Twilight of the Gods: A Metahuman RP (IC)

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“I don’t want to die… Not yet. Not now… Please…”
The whimpering words echoed in his mind and made him smile bitterly. The weight. It crushed him down now. He could feel his bones cracking. He could taste his blood down his throat. It mixed with that acid taste he had grown used to since being taken back to Canberra.
He’d said those words in another circumstance. And he was just as scared as then. It was dark now. The light was fading out quickly. Back then light was everything. It engulfed his entire day and pierced into his eyes during the night. He tried to repeat the words. But air was pushed out of his lungs. His back bent forward. His skull hurt. His legs didn’t hurt anymore. Federico embraced the darkness.

After an eternity he opened his eyes. They were wet and itchy, but he could see. The cell was clear as always, drowned in that plain, dim white light under a buzzing set of tubes. Neither cold nor warm. Just dull light.

Federico had been sitting against the wall for a while. How long until they came back for him for another set of pain and questions? What could they even question him about? At this point he believed he was just an experiment to see how long until he snapped. Maybe he should snap.
“Would you be mad if I did, pa?” He said. Nobody answered. He realized then that there was a draft and crossed his arms tightly around his chest. How long since they took his shirt?
He felt asleep trembling, unaware of what waking up was holding for him.

“Let’s talk about your family again.” The woman asked as soon as the wind stopped bursting into his ears and the light from outside abandoned him, pulled back up into the darkness of the interrogation room. There was a pressurizing whistle that sent a last blast into his ears, then Federico found himself in near-absolute darkness. Upside down. His ankles swelling and itching.
Inside the glorious safety of the ship once more. For a while at least.

The lights turned on again with a deep, loud, sudden sound. This was a cement room, made with pale cement plaques for walls. The floor was also made of cement and parts of it were wet. Only the metallic trapdoor below his head made any exception to it. The woman was wearing a black coat and was alone. Was her captive so harmless?
He was. He could barely put words together. Breathing outside the ship was hard and his body was still shaking from cold wind. The woman pulled out a tissue from her coat and placed it against Federico’s face. The smell was penetrating and oily. It sent shockwaves up his spine and made his brain jumpstart again.
“Your family!” She said before stepping back. Federico shook, trying to take his hands to his face, but they were tied behind his back.

His body slammed on the trapdoor seconds later and he rolled over his misery with a moan.
“What else? I already told you everything!”
“I want to go through it again.”
He struggled to get off the trapdoor and sat against a wall, away from the fall that he feared. It was ice cold. “Father, mother, brother, sisters… nothing else…”
“Your little sister was unknown to us. Is she recruited yet?”
Federico gasped. His breath was uncontrollable and disgusting. “She’s ten…”
The woman looked down into her jacket.
“She’s fucking ten! What do you think!”
“And you are sixteen and a child soldier. Anything goes. Talk.”
Federico spat. Was that the right time to snap?
“She’s ten. She is being inducted into bootcamp in two years. One if she had some particular ability.”
“Like being a meta?”

She was sitting on a metallic chair across the trapdoor. Federico observed that she was unarmed but wore some kind of grey surgeon’s gloves. Her eyes were fixed on his.

She reached for her pocket again and drew out the bottle and the tissue.
“No! No! No! Please! Not again!” He pleaded, trying to push himself away from the woman with his feet, pressing against the cement wall and making his handcuffs cut into his wrists. She stood up and refused, placing the damned thing over his face.

When she took it off Federico could feel his limbs trembling and his eyes watering out. He gasped and threw up. But his mind had been pulled out into a painful state of consciousness, aware of every grain in the cement scratching against his skin.
“Talk! I can ask for more oil if needed. Or we can let you breath fresh air if you had too much.”
“No!” He was laying on his side. He could have sit back up, but decided to stay down. “She is not a metahuman… Nobody in my family is.”
She didn’t believe it. But when he tensed his body, prepared for whatever was about to happen to him, the woman seemed to spare him and held her hand. “So, nobody in your family has shown symptoms of metahuman alterations yet.”
“What?” His brain processed those words painfully fast and clearly. He struggled with a spasm in his throat and forced himself to sit back up. “Yet?”
She smirked. “Your little brother is recruited as well. What about your sister… Delary?”
“Dolores… She’s just in bootcamp. They would never call her to service.”
“Right. Right. But. Say they did.”
“They wouldn’t stand a chance. They have skills, sure. But the aptitude to survive… That comes later.”

She stared down on him. Federico made himself small. What was she thinking? The bottle and the tissue were in her right hand. She seemed to hang on what to do.
“Alright. Stand up. Come on!”
“What are you doing?” He asked, struggling to get on his feet. She reached into the ceiling and pulled down the cable again, but quickly grabbed Federico by an arm and he tried to step away and turned him around. His handcuffs were set loose behind his back and locked back above his head in the blink of an eye. Then he realised his was tied to the ceiling and standing on the trapdoor. His feet instinctively tried to reach the cement edges.
“We are going to give you a bath and send you back to your cell. Try to make this easy, the oil is terrible when it mixes with piss.”
A couple of guards came in carrying a hose. They aimed at Federico and released the valve. He only managed to close his eyes.

He kept them shut now, with the pressure of the entirety of Canberra building over his body, so long after the torture. The smell of blood and acid in his mouth was stronger. His head was buzzing and hurting. And the pressure; it continued to crush down through his bones. His back was about to snap. His rib cage was collapsing.
His father was nearby. He felt him. Somehow it was as close as he had gotten to him in years. Federico tried to reach as the door continued to push down onto him.

Alice Springs.
July 22nd

The group was standing around Aaron and Lutana. Carolina sat in front of the pair, who had closed their eyes and held hands. Aaron was holding a black sketchbook over his crossed legs and had a pencil on his right hand.
They’d been like this for twenty minutes.

“I’m gonna get something to drink. You want something?”
“I reckon I’d kill doe some apple juice.”

The voices muttered in the darkness forced by the curtains that kept the day -and prying eyes- at bay. Everybody knew what the three attempted, but not everybody believed it could mean anything. Somebody had drawn a detailed map of Australia on the sketchbook Aaron had.

And now the cube was warm again. Carolina handed it to Lutana, whose extended hand clenched the black surface.
Seconds later Aaron opened his eyes and started to draw.

He worked both like an antenna, amplifying the reach of communications, and an interpreter, placing the information on the map. Carolina leaned forward along with the rest, whose curiosity was once more sparkled. She noticed “X”s on various points, and Aaron gave them labels.
“Albion forces… Oodnadatta.” She muttered. “Rebel forces. They are fighting?”
Lutana held her eyes shut but nodded in agreement. “From there to the Yellow Patch.” Her mind was, without a doubt, seeing what Aaron and the cube were able to perceive. He could <<hack>> into radio frequencies, and the cube could be put into contact with them to sneak even further. It seemed their expectations were soon surpassed.
“The Yuan are pulling out.” Lutana muttered. “Albion is taking control.”
The only way that information could be obtained was through the Polish communications. Carolina held her breath. An “X” was marked on Tarcoola, to the south. Another north of Alice Springs. And another, and another.

It ended when Aaron threw up and Lutana started chugging several glasses of water. The cube laid on the ground, cold and dead.
Everybody was silent.

“So?” Amir dared to finally breach it and speak. “What is going on?”
Aaron wiped his mouth and placed the map on a table on which everybody leaned. Then explained.
“Namatjira is being surrounded. He knows he is outgunned. So, he is creating as much space as possible. The Simpson Desert has been turned into a hit-and-run battleground.”
“That is why he requisitioned all the gas in the city.” Carolina interrupted. He nodded.
“Vehicles, yeah. But they are already getting shot out. Soon they will be falling back to the original line. From Oodnadatta…” His finger started on the location he’d written down and headed north. “…to the Plenty River, east of Hart.”
“The NUSSR is simply using artillery.” Lutana went on. The NUSSR forces had been placed north of Springs. “Their line of supplies seems to be thin still. So Namatjira is planning to strike them. Some units are already in place and awaiting orders.”
“Well, guys. This has to be the freakiest spy operation ever seen.” A boy joked from the darkness. “So… what now?”

Carolina thought about it for a moment. Then pointed to a figure west of the city.
“What is this… moon?”
“Oh.” Lutana walked along the table closer to the sketch. “I briefly saw that thing. I believe that is a line of holdouts that the aboriginals are setting up in the Western Plateau. Towns and hamlets. Nothing too fancy. I don’t know who was targeting them, though.”
It looked indeed as though there was no escape.
“This can’t be Namatjira’s endgame.” She muttered. Aron chuckled.
“Does he really strike you as a brilliant chess player?”
A general laughter had to be shooshed down.
“What of this area? Between Adelaide and… Bendigo? That’s almost the entirety of Victoria.” A girl called Wren pointed to the southern part of the sketch.
“It seems to be in some sort of limbo.” Aaron replied. “I don’t know why, but almost no communications come from there.”
Carolina realized how close it was from Buller.
“Nobody owns it?”
“More like, nobody wants to get there.” Lutana pressed her lips. “If I am not mistaken, that was a French Mandate zone.”
“Mildura held for quite a while too. Maybe it’s not so simple for the Albionites, or whoever wants to get close.”
“Autonomy?” Aaron frowned at Carolina “Maybe that is what Namatjira wants.”

Gazes were exchanged.

“Nobody can speak of this.” Carolina grabbed the sketchbook and closed it. “We will meet again and talk about any ideas we have, but please… Keep this to yourselves, even when you are alone.”

When they all left, Carolina stared at the map for a couple of minutes. What were they going to do if Alice Springs fell? She didn’t want to become a prisoner. Carolina already had an idea of what Dynastic captivity could mean. And it drove a nasty weight into her gut, remembering that Santiago had been captured by the Poles.

Somebody knocked the door.

Lutana seemed to have returned from her house. She looked around to make sure they were alone before coming inside.
“I wanted to tell you personally about something else. Aaron could have heard it too. But I got it first and… hid it.”

Lutana asked for another glass of water and then to use the bathroom. It seemed she was still not fully recovered. But once they sat on the living room she spat it out.

“There was a mention of a search party in Canberra. Search and Recovery. They are looking for somebody designated “Buller-01.”
Again, Carolina held her breath.
“You guys were from there, right?”
She nodded. Lutana. Looked down. “And I recall Santiago was named Menzendorf. That is the governor’s name. He was his son?”
Carolina realized there was no point on lying. “Yes.”
“They are looking for Buller-01 and son. I thought you might need to know that… Carolina. I don’t think that is Sant-”
“Federico! Santi’s elder brother! I thought he was captured!”
Lutana’s brow went up in disbelief. “He has a brother?”
“Yes. He was drafted when the push inland began. And got himself captured almost that same day.”
“That means he was in Canberra when the city fell. Somehow. Maybe they escaped?”
“I… Don’t know. Maybe they did. Please keep this a secret, Lutana. I don’t know if this could be used by that grunt Namatjira.”
The girl smiled while seemingly struggling with a bad taste in her mouth. “My lips are sealed.”

Santiago Menzendorf.
Gdansk, Poland.

It’d been six days since Janna and Santiago had been interrogated. The flurry of events had almost drowned the reason for them going to Péplin in the first place, but after much discussion between him, Janna, Beatrice and some of the others, he finally sat down with them in Janna’s apartment. It was, unsurprisingly, extremely tidy, but it was small so making space for seven people at the same time was not easy even then.

Notably, Harold was still missing.

“So. Something went haywire in his head…” John, who had been silent while Santiago explained his theory, raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure you know psychology?”
There was a chuckle, so Santiago had to smirk along, though he didn’t want to. “I don’t. But yeah, something was missing in his head. All of ours. Think of it. We are all having trouble sleeping. Nightmares. Hell, even hallucinations. This is not a normal POW crisis. What do we all have in common? We were all under the Standard Military Formation Procedure of 2016. S.M.F.P. was highly controversial, in part because it had a manipulation element to it.”
“Did you ever get to read it, Menzendorf?”
Whenever anybody used his last name, it was to ask or make point on his background. Horace Flint was using it just how Santiago was used to have it. Much better to when they wanted to insult him.
“Not myself. But my brother did. He commented on it once. It sounded almost like mind control.”

Beatrice had been strangely silent. She had actually tried to excuse herself from assisting. But a wave of resolve flooded her face before she spoke.
“That is precisely what happened in the prisoner camp.”

Everybody turned to look at her. Beatrice’s factions were more prominent now. Santiago and Janna exchanged a look, each remembering a conversation they had with her, knowing what she meant.
“Explain?” John leaned on a wall with his hands inside his pockets.
“I was told not to disclose it. Threats and all. But it seems it doesn’t make sense anymore, as somebody else here might soon start to remember everything.”
Santiago felt a shiver down his spine. Beatrice continued.
“After the event you all seem to have forgotten, we were sent to a prisoner camp. Remember? They made sure we learnt Polish and got us ready to fall back onto society. That before Santiago got us that deal with Rudniki and the Angel. Already there and then I was set aside. Different uniform and all. I believe they suspected I wouldn’t forget.”
“Forget what?”
“The event. The things that happened at Peplin.”

She told them about the town in Pomerania. How they were attacked at night and organized some resistance against what seemed to be a horde of animated corpses.

“They must have been aware of that possibility because the town was erased. At least everything seemed to point in that direction. The villagers were released earlier. They were working us harder, and after it became apparent the drugs they were putting in our food weren’t affecting me, they took me aside and made sure I wouldn’t talk.”
Santiago sighed and decided to reply to John’s disbelief.
“Not too different from the stuff some Strongholds did to us. There was mind-trickery, but also chemical softeners. I suppose the chemicals don’t fully work on metas… manifested ones at least.”
“Alright, assume I believe you and…” John looked to the window, perhaps fearing, like everybody else, that somebody would be floating outside, eavesdropping. Santiago glanced at Beatrice, whose ears twitched before she nodded. John continued. “…and they messed with our heads and now we forgot about that place and whatever happened. Why are we all going insane now?”

Santiago cleared his throat. “It has to do with S.M.F.P. 16. It was designed to cause trauma-like responses to this kind of attacks to our memory. We are not supposed to forget. We are not supposed to let anybody mess with it and take us out of our mission.”
“Kill metas…” Janna muttered.
“Exactly. Beatrice is not affected since the technique used by the Poles does not affect manifested Metahumans. Meta brains seem to be resilient to those. Something to do with the renewed neurodynamics. The rest of us are slowly rejecting the memory work. Harold was just one possible outcome.”

He realized mentioning Harold caused everybody to go silent for a bit. Nobody seemed to want to speak his name out of the silence. Beatrice looked towards the window and nodded again. Nobody listened. Santiago continued.

“Listen. Unless we can find a way to shut down S.M.F.P.16 we can only deal with the other side of the problem and try to not let the indoctrination make us go insane. Not just for our own sake. It’s best we don’t give the Poles any reason to believe what happened to Harold could happen to us. Otherwise, they will consider us dangerous. We must keep it deep in our mind where it cannot come out and make us act, but still make S.M.F.P.16 believe we are still thinking what we are meant to think.”
Janna seemed confused. “What exactly?”
“That we are not at home. That Sierakowsky is our enemy. That the Dynasties must be destroyed.”
That idea already felt conflictive in Santiago’s mind. Everybody instinctively seemed to check the window again. Nobody listened.


“So, you are telling me this program. S.M.F.P.16, it is the prime directive inside every recruit’s head in a subconscious level.”

An S.S. officer sat before Federico with his chest leaned against the back of the chair, creating a physical -and moral- barrier. Next to him a small wooden table served another officer, who sat on another chair and took note. A small pile of pictures was scattered on the surface, but Federico, huddled against a corner, couldn’t see it.
“Up from Bootcamp 2, the last before passing on to actual reserve. Right before the Primatorial Ceremony.”
“Right. The singing of the military contract.”
It wasn’t a military contract, but Federico wasn’t one to argue right now. He preferred to be as small and silent as possible.
“What does it mandate?”

He sighed and repeated his answer. “That we follow the Primatorium directives. That we don’t run or surrender, or that at least we regroup.” He could recall that particular detail from reading the papers he stole and took to his room shared with Santiago. He, however, hid those details form his little brother. Federico recalled that reading that felt like knowing he had some sort of stain. Santiago had just taken the Primatorium. He was stained too. “If we were set out of combat for a while S.M.F.P.16 would press us into continuing some sort of… aggression.”

The man smirked and leaned to his comrade, who nodded and continued to write down. “Es scheint, dass das ganze Rudel Saad der Terroristen sind.” He said with a chuckle.

„Jäger Klaus fürchtet das Rudel.“ Federico replied almost numbed to the horror of what was going on. As if escaping to a foreign language gave him some defense to stand behind. He continued to mutter. „Was sollte der König mit Jäger Klaus, der fürchtet die kleine Rudel gemacht?“ Federico looked up to his interrogator, who had turned to look at him while his seat was leaning back and his elbow laying on the table, all in a delicate balance. “Vielleicht Kleine Jäger Klaus sollte nicht aus Zuhause. Weil er einer Welpe stolpern kann.“ Something stirred inside Federico’s gut. He couldn’t contain this newfound… safety?... Strength? „Und Welpen scharfe Zahnen hat.”

Federico pushed himself forward and extended his feet, kicking the chair out of balance. The Officer fell to the floor and hit his face while the attaché stood up in surprise. Federico was happy with the results. But realized he was in big trouble.

“Oh, you son of a bitch!” The officer cursed as he got up, taking out a baton and beating the prisoner, who crouched against the wall again. “You will… never… speak… German… again!” Each strike landed with each yell. More followed until Federico laid on the floor, covering his face and trying to ignore the pain on his shoulder, back and feet. “You’ve earned yourself another visit to the hanger!”

Gdansk. Poland.

It was increasingly difficult to keep the string tense and steady. Santiago observed the target from about eighty steps. A fair distance. The challenge was in what was to happen next. He released the hold and let the bow sing.

It was a strange sensation. He heard the impact twice almost at the same time. Once from his position near the target, a hard fiber block with a target painted on it. Once from his position as the shooter, where his feet actually stood on the grass.
“How much?” Beatrice asked. She was able to see the score with her beast-like eyes. Her asking was just to check.
“Nineteen.” He replied, watching from the corner of his mind the score and leaning closer to see the fractions. “With fifty-two.” His astral projection reached the plume of the arrow and touched it, causing a small movement.
“Damn!” she cursed. “You do have a sight.”
“Four eyes are better than two.” He smirked, placing another arrow and releasing a few seconds of struggle later. “Nineteen with twenty-eight.”
“So, you are increasingly capable of keeping your aim while being there. How long has it been? Two hours?”

Santiago looked at his watch and nodded. Two hours and twenty minutes since they arrived at the spot in one of the forests near Gdansk. Beatrice had confirmed they were being watched, but they didn’t care to call off the practice. His power was practically unnoticeable. “My sight is improving.” He complemented himself. “Wanna try?”
Beatrice gestured the offer away. “All I am ever shooting is something that can actually kill. I don’t shoot for sport.”
“Lame.” He smirked again and put the bow down. “We should move the target back a bit more.”

At a hundred steps his score was down to eighteen on average. It was still a great feeling. His ability to shoot hadn’t faded and all he needed was a little warmup. Also, his left arm had almost recovered its strength. The ugly scar would remain, but he was relieved by the recovery.
“Are we alone?”
“They are watching from that hill over there.” She pointed to a vague shape between the treetops.
“Do you think they can hear us? I know there are some artifacts that can…”
Beatrice shrugged. “Hard to tell. I can’t hear what they are saying. But they talk from time to time.”
He smiled. An idea flared up in his mind. “I will go back to the lockers at the entrance. You stay here.”
Beatrice seemed confused and frowned, but he blinked an eye and turned.

On his way, Santiago whistled some cheerful communist tune. After some dozen steps he made an effort to exit his mind without losing consciousness.
He was watching himself walk away from the middle of a dirt road creviced by rains. Santiago continued his whistle on his way to the entrance to the forest, where the caretaker provided some lockers for the visitors to store their things. Some families were having frugal picnics under nearby trees.

Meanwhile his floaty point of view hovered back to Beatrice, who checked some notes she’d brought inside her backpack.
“Do you hear me?” He whispered. “Shhhh… it’s me. Do as if you just saw a spider.”
Beatrice was quick to push some invisible thing off her shoulder and Santiago hovered above it. She was still very confused, and the real Santiago chuckled as he approached the caretaker’s office.
“I felt I could do more than just watch and hear. Continue reading your notebook.”

The caretaker cheerfully greeted him in Polish. Santiago waved, not wanting to do too many things and loose hold of himself. The whistling continued.

“I think I can use this to find out what happened to the Admiral.” He whispered into Beatrice ear. The girl listened carefully while taking fake notes in her notebook.
“Let it be!”
“If we go idle we will end up like Harold.”
Santiago searched his pockets and turned the key on the locker. Back in the forest his voice continued.
“Besides. This has been the first insurrection attack in Poland in 30 years. Maybe the Resistance is involved.”
She dropper her pen and looked for a bit as it rolled over the ground. Then reached down and continued scribbling. “We need somewhere to hide. And we should get Harold back. Otherwise, the rest won’t agree. Where to start?”
“You could deal with the safe place. I will get Harold. Mind getting my bow and the arrows. We should go. I will meet you at the entrance.”
Santiago’s voice vanished and his mind unified once more. Minutes later Beatrice appeared through the path carrying his things. “I will see what I can do. Here.”
“Thanks.” He replied taking the case with his bow and giving her back a piece of paper. “Some suggestions.”

Carolina Swett.
Alice Springs.

Civilian life didn’t set well to them, she found. Worse still, artillery strikes were more constant and air raids got closer and closer to the urban radius. Carolina started considering escape routes should things go for a worse turn. It soothed her mind a bit to look at maps she could make from simple observations and memory. But it wasn’t enough.
She needed to have a rifle in her hands and shoot.

Everybody seemed to need it.

Last night she dreamed of the green neckerchiefs. They choked everybody around her, and one tightened around her own throat.

“It could work.” Aaron commented after checking the map. “I can set up a radio blockade there, so any scout unit is uncommunicated. We can ambush them if needed.”
“Hopefully not.”

The route would take them across the mountains west of Alice. And out of Namatjira’s control.

Rumors spread fast that he was planning a final push before some kind of negotiations. According to Aaron’s eavesdrop, it would include giving up wanted people and resettlement to the original areas of occupation. If Albion agreed, it would mean Carolina ends up back at Buller. And at that stage anything could happen.
Nobody wanted that. Perhaps that was why so many gathered at Lutana’s home, despite their tired faces and exhausted sighs.
“From here we can flee west and vanish in the desert again. We will need… Fifty liters of water per head.” Carolina calculated. The nearest well was six days out, eight at worse. “We can fill up at the exit of the passage, but we will need some kind of container to carry all that water.”
“I can steal some pack animals. Would that work?” Amir suggested. Somebody made a rather inappropriate joke that was shushed down and the joker ashamed.
“It would make the trick, Amir. Animals would allow us to move through tight spaces until we reach the Outback.” She confirmed. “But most importantly, we will need weapons.”
Nobody seemed to have any idea on what to do about that. Carolina sighed. “Without weapons we won’t get far. No doubt Namatjira will have armed men there.”
Lutana’s gaze fell on Carolina. It was an odd look. The aboriginal then nodded. “We need to keep an eye on weapons depots. There has to be a place they stored ours when they took it.”
Arturo, another of the Bullerites, grunted. “One of the guards mentioned the Aviation Storage. That they were taking the ammo in different crates there. Maybe they store everything there?”
“Aviation Storage?” Amir frowned. “You think that’s the place with the torn down air jet monument?
He referred to something that seemed like a museum near the cemetery. Carolina shrugged. “It’s our best guess. I would imagine it’s guarded.”
“Most likely. But if operational logistics taught me anything.” Aaron chuckled. “Their security will be smoothed once the lines are pressed and need to get their supplies out faster. We could sneak in the middle of the chaos.”
“That would put procuring weapons in the last step before we attempt an escape.” Amir brooded. “It’s risky.”
“It’s our only shot, Amir.”

Hart. North of Alice Springs.
August 1st.

The first dawn of the month revealed the damage that had punished the runway in the last month and a half. Artillery barrages had, mercilessly, blasted the surface out of any serviceable shape. The airfield was barely usable as a fortification in itself, as most of the buildings were in such a condition that the danger of any collapse was as high as enemy fire penetrating any defense.

Hart was the epicenter of the north and northeast axes of defense. Slowly, NUSSR advances had forced the Ntaripe forces to back down and consolidate their positions only three kilometers north. To the east, the new owners of Australia had entrenched themselves on the crossing of the River Plenty on the road to Anatye. Rebel forces had harassed them as they advanced, but after the trenches were dug, they mostly stay put. Any approach with small forces would be suicide.

A soft, growing howling came from somewhere below the airstrip. It caused the pieces of concrete and scattered trash to vibrate and crawl through the surface. The sun rose in the far eastern horizon.

A single EA 18-G Growler rose from an opening in the ground to the west, immediately deploying its radar-jamming equipment to cover the follow-up: A MiG-29 and two A-11 Ghibli quickly rose to form up behind the radar jammer at five thousand meters above the Outback.

With that signal, the line that was parked outside the airfield turned on the engines and rolled out into the highway headed east, seeking to join a front that had been activated from Macumba, where elements of the Welsh Composite Regiment had engaged the forward enemy units, to the middle of the Simpson Desert, where west of Birdsville, the 3rd Stuart Brigade engaged enemy patrols from the town, having made contact just shy of half an hour before. At that precise moment, radios on the trucks rolling from Hart reported that the 1st, 7th and 9th Brigades based on Santa Teresa began their engagement in the desert west of Sturt and Bedourie.

The air squadron wasted no time, headed west towards the trenches at River Plenty, and the personnel of the 2nd Northern and Southern Brigades, the 6th Brigade and the Ntaripe Volunteer Brigade heard the sound of bombing in the distance. Armored trucks, dedicated AIVs and a couple of tanks of the Pre-fall NATO era spearheaded the column as it took the route south of the Plenty, shadowed by light vehicles of the Volunteer Brigade that raised a plume of dust on the road at the northern bank, between the Plenty and the Marshal, and headed to strike the trenches from the flank.

Alice Springs

August began with a curfew from midnight and a radio announcement by Namatjira himself that a major military operation had just begun.

“As of now, our forces are engaging Albion forces all across the contact line from Tarcoola to Ranken, and from Warumungu to Sturk Creek. This counter offensive aims at dislodging the enemy from our people’s land and reclaiming what was taken from us many centuries ago. A new beginning for a new era.
This is, as well, an auspicious occasion, as both the people of Ntaripe and its allies and the forces of the new administrators of Australia are hearing this news at the same time, from the same voice.

The Government of Albion should recognize the need to cease hostilities before Australia can be brought to order. My people will keep fighting until its rights are recognized and our self-rule guaranteed. My expectation is that with this show of our collective might they will not just see us as an obstacle to be dealt with and fixed, but a valued member of the new international community.

For the time being, the curfew will remain in place. All residents are commanded to stay indoors and to await commands from their District Leaders for any rush to shelter. Should that happen, our committed defenses will keep us safe, while the shelters will secure you and your loved ones from any debris that may fall.
To Victory for all times.”

The voice was followed by a short version of the newly-made Ntaripe and Outback anthem. Namatjira had for some time hinted at statehood within the new regime. This seemed like a confirmation of his aims.

The Cobarites exchanged looks once more. It was time to act.


Light left him. Federico’s mouth reeked of that mixture of blood and acid, and it would soon become his whole world. The only thing he could feel. That and his father. For how long? Would he die before he vanished, taken away by Teris? The taste of acid and metal overcame the blood, which he spat without much air left. He had given up on breathing… For how long? Hours? Days? Two seconds?
His back gave in, but he barely felt any more pain. The world crumbled around him.

He was back at his cell. Shaking. Federico was soaked wet and trembling on his side against the metallic wall, wrapping his chest to try to stay warm. His skin still felt like iced paper after hanging outside the ship and being washed over with freezing water. The guards threw a towel before him and a white t-shirt after that.

“Dry yourself and cover up a bit. We want you able to talk before the next interrogation.” The man commanded before turning over to the door.
“Are they really going to try that?”
“Resistance mind tricks? We are better than that!”

The door shut and the lights went on. Bright and blinding. They wanted him awake and uncomfortable. Federico tried to control his shaking and reached for the towel.

Minutes later he left the shorts they gave him to drip over the plated floor, covering himself with the towel and waiting until he felt mildly dry before putting on the t-shirt. Federico struggled to control his shaking and was getting better at it with each cycle of trembling and gasping. The slid on the door opened and a couple of eyes looked inside, then it was closed. The steps vanished under the sound of the engines.

What did they mean by Resistance mind tricks? And by being better than that? Were the officers of the Reich so full of themselves? Father would laugh at the thought of it. He managed to smile a bit himself. Bastards were really thinking they were some sort of moral compass to be followed. The smile made his lower lip rip open its cuts from the last beating.
“Bastards left me ugly.”

When they went to get him they found him in a better mood, all dressed up as well, as they pulled their white and grey prisoner by the arms through the cold corridors of the airship and back to the interrogation room. His eyes fixed on the metal trapdoor near an edge of the cement room, but he steadied himself as they forced him inside and then towards a different corner where a metal stool waited for him.

“I hope you are up to speak a bit more with us, Menzendorf.” A familiar voice entered the room right after they finished tying his feet to the stool and his hands behind his back. She walked into his field of view. Federico shook on his spot, unable to break free and charge her. Beat her. No. He wanted to rip her little face apart. The pale woman smirked at his attempts. It seemed to Federico that her skin reflected light in some unnatural way. “You look like shit, worthless. Your ear has healed though.”

“It was the least of the challenges, Grruppenführerin .” A voice he recognized as the Bolivian doctor’s came from the door. Krueger walked over to him and grabbed his wounded ear. He thought about spitting on her, but it would perhaps amount to nothing. Her fingers were warm, but they felt odd. Metallic , perhaps? She let go and walked over to the door, away from Federico’s view.
“I recall he was wounded on the hip.”
“Yes. An infection between the hip bones could prove fatal, and might very well leave life-long sequels. I cut off as much ear as needed easily. But one cannot cut the hip off. So I was extra careful with-”
“You could have left him a limp for all I care. Perhaps his father would suffer seeing his dear boy use a cane for the rest of his life.”
“I just did my job. Ober-”
“Yes, you did.”

Something fell to the floor and in seconds the woman returned to his sight. Federico managed to glimpse at the body of the Bolivian doctor being dragged to a corner of the room. She grabbed his face and opened his eyelids, causing his skin to strain.
“You say there should be a neurological response?”
“Yes, Gruppenführerin. According to reports, acts of violence do trigger some neurological response.” The voice of the male interrogator, the one he brought down before, came through. His steps indicated he walked into the middle of the room, but Federico wasn’t allowed to focus on him. “Other prisoners we tested on seemed to confirm this one’s account.”
“Pupil dilation…” She left Federico go. “Accelerated breathing. It could be he just hates me, though.”

Something stung in his neck. Federico realized something had been injected into his body from behind, and grunted as the needle was pulled out. “Alright. Let’s see if the cocktail causes any outburst of violence. Luckily our Rugby player here is strong. He can withstand what others didn’t. Right, Worthless?” She chuckled and headed to the door. “Begin testing and send the reports to my office before the Kaiserin comes to see him tomorrow.”
“I will make sure to send a copy to you along with the Kaiserin.
“Has he said anything about the asset?”
“Not yet. Gruppenführerin. Should we ask?”
“Absolutely not…“
The door closed just as they placed a tv screen on a wheeled table in front of him, and soon he found himself watching an odd series of colors and hearing strange sounds with electrodes on his temples.
“Alright. Let’s go for the second stage.” Gustav said.
“What’s the asset? What did she refer to?”
The only answer Federico had was another needle that found his neck.

He could no longer see, though his eyes were open. They felt like two blind embers on his face. He could barely feel anything else. Federico didn’t want to die. Not like that. Not there. Not then. He tried to call for his father, but the air in his lungs was replaced with blood. His mind drifted away, reaching out to him, rushing to his father before both father and son vanished.
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Postby Nagakawa » Sun Sep 17, 2023 9:06 pm

Krung Thep, Kingdom of Siam
Rajadamnern Stadium

"Welcome back to Meta Legends 177: Hirabashi vs Alvarez II!! The preliminary card is over, and we're moving on to the main card for the evening!" As the commercial break ended, the voices of Michele Scaramucci and Roe Jogan once again came on air.

