, but how long will you try to hold on to it? At this very moment, the people of my nation are celebrating another year of conquering and success for the empire. What do the Ghondrans have to celebrate? Another year surviving an economic downturn?

I shall enjoy conquering your nation.

(OOC: Sorry for the crappy post. I'm tired at the moment, so this the best I can do at the moment)

PostPosted: Fri Sep 26, 2014 10:30 pm
by The Great Korean Empire
Official State Report on the Notable International Relationships of the United Republic of Taehan
Approved by the Ministry of Security and Public Administration/Sponsored by Hyperion Corporation

Foreign Relations

-The United Empire of Ghondra and Gaella: Relations between Taehan and Ghondra is often described as a complex web. Relations at times are tense possibly due to mass build-up and modernization of conventional and nuclear arms due to recent economic fortunes which many see as an attempt to surpass Ghondra as the premier military super-power. This followed by the relations between fellow ally Prussenija and Ghondra which is found to be extremely violate. This has caused differences to sprout between the two nations as Taehan usually supports Pruseenija in international affairs and this coupled with different forms of government and frequent cyber-attacks on Ghondra as of late has worsened relations. However despite this a healthy trading and economic relationship has been formed which will continue to grow according to predictions. Recommended to be dealt with diplomatic and economic measures as of now. Approach cautiously.

-The Socialist State of Jiade: Relations between the two nations do not even exist. The United Republic of Taehan does not recognized the legitimacy of the latest government and finds it's socialist ideals a threat to both the nation and the corporations. Therefore relations are tense at the best for the moment. Conflict has also been building up between the two nations and fears of a regional arms race have broken out as both nations are powerful economic powers with increasing military expansion. The border between the states is heavily guarded while an attempt of a Helvetian Pipeline to Jiade is to be meet with hostility. Recommended measures include continuing the current directive while increasing counter-intelligence efforts. Some intellectuals have stated a conflict is inevitable.

-The Principality of Helvetia: Relations are excellent as Helvetia is one of Taehan's largest trading partners as well as a military ally in case of a conflict with other states. A notable interest is the building of a pipeline to Taehan in which negotiations are currently underway. All multi-national corporations have agreed that this chance is to be accepted due to the fact the pipeline will provide the nation with large quantities of petroleum and natural gases and generate extra revenue for the nation. However a notable matter both nations have been avoiding is the relations between Jiade and the possibility of the pipeline being built to there. The pros and cons of such as move are to be discussed later.

-The Grand Empire of Prussenija: Though relations are strong between the two nations through military and economic ties against states such as Ghondra publicly, in the deeper levels there is a growing amount of people in the lower levels of the government which disapproves of fascism and the rumored Prussenija abuse of minorities. There are also worries about the enormous military force Prussenjia possesses that it's imperial ambitions might at one point target Taehan. The few instances in where Taehan was neutral in affairs between Prussenjia and Ghondra and that the fact the Taehan does not necessarily always insult democracy is also another matter to discuss. However despite these differences the two nations have strong economic ties and will often cooperate in military and scientific matters.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, 2014 5:39 am
by Renetopia
The Republic of Jiade
"You aren't the world. The world is you."

Foreign relations of the Republic of Jiade:

- Similar culture and views of the world have made the Jiadese view Helvetians as allies. Although Jiade is mostly liberal, and Helvetia is mostly conservative, relations between the countries are good, with a plan to build a pipeline from Helvetia to Jiade. Helvetia is also Jiade's most valuable trade partner.

Taehan - Although the culture is similar, Taehan's and Jiade's views and ideologies aren't in sync. The relations between the countries are cold... really cold. Taehan's corporatocratic capitalism is seen negatively by Jiade's democratic socialism, and the other way around. The new president of Jiade, Li Xing, is planning to try and improve the relations between the countries, but it seems futile as Taehan's corporations and lobbyists might not approve.

Prussenija - Jiade's politicians are actually afraid of Prussenija. The country wishes little to no relations between the two states, not just because of Prussenija's negative image in the rest of the world, but because there are various rumors running throughout Jiade about the conditions inside Prussenija. Prussenija's totalitarian government is considered a threat to Jiade.

