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A chamber dedicated to the dissemination of inter-regional peace and goodwill, via force if necessary.


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SC Resolution 274: Commend Lyras

Postby Lord Dominator » Wed Jan 09, 2019 9:40 am

Commend Lyras

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Lyras | Proposed by: Kostrorleauny

Description: The Security Council,

Acknowledging the current system of government under which the Lyran people live to be that of a true stratocracy, though also citing that such is not a military junta.

Recognizing the Protectorate of Lyras as the progenitor of Lyran Arms; a global economics and trade powerhouse that has set the standard for custom-made military technology and weaponry worldwide.

Distinguishing Lyran Arms as one of the most successful warfare equipment manufacturers to premier upon the world in recent years; a subordinate corporation to the Executive Command Staff of the Lyran Protectorate that “aims to bring nations the choice of cutting-edge modern-tech military hardware and establish permanent harmony between nations”.

Noting the efforts of the Protectorate of Lyras to establish the aforementioned “permanent harmony between nations” whilst undertaking the promulgation of the Castlegate Declaration; a doctrine which the nation holds dear in its stout denunciation of slavery and its views of abhorrence towards the trade of human lives.

Applauding the philosophical propositions of a Lyran State, namely ones that are geared towards the mentorship of newer nations, recognizing startup nations as equals rather than as lesser peoples.

Awed at the Protectorate’s usage of the Lyran Covenant alliance, an alliance that included nations such as Imbrinium and Morrdh, and the coining of the term “peace invasion”; setting the stage for a noteworthy event for which the Lyran government used its diplomatic status as a hegemon to ensure peace be made between its two allies following the invasion of Mordent island.

Highlighting the dedication of the Protectorate of Lyras to preserve and sustain good governance in the wake of research and technology breakthroughs that further seek to aid in the defence of innocent and unarmed nations. As has been displayed via the forms of anti-slavery and anti-imperialist positionings such as:

  • The Protectorate of Lyras’ assistance in the remilitarization of Mokastana, a State that had previously been classified as a “banana republic”, which led to the nation gaining a more thorough understanding of how to properly maintain a standing army and begin to defend themselves; all lead through the example of the Lyran Protectorate and their understanding of military technology.

  • The liberation of territory that had been previously ruled with an iron fist by the Protectorate of Dukopolious, a known communist oppressor, in aggressions that constituted an end-goal of achieving stability in Greater Dienstad.

  • The Protectorate of Lyras’ centralized role in fighting against Stevid (The Holy Empire) in the “Great Dienstadi War”; a conflict that was engaged in by most of the active major powers of the day.

  • The Protectorate’s blatant refusal to engage in orderly and open export trade with the Blackhelm Confederacy; a nation condemned by the hallowed halls of this body since Security Council resolution number fifty-nine entitled "Condemn Blackhelm Confederacy”.

  • The pioneering of freedom for the slaves of Greater tezdrian, an initiative that is validated through the passage of Security Council resolution number one-hundred entitled “Commend Lamoni”, where the forces of the Lyran State saw active combat against the tyranny of Greater tezdrian as mentioned by Security Council resolution number twenty "Condemn Greater Tezdrian".

Observing that the exemplary actions carried out by the Protectorate of Lyras, as described and outlined herein, are transcendent of the World Assembly’s core principles of promoting international peace, spreading universal goodwill, and maintaining healthy diplomatic discourse between nations from all walks of civilization.

Hereby Commends Lyras.

Votes For: 12,953
Votes Against: 2,038

Implemented Saturday 5 January 2019

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SC Resolution #275: Commend Jutsa

Postby Lord Dominator » Sat Dec 07, 2019 11:56 pm

Commend Jutsa

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Jutsa | Proposed by: Candensia

Description: The Security Council,

AWARE of the complex, constantly changing situations faced by national decision-makers, and the myriad of effects such situations have on national and international affairs;

ASSERTING that the importance of these issues commands the highest degree of linguistic skill and fortitude from entities involved in their portrayal to countless governing bodies;

RECOGNIZING that Jutsa, through thoughtfully planned data-sharing operations, has provided decision-makers in multitudes of jurisdictions with information concerning no less than fourteen separate matters, covering a wide range of topics, including:

  • A high-profile firearms heist, as presented in No Lock, No Gun Stock, And No Smoking Barrels;
  • The nature of product trademarks, as presented in A Cola by Any Other Name;
  • Voting interference, as presented in En Bloc;
  • Sustainable logging practices as it relates to international trade, as presented in Ebony Pride;
  • The viability of international environmental legislation, as presented in Pulling Out; and
  • The ramifications of a drugged water supply, as presented in Of Mice And Meth;

RECOGNIZING FURTHER that Jutsa has, on at-least two occasions, collaborated with other nations, including Australian rePublic and Yotongrek, to ensure information of significance was transmitted to decision-makers in an innumerable number of nations;

OBSERVING that Jutsa, through its involvement in international discussion outlets, has also shown tremendous leadership in documenting hundreds of issues of national importance for the purposes of comparison, study, and that such documentation is of great benefit to the international community;

COGNIZANT of Jutsa's involvement in other projects of significance, such as NSIndex, where the nation has participated in the recording of significant issues, General Assembly resolutions, Security Council resolutions, and other historical legislation;

NOTING Jutsa's positive presence in regional bureaucracy in areas such as the Ministry of Education of The East Pacific, where the nation is known to have been involved by means of Jutomi, an affiliate administration;

CERTAIN that Jutsa, through its great determination and tireless efforts, has vastly improved the means and the ability of key decision-makers the multiverse over to respond to issues of national importance; and

BELIEVING such an accomplishment is too great to ignore;

Hereby commends Jutsa.

Co-Authored with Kuriko

Votes For: 12,937
Votes Against: 1,634

Implemented Sunday 13 January 2019

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SC Resolution #276: Commend Paffnia

Postby Lord Dominator » Sat Dec 07, 2019 11:57 pm

Commend Paffnia

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Paffnia | Proposed by: Kuriko

Description: The Security Council,

Observing that commendations are Security Council resolutions authored to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of nations that contribute in many ways to their home regions and the international community;

Recognizing the fact that the nation of Paffnia, having been formed 8 years ago, has contributed in immense ways to 10000 Islands (XKI) through many government positions as well as the international community as a member of the Ten Thousand Islands Treaty Organization (TITO);

Listing the contributions of the nation Paffnia to the inter-regional community as follows:

• Being a member of the defender military TITO, where they have served with distinction for over seven years and completed almost 350 missions. In this capacity they have risen to the rank of TITO Knight Legion Commander and been decorated with many medals, including the 10000 Islands Distinguished Service Medal for distinguished leadership to TITO and the Islands, the Order of the Islands Medal for excellent service or actions to the region and its community, the Commendation Medal which is awarded for exemplary services that have raised the quality of life within XKI as a whole, and the Meritorious Service Medal for individual excellence in an operation and ongoing good conduct abroad.

• Taking part in many high-stakes deployments to Feeders and Sinkers to combat coups against lawful regional governments, for which they were awarded medals to commemorate their participation. These medals include the Osiris Defense Medal for deployment to the newly created Sinker in 2011 which allowed a native regional government to arise, the The South Pacific Liberation Medal for deployment to the Feeder region during the Milograd coup of 2013 where over 3,000 native nations were purged from the region, and the Lazarus Liberation Medal for deployment to the Sinker region during the New Lazarene Order coup of 2015.

• Taking part in 11 refound operations to make founderless regions safe once more without the threat of being raided, some of which are well-known operations. These operations include the refounding of The Skeleton Army, Deutschland, Australia, Hogwarts, and Greece.

• The upkeeping of a record of featured regions of NationStates since 2011 within The Great Library of the 10000 Islands. The scholars of Paffnia strive to keep this list as up-to-date as possible as well as keeping track of other notable accomplishments of 10000 Islands and its inhabitants internationally.

• The authoring of SC Resolution #93: Commend The Featured Region Followers, thanking the region for steadfast commitment to preserving and honoring featured regions World Factbook Entries.

Further Listing the contributions of the nation Paffnia to the region of XKI as follows:

• An 8 month term elected as Senator for Lyonnesse East between 2011 and 2012, where Paffnia sat on the Council of 9 (Co9) and was in charge of guiding the national royal families from each nation. In this capacity they spearheaded the establishment of the House Cup and Shield Competitions as well as founded and still maintains the XKI Family Tree.

• A 4 month term elected as Senator for New Republica South during 2014, where Paffnia was in charge of keeping the international political parties of the region on track and functioning. In this capacity they began political party games and competitions to keep the political parties active.

• Two terms as Senior Senator, where Paffnia was in charge of writing and publishing the Council Report to the community on discussions within the regional government and votes that took place.

• An 8 month term appointed as Minister of Labor during 2015, a permanent seat upon the Co9, where Paffnia was in charge of hiring government officials and keeping various regional government ministries functioning by regularly posting regional government openings. Paffnia also currently occupies the same position since February 2017, where they have argued for government transparency and written a bill compromised upon by separate factions to make that transparency come to happen.

• A 6 month term elected as World Assembly Delegate and head of Foreign Affairs for XKI between 2015 and 2016, where Paffnia started the trend of using region-wide dispatches to gain the opinion of World Assembly members which every delegate afterwards has followed.