"We've got an epic main event coming up shortly", said Michele, "as Inosuke Hirabashi takes on Felix Alvarez for the second time, in the first defence of his championship reign. In the co-main event, the No. 1 Women's Strawweight contender Gemma Watkins, undefeated in kickboxing, takes on her old foe: the No. 4 ranked former Rajadamnern Stadium champion Paprika Jitmuangnon.

"And let's take a look also at the full card of Meta Legends 178 - an absolutely stacked card set to go down in Dublin, Ireland. Gregory O'Connor defends the undisputed Featherweight World Championship against the undefeated Kulabdam Banchamek, and Miho Uchida defends the Women's Strawweight World Championship against Rey McSriff, who's on a 4 fight win streak."

Dublin, Ireland
Aviva Stadium

Meta Legends Featherweight Champion Gregory O’Connor defends his title for the first time in the main event of Meta Legends 178 against 2x Lumpinee Stadium Muay Thai Champion Kulabdam Banchamek, who is undefeated in mixed martial arts. In the co-main event, Women’s Strawweight Champion Miho Uchida faces Florida’s Rey McSriff with the title on the line, while former Welterweight Champion Yoo Seong-hoon takes on Russia’s Igor Tskhovrebov in a ranked contenders’ match in the Welterweight division.

In the feature bout of the preliminary card, No. 2 ranked Light-heavyweight contender Lê Nguyễn Quang Hiếu seeks redemption after a shock defeat by Dean Wesrey, and aims to get back in the win column. His opponent is none other than former YTFC Light-heavyweight Champion Tenshin Uzui, making his Meta Legends debut after amassing a magnificent 23-2 record in the Japanese circuits.

Gregory O’Connor (C) vs Kulabdam Banchamek (3)
Dublin, Ireland • Krung Thep, Kingdom of Siam
23-6 • 6-0 (Muay Thai: 306-48-4)
SBG Ireland • Banchamek Muay Thai Gym

Miho Uchida (C) vs Rey McSriff (2)
内田美穂 vs レーイ=マクスリーフ
Tokyo, Japan • Florida, WWF
17-5 • 21-7
Kimetsu Fight Team Tokyo • Skywalker Gym

Yoo Seong-hoon (3) vs Igor Tskhovrebov (4)
兪成風 vs イゴール=ツホーフレボブ
Seoul, Korea • Moscow, Russia
Bulldog BJJ • AKM Gym
16-4 • 9-3
Welterweight Bout


Lê Nguyễn Quang Hiếu (2) vs Tenshin Uzui
黎阮光孝 vs 宇髄天心
Hanoi, Vietnam • Osaka, Japan
Lighthouse MMA • Gōki Dōjō
16-3 • 23-2
Light-Heavyweight Bout

Zach Lee (4) vs Yushin Nouzen
ザック=リー vs 凌霄勇信
Gotham, NAU • Tokyo, Japan / Taipei, Taiwan
Rylan Gracie BJJ Academy Gotham • Sakuraba Wrestling
17-5 • 16-2
Featherweight Bout

Mòrag McDougall (2) vs Anastasia Lukashenko (5)
モーラグ=マカダーガル vs アナスタシア=ルカシェンコ
Albion • Minsk, Belarus
Superbia Boxing Academy • LTC Martial Arts
17-5 • 32-18
Women’s Flyweight Bout

Mikheil Ochopintre (5) vs Hailemariam Berhanu
ミヘイル=オチョピントレー vs ハイレマリアム=ベルハーヌ
Tbilisi, Georgia • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Eagle MMA • Maeda BJJ Academy (Addis Ababa)
19-3 • 27-5
Welterweight Bout

Joe Pendleton vs Reynold Kohl
ジョー=ペンデルトン vs レイノルド=コール
Gotham, NAU • Texas, NAU
One Punch Gym • Python Wrestling
11-4 • 3-0
Lightweight Bout

"That card is stacked from top to bottom", Roe chimed in, as the full card of the next event, Meta Legends 178, was displayed on screen. "Also on the main card: Yoo Seong-hoon, the former Welterweight World Champion, takes on Russia's Igor Tskhovrebov in a welterweight title eliminator match, with the winner set to be the next challenger to Adam Clarke's reign as the Welterweight king. On the preliminary card: No. 2 ranked Light-Heavyweight contender Lê Nguyễn Quang Hiếu returns to action after a shock defeat to Dean Wesrey, and takes on none other than Tenshin Uzui, in Uzui's Meta Legends debut. No. 4 ranked featherweight Zach Lee makes his return after one year off, taking on Yushin Nouzen, who made his debut at Meta Legends 170 with a spectacular first round wheel kick knockout over Ignacio Nunes. It is a huge card; I cannot wait to see it.

"And now, the main card of Meta Legends 177: Hirabashi vs Alvarez II begins with the final match of the Road to Meta Legends SEA Featherweight Grand Prix, between the two warriors who came up on top out of the original field of eight men."

Two Epic Rematches

Krung Thep, Kingdom of Siam
Rajadamnern Stadium

After an epic battle at Meta Legends 172 for the undisputed Bantamweight World Championship, reigning Bantamweight World Champion Inosuke Hirabashi is set to defend his belt for the first time at Rajadamnern Stadium in Krung Thep, in a rematch against former Bantamweight World Champion Felix Alvarez. Additionally, the undefeated Gemma Watkins will face off against her arch nemesis Paprika Jitmuangnon - their second meeting, after an incredibly close fight held one year ago in the same arena. Lastly, Siam's Giyu Nor. Por. Sukhothai and the Maharlikan Federation's Kevin Martinez will go into battle in the final bout of the Road to Meta Legends SEA Featherweight Grand Prix, with the winner to receive an exclusive multi-fight contract with Meta Legends.

In the headline bout of the preliminary card, the No. 5 ranked Light-Heavyweight contender Baasandorj Ganzorig will fight former Light-Heavyweight title challenger Lewis Wilson, currently coming off of an impressive KO victory over Yi Seong-man at Meta Legends: Miami.

Inosuke Hirabashi (C) vs Felix Alvarez (1)
平橋伊之助 vs フェリクス=アルバレス
Minakami, Japan • Tabasco, Mexico
Sakuraba Wrestling • Cinnamon Boxing Club
15-0 • 21-4
133.5lbs • 135lbs

Gemma Watkins (1) vs Paprika Jitmuangnon (4)
ジェマー=ワットキンズ vs パプリカ=ジットムアンノン
Albion • Krung Thep, Kingdom of Siam
Teixeira MMA • Jitmuangnon Muay Thai Gym
2-0 (Kickboxing: 89-0) • 6-1 (Muay Thai: 141-33-1)
115lbs • 115lbs
Women’s Strawweight Bout

Giyu Nor. Por. Sukhothai vs Kevin Martinez
ギユウ • ノー • ポー • スコータイ vs ケヴィン=マルティネス
Krung Thep, Kingdom of Siam • Manila, Maharlikan Federation
Nokdam MTC • Power MMA
13-0 • 8-1
146lbs • 145.5lbs


~ R3 Unanimous Decision 5:00 ~
Baasandorj Ganzorig (5) vs Lewis Wilson
バーサンドルジ=ガンゾリグ vs ルイス=ウィルソン
Sükhbaatar, Mongolia • Albion
Bronze Axe MMA Centre • Wilson Martial Arts & Fitness
205lbs • 206lbs
Light-Heavyweight Bout

~ R3 Majority Decision 5:00 ~
Eleutherios Economides vs George Dalton
エレフテリオス=エコノミディス vs ジョージ=ダルトン
Athens, Greece • Albion
TapNapSnap Athens • MidCity Kickboxing
206lbs • 206lbs
Light-Heavyweight Bout

~ R2 Submission (anaconda choke) 2:06 ~
Walter Weiss vs John Sims
ウォルター=ヴァイス vs ジョン=シムス
New Mexico, NAU • Pennsylvania, NAU
Heisenberg MMA • Polymath Gym
14-3 • 11-3
171lbs • 169.5lbs
Welterweight Bout

~ R3 Unanimous Decision 5:00 ~
Yodkhrut Banchamek vs Sebastian McNear
ヨックルト=バンチャメック vs セバスチャン=マクニア
Krung Thep, Kingdom of Siam • Albion
Banchamek Muay Thai • Jolly Roger MMA
12-0 (Muay Thai: 331-41) • 14-5
145lbs • 145.5lbs
Featherweight Bout

~ R2 KO (punch) 1:12 ~
Paul Goodman vs Roderick Bateman
ポール=グッドマン vs ローデリック=ベイトマン
Chicago, WWF • Gotham, NAU
HHM Martial Arts • Pierce & Pierce Academy
186lbs • 185lbs
Middleweight Bout

"Representing Siam... your Road to Meta Legends SEA finalist, Giyu Nor. Por. Sukhothai!"

"The undefeated Giyu - thirteen and 0, hoping to secure a highly coveted contract tonight, and also a guaranteed matchup with a ranked Featherweight contender", said Michele, as Giyu made his walkout to the sound of dramatic orchestral music, wearing a mongkhon. "This is a fearsome man we're dealing with here. The way he just tore through two spectacular fighters in Jonathan Chan and Hồ Khiêm Lém, like they were amateurs..."

"This guy has incredible power and endurance", said Roe Jogan. "His leg kick knockout of Hồ Khiêm Lém was insane. A single strike to the leg of Lém, six seconds into the first round, and Lém couldn't even continue at all. That is just incredible. I've never seen anything like it."

"I can see him being a real threat to the featherweight division", Vladilena chimed in. "Right now, we're seeing a changing of the guard in the lower divisions. The old guard are slowly on their way out, and the young upstarts are beginning to take over. These two tonight... they could be part of a new wave of talents to rise in featherweight."

The music suddenly changed to an energetic and inspiring track, and from the other end of the arena came Kevin Martinez of the Maharlikan Federation, smiling broadly and waving at the audience as he walked down the aisle. Despite the fact that he was fighting against a home fighter, the Siamese crowd cheered him just as loudly as they did Giyu.

"Kevin Martinez is such a cerebral athlete", said Roe Jogan. "He's an all-rounded fighter. He can strike, he can grapple, and most importantly, he can switch them up mid fight, making whatever adjustments he must depending on his opponent."

"For someone so young and so fresh, Kevin Martinez fights like a veteran", said Michele. "His coach at Power MMA, Hector Villanueva, he's one of the most well-known counter-strikers in the Asian kickboxing scene. Kevin is absolutely learning from one of the best, and he's developing such a high-IQ style. How will it fare against the aggression and power of Giyu tonight?

"Our tale of the tape for this match, the final match of Road to Meta Legends SEA: Featherweight Grand Prix. Kevin Martinez is 24 years old. Giyu is 26. Both men stand at 5ft 7in, and make weight below the featherweight non-title limit. Kevin has a 2in reach advantage over Giyu. Here's Bruce Duffer."

"Ladies and gentlemen", said Bruce Duffer, as Giyu and Kevin eyed each other menacingly from across the cage. "This is the final match of the Road to Meta Legends SEA: Featherweight Grand Prix!! Introducing first, FIGHTING out of the red corner: a Muay Thai fighter holding an undefeated MMA record of 13 wins and no losses, and a Muay Thai record of 116 wins and 20 lossses. He stands at 5ft and 7in tall, weighing in at 146lbs. Training under Nokdam MTC, and fighting out of Krung Thep in the Kingdom of Siam: presenting, the Road to Meta Legends SEA finalist: GIYU!!! And introducing his opponent, FIGHTING out of the blue corner: a freestyle fighter holding a professional record of 8 wins and only 1 loss. He stands at 5ft and 7in tall, weighing in at 145.5 lbs. Training under Power MMA Manila, and fighting out of Manila, Maharlikan Federation: presenting the Road to Meta Legends SEA finalist: KEVIN MARTINEZ!!!"

Referee Mahmoud Solomon called the two fighters to the centre to deliver the final instructions. Kevin Martinez was thumping his two fists together, while Giyu stood completely still and eyed him calmly. Then, when the final instructions had been delivered, they exchanged a fist bump and returned to their corners.

"Ready? Ready? Let's go!!"

"Giyu in the maroon Muay Thai shorts", said Michele, as Giyu and Kevin approached each other in the centre of the ring, feeling each other out. "Kevin Martinez in the black trunks."

"Kevin looks tense", said Roe, as Giyu threw a jab to gauge the distance, which Kevin blocked with his elbow. "Giyu looks relaxed... like this is his bread and butter. He comes in with a hundred and thirty Muay Thai fights of experience."

"Giyu is a big favourite to win this fight, and the Grand Prix", said Michele. "But this is mixed martial arts - the least predictable sport in the world. Never, ever count someone out."

Kevin was the first to attack, throwing a big looping right hand that Giyu blocked masterfully. Giyu returned fire with a powerful hook from the other side, setting Kevin on his back foot, before throwing a powerful kick to the shin that Kevin checked at the last second.

"They're beginning to open up", Vladilena commented. “We’re seeing some explosive striking exchanges here in the opening round.”

“Kevin is holding his own against Giyu”, Michele observed. “Did you think he was going to be able to match him blow for blow, Lena?”

“Well, it’s clear to me that Giyu is a more experienced striker”, said Vladilena. “But Kevin is very creative and very good at mixing things up.”

Giyu hurled a huge kick straight to Kevin’s thigh. The cracking sound of the impact between Kevin’s thigh and Giyu’s shin could be heard even over the incessant cheering of the crowd. Despite eating the shot flush, however, Kevin did not fold; he fired back with an identical shot, hitting Giyu and drawing from him a faint nod of respect.

“You know how goddamn powerful that man’s kicks are?” Roe chimed in. “That was how he took out Lém. But Kevin Martinez just ate it and returned fire.”

Again, Giyu threw the same kick, his shin tearing into Kevin’s thigh. A red welt had begun to form at the place where he had been kicked repeatedly. Instead of striking back, however, Kevin immediately dropped levels and lunged forward, shooting straight in for a takedown. Giyu quickly sprawled, but Kevin had already secured a single leg, whereupon he quickly twisted his body and put Giyu onto his back. Giyu quickly scrambled, throwing Kevin off of him, and the fight once again returned to the feet.

“Good takedown defence by Giyu”, Roe commented. “Giyu is so explosive, and so- OOOOOHHHH!!!”

“OOHHH THE BIG KABOSH!!” Michele screamed. “Giyu knocks down Kevin Martinez!!!”

As they scrambled back to their feet, Giyu had thrown a big looping hook, and just as Kevin ducked it, he was hit directly in the jaw by an uppercut that caused him to stumble backwards and land on his back.

“A massive uppercut by Giyu!” Michele screamed. With Kevin on the ground, Giyu immediately rushed in, but before he could continue his assault, Kevin was able to pull guard, riding out the last few seconds of the round before Mahmoud Solomon separated them.

“Massive shot for Giyu Nor. Por. Sukhothai right at the end of Round 1”, Roe exclaimed. “Take a look at that: he threw the hook to get Kevin off balance, and then as Kevin defended it, he hit him back with that massive uppercut. Beautiful stuff indeed.”

“Kevin needs to be careful of Giyu’s combinations”, said Vladilena. “He’s a very intellectual and reactive fighter, but Giyu has so much experience that it’s dangerous for anyone to stand and bang with him. Some grappling might be a good idea.”

The second round soon began, and Giyu and Kevin, having already felt each other out in the first round, quickly closed in on each other, Kevin in orthodox stance and Giyu in southpaw. Kevin threw a big jab, taking advantage of his long reach to manage the distance between him and Giyu, and as Giyu blocked the strike, Kevin followed up with a big looping kick to the body. The moment his leg connected with Giyu’s ribs, however, Giyu quickly seized it and clamped tightly, moving in to attempt a sweep, which Kevin defended by posting against Giyu.

“Giyu trying for a sweep!” Michele exclaimed. “But Kevin’s defending! Kevin’s fighting back!!”

With Kevin’s leg still clamped under his armpit, Giyu drove forward relentlessly, pushing Kevin backwards towards the wall of the cage. Though unable to resist, to avoid the threat of being swept onto his back, Kevin threw down defiantly, hurling shots straight to Giyu’s face as Giyu pushed him back.

“OOO!!! BIG SHOTS TO THE FACE BY KEVIN!!” Michele screamed, just as Giyu, braving the hurricane of punches smashing his face, slammed Kevin against the fence and tripped him onto the ground. When Kevin’s back touched the ground, Giyu began throwing hammerfists on him in retaliation for the unanswered shots he ate when driving him across the cage, but Kevin quickly reacted by spinning on his back, grabbing Giyu by the ankle, and then applying a De La Riva guard.

Taking care not to allow his legs to be too deeply entangled in Kevin’s guard, Giyu postured up and planted one knee into Kevin’s body, before throwing hammerfists onto his body from above, but Kevin was able to avoid taking too much damage, pivoting straight to Giyu’s back and working his way back onto his feet to take Giyu’s back. There, he leaned heavily on Giyu’s back and hurled punches at Giyu’s face from there, which Giyu fought off by trying to pry Kevin’s other hand off of him while throwing punches backwards at Kevin’s face, though with less force.

“The pace of this fight is just insane!” said Michele. “These two warriors are not letting up at all!!”

By then, Giyu’s nose was bleeding and dripping, but his expression was stony as ever. He yanked Kevin’s arm off of himself and spun around ferociously, hurling a spinning back elbow into Kevin’s orbital, stunning him right as the bell went off.

“This is an absolute slugfest”, said Roe. “This is crazy!”

“I can’t believe we’re going to the third round now”, Michele added. “These two absolute warriors, Kevin Martinez and Giyu, they’re leaving everything behind in the cage. How do you score this fight right now, Lena?”

“It could be 1-1”, said Vladilena. “It could be 2-0 Giyu. But to be honest, it’s so close. It’s so competitive. And this third round will decide everything.”

The third and final round soon began, and Giyu and Kevin once again closed in fiercely on each other, each eyeing the other as if they were their prey. Giyu opened the round with a high kick straight down the centre line, but Kevin immediately dodged the kick and shot in at an oblique angle, clinching directly with Giyu. From inside the clinch, Giyu threw several cutting knees to Kevin’s body, and Kevin responded by framing viciously with his hands against Giyu’s face, eventually breaking the clinch. The moment he broke out of the clinch, Giyu fired back with a huge jab that smashed Kevin straight in the mouth. A cut opened above his lip, but even then, Kevin broke into a bloody smile, taunting the stony-faced Giyu.

Unfazed, Giyu moved in on Kevin, who circled obliquely away. The Siamese fighter flung a forceful, looping kick that struck Kevin directly in the ribs, but in that instant, Kevin lunged forward, throwing a jab directly into Giyu’s already cut nose and knocking him flat on his back.

“OH MY GOODNESS!!” Michele screamed. “KEVIN KNOCKS GIYU DOWN!!!”

The moment Giyu hit the canvas, Kevin moved in and passed his guard, where he proceeded to rain elbows down on Giyu’s head. A cut opened on Giyu’s forehead, but he fought back even in the highly disadvantageous position he was in, scrambling and bridging fiercely and locking his arms around Kevin’s torso to limit his movement. His blood smeared against Kevin’s torso and dripped copiously onto the canvas.

“This is just incredible!!” Roe exclaimed. “They’re just going all out, leaving it all in the cage!!”

Kevin threw a few short-range punches into Giyu’s chest, but could not stop Giyu from framing up against him and standing back up, whereupon Giyu hurled a knee straight into Kevin’s torso, briefly folding him. The crowd erupted into thunderous applause, and many of the spectators stood up in standing ovation.

“This fight is amazing”, said Vladilena in awe, as Kevin and Giyu continued trading blows with each other from inside the clinch. “The heart of these two men…”

The clock ticked down in the final round. The cheers and applause of the crowd rose to deafening heights. In the final fifteen seconds, Kevin and Giyu broke the clinch and separated in the centre of the cage. Giyu eyed Kevin, gesturing to him and pointing to the ground while planting his lead foot in the ground. Kevin, understanding exactly what Giyu wanted, nodded and also stepped forward. And then they both hurled punches nonstop, throwing all caution to the wind, each of them eating the other’s shots flush while landing ferociously on the other, right until the final bell went off and the referee separated them.

“And that’s it. We’ve gone the distance… in this final, epic battle of the Road to Meta Legends SEA Featherweight Grand Prix”, said Roe. In the centre of the ring, as the doctor and the paramedics rushed in to attend to the cuts on both fighters’ faces, Kevin and Giyu exchanged a deeply respectful handshake and words of encouragement and thanks to the other, which the microphone could not pick up.

“That fight was absolutely legendary”, Michele added. “Giyu Nor. Por. Sukhothai and Kevin Martinez, the two absolute martial warriors. Right now, you can run the two of them back, and you’ll get another great fight.”

The crowd continued cheering at the top of their lungs as the judges deliberated under the watchful eyes of Bruce Duffer, who stood beside their booth awaiting the final decision. Then, once Mahmoud Solomon brought Giyu and Kevin to the centre of the circle, Bruce Duffer entered with the official decision.

“Ladies and gentlemen”, said Bruce, “after three rounds, we go now to the judges’ scorecards for a decision. Mr Kazuo Noda scores the contest 28-27 for Giyu. Mr Jonah Hertz scores the contest 28-27 for Martinez. And Mr Oliver Costa scores the contest 28-27 for the winner by split decision… AND THE WINNER OF THE ROAD TO META LEGENDS SOUTHEAST ASIA FEATHERWEIGHT GRAND PRIX…


Too exhausted from three rounds of war to even celebrate his victory as his hand was raised, all Kevin could do was break into a smile, before turning and exchanging a weary but deferential handshake with the still stony-faced Giyu, who showed no disappointment in his expression whatsoever despite his coming out on the wrong end of the decision. Amidst the continued screams, cheers, and applause of the crowd, Roe Jogan entered once again with his microphone for the interview.

“I’m here with the Road to Meta Legends SEA Featherweight Grand Prix Champion: Kevin Martinez”, he began, standing next to Kevin and getting ready to begin the interview. That moment, however, he glanced to the entrance of the cage; Meta Legends President Hideki Yoshida had entered, walking towards Roe and gesturing for the microphone, which Roe yielded to him.

“Everyone”, said President Yoshida to the audience, before beckoning for Giyu to come over and stand next to Kevin, which Gitu promptly did. “All of you, watching this event live, and all around the world. Listen: I have no words to describe how incredible that fight was. How incredible the guts of these two warriors are.”

The crowd continued screaming in total approval.

“Tonight, the judges gave the win to Kevin”, President Yoshida continued. “A completely deserving victory, to be clear. But tonight, I’ve decided, I have no other option. Giyu, Kevin - both of you will receive a contract to fight under this promotion. Well done, both of you. I have nothing but absolute respect for the both of you!”

The crowd continued screaming in approval. Giyu bowed exhaustedly to President Yoshida, who firmly shook his hand and whispered something into his ear, before doing the same to Kevin, standing just nearby. Kevin and Giyu then exchanged a long hug, with Kevin barely able to hold back his tears and his smile. Afterwards, President Yoshida and Giyu both exited the cage, and Roe continued with the interview.

“Kevin”, Roe began. “You are the winner of the Road to Meta Legends SEA: Featherweight Grand Prix.”

“I still can’t believe it”, said Kevin, still out of breath and unable to contain his emotions. He leaned his weight on Roe, who stood beside him. “I worked so hard for this moment. All my life, since I was 12 years old. My family, we had nothing. Now finally I’m here. Look how far I’ve come!”

The fans broke into a standing ovation.

“My coach, Mr Hector Villeneuva”, Kevin continued. “Mom, Johnny, all my friends… All of you… This victory is yours too! I couldn’t have done it… without your support!”

“You have just won an exclusive contract to fight under Meta Legends, the world’s largest MMA promotion”, Roe followed up. “But as the winner of the Grand Prix, you also have a guaranteed matchup with a ranked featherweight contender for your first fight under your new contract. Do you have anyone in mind, Kevin? Is there anyone you want to fight?”

“I want Erdenebaatar!!” Kevin bellowed the name of the former Featherweight World Champion at the top of his lungs to thunderous applause from the crowd. “Erdenebaatar, you are one of my biggest idols. If you’re watching now, please know: I grew up watching your fights! And now that I’m here, I want to fight you!! I want to take you out!!!”

“It was an honour to call your fight, Kevin”, said Roe, patting Kevin on the back. “And I’m sure you’ll get your match with Erdenebaatar, the former Featherweight Champion! Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the Road to Meta Legends SEA Grand Prix Champion, Kevin Martinez!!!”

“And so”, said Michele from the commentary booth, over the thundering of the crowd, “the Road to Meta Legends SEA Featherweight Grand Prix draws to a close… and from a stacked field of eight warriors, Kevin Martinez of the Maharlikan Federation emerges on top.

“And now… we come to the co-main event of the night. Perhaps one of the most pivotal rematches in the history of women’s MMA.

“Gemma Watkins vs Paprika Jitmuangnon.”

Paprika’s only claim to fame is that she nearly defeated me. I know that I’m a better fighter. I’ve never lost a fight in my professional career. Nobody has ever come close.

Gemma Watkins talks like this because she knows deep down who should’ve come out on top that night. She knows who deserved to win.

I don’t fear Paprika. Her credentials are nothing to me. Her story will end the same way as everyone else’s.

Gemma would do well not to look past me. She is not the god she thinks she is.

I am the greatest female combat athlete of all time. Amanda Lourenço, Miho Uchida, Vladilena Nikiforova… all these people are on my radar. I won’t let anyone usurp my throne.

Gemma Watkins (1) vs Paprika Jitmuangnon (4)
ジェマー=ワットキンズ vs パプリカ=ジットムアンノン
Albion • Krung Thep, Kingdom of Siam
Teixeira MMA • Jitmuangnon Muay Thai Gym
2-0 (Kickboxing: 89-0) • 6-1 (Muay Thai: 141-33-1)
115lbs • 115lbs
Women’s Strawweight Bout
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Civil Rights Lovefest

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Australia- Oceania

Elizabeth brought up the covers close to her as she tried to close her eyes. Her ears kept perking up at every little sound she heard. The chirps of bugs. The snap of fallen branches from animals in the wild and men patrolling the area. The hushed whispers of soldiers trying to talk with each other without waking up anyone trying to sleep. She can even hear the crackle of burning wood coming from the campfire.

Elizabeth never went camping before. She heard that when one went out camping the woods would be quiet when you went to sleep but it was the opposite for her high tune ears. The night did not bring silence to the wilderness. Life continues on without the light of day.

"How am I supposed to sleep when everything is so noisy out there?" she grumbled. Mr. Ferris was a nice man from what she gathered but she wished he didn't try to pretend to act like her father. She barely knew who he was and she would rather not have some random stranger act like him. But he was nice to her. More than can be said with the others.

The soldiers in the camp at least didn't shoot her like the ones from Albion. But they didn't like her. She knew.

They all gave her the same look other people did when they saw her. The looks of disgust.

Whether it's her black claws. Her fangs and dark gums. The serpentine tongue. The palish grey skin and white hair. Mostly black eyes with blue-grey rings to show that her eyes aren't a dark pit. Her odd nose and long pointy ears. Those features she often heard many times were the things that people hated about her. Why do they call her a freak? A monster. An abomination against nature and god.

The girl grunted as she twisted to the other side of the sleeping bag. She placed the pillow over her head as she tried to block out the noises coming from the world and the thoughts intruding in her mind.

"I still can't believe Ferris somehow snatched the Thaumarch's daughter." Elizabeth heard a voice outside say. She lowered the pillow from her head to hear more of the voices.

"I'm still more shocked by her story that soldiers tried to kill her and her mother. What the hell is going on in the city?" The chimaera must wonder how strange it was for the so-called traitors to know that the supposed loyalists were in fact the real traitors. She wondered if for a while they thought they were the bad guys until she dropped that bomb shell on them?

"I still doubt the Thaumarch up there is real. For all we know that thing can be a doll the Morrigan made to cover up the fact she killed the real one. Hell this whole story can be a lie and the kid is luring us to a trap." One soldier argued back which made Lizzy huffed in annoyance. If all of this was a trick then those fake bullets were awfully real.

"I doubt that is the case. Throwing the kid out here to lure us into a trap seems like overkill." one reasonable bloke said and the chimaera nodded in approval. "Besides," he would add. "I think it's more likely they not only want to get rid of a fake made by Morrigan but also the freak as well." The witch clutched her hands into fists tightly, ignoring the fact her claws began to draw out black blood from her punctured palms.

"That is the one part of the story I can see being real. I'm surprised she kept that freaky thing around for so long and wanted us to pretend the thing is just an ordinary kid. They should have taken that thing to whatever lab they made it and killed it like Old Yellower and start over again. Make a kid that actually looks like one."

The chimaera would throw her pillow at the tent wall. The soldiers would be startled to see the tent bulge out slightly. "Shit! Was the freak resting in that one!?" one shouted. "Shut your mouth moron!" the other soldier yelled back.

"GET OUT!" Elizabeth shouted at the soldiers. Thankfully they did as she threw herself within the sleeping bag, covering herself with the blanket.

"What was I expecting! They are like everyone else." she seethed. She heard Bones whine. Her anger subsided slightly for her dog. "I have to remember. We came here to find the monsters in here. They are our real friends here. Not these dumb humans." She closed her eyes to try and sleep.

A few minutes would pass when she heard someone approach her tent. "Hey kid," she heard Ferris say from behind the tent. "I heard what happened. Sorry for what those two idiots said about you. They shouldn't have said those nasty things." The man said unsure how to talk with an upset child. He either didn't have a kid or this was never his expertise even if he had one. "Look. I can't say everyone will get used to your appearance but not everyone is bothered by your appearance. I think once they have a chance to see that you are just an ordinary kid they may warm up to you."

Elizabeth refused to get up. She heard him grunt as he placed something on the ground. "I found some candy from the MREs. Not sure how well they will taste but there is no way they can screw up chocolate right? I even found some juice patches. Gonna need to mix the powder with water though." he explained. He waited for her to say anything but once he realised the kid was either asleep or still too angry to speak he let out a sigh.

"Right. You get them when you're ready. Just don't do something hasty, okay?" he asked before he walked away. For a few minutes more Elizabeth refused to budge from her spot until she got up and crawled to the zipper of the tent. She pulled it down and she peeked her head out. Sure enough she found a small box with not only bars of chocolates but other treats, mainly candies and juice packs but a few non sweets like crackers and even a proper meal if she was reading what was on the label of the MRE. She looked around to make sure no one would see her before she grabbed the box and brought it inside the tent.

She placed the box to the side and brought her pillow back on the sleeping back, crawling back inside and trying to sleep.

Her eyes shot open. She didn't remember falling asleep but she was concerned about that. She knows something is outside. She felt the air pressure around her change. The air was now colder. More tense. Something wasn't right. She can feel the hair on her back stand on end. Her pupils narrowed as she tried to gather more details in the dark as the campfire was now gone. Her eyes twitched and moved as it tried to catch any hint of sound. She even tried to sniff for any signs of what was lurking out.

Her eyes made out a shadowy figure outside of the tent. The silhouette looked humanoid enough. The chimaera was thinking it was one of the soldiers since the figure wasn't as rotund as Ferris. "A soldier..." she pondered why a soldier was out. "Are they gonna try and kill me like the others?" her eyes narrowed when the thought came to her.

"That has to be it. They think they can try to get the jump on me while everyone is asleep." she almost hissed as she whispered the words. "News flash, jerk. You're gonna need to do a lot more to catch me." She can hear Bones rustling, the canine known already sensing something amiss.

"Talon. Corsiog. Come out. We have trouble." she whispered. From a cloud of smoke, ashes, and embers her demonic avian familiar appears. From the ground rose branches, vines, fungi and other planets matter as they took on a canine shape.

"I was wondering when we will get some action." Talon boasted loudly, causing Elizabeth to put her finger in her mouth to tell the bird to be quiet.

The figure twitched from the noise. "Nice going you ruffian. You alert our enemy to our presence." Corsiog chastised, this time whispering. "Bite me will you." the bird retorted back.

"Bite..." the figure outside said. Its voice was hoarse and cracking. The feeling of wrongness grew within Elizabeth. "Bite... Me... Want..." the figure was shaking now.

"Me.. Want. To Bite.. You!'' In a flash she saw dirty yellow nails poke through the tent wall as the claws of the figure tore a massive hole, revealing the figure outside.

"Fresh... Meat!" the horrible creature bellows out with manic glee.

The figure before her was humanoid indeed. Perhaps at one point it was. But now it was a distorted mockery of a human being. The thing's head was larger, far too large to be normal. Its chin stretched out in both length and width. It had only a few patches of grey coarse hair that looked like barely existing whisks. Its sunken eyes carried an otherworldly pale green glow. Its gaping maw revealed rows of dirty bloody yellow teeth and enlarged canines. Its gums were blackened with disease and its tongue was inflamed. Blood and drool oozed out of the creature's filthy mouth.

