Personification Life OOC VIII [OPEN -Sign up and Planning]

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Personification Life OOC VIII [OPEN -Sign up and Planning]

Postby Swith Witherward » Sat Mar 08, 2014 2:36 am





IC Part I - The Beginning.
IC Part Deux - New Building, Same Nonsense.
IC Part III - Island Living for the Holidays.
ICPart IV - Returned to Building, Oh My Gods!
IC Part V - Five Golden Threads! (aka Oh My God... They're Breeding!)
IC Part VI - The Day the Drones Destroyed the World
IC Part VII - Return to Civilization
IC Part VII.5 – The Soup Thickens.
IC Part VIII - Hello and Goodbye.
Original OOC thread - Locked.
OOC thread Part II - Locked.
OOC Thread Part III - Locked.
OOC Thread Part IV - Locked.
OOC Thread Part V - Locked.
OOC Thread Part VI - Locked.
OOC Thread Part VII - Locked.

  • You can play your characters as either serious or light. We're a mixed group.
  • Got a problem with a player? Take it to that player in TG to resolve it.
  • It's a fast-moving thread. It's okay to ask "where is everyone and what happened while I was gone?" in the OOC thread.
  • Please save earth-shattering adventures until the weekends. Earth-shattering would be any side-story that affects the entire house (blowing up the building, planet-wide invasions, world destruction, etc). Minor stuff (zombie attacks, localized plagues, genderbenders, etc) can be ignored by players who are offline.
  • What kind of character can I play: We have anthros, velociraptors, gods, demons, angels, cyborgs, robots, magic users and mystical beings, warriors/soldiers/super soldiers, average mortals, A.I.s, thieves, spies, emperors, mad scientists, and whatever Bones and his brothers are. Anime seems to be a big theme, followed by offshoots of various pantheons and fiction.
  • Please don't be a God Mode Sue. We have several powerful characters. They've evolved over time. They will kick your ass if you come in like gangbusters and try to dominate the thread. Look through the character tabs in the post below to gain an understanding of everyone's characters.
  • Act out your violent fantasies elsewhere. We keep it PG-13 here.
  • Please message Swith Witherwward or Cerillium if you plan to play a god. There are specific guidelines in place to keep things in balance so non-god characters are treated fairly

  • OP is GOD. Co-OP are GODS.
  • NO godmodding.
  • There will be NO structural changes made to the city without full permission of OP and Co-OP.
  • Citizens of Bielefeld are not there to be spindled, mutilated and torn apart. City officials (to include police and military) are OP/Co-OP NPCs.
The most common topic I encounter during my leisurely crawl through other P2TM threads is:
PL doesn't have a plot!

PL does have an over-arching plot that has slowly built over time.
It's an undercurrent rather than an overt objective.
Most players unknowingly contribute to it; some players are fully aware of it.

Our RP is best described as "a series of unfortunate events".
Major Event - affects the entire thread.
Minor Event - only affects the characters that are part of that campaign.

Daily life, peeps!

Characters go about their life just as people do IRL.
The problem with life is that SHIT HAPPENS!

We can't always predict when shit will happen.
It sometimes happens at the worst possible time.
When life throws you lemons, make lemonade.
When life throws you Eldritch Abominations and evil forces attempt to invade,
Pull yourself up by the bootstraps and go kick some ass.

You, a Resident or Guest of Bielefeld, partake in all that
Bielefeld has to offer. You have it all, man!
You live in a magical Building own by O.C. Demens
(it's rumored that he's a Greater Being)
Where anything and everything can happen.

Bielefeld itself is a magnet for all sorts of things,
None of it necessarily sensible,
And sits at a crossroads for seemingly everything in the known omniverse.
And everything, dear readers, seems to arrive at that Building.
It's Fate, or Kismet
Or just a black hole with an event horizon orbited by hilarity.

PL allows you to play any genre that's near and dear to your heart.
You breathe life into that genre, finding balance with other genres
already in place.

PL allows you to play whatever your imagination dreams up
(other than godly beings so powerful that serve little purpose
except to masturbate the player's ego.)

PL's longevity is due to the OP and CoOPs allowing people to be creative
While helping them adapt that creativity to fit in
With the world setting. Players create their own
Smaller stories which intertwine with the bigger picture.
The overarching GM is Cerillium. He serves as the IC OP and heads the PLverse.

The OOC OP is Swith Witherward. She is the worldbuilder and serves as Cer's IC CoOP.

Additional IC/OOC CoOPs are Bone Fort, Tiltjuice, and Zarkanians.

Their word is law. They function as RP moderators for this thread. If you have a problem with a player that can't be solved via TG, take it to them. They have the authority to ask any player to leave for just cause.

Current PL RP Mentors: Giovenith. (PL RP Mentor description here)
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.

New or inexperienced players are welcomed to join as long as they keep an open mind and desire to improve their skills.

Common sense things for beginners:
We don't use multi-colored or oddly formatted fonts for dialog. We also don't use asterisks to denote action.

P2TM (Portal to the Multiverse) does have Mentors. Please don't hesitate to drop them a telegram if you have questions about RP in general. We're very nice folks: Cerillium, G-Tech Corporation and Nightkill the Emperor, Swith Witherward and Zarkenis Ultima.
PL is a place where new players can learn the basics of RP. The majority of our members are people looking to advance their skills or to learn more about RP in general. We offer RP workshops on our OSF. Veteran players are always welcome as well.

We provide players with a safe haven. We have minors ergo our IC and OOC are kept PG-13.

We are a diverse group comprised of agnostics, atheists, Buddhists, Christians and other faiths. People of all sexual orientations and gender associations are at home here. We have members from all political affiliations and ideologies. We have mixed ethnicity as well as minorities. We respect each other and we respect each person's right to hold their beliefs. We are the family.
We have our own Region (The Apartment Block) and an off-site forum that's dedicated to role-playing. You must be a member of our Region to partake in the off-site forum. Our Region does accept *ACTIVE* puppet nations for that purpose.

Never fear. You don't need to know hardly any background to join. Seriously. You learn as you go.
We ease your character into the thread from the very first day.
Please don't feel overwhelmed by all the big boxes. Miss Swith is an anal-retentive world builder.
All that crap below is just reference material.



This is a mixed genre RP which allows you to play things that are near and dear to your heart. Other players may currently have characters that are part of your favorite genre... bear that in mind when you apply. Their established canon takes priority. If you sign up and are approved but don't post, your character is dropped from the roster.

If you have a difficult time figuring out the power scale below, don't worry. We're here to help. No shame in being confused. Just drop the following people a TG and we'll gladly assist you.

Find Help: Cerillium, Swith Witherward, Tiltjuice, or Zarkanians.

    Aperture Science, Inc.
    Cyborgs (40K themed)
    Cyborgs (Drones, somewhat like Borg)
    The Fae
    Judeo-Christian Pantheon
    Star Wars
    Time Cops (including Chronos and Fate)
    Vikings (Norse)
    Warhammer 40K

Gods/Demons run by current players or OPs: Beelzebub, Pride, Envy, Wrath, Loki, the five Chaos gods, Anubis, Satan, Elohim (Christian God), the Fae.
PL is not a "superheroes" game. It's not a "gods" game. It's a game about daily life. There needs to be balance because mortal/average characters are just as important as everyone else. Characters are given 12 points to spend in whatever attributes, skills and powers they want. No more than 8 points can be spent in a singe skill. 0 points spent means the person is average.INFO. Powers MUST be balanced by a related flaw.

Character Physical Attributes
INTelligence: How smart you are. How quickly you grasp on to new ideas and concepts.
DEXterity: How nimble you are. How quick are your reflexes or your sense of balance.
ENDurance: How long can you go before resting? Your stamina.
STRength: How strong are you.
PERCeption: How much do you notice?

Balance: High strength doesn't mean agility when carrying large objects. The body is still subject to broken bones, torn muscles unless points are spent countering it.
*note: some species automatically have points in these skills. Contact the OP for details.

Character Unique Skills
Unique skills are what set the character apart from the mundane. Is he a master swordsman? Is she an excellent pilot? Does he speak multiple languages? Is she excellent at diplomacy or negotiations? Unique skills such as languages, piloting, master swordsman cost points because they are something a normal person would have only if they applied themselves to learn. That's why they're LEARNED SKILLS.

These are the things that set someone apart from a normal mortal character: time manipulation, ESP, forming fireballs, healing, telepathy, magic use (mage, necromancer etc), resistance to toxins, odd physical powers (nocturnal vision, heightened smell, ability to become a werecreature) and so on... all powers that normal mortal characters don't have. This includes "mana manipulation" for spell castors.

Character example: Ninja.
Ninjutsu (skill): 6
Dexterity (physical trait): 4
Endurance (physical trait): 2

Character example: Necromancer
Necromancy (skill): 5 - this is his knowledge of the subject
Reanimation (power): 4 - this is his ability to use magic and his specialty
Endurance (physical trait): 3 - this is good to have if he's casting complex spells that need extra effort
Flaw: corpses may turn on necromancer, character is left feeling drained after major spell used - this is what keeps him from reanimating things for shits and giggles.

Character example: Bat Boy (anthropomorphic bat)
Skills: none
Dexterity: 6
Endurance: 4
Strength: 2
Flaw: webbed fingers make grasping some items difficult,
OP adds to application for free: Flight.

If in doubt, send Swith Witherward a TG.
Power Scale
In an effort to even things out, characters with powers/magic are allotted 12 (twelve) points to spread through whatever powers they desire. A listing can be found here. A more in-depth guide to what some powers are can be found here. You can not have more than 8 in any one power. You don't have to use all your points. You don't have to have a character with any powers at all, if you so wish.

Power Equivalence Levels (borrowed from Nightkill and adapted)
Note: having the power level and being trained well enough to use it are two different things. Goku trained his ass off. Airbenders needed time to learn how to bend.
    0 – No Powers
    None. Nothing. Not even the potential. You're average. You might even be below average.

    1 – Whoopty Doo
    Magic: We're not impressed. Maybe you have a better sense of smell, or can heal a zit if you focus hard enough. You might be able to set things on fire with a lot of effort but, honesty, it would be quicker to use matches. Your power sucks hind tit.
    Physical: Yeah, you can run a marathon just like all the other physically conditioned mortals in the world.
    Skill: what? You want a gold star for having this level of knowledge?

    2 – Meh
    Magic: You call this a power? It's very low-tier. You might be able to slowly regenerate, teleport yourself a little bit, do some decent shapeshifting, or maybe actually create more than a match-head of fire. Still not that impressive, to be honest.
    Physical: You can run a marathon. You'll still end up with bleeding, chafed nipples at the end.
    Skill: You have a basic knowledge of the subject. Pizza Maker Level 2 means you can make the pizza without looking at the pictures above your station to see what goes on it.

    3 – Low Superhuman
    Magic: This is decent. Maybe you can launch a hadouken every once in a while. Your power is still "enhhhh".
    Physical: Your dexterity lets you load a magazine quickly. You can compete in Weightlifting in the Olympics, and might actually win the Bronze. It'll wear you out afterwards.
    Skill: Meh. Commercial airline pilot. You won't be landing a plane on the Hudson.

    4 – Below Average Superhuman
    Magic: Alright, this is your average magic user. Think an average demon's fire power (assuming we're talking about demons that have this type of power). You can manipulate at higher rates, produce stronger attacks, stuff like that. If you have a healing power, you should be able to heal most minor injuries in thirty seconds, and major in minutes (Cannot start regenerating until damage has stopped, AKA if you’re being burnt or electrocuted you can’t begin the regeneration process until you are no longer being attacked.). Things like regenerating a lost limb would still take almost a day and would be impossible in a battle. At this point, you might be able to do a bit of illusionist-type stuff, perhaps a little bit of transfiguration, pretty decent shapeshifting, okay elemental powers, stuff like that. You're a bit lower than the average wizard.
    Physical: Your keen eyesight allows you to hit targets at a distance without a scope. Your Endurance lets you run a distance without tiring quickly. Four points in Dexterity lets you move quickly.
    Skill: You can land that plane on the Hudson and know how to properly fill out the forms afterwards. You're a damn good sniper. Your smart enough to work spells out of your magic book. (AH! Yes, wizards need points in knowledge!)

    5 – Average Superhuman
    Magic: Alright, this is a pretty damn impressive power. You can shoot fireballs out of your hands, teleport a pretty decent distance, control elements pretty well (think like, one of the better benders in Avatar, because there isn't really a better way to describe it), things like that. Your power probably won't be too useful against higher-tier supernaturals, but you can slice through your basic human/demon/angel pretty quickly. You can summon a demon - you need a means to contain it because he'll kill you if he gets a chance.
    Physical: Not bad! You could jump onto a second story balcony from the ground floor.
    Skill: Very impressive. You can man a Gundam. However, you' need at least a 4 in Dexterity to fly it well. You have a bunch of spells memorized from your spell book. You can easily identify types of demons.

-Paradox Danger begins here for non-physical powers/skills-
Paradox is that nifty thing your OP keeps track of. The more you use a power in one situation to alter reality, manipulate things, fuck with atoms, tweak dimensions, etc the higher your paradox number goes. Too high? POOF. It's like building up a static charge. Paradox dissipates over time. There are ways to wick away paradox but you'd need to be fairly powerful to do so. An example, for those who remember it, was Ogoti's shield over the restaurant during the Drone final assault. He dealt with Paradox by dying and rapidly reanimating. Three skills used, all were at a 12.) Paradox may also manifest itself in an unintentional result. Healing a large group for a sustained amount of time? You might find your patient's body suddenly and uncontrollably mutating into a hideous blob. Paradox does not apply to physical traits or skills.

