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A chamber dedicated to the dissemination of inter-regional peace and goodwill, via force if necessary.


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SC Resolution #299: Condemn This Game

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun May 17, 2020 10:01 pm

Condemn This Game

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation | Nominee: This Game | Proposed by: Lord Dominator

Description: The Security Council;

Observing the region called This Game;

Aware that it contains a number of nations;

Aghast that all of the nations in said region were previously perfectly normal nations, before their entry into This Game;

Horrified at the many monstrous things these nations now engage in, such as:

  • Perverse raiding activity against innocent regions for twisted amusement

  • Formulation of puzzling problems for national leaders

  • Pursuit of a variety of petty international disputes

  • Pursuit of a variety of petty interregional disputes

  • Attempting to impose their will upon other nations via supposedly benevolent international organizations

  • Argumentation with anyone and everything purely in the goal of being right

  • General arrogance

Aware that not every nation engaging in these actions is in the region, nor is this Council able to condemn more than one region or nation at a time

Hoping that condemnation of This Game will serve as sufficient representation, in lieu of condemning every nation and region;

Hereby Condemns This Game.

Votes For: 10,540
Votes Against: 5,202

Implemented Saturday April 4 2020
Repealed Wednesday April 22 2020

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SC Resolution #300: Commend Kuriko

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun May 17, 2020 10:14 pm

Commend Kuriko

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Kuriko | Proposed by: Agalaesia

Description: The Security Council,

Asserting that Kuriko has been a force for good for over 8 years, and has contributed to NationStates through various ways including coordinating regional defence; authoring Security Council proposals and developing a multitude of regions,

Noting that Kuriko has been prolific in their efforts to bring the Security Council to action; and has authored the greatest number of Security Council Resolutions,

Further noting that Kuriko utilised the power of the Security Council for the maximum benefit of vulnerable regions, including helping to intervene and restore regional sovereignty to native nations of The Monarchist Entente, resulting in the stability of the region and preventing the complete destruction of the region and it’s community,

Observing that Kuriko was elected to the position of World Assembly Secretary General, building a large movement in support of their vision to create a better future for the World Assembly,

Recognising that Kuriko founded the major region The Hole to Hide In which at times has contained over 400 members,

Further Recognising Kuriko’s work in The Hole to Hide In which includes administering the region’s assets and continually ensuring the region’s activity,

Attesting that Kuriko has held leadership positions within several high profile and distinguished defender organisations and has served served as a Tactical Officer for the The Thousand Islands Treaty Organisation; and was a Warden Commander of The Order of The Grey Wardens,

Applauding the successful defence missions that Kuriko has led and co-ordinated, including their vital role in halting an attempted coup of The East Pacific in 2019 by mobilising defending forces, training members of the government to effectively handle the coup and assisting nations in their ability to administer The East Pacific following the conflict,

Highlighting that Kuriko has additionally oversaw and contributed to the regional defence of 10000 Islands in the capacity of World Assembly Delegate for over a year; maintaining 10000 Islands’ world assembly voting bloc and co-ordinating voting and discussion procedures within the region,

Appreciating Kuriko’s diplomatic contributions to 10000 Islands as the second-longest serving World Assembly Delegate of the region, negotiating and signing notable treaties including:

Further Asserting that the contributions of Kuriko go farther than those in this proposal and have benefitted and improved the current state of numerous regions and nations across NationStates,

Hereby Commends Kuriko.

Co-authored by Markanite and Concrete Slab

Votes For: 12,251
Votes Against: 3,086

Implemented April 14 2020
Repealed Wednesday September 9 2020

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SC Resolution #301: Repeal "Condemn This Game"

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun May 17, 2020 10:19 pm

Repeal "Condemn This Game"

A resolution to repeal a previously passed resolution

Category: Repeal | Resolution: SC#299 | Proposed by: Morover

Description: Security Council Resolution #299 “Condemn This Game” shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

The World Assembly Security Council,

Noting the passage of SCR#299, "Condemn This Game" and aware of the satirical nature of such a resolution,

Believing that such satirical shenanigans are unbelievably unsuited for this most enlightened and suave council, and wisecracks such as the target resolution, written in regards to "humor" are better fitted for the partner chamber of the Security Council, in the uncouth proceedings of the General Assembly,

Knowing that, regardless of any intentions of the author to bring "good-will," "joy," or "humor" into this Council of Security, such intent is horribly misplaced and should be eradicated as soon as humanly possible,

Wishing to banish all traces of witticism from these Hallowed Halls,

And utterly disgusted that this attempt to brighten the days of those delegations who stay, solicit, or otherwise occupy the Consecrated Corridors has ended up being a drastic waste of time to those aforementioned delegations,

Hereby repeals the most dreaded Security Council Resolution of all time, of the ID #299, and of the title "Condemn This Game."

Votes For: 12,631
Votes Against: 8,886

Implemented Wednesday April 22 2020

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SC Resolution #302: Commend [shortened] Saint Mark

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun May 17, 2020 10:44 pm

Commend The Holy Principality of Saint Mark

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: The Holy Principality of Saint Mark | Proposed by: The Unified Missourtama States

Description: Recognizing The Holy Principality of Saint Mark (also referenced in this commendation as 'Saint Mark') as a leader in many aspects of the world,

Remembering Saint Mark’s Service as a Regional Officer in:

  1. Osiris, as the longest serving Priest of Osiris, presiding as a judge over judiciary cases and one who helped craft its judicial accords, to establish the court system,

  2. Albion, by creating its religion, including its sacred texts, holidays, clergy and ceremonies , and contributing heavily to the culture within the region as the Archbishop of the Church of Jormunr, and as an adviser to the King,

  3. The Sasquatch Republic, as a founding member and the Dean of the Cathedral of Saint Agatha the Squatcher, helping to create the Sasquatch culture of the region,

  4. Karma, as a founding member and Sage, protecting and guiding new nations in the region,

  5. The East Pacific, as an Arbiter in the judicial system,

Also realizing Saint Mark has influenced many other Nations by serving as a leader in the feeder region, The West Pacific:

  1. Serving as Delegate of The West Pacific, and during their time as Delegate,

    1. Introducing the new Imperial culture,

    2. Amending the Manners of Governance of the West,

    3. Negotiating the treaty of Fuhuo with Lazarus,

    4. Being the driving force behind the Détente between The South Pacific and the West,

    5. Working diligently behind the scenes to encourage internal reforms in The Pacific, while helping some of the regions involved in the conflict to reach accord and,

    6. By responding to events both internal and external in a thoughtful, reasoned way, sought to bolster The West Pacific’s reputation as a serious, fair, active region,

  2. Serving as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of The West Pacific, and during their time as Minister negotiating the Chol Covenant between The West Pacific and Lazarus, and writing the original Guide for Diplomatic Interactions, outlining the duties and expected behavior of diplomats,

  3. Serving as the first Speaker of The Hall of Nations of The West Pacific, and during their time as Speaker wrote The Etiquette of The Hall of Nations, its operating procedures,

  4. Serving as a Guardian of the West, protecting the region from coups,

Observing Saint Mark’s contributions to NationStates Today and their assistance in forming the News Partnership Framework which established the governance and goals of the NSToday organization which now stands as the World’s largest news organization,

Appreciating how Saint Mark spearheaded the POP Accord, which created a safe environment for all, striving to prevent sexual endangerment of children, Signed and agreed upon by The East Pacific, South Pacific, The West Pacific, Lazarus, Balder, Osiris, Lands End, Pacifica, Ragerian Imperium, Krillin, and The Sasquatch Republic,

Seeking to commemorate the contributions and goodwill of The Holy Principality of Saint Mark,

Hereby commends The Holy Principality of Saint Mark.

Co-authored by Teralyon.