Supporting the comically enlarged head was a paradoxically long but shrunken neck. Infact, most of the creature's skin was sunken in and it had a dry texture that made her think of mummies. The blotches of blackened decay skin with purple and grey didn't help with the corpse-like comparison.

Its rib-cage and shoulder bones were visible, going down she saw pairs of elongated and narrow arms attached to dirty pairs of claws that were once fingers. The same was with the creature's long legs. Its abdomen was grotesquely bulging out. It pulsed and writhed from very visible veins that cross-crossed it like a network of spider webs and cracks upon its mummified flesh.

"Fresh..." she heard the creature gasp in pleasure. "MEAT!" the creature lunged after Elizabeth who tried to move out of the way.

Talon appeared before the creature and unleashed a blast of flames at it. The flames would make the creature scream in pain as it was hurled out of the tent. "Get up kid! We have some Pretas to burn!" the bird flew out of the hole.

The chimaera would get up and follow after the bird as the two canines stay close to her.

Looking outside she saw several tents were already torn open, trails of blood leading out from them and to several more ghoulish creatures similar to the first with bodies of dead soldiers on the ground.

"BLOOD!" She turned her attention to another of the ghouls, one who was at the same height as her. "BLOOD!" it screeched as it began to run at her in the same manner as a chimp.

From the air a bolt of lightning struck the creature's head. The thing screamed in agony as its muscles began to seize and lose control, causing it to fall on to the ground and slide towards her. The chimaera jabbed her claws into the back of the creature's head. Her nails broke through its skull and dug deeper into its brain. She ignored the icky feeling she felt from touching brain matter as she dug in deep to severe something as the creature remained motionless on the ground. She wretched her fingers out of the creature's head. Letting a look of disgust appear as she saw bits of grey matter stuck on her fingers.

The body of the creature would burst into ethereal blue and purple flames. Even the piece of brain matter and blood would burst into flames. Oddly the flames felt cold instead of hot. The body of the creature would quickly be reduced to nothing and as quickly as the flames appeared they would vanish once nothing remained of the corpse. Only black plumes of smoke showed any traces of the corpse and flames.

The chimaera had no time to comment on the strange event as she saw an orb of flames and smoke flying towards her. The chimaera would jump out of the way of the orb as it flew into her tent. She would see the orb beginning to change its form into yet another one of the strange creatures, only now it had large sagging breasts on its chest. "CHOCOLATE!" it shouted with glee as it reached down for the chocolate bar.

"OI! That's mine!" she ran towards the creature as it grabbed the bar. It would swing its arm like a bat and swat Elizabeth away, displaying remarkable strength despite its lanky physique.

The girl would hit the tent wall and would cause the structure to collapse down on her and the creature, not that it carried much. The thing was more interested in the candy on its hand. It brought the bar close but as it got close to its mouth the chocolate began to melt on its hand.

"NO! NO!" The thing's anguish scream pierce through the night. The other treats on the box began to go bad as well due to the presence of the creature, even the other chocolate bar that was present.

Elizabeth tore herself out of the tent as the creature threw its head back and let out a scream of rage. It also began to tear apart the tent as it glared down at the chimaera.

"YOU!" It pointed its chocolate covered finger at the girl. "YOU.. TOOK.. MY.. TREAT!" It lunged at her. Elizabeth would quickly roll out of the way, feeling its claw brushing against her hair as she did so.

"You took my chocolate you undead theft!" she barked back as she lunged at the preta. The creature was slow to react as Elizabeth brought her claws on to its face and tore off a large chunk of its face. The creature would kick the girl on the stomach to push her back as it held its damaged face in pain.

Thick vines would come from behind Elizabeth and bind the undead spectre in place. She would see the creature be lifted in the air before it was slammed head first to the ground. A sickening crack was heard as blood splattered on the desert floor.

"Are you alright, Ashwood." she heard Corsiog say. She watched as the corpse burst into flames. "The thing took my chocolate bar." she told the canine. "I want to make these thieves pay dearly." she gave her familiar a determined glare before turning around to face the other creatures.

Gun fire rang out as other soldiers noticed the undead predators. Talon laughed as he brought down fire and lightning upon the Pretas.

The girl made a toothy grin as she bared her claws. "Let's show these creeps they made a mistake messing with us Corsiog.'' The familiar stayed silent as he followed after his partner into the fight.

Another corpse combust into flames as Ferris cursed. "How can those things get into the camp!" he heard a soldier shout. He asked himself the same question. The wards should have kept these creatures away?

"Forget that. Where is the Thaumarch's daughter!?" he shouted out. They can't afford to lose her as they would have the perfect hostage to prevent their former comrades from annihilating them.

"She's most likely safe because she brought these monsters towards us!" another soldier yelled as he opened fire at another Preta. Ferris resists the urge to yell at the soldier as he orders the Djinn he summoned to incarcerate more of the undead creatures.

The towering, floating, burning figure; body made of smoke, fire, and ash. Roar as it lights more Preta in flames.

Ferris brushed off sweat that was forming from his forehead. Keeping Djinn under his control and in this plane was taking a lot of energy from him.

The old magus would hear laughter from the air and he would see a multi-wing large black bird laughing as it rained down lightning at the corpses. "Who summoned that thing?" he asked around.

"He's my friend." He heard a young voice call out. He turned around to see Elizabeth charge at a Preta and stab her claws to the back of it's knees, forcing the corpse to go down on it's back as she moved quickly aside from the falling creature and stabbed it on the chest, making it gasp out before it lost whatever essences of life it still clung to.

She looked up at Ferris with a smile. "You're still alive!" She seemed happy to see him well. She looked up at the Djinn. "That's your friend too?" she waved at the Djinn with the being ignoring the girl as it burned more Preta.

Ferris would notice the canine made of an assortment of foliage, fungi, and other vegetation. It would unleash a cloud of spores that would cause the creatures to grasp on their necks or chest as they struggled to breath.

"No one said anything about her summoning more monsters!" one soldier shouted in surprise who almost didn't notice another Preta lunging for him, only to have a branch from the plant canine stab the creature through the mouth. Giving the soldier a chance to shoot the creature a few times in the chest to take it out. The soldier was thankful for the bullets to be enchanted before the ambush occurred.

Ferris also never heard about the chimaera being a summoner. He heard she had odd traits but capabilities to use the mystic arts was not one of them. In Fact he doubted if she could do such a thing.

The laughing demon raining down hellfire and the canine forming spikes from the ground however seem to point to different conclusions.

Ferris was brought back to reality; he heard a soldier scream as several of the creatures overwhelmed him and brought him to the ground. One of the disgusting creatures was biting him on the neck.

He knew that using the Djinn power would burn away most of the creatures but also kill the soldier as well. Yet seeing as one was already sinking its teeth into him he figured he may be putting the poor man out of his misery.

As he was preparing to give the command he would see the chimaera run towards the soldier with surprising speed. "STOP!" he reached out as he yelled for her. The chimaera did not stop as she stabbed her claws into the back of one of the Preta, breaking its spine. The creature collapsed down as it lost its ability to stand as she stabbed another that was kneeling on the head before the others reacted.

One tried to swipe at her but she jumped back to dodge. The one biting down on the soldier released him as it got up to join the others who chased after Elizabeth.

Seeing the creatures move away from the bleeding soldier and were not yet close to the chimaera he ordered the join to burn them all. The spectre moved its hand and soon many Preta screamed in agony as they combust into flames.

"Awesome." The awestruck the chimaera and managed to utter as she saw the power of the djinn first hand.

Ferris dropped to his knees. The djinn's form dispersed as it no longer had a source of power to maintain its presence in this plane of existence. "Piggy..." Ferris looked around only to be kicked from the side and flipped to his back. As he drew in breath he would feel someone straddle on top of him. He opened his eyes to see another one of the creatures on top of him. The creature wrapped its hands around his neck and began to squeeze tightly.

"Piggy... Piggy..." it repeated like it was reciting a mantra as its grip grew tighter. The magus struggled to breath but it was no use with the creature on top of him choking out any chance for him to breath. He tried to kick it off but his legs couldn't reach. His fists barely made a dent. He can feel his eyes begin to water as his body is desperate for air. His face began to puff up as his skin began to turn a shade of red from the excretion.

He looked at Elizabeth, the girl looking at the scene with horror. "Get away." he whizzed out, making her look at him with wide eyes. "Get out while you can." he said as he punched the creature in the face to no avail as it responded by squeezing him more. "Leave me." he managed to say before he lost the ability to speak as his neck was fully blocked.

Elizabeth saw what was happening to Ferris and a strange feeling was beginning to build within her. As she saw the creature drool all over him. As it squeezed more of his breath away. As she saw Ferris' skin turn blue as his desperate thrashing grew weaker. She can feel something building within.

Before her eyes she saw visions of the past flash before her. She remembered the garden from behind her manor. An old woman teaches her about the various plants in the garden. She was on her knees to look at the flowers as she caught a mantis staring back at her. On its mandibles was the neck of a moth. Its wings, covered in bite marks, flapped as it tried to break free.

Another image appeared of her watching the telly late at night as she saw a mighty lion eating a gazelle.

Another time she remembers seeing a butcher chopping off the heads of chicken to make dinner for both herself and her mother. A few pieces of the bird's meat were given to Bones for his birthday.

Another was a demon being tempted to serve a warlock as the demon was offered dolls to satisfy its hunger for flesh.

These images of predation that she saw flashed before her eyes. She knew that all things hunt and consume other things to survive. That sometimes in magic to gain power one requires blood and flesh. Struggle was the natural order for all things. You either become the predator or the prey.

However she soon recalled her time in Wales. Seeing her former bodyguards being taken by the Obelisk before it became a wannabe Evelyn. How she felt when she saw the soldiers that should have been loyal to her hunt both herself and Bones like wild animals.

Those memories caused her to growl as she bare her fangs.

The feeling that build would spill out. A surge of energy would flood her body as she felt her muscles grow tense and bulge, her veins becoming visible as blood flow increased. Red sparks with black outlines would surround her as a scarlet aura surrounded her. Her bluish grey eyes turn blood red as a glow emits from them. Her feet sunk into the sand and as she let out a loud roar a cloud of sand and dust would erupt from where she stood

The chimaera's roar echoed throughout the camp as the same aura surrounded her two familiars. A surge of lightning bolts came down as though a storm had come and massive vines would spurt from the canine as they travelled throughout the camp site. The preta on top of Ferris would have let go of him as a blur would smash itself on the chest of the creature, knocking it to the ground.

Ferris would grab his neck and take some much needed deep breaths. He would get up and see a ghastly sight. He would see Elizabeth stabbing the Preta repeatedly with her claws on its chest.

"You animals! I won't let you hunt anyone else!" she shouted as she kept stabbing it even as it stopped moving and its body combust into heatless azure flames.

Once the body was gone the chimaera would get up, glaring at the other Pretas.

"Monster..." one uttered, making the chimaera spit. "You creatures have no right to use that word." The chimaera growled, baring her fangs and claws at the undead.

Once more a cloud of dust and sand was kicked up as he saw a blur almost fly towards one of the Pretas. Before he knew he saw the stomach of one of them burst into a shower of blood and gore as the chimaera sliced it open. She would quickly dash to another and do the same. Two enchanted bullets to the head put an end to the creatures.

The soldiers watched on as the chimaera would move around to deliver crippling blows to the creatures, giving them a chance to easily terminate them. Her familiars were destroying vast swaths of the undead horde.

The blood and gore on the chimaera was now combusting to blue flames which allowed the soldiers and mages to easily track her as she resembled a moving fire ball rather than an enraged and super charged child.

Elizabeth charged to another group of preta who either didn't flee like some or were not yet killed. As she prepared to slay them she would feel jolts of intense pain course through her body. The girl would fall to the ground and curl to a ball. She wanted to scream out but she couldn't. The pain was too much to make her do even that simple action.

From the air Talon fell to the ground and even Corsiog fell down as the same pain hit the two. The Preta were confused at first by the sudden change but they soon began to charge towards the chimaera to take advantage of their change of fortune.

As they got close black tendrils would emerge from one of the remaining tents, grabbing the Pretas and dragging them within. The creature's screams would echo out before they all became silent.

Elizabeth looked up to see a pair of red glowing eyes staring back at her from the tent.

"Are you the source of that power that I felt young one?" the being spoke to her. Its voice sounded like the echoing choir of multiple people speaking in hushed tones and whispers. It was deafeningly loud yet also so muted as to almost be unreadable. It was playing some nasty tricks to her heart. Worse, the air felt even colder. She saw mist breathing out from her. She knew it was this being's doing as this was impossible in Australia. She can feel intense bouts of paranoia and nausea growing the longer she stares at the eyes. Her instincts were screaming at her to run but the pain travelling through her muscles refused to leave her.

Even if she wanted to run she couldn't.

"Perhaps. You want a taste of it like those bozos?" she threatens, trying to sound tough despite her current condition.

"I do not wish to be your enemy child. I merely wish to offer a an accord." Elizabeth can feel a brisk wind caressing her skin. Her heart beat began to slow down as the fear grew. She felt pins and needles throughout her body before numbness hit,sparing her from the pain save for a headache that was hitting her.

"What's your offer?'' She responded back as she could hear soldiers approaching. She saw the eyes move and soon she saw a massive sabertooth dire wolf emerge from the tent. Its body was like a void with black wisps coming off its body.

"Forge a contract with me. My power will be yours to command." it told her. "Exchange for what?" the chimaera asked, she knew such deals always come with a price. "I wish for you to aid me in vanquishing a rival who was destroyed by pact." it declared. "My kind are a communal race. None of us like to be alone. But I'm the only one of my clan to have survived and I wish to avenge my fallen brethren." it explained. "Alone I may not have the power to do so. But with yours I may have a chance. Does this term sound acceptable."

The chimaera didn't like the idea of getting caught up in a revenge scheme. But as she heard more soldiers coming she knew most would think the shadowy beings before her are a threat and she came here to befriend monsters. Not kill them if she can help it, and this one saved her life. If what her mother told her was anything to go buy she owes this creature for saving her life.

There really was no choice if she wanted to keep to her mission and to keep some semblance of honour. "I agree to your accord." she reached out. The shadow put its head down so she could touch it. It was cold to the touch but she was surprised she felt something solid as she expected to pass through. She and the shadow both felt the power of a familiar bond being established from the deal.

"You got a name?" she asked the being. It looked at her with puzzlement. "None in your human language." it replied back. She smirked. "Than your Shadow for now on. For obvious reasons." The creature didn't object to the given name as it sunk into her shadow before the soldiers could see her.

"We found the kid. Bloody monster took out all of the undead freaks." one soldier said through a radio. "I can't believe it. Are we sure everything that was said about her was true? I never heard a damn thing about her summoning monsters and being that quick or strong!?" another said. Elizabeth said nothing as her eyes grew heavy and she quickly slipped into a dreamless sleep.
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Britanania wrote:Gibraltar, Éire, Western Europe, 26 June 2020

Monika cleared her throat.

"While I share the Spanish delegation's concerns regarding rogue Curien elements and the collapse of the French State, I do wish to remind this body of our host's efforts," she made a gesture to Katell, "to rebuild An Ghaill into a functioning society. The issue is less with the former French State's territories but the question of culpability." Monika paused as she looked around the small chamber.

"What Heinrich has revealed, and has proven with further corroborating evidence from previous leaks, is that the French government under the now-deposed Outlaw Regent conducted a thorough, widespread, and systemic genocide against non-French populations and this includes Metahumans."

Monika allowed a moment to let her words sink in.

"The efforts of the Morrigan to restore order have been praiseworthy," she continued, "and a testament to the effectiveness of the Dynastic Regime in dealing with internal threats, as we have outlined before here, which is why we again ask that for those populations which have already been moved to be compensated, not from the current coffers of An Ghaill, Éire, or even Western Europe, but from those stolen by the former French Regime and held in trust. We thus propose a vote on this matter as we have outlined."

Heinrich was silent as he watched everyone in the room. Amir was the first to speak.

"I must ask on how this compensation would work?" the Great Khan asked. "I'm not sure if any amount of money can repay all those who were brutalized by their captors or lost so much because of them. While a restoration of their home land and their culture may be a fair deal I would wonder if Morrigan would wish for that to occur as she has her own plans for her realm now that the Holy Empire is no more."

Heinrich did thought about voting for a return of the old nations absorbed by the French Empire. For starters it at least paints him in a positive light that he rarely has so the good image was something. More importantly it puts a buffer between his people and the French. His people and the French hold immense animosity and he flan those flames of hatred for years. There will be border conflicts between his people and those snail eating monsters for years to come.

"Restoring their homeland and not finishing what the French started I think is a valid form of compensation." Alex would speak up. "I know for some doing this for moral reasons means little when most of the victims belong to the inferior species," she said with obvious contempt to the meta supremacist stance some members in the meeting hold. "or even for being born to the wrong race," she tried not to make who she was targeting that statement with too obvious. "So I will only speak in terms of why doing so is practical." she said with a sigh.

"Isebella here has revealed that Resistance elements have grown during the collapse of the Holy Empire. Most likely they were present long before that and they drew in ranks from many citizens who wish to break free from their opposer. At this important juncture we can determine if this growing movement will become a serious threat in the future or a passing nuisance that would become a foot note in future history. If we want the latter to be the case than my suggestion is simple. Give the nationalist rebels what they desire; the restoration of their homelands. Their cultures being preserved and not "gaulifed". And aid in reconstruction on both the national and civilian front." she told everyone.

Amir began to stroke his chin. "If we show the people that we are willing to help it would slow down the rate in which people will join those resistance movements." Alex nodded. "Either that, or they create more to fight against the newest traitor."

Heinrich remain silent as he allowed everyone else to speak. He wanted to see which way this debate will go before he voice which side he wish to join.

"I believe what Ashwood propose is a fair enough deal considering the dire circumstances those lands and it's people have suffer through." Amir said as he cast his vote. Alex in turn voted for her own plan. Heinrich remain silent.
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Postby Nagakawa » Mon Sep 18, 2023 8:06 pm

Two Epic Rematches

Krung Thep, Kingdom of Siam
Rajadamnern Stadium

After an epic battle at Meta Legends 172 for the undisputed Bantamweight World Championship, reigning Bantamweight World Champion Inosuke Hirabashi is set to defend his belt for the first time at Rajadamnern Stadium in Krung Thep, in a rematch against former Bantamweight World Champion Felix Alvarez. Additionally, the undefeated Gemma Watkins will face off against her arch nemesis Paprika Jitmuangnon - their second meeting, after an incredibly close fight held one year ago in the same arena. Lastly, Siam's Giyu Nor. Por. Sukhothai and the Maharlikan Federation's Kevin Martinez will go into battle in the final bout of the Road to Meta Legends SEA Featherweight Grand Prix, with the winner to receive an exclusive multi-fight contract with Meta Legends.

In the headline bout of the preliminary card, the No. 5 ranked Light-Heavyweight contender Baasandorj Ganzorig will fight former Light-Heavyweight title challenger Lewis Wilson, currently coming off of an impressive KO victory over Yi Seong-man at Meta Legends: Miami.

Inosuke Hirabashi (C) vs Felix Alvarez (1)
平橋伊之助 vs フェリクス=アルバレス
Minakami, Japan • Tabasco, Mexico
Sakuraba Wrestling • Cinnamon Boxing Club
15-0 • 21-4
133.5lbs • 135lbs

Gemma Watkins (1) vs Paprika Jitmuangnon (4)
ジェマー=ワットキンズ vs パプリカ=ジットムアンノン
Albion • Krung Thep, Kingdom of Siam
Teixeira MMA • Jitmuangnon Muay Thai Gym
2-0 (Kickboxing: 89-0) • 6-1 (Muay Thai: 141-33-1)
115lbs • 115lbs
Women’s Strawweight Bout

~ R3 Split Decision 5:00 ~
Giyu Nor. Por. Sukhothai vs Kevin Martinez
ギユウ • ノー • ポー • スコータイ vs ケヴィン=マルティネス
Krung Thep, Kingdom of Siam • Manila, Maharlikan Federation
Nokdam MTC • Power MMA
146lbs • 145.5lbs


~ R3 Unanimous Decision 5:00 ~
Baasandorj Ganzorig (5) vs Lewis Wilson
バーサンドルジ=ガンゾリグ vs ルイス=ウィルソン
Sükhbaatar, Mongolia • Albion
Bronze Axe MMA Centre • Wilson Martial Arts & Fitness
205lbs • 206lbs
Light-Heavyweight Bout

~ R3 Majority Decision 5:00 ~
Eleutherios Economides vs George Dalton
エレフテリオス=エコノミディス vs ジョージ=ダルトン
Athens, Greece • Albion
TapNapSnap Athens • MidCity Kickboxing
206lbs • 206lbs
Light-Heavyweight Bout

~ R2 Submission (anaconda choke) 2:06 ~
Walter Weiss vs John Sims
ウォルター=ヴァイス vs ジョン=シムス
New Mexico, NAU • Pennsylvania, NAU
Heisenberg MMA • Polymath Gym
14-3 • 11-3
171lbs • 169.5lbs
Welterweight Bout

~ R3 Unanimous Decision 5:00 ~
Yodkhrut Banchamek vs Sebastian McNear
ヨックルト=バンチャメック vs セバスチャン=マクニア
Krung Thep, Kingdom of Siam • Albion
Banchamek Muay Thai • Jolly Roger MMA
12-0 (Muay Thai: 331-41) • 14-5
145lbs • 145.5lbs
Featherweight Bout

~ R2 KO (punch) 1:12 ~
Paul Goodman vs Roderick Bateman
ポール=グッドマン vs ローデリック=ベイトマン
Chicago, WWF • Gotham, NAU
HHM Martial Arts • Pierce & Pierce Academy
186lbs • 185lbs
Middleweight Bout

The familiar piano rendition of Puccini's E lucevan le stelle that was the walkout music of the great Gemma Watkins filled the arena. A tense silence fell over the crowd, and then quickly gave way to a litany of boos as Gemma Watkins herself emerged, carrying the flag of Albion and keeping her eyes fixed on the cage.

"Gemma Watkins. 89-0 in kickboxing, and now 2-0 in MMA with two knockout victories over Yu Baoli and Marie Lavigne", Michele introduced the legendary Albionite kickboxer. "A win over her old nemesis Paprika tonight, who many people say defeated her last year in kickboxing, will all but set her up for a shot at Miho Uchida's title."

"It's hard to overstate just how impressive Gemma's achievements are", said Roe. "She's one of the most spectacular figures in combat sports. Unquestionably the greatest female kickboxer of all time... and as the No. 1 contender in the Women's Strawweight division, with a win over Paprika, she will unquestionably be next in line to challenge the great Miho Uchida."

"My old division", Vladilena joked.

"At 31 years of age", Roe continued, "Gemma's striking has never looked so crisp and so clean. The way she utterly dismantled a ranked contender in Lucille Peron was a thing of beauty.

"And tonight... she has the chance to add another ranked contender's scalp to her trophy collection."

Gemma Watkins' walkout music reached a feverish high, and then faded away into silence. And then in its place, a tragic and heroic track began to play, as Paprika Jitmuangnon emerged, wearing a mongkhon and armbands, her short-cropped hair dyed a fiery red as she marched solemnly towards the cage. The air of levity she carried at the press conference and at the weigh-ins was gone.

"This woman claims to have been the only fighter to have defeated Gemma Watkins", said Roe. "And many who watched their first fight, in kickboxing, agree. But now, they have the chance to settle the score and end the controversy once and for all, this time under MMA rules."

"This is perhaps one of the most important fights in Women's MMA", Michele chimed in. "It's a fight that will change the course of history of the Women's Strawweight Division in time to come. One of the most important fights for the legacy of Gemma Watkins and Paprika Jitmuangnon, and for their careers in MMA. They have the chance tonight to close one of the greatest unfinished stories in combat sports. Will Gemma Watkins maintain her perfect record... or will Paprika spring the upset on a fighter who has never been defeated?

"Our tale of the tape: Gemma Watkins is 31, her opponent Paprika Jitmuangnon is 26. Both women make weight at the Strawweight limit of 115lbs. Gemma with a 1in reach advantage. Here's Bruce Duffer."

From opposite ends of the cage, Gemma Watkins and Paprika Jitmuangnon stared each other down ferociously. The bloodlust hung heavy in the air as Bruce Duffer began his introductions.

"Ladies and gentlemen, THIS IS THE CO-MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING!! Introducing first, FIGHTING out of the blue corner: a Muay Thai fighter holding a professional MMA record of 6 wins, only 1 loss, and a Muay Thai record of 141 wins, 33 losses, and 1 draw. She stands at 5ft and 3in tall, weighing in at 115lbs. Training under Jitmuangnon Gym and Kimetsu Fight Team, and fighting out of Krung Thep... Presenting the No. 4 ranked Women's Strawweight contender in the world!! PAPRIKA JITMUANGNON!!! And introducing her opponent, FIGHTING out of the red corner: a kickboxer holding an undefeated MMA record of 2 wins and no losses, and an undefeated kickboxing record of 89 wins and no losses. She stands at 5ft and 4in tall, weighing in at 115lbs. Training under Teixeira MMA, and fighting out of Albion... Presenting the No. 1 ranked Women's Strawweight contender in the world!!! GEMMA "THE TIGRESS" WATKINS!!!"

Referee Derb Hean brought the two women to the centre.

"Alright, we've been over the rules. Protect yourselves at all times. Follow my instructions. We're gonna keep it clean. Touch gloves, and let's do this."

Gemma and Paprika did not touch gloves. Once they were back in their corners, Derb waved his hand, and the fight was on.

"Gemma in the white trunks", said Michele. "Paprika in the red - and Gemma opens with a flying knee!!"

"No feeling out process needed for these two!!" said Michele. "They fought each other for five rounds last year. They know each other perfectly well."

As Paprika dodged the flying knee, Gemma immediately threw a high kick to the head, which Paprika blocked with her elbow. The Albionite followed up with a jab, but Paprika quickly trapped the shot and fired back with an elbow that clipped Gemma on the chin.

"Big elbow lands for Paprika!!" Michele exclaimed. "And Gemma fires back with a hook to the temple!!"

After several moments of trading blows in the centre, Gemma initiated a clinch, and proceeded to knee Paprika to the body, while Paprika worked for top control and fired back with elbows to the jaw of Gemma.

"There is genuine bad blood between them", said Michele. "They're throwing down at each other with bad, bad intentions."

Suddenly, as Paprika broke out of the clinch, Gemma threw a powerful jab straight down the centre line that caught Paprika on the chin and set her on the back foot. As Paprika circled away, Gemma marched in on her, keeping her guard up and throwing teeps to set Paprika back.

"Both Gemma and Paprika have said that they will not grapple in this fight", said Roe. "They want to settle their score in kickboxing, by kickboxing. But we're also seeing some good clinch work that they couldn't engage in back then, because of the kickboxing ruleset, and I think this is set to favour Paprika this time."

"No doubt, Paprika has very strong close range Muay Thai", said Vladilena. "And Gemma needs to use her reach to stop her from using it."

The final minute of the round came, and at that very moment, Gemma threw a blistering wheel kick that caught Paprika across the temple and knocked her down onto the ground.


Immediately, as Paprika scrambled to recover, Gemma rushed in and began to hurl hammerfists down on Paprika. While several of the strikes connected, Paprika was able to weather the storm, grabbing Gemma by the torso and working her way back to a standing position. While she was still bent over, Gemma threw a high knee, smashing her in the forehead, but failing to put her lights out despite visibly stunning Paprika on her way up. Then, as the round's final seconds ticked away, Paprika fired a punch straight into Gemma's ribs, winding her somewhat as the referee came and split them.

"Huge close to the round for Gemma Watkins", said Michele. "She caught Paprika good with that wheel kick. Knocked her onto her butt, and then swarmed her... but Paprika did good to survive... and then boom! The big knee!"

"The pace of this rematch is so intense", said Vladilena. "I feel like Gemma is ahead on the scorecards, but anything can happen."

"I think Gemma Watkins is going to empty everything", said Roe. "She's a very technical striker, but she's also not afraid to take risks to get what she wants. And that will make for a very interesting fight... especially against someone as gritty as Paprika."

The second round soon began, and the fighters once again marched each other down to the centre of the ring. Paprika had a cut above her eyebrow from Gemma's knee, which the cutman had patched up with Vaseline.

"Second of three rounds, and Gemma opens with a teep! And Paprika catches the teep!"

Gemma quickly broke out, countering by throwing a question mark kick that Paprika blocked, though it still wobbled her. Again, Gemma moved in, and this time, it was Paprika who initiated the clinch.

"And now Paprika's back in the clinch! A high knee to the body of Gemma Watkins!! And another one!!"

"Gemma fires back with a knee of her own, and they break the - OOOO!!!"

The moment they broke the clinch, Gemma threw a big overhand right at Paprika, grazing her across the cheek, but in that instant, Paprika fired back with a massive jab straight to the open jaw of Gemma Watkins. The Albionite kickboxer wobbled and collapsed onto her knees, and as the crowd roared, Paprika immediately swarmed in.

"OH MY GOODNESS!!! DOWN GOES GEMMA WATKINS!!!" Michele screamed at the top of his lungs, his voice cracking multiple times as he did so. "PAPRIKA UNLOADS THE HEAVY ARTILLERY!!!"

"OOO!!! SHE'S HURT!!!"

Gemma desperately scrambled on the ground as Paprika hurled thunderous punches straight into her face, lunging forward on her knees to grab Paprika by the thigh and attempt for a Hail Mary takedown, but by then, Paprika had already smelled blood. She unloaded viciously, sprawling her entire weight on top of Gemma and hurling alternating shots to the body and head of Gemma.

"Defend yourself!" Derb Hean commanded Gemma as she shelled up on her knees and tried to feel for an opening to grapple.

"IT COULD BE OVER!!" Michele roared.

"GEMMA IS IN SERIOUS, SERIOUS TROUBLE!!" Roe was standing on the table.

Gemma quickly made for the cage, pressing her body against the wall to try and get back to her feet, but Paprika maintained the pressure and quickly seized control of her body by grabbing her torso. With her free hand, she continued unloading shots to Gemma's face, and all Gemma could do was block with her hand as she fell back to her knees. Eventually, though, Paprika's swarming became too overwhelming, and as Gemma's defence crumbled, Derb Hean stepped in.


Immediately after the stoppage, Gemma Watkins got back up with a look of exasperation on her face and protested the stoppage to Derb Hean, who shook his head at her as she stumbled back to her feet, clearly somewhat wobbly. In the meantime, the victorious Paprika, soaking in the energy of the screaming and applauding crowd, walked one slow round around the circle, holding up two fingers on one hand, and then a zero on the other hand.

"Paprika exacts her revenge, and hands Gemma Watkins the very first loss of her professional career!!!" Roe exclaimed. "Gemma had her rocked hard in the first round... but then Paprika came back in the second with that massive jab to the jaw that stunned Gemma, and then that's all she wrote! I don't believe it!!!"

"We knew this was going to be a fight for the ages", said Michele, as Bruce Duffer entered with the official result. "And, by God, it truly was a fight for the ages, as Paprika rallied back, got the job done, and blemished Gemma Watkins' perfect record for the very first time. The course of history in the Women's Strawweight Division has taken a massive turn. Here's Bruce Duffer."

"Ladies and gentlemen", said Bruce Duffer, as both Paprika and Gemma were brought to the centre of the ring. "Referee Derb Hean has called a stop to this contest at 1 minute and 26 seconds in the second round, declaring the winner by TKO... PAPRIKA JITMUANGNON!!!"

With the fight now over, Paprika exchanged a handshake with Gemma, who accepted it graciously and nodded, saying something to Paprika out of range of the microphones. Then Roe Jogan entered the cage.

"I'm here with Paprika Jitmuangnon", said Roe Jogan. "Paprika... you just shook up the world. You settled the score with Gemma Watkins by handing her her very first professional defeat in combat sports. How does that feel?"

"Roe, I wanna say, now is the time to bury the hatchet with Gemma", Paprika replied. "We had bad blood before the fight, but it was all just trash talk. I respect you very much, Gemma. And if you want, I will do the trilogy with you next time."

The crowd cheered, and Roe moved on.

"She stunned you late into the first round", he said. "She hit you with a big knee to the forehead."

"It was a very good shot", said Paprika. "I felt her power. I'm very familiar with her power... and I told myself between the rounds, I needed to break through the power."

"And you certainly did", said Roe. "Take a look at that jab, that big jab that knocked Gemma down. That was the beginning of the end of the fight. Did you know it was close?"