    6 – Above Average Superhuman
    Magic: You are a damn good wizard. If your power is healing, you have an amazing healing rate. Your hand is gone? Pfft, that's not a problem. It's back within a minute. Most higher-skilled wizards/supernaturals have this type of power. Your power is dangerous. You might even be able to project, reanimate, etc...your power is pretty decent.
    Physical: You're pretty good. You can lift a car. You might be able to dodge a single bullet. You'll need points in endurance for that car, and points in dexterity for that bullet.
    Skills: Wicked! Aragorn can track the orcs at a dead run. You can fashion your own spells.

    7 – High Superhuman
    Magic: You're better than your average wizard, but you aren't, like, godly. Your shit's impressive, though. You can summon a demon and maintain a bit of control over him. He'll still kill you if you give him a chance.
    Physical: Remember that car? You'll be able to throw it.
    Skills: You're ready to take on apprentices, if you're a wizard. You can calculate complex mathematical formulas and understand the principles behind them.

    8 - Master Superhuman
    Teleport is easy for you. Group teleport is a cinch. You can rip holes in dimensions/universe with ease. Energy manipulation? Think along the lines of the Avatar - you can do some seriously awesome shit. You could probably make a tornado if you wanted. No, screw that, it would be easy for somebody like you. However, the cost is high. Ripping holes in dimensions would occur a fuckton of paradox. Chances are good that paradox will rip a hole through you right afterwards. Use your powers at full strength very wisely. Very wisely. All things in moderation.
    Physical: you can lift that battleship or airplane that's just landed on your friend. You can dodge multiple bullets if you blow the rest of your points in dexterity.
    Skills: You're Hawking.

    9 - Someone's feeling a little demigodly
    Magic: No one operates at this level except OP/CoOP characters and one grandfathered character. You can summon a demon and bend the motherfucker to your will. You can fashion paper birds and use them as deadly weapons. You can breathe life into a golem and it functions independently of your will.
    Physical: You can throw that battleship at your foe.

    10 - Kamehameha!
    Magic: You can fuck with time. You can fuck with the laws of physics.
    Physical: throw that battleship at your foe!

    11 - Fuck Yeah!
    Magic: You're a god. You fashion demons.
    Physical: lifting a skyscraper size structures and being capable of moving mountainous figures at top strength. You probably have other powers to support this.

    12 - Chaos God

But that's tempered by limitations:
  • - Balance, gravity, and mass still affect the user.
  • - Users are still susceptible to Newton's Three Laws of Motion.
  • - Having one power doesn't mean having all powers. Strength does not equal durability. If a user were to attempt to lift something extremely heavy over their head, their bones and joints could snap.
  • - May damage environment/other people without meaning or noticing.
  • - There may be a limit to how strong a user can become before it's dangerous for themselves to use. (Ex: Gentle.)
  • - May be limited to certain limbs.
  • - May land the user in serious trouble, such as telepathically "reading" a Daemon will result in succumbing to the Daemon's will/insanity, etc.

That's where other powers come in to assist the character. Structure Weakening, for example, allows for a bit less effort (and lessons risk of injury for larger structures). Enhanced Durability allows the character to pick some things up without bones snapping.[/box]

These aren't social traits (antisocial, bitchy, alcoholic). Flaws apply to your power. Superman has his kryptonite. Kei is easily winded after using her magic, and may grow weary in the middle of battle. Blythe the Succubus becomes more feral and may lose control of herself mid-battle. Flaws are built in to give balance to a character. Even the gods have flaws. The flaws tie in to paradox. ALL powers which are NOT physical are prone to paradox.
New Players: Fill out the short application by clicking "select all" and pasting into a new post. Cer will be along shortly to approve it. OP has final say on applications.

Some characters hail from their own nation; your character does not have to be the embodiment (personification) of your nation. We need to know: species, a bit of background, what sort of abilities or powers, and reason for moving into the Building. Do not sign up to play a god or god-like being without first talking with Swith Witherward.

Current Players: You still have to wait for approval if you want to bring a second character in at a later time. Please fill out the form for them so the character can be added to your IC tab. Send a TG to Swith or Cer with the OOC link.

Returning Players: This RP is much different that PL Classic. It's evolved. There's an OP and game structure.


Questions? Ask Cerillium, Swith Witherward, Tiltjuice, or Zarkanians.

This info is used for your character tab on the IC page. Give us URLs to pictures. We don't want the actual picture posted here. Your "Nation nickname" is what you (the player) want your tab to read. It needs to reflect your nation name. This is what readers click on when they want to know more about your characters. Do not put your own nickname here. (Example... my nation nickname is Swith and not Fractal Hacker.)

Do NOT change or add anything to the formatting in the application, please. It pisses me off because then I have to take out all your fancy coding when I work my own coding magic. Spoilers aren't necessary.

If you don't have any RP examples from prior games, make your character's bio very good so we can see your writing style and creativity.

We reserve the right to deny any application.

Code: Select all
[b]Your NS Nation's Nickname:[/b]

[b]Character Name:[/b]

[b]Character Gender:[/b]

[b]Character Species (nation personification, human, alien, etc):[/b]

[b]Character Physical Description (height, weight, apparent age, actual age):[/b]

[b][u]URL[/u] to Character Picture, if any:[/b]

(12 points to spend, no single power over 8. FLAWS must be applied to characters with powers)
[b]Physical Attributes (if any above normal mortal human):[/b]

[b]Character Unique Skills(if any):[/b]

[b]Character Powers (if any):[/b]

[b]Character Weaknesses/Flaws:[/b]

[b]Character Background/Biography:[/b]

[b]Why the character is in Bielefeld/Occupation:[/b]

[b]URL to Apartment Picture:[/b]

[b]Link to RP examples:[/b] (this MUST be a [u]DIRECT LINK[/u] to your IC post in an RP, NOT a link to the RP thread itself. If you don't have examples, make your biography good.)

[b]One paragraph that sums up your character. This paragraph is what we'll use on your player tab on the first page of the thread. This MUST be brief. Your tab will contain a link to your application so people will have full details:[/b]

"The essence of a role-playing game is that it is a group, cooperative experience." - Gary Gygax
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Vital Information - Thread and Game SITREP

Postby Swith Witherward » Sat Mar 08, 2014 2:54 am

  • 29 Dec, 2012: Bran and Rylli marry.
  • 01 March, 2013: Siduer and Sydney Thriller are born.
  • 24 April, 2013: Bio/Chem hazards scrubbed. Environment restored. City Planners meet to discuss rebuild. Other nations beginning to send construction materials, etc. (Ideas for structuring in OOC.)
  • 26 April, 2013: Construction begins on underground areas; utility, roads, railways mapped out by city planners; supplies begin to arrive in tent city proper. It is decided (OOC) that the city will be modern rather than futuristic.
  • 27April, 2013: Underground construction completed. Buildings soon to go up. Military base and airport construction starts.
  • 28 April, 2013: Upon the Giraffe Statue and matters of description.
  • 29 April, 2013: Swith and Thriller marry.
  • 14 May, 2013: The Residents return to the Building.
  • 03 July, 2013: Tolya Nikanor is born.
  • 01 Aug, 2013: Yoshi Dies.
  • 11 Aug, 2013: Germanic Templars leave for war set in the future, date 2181.
  • 23 Oct, (2181): Cornelius Thriller dies while recovering at St. Claire Hospital on Xerxes Island, Third District.
  • 24 Oct, 2013: Germanic Templars return from war and re-enter the current time period.
  • 01 Dec, 2013: Return to the Island!
  • 14 Dec, 2013: Raptors and House leave.
  • 24 Dec, 2013: Island Ni hit by Typhoon Isko.
  • 25 Dec, 2013: Charumati dies. Gio's OOC tribute.
  • 06 Jan, 2014: Return to Bielefeld
  • Allspice
  • Chaos War

  • Swithwardian Trip (space will be limited; will launch after P2TM training thread is settled)
  • Kei Adventure
  • Luxan Promises (closed story | Aegis/Naomi)
  • Teen Club
  • Would You Like to Take a Survey? (closed story | Will/Yuna)
  • Marcus Gift (closed story | Marcus/Giovenith)
  • Hans' Journey to the Sublime (closed story | Hans/Chrys)
  • Lucius Assignment (closed story | A fuckton of demons, daemons, and angels)
  • Natiya Takes a Trip (closed story | Natiya/Aleki)
  • Billions and Billions (closed Story | Wren/Barox)
  • Oh Baby, Baby! (Katya's Burden)

  • BranRiech trip de novo

  • Aksarben Containment Breach
  • Unit 317 operation

Apartment Block Nations, go here to figure out your economy. 1 USD = 1 Bielefeld Dollar.
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Vital Information - Cast

Postby Swith Witherward » Sat Mar 08, 2014 3:27 am

Dr. Stephen P. Koontz
An Applied Quantum Physicist who is not eager to return to the job that consumed his life. He remains dedicated to SCIENCE!!! but would rather have a job that lets him go outside to the surface...and one that pays real money. He lives the Aperture Science philosophy of "Doing what we must, because we can." Full details.

Jonathan Davenport
The loyal and trustworthy accountant of Dr. Fortu. Jonathan moved to Bielefeld with his wife Caroline from the Hamptons for a job at Eldritch Incorporated. He maintains that they are one of the few normal residents of the apartment, but who knows what secrets he is keeping. He seems to have access to technology beyond his understanding, but claims they are gifts. Ever so helpful and kind, he is a good guy to know, always willing to lend a hand to those in need. Full Details
“Lord” Jason Remus Darkblade
“Lord” Jason Remus Darkblade is an poor soul who is now being forced to travel from one universe to another, virtually immortal, mostly because he is just really hard to kill. He is extremely elusive, so don't expect him to appear that often. Full Details
[UNAUTHORIZED - ACCESS DENIED] They do have a lovely apartment, however. Full details.


Herr Doktor

Naomi's adopted daughter. Back story here and here. Her hair is black and she has odd glyphs on her face and arms.
Branson "Bran" Nikanor
A Branriech Airforce mechanic who was born in the Capitol city in 1988, a few years before the collapse of the Soviet Union. He grew up most of his childhood with his sister until the Branriech Civil War, he was also one of the first generation of young boys conscripted into the reformed military at age 15. After a few years of distinguishing himself as an exemplary mechanic, he was eventually marked for death by the current High General. He escaped through an experimental teleporter and ended up in the Fallout shelter of the apartment. He married Amaryllis Volkova (Now Nikanorova) in the winter of 2012, and is now the father of Rachelle and Tolya. He runs a Non-Lethal weapons company in the city, providing non lethal solutions to cut down on needless deaths. Full details.

Amaryllis "Rylli" Nikanorova
Born in 1989, Rylli grew up in a rural village. Her father was killed in the Soviet-Afghan conflict and her mother was killed in an auto crash a year later. Rylli then lived with her older brother who was shot down and killed in an Airforce skirmish. Having no other family, Rylli joined the Branriech Airforce and was trained as a Fighter pilot, she met Bran and fell in love with him her first year of flying. She would later defect from the Branriech and has taken up residence with Bran. She has since been kidnapped by the drone empire where she took in Rachelle Baines, a child who's parents were both killed by the drones. She has married Branson Nikanor and then became pregnant with Tolya, who was born in the summer of 2013. Full details.

Natiya Nikanor (on left, in link)
Bran's older sister was born in 1986. She was nearly conscripted into the Branriech Military along with Bran, but a quick descision from their parents saved Natiya from what would have been frontline service. They sent her to America just before their untimely demise at the hands of a firing squad, she went to college for a few years riding on the Nikanor's vast fortune before dropping out and joining a PMC before quitting that too. Now she leads a quiet life in the upper floor of the apartment. She currently lives with Aleki, although she barely sees him anymore, either just because of timing, or other causes. Full details.

Rachelle Baines
Born in 2006, Rachelle and her family were captured by the Drone Empire. During testing, her mother was presumed killed while her father protected her afterwards. During Rylli's escape, Rachelle and her father tagged along while all the other subjects were gunned down behind them. As the trio was making their way to salvation, D4 killed Rachelle's father in a fit of rage, leaving Rylli and Rachelle to board the shuttle and escape back to Earth. Not knowing the true fate of either of her parents (But knowing she won't see them again), Rachelle has tried her best to get used to Bran and Rylli as her new parents. Full details.

Kei, a goddess now living among the apartment-people, has seen it all, except for the apartment. She's had quite the rocky love-life, with a couple (Alright, more than a few) people. She's good with her powers, although she's nowhere near as powerful as some of the other gods in the building. Full Details.

Yuna and Drova
Son and daughter of the Pyersai royal family, living in Bielefeld to gain life-experiences among humans and others, Drova, the future prince, is cold and uncaring. While Yuna, his sister, is kind and caring, the perfect foil. Full Details

Toscha Inakov
A Branriech Lamia that recently moved to Bielefeld to experience the world outside of his Communist homeland, not wanting to be stuck in the family profession of farming. He's quite outgoing and positive, and has the ability to use freeze-magic. Full Details.
Kale is a ditsy, clumsy, but incredibly powerful plant manipulator. While not showing the utmost skill and discipline, she can turn you into fertilizer. She is friendly and caring though, showing much love to friends, even willing to die for them. She loves to experiment with her powers, even if it causes "Unforeseen Consequences". Doesn't help that she is not the brightest bulb in the box. Far from her woody homeland, Kale is new to Bielefeld and big city life in general. Full Details.
Otto Maximilian Klaus
Restored Avatar of War (Chaos god) and former Cultist Leader. It's said that Klaus' face bears an uncanny resemblance to Willhelm Bittrich's. (Teutonic set.) Full details (prior to lifting of curse).

Hanselmann "Hans" Schaefer
Klaus cultist leader. (shared NPC with Swith)

Rudolf Schaefer
Hans' brother and avid animal lover, War's Cultists.

