F7 and P2TM: What Belongs Where

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F7 and P2TM: What Belongs Where

Postby Kyrusia » Tue Mar 22, 2016 7:28 pm

Since it appears there is still widespread confusion over what belongs in F7 and what belongs in P2TM, consider this a Moderator ruling on the matter.

If a thread is a chat location or "chill" thread, it belongs in Forum 7. [CURRENTLY UNDER A MORATORIUM]

If the thread has elements of roleplaying, but otherwise no clear demarcation of In-Character from Out-of-Character, it belongs in Forum 7.

If it is a combination of the above, such as the NSG Senate, it belongs in Forum 7.

If it is clear "asterisk roleplaying," and not simply an example of poor roleplaying, it belongs in Forum 7.

If it is a forum games thread, a "Church of So-and-So" thread, a spam thread, an "Above Nation" thread, or similar, it belongs in Forum 7.

If it is a thread which does not fit into these categories, but does not clearly relate to "non-NationStates [...] roleplay," it may belong in Forum 7.

Everything else - non-NationStates related roleplay - belongs in Portal to the Multiverse.

Poor roleplaying and roleplaying which does not necessarily adhere to a board's player conventions is not a Moderation matter, as Moderation does not police roleplay for quality or standards. Only if it is not topical to the given board it is in or if it otherwise violates the rules is it a matter for Moderation.

Senior Moderator confirmation.
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