"Absolutely", said Paprika. "I made the mistake in the first fight of not moving in on her. This time... I refused to let the chance slide."

"So now that you've taken out Gemma Watkins, you will be the new No. 1 contender in this division", said Roe. "Is there anyone you want to fight? Do you want a title shot?"

"Only two people kha!" Suddenly, Paprika's demure tone shifted, and she took on an air of ferocity and determination. "First, I wanna fight... Miho Uchida for the title!! Next, I wanna fight... Bloody Regina!!"

The crowd erupted into cheers as Paprika walked over to the commentary booth and pointed at Vladilena Nikiforova, who took her headset off and stood back up, smiling at Paprika.

"Vladilena Vladimirovna Nikiforova!" Paprika declared confidently, yet also with an air of reverence. "I will surpass you one day!!"

"All the best", Vladilena could be seen on camera replying to Paprika, though the microphone could not pick out the sound of her voice.

"Well, Paprika, it was an honour to call your fight tonight, and I wish you nothing but the best in your next fight", said Roe, as he quickly walked over to meet Paprika at the edge of the ring.

"Khob khun kha, Roe", said Paprika, before turning back to cast one more glance at Vladilena before exiting the cage with her team.


"We have a new No. 1 contender in the Women's Strawweight Division", said Michele, as the lights dimmed. "The division, long ruled by Miho Uchida, will soon be shaken up.

"And coming up next... our final fight of the evening. The long awaited rematch, as Inosuke Hirabashi runs it back with Felix Alvarez for the undisputed Bantamweight World Championship!"

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Postby Naval Monte » Thu Sep 21, 2023 1:35 am

Australia- Oceania

Greetings to all who are listening.

We have debated on the matter how we wish to go about the Oceanic Reconstruction Program and our hallow halls and chambers have enter gridlock as all parties have their own vision for a new future for Albion and Oceania. As such we are forced to seek alternative means to break the gridlock. As such we have implement a new proposal.

Reconstruction Advisory Board

For a limited time a board consisting of representative from the various houses and prominent minor houses within will be allowed to send in diplomats, economist, technologists, legal and political experts, and other important figures to determine future policies that would dictate the course Oceania will go to become a functioning proper realm.

We will have our own people present to evaluate each ideas presented and trails will be conducted to test out the viability of certain ideas if they are deem promising.

We hope that this program will help foster closer ties between our realm and future partners.

This marks an end to this transmission

Australia- Oceania
Simpson desert

"I swear wars aren't fought as they use to now." an old colonial bemoan as he watched the battle wage in the safety from a command outpost.

Most of the staff in the command post were all humans with a few dolls and homunculi present acting as support staff; from janitorial and cafeteria duty coming from the homunculi to the dolls acting communication and logistic officers. Colonial Richard was an old soul. A former soldier back when the United Kingdom was not regarded as a subject of history and where most militaries had metahumans regarded as "special assets" instead of political and military leaders. More importantly, when warfare was between humans using machines to aid in their objectives. Not machines fighting against humans.

From the battle not a single human infinity was spotted. From heavily modified cybernetic homunculi and humanoid shape combat drone. To some constructs using treads, wheels, and a few hovering over the ground. To towering spider tanks and gunships using construct brains. The army sent against the Resistance holdout were all mechanical monstrosities made due to the unholy marriage between science and the occult. The roar of Tripodial constructs echo out as they fired out arcano-plasma beams from their emitter crystals.

Each construct was designed to specialize different roles. Some design to assault soldiers and as such were design around mobility and firepower at the cost of durability. Support units assisting them to either provide greater fire power to destroy heavier targets and provide the armour needed, to some having more utility roles such as repairs and modifying the weapons and performance of the constructs on the field. Some provided reconnaissances to gather information on the battlefield to aid with the staff on the command outpost and to deliver information to it's brethren, others are design to either physically or wirelessly hack into enemy computers and conduct electronic warfare, and other units would try to infiltrate the enemy forces to assassinate key targets, but for now they were held in reserve until such an opening can be made.

Others travel throughout the battlefield to collect fallen constructs and even pieces of destroyed resistance equipment and the bodies of dead resistence soldiers to be taken back to the automated and sentient factory that produces the constructs. Creating new constructs or repairing older ones that can still be fixed. Sometimes it incorporates pieces of deceased soldiers into the design of new constructs. Unleashing cybernetic undead horrors that were once former comrades to destroy the enemies morale and sanity.

The specialization was designed for each construct both to reduce the cost in manufacturing and maintaining such machines but also ease in the logistics and maintenance as each type could easily have interchangeable parts if they serve the same function as the next unit in their assigned role.

From the air he would see a massive arsenal class aerostat deploy a swarm of drone fighters to engage with jet fighters launched by the resistance as drone bombers would dive down to drop their payload to the enemy.

The Albionite method to warfare is cold. It's automated. It's inhuman.

They can say that Albion doesn't have the human population to field a large army to properly defend itself but he rather have a small army of flesh and blood soldiers with true feelings and independence than a army of thoughtless killer machines.

Richard knows he is the last generation to hold this opinion on the constructs used for war. Most of the younger generation either don't care or gladly support what they see as necessary innovation. Willing to ignore some of the grotesque methods used to create them or the horrors those machines inflict on their fellow man with no hesitation, no mercy.

The man turned away as he looked back screen as the digital map of the battlefield displayed the conflict in real time thanks to the recon drones and the connectivity the constructs have with the computer systems they used.

The role of humans in this conflict was to act as the handlers of the machines. Provide orders for the constructs to follow through. To provide maintenance to damaged and functional units alike. Operate the logistic network needed to ensure these machines are able to function at optimal efficiency. In the rare occasions special forces are needed than metahumans are used while regular humans are sent out as spies to gather intel on the enemy and sabotage them from within. All while providing a clear flow of information to high command and the construct while spreading disinformation to the enemy or conducting psychological warfare.

In short, their role was supplementary to the machines save for a few important functions. Yet like the machines every man and woman most perform their job with the same efficiency as those damned machines for their war effort to succeed.

He saw a small drone hovering. It's camera lens and the logo of a new agency told the colonial that it was a news drone recording his and everyone's action. Several of those drones were out in the battlefield to record the conflict to broadcast to both Albion and the world the war effort and boast the glory of Albion. The old man almost wanted to laugh at that.

Yet he did what was assigned to him. He assigned battle positions for the constructs to form in and assigned objectives for the machines to complete.

If there was one saving grace is that he can order a bombing run to destroy those machines along with the enemy should the opportunity present itself.
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Postby Nagakawa » Fri Sep 22, 2023 4:58 am

Krung Thep, Kingdom of Siam
Rajadamnern Stadium

Two Epic Rematches

Krung Thep, Kingdom of Siam
Rajadamnern Stadium

After an epic battle at Meta Legends 172 for the undisputed Bantamweight World Championship, reigning Bantamweight World Champion Inosuke Hirabashi is set to defend his belt for the first time at Rajadamnern Stadium in Krung Thep, in a rematch against former Bantamweight World Champion Felix Alvarez. Additionally, the undefeated Gemma Watkins will face off against her arch nemesis Paprika Jitmuangnon - their second meeting, after an incredibly close fight held one year ago in the same arena. Lastly, Siam's Giyu Nor. Por. Sukhothai and the Maharlikan Federation's Kevin Martinez will go into battle in the final bout of the Road to Meta Legends SEA Featherweight Grand Prix, with the winner to receive an exclusive multi-fight contract with Meta Legends.

In the headline bout of the preliminary card, the No. 5 ranked Light-Heavyweight contender Baasandorj Ganzorig will fight former Light-Heavyweight title challenger Lewis Wilson, currently coming off of an impressive KO victory over Yi Seong-man at Meta Legends: Miami.

Inosuke Hirabashi (C) vs Felix Alvarez (1)
平橋伊之助 vs フェリクス=アルバレス
Minakami, Japan • Tabasco, Mexico
Sakuraba Wrestling • Cinnamon Boxing Club
15-0 • 21-4
133.5lbs • 135lbs

~ R2 TKO (punches) 1:26 ~
Gemma Watkins (1) vs Paprika Jitmuangnon (4)
ジェマー=ワットキンズ vs パプリカ=ジットムアンノン
Albion • Krung Thep, Kingdom of Siam
Teixeira MMA • Jitmuangnon Muay Thai Gym
2-1 (Kickboxing: 89-0) • 7-1 (Muay Thai: 141-33-1)
115lbs • 115lbs
Women’s Strawweight Bout

~ R3 Split Decision 5:00 ~
Giyu Nor. Por. Sukhothai vs Kevin Martinez
ギユウ • ノー • ポー • スコータイ vs ケヴィン=マルティネス
Krung Thep, Kingdom of Siam • Manila, Maharlikan Federation
Nokdam MTC • Power MMA
146lbs • 145.5lbs


~ R3 Unanimous Decision 5:00 ~
Baasandorj Ganzorig (5) vs Lewis Wilson
バーサンドルジ=ガンゾリグ vs ルイス=ウィルソン
Sükhbaatar, Mongolia • Albion
Bronze Axe MMA Centre • Wilson Martial Arts & Fitness
205lbs • 206lbs
Light-Heavyweight Bout

~ R3 Majority Decision 5:00 ~
Eleutherios Economides vs George Dalton
エレフテリオス=エコノミディス vs ジョージ=ダルトン
Athens, Greece • Albion
TapNapSnap Athens • MidCity Kickboxing
206lbs • 206lbs
Light-Heavyweight Bout

~ R2 Submission (anaconda choke) 2:06 ~
Walter Weiss vs John Sims
ウォルター=ヴァイス vs ジョン=シムス
New Mexico, NAU • Pennsylvania, NAU
Heisenberg MMA • Polymath Gym
14-3 • 11-3
171lbs • 169.5lbs
Welterweight Bout

~ R3 Unanimous Decision 5:00 ~
Yodkhrut Banchamek vs Sebastian McNear
ヨックルト=バンチャメック vs セバスチャン=マクニア
Krung Thep, Kingdom of Siam • Albion
Banchamek Muay Thai • Jolly Roger MMA
12-0 (Muay Thai: 331-41) • 14-5
145lbs • 145.5lbs
Featherweight Bout

~ R2 KO (punch) 1:12 ~
Paul Goodman vs Roderick Bateman
ポール=グッドマン vs ローデリック=ベイトマン
Chicago, WWF • Gotham, NAU
HHM Martial Arts • Pierce & Pierce Academy
186lbs • 185lbs
Middleweight Bout

"Here we go", said Michele, almost holding his breath even as he spoke. All around the arena, a tense silence gripped the crowd, as the lights dimmed, and then turned a ferocious deep blue. "The fight we've all been waiting for."

Suddenly, a slow and majestic march began to play. Thunderous cheers rose from the crowd as Felix Alvarez, the former Bantamweight World Champion, emerged from backstage and began walking solemnly down the aisle, baring his striated and fearsomely muscled body, his long jet-black hair flowing behind him. A terrifying bloodlust burned in his vicious yellow eyes.

"'Fiat justitia ruat caelum', said the former champion Felix Alvarez at the ceremonial weigh-ins." Michele's voice was almost trembling in excitement. "'Let justice be done, though the heavens fall'. He is coming in tonight with every intention of finishing this fight decisively, and claiming back what he believes should have remained his."

"Never before has the bantamweight division had such a dominant champion”, Roe added. "The destruction he inflicted on every one of his opponents was unparalleled. The skill he possessed, the power he had, was head and shoulders above everyone else. It was only in his sixth title fight that Felix Alvarez finally met his match. An opponent he could not finish."

"But now", Michele chimed in, as the cutman helped Felix tie his long hair into a tight bun, "five rounds the wiser after his first fight, Felix Alvarez will have all the experience, all the information he needs to solve the puzzle of Inosuke Hirabashi. And tonight, he comes in as the betting favourite to win the fight... and regain the title.

"But it is a monumental task ahead of him, to challenge the man that took the belt from him."

Once Felix had entered the cage, the lights changed from his dark blue to an electrifying bluish-green, and the regal music was replaced by a heroic and inspiring piece. From the other end of the arena came the champion Inosuke Hirabashi - baring his muscular body and wearing the head of a boar over his own. The cheers that had precipitated Felix's arrival were suddenly replaced by a chorus of boos and jeers.

"This was the man who shattered the aura of invincibility that shrouded Felix Alvarez for three years", said Michele. "Inosuke Hirabashi, the King of the Mountain, undefeated in mixed martial arts. He fought Felix to a standstill in the first fight, and convinced the judges that he deserved to win the fight. Now, amidst the controversy, he has the opportunity to set the record straight and to defend his title."

"And, if I may add", Vladilena chimed in. "The controversy about the scorecards doesn't change the fact that Inosuke took Felix to a very dark place, and stood toe to toe with him. Nobody else up till then could have hoped to challenge Felix, in this weight class. So whether or not you believe Inosuke won the first fight, you have to acknowledge how strong he is."

Once at the foot of the cage, Inosuke removed his boar mask, revealing his pretty and feminine face with his sparkling green eyes, which twinkled that night with a beastlike rage. The cutman tied his two-toned black and blue hair into a ponytail, and then applied Vaseline to his face, before ushering him into the cage.

"Nobody can predict who will come out on top tonight", said Roe, sounding markedly more tense than he usually was. "But one thing's for certain... this fight will be legendary."

"Our tale of the tape for tonight", said Michele. "Felix Alvarez weighs in at exactly the Bantamweight limit of 135lbs. Inosuke Hirabashi, shorter by an inch at 5ft 6, well below the limit at 133.5lbs. The champion is 24 years old; the challenger, 29 years old. Identical reach for both men. Here's Bruce Duffer."

"Ladies and gentlemen", said Bruce Duffer, as Felix and Inosuke stood across from each other at opposite ends of the cage, both men staring at each other completely still. "THIS IS THE MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING!!! Sanctioned by the Royal Siamese Athletic Commission, and sponsored by HOT STAFF. Our three judges scoring the contest are Mr Kazuo Noda, Mr Sawat Jarungjitwitthawat, and Mr Jonah Hertz, and the referee in charge: Mr Keith Petrov.

"AAAAAND NOOOOW!!! For those in attendance, and Meta Legends fans watching around the world!! This is the moment you've all been waiting for!! Iiiiiiiiiiit's TIIIIIIME!!! FIVE ROUNDS FOR THE UNDISPUTED META LEGENDS BANTAMWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD!!!"

"Introducing first, FIGHTING out of the blue corner: a boxer holding a professional record of 21 wins, 4 losses. He stands at 5ft and 7in tall, weighing in at 135lbs. Training under Cinnamon Boxing Club, and fighting out of Villahermosa in Tabasco, Mexico: presenting the former Meta Legends Bantamweight Champion of the world, and the No. 1 ranked bantamweight contender in the world... THE CHALLENGER!!! FELIX "THE BLUE LION" ALVAREZ!!!"

Felix, still standing completely motionless, stared piercingly across the cage at Inosuke, who had begun squatting up and down like a monkey, while still keeping his gaze fixed on Felix.

"And introducing his opponent, FIGHTING out of the blue corner: a wrestler holding an undefeated record of 15 wins, no losses. He stands at 5ft and 6ft tall, weighing in at 133.5lbs. Training under Sakuraba Wrestling, and fighting out of Minakami in Gunma Prefecture, Japan: presenting the REIGNING, DEFENDING, UNDISPUTED META LEGENDS BANTAMWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!! "THE KING OF THE MOUNTAIN", INOSUKE HIRABASHI!!!"

The referee, Keith Petrov, called Inosuke and Felix to the centre of the ring. Felix was still stony and inscrutable, while Inosuke was twitching and grinning menacingly.

"Alright gentlemen", he said. "We've been over the rules. Protect yourselves at all times. Keep it clean, and keep it active. Obey my instructions at all times. Touch gloves if you like... and let's do this."

Inosuke and Felix bumped fists briefly and tensely, and then returned to their respective corners.

"The tension in this building has reached a boiling point", said Michele, "mere moments before one of the biggest title rematches in recent memory."

"Ready? Ready? FIGHT!!"

"Inosuke Hirabashi in the blue grappling shorts", said Michele. "Felix Alvarez in the black trunks - and Inosuke stumbles Felix early with a kick to the shin!"

Inosuke and Felix quickly closed in on each other at the centre, and Inosuke immediately opened with a kick to Felix's shin, sweeping Felix's leg out from under him and causing him to drop briefly onto one knee. Felix immediately recovered, however, and fired back with a roundhouse kick feint which set Inosuke briefly on the defensive.

"Big shot by Inosuke to start off the fight", said Michele. "Like Paprika and Gemma... these two know each other perfectly well. No feeling out needed."

Again, Inosuke and Felix closed in on each other, and this time, Felix was the first to throw down, hurling a lightning-fast one-two combo that touched Inosuke and forced him to shell up. Immediately, Inosuke hit back with a hook to the body of Felix that hit him straight in the ribs, but Felix fired back with a massive cross that smashed Inosuke in the face and sat him down.

"OOO!!! KNOCKDOWN FOR FELIX!!" Roe screamed.

Inosuke immediately burst back up onto his feet, but Felix quickly moved in and initiated a clinch with Inosuke, who quickly hauled Felix over to the wall of the cage and pressed against him with his body. A cut had opened up over his eye where Felix's cross made contact, and a trickle of blood dribbled down past his nose, smearing onto Felix's back.

"Felix lands a huge shot on Inosuke!! Inosuke is bleeding already!!" Michele exclaimed. "But Inosuke fights back and wrestles Felix against the wall!!"

With his back pressed against the cage, Felix tried to fight out of Inosuke's underhooks, firing knees into the torso of the champion, but Inosuke fought back and, with a huge motion, deftly pulled Felix to the side and reaped both of his legs out from under him, slamming him onto his back.

"Massive takedown for Inosuke!!" Michele exclaimed. "Felix on his back, pulling guard against the champion!!"

Inosuke immediately stood back up, and then - still inside of Felix's closed guard - began to throw punches on Felix from above. Felix, however, was able to defend against the punches fairly well, using his closed guard to frame against Inosuke and to keep him at a distance. As the round ticked to a close, Felix quickly pivoted on his hips, throwing an upkick that hit Inosuke in the abdomen, and then scrambling back to his feet just as the bell went off.

"What a round to kick off this rematch!" Michele exclaimed. "A razor-thin round, with so much back and forth action!"

"Felix managed to hurt Inosuke good in the opening minute with that knockdown", said Roe. "It opened up a cut above Inosuke's eye, which the doctor is looking at now. But then Inosuke came back with that big, big takedown. And then came the hammerfists."

"These two have such great cardio", said Vladilena. "I watched their first fight. They were just throwing down nonstop. From start to finish."

"And I expect this pace will continue to hold up", said Michele, as the second round began.

Once again, both men immediately pushed forward to the centre of the ring, where this time, Felix darted in with the agility of a butterfly and threw a punch to the body of Inosuke, before quickly darting back out. In response, Inosuke hurled another kick to Felix's shin. Felix flinched, and then hit back with a jab that touched Inosuke on the forehead, right above the cut on his forehead. Again, Inosuke hurled a powerful kick to Felix’s shin, and Felix quickly changed stances and began moving backwards.

“Felix looks bothered by those leg kicks”, Roe observed.

“It’s said that Inosuke adopted a more striking-heavy camp to prepare to stand with Felix”, said Michele. “Those leg kicks may be part of it.”

Having switched to orthodox stance, Felix began circling his lead hand, keeping Inosuke at a distance and threatening the jab, but Inosuke seemed undeterred. He threw a powerful inside thigh kick, cracking Felix’s thigh with his shin and stumbling him. Again, Felix switched stances, only for Inosuke to once again kick him in the shin, this time causing him to drop to his knee. That moment, Inosuke rushed in headlong, landing a punch on Felix’s face, but then himself eating a cross to the face as Felix rose and fired back.

“Both fighters land in the pocket!!” Michele yelled. “This is crazy!!”

Again, both Felix and Inosuke threw at the same time, but this time it was Inosuke’s punch that carried more power, causing Felix to become visibly wobbled on the feet. As Felix stumbled backwards, Inosuke pounced forward, smashing him in the face with a superman punch, and driving him backwards against the cage.


Again, Inosuke landed another shot, and this time, Felix collapsed onto his knees. That moment, sensing that a finish was near, Inosuke began to swarm Felix ferociously, but Felix refused to wave the white flag. Eating multiple shots flush to the face, Felix clawed his way back to his feet, throwing wild haymakers back at Inosuke even as he continued eating shots directly to the face.

“Felix manages to survive!!” Roe exclaimed. “And now he’s firing back!!”

As Inosuke continued unloading, Felix fired back with shots of his own, and eventually, one of them found its mark, hitting Inosuke right on the jaw and sending him tumbling onto the ground. From there, however, Inosuke quickly leapt to his side and shot straight in between Felix’s legs, whereupon he proceeded to grab one leg and set up a leg lock, just as the round came to a close.

“Huge round for Inosuke, as he rocks Felix hard and lands many big shots”, said Roe. Felix and Inosuke both returned to their corners, where their cornermen rushed in to give them advice and to ice their wounds.

“In the corner of Inosuke is Kazuhiro Sakuraba, one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, and one of the greatest legends of MMA from the early days, before Meta Legends was established”, said Michele. “And Inosuke also has a rising featherweight prospect with him tonight; Yushin Nouzen, a fellow student of Kazuhiro Sakuraba, 16-2, taking on No. 4 ranked featherweight Zach Lee at Meta Legends 178.”

“Don’t get careless”, Inosuke’s coach Sakuraba, a rather average looking Japanese man in his fifties with spiky salt-and-pepper hair and gnarly cauliflower ears, advised the champion. Beside Inosuke, his teammate Yushin, a young and handsome man in his mid 20s with short black hair and a white scarf draped around his neck, silently iced his chest. “Felix has power. You have to keep him guessing, but don’t eat those shots.”

“Meanwhile in Felix’s corner, he has none other than the great Dmitry Alexandrovich Bulochnikov… two time Olympic freestyle wrestling medalist. And his boxing coach from Cinnamon Boxing Club, the great Silvestre Jose Gutierrez, 36-0.”

“You’re too timid”, Silvestre was advising Felix. He was a powerfully built redhead with a handsome face, with a circular tattoo on the back of his neck resembling a spiked and scythed wheel of sorts. “You have to make him respect your power, or he will walk all over you for the rest of the fight!”

“He’s strong”, Felix remarked with a hint of exasperation. “Stronger than last time.”

“Hit him hard”, Dmitry said to Felix. “Clinch with him, and don’t let him kick your legs.”

The third round soon began, and both Felix and Inosuke once again pushed forward to the centre of the cage. By now, both fighters’ faces were heavily battered and damaged, but while Felix appeared stern and focused, Inosuke was smiling.

“Teep to the body by Inosuke”, said Roe. “Felix shoots in to try and clinch, but Inosuke teeps him again!”

Felix circled away, and Inosuke once again threw a high kick, this time towards Felix’s face, but more so to warn him of the threat than an actual attempt at a kick. Once again, Felix shot in to clinch, but this time, Inosuke hurled a powerful low kick that smashed Felix in the shin. Felix’s leg buckled under him, and the challenger lay on his back as the crowd erupted into deafening cheers and screams. Inosuke immediately leapt into Felix’s half guard, without caring about freeing his leg; instead, he began raining hammerfists onto Felix’s face while on top, all while Felix thrust his hips from the bottom and struggled his way out of the hammerfists. He grabbed Inosuke by the arm and attempted an armbar from an angle, but Inosuke slipped out easily, before backing away from Felix and taunting him to get back to his feet.

“And Felix stands back up”, said Michele.

“This is a dilemma for Felix Alvarez”, said Vladilena. “He is by far the more credentialed boxer, and his game plan is to try and batter Inosuke and break him down.”

“But Inosuke’s just chopping away at the lead leg, and Felix has no answer”, Roe added. “He can’t go to the ground, so he must stand. But how much longer can his leg hold out?”

Once again, the moment Felix got back to his feet, Inosuke threw another chopping kick to Felix’s leg, this time opening up a cut on Felix’s already heavily bruised and tender shin. Blood trickled from the cut, and Felix sluggishly changed stances, keeping his hands up. Again, Inosuke threw another kick, this time hitting Felix in the thigh, and as Felix reacted by throwing a jab, Inosuke dodged the strike, and then hit Felix with a big overhand right. Felix ate the shot and stumbled backwards, but maintained his composure despite being visibly bothered by the shot.

“Ooo!!! Big right hand by Inosuke!!!”

“Felix has quite the chin”, Vladilena remarked darkly.

Again, Inosuke rushed in, but this time, Felix was able to clinch with him. From inside the clinch, they exchanged blows, Felix throwing elbows and Inosuke firing back with knees, and then disengaged. Inosuke threw yet another kick to Felix’s left thigh, where an ominous red mark had begun to form just like on his right shin.

“Inosuke’s conditioning is just amazing”, said Roe. “He’s throwing these huge shots straight into Felix’s shin, and not even flinching at all! You know how goddamn painful it is to kick another man in the shin?”

Felix gritted his teeth, and then desperately charged in, throwing a wild overhand right at Inosuke and grazing him across the cheek, only for Inosuke to land a punch to the ribs in return right as the third round ended. The crowd cheered loudly, and Inosuke and Felix returned to their corners - the latter visibly limping as he did so. The look on Felix’s face made it all too clear that he knew the fight wasn’t going his way.

“I can do this all night”, Inosuke said to Kazuhiro Sakuraba and Yushin Nouzen in his corner. Though he probably tried not to show it, his hoarse voice was a little quieter and less brazen than at the weigh-ins, betraying a weariness that had begun to seep in.

“Two more rounds”, said Sakuraba. “Keep up the pressure. He’s getting tired. Don’t let him have any openings. You got this.”

Yushin silently patted Inosuke on the back.

“We go now to the championship rounds”, said Michele, as Inosuke and Felix both rose from their stools. “But it’s a very different fight from the first one, now.”

This time, as the round began, Felix walked forward far more cautiously, his legs clearly feeling the damage from Inosuke’s kicks. Heeding his corner’s advice, Inosuke immediately began to pressure forward, feinting a kick to the shin of Felix, whose exaggerated reaction hinted that he could only take so many more of the kicks. Taking advantage of the reaction, Inosuke pressed forward some more, and right as Felix threw a jab, he fired back at Felix with a big hook to the temple, connecting perfectly and drawing the cheers of the crowd out. That moment, Felix stepped in furiously, grabbing Inosuke by the torso, and then attempting to drive him to the cage.

As Felix drove forward, Inosuke pushed back fiercely, hurling a smashing knee to Felix’s solar plexus and winding him, causing him to loosen his clinch. Taking advantage of the break, Inosuke hurled a powerful jab and cross combo that hit Felix directly in the face, but Felix could not be put down, and he pushed forward with a blow to Inosuke’s body and re-entered the clinch.

“Felix back in the clinch! This is what he wants to do, so Inosuke can’t kick his legs again”, said Roe. “But Inosuke’s fighting his way out of the clinch now.”

Indeed, even as Felix tried to hold on to the clinch, Inosuke managed to secure a double underhook, from which he then ragdolled Felix, yanking him powerfully to the side and slamming him directly onto the ground.

“Inosuke lands in side control! And now he’s got the mount!!”

From the bottom, Felix fought to throw Inosuke off, but the champion fired back with a flurry of elbows straight into Felix’s face, before transitioning into an S-mount. From there, Felix fought back by throwing punches upwards, but Inosuke continued to work, trapping Felix’s other arm and yanking on it in an attempt at an armbar.

“He’s going for the armbar!!” Vladilena exclaimed.

“Five seconds left in the round!! Can Inosuke finish it??”

Felix fought back with all his might, and Inosuke could not secure the armbar before the round came to a close. Despite his failure to complete the submission, however, Inosuke got up in triumph, pointing his fist into the air and yelling at the crowd, as the exhausted Felix lay on the ground for a moment before getting back up and returning to his corner.

“One final round for this fight”, said Michele. “Felix needs a finish… because at this rate, Inosuke is just going to destroy him further than he already has.”

“Felix’s legs are just gone”, said Roe, as the former champion hobbled back to his corner and grimaced angrily. In the meantime, Inosuke, too, was beginning to show signs of fatigue, but seemed decidedly more fresh nonetheless. “Those leg kicks by Inosuke have damaged him on both sides.”

“Felix needs a finish”, said Vladilena, as the two fighters’ corners attended to them. “He’s been dominated from Rounds 2 to 4. Something big needs to happen… but Inosuke is just so tough.”

Soon, the fifth and final round began. Both Felix and Inosuke, for the final time, approached each other at the centre of the ring. This time, Inosuke opened not with a kick to the leg, but with a kick to the body, which Felix was able to block with his elbow. Immediately after, Inosuke switched stances, moving forward deftly and throwing a jab that Felix was able to block, and then hurling a kick to Felix’s left shin. Again, as in the third round, Felix’s wounded leg buckled from under him, and Felix immediately shot in for a takedown, managing to grab Inosuke by the legs. However, Inosuke was able to sprawl before Felix could take him down, and as Felix tried to push him towards the cage, Inosuke deftly secured a double underhook, and then hurled a knee to Felix’s liver.

“Big shot to the body by Inosuke!! But Felix refuses to go down!!”

Despite having eaten a shot clean to the liver, Felix remained standing, wincing in excruciating pain, but still maintaining his tight overhooks on Inosuke. His body crumpled forwards, but he remained on his feet, even as the somewhat frustrated Inosuke followed up with a few cracking elbows to the jaw.

“HOW IS HE STILL STANDING!?” Michele roared in awe at the top of his voice. “FELIX ATE A LIVER SHOT!! HOW HASN’T HE GONE DOWN???”

Taking advantage of Felix’s partial incapacitation, Inosuke torqued his body, and then dumped Felix onto the ground fiercely, whereupon Felix immediately turtled up, preventing Inosuke from mounting him. From there, Inosuke quickly gripped Felix by the torso, and instead of trying to take his back and submit him, proceeded to hurl punches straight to his face from the side.

“Inosuke landing some huge shots in the final minutes of this epic rematch!!” Roe exclaimed. “Felix is in serious trouble!!”

Having seemingly recovered from the liver shot, Felix scrambled out of his turtle position, attempting to seize Inosuke’s leg. In response, Inosuke sprawled laterally, trying to maintain his grip on Felix’s body, but after clearly having some difficulty in doing so due to the sweat, he quickly transitioned to a headlock. From there, as Felix rose back to his feet, Inosuke hurled another knee, this time to Felix’s body, and then swept him backwards and slammed him straight on his back.

“Ooo!! The sumi gaeshi!!! And now Inosuke’s on top!!”

With less than a minute left on the clock, Inosuke quickly mounted Felix, and then began to hurl hammerfists down on him, clearly having no intention of trying to submit him this time round. Felix shelled up, making several attempts to bridge and to control Inosuke’s arms, but by the time the clock went off and the referee separated them, he had managed to do nothing.

“WE HAVE GONE THE DISTANCE!!” Michele roared, as Inosuke rose back to his feet and graciously offered Felix a hand to get back to his feet, before walking back to his corner in an uncharacteristically quiet manner. “Inosuke Hirabashi returns with an emphatic statement over his rival Felix Alvarez… and thus concludes one of the greatest title rivalries in the history of mixed martial arts.”

“Both men were coming in for a finish tonight”, said Roe, as Felix got back to his feet slowly and hobbled back to his corner. “But even without a finish… Inosuke showed complete and utter domination of a man that many believed was untouchable. And now the bantamweight division has truly entered a new era.”

“It’s also a testament to how tough Felix is”, said Vladilena. “He couldn’t be submitted. And Inosuke is such a high level grappler, but he couldn’t submit Felix at all. The toughness of Felix Alvarez is just insane.”

“For one final time tonight”, said Michele solemnly, as the referee brought Inosuke and Felix to the centre, the former having untied his hair and put his boar mask back on, “here’s Bruce Duffer.”

“This match was presented to you by HOT STAFF”, said Bruce Duffer. Behind him, President Yoshida entered the ring, carrying the championship belt. “And now… Ladies and gentlemen, after five rounds, we go to the judges’ scorecards for a decision. The judges score the contest 49-46, 49-45, and 49-45 for the winner by UNANIMOUS DECISION, aaaaaaaaaaand… STILL!!! THE UNDISPUTED META LEGENDS BANTAMWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!! “THE KING OF THE MOUNTAIN”, INOSUKE HIRABASHI!!!”