Unknown in age, Thaddeus Cerillium is quiet and intelligent but does have a sense of humor. He's currently employed by Swith. His primary function is classified; his secondary role is to protect Rachelle Nikanor. He carries the blessing of a god which aids him in his duties. He's ugly (even for a his people) and it doesn't bother him. He's engaged to Naomi and his children are Wren, Marcus and Eva. His appearance is similar to this however he's removed certain apparatus to better blend with the current timeline.

Marcus is Ceril's 15 year old son.

Wren is Ceril's older daughter. Co-owner of Vital-Wrench with Barox.

God of Plagues and Death. Ogoti is also a god of rebirth and healing. (Indian Set)

Ryoji (Ryo) Sato
Ogoti's cultist leader. Full details.

Chloe is bookish and a damn good healer. She plays the cello. She makes those little puff pastries that you see at fancy parties, you know... the ones that just melt on the tongue? She's so prim and proper, and very sweet. Her laughter is like silver bells in a gentle breeze. It's absolutely infectious and brings joy to the heart.

*This is a SHARED PC with Swith Witherward*

The Chaos Apartments: Info Here

Former avatar of the God of War. He's living at the abandoned sub base. He bears an uncanny resemblance to Salman Khan

Chaos Space Marine. He has an apartment in the Building.

Malaise Abondante
Head Nurse, clinic in the lobby. Full details.
BIO - The Drone Empire, a Multi-Galactic Empire of machines which destroys or ruins all that are not like it, most units of the Empire act like a part of a hivemind, completely unwilling to disobey the wishes of the empire. Recently, the Empire has been expanding into the Milky way rapidly, and this planet is now a prime target for possible Purging, but after facing massive defeat, they won't be coming back for a while. The Data Archives

Dani has retired from the RP however she was instrumental in shaping us. Her tab will forever remain here. Her characters' descriptions can be found in full on the previous thread
Raymond Jansma:
27-year-old agent of the Special Projects Research Administration and owner of Talwall Investigative Solutions. Generally serious on the outside, although a inner playfulness is generally lit when around his boyfriend Albert. Hails from outside of the Bielefeld Universe. Full details.

Simon Clark:
74-year-old local SPRA commander and Ray's boss. Rather friendly old man who can get angry as a bull. Full details.
Nick is a sentient, intelligent, very lonely, awkward, and lazy cat with a few minor powers. He has problems trusting others but is an optimist despite everything he's been through. Full details and Nick's Apartment.
Cornelius Thriller
Born in 1995 in New York City, new york. Was abandoned by his parents at the age of 3 and almost died on December 19, 1998 when Margret Thriller, a successful business woman and stock holder, took pity on him and took him in, however, his exposure to the elements left him sick and eventually leaving him blind in his left eye. Today, 180 years old, 10 feet tall, weighing at a near ton, and has an IQ that is superb over all. Emperor of the Germanic Templars since 2095. Has plans to unite humanity under his banner, and conquer Earth. When it comes to warfare, and hand to hand combat, none can best him. When he is in his human body, he's 6'5" and weighs 170 lb. Married to Swith with a son (Siduer) and daughter (Sydney).

Joesph Aleki R. Smyth
Born in 2159, of a father who works as an Honor Guard in the House of Representatives, First District and a mother who worked as a scientist on Oda Island, Third District. Joined the conscription force at the age of 16, later to be promoted to Commander of the Clone Army at the age of 21. Has been augmented with special genetic mutation add-ons such as limb regrowth, thicker skin, and electric tonic.

Maria Khrolodna F. Smyth
Born in 2156, older sister to Aleki. Likes to start a fight with him and prove she is the better of the two. She is the Battle Matriarch of the Feminine Forces and has been in many skirmishes with Aleki for the past year when they were not at the apartment.

Tarquinius Superbia
Was the first minorem of hell and guided Lucius Lupus for almost 2 millenniums. After the imprisonment of Satan, he became Maior Sextus Superbia. He is known to be prideful, an instigator, crude, and trustworthy (once he knows you well)

Lucius Lupus
Comes from a parallel universe similar with many of Earth's histories. Originally born during the time of the Roman Empire, as of 12 A.D. Born Pagan but later converted. Served as a Legionary in Jerusalem where he stayed till the year 30 A.D. moving back to his homeland on the western side of the Rhine river with his sister, who was tricked into sorcery of eternal beauty by a minion of Satan. Minorem agreed to work for Satan for the safety of his sister. However, in order for him to work, he had to fight and defeat Lesser Pride. He later joined in on many events in history from the Crusades to the Revolutionary War, even to WW2. Recently, he was staging an uprising in Hell to free him and his sister, however, Satan pulled a last second trick and teleported him to our universe where he is trapped til he can return home. After his return back to his dimension, he won his fight against Satan, conquering evil. And he has returned to find his sister.. Oh also, after that epic fight he had, he has been given the title of archangel and champion of humanity and earth, one that he takes seriously.

Sapphire Thriller
Born in 2158, she is an anthropomorphic and great granddaughter of Cornelius Thriller. She works in the Third District on Oda island as a genetic engineer. In the past, she has worked on many projects such as the synthesizing of cells from atoms up, and Project: Lazarus. She is known to talk a lot if you open a conversation with her, she is very witty, smart, and is known to be a bit crazy at times. She in employed at Black Star Research Center.

Vitellius Barox
Born in Hephaestus, Fourth District, Planet Gliese 581g. Had a rare nondisjunction that is known as Trisomy 13. A lethal genetic disease that could have killed him if not for "modern" science and medicine saving his life. From this he received six small pistons, 3 on each side, to act as muscles for the lack of muscles there. He also received an artificial spinal cord and mandible. He serves as a tech priest (No connection to Dawn of War 40k), more specifically, an electronic priest that is known to play crude tricks from time to time.*

Maximum Security XXIII
A strong, quick thinking individual that knows how to respond, and set up an organized team in the event of a crisis or an expected one. He has come to learn on how to talk to different individuals based on observing personnel from afar. His weapon of choice is the standard rifle BR-104.When it comes to fighting, he'd prefer to double tap his opponents rather then disabling them. Full details.

Thriller's room. A room that he has purchased from the property and claimed it for Germanic Templars to help nullify him having to pay rent on it.

Swith's editing prerogative/addition: Krutes: seriously awesome native species of Gliese 581 recently brought back from extinction by Cornelius Thriller and the Germanic Templars. Known for awesome architecture, Jamaican-type accents and really tasty fish dishes.
Giovenith is the 16 year old daughter of a creation goddess. A little strange, but sweet, friendly, and creative. Full details.

A beautiful but slow golem made of paper mache, belonging to Giovenith. Appears to be about in early 20's. Full details.

Willow Streaks
A moody Pegasus-pony artist.Full Details.
August 'Falcon' Hansen
Hansen is a time-travelling soldier/teacher, born in the year 2525 in a dystopian post-apocalyptic world. Trained his whole life by human resistance, he saw many tragic events in his puny life. After meeting his OTL self by a complete accident, he travelled back in time to stop all the future catastrophes from ever happening. He works as a teacher and is trying to hide all of his secrets. He wields the Heat Blade, a powerful futuristic weapon, and has a few other cool gadgets. Full details.
Dan Foster
Dan is a Fae of the Summer Court exiled to Bielefield under the pretense of a ‘fact finding’ mission. He’s taken it in stride and hopes to make the best of it until he can return to Faerie, though it is unsure when that will be. Full details.

Mezran, Son of Jag'oth, of the House of StoH'raQ
Mezran is a proud and boisterous Klingon, who is (surprisingly) capable of profound loyalty to those that he deems honorable. A (former) Captain of the Hegh'Ta, Mezran has found himself on earth under mysterious circumstances. He doesn't know if going back is possible, but the proud Klingon has pledged to serve in any capacity as long as it is just and does not tarnish his name or that of his House. Full Details.

Dwayna’s Vigilant (D.V. in short)
Alexia Conrath
Alexia is the head of the guild Dwayna’s Vigilant. She comes to Bielefeld in search of allies or, failing that, a new home for her and the members of her guild. A seasoned veteran of combat fighting against the char invaders, Alexia has maintained a cool detachment to those not of her guild and a very protective (almost possessive, some would say) of those within it. Being a healer first, Alexia is prone to being emotionally drained from the plights of others through her years fighting the char have hardened her to accept losses as bitter consequences of war. Alexia’s patron god is Dwayna, Goddess of Life & Air. Full Details

Traxt Affinity
Traxt is second in command of D.V. A quiet man, Traxt doesn’t say much and prefers to keep to himself most of the time. Underneath the distant persona lies a person very much protective and loyal, yet also alone and in need of a friend or companion. Traxt dismisses such notions, of course, attributing such feelings as weakness and a small price to pay for the continued fight against the Char. Traxt’s patron god is Balthazar, God of War & Fire. Full Details

Cherry Valentine
Cherry is a very independent woman who is a social, overly curious and has a passion for art and culture (the decadent type at any rate). She prefers to keep out of fighting and often protest (in many, many words) of such confrontations. Still, being a part of D.V., Cherry has come to respect others and finds that she cares for them more than she’s willing to admit. Cherry’s patron god is Lyssa, Goddess of Beauty & Illusion. Full Details

These 3 below will remain in the Guild Hall/Apartment, players may occasionally see them (if you visit), these are not active chars unless needed or approved to use:

Anais Adarah [Ritualist], a woman with Eurasian features, Anais is a mysterious person whose ties with the ether and devotion to Grenth, the God of Death and Ice, imbue her with powers of spiritual wrath or soothing restoration. Anais has a wealth of knowledge and she often shares it in stories (true or not is anyone’s guess) and cryptic responses. No one is sure of her actual age, save Cherry.

Erick Dresner [Dervish], dressed in robes and armed with a scythe, Erick is the ideal holy warrior that imbues the powers of earth and air to call forth a swath of destruction. He is a front line fighter and often pairs with Reyna as the duo work smoothly. When not in combat, Erick can often be found maintaining shrines to the Five Gods; his simple faith in them sustains him even through the most difficult of times. Despite devoting himself to all Five Gods, Erick takes solace in his faith in Melandru, Goddess of Earth & Nature.

Reyna Farris [Warrior], a fierce and proud warrior, Reyna doesn’t hesitate to enter any fight, often charging with sword and shield. She often argues with Alexia and Traxt over tactical and strategic decisions, attributing to the philosophy of a strong offense as the best defense. Reyna can be seen training constantly, but has recently taken up meditating at the insistence of Anais. The warrior’s favored god is Balthazar, although she has whispered a prayer or two to all other gods (influenced, no doubt, from Erick).
1st Lt. Chernaya "Shadow" Varona
"Shadow", as she's known by in her squad, is one of the best snipers in the Froxian Military. She leads a covert tactical operations squad that officially doesn't exist anywhere on record. She is loyal to her country, and as such has taken on the responsibility of raising perhaps the most important child to exist in the nation. Her skills as a marksman is matched only by her unwavering stoicism. She is a woman of duty, and would take out anyone who tries to jeopardize it. Full Details.

Sinyaya Ptitsa
Perhaps the happiest child to be born out of the Zone, which is ironic for such a place filled with gloomy sorrow on a daily basis. She's full of boundless curiosity and seeks out the new and exciting (which can be even the simplest things) much to her guardian's discontent. She hasn't been in a life or death situation yet, so there's that. She holds control over some of the Zone's anomalies, but only to a miniature extent. The most she's done was make a small fire in the palms of her hands. She enjoys most anything and is excited to be seeing a new place filled with new things and people. Full Details.

Captain Cinnamon Brittney Thompson
Flight leader of the 284th Aggressor Squadron. Callsign: Berserker 1 "Scorcher". She's been trained to fly the F-15C, and even has her own custom-painted fighter. She's a great pilot all around, though not the best. She's got a stoic sense of attitude, but also doesn't mind cutting loose and being happy every once in a while. She does her best not to let things get her down. Not quite a child soldier in the sense, but more of a child pilot. She was raised in the hidden Monfrox government complex deep under the Dead City and the Zone, and trained from 6 to fly and fight in the sky. Despite not having much of a childhood, she still can enjoy herself when she really wants to. Bar fights also seem to be a common occurrence with her, whether she instigates them or not.Full details.

Veronika, or Flint as she prefers to be called, didn't grow up normally like all the other kids. Her parents died when she was twelve, leaving her with Beard at the Skadovsk bar to take her in and teach her how to survive. She worked for him by finding artifacts and bringing them in in exchange for him allowing her to eat, drink, and stay for free with a couple extra cartridges here and there. She's rough around the edges and doesn't care much for people. She also isn't very trusting and can get angered easily. She drinks vodka regularly and has built up a toleration for even the heaviest drinking nights. All in all, she does try her best to do what's right, but she also isn't afraid to threaten to kick someone's teeth in if they start ticking her off. Full details.
an alien from a dark world who is talented in observation, planning and adaptation. He used his powers of transformation to cause great harm until the ruthless leadership forced him into hiding after he showed mercy and disobedience. Full details.
He's one of the twin personifications of Aksarben. Jacob represents the lower classes, and the more democratic and liberal parts of his nation. He holds all the same views as the parts of the nation he represents. He is a liberal, and idealist. He's also a very nice guy, humble, and likes to help people. His idealism can also cloud his judgement. He is also very smart and likes to mess with technology. He loves to read, especially history and philosophy. He speaks Latin, English, Greek and German. Full details.

Albert is a personification of Aksarben and it's royalty. He is very Roman in nature, with he beileving that humans are superior to anything else that exists. He is also a military man, and chivalrous. He is an expert with many types of weapons, and can learn how to use knew ones relatively quickly. He has begun to calm down, and not be as hot-headed thanks to Ray, his boyfriend. He also speaks Latin, Greek, English, and German as his brother does, and has an interest in technology, but mostly the military sides of things. Full details[/post.]

