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SC Resolution 124: Commend Bears Armed

PostPosted: Mon Dec 16, 2013 10:21 am
by Tim-Opolis
Commend Bears Armed

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Bears Armed | Proposed by: Abacathea

Description: The Security Council;

Determined to see the worthiest nations in existence enshrined in the records of this esteemed council;

Believing that the nation of Bears Armed has made a tremendous positive impact on the international community since it opened itself to outsiders, involving itself in international affairs through the medium of cultural events, sporting competitions, and the WA itself, despite finding itself to be one of the few mainly-Ursine countries in a predominantly Human universe;

Praising the fact that Bears Armed has not fought a single war of aggression since its current constitution was adopted more than two centuries ago, and that despite this it still maintains adequate armed forces not only for its own defence but also for helping to protect its neighbours;

Applauding the Urrsish people and government for the skill with which they have made their nation a very pleasant one in which to live, for example by managing to keep serious crime at a minimal level whilst still allowing high levels of personal freedom, by demonstrating that economic growth need not ruin the environment, and by their support for cultural activities, so that international surveys consistently place it in the highest percentile both for ‘most cultured’ and for ‘happiest citizens’;

Cognizant that Bears Armed has extended this approach to governance to the international stage for the betterment of others through the actions of their World Assembly division Bears Armed Mission which to date has authored the resolutions;

  • GA#87 - Meteorological Cooperation,
    a resolution which formed the International Meteorological Organisation with the purpose of collating and disseminating information regarding weather patterns and anomalies to all member states;
  • GA#168 - Law of the Seas,
    which ultimately defined sea borders and helped provide means and ways to resolve international disputes pursuant to same;
  • GA#224 - Promotion of Bee-Keeping,
    which not only promoted an avenue of international trade for many nations but also increased the potential for flora and fauna to flourish;
  • and most recently GA#267 - Sensible Limits on Hunting, which, in conjunction with the Resolution GA #199 - Sustainable Fishing Act (the contribution to which by Bears Armed Mission was sufficient to earn them recognition as co-author), helps to guide nations in protecting both their ecosystems and their food supplies;

Further appreciating that while the Urrsish delegation to the esteemed World Assembly has directly produced the above resolutions for international betterment, they have also been instrumental in the refinement of a number of other proposals brought before the General Assembly;

Believing that Bears Armed's contribution to the international stage exceeds the minimum needed to meet the criteria for commendation of "outstanding contribution by a nation" and resolved to correcting this oversight;

Commends Bears Armed.

Votes For: 9,359
Votes Against: 1,957

Implemented Thursday 21 November 2013

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SC Resolution 125: Commend The Bruce

PostPosted: Sat Jan 25, 2014 9:08 am
by Tim-Opolis
Commend The Bruce

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: The Bruce | Proposed by: Abacathea

Description: The Security Council;

Observing the purpose of a commendation to be "to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region";

Believing that The Bruce fully exemplifies a nation which meets this criteria and yet, until now has been overlooked by this esteemed Council;

Observing that The Bruce is founder of one of the oldest regions existing in the universe as we know it, namely Wysteria, a region which this Council has already seen fit to recognize for its services rendered to the world whilst under the watchful gaze of The Bruce;

Observing further The Bruce is also one of the oldest nations still in existence and one of the earliest known defenders to have emerged in the dark days of the early raids, noting in particular their participation alongside Texas in the retaking of The Heartland when it was sacked by the Farkers back in 2003;

Further Aware that prior to the official recognition of embassies as we currently know it The Bruce was instrumental in forging international relations with Texas and The heartland, an international diplomacy now known as the Triumvate, which has spanned over a decade in existence and one of the first known to exist within the universe;

Awe struck at the detailed chronicles of history which The Bruce has tirelessly recorded, maintained and preserved for future generations spanning well over a decades worth, 139 volumes to be exact, of our history;

Noting that whilst it is common for regions to use forums, The Bruce was the first to establish this process back in March 2003 to counteract the limited ability to communicate internally within the region, a precedent which promoted many regions including Texas to follow suit and setting the norm as we currently know it;

Impressed with the high regards in which The Bruce is held within this esteemed Council itself, resulting from years of work invested in this Council to ensure that its members produce the finest resolutions possible at any given time and that The Bruce has been instrumental in forging policy on more than one occasion during it's tenure;