Inosuke let out a loud grunt, muffled somewhat by his boar mask, as Yoshida draped the belt over his shoulder and shook his hand. As the crowd roared and applauded wildly, Inosuke walked over to the vanquished Felix Alvarez and offered a handshake, which Felix gracefully accepted, despite the bitterness being visible in his eye. Then, as Yoshida exited the cage, Roe Jogan came in.

“I’m here with the winner, and still the bantamweight world champion: Inosuke Hirabashi”, he said. “You were an underdog coming into this fight. Many people said you didn’t deserve to beat Felix in your first match. But tonight, you came in and completely dominated him. You left no doubt at all that you are the rightful champion of this division.”

“Hey, no disrespect to Felix”, said Inosuke hoarsely, turning to face Felix and taking the microphone. “Felix, you were an amazing champion. When I said I would send you to hell, I didn’t mean it. It was just trash talk. I apologise for it.”

Felix nodded demurely and waved his cornermen aside, while the crowd continued cheering.

“You came into this fight with a very striking-oriented game plan, and we saw you chopping away at the shin of Felix Alvarez repeatedly”, Roe Jogan continued. “That really impacted Felix’s ability to strike, and you were able to take charge. Did you learn this from the first fight with him?”

“It’s hard to submit this guy, is all I can say”, said Inosuke. “He’s a tough bastard, Felix Alvarez. Zero quit in him. So I knew I had to do something different, and that’s why I chose to wear him down.”

“And he cut you over the eye in the first round”, Roe added.

“It’ll get better”, Inosuke dismissed Roe’s concern. “I’m fine. I’ll fight every couple of months if I have to!! YOU CAN’T KEEP THE KING OF THE MOUNTAIN DOWN!!!”

The crowd burst into thunderous applause.

“So”, Roe moved to his final question. “Who is next for you?”

“Shoutout to my teammate and my friend, Yushin Nouzen”, said Inosuke, pointing to his corner, where Yushin stood and waved to the crowd with a quiet, reserved smile. “He’s fighting at 178. You guys will love it. And as for me… you all know who’s next!!”

With his belt still draped over his shoulder, Inosuke sauntered over to the side of the cage and pointed at someone sitting in the front row. Another former Bantamweight World Champion.

“Yodlek”, he snarled hoarsely into the microphone. “You’re next.”

“INOSUKE HIRABASHI, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!” Roe declared, as Inosuke exited the cage and walked right up to Yodlek, who stood up and stared Inosuke down calmly to the cheers of the crowd.

“And with that emphatic performance by the Bantamweight Division’s king”, said Michele, “we sign off tonight!! Thank you all for coming, and we’ll see you all at Meta Legends 178: O’Connor vs Kulabdam, in Dublin, Ireland!!! Have a good night everyone!!!”

Two Epic Rematches

Krung Thep, Kingdom of Siam
Rajadamnern Stadium

After an epic battle at Meta Legends 172 for the undisputed Bantamweight World Championship, reigning Bantamweight World Champion Inosuke Hirabashi is set to defend his belt for the first time at Rajadamnern Stadium in Krung Thep, in a rematch against former Bantamweight World Champion Felix Alvarez. Additionally, the undefeated Gemma Watkins will face off against her arch nemesis Paprika Jitmuangnon - their second meeting, after an incredibly close fight held one year ago in the same arena. Lastly, Siam's Giyu Nor. Por. Sukhothai and the Maharlikan Federation's Kevin Martinez will go into battle in the final bout of the Road to Meta Legends SEA Featherweight Grand Prix, with the winner to receive an exclusive multi-fight contract with Meta Legends.

In the headline bout of the preliminary card, the No. 5 ranked Light-Heavyweight contender Baasandorj Ganzorig will fight former Light-Heavyweight title challenger Lewis Wilson, currently coming off of an impressive KO victory over Yi Seong-man at Meta Legends: Miami.

~ R5 Unanimous Decision 5:00 ~
Inosuke Hirabashi (C) vs Felix Alvarez (1)
平橋伊之助 vs フェリクス=アルバレス
Minakami, Japan • Tabasco, Mexico
Sakuraba Wrestling • Cinnamon Boxing Club
16-0 • 21-5
133.5lbs • 135lbs
Performance of the Night (Hirabashi)

~ R2 TKO (punches) 1:26 ~
Gemma Watkins (1) vs Paprika Jitmuangnon (4)
ジェマー=ワットキンズ vs パプリカ=ジットムアンノン
Albion • Krung Thep, Kingdom of Siam
Teixeira MMA • Jitmuangnon Muay Thai Gym
2-1 (Kickboxing: 89-0) • 7-1 (Muay Thai: 141-33-1)
115lbs • 115lbs
Women’s Strawweight Bout
Knockout of the Night (Paprika)

~ R3 Split Decision 5:00 ~
Giyu Nor. Por. Sukhothai vs Kevin Martinez
ギユウ • ノー • ポー • スコータイ vs ケヴィン=マルティネス
Krung Thep, Kingdom of Siam • Manila, Maharlikan Federation
Nokdam MTC • Power MMA
146lbs • 145.5lbs
Fight of the Night (Giyu, Martinez)


~ R3 Unanimous Decision 5:00 ~
Baasandorj Ganzorig (5) vs Lewis Wilson
バーサンドルジ=ガンゾリグ vs ルイス=ウィルソン
Sükhbaatar, Mongolia • Albion
Bronze Axe MMA Centre • Wilson Martial Arts & Fitness
205lbs • 206lbs
Light-Heavyweight Bout

~ R3 Majority Decision 5:00 ~
Eleutherios Economides vs George Dalton
エレフテリオス=エコノミディス vs ジョージ=ダルトン
Athens, Greece • Albion
TapNapSnap Athens • MidCity Kickboxing
206lbs • 206lbs
Light-Heavyweight Bout

~ R2 Submission (anaconda choke) 2:06 ~
Walter Weiss vs John Sims
ウォルター=ヴァイス vs ジョン=シムス
New Mexico, NAU • Pennsylvania, NAU
Heisenberg MMA • Polymath Gym
14-3 • 11-3
171lbs • 169.5lbs
Welterweight Bout
Submission of the Night (Weiss)

~ R3 Unanimous Decision 5:00 ~
Yodkhrut Banchamek vs Sebastian McNear
ヨックルト=バンチャメック vs セバスチャン=マクニア
Krung Thep, Kingdom of Siam • Albion
Banchamek Muay Thai • Jolly Roger MMA
12-0 (Muay Thai: 331-41) • 14-5
145lbs • 145.5lbs
Featherweight Bout
Performance of the Night (Yodkhrut)

~ R2 KO (punch) 1:12 ~
Paul Goodman vs Roderick Bateman
ポール=グッドマン vs ローデリック=ベイトマン
Chicago, WWF • Gotham, NAU
HHM Martial Arts • Pierce & Pierce Academy
186lbs • 185lbs
Middleweight Bout
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Postby Nagakawa » Fri Sep 22, 2023 4:59 am

FIGHTER RANKINGS (updated after Meta Legends 177)

Bartholomew Tennyson
20-4 (Tennessee, WWF) - 1 defence
1: Donald Berwick 20-7 (Florida, WWF)
2: Carl Magnusson 20-4 (Oslo, Norway) +1
3: Louis Kao 13-1 (Taipei, Taiwan) -1
4: Pornsak Kiatmoo9 13-3 / Muay Thai: 250-31-1 (Krung Thep, Kingdom of Siam)
5: Narongdej Banchamek 7-1 / Muay Thai: 226-39-2 (Krung Thep, Kingdom of Siam)

Inosuke Hirabashi 16-0
(Minakami, Japan) - 1 defence
1: Yodlek Gaiyanghadao 12-2 / Muay Thai: 196-37 (Lopburi, Kingdom of Siam) +1
2: Felix Alvarez 21-5 (Tabasco, Mexico) -1
3: Arthur Redford 15-4 (Georgia, WWF)
4: Kallian Gracie 26-8 / BJJ: 116-20 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
5: Keith Chang 12-4 / Boxing: 27-5 (Singapore, Kingdom of Siam)

Gregory O’Connor 23-6
(Dublin, Ireland) - 0 defences
1: Bruce Lei 27-6 (South Han, Yuan)
2: Davaalkhagva Erdenebaatar 36-10 (Sükhbaatar, Yuan)
3: Kulabdam Banchamek 6-0 / Muay Thai: 306-48-4 (Krung Thep, Kingdom of Siam)
4: Zach Lee 17-5 (Gotham City, NAU)
5: Gottlob Liebermann 23-9 (Argentina, S. American Reich)

Hong Cho-dong 14-1
(Daegu, Korea) - 0 defences
1: Władysław Jędrzejczyk 27-3 (Warsaw, Poland)
2: Vladimir Meretskov 21-6 (Moscow, NUSSR)
3: Halil Öztürk 9-1 (Ankara, Turkey)
4: Magomedrasul Rukhollaev 11-0 (Makhachkala, Dagestan)
5: Yūki Tomioka 19-3-1, 1NC (Osaka, Japan)

Adam Clarke 32-7
(Tennessee, WWF) - 1 defence
1: Edward Morgan 21-3 (Albion)
2: Shinya Aoki 49-10 (Tokyo, Japan)
3: Yoo Seong-hoon 16-4 (Seoul, Korea)
4: Igor Tskhovrebov 9-3 (Moscow, NUSSR)
5: Mikheil Ochopintre 19-3 (Tbilisi, Georgia)

Snoop Dogg 30-6
(Florida, WWF) - 7 defences
1: Rustam Mukhamedov 31-10 (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)
2: Liang Hong-yao 25-5 (Taipei, Taiwan)
3: Bobson Dugnutt 14-1 (Florida, WWF)
4: Johnson Ncube 20-6 (Harare, Zimbabwe)
5: Alberto Melendez 23-5 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Yoon Chul 19-3
(Seoul, Korea) - 1 defence
1: Dean Wesrey 11-0 (Gotham City, NAU)
2: Lê Nguyễn Quang Hiếu 16-3 (Huế, Vietnam)
3: Felipe Sanchez 13-2 (Madrid, Spain)
4: Mönkh-orgil Nergüi 31-9 (Govi-Altai, Yuan)
5: Lewis Wilson 32-10 (Albion) +1 (NR)

Dolgorsüren Dagvadorj 38-7
(Ulaanbaatar, Yuan) - 6 defences
Interim Champion: Stephen Miocic 21-4 (Tennessee, WWF)
2: Vitaly Bogolyubov 10-0 / Judo: 69-23 (St. Petersburg, NUSSR)
3: Reimei Kazuki 7-1 / Grand Sumo: 747-318-78 (Dublin, Ireland / Tokyo, Japan)
4: Brock Lesnar 15-3 (S. Dakota, WWF)
5: Renato Figueira 31-11 (Brasília, Brazil)

Women’s Strawweight
Miho Uchida 17-5
(Tokyo, Japan) - 3 defences
1: Paprika Jitmuangnon 7-1 / Muay Thai: 141-33-1 (Krung Thep, Kingdom of Siam) +3
2: Rey McSriff 21-7 (Florida, WWF) +1
3: Gemma Watkins 2-1 / Kickboxing: 89-0 (Albion) -2
4: Kiyomi Fujimoto 16-1 (Tokyo, Japan) -2
5: Nancy Fernandez 13-3 (Manila, Maharlikan Federation)

Women’s Flyweight
Amanda Lourenço 22-5
(Belem, Brazil) - 0 defences
1: Chen Yu-ke 18-2 (Singapore, Kingdom of Siam / Tennessee, WWF)
2: Mòrag McDougall 17-5 (Albion)
3: Han Ayun 21-4 (Seoul, Korea)
4: Wondergirl Banchamek 11-1 / Muay Thai: 98-18-3 (Lopburi, Kingdom of Siam)
5: Anastasia Lukashenko 32-18 (Belarus, NUSSR)

Women’s Bantamweight
Amanda Lourenço 22-5
(Belem, Brazil) - 7 defences
1: Josephine Turner 19-4 (Wollongong, Oceania)
2: Natalie Rensch 12-3 (Albion)
3: Felicia Maricon Aguilar 27-12-1 (Manila, Maharlikan Federation)
4: Germaine Baumann 17-7 (Argentina, S. American Reich)
5: Ekaterina Ramazanova 12-3 (St. Petersburg, NUSSR)

Men’s Pound-for-Pound
1: Snoop Dogg (30-6)
2: Dolgorsüren Dagvadorj (38-7)
3: Inosuke Hirabashi (16-0)
4: Hong Cho-dong (14-1)
5: Adam Clarke (32-7)
6: Władysław Jędrzejczyk (27-3)
7: Stephen Miocic (21-4) +1
8: Gregory O’Connor (23-6) +1
9: Felix Alvarez (21-5) -2
10: Yoon Chul (19-3)

Women’s Pound-for-Pound
1: Amanda Lourenço (22-5)
2: Miho Uchida (17-5)
3: Josephine Turner (19-4)
4: Han Ayun (21-4)
5: Paprika Jitmuangnon (7-1) +5
6: Kiyomi Fujimoto (16-1) -1
7: Chen Yu-ke (18-2) -1
8: Gemma Watkins (2-1) -1
9: Mòrag McDougall (17-5) -1
10: Felicia Maricon Aguilar (27-12-1) -1
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Collab between Naval Monte and Faal Lot Himdah

Australia- Melbourne
Royal Exhibition Building

“No. That chair should be moved to the left.” Alex told a pair of dolls as they were carrying a large and ornate chair to the left hand side of the round table.

The thaumarch chose to have the meeting between her allies be held in the Royal Exhibition Building; the site of the first meeting between all lords back in the waning days of the war.

The symbolic usage was obvious. But another reason for the usage was to show the restoration her people have done to the old building as Beaux-Arts facade of the building no longer showed signs of damage from the war nor neglect of it being abandoned.

The building looked as though it was ready for a stream of tourists to walk upon its vast halls.

Alex chose for the meeting in question to take place in the previous chamber where the war meeting was once held for no other reason than it served the purpose for such important conferences well the last time.

“I need everything in this room to be perfect.” She had both her hands on her hips as she gave out more instructions to the dolls as they tirelessly tried to match the room to whatever vision Alex had for it.

She was so engrossed that she wouldn’t hear the door opening to reveal dolls escorting the guests she was arranging the room for.

As Khalid entered the room, he gave the dolls escorting him and his Sagentar's a quick thank you before turning his attention to the rest of the room. He paused for a moment as he watched the bustling dolls for a moment. At his side he carried a single black suitcase.

"Looks like restoration efforts are going well." Khalid finally spoke up and looked at Alex, "Thank you for making time to meet on such short notice."

Amir joined Khalid. Joining him are not only his own guards but also his wife; Amrita.

Amrita looked at the dolls with a not too subtle look of unease at the artificial humanoids.

Alex would turn to see that her guests arrived. “Excellent…”

The witch would soon have a banner that was supposed to be hung up fall on top of her.

“Just ignore the fact everything isn’t finished yet.” she told her guests as she threw the banner to the ground.

“Do you all want anything to eat or drink?” she asked them.

“Just water.” Amir asked. His wife is also asking for the same.

"Water is fine with me as well, thank you." Khalid said before taking a seat at the round table placed in the room and waited for the others.

One of the dolls left the room to deliver the water as Alex led everyone to the table to take their seats.

“Now that we are all here, what do you all wish to discuss?” she asked as she clapped her hands together.

Amrita looked at the dolls. “Can you tell those things to leave?” Alex nodded and ordered the dolls to leave the room.

As they all began to leave the khan spoke.

“The situation with the Impossible City has changed.” he told the two. “More things keep emerging from the city and worse I’ve had incidents occurring in other regions in my realm.” he explained.

“Right now I have these incidents covered up but eventually it will become impossible to do so.”

"So we need to find a way to more effectively handle these incursions from the Impossible City." Khalid said and gave a slight smirk behind his mask, "I might have a solution. Well, I guess it's not me who has it, but the book that has it."

The two looked at Khalid with interest. “You manage to get something from that book?” Amir asked. “How did you translate it?”

Alex let out a smirk as she leaned forward and rested her head on her hands. “So, what did the book tell you?”

Armita was silent. She knew most of the events that occur in the city as Amir told her everything but she still felt clueless as she did lack the proper experience of being within the city. One she had no interest in truly experiencing in the future hopefully.

"Something, yeah. A lot of something actually." Khalid admitted, "No translation needed. Simply opening it flooded me with information and images, most of it incomprehensible, and all of it giving me a serious headache."

He put the suitcase he carried on the table, "One of the things it put in my head was diagrams and instructions for the creation of a device that could be of great help. A device that can allow us to capture and contain invading creatures as data within the device. Data that can be recalled, thus allowing for the summoning and commanding of such creatures. With limitations that is."

The two looked at Khalid with surprise. “Did you just say we can capture and control these things?” Amir repeated, disbelief in his voice.

“Can I see the diagrams?” Alex asked. “I’m honestly surprised that book didn’t drive you insane. We may need to have some mage to examine your mind to ensure the book didn’t plant something else in your head because that was insanely risky.” she told him.

Armita spoke up. “Have you tested this program?” she asked. “What limitations did you find with it? Is it something that would be dangerous to the user?”

"Potentially." Khalid said as he looked at Amir, before turning to the lord's wife, "Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to test it yet, as such, I can't answer either of those questions."

He then looked to Alex, "I appreciate the concern, but I have no reason to believe anything dangerous was planted within my mind. As for the diagrams, I have them here."

Khalid paused as he opened the suitcase, pulling out two folders, passing them to both of the other lords. After doing so, Khalid did not close the suitcase, instead reaching back in.

"However, I have something better than just those diagrams," He said as he pulled out a circular, disk-like device that slipped on to his arm. A display activated on the device as Khalid looked at the two, "I have a prototype."

Alex looked at the device with wonder. Her attention was on it solely as she didn’t even look at the folders that were on her hands.

“You managed to make a prototype!” the witch was beaming with excitement.

“You have to tell us how this machine works! Does it have any other features!?” the excited witch asked.

Amir was examining the device carefully. “How long did it take for you to make it? Can we make more of these and mass produce them in a reasonable time frame?”

"I started working on it as soon as I got the instructions and diagrams, so, a few days." Khalid said, "But that is because there was no research or development, and I had all the information needed to create a schematic that could be input into the Simug."

He looked at Alex, "Beyond capture and containment as data, it should be able to recall said data, and then project it back into reality while maintaining control over the 'summoned' creature. According to the diagrams, it should also be able to translate and allow for easier communication with invading creatures. The only issue is that it has very limited internal storage..."

With that he hit something on the display, as a slot opened up on one of the edges of the device, and Khalid pulled a series of white metal cards from the suitcase, "External storage can be inserted into the device here, allowing for captured and contained creatures to be exported on to these data cards, and vice versa."

He then deactivated the device and returned it and the data cards back to the suitcase. Before looking at Amir, "As for if it can be mass produced. Theoretically, yes. However, I used Anunnaki technology to create the prototype. Specifically the Simug, which greatly reduced the time and material cost compared to if I did so without the Simug. As such, I can see it being on the expensive side to mass produce them in a reasonable timeframe."

Amir let out a loud tsk when he heard the complications for mass production.

“Could you make it so everyone here and people who trust can have a copy?” Armita asked. “I don’t have an intention of using such a device as I don’t want to be anywhere close to these things but I would rather have my husband or our children a chance to defend themselves against these beings.”

Alex hummed as she nodded. “I have to agree with her. For now we can make a few more with Simug. However I will try to make my own attempts at creating a copy of the machine by alternative means.” She told everyone as she looked over at the diagrams.

“Though, I do want to try my luck with the book.” she suddenly added in. “Perhaps I can discover new upgrades through it or maybe even other tools to aid us along with this device.” she explained.

Amir looked over at Khalid. “You have the book kept back in your realm?” or at least he hopes it is. He rather not have their best chance at stopping this invasion being stolen.

“Assuming that Alex’s experiment with the book proves to be as fruitful as your usage, I may make a similar request. Though I’m hoping for other solutions besides more upgrades to our device since I’m not the most computer literate individual.”

His wife let a small smirk form when Amir admitted that detail.

“He needed Chodak to help him navigate safely using his computer because he kept falling for scams like the Nigerian Lord one.”

The Great Khan blushed as his wife brought up that particular scam. “Can we please not bring that one up again.” giving him an innocent look Armita merely replied with, “No.”

Alex chuckled at the exchange. “I see that particular scam exists in your realm as well. I thought that one was exclusive to Albion.”

She looked back at the device. “So what name should we give that device?” she asked. “I believe we should at least give our trump card a decent name. Maybe even give a collect name for our invaders since calling the program install the “Invader Summoning Program” doesn’t quite have a nice ring to it.”

"Please, one thing at a time." Khalid said before turning his attention to Armita, "Yes, I should be able to create a copy of this device for those we can trust."

His attention then returned to the group at large, "The book is secure within my realm. As for you both wanting to try your luck with it, we can arrange for that. However, given what I saw, I am reluctant to move it. I fear it would prove a tempting target if it was ever in transit."

"And as for a name for this device," He shrugged, "I have never been good at naming things honestly. So, I am open to suggestions."

"So we need to visit your realm to use the book?" Amir pondered. "This may be for the best. We should keep it on a secure site to ensure no one can steal it. Perhaps we should even create a second secure location for it in the event the first one is compromised."

Alex would add. "And a third encase that one also is compromised as well."

Alex would turn her attention back to the device. "Hmm. I believe for a name we should make it simple. Something that won't draw too much attention if we were to discuss it in public. Like COMP?" She said, "But that may be too simple. As for the entities we could use Eidolons for the time being. At least we can use that for the summoning program." She suggested.

“If you ask me it’s more like a demon summoning program after seeing some of the things coming from the city.” Amir said but Alex chose to ignore his comment.

Alex would look at Khalid. "Are there any upgrades you want my people to work on when we try to replicate this device with our technology?"

Armitia would make a fake cough to get everyone's attention.

"I believe we have another matter to attend to. I believe Khalid mentioned he wishes to aid with the reconstruction of Australia, an effort me and my husband talked about and we both decided to join in as well."

"I am not against back up sites for keeping the book." Khalid admitted, "As for upgrades, there are a few things I will have my own people start working on, but I trust your judgment to further improve upon the base design."

He then looked to Armitia and nodded, "Yes. My intention to provide aid for the reconstruction of Australia has not been a secret. Today, I would like to discuss finer details about this. I am specifically willing to offer resources and knowledge to aid in the further development of the Outback."

Alex blinked when she heard where he wanted to work. “Why the Outback? What do you plan on doing there?”

Amir chose to join in. “My intention is to repair the cities damaged in the war to the best of my realm’s abilities. If you wish to change how those cities are like you can send someone to share your plans.” he told her.

“My eldest son may join in to do his own personal project on bringing more greenery to Australia.”

Alex rubbed her chin at the thought. “Having more fields to grow crops would be nice. A nice forest to make a national park would also be a nice addition to have as well.” she closed her eyes as she thought deeply on the idea.

She looked at Khalid over.

“The Outback is a vast, underdeveloped region.” Khalid stated, “If developed it would provide major boons for your government, strengthening the Great Lordship of Oceania. Thus making you a stronger ally. I am willing to offer resources and experts to help develop the Outback, especially the more arid regions. However, I do ask a few things in return.”

Alex straightens her back as she feels more interested by what she was hearing. “Name your price. Do you wish for me to provide us with some of our technology and experts in science and thaumaturgy? Or do you wish for constructs to serve a specific purpose? Or perhaps you wish for some of our cultural works?” she guessed, listing some offers she can provide in exchange for the deal Khalid provided.

"As much as further access to your science and thaumaturgy is tempting… There are three things I desire." He said, "First, I would like access to the artifacts recovered by Albion from former British institutions such as the British Museum. Specifically artifacts of Middle Eastern origin. Second, I would like to strengthen our alliance by the development of a joint military base within the Outback. And third, you take the Illuminists out of Birit Narim and the rest of the Great Lordship of North Africa and the Middle East. If you agree to our help, you can use these Illuminists to populate the Outback."

Alex thought about the offer. “I was wondering what was gonna happen to the Illuminist groups in your realm. Your predecessor was tolerant of them. I guess you follow more of Sergei’s opinion on my movement than him as you want them gone.” she sounded disappointed by the realization.

“But you at least are giving them the option to leave to new grounds instead of shooting or imprisoning them. So it would be foolish to reject that offer. As for the joint military bases I have no objections to those. However the artifacts may be harder for me to follow through as other people may object to that one.” she warned.

"I merely ask for access at this time." Khalid clarified, "Access so that I may determine if they possess any value as a potential artifact of the Anunnaki. If so, then they are useless to anyone but myself, and I will seek to obtain them at that time. Besides, trying to recover all our lost artifacts, our lost history, would be too troublesome.”

Alex let out a sigh of relief. “I’m glad to hear it because I don’t think I would be able to give you everything that was taken. For every one artifact I was able to save I suspect there are more still lost or worse destroyed.” she explained.

“But access to inspect them. Now how do you wish to improve the Outback? What plans do you have for that vast scratch of desert?”

"Populate it, make it viable." Khalid said bluntly, "Develop the infrastructure to allow for agriculture, increase the fertility of the soil, pull water from underneath to the surface, and the further extraction of resources.”

The Thaumarch nodded with his plan. “About the Illuminists. I may have an idea why you want them gone but just for the record why do you wish to deport them besides having them increase Australia's population?”

Amir would join in by asking. “What would you have done with them if sending them here wasn’t an option?”

"Suppress it. And if they start to prove a more prevalent problem, eliminate the problem however necessary." Khalid admitted bluntly, "It is an ideology that pushes for radical social change, and thus threatens the stability of the state. If the state is not stable, it can not effectively protect its people. Now, we are faced with a potential invasion by extradimensional threats. This is not the time for a weakened state."

Alex frowned. “I suppose we could save the societal changes for later. Once we are sure there is a world worth changing. I thank you for bringing them to my realm instead of locking them away somewhere.”

Amir looked at the two. “I’ve been debating about this but should we share what we have discovered in the city to the other states we have made an alliance with?” he asked. “The more people we have on our side the easier things will be for us in stopping this invasion.”

"It was the most logical solution at this time." Khalid admitted to Alex before turning to Amir, "Given the fact the situation is continuing to grow, I doubt we will be able to keep it hidden for much longer. I have little issue with sharing with our mutual allies."

Alex was silent for a few seconds as she pondered what to say. “What should we do if they want us to discuss with the royal couple, or worse, with the other great lords?” she said

"I have never been against discussing the situation with the royal couple." Khalid said, "As for them wanting to discuss with other Great Lords, all we can do is make our opinion on the matter clear. As bad as it sounds, we just have to trust them."

The two other great lords present showed doubt about trusting the other great lords. “For now,” Amir spoke as to break the awkward silence he and Alex made. “We should focus on informing our allies and with the reconstruction effort. Alex in the meantime will study the device you made and I will try to manage the situation in my realm.”

Alex nodded. “If there is anything else you two wish to add I believe we are done.”

"Yes, there is one more thing I would like to discuss." Khalid responded and looked to Amir, "Considering the events of the recent High Council meeting, I would like to offer additional support for the defense of Central Asia in the form of additional troops. Perhaps we can even arrange for joint training operations and such. Show India that the Middle East and North Africa are ready to stand with Central Asia."

The man let a small smile form. “I would appreciate having more boots on the ground.” he brought his hand forward for a shake.

“I can send in constructs to assist as well.” Alex chimed in

"Then you shall have them." Khalid took the hand of his fellow Great Lord.
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Scuffle in the Mansion
]Collab Between EU and Exil

At night Rudniki's mansion looked at least thrice as good as it did during the day. Probably the additional lighting, making it appear even moreso, Igor thought as he looked at the mansion they were driving towards.

Situated in one of the wealthier outskirts of Gdansk, more specifically one of the more private retreats of big fish in the communist party, it stood fairly lonely and was seemingly equipped with all manner of luxury. It's own extensive gardens, fully walled, own outdoors lighting, the mansion itself had a peculiar modern geometric look to it, making it seem like a very recent and expensive construction. A fully paved driveway to a series of private garages just topped it all off...and were those palm trees growing in the garden?

With a sigh, Igor checked his weapons again. There was hopefully no reason to use them much but he never knew. Having scouted out the place beforehand and thoroughly interrogated Rudniki for any information he was willing to give on his mansion, he was at least reasonably certain that things would go off without a hitch.

Tapping the driver on his arm, he signalled for him to stop, the van coming to a stop within seconds and the second van following them did the same. The doors opened and the men began filing out, heavily armed and fully kitted out as they were, they began to gather behind the vans, preparing to assault the mansion.

Peeking past the van, Igor checked just in case there were any new security measures that had been added, a constant risk when such a high profile homeowner was missing.

Sure enough, when Igor looked past the van, he would see just a seven or so of the naval infantry patrolling the area in front of them. They were mostly armed with Soviet surplus Kalashnikov assault rifles, though a pair of them used what looked like P90 submachine guns. Overall, it looked like that there was a minimal amount of guards present. For a group of skilled operators, taking them down and getting into the mansion unimpeded would be more or less an easy feat.

So far all was as predicted. The security was there but Rudniki's private mansion was by no means a fortress staffed with a garrison of guards. No, a mere 7 of them would be easy enough, though having to take them out quietly would complicate things somewhat.

"Split up. Trail them. Use guns only when absolutely necessary."

, he whispered to his squad, all of which nodded in unison before taking off, taking a variety of ways to advance towards the compound, partially taking rather long pathways around it just to make sure they wouldn't be seen sneaking about by the guards. They all had their rendezvous point so splitting up like this wasn't much of a headache for Igor either, who continued to observe the various guards.

One by one they would stop moving, Igor having a perfect view of the shadows of Resistance figures clinging to them, strangling them, slitting their throats and the like, their corpses being unceremoniously dumped where nobody could see them. Checking his watch, he noted that they were making good time. The first part of the operation had scarcely taken a quarter of an hour and by the time he looked up, he could see one of his men sending him a signal with a blinking light, notifying him that all was clear.

Before long, the Resistance operatives would be more or less free to get through the mansion's great doors, which were flanked by a pair of large windows. They could see that there were more guards, though there were seemingly considerably fewer inside. Two guards were walking about in the main corridor that branched out to the other rooms and chambers with shotguns slung on their shoulders. They didn't look like naval infantry, but rather, private guards that the mansion's owner hired in the past.

If anyone took their time to tour the place, it would be clear that the admiral appreciated art in its many forms. The walls were painted with graffiti, while portraits portraying the various admirals and other military figures from the Rudniki family stared down at whoever came in through the main entrance. So far, there was no sign of trouble for the Resistance operatives; the guards inside did not seem to notice yet that their companions had been wiped out. However, one of the guards pulled out his radio and began speaking. He repeated the same words twice, and then, likely due to a lack of response from the other side, motioned at the other guard nearby to be on alert.

"Guards are alert. Proceed with caution."

, Igor commanded via radio comms before leaving his position to hit the rendezvous himself. Those guards were going to be a problem, particularly because they couldn't track their movements and positions as easily, which made outmaneuvering them a pain.

Luckily some of them were now coming to the front.

Which was why he posted himself with his knife at the entrance, standing just behind the doorway to jump into action as soon as they came out.

Slowly, the two guards present in the main corridor walked to the entrance, keeping their shotguns ready. Another two appeared inside the mansion, rushing into the corridor with their own shotguns trained as well. They were coming now...

"Two more guards appeared, farther down the corridor, caution is advised."

, Igor was informed through his ear piece. Two more guards. That would be problematic indeed. Luckily he had prepared for it.

"Copy. Eliminate."

As soon as the two guards at the front reached the entrance, two tiny small holes appeared in the windows...followed by both the guards in the back collapsing with gurgling sounds as the subsonic bullets punched straight through their throats.

Igor used the little time that the surprise about the sounds behind them would hopefully inspire, to slam open the doors and be upon them in but an instant, slamming his elbow against one of the guards' temple to disorient it before turning to the other and stabbing it straight inbetween the ribs into the heart. Not bothering to pull the knife out, he switched back to the other recovering other guard, his hands taking his head before roughly pulling it to the side, snapping his neck.

When he dropped the corpse and retrieved his knife, he once again called out through the radio:

"This is operation leader, I am in."

He was waiting for news of his other teams, using other entrances of the mansion to enter.

With the four guards within dead, the Resistance operatives would find no more, well, resistance as they filed into the mansion. Much of the luxurious house was poorly lit, but this was more of a natural consequence of neither the owner nor his family being present at the moment.

This train of ease would continue until the very office of the admiral, where the safe that he had mentioned during the interrogation was located. It was a standard keypad safe; fortunately enough, the admiral had been gracious to provide the code to it.

