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The air is thick with spores (IC thread)

PostPosted: Sun Mar 30, 2014 4:38 am
by Sebtopiaris

Thanks a lot, mother nature...
It's the 1st of January 2034, and for most of the world's 8 billion people it's business as usual. Despite it being several decades in the future, the world is still largely recognizable. Wars are still being fought, economies are still rising and crashing and people are still loving, fighting, eating, sleeping and procrastinating on the internet. Democracy has finally reached China and North Korea's regime has fallen, and as oil supplies decline fast many nations are converting to nuclear power and renewable energy. Nuclear fusion is expected to be released in a decade or two. The Arctic is nearly completely free of ice in the summer months due to global warming, and climate change had rendered Africa a drought-stricken hellhole.

It is indeed a rather dangerous time for the people of earth. Resource wars have erupted in Africa and the Middle East, and tensions are escalating between India and Pakistan. The transition to green and nuclear energy is also a treacherous one, with occasional blackouts in even the most developed nations. Robots have been employed as maids, cooks, waiters and soldiers, destroying many human jobs. While the nations of our planet struggle on through these hard times, something else is coming their way...

In Tibet, a new disease has been appearing. It is called Cordyceps Apocalypsis, and it is the first cordyceps species known to infect humans. It is believed to have originated from human marketing and consumption of cordyceps in Tibet, and as a result of this it is spreading like wildfire through the local population.

Cordyceps Apocalypsis is, by fungal circumstances, absolutely terrifying. When a human ingests spores of the fungus (which are transmitted by biting and breathing in spores), the fungal spores migrate to the brain and the body's major organs.

From here (several hours after ingesting spores) the fungus begins to take over the human's body and mind, and by this stage victims have reportedly suffered from fever, headaches, rash and muscle pains. They also tend to become more aggressive in the first stage of the infection, leading to paranoia and schizophrenia.

By the second stage of the infection (about a day after ingesting spores), the victim has burning pains inside of them, rendering them extremely agitated. They also go completely insane by the second stage, with many murdering their own families for absolutely no reason. By this stage, the infected are not yet contagious but they are to be avoided at all costs.

By the third stage (a few days after ingesting spores), it becomes clear that the cordyceps has taken control of the infected person's body. A small fungal stalk begins to bore its way through their skull, and soon horn-like protrusions stem from the infected's head. The rashes described in stage one become patches of fungal growth on the skin, and eventually the whole body becomes covered in spiky stalks and bumps. The victims is also highly dangerous by this stage, and they will bite ANYBODY. They are attracted to noise and movement, rendering them mindless killing machines. In the later stages of the infection, the so-called "cordyceps zombies" will release spores into the air that can be breathed in. Biting will also allow the fungus to enter the blood stream.

Not much is known about the cordyceps zombies due to censorship of the media. While China is now in its early stages of democracy, the nation is still extremely corrupt and media reports are frequently censored to prevent panic. While the Chinese government usually does this with ease, news of the zombies has spread around the world as people with fungal stalks spouting from their heads infect their way across the Tibetan Plateau. Researchers have, however, found out several facts about the zombies-
*they have no fear whatsoever
*they feel no pain
*They need very little oxygen to survive
*the only sure-fire way to kill them is to destroy their brains.
*Even when dead, the stalks continue to grow and they are extremely infectious
*Is small concentrations, spores are not noticeable in the air when breathed in.
*There is no current cure for the disease

The plague has gained publicity after live footage has been taken of Lhasa, Tibet's capital, being overrun by the zombies. Out of the 600,000 or so people in the city, very few made it out alive and the Chinese military has been sent in to eradicate the infected. There have been doubts, however, that such a plan will work.

Across the world, news of the zombies has created widespread panic. A record number of suicides and murders have been reported across the world, and as the infection shows no signs of slowing down its spread the governments of the world have been forced to prepare for disaster. An estimated 2 million people have been infected already.

You, the leader of a nation's government, have been faced with an infection that spreads fast and has no mercy. Nobody is immune, so it's up to you to save yourself and the people of your nation. Protesters, anarchists and separatist groups are beginning to run wild in your nation, creating a distraction to preparing for the zombie apocalypse. Can you clean up the trash and save the world? Or will you become one of the horde, with a hideous fungal stalk protruding from your head?
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 30, 2014 7:11 am
by New Roman Empire
Captain Tiberius Cerk
Iron Dwarves Company-50 men
Tibet's Capital

The Sun was slowly rising into the sky in the now abandoned city, some buildings were in rubble thanks to fire and the rioting. The Iron Dwarves had received permission to enter the city from the Chinese and their goal was to see if they could find the source of the new disease. The entire company was wearing gas masks to keep from inhaling the spores, they weren't taking any chances the first sign of an infected person they would shoot them right away. The 50 man company was walking down the street, they ditched the vans about three miles back due to the carnage and there wasn't enough space to drive around the city. They were heading for a large hotel in the center of the city in which they would establish a base of operations and go from there. The men were scanning the alley ways for any zombies and in every point in which a zombie could come from or hide in. "Sergeant Williams, get on the computer and send the check in signal back to DC to let them know we have hit the first check point. Men hold up take defensive positions and try not to make much noise." Ordered Tiberius as the men took up positions around cars and formed a circle while Williams got on the computer and sent the signal. Tiberius had brought up the hud in the mask to get a map of the city to see where they were going to head next.

Commander John Brackmen
Black hawk Company-120 men-stationed at HQ
Headquarter, Washington D.C, USA

John was watching the scene from the UAV they has sent to cover the area. He couldn't see any of he zombies if they were still in the city or not he didn't know as a worker signaled they has sent the signal and then he smiled. "Well boys, looks like the Chinese were all to glad to let them in, keep me posted on their progress if anything happens contact me right away and make sure the damn bird is fueled and ready to go when they call for extract. I don't want them to be there any longer than they have to be." Informed John as he left the room and walked to his office where he picked up the phone and dialed the presidents number and then waited.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 30, 2014 3:26 pm
by Sebtopiaris
Tibet's Capital (Lhasa), China
The iron dwarves walked into the hotel. The wallpaper was ripped, the door had been pulled off and the windows had been shattered. "Something's been here", said one of them ," and it's dangerous." The men split up and walked through the halls of the hotel cautiously.

Everything in the rooms had been trashed. In the rubble of a smashed flowerpot laid a strange object. It looked like an enormous, knobbly cheese twisty. "I think we have something here", said Tiberius as he picked up the broken fungal stalk and examined it. Then, all of a sudden, the electricity went out and strange cries filled the room. The men were in the dark, and zombies were coming...

Bongaigaon, Democratic Republic of Assam
Citizens went about their everyday lives in the city of Bongaigon. The sun was rising, and the common sight of people riding their bicycles to work could be seen. The people of Assam were blissfully unaware of how much danger they were in.

Suddenly, tanks and soldiers came pouring into the streets. "A plague is coming", said one of the Assamiste soldiers through a megaphone ," and the infected spread their disease by biting and releasing their spores in to the air where people can breathe them. We have been sent here to guard this city from the murderous infected hordes."

Instead of feeling reasured, however, the people panicked. Many quickly grabbed their belongings and fled, while others stole and looted. The military was forced to fire on the rioting crowds as chaos spread throughout the city. It was too late when the gunners saw a horde of people running down the Hymalayan foothills.

What happened next is too awful to be described properly. The infected charged into the streets of Bongaigaon, their spores bursting into the air from their grotesque fungal stalks. The panic accelerated as people were tackled to the ground by the undead, and they laid there writing on the ground after being bitten. The zombies continued to penetrate the city as tanks were overrun and makeshift barricades were climbed over. The city was burning, and much of its populace were laying on the ground. They were just waiting to turn...