Octavian Aksarben
He is the crown prince of Aksarben. He is usually serious, and somewhat cold. He doesn't really care for anyone but himself. He has a hard time making friends and understanding others. He still cares for his nation's people and does anything to help his nation become more powerful. He is also somewhat of a spoiled brat, so expects everything to be handed to him. The Emperor sent him to the universe the building is in to keep him safe, and to learn about the different universe. [post=15536190]Full details.

Sigtrygg "Sig" Karlsson Snjalli
A viking that was dragged across space and time to the world of the Apartment Building by the raptor children, Sig is a kind, generous, and helpful man, but can be very cynical and ambitious if he feels the need to. He doesn't understand modern technology, or most things about culture and society in this time. He follows a reformed version of Astaru, the Norse religion. He lives on the 5th floor of the building, in a room styled after a typical home in his homeland. He speaks English, but not very much of it, and doesn't know how to read the language. Full details

Alaxendors Urn-Aldwor
Namal is a Khydir from Lykosae, and a mix of the two subspecies. He has the power to manipulate fire, as the rest of his species can. He's a mix of Hali and Baes-Khydir, leading to his unique abilities and powers. He's a nice guy in general, and loves to read. Full details.

Sterling Venture
A unicorn pony born and raised in Canterlot, he defies the normal 'All Unicorns are Stuck-Up' stereotype as he's very down to earth and kind. He specializes in levitation magic and his talent is for organization and books in general. He can be very skittish and shy, but at the same time loves to meet new and interesting beings.Full Details.
Sanjay Tagore
Sanjay is an Asian Hindu from Uganda, who was expelled from his home with all the other Asians in 1972. He's a bit socially awkward and unsure of how to properly act around people, but has a warm heart regardless, which shows in his powers as a healer. He once attended Elfen High in another world, but you know how portals are, eh? Now he's in Bielefeld and has absolutely no idea to expect. Full details.
Dr. Neil Von Eldritch
A psychotic supergenius mad scientist velociraptor MacGyver of atomic schizo tech bent on destroying the human race (and all mammals for that matter) with time travel, genetic engineering, lasers, nukes, and napalm (lots and lots of napalm) raising a family with Gretta. His IQ ha been measured to be 700 in comparison to mammals. Full details.

Dr. Gretchen "Gretta" Von Eldritch
Neil's wife, partner in crime, and match in velociraptor form. Only a wee bit more level-headed, and snout-over-claws in love with him. She is a bit more hostile towards mammals, but has more self-control. She has had three children with Neil named Robert, Swift, and Jenny. Full details.

Dr. Martin Fortu
Computer hacker and biomechanical engineer who is more competent and less crazy than Neil. Can hack the Pentagon at the speed of thought...depending on the speed of the internet connection. He was cloned from Neil and then was beheaded by Dabfia. He now has a humanoid body with a few implanted devices of his design. Fortu is in a relationship with Monique, and is always willing to help. Full details.

Dr. Arthur Von Eldritch
Another clone of Neil, this one was created to empathize with humans. He is licensed to practice psychiatry, although most of his solutions are mind altering drugs. He cares about people and follows the rules as long as they don't get in the way, but won't back down from a fight. Full details.

Nevvie Von Eldritch
Guess what? Another Clone of Neil! Nevvie was created to help in the lab. Although female and a hybrid of Raptor and Human biology, Nevvie has only half the strength and speed of a raptor but all the intelligence. On the other hand, the prehensile tongue and venom sacs are new. She is quick on the draw and very flexible. She often takes the third option and the route less traveled. Full details.

A psychotic supergenius mad scientist velociraptor MacGyver of atomic schizo tech bent on destroying the human race (and all mammals for that matter) with time travel, genetic engineering, lasers, nukes, and napalm (lots and lots of napalm) raising a family with Gretta. His IQ has been measured to be 700 in comparison to mammals. He was cloned from Neil while he was gone to keep Fortu company...for some odd reason (seeing as Fortu didn't need company). This clone only goes by his initial codename, he lacks memory of the apartment and Gretta and is not particularly fond of others. Full details.

An indestructible brute babysitter, doorman, and bodyguard that has seemingly limitless physical strength. An artist and poet by heart, but is a amateur with little skill at it. Full details.
Primordial AKA Prime(on left)
Primordial is a Nihilistic Dimensional Scientist from another Universe. Coming from an advanced race that has journeyed across the entirety of the Multi-Verse he wields a plethora of strange and alien technology commonly mistaken for magic. A genius beyond compare Primordial is always happy to teach and learn about anything he can get his hands on. Full Details.

Insidious is a Hyper Apathetic Artist that specializes in genetic manipulated living art from another Universe. Coming from an advanced race that has journeyed across the entirety of the Multi-Verse she wields a plethora of strange and alien technology commonly mistaken for magic. A sensation addict she lives for hedonistic indulgence and loves trying new and exotic things. Full Details.

Aegis is a Psychotic Militarized Terrorist who enjoys planning destructive attack out of sheer malice. Coming from an advanced race that has journeyed across the entirety of the Multi-Verse he wields a plethora of strange and alien technology commonly mistaken for magic. A familiar face around the city he has created a small criminal syndicate and is always happy to help anyone for a price. Full Details.
Lilian Moritz
Lilian is one of the fuzziest and possibly youngest members of The Building on Subabsurdus Street. After getting tired of living out of motel rooms and a van with her mother, Lilian has decided to settle down into an apartment. She's lively, loyal, and determined yet gullible and at times just plain idiotic. Lillian likes to make others happy and live life to the fullest.
Full details.
Charumati Thriller... aka "Swith"
Charumati is a quiet being. She's head-over-heels in love with and married to Cornelius Thriller, and they have two children (Siduer and Sydney) and two dogs (Mimsy and Seeluer). Charumati enjoys puzzles and riddles, snuggling with her family, long walks on the beach, and trekking through the woods. She has a penchant for liver. Dissatisfied with her pantheon, Charumati devoted her existence to anything and everything NOT relating to them and their inane way of thinking. She's rogue and seen by some of her brothers' avatars as a heretic for this reason. Charumati, like Honey Badger, doesn't care. Full details.

She is a splinter from Charumati's being and shares many of her abilities. She is capable of great devastation when under pressure. She's love personified and protective of her friends and humanity. She is the adoptive mother to Eva, a young and emotionally traumatized girl from the Friedhof (Bone Fort NPC.) She is also Ceril's fiance and mother to his children, Marcus and Wren. Full details.

Captain Minerva Blackwater
Minerva Blackwater is the cultist leader for Slaaneshi forces stationed in Bielefeld. She works directly for Charumati Thriller, who is an avatar of the Chaos god. She is no-nonsense (for the most part.) Full Details

Will is second in command of Charumati's forces. Full Details.

Misaki Yamaguchi
Cultist, Musician of the Garden. Full details.

Calista of Usseio aka Tipper.
Blind psyker, mate to Volturius. Full Details.

Tipper's seeing-eye dog.... um, sort of. Full Details.

One of the top ranking succubus of Lust's minions, Blythe's life seems to have taken a dramatic swing for the better since meeting the demon Superbia and archangel Lucius. Hopelessly (and equally) in love with both, Blythe is content with the love triangle and (being a succubus) sees it as perfectly normal and rational.

Other characters can be found here

Myra Bones
A seemingly mundane teenager living in an extraordinary world. No relation to Bones & Co.Full Details.

Rodney Bodkins
Bodkins is a Triumvir Scientem Representative, Nifid. The Nifid contract with Charumati Thriller for research. He's come to manage those assets. Full details.
Nex Messor
Full details.

Sensitive about his height. Lives for good food. Often found uncomfortably hunched over in kitchens, where he can usually be seen experimenting with new recipes. Pretentious, so he puts on a different accent every so often. Dramatic, so he'll do other random things at times, too. To get a better idea of his appearance: 7'5" 290 lbs, gray hair, green eyes. Early 50s. Apply that to his picture (linked above).

A magical rabbit. Enjoys playing poker, eating walls and metal, drinking WD40 mojitos, and being a pyromaniac. Claims Cuisine is his familiar.



Chrys, except less supermodel-ish, more elfin-looking, and ice blue (not green) eyes.

Trenchcoat-Fedora Man
Cerril Estafador of Tinell is a foreign prince sent to Bielefield as a sort of diplomat of his people. He has 3 children as of now, and is preparing to start running his country as soon as his father abdicates the throne, which will be in a short time. Full Details.

Saren is Cerril's youngest son, and the most popular with the media. He is ultimately dependent on adults at this stage of life, and extremely affectionate to anybody who doesn't scare him. Supposedly he has magical potential, although, being an infant, he cannot get any practical use out of it. Full Details

Sherril is the slightly younger twin of Cerril, who is the much nicer, much smarter, and much quicker of the two. She's come to Bielefield for the sake of change, to find herself a job so she can have a little extra spending cash, and to get some new culture in her mind. Full Details
Tora Dimitrov (Full/Real), Torii (As known by everyone else.)
Torii is a seventeen year-old girl, and the feisty younger sister of Katya Dimitrov. She's an older member of the Teen Club, but enjoys working with adults, and has a crush on several of the other girls in the apartment. She's emotional, strong, and individualistic. Full details.

Katya Dimitrov IV
Katya is the older Dimitrov sister, a young entrepreneur and mother, and a hearty drinker. She carries herself with class, and considers herself a proper young woman. She's fun-loving, but reserved, and not much of a fighter, but a strong companion to have. Full details.

Dimitrus Alexandrovna
She is cold and almost emotionless, but not a robot. she just a strange person. At the same time, she is a gifted person, even gaining the favor of the current Fuhrer. Despite her looks and attitude, she is not evil. Full details.

Azarath R'zaman
His armour
Born in southwestern Vvardenfell, Azarath lived an adventurous youth as a carefree, budding swordsman. He spent his days away from adventuring by hanging with the girl he happened to fancy at the time, or sneaking drinks past his elders to party with his peers. He was a fine apprentice, and did well, until the eruption of Red Mountain in the beginning of the Fourth-Era. He still found plenty of adventure and companionship in the then-disrupted Redoran Guard of Morrowind. He became a fairly talented spellsword, and led his small group until they were caught off guard by a powerful wizard in the Ash Wastes and teleported to another realm known as "Earth".

He also has a pet Netch. Named Shurkan, or Shurk.

Dwelling: A large, open area with rooms for sparring, armories, enchanting areas, and meditation rooms. Also has a large kitchen/dining room, an astral observatory, a library, and a small garden for growing Dunmer plants.
Dunmer Architecture

Morrigan of Vaffleheim
As normally seen, roaming the woods at night, or on especially stormy/foggy days; Without her tattered robes.
Morrigan was the daughter of the city's founder, violated and murdered at 17. After her murder, others began to disappear. The man who was found guilty of her murder was found brutally mutilated and hanging from a tree.

Rumours began to circulate about the Banshee, which would cry out to beckon the deaths of a citizen. Others reported sighting the banshee, washing the bloody garbs of the dead. Others sing disappeared in the woods.....

Dwells in the forest outside the building.
Full Details

Ryn'enth'yn Wyn'cryk'yr aka Ryn
Ryn is a Deep One Hybrid, as per usual, his mother was a normal human while his father was the spawn of the Great Old One, Dagon. Like with all hybrids, he began the metamorphosis process from his original human anatomy into that of a Deep One during his fifties. Once completed, he was brought into the underwater civilization of the Deep Ones as another biologically immortal citizen to its numbers. Deciding to now use his unlimited time to pursue the ideas he had in his childhood that were denied originally by his blood, Ryn became an artist- studying for half a century before forging his career during the 1950's in Deep One society.

He's had recent news in the Deep One city in the Scandinavian seas that the city of Bielefield has turned up in the area (known to be some sort of wonky eldritch location), and has decided to damn any rules or taboo concerning full exposure to human society, and has decided to either temporarily or permanently move there to pursue new ideas for his works. Full Details.

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Vital Information - Sovereign-State and City of Bielefeld

Postby Swith Witherward » Sat Mar 08, 2014 3:59 am

Bielefeld doesn't exist in a single static location and moves as is needed. It borders Florida, Kentucky, Maine, and Minnesota all at once while still being found in the Sea of Japan, a few miles off the northern shore of South Africa, knocking Germany aside to hump France, and then pretending to be a tropical island. It moves on its own wont and does so with such grace that the inhabitants are completely unaware of the change. If faced with absolute absolute danger, it lifts its skirts and trots even further away. Its current location is between the UK and Denmark. Bielefeld has its own government as well as a city government and stands independent much like Monaco.

The National Government Seat is located Downtown in the Government District. Parliament meets daily to discuss issues.
Primary Members of Parliament
  • Prime Minister - Madam Thalia Heiss
  • Minister of Law and Order - Mr. John Banks
  • Minister of Finance - Mr. Alfred Marquet
  • Minister of Defense - Mr. Gregory Hemsig
  • Minister of Transportation - Ms. Yvette Main



The City of Bielefeld is a tiny gem which sits on the nation's western coast. The City was constructed after the third Drone invasion devastated the old city (Vaffelhelm) and much of the planet. Various nations such as the BranRiech and Germanic Templars provided raw materials for the construction. The work was carried out by the Nifidium.

The city has its own branch of government which oversees daily administration. The local government facilities and courthouse are in the Government District downtown.