The slowly filed into the building, checking every corner, clearing every room as they spread out. Igor, along with a team of his best men, were heading straight for the office, watchful of any hidden surprises the good Admiral might have failed to mention...either out of forgetfulness or malice.

But it seemed like their Intel had been good. They got to the office with no issue and found the safe. Now they had brought plastic explosives to blow it open...but why resort to that if you had the code? Even if the code sent a silent alarm, they'd be able to exfiltrate before anyone arrived.

Igor's fingers practically danced across the keypad as he put on the combination.

As Igor had his hands on the list that they were looking for, the flooring beneath their feet growled with a low pitched rumble. At first, it might have seemed like that there was an earthquake; instead, what came about was far worse.

The admiral's king-sized bed practically exploded as... something emerged from the flooring underneath it. It was like a giant centipede, what with the dozens of skittering legs and the sizable jaws set below a single glowing, hateful crimson eye.

The construct immediately lunged for the nearest operative, intending to rip him apart. Soon, three other constructs of similar make burst out of the mansion's wooden flooring, though they were instead more like scorpions, though they had autocannons for stingers.

With a curse Igor dove to the side, clutching the documents tightly in his hand, watching as one of his fellow operatives was simply skewered by the strange giant centipede. Apparently the dear Admiral had indeed not been quite honest with them, something he swore he'd get back at him for once he had gotten out of here.

The damn construct held all the cards however. They weren't quite equipped to handle it in the cramped space of the Admiral's office...and from the sound outside, the consistent chunk of autocannons and the screams of his men, he could tell that even more and perhaps even worse constructs had appeared.

Still, he had to get out so while his men distracted the centipede and scorpions, he ran for the exit of the office, looking for the fastest way out of the office while shouting in his radio:

"Mission is compromised! Repeat, mission is compromised. Abort and retreat!"

The centipede construct seemed to be far too distracted with the nearest targets to notice Igor running away; instead, it tore another man in half with its 'jaws'. One might even surmise that it was more of an animalistic intelligence rather than human.

Fortunately for Igor, this meant that it was sufficiently distracted. He would be able to get out into the hallways, where absolute pandemonium reigned. Murderous scorpion constructs, one of which had apparently expended its ammo, skittered around and fired their autocannons in the general direction of the operatives. In the entrance, meanwhile, the doors would slam open as one of the Sisters of the Flame, accompanied by army troopers, swarmed in. They had made an already confusing situation worse as the two sides exchanged fire within the admiral's mansion, destroying many priceless works of art in the process.

The arrival of Army troops put the idea of the Admiral having set them up to rest. It appeared as though he'd underestimated the polish authorities' ability to put 2 and 2 together. With a heavy heart he gave a new command, ordering:

"All operatives, it's a trap. Escape unlikely. Do not fall into enemy hands alive. Over and out."

He didn't even listen to the various copies he received in-between the gunfire and the shouts of the dying, his eyes honing in on the enemy leader. A Sister of the Flame. She seemed familiar...right, he remembered the armour and emblems! He could've sworn he'd taken her down back when they has abducted the Admiral. Seems like those armours were worth more than he had given them credit for.

He cursed her silently before crossing the corridor and jumping into another room. He had to get out of here and the corridor was too busy...too much going on really. Perhaps here, on the side, he could get through and past the constructs and soldiers...though there was most likely still a perimeter set up around them...he still needed something to pass through that.

Fortunately enough for Igor, the room was empty save for two of the army soldiers, who were busy exchanging fire with one of Igor's own operatives still inside.

From the frying straight into a fire it seemed, Igor jumping for cover as thr assault rifles ripped most of the room to shreds. But it was definitely a more isolated and manageable firefight.

Looking at the situation he was faced with, he gave his comrade a few hand signals to stay in cover, the pokes clearly using the opportunity to pin him there. Meanwhile Igor prepared a flashbang Grenade and tossed it across his cover and at them, waiting for it to go off.

Once he heard it doing so, he checked for a moment if it had actually affected them, not really into rushing them just to find out they were unaffected.

Fortunately for him, the soldiers were very much affected. They crumpled down into the floor, hiding behind cover as they tried to recover their bearings from the flashbang. One of them hadn't been able to cover his eyes, and was blinded as a result.


Things had gone off without a hitch and so Igor came out of his cover, walking slowly, practically casually, as he put his rifle away and pulled out the silenced handgun. Once he had reached the two soldiers, he quickly but a bullet through their brains, making sure they wouldn't become a problem anymore, then motioned for his fellow operative to cover the door.

A plan was forming in his mind on how to escape from here...regardless of the likely police or military cordon around them.

He quickly started taking off his boots, his mask, his vest, his jacket, his pants before beginning to undress the soldiers, picking himself together some gear that wasn't too bloodied. Meanwhile his comrade was keeping watch, ready and prepared to take out anyone who might try to interrupt him.

Conveniently for the two of them, no one entered the room. From the looks of it, the army soldiers and the constructs were too busy with Igor's other operatives... though when they emerged from the room, a rather disturbingly large spatter of blood was spread on the floor. This was most probably the vicious work of the constructs, who would, by this time, earn a reputation of being rather brutal in combat. Nevertheless, the windows set on the right side of the hallway would show that there was a cordon of police vehicles and armored personnel carriers around the mansion, waiting for any errant Resistance operatives to stumble into their overlapping arcs of fire.

Of course, they wouldn't shoot on their men should they come out. They were already identifiable enough by their red visors, and most had masks, too.

Igor and his fellow operative had been fast to change, though the boots didn't fit them well, a fact they had little option but to suffer through. They could drop the boots once they put some distance between themselves and the polish authorities.

As they exited the room, they were met with polish soldiers mopping up what was left and blood spread all over the floor. It seemed as though the constructs had done short but gruesome work of the remainder of his operatives. A shame as Igor had been involved in most of their recruitment and training and knew them all well. The poles had expected them...perhaps not a surprise. After they had captured Rudniki, they had really only needed to count 1 and 1 together and deduce where they would head next.

He saw the Sister again...the one who had protected Rudniki...and burst in on his interaction with the black market brothers. He was tempted to try and blast her, having a feeling that if he didn't...she'd get in his way more often than he'd like...but he couldn't. Not without blowing his cover in the middle of all those polish soldiers.

Instead he told a passing soldier that the room had been occupied by two enemies but was cleared now. They'd gotten wounded and would head out to receive medical care, pointing at the blood soaking their uniforms.

Once outside, they filled in with the regular bustling activity inside the cordon, following other soldiers around before eventually quietly slipping away...towards one of the parked vans. Igor turned off the lights after starting it and soon they sped off into the night, never to be seen again in this area.

But despite the high toll they had paid...they had also gained valuable intel. Underneath his uniform, Igor had stashed the documents...once he was back at base, he could go through what Rudniki had kept in his safe...likely enough for him to figure out his next steps...
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Postby Britanania » Wed Sep 27, 2023 4:26 pm

Volkshalle, Reich Chancellery, Welthauptstadt Germania, Königreich Argentinien, Südamerikanischesreich, 1500, 10 July 2020

The Cabinet met in the Vice-Chancellor's office within the Chancellery for their impromptu meeting. Officially only Viktoria could call such an emergency meeting but given the circumstances, Ilsa dispensed with the usual procedure to address some of the more pressing matters. As the Reich's de facto number two, few could challenge her on this matter, especially with Freyja out of South America.

The members of the Cabinet quickly filtered into the room and took their seats reading the minutes of the last meeting as Ilsa arrived and started the meeting.

"This special meeting will come to order," she announced, gesturing to Erika to give the report on the situation in East Asia. The Minister of War rose and gave a briefing on the current military situation in East Asia, giving more focus to the Southeast Asian front, but also giving a rundown on the mutiny unfolding. The content was mostly similar to Monika's press briefing.

When she was finished and sat back down. The situation was undeniably volatile. The Reich had agents in the area, and with the wedding coming up soon, Ilsa desired stability.

After Erika sat, Max rose and looked at Ilsa.

"Madam Vice-Chancellor, I wish to motion a proposal."

"I second the Minister," Erika Rommel replied.

"You have the floor, Minister," Ilsa stated.

Max nodded and began.

"Given the situation in Eastasia, with the uncertainty there, I believe now would be the best time to conduct the first live tests for the Mechanische Organische Große Übermann-Eisenfaust-Reichsartillerie."

"Very well," Ilsa stated. "Then I put the question forward to a vote."

After a vote of 7-6, the motion passed.
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Postby Arlye Austros » Wed Sep 27, 2023 4:30 pm

Gdansk. Poland.

He could understand what Beatrice told him about Polish medicine. It felt off. He couldn’t really explain why. The reception seemed clean and well-cared for, and the staff seemed to behave focused on their task. But something about the building from the inside made it feel cold and uncaring. Like edges of massive cogs, the corners and turns of the hallways divided the people that poured to and from the entrails of the University Clinical Centre.

Santiago walked in trying not to let that feeling get the best of him.

Witam. Przychodzę na badania lekarskie.” said the woman who sat behind a large counter facing one of three lines queuing for their turn. She smiled and received his identification. Santiago was confirmed to have scheduled a medical checkup two days before and was then told to sit in a nearby hallway for a nurse to come get him, waiting alongside other workers who had attended to get their medical exams up to date. Santiago had the option to get his in the University Clinic as it was a great opportunity to give students some practice, so nobody opposed his request to have a checkup there.

It was also where Harold was being held.

He decided to try it.

His consciousness split and a part of it drifted away. With the corner of his awareness he kept an eye on his physical surroundings, while his body fell asleep and the majority of his senses moved through the hallway.

<<Traumatologii. Pediatria. Gastroenterologia…>> Luckily scientific words were fairly easy to deduce. His deficient polish could, otherwise become a problem. He followed a doctor up some stairs and tried to listen to the conversation. They referred to the cafeteria, and soon enough he entered an open area where doctors, nurses and staff seemed to have a snack before joining their daily duties. Most seemed to be in some rush and gulped down their coffee. He looked around, noticing that he could vaguely smell the brews and toasts.

Finally he came across some that, according to Janna’s description, worked in the Mental Health area. That was the last place Harold was seen, and the only chance they had of finding him. He followed, hovering behind the nurses that rushed towards their post in the third floor of a different wing of the hospital. He had to leave them as they presented some identification cards to a guard that pressed a button and caused the barred gate to buzz open.

“Towarzysz Menzendorff.” he heard. It seemed that the medical circles kept the traditional socialist ways. Santiago returned hastily to his body and woke up from his slumber.

Inside they told him to put on a gown and wait. They agreed to have an English-speaking doctor to see him, and after a while of sitting over a bed in a cold room, wondering if he could drift again and find Harold, the man appeared with his file in hand, proceeding to do some basic tests before sending him for some blood sampling.

In an hour he was again outside with his clothes back on and a bit frustrated.

“So?” Janna asked once he approached the bench in the nearby park she waited.

“I do hate needles. And I found the Mental health ward. But there is some tight security. The guard might have been military.”

“Which is good.” She replied checking her watch as he sat next to him and robbed his first snack of the day from her backpack on the ground. “Damn it, Santi. If we are doing this it has to go all the way through. They will notice I am gone in half an hour.”

He felt terrible. Janna had worked hard to make a life here in Gdansk. If he hadn’t disclosed to her S.M.F.P. 16 she would still be working into college, still in the bliss of not knowing it would eventually make life impossible to her. Maybe it was better than planning to run away.

“I will go back in and find out what I can before that. I promise. Please look after me.” He swallowed the Brötchen and closed his eyes, forcing it down until it vanished. As it did his mind drifted away and headed fast towards the wing. So fast that he nearly forgot how he got there. He just seemed to approach the guard without much consideration.

Santiago looked down to see a transparent, vaguely green version of his own hands and legs. It was the first time he fully manifested a visible form, although just to himself. He had “felt” it before, but this was entirely new.

The guard, who seemed to be an armed policeman, didn’t seem to notice him in turn, and Santiago vaguely felt the metal bars and grating melt through his second body and pass through as he walked into the Mental Ward.

Horace was nowhere to be seen, and very few inmates were visible in a small common area of a building that seemed to be both new and old from the inside. Santiago walked in and passed between some of them. They all seemed to be fairly healthy, but they wore kind of heavy-looking padded gown, and one walking between some tables moved slowly and groggy.

Another armed guard watched the scene while holding a lit cigar just next to a barred window, and a number of nurses in aqua uniforms moved from patient to patient, exchanging some words.

Two hallways went on from that place. Santiago felt something he had never felt before in his life coming from the one on the right. It was terrifying, as if fear itself emanated from the false lights that buzzed through that path. He was forced away, and had to choose the hallway to the left, away from that intense and unexplainable radiation, still feeling its intense sting in his mind.

<<Are you alright?>> Janna’s voice reached him, muffled and distant. Ethereal. He wanted to go back. But he steadied his mind and felt his body slide back into a deep dream while his projection continued on through the more illuminated hallway.

A couple of nurses talked beyond another grated door, exchanging some papers and words before departing in different ways. One went through a door to the side and Santiago followed, melting through the grating and then stopping before the closed door, wondering if he would be able to just move through.

He materialized at the other side of it. It was a small office with two desks and walls laden with files on cabinets from the floor to the roof. The nurse that just came in took a file and said something to the doctor on his desk checking on some documents. Santiago tried to understand what they said.

”… When is Ciril leaving?”
” At eleven. All three are dozed off.”

They nodded and the nurse left. Once alone the doctor lit a cigar and continued reading. Santiago looked around.

The files were organized in numbers that seemed to mean nothing. The three-digit numbers went from zero to six hundred and ninety-two, according to the label hanging from the folders. He looked over the doctor and saw a whiteboard with numbers as well, assigning the code to what seemed to be districts in the Northern Poland area. It seemed this office overlooked the regional operations of the hospital. From five-hundred to the end of the series the allocation fell on Gdansk. Santiago walked next to the edge with those folders.

He hadn’t thought about this. How would he read them? He was like a ghost, seemingly unable to interact with the environment. Well. He had to some degree, as he could speak to people by moving the air and simulating a voice. But to move a folder and open it?

And even if he could, the doctor was still there. He would be detected right away.

Even worse. That thing that came from the dark corridor seemed to follow him there. He could feel the pulsating radiation piercing into his mind and hitting him every two seconds, coming from the wall behind the folders. It could move through the walls just as he could himself.

Santiago stepped back, trying to stay away from the pulsating energy. In doing so he laid he hand on a desk.

The effect was instant. Like roots that come out of his fingers and into the openings of the furniture, an extension of his senses invaded the interior of the drawer. He couldn’t quite see the content, but rather was aware of their existence. A case with pencils, stacks of paper, most of them blank, and some bills from the cafeteria came into his mind, revealing the price of coffee and the amounts that a certain Wolvitz had in the last week. For a second, he laid there in silence, aware of that strange feeling and for a moment forgetting about the waves of tension coming from the wall. Like peeling an onion in a farm that he barely remembered, he moved down into the lower layer of the drawer, feeling pins, loose pens and a Swiss army knife. And then below this laid the other drawer, filled with books which he could read by feeling the letters between the closed pages pressing down and sealing them to material eyes.

The omniscience ended once he raised his hand from the wood.

“Jesus Christ.” He muttered. Though his voice didn’t materialize.

Slowly he gave a couple of steps towards the drawers, fighting the urge to get away with every pulse. When his transparent green hand descended on the rows of folders he felt as though the hairs of his skin crawled up with electricity.

Then he entered the folders. 501 revealed the information of a woman who was undergoing treatment. 502 to 509 taught him that the complex ran into the second and fourth floor, with rooms that were used to contain inmates not ready for common areas, and by 514 he knew there were special containment areas, padded and sealed, in the fourth floor and another common area like the one at the entrance in the second floor. After 550 he skimmed, not wanting to learn the details of the patients but finding Harold. His name was in folder 684, one of the latest entries.

Harold was being held in room 4078, fourth floor. It was tagged as a secure room, and to be entered with some caution due to the safety protocols. Harold was diagnosed with some advanced form of “Sluggish Schizophrenia” and an “Undetermined condition”. His polish also allowed him to deduce that the military was allowed to see him at all times without supervision. He was being given something called Haloperidol and was taken for interrogation every forty-eight hours by some military officer.

It was time to go, for sure. Santiago walked out through the door and into the hallway to the common area. However once there he realized the stairs to the fourth floor where through the staff passage. He returned, for a moment relieved he could stay away from the pulse.

How long had it been?

He reached the stairs and climbed, wondering if he could have just moved up through the ceiling. There was another grated door and another armed guard watched the entrance. Santiago traversed through without minding and turned to look at the doors. He was next to a 4050 punched into the metallic door of a room.

Even worse, several rooms pulsated with that blasted strange energy.

4059, 4060… Santiago walked down the dark corridor. The walls flashed every time a pulse struck him. It was starting to become pretty uncomfortable, and a green… thing seemed to hover and lurk in the corner of his mind. 4068. Ten more to go.

Each pulse was a blast into his mind. Santiago became aware that his body in that bench on the park was also shaking a bit, and Janna asked something. He could simply sigh as relieved as he could to reassure her. Each pulse made his senses erratic for a fraction of a second. As if a sonar struck right into his head. Each came from one or another door. 4075 was free, and he rested before it, somewhat withdrawn from the worst of the blast.

“It’s getting hard. But I can go through.” His slumbering body mumbled in the park. Janna said something about waiting. She would wait there. He was safe.

Santiago continued and finally stood next to a door with a big 4078 etched on it. A pulse came out through the edges, buzzing into his skull every few seconds. There was a paper inside a plastic holder next to it. He read.

<<Harold Garrick. – 15.>>
<<Halop (dożylny): 6mg/d. 7:00.>>
<<Wywiad (I.O.D.A.) 18:00. (dzis!)

After the fourth time going through it, Santiago felt he would remember the content. Those words escaped his ability to understand them, but he assumed there was a reference to the day in two of them. Finally, he decided to go through the door, finding it more difficult not only due to the constant punch of the wave, but also because of the metallic nature of the door.

Inside it was oddly clean-looking. The walls were painted white and seemed really smooth, though Santiago wasn’t sure what the material was. There was a hospital bed on one side, and Harold Garrick, wearing the same padded gown he’s seen at the third floor, seemed to be sleeping on it. He had an arm wrapped in a sling and one foot inside a plaster. There was a small flask taped to one of his arms, and it seemed to be injected into it. He recalled the name <<canulla>> vaguely from his field first aid classes. However, he assumed that was the thing he was given each day mentioned in the information note outside.

The details, however, nearly escaped him, as the pulse continued. This time it was so intense it made his vision not just blurry, but grainy and erratic, and filled with some green hue. He could hear a deep vibration after each blast, and it made his hearing impaired to some time as well. But now he saw the source of the pulse.

It was a cube sitting on top of a pedestal in the middle of the room. The cube was clean and clear, just like the walls and the pedestal. But instead of white it was pitch-black. It was dead and still, but to Santiago it also vibrated in a strange way between each pulse, as if charging in a way that only him, due to his current condition, could notice. A surge of fear and anxiety assaulted his mind with each onset, so Santiago had to fight once more the urge to run.

However, he wasn’t going to touch the damn thing.  After regaining control of his astral projection, Santiago moved towards Harold.

“Can you hear me?”

No response. Harold was breathing, but he was in some sort of deep sleep.

“Harold…” He moved the air around his projected throat and made sound again. Louder this time. But still a whisper. “Come one, Harold. Wake up!”

His eyes seemed to twitch before they opened a bit. His gaze was fixed on the ceiling. Maybe he was drugged. “Say something.”

“Wh-… -at…” He mumbled. Harold rolled on his side and tried to sleep again. Santiago partitioned himself, with his throat hovering just over Harold’s ear.
“Come on, man. I need you to wake up. I promise, you are not imagining this.”
“Leave me alone…”
“Shit… Listen. I need you to react. Come on, Harold!”

 The boy turned around again and faced the apparent source of the sound above him. He blinked and forced his eyes open. Santiago talked again. “Do you hear me?”

Harold nodded, but seemed as though he didn’t dare to say a thing.

“As long as you talk very low, they won’t notice. I swear. If you want, you can just nod.”

Another movement of the head. Then he spoke. “Who…? Santiago?”

“Yes. Long story. How are you?”

Harold took a minute to answer with a sideways nod. His lips moved to the English words: <<Not good>>.

“We want to get you out of here. Are you hurt.”

He nodded for affirmative.


Negative. His lips moved again. <<Can walk.>>

 “Good. You need to take this thing off.”

Harold shook his head violently. This time his voice was beyond any intend of hiding. “No! This is my medicine! It makes me well. I want to be well. Get away!”

“Shit! Shut up, man. This thing in your arms is obviously making you feel like crap.”
“It’s better... It makes it stop.”

It took Santiago a couple of excruciating waves from the cube to understand what was happening. “It doesn’t. Trust me. We all have it. It doesn’t stop. They don’t want it to stop either, Harold. You know that. They want to understand S.M.F.P. 16 and use it. Have you told them anything?”

For a second Harold seemed to doubt in fright, then he nodded his head.

“I had to. Otherwise, they wouldn’t help me. I had to. I am sorry, I am sorry, iamsorryiamsorryiamsorry…” He covered his face while sobbing. Santiago couldn’t bear to see him like this. Part of him wanted to snap his neck and be done with it.

“It’s alright. Anybody would have said anything.”
“Down there is dark. I… I don’t want the dark, Santiago. It’s dark and silent. Here I can hear the song.”

The room was absolutely silent, although the pulse and the buzzing was very close to feeling like sound to Santiago.

“Who takes you there?”
“Armed men. They sit me down and give me something so I can talk. It hurts. But then I talk and it stops.”
“What do you talk about.”

Harold shrugged. Santiago didn’t think it mattered. He needed to get him out.

“Listen, Harold. Be ready. I don’t know how, but we are going to get you out of here. I fucking swear.”
“I don’t want to.”
“Yes, you do. You know you do. I promise. We are coming.”

 He could barely project a corporeal form now. Santiago floated out and focused on the notice outside the door once more, memorizing the words. Footsteps echoed through the hallway in between waves of fear and oppression. But he tried to stay focused while heading back to the third floor. Back to the stairs again, and then outside to the park, where Janna sighed in relief as Santiago woke up.

“Jesus Christ, Santiago! A nurse came to ask if you were alright. I tried to wake you up, but…”
“Sorry.” Santiago rubbed his eyes and sat up straight. “He is in there.”

Her face illuminated with a mixture of hope and worry. “How bad?”

“Pretty fucking bad. I don’t… I don’t think he has much left.”

There was a silence in which Janna didn’t seem to understand.

“Much what? Time? Himself?”
“Both. We have to get him out. Do you know what <<Wywiad>> means?”
“Interview. Why?”
“He’s got an interview at six. We need Beatrice to come.”


 Although he still felt somewhat exhausted due to that morning’s incursion, Santiago decided there was no time to spare. The trace of that fear that shook him to the very bone still remained. It would have to be ignored for the time being. He simply climbed the staircase of the apartment complex. 

His job was simple: project into the fortress, get whatever he could on Rudniki, and get out. With a bit of luck he would be back before dinner and on his way to the secret location that Beatrice had procured. Some place on the border with the German district of the NUSSR. 

His other job, however, included getting caught. Well… noticed. 

He reached the roof and then locked the door from the outside. Nobody would intrude. Not even help. It was extremely risky, and he had been aware of his power for… a week? Almost two now. But they needed to act if they were to get Harold out at all. 

Santiago closed his eyes and sat against a chimney and under its shadow. He sighed and left his mind drift once more. 

He stood on the roof right in front of himself. He noticed the light was slightly different. Gloomier, maybe. Or maybe it was just that colors didn’t really travel so well in whatever medium he was moving. He looked up with his astral eyes to the floating fortress. The black bulk shimmered with a green humming. It also seemed to pulse in a familiar manner. Santiago doubted. He was going to get himself in, perhaps, the last place he wanted to get into. But there was no other choice. Of course, it was time to solve a problem he had earlier. 

Could he fly?

His astral body jumped. He went up for quite a bit more than he was used to, but also slower. He then stopped mid air, about a meter over his own body, and stayed there for about a second before going back down. When landing he realized he wouldn’t go through the roof either. His body seemed to be repelled by the structure before landing safely on the concrete. 

Strange. He could move through walls. But horizontal surfaces were beyond his abilities. Nor did it seem he could fly. 

He leaned on the ledge of the building and looked down. Could he fall then? Or maybe he could jump to the other side of the building? He looked across, and Santiago tried to calculate if he could jump over the street and land on the roof at the other side. 

“It’s too far…” He mumbled. But then looked on the watch his body had. He had fifteen minutes. “Shit…”

Santiago stepped forward and jumped. He felt gravity taking hold of the situation. His body started to gain speed as it sank in the air towards the street. Faster, faster, faster. The windows passed faster. The figures inside them became blurry and unrecognizable. And the figures walking on the sidewalks became more and more clear. Faster and faster. He braced for impact. 

Impact didn’t came. He was going up. No longer did his arms covered his face. They were gone. Santiago’s astral body was no more, and he had returned to that odd state of just being a point of view floating away. Up towards the roof. 

Towards the roof he’d wanted to be in. 

It was just a matter of will. Will and diminishment. 

It was five fifty when his formless self hovered under the fortress itself, observing the shape that floated above and moved very slowly. He needed to will himself up there. Did he? From that distance he could already feel the tension and urge of the waves that pulsated from the walls.

Five fifty-one. 

Santiago floated up, faster and faster. Closer to the strikes and pounding of the fortress. The walls were dark but gleaming greenly before each pulse. Then darkness ensued and the energy it released caught him, making it cycle more and more unbearable. 

He had to endure. He had to get there. 

The fortress seemed to stand on a surface of dark, glassy material barely larger than its own foundations. Some of these protruded down from the lower bottom of the hovering mass, and seemed to be made of dark stone carved in massive bricks that were fused together by mere force, wrapped and warped at the junctions like an old man’s skin. The building itself glowed to him as he approached. His head was abuzz with the constant pounding, but Santiago tried to focus as he gained a perspective of where he would land, on a ledge outside a massive wooden door, barely large enough to hold a standing person. There were constructs on top of the walls, but they seemed to be completely unaware. 

His point of view hovered over the glass. It looked like obsidian. The darkstone wasn’t too different, but it was less transparent and now had this green hue in it. Santiago observed that the pulses came from the deepest part of the surface, crawled out from the dark core of each piece and stacked on it’s <<skin>> before erupting into the air. He couldn’t check the time now, But he estimated he didn’t have long enough. Not to stay and just get used to it. 

His body formed again. It was paler now, barely retaining its green color under the constant bombardment of green energy. When Santiago looked into his arms they barely held their form after each wave. But he had to keep pushing. He left the door behind and entered the fortress. 

Inside it was almost completely dark, though his eyes could make the shape of the walls, made of that same material with some wooden terminations. Constructs moved about, and they seemed to staff the entire complex. 

Now he just needed to find Rudniki’s office. Santiago pushed forward and moved into a hallway towards the center. He could understand some Polish signs, but they were scarce, and moved fast in order to gain time. Finally, he found the words that he wanted to see.

<<Admiralicja Gdańska>>

The hallway led towards a staircase. His feet hovered above the stone as they propelled his astral body upwards. He barely noticed time as he did, and was slightly confused when reaching the upper level. The new hallway was less aggressive, with the darkstone covered for the most part by wooden refurbishing. Still, the constructs moved about like dark shadows with a green flame within them. Santiago passed among them, keeping his distance, wondering if they could feel him. 

The hallway gained width near the end, with even some more furniture at what seemed to be the access to higher rank offices. The name of Rudniki was near a door, and he quickly made his way to it. A nearby clock marked the hour. 

6:05 in the afternoon.

Beatrice would be attempting her entrance now. He had to give them a margin. 

The door was locked, but it wasn’t an impediment to him. Inside, Santiago saw an office in a near-perfect state. Some folders had been left open over the desk, but they seemed unimportant, related to grain trains across the Baltic, if his vague farmwork memory served him right. 

He extended his feeling into the desk, finding that there was no information there. A file cabinet sat near a window, so Santiago breached in it, feeling his astral skin extending through the inside. 

Weapons. Ammunition. Promotions. Repairs. Schedules. Construct Designs. Luckily this was a category he was familiar with, he skimmed over it towards personnel. His own name and those of the Cobarites weren't there. He dropped down. 

Construct schedules. Design… Innovations? His Polish failed him there, so he continued. Reports. Patrols. Followings… Followings? He delved into that folder a bit more. He found his own name. And Beatrice, and Janna, and everybody else. 

They were indeed being followed. And it seemed Rudniki was at least aware of the results. 

Kremacja… it sounded like burning. Or cream. He looked into it. Names. Villages and locations, all allocated into a map of northern Pomerania, surrounding an area that was almost depopulated. The name Peplín was also marked, along with a unique date, not three months before. The region in the center of the ring of places was labeled as well with a different font. 

Pęknięcie. He looked up the word. It was the label of another folder. 

He could barely understand the meaning of countless reports. It was far too technical. But the pictures and diagrams were good enough. He understood something was happening in the area. And that the dates of events had accelerated lately. It made an association with events in Britain, referring to abandoned cities. Images of dead beings, some of them oddly familiar to him, were especially interesting. Many were burnt, and the suggestion of various fire-based weapons seemed to follow. Twisted corpses. Blended together by some strange process. Coming out of this “breach” at times. Forcing the Polish Government to deal with them. And anybody who might have witnessed it. 

Some more pages were in German, and luckily he could understand them. 

6:10 in the afternoon. He was already late. Santiago went back into the office from looking at the clock on the wall outside and wondered how. How could he cause an alarm in the fortress? He could barely interact with the environment. He needed a smart way of causing a ruckus. 

He could cause the air to move. He had to be able to do more than that. The link between his body down there and himself up here was weakened. Barely holding. He decided to let go of it entirely. 

As soon as he lost awareness of himself laying in the shadow his body in the office seemed to change. It gained substance and became visible now. Not only to Santiago as never before, with different tones of transparent and pale green and blue, but also to security cameras. 

An alarm went on almost immediately and Santiago bolted back through the closed door to the hallway, facing a number of constructs in alert mode and ready to catch the intruder, if they even could. 


It would have to be pure will and sheer determination. No complicated heist plan. No backup. Little to no information. No fallback if anything went wrong. Beatrice had a hard time fighting with her worst fears, mostly because of the group that had replied to her request for help, she was still the best chance they had to break in. 

Breaking out would be an entirely different thing. 

John and a boy named Ulrich, who hailed from the Northern Territories, attempted to get close to the Ward. They would be nearby to prepare the escape. Janna had made whatever find out she could as a university student, and informed them that spare uniforms were always available in a locker room near the Staff cafeteria Santiago reported about.  Beatrice commended other two Peplinites: Edwin Carrens and Nikola Ulztovich, to get there and try to get infiltrated as Ward staff. 

Beatrice displayed her full potential in the meantime. 

The girl walked about the perimeter of the building, trying to stay out of sight while not looking suspicious. She checked her watch one last time. 

6:01. Time to go. 

Her body was overtaken by spasm and shakes as her skin seemed to tense and stretch. Muscles were suddenly and painfully tonified and bones slightly adjusted their positions to compensate the new body dynamics. 

Beatrice Kellings was what some called “an enhanced hunter”, but was officially labeled as a “Limited Metaphysiologic Self-manipulator”. Meaning she could adjust her physiology within certain parameters. Class D, they claimed. The girl chuckled, if only to resist the pain that crawled through her bones as she leaned on the wall, her shoulder blades protruding a bit as she did and her fingers strengthened and enlarged, with dark-brown nails growing out within seconds. 

Once the transformation stopped, Beatrice got to work, and leapt towards a window, grabbing the frame and then thrusting herself again on a railing. Inside, a patient reading a magazine was interrupted by the silhouette, but failed to identify the nature of the shadow that quickly jumped up and out of view. Beatrice was on the cafeteria level, and once more went up to cling to the rain gutters under the eaves of the roof. Small skylights nearby allowed her to see, from a safe angle, the happenings in the cafeteria. 

He noticed Edwin and Nikola wandering nearby, trying to blend in with the staff. They were the oldest-looking of the group, so they had a chance to not be questioned. But every second was a risk to be taken, as they seemingly struggled to avoid eye contact with anybody. Beatrice’s ears, in what was perhaps the most painful part of her transformation, were adapted to hear specific things and leave out the noise. They turned and focused on the area Nikola and Edwin wandered about. 

”Are you sure she will manage?”
”No. But you know how we roll. We lean. Let’s get moving. Do you see the locker room?”
”I think it’s over there. Near the end of the cafeteria. Shit. Seems to need a key.”

They walked towards the edge of Beatrice’s sight, and stopped looking to a door. 