Ghondra and Gaella - Ghondra is seen as a potential strong ally. It's ideology, government, economy and power is seen as positive among the Jiadese. But, the Jiadese government is weary of Ghondra's "world-meddling" and fear that, if Jiade allied itself too much with Ghondra, it might have too much power on the Jiadese market. Still, president Li Xing wishes for better diplomatic relations between the two nations.

Jordslag-Valim - Another potential strong ally. It's ideology, policies and geographical position are seen positively by the Jiadese government. Jordslag-Valim is the first country Jiade will try to improve it's relations with.

Andoria - Andoria is seen as an "OK" country. Seen by president Li Xing as another potential ally.

The EUP - The Jiadese are fascinated by the EUP. It's different than anything they've ever known. The government is never seen and it's citizens are all black-belts. Jiade wishes for better relations, mostly to figure out the nation that puzzles even the most intelligent Jiadese people.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, 2014 8:58 am
by Ghondra
Langdon, Victoria
ISIS Headquarters

John Engels opened the wooden oak door that lead to Director Vivian Anderson's office. It was a spacious office, numerous pieces of furniture adorned the room, including, among other things, a bookshelf that held numerous trophies of past victories. John held a stack of papers haphazardly, should he let go dozens of papers would be strewn messily across the carpeted office. "What is it Mr. Engels?" The Director asked as she shuffled through numerous articles of paperwork, the tiniest hint of exhaustion in her voice.

"Ma'am, we just got word from Section XVII, they think that there's a possible leak in the Helvetian Defense Ministry" He said, placing the stack of papers in his hand on a nearby table. "That better not be paperwork" The irritated director said, gesturing for her Aide to sit down.

John Engels nearly sighed as he rest on the comfortable chair, "No, but it is for your review" The Director groaned, her upper-class education and upbringing was the only thing preventing her from burying her face on her desk, "What's the leak Mr. Engels?"

"We managed to find out that the Defense Minister's Aide suffered a fatal accident, the position is vacant, Section II thinks they can get someone inside"

"Dammit Engels not this again, you know Helvetia is one of the most racially homogeneous nations in the world"

"We got a Helvetian man, he's a rook, his name is Kiku Honda" John rushed to the stack of papers, pulling a dossier, handing it to his boss. "He was born in Helvetia, and for his first five years he was raised there. But after the Helvetians began to crack down on political dissidents his parents, who were liberals advocating for a more open and democratic government managed to get out of the country. They immigrated to Bismarck"

"Can we count on him though? You said he was raised there for five years" The Director said, closing the dossier and handing it back to Engels.

"Absolutely, he has some experience as a translator in the Tokiwadai Station, and from all Psych profiling he has gone through, he is fully committed and loyal to the Empire. He's not the only recommendation by Section II, he's just the most dependable"

"Is he willing to be implanted?"

John simply nodded.

"He's our man then"
Kiku Honda awoke to a rather pretty face, a blonde with her hair tied back wearing a pristine white lab coat. "How do you feel Mr. Honda?" She said, writing on her pad. "I'm fine" he assured her, he inspected his surroundings. He was lying on a surgery table, inside a rather empty and creepy room, he wore only his robe. (OOC: What do you call those?)

"You understood that the process is irreversible right? The kill switch that will microwave your brain should you be compromised will stay there permanently?" She asked, I nodded in the affirmative.

"Very well then, you are required to rest for the day, and you will report to the Quartermaster for further briefing. Thank you for your service Mr. Honda" She finished, leaving the room. Kiku sighed, "A spy eh?"

PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, 2014 9:19 am
by La Republica De Filipinas
"Maiitval-teris - Capital of the Aqruthian Confederation"

Official Document of the Aqruthian Intelligence Service
Declassified Material

Under the orders of the Chairman of the Confederation, the Aqruthian Intelligence Service was tasked to produce a state of the union report, which contains the Aqruthian Confederation’s economic information, foreign policy, military capabilities, scientific progress, and etc.