Lhasa airport
The Chinese tourists ran onto the plane. A horde of zombies were approaching in the distance, and the pilot was screaming for everyone to run in as the cabin was over filled. The doors slammed shut after the cabin had been filled, and the people who were outside screamed and banged on the doors as the zombies grabbed at them. The plane rushed across the runway.

Zombies fell of the sides of the plane and fell to the ground below as the plane ascended into the air. Everyone breathed a sigh or relief, but little did they know, someone had ingested spores after that relieved breath...

PostPosted: Sun Mar 30, 2014 6:47 pm
by New Roman Empire
Captain Tiberius Cerk
Iron Dwarves Company-50 men
Tibet's Capital

After putting the spore into a air tight bag, the lights went out and the screams were heard. The soldiers turned on the night vision started to fire at zombies they could see with suppressed weapons. "Everyone get to the roof now, the two Chinooks should still be within a reasonable distance. We will make our stand there as I believe we have a good idea what the source was now!" Barked Tiberius as he and his men started to ascend to the roof of the hotel only to find the door to the roof was locked and had some one start to break the lock. "Get ready, we have to make a stand here and then as soon as that door opens get to the roof and hold on until we can get out of here. Williams get on the radio and call for extract tell them to lock for the red smoke." Barked Tiberius as he men started to open fire at the zombies coming up from the lower floors of the building.

"Iron this is Extract, eta ten minutes. What is your current situation, we will be rolling in hot and keep your men clear if you can." Informed the Pilot as Williams gave the signal that extract was on the way. Then they got the door open and rushed onto the roof top where they found a table and a rotting corpse with a bullet in his head and quickly pushed the table in front of the door. Then they took up positions just waiting for them to break through.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 31, 2014 4:51 am
by Sebtopiaris
Lasha, Tibet
The men stood their in silence for a second with their night-vision goggles on. The room was completely dark and quiet apart from the moans of the shambling infected just outside of the room. Everybody could hear their own heavy breathing and their thrashing heartbeats as the suspense cut into their souls like a razor blade. The zombies were slowly heading towards them, and it was only a matter of time until the men would have to fight them. The door burst down as a horde of zombies began running into the room. They let out unearthly, ear-shredding shrieks as they were showered in led and they charged towards the men.

Brahmaputra River near Assam's capital, Democratic Republic of Assam
The zombies ambled across the grassy floodplain. The foothills of the Himalayas had disappeared in the distance, but the infected would need to cross another barrier in order to take over Assam- the Brahmaputra River. On the other side of this bit of the river was a large city, Assam's capital, and the smell of fresh human and the sound of human speech drove the zombies wild. Even the mass movement of the humans in the city enticed the zombies.

The zombies plodded into the river. People in the city began to notice the undead hordes coming and many began to run as the infected disappeared below the murky waters and walked across unseen. No military preparations had been undertaken to secure the river, and the only defence the civilians had was to run as zombies emerged from the waters and sprinted out onto the streets. The zombies began biting and some of them, whose stalks were covered with buds after a week or so of infection, released spores into the air. By noon the city had been all but wiped out as fungus-crazed people looted, burned and raped before they turned...

Rural Laos
Beizhe flew over the Southeast Asian jungles. They had been flying for a while, and the old pilot was tired. He took a sip of his coffee and struggled to stay awake as he searched for a place to land. He was interrupted by a noise coming from in the cabins. "What's that groaning noise?", asked Beizhe, gesturing for the flight attendant to go see what it was ," can you be a darling and go see what it is?"

The flight attendant opened the cockpit door, closed it and strolled down the cabin. Beizhe was relieved after he heard the moaning stop, but then he heard the attendant scream. He jumped from his seat and peeped through the door. The passangers in the cabin-every single one of them- had become murderous zombies. He quickly slammed the door, but the door was starting to budge as a horde of zombies slammed their bodies against it. The disgusting crunch of a brittle fungal stalk could be heard.

After a few minutes, the door was snapped in half and the zombies walked in. First they trampled the pilot, but then they saw him and began biting him. He screamed as the infected left small gouges in his flesh before walking down the cabin to search for fresh victims. The zombies, however, soon noticed that something was wrong.

The plane was quickly losing altitude, throwing the infected forward onto the front of the plane. They slid around the cabin as the plane spiraled to the ground, and then...


The steaming wreckage of the plane laid in the middle of a rice field. The people of the village gathered around the plane, but they became suspicious when they noticed something emerge from the plane. It was a person- but their arm was hanging off, a twisted chunk of metal poked through them and a fungal stalk protruded from their head, and yet they felt no pain. The villagers ran when they released what it was, but it was too late...

Thimpu, Bhutan
People ran as the air was filled with the roar of gunfire. The entire Bhutanese military- or at least what was left of it- were fighting the zombies. Bullets sprayed the shambling hordes as soupy, infected blood spilled onto the streets and the zombies tackled citizens to the ground. Molotov Cocktails were thrown into the panicking crowd of both the living and the undead, but the infected were still swarming over tanks. A swarm of helicopters flew out of the Bhutanese parliament, and some were dragged to the ground by zombie hordes. In the end, most of the government had been saved, but Bhutan had fallen.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 31, 2014 8:39 am
by Socialist Tibet
Dublin, Ireland
Taoiseach Pearse Doherty announced a € 1 Million Aid Package for Tibet. He said "We're sending a €1 Million Aid Package for the sake of stopping the spread of the disease. We'll also send 50 highly trained young doctors to treat patients and even give out masks, gloves etc. for hygiene. The government will also try and develop a vaccine. We think it will take 6-18 months for the vaccine to be fully developed. We encourage members of public to donate to Irish Aid so we can increase our aid package. We encourage other countries to donate as this will become a world crisis if we don't act now. My Minister for Foreign Affairs David Cullinane is to visit Beijing to meet the Chinese leaders over the crisis."

PostPosted: Mon Mar 31, 2014 3:00 pm
by Paketo
Confederate States of Cuba FOB, Colon

Robert lee stood over the map with fellow leaders of the Confederate rebellion. The people were sick and tired of this communist regime that was opressing the people of Cuba. Robert lee was actually not a cuban but a american. He had smuggled himself along with weapons inside Cuba and got to a small revolt that was happening in southern Cuba. it was not going well but with the weapons Robert had brought, they had actually began to push back cuban military assaults. Many people began to join after they saw the rebellion was actually begining to win. Robert had been made leader and his ideas of cuba becoming a Confederal republic was accepted by so many. They believed a confederal Republic would lead Cuba into a brighter future Fast forward a few months to now and the Cuban government and forces have been pushed back to Colon.

"we can send Cortez and his 10 T-90's up this street supported by Emilia and her infantry. They can expect heavy resistance during this advance as the army is still very cabable. The defections to our cause doewsn't seem to have broken them one bit" said General Fernandoas he used his finger to trace the path on the map. "Thats a deathtrap" said General Henry who was from the states same as Robert "we would need to take out the AT guns on that path if they are going to have any chance". "your both are right. That path needs to be cleared but pushing through there can crumble their flank" said Robert "we can send the Mi-8TVs. we can spare 2 of the 4 we have for this mission. their missiles can take out the guns". The other generals nodded agreeing with this plan.