• Holding the position of Registrar General from March 2018 to the present, where they have nobly performed their duty to record and release the votes and laws passed by the Co9 within the regional Law Archives.

Believing that with all of the accomplishments of the nation Paffnia both at home in XKI and abroad, they are deserving of recognition by the Security Council of the World Assembly;

Hereby Commends Paffnia.

Votes For: 11,967
Votes Against: 2,599

Implemented Thursday 19 January 2019

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SC Resolution #277: Liberate Politics Amino

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun Dec 08, 2019 12:50 am

Liberate Politics Amino

A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region.

Category: Liberation | Nominee: Politics Amino | Proposed by: Kuriko

Description: The Security Council,

Noting that Security Council Liberations become necessary when innocent regions are threatened by destruction from invading forces;

Believing that in this instance a liberation has become necessary due to the stated goal of the occupying forces in Politics Amino, having raided the region on January 18th, to destroy the region's community by banning all native nations and placing a password to prevent their return;

Determined to show the invading force, which consists of over 40 individual nations, that turning a region into a trophy is no easy thing by liberating their occupied region to prevent the placement of a password;

Hoping that this resolution will deter the invading forces from following through on their stated goals to turn Politics Amino into a trophy region;

Hereby liberates Politics Amino.

Votes For: 10,357
Votes Against: 4,575

Implemented Saturday 26 January 2019
Repealed Sunday 12 May 2019

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SC Resolution #278: Commend Severisen

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun Dec 08, 2019 12:55 am

Commend Severisen

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Severisen | Proposed by: Xoriet

Description: The Security Council:

Recognizing that Severisen has contributed to NationStates in many ways and that not all of them have been known or recognized by the community abroad in the over fourteen years as a nation.

Revealing that their contributions to the world did not begin with The Black Hawks:

Understanding that, as a native of the region of Catholic, they were a long-term resident for those fourteen years. For twelve years, Severisen, as Devoted Decons, worked tirelessly for the protection and activity of this community. This includes:

• Being part of a resistance against the occupation of Catholic by DEN and The Black Hawks in 2012.
• Working tirelessly to aid defenders in their efforts to liberate the region from the enemy by rallying the region and its inhabitants against their invasion.
• Serving as Delegate for a year and further improving security during this time.
• Serving as Counselor, a position tasked with getting people to ratify the Constitution and endorse the Delegate as a matter of safety, from 2009 to 2011.
• Monitoring the communities of raiders in order to look out for the region by searching in their midst for any threats aimed at Catholic.
• Repealing SC Proposal #80: Liberate Catholic in order to restore the ability of natives to defend themselves against future invader incursions.
• At last taking up the role of the Founder nation, Saint Michael The Archangel, after the region was refounded by Devoted Decons and the other natives.

Illuminating that the nation, which then came to be known as Severisen, later spread their contributions beyond Catholic and took up such high military positions in larger regions as Marshal General of the Sekhmet Legion of Osiris, Amiral of the Jomsvikings of Balder, and Overseeing Officer of the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army of The East Pacific.

Explaining that Severisen in those positions contributed to a diverse array of operations that benefited in some cases the regions, and in others the entirety of the international community. Such operations to benefit the community involved liberating regions under occupation by raiders and fascists. An operation of note was the defense of the European Union from an invasion by The Black Hawks, The Black Riders, the Europeian Republican Navy, and the United Imperial Armed Forces.

Acknowledging that Severisen’s contributions to regions after a span of ten years in Catholic alone began in The Black Hawks, where they served as a member of the Council of Hawks. Their work in The Black Hawks over the years includes training and recruitment and, later, intelligence and security.

Recalling that Severisen also was part of an effort to uncover the return of a banished nation to The Black Hawks in late 2014. They contributed to revealing that same nation's attempt to infiltrate The East Pacific.

Furthing recalling that Severisen also served as Il-Khan for Lone Wolves United in the same capacity under the name Abenthy.

Emphasizing that one of Severisen’s greatest achievements was their tenure in Osiris over a period of over four years as Detective Figs, serving most particularly as a member of Osiris’ Security Council after the formation of the first Osiris Fraternal Order before taking the helm in 2014 as Delegate and Pharaoh in a time of need in Osiris.

Demonstrating that their time spent as Pharaoh became a defining moment in the Osiris Fraternal Order’s history, their work as the leader of Osiris contributing immensely to Foreign Affairs and internal stability, as they were undoubtedly the most successful and active Delegate of the Osiris Fraternal Order at that time.

Observing that under Severisen, a treaty between Osiris and The East Pacific as well as a non-aggression pact with The Rejected Realms were negotiated and signed. Good relations with all existing allies were maintained under Severisen’s reign.

Mindful that Severisen has served as a mediator between many nations and regions in times of conflict, spreading peace across the NationStates community through their reliability, trustworthiness, and competence. Such mediation resulted in the reestablishment of cooperation between nations in their times of conflict, and in such diplomatic feats as the aforementioned contribution to a non-aggression pact between two ideologically polar regions: Osiris and The Rejected Realms.

Underlining that Severisen’s mediation skills contributed in negotiations between ideologically different parties during the discussion on terms of cooperation in regards to the liberation of Anne Frank from Nazi Europa.

Wishing to correct a common community oversight as to contributions from less flashy nations by many by bringing to light the full nature of Severisen’s work for communities for well over a decade.

Hereby Commends Severisen.

Votes For: 11,236
Votes Against: 3,701

Implemented Sunday 4 March 2019

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SC Resolution #279: Condemn Darkesia

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun Dec 08, 2019 1:05 am

Condemn Darkesia

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation | Nominee: Darkesia | Proposed by: Xoriet

Description: The Security Council;

Acknowledging that Darkesia has taken part in the world of NationStates for fourteen years, and during that time has done many things that would be considered commendable.

Emphasizing that Darkesia has an extensive history involving far less benevolent acts that have gone largely unremarked upon, something that should be corrected and noted by this Assembly. A history of manipulating sovereign regions for the benefit of an egregiously notorious region must not be overlooked by the international community.

Beginning with the fact that Darkesia served as a Senator in the New Pacific Order during the tenures of BlackAdder goes Forth and Pierconium, repelling attempts at entering the region to work on liberating The Pacific from the New Pacific Order by the Alliance Defense Network and their other allies in their later days. Darkesia’s efforts further enabled the continuance of the New Pacific Order, an entity that now stands as twice Condemned by this Assembly.

Disturbed that some of Darkesia’s greatest works in Gatesville involved the initiation and execution of intelligence operations against other regions. Darkesia was inducted to the school of infiltration initially so that they might aid the defenders in their battles against the invaders of old. Instead, Darkesia turned these skills against their teachers and proceeded to use them for raiders and coupers in their future career, influencing other regions for ill by means of these abilities. A considerable amount of that influence was achieved under the banner of Gatesville.

Appalled that Darkesia has spent time engaged in subversive activities in the Feeders, supporting numerous operations by nations seeking to claim the Delegacy against the will of its populace. Such activities include:

• Participation in and support of multiple coups of The North Pacific. One such coup was Pierconium's North Pacific Directorate. Darkesia's role as support and aid in this regime was at the behest of Gatesville.
• Spying on The West Pacific in early 2008 to support the reign of Lots of Ants, another Gatesville national operative situated in the Delegacy. The leader of Darkesia was then granted complete control of the nation by its former masters before the end, leaving them in charge of the coup of The West Pacific.
• Militarily supporting Empire’s coup of The East Pacific in late 2008. Darkesia, with Gatesville, aided Empire in their quest to hold the region against the will of its natives. Gatesville's support kept the natives from restoring the sovereignty of The East Pacific for many months.

Surprised by the fact that Darkesia, under the name SheWolf, served as a spy for the first Invaders region. SheWolf was also a member of the original incarnation of The Black Hawks and participated in numerous raids and occupations with their fellow raiders.

Adding that, under the name The Edge of Night, Darkesia served as a minder for the original Illuminati, taking a leading role in a project intended to mold nations in a certain shape befitting the interests of the region. This intention was not in the best interests of the international community of NationStates.

Reiterating that Darkesia has a history of engaging in espionage, supported numerous coups and raids, has committed grave violations of regional sovereignty in regards to the international community, and thus is well deserving of a Condemnation.

Hereby Condemns Darkesia.

Votes For: 13,757
Votes Against: 2,020

Implemented Saturday Apr 20 2019

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SC Resolution #280: Repeal "Liberate Politics Amino"

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun Dec 08, 2019 1:14 am

Repeal "Liberate Politics Amino"

A resolution to repeal a previously passed resolution

Category: Repeal | Resolution: SC#277 | Proposed by: Lord Dominator

Description: Security Council Resolution #277 “Liberate Politics Amino” shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

The Security Council,

Recognizing that in the course of events that regions often fall under the sway of raiders seeking to destroy them,

Holding that Liberation resolutions must be passed by this Council to prevent the total destruction and refounding of regions,

Observing the recently needed Liberation of Politics Amino to prevent said events from occurring,

Saddened therefore that Politics Amino was refounded by raider forces before it could be saved from absolute destruction via a Security Council Liberation,

Believing that this has rendered the existence of SC#277 Liberate Politics Amino quite useless,

Further Believing that the continued existence of the aforementioned Liberation will only serve to make the now trophy region more valuable to its raider owners rather than any useful end,

Hereby Repeals SC#277 Liberate Politics Amino.