I. Economy

The Aqruthian economy is one of the strongest economies in the Two Atalantas. Given its strategic location on Central Atalanta, nations within the Confederation are major trading hubs.

Aqruthia has a diversified economy, given each nation’s unique resources and economic policies which each investor may prefer over the other. However, competition in Aqruthia is very aggressive, given that Aqruthian economic integration means that businesses located in each Confederation member-state can invest freely in another member-state, further intensified with competition from foreign businesses (with certain restrictions/added taxes on government-owned or Alegeharian and Ghondran firms).

Common sources of income in all Aqruthian nations is through the IT and Service sectors, followed by Mining and Manufacturing. According to the Aqruthian Department on Trade and Industry, Aqruthia has the best infrastructure and manpower for the investment in these sectors, citing widespread internet penetration, a well-educated populace, and properly-planned and organized transportation systems. Oftentimes, mainland Aqruthia is known as a high-tech jungle.

The Maiitval Canal, is another major source of income responsible for the prosperity of the Aqruthian capital, Maiitval-Teris. Naval ships passing through are charged higher than civilian counterparts, unless its purpose is humanitarian. Ships registered from Ghondran ports are charged 20-30% higher than usual traffic.

II. Foreign Policy

The Aqruthian Confederation, since 1998, adheres to a “one foreign policy” stance, indicating that Aqruthian member-states are no longer free to act to certain nations as they please and must comply with the Transcontinental Assembly’s wishes (although they are free to comment, but cannot, say intervene in a war then the Transcontinental Assembly says no.)

Ghondrans are seen as an imperialistic nation, internationally intrusive and geopolitically ignorant. The enmity between Ghondrans and Aqruthians is a complex story, but major factors involves several attempts of subjugating Aqruthian nations into a Ghondran colony, a proxy war of influence in the nations south of Aqruthia, and Ghondra’s overall intrustion in foreign affairs. Although Ghondran historians claim that all of Aqruthia was a colony, it was merely the Kingdom of Hadnetau (now part of the Aqruthian Republic of Beshtaven) that became a Ghondran colony.

Alegeharia and Falconmont are also viewed in a negative light, due to the Aqruthian belief that they may be threats to the security of the nation given their military numbers and the latter’s history of conflict with the Aqruthian states. As with Ghondra, trade is the only form of friendly communication, but only Alegeharia is charged with higher tariffs.

Persica is seen in a more positive light, due to its history with Ghondra and staying out of colonial interests. Political and trade relations are healthy, and most Aqruthian citizens wish to see further cooperation between the two nations.

Helvetia and Taehan are seen as exemplary trading partners; both of them being one of Aqruthia’s largest trading partners. Aqruthians wish to see further cooperation between them, but their relations with Prussenija are considerable problems.

The Aqruthian stance on Prussenija is neutral, but slightly lean to the negative side. Trade relations are good, but political relations may have their ups and downs, given their denunciation of democracies (Aqruthia included.) [[classified section]] The AIS and the higher government officials of the Aqruthian government has long known of the humanitarian abuses in Eberdessen and other places in Prussenija thanks to the aid of satellite images and AIS agents and collaborators. However, it refuses to release such information as it may harm trade relations of Röthenburg Pact nations. [[end of classified section]]

III. Military

Each of the 4 Aqruthian nations maintains their own militaries that suit their needs. However, those who wish to have higher wages enlist in the Aqruthian Armed Forces, which employ only about approximately 273,000 or 0.1% of the population. Rigorous training and being armed with one of the world’s most advanced technology make them one of the world’s most feared militaries. However, they were not meant to operate independently during large-scale operations, but are meant to cooperate with other Aqruthian militaries given the AAF’s small numbers.