30 minutes later

Two Mi-8TV flew threw the air uncontested as the AA was focused on the area of the main assault to the west. Confederate Forces and Government forces where involved in heavy urban fighting to the west making it take priority. The two Helicopters made a wide turn before lining up with a street and letting a torrent of bullets and missles onto two AT positions covering this road and utterly destorying the guns. The helicopters then turned back to base radioing in that mission was complete. The assult by the forces of Cortez and Emilia then began.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 31, 2014 4:14 pm
by Chichimeca
Mexico City, Mexico
The people were in panic and the news stations were a buzz with stories and video of the infected. The president in advance had closed all airports but the borders to central america and the U.S were still open. All non active personal were sent to cities to clam the rioters or the border and shipping docks.He ordered soldiers to watch any immigrants coming into the country and any infected to be rounded up and quarantine for experiments.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 31, 2014 4:39 pm
by Alouite

Rabat, Morocco
King Ismail II de Morocco looked over the reports on the television and the back to his Army General Ibn Lafar and Armoured General Mehmed. "It is time to lockdown the country, deploy the barrier that we had in case Algeria invaded us, put troops on it. We need a garrison on the Southern Wall at the Western Sahara and deploy troops to the Berber communities in the mountains and have them build bunkers in the mountain walls. I am giving you 35% of the budget to make sure that this country is safe over the next few years but get it done by the end of the week and I swear you will be holding a lifetime position. Then get all aircraft in flight from the country landed and prepare the anti air over our borders to shoot down any unauthorized ones in now." He looked to his Air Force General Jacques, "Your interceptors are the pinnacle of what our country could afford, and the reason we crushed Algeria in the Sand War long ago, make sure that any unauthorized aircraft are shot down and the crash sight annihilated." Prime Minister Hassan al-Rahim interjected "There is no way parliament would allow this." Ismail quickly replied "That is why you are suspending parliament for one year, then we will discuss resumption of it and continue from where we left off." Hassan sighed, "The people won't like that." Ismail looked him dead in the eyes, "They aren't getting the choice to complain, we are gonna take control of the press using the Royal Gendarmerie as a way of transmitting news to them, there will be Martial Law, military patrols on all major and moderately sized cities, gendarmerie patrols in all cities and villages and wiretaps on all lines, it is harsh, yes, but we need to control them if we wish for Morocco and its people to continue to exist." Hassan sighed again "I will back you up, but one year for now we put this country back on track, okay?" Ismail replied "I wouldn't have it any other way."


News Report; Breaking News!!!

Simo: "The Government has recorded serious reports of a rabies like cannibal disease originating in East Asia, this disease is extremely dangerous and is spreading unimaginably fast. Some confirmed reports show that the disease could reach Morocco within five days, in response the Moroccan Government has responded by closing borders and mobilizing its troops along all of our borders, all flights leaving the country and even those in flight are being recalled to help protect a maximum number of Moroccan citizens. Our armored forces will be on all borders along with deployed barbed wire and within a week, a wall which we will continue to enlarge for a few months. Taxes are expected to double and the gendarmerie is working as hard as it can to watch out for illegal immigrants and internal terrorists that may cause mayhem in this dangerous situation. In fact, with us here today on the line from Rabat is the head of the royal gendarmerie Samir al-Agadir. Samir?"

Samir: "Yes, this is the most dangerous plague in recorded history, some unconfirmed reports of it being spread in the air have lead us to make such drastic moves here. We at this time believe much of East Asia is entirely infected and could come our way in search of new victims. Much like the zombie movies we have seen in the past they only live to spread disease and are hard to kill, so we are hoping to destroy any contagion that nears our borders. We also need to make sure no-one endangers our safety at home by keeping all risks out of Morocco, so please, if you value this country, or even the family you have here then you need to avoid doing anything that will make our jobs harder. That job being to keep you guys out of harms way and especially from harming others against your will."

Simo: "I see, well thanks for calling in"

Samir: "Alright, bye."

Simo: "On another line we have a doctor who has been forwarded the symptoms from someone in East Asia. Here he is"

Unnamed Doctor (Government Actor): "Hello, I will now give you a general rundown of what we have seen in this disease from reports inside the dangerzone. These reports include symptoms such as bloating, loss of sight, convulsions and other uncontrollable behavior, hallucinations, and the eventual mental breakdown and rabies like state that also seems to be the point when they begin spreading the contagion into the air. To counteract this we will have troops deliver gas masks to all citizens across the country that we can. It may take as long as four and a half days to produce and distribute all of these so please avoid making traffic in the mean time and try to only make local travels within your city or village until you are advised to do otherwise."

Simo: "Sounds pretty serious, we definitely will need to be very careful in these risky times."

Unnamed Doctor: "Absolutely, try to avoid injury and stay in good condition because it will take months before we will be able to begin farming in underground facilities and distributing what we can. Until then we have two months of food stock in the nation and the capability to sustain ourselves for another month on our natural products, lets try to ration it out and double the time we can make that last. That means no big lunches and try to skip dessert."

Simo: :Alright, then we should let you go and continue working on the situation"

Unnamed Doctor: "Thanks, bye."

The Government Acts

Over one and a half million soldiers, air force pilots, and gendarmerie officers, began their commanded activities along the borders. All aircraft were as ordered on return to Morocco as well as all uncompleted exports of supplies. The Army lined up across the Moroccan Atlas Mountains and set up fortified barbed wire already beginning to build the walls. On the Algerian border the deployable defense minefield and wall was constructed and the remaining troops and a few armoured regiments were set along the borders to patrol them. A waiting invasion army at Ceuta and Melilla awaited the right moment to attack and annex the cities thus preventing a chance of zombies getting in through the spanish territories. A garrison of 20,000 soldiers and twenty RMA's M60A3 MBT and RMA's M109A5 howitzer's on the border their watching for illegal immigrants. And in all cities the rest of the Army was on patrol with the Gendarmerie inspecting houses for criminals. Any form of aggressive crime secretly resulted in execution now, and they needed to be sure no-one would cause public order to decline. The Navy made sure no other shipments reached Morocco and kept any foreign vessels out of official Moroccan Sea Territory.

A Message to all other nations

To: All Respected Foreign Entities,
The Kingdom of Morocco is responding immediately to the ensuing pandemic by locking down borders and raising its armed forces, we feel it necessary to make you aware of this as we mean no threat in raising the said forces. In addition, parliament is temporarily suspended until we can ensure Morocco is protected from this contagion. We request that in order to lower the world death count, that all nations engage in similar activities and avoid the dangers of this strange disease at all costs, for the more that survive the less we will need to kill to stop this plague's spread. Thank you for your time and understanding, along with all positive relations Morocco has had with your nations before this destructive virus began, an may we see eachother again, free of such danger. Farewell for now,

King Ismail II de Maroc and Prime Minister Hassan al-Rahim.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 01, 2014 2:42 am
by Reddogkeno101
Stuttgart, Germany
Ferdinand Oliver Porsche woke up with the sun one brisk winter morning in Stuttgart only to find this fine day that it was not in fact a fine day at all; a plague in Tibet had caused 'zombie-like' creatures to roam the streets of Lhasa. Chinese military personnel had been deployed, but to little effect; it was spreading like wildfire. However much Ferdinand wanted to believe it was the media sensationalising it, he couldn't. Later that morning, Ferdinand called his designers for a meeting. In this meeting, Ferdinand asked his designers to come up with a air-tight, armoured, zombie-proof Fighting Vehicle. The designers knew how to make air-tight armoured fighting vehicles, but not zombie-proof ones. Ferdinand had an idea. "Gentlemen, if you do not know one's weakness, then you must test it. I will bring you a specimen and find it's weaknesses and then we can work on this." Ferdinand said. With that, Ferdinand retreated to his study to contemplate how he would get his hands on one. The only way Ferdinand could come up with was to ask the German government for one. With that, he sent a letter to the German Government asking for two or three specimens as to find their weaknesses.


TO: German Government
From: Ferdinand Oliver Porsche, CEO, Chairman and President of Porsche-Heckler&Koch Group

I write to you, my government today as a concerned citizen; one that has a plan, one that will put Germany back on the map for the right reasons and that will end a problem that could explode quickly if we don't deal with it now. Earlier today I called a meeting with my designers as so to design a 'zombie-proof' Armoured fighting vehicle. They had no idea how to make something 'zombie-proof', but I am sure that my people at Porsche-Heckler&Koch in Co-operation with the German government would, if specimens were captured, would be able to find their weakness. I hope that our company can further German interests now and into the future.