Votes For: 11,654
Votes Against: 3,170

Implemented Sunday May 12 2019

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SC Resolution #281: Commend Woonsocket

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun Dec 08, 2019 1:21 am

Commend Woonsocket

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Woonsocket | Proposed by: Sargon Reman

Description: The Security Council,

RECOGNIZING that since its formation fifteen years ago, the nation of Woonsocket has contributed overwhelmingly to the 10000 Islands through civil service and to the international community through military service as a long time member of the Ten Thousand Islands Treaty Organization (TITO),

ACKNOWLEDGING that Woonsocket served with distinction in the role of Chief Executive and Founder of the 10000 Islands for nearly three years where they oversaw sizable regional development and demonstrated competent diplomatic skill which allowed for the creation of several treaties with important allies, such as The Rejected Realms, and cemented the alliances of the 10000 Islands with regions around the world,

AWARE that the military contributions imputed to Woonsocket are voluminous and include being a highly decorated defender in TITO for nearly a decade and having completed over 430 deployments; in this capacity they have been given the rank of TITO Knight Fleet Commander after serving as a TITO Tactical Officer for two years and have been decorated many times including with the Soldiers Medal, for dedication in military conduct, the Woonsocket Bronze Star, the Meritorious Service Medal, for consistent merited service, and the South America Defense Medal,

COGNIZANT that Woonsocket participated in 10 refound operations, in which founderless regions were restored once again to peace and tranquility, including the refounding of USA, The Skeleton Army, Beyond the Sea, Australia, Natan Region, Animal House, Hogwarts, Urbanites, Greece, and United States Congress,

PLEASED that Woonsocket deployed in support of operations in Feeders and Sinkers alike in the interest of maintaining lawful regional governments and protecting them from coups, this includes support of the region Osiris, assignment to The South Pacific during course of the Milograd coup in 2013 and their role in Lazarus during the coup of 2015,

OBSERVING that Woonsocket served an 11 month tenure as Minister of Immigration in the 10000 Islands, during which they guided regional recruiting policy and oversaw a population increase to an all-time regional population record for any region that is neither a feeder, nor a sinker on November 17, 2011 with 2,200 nations, including receiving 17 different immigration awards and various distinctions including the 10000 Islands Immigration Medal of Honor,

IMPRESSED that, according to 10000 Islands regional scholars, the government of Woonsocket has sent 133,173 manual recruitment telegrams as a regional recruiter while recruiting a grand total of 4,669 recruits to the 10000 Islands,

NOTING that Woonsocket was awarded the Legion of Merit for demonstrating an exemplary record of service to the Islands or the world and the Heart of the Islands trophy for nations who embody and exemplify goodwill,

FURTHER OBSERVING that while serving as Delegate for 6 months, Woonsocket helped to set the standard for voting on every World Assembly proposal, something which is sought after by subsequent 10000 Islands Delegates to this day,

WISHING to celebrate and preserve this legacy for the international community and future generations,

HEREBY commends Woonsocket.

Votes For: 10.872
Votes Against: 3,613

Implemented Thursday Jun 6 2019

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SC Resolution #282: Condemn Pierconium

Postby Lord Dominator » Tue Dec 10, 2019 5:16 pm

Condemn Pierconium

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation | Nominee: Pierconium | Proposed by: Kingdom of Napels

Description: The Security Council,

Noting that the nation of Pierconium was founded before even the advent of the calendar system in time immemorial;

Observing that the nation of Pierconium, throughout their long history, has participated in and lead many despicable acts throughout the realms which have largely gone unnoticed and which the international community should be made aware of;

Appalled that, in 2004, Pierconium supported the brutal coup d'etat of The North Pacific by the New Pacific Order, itself a condemned organisation per SC#268, and ordered forces hailing from New Sparrow to support the rogue delegate Great bight and later Francos spain, founder of the New Pacific Order;

Shocked that Pierconium, using their puppet government of Gracius maximus and its influential position in The North Pacific, manipulated the government of the then Delegate nation of Pixiedance to gain control of that nation's power within the feeder to subvert and destroy the governing body of The North Pacific. Using that power they systematically disbanded the lawful government in lieu of one they themselves envisioned, called the North Pacific Directorate, and removed nearly 500 native nations they saw as threats to their power;

Astonished that Pierconium played a key role in setting up Okhrana, an international spy network, which gathered intelligence from a wide range of regions and maintained in operation for several years;

Outraged that, in 2008, Pierconium, under the name of "Lord Darkseid", participated in a group known as "the Empire" as a founding member, which overthrew the legal government of The East Pacific and established an illegitimate regime for over 5 months;

Stunned that, as That called the vlagh, Pierconium was instrumental in the survival of the authoritarian Triumvirate of The West Pacific, which established a legacy of Delegate Supremacy and a Meritocratic government that continues to influence The West Pacific to this day;

Aware that Pierconium was an influential member of Gatesville, a region known for its opposition of the World Assembly as well as its coup of Osiris in 2013;

Further Noting that Pierconium has served in various positions with the governing body of The Pacific, known as the New Pacific Order, since that body's early history starting in 2004. These positions include the titles of Chief Justice of the High Court, Governor, Senator, Regent, and Emperor. In this capacity Pierconium oversaw multiple purges of the community of The Pacific, one in 2006 and one in 2008, which saw the removal of over 5,032 nations native to their region;

Firmly believing that these deeds warrant condemnation,

Hereby condemns Pierconium.

Co-authored by Nightkill and Malphe.

Votes For: 12,250
Votes Against: 1,715

Implemented Monday June 10 2019

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SC Resolution #283: Condemn Durkadurkiranistan II

Postby Lord Dominator » Thu Dec 12, 2019 6:55 pm

Condemn Durkadurkiranistan II

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation | Nominee: Durkadurkiranistan ii | Proposed by: Marilyn Manson Freaks

Description: The Security Council,

Identifying the nation of Durkadurkiranistan ii as a vile and ancient menace to the world, one that has upset the balance of power within many Feeder and Sinker regions.

Reminiscing about Durkadurkiranistan II's early days when they were known as John ashcroft land, a starchy but pleasant and skilled defender in the Alliance Defense Network (ADN) before they started down a dark and winding path of interregional infamy.

Lamenting the many evil influences that might have led Durkadurkiranistan II astray. For example, maybe it was simply their exposure to Pierconium's North Pacific Directorate (NPD) coup of The North Pacific as Pixiedance as a young nation, perhaps it was their involvement in the West Pacific Triumvirate (WPT) coup executed by Wickedly evil people and their inner-circle, or possibly even their participation as a Lord Governor (Minister) in The Crimson Order (TCO), the illegal government of The North Pacific, created by Westwind as Lewis and Clark.

Recalling Durkadurkiranistan II's first major step towards infamy when they illegally seized the delegacy of Lazarus in 2009 under the alias of Viceroy victorious, where they ousted the then inactive outgoing Delegate and Queen Harmoneia for their own personal gain. This illegal seizure of the delegacy lead to many days of regional strife as "High Tsar" Viceroy Victorious mocked the lawfully elected government and forced them to make concessions in order to regain the delegacy for their newly-elected King, Killer Kitty.

Dismayed that Durkadurkiranistan II's occupation of Lazarus wasn't enough for them, as they went on to invade The North Pacific twice, in 2009 and 2010. Once as Durkadurkiranistan, its legally elected Delegate and "Grand Ayatollah", and once during a transition for the position of Delegate as Durkadurkiranistan II.

Appalled that the lawful Delegate of Osiris, The dourian embassy, willfully and proudly assimilated itself into Nevadar and Durkadurkiranistan II's empire in 2013, allowing Durkadurkiranistan II to overthrow the legitimate government of Osiris, the Kemetic Republic (KRO), and claim Osiris for the notorious region of Gatesville while making a mockery of the KRO by styling themselves as the "Governor Imperator" of the Imperium of Osiris and by purging innocent nations. This invasion eventually led to the destruction of the KRO.

Also highlighting Milograd's 2013 coup of The South Pacific, in which the government of Milograd happily allowed Durkadurkiranistan II and a few other nations access to their national infrastructure. Durkadurkiranistan II metaphorically jumped at this opportunity and purged thousands of nations from The South Pacific and assisted Milograd and company in the foundation of the South Pacific Socialist Republic (SPSR), a destructive regime founded only to belittle and confuse The South Pacific's more established natives.

Recognizing that Durkadurkiranistan II is nothing but a monstrous tyrant and deserves nothing but the World Assembly's disapproval.

Hereby condemns Durkadurkiranistan ii.

Co-authored with Kuriko.

Votes For: 8,459
Votes Against: 5,594

Implemented Friday June 14 2019

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SC Resolution #284: Commend Common Territories

Postby Lord Dominator » Fri Dec 13, 2019 10:11 pm

Commend Common Territories

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Common Territories | Proposed by: Kuriko

Description: The Security Council,

Believing that any nation that has contributed in a positive manner to the international community should be internationally recognized for their efforts;

Noting that a nation named The Empire of Common Territories, colloquially known by the acronym of TECT, is one such nation deserving of international recognition for their positive contributions to the larger community of nations;

Acknowledging that although TECT is an imperialistic monarchist nation formed through civil war and conquest, as well as the odd purchase of land from foreign governments, the government of TECT is even handed with their subjects and provides many benefits to them such as:

  • Allowing their subjects to form their own governments and control their own internal affairs within the Imperial Colonial State system.

