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A chamber dedicated to the dissemination of inter-regional peace and goodwill, via force if necessary.


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SC Resolution #324: Commend The Red Fleet

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun Jun 27, 2021 1:34 pm

Commend The Red Fleet

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: The Red Fleet | Proposed by: Honeydewistania

Description: The Security Council,

Noting the significance of The Red Fleet in not only the ongoing struggle against fascism, but in the protections of regions against fascist military forces,

Observing that The Red Fleet organised and executed the raid against the Greater German Reich, one of the most notorious Nazi regions in history that was detestable enough to warrant a condemnation from this very body, allowing for the region to be completely destroyed and placed under the control of anti-fascist forces,

Pleased with their admiralty’s authorship of SC#207 Liberate the NSIA, a resolution which removed the Nazi-imposed password and allowed for the ancient Nazi region to be raided and annihilated completely by the largest updating force at the time, of which The Red Fleet contributed to,

Extolling The Red Fleet's vital logistical, occupational and front-line support for the raid against the URAP lead by The MT Army, which resulted in the oldest fascist stronghold at the time to be finally defeated after over a decade,

Taking note of the important support in the operations against fascist or Nazi controlled regions that was provided by The Red Fleet, such as the operations against The Iron Confederacy, Elite Region of Global Command, Union of the Fascist Nations and its successors, Nazi Europe and The Fascist State, a few of the most despised regions at the time of their raids,

Appreciating The Red Fleet's annihilation of ancient Nazi region Nationalsozialistische Volkstaaten, as well as its numerous territories and colonies, preventing them from being reestablished as fascist regions,

Acknowledging The Red Fleet's lead role in the obliteration of Bunicken, Garda de Fier, Kekistani Republic, Alt Right, Apartheid South Africa and many more, smashing the dreams of fascist and fascist apologist regions and nations,

Applauding The Red Fleet for preserving hundreds of regions formerly under fascist control, ensuring they do not again fall into their hands,

Celebrating The Red Fleet's devotion to protecting their allies and the interests of anti-fascist regions, such as their protection of Union of Socialist Soviet Republics, Social Liberal Union, Federation of Anarchist Communes and Communist International from foreign invasion,

Saluting The Red Fleet, currently lead by Fleet Admiral Courelli, in their continued instrumental involvement in combating fascist, racist and Nazi regions and militaries,

Believing that The Red Fleet contributed to eliminating fascism and other hateful ideologies, as well as protecting regions from reactionary aggression, and that these actions warrant formal recognition from this council,

Hereby commends The Red Fleet.

Votes For: 11,237
Votes Against: 2,667

Implemented Thursday September 17 2020

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Lord Dominator
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SC Resolution #325: Liberate Syria

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun Jun 27, 2021 1:40 pm

Liberate Syria

A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region.

Category: Liberation | Nominee: Syria | Proposed by: Kuriko

Description: The Security Council,

Honoring the age-old tradition of using a Security Council Liberation to save innocent regions from occupation and destruction through this proposal;

Noting that in this instance, as stated above, an innocent region is under threat of destruction after being passworded by a nation created for the sole purpose of violating the sovereignty of the regional community;

Believing that the region of Hydra Main Command, believed to be run by none other than Alpha Wolf through their puppet state Hydra Wolf, should not be allowed to claim Syria as a trophy through the use of their puppet state Airport Manager Services, taking away the sovereignty of the remaining native community;

Hoping that through the act of this liberation the defender forces from multiple defender aligned regions will be able to free Syria from its current oppressors, and return the region to its current or a possibly future native community;

Hereby liberates the region of Syria.

Votes For: 7.621
Votes Against: 7,074

Implemented Monday September 21 2020

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SC Resolution #326: Condemn Ever-Wandering Souls

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun Jun 27, 2021 1:47 pm

Condemn Ever-Wandering Souls

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation | Nominee: Ever-Wandering Souls | Proposed by: Refuge Isle

Description: The Security Council;

Recalling that Ever-Wandering Souls (Also referred to as Souls) entered into the scene of regional warfare in the beginning of 2014, succumbing to the allure of glory and third-way virtue that was promised during the founding of The Eternal Knights.

Lamenting that, though The Eternal Knights were a shambles of strategic blunders, Souls' monumental work in recruitment, training, and foreign relations was surely all that held the organisation together. Such efforts delayed The Eternal Knights' demise beyond all of the Security Council's hopes.

Distressed by Souls' leadership over the Sicarius assassins as a member of the Dominus Sicarii, overseeing the attacks on over two hundred thirty regions, orchestrated without the aid of advanced technological resources, yet with no discernible handicap in frequency or ferocity. Included among the attacks:

  • The malicious interception of Tofuline's refounding, thereby displacing over one hundred eighty nations from their chosen homeland,

  • Military support of The Black Hawks's invasion of Canada, which ended that government's two-year reign while razing embassies with some of the greatest powers known at the time, and

  • The invasion of Islam, where Westerly Winds, under the control of Souls, infiltrated and seized the delegacy, ejecting nations over the span of a month from which the region never recovered.
Loathing Souls' migration to The Black Hawks in November of 2014, thereafter rapidly ascending its ranks to become a full member of their notorious leadership, The Council of Hawks, by July of the following year.

Noting that The Black Hawks, already once condemned, suffered an incredible second condemnation under Souls' leadership in March of 2017, three months after having been raised to the rank of General. As such a rank signifies the embodiment of The Black Hawks' ideals, may it be presumed that such ideals are portrayed by Souls' reprehensible history spearheading their conquests.

