Rules for SC Proposals

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Rules for SC Proposals

Postby Sedgistan » Thu Jul 23, 2009 11:08 am

There are four rules for Security Council proposals:

  • 1. You cannot commend or condemn members of the site staff (Moderators, Administrators, Issues Editors, Roleplay Mentors etc.) for actions taken as part of their role.

  • 2. Proposals must contain a unique and relevant argument.
    That means:
    • (a) Don't plagiarise - that will get you expelled from the WA.
    • (b) Don't duplicate. Nations that have already been Commended/Condemned for a certain set of actions can't be Commended or Condemned again for that set of actions. Equally, Liberations cannot duplicate any existing ones for that region.
    • (c) Don't use proposals to raise issues that should be dealt with elsewhere, such as rules violations and technical suggestions.
    • (d) Repeals should address the contents of the resolution they're repealing, and not by just stating the reverse of the arguments given in the resolution.
  • 3. Your proposal must contain an operative clause stating what the proposal actually does, e.g. commends, condemns, liberates, or repeals. Commendations/Condemnation can only commend/condemn the nominee, Liberations can only liberate the targeted region, and Repeals can only repeal the targeted resolution. For example, your proposal cannot impose fines, sanctions or a boycott on a condemned nation.

  • 4. Your proposal must read as representing the opinion of the World Assembly, and as targeting a Nation or Region.
    This means:
    • (a) You cannot reference the "real world" outside of NationStates.
    • (b) You must refer to nations as nations, not as the player behind them. This includes the use of pronouns such as "he" or "she" as opposed to "they".
    • (c) You cannot refer to the game, or events or actions in it, as part of a game.
    • (d) Your proposal must be written from the perspective of the World Assembly.

The primary responsibility for determining the standards of Security Council resolutions lies with delegates. Unless a proposal violates one of the above rules, it is unlikely to be deleted. If you don't like misspelled proposals, or proposals condemning raiders just because they're raiders, or proposals commending your region's bitterest enemies, or the way a group of nations has got together to push a particular line, it's up to you to do something about it. And the "something" is not "call the mods".

Rules discussion here

(EDITED 26/07/09: accuracy in proposals -- Ard. 18/08/09: delegates' responsibility -- Ard. 28/12/09: links are okay if they're NS links -- Ard. Put an active clause in everything, even repeals. -- Ard, 29/03/10. Moved "not doing anything" to the kill zone -- Ard. 23/04/10: "Player behind" ruling withdrawn -- Ard. Wording re "player behind" amended. Expanded proposal references re non-WA nations 29/05/10 -- Ard. Self commendation added 30/05/10 -- Ard. "directly" added, 09/06/10 -- Ard. 4(b) added 11/06/10 -- Ard. 14/07/10: Fixed 4(c) because Hack is a grammar Nazi -- Ard. latest revision of R4 23/07/10 -- Ard. Repeals discussion added and Ideology amended, 19/10/10 -- Ard. Rephrased RW ideology, 20/11/10 -- Sedge. Added Rule 4 RW references, removed point 3 of 'Confusion', Ideology amended, 06/12/10 -- Sedge. Entirely re-written without Ard or Nerv so much as lifting a finger to help, 07/01/11 -- Sedge. Oh, yeah? So who wrote the blueprint? (Link to rules discussion added)-- Ard, 06/02/11. -- Added the latest edit to rule 4, because Sedge was too lazy to do it for me. CG 13/05/11. -- Edited Rule 2 (d) to allow multiple Liberations for one region. Sedge 28/10/11. Rules re-written, 27/09/13 -- Sedge. II Mentor -> Roleplay Mentor, 24/01/17 -- Sedge. -> IE prior actions exemption -- Fris. Removed mention of IE prior actions as that's what the Compendium is for, 27/07/20 -- Sedge
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