  • Mayor of Bielefeld - S. Ivan Kepler
  • Chief of Police - Anderson Thompson
  • Sheriff - James Braun
  • Director of the NMJM - Otto Klaus

  1. Location of Building (southern tip of the Market District)
  2. Market Strip District (aka The Strip or Market District)
  3. Industrial District
  4. Cerillium Hill | Observatory
  5. Bielefeld International Airport
  6. Bielefeld State Park
  7. Lake Pearlelei
  8. Agricultural district
  9. Bielefeld Military Installation
  10. Primordials' coral reef
  11. Vaffelhelm ruins. Wasteland. A land barrier prevents the curious from entering. It is still smoldering, and the undercity contains many of the deadly traps that Chaos hasn't bothered to remove. There are rumors that the cultists use it as a playground.
  12. Downtown



Downtown contains the array of magnificent buildings and establishments. Capitol Hall, where concerts and performances of all types are held, rivals the Sydney Opera House in size and beauty. Next to it is a ten-story building capped by a glass dome. From above, pillars can be seen through the dome. They bear the flags of all nations on Earth, with the Templar flag on top. Across the front of the building are the words “Grand Pharmacy Bank”.

Dotted throughout the area (and in most of the city) are houses of worship and meditation to reflect the diverse faiths of the townies.

Many other businesses -the Capitol Movie Theatre, the aquarium and zoo, Bielefeld’s own Opera House, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Natural History, and the Vafflehelm Memorial Museum – are also located downtown. The main library stands proudly in their midst, a bastion of marble and knowledge governed by a strange clockwork being. Curving around them is the Art District, with passageways, coffee shops, and paintings, murals, and architecture throughout.

The University of Bielefeld Hospital can be found here, nestled quietly next to Bielefield University which offers one of the top medical schools in Europe.

Industrial District

A casual observer might mistake it for the city's downtown. Rather than the small, squat, grey factories common to so many other cities, the ID’s main structures are towers built from glass and concrete, and surrounded by roads. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to the buildings' designs: there are brown buildings with windows that look like black buttons from a distance, and there are buildings that look to be made almost entirely of glass (working in those during the summer must be awful). Further into the Industrial District, old-looking smoke-stacks loomed—possibly a left-over from a previous stage of development? But, no, Bielefeld was created after the death of the city of Vaffleheim--the previous host to the apartment building. The old city's ruins are still visible to its south. Maybe the stacks are just a stylistic thing, then. They certainly look nice—all steep slants, gentle curves, cream concrete and smooth, black smoke that billowed and expanded as it rose up into blue sky.

There are patches of green space between some of the buildings—they are littered with trees, and sometimes they even have fountains. Interesting juxtaposition and a decent metaphor: the best kind of industrial beauty was the sort you could admire from a picnic blanket. There are also pockets of clockwork workshops and smoke-belching factories, which seem geared towards a more archaic feel--steampunk and dieselpunk, respectively. Occasionally the pockets overlap, and where they met, there is a brutal clash between Victorian elegance and 1940s American zeitgeist.

But where is the pollution and acid rain? Surely the smokestacks must be having some effect on the atmosphere, to say nothing of the frankly gratuitous amount of smoke the factories were giving off. It is a mystery few could explain; most just shrug their shoulders and attribute the cleanliness to magic.

The Observatory, home to an odd brotherhood of techpriests, is located north of the Industrial District and high atop Cerillium Hill.

Market District

Between the Industrial and Market Districts, at the very northern end of the Market, the fishing vessels ply their trade. The Fish Market itself is an incomprehensible mosaic of culture, featuring the hustle and bustle to be expected of a major city’s wet market and attached food courts. All kinds of cuisines can be found here - fish or fowl or grain, Western or Asian. So, too, could a museum located off the shore but accessible by ferry.

The Market District, like the Fish Market tucked within it, is a place where people of all ethnicities and cultures gather. It had an upscale atmosphere, with Memorial Park bursting with daily activities. Paintings, murals and architecture dot the area, and are interwoven to tell stories as one passed from one end of the District to the other. A giraffe statue, taller than the highest storefront on Main, cranes its neck towards the heavens and sticks its tongue out at the sky.

It's a large district but the most popular spot is on Main Street where a trolley ferries people from one end to the other. The storefronts face the beach and shimmering ocean. Chaos Restaurant, an iconic spot and the only building to survive the Drone Invasion, can be found towards the southern end of this district. So too sits The Building on the corner of Subabsurdus and Main, the very last structure found in the Market District and the home of the Heroes of Vaffelheim and other unnatural beings. Close by the Building, Haven has blossomed, literally, into a circular mélange of greens, oranges, browns and yellows. Trees grow toward the sky here and there, with a cluster of tables and furniture under a large oak tree.

Suburbia and Country

The suburbs lay east of the city. This is the land of tract houses and white picket fences, and dotted amongst them are brick apartment buildings and mansions. Access to the city is provided via bullet trains, subways, buses or cabs. Suburbia is divided by a river and highway, one side being “townies” and the other embracing a countryside lifestyle.

Raptor Lake and the surrounding natural parks occupied this area as well. It boasts amusement parks, water parks, a laser tag arena and other features, all of which are surrounded by the scenery, trails and campgrounds of Bielefeld State Park. A state-of-the-art laser tag arena--almost a full-fledged battle simulator--rest next to the amusement parks.

Agricultural District

To the very south sit the Agricultural District and several military installations. This is the and of rolling crop fields and pastures owned by families or else conglomerations. The view to them is hedged by natural woodland and Pearlelei Lake. Roads criss-cross the district, allowing foot and vehicle traffic around the area. All manner of farm machinery can be seen trundling their way along the roads, especially during planting and harvest seasons. The main, paved roads cut through the ag district on a curve, leading north towards the forest and outer city, and westwards towards the military installations just outside of the city of Bielefeld. Other paved roads lead to little houses and clusters of buildings. A freight rail ties it to the City. Little clusters of homes belong to farmers and their families. They drive into the city for school and other things that they lacked out in the farmlands.


The sea offers many attractions such as a marina and, beyond it, a battle arena occupying a tiny island. Ships slipped into channels to bring their bountiful ocean harvest to shore or else smaller vessels come to dock at the marina. Intermingled with them are commuters aboard ferries which slip from Market District to cruise towards the Industrial District.

Yes, that is indeed a 40' rubber ducky going past downtown.


Please visit the Bielefeld Wiki page for more information.
Special thanks to all the players who took the time to add their personal touches to PL. Initial writeup located here.
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Vital Information - The Building on Subabsurdus Street

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42nd Subabsurdus Street, Bielefeld

The Building is centric to the PLverse. Located at the corner of Subabsurdus Street and Main, is serves to house nearly all PCs. The interior construction appears differently to each resident (tile vs wood floors vs carpet, metal staircases vs concrete vs wood) etc. The landlord, O.C. Demens, hardly ever makes an appearance. New tenants are usually welcomed into the Building and find their contract and a key at the reception desk.

The Building is sentient. It heals itself although recently the landlord has begun issuing fines to people who destroy the property without damn good reason. It's heavily protected against intrusion, to include an active security system which purges nanites and smaller things. It easily registers tech. Breaking into apartments while players are offline (and without letting them know) is taboo.


Much can be said about living in the perfect place. To that end, the Building is perfect. Much larger on the inside than on the outside, it bends and folds and establishes itself as a pinnacle of perfection, taking on the outward appearance most pleasing to the viewer. Yet, no matter the appearance, a small flight of stairs leads up to the main door. Side yards frame each side of the building. The back garden contains the pavilion where Residents gathered right after the Drone invasion ended. There is an in-ground pool and large novelty pirate ship . The firing range, the few old shacks, and the large, manicured lawn can be found here. The woodland beyond the back garden has a small trail which leads through the woods to the old ruins of Vaffleheim and a military base.
Interior and Common Areas

The building interior appear differently to each person and often echo their tastes yet some things remained the same no matter who views them:

Ground Floor
The foyer contains mailboxes and buzzers tucked into a tiny vestibule. It carries on into the lobby proper, touching a large reception desk and the drop box where payments are made and leases tucked.This desk is the first stop for every new resident. There is a large front window and comfortable seating. Several doors lead off the lobby - Medical Clinic, Bomb Shelter, Chaos Quarters, Gym and Pool. Thriller’s Thinking Bench and the main stairway and elevators are also found here. A door market "Maintenance" sites at the far end of the lobby and opens onto a stairwell down to the basement where the janitor and boiler rested.

The pool and gym are open 24/7. These are both rather small. Two restrooms are nestled between these facilities.

Second Floor
The second floor (and all following floors) can be accessed via the main stairs or lifts.

It should be noted that the library can often be found on this level but tends to vanish and reappear on the ground floor. This is mainly due to residents who are too lazy to go up and down the stairs.

The Communal Dining Room and Kitchen seems to be where everybody seems to flock, including those with apartments that have kitchens. Breakfast is usually waffles and omelets. The communal gathering rooms sits across the hall, opposite the dining room. The furniture was appropriated from a warehouse store, the decor came from various portals, and the massive 90" Aquos LED TV was affixed to the wall in a fashion that didn't permit it to be stolen (or stolen back by the cultist that Naomi had borrowed it from.) There was a piano, plenty of leather couches, an extra table for workspace, comfy leather chairs and a bar area. (Residents would need to provide their own booze.) A smaller tv is on other side of the room for game consoles.

There are apartments on this level but most are filled (indeed, there are now eights floors containing apartments). The hallways provide opportunities for conversations and people roam them. Some people lurk in them. They have shadows to hide in.

The rooftop is a retreat during warm days. It's used for gazing at the night sky, defending the building (weapons seem to change at the drop of a hat), housing Bran's helicopter, and a quiet place to drink. Stairs lead up to it from the inside.

Rooms vs Apartments
Rooms: Some residents are cheap bastards and only rent rooms. They use the communal dining room and kitchen for their meals.
Not So Common Areas and Other Information

Restricted Areas
Some apartments exist in their own little universe and can not be penetrated by outside sources. These would include Bones & Co's apartment, and The Chaos Dimension (security system begins at the stairwell entrance door in the lobby). Don't try. You'll only become frustrated... or die.

It's recommended that residents stay out of the basement. Dark things lurk there and it's rumored that one of the remaining Nifid dwells there. Nifid are nasty and dangerous.

Yes there really is a janitor.

Some Defenses
Some apartments inside skip out of the current dimension and can NOT be entered. Infiltrating others is instant death due to magic or tech: make up a new character. Period.

The building rooftop is set up to defend the building. There's a massive rail gun in the back yard that GT's tech priests built for the last invasion; it doubles as an organ. A force field can be quickly placed to further protect the building. (It defeats magical/god powered attacks. It defeats nano, mechanical and supernatural infiltration. This came into play during the last invasion. It forms a sphere around the area, roughly ten blocks wide but it can be scaled back so it doesn't hinder a story too much. Conventional weapons won't affect it.)
Apartment List

Bran's Bomb Shelter Group: basement, bomb shelter
Chaos: basement, Chaos Quarters

Deader: on 1st somewhere

2A NVE's old appartment
2B Bones
2C Naomi's old apt
2D Giovenith
2E Dora, Luce, Chrys, Dia
2F Katya and Torii
2G Cuisine and MB
2H Volturius and Tipper
2J Deuce

3A Luxan Quarters (Primordial, Insidious, Aegis)
3B Kei
3C Thriller Family
3D Thriller's old room
3E Dan
3F Stephen
3G Sapphire, Barox
3H Superbia/Blythe
3J Lucius/Xanthe

(Can ya tell 3rd houses a lot of dangerous funky tech and magic stuff?!)

4A Three Tails
4B Zark's character
4C Ray's first place
4D Jonathan and Caroline
4E Myra
4F Mezran
4G vacant
4H Yuna/Drova
4J vacant

(Don't ask what's on the 5th.)

6A Javert
6B Toscha
6C Sterling
6D Sanjay
6E Flint
6F Lilian
6G Cinnamon
6H Mortimer
6J Leroy and Wolfgang

7A Jorgen
7B Nick
7C Luka
7D Cerril and Saren
7E vacant
7F Kale
7G Ki'Rek
7H Ash
7J vacant

8A Mandi
8B Alito's character
8C Scandi
8D NEI's character
8E vacant
8F vacant
8G vacant
8H vacant
8J vacant

If your character isn't on this list, please let me know.

Further information can be found on the PL "Building" Wiki Page
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Vital Information - Bielefeld Yellow Pages

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Most of these businesses owned by characters.
WIP - Miss Swith will complete at a later time.