Further impressed with the role of The Bruce in furthering international solidarity through their participation in the long since abandoned international Treasure Hunts, in which The Bruce not only allowed Wysteria to host but The Bruce themselves also helped oversee, a fine example of international coming togetherness;

Understanding that while nowadays a lot of what The Bruce has accomplished seems commonplace, it should be noted that for the time The Bruce was considered a pioneer in these pursuits and is no less deserving of the accolade of extraordinary contributor to the NationStates Universe simply because of the period of time which has since lapsed;

Seeking to enshrine The Bruce in the very annals of history that it has until now preserved so well on our collective behalves;

Commends The Bruce

Votes For: 9,846
Votes Against: 1,767

Implemented Friday 6 December 2013

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SC Resolution 126: Commend Sanctaria

PostPosted: Fri Jan 31, 2014 8:54 pm
by Tim-Opolis
Commend Sanctaria

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Sanctaria | Proposed by: Abacathea

Description: The Security Council;

Pleased with this esteemed body's work towards furthering international diplomacy whilst resolved to furthering the work of this council to that end;

Convinced that Sanctaria has shown consistent dedication to furthering peace and prosperity in their home region and beyond having served as a Minister for Foreign Affairs to both The North Pacific and International Democratic Union;

Impressed with Sanctarias tenures as Delegate to the International Democratic Union and as Vice Delegate to The North Pacific to which it served the respective regions with diligence and pride;

Observing the nation of Sanctaria has displayed a sizable knowledge of the murky workings of international politics which it has shared with the international community, serving as a Minister for WA affairs to Osiris and The North Pacific on two occasions;

Believing that the extensive knowledge Sanctaria has displayed in their Ministerial roles pertaining to the World Assembly body is matched by their keen legislative agenda in that same body, which throughout the years has seen them author a fine volume of fundamentally important legislation including but not limited to;

  • Prevention of Child Abuse - GA#222
  • Rights of The Orphaned Child - GA#109
  • Habeus Corpus - GA#201
Aware that in addition to this admirable and politically important legislative body of work, Sanctaria has also authored two political scenarios to be posed to the various leaders of the NationStates World to test their skills within their roles;

Convinced that as time progresses Sanctaria will only continue to be a valuable asset to the World Assembly, the regions in which it resides at any given time and the NationStates Universe as a whole;

Commends Sanctaria

Votes For: 8,807
Votes Against: 1,912

Implemented Thursday 19 December 2013

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SC Resolution 127: Condemn The Black Riders

PostPosted: Sat Feb 08, 2014 11:16 am
by Tim-Opolis
(Repealed by SC #232)

Condemn The Black Riders

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation | Nominee: The Black Riders | Proposed by: Cormac A Stark

Description: The Security Council:

Aware that this esteemed body has already condemned The Black Riders, but noting that the previous condemnation does not comprehensively address the international crimes committed by that region and that the forces of The Black Riders have committed many more intolerable acts since last condemned;

Appalled that The Black Riders are, at the time of this resolution's writing, the second largest invader region in the world, having recruited hundreds of nations to engage in wanton acts of destruction against other regions;

Dismayed that the forces of The Black Riders have recently begun targeting for invasion regions which the international community broadly believes should be excluded from such heinous acts, including regions with founding nations still active in their governments and regions in which World Assembly Delegates do not have executive authority;

Shocked by the following atrocities that have been committed by The Black Riders throughout the region's history:

  • Popularization of the practice of tag raiding, in which military forces of The Black Riders have engaged in thousands of brief invasions for the purpose of vandalizing other regions' territory and disrupting communication between native nations;
  • Development of new and insidious technologies to enable tag raiding to be accomplished more swiftly and efficiently than ever before, leaving a greater number of regions vulnerable to invasion and damage;
  • Exportation of tag raiding to other invaders throughout the world, making tag raids the most dominant and frequent form of invasion perpetrated against innocent regions and their native nations;
  • Massive operations in which record numbers of regions have been invaded, including: an operation in which a single division of The Black Riders invaded 53 regions in one night; and an operation called Operation Mayhem, in which three divisions of The Black Riders invaded 98 regions in one afternoon, resulting in the invasion of a total of 141 regions over the course of that day;
  • Construction of embassies, through the use of force, between The Black Riders and more than a thousand regions at the time of this writing;
  • Invasion and long-term occupation of multiple regions, often with the intent to carry out the total destruction of those regions, including but not limited to: Islam, Vlaanderen, Deutschland, Ether, Yorkshire, and New Zealand;
  • Destruction of the regions Charon, Whitereach, and Islamic Revolution of Iran, leaving them uninhabitable by their native nations;
  • Collaboration by senior officials of The Black Riders with two separate attempts to overthrow the legitimate government of the region Osiris: first by the nation Knights of the round fable, governed by a puppet stated controlled by The Phantom Knights, during the Delegacy of Zaolat; then by the nation Bachman-turner overdrive, governed by a puppet state controlled by Durkadurkiranistan II, during the Delegacy of Dalimbar;