Aqruthian militaries are diverse in doctrine. However, since by the numbers Aqruthia pales in comparison compared to Falconmont and Alegeharia, Aqruthian militaries prefer to build up each of their soldier’s skills and equip them with advanced technology to increase their survivability and fighting prowess. [[Classified section]] It is the job of the AIS to know the best time to attack the Confederation’s enemies when necessary, or when they are going to attack. Aqruthian militaries throughout history have relied on intelligence to achieve decisive victories. Preemptive strikes combined with shock tactics were always common methods of war to lower the enemy’s morale as soon as possible to force them into the negotiating table and disable their ability to fight.[[End of Classified Section]]

IV. Scientific Capability

Known as the IT jungle, the Aqruthian Confederation prides itself as a leader in technology. It operates a collaborative space program with about 3 launch sites, has one of the highest number of laboratories, and a well-educated populace. Its universities are among the best in the world

PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, 2014 9:40 am
by Cymrea

Kingdom of Persica

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

To: Foreign Affairs Ministries of Ghondra, Athartha, Jordslag-Valim, and Andoria
Re: Brettonian Union

Your Excellencies,

The Circle of Archons has discussed continuing membership in the Brettonian Union at length and it has been decided that the Kingdom of Persica shall renew economic and diplomatic commitments, but will not participate in military cooperation as it bears the likelihood of conflicting with a forthcoming military coalition initiated by the Crown and Government of Persica.

Ever in service,

Right Honourable Meredith Aurelia Rhys-Jones,
Praetor Extraterritorialis,
Royal Persican Senate,
for Her Majesty the Queen.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, 2014 9:44 am
by Ghondra
Diplomatic Services of the Empire of Ghondra and Gaella

DESTINATION: Embassy of the Grand Empire of Prussenija


We have received a Communique from your Head Marshall, the contents of which are insulting for us to read. If we do not receive a formal apology or a retraction of the Communique there will be severe repercussions. Should the Head Marshall be Inebriated when he sent this offending communique then we shall forgive this faux pas. We have been disturbed by your Government's actions for sometime and we do not take lightly to this insult. His Majesty's Government will consider withdrawing our diplomats from your country.

Lord Peter Levi
1st Earl of Levi
Department Head for Foreign Office Diplomatic Corps.


We will of course not withdraw other diplomatic channels in order to prevent war.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, 2014 9:48 am
by Alegeharia
(Posting on a phone sorry)
"It has been a few days since or diplomat to ghondra has started it's talks. We still don't have word of the diplomat in Arauthia, and know people can be heard singing why can't we be friends on the Alegeharian Aqruthia Border." The reporter said as she changed papers.
"In other news the president has returned home and has now started the meeting we stated last time. Lego left the castle with this to say: "huh? Oh right yea you know we will see what's going on but right now our best bet is now the uncontrolled air and water spaces." This reporter is hopeful that that fixes things.

"Lego the aqruthians have raised tariffs. It's also affecting Falconmont." Someone said
"Look" Lego said a bit serious." We won't do business with aqruthia then. Seize all business deals with them and pull out our major businesses from there country and put them in the nation under us they are small and could use the econ boost."
"Yes sir" the advisor said as he went to the door. "Right way."

Lego noticed that groups of people were at the border singing.
"Damn hippies" Lego thought.
Still those were his hippies and he needed to protect them. So he went to his chief of military,his son isel.
" I need protection on those singers now. Nothing big, just a person with a riot shield and tazer." Lego said as he walked in.
Isel who was looking at a map and agreed in his head said " yep and if this fails it won't look good anywhere."
"It wouldn't be us that looked bad as we're protecting the people of this nation while the peacefully protest the aqruthians."
A bit annoyed as he had to pass the singing people, who were now singing all you need is love by the Beatles, managed to get to the gate and enter into arquthia. The Diplomat sat and waited where he was told.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, 2014 10:35 am
by The Emerald Dragon
A Governmental HQ

The 25 men stood around a table, all dressed in immaculate black suits and with .44 Magnums at their belts, these were the most powerful men in the EUP and weren't letting that go easily. Within a few moments, they sat and began the discussion, the sound of the most expensive ice-cold vodka hitting the bottoms of their glasses then filled the room like an explosion. At last, a Council member on the left spoke up. "Now, Gentlemen, I believe that we have pressing matters to attend to. The matters concerning us are the 'Arctic' project and foreign relations, which both require Council Member's Hirak and Dreyfus to look over."