This large pharmacy chain has multiple locations throughout the city. Some are open 24 hours a day.
Bran Nikanor
Shop down the road from the Building, on Main St.
This is a florist's shop catering to all needs and occasions. Location: Market District. Details.
It's a bank. Multiple branch locations.
The place to find interesting books!
Co-owned by two Chaos gods and located directly across the street from the Building, Chaos is an upscale restaurant during the day, a club at night. Waitstaff are all NPCs (demons, succubi, incubi, etc) in human disguise. Staff include a Head Chef (Cuisine) as well as a bartender (Superbia). The building is indestructible given that it's in its own little pocket universe. It's a neutral zone; magic and combat inside is not allowed. Description here.
Sometimes seen, but often not, these provide delivery service to the Building. They also provide deliverymen who end up eaten by certain residents.
Owned by Pryfyn, this shop contains various droids (mainly military) which are designed and created on site.
Defender Civic Security is a private security agency formed by Raymond Jansma in 2013. As the name suggests, it is a well-funded but moderately sized company responsible for providing policing services to paying customers, hosting an investigative division, patrol division, aerial division and specialized response division.
Owned and operated by Katya Dimitrov,
Prove manufacturer of parts for the aviation industry.
Located in the Industrial District, Eldritch Medical supplies medical equipment, and manufactures prosthetic limbs, artificial organs, cosmetic cybernetic upgrades and organ transplants. Details
Owned by Fortu and managed by his accountant Jonathan, ERA provides domestic support to the wealthy.
The ACF, or Aksarben Containment Foundation, is an ultra-secret organization under the direct control of the Aksarben government. No one besides the Royal Family, the members of the organization, and the uppermost levels of government know of it's existence. It's purpose is to contain and/or destroy things that would go against understood physics and things that have extremely anomalous properties. They begun transporting some of those objects to the Earth that the Apartment exists on, using a secure containment facility underneath their fronts in that universe, the Foods Conglomerate of Aksarben. That includes both their farming complex, and their HQ within the city itself.
An odd shop where mysterious things can be found and bought (or sold). Some items are cursed. Some items are bizarre. Some items are just regular household items. Located in the Market District near Mama Toussaint's, it is NPC'd by Cerillium.
Located Downtown, Haven offers “Holographic” Entertainment & “Holistic” Healing. Reservations can be made based on client needs and the store does close to meet client requirements, but Haven will be normally open to the public 9am – 7pm. Full details. Player owned. See Min.
Heath's is located Downtown. It sells all manner of shoes and provides shoe repair.
The model store appears small from the outside, with the clear wording of "Herb's Model Emporium" written across the tan wooden sign. A single window is near the door and it showcases a few boxes of model planes. A small board sits on the door right above the sign listing the operating hours of the store, which held chalk writing that listed recent additions to the store's supply. Details
Run by Marie-Claire Toussaint, a "voodoo" seer. "Sometimes I see things beyond sight. Sometimes I see only de heart. I know where you go and where you come from." The glass window outside the shop appears caked with smoke. The main room is always cast in warm light, and scarves shroud tables and lamps. Everything seems to be shades of red, or shades of black, but other colors find their way in and stand out in sharp contrast like dandelions on a manicured lawn. The thick smell of incense and spices hangs in the air. Small rodent and cat skulls and beads hang in garlands from the ceiling and doorways, and festoon table tops. The shop is only open for business when Swith is online. It is located in the Market District.
Javert McPherson offers cheap rates and a money back guarantee. Offices conveniently located Downtown. Details.
Good Italian food, good wine, good fellowship!
General medicine, obstetrics.
Location: 42nd Subabsurdus Street, clinic in the Building's lobby.

Dr. Arthur Von Eldritch
Owned by Cornelius Thriller and operated by a temporary board of directors during this absence, QAF is one of the leading producers of vehicles in the nation.
Convenience store chain and gas station. Multiple locations in city.
Closed for the season.
Formerly Mei Garden, Sakura is a traditional Japanese restaurant and tea house located in the Market District. It offers authentic cuisine and atmosphere. Expect a unique experience.
Menu Page 1
Menu Page 2
Shencheng, specializing in Shanghai cuisine, especially seafood. Primarily an informal lunch place.
Steve's takes advantage of the local fish market and uses only the freshest fish. Traditional fish and chips are the main draw, but they also offer baked fish, shrimp, clams, oysters and smelts. Located downtown and in the Market District.
Coffee and doughnut shop similar to Duncan Doughnuts. It's a Canadian and US "back east" thing. There are multiple shops spread throughout the city.
Specializing in advanced robotics research and development.
"Making parts for people and pets!" Vitel-Wrench is co-owned by Vitellius Barox and Wren Cerillium. They manufacture replacement organs and appendages. Pioneers in genetic research, Vitel-Wrench is known for their research into detecting and curing Trisomy disorders, especially Trisomy 13.
A traditional Irish pub run by Minerva's lads is located east of the building on Subabsurdus. A small street (Slack St.) runs off from this street and the Tavern is tucked neatly between an insurance agency and a pharmacy. Run by Swith Witherward, semi-closed RP setting.
A favorite haunt of Fortu and Monique, Wu's Diamond Garden provides a variety of excellent Chinese fare... just don't look too closely at the waitstaff. Location: Market District.

Six Flags Thunder & Buttons - located near Raptor Lake.

Blue Bay Water Park - located near Raptor Lake.
The Downtown Aquarium is located downtown, naturally.
The Market District (also known as The Strip) encompasses a large portion on the western half of the city. It boasts a variety of shops and restaurants.

The Fish Market
A large fish market occupies half a block off of Main Blvd in the Market District. It has an open-air area where massive tuna, sword fish and other delights are placed whole on mounds of ice. The local restaurants, including Chaos, send their head chef daily to pick out the evening’s fish specials. it's a very noisy and busy place. A mural dedicated to MB can be found on the brick wall next to the salmon monger.
Capitol Movie Theatre - downtown. Rocky Horror shown every Tuesday at midnight.

United Artists Movie-Plex - eastern part of the city.

Fantazzle - drive-in theatre located on the north end of the city near the airport.
The Museum of Fine Arts - downtown.

The Museum of Natural History - downtown.

Vafflehelm Memorial Museum - downtown. Offers relics, photographs and history of Vafflehelm prior to the Drone invasion which destroyed the city.
Bielefeld Observatory sits high atop Cerillium hill. It is open to the public but those interested in using the facilities for research must pay for time on the telescope. Run by Tech-Priests (Cer), it also provides the city with accurate weather reports. Tours available on request.
The Bielefeld Opera House, located Downtown, is one of the most exquisite buildings boasted by the city. The grand lobby greets visitors each night and there aren't any bad seats in the house. The stage is fully modernized and able to support a wide variety of shows.
Memorial Park at Ocean Point
Located in the Market District, this park is dedicated to all those who have lost their lives during the various disasters and invasions. A memorial wall stands in tribute to all those souls lost during prior invasions. A single tree stands in the very center to commemorate the loss of the Conservators killed in the last invasion. The park also features a massive giraffe statue.

Point Park
Located at the western corner of Subabsurdus and Main, this park features walking trails, a children's play area, and access to the beach.

Bielefeld State Park
Located north of the city, this park surrounds Raptor Lake. Campgrounds, picnic areas and cabins are available (in season) through the Department of Parks and Recreation. There is a collection of small bronze statues near the main pavillion, each dedicated to fallen velociraptor clones.

Lake Pearlelei
This lake is a stunning jewel set amidst a lush forest. Lake Pearlelei doesn't offer camping but there are various meditation spots and prayer gardens dedicated to a variety of pantheons. The lake itself is named after the goddess Pearlelei and a small shrine rests near one shore. A mural is also located in this park: it represents friendship and was the first mural ever drawn by the godling Giovenith upon her arrive in Vafflehelm. The mural once adorned a wall in the old Building on Subabsurdus, and was restored piece by piece from the ruins after the Drone invasion.
The Bielefeld Zoo has recently completed a fennec exhibit as well as added to their honey badger exhibit. Located downtown (see large circle on the map), it promotes conservation and offers classes for young children.

Public Offerings

University of Bielefeld - downtown.
Gateway Community College - downtown.

Strauss High School - Market District.
Cherry Creek High School - Downtown.
St. Stephens High School - private Catholic School.

Warwood Middle School - Market District.
Evar Middle School - Downtown.
University of Bielefeld Hospital (UBH)
The world-class faculty of the Hospital of the University of Bielefeld is dedicated to superior care, education and research for a better future. The Hospital is world-renowned for its clinical and research excellence, forging the way for newer and better ways to diagnose and treat illnesses and disorders. It boasts a stellar cardiac care facility and oncology center. Located downtown and with various smaller emergency clinic scattered throughout the city, this hospital is also prepared to handle mass casualties due to invasions.
Bielefeld Public Library offers a wide variety of services, to include genealogical assistance, a reserved reading room, a collection of rare books and a small children's library. The main library is located downtown however there are branches spread throughout the city.
The Marina sits off the Industrial District.
The Buddhist Temple is nestled in the Market District not far from Mei Garden.

The heart of the diocese is Saint Evan-Andrew Cathedral. Located downtown, the Roman Catholic cathedral hosts custom stained glass depicting the life of Christ which was donated by Charumati Thriller after the Drone invasion.

Yes, there's an open-air shrine. It's nothing fancy. That's how they prefer it - understated.

The Hindu Jain Temple, located downtown, was built with a goal of providing a place of worship for all religious beliefs of the indian origin.

The Bielefeld Islamic Institute is located downtown.

The Jewish Synagog is located downtown.

Larry Foulke International Airport - located north of Bielefeld City.

Bielefeld Airport - a small airport south of the city, Agricultural District.

The Ministry of Public Transportation (MoT) provide a variety of options for citizens and visitors alike.

High speed trains offer convenience to commuters. The main railway station is downtown but there are stations scattered along the line. It covers the outer area of the city before moving on to other parts of the sovereign state.

There's also a subway system for local commutes in the inner core. This system mainly covers the market district, downtown district, industrial district and loops through the residential areas. It's restricted to just the city of Bielefeld. There are some tunnels made for defense purposes but those dark areas aren't accessible.

In addition, there are buses and cabs.

The market district has an old-fashioned streetcar that travels back and forth on the main street (no other vehicles are permitted on that coastal road.)

Players are welcome to start up a business for their character. Please make certain the "need" isn't already filled by another player. Fill out the app and post it in the OOC thread.
Code: Select all
[b]Business Name:[/b]
[b]Character that owns it:[/b]
[b]What services does it supply:[/b]
[b]Where is it located (Agricultural District, Industrial District, Market District, Downtown District, other district or location):[/b]
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Vital Information - The Universe & Other Haunts

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word-forming element meaning "having one only," from Latin uni-, comb. form of unus

before vowels mult-, word-forming element meaning "many, many times, much," from comb. form of Latin multus "much, many," from PIE *ml-to-, from root *mel- "strong, great, numerous" (cf. Latin melior "better," Greek mala "very, very much").

word-forming element meaning "all," from Latin omni-, combining form of omnis "all, every, the whole, of every kind," of unknown origin, perhaps literally "abundant," from *op-ni-, from PIE root *op- "to work, produce in abundance"

universe (n.)
1580s, "the whole world, cosmos," from Old French univers (12c.), from Latin universum "the universe," noun use of neuter of adj. universus "all together," literally "turned into one," from unus "one" + versus, past participle of vertere "to turn".

There are many dimensions. These multiverses are scattered and prolific. If you group them all together, you have an omniverse or a collection of like-dimensions. These omniverse are contained in the single and only Universe.
The Universe is the 10th dimension. There is only one. It's the birth and final resting spot of infinity. It's a hard physics concept that's been corrupted by science fiction and fantasy. Some refer to it with catchy terminology such as "omniverse" or "metaverse". To state, "I come from another dimension" does not mean one comes from a different Universe. It simply means one comes from a lower-ranking dimension within the 10th dimension.

In reality: Inside the 10th dimension are billions of dimensions and each of these can have billions of smaller dimensions (9th dimension can contain a billion 8th dimensions which contain a billion 7th dimensions... right on down to the 4th dimension which is time and space and gives rise to our own dimension, the 3rd.) Each 3rd dimension can have billions of alternate timelines branching off of it.
Short answer: because the general polulace can't grasp theory. 14 dimensions?

In Dr. Eric Weinstein’s theory, called Geometric Unity, he proposes a 14-dimensional "observerse" that has our familiar four-dimensional space-time continuum embedded within it. The interaction between the two is something like the relationship between the people in the stands and those on the pitch at a football stadium--the spectators (limited to their four-dimensional space) can see and are affected by the action on the pitch (representing all 14 dimensions) but are somewhat removed from it and cannot detect every detail.

Because of our limited purview--what Weinsetin calls a “handedness”--we simply can’t see things like the dark matter that we know resides in our universe. Along with that, he proposes that dark energy is a type of fundamental force that could sit alongside gravity, electromagnetism, the strong and weak nuclear forces. This force pushes space apart and its strength is variable throughout the universe. Furthermore, Weinstein’s theory predicts the existence of more than 150 new subatomic particles, most of them with exotic properties (such as electric charges that are greater than one, which is the maximum seen in nature at present).

This has been debated and debated and debated by physicists world-over. In summation: "yeah, okay, whatever." That's what our PLverse is organized the way it is. Leave dark matter to the gods. Thanks.

As stated, we exist in a 3rd dimension.

Take all these 3rd dimensions (which we live in) and start putting them in a cup. Add the next bigger dimension, right on up until you reach the 10th dimension (which is EVERYTHING in the Universe). That cup now contains ALL, including gods and mortals. We're just lukewarm coffee.

In game terms, we refer to everything within the Personification Life scope as "PLverse".

(Please note: hypothetically there are more than 10. We're keeping it as simple as possible here.
Imagine all the Universe inside one cup. Now imagine something existing outside that cup. That's a Greater Being. The GB sticks its finger in the cup and everything in the cup sees the finger as a god. The coffee/cosmic soup relates to that finger because the finger is now inside the known Universe. No one ever pauses to consider there's anything outside the Universe at all. That's why Greater Beings are so powerful.

Greater being exist outside the Universe. They don't concern themselves with mortals, invasions and so on although a few still take interest in what's going on inside the cup. Some are activly involved. Most have more important things to worry about, if they’re awake at all.

In Gameplay: Greater Beings are reserved for OP in order to fix fuck ups by god-characters. OP designates who can use a Greater Being AND it can only be used as a Deux ex Machina for the purpose of saving the thread.

    Greater Beings such as Pearlelei and Elohim (Abrahamic God) that formed the fabric of the Universe (cosmic strings). They literally created something from nothing. Christ is an offspring of a Greater being, born the Son of God but also God because that Greater Being poured some of Himself into Christ. Giovenith is a daughter of a Greater Being (born from Pearlelei) but is independent of her mother. Just two examples.

    These Greater Beings didn't create the fabric or cosmic strings, but they can weave it and manipulate it. (The 40K gods, in my story arc, are part of one such Greater Being. They weren't born from the GB they come from. They are a manifestation of him. Their GB is asleep and his fingers believe themselves to each be independent of him because they don't realize he exists.)

    Meanwhile, other Chaotic Greater Beings use the fabric of the universe to fashion/form gods. Lovecraft's gods were formed this way and let’s toss Zalgo in there for good measure. They will never be more powerful than they are now, and will never be as powerful as the GB that fashioned them. We can add other pantheons to this level as well since they have gods that both create and destroy within the Universe. Why? Because someone is going to come along and want to run Lovecraft or Zalgo or something from the Spagetti and when they screw up the universe, we’ll need to fall back on Greater Beings to fix it.