Alarmed by the continued growth of The Black Riders and the appeal of the region's destructive behavior to newly established nations;

Insistent that the military forces of The Black Riders pose a significant threat to the interregional peace and goodwill that the Security Council is charged with upholding; and

Determined, in a comprehensive manner, to place the international community's permanent stamp of disapproval upon the disruptive and destructive actions carried out by The Black Riders:

Hereby Condemns The Black Riders.

Co-authored by Ramaeus

Votes For: 8,203
Votes Against: 1,551

Implemented Friday 27 December 2013
Repealed Tuesday 3 October 2017

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SC Resolution 128: Commend Harmoneia

PostPosted: Sat Feb 08, 2014 3:14 pm
by Tim-Opolis
Commend Harmoneia

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Harmoneia | Proposed by: Milograd

Description: The Security Council,

Believing that dedication and contribution to the success of communities is an act that fulfills the Security Council's goals of promoting international goodwill and peace, and that nations that achieve that aim are deserving of commendation,

Acknowledging that the nation of Harmoneia has a storied history of dedication and contribution to the region of Lazarus, that the region was the original region were new nations reformed after ceasing to exist, and that Harmoneia's efforts there include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Being a member of the regional community for over eight years at the time of this resolution's writing,
  • Serving as the region's WA Delegate five times, which is more than any other nation in Lazarene history,
  • Spearheading the efforts as WA Delegate in 2005 that led to Lazarus achieving regional forum activity records that stood until 2013, which is significant because it is an accomplishment that starkly contrasted the previous status quo of inactivity in Lazarus, and showed the potential for life in the "region of revival",
  • Serving as the community's administrator on all three of its historical forums, and thus being responsible for maintaining and preserving a core home to Lazarus' community,
  • Contributing to the preservation of Lazarus's 10-year history by maintaining the forums and recording information in descriptive accounts that detail the region's past,
  • Being a co-founding member state of the modern government of Lazarus, the People's Republic, which has been responsible for setting hitherto unseen levels of success for Lazarus in the fields of cultural, military, political, and legislative activity,
Realizing that Harmoneia's contributions and activities extend beyond Lazarus, and that Harmoneia created the region of Jethnea, a region that at one point had over 300 nations,

Noting that that Jethnea is a founding member of the Founderless Regions Alliance, which is an organization whose member states have been been previously commended by the Security Council for their activities in defense of the world's regions,

Appreciating Harmoneia's long career of defending regions against invasions, and the nation's service in organizations such as the Founderless Regions Alliance ("FRA"), the United Defenders League ("UDL"), and the Lazarene Liberation Army ("LLA"),

Affirming that the above stated actions constitute dedication and contribution to the success of communities both big and small in the world,

Hereby Commends Harmoneia.

Co-authored by Hobbesistan and Kazmr.

Votes For: 8,095
Votes Against: 1,932

Implemented Friday 3 January 2014

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SC Resolution 129: Commend Eluvatar

PostPosted: Sat Feb 08, 2014 3:20 pm
by Tim-Opolis
Commend Eluvatar

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Eluvatar | Proposed by: McMasterdonia

Description: The Security Council,

Believing that a history of cumulatively positive behaviour across regional borders responded to positively by those across the ideological spectrum is admirable and worthy of recognition;

Noting that Eluvatar is a founding member of the United Defenders League one of the most known and active defender organizations, subsequently serving as both Chief of Intelligence and Lieutenant, playing a pivotal role in gathering intel, providing tactical resources and regularly filling the organization's need for exact military precision in liberations;

Further Noting that Eluvatar is the creator of FriarTuck, a tool that has been used by many defender organizations to assist in perfecting and simplifying liberations, and as a result has assisted in the aiding, revitalizing and protection of nations and regions alike through this work;