Votes For: 16.164
Votes Against: 6,701

Implemented Sunday April 26 2020

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SC Resolution #303: Commend [name too long]

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun May 17, 2020 10:56 pm

Commend Destructive Government Economic System

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Destructive Government Economic System | Proposed by: 9003

Description: The World Assembly,

Inspired by Destructive Government Economic System (DGES)’s unprecedented suggestion in the early International Art Trade to collect artifacts from nations which had ceased to exist to preserve each nations’ history,

Convinced by its persuasive argument that collecting these artifacts should be pursued before it’s too late, as we already see the effects of time degrading these artifacts as they disappear,

Observing the sheer and unparalleled amount of ancient artifacts from nations that no longer exist preserved by DGES;

Admiring DGES’ enthusiastic collecting and maintaining of these artifacts to fight for their dwindling preservation, which has amassed a spectacular collection of:
  • Tens of thousands of artifacts from a diverse range of nations and cultures, which have been carefully and indiscriminately displayed in DGES’ museums,
  • Over 200 artifacts from nations where no other artifact has been found from, thus granting relevancy to forgotten communities,
  • many hard to find artifacts eg. “Soops”, “Mindless contempt”, and “Sionis Prioratus”;

Appreciating that DGES has loaned out hard to find artifacts to provide an opportunity for more exact copies of these artifacts to be created permitting for more nations to display in their galleries and preserve their legacy, eg. NASTIC 2 and Lord Ravenclaw;

Pleased that DGES shares more the 16,000 Ex-Nations works of art in a gallery;

Noting that through service in The North Pacific Cards Guild as a Deputy Guildmaster DGES:
  • has worked on growing the community of art collectors,
  • wrote an extremely in depth guide to help novice and experienced art collectors while collecting and enabling nations with less resources to learn of strategies to pursue their goals in collecting,
  • has assisted in creating a monthly competition to find,recognize, and awarding the best art collections on certain themes,
  • provided critical feedback on the development and operation of The North Pacific’s “31 Days of Legendaries”, a program to giveaway 31 Legendary quality pieces of art including “The Hive Mind of Testlandia” valued at 328 bank at the time,
Encouraging DGES’s support of others in their art collecting endeavours by donating priceless works of art to other nations, including “Sciongrad”, “Menta Lee-IL”, and “Reploid Productions”;

Hereby Commends Destructive Government Economic System.
Co-authored by Praeceps

Votes For: 20,952
Votes Against: 3,208

Implemented Monday May 4 2020

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SC Resolution #304: Commend Almonaster Nuevo

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun May 17, 2020 11:04 pm

Commend Almonaster Nuevo

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Almonaster Nuevo | Proposed by: Makdon

Description: The Security Council,

ADMIRING the flags Almonaster Nuevo’s artists and government officials have crafted for foreign nations, producing more than 1800 flags over the course of 5+ years, and the consistent and high-quality commissions that Almonaster Nuevo’s artists and government leaders have given for so long,

RESPECTING the commitment Almonaster Nuevo has continually shown to lending a helping hand to other nations, through the nation’s long-lasting dedication to providing an incredibly valuable and difficult to locate service with no reward, only to help their fellow nations, performing selfless acts time and time again over the course of years,

UNDERSTANDING that flags are a key component of any nation, which take an incredible amount of talent and knowledge to create, and that only a select few nations have artists who possess such abilities, and that among those nations, still fewer are willing to let their skills be given freely to the world,

AWED by the other graphic work Almonaster Nuevo’s designers have produced for multitudes of nations and regions, regularly creating seals and other iconography, even producing official government seals and other art for 10000 Islands,

INSPIRED by the artists and government officials of Almonaster Nuevo indiscriminate willingness to create works of art for all other nations, and to treat all nations with respect, kindness, and generosity,

COMMEMORATING Almonaster Nuevo’s service as a three-time NationStates World Fairs committee member, where they:

  • Acted as an incredibly active moderator for the discussion during the 5th world fair, consistently and quickly responding to moderation requests,

  • Conducted an insightful interview on the NationStates bank, a tool used to allow for economic tracking and banking, which was open to anyone who registered,

  • Provided help in essential areas of the fair, such as setting up many regional booths, as well as giving technical assistance for the forums,

IMPRESSED by their service and work in region building for Canada, in which they have served as World Assembly Delegate and almost all other elected roles, first taking political office in 2007, as well as being an incredibly active and committed ambassador to multiple major regions,

HEREBY COMMENDS Almonaster Nuevo.

Votes For: 21,925
Votes Against: 2,358

Implemented Friday May 8 2020

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SC Resolution #305: Condemn Psychotic Dictatorships

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun May 17, 2020 11:14 pm

Condemn Psychotic Dictatorships

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation | Nominee: Psychotic Dictatorships | Proposed by: Morover

Description: In the name of all things democratic and free, this most august and well-endowed Security Council,

Detesting the existence of deplorable, despicable, disagreeable, diabolical, and all-around dastardly dominions in the world, which exist in spite of the best efforts of the influential and mighty nations of the world,

Aware that, while the possession of autocratic ideals is not an inherently vile disposition, it does lead the way for less savory and more ruthless characteristics,

Disgusted by the region of Psychotic Dictatorships, which has shown time and time again to not only foster these unscrupulous ideals in nations that otherwise had a chance of being good, but also to naturally seek out these nations and thrust them on the world stage for no other good reason than to commit atrocities towards the people of these nations, as well as signalling ill-will towards other nations,

Noting that the region has disavowed the World Assembly for many years due to the region being incompatible with many of the principles and ideals of the organization, as demonstrated by their policy of unchecked isolationism which is ever-present within the region as shown by their near-complete lack of embassies, save for the envoy with the Bedetopian Network, a splitaway region created by a former officer of Psychotic Dictatorships,

Disgusted by the fact that this embassy with the Bedetopian Network is present due to Psychotic Dictatorships use of the Network as a proxy for raiding missions, breaking their time-honored tradition of World Assembly rejection for the most despicable reasons possible,

Deploring the actions of the founder nation of this sanctum for the deranged, Menta Lee-IL, whose leader has shown that while it can oftentimes be difficult to isolate a singularly crazed individual a place so filled to the brim with psychopathic individuals, it is also quite possible to discern the person behind the lunacy,

Viscerally nauseated by the fact that Menta Lee-IL has forbidden the use of the name of their leader, simply requiring all nations (and presumably the residents within those nations, which would mean this edict is affecting trillions upon trillions of sapient individuals) to refer to them as "DEAREST LEADER" or similar, and explicitly mentioning this so-called "DEAREST LEADER's" feet as smelling of the highest quality roses and cologne that is in existence - a decree that was, rather oddly, accepted with minimal resistance,

Doubting that this individual's feet can smell anywhere close to that which they are described, and believing that if they do, in fact, smell of roses and cologne, that such a condition is a medical mystery that "DEAREST LEADER" should have professionally examined at the soonest opportunity possible,

Saddened by the complete dismissal of the World Assembly and its many benefits, despite the undeniable goodness that the World Assembly brings to the world at large on all accounts - a dismissal which, for many years, included a complete and explicit ban for all of Psychotic Dictatorships' nations from joining the World Assembly, which was no doubt in order to commit more atrocities without feeling the wrath that the World Assembly can bring down upon the region,

Perturbed by the nations which had the potential to do much good for the world hindered by this region, especially that of Samantha-Higgs, a nation that is ruled by somebody named Samantha who simply wanted to save their planet from nuclear war, but ended up killing all of the leaders of that planet and suppressing the many people residing on it,

Further disappointed that regions with such fruitful art collections such as that housed by Destructive Government Economic System are kept hidden from the world by the tyannical regime which runs it,

Unnerved by the excessive use of exclamation marks in the region, including in regional doctrine and public documents,

Slightly confused as to the reason why words relating to democratic ideals must be censored, given that the censorship of such words does no such thing to lessen actual thoughts of the ideology or its relatives,

And unhinged by the fact that "BEING A PONY NATION" results in removal from the region, a rule that is completely out of place and totally unfair,

Hereby condemns Psychotic Dictatorships.

Votes For: 18,009
Votes Against: 3,309

Implemented Tuesday May 12 2020

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SC Resolution #306: Commend Audioslavia

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun May 17, 2020 11:27 pm

Commend Audioslavia

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Audioslavia | Proposed by: Electrum


NOTING that Audioslavia was founded on December 17th 2002 and has participated in the World Cup since antiquity;

APPLAUDING Audioslavia’s contribution to the world of sports administration including:
  • co-writing, along with Starblaydia, the current version of the “Guide to Sports”, which greatly assists new nations participating in the sporting world;
  • presiding over the World Cup Committee for two cycles, an office elected by the World Cup community to collect votes for the three most prestigious football events in NationStates (NationStates World Cup, the Baptism of Fire and the Cup of Harmony);
  • managing four seasons of the World Grand Prix Championship, which included organising up to fifteen raceweeks and tracking drivers and constructors championship standings; and
  • providing eye-catching and “aesthetically uncompromising” football kits for new and old national teams across the multiverse through Kirola Sportwear;