    These Greater Beings destroy the cosmic strings, unraveling them. They stick a tentacle into the universe but never manifest an actual independent entity which means we won’t see ANY player characters stemming from these beings. Period. End of discussion.

The Strife
    The war between Greater Beings. This battle has eternally raged between Creator and Devourer Greater Beings. Chaos Greater beings have their hands full trying to weave what's been unraveled and keep balance. Some Chaotic Greater Beings are actually on the side of the Devourers, and are unraveling things as well. (Game note: this is OP discretion.)
Greater Beings transcend gods. They only appear to be gods due to their immense power, and only if they stick a finger into the cup. They really couldn't care less about what mortals think of them.

All gods come from Greater Beings.

God Identification
  • Born gods are born from a Greater Being. Most, but not all, retain knowledge of the Greater Being they come from. (Giovenith, Christ, etc.)
  • Finger gods are part of their Greater Being. Most, if not all, are unaware of their connection to that Greater Being.
  • Formed gods were created by a Greater Being but are totally independent from it and thus weaker than the first two. Formed gods are totally clueless.) The majority of gods are formed gods.
  • Godlings are simply young gods.

High Ones. The term is used to denote a god or godling. In some cases, "Most High" is used by certain players to denote a loose sense of hierarchy.

Demigods and Others
  • Demigods may have been formed by gods. They might simply be powerful creatures which mortals mistake for gods.
  • Demons/Daemons, Angels, Jinn. These are created by gods and/or demigods. Some, in the case of Lucifer, were created by Elohim (a Greater Being) but lack knowledge of what Elohim truly is.
  • Spirits. Blame them on the cosmos. They spring to life from a variety of methods.
  • Fae. Blame them on the cosmos, too.


These are established areas outside Bielefeld where players RP as a group for holidays or vacations.
Gliese 581g

The Planet:
Gliese 581g is the Germanic Templars home world. It's set in a future timeline and not in the same solar system, obviously. It was used to house all characters after the Drone invasion and we might return there as a group at a future time.

Here is GT's description...

The Setting:

Throne Room
Equivalent of the Lobby, where you would enter with a throne in it. Did I mention there was a throne in it? Stay off the Emperor's Thinking Bench.

Located off to the right of the Throne room. Specifically past the first door on your right. Books vary between old paper and leather back to modern pads that read the book to you (now your child too can read and listen to Shakespeare's Macbeth). By the way, it's a huge library with tower stairs leading up to the second floor as well as a balcony that over looks the lower part of the library.

Palace Dining Room
Not much other than it's a huge frikken dining room with plenty to sit. On the left side of the building (assuming if you were looking at it from the front).

Recreational area
In the back of the building. Includes a dojo and from there it breaks off into a pool/spa area off to the left, weight room to the right, and Virtual Simulation room directly across the dojo.

Living area
Right side of the building where there are a labyrinth of hallways and rooms.

The place that is two miles long and lays out front of the palace pass it's walls. With it are a Ch'as, a few kiosks and stores, and directly across is a parking garage for air vehicles.

Side note
Doors are automatic unless locked. Lights tend to come on down the hallway or room you enter, and kitchen is pretty much off limits since food is either brought to your room or to the dining room (And by food I do not mean the people bringing it). In the far back of the building there is a nice garden.

The Background:
Gliese 581 is the Templar's home world. Cornelius Thriller is their emperor. The people know him in his mech suit form. This is a fully-fleshed planet, meaning the player has taken the time to set up culture, areas for fun or industry or various religions whatever. You can only visit with GT's permission.

The Rules:
1) No tech stealing. You can ask to trade tech. GT has to agree to it.
2) Absolutely respect the property of the nation.
3) ASK GT before doing something that can change Germanic Templar canon.
4) Big one... it's a future setting on a planet far away. No bringing in militaries.
5) GT functions as a Co-OP while players are on his planet. His decisions on what can or can't be done must be followed. He has the right to ask people to REDACT if they do something that violates his canon, culture or concept.
The Island


The island is located far off the coast of [REDACTED]. The shoreline has pristine beaches although there are cliffs on the opposite side. The majority of people have huts along the beach although the raptors claim the volcano base and Swith has her compound offshore (it can be reached by wading through the shallows to her atoll. There is a large pavilion near the huts (Bran and Rylli were married there) and the Germanic Templars have a small factory of sorts. There is also a large fire pit area where the group gathers for luaus or music (or ghost stories) in the evenings.

The interior of the island has dense vegetation. The ground rises steadily upward to a small, dormant volcano.

The island is used as a holiday getaway and for other vacations.

Tsu first suggested we make one to get away from the 2012 winter doldrums.

Descriptive post from PL IC IX
The Island haunt was extremely familiar to many, but for the newer Residents, this was their first glimpse of paradise. It loomed ever nearer as the aircraft made their approach. Their first view was of the steep and ominous cliffs on the far side of this ocean jewel, and the top of a volcano. These rose up from the sea at a steep angle. The surf crashed heavily at the rocks and boulders which protected the shear wall from eroding away.

The aircraft banked and circled around the island, allowing those on board to see her full glory in the rising sun.

Sunlight glistened upon the crystal clear waters beneath them. The rays kissed the pristine beaches and then warmed the dense vegetation that served as a backdrop for a row of huts perched between jungle and shoreline. Those huts were a welcomed sight for so many. They were the holiday homes of the Residents. Some stood vacant in anticipation of new owners.

A large pavilion had been erected on the beach last year. Each night, it was lit by thousands of twinkling white lights. Outside, multicolored Christmas lights would illuminate a path that forked into two directions. One led to a large fire pit set up for roasting marshmallows and other things on sticks, and the other path led to a small grotto used for prayer and meditation by some of the Residents. The bonfire pit had been the place of so many fond memories, but it had sat vacant for a long while. The sitting logs were still there, but it lacked firewood. Someone would have to beachcomb for it.

The glint of metal revealed the Germanic Templar’s cluster of buildings amidst some trees. Somewhere down there was the entrance to an old bunker that served as a base for Bones and his brothers. Also there was the remains of the Monfroxian compound, although it had been heavily damaged during the Drone Invasion; no weapons were left and the building itself was a husk.

There was an odd rocky outcrop just off that main beach, and a strange cottage nestled atop it.

A small, perfectly round atoll sat just off the main island, its watery center an intensely deep blue in contrast to the white beaches and palm trees surrounding it. There was a compound of sorts… more a series of open buildings interlinked by covered walkways… that faced the island huts. It could only be reached by a thin pathway from beach to atoll, and the visitor would need to wade through ankle deep water if using it. A yacht rocked on the light waves. It would be very familiar to Superbia and Swith.

Also visible was Mer Lagoon, a secretive place cherished by the BranRiechians Rylli and Bran. The crystal clear waters there revealed the massive form of Pookie the Leviathan swimming from it, craggy spines breaking the water and casting up spray in his wake.

A short distance away from all this were wooden platforms constructed right on the beach. These were new, and served as a travel platform. The aircraft would be able to hover down here, their massive engines far enough from the main structures so as to not cause damage.
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Vital Information - Misc.

Postby Swith Witherward » Sat Mar 08, 2014 4:53 am

You helped shape us. For that, I'm grateful. ~ Cerillium
Swith Witherward wrote:The evening sky on Gliese was peppered with stars. Swith, who had gone on vacation with her mate and children, slipped from bed and opened the French doors leading out to the balcony. The palace below was still in celebration. Swith's eyes weren't on them, though. She looked up at the stars and drew a shuddering breath.

It was a silent keen that traveled on a plain that no mortals could hear. It was a greeting and a goodbye wrapped in a gossamer strand that couldn't be broken by mortals or gods or even the Greater Beings. It was a patient and gentle understanding buoyed by her gratitude and admiration for a foe who had, in a sense, become a cherished entity in her world.

She stood silently amongst the sounds of revelry and joy from below, and she wept tears that were neither sad or happy. They were simply tears, and they fell from her eyes and landed on her chest without any further preamble.

"Farewell," she whispered to the stars. Her mind reflected upon octopus and pizza parlors, replicants and tea with scones. She sighed and her head tilted as she keened again. And then, because there wasn't anything left to do, she stepped inside and closed the door to block out the noise for a while.

Transgravitas Directorate wrote:The strains of Rachmaninoff's Prelude in C# Minor echoed throughout the darkly lit ether of Cuisine's apartment. He and Luce sat together over beers, toasting an honorable acquaintance and an enigmatic mind. They spoke of Aetherians and shards, of yachts and cars, and of sand and sea. Conversation intermingled with the hopeful beginning, haunting progression, and chaotic climax. Dim blue and green highlights from the wall panel displays gave them tranquility, however, and the hope that things would someday be better.

And finally, as the closing notes brought the piece to an end, the pair sat in silence.

Cerillium wrote:Ceril navigated the business end of the soldering iron between fine wires coupled to an old circuit board. The white hot light flared and briefly illuminated his face and the face of the servator next to him. He sighed and examined his work.

Not bad. Needs more. Possibly -

He yawned and removed the iron from the confines of the cabinet. "Needs more later. It's late as it is."

The servator, a replica of the D7-N1-X8 blinked stupidly at him. She could never replace the actual thing she was copied from. "It is late," she said.

"No shit. I just said that."


Ceril rubbed the skin under his optics and groaned. "Go dock, Mavis 12."

He watched the drone clone gracefully cross the workroom to join her "sisters". He'd done many things with those clones - dressing them in hula outfits or programming them to sing show tunes - but he'd never lost respect for the beings who fashioned the original Mavis.

The old cyborg checked his work a final time and walked from the workroom. His hand paused on the light switch. "Goodnight ladies."

"Good night," they replied in unison as the overhead flickered off.

From OP Cer:
Thanks, man. Thanks for making our world richer. It's been a pleasure and an honor gaming with you. You're gonna be making a difference no matter where life takes you. Good luck in Basic.

From Co-OP Tilt:
You've been a solid sort here in PL, and you'll be a solid sort in Basic - so no need to tell you not to let the bastards grind you down. You've got that covered already. Stay frosty and you'll be back laughing it up with us 'fore we know it. Best red.

From Co-OP Swith:
*crying* Can't type. Can't see keys. Seriously, though... we'll miss you. I'll miss you. You've been a good friend and it's always hard when friends ship out. We made a lot of good memories together and shared a lot of laughter. So, this isn't goodbye. It's just "farewell until we meet again." And remember... you don't want to eat BT mud. It's nasty.

Cerillium wrote:Ceril sat on a rocky outcrop and bid silent farewell to the raptors. They'd been part of this madness far longer than he. It had been his honor to track things over the years. He recalled the story of the day Neil (as NVE) first stepped into the building.

"Can I come in? I have cake!" NVE had shouted before affixing a large fake mustache to his snout. "Can sombody let me, a completely ordinary person, in? I lost my keys, not in a fire!" He just was about to move into this building because his last apartment building was vaporized by the small nuclear reactor he built.

Perhaps he would have been left out in the cold were it not for Dabfia. Dab (the normal Dab and not evil Dab) had let the velociraptor in and, after making Dab promise to not mention the initial offer of cake, the raptor had scampered off to steal a stranger's an occupied room in order to plot a means to own the first building thus forgo the necessity of rent payments. The most logical (for a raptor) conclusion was to build a nuclear device of some kind and use it somehow.

(*cue evil laugh*)

Sadly, the only thing NVE had available was what was available. He slipped into the basement, unfastened the heavy water heater and then ran afoul of Bones (whose room he had stolen.)


Bones was staring out the window when he heard shouting. He looked down and saw a talking velociraptor knocking on the door. Dabfia let him in.

Interesting. This is something worth looking into... My, my, there's some interesting characters moving into here. He clasped his fingers together and smiled. Things will definitely be getting interesting around here... Excellent...

Bones watched the strange creature drag the water heater.

"You do realize you don't have a room, right?"

"Of course I have a perfectly legitimate room that exists. Otherwise I just stole a total stranger's room. I definately didn't not do that!" NVE replied. Of course, that is exactly what he did.

Bones wasn't convinced. "Suuurrreee... and what are you going to do when that stranger comes back and finds you in his room?"

"Ummmmm...I AM HIM! Don't you reconize me? I got a haircut and grew a mustashe!" NVE replied and pointed to the fake mustache.

"Riiigggghhhhtttt... what's your room number?"

"Ummmmm...Pi times R squared divided by zero!" NVE said hoping to confuse him. "I wasn't expecting some kind of Spanish Inquisition!" he added.

"Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. And that is my room, by the way."

"Oh really? Then prove it!" NVE said as he made a dash for the door and locked it behind him. Then NVE locked all the extra locks he added.

"You missed one," Bones said, pointing over NVE's shoulder. He turned around and walked into his bedroom, locking the door behind him.

"Dammit!" NVE cursed after discovering that he was now locked out.

"Fine! I'll just find another better room that doesn't smell bad! Crap, I left my suitcase in there!" he added. NVE didn't want Bones to touch his suitcase, he needed to get in there fast. NVE looked at the water heater. "BINGO!"

The velociraptor scampered outside and grabbed a car battery out of one of the parked vehicles on the street. He ran back in and wired it to the water heater, then smashed off all the safety devices with his wrench. He positioned the water heater in front of Bone's door.

"If it worked on Mythbusters, It'll work here." NVE muttered to himself.

Bones heard loud noises coming from outside his door. Looking outside, he saw that the dinosaur had positioned an improvised explosive right outside his door. Bones grabbed the water heater and dragged it inside, disconnecting it from the battery in the process. He locked the door again behind him.

"Dammit!" NVE had been thwarted.