Astounded by Eluvatar’s efforts to secure the regional community of Taijitu which Eluvatar worked tirelessly to protect, ultimately assisting in refounding the region with the support of the native community which allowed Taijitu to continue to exist in peace;

Amazed that Eluvatar has successfully juggled conflicting regional and organizational demands, loyalties and laws to almost unparalleled extents and has served successfully as a respected civil servant in the executive, the legislature and the judiciary of the The North Pacific, Balder, Osiris, The South Pacific and Taijitu;

Acknowledging Eluvatar’s work against tyrants and rogue Delegates in The North Pacific such as Lewis and Clark and Shoeless Joe winning the praise and admiration of the regional community. Furthermore their tireless work against the Empire in the East Pacific, which resulted in the nation being awarded honourary citizenship in said region;

Further acknowledging Eluvatar’s role in the liberation of the South Pacific, including their membership on the Allied Command Council as the head of military strategy and tactics. Eluvatar’s dedication to the cause greatly contributed to the liberation of the South Pacific from the oppressive regime of Milograd, a regime that led to the arbitrary removal of thousands of nations from the region;

Appreciating Eluvatar’s efforts in improving the security of The North Pacific, Osiris and the South Pacific with the development of state of the art technologies such as Toaster, that have been of great assistance in maintaining the security and high endorsement levels of the aforementioned regions;

Thankful for Eluvatar’s work as Delegate of The North Pacific, pursuing difficult legal and constitutional changes in order to improve regional prosperity and efficiency while remaining a respected and fair authority in the regional government;

Understanding that while Eluvatar has not personally authored resolutions of note; Eluvatar’s strong focus on regional engagement in matters before the World Assembly, has greatly contributed to the high number of World Assembly nations within The North Pacific today;

Disappointed that Eluvatar’s constant strives towards international and national diplomacy and their willingness to be a mentor to nations young and old alike, essentially setting a bar for nations to climb towards has failed to be commended so far by the World Assembly;

Hereby Commends Eluvatar.

Co-Authored by Kiwitaicho

Votes For: 8,894
Votes Against: 1,562

Implemented Saturday 11 January 2014

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SC Resolution 130: Liberate Slavia

PostPosted: Sun Mar 09, 2014 2:29 pm
by Tim-Opolis
(Repealed by SC #137)

Liberate Slavia

A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region.

Category: Liberation | Nominee: Slavia | Proposed by: Milograd

Description: The Security Council,

Recognizing that the region of Slavia, a region that has existed for over a year, is a significant home to Slavic nations of the world, and has held a population as high as 100 in its most recent incarnation, while also averaging a population of about 50 to 70 nations,

Noting that the founding nation of the region, The Pan Slavic Federation, suddenly ceased to exist on January 1st, 2014,

Regretting that, mere days after this occurred, the United Imperial Armed Forces of The New Inquisition, The Land of Kings and Emperors, and Albion attacked the region and began to oppress and torment its residents,

Disappointed that residents such as The North Polish Union were forcefully removed from the region, that the original flag was removed, that embassies were destroyed, and that the regional community's affairs were disrupted during this occupation,

Concerned that this oppressive foreign occupation may become permanent, as the invading forces continue to remain in the region,

Believing that a liberation of Slavia could prevent the occupation from becoming permanent and more destructive, and that liberating Slavia would fall in line with both Security Council precedent and the Security Council's goal of achieving of international peace and goodwill,

Hereby Liberates Slavia.

Votes For: 8,851
Votes Against: 2,681

Implemented Thursday 23 January 2014
Repealed Wednesday 2 April 2014

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SC Resolution 131: Commend NewTexas

PostPosted: Sun Mar 09, 2014 2:32 pm
by Tim-Opolis
Commend NewTexas

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: NewTexas | Proposed by: Emad

Description: Applauding the objective of this council to recognize outstanding contribution by individual nations and regions to the international community;

Determined to ensure that NewTexas is recognized among those the council has seen fit to befit this honor before now;

Briefly noting this council has already seen fit to recognize the region of Texas, which achieved the great feats noted by this council as a direct result of the work undertaken by it's founder NewTexas, who essentially forged a community which has lasted almost ten years with Texas sitting at its helm;

Cognizant that Texas, was one of the earliest defender nations to emerge in the first days of raiding, and in partnership with The Bruce one of the first known defender treaty organizations was formed as a result, which successfully defended against the early raiding group known as "The Farkers" and has continued as a diplomatic treaty ever since now known as the Triumvirate and including The Heartland;