RECALLING the following achievements that “The Bulls”, Audioslavia’s national football team, and the Football Federation of Audioslavia have accomplished:
  • winning two World Cups, the 63rd and 64th editions, with a further seven runner-up finishes, tying with The Holy Empire in having the most appearances at World Cup Finals;
  • co-hosting four World Cups: the 7th edition with Lemmitania, the 25th with Kaze Progressa, the 66th with The Inevitable Syndicate and the 75th with Krytenia;
  • being inducted into the World Cup Nation Hall of Fame after the 18th edition of the World Cup, cementing Audioslavia’s place as one of the great football nations;
  • participating in and infamously winning the 46th edition of the Baptism of Fire, a tournament intended for debuting football nations, despite The Bulls debuting many years earlier;
  • co-creating the Confederation Of Calanian And North-Eastern Football Associations, the largest multiassociational league in history, where Audioslavian teams 1830 Cathair and AC Izotz Zubia saw great success in international club football; and
  • winning two editions of the Atlantian Oceania Confederation of Association Football Cup, the longest running regional football tournament;

ACKNOWLEDGING the popular notoriety of Jeremy Jaffacake, an Audioslavian known across the multiverse for his extreme devotion to The Bulls and his videojournalism series The Idiot Project which is recognised as the pinnacle of sports journalism;

RECOGNIZING that Audioslavia has passed down its experience and knowledge in football and auto racing to other nations, with the sporting world being better because of mentoring graciously provided over the years;

CONCLUDING that a nation which has contributed so greatly to the sporting world deserves recognition by the Security Council for its actions;


Votes For: 22,372
Votes Against: 1,489

Implemented Saturday May 16 2020

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SC Resolution #307: Condemn Auphelia

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun Aug 30, 2020 5:28 pm

Condemn Auphelia

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation | Nominee: Auphelia | Proposed by: Aumeltopia

Description: The Security Council,

Beginning with lamentation that Auphelia has subjugated The South Pacific to its rule as a four-time Local Councillor of the region;

Frightened by the sheer number of messages with which Auphelia has bombarded various regional message boards, making it impossible for nations to keep up with vital diplomatic affairs,

Incensed that, to make matters worse, Auphelia has published many of these messages on trivial or pernicious topics in outrageous disregard of readers’ sanity (for example, repeatedly issuing statements consisting only of quotes from a certain satirical sitcom, as well as flooding several regions with portraits of Auphelian cult leader Norman the Turtle, causing him to gain a following in other nations and leading to chaos and disruption in world communication);

Sympathetic to the government of The South Pacific, which was forced to create an entirely new line of communication in the region of Knowhere in response to Auphelia’s persistent disregard for norms of diplomatic interaction;

Mortified that Auphelia has inundated The South Pacific with hundreds of polls on wasteful or egocentric topics, of which it is best to mention only a few in order to preserve voters’ intellects, such as Cats: What are they? and What word best describes Auphelia?;

Turning up its nose at the nine horrendous musicals Auphelian playwrights have authored, including The Gods, Tyrannical, and Helter Skelter, which (in addition to the aforementioned polls) Auphelia sends to unconsenting nations in The East Pacific, The North Pacific, 10000 Islands, Forest, and elsewhere by commandeering The South Pacific’s embassies;

Quite annoyed that Auphelia claims its language consists only of words that look like “wheat”, causing foreigners to unintentionally insult Auphelia and cause diplomatic crises simply by saying “wheat wheat” when they mean “wheat wheat”;

Appalled that Auphelia has wreaked havoc in world bureaucracy by instructing the officials of new nations to fill out fictitious forms and complete absurd or impossible actions as if they were enforceable law;

Calling out Auphelia’s state media, Auphelia News Now, for its biased and scandal-focused journalism, which has involved reporting on a fabricated rodent takeover of the world and perpetuating the conspiracy theory that The South Pacific’s regional mascot had been kidnapped;

Very disappointed that Auphelia allowed its satellite nation, Puddles the Puppy, to terrorize the regions of Lazarus and The East Pacific by sending an admittedly cute but secretly Auphelian-possessed puppy named Puddles to snuffle hundreds of national leaders to death;

Tut-tutting at the fact that Auphelia supports roving bands of pirates, which not only make safe navigation of The South Pacific’s seas a nightmare, but have also invaded The North Pacific on several occasions;

Enraged that Auphelia advocated the wholesale genocide of all marsupials, labelling nations with high marsupial populations as “marsupial scum” and establishing the Anti-Marsupial Council to arrest and interrogate marsupial sympathisers;

Unable to express the full extent of its revulsion at Auphelia’s pioneering of so-called “creative torture” methods, including, as a small sampling:

  • Ripping off the limbs of victims and shoving them in the victim’s eyes,

  • Chopping up victims and serving them in a soup cauldron,

  • Dipping victims in capsaicin,

  • Whacking victims with tentacles and lead pipes,

  • Flaying victims alive,

  • Cracking open victims’ rib cages and performing vivisections,

  • Sending waves of insects to enter the orifices of victims to eat the victim’s organs, lay their eggs, and eat through their flesh, and

  • Throwing victims into a woodchipper;

Utterly horrified at the vast number of crimes against humanity, including the aforementioned as well as numerous others, which Auphelia has advocated or committed on victims from across the world and particularly frequently on citizens of The Solar System Scope and Si-topia;

Revealing that Auphelia has turned these gross savageries into an industry, having established several immoral facilities from which it derives a great portion of its economic product:

  • The Torture Labyrinth, in which hundreds of victims languish,

  • The Auphelian Hospital and Tetanus Emporium, from which no patient has yet emerged alive,

  • The Pleasure Centre, a strip club and erotic ice cream parlour;

Simply shocked that Auphelia’s reign of terror in The South Pacific continues, unchecked, to this day;

Hereby Condemns Auphelia.

Coauthored by Rabbitz

Votes For: 14,537
Votes Against: 7,474

Implemented Wednesday May 20 2020

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SC Resolution #308: Commend Candensia

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun Aug 30, 2020 5:32 pm

Commend Candensia

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Candensia | Proposed by: Fauxia

Description: The Security Council,

Conscious of the many imperfections in the world, and the mandate given to national leaders to address these blemishes when the opportunity arises,

Grateful to individuals, organizations, and nations that bring these dilemmas into the public eye, allowing nations the opportunity to address the issues facing their communities,

Acknowledging Candensia as an exemplary nation in this regard, having brought no less than twelve matters of national concern to the desks of political leaders, including:

  • The funding of music education via A-Major Debate;

  • Public safety from serious weather threats and the practicality of various alarm systems via Siren Song;

  • Ethical treatment of criminals, through last meals before execution, via A Meal to Die For, and prison release for terminally ill and elderly inmates, via The Sickest Criminals;

  • The environmental effects of artificial dye via Rivers of Blood;

  • Travel safety and environmental health in mountainous areas via Rocky Road; and

  • Humanitarian aid to a difficult-to-access island following a series of natural disasters via Crate Work, Plane and Simple;

Observing additionally the crucial role Candensia has in preserving peace in its region The Hole to Hide In, where, through its offices of World Assembly Delegate and Chief Moderator, the nation acts as the principal author and enforcer of regional law and standards, including those governing military size and just warfare,

Appreciative of Candensia’s contributions to this very body, as the principal author of SC #275 "Commend Jutsa", which formally recognized a nation similarly dedicated to addressing political issues, and as coauthor of SC #291 "Commend Duxburian Union", which acknowledged a prolific defender of vulnerable regions and dedicated member of its region,

Convinced that Candensia, for its dedication to the betterment of the world on both the national and the international level, deserves praise from the highest of powers,

Hereby commends Candensia.

Votes For: 18,797
Votes Against: 1,755

Implemented Sunday May 24 2020

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SC Resolution #309: Commend Vilita and Turori

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun Aug 30, 2020 5:39 pm

Commend Vilita and Turori

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Vilita and Turori | Proposed by: Francois Isidore

Description: The Security Council,

Recognizing the Colonial Union of Vilita and Turori includes Vilita, the founder of Atlantian Oceania, a region that was established in early 2004 and is renowned for holding the most collective NationStates World Cup victories amongst its members.

Applauding the efforts of Vilita in fostering a welcoming environment by championing the Baptism of Fire; a tournament for nations new to international sport and for providing them with the opportunity to practice and compete against similarly inexperienced opponents before making their debut on the stage of NationStates World Cup arenas.

Astonished by the fact that Vilita and Turori have triumphed in a record-setting eleven Nationstates World Cup Committee (WCC) sanctioned events, including:

  • Having achieved five NationStates World Cup victories (as Vilita: XX, LXVIII, LXXVII, LXXXI, and LXXXII); a joint-record attained by just two other nations in the tournament’s history.

  • Being the only competitor to have amassed five Cup of Harmony titles (four as Turori); defeating formidable opponents on the route to this accolade.

  • Claiming victory in the Baptism of Fire tournament (as Turori); an event for debuting nations, which Vilita has shaped influentially by being the former permanent senior host and by cementing its place as a permanent fixture of the NationStates World Cup cycle.