  • The North American Union, brutally attacked solely for its association to past defenders,

  • The Nations of Intelligence, assaulted for its acronym's unfortunate ability to suggest an entirely different organisation,

  • Global Federation, invaded to upend the homes of some of the world's most prominent writers and spokespeople at the time, and

  • The United Federation of Planets, clearly designed to demoralise the world's peacekeeping forces through that operation's success, despite its overt and conspicuous tactics.

Iterating that The Black Riders, who twice achieved censure in this chamber for their acts of ultraviolence, became exposed to counterattack when the Black riders commander was disassociated from known reality in early 2015. Although a coalition of disenfranchised natives captured and attempted to reform the region into a peaceful society, such attempts were ultimately undone by Souls' employment of Harenhime, which infiltrated the new government and sabotaged its designs, recapturing the region for raider causes once again, and denying The Black Riders any chance at salvation.

Anguished by the destruction of Heroes Rise, a consequential member of the military alliance ORCA, reduced to an empty wasteland in 2016 by Souls' command over The Black Hawks' own coalition, consisting of eighteen armies across seven realms. ORCA was forever stained by this invasion, as it demonstrated it was unable to protect its own members, leading to its disintegration entirely.

Decrying that in the ruthless pursuit of regional destruction, Souls has purged other lands of their native inhabitants on a scale that far exceeds the intervention capabilities of the Security Council. The arrogance of this nation's government extends even to its long tradition of concocting battlefield reports of such atrocities in blisteringly theatrical styles, as if to captivate victims with the fanciful tales of their own demise.

However disavowing that Souls made a mockery of this esteemed body in March of 2018, as its control over Harenhime drove that nation to try confusing World Assembly members with a circular-logic based condemnation. Even then, that resolution was merely meant to serve as distraction, while Harenhime brutally decimated the native peoples of Iran.

Resolving that so long as Souls operates with impunity, the natives of the world cannot know peace within their own homes, for the actions taken by this nation have left a trail of deceit and destruction, well beyond that which could ever be redeemed.

Hereby condemns Ever-Wandering Souls.

Votes For: 8,800
Votes Against: 5,475

Implemented Friday September 25 2020

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Postby Lord Dominator » Tue Oct 12, 2021 10:00 pm

Condemn Raionitu

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation | Nominee: Raionitu | Proposed by: Kingdom of Napels

Description: The Security Council,

Observing that Raionitu is a high ranking member of The Black Hawks, an infamous raider group previously condemned by SC#52 and SC#217, and currently serves as Council Advisor in that region;

Noting that Raionitu has a long history of raiding, being responsible for several of the largest operations in The Black Hawks' history, but which have largely gone unnoticed by the Security Council;

Dismayed that Raionitu has participated in hundreds of raids, as well as assisting in the invasions and occupations of notable regions such as Westphalia, Japan, The Western Colonies, SPACE and The Dank Meme Alliance;

Shocked that Raionitu has led invasions and occupations of Shadow Proclamation, Laissez Faireholm, District 12, World Space Administration and Philippines. In many of these cases, the invasion was preceded by an infiltration operation by agents from Raionitu, using their position to betray the region's trust in order to cause mayhem;

Stunned that, in 2016, Raionitu organised and led Operation Blackout, where The Black Hawks seized control of 121 regions in a single night. This came directly after the discovery of Predator, a superweapon in violation of international law. Operation Blackout served as a rallying cry for further raids, and showed that raids of this size could be done without the use of illegal weaponry. This in turn inspired further raids of similar or bigger scale, and the operation continues to be seen as a point of pride by invaders today;

Disturbed that, in 2017, agents from The kings rangers, a puppet regime controlled by Raionitu, infiltrated Illuminati, a region of over 150 nations, gaining the trust of its native residents. Raionitu then proceeded to use this trust to organise a raid and occupation of the region, featuring over 140 raider nations, one of the largest in recent history. With the backing of those nations, Raionitu forcefully exiled all native nations and instituted border control measures to keep the region from being retaken by defenders;

Further noting that Raionitu controls Elwyn-Maria, a puppet regime Raionitu used to infiltrate and gain the trust of the residents of Communist Alliance, another region of over 100 nations. Elwyn-Maria, using it's standing and influence as Vice-Delegate, then turned against Communist Alliance in order to invade and occupy that region. The occupation served as a way to unite invaders in celebration of raider history through the annual RaiderCon event;

Denouncing Raionitu's actions against the Security Council, unseating several delegates in order to influence the outcome of votes, notably against resolutions to liberate Illuminati from The Black Hawks' occupation of that region;

Acknowledging that Raionitu served on the Council of Hawks, the Black Hawks' ruling body, as Head of Training. In their capacity as Head of Training, Raionitu instructed and mentored others on how to invade, encouraging new nations to raid and showing them how to do so. During their tenure, Raionitu reworked the Black Hawks' training guides, for the purpose of instructing new member nations in the most modern and effective techniques of invading;

Appalled that Raionitu also served on the Council of Hawks as Overseer of Talon, teaching new members of The Black Hawks in the ways of infiltration and intelligence gathering, as well as overseeing several large scale invasions and occupations. Many of these new nations proceeded to use Raionitu's teachings to cause further destruction and chaos, infiltrating unsuspecting regions in order to raid and occupy them;

Reaffirming that Raionitu's actions warrant condemnation,

Hereby condemns Raionitu.

Votes For: 7,137
Votes Against: 7,059

Implemented Thursday October 15 2020

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