”Let’s wait here until somebody comes out. Try not to look suspicious.”
”I can hear a toilet in there. Thank God!”

Beatrice smiled and moved out. She had to steal a key card, of all things. Like a human-feline halfbreed, she crawled up to the roof and the hung down to another window and into the cafeteria propper, but on a balcony overlooking the tables. Staying out of sight, the metahuman went down a stairway and leaned through a corner to watch. 

She recognized the pattern Santiago had described of the Mental Ward Staff uniform. But the two were walking out of the cafeteria. They offered no chance to supplant them on entry. Her eyes fixed on the line of staff holding trays and waiting for their turn to fill them up with late afternoon snacks. She fixed on three that were together near the front. Access cards hanging from their coats. She just needed the right distraction. 

Nikola and Edwin exited the locker room dressed as staff members. She wondered how they managed, but Edwin quickly hid a pick into his coat. The two looked around and Beatrice climbed back the stairs and looked down from the balcony. Nikola say her. 

Gesture communication kicked in. A standard resistance curriculum item. Though many didn’t retain it. She let them know they would have to distract some Ward Staff while she stole the key. The two nodded and headed to a table near the front of the line. Once the three workers came out smiling at the content of their trays, the two shadowed them and followed to a corner of the cafeteria. 

Meanwhile, Beatrice had moved to the outside again, and used her reinforced nails to crawl down, though it was extremely painful to do so. She managed to stop outside a half opened window just as the staff workers sat on a table at the other side of it. Then she waited. 

”Officers arrived?”
”Yes. I left Ivanka to lead the patients downstairs. They should be on recovery by the time we are done.”
”Excuse me. Do you know which officer came?”

Nikola’s voice, with a perfect Polish, was catched by Beatrice’s modified ears. She leaned to see. The three staff workers were looking at Edwin and Nikola, dressed as colleagues and trying to blend in as slightly confused. 

“Thanks. I was sent from the university to look for him for some administrative clearance by the Faculty.”

“Oh, you are from the university?”

Edwin nodded, while quickly glancing at Beatrice. She reached out and pinched the key card of the woman nearest to her. It had a safe, but a slight movement was enough to release the prize. 

“We are. Started yesterday. We have to go.”
“Wait. Malkovich is a woman.”
“That’s what I said… her
“Are you sure?”
“We’ve got to run. Later! Enjoy the snack.”

Beatrice leaned back into hiding. 

”I swear they are getting younger and younger every year. Malkovich is gonna chew them up. She doesn’t really like administrative interruptions. ”

In a minute she had reached a corner and slid down a pipe to a row of narrow windows just outside the access control to the Mental Ward. The armed guard was sitting in the cabin, reading a magazine. Beatrice noticed Nikola and Edwin walking through the corridor next to the corner. John and Ulrich were sitting just across the hallway, just out of sight from the guard, and eyeing Nikola and Edwin as they passed by. Beatrice acted fast:

She leapt back to the pipe and extended her hand through a window into the hallway. Nikola snatched the key card and kept walking. She then leapt again and was back behind the guard. They would need a well-timed distraction. 

There was a shelf on the back of the cabin with some belongings staffed in them. Beatrice took off her watch and pressed a button that sent the device into a short countdown of three seconds. She then tossed it towards the shelf. 

The throw alone was enough to cause a distraction. But the continued alarm caught the guard’s attention. He turned over his chair and crawled down to find the source of the noise. Then the opening noise of the grated security gate came to Beatrice, confirming that Nikola and Edwin had made it into the Mental Ward. They passed walking as hastily as they could and went into the common area, heading straight into the Staff corridor and down the stairs. Beatrice jumped down and landed on the grass with a deep thud and some knee pain, then ran towards a tree to leap and end at second floor level. Her ears gave her Edwin’s and Nikola’s location. She could hear their steps rushing down the stairs. Her heart rushed. 


Harold was still hearing Santiago’s voice when he was taken down to the interrogation room. His damn voice still asked if he was alright. If he could walk. If he even wanted to get out of that place. The song was gone. Snuffed out from his ears. The nurses didn’t care. He’d already asked many times about the song. They would just grab him by the arms and take him downstairs, through the dim-lit corridor and into the dark room. They only talked when asking permission to enter to the armed guard at the door. Harold didn’t even struggle anymore, and walked like an obedient patient. 

It was cold that day. The woman was sitting next to a desk, pressing down a cigar on the wood before looking and greeting him. His head couldn’t process the Polish as they sat him down. A nurse pulled from the tape and took out the syringe on his arm. At that point it didn’t even hurt. He just wanted to get the needle back with more once the meeting was over. 

Such was his life now. She asked something again and then switched to English. 

“I asked, how are you feeling, Harold?”

He focused. He had to focus and appear focused. Otherwise it would hurt more. At this point Harold knew how it went. The more awake he looked, the less pain they would give him and the quicker he would be able to go back upstairs to the song. Harold struggled to align his eyes on the woman. Surova, she was called. Or at least he recalled. She smiled and bent her head, looking into his face. “Mr. Garrick?” She asked, then glanced at the nurse next to Harold with a nod. 

He knew what came, so he offered his other arm. The needle stuck and the effect was near immediate. His chest closed for a second. His head buzzed and spinned, then hurt as it stopped. His fists clenched without control as his breath resumed. His sight cleared and the room became dark. Awfully dark. He could now understand Polish again, as that part of his brain was forced to be activated. 

“... Gave him eight milligrams. We have eight spare for him in fifteen minutes.”
“Please no!” His pleading made Miss Malkovich smile. 

“Welcome back to Poland, Mr. Garrick. I have been wanting to continue our conversation.”

Harold grunted as the pain reached a zenith and halted, able to contain it with a grunt inside his chest. He could only nod. 

“Excellent. That would be all, Nikolas.”

 The door opened and then closed. The room was dark and cold and the silence was oppressive and painful. But the conversation resumed. 

“I’ve been wanting to further discuss this protocol. You called it… Corvus.”
“Each Hold had its own name. There is an official one, but I don’t know it.”
“No matter. Every recruit has it? Alright. And it was inserted in the same way? Or does it also change from hold to hold?”
“No. It’s all the same. Of that I am sure, as sessions were given by people sent from the Husk.”

Something seemed to catch her attention. But Harold’s neck was stiff so he couldn’t turn. Surova smiled again. 

“I hope your room is comfortable.”
“It is. I just want to get back there.”
“Sure, you do. Do you sleep?”
“No dreams then. No… thoughts?”

Could she read his mind?

“No. The medicine works.”
“Then we will give you more, I promise. But we have to clear out other things. Did you have any urge to hurt officers of the Polish Armed Forces onboard the Admiral Petrowich?”
“Nnn. No.” His tongue twitched.

“Don’t lie, Harold. You know better.” Her voice was all he could hear. The silence hurt again after the echo died out. 
“I sss… Nno! Maybe I… It is not my fault.”

Again she looked behind Harold and said something. For a brief moment Surova’s face lit up with warning. She stood up and commanded something. Harold couldn’t turn and watch. A shadow quickly invaded the room and a voice irrupted alongside it.. The next thing he saw among the receding shadow was the woman on the floor with blood coming out of her neck. Somebody grabbed Harold by the shoulders and shook him.


Beatrice broke a window and made it into a room on the second floor. It was locked from the outside, but she made quick work of the door by using her reinforced bones as leverage to unhinge it. The sounds of struggle were replaced with calls from the room across the hallway. 

“Harold! Wake up, man!” It was Nikola. A guard was laying on the floor, strangled. Inside, Harold was sitting on a wooden bench with some sort of heavily padded gown. Nikola and Edwin, disguised as Wardens, tried to get him out of some sort of trance. A mid-rank officer was unconscious on the ground and seemed to be bleeding out. 

“Oh shit…” She mumbled. Edwin turned to her. 
“We need John and Ulrich down here.”
“They will never get past the guard.” Nikola replied, then slapped Harold. The boy blinked and looked at Nikola, then bashed his head against her face. 

“Calm down! Calm down!” Edwin rushed and tackled him. Harold grunted but didn’t resist. Nikola was alright, although blood was coming out her nostrils as she leaned on the table. 

“We need to get him out of here.” She calmed Edwin down and looked at Beatrice. “Is there a way out?”
"Next room. Broken window.”

Nikola and Edwin grabbed Harold, who seemed half-responsive, and followed Beatrice. Screams came from the stairs as the four went into the room. Beatrice took a piece of wood and used it to crack off the glass still on the frame of the window. “This should be enough. Let 's go.”

First Nikola came out, then Beatrice passed Harold to her, to the amazement of some passersby in the hospital’s garden. 

“Go!” Edwin shouted. A figure appeared at the door and moved in impossible ways, reassembling itself inside the room and forming a two-meters tall golem-looking figure of darknstone. It raised a hand and aimed at Beatrice before speaking in English. “Surrender. It’s best if you comply.”

Edwin reached into a broken-down shelf and snatched a chain that wrapped it, quickly flinging it at the construct and ensnaring its arm. It aimed down and shot. 

The floor was blasted by a small concussive explosion that send shockwaves into Beatrice’s ears. The metahuman crashed on the wall next to the window in the middle of a rain of debris. There was a movement. Automatic fire. Blood splattered on the wall next to her. 

There was no doubt that Edwin was dead. She quickly stood up and jumped through the window, falling on the bushes down below. 

“Ed!” Nikola yelled, but Beatrice pushed her out of the bushes and she started to ran with Harold held by her hand. An alarm went off in the building and she heard distant gunshots.

They turned down a passage between two hospital wings and headed down into a bathroom. People at that point ran in every direction, but the toilets were empty and quite. 

“Harold?” She asked. Nikola sobbed, leaning on a wall while Harold sat against a corner. He looked up to her. 

“Beatrice… Where did you come from? Where is Ed? I saw him. And Santiago.”
“You are still confused. But I need you to get as alert as possible. Remember how to do that?”

He nodded and looked down, breathing deep and slow. 

“We can’t wait. Janna is waiting for us across the park. In a moment this whole place will be surrounded.” Nikola cleaned her face and looked out through a skylight. Beatrice checked the time. But her watch was back at the guard post. She heard steps rushing down to the basement bathroom. 

“It’s me! Ulrich!” He called. He had stains of blood on his shirt, but seemed unharmed. 

And alone.

“Shit…” Beatrice cursed as she confirmed Ulrich’s account in his eyes. He also noticed Edwin was gone. “How?”
“We noticed you were in trouble. John and I assaulted a guard and stole a handgun. He was shot, but I escaped.”
“That is probably the reason we lost them.” Nikola connected the dots while still looking outside. Beatrice could see feet rushing in every direction through the skylight. “It’s now or never, Bea.”

The four left the bathroom into the pandemonium outside. Medical staff tried to calm down the situation, and the sound of a construct moving through the gardens revealed the gravity of the situation. A tower with a clock became visible. 


“We have to cross the gardens. Let’s go.”

Again through the archway between buildings, they returned to the gardens, trying to blend in with people hastily evacuating the hospital. Policemen on the street gave orders outside the fences. 

“We will never make it.” Ulrich cursed. Beatrice saw Janna across the park. She spotted them. No doubt because of Harold’s hospital gown. It was too easy to spot in the crowd. 

Something was happening. The policemen seemed to pay an awful lot of attention to the radios, and almost none to their surroundings. Some nodded and exchanged worried looks. Others looked up. 

A construct bolted into the sky from behind a treeline. They came close to the main gate of the campus hospital. 

“It was a distraction! Stay alert! Stay alert!” She managed to translate. The four of them moved as tightly packed as they could, keeping Harold out of sight, and headed into the park, falling behind some bushes and looking around. 

Beatrice, however, looked up. The fortress. The constructs were headed there. She noticed Janna running in their direction, and the two of them exchanged worried looks.


He found his… “body”, or the illusion of it, to be quite light and easy to move. When he appeared back in the office Santiago quickly jumped over the desk and took cover. The doors burst open and a Security Construct  walked in without having to defragment. 

Of course, it was linked to the security camera. It aimed at the desk and spoke with a once-living voice. 

“You are in violation of the National Security Protocol and other five regulations. Give up!”

The top of the table was blown into a cloud of splinters and sawdust. The lower part pushed Santiago aside, exposing him to the aim of the construct and two heavier ones awaiting in the hallway. He sprinted as the blackstone figure took aim once more. 

His form reached the wooden wall intact and in one piece, but he felt the strike of several projectiles moving through his body. At the other side he found himself in another office. A mid-aged man in uniform -a Lieutenant- stood at the window, pistol in hand and looking at something down below. But he turned to face the intruder. 

Co jest kurwa?” He said shocked while aiming at Santiago, then opened opened fire, failing to harm the projection before him and leaving holes in his furniture. Santiago didn’t delay. 

Przepraszam, towarzysz Porucznik!” he said while running through the office and penetrating the door, coming again into the hallway and under direct fire from the other two constructs. The appeared behind him, opening the door with a kick. The shots, once more, failed to do any harm, and caused moderate damage to the furniture and halls of the hallway, while curious faces peeking through the doors vanished inside for cover. 

“Hold your fire!” One of the constructs yelled. The blasts across the hallway stopped and Santiago turned to face them. The smaller construct, closer to him, spoke again in English. “You’ve been identified. Turn yourself in and things can be cleared out.”

He couldn’t. He’d already kicked the boat down the rapids. And everybody was on it. He couldn’t abandon them now. “Tough luck!” He said and turned to run down the hallway. More faces peeked out and a random polish officer tried to stop him with a tackle. But Santiago just passed through him as if nothing. When he reached the stairs he felt it again.

The walls, the floor. The whole structure pulsated. It hadn’t really stopped. It was just slightly muffled by the wood, somehow, and he had grown slightly used to that space. But now the blackstone bursted out in a greenish energy that numbed his senses and sent a strange feeling, mixture of fear and disgust, down his immaterial spine. He halted at the rest of the stairs before giving a step right into the cold material. 

He felt the step. It was as material to him as he should be to the constructs. The figures at the hallway exchanged blind looks and chased down on him. Santiago kept moving, feeling sick. Weak. Slow. It made him think of those nightmares where he would sprint to safety during an air raid, realizing he was unnaturally slow and unable to outrun the bombs. 

“Stay right there, Menzendorf!” Another construct yelled in the main level hallway. The exit of that fortress was right there. He ran as the figure came form his side, trying to catch him. It got closer, closer.

“Got you!” The disembodied voice celebrated as the blackstone claws clenched around his arm. He could feel an uncomfortable vibration at the point his skin made contact with its lithic surface, but beyond that, his brain processed that he was, for any effect and practicality, caught. “Stop resisting! You should not be here.” It said while lifting Santiago up in the air by the arm. He tried to break free and kicked in the air, but the construct shifted size and became a two-and-a-half meters-tall structure with embers for eyes. “Stop!” It commanded once more. 

Santiago kicked in the air, trying to break out. “Let me go! Agh!”

He tried to get his resources inside his head. He knew how the constructs operated in apprehension maneuvers. Psychoactive material. His skin. It would eventually send down a neural charge into his nervous system and paralyze him. He tried to remember the time for applying that operation. Ten seconds? Seven?

Before he could answer, the substance maintaining the dark figure sent a shockwave into his own manifestation. It didn’t paralyze him. Instead, Santiago’s sight became dark. Sounds vanished. His mind shut down for the blink of an eye. When he opened them again he was confused and extremely disoriented, looking out into the sky from the top of the building. There were sirens in the distance, and the sound of jet engines up in the sky filled the surroundings. 

Only then he remembered to breath. 

“Shit… shit… shit…” Each gasp was more painful and delightful than the last, until finally his mind started to work once more. The reports. The crack. The… beings… Harold. 

Santiago tripped in the second stair of the second staircase down from the roof. He smacked his head again, and crawled up to a wall to sit and rest. They knew who he was. They would soon be on him. It was just a matter of time. 

“I’ve got to get up…” He cried while pushing his weight again, and with increasing confidence and speed made it into his apartment. He grabbed a backpack and left, realizing in a mirror that he had some blood running between his eyes. Perhaps that is why Janna nearly screamed when stumbling with him at the entrance to his building. 

“We must go. Now!” She said, and pulled him out into the street, then somewhere dark where he lost track of time and bearings. 

“We have to get out of Gdánsk!”
“I know a way. Take the next exit. Faster. I think Harold is going into shock.”
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Haldar Manor, Tamil Nadu, 11 July 2020

Chandrama Haldar, lord of South India, sat at his desk in his office. He looks upon his Stars, members of his inner circle, with a glare commanding respect and control.

"Status reports," Chandrama said

The first star stepped forward. "The people still stand placated, mighty Chakravartin, your brother's supporters stand placated"

Chandrama nodded, "Thank you, Mesha. Vrishabha, what about you", he said, turning to the next star, Vrishabha

"The people believe in you, but they still fear the reprisal of the Flame Queen" Vrishabha stated, before standing back with the other Stars.

"I see" Chandrama spoke, eyes darkening as a result. "And for the others"

Vrishabha smiled, "they follow you lord Chakravartin, they follow your dream"

"Good, we can't have any traitors to the cause," Chandrama said standing up before walking to the nearby window. "Thank you, Vrishabha"

What followed were the remaining stars giving various reports on the running of the nation. before long all the stars had gone and finished their reports

"Good, good. All seems well, the last of my brother's idiot followers have bent knee or been dealt with" Chandram said before noticing one of his stars walking to the front. "Dhanu, what is it"

The star, Dhanu, spoke. "Lord Chakravartin, I question the persecution of former Lord Jargis' forces, do we not need them for the plan"

Chandrama stood there looking the star in the face, his face unreadable, after a tense couple of seconds, he spoke.

"My brother wanted power, his followers desired that as well. our goals of Harmony require the support of those who follow our ideals. If we were to let a power-hungry fool into the Movement, they would corrupt the movement, or sell us out. There is only one way, Star Dhanu, give them the light, or silence them"

Dhanu stood there, emotions hidden by the mask he wore like all the stars.

"of course lord Chakravartin, your vision is true and your wisdom is mighty" Dhanu stated, bowing to the lord.

"meeting adjourned, I must prepare for a meeting with the Flame Queen," Chandrama stated, dismissing his stars as the group filed out.

Lord Chandrama looked out upon the view from the office window, looking upon his lands, waiting for one day when his vision could be unleased.
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MMA News with Hiro Moritani and Raja Pranav

Yoo Seong-hoon desires revenge against Adam Clarke, dreams of second title reign
SEOUL: Former Welterweight World Champion Yoo Seong-hoon (16-4), making his return to active competition one year after a brutal five-round war which saw him lose the championship to Adam Clarke (32-7), still has his eyes set on the throne he once held, and is intent on revenge.

Yoo, 29, defeated longtime champion Noah McGregor (27-7) to win the championship at the young age of 26, defending it twice against former champion Zhu Wei (23-6) and Olympic boxing medalist Colin Knight (25-10), before losing to Clarke in one of the most violent wars in the history of the welterweight division. Despite the loss, he is determined to stake another claim to the title with a win over Igor Tskhovrebov (9-3) at Meta Legends 178.

“Adam broke through that night and got the job done”, Yoo told Combat Central in a video interview. “But I’m still young, and still very much in my prime. I built everything from scratch, became the champion… I want to continue to be an inspiration for all my fans and all the people who look up to me.”

Hell-bent on reclaiming the title he held for two years, Yoo makes his return to competition in a Welterweight Division title eliminator against Russia’s Igor Tskhovrebov (9-3) on the main card of Meta Legends 178: O’Connor vs Kulabdam. Speaking about the fight, Yoo made a bold prediction on the outcome.

“I’ve trained hard for Igor”, he said. “He’s a dangerous man. I’m sharpening every tool in my arsenal and leaving no stone unturned. I have no doubt in my mind that he will be finished.”

Prior to his MMA career, Yoo Seong-hoon fought in BJJ and in submission grappling, and was one of the most accomplished grapplers in Asia. He fought primarily in the -81kg and -86kg weight categories, where he was a 4x Pan-Asia Grappling Circuit gold medalist.

Boxing champion Igor Tskhovrebov seeks to do family proud with victory over former champ Yoo, eyes title held by Adam Clarke
MOSCOW: Former amateur boxing champion Igor Tskhovrebov (9-3) came from an impoverished background, but has refused to allow it to hold him back in his road to stardom.

Igor Tskhovrebov was born to a poor family in Moscow. His father Leonid Tskhovrebov, a hot dog seller who was the family’s sole breadwinner, died in a traffic accident two days before he was born, and as such, he was raised by his mother and by his grandfather. He credits the sport of boxing - in which he was a Pan-Eurasia Boxing League Middleweight Champion with a record of 37-7 - for giving his family a path out of poverty while also allowing him to pursue his passion for combat.

“I was always angry as a youth”, Tskhovrebov, 33, told Combat Central in a video interview ahead of the preliminary press conferences of Meta Legends 178, where he will fight former Welterweight World Champion Yoo Seong-hoon (16-4) in a welterweight title eliminator. “I hated that we had nothing, and I wanted to vent my frustration on everything. Boxing gave me an outlet for that anger and aggression, [allowing] me to channel it productively.”

Having since transitioned fully to mixed martial arts, Tskhovrebov aims to continue his upward trajectory. He has set his eyes on the welterweight title held by Adam Clarke (32-7), who recently defended it after submitting Edward Morgan (21-3) - against whom Tskhovrebov suffered a loss by split decision in 2019 at Meta Legends 169.

“Setbacks are a part of life”, Tskhovrebov reflected on his loss to Morgan. “I want to show everyone that even if you come from nothing, and even if you fail, you can still stand back up and become the champion.”

Asked about his motivation for fighting, Igor had only one answer.

“My family is the reason I do it”, he revealed, appearing visibly emotional. “My mother, my grandfather… and now my wife and my two daughters. I had nothing as a child. Now, every fight I win, every title I achieve, it’s so they can have everything. When my family can wake up every morning in a palace, and my daughters can have everything they ever need and not worry about their next meal, then it will all have been worth it.”

Igor Leonidovich Tskhovrebov • Игорь Леонидович Цховребов
Age: 33 (born 11 May 1987)
Height: 181cm / 5ft 11
Weight: 77kg / 170lbs
Nickname: “Ace”
Nationality: Russian
Fighting out of: Moscow, Russia
Division: Welterweight
Team: AKM Gym
Style: Boxing
Record: 9-3
  • Wins: 9
    • By knockout: 5
    • By submission: 0
    • By decision: 4
  • Losses: 3
    • By knockout: 1
    • By decision: 2

  • WIN 9-3 - Thom Rockefeller - R3 U. Dec 5:00 - 01/05/2020 - Meta Legends Miami: The Rock vs Zhao
  • LOSS 8-3 - Edward Morgan - R3 Split Dec. 5:00 - 01/12/2019 - Meta Legends 169: Dagvadorj vs McMahon - Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
    Fight of the Night
  • WIN 8-2 - Zhang Fu-cun - R1 TKO (leg kick and punches) 1:59 - 13/07/2019 - Meta Legends 165: Lei vs Michaelson - Hong Kong, South Han
    Performance of the Night
  • LOSS 7-2 - Boris Titov - R3 Split Dec. 5:00 - 02/02/2019 - Meta Legends 162: Calvin vs Yoon - Seoul, Korea
  • WIN 7-1 - Tato Abashidze - R2 TKO (elbow) 3:37 - 21/12/2018 - Meta Legends 158: Idris vs Jędrzejczyk - Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam
  • WIN 6-1 - Murad Magomedov - R3 U. Dec 5:00 - 04/04/2018 - AFC 83 - Moscow, NUSSR
  • WIN 5-1 - Gennady Bespalov - R1 TKO (punches) 0:40 - 21/05/2017 - Oslo Fighting League Openweight GP - Oslo, Norway
    Openweight Bout (185lbs)
  • WIN 4-1 - Vadim Yanov - R1 KO (punch) 4:24 - 20/04/2017 - AFC 80 - Moscow, NUSSR
  • WIN 3-1 - Alexander Tymoshenko - R3 U. Dec 5:00 - 10/01/2017 - AFC 73 - Moscow, NUSSR
  • LOSS 2-1 - Andrei Zhilin - R2 KO (liver kick) 2:27 - 16/07/2016 - Moscow Fight Club 42 - Moscow, NUSSR
  • WIN 2-0 - Andrei Bulatov - R3 U. Dec 5:00 - 10/11/2015 - Moscow Fight Club 39 - Moscow, NUSSR
  • WIN 1-0 - Yuri Buinovsky - R2 TKO (punches) 3:31 - 14/04/2015 - Moscow Fight Club 38 - Moscow, NUSSR
    Welterweight debut

Yushin Nouzen talks training for ranked competition, opens up about struggles with depression
TOKYO: Ahead of Meta Legends 178, Japanese-Taiwanese wrestler Yushin Nouzen (16-2), who trains under the renowned Sakuraba Wrestling gym that also produced reigning Bantamweight World Champion Inosuke Hirabashi (16-0), spoke with Combat Central about his training for his match against former Featherweight title challenger Zach Lee (17-5).

“Zach is a big step up in competition. I’m training accordingly and leaving nothing to chance”, said Nouzen, 25, in an interview held at Sakuraba Wrestling’s main facility in Tokyo. “I’ve got good momentum now, but I can’t rely only on that to win.”

Though currently on a seven fight win streak, which includes notable wins over former Meta Legends Lightweight World Champion Anders Scheving as well as former Lumpinee Stadium champion Phetkaeo, the road has not always been easy for Nouzen; having battled with depression before and throughout his career, each day is, in his words, a new struggle.

“There are some days when I wake up, and all I feel is loneliness - this crushing weight”, said Nouzen. “I have to grapple with myself, to constantly remind myself that there is always something for me to live for. Even when the road ahead is difficult, I have to remind myself to take one step after another, one breath after another.

“There’s a stigma about men talking about their mental health”, he added. “People think men have to be hard and can’t show their emotions. I want to do what I can to change that.”

At Meta Legends 178, Nouzen will have his work cut out for him as he faces No. 4 ranked featherweight Zach Lee, coming off of a knockout victory over Jax Manning (23-13) after losing a narrow decision to then Featherweight World Champion, Bruce Lei. Faced with a monumental opponent, Nouzen remains unfazed.

“I respect Zach for the charity work he does, helping disadvantaged kids learn martial arts”, he said. “But we’re facing each other as fighters. He will do his best to finish me; I have no choice but to do the same.”

Yushin Nouzen • 凌霄勇信
Age: 25 (born 19 May 1995)
Height: 173cm / 5ft 9
Weight: 66kg / 145lbs
Nickname: “Reaper”
Nationality: Japanese / Taiwanese
Fighting out of: Tokyo, Japan / Taipei, Taiwan
Division: Featherweight, Lightweight (former)
Team: Sakuraba Wrestling
Style: Wrestling
Record: 16-2
  • Wins: 16
    • By knockout: 5
    • By submission: 9
    • By decision: 2
  • Losses: 2
    • By submission: 1
    • By decision: 1

    WIN 16-2 - Ignacio Nunes da Gama - R1 KO (wheel kick) 2:51 - 10/04/2020 - Meta Legends 170: Uchida vs Chandler (Manila, Maharlikan Federation)
    Return to featherweight. Knockout of the Night. Performance of the Night.
    WIN 15-2 - Anders Scheving - R1 TKO (corner stoppage due to punches) 9:12 - 13/10/2019 - Asian Combat Invitational - Dushanbe, Tajikistan
    Openweight bout (170lbs). Rules modified for a single unlimited round with no breaks.
    WIN 14-2 - Chuan Yi-en - R1 Submission (arm triangle choke) 0:50 - 10/12/2018 - Taipei Fight League 120 - Taipei, Taiwan
    Defended the TFL Featherweight Championship; vacated the title on 12/05/2019
    WIN 13-2 - Chuan Yi-en - R4 Submission (armbar) 2:59 - 23/05/2018 - Taipei Fight League 113 - Taipei, Taiwan
    Defended the TFL Featherweight Championship. Chuan missed weight (146.75lbs), and only Nouzen was eligible to win the title. Fight of the Night
    WIN 12-2 - Shigeru Teshigawara - R5 Submission (D’arce choke) 2:08 - 11/02/2018 - Taipei Fight League 111 - Taipei, Taiwan
    Won the TFL Featherweight Championship. Fight of the Night
    WIN 11-2 - Phetkaeo Rattanakosin Muaythaigym - R3 TKO (punches) 0:27 - 22/12/2017 - Taipei Fight League 108 - Taipei, Taiwan
    Return to featherweight
    WIN 10-2 - Aslan Recepov - R1 Submission (arm triangle choke) 3:56 - 01/10/2017 - Asian Combat Invitational - Dushanbe, Tajikistan
    Openweight bout (175lbs). Rules modified for a single unlimited round with no breaks.
    LOSS 9-2 - Chuan Yi-en - R4 Technical Submission (rear naked choke) 1:16 - 19/10/2016 - Taipei Fight League 101 - Taipei, Taiwan
    For the TFL Featherweight Championship; Fight of the Night
    WIN 9-1 - Masatsugu Takatō - R3 U. Dec 5:00 - 29/08/2016 - Taipei Fight League 95 - Taipei, Taiwan
    Won the TFL Featherweight GP
    WIN 8-1 - Donald Fang - R3 Submission (north south choke) 1:12 - 01/07/2016 - Taipei Fight League 92 - Taipei, Taiwan
    TFL Featherweight GP Semifinal
    WIN 7-1 - Wen Ching-i - R2 KO (head kick) 3:56 - 13/04/2016 - Taipei Fight League 89 - Taipei, Taiwan
    Featherweight debut: TFL Featherweight GP Quarterfinal
    WIN 6-1 - Elwin MacMaster - R1 Submission (flying armbar) 0:31 - 10/02/2016 - Hokkaido Warriors League: Reign of Kings - Sapporo, Hokkaido
    WIN 5-1 - Kanji Katō - R1 Submission (arm triangle choke) 4:00 - 28/01/2016 - Hokkaido Warriors League: Clan of the Warriors - Asahikawa, Hokkaido
    WIN 4-1 - Takumi Mishima - R3 Submission (rear naked choke) 2:28 - 12/09/2015 - Hokkaido Warriors League: Destroyer of Delusion - Asahikawa, Hokkaido
    WIN 3-1 - Jang Won-hee - R3 Submission (anaconda choke) 0:39 - 30/06/2015 - SFC 22 - Seoul, Korea
    WIN 2-1 - Yang Yu - R1 TKO (liver kick and punches) 4:11 - 15/05/2015 - Han Fighting Championship: Glory of the Wolf - Guangzhou, South Han
    LOSS 1-1 - Bai Kai-xiong - R3 Split Dec 5:00 - 11/12/2014 - Wolf Warrior MMA League - Guangzhou, South Han
    Catchweight bout (157.5lbs); Bai missed weight. Bai tested positive for erythropoietin in a post-fight drug test; the result was not overturned.
    WIN 1-0 - Haruto Suzuhara - R3 U. Dec 5:00 - 10/07/2014 - Hokkaido Warriors League: Legacy of Warriors - Asahikawa, Hokkaido
    Lightweight debut

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Australian Republic
With the peace brought by the Republic the Australian Republic is thriving. The Australian Economic Miracle as the Economics Department at Republic University Yellowstone have coined it has truly made the Australian Republic Thrive. The Australian Economy has outperformed the most optimistic of Estimates. In the Australian Senate the Chancellor announced to the Australian Republic and the World "Today we have not only made the Minimum first payment to repay our Rebuilding Debt to the Republic, we have payed 110% of the Minimum and are on Track to do so again Next Quarter."
In related News the State Department has announced an additional 5,000 Staff will be returning to the Republic as they have successfully been replaced by local Australians as has been the State Departments Plan. As more Australians become Qualified to staff the Republic's Embassy and Consultants the hope is to draw down to a 5,000 Strong Diplomatic Mission to the whole of the Australian Republic. In military news the First class of the Australian Republic Military Academy have Graduated, the Academy which is ran by both Veterans of the Liberation and Officers from the Republic Military Academy has trained it's first class to be capable military officers in the Grand Army of the Australian Republic. These young Officers will be the backbone of the new GAAR and the first step to a fully self defending Australian Republic.