  • Possessing the remarkable distinction of having never lost a championship match until Vilita and Turori competed against each other in the 82nd NationStates World Cup final, following which they were separately recognized as #1 and #2 in the WCC rankings.

Noting that the standard roster form introduced by Turori in its co-hosting of the 19th NationStates World Cup has been universally adopted in subsequent World Cups and other sporting events to regulate interactions and encounters between competing nations.

Appreciating the organizations which originate from Vilita & Turori, which in large part have made an undeniably positive impact in the world of sports, which include:
  • The creation of Tropicorp: a quasi-governmental entity known for its research and development activities, being a provider of high-quality sporting equipment such as racing tires, kits, and match balls, and for having their equipment being used in many prominent tournaments worldwide.

  • The formation of the Cocoabo Preservation Society, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the protection of Turori’s endangered Cocoabo species, by administering land which is now known as the Cocoabo Forest.

  • The maintenance of Twii.tur, a social networking site used by athletes and their fans around the globe to keep in touch with one another and share their love of sports.
Understanding that the task of hosting international events is not a privilege that is bestowed lightly and that the duty of ensuring these events commence in a smooth fashion is an undertaking typically reserved for only the most prolific and experienced nations.

Awed at how despite this, Vilita and Turori have successfully hosted numerous of the world’s most timeless and prestigious sporting events, such as:

  • The co-hosting of six NationStates World Cups, which ranks as the second most hostings of all time.

  • The hosting of five Cup of Harmony tournaments and ten Baptism of Fire tournaments, which stands alone as the most hostings of all time for both WCC supporting tournaments.

  • The co-hosting of the 14th Winter Olympic Games with Liventia, which is widely revered as being one of the most difficult tournaments to host.

Cognizant of the Vilitan Plan for hosting, which Vilita introduced as a novel approach that allows senior World Cup hosts to mentor junior nations through direct participation in the World Cup hosting process.

Highlighting the many contributions that Vilita and Turori have made to the International Art Trade, via their avid collecting of all legendary quality artifacts in the initial release, the amassment of one of the highest value collections ever known and for establishing one of the most pre-eminent forums of artifact collection in the multiverse.

Believing that the overall imprint that Vilita and Turori has left on the multiverse, as outlined herein, is representative of a legacy that’s worth remembering and preserving for future observers; as both international sports and international arts trade are avenues toward sustaining peace and prosperity for participating nations in addition to improving the morale of millions.

Hereby Commends Vilita and Turori.

Co-authored by Electrum

Votes For: 18,064
Votes Against: 1,818

Implemented Sunday May 31 2020

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SC Resolution #310: Commend Crushing Our Enemies

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun Aug 30, 2020 5:46 pm

Commend Crushing Our Enemies

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Crushing Our Enemies | Proposed by: Jakker City

Description: The Security Council,

Acclaiming Crushing Our Enemies’ years of leadership within NationStates and declaring that this body should not be deterred by the nation's name, but instead focus on their accomplishments,

Remarking that the nominee controls General COE of The North Pacific (TNP); the largest region in NationStates,

Impressed with General COE’s dedication to The North Pacific's security through their involvement in the region’s Security Council; both as a member and as the Vice-Delegate which oversees the council,

Declaring General COE as a leading author of legislative and constitutional reform proposals that have increased the stability and effectiveness of TNP's democratic governance including:

  • The How a Bill Becomes a Law Amendment: Clarified how and when legislation takes effect;

  • The OR Bill: Added language to the regional legal code for consistent handling of citizenship applications;

  • The Oath Reform Bill: Eliminated a formatting barrier for new members applying for citizenship;

  • The Reopen Nominations Fix Bill: Improved voting ballots to allow citizens to both express their preference of candidate as well as whether or not to reopen nominations;

  • The Let's Stop Worrying About Numbers Bill: Added expectations for how constitutional clauses were formatted and allowed Speakers to correct formatting errors in a more streamlined process;

  • The Zombie Preparedness Act: Allowed the region to more efficiently handle zombie emergencies;

Revering their persistence in developing physical copies of the region’s constitution and delivering these documents to 200 fellow nation leaders,

Emphasizing General COE’s efforts in modernizing the operations of the region’s Speakers Office and transforming the position into a significant role that nations actively aspire to by:

  • Adding responsibilities to the Deputy Speakers' role for smoother transitions and to promote the retention of institutional memory;

  • Updating the list of nations that held membership in the Regional Assembly after months of neglect and setting a new standard for the prompt processing of new member applications;

Underscoring the importance of this nation's role in the creation of the Election Commission within The North Pacific, as well as the design of many mottos for governmental offices that increased pride and prestige,

Thanking General COE 's leadership, including being appointed as the first Surgeon General, in developing the regional strategic responses and organizing the distribution of cures to other nations during times in which TNP has faced zombie epidemics,

Illuminating the nominee's 10+ years of military accomplishments, which has included:

  • Developing a rank and promotion system that many regional military groups have adopted and continue to use to this day to help clarify roles and allow new nations to understand how to achieve each rank; which did not simply outline hierarchical positions like others before, but gave new responsibilities and recognition with promotions;

  • Playing a vital role in the foreign policy practices and regional responses of The Black Hawks' Council including the aftermath of the military weapon, Predator, being found to be against international law;

  • Promoting a culture of professionalism and responsibility in The Black Hawks that exists to this day, despite the potential of unsavory nations being drawn to conquering other regions;
Noting that Crushing Our Enemies has made several musical contributions to NationStates including the songs, Moves Like Jakker and Grey Wardens Boogie,

Yielding that while their songs have not won every global song contest competed in, they have earned numerous awards and these songs are known across NationStates,

Concluding that this nominee has devoted much energy towards maximizing the Organization of regional practices for the benefit of so many other nations and should be Esteemed by this body,

Hereby commends Crushing Our Enemies.

Votes For: 15,370
Votes Against: 5,135

Implemented Saturday June 6 2020

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SC Resolution #311: Commend 9003

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun Aug 30, 2020 8:44 pm

Commend 9003

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: 9003 | Proposed by: Noahs Second Country

Description: The Security Council,

Seeing the popularity of art collecting among many nations throughout the smallest and largest regions of the world, yet saddened to see much of this artwork being labeled by critics as "common" and therefore indiscriminately relegated to the junkyards of many nations without further thought or care,

Amazed at the efforts of the curators of the art galleries in 9003 to bring to the limelight otherwise forgotten pieces, proudly displaying more than one hundred thousand of these so-called “common” artworks, including twenty-two thousand that no longer exist; these may be forgotten entirely without the efforts of 9003,

Praising the efforts of 9003 to distribute and freely allow the use of their personal art finding software to the curators of other art museums the world over, these efforts include:

  • Creating a suite of tools that assist in the intake and cataloging of recently acquired artworks

  • Creating the Deal Finder software package, which enables curators to identify artwork that is for sale at below average prices,

  • Ensuring that the software is used properly by publishing guides for their own software as well as the software of others, and directly assisting those in need of assistance,

Impressed by 9003's maintenance of a report of more than ten thousand satellite states belonging to various art collectors, which enables traders to avoid conflict with otherwise unrecognizable states,

Recognizing 9003's position as Deputy Guildmaster of the North Pacific Cards Guild, a guild meant to promote unity and cooperation among art collectors, where 9003 has utilized their influence to play a significant role in recruiting new members and giving well-deserved recognition to creative artwork collections as part of The Monthly Card Collection Competition,

Respecting 9003's smaller collections, which are designed to bring attention to certain topics, including:

  • Mathematical Beauties, honoring mathematical concepts,

  • Nice, a similar collection celebrating a number,

  • Winter Wonderland: School During a Snow Storm, a particularly creative collection depicting a school environment during a snow storm,

  • Single Awareness Day, reminding single individuals to love themselves,

  • Another Worthless Collection, highlighting a temporary technical flaw in the artwork valuation system,

Acknowledging 9003's efforts to promote community among artwork dealers across the world by creating and hosting Olympic Games for art, where art curators from different nations competed in various events to better manage their art galleries, find unique artwork, and to learn to appreciate artwork for traits beyond critical acclaim and high monetary value,

Noting that 9003 generously gave out prizes for these games from their personal art galleries, including some of the most expensive artworks in history of the multiverse, from nations such as Soops, Nervun, and Frisbeeteria; these gifts were unprecedented in their magnitude among the artwork community,

Lauding 9003's impressive military service protecting vulnerable regions in the forces of Mordor, where 9003 rose to the rank of general, this service includes:

  • Liberating regions under control of enemy forces attempting to destroy regional history, communications, and unity,

  • Restoring regions formerly destroyed by enemy forces, by restoring regional history, detagging, and preserving important inter-regional connections,