  • Allowing Imperial Colonial States to form their own internal military structures, known as the Home Guard, to better defend themselves.

  • Providing a better policing structure to protect all members of their society, whether they come from the main Empire or from an Imperial Colonial State.

  • Providing many jobs through the expansion of local and Imperial industries, raising the quality of life in conquered or purchased territories to be equal with members of society within the main Empire.

Recognizing TECT for the help they provide to the international community via state sponsored industries, including but not limited to the following:

  • Wolf Armaments Incorporated, a large arms manufacturing company based in Empire City, TECT. Wolf Armaments Incorporated sells arms, equipment, and supplies intended for self-defense uses to nations and individuals alike. It is the belief of this state sponsored company that nations, as well as individuals, have the right to defend themselves.

  • Royal Bancroft Bankcorp, a banking/financing services/investment Corporation based in Empire City, TECT. Royal Bancroft Bankorp provides three main amenities to their customers in the form of banking, finance, and investment. While a majority of their customer base may be within their own Empire, they also provide their services to foreign individuals and governments. Some of the governments they provide accounts to include Lamoni, Romaian, and Argentinstan.

  • Commoner League Incorporated, a mercenary and paramilitary organization based within TECT. Commoner League Incorporated provides forces to both individuals and foreign entities for the purpose of security, where they place loyalty to the customer above all else. Within its 3 year operation Commoner League Incorporated deployed forces to dozens of nations, providing forces which those nations desperately needed themselves.
Admiring TECT's dedication to the empires, kingdoms, and monarchies of the world through their leadership in the Imperion Coalition, which is a political, military, and economic alliance for the betterment of their sphere consisting of 15 nations;

Reaffirming that TECT is more than deserving of international recognition and commendation for their contributions to the international community;

Hereby Commends The Empire of Common Territories.

Votes For: 9,628
Votes Against: 3,192

Implemented Tuesday June 18 2019

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SC Resolution #285: Condemn The New Inquisition

Postby Lord Dominator » Fri Dec 13, 2019 10:19 pm

Condemn The New Inquisition

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation | Nominee: The New Inquisition | Proposed by: Cormactopia Prime

Description: The Security Council:

Acknowledging that The New Inquisition is currently dormant, but recognizing the possibility The New Inquisition could rise again to pose a threat to other regions;

Denouncing The New Inquisition for pursuing imperialism through acts of duplicitous subversion, unprovoked aggression, and wanton destruction against peaceful, sovereign regional communities throughout the world, including as a constituent region of the former United Imperial Armed Forces (UIAF);

Reproaching The New Inquisition for once establishing a formal alliance with The Black Riders and maintaining a close military partnership with The Black Hawks, both previously condemned by this Security Council for their acts of regional destruction, acts at times supported by The New Inquisition;

Rebuking The New Inquisition for the following deplorable offenses against interregional peace and goodwill:

  • Support for the Crimson Order, a rogue regime led by Lewis and Clark, which perpetrated a more than two month long coup d'etat against the constitutional government of The North Pacific;

  • Support for and formal alliance with the Empire, a rogue regime led by Lady Phedre, which perpetrated a more than four month long coup d'etat against the constitutional government of The East Pacific;

  • Declaration of war against The North Pacific to support allies the Empire and Gatesville, which had also declared war against The North Pacific;

  • Absurd claims of sovereignty over Valhalla, used to rationalize war against the Founderless Regions Alliance (FRA) and its member regions, which once included Lazarus and the Rejected Realms;

  • Occupation of Belgium to use as a staging ground for invasion of the Rejected Realms, the latter invasion including the use of involuntary conscripts forced to participate without their knowledge or consent;

  • Subversion of the community and government of Lazarus by a senior official of The New Inquisition, without censure from the government of The New Inquisition, ultimately resulting in the expulsion of this official and other citizens of The New Inquisition from Lazarus;

  • Support for the Imperium -- a rogue regime led by The dourian embassy, which at the time was controlled by a puppet government answerable to Nevadar and Durkadurkiranistan ii of Gatesville Inc, and which perpetrated a one month long coup d'etat against the constitutional government of Osiris -- providing significant military support and strategic data to deliberately prolong the coup;

  • Termination of an alliance with the South Pacific due to ratification of a treaty of mutual defense between the South Pacific and the Rejected Realms, which at the time had a chilling effect on the sovereign right of other prominent allies of The New Inquisition to formalize alliances with Lazarus and the Rejected Realms;

  • Assertion of illegitimate claims to sovereignty over Concosia to rationalize war against the United Defenders League (UDL), following attempts by the UDL to liberate Concosia from forced colonization by The New Inquisition;

  • Use of wars against the FRA and the UDL to rationalize invasion and occupation of countless regions throughout the world, often with little or no actual connection to the FRA or the UDL, including but by no means limited to the following regions that have previously endured UIAF occupation: The True Rebirth, Middle Earth, New Zealand, Australia, Slavia, Scotland, Slavya, Canada, and Eastern Europe;

Declaring The New Inquisition to be among the most belligerent and dangerous regions in world history, and desiring to place an enduring censure upon the actions of its bellicose, imperialist regime;

Hereby Condemns The New Inquisition.
Votes For: 8,440
Votes Against: 4,736

Implemented Friday August 23 2019

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SC Resolution #286: Condemn North East Somerset

Postby Lord Dominator » Fri Dec 13, 2019 10:37 pm

Condemn North East Somerset

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation | Nominee: North East Somerset | Proposed by: Xoriet

Description: The Security Council;

Iterating that North East Somerset has been an active force—often working behind the scenes—that has striven since first appearing in 2004 to accomplish many nefarious deeds for the gain of their Imperialist and raider allies.

Observing that the first notable contribution to the world by North East Somerset, through their satellite nation Praedonia, was the co-founder of the raiding region the New DEN, which was born of their view that the previous iteration of DEN was one riddled with disorganized leadership and feeble security. The replacement of the original enacted many destructive raids on innocent regions.

Disturbed by the nature of the particular positions which have been held by North East Somerset in numerous raider or Imperialist regions and organizations, including but not limited to:

• Prince and Kaiser Consort, Intelligence Director, and member of the Military Council of The New Inquisition, an infamous Imperialist region known for many shocking acts detailed herein.
• King of Great Britain and Ireland, a region which worked against the betterment of the wider community by aiding those intent on seizing control of sovereign entities without the consent of their native populace.
• Secretary of Intelligence for the interregional capitalist-centered alliance known as the Alliance of Capitalists, Conservatives, and Economic Libertarians (ACCEL), an entity North East Somerset considered to be a proto-Imperialist alliance, where they were charged primarily with purging defenders and defender-leaning powers from their sphere of influence.
• Field Marshal of the United Imperial Armed Forces, a powerhouse of a military organization that stymied defenders for years and captured many regions, particularly those affiliated with the Founderless Regions Alliance.

Distressed by the knowledge that this nation authorized military aid for Lady Phedre in the August 2008 Empire coup of The East Pacific with their Imperialist region Great Britain and Ireland while serving as sovereign of that region.

Alarmed that the Crimson Order coup of The North Pacific by Lewis and Clark received the support of The New Inquisition with the full encouragement of North East Somerset, whose positions in that region were detailed previously.

Shocked that North East Somerset directed the infiltration of the Founderless Regions Alliance by means of Wibblefeet, an operative left in place for five years who served as Arch-Chancellor of the organization during that time. They reported everything during their infiltration back to North East Somerset, who was the head of The New Inquisition's intelligence department.

Appalled that North East Somerset planned and executed operations whose infamy lives on to this day in regions of great influence, such as:

• The unseating of Founderless Regions Alliance member Northern Chittowa as Delegate of Lazarus in April 2008, a raid executed with the intention of pursuing plans to later take control of Lazarus itself.
• The infamous raid of Belgium in early 2012, which was on its own yet another an act of aggression against uninvolved natives.
• The coup of The Rejected Realms on February 2, 2012, enacted through the raid of Belgium, which propelled the military forces of The New Inquisition into the Delegacy of The Rejected Realms. These actions were committed while the nation was a key member of a signatory region of the Pan Sinker Security Pact, displaying their lack of respect for fellow signatories of non-aggression treaties.

Concerned that this was not the end of their maneuvers in the Sinker regions, as North East Somerset was located in Balder nearly from its inception and gradually siphoned control of the region from its stewards during this time, beginning with several instances of electoral engineering to enact the seizure of critical assets to the region. This kick-started the process of driving the defenders from the United Defenders League from Balder and claiming the region as their own.

Dismayed that North East Somerset was the main pioneer in uncovering the art of raising impenetrable defenses in raided regions, preventing defending forces from liberating those regions from the invading forces.

Adamantly Believing that North East Somerset is more than deserving of a Condemnation for their aforementioned heinous deeds of subversion across the world.

Hereby Condemns North East Somerset.