Ferdinand Porsche

PostPosted: Tue Apr 01, 2014 5:09 am
by Harkain
Canberra, Australia
Sebastian stared out the window of his office, his gaze one of contemplation. Protesters had once again gathered outside the Parliament, Asking for anything from the removal of Firearms restrictions to a Full blown invasion of Tibet to try and quell the ever growing outbreak that was sweeping the region. He'd ordered a emergency meeting of the Parliament were they would hopefully elect a crisis leader for the coming disaster. From what they world could see China was struggling to maintain the infection and it would soon spread internationally. Thats when he heard his secretary gently open the door from behind him. "Sir, the Parliament is ready" he heard the Secretary whisper barely Audibly as he began to move toward the door.

It had taken a good 2 hours of arguing, shouting and just general unpleasantness but they had managed to do it, to decided upon a leader for this coming crisis. To his surprise however that leader was him. He didn't know what it was to be honest but for the disaster all eyes had seemingly turned to him for help. He sat down at his desk with a nervous sigh, he felt like a mammoth of pressure had just been placed on his shoulder. He called in various advisors from within the government to help him draw up their plans of actions for the coming disaster as he sat back in his chair and began to think of what they could possibly do in this situation.

"Well first things first, We need to loosen gun restrictions" Sebastian began to the assembled crowd of ministers, Chiefs and just general specialists. They all knodded in general agreement as the assembled crowd began to draw up plans on how they should react. It took them the rest of the day late into the next, to finally agree upon what their first course of action should be, if their even should be one but they had done it and the decided measures were to be rushed through Parliament the next day before being implemented as quickly as possible.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 01, 2014 11:30 pm
by Mexican Liberation
"One...It all started with one...then it grew from there...One after another they succumbed to this inevitable madness. It's neither death nor life. It's something we as humans have yet to understand. But maybe that's why this all happened...Dear god, what have we become?"
-Chinese soldier aboard a truck heading towards its next mission as it begins to rain. The sound of flamethrowers going off is prevalent, while in the distance there are gunshots and the ocassional explosion

The Frontlines

No one saw it coming, so what was the point in being ready for it? The few that did were labeled delusional and insane. Now that it's truly happened, there is nothing that can be said or done to fix the errors that they've committed except for exterminating every last one of them off the face of the earth. Only then can the apologies and rebuilding commence.

Reports came in from all over the world of what had been happening. Despite the government's best efforts to censor and silence those with abnormally large mouths, the word ultimately got out: The Zombie Apocalypse had begun, and the epicenter of it, right there in China, specifically the Tibetan plateau. It was very difficult to believe, that the world was potentially coming to an end and they would be one of the firsts to die in the final days.

The military had tried their hand, desperate to eliminate the abominations before their existence was made public knowledge, but already, it was too late. The number of infected now totaled in the millions. Nothing else could be done but to evacuate the general public, have every soldier in China on the front lines, have the best scientists brought together for a life-or-death consensus, and pray for a miracle.

There was no reasoning with them. These inhuman beasts resembled essentially every trait of that of a zombie in the most well-known of American films, with the exception of a few extra features and mutations here and there. They truly behaved and acted like one of the living dead, thus it was concluded that they were in fact, zombies. And so it began.

That was about a month ago, and now, they seem to be everywhere. Granted, not everywhere, but the mass panic and hysteria has come to blow the entire situation into a whole new frontier of beyond proportions.

There wasn't any luck in ending the wretched plague yet. Whenever the military had managed to eliminate a large number of them, a massive number of newly recruited husks is formed somewhere else, thus, it always seemed to be a stalemate. A few days ago, the ravenous villains continued their offensive into Xining, adding Qinhai province into their newly formed confederation of the dead. The putrid undead ransacked the city of 1.2 million and whatever remained of the survivors and deserters. Many of them had fled, but the unlucky few were added to the growing society of the infected as the military came in for rescuing, seemingly just mere seconds too late. This was when the real battle began. The battle to determine who the soon-to-be forsaken region would belong to; the military, or the horde, or simply put, Humanity, or rotting flesh

On the positive side, the military has had some small luck in their goal or turning their campaign in Northeastern Tibet from containment into a full on offensive. With this in mind, several large pockets of soldiers have started advancing into No Man's Land, gas masks being the standard issue, and, if needed, there are also a limited number of Hazmats to be passed around.The ultimate objective is to be able to advance the lines and reach Tibet before it is completely razed by the spawns of Satan, rescuing any and all uninfected they come across. For those that have met the unfortunate fate of becoming one of the infectious demons, euthanasia is an order that cannot be turned down.


Tanks and other armored vehicles are introduced upon the scene as mass protests are underway, seemingly growing larger by the minute. Flags of varying colors and banners containing a message contradictory to another are everywhere. What started as a small disturbance escalated into possibly one of the largest demonstrations in the city's history. Soldiers and Police Officers are outnumbered by the mass number of protestors, but the protestors are severely out-strengthed by those brought in to maintain order. Soldiers and Police have been strictly ordered not to fire upon the demonstrators, for fear of the conflict escalating even more, and potentially, spread elsewhere across the country, so they have been left with no choice but an old fashioned beating, hosing, and, if need be, pepper spraying or dog attack. A flare is fired into the air as a warning shot. No effect. Then several. It somewhat worked as many, though still loud as ever, retreated just a little back to their original spot of where they had been when the frenzy began. Several buildings and objects that had been lit on fire during the hysteria were in the process of being extinguished as the evening sky was now indistinguishable from a pitch dark night.


These protests have been in progress since almost immediately after the madness all began. It seemed that many of the city's people and groups were at last united, in bringing the local government to its knees on what it should do. Many of the protestors were either political activists or everyday citizens fearful for their lives. Communists and businessmen, Fascists and teachers, Anarchists and parents, all in the same area, and, despite vastly conflicting ideologies and ideas, agreed on one thing, which was for the government to take more action in the rage against the undead machines, starting throughout the rest of mainland China, not just the frontlines. Many called for a change in government. There was no way the country could be in a status of civil war, not at this situation. There wasn't anything left to do but to cave in to their demands. Effective immediately, soldiers and police officers not in the frontlines will be charged with the task of maintaining order throuhgout the non-infected regions of China, and aid in the efforts of rebuilding areas demolished by either looting, warfare, or the plague.

Hong Kong

Though being closer to the pandemic than Beijing, stability in the city is relatively high. Still, that doesn't mean there isn't disorder. Looting isn't an uncommon sight as mass hysteria comes to replace rioting as the number one item to do. A large majority of the population is in a state of panic and paranoia. Though there are no signs of even a single infected, not even the appearance of the fungus in its natural state, many have come to prepare themselves for when the time comes. Stockpiling and resource-hoarding becomes a common way of life, as a massive wave of McCarthyism and distrust comes to replace all the friendship and family bonds that had once made the city what it was. There is little military presence overall, and the police force is too focused on other means of business, and by that, it means they've become far too corrupt to be much of help, if at all. One of the few pieces of help the police was able to do, much to the government's reluctance, was to begin a program of handing out guns to certain individuals. And by that, they mean giving them to the highest bidder, or a handgun give-away banquet, or a shotgun raffle party. Fortunately, training is a requirement and a militia form of law enforcement is being implemented. And by requirement, meaning it can all be skipped with the right amount of a certain something, and by militia and law enforcement, meaning trigger happy maniacs in a Wild-West-Anything-Goes setup.