  • Massive production of nuclear weaponry for defense of billions of citizens under the faction 'It All Goes Karputsk In The End' during the nuclear apocalypse,

Emphasizing 9003's similarly valuable contributions in the North Pacific Army, which involve:

  • Participating in the destruction of hate-filled regions known for preaching fascist ideals,

  • Creating a backup index of regional histories in case the current system fails; without this regional history would be freely and easily destroyed by enemy forces,

  • Developing a safer, more efficient version of a tool known as Breeze, enabling defenders to react quicker to potential threats,

Admiring 9003’s authorship of SC303, a commendation for a similarly deserving member of the artwork community,

Concluding that 9003 is an artwork powerhouse that has risen to prominence above hundreds of others for their generosity, positive influence in the community, and openness to new members,

Hereby Commends 9003

Coauthored by Ransium

Votes For: 13,882
Votes Against: 4,806

Implemented Wednesday June 10 2020

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SC Resolution #312: Repeal "Liberate Iran"

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun Aug 30, 2020 8:51 pm

Repeal "Liberate Iran"

A resolution to repeal a previously passed resolution

Category: Repeal | Resolution: SC#241 | Proposed by: Iramerica

Description: Security Council Resolution #241 “Liberate Iran” shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

The Security Council,

Recalling the state the region of Iran was in before the passage of SC#241: Liberate Iran, having been passworded and left inactive by Persian Empire operatives;

Thankful that the passage of SC#241 allowed long-time native nation Iramerica to return to its home region, where they had been banished from for up to five years;

Saddened, however, by the many raids Iran has faced over the last two years by The Black Hawks which have hindered attempts at growing a stable community within the region;

Noting that Iramerica has expressed interest in securing the region by means of a refound;

Believing that the imposition of a password on Iran’s borders is a prerequisite for a safe refound, without outside interference by raider forces;

Hereby repeals SC#241: Liberate Iran.

Co-authored by Kuriko.

Votes For: 16,861
Votes Against: 2,416

Implemented Sunday June 14 2020

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SC Resolution #313: Commend The Salaxalans

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun Aug 30, 2020 8:57 pm

Commend The Salaxalans

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: The Salaxalans | Proposed by: Morover

Description: The World Assembly Security Council,

Aware of the various nations in the world that have dedicated the entirety of their international work staying in one region,

Further aware that, of these nations, few make such an impact both domestically and internationally as The Salaxalans,

Admiring The Salaxalans' success in the various elections for Secretary-General of the World Assembly, where they came as a runner-up in the first election and managed to win the seat as Vice Secretary-General in the second election,

Idolizing the noble dedication to the well-rounded and versatile vegetable known as the potato, to which The Salaxalans has found international renown over, showing their love for the food by:

  1. Promising all nations of the world potatoes if they were to win the Secretary-General election, which they promptly did, following their success in the 2020 election,

  2. The collection of a massive amount of artwork commemorating the starchy food, the full assemblage of which is valued at an astronomical price,

  3. A prominent display of spuds in their flag,

Believing that, among the most influential and hefty contributions made to NationStates is The Salaxalans' continued work and service to Spiritus,

Confident that The Salaxalans has thrust their region on the world stage through their tremendous accomplishments in international and interregional diplomacy,

Acclaiming The Salaxalans for their significant strides in regional cultural events in Spiritus that has gone above and beyond what is expected of them, going so far as to start interregional affairs, including but not limited to vast organization of targeting and hunting down members of the mob which prevail in many nations around the world,

Astonished by many of the remarkable strides in both cultural and diplomatic affairs that occurred under the leadership of The Salaxalans during their many years as delegate of Spiritus, including:

  1. Maintaining high rates of regional endorsement to the delegate,

  2. Directing regional responses to international catastrophes,

  3. Creating a consistently positive foreign image for the region,

  4. Logging an extensive history of previous World Factbook Entries for the region,

  5. Preserving the sustained activity in the region and keeping this activity overwhelmingly positive,
Further awed by the codification of the role of Warlord of the Hobo Squids, a highly competitive position that holds substantive power in the Circle of Calamari, and little elsewhere,

Exalting them for their outstanding leadership in the suspiciously common nuclear winters that have occurred throughout the years, leading their own region very close to the top through their Potato Alliance, working both domestically and abroad in the process,

Celebrating the oversight and coordination demonstrated by The Salaxalans in the assorted instances of undead apocalyptic horror which has popped up throughout the years, leading cure efforts in Spiritus which were wildly successful, in some cases leading to the total clearance of the infected within the region and overall making Spiritus one of the most consistently successful regions in terms of survival in these armageddon scenarios.

And believing that these contributions the international community and to the community of Spiritus, spanning a time of over eight years and only increasing in intensity and charm, is the utmost example of what a nation should strive to be,

Hereby commends The Salaxalans.

Votes For: 13,640
Votes Against: 2,763

Implemented Friday June 26 2020

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SC Resolution #314: Condemn Australian rePublic

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun Aug 30, 2020 9:10 pm

Condemn Australian rePublic

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation | Nominee: Australian rePublic | Proposed by: Authoritaria-Imperia

Description: The noble Security Council,

Aware that each day governments will encounter various national issues, and that while these issues may sometimes arise naturally, they are often instead the result of ill-intentioned organisations seeking to undermine peace and national sovereignty,

Cognizant of the fact that Australian rePublic has fabricated such issues on an unimaginable scale, and that the suffering for which it is responsible cannot be by anyone fully comprehended,

Convinced that throughout the universes, Australian rePublic represents a terrible threat to the ideals of peace and goodwill so treasured by this council, and that the fallout of its vicious crimes is inescapable even for the most isolated and unprovocative of governments,

Attempting to communicate to some degree the horrors Australian rePublic has unleashed on thousands of victim nations by describing just a few of the covert missions its government has so maliciously orchestrated:

  • Mission #552: “Must Be A Full Moon”, in which Australian rePublic co-ordinated the strategic mooning of government officials in an attempt to incite dangerous national revolutions, inadvertently crashing fashion industries across the universes by causing an inexplicable drop in demand for pants,

  • Mission #664: “Your Land Or Mine”, in which veritable flash mobs of undercover agents were sent into unsuspecting nations, inventing entire fake indigenous tribes with sacred sites conveniently located over valuable mining locations and leading to economic collapses and surges in unemployment rates,

  • Mission #733: “The Path Less Traveled”, in which ports vital to national economies were frozen over with toxic chemicals in an attempt to invade nations with armies of millions of malicious macaroni penguins, and where only poor mission planning on behalf of Australian rePublic prevented thousands of nations from being totally overrun by the aquatic birds,

  • Mission #981: “Westfailian Sovereignty”, in which the leftover penguins from Mission #733 were sent into innocent states disguised as dangerous masked terrorists all under pseudonym “Mega Momo”, leading to the imperiling of national sovereignty as nations across the universes hopelessly invaded one another seeking to eliminate the terrorist in the international craze now known as “Momo Madness”, and

  • Mission #1237: “A Polar Bear’s Tale”, in which Australian rePublic fabricated nonsensical legislation concerning such matters as polar bears and fire hoses and slipped these eccentric laws into the government archives of unsuspecting victim nations, leading to allegations of corruption and an unprecedented demand for goggles,

Noting Australian rePublic's long history distributing so-called “welcome baskets” of fruit to national leaders, with contents polluted by brainwashing chemicals to twist the minds of their recipients and motivate them to organise malicious missions of their own,

Highlighting the fact that the dissemination of these flagitious “fruits” proved so damaging and costly that, in a rare display of interference in the universes, the mysterious otherworldly deities known to work only in the shadows took physical form to pass their cosmic judgements and, by methods unknown, ended this terrible trade once and for all,

Lamenting the fact that Australian rePublic’s actions will have impacts lasting into eternity, and that the effects of these terrible missions and abhorrent “fruits” are irreversible even for such a powerful organisation as this Council,

Adamant that the damage Australian rePublic has dealt the international community must not be ignored or forgotten, as many of us doubtless wish it would be, but instead be grimly remembered, and that we must make an example of this nation to communicate that such reprobate behaviour will not be tolerated by this Council,

Hereby condemns Australian rePublic.