Votes For: 10,615
Votes Against: 2,202

Implemented Thursday August 29 2019

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SC Resolution #287: Condemn Koem Kab

Postby Lord Dominator » Fri Dec 13, 2019 10:42 pm

Condemn Koem Kab

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation | Nominee: Koem Kab | Proposed by: Bormiar

Description: The Security Council,

ACKNOWLEDGING the existence of government-owned art collections within nations and the buying and selling of individual artworks,

DISTURBED that Koem Kab’s museums have collections so large and high-valued that masterpieces are not recognized for their beauty, instead glanced at due to the sheer amount of them. This disregard for art has been caused by the following:

  1. Koem Kab’s museums’ abundance of art from the world’s greatest nations, who have contributed internationally and been ranked highest in international censuses for a long time. Koem Kab’s museums have an obsession with collecting art from these nations, a trait shared by many, but fulfilled by few.

  2. Koem Kab’s active attempts at monopolizing art from NERVUN, of which Koem Kab has a staggeringly large number of pieces, which easily places Koem Kab with the largest NERVUNian collection, and more than could be adequately displayed.

  3. Koem Kab’s decision to hoard the artificially high-valued art from Queen Yuno, of which Koem Kab easily has the most in the world.

  4. Koem Kab’s complete unwillingness to sell art unless the buyer is willing to meet unreasonably high prices,

AWARE of the effects of hoarding, which not only prevents widespread learning about many prominent nations, but also, as stated above, discredits the art,

NOTING the importance of the distribution of art over a large number of nations, as it means that even if a government ceases to exist and its museums are abandoned, the knowledge and beauty they contained will continue to exist in the world.

DISGUSTED at the methods Koem Kab has used to develop such an abnormally large and high-valued collection, including:

  1. Intentionally avoiding the expenses necessary to expand a nation’s museums, which include construction, security, transportation, and time spent during construction with the museums unable to profit. Instead of renovating museums, Koem Kab usually chooses to disrespectfully keep art in the warehouses of its largest colony, Greatest Chernobyl. These masterpieces sit here until they can be sold to a grateful owner.

  2. Blatantly increasing the value of useless art from nations such as Upansia, Democratic Reich of Germania, Divine Will VIII, CALM33, The Automobile Industry, and many more by selling the art to a nation controlled by Koem Kab for a high price, which raises the value and thus the value of the collection. This causes Koem Kab’s art collections to appear to be worth thousands more than than they actually should be, thus misrepresenting the museum.

  3. Koem Kab’s abuse of its fortune in order to buy cheap art. This can most-likely only be achieved if the nation has a large amount of wealth to prevent dropping. Stopping this “dropping” tactic from occurring prevents the naïve seller from getting a fair amount for the art, and discourages competition, as it often ends the bidding war,

  4. Colonizing thousands of nations for the sole purpose of art production,

AWARE of the methods Koem Kab uses that are widely considered petty for nations with large collections, such as transfer stealing,

FURTHER AWARE that Koem Kab has contributed to the art value inflation. This has been done because the demand for popular art has not been met by the supply, so nations with lots of art from a single nation can demand much higher than its actual worth. This cost increase has made it more difficult for poor nations to own popular art, and ensured that most popular art will go to Koem Kab and other rich collectors.

CONCLUDING that Koem Kab has prevented growth of small museums, inflated art prices, stolen transferred bank, pennybidded, artificially raised art value, nearly monopolized ownership of some art, and hoarded,

Hereby condemns Koem Kab

Votes For: 9,628
Votes Against: 2,648

Implemented Thursday September 5 2019

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SC Resolution #288: Commend Grays Harbor

Postby Lord Dominator » Fri Dec 13, 2019 10:48 pm

Commend Grays Harbor

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Grays Harbor | Proposed by: Sargon Reman

Description: The Security Council,

NOTING the long-term contribution and presence of the delegation of Grays Harbor since December 2002,

OBSERVING that as Delegate of The Heartland, Grays Harbor served the longest tenure in that region’s history for a period of 885 days, and that during Grays Harbor’s delegacy The Heartland enjoyed its highest historical population level,

COGNIZANT that Grays Harbor served as Delegate four separate times while residing in The Heartland, and that during its delegacy The Heartland enjoyed strong diplomatic ties with Wysteria and Texas, fostering the longest continuous inter-regional relationship in the world known as the Triumvate since before official embassies were introduced in 2003,

RECOGNIZING the delegation of Grays Harbor for their seasoned authorship, which includes:

  • GA Resolution 71 Repeal: “Protection Of Monuments,” repealing a flawed GA resolution with numerous errors including that personal property was not listed as a protected class of property for historical monuments and that monuments could not be owned privately or by non-profits,

  • GA resolution 73 International Postal Union, creating an international postal system for member states to ensure the safe delivery of parcels, and

  • GA resolution 101 Repeal: “The Clean Water Resolution,” revoking a resolution to create a universal water system which denied compensation to member states and gave agencies unchecked power,

PLEASED that the delegation of Grays Harbor has consistently tried to improve the quality of General Assembly proposals by helping other member states’ delegations choose the right criteria for their proposed resolutions,

RECALLING that Grays Harbor is a seasoned Defender and was one of the first defenders involved in the First Defense of Japan and the First Defense of Ireland, and that as a member of the Texas Defense Force, Grays Harbor has held the rank of Senior Non-Commissioned Officer since 2004,

AWARE that Grays Harbor played an instrumental role in the survival of The Heartland in 2003, cementing a coalition with Texas and Wysteria to protect The Heartland from invasion by the Farkers and liberating the region to preserve it for future generations,

INSPIRED by the 15 years of dedication and skills displayed by the artists of Grays Harbor in the creation of military decorations for the governments of Texas and The Heartland, including a world map created for Texas by the Grays Harbor Design Bureau,

SEEKING to record this legacy as an example for future generations,

HEREBY commends Grays Harbor.

Votes For: 11,013
Votes Against: 2,464

Implemented Friday November 8 2019

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SC Resolution #289: Condemn Atlantic

Postby Lord Dominator » Fri Dec 13, 2019 10:54 pm

Condemn Atlantic

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation | Nominee: Atlantic | Proposed by: Bormiar

Description: The Security Council,

Acknowledging that while Atlantic was originally a peaceful region, it was taken over by Dosopan and Nusseburg and, for the vast majority of its history, was the spearhead of Atlantic Alliance (AA or ACC), a military organization whose large quantity of infamous invasions were based solely on a need for ruthless expansionism,

Recognizing that the regions in which nations are crucial in determining a nation’s life,

Appalled by the numerous invasive crimes of the Atlantic Alliance, including:
  1. The invasion of the West Pacific upon its creation in April 2003, which included the institution of AA commander Commercial Affairs, who had no experience running regions, as its dictator, the branding of the West Pacific as an Atlantic Alliance colony, and the recruitment of nations in the West Pacific for the Atlantic Alliance’s megalomaniac world domination scheme, all of which lasted for a period of 2 months,
  2. The invasion of The South Pacific which instated New Ali as delegate-dictator and overthrew the well-liked native delegate Killer Monkeys, as well as distracted the region from crucial developments such as establishing a charter and a forums,
  3. The second invasion of The South Pacific after Killer Monkeys was reinstated, which then horrifically placed AA member The XYZ Affair as delegate, who displaced natives by sadistically ejecting them at random, and continued to contribute to The South Pacific's disarray and reputation as a warzone. This invasion was contrary to the Atlantic Alliance’s frequently proved erroneous claim to only invade established regions, as, at the time, The South Pacific already had its charter,
  4. Obsessively invading the Rejected Realms a total of 3 times, which prevented a regional government from forming and distracted the Rejected Realms Army, a defender organization, from rescuing regions from invasions,

Adamant that controlling these regions revoked its nations’ right to develop and determine the future of its region, and slowed these regions’ cultural and governmental growth via preoccupying its prominent citizens towards regional security and snatching up the region’s new nations to join the Atlantic Alliance,

Aware that, at least for the time, the Atlantic Alliance invaded and controlled a large amount of prominent regions with developed communities, exemplified by:
  1. Iraq and The Lefts Nirvana, which were both prominent regions that each created or helped in the creation of major defense organizations,
  2. Capitalist Alliance, which at the time was a very active and prominent region,
  3. Marsburg, China, Oceania, GLA, Brazil, West Alerica, Minnesota, Michigan, Vermont, Byzantium, Wiltshire, The Ivory Coast, Land of Beer and Skittles, Alliance of Soviet Democracies, SPACE, and Iran, all of which were either completing destroyed or significantly hurt by their invasions.

Further aware that the powerful Atlantic Alliance, despite its large international responsibility, chose to threaten well-established and prominent regions, such as Wysteria and Europe,

Disturbed by the Atlantic Alliance’s childish grudge against the defender organization known as the RRA (due to its founder’s betrayal of the Atlantic Alliance). The ACC not only frequently denounced it, but also placed spies meant to weaken the organization, such as Louldamin and Siggi,

Noting that the Atlantic Alliance was the foundation of modern raiding techniques, as it was not only one of the first regions to learn how to invade by use of endorsements, but was also likely (though much of the history is lost and this cannot be confirmed) the first organization to take over 4 regions in one night and the first organization to create an automatic process for battlefield support for its soldiers,

Horrified at the tyrannical regime that was the Atlantic Alliance’s vision, which would have full control over the World Assembly and which proposals passed,

Affirms the Atlantic as the foundation of early imperialism, a pioneer of raiding, and undoubtedly a truly condemnable region,

Hereby condemns Atlantic

Votes For: 10,050
Votes Against: 3,223

Implemented Monday November 18 2019

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SC Resolution #290: Liberate Aurelia

Postby Lord Dominator » Fri Dec 13, 2019 10:59 pm

(Repealed by SC#292)

Liberate Aurelia

A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region.