Shifting his gaze, he looked at the Commander of the Armed Forces; Tyson Blackheart, a former Special Forces soldier and master of 5 martial arts, he had spiked vermilion hair, a crisp voice which sounded like velvet and piercing green eyes....

PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, 2014 1:14 pm
by Soviet Chernarus
The Emperor's Palace, Verdunberg

"Welcome, Glorious people of our nation!" The Emperor's voice boomed, as the massive crowd, in the thousands, stood on the Imperial Square, cheering and waving. Many were waving tiny Kolteran flags. Flanking the Emperor on the left was the Prime Minister of Kolterüng, and on the right, several bodyguards - security had been tightened massively in anticipation of the speech the Emperor would give. The Emperor was a somewhat short, scrawny man - not at all impressive on first sight. He often wore a full Kolteran military uniform. However, he was renowned for his fiery speeches, captivating the people of the nation by the millions. He was extremely patriotic, and loved his Vaterland dearly.

Blocking the crowds were Imperial Army soldiers in full combat armor, a symbol of Kolteran military might. If it were not for them, the crowds would already be charging towards the balcony and the doors of the Palace. The Emperor continued, "Today is a glorious day for the Imperial Empire! After much discussion with the Prime Minister and my Imperial advisors, we have decided to pursue and strengthen relations with other nations in the world!" He paused and motioned the crowd to stop cheering. "We hope this will benefit the Empire and its people! I hope you, as the people who live in this great land, will back me up in this decision!" Almost right on cue, several planes, all sporting the Kolteran roundel, flew over the Emperor in the sky. The cheering became louder - the Emperor smiled, "Any nation is welcome to send diplomats or representatives for a meeting in the massive halls and hundreds of rooms in the Imperial Palace!" He announced."The meeting will be held in three weeks time! We welcome any foreigners who enter this country, for the Fatherland is very beautiful this time of year!"

"That concludes my speech! For our Fatherland!" The cheering became a roar in the Emperor's ears, and he was able to make out stray cries of "HAIL THE EMPEROR!" and "FOR THE EMPIRE!" The Emperor grinned, and turned to the Prime Minister. "Your Imperial Majesty, sir, you were a complete success!" He cried as they both reentered the Palace. "The people will surely back your move to bring our country from isolationism!" The Emperor grumbled, "They follow like blind sheep. I, for one, do not trust these foreigners coming into our Fatherland - they could be vandals, thieves, murderers!" The Minister chuckled, "I think not, your Majesty - it is for the best."
"I still do not trust them," He muttered stubbornly.
"Ordinary of you - of course, I mean no disrespect sir." The Prime Minister added hastily, "But isolationism is not good for our country! We are reliant on foreign imports, and it would be good to get involved in an alliance or two, to help protect our Fatherland, of course."
"I suppose." The Emperor said doubtfully.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 28, 2014 9:21 am
by Cymrea
International press conference
Circle of Archons
Vanovar, Persica

Meredith Aurelia Rhys-Jones, Praetor Extraterritorialis of Persica, stepped to the podium and addressed the assmbled media representatives. Prominent among them was the team from the Persican Broadcasting Corporation.

Rhys-Jones cleared her throat before speaking.

"Esteemed members of the press, I come before you today to make an announcement of intent on behalf of the Persican Crown and in conjunction with Ministry of Defence." She gestured to her right, indicating Senator Shawn Cambrius, the Consul Legatus.

"The Kingdom of Persica is preparing to host a conference, to which certain nations will be invited to send representatives. The reason for the conference is to establish what has been called the Alliance for Ensuring Global Integrity and Security - AEGIS for short.

"The essential purpose is of AEGIS will be to safeguard the freedom and security of its members through political and military means. AEGIS will promote democratic values and encourage consultation and cooperation on defence and security issues to build trust and, in the long run, prevent conflict. AEGIS will be committed to the peaceful resolution of disputes. If diplomatic efforts fail, it will have the military capacity needed to undertake crisis-management operations.