Votes For: 9,371
Votes Against: 4,794

Implemented Tuesday June 30 2020

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SC Resolution #315: Commend Vippertooth33

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun Aug 30, 2020 10:19 pm

Commend Vippertooth33

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Vippertooth33 | Proposed by: Honeydewistania

Description: The Security Council,

Acknowledging Vippertooth33 as a nation committed to using military tactics to vanquish the fascist plague from the universe,

Impressed by the special tactics and dedication employed by Vippertooth33 to achieve their goals over the last seventeen years, including but not limited to:

  • convincing the Nazi founder of White Aryan Resistance to forcibly remove over eighty Nazi nations from their region which handed over control to Vippertooth33, resulting in one of the largest Nazi strongholds at the time being completely destroyed,
  • secretly controlling a Nazi puppet state in the URAP, Nazi Jason, for over 11 years, which ultimately caused the oldest Nazi region in existence at the time to be permanently annihilated,
  • leading operations in which they successfully destroyed regions with active founders, such as Fascist and Imperialist Union, a member of the fascist coalition Right Wing Uprising, a great feat that crushed the dreams of numerous fascists,

Recalling that Vippertooth33 managed to mobilize every civilian nation in the Mariner Trench to join the MT Army, so that quenched an enormous Nazi uprising along with the Anti Nazi Alliance, preventing innocent regions from being raided,

Cognizant of the support Vippertooth33 has provided for landmark anti-fascist and anti-Nazi operations, including but not limited to:

Pleased with Vippertooth33’s dedication to preserving over a thousand formerly fascist controlled regions such as Anne Frank, ensuring that they did not fall again into fascist hands,

Praising Vippertooth33 for maintaining their home region Mariner Trench, now converted to a civilian region in which new nations are trained by them to fight hateful ideologies,

Inspired by Vippertooth33's ability to organize and unite anti-fascist aligned regions across the international community around principles of common decency and equality, despite long held, military based ideological rivalries which may have ensured that a successful outcome would have not been guaranteed in crucial operations,

Believing the contributions Vippertooth33 has made to the international community should be preserved for the perusal of future generations,

Hereby commends Vippertooth33.

Co-authored by Sargon Reman

Votes For: 12,886
Votes Against: 3,100

Implemented Wednesday July 29 2020

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SC Resolution #316: Commend Frieden-und Freudenland

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun Aug 30, 2020 10:21 pm

Commend Frieden-und Freudenland

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Frieden-und Freudenland | Proposed by: Kuriko

Description: The Security Council,

Recognizing that throughout the known universes there are individuals, organizations, and nations that dedicate their precious time to disseminate information to national leaders;

Believing Frieden-und Freudenland to be a shining example of such a nation with a record of invaluable service that, at present, stretches back almost 5 years;

Lauding numerous efforts by Frieden-und Freudenland, which total no fewer than 14, to bring attention to issues of national significance, including but not limited to:

  • Political campaigns of foreign leaders accused of rights abuses, as presented in Is There An Election In Marche Noir Or Are You Just Happy To See Us?;
  • Workers compensation policy relating to overtime wages, as presented in Sit-Down Money;
  • The legality of child actors in advertisements and movies, as presented in Never Work With Children;
  • Public health concerns caused by vitamin D deficiency, as presented in Where The Sun Don’t Shine;
  • Internet privacy as it relates to minors, as presented in Paparazzi Parents; and
  • Birthright citizenship policy, as presented in Baby Shower;

Highlighting the fact that Frieden-und Freudenland has also contributed to the region of Forest and the international community in several ways, including:

  • Creating a regional newspaper known as The Forest News Leaf, the first known regional newspaper of the region since the region was refounded in 2007. Having been created in September 2015, The Forest News Leaf became a very important news outlet that let the national leaders of Forest stay apprised of happenings in neighboring nations;
  • Creating the annual Forest Photo Contest, an inter-regional event which started in 2015 featuring pictures from many nations throughout the Multiverse. The Forest Photo Contest brought many national leaders to Forest to participate, and lended a hand in Forest's diplomatic efforts to spread the word of eco-friendliness;

Concluding that the nation of Frieden-und Freudenland should be recognized by the World Assembly Security Council for these reasons;

Hereby commends Frieden-und Freudenland.

Co-authored by Candensia

Votes For: 12,825
Votes Against: 2,368

Implemented Sunday August 2 2020

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SC Resolution #317: Commend Trotterdam

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun Aug 30, 2020 10:29 pm

Commend Trotterdam

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Trotterdam | Proposed by: Noahs Second Country

Description: The Security Council,

Frightened by the prevalence and scale of national crises facing world leaders throughout the multiverse,

Aware that a cabal of nations is dedicated to presenting solutions for the aforementioned crises in a brief, clear, and occasionally amusing manner,

Understanding that this group plays a critical role in the stability of our community as a whole, by hosting regular public discussions on international forums to analyse a wide variety of notable issues,

Praising scholars from Trotterdam for their participation as some of the most prolific, tenured and consistent associates in this group; their contributions include:
  • Assisting other nations' scholars in their efforts to present solutions, checking for factual accuracy and clarity, as well as overlap with previously presented solutions to prevent potentially harmful inconsistencies,
  • Bringing attention to important, yet often overlooked flaws that may arise in any documentation provided to world leaders, which could otherwise mislead them into choosing an unsuitable solution,
  • Explaining any unintended consequences that may arise from policy decisions in a clear and concise manner,
  • Presenting two pressing matters of their own via the satellite state of Milostein, regarding the dangers of unregulated firework use and the construction of a particle accelerator,
Applauding Trotterdam for their dedication to mapping the myriad possible ways a nation could address complex, multi-step scenarios, such as significant terrorist threats, major breakdowns in international relations, and improper management of press freedoms,,

Impressed by the international database managed by Trotterdammer scholars, which serves as the most comprehensive and widely used compilation of the following:
  • Tangible effects resulting from a national response to a problem,
  • Potential policy changes that may come indirectly as a result of said responses,
  • Historical changes in world census rankings following these important decisions,
Awed by the conduct of these scholars in making this database free to use, while maintaining transparency in their methods of data collection, enabling all leaders to make more informed decisions without being misled,

Finally noting the impressive world census rankings achieved by both Milostein and Trotterdam in categories such as intelligence, compassion, safety, and education, upholding a benchmark standard for other nations,

Concluding that, without the contributions listed above, misinformation, errors and chaos would ensue,

Hereby Commends Trotterdam

Co-Authored by SherpDaWerp

Votes For: 13,637
Votes Against: 1,309

Implemented Thursday August 6 2020

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SC Resolution #318: Commend Nuremgard

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun Aug 30, 2020 10:31 pm

Commend Nuremgard

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Nuremgard | Proposed by: Cretox State

Description: The Security Council,

Comprehending the somber and demanding role of national leaders in maintaining the stability of nations and the integrity of governments throughout the multiverse against all odds,

Outlining the importance of rapid, decisive, and proactive decision-making on the part of national leaders to address potentially grave issues before they spiral out of control, and lamenting the fact that national leaders are often unable to engage in this form of decision-making due to issues not reaching their attention, or any response on their part being stalled by the slow and deliberate nature of a national government,

Most supportive of the tireless, hugely successful, and frankly paradoxical efforts of Nuremgard to covertly research potential problems that could compromise the functioning of every individual national government in existence, and their dedication to cutting through unnecessary red tape and allowing national leaders from all over the world to take effective action to solve these problems before they would otherwise be apparent to them,

Most impressed by the daily missions that Nuremgard undertakes to achieve the above, in which the nation's operatives stage incidents that present a menu of possible policy actions to national leaders in a succinct, comprehensive, and often amusing manner that can easily be understood by the average modern Leader, including:

  1. Mission #1181, in which Nuremgardian agents risked humiliation pretending to actually care about jousting, in order to provide national governments with a supplementary stream of income and an easy way to keep their people happy with the way things are run,
  2. Mission #531, in which Nuremgardian agents risked incarceration insulting national royalty on live television, outraging monarchs across the multiverse into making a decisive decision regarding lèse majesté laws,
  3. Mission #710, in which Nuremgardian agents risked forced labor pretending to be disaffected serfs and forging economic reports, in order to ensure that feudal governments would be stabilized before their systems of serfdom could cause total economic collapse,
  4. Mission #786, in which Nuremgardian agents risked their skins altering government reports on infection rates and pretending to be tattoo artists, in order to bring the issue of infections resultant from tattoos to the attention of national leaders before their nations could be decimated by full-blown pandemics,
  5. Mission #545, in which Nuremgardian agents risked their sanity trying to sell national governments defective blenders, in order to bring the issue of expatriate voting to said governments' attention before it could compromise the integrity of elections in the eyes of the public,
  6. Mission #596, in which Nuremgardian agents risked their lives to drug absolute monarchs and impersonate members of their royal courts, in order to force said monarchs to resolve the issue of royal succession before their nations could descend into civil war over the crown, and
  7. Mission #780, in which Nuremgardian agents risked the existence of time and space itself by using quantum entanglement technology to implement a value-added tax in every nation in the multiverse, in order to push national leaders into addressing the essential question of taxation,
Emphasizing the Nuremgardian government's lack of any attempts to publicize or seek credit for their critical work in preserving national stability, including the aforementioned missions in addition to eleven others of equal significance,

Noting the unprecedented caliber of Nuremgard's operatives, who plan, arrange, and execute every one of their missions without any need for support from other nations, excepting review by certain shadowy and benevolent authorities dedicated to providing logistical infrastructure to assist in such missions,

Determined to recognize the unyielding hard work and dedication of this nation in ensuring the stability and integrity of governments throughout the multiverse, and believing that few nations on this front are more deserving of such an honor,

Hereby commends Nuremgard.