Surprisingly, Shanghai is left relatively unscathed, despite having a slightly larger population than Beijing. Sure, there is a mass aura of fear and paranoia surrounding the city in its entirity, and that feeling of extreme anxiety you get of not knowing what happens next or what to do next in those tense moments of something you'd hope would never happen, but did. For the most part, many citizens go on about their lives, not because they don't care, but because pretending it doesn't exist and going to their happy place instead makes them want to hold on to everything that is precious to them down to their last breath. If they want to die, then they'll die with whatever they had that made them happy. Besides, Tibet is so far away, and the military and police force are incredibly powerful alone, and even more combined, so this issue will likely be resolved quickly and the freaks will be dealt with long before they even get half-way towards the city.


However, Several Research institutes in the city have been exploding with activity lately. This may be due to the government's decision towards researching into the depths of this disease, and learning more of how it works. Through research, it may be possible to learn of the Cordyceps' biology, anatomy, ecology, etymology, anything that has even the least bit to do with the parasite. If there's knowledge to be gained, then there is the potential to learn of its weaknesses, its shortcomings, anything that could cause it to no longer be present, or at the very least, lessen any of the symptoms, even if at a very miniscule amount, or prolong the amount of time it takes for the symptoms of each stage to take effect. Anything at all, really. The Project has been currently dubbed Project Renlei, also nicknamed Alpha-Omega, and is set to begin within the next month or so. At the moment, scientists are being gathered, chosen, and assigned for certain parts of the project, along with the materials required being retrieved and the final portions of the project being planned out.

At the moment, the entire nation cannot do anything but to either fight or hope for the best in these gruesome times. They can only hope that if there is any other nation in the world that can help them, they will arrive soon, if there even is a world left after all this madness...

PostPosted: Wed Apr 02, 2014 4:07 pm
by Alouite

One day later, Rabat, Morocco
King Ismail II de Maroc sat in his luxurious office and continued to review the reports. He suddenly saw a broader picture. If they were to somehow penetrate the mass forces along the borders, they could directly attack cities without them being walled or even heavily protected. To counteract this he immediately ran to the administrative office on the floor just below and began frantically writing Military Order 8839. His goal, to further protect major cities by turning them into systematic forts. This would eventually cause severe damage to the economy, that he knew, but the risk now was far too high. He sat down and looked at his computer two bodyguards who had followed him at either side of him, and when the doors closed he began typing.

Code: Select all
Encryption: Moderate-Low
To: All internal personnel and General Bayazid of Domestic Security
It has come to my attention that, while we have an amazingly strong border security, that we will need to further fortify the country. To do this I am allowing you to build 22ft barbed wire fortified walls around all cities with a population exceeding ~25,000 citizens,  should it be lower than this, I advise you to create a barbed wire and sandbag barrier. For the towns of Rabat, Casablanca, Agadir, Mohemmedia, Fes, Salé, Meknes,  Tangier,  Oujda, and Al Hoceima, however these walls must be 45ft tall with missile towers a helicopter landing pad, sandbags on the inside and mines on the 2 mile vicinity around it. And if that didn't clarify what that meant about travel, all roads are closed to the public. All citizens must return to their homes tomorrow and these defenses need to be done within twelve days. Once that is done I will have the air force assign each city military governor two Scorpio-v9 choppers each, for those that exceed 25,000 citizens, you will be assigned one, and those that are below it will still be under constant air patrol by our interceptors and occaisional armed cars, but you will need to otherwise muster what you can, such as taking high points for missile towers and setting up trenches if that helps slow the hordes that may reach us. This nation will survive this plague, I swear it.

Your King, Ismail II de Maroc

Military Acts
All of the orders were received within half an hour of its transmission and the effort to fortify Morocco began. The navy was on high alert for approaching sea-craft and all anti-air were fully online. The Internal Army was now redistricting and better governing the towns and cities across Morocco. Across Morocco's borders the External Army was working on their own fortification attempts were now five days from completion. Interceptors watching for any aircraft that dare to fly within a mile and a half of Moroccan Airspace. The Armored Regiments were now mainly set up well along the borders but several were stationed in large towns they hoped to defend in the case of failure on the borderline. Long range missiles were set for courses into Northern Algeria so that in the case of them being overrun they could kill the people of the Western ALgerian cities before they suffered gruesome fates as poor excuses for living beings.

Civilian Reaction
Though bothered by the severe obstruction of their liberty, property and normal lives, the propaganda scared them into submission realizing their only hope was to rely on military firepower in the case of invasion. Several joined the army wanting to prevent their families from being infected and several dug underground tunnels below their houses to allow the military to store surplus resources away from public view (as not to scare the kids) in return for being allowed to hide in them in the case of attack. In some districts they began planting their own food and capturing wild city sheep and goats for cultivation now aware of the impending food shortage. Limits were set on how much one could buy and the news repetitively stressed how important it was to conserve and ration out all foods. Overall they were complacent, a bit disturbed by how the plague had already affected their lives, but still loyal to the government, besides it was over a thousand kilometers away, why worry so soon?

PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2014 4:49 am
by Whiteshore
The capital of the Union of Sovereign Eurasian Republics was bustling as usual,but in the presidential palace,the President of Eurasia,Mariya Putina,who had been elected 4 years earlier on a landslide victory was discussing how to deal with the Zombie Menace after Eurasian Satelites detected the zombie destruction of much of Tibet and the end of Bhutan.The Eurasian Duma has secretly given President Putina emergency powers to deal with the situation and the Eurasian government has in a secret order mobilized all reservists and gave all it's soldiers gas masks.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2014 4:58 am
by Sebtopiaris
20 kilometers west of Chengdu, Democratic Republic of China
The family ran for their lives. They had lived in this small village all their lives and knew nothing else, but now they had to run. Behind them a massive horde of moaning people, sickly, rotting and covered in fungal growths, were chasing after them as the village was engulfed by swarms of them.

They only ran faster as sickly popping sounds came from behind them. The fungal growths were releasing spores, making the zombies even more deadly. The father passed a gas mask to his wife as they ran, and he picked up his daughter and carried her because she was lagging behind. They ran and ran, but eventually every last bit of their energy. The zombies tore them to the ground, and soon a massive group of the infected obscured them from view.

The infected hordes kept on marching on, destroying settlements in their wake. In the distance they could see the bright lights of a city- Chengdu- and through their zombified instincts they knew that there would be uninfected people here. The zombies began to flock towards the city in their millions...

Rural Laos
Nearly a thousand soldiers marched through the Southeast Asian jungle on a dirt track. They were just a tiny part of Laos's military, which was surprisingly large considering it's comparatively small population of 9 million. Tanks thundered down the dirt track behind the soldiers and a few attack helicopters hovered overhead. Birds and animals scattered in the wake of the military's presence.

The soldiers soon stopped as they discovered a village on the dirt track. It was completely abandoned- with damaged buildings, burned buildings and quite a bit of damage. The soldiers salvaged valuables from the wreckage but they eerily discovered that there were no survivors.

As the soldiers began to leave the village and continue walking down the track disappointedly, a strange moaning noise began to come from deep within the rubble. Unearthly shrieks were emanating from the jungle, and the soldiers tightened their grips around their weapons as the noises grew closer.

Infected people, with grotesque stalks sprouting from their heads, sprinted out of the forests at the soldiers. They were met with a barrage of gunfire, but more zombies kept coming. The Lao army, however, still remained strong for the time being.

As the deafening sound of gunfire and tank fire attracted more zombies from the jungle, it became clear that the men were outnumbered nearly three to one. Tanks were swarmed over by the undead as the mass of soldiers was quickly dispatched of. Machine guns desperately sprayed the hordes with bullets into the hordes and the remaining soldiers strapped on their gas masks as the air became thick with spores.