Category: Liberation | Nominee: Aurelia | Proposed by: Kuriko

Description: The Security Council,

Aware that in some instances of use a Security Council Liberation might be used upon a region that has grown inactive in order to save its regional history;

Noting that at the time of this resolution being submitted to the Security Council the region Aurelia has been under hostile occupation by forces of the similarly named region Auralia for 238 days;

Believing that in the case of Aurelia, a region that grew inactive over time, a Security Council Liberation has become necessary in order to prevent its history from being lost since the hostile occupiers have made their intent to refound the region publicly known;

Stating that former native nations and founder nation controllers Sjalhaven and United Provinces of Atlantica have expressed their governments' intent to oppose the forceful refound of Aurelia, supporting a Security Council Liberation in order to prevent it from happening;

Concerned once again by the actions of the forces of Auralia within Aurelia under the direction of King Nephmir II, a nation which has previously had its actions condemned by the international community on all sides;

Hereby liberates Aurelia.

Votes For: 12,414
Votes Against: 2,236

Implemented Saturday November 23 2019
Repealed Monday December 9 2019

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SC Resolution #291: Commend Duxburian Union

Postby Lord Dominator » Fri Dec 13, 2019 11:02 pm

Commend Duxburian Union

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Duxburian Union | Proposed by: Kuriko

Description: The Security Council,

Acknowledging that while the prototypical candidate for a commendation is well-known internationally, despite being of less renown, the nation Duxburian Union is worthy of acclaim, having made immense contributions to both their own region, and to the international community;

Lauding the significant role that Duxburian Union played in refounding their founderless home region European Union, freeing its 100-nation population from the fear of raid and destruction by enemy forces;

Noting Duxburian Union’s ongoing dedication to protecting European Union from external threats, including raiders and other enemy forces, through frequent region-wide inspections to identify enemy nations, and by training inhabitants in ways to identify such nations;

Highlighting the various positions that civil servants of the nation Duxburian Union have held within the government of the European Union, since the nation's inception in 2006:

  • Chief Justice on the European Court of Justice for 4 months between 2011 and 2012, 4 months in 2013, 4 months in 2015, and 4 months between 2016 and 2017. The civil servants of Duxburian Union that served in this capacity are seen as some of the most prolific judges in European Union history.
  • Speaker of the European Council for a total of 36 months, overseeing the largest volume of legislation in European Union history, as well as compiling the most comprehensive record of council proceedings at the time.
  • Commissioner of Internal Affairs for 7 consecutive months in 2012 as well as 4 months between 2013 and 2014. In this capacity the civil servants of Duxburian Union were able to keep the population of nations in European Union at a stable level.
  • Foreign Affairs Commissioner for 4 months between 2016 and 2017, as well as 16 months between 2018 and 2019. In this capacity the civil servants of Duxburian Union advocated for and pursued a more open foreign affairs platform for the region.

Cognizant of the notable achievements of the Duxburian Union by virtue of Vincent Drake, a proxy nation and contributor to the aforementioned regional refounding, and not to be confused with the former European Union official of the same name;

Appreciating the efforts of the technical engineers of Vincent Drake in the development of defender tools, specifically the advanced piece of defender tech codenamed Breeze++ that allows defender forces to react more quickly to raider threats;

Celebrating the many top-level positions held by Vincent Drake within the Defender region The Order of The Grey Wardens, including:

  • Chamberlain, whose duty it is to keep and update records of missions undertaken by Warden operative nations.
  • Constable, whose duty it is to lead defender forces into battle against raider forces as well as to train new defender nations.
  • First Warden, a critical command position, whose duty it is to lead the region to victory.

Emphasizing their participation in actions against raider forces throughout NationStates, numbering a staggering 6,556 operations, and including 3,822 defenses, 374 liberations, and 2,076 detags to clean up raider propaganda. Notable among these:

  • The liberations of The Monarchist Entente, St Abbadon, Souls, Boston, Belgium, Japan, Eireann, Philippines, and Anontia when all faced occupations of over 30 raider nations.
  • One of the leading roles in the refounding of Greece, which had lived under the despotic rule of Yauna for almost 10 years before being freed. Greece now sits as a peaceful and open region to all, without the fear of regular purges undertaken by the disgraced founder nation.

Believing that all of these actions for the betterment of the international community make Duxburian Union more than worthy of recognition by this Assembly;

Hereby commends Duxburian Union.

Co-authored by Candensia, Deadeye Jack, and THX1138.

Votes For: 10,731
Votes Against: 2,111

Implemented Thursday December 5 2019

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SC Resolution #292: Repeal "Liberate Aurelia"

Postby Lord Dominator » Fri Dec 13, 2019 11:05 pm

Repeal "Liberate Aurelia"

A resolution to repeal a previously passed resolution

Category: Repeal | Resolution: SC#290 | Proposed by: Kuriko

Description: The Security Council,

Noting that Security Council Resolution #290 was recently passed in order to stop Auralia's forces from destroying an innocent region;

Pointing Out that Security Council Resolution #290 served its purpose to open the borders of Aurelia, allowing defender forces to enter the region after its passage and free it from occupation;

Believing that with the return of Aurelia to the control of the native nation United Provinces of Atlantica, the liberation now only serves as a hindrance to the refounding of the region in the long term;

Hereby repeals Security Council Resolution #290 Liberate Aurelia.

Votes For: 13,497
Votes Against: 911

Implemented Monday December 9 2019

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SC Resolution #293: Commend Markanite

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun Feb 02, 2020 9:12 pm

Commend Markanite

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Markanite | Proposed by: Kuriko

Description: The Security Council:

Recognizing that many of the nations making significant contributions to the betterment of this community, do so in relative obscurity because the nation’s name is not widely known

Believing that any nation that shows extreme dedication to its home region, with an equal dedication to international diplomacy and the protection of the founderless regions of the world, deserves recognition by this esteemed Assembly

Asserting that over ten years, the nation of Markanite has embodied the qualities of service, dedication, compassion, and loyalty that are determining in improving universal quality of life

Praising first, Markanite's exceptional dedication to their home region 10000 Islands and highlighting the variety of contributive regional roles held in past:

• Minister of Education, 4 terms, with a combined 39 months of service. In this office Markanite managed the Great Library of the 10000 Islands and 10000 Islands University. They were instrumental in keeping the beloved University active, and fostering the continuing education of regional inhabitants

• Senator for New Republica South, 3 terms for a combined 18 months of service. In this role, Markanite was charged with overseeing the region’s political parties and developing the framework for inter-party debate. They were instrumental in rejeuvenating this important aspect of 10000 Islands culture, and continue to be a champion for citizen engagement

• World Assembly Delegate, 3 terms for a combined 18 months of service. Markanite is widely regarded as the greatest WA Delegate in 10000 Islands history, serving longer in the role than any other

Appreciating Markanite’s enduring membership in, and commitment to, this Assembly, exemplified throughout their lengthy career, and most recently as Regional Chief Executive, by the recent creation of the10000 Islands WA Secretary role, dedicated to increasing WA membership in the region, and already mentoring new resolution authors.

Lauding Markanite's service to the international community, where, as a strong and cooperative voice at many early summits, they contributed to the development of the fledgling, cross-regional Embassy infrastructure, establishing the defense alliances that continue to bring stability and cooperation to the WA realm.

Applauding their further achievements as both Chief Executive over, and as a 9-year member, of TITO, where they have overseen inumerable Defenses and Liberations of vulnerable regions, with direct participation in over 200 missions; notable among them:

• deployment to the region of South America on June 26th 2010, where over 117 defenders deployed in order to save the region from invasion by an astounding 70 invader nations.

• deployment to the Sinker region Lazarus in 2015, which ultimately lead to Kazmr quelling the coup that created the illegitimate government of the New Lazarene Order.

• deployment to The East Pacific, to defend the region against the recent coup attempt, and to help reinstate the duly elected Delegate.

• numerous regional refounding missions, including Greece, Australia, and Deutschland, as well as Natan Region, and Korovia. Each of these regions went on to grow a vibrant and healthy community of nations, several that still exist to this day.

Noting that Markanite is a recipient of the Yggdrasil Medal of Honor, acknowledging their years of support and friendship to that region, and standing as but one example of their ongoing diplomatic efforts, and positive impact in the wider community

Heralding their receiving The Heart of the Islands Award, bestowed in 10000 Islands to a nation of intelligence, helpfulness, and above all, kindness toward the many thousands of nations that have graced the region’s shores

Concluding that Markanite is suitably worthy of recognition from this esteemed Council, for their many and continuing contributions to the community over which it prevails, and so,

Hereby Commends Markanite

Co-authored by THX1138

Votes For: 10,192
Votes Against: 2,208

Implemented Wednesday December 25 2019

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SC Resolution #294: Commend Ramaeus

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun Feb 02, 2020 9:14 pm

Commend Ramaeus

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Ramaeus | Proposed by: Xoriet

Description: The Security Council,

Observing that Ramaeus has been a native of The East Pacific since December 2012 and during that time has contributed a great deal to the security and well-being of the region.