His next course of action was to run to the hardware store where he 'legally purchased' some rope. He climbed onto the roof of the apartment building and tied down one end. With a firm grip on the other end, NVE jumped off the roof and smashed through the window of Bones' apartment.

"Ta Da!...I mean...Hand over my suitcase and nobody gets hurt!" NVE threatened and held out... his empty hands.

"Wait a second." NVE opened his suitcase and pulled out two Uzis.

"Much better," he said and closed his suitcase. "Now hand over my suitcase before I fill ya full of lead fiery death...something!" NVE threatened.


The room was empty, save for the water heater, which had been hooked up to another battery. The suitcase was strapped to the bomb. There was a note on it:

Here's your suitcase.

"Dammit! Well at least I got my suitcase back..." NVE was interrupted by the water heater exploding.

The old cyborg's laugh was softly huffed breaths that escalated into thunderous laughter. Those were the days, my friend! Those were the best days: the salad days when everything was sparse and absolutely nothing was sacred.

He hadn't a glass to raise in toast to the raptors. He lifted his eyes to the heavens and named a constellation in NVE's honor instead.

The BranRiech wrote:Bran, simply humbled to be in the presence of his friends (And evil genius'), was already shedding tears as the Raptor's left their presence. Whether it was venturing into Neil's mind to save him from himself, or venturing up to a Moon prison to once again save them, he always knew he'd have loyal friends in them, wherever they were. There was of course, the share of bad times as well, but hell, all friends went through them. Bran had long since forgiven them for that. "Farewell, old friends." He whispered as the house vanished, Rachelle watching from atop his lap (Which she was getting way too big to be sitting on!)

Rylli too, was thinking the same things, and Natiya too.

Giovenith wrote:Giovenith was more than a little confused at the disappearance of the raptors' house and household, spinning and tilting her head toward the now-empty space, momentarily entranced by how it faded like a state of consciousness on the brim of twilight. Which one, though? Awake, or asleep? Suddenly, she felt silly for trying to guess which... of course the raptors would never allow themselves to be that simple. They danced on the edge of that which was known, in their own way. It was a rather magical thing, despite that Giovenith knew they preferred science, the smart cookies... magic, science, it was all a talent. It took talent to the spin the world round in a way you wished, to make the glass half full and half empty, or to knit riddles that were only satisfying with no answer.

Pressing both hands to her mouth, Giovenith set a kiss down in them, then stretched out her arms theatrically to send it flying on the wind toward the spot the house had once been.

"Buh bye!" she called out without sorrow, stretching one hand to wave widely at the sky. "See you soon! Love you! Don't forget to come back home and play again!"

They wouldn't forget. She didn't know where they had gone, why, or how soon they'd be back, but that didn't matter. One of the most important lessons friendship taught you was how to say good-bye, to not feel heartbreak over the sunset... and to be confident that, like sunrises, there would always be another hello. Reminding herself of this with a deep breath, Giovenith folded her hands in front of her and began to walk off from the remains of the party. She wouldn't go home just yet; sunsets were just as lovely as sunrises, especially on a place as Eternal as an island beach. The land would assist in nurturing her reflections.

Swith Witherward wrote:Swith watched Torii run off to her hut. A sense of peace settled in her chest. It was good to see spark from the girl again, and even better than she'd returned to join the group in cooking things over the fire. That's how it should be... community, family, kinship.

She nodded to Cuisine and helped herself to his thoughtful drink.

The stars were twinkling overhead now, and Swith lifted her glass of liver towards them and towards her first friend. Somewhere out there, raptors zoomed along in a House. Somewhere out there, a Velocidoctor sat in a Construct's kitchen and sipped tea. Somewhere out there, their handler perhaps sat in a quiet room and longed to return.

"It was a lovely dinner, NVE," she whispered to the sky. "It's a lovely friendship."

They'd return. She believed that in her heart. She'd hunt them down if they didn't. It would be her personal quest, of course, to bring back a bit of non-Chaos chaos to this universe. Swith chuckled.

"Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible. I think it's in my basement... let me go upstairs and check." She spoke the words of M.C. Escher with conviction, relishing the twist in thinking. "And rabbit holes really do lead to Wonderland, my dear. So everyone move over, get a clean cup, and if the dormouse gets finicky, just dab his nose with jam."

Swith finished her beverage and handed the cup back to Cuisine. She wanted to visit Thriller's old hut, but someone had completely redone everything and she doubted even the factory was the same. She couldn't walk down memory lane there. It was just as well.
Yes, we have one.
"I Can't Decide"

It's not easy having yourself a good time
Greasing up those bets and betters
Watching out they don't four-letter
Fuck and kiss you both at the same time
Smells-like something I've forgotten
Curled up died and now it's rotten

I'm not a gangster tonight
Don't want to be a bad guy
I'm just a loner baby
And now you're gotten in my way

I can't decide
Whether you should live or die
Oh, you'll probably go to heaven
Please don't hang your head and cry
No wonder why
My heart feels dead inside
It's cold and hard and petrified
Lock the doors and close the blinds
We're going for a ride

It's a bitch convincing people to like you
If I stop now call me a quitter
If lies were cats you'd be a litter
Pleasing everyone isn't like you
Dancing jigs until I'm crippled
Slug ten drinks I won't get pickled

I've got to hand it to you
You've played by all the same rules
It takes the truth to fool me
And now you've made me angry

I can't decide
Whether you should live or die
Oh, you'll probably go to heaven
Please don't hang your head and cry
No wonder why
My heart feels dead inside
It's cold and hard and petrified
Lock the doors and close the blinds
We're going for a ride

Oh I could throw you in the lake
Or feed you poisoned birthday cake
I wont deny I'm gonna miss you when you're gone
Oh I could bury you alive
But you might crawl out with a knife
And kill me when I'm sleeping
That's why

I can't decide
Whether you should live or die
Oh, you'll probably go to heaven
Please don't hang your head and cry
No wonder why
My heart feels dead inside
It's cold and hard and petrified
Lock the doors and close the blinds
We're going for a ride

(Thank you, NVE!)
Need you ask? Summoned by Bones and Swith deep in the Lair, Zalgo causes all current story lines to pause for the duration of the Festival.

Bone Fort wrote:
*Announcer voice, a la Pablo Francisco impersonating Don La Fontaine*

In a world,

*shot of the world*

where some fictional characters are being driven into oblivion by crushingly over complicated plots and lack of mindless shenanigans...

*montage of our characters doing whatever we normally do around the island*

Two friends decide to fight back,

*shot of Swith and Bones walking down hallway in slow motion towards the camera*

These unlikely heroes, one a goddess of lust and hedonism,

*cuts to Swith*

the other a genetically engineered god-killer,

*cuts to Bones*

must join forces to do the impossible..

*rapid montage of scenes from Zalgofest*

and save their friends from this horrible fate...

*fade to black*

From the creative minds who brought you [post=p11240733ZALGOFEST[/post]

*Shows up in big letters*


*shows up in big letters*

Double the action,


Triple the excitement,

*shot of Bones yelling "Get down!"*

More the excitement,

*Shot of Bones in the same position as previous shot, yelling "Get down again!"*

With soundtrack by Aaron Neville,

*shot of Bones and Swith running in slow motion, only sound is a heart beating*

Two Friends,

*Bones cocks a shotgun*

One solution,

*fires it at the screen*



*appears in big letters*

This time, you really won't know what hit you.

More or less in order from least to most recent...the relationships...
Fortu/Monique (AKA Jonathan/Caroline)

...the fancies, passing or otherwise...(person who's interested/person who's subject of interest)
Pedobear/Gio - Special case (Zalgofest)
Irish Wrestling Chicken's fist/Tsu

...and the potential...
Do we really need any more pairing?!

Special thanks to Tiltjuice for compiling this stuff!

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PL GM Message

Postby Cerillium » Sat Mar 08, 2014 6:01 am


Does anyone even read this box? Do they? DO THEY? No, of course they don't. There's too much Swith crap above. Their eyes glaze over as they begin to skim the second post, and have gone to glass by time they hit the 7th. There's just no revival at that point. Those select few who make it to the 8th posts are heroes amongst men! Yet even then, despite their hairy chests and throaty growls, they're done in by that final Swithy info box. I'm left with nothing but corpses staring vacuously at this final OOC info post. My own post. Viewed by only corpse eyes.


Yet here you are and you're reading this. Kudos. (You probably skipped all that dull stuff up top.)

PL is open to new players. We accept any RP skill level but we insist that you write in third-person, past tense and that your posts are meaningful and not action-spam crammed nightmares.

You'll earn brownie points with me if you can sing all the lyrics to the "Major-General's Song" and can identify this fabulous woman at a glance:

Isn't she divine? ;)

Congrats to Mincaldenteans, our newest CoOP!

PL OP/Primary GM
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Postby Tiltjuice » Fri Mar 21, 2014 2:31 pm

Equipped with steampunk, sword, and savoir faire, residents explore this city-state around them and call it MAD SCIENCE.

Lay on, dear players, and don't forget your sandwiches.
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Postby Cerillium » Fri Mar 21, 2014 2:35 pm

Swith and I are taking tonight off. Probably tomorrow as well although one of us will check in tomorrow night. Zark and Bones are in charge. They can't approve applications. It's free-form play until Saturday night/Sunday afternoon. Please welcome the newest players in and make them feel at home.
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There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears, and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination.

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Postby Nightkill the Emperor » Fri Mar 21, 2014 2:36 pm

*pisses on ground to mark territory*
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Monfrox wrote:
The balkens wrote:
# went there....

It's Nightkill. He's been there so long he rents out rooms to other people at a flat rate, but demands cash up front.

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Postby Monfrox » Fri Mar 21, 2014 2:37 pm

Here we are at the destination.

Still open for things for my video meme.
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Postby Primordial Luxa » Fri Mar 21, 2014 2:37 pm

I like the new banner.
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Monfrox wrote:But it's not like we've known Prim to really stick with normality...

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Postby Torsiedelle » Fri Mar 21, 2014 2:37 pm

Ooooh, I like the new look.

So, we're free form for now?
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Postby ApertureScienceInc » Fri Mar 21, 2014 2:42 pm

Oh, it is so nice here!
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Postby Mincaldenteans » Fri Mar 21, 2014 2:43 pm

*puts "mine!" signs all over the place* cause its pretty!
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Postby Cerillium » Fri Mar 21, 2014 2:44 pm

Torsiedelle wrote:Ooooh, I like the new look.

So, we're free form for now?

Yes. :D

Bet ya $10 I get stuck in traffic and Swith turns my skull into an ash tray.

I'm out.
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I wear teal, blue & pink for Swith
There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears, and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination.

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Postby Tiltjuice » Fri Mar 21, 2014 2:48 pm

Laters Cer!
Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. -Khalil Gibran
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At fifteen, I set my heart on learning. At thirty, I was firmly established. At forty, I had no more doubts. At fifty, I knew the will of heaven. At sixty, I was ready to listen to it. At seventy, I could follow my heart's desire without transgressing what was right. ~Analects, 2:4
I wear teal, blue, pink, and red for Swith.

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Postby Terintania » Fri Mar 21, 2014 2:50 pm

Any chance my app could get approved before you disappear? I gave the idea that I could make a second character that could be Wolfgang's 'owner' of sorts. Perhaps they can understand Wolfgang and translate if need be.
Times are looking grim these days~

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Postby Tiltjuice » Fri Mar 21, 2014 2:55 pm

Terintania wrote:Any chance my app could get approved before you disappear? I gave the idea that I could make a second character that could be Wolfgang's 'owner' of sorts. Perhaps they can understand Wolfgang and translate if need be.

He's left already, but if you post the link here, I'll let him know to look things over on Sunday. If he doesn't notice it already. *nods*
Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. -Khalil Gibran
Cut red tape with the Red Book / Bureaucracy is a system - #ApplyTNI / Think globally, act locally
At fifteen, I set my heart on learning. At thirty, I was firmly established. At forty, I had no more doubts. At fifty, I knew the will of heaven. At sixty, I was ready to listen to it. At seventy, I could follow my heart's desire without transgressing what was right. ~Analects, 2:4
I wear teal, blue, pink, and red for Swith.

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Postby Erucia » Fri Mar 21, 2014 3:02 pm

Beautiful new thread, Swith/Cer/whomever worked on it! Love it.

@Tilt: Sure, wanting to pick up on Allspice. Sorry, my day became slightly hectic again. Grr, schedules: start working.
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I wear teal, blue pink & red for Swith.

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Postby Tiltjuice » Fri Mar 21, 2014 3:04 pm

Erucia wrote:Beautiful new thread, Swith/Cer/whomever worked on it! Love it.

@Tilt: Sure, wanting to pick up on Allspice. Sorry, my day became slightly hectic again. Grr, schedules: start working.

No worries, whenever. Just free-form, relaxed play right now. Mostly getting new chars settled in, there's a lot of them.
Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. -Khalil Gibran
Cut red tape with the Red Book / Bureaucracy is a system - #ApplyTNI / Think globally, act locally
At fifteen, I set my heart on learning. At thirty, I was firmly established. At forty, I had no more doubts. At fifty, I knew the will of heaven. At sixty, I was ready to listen to it. At seventy, I could follow my heart's desire without transgressing what was right. ~Analects, 2:4
I wear teal, blue, pink, and red for Swith.

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Postby Bone Fort » Fri Mar 21, 2014 3:09 pm

I'm pretty sure it's been long standing PL policy that the "new thread smell" stuff is not allowed.

*grumpy old man mode*
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Postby Altito Asmoro » Fri Mar 21, 2014 4:00 pm

Now this is my area!
Stormwrath wrote:
Altito Asmoro wrote:You people can call me...AA. Or Alt.
Or Tito.

I'm calling you "non-aligned comrade."

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