Several men, who were shooting from on top of a tank and running out of ammo fast, were some of the last survivors. As night fell they continued firing into the crowd and using up precious pullets, painting the soil around them the same colour as the blood red evening horizon. An attack helicopter swooped in to rescue them, and it shook off a lone zombie as it rose into the air once more.

These men and their saviours would be the only survivors of the Battle of Kouangxi, and they flew away in tears of fear and anger as the last brave humans were cut down by the hordes.

Rural Morocco
A banner, its writing written in squiggly Arabic script, was thrusted into the air. Protesters shouted and blurted hateful messages through megaphones as they protested the government's intrusion into their lives. They burned the Moroccan flag and cheered on the street as anarchy spread throughout the town and police needed to be called in to quench the riot

Shanghai, Democratic Republic of China
"The government is doing nothing. They're only looking out for themselves!", chanted the protesters as they looted buildings and beat the police. "We need to save ourselves! We need a revolution!", they continued. The chaos in Shanghai had started, and due to a large amount of the protest's input from communist sympathisers, this protest had grown more violent than even the ones in Beijing. "Communism will save us!", they chanted ," We need a revolution!". Chaos and disorder rained over the city as a homemade bomb in the central business district blew up a building and cars were overturned.

Punjab, India
The sun was rising in Northern India, and Abdul and his family walked out onto the rice fields that surrounded their village and began picking the rice. It was a hard life under the harsh sun, but everyone here was used to it. They slaved away on the fields all day every day to feed themselves, and given the extensive droughts they had recently had harvests were growing smaller and dryer. The villagers, however, would not leave their ancestral home regardless of what happened to it.

As Abdul picked rice in the fields, he noticed a strange object poking out of the water. It looked like a big, gnarled tree branch, and it felt all rough and bumpy. Strange little bubbles were growing at its base, and below its base... was that hair? Abdul bent down to pull the strange thing out of the water, but upon touching it a grotesque man, whose head the stalk was sprouting from, jumped from the water and bit a chunk out of his let. Everybody ran inside as the monster began chasing and biting people.

Dhaka, Bangladesh
The poorly armed Bangladeshi military patrolled the streets of Dhaka in knee-deep water. Every once in a while the tide would go up and there would be a storm- flooding large parts of coastal Bangladesh in shallow water. This had been blamed on recent polar melting and despite its cause it had been causing famine and strife in the nation. That's why their armed forces, who were using outdated tanks, dodgy old guns and many of whom appeared underfed, were so ill-prepared for what was to come.

a horde of zombies plodded south towards the city in the knee-deep water. Many fell over and crawled through the mud, and by the time they had reached the city they were covered in polluted water and mud. The wind was also blowing furiously and rain was pouring down, forcing many soldiers to seek cover. Unfortunately, they soon sighted zombies trudging down the streets, tearing town doors and running inside. The forces managed to mobilise themselves, but the rain ruined their firearms and prevented their vehicles from working efficiently. Zombies overran the flooded city as all attempts to save the city failed. The government was soon assimilated into the horde, and from that day on Bangladesh had fallen to the cordyceps fungus.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2014 11:38 am
by The Enclave Government

Today, U.S President Ackerman initiated protocol for all U.S Soldiers stationed outside of U.S soil to come home, and for all Ports,Airports and land borders to close shut until the Cordecyps infection was dealt with. The border with Canada and Mexico was closed, and the U.S Navy and Coast Guard put on duty to sink any boats coming towards U.S Soil without prejiduce. NORAD commenced to shutdown the airspace, with any plane over US territorial waters or Airspace to be shot down. The Military was split between guarding the borders, and being based around the country. He asked the public to be calm, stating that ''The Zombies may be ''real'', but the apocalypse is not. America shall prevail and we shall live through this. All we need is your co-operation. For years now we have been getting closer and closer to self-sufficiency, and now we are taking measures to be solely self sufficient. We estimate within 6 months our clean and fossil fuel energy will be enough to power the nation from 10 AM until 10:PM. Sadly we cannot gurantee power past that point, until we can become self sufficicent. Any breaking news will be covered on the TV, so if a emergency does occur power will come on for that. Thank you, and goodnight!

PostPosted: Fri Apr 04, 2014 1:40 am
by Emilio Aguinaldo
With the threats of a zombie horde coming a knocking at their borders, the Swiss have had their old plan in World War two come to a fruition. Highways, railroads, even subways that was coming to the city was destroyed. The old border forts were re-manned and plans for making a giant wall that surrounds the country was being planned. They have also cut off the power supply to Germany and all exports of their guns.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 04, 2014 9:19 pm
by Sebtopiaris
The Enclave Government wrote:(Image)

Today, U.S President Ackerman initiated protocol for all U.S Soldiers stationed outside of U.S soil to come home, and for all Ports,Airports and land borders to close shut until the Cordecyps infection was dealt with. The border with Canada and Mexico was closed, and the U.S Navy and Coast Guard put on duty to sink any boats coming towards U.S Soil without prejiduce. NORAD commenced to shutdown the airspace, with any plane over US territorial waters or Airspace to be shot down. The Military was split between guarding the borders, and being based around the country. He asked the public to be calm, stating that ''The Zombies may be ''real'', but the apocalypse is not. America shall prevail and we shall live through this. All we need is your co-operation. For years now we have been getting closer and closer to self-sufficiency, and now we are taking measures to be solely self sufficient. We estimate within 6 months our clean and fossil fuel energy will be enough to power the nation from 10 AM until 10:PM. Sadly we cannot gurantee power past that point, until we can become self sufficicent. Any breaking news will be covered on the TV, so if a emergency does occur power will come on for that. Thank you, and goodnight!

Your fossil fuel energy? It's 2034. The only fossil fuels left on US territory will be isolated coal and natural gas fields in the Appalachian mountains, but there is a large amount of oil in the thawing Alaskan arctic. The state is now autonomous, though, so you'll need to ask for their permission first. Even with this oil, going cold turkey is gonna screw you. Expect frequent blackouts and the power only turning on when nessecary. Nuclear power and renewable energy will need to be developed further as the rate of fossil fuel depletion on US soil accelerates.

Emilio Aguinaldo wrote:With the threats of a zombie horde coming a knocking at their borders, the Swiss have had their old plan in World War two come to a fruition. Highways, railroads, even subways that was coming to the city was destroyed. The old border forts were re-manned and plans for making a giant wall that surrounds the country was being planned. They have also cut off the power supply to Germany and all exports of their guns.

You too. Develop nuclear and renewables. Remember that energy will need to be conserved.
Although, because you're smaller than the US, this will be far easier.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 04, 2014 9:36 pm
by The Enclave Government
Sebtopiaris wrote:
The Enclave Government wrote:(Image)

Today, U.S President Ackerman initiated protocol for all U.S Soldiers stationed outside of U.S soil to come home, and for all Ports,Airports and land borders to close shut until the Cordecyps infection was dealt with. The border with Canada and Mexico was closed, and the U.S Navy and Coast Guard put on duty to sink any boats coming towards U.S Soil without prejiduce. NORAD commenced to shutdown the airspace, with any plane over US territorial waters or Airspace to be shot down. The Military was split between guarding the borders, and being based around the country. He asked the public to be calm, stating that ''The Zombies may be ''real'', but the apocalypse is not. America shall prevail and we shall live through this. All we need is your co-operation. For years now we have been getting closer and closer to self-sufficiency, and now we are taking measures to be solely self sufficient. We estimate within 6 months our clean and fossil fuel energy will be enough to power the nation from 10 AM until 10:PM. Sadly we cannot gurantee power past that point, until we can become self sufficicent. Any breaking news will be covered on the TV, so if a emergency does occur power will come on for that. Thank you, and goodnight!