Votes For: 8,944
Votes Against: 4,316

Implemented Tuesday August 11 2020

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SC Resolution #319: Commend Wallenburg

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun Aug 30, 2020 10:33 pm

Commend Wallenburg

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Wallenburg | Proposed by: Morover

Description: The World Assembly Security Council,

Recognizing Wallenburg as one of the most well-known and oft-acknowledged nations in the world, ultimately overcoming adversity to bring a remarkably egalitarian and safe society to its people,

Believing that the People's Republic of Wallenburg helped rescue millions of people from tyranny and possible persecution through their previous annexation of the Holy Republic of Wallenburg, ultimately manifesting in what is today a more benevolent union of the two, the Sororal Republics of Wallenburg,

Impressed by the National Assembly of Wallenburg, the two hundred and fifty-six delegates of which hold near-complete legislative and executive authority over the nation, whose primary job is to ensure the continuance of a paradisaical home for the citizens residing there,

Admiring the very well-read, intelligent, and politically-informed populace present in Wallenburg as a result of the rigorous educational programs that are put in place by the government,

Astonished by the near-utopian economic state that is present within Wallenburg, which comes from harmonic sync between industry and the workers of the nation, ultimately ensuring that everybody has their essential needs taken care of through the use of welfare or other programs in place,

Praising the Wallenburgian World Assembly Offices for their continually outstanding work when it comes to matters of this fair body, chiefly through the leadership of former Chief Representative Helen Trevanyika, as well as the current Chief Representative Mikael Alex-Oliva Ogenbond, especially when it comes to the matter of ensuring that compliance with World Assembly legislation is enforced in all areas of their jurisdiction, through the establishment and use of the Wallenburgian Office of Compliance and Investigation,

Further staggered by the immense amount of work and dedication that the Wallenburgian delegation has put into the General Assembly specifically, through uncredited help given to countless individual proposals and resolutions, as well as through the production of nine credited resolutions for the chamber, including but not limited to:
  1. Legislation that ensures access to sexual and reproductive education to all, through the form of GAR#369 "Reproductive Education Act",
  2. Protections towards agriculture against invasive species that may harm the industry via GAR#431 "Agricultural Invasive Species Act",
  3. Mandating that World Assembly member-states aid those who are victims of genocide on grounds of their economic status through GAR#450 "Don't Kill The Poor Act",
  4. Environmental protection of natural underground aquifers through GAR#453 "Preventing Groundwater Contamination",
  5. The establishment of an international court that ensures that non-compliance with extant World Assembly legislation is punished appropriately, by means of GAR#466 "World Assembly Justice Accord",

Respecting the Wallenburgian assurance that the inner workings of the World Assembly should be made more publicly accessible, as shown through their lengthy and well-served time as the Chief Minister of World Assembly Affairs in The East Pacific,

Further recognizing contributions made to The East Pacific through their time spent both as an Arbiter and Viceroy of The Conclave, the regional court,

And affirming that any nation which has been such a boon to the World Assembly and its influence at large, in spite of rising from a long and arduous history that, in other circumstances, may have made significant contributions impossible, deserves the highest recognition that the Security Council can bestow, hereby:

Commends Wallenburg

Votes For: 9,360
Votes Against: 3,885

Implemented Saturday August 15 2020

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SC Resolution #320: Condemn Noahs Second Country

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun Aug 30, 2020 10:36 pm

Condemn Noahs Second Country

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation | Nominee: Noahs Second Country | Proposed by: Honeydewistania

Description: The Security Council,

Acknowledging that the international trade of valuable artwork between a multitude of nations has been recognised by this council on several occasions,

Believing that the nation of Noahs Second Country (henceforth known as NSC for the purposes of this resolution) is one such nation bent on the disruption of international trade through their atrocious shenanigans,

Appalled at the despicable deeds perpetuated by NSC, including but not limited to:
  1. enslaving the entire population of more than 850 nations in Second Best Card Farm, purely for the purpose of obtaining their artwork, only for it to be stored away in the well hidden vaults of several other colonies such as Second Best Card Collector and S2 Rares Collector,
  2. using the aforementioned colonies to counterfeit and reproduce copies of artwork from its nation to build a monopoly and inflate prices to grotesque values,
  3. the deliberate inflation of the value of the common and uncommon artwork of nations such as Noahania, The Air Force of South Asians 26, British Rashah, and Death and Killing Tactics 3, no doubt attempts to elicit mayhem into the artwork trading community,
  4. the large scale laundering of money using multiple copies of the artwork of -ii, achieved by trading it over a record 8200 times between NSC and their colonies,

Alarmed at NSC's leading role in 'Card Defending' through their leadership positions in Card Defenders Alliance, a movement NSC formed in an attempt to maintain the "status quo" and oppress nations with growing interests in the artwork dealing community,

Outraged at NSC for establishing and editing Card News, a widely circulated propaganda newsletter that promotes and celebrates the nefarious crimes perpetuated by NSC and other traders,

Angered at NSC’s antics in international artwork competitions, such as using their counterfeiting tactic to win the Card Olympics four times in a row, giving them an unfair advantage,

Shocked that NSC, under the puppet nation N00027, deliberately inflated the artwork of the Dark System to make it the most valuable artwork in the world, shortly before crashing the market value back to around the original value, causing an immeasurable amount of havoc and almost ruining regional artwork events,

Revolted by the multitude of transactions caused by NSC in the artworks market, which wreaked havoc on the communications systems worldwide, causing a global shutdown and disrupting military efforts,

Disgusted that NSC does not limit their destructive and malicious actions to the international trade of artwork, but undertakes further actions to sow strife and chaos in foreign lands, as evidenced by the following:
  1. encouraging impressionable children to post malicious comments about other citizens online in the covert operation dubbed 'Going on the Cyber Offensive',
  2. contaminating the bottled water of foreign countries with deadly pathogen in the covert operation dubbed 'Bottled Up Problems',
  3. sending spies disguised as survival experts to expose secret military bases in foreign nations in the covert operation dubbed 'Candid Camera', an operation so vile that NSC agents left behind the stench of urine in the bases of their victims,

Annoyed at the other efforts by NSC to cover up their repulsive actions and give themselves a clean image, including:
  1. authoring Commend 9003, a resolution which ironically commended a helpful member of the international artwork trade community,
  2. authoring Commend Trotterdam, a resolution which commended a nation renowned for their helpfulness in guiding leaders through the national issues they face,
  3. creating multiple well received, highly cited dispatches on how to correctly format and organise factbooks for other nations,

Abhorred at NSC’s backward policy for enforcing compulsory nudity when possible, resulting in NSC controlling over five out of the top 11 nations in the nudity census,

Hoping that an official condemnation from this body will help new nations to see through the self-proclaimed ‘Second Best’ title NSC has adopted and be aware of the danger posed by this nation to society,

Hereby condemns Noahs Second Country.

Co-authored by Westinor.