Troubles on the Southern Border
After years of Peace a sudden string of Raids has hit the Republic-Colorado Border. Raiders out of Colorado have crossed Border and raided towns and homes near the border. At this time no deaths have been reported, however mass theft has been reported. As well as one incident where Raiders attempted to attack a Girls School ran by a local church before being forced to retreat by local Police and Militia. The Governor of Wyoming has Authorized the State Gaurd to Deploy to recently attacked areas to deter future attacks. There is no known cause for the raids at this time but it could be do to economy troubles in Colorado. At this time it appears that the Militia and State Gaurd have detered Raids out of Colorado but small raids still occur. The main complaint of Border Residents and Government Officials is that the Raiders are allowed to escape Justice if they make it south of the Border.
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St. Lawrence Summit Part 3
Fort Henry, Kingston, Ontario
Canadian Commonwealth
July 7th, 2020

Collab by the NAU crew plus Brit

As the time for the recess came closer, Vanessa returned to her seat. As the other delegates and lords returned, she sat in silence with her own thoughts, only speaking once the rest had taken their seats.

"Welcome back." Vanessa started, "Before we can vote on a replacement for the Kelvins, I believe it is only fair to have anyone interested in the position or anyone making a nomination to speak now on why."

The screen of the machine would flicker on.

“I heard everything that was said. I just had to do something before I can show myself.” he fixed the tie he wore.

“I nominate Langston for the position.” the man said. He thought about nominating himself and almost did once he entered. But he realized that most won’t vote for him as whether they won’t take a cartoonist seriously or they would see him as too authoritarian to lead.

Regardless, he can at least try to make sure this election goes to his favor even if he can’t claim the seat of presidency.

The Texan and the Californian would exchange glances, followed by a small head tilt from the former. Richard would speak up “I respect the vote of confidence from Lord Disney, but I must decline the nomination. I nominate Lord Renner to the presidency, wherein I will serve the Union as his Vice President.” he says with a grin, the practiced orator invoking a position which nominally didn't exist.

Teris would nod “I accept Lord Langston’s nomination, this Union needs leadership interested in preserving the freedom of our people and the unity of our continent. I promise open membership on my privy council to all present, an offer Lord Langston has already accepted. I also promise a firm hand against the Reich’s aggression as I held against the old governments, and a renewed commitment to prosperity abroad as well as at home.”

Disney looked over to Teris.

“Mr. Renner, if I may. I have to ask why you show an interest in politics now?” the man asked as he kept his voice neutral and plain. One he kept throughout the meeting.

“You showed the modicum of care when it comes to running your realm, but never much ambition beyond that. So why the sudden shift? More importantly, why take a clear stance against the Reich after Kelvin almost plunged us all into an unwanted war with them?”

The Imagineer asked as scratched his chin as he appeared to show no interest in his inquiry.

“Surely after that blunder it would be best to keep our opinions on them vague. Even if a good deal of us would rather see that Great Lordship burn.”

“To be honest with you, Walt, I saw a need for a change as soon as I made an attempt to command the invasion of Australia, and a child soldier writing military strategy like it was 1942 was selected instead. The assembled Lords of the Congress have become increasingly detached from reality over these last twenty years, and because of their aggression and foolhardiness, we lost thousands of lives to friendly fire alone. It was an embarrassment and a tragedy, and our President was silent.”

“Beyond that, the Reich has struck at our military infrastructure, and killed children in Kingston without any provocation or response from our leadership. They are a pack of rabid dogs, and I have made personal appeals to their leadership for mediation beneath the Kelvin’s noses, which have been responded to by the armed assault and attempted arson of my home. There cannot be peace while their leadership so brazenly slaughters our people, metahuman and not.”

“I've never been much for governing, that much is obvious to you all, but I figured that’s something you could all appreciate. Governing is best done from the bottom up, be it feudal or representative. I guarantee that I will maintain Kelvin autonomy in most circumstances.” The teleporter's eyes would dart to the New Yorker in the room.

From the corner of the table from which he had been sitting, hauntingly watching like an owl, Roman Sackler-Koch said in his low voice, rumbling like satin across the table “I do not believe Mr. Renner would be a wise choice. His style of politics would not endear us to many, save for the Tsar, and once our current diplomatic… situation is resolved, we should be focused on reestablishing our relationships with the rest of the world, not making more and worse enemies, especially with the only power we share a land border with.”

Sackler-Koch’s shadow seemed to spread across the table as the next words rumbled from his mouth worded like a suggestion but intoned like an order. “I believe Lady Vahlen Kaine is the clear selection for the position. She would assure the reestablishment of our diplomatic ties, and rule in the manner that the Union was always intended to.”

“I do agree with Mr. Koch on some matters in regards to Mr. Renner becoming president.” The Imaginner voice was still calm and detached as he kept his true feelings suppressed. “I do agree that in the early years of reorganizing how the federation operates and repairing our international image may require a more firm hand. But I do believe allowing the states to govern their own domestic matters would be useful in the long run once stability is achieved in our new government. A country as large and diverse as ours can never allow for an effective unitary polity to form.” He explained to everyone.

“However” ,he turned his sights to Koch. “I must disagree with Ms Kaine as our new president too.” He can no doubt feel the man baring down at Disney for that statement.

“I have no ill will towards her and in fact applaud what the Arcane Council has done. However, having a magician leading the Union may not be a wise move at the moment. Mr. Renner comment on most great lords having become detached is something I strongly agree and chief among them is the Morrigan, the one who viciously slew many of our brave fighters and almost slew one of her own lords who just recently became a great lord.”

He looked around to see the reactions to mentioning those events. “There are of course rumors that the new lord of Oceania is nothing more but a puppet. Rumors that are spread thanks to propaganda from the Tsar’s realm. The Morrigan has unfortunately tainted the image of magically inclined great lords. If we wish to build better ties with other powers perhaps we should focus on a metahuman whose source won’t draw unwanted comparisons.”

He looked down at something that the camera in front of him wasn’t picking up. “The rogue mages in Australia that form because they believe their leader was murdered by the Morrigan isn’t helping matters either.”

“I don’t know about that Walt, I think Sackler-Koch has the right idea, Maria has been reliable and diplomatic in the face of issues the Kelvins have failed us in.” He said evenly, his face contorting for a brief moment after speaking as he seemed bewildered and unconfident, his mind in a haze as the New Yorker’s words ignited a self-doubt he kept deeply repressed, doubts he had silenced years ago now in the forefront of his mind.

As Roman nominated her, Maria took a moment to consider his words, and she found herself agreeing with him. And that caused her a moment of hesitation before speaking. She paid little attention to Disney as he spoke, instead turning her gaze directly towards Sackler-Koch. Displeasure was obvious on her face as she recognized what happened.

Once Disney finished speaking, Maria sighed and turned her attention to the rest of the gathered lords. "While I appreciate Lord Sackler-Koch's nomination, I am of a similar mind to Lord Disney. I do not believe that I am the best suited to take over from the Kelvins. However, if the majority are in agreement, then I will hesitantly accept the position. With that all said, my vote will not be going towards myself."

Roman gestured in his seat and waved his hand at Maria, saying “All the more reason to elect you my lady. Our first election here in America was to convince Washington to take the Presidency, and I’m sure our vote today will convince you to take the seat I'm sure. I think I speak for all of us when I say you are the clear candidate.”

Suddenly the door to the meeting burst open, revealing the hulking figure of one Vincent Kennedy McMahon. "Now we can really get started." he announced, adjusting the lapels of his suit jacket before swaggering to the table. He leaned in closely to the two WWF delegates already present. "You made the right call, Bret, this group here couldn't get anything done if their life depended on it." he muttered.

He turned back towards the rest of the room. "Hunter told me about your plans, about damn time I say. Never liked those people. Just the look of 'em makes me sick. Don't know how to run anything. No spine. What we need is someone who doesn't take shit from anyone." He puffed up his shoulders a little. "That someone is yours truly. I've been in business longer than anyone, and there won't be any trouble because people know better than to fuck with me, isn't that right Walt?" Vince leaned back in his chair and smiled.

The robot turned once it heard the door slammed and almost immediately upon registering Vince’s presence spidly robotic arms grew from the back with rockets attached to them. Extra pair of arms grew from the sides. One having a flamethrower at the end and the other a buzzsaw.

“McMahon!” the imagineer venomously spat out. “I would no sooner become a turn coat to the Nazis than see this country be run by you and your wretched line.”

“Lord Disney.” Vanessa spoke as soon as the weapons were brandished. Her gaze focused on the face behind the screen, “I would ask that you put those weapons away immediately. If you do not, I will have to have you removed. And Lord McMahon, welcome.”

As Vanessa made her threat towards Disney two more arms appear, each one having firearms attached. The man didn’t take his eyes away from the one individual he hated the most in the world.

However the arms began to retreat back inside the robot’s body. “I apologize for making a scene.” he said to everyone as he turned around to avoid looking at McMahon.

“But I highly believe that it is for the best interest of everyone in the room that you all heed my warning and do not vote for that buffoon. He will only plunder this nation’s wealth for his own entertainment instead of leading us to a better future.”

"Tsk." Horace tutted as he rolled his eyes, "Et juste au moment où ça devenait bien. Well, at least we would know what we were getting."

Vince grinned at Disney's plea. "Don't mind Walt, he's just bitter that I'm a better businessman than he'll ever be." The chairman sat forward again in his chair. "Last time I checked, the WWF Universe was one of the top tourist destinations in the world, and I negotiated exclusive broadcast rights for this upcoming sham of a wedding between whichever bastard Kelvin and one of those Reich bitches in both continents, while the Great Lords were threatening war." He gestured widely with his hands. "If that's not diplomacy, I don't know what is."

I still wonder how the wrestlers took over the South, Jackson thought as he watched the exchanges so far. Vince had come in fashionably late, and he was his usual mad self. "I was wondering when you'd come in… well, nevermind," Leandros remarked, lifting his arm to check his watch. Arvin, who was seated beside the High Overlord, was rubbing his nose. Leandros didn't pay his uncle much heed, and instead focused his attention on the matter at hand.

"It has been said that those who would rather eschew power are the ones that really deserve it, yes?" Leandros began, his preference of candidacy already quite obvious in his choice of words. He paused as Arvin whispered something to his ear, continuing only after his uncle was done. "With that said, Maria Vahlen Kaine has been better at every aspect of mediation than the Kelvins ever were. The rest of the candidates so far, well, let's just say that the Combine's interests would most probably not align with your policies."

By interests, of course, he meant corporate interests.

The Grand Duke of California watched the proceedings, his eyes following each speaker carefully. He was deeply regretting his word given to the Texan clearly out of his depth. It bothered him that Maria did not wish to hold power, and he spoke to the side with his son. Robert, for his part, spoke more openly that his word was not worth the potential that Maria held. Richard spoke openly “I believe it would be best to move forward now, as all who will be nominated, have been.”

“I agree.” Vanessa began, “The nominees to take over the position of Great Lord are; Lord Disney, Lord Renner, Lord McMahon, and Lady Vahlen-Kaine.”

“And myself.” Horace spoke up with a grin, “I would like to nominate myself.”

“Very well.” Vanessa nodded, “Lord St.Jacques is also among the nominees. Now, all that is left is to put it to a vot-.”

“Before that,” Horace interrupted and looked in the direction of Maria and then Sackler-Koch, “I don’t know what either of you are up to, but one of you must be befouling my mind. Why else would I find myself agreeing with the tête d'oeuf here...” He pointed at Sackler-Koch and then to Maria, “That the sorcière prétentieuse is a good choice.”

He paused before continuing, “I suspect one of them is doing something. As such, I would request that they be removed from this place while we vote.”

“That is a severe accusation to make.” Disney replied as he tried to ignore the existence of McMahon. “I could try to do tests to see if some sort of force is interfering with your cognitive capabilities. But removing people now in this election would cause some complications.”

"Poking around my head will certainly cause complications. Simply removing them while the rest of us vote would be sufficient." Horace said and waved his hand to the door, "If I am wrong, then they should have no issue with stepping out those doors and waiting. Once we have all voted, then they can be allowed back in to do the same."

“S'il te plaît, Horace, pas besoin de petites insultes.” Opened Sackler-Koch in Parisian accented French. “While I can understand your concern, I must be honest as well and question your motives. Your accusations seem oddly well timed to coincide with your own self nomination, and your suggestion to remove two people invited in good faith to this conference for the critical moment of it is a blatant disregard for the sovereignty of the event. If assurances are so needed, I’m sure most of the lords here keep some form of magical retainers. We can wait to have certain confirmation if you so desire, but I also caution such proceedings as a delay tactic by a Lord clearly on the outside edge of all of our candidates, who would place all of our lands under francophone restrictions. And I think I speak for all of us when I say this world has had quite enough French rule. Now is the time for Action! Not useless politicking. I’m sure my old friend Vince agrees.”

"Do not lump me in with that European disgrace." Horace hissed back, “My people have long suffered under Anglos much like you. I would merely seek to restore what was lost and to ensure its protection. My suggestion is made in order to ensure the integrity of this vote. If one of you two is manipulating my mind, then who else is being manipulated? How can we be sure the vote is clean? If it takes waiting to get assurances, then so be it. But as you said, now is the time for action.”

“The only appropriate action here would be to expel you for this inglorious attempt at violating the spirit of our meeting today. Need I remind you Horace what exactly we are complicit in enacting with this vote. I will not stand at this blatant attempt by an archaic supremacist to violate the good faith of this meeting in order to slander myself, a proven lady of action and service to the Union, and the proceedings of our fellows, on the basis of an emotional accusation with no grounds in reality.”

Disney sighed from the scene before him. “I have been attempting to recreate the null tech the Resistance used against us. If we could postpone this election for the time being I can try to have one such generator delivered to temporarily disable our powers. That way no one here can try to influence the results of this election.”

“Perhaps I was not clear Mr. Disney.” Roman addressed the TV. “We are attempting to prevent a succession crisis in one of the most critical domains on our planet. Time is not a luxury we can afford, especially waiting for experimental illegal technology you cannot confirm will work. If I may, I am one of the leading experts in meta biology in this country, and there has yet to be any development of ‘null fields’ considered safe enough for our circumstances. I do not see why we should entertain these farces for any longer save for if Lord Horace produces any evidence save for gut feelings about a political rival.”

If Disney was annoyed that he won’t get to try his new invention he did not show it. “Fair enough. If, and this is a big if, Horace is indeed being influenced by thaumaturgical means or other metahuman abilities I will have a robot made to scan his brain for any traces of energy left. If such energy is detected then we will have to recall the vote and Vahlan will not only be removed but most likely imprisoned.”

He turned to Hoarce. “Is this acceptable?”

Vince pounded one fist on the table, cracking it slightly. "I'm sick of hearing about this magic hocus pocus crap!" he chided. "If you all want to fight about it, then do it in the ring and I'll put it on tv!" All of this arguing was getting on his nerves. That some of them thought they were actually viable candidates was laughable. "We're supposed to be here making decisions, not excuses. No one else has any weird feelings. If you're not feeling confident about your chances then drop out, don't waste our time with nonsense."

Teris would look on, trapped by his own doubts as a nervous sweat began to drip down his forehead for the first time in decades. This was not right, and Horace’s accusations resonated, until they did not? Time was of the essence, but there was something afoot. Maria was the best among them, she wouldn’t make this insane an overextension. Disney’s sustained objection continued to stress him, he was not a wise choice, but wise choices were in short supply.

A small portal would open at Teris’ desk, and he would draw a football-sized object, its coils far more clean and sleek than any examples most of the lords would have seen, but immediately recognizable as a null field generator. He would tap the button on the side of the device, but the piercing scream of a null field did not fill the skulls of those present, only a soft hum as the portal abruptly collapsed in a far less controlled manner.

"Nonsense?" Horace started, "If there is an individual capable of manipulating my mind, then how can we ensure the integrity of this vote? If they can manipulate my mind, then they can-"

It was then that he started to feel the hum in his head. Looking around for the source, his eyes locked on the device. “What is that?”

Disney looked at the device as from his end one of his computer screens was flashing red. Something people from the room could see from the robot’s screen as a red flesh was illuminating his face.

“Mr. Renner.” The Imaginner tone sounded calm but a notable edge was in here. “How long have you been in possession of that device?” The man asked the question that was in everyone’s mind. The one not asked was whether he found the device or someone made it for him, and if so who?

“Unlike you all, I was on the front in Australia. Spent enough time dealing with these damn things, so I decided to take home some spoils after blowing the head off a Resistance general.” Teris would say with a grim casualness as his swimming mind began to right itself. “I don’t know what the hell is going on, but there better be some fucking answers.” He says, wiping the sweat from his brow.

"That is certainly a solution." Vanessa spoke flatley, "With a null field in place, I believe Lord St.Jacques' concerns are no longer void, is that correct?”

Horace just sighed as all the wind in his sails instantly disappeared as he answered with a single word, “Oui.”

“Good.” Vanessa nodded, “With that issue dealt with, there should be no more delays. Let us put the future leadership of this Union to the vote.”

Teris’ eyes would be locked on Maria for a long few seconds, ire and mistrust clear on his face. This was not a card he wanted to play, but he did not object vocally to their host as the proceedings continued.

Disney was silent as he processed everything that had occurred. He didn’t doubt Teris claims since he heard about some realms taking the null fields for themselves. Even he took parts of the machine that appeared in the black market due to Albion’s short visit over Gotham.

However he still can’t shake off that something was right. Why was Teris holding on to such a device?

Did he expect this meeting to devolve into such a mess or was there something else afoot?

Sure, he couldn’t fault Renner for his paranoia considering the robotic unit he chose for the meeting had weapons.Yet he still couldn’t shake off the questions of why Teris expected to need the device and what he had intended to use it for?

“Since Langston doesn’t want to take the reign of leadership I will change my vote.” he finally said.

“The scene Horace has caused has caused me to lose any confidence I would have with him leading our nation. Whether he did it to smear Maria’s image or he is suffering from a delusional episode, I can not say. But regardless of the cause I would not feel comfortable with him in charge.”

Disney turned his eyes to McMahon. “I have many things to say about him but I will just be brief. He is a psychopathic dictator in the making. Do not give him the power of the Union.”

He turned to everyone else. “And because I feel like being a contrarian today I will nominate myself as Great Lord.” he looked at Maria. “I don’t doubt your skills in leading a nation. But this episode over magical attacks still leaves too many unanswered questions. I want to perform an investigation after the votes are done to determine if Horace was indeed being assaulted by magic.”

"I can assure you that there was no magic used on Lord St.Jacques." Maria responded as she looked at Disney, "My magic is not subtle enough to not be noticed. I do not dabble in magics designed to strip one of their free will. To assume that is deeply insulting to me, and as such I will assist in your investigation."

She shot a quick glance at Roman before looking at Teris and continuing, "As for my vote. As I had stated, I do not desire the position of Great Lord, as such I vote to support Lord Renner."

Richard was surprised when the null field was pulled out into the room, frowning with disapproval. The device itself was a rejection of the dynastic system; he had considerable issue with it. Further, as he considered the situation, it was so wholly unnecessary, as while Maria was his first choice, he had thrown in his lot, and the Texan had managed to hold his own in a most unexpected way. “The Grand Duchy of California backs Lord Renner for the Presidency of the Union.” He would declare.

Robert, for his part, seemed much more interested in the strange object than his father. He had wished that he had seen action, but as he realized his strength was no longer with him, he had something of an understanding these were not mere toys.

"It goes without saying," Horace said, "None of those nominated have given me reason to trust them. As such, I vote for myself."

The High Overlord of the Combine let out a long, tired sigh. The proceedings have been long and delayed. "The Grand Combine's vote is unchanged. Our support goes to Maria."

Vince's face curled into something between a sneer and a snarl. "Hell, we're not gonna get anything done this way. No one's gonna trust anyone else, be better off deciding it with a Battle Royale. At least then the chaos would be profitable. All we're doing is going in circles about why no one likes each other."

He placed both palms on the table. "I still say I'm the most qualified for the job, but no one getting a majority here. Unless everyone's changed their mind about settling it in the ring, this is going nowhere fast. Could get a big buyrate."

"Hm. Fine," Leandros shrugged as Vince brought up a rather valid point despite it being mixed within a mad desire to watch every lord on this table punch each other to death. "Since it is going nowhere at this rate… I'm switching my vote to Lord Renner. I will not elaborate."

“Appreciate the confidence, Leandros.” Teris would say “I was going to put my vote in for Lady Vahlen-Kaine, but I will respect her wishes and vote for myself.” he says, his own confidence returning to him as he regarded the remaining lords.

“My vote remains with Lady Vahlen-Kaine.” Roman stroked his beard thoughtfully. “Though I recognize this as mere formality on my part, I believe that we are making a critical mistake with appointing Mr. Renner to our seat. Beyond the concerning implications of him stealing dangerous rebel tech for himself that could be weaponized against the rest of us, I firmly believe we will find ourselves rapidly backed into a geopolitical corner with only the Russians as a way out, a future that will benefit none of us. With that said, I can only wish Mr. Renner the best of luck as our leader and that he’ll be hearing from my office soon regarding the various meta research the previous leaders were paying for.”

“And I shall place my support with Lord Renner,” Vanessa started, “With that, the voting comes to an end. With five votes, Lord Renner will be elected to replace the Kelvins as the leader of our Union.”

She paused for a moment, “This concludes our business at this Summit. I thank you all for taking time out of your schedules to attend.”
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Postby Bingellia » Mon Oct 02, 2023 7:40 pm

Rio Club, Havana, Cuba, North American Union.

Cuba itself was practically rebuilt courtesy of an influx of capital from investment from other lords and agencies within the NAU following the millennium coup, bringing more modern standards of amenities with the intent to forge a new resort and party city to rival even that of New Vegas.

The city, along with much of the island, now stood as a patasche of the pre-Castro Era, a novel portal to a long dead Latin American paradise that provided a comfortable niche to market to. The old cars left from the Embargo proved handy for selling the illusion, with smaller firms producing reproductions based on them for the locals

Truth be told, it was some combination of the aesthetics and vaguely Latin flavor over Vegas's unrelenting Americanism that drew Freyja in for an unofficial taste into life within the NAU. Part of her enjoyed the Island despite its differences from home, but it was still nominally Kelvin crownland which left her with an intense feeling she was perpetually being watched.

Precautions had been taken, of course. She had started the night with a few suits shadowing her and Pax had been dragged out of Chile alongside her to provide an ounce of cover while in Cuba. However, a bar crawl and some ill-fated gambling soon put any of those worries far from the countess's mind.

Eventually, the small entourage settled on Club Rio. It was large, populated, and, most importantly to Freyja, putting on comics and singers for entertainment skilled enough to at least serve as a temporary distraction from the upcoming events.

There was enough of a crowd for the Lord of the Free State to blend in, especially in casual jeans and tee shirt. It was much more casual than most had ever seen the man, but he was, as always, clandestine. Of course, he had multiple marks on this excursion: earlier today he had finished training the new administrator for UNCOMNET, and arranged pickup schedules for supplies to the Redoubt. There was great change coming, and now he was tailing the Reichscommissar for less than polite goods.

Lady Ehrenburg was a person of significant interest at this moment, beyond the courtly gossip this arranged marriage was bringing about. Viktoria remained in stasis, the chancellor was moving forward with her plan. The Resistance agent was well aware that the wedding played a central role in this machination, but he was not taking action, and neither was the CIA as it turned out. The image had been made clear that the ginger sniper was not a willing party to these plots, yet she was still an important element.

The teleporter decided to make his approach, walking with a small hunch to his back to keep the lower key of the locale. He’d take a seat uninvited across the table from her, looking up at the stage still. “Well, a surprise to see in a spot of mine, but a good one. Welcome to the Union, Lady von Ehrenburg.”

Freyja glanced away from the singer holding her rapt attention, and she offered the American a faint smile as she recognized Teris. “Ah, Lord Renner, the feeling is mutual. This country… is different than home, but it has its appeal.”

“I’m glad you have the sense to find the finer parts of the city, too many people stick to the Vedado and the larger casinos, but this ain’t Vegas.”

"I adore a good party, but crowds and noise can prove problematic," she gestured to her ears. "Even with technology to help."

"Drinks and good music make the evening anyway," she added with a laugh before raising a glass and downing its contents, which prompted the Hispanic woman next to her to do the same. "Treat yourself,Lord Renner. I am to be married, and I intend to enjoy my dying freedom tonight."

“Well, then to taking the evening away.” He says with a sardonic grin, a portal beneath a glass of whiskey from the bar, depositing it into his hand, which he downs with gusto. “I don't think you will be lacking for freedom being one of the leading ladies of the Union.” He'd say, trying to provide a silver lining.

"I know a gilded cage when I see one," she replied. "We both do, I am sure, and I know neither of us are pathetic little songbirds. History had a way of proving that."

“I usually don't need to deal much with cages, they're only as good at holding you as the people around them are. Don't you think you’d be able to manage to pull one over on your new boy-toy?” He’d say with a chuckle.

"No," she frowned deeply at the remark. "I am not worried about the degenerate fool as much as I am about his telepathic freak of a brother."

“Y’know, for as much power as he has, Joe isn’t the most controlling telepath I know.” Teris would say, he wasn’t sure if that was a lie or not. Theories aside, he did sometimes wonder.

"Oh?" Freyja nearly growled, "What a bitch they are to deal with. Especially when they were close to you. But she'll get hers, mark my -"

The Hispanic woman quickly tapped Freyja on the shoulder, and whispered in her ear.

"But," Freyja continued, "I am sure you are not here to listen to some… family drama."

“Eh, I’m here off the clock. I could ask about baby names instead and help you really slip into the self-loathing, but you seem to have that handled.” He says, stealing the bottle of whiskey through another portal, pouring himself another glass.

"For as much as my country values motherhood, I would much rather be hunting moose in Alaska. Far from wailing brats and diplomatic or domestic duties."

“Don’t think that’d be too hard to arrange. I’m something of an expert in vacation planning.” He’d say, opening a small basketball-sized portal overlooking Anchorage, the summer sun keeping the air brisk rather than chilling. “But I don’t think you’d rather be hunting moose over being in your great fatherland.” He’d say, derision evident in his tone.

Freyja glared at him through the slowly encroaching haze of intoxication.

"I've shot many things," she pointed at him, "but I can't say I have shot a moose before. They simply aren't native to the great fatherland. And, I suppose you would rather be in your great land of… oh, what was it from that war movie? Steers and queers?"

The Texan would laugh, teeth remaining in his smile for a moment. “It's not the most beautiful place in the world, but it's home, and I wouldn’t trade it for anywhere else.” He’d say, staying silent for a moment “Have you managed to make it back home? Heard you were out in the excitement in East Asia.”

"No, he estado" she finally slipped into Spanish, as she glanced away from Teris. "I have not been home. Not in Chile, not in that mockery of a city that is our Capital either.

Teris regarded her “No love for the great monoliths to the future of the Reich? I figure your absence is not out of your choice?” He’d say, the portal to Alaska closing.

"Germania is a nest of snakes," she answered, "and I avoid it when I can. Hell, even the name is… asinine." Her body tightened as she continued. "And she. They condemned me to this farce of a wedding in the name of peace."

“Lotta of that naming is just as asinine, Valkyrie.” He’d chide, “Peace ain’t worth it? I’m sure I could swallow my pride and pick up a Nazi trophy wife if it means my house doesn’t get bombed again.”

"That was… unsanctioned… by certain people who should have known," she admitted. "But you have my condolences, what little that may be worth to you, but that's why I am to be wedded."

“Figured, lots of unsanctioned actions recently. Beginning to see the appeal.” He’d say grimly “But as I had said, it may seem like a cage, but things run a bit differently up here.”

"Does it truly run differently, Herr Teris?" Freyja asked. "You may say that, but look at your Great Lord. Look at Lord McMahon. Look at most the lords in your fucking shithole country. Are they among those vaunted American idealists? Or would they sell your principals out because it suits them at the moment?"

“I wouldn't expect them to do anything else, for the most part.” He says, a strange grin on his face. “But I’ll take incompetence and greed before tyranny and mass murder. They're going to face their own reckoning eventually, we all will. But you're not going to have minders from the Gestapo and SS street thugs stopping you out here. You’re not some party functionary to get eaten up and spit out by whatever faction warfare has been killing my people.”

Freyja couldn't stop herself from laughing. It was not graceful giggle of a charming host, but a raucous, half-mad belly laugh.

"Those are kind words to offer a mass murdering street thug, Renner. I have survived it all in my own way. But you are right, in a way, I am not some traitorous functionary pursuing their own ends."

“No, instead you’re being shipped off from home in a political play for your loyalty. Amazing how only certain people need to make sacrifices for the Party.” He’d say more directly

"I am not sacrificing anything for the fucking Party," Freyja hissed.

“Doesn't change the fact that the party is getting plenty out of it. If this isn't about duty to the Reich, then what is it about? You're being used.” He’d say, taking a long draw from his whiskey.

“You don’t think I am painfully aware of that, Ami?” She whispered, her jaw strained and tightened as she subtly ground her teeth together, “But…”

“I’m wondering why you’re letting yourself be used, you don’t strike me as the type to go along with that.” He says sharply in response. “Gotta say, not a lot about this has been adding up, was kinda hoping you might have a piece I’m missing.”

“Unsanctioned operations cause more than a few problems. Her hands were forced by certain maneuvers. I may… object, vocally, but I do what I am told. This is just another hell to march through for her.”

“You really think her hands are clean in this?” He asked, it was hard to tell if he was being genuine or not.

“I…” She paused, glancing over the older man for a handful of moments, before pulling her bottle to her telepathically and taking a long swig of black rum.

“I do. She didn’t want this for me either, yanquis. She wasn’t aware of the operations in Texas either. Those were volatile meetings.”

“She told me as much personally. But that much I don't understand. She wields total power, yet claims no responsibility? I won’t pretend there’s supposed to be any justice, but at least disloyalty would be punished, if she truly objected.”

“I ask myself those same questions,” she admitted, “but we are sisters. And our problem sister is entrenched in the party apparati, but I do not know why she doesn’t excise the last alte kampfer.”

“My guess is instability, not exactly enough of your sisters around to cash the checks your rhetoric writes.” he’d say, finishing his second shot “I figure there’s more than just Lady Krause who is of a similar mind, but even just her loss of favor would be a significant enough that she can’t afford it…” he hangs the insinuation of Freyja not being significant without words.

“Maybe,” she shook her head, “I’m just a mad bitch after all. Of course, that’s discounting the men, munitions, and, most importantly, money I can tap. The SS’s monopoly on violence is a comfortable illusion for certain party apparatchiks.”

She sighed, taking the opportunity to finally lean back.”And what do our noisy northern neighbors think of the bombing outside Germania?”

“Convenient, poetic, worrisome.” Teris says, nodding his head as he pours another “Marks on Great Lords is poor business, not good behavior to keep around.” he continues simply “Glad it didn’t cause enough of a situation to set things off, have you seen her since?”

“I was on deployment, in East Asia, for the most part” she bluntly answered. “But her public speeches have been… off, and it seems like she is avoiding me. Benefit of the doubt would blame the latter on this farce of a wedding, but something is suspicious.”

“Possible she’s been shaken up, or their plot has gotten to the point that they have her under their thumb.” Teris speculates “Either way, not great for further stability.” He concludes “But, suppose following this wedding, that won’t be either of our problems anymore, unless you think there will be more… unsanctioned operations.”

“If I had my way, certain actors would cease to be a problem, but this is not my way. It would do well to be ready, at least.”

The teleporter would shrug “Always am. I will say, you may not appreciate it, but a chance to get out of the game is a blessing, I’d suggest thinking about it some.”

“Unfortunately, this is not an easy exit from our great game,” she replied with a shake of the head, “but I do have a burning question for you, Lord Renner.”

“Fire away, Lady Kelvin.” he says with a cruel but ultimately unserious smile.

“Ah fuck you, Ami.” she replied with a fake chuckle, “But, off the records, do you regret this?” She gestured around the casino, “All of… this?”

“Well, take it you don’t mean this conversation here.” He says simply “Between what I did before the coup, and what I did after, it's hard to not have regrets. As I said earlier, there’s going to be a reckoning, for all of us.”

“Should you be right,” she sighed. “Well, may our Lord God have mercy on our souls.”

“Unfortunately Freyja, we decided we wanted to be gods, and so far I haven’t seen much mercy.” He says with spite, something laid bare on his face as he rapidly downs a third shot.

“Sadly, we’re not God,” she followed the man in kind, “We’re just the same group of hateful, jealous killers since Cain struck Abel.”

The teleporter nods “Not a sentiment I expected from one of your ilk. People are bad enough, being born evil is bad enough. We’re the same group of hateful, jealous, purpose-built killers since Columbia blew up Chengdu.”

“Being born evil would have been easier, Teris. You think the alcohol and the whores are just for fun?”

“Seems like a decent enough time.” he says snidely, raising the glass “Good news is there’s still plenty more of that for you going forward. We all deal with it in our own ways. I just wish I could wake up one day and not need to deal with someone else’s chosen poison.”

Freyja clicked her glass against his. “Prost.”
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