Aware that Ramaeus has served faithfully in many vital positions in The East Pacific over the course of those seven years, including but not limited to:

- Delegate on three separate occasions, all of which saw the region engaged in a flurry of activity and camaraderie amongst East Pacificans.
- Vizier, a position in which Ramaeus served for years to ensure the security of the region, nominated once in 2015 and most recently for a life term in 2019.
- World Assembly Affairs Minister, where they advised the Delegates of The East Pacific for many years on the best course of action regarding ongoing votes or resolutions in the stage of drafting in the branches of the World Assembly.
- Magister of The East Pacific, serving as a member of the legislative body of the region and thus contributing to the activity and lawmaking procedures of the Magisterium.
- Arbiter of The East Pacific for the terms of November 2014, February 2015, and September 2016.

Recognizing that Ramaeus first ran for Delegate in June 2014 to counterbalance the radical candidacy of an East Pacifican whose intentions were to drive The East Pacific in an aggressive and unstable direction, and managed to uphold an honest candidacy against the antagonistic and underhanded votestacking by the opponent.

Knowing that Ramaeus faced many difficulties in their Delegacies and dealt with them in a capable manner, such as:

- Combating the repeated efforts by a former East Pacifican to destabilize and discredit the government out of spite for losing the election to Ramaeus, and that they handled the situation carefully so that it would leave no permanent damage to the region itself.
- The Osiris-Lazarus war of 2014, where two regions allied to The East Pacific engaged in aggressive conflict and a decision was made to betray neither treaty despite repeated pressure from the government of the People’s Republic of Lazarus and their allies to get involved.
- The New Lazarene Order coup of 2015, where, after a total lack of responses by the governments of the New Lazarene Order and the New Pacific Order to Ramaeus, relations were terminated and The East Pacific joined in the ardent efforts to oppose the coup.

Emphasizing that Ramaeus was a driving force of activity and recruitment, bringing over thirty new recruits to the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army across their terms as Delegate, pushing for rich and vibrant Culture sprees by means of several very talented Ministers, engaging the region in the affairs of the World Assembly, and driving a foreign policy that brought greater interaction with allied regions.

Taking note of two valuable treaties inducted into active policy under Ramaeus’ Delegacies, marking further their vested interest in cooperation with allies. The East Pacific – Osiris Treaty of Amity was signed and honored under Ramaeus, seen as a symbol of kinship between two mutually agreeable regions, and The Tomato Treaty with Taijitu, the drafting of which began through a previous Delegate, was completed and signed under Ramaeus.

Impressed that Ramaeus has been an author in the Security Council on six occasions, with resolutions ranging from recognition of the great contributions of nations within their region to repealing proposals of insufficient merit, as listed below:

- SC #119 Commend A Slanted Black Stripe
- SC #138 Commend Anime Daisuki
- SC #141 Commend 1 Infinite Loop
- SC #158 Repeal “Condemn North Korea”
- SC #166 Repeal “Commend Luna Amore"
- SC #170 Commend Luna Amore

Admiring that Ramaeus created a base of operations for the leadership of The East Pacific and their allies during the Fedele coup of 2019, a locale where important decisions and plans were made and executed to liberate The East Pacific.

Concluding that Ramaeus has done many Commendable things in their career and contributed enormously to the history, activity, and success of The East Pacific, marking them as a suitable candidate for recognition by the Security Council.

Hereby Commends Ramaeus.

Votes For: 10,393
Votes Against: 2,654

Implemented Monday January 6 2020

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SC Resolution #295: Commend Benevolent Thomas

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun Feb 02, 2020 9:17 pm

Commend Benevolent Thomas

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Benevolent Thomas | Proposed by: Marxist Germany

Description: The World Assembly,

Praising Benevolent Thomas for its fabulous record in defending, its excellent region-building skills, its marvelous diplomatic abilities, its participation in many influential regions, and the ability of its World Assembly ambassadors to write Security Council Resolutions,

Noting that Benevolent Thomas' involvement in many regions include:
  • 10000 Islands, a region where it served as delegate for almost 5 months, served as Senator for Lyonesse East for 4 months, revived the regional magazine (The Mad Islander), deployed in almost 150 missions for TITO (Ten Thousand Islands Treaty Organisation), served as a Tactical Officer for approximately a year, and mended relations between it and The Rejected Realms,
  • 00000 A World Power, where it deployed on over 150 missions for the RDF (A World Power Regional Defence Force), co-led the region as part of the Triumvirate, was promoted to the rank of Colonel, and was only one of 5 nations to rise to a senior officer rank in the region's history to date",
  • Lazarus, a region where it served as Minister of Interior for a few months, and as Delegate and Vice-Delegate,
  • Renegade Islands Alliance, a region in which it served as Chief Executive for over a year, rewrote the regional constitution to empower citizens through the implementation of the Citizens’ Congress which greatly increased government activity, heavily recruited for the region, served as Security Officer for months, and participated in about 50 missions with the RIASF (Renegade Islands Alliance Special Forces), the region also went through its most active era under BenevolentThomas,
  • Fort Triumph, a region it founded alongside other prominent defenders such as Deadeye Jack, Eist, and Land Filled With People, which has deployed on almost a hundred defending missions, and has won several defender awards,
  • Hogwarts, a region it was involved in the refounding thereof, helped set up its foundations, ran quidditch leagues, and served as Deputy Headmaster for over 4 years under the proxy Benevolent Aurors where it helped massively in keeping the region active,
  • The Founderless Regions Alliance, where it served as Vice-Chancellor for a few months, was promoted to the rank of Master Sergeant, and succeeded, with the help of Tim Stark and others, to revive the alliance after months of inactivity,

Recognising Benevolent Thomas’ significant role in European Union, a region it resided in under the proxy Rhine Ruhr, whereby it was actively involved in proposing government legislation and served as:
  • Premier Commissioner, one of the most important positions in the region, and is concerned with managing the regional economy, currency, and budget,
  • Internal Affairs Commissioner, an office involved in keeping peace within the region, wherein it created a Welcome Committee for helping new nations in the region,
  • Foreign Affairs Commissioner, an office responsible for recruitment and foreign relations, where it ran the regional recruitment programme and was heavily involved in diplomacy, and had one of its civil servants appointed
  • Justice of the European Court of Justice,

Awed by Benevolent Thomas' choice to move beyond merely defending by founding The Order of the Grey Wardens, one of the largest defending organisations in NationStates and home to many prominent defender nations, and which has deployed on missions numbering in the tens of thousands, a number only achieved by the strongest militaries,

Amazed by Benevolent Thomas' record in The Order of the Grey Wardens, wherein it served as First Warden during 2015, from May 2016 to November 2016, and from January 2020 to present day, and has completed 1178 missions including 785 defences, 113 liberations, and 280 detags,

Lauding Benevolent Thomas’ for earning The Lifetime Achievement Award for Dedication to Defending, an award bestowed on it by the defender community, and is an award only given to the best and most dedicated of defenders,

Acknowledging Benevolent Thomas' ongoing contributions to the work of the Security Council, including their long-standing efforts to memorialise the achievements of deserving nations:
  • SC#196 Commend Dyr Nasad, and
  • SC#229 Commend Wopruthien,
Believing that a nation which contributes so heavily to the worldwide community, by defending, diplomacy, and region-building, is deserving of a Security Council Commendation, and will serve to immortalise its noble actions,

Hereby Commends Benevolent Thomas.

Votes For: 11,930
Votes Against: 2,710

Implemented Friday January 4 2020

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SC Resolution #296: Condemn Gatesville Inc

Postby Lord Dominator » Tue Apr 21, 2020 2:01 pm

Condemn Gatesville Inc

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation | Nominee: Gatesville Inc | Proposed by: Bormiar

Description: The Security Council,

Believing that posthumous condemnations ought not to be invalidated by the Security Council for its nominee’s demise, as condemnations serve to recognize and provide an example of unethical actions as well as create a moral basis behind liberations and future condemnations,

Recognizing Gatesville Inc to be the remnants of Gatesville, a militaristic organization zealously devoted to the creation of chaos and misery,

Scolding Gatesville Inc for its perpetration of a month-long coup d’etat of Osiris in 2013, in which Osiris’ rogue delegate, the Dourian Embassy, as a desperate attempt to keep its position and prevent the legitimate delegate from taking power, chose to align itself with Gatesville Inc, who preceded to eject prominent natives, suppress the Regional Message Board which had been dominated by members of the Osiran community and lawful government, replace the distressed region’s flag - a prominent symbol of Osiran culture - with Gateville’s flag, and eventually indirectly destroy the Kemetic Republic of Osiris,

Admonishing Gatesville, the predecessor to Gatesville Inc made up of many of them same members, organizational structure, and leadership as Gatesville Inc, for its roles in promoting the instability of numerous prominent, efficient, and developed regions, such as:

  1. The 2008 rogue delegacy in The North Pacific by its contemporary delegate Lewis and Clark (Westwind), in which Gatesville supported Westwind’s choice to dissolve the constitution, change the communication method used in the North Pacific, disband the North Pacific Army, and establish the “Crimson Order” as the new government. Gatesville threatened to “terminate the interests” of the legitimate North Pacific community, supported the rogue delegate with over 30 endorsements, and even supported attempted invasions of the Rejected Realms and Lazarus (twice) to distract soldiers from fighting for the North Pacific’s freedom,
  2. Threatening the sovereignty of the North Pacific a year before the Lewis and Clark coup in supporting an Emperor Matthius rogue delegacy, in which a group of un-endorsement campaigners depleted the legitimate delegate Great Bright Mum’s endorsements and endorsed vice-delegate Emperor Matthius, illegally forcing it into the delegacy. Emperor Matthius then used this event as a platform to eject its endorsers into the Rejected Realms, move there itself, and nearly overthrow the Rejected Realms’ delegacy,
  3. Causing great fear and consternation in the previously content community of the East Pacific, in which Gatesville provided significant military assistance to the Empire that terrorized the East Pacific for a long and arduous 4 months, ejecting natives and demeaning them through propaganda,
  4. A third major act of aggression against the North Pacific; when Gatesville supported the establishment of the North Pacific Directorate, a coup in which Pierconium seized the nation of Pixiedance, the North Pacific’s delegate, suspended the constitution, and instituted martial law, before the Pixiedance retook control over its nation. When Pixiedance did the exact same thing as Pierconium had previously, Pierconium replaced the North Pacific’s government with a corrupt dictatorship known as the North Pacific Directorate, and Gatesville used its military might to support such,

Disgusted by Gatesville’s meddling hands which attempted to influence the governments of foreign regions via a vast intelligence network which reported confidential information to Gatesville and acted only in Gatesville’s interest, rather than the targeted region’s,

Acknowledging one of the notable spies under Gatesville: Lots of Ants, which, cunningly and with masterful deception, proved to be a useful new nation in the West Pacific, taking on important roles in the region before eventually becoming delegate, at which point the nation mysteriously dropped out of activity. This event, which intentionally and successfully destabilized the West Pacific, was found to have been orchestrated by Darkesia, a prominent member of Gatesville intelligence, but it is entirely unknown as to whether or not Darkesia always controlled Lots of Ants,

Aware of the hundreds of invasions perpetrated by Gatesville forces, including massive raids of Palestine and Rajahland involving hundreds of soldiers,

Noting that Gatesville acted zealously against the World Assembly, and used its political influence to combat it,

Horrified by Gatesville’s long and appalling history of subverting and bullying prominent and happy regions into submission via dastardly intelligent covert operations and its massive terrorist army, just to satisfy its childish dislike for this Security Council and its own self-interests,

Hereby condemns Gatesville Inc.

Votes For: 11,702
Votes Against: 3,029

Implemented Wednesday February 5 2020

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SC Resolution #297: Condemn Tinfect

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun May 17, 2020 9:52 pm

Condemn Tinfect

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation | Nominee: Tinfect | Proposed by: Morover

Description: The World Assembly Security Council,

  1. Recognizing The Imperium of Tinfect as an interstellar power;

  2. Noting that in the upper crevices of the notoriously fascist regime is a frightening bureaucracy and meticulous organization, ruled over by the Praetor Imperium Irrell Levant, shrouded in mystery and conspiracy;

  3. Further noting that Tinfect, having written a multitude of General Assembly Resolutions (listed below), should maintain a certain level of decency;

    1. GAR#339: Repeal: "World Space Administration";

    2. GAR#364: Repeal: "Cyber Security Convention";

    3. GAR#420: Protection of Biomedical Research (via the nation Tinfect Diplomatic Enclave, and later replaced with another resolution of the same name);

  4. Dismayed that, despite being a prolific wanderer of the halls of the General Assembly, Tinfect remains in a near-constant state of disdain or outright noncompliance in regards to a multitude of General Assembly Resolutions, most notably:

    1. GAR#38: Convention Against Genocide;

    2. GAR#84: A Ban On Forced Disappearances;

    3. GAR#430: Freedom of Religion;

  5. Particularly appalled at the gruesome genocides within Imperial history, especially the Aeravahn Genocide, Purge of the Exterior, and the continued enactment of lebensraum via the so-called Exterior Territories;

  6. Believing that, despite occurring before entry into the World Assembly, the complete and utter lack of reparations or show of remorse through any public forum towards the horrid genocidal atrocities committed by the Imperium shows that the Imperial Government would not hesitate to commit another such atrocity again, should an appropriate opportunity arise itself and the Imperium have the slightest bit to gain from it;

  7. Disturbed that Tinfect's economy and industry are built almost entirely off of the grounds of the genocide of the various former inhabitants of the Exterior Territories;

  8. Further noting the imperialism imposed on neighboring nations to the Imperium, including those far less technologically advanced;

  9. Believing that the existence of the Imperial Intelligence (a sect of Tinfect's government which is incredibly secretive) is directly responsible for the deaths and disappearances of a number of Imperial residents - both regular citizens and high ranking government officials - in violation of General Assembly restrictions on forced disappearances and capital punishment;

    1. Especially concerned by the replacement of nearly the entire high-level Imperial government following the destruction of the Hathien colony through the use of a planet cracker, including the appointment of Irrell Levant, a former member of the Imperial Intelligence, as the Praetor Imperium;

  10. Concerned by the seemingly arbitrary borders set by the Imperium, which may or may not infringe upon the claims of other nations, and the constant lingering threat that arises from Tinfect's unnecessarily large military;

    1. Noting the creation of a "Subspace Barrier" by the Imperial government, which effectively keeps out all foreign eyes and allows the isolationist nation to commit their atrocities without international interference;

  11. Further concerned by the utter sprawl of the Imperial military, and its unclear policy regarding military contact;

  12. Believing the treatment of religious individuals in its territory to be completely unacceptable, showing only the bare minimum amount of tolerance towards those sharing beliefs or belief systems different from the Imperium's;

  13. Worried all around about the lack of public accountability from its government as a whole;

  14. Concluding Tinfect and all its branches to be a society bordering on dystopian, stopping only where necessary to maintain a relatively positive public image; and

  15. Determined to rid it of the utopian image so carefully maintained by the Imperial government;

Hereby Condemns The Imperium of Tinfect.

Votes For: 11,741
Votes Against: 1,842

Implemented Sunday February 9 2020

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SC Resolution #298: Commend Kindjal

Postby Lord Dominator » Sun May 17, 2020 9:56 pm

Commend Kindjal

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Kindjal | Proposed by: Bormiar

Description: The Security Council,

Recognizing Kindjal, a definitively utopic nation, to align suitably with the opinions of the World Assembly, which includes laudable international involvement, as well as practically-managed domestic policy,

Flattered by Kindjal’s internationally-beneficial foreign policy, which outlaws weapons of mass destruction, supports research into a space program, and spends the 9th-most in the world on foreign aid,

In agreement with Kindjal’s educated democratic system, which encourages free speech, devolutes management to local authorities in order to target each community specifically, and mandates each citizen’s vote be treated equally, rather than resorting to electoral colleges,

Acclaiming Kindjal’s spectacular services it provides for its billions of citizens, which consists of:

  • A public universal healthcare system (ranked 29th in the world), having an adequate ability to prevent treatment, a basic necessity to life, from causing financial ruin; a capacity to mitigate or even eradicate the effects of both common maladies and obscure diseases; and readiness when faced by emergency- this system has allowed Kindjal to have incredible general health among the citizenry (5th in world), and a lifespan of over a century (2nd),

  • A vitally-important public education system, which, being the top priority of the government expenditure, invests in Kindjali childrens’ future, teaching them of Kindjali culture, values, and life knowledge such as sex education, and has allowed Kindjal to maintain a highly intelligent population (3rd in world),

  • A safe, public transport alternative to dangerous automobiles which nearly eliminates cursing when commuting to work, and makes people happier and safer,

Proud of Kindjal’s rehabilitative law enforcement structure, which, having enforced a widespread demilitarized population, has nearly eradicated murder, and choking toddlers,

Impressed by Kindjal's AI-run economy, which has spurred the nation into becoming highly honest and unlikely to foster bribery or corruption,

Pleased by Kindjal's inclusiveness (2nd in world), which celebrates freedom to choose to marry those of the same sex as them, and encourages a heterogeneous population,

Documenting its other genial characteristics, such as a compassionate (1st in world), and nice (1st in world) population,

Closely Observing a beautiful environment in Kindjal, first in the world for not only its stunningness but also its satisfyingly sunny weather, cultivated by the governments eco-friendly policies, such as banning animal imprisonment, investing in a detailed climate change prevention program, and spending trillions of kins (currency of Kindjal) on maintaining a stunning ecosystem,

Jealous of the tens of millions of tourists (Kindjal is 1st in the world for tourism) that frequent the culturally significant nation yearly, as Kindjal maintains an educated and refined society,

Aware that achieving these legendary feats is no easy task, as it takes years of carefully refining a nation’s decisions and policies, and mistakes in a radically-utopic nation lead to radically destructive consequences,

Lauding Kindjal as a shining example to the world of being led with tenacity, determination, resolve, intelligence, activity, and persistence, even through the most detrimental of poor choices,

Hereby resolutely commends Kindjal.

Votes For: 10,821
Votes Against: 4,209

Implemented Sunday March 15 2020

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