Noting that in the early years, Texas was heavily active on the field of furthering international relations, responsible for having hosted "The Texas Rodeo" and the "Texas Golf League" as but two examples of events arranged, organized and hosted by the Founder Delegate all for the purposes of promoting interaction and joviality within the international community it had begun to develop relations with;

Aware that the region of Texas has been appluaded for its creation of the NSSuite which includes the NSDossier, a tool for collating the statistics of the NationStates world on the behalf of- member nations, but considering it an affront not to recognize now the participation of NewTexas in it's development purely because it has been recognized on a regional scale;

Believing that the level of commitment NewTexas provides to the region it governs in respect of both promoting participation in the international community, actively and diligently representing the region of Texas within the World Assembly body, the commitment it provides to its own regional government itself, and the consistency it has provided in these respects for going on ten years, is indeed worthy of being noted as exceptional;

Further believing that for this esteemed Council to continue to overlook the nation of NewTexas as a deserving candidate would only serve to diminish the good work done until now;

Hereby Commends NewTexas
Co-authored by Abacathea

Votes For: 8,724
Votes Against: 1,681

Implemented Thursday 30 January 2014

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SC Resolution 132: Repeal "Liberate NAZI EUROPE"

PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, 2014 11:21 am
by Tim-Opolis
Repeal "Liberate NAZI EUROPE"

A resolution to repeal a previously passed resolution

Category: Repeal | Resolution: SC#109 | Proposed by: The Dark

Description: WA Security Council Resolution #109: Liberate NAZI EUROPE shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The Security Council,

Prefacing the arguments herein with a disclaimer that the ideology followed and promoted by NAZI EUROPE and its inhabitants to be one of hate and intolerance and that this proposal does not amount to approval or acceptance of said ideology,

Believing, however, that every region should hold the right to self-protection in the way of Delegate-imposed password, should the natives of the region wish it, and that Liberations used in antithesis to this statute are in contradiction with the spirit of this council,

Aware that SC#109 was passed in hopes of misusing a Liberation to open up a region to attack from outside forces,

Stating that the multitude of attempts to forcibly take over the now-vulnerable region were utter failures in every aspect of the word, and that a combination of forces from many regions were unsuccessful in capturing NAZI EUROPE, to the amusement of the natives,

Fervently condemning that SC#109 not only produced free face time for such a despicable and Condemned region, but that the subsequent attempts to attack the region only had the effect of strengthening the region and its membership,

Therefore admonishing SC#109, its purpose, and effects as only promoting the region and ideology it attempted to destroy, and in fact doing more harm than good as well as abusing the power of the Liberation,

Hereby Repeals SC#109.

Votes For: 6,054
Votes Against: 4,858

Implemented Friday 7 February 2014

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SC Resolution 133: Commend Abacathea

PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, 2014 11:31 am
by Tim-Opolis
Commend Abacathea

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Abacathea | Proposed by: SkyDip

Description: The Security Council,

RECOGNIZING the monumental climb that Abacathea has made onto the national stage in such a relatively short existence,

IMPRESSED by the rapid escalation of Abacathea into world-wide prominence, primarily through legislative writing in both the General Assembly and Security Council, wherein Abacathea produced, and subsequently had ratified by the World Assembly membership, a total of 10 combined resolutions in 2013 alone,

PRAISING Abacathea for producing multiple, excellent resolutions in the Security Council that have garnered an extremely high cumulative passage rate, highlighting Abacathea's fine authorship and attention to detail,

ENUMERATING some highlights from Abacathea's authorship, including:

  • GA#257 - Reducing Automobile Emissions, which instituted a rigorous standard by which automobile emissions are regulated and kept in check by the International Automobile Emissions Commission
  • SC#120 - Commend Mousebumples, a Commendation that many felt long overdue due to Mousebumples' authoring achievements, particularly in the General Assembly, and many contributions to the technical sector
  • SC#125 - Commend The Bruce, a resolution that recognized the founder of the one of the oldest and most prestigious regions in the world
APPLAUDING Abacathea's Operation Sierra Charlie, a project to seek out and recognize deserving nations and regions via Security Council legislation, a truly laudable achievement in what is a very self-serving World Assembly,

ADMIRING that Operation Sierra Charlie has produced four current resolutions, with more candidates and proposals planned for the future, and the intentions behind such an undertaking,

NOTING