"The alliance will be committed to the principle that an attack against one or several members would be considered as an attack against all. This is the principle we are calling collective defence, which shall be enshrined in the founding document we propose - the Treaty of Logria, named for the city in which the conference will be held.

"AEGIS is intended as an alliance of countries from each continent. It will provide a unique link between nations around the world for consultation and cooperation in the field of defence and security, and the conduct of multinational crisis-management operations.

"The initial invitations are hereby extended to: Andoria, Aqruthia, the Emeralderic Union of Provinces, Jiade, Jordslag-Valim, and Kolterüng. Upon the foundation of AEGIS, further invitations will be discussed and issued as appropriate.

"Questions? Yes, you there...."

AEGIS Headquarters, under construction near Logria, Persica.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 28, 2014 11:39 am
by Soviet Chernarus
The Emperor's Palace, Verdunberg

"Your Imperial Majesty, sir, the Prime Minister would like to speak with you." A herald announced. "Very well! Let him in." The Emperor scowled as the Prime MInister walked in through the door, and bowed respectfully. "Hans, if this is about the -" The Minister stood up. "No, no, it is not your Imperial Majesty, sir." He glanced at the closing doors, "It has come to our attention that we have been formally invited for a conference. The purpose of it is to establish an alliance called AEGIS - the Alliance for Ensuring Global Integrity and Security. I believe that if we join this-" The Emperor motioned him to stop talking, "Are you certain that joining this...alliance will help out Fatherland? Even if your argument sounds persuading...I am still uneasy about joining alliances and getting out of our isolationism, which has been maintained by my father and my ancestors for decades."

"I am certain. We should join this alliance - if we are threatened by any foreign powers - not that anyone would try that with our unrivaled military prowess - it would be nice to have backup; allies, if you will, just in case." The Minister continued explaining it - where the conference would be held, reasons to join the alliance, and how the nation as a whole would be able to reap the benefits. Finally, the Emperor was persuaded, "Very well. We shall send the Honorary Imperial Diplomat Enver Smittë - one of our more professional diplomats. Inform the Minister of Foreign Affairs of this arrangement, if he hasn't already." The Prime Minister bowed again, "Yes your Imperial Majesty, it shall be done." After all the hours of arguing with the Emperor, the nation would finally be getting out of its isolationism...he hoped for more prosperous years to come for his nation and his people.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 28, 2014 12:12 pm
by Renetopia
Presidential Palace, Qiye, Jiade

Prime minister Xun Jingshen rushed to the president's office. He had to tell him the news. The most exciting news Xun has heard in a long time. He politely knocked on Li Xing's door.

"Come in", he heard.

Xun opened the door to find president Xing sitting at his desk, typing on his computer. There were two coffee cups on his desk, a lot of paperwork on the floor and the president's hair looked messy. Obviously, he had been working for a while now. He looked up from his work.

"Ah, Mr. Jingshen! I needed a break from this... This monstrosity of a task. I hope you bring good news."

Xun replied: "I don't know if it's good news or bad news, but for the moment it seems like it's good news. I just heard the news. We, the Republic of Jiade, have been invited by the Kingdom of Persica, to create and join an alliance called the Alliance for Ensuring Global Integrity and Security, or AEGIS."

President Xing was surprised, to say the least. "AEGIS? Interesting. Which countries were invited?"

"Well sir, Andoria, Aqruthia, the EUP, Jiade, Jordslag-Valim, and Kolterüng. Plus, of course, Persica."

"This might effect our relations with Helvetia. I can already see a cold war between different alliances in the future. But for now, it seems like a good idea. And I think I know who would be an excellent delegate to AEGIS. He Maiguo, an excellent diplomat, who is responsible for keeping the relations between Jiade and Taehan from boiling over. She'll do great."

