Three Month Moratorium: "Chill" and "Chat Location Threads"

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Three Month Moratorium: "Chill" and "Chat Location Threads"

Postby Kyrusia » Mon Jun 06, 2016 6:57 pm

As many of you are aware, the Moderation Team imposed a temporary moratorium on the creation or re-creation of any new "chill/chat location threads" on June 2nd. Since then, we have discussed the issues surrounding these types of threads, their history in F7, and the F7 player culture in general.

What we have concluded is that some members of the F7 community whom frequent several different "brands" or "versions" of chill/chat location threads have been using them as "hook-up threads" and have habitually posted in a manner which either explicitly and deliberately violates the PG-13 Rule (and the rule regarding offensive material and the NationStates policy on obscene content) or have intended to directly tap-dance on the line and "see how far they could push it." We have concluded this has largely been done with no real intent to add to an over-arching narrative or otherwise enhance the quality of a story or plot, but merely for the purposes of personal enjoyment and wish fulfillment.

NationStates is not an R-rated or adults-only website. There are plenty of websites on the Internet that cater to erotic roleplay/cybersex, but this is not one of them.

Further, the Moderation Team has concluded that while it is not the fault of the entirety of the F7 community or even the entirety of those players who have enjoyed chill/chat location threads, that this a situation where "a few bad apples have spoiled the bunch," so to speak. This is unfortunate, but ensuring the rules are maintained and, importantly, that obscene content is not present on NationStates supersedes whatever displeasure this may cause to those who have otherwise played by the rules.

As such, the Moderation Team has chosen to execute a *** 3-month moratorium on all chill/chat location threads at minimum ***. As of this moment, all chill/chat location threads found will be locked and auto-pruned. (See here for information relating to Archival requests.) Re-creation of them will not be permitted. Attempts to circumvent this moratorium through re-branding or other deceptive means will result in said threads being locked and deleted, in addition to those involved being punished. This includes attempting to post them on other boards. Chill/chat location threads belong in F7; simply because they are prohibited does not change that.

Following three months, the Moderation Team will be conducting another review of behavior within the F7 community and be deciding whether or not a phased re-introduction of chill/chat location threads may be merited. This is entirely dependent upon player conduct during this moratorium. If conduct is poor and unacceptable patterns of behavior continue, the Moderation Team may choose to extend the moratorium or indefinitely prohibit chill/chat location threads in F7 entirely.

— NationStates Moderation Team
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