Votes For: 9,347
Votes Against: 5,120

Implemented Thursday August 20 2020

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SC Resolution #321: Commend Valanora

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun Aug 30, 2020 10:39 pm

Commend Valanora

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Valanora | Proposed by: Electrum

Description: The Security Council,

Observing that Valanora, as well as its satellite states of Pasarga and Demot, has contributed immensely to the NationStates sporting community for over sixteen years,

Recognising the sheer number of tournaments that Valanora has been awarded hosting rights to, signifying the community’s broader trust in Valanora to host tournaments in an unbiased and fair manner, including:
  • a record-breaking fourteen World Cup Committee tournaments, encompassing an unparalleled ten World Cups (seven were hosted as Valanora, two as Pasarga and one as Demot), three Cups of Harmony and one Baptism of Fire,
  • eight editions of international regional football tournaments, comprising of four editions each of the Atlantian Oceania Confederation of Association Football Cup (as Valanora) and the Copa Rushmori (as Pasarga), for the regions of Atlantian Oceania and Rushmore respectively, and
  • four World Cup of Hockey tournaments, the international ice hockey championship organised by the World Cup of Hockey Federation,

Highlighting that Valanora has been elected President of both the World Cup Committee and the World Cup of Hockey Federation, being entrusted to perform duties such as regularly updating rankings and memberships, running host bid processes and upholding the constitutions of the respective sports,

Noting that the curation of a tournament requires voluntarily hosting tournaments that the sporting community expects on a regular basis without interruption nor the expectation of a reward,

Grateful that despite the time consuming nature of these responsibilities, Valanora has and continues to curate some of the multiverse’s prominent sporting and international club tournaments, which are:
  • the Di Bradini Cup (also known as the Under-21 World Cup), held in association with the [nation=noflag]Starblaydia[/nation] Football Association for thirteen consecutive editions over five years,
  • the Atlantian Oceania Champions League for twenty-nine consecutive editions over seven years,
  • the Copa de Campeones, the Rushmori regional club football tournament, which has been curated by Pasarga for sixteen consecutive editions, and
  • the Hockey Champions League, a tournament which Valanora curated for the inaugural thirteen editions to revive international club ice hockey after a prolonged period of no competition,

Awed by the stunning range of accomplishments that the Vanorian football team, The Marauders, has achieved, including:
  • being the best football team ever in NationStates history, according to the World Cup Hall of Fame rankings,
  • having the highest win percentage and the highest accumulated goal difference in World Cup Committee sanctioned tournaments, with both accomplishments unlikely to ever be matched,
  • seven appearances at the World Cup Final, with five World Cup victories (XL, XLII, XLIII, LII and LXI editions), and
  • thirty-seven consecutive qualifications to the World Cup Proper and thirty-four appearances at the World Cup quarterfinal level including a spell of seventeen consecutive quarterfinal appearances, all superlative feats given that World Cup tournaments typically involve over a hundred nations,

Further noting that Valanora has had other sources of athletic success which includes Pasarga’s football team, the Wanderers, reaching three consecutive World Cup Finals (LXXI, LXXII, and LXIII), winning one (LXXII), and the Vanorian ice hockey team, the Calcuttas, winning six editions of the World Cup of Hockey,

Acknowledging the wide-ranging respect that the sporting community has for Laborious Hawk, a seven hundred and forty-five year old elf who is one of the multiverse’s best ever players, having inspirationally captained the Marauders through all of their achievements from the midfield,

Believing that Valanora’s service to the sporting community as a host, administrator and curator of tournaments should be held up as an example for future nations to emulate,

Hereby commends Valanora

Co-authored by Francois Isidore

Votes For: 11,625
Votes Against: 2,488

Implemented Thursday August 27 2020

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SC Resolution #322: Repeal "Commend The Red Fleet"

Postby Lord Dominator » Sat Sep 05, 2020 10:43 am

Repeal "Commend The Red Fleet"

A resolution to repeal a previously passed resolution

Category: Repeal | Resolution: SC#184 | Proposed by: Bormiar

Description: Security Council Resolution #184 “Commend The Red Fleet” shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

The Security Council,

Lauding the noble goal of fighting fascism within NationStates, but recognizing that such a goal does not instantly make a region commendable,

Noting that the Red Fleet is now a decent antifascist region, but the region's commendation is a remnant of a time when the region was plagued by toxicity,

Aggrieved that “Commend the Red Fleet” is a blatant self-commend, as most of the resolution was written by Misley, then the Fleet Admiral of the Red Fleet, who intentionally instructed the “author”, New tuva ssr, not to give credit to them in order to hide the fact that it was a self-commend,

Unimpressed by the operations by the Red Fleet listed in the commendation, as their involvement was heavily exaggerated, for the following reasons:
  • While it’s true that the Red Fleet came to the aid of the Internationale, this was merely an act of self-defense, as the Internationale was a recruitment ground for the Red Fleet, and the Internationale later hosted the Red Fleet’s center of communications. The region’s contemporary founder had also been a senior member of the Red Fleet,

  • The destruction of Nazi Europe was coordinated by Evil Wolf, the North Pacific Army, Lone Wolves United, and the United Imperial Armed Forces. While their commendation redirects credit to the Red Fleet, the Red Fleet didn't move in until the region had already been captured and secured, making them only a footnote in the operation,

  • Leninist Russia was a backwater region which never had more than a handful of nations, so the liberation was hardly as important as the commendation makes it appear. As the Red Fleet reported at the time of the liberation, there was only a “small team” of fascists, making a liberation rather easy. The region ended up being taken in a sleeper operation by Captain Woodhouse,

  • The liberation of Anne Frank had participation from almost 30 militaries. The Red Fleet neither organized the operation nor was vital to its success,

Concluding that, while these operations are laudable, “Commend the Red Fleet” implies greater importance and altruism behind the Red Fleet’s actions than that of reality, thus misleading the reader,

Hesitant to commend a region where at least 4 of its major members which built the organization have incurred smiting, often for atrocities committed under the guise of "antifascism". The entire region was also decimated in an act of God and was made impossible to rebuild for a time. Their atrocities were not necessary or helpful to the antifascist movement, and instead embarrassed it,

Deploring the Red Fleet as an organization which has actually weakened the antifascist movements through deplorable actions that encouraged disunity, including attempting to push Asgard, which had assisted in major antifascist operations like Hitler Youth, out of Antifa because of a diplomatic feud,

Disappointed that the Red Fleet has attacked regions innocent of fascism, including anti-fascist regions, simply because of right-wing connections or "witch-hunt" accusations, such as:

  • Libertarian, which was raided in a 4 day occupation due to an embassy with a soon-to-be member region of REATO, which the Red Fleet has warred with. Libertarian likely did not know REATO was fascist, as the organization pretended to be anti-fascist, and the Red Fleet did not attempt to inform Libertarian of their innocent embassy mistake,

  • Corporate Profit Alliance, which had had an embassy with Antifa prior to being falsely accused of fascism and destroyed by the Red Fleet. The Red Fleet justified their raid by claiming that the word “corporate” meant “fascism”,
Disgusted that the Red Fleet founded Capitalist under the claim that "capitalism is cradle [sic] of Fascism", and had the region's World Factbook Entry endorse the “[suffering]” and “Extremely violent re-education process” for capitalists, graphically describing a “Tormented Poor little Capitalist Crying it's Agony of Horrible Destiny and Eternal Despair”,

Shocked that a major early leader of the Red Fleet, Proletaurus, stated that they did not need to prove that any regions they seized were fascist, and that it didn’t matter whether any regions they ever seized and denounced as fascist truly were fascist,

Attributing these incursions and radical actions to have wrecked much of Antifa’s good public standing and appearance,

Therefore finding extremely insufficient justification from this self-commendation of the Red Fleet,

Hereby repeals SC#184 “Commend the Red Fleet”.

Votes For: 11,044
Votes Against: 2,330

Implemented Saturday September 5 2020

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SC Resolution #323: Repeal "Commend Kuriko"

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun Jun 27, 2021 1:24 pm

Repeal "Commend Kuriko"

A resolution to repeal a previously passed resolution

Category: Repeal | Resolution: SC#300 | Proposed by: Morover

Description: The World Assembly Security Council,

Noting the fact that Kuriko, a well-respected nation who has helped better the world through both international diplomacy and other means, was formally recognized with the passage of SCR#300 "Commend Kuriko",

Maintaining the fact that Kuriko is highly commendable for their actions both in the Security Council itself and abroad in the international community,

Believing, however, that SCR#300 does a poor job of representing Kuriko's accomplishments, and instead relies on the then-recent election of the nation as the World Assembly Secretary-General to boost the resolution into passage, as opposed to passing based on its own merits,

Concerned that the acknowledgement of Kuriko's contributions to the Security Council rely more closely on the quantity of their proposals, while failing to recognize the quality that comes alongside it,

Saddened by the fact that the commendation of Kuriko reads akin to a basic list of accomplishments, without truly explaining the significance of those achievements or accentuating their magnitude,

Further disappointed by the inaccuracies present in this list, including:

  1. Calling the Ten Thousand Islands Treaty Organization merely the "Thousand Islands Treaty Organization," an error which underestimates the magnitude of the organization tenfold,

  2. The assertion that Kuriko mobilized many defending forces in regards to the attempted 2019 coup of The East Pacific, when in fact they only mobilized TITO,

  3. Claiming that the Rejected Realms Treaty of Friendship was negotiated by Kuriko, when in fact the majority of negotiations were made by Alkasia, whereas Kuriko merely presented it to the Council of Nine after the negotiations were complete,

And certain that the candidate will undoubtedly achieve many more feats in their time, and that any commendation of Kuriko should include as many accomplishments as it possibly can, and any one written prematurely will do a grave disservice to both the candidate and the Security Council as a whole,

Hereby repeals SCR#300.

Votes For: 12,197
Votes Against: 1,470

Implemented Wednesday September 9 2020

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