PostPosted: Mon Sep 29, 2014 9:39 am
by Ghondra
Victoria City, United Empire of Ghondra and Gaella
7 Landers Street, Prime Ministerial Residence
Press Conference Room

The Prime Minister of Ghondra read the speech once again, leaning on the wall. He was an older man, 52, he was dressed in his clear black business suit, a pin on his collar indicated that he was the Prime Minister, a golden collar with the coat of arms of the Prime Minister, while his shoulder was adorned with decorations, indicating his position as the 8th Duke of Caldwell. "30 Seconds Prime Minister" a staff member informed him, the PM responded with a quick nod, and she was gone as soon as she appeared.

He placed the hard copy of the speech on a wooden table, before walking over to the podium. He was greeted with several flashes of cameras. He inhaled then exhaled, looking straight at the camera that recorded his every movements.

"People of the Empire, and to those watching overseas, I am delighted to inform you of a conference. This conference, which will be held in Victoria City will be a conference on Security and Defense in the post 6/6 World. That is all I have to say. Any questions?"

PostPosted: Mon Sep 29, 2014 10:40 am
by Alegeharia
Ghondra wrote:Victoria City, United Empire of Ghondra and Gaella
7 Landers Street, Prime Ministerial Residence
Press Conference Room

The Prime Minister of Ghondra read the speech once again, leaning on the wall. He was an older man, 52, he was dressed in his clear black business suit, a pin on his collar indicated that he was the Prime Minister, a golden collar with the coat of arms of the Prime Minister, while his shoulder was adorned with decorations, indicating his position as the 8th Duke of Caldwell. "30 Seconds Prime Minister" a staff member informed him, the PM responded with a quick nod, and she was gone as soon as she appeared.

He placed the hard copy of the speech on a wooden table, before walking over to the podium. He was greeted with several flashes of cameras. He inhaled then exhaled, looking straight at the camera that recorded his every movements.

"People of the Empire, and to those watching overseas, I am delighted to inform you of a conference. This conference, which will be held in Victoria City will be a conference on Security and Defense in the post 6/6 World. That is all I have to say. Any questions?"

Legoiceking sets his sights for Victoria City. After coming to terms with Aqruthia peace has finally set and now the raise for spheres of influence begin. Mainly in the two nations in between Alegeharia and Aqruthia. Lego knew the fastest way to get to ghondra and switched places with the diplomat there. The Diplomat went back to Alegeharia and Lego went on his way to Victoria City. He was ecstatic to attend this Security and Defense Confrence as it was a chance to share some technical Advances.

Lego had made it to 7 Landers Street, which was the PMs Home. He waited at the door to be buzzed in.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 29, 2014 12:10 pm
by Alegeharia
Alegeharia wrote:
Ghondra wrote:Victoria City, United Empire of Ghondra and Gaella
7 Landers Street, Prime Ministerial Residence
Press Conference Room

The Prime Minister of Ghondra read the speech once again, leaning on the wall. He was an older man, 52, he was dressed in his clear black business suit, a pin on his collar indicated that he was the Prime Minister, a golden collar with the coat of arms of the Prime Minister, while his shoulder was adorned with decorations, indicating his position as the 8th Duke of Caldwell. "30 Seconds Prime Minister" a staff member informed him, the PM responded with a quick nod, and she was gone as soon as she appeared.

He placed the hard copy of the speech on a wooden table, before walking over to the podium. He was greeted with several flashes of cameras. He inhaled then exhaled, looking straight at the camera that recorded his every movements.

"People of the Empire, and to those watching overseas, I am delighted to inform you of a conference. This conference, which will be held in Victoria City will be a conference on Security and Defense in the post 6/6 World. That is all I have to say. Any questions?"

Legoiceking sets his sights for Victoria City. After coming to terms with Aqruthia peace has finally set and now the raise for spheres of influence begin. Mainly in the two nations in between Alegeharia and Aqruthia. Lego knew the fastest way to get to ghondra and switched places with the diplomat there. The Diplomat went back to Alegeharia and Lego went on his way to Victoria City. He was ecstatic to attend this Security and Defense Confrence as it was a chance to share some technical Advances.

Lego had made it to 7 Landers Street, which was the PMs Home. He waited at the door to be buzzed in.

Legoiceking reappeared back in the capital of his own country and went to attend his very late policy discussion of cannibalism and other iffy topics.