Your fossil fuel energy? It's 2034. The only fossil fuels left on US territory will be isolated coal and natural gas fields in the Appalachian mountains, but there is a large amount of oil in the thawing Alaskan arctic. The state is now autonomous, though, so you'll need to ask for their permission first. Even with this oil, going cold turkey is gonna screw you. Expect frequent blackouts and the power only turning on when nessecary. Nuclear power and renewable energy will need to be developed further as the rate of fossil fuel depletion on US soil accelerates.

America has the biggest oil and natural gas deposits in the world. And currently right now your paying for power at a higher rate then usual so that i dont lose ALL profit.
Emilio Aguinaldo wrote:With the threats of a zombie horde coming a knocking at their borders, the Swiss have had their old plan in World War two come to a fruition. Highways, railroads, even subways that was coming to the city was destroyed. The old border forts were re-manned and plans for making a giant wall that surrounds the country was being planned. They have also cut off the power supply to Germany and all exports of their guns.

You too. Develop nuclear and renewables. Remember that energy will need to be conserved.
Although, because you're smaller than the US, this will be far easier.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 05, 2014 3:57 am
by Whiteshore
Sovereign Union declares voluntary quarantine
President Mariya Putina of the Union of Sovereign Eurasian Republics has ordered a "voluntary quarantine" in response to the Cordyceps Apocalypsis disease which involves all Eurasian Soldiers being given gas masks,the borders of Eurasia sealed off and any airplane and ship spotted without permission being fired upon by the Eurasian Armed Forces.The Eurasian Parliament has approved of said measure almost unanimously.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 05, 2014 5:26 pm
by Mexican Liberation
The Front Lines


The offensive into deeper Spore territory had to be halted due to the sudden undead advancemennt into Sichuan province. The national government has declared an extreme state of emergecy and ordered for immediate military protocols to be taken into effect for the Western provinces.

At the moment, any advancing forces from the NorthEast (coming from Sichuan) have been immediately redirected towards the undead wave coming into Chengdu

Units from Xinjiang and Yunnan have been ordered to be on stand-by, but with extreme alertness. Should any others infected with the plague dare to come closer, they have direct orders to intercept by all means.

Sudden rescue efforts have been made from neighboring provinces of Sichuan to try and save the falling region. Units from Gansu have made attempts to search for survivors in neighboring Qinghai.

The (Possible) Battle of Chengdu

No one knew how it happened, but a massive blackout covered nearly the entirity of the city of Chengdu. Shortly before then, there were frantic announcements everywhere. On television, radio, cell phones through a sort of Amber Alert, and even the internet via the city's WAN network, then, poof, a mass power outage, at the most inconvienient of times.

From then on, everything went to hell as basically every living being in the city went into a frenzied panic. The government could've given more time to formally prepare, but it was so sudden, that the Hibiscus City would be engulfed in flames and spores long before they would even be close to being ready.

An ancient wall surrounds the majestic city, now blanketed with sheer anarchy. It was built during the Warring States period as a gesture of dominance and the city's significance. It's incredibly dated and understandibly in a poor condition. It's only purpose was to be used as a tourist attraction, so no doubt it wouldn't be able to sustain a massive array of guards on it,let alone an onslaught from the relentless horde, but it can be used to slow them and even halt them in their process for a little bit, given the time they require to either break through or climb over.

Now, on the brink of razing itself to the ground or falling at the hands of the spores, a spur of the moment skirmish has begun to settle near the city's outskirts. The city is completely defenceless aside from the police force and whatever remained of anyone affiliated with the military in any way. A portion of the local police force, along with armed vigilantees, volunteered to the task of taking down as much of the forsaken ones as they possibly can, while the walls are still able to hold them back. Many of them are hunting the undead from a safe distance, while a few were voluntarily assigned with distracting and luring them to their inevitable demise. Quite unfortunate that it's likely those few would succumb to the ravenous many.

According to reports, the mass horde would be coming in through the Western entrance of the city, seeing as this is the furthest they've gone so far. Many citizens took this as an opportune time to exit through the eastern portion of the city, as there seem to be no signs of the infected. Some have already have taken the liberty of leaving the city, while the ones left behind decided to riot and loot what they still can.

Military forces have been called to the city immediately, and now it seems to be a race against time to see who truly is the ultimate victor in the Battle for Chengdu.


Riots and civil disorder have begun to spread from Beijing to Shanghai. If this were to continue, local and municipal governments all over the nation would be brought to their knees.

A heavy communist presence never seemed to have left the Eastern areas, as over the years, the Communist Party began to grow powerful once again, despite attempts at repression.

As the madness began to intensify, the police force was overrun with labor, now being more overhwhelmed than ever. The protests and marches evolved to something just short of a revolution, and it could easily be told that it could not be contained, at least not for long.

News of the upheavel has resulted in the strong consideration for the relocation, or even termination of Project Renlei. Arrangements are being made to make the process of relocation a bit easier, should the need arise. Progress has been halted for the moment, but will continue nonetheless. Just over half of the scientists overlooking the project have proclaimed dedication to Alpha-Omega until the very end. The project is expected to continue soon, riots or no riots.


Behind closed curtains however, something very twisted seems to have gone underway. A meeting seems to have taken place between six groups of men standing on two sides of a room in a building near the city's heart. This would normally appear to be a typical business arrangement, but the terms are of something far more dark than the average citizen could come to tolerate. On one side there are three groups representing the city and its people. Police officers, small-scale politicians, and local celebrities and political activists. On the other side stand representatives of differing criminal organizations with similar motives. They are members of a notorious terrorist group, the Mafia, and spokespeople from international corporate giants. This gathering was several years in the making, and would normally seem unimaginable, but with the outbreak of the plague towards the West and an apparent civil war at home, the attendants had no choice but to turn to the unthinkable few they would ever trust.

A large explosion was heard from the outside as the jeering of crowds below grew to chaos. Suddenly, a building collapsed, and a car overturned. No question now of what had happened. The attendees then knew they certainly had no other choice as they shook the hands of the three figures that, for the moment, have become the new saviors of the city and its guardians of stability. Effective immediately, the police force would receive confidential support from a terrorist syndicate, some sectors of the Mafia, and private corporate armies. Now begins a dark chapter in the city's history, when desperation drives many to do inthinkable actions just to survive or ensure the survival of others. The madness has just barely begun, but insanity is running rampant in nearly every human being witnessing the combination of both catastrophes.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 05, 2014 6:40 pm
by Alouite

The Wall of the West Sahara
Under vigorous upgrading for creatures aimed at potentially climbing the walls, they have added turrets and a barbed wire fence on the outer layer of the wall. Long ago they gave up on incorporating the territory into their nation, and now, the wall may one day save them. Three Choppers routinely patrol the wall with another four on standby. Their aim is to isolate any attempt to climb the tall walls and a total of 20,000 soldiers are currently manning defenses there. All minefields were re-activated and West Saharan officials warned that any attempt to disrupt the blockade would result in an aerial bombing of all of its major cities. The twenty tanks there stood on standby at several camps along the wall and little to no immigrants dared to try and push past the minefield nor scale the walls, the result was a secure border.

Eastern Defenses along the Algerian Border
The deployable barbed wire was set and the wall was now nearing the middle of development. It had been two days since they began and the very first outlines were complete. Due to no complications and equipment well-capable of operating in sand storms, they had no obstruction in their work. In their minds the minefield laying their since the 60's along with the newer mines just layed, their was no point in building a wall. But that wall meant they were getting payed more and money is important with the tax increase. The many choppers and troops on patrol saw little issue. And vehicles there were built for the dessert because of the natural terrain they operated in. With little error the wall would be done in four to five days and then they could finalize and mount the wall with guns and watchtowers.

Small village 3 miles west of Agadir
Hours ago there was a riot as extremists began a revolt against the army. Luckily the garrison of troops already stationed in the city immediately reacted and the gendarmerie took the violent protesters away for good. It was by now common knowledge that you were not supposed to try to change the government through violence in Morocco since their early independence when those advocating revolution suddenly disappeared. By this point, most Moroccans had adjusted to this. But it never stopped a new wave of protesters to rise, especially in hard times and this being no exception. But just like the past the government and the news responded reporting the riot simply stopped and those responsible were dealt with. Many assuming this meant jail had no reason to think otherwise. The gendarmerie had them executed for conspiracy, murder, damage to property, looting, Armed burglary and rape which occurred in the event. And like may revolts of the past, it all faded, like as if it was a rumor.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 05, 2014 8:21 pm
by Sebtopiaris
The Battle of Chengdu
The undead shambled east through the streets of Chengdu as people fled and looted. Unarmed bands of survivors were swiftly caught as they attempted to escape the western parts of the city. Fires broke out in the streets, channeling the advance of the infected into increasingly concentrated groups.

Eventually, they reached eastern Chengdu. Large crowds of people began screaming and running as a massive horde of fungal zombies began chasing them down. Spores burst into the air, and gas mask-wearing police officers open fired on the flurry of chaos and panic. The last civilian survivors were herded into buildings and away from the infected by these militas. Some of them even decided to grab a gun, hop behind a makeshift barricade on the street and begin firing at the infected.

As these barricades were overrun, tanks from the military began to roll into the streets. They crushed the infected under their mighty treads and their canons minced the rotting flesh that shambled towards them. Seemingly endless hordes of zombies were blown to smithereens by the military. Stealth bombers flew overhead, dropping bombs on the approaching hordes. Ear-shredding booms filled their air.

The city was now pock-marked with bomb holes, half burned down and being captured by the Chinese military as hordes started coming in from all directions. Soldiers were brought in to fight in napoleonic squares that fought on as the sun set. The human force in Chengdu was now a horde in its own right, but it was starting to run out of ammo. Supply helicopters dropped packages of ammo to desperate soldiers as they struggled to hold back zombies that were now coming in from the south as well as the west.

Eventually the military began to fall to the zombies in isolated locations, so they pulled back to eastern Chengdu and began to fortify the streets. After a whole night of fighting and massive casualties on both sides, eastern Chengdu had been protected from the zombie hordes. This would certainly increase morale in China, and that morale could save the human race.

New Delhi, India
The Indian military carefully guarded the city. Zombies were attacking India from the East, The North and The West, meaning that India's military needed to be mobilised for the survival of the country. General Sreenivassa Shah sat in his chair in a military camp as he waited for an incoming call. His waiting was soon answered as his phone sprung to life.

"Hello?", he said ," Is this Sargent Kakar?". "Yes", replied the phone ," I have bad news. We've lost Punjab. Everything there's gone. Our defences. The civilians. The towns and cities. All gone. They're all a part of the horde now." "Oh no", said Sreenivassa as butterflies filled up his stomach ," What direction are they heading in?" "All directions, general. Some are gonna reach Pakistan. Others, on the other hand, are heading towards the capital. You need to prepare, and quickly." General Sreenivassa hung up on his friend and hurriedly went to the other generals' tents. "We have an emergency!", he yelled to them. They all walked out and he told them of the impending horde.

What happened next was out of desperation. Everybody was woken up, and every soldier was made to patrol the city. Hundreds of thousands of armed men, many still tired and scared, were forced out of their tents and made to surround the city.

As the sun rose in the east, it became apparent that something entirely different was rising over the horizon in the west. An undead horde was running towards the city, and thousands of men rushed to combat the threat. They, however, were simply running into the horde by the time they got there. Bullets rained down of the infected,but as usual they pushed through the military. More soldiers came flooding in, but their inferior timing and strategy made them easy prey for the zombies. Soon they began to run through the streets as the soldiers retreated with whoever they could manage to rescue. India's capital was soon, burning, and after the massive defeat the remaining soldiers realised something horrible- the government had not been evacuated.

Anarchy would soon set in in India...

Laos-Vietnam border
The sound of gunfire roared through the jungles of Asia. Laos had recently fallen to the zombie plague after much of its military had been destroyed, and now its infected population were spreading the fungus outside of Laos. The Vietnamese military were severely outnumbered, and in this encounter they were beginning to retreat. Attack helicopters landed to take them away as the zombies gained ground. Thousands of them were now crossing the border in a single horde, and there was nothing that could stop them...

PostPosted: Sat Apr 05, 2014 10:30 pm
by Mexican Liberation

It was a battle to die for...literally, this may very well be China's version of Stalingrad, except with zombies.

Nevertheless, it was a victory won at a devastatingly great cost. This entire battle could be the new definition of a Pyrric Victory...or probably not. More than likely this will be remembered for decades to come, albeit greatly exaggerated, but still one hell of a battle.

Military reinforcements were able seal off the Eastern half of the city from the fiends, leaving the Western district forsaken. Though still not ready, seeing as they are still gathering their forces together, rescuing and escorting survivors out of the city, and organizing supplies and what not, a major counter-offensive is expected to be launched within the next few days to liberate the Western portion of the city from the demonic plant-being-hybrids.

Though there seems to be no point in this, considering that the entirity of Western Chengdu was apparently obliterated by the military as a part of the battle, but it's the principle of the matter. Besides, it can be always be rebuilt, but the lives that have been taken away cannot. That is why it's important for the military to retake the Western Bloc before every remaining survivor stranded there dies away or becomes infected.

Other cities nearby have been notified and put on high alert. Spore movements have apparently come to a halt for the moment, but it is vital for neighboring cities, towns, and villages to be ready for the inevitable. They are getting prepared for what is to come, albeit with a little bit, or even a lot of looting to take effect now or when the time comes.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 05, 2014 10:37 pm
by Sebtopiaris
Macedona- Greece border
It was a chilly morning on the Macedonian border with Greece, and the soldiers patrolled the border as usual. With the zombie apocalypse ripping through Asia, Greece appeared to be focusing on protecting itself and tensions on the border were now the lowest since before the fascist coup in Greece. As midday approached and the soldiers snacked on some of their sandwiches, the sun began to warm the meadows. The sun was shining and the birds were singing as the soldiers ate delicious sandwiches in the fresh air. Everything was blissful.

That evening the soldiers spotted something in the distance. Greek soldiers and tanks were rushing towards the border, and soon they had ploughed down the two-meter tall barbed wire fence. Troops began to run in and shoot at the border control, making them spring into action. The Macedonians, however, were severely outnumbered by the Greeks and they retreated as they were bombarded by tank canons and bullets.

Izmir, Turkey
The Greek ships sailed into the harbour. Soldiers were emptied out into the city and began shooting at civilians as the ships began to prepare for the arrival of Turkish forces. Screaming and panicking could be heard in the city as the soldiers began shooting the police and advancing through the streets. Eventually they bombed the provincial government building in Izmir as stealth bombers flew above the city.

Soon Turkish ships sailed into the port. The Greek ships, who were now in perfect formation, open fired on the approaching ships. The Turkish ships also did this and many ships were sunk on both sides. In the end, the local government had been killed by the fascist Greek troops and a horrifying victory had been made.

Athens, Greece
Alix Makris stood up and took a sip of water before clearing his throat loudly. He then began to speak into the microphone on the stage.
"Today, my friends, is a day of victory for the Greek people. We shall take the lands that are rightfully ours, and we shall cleanse them of heathens and unwanted foes. Today we shall restore the lands that were once part of Greek Byzantium, and today nothing shall stand in our way! From now on, every able-bodied man is now in the military, whether it be part-time or full-time. You are all going to fight your your country, my brave subjects! Victory shall be bled from our enemies, and it will taste sweeter than honey. God is on our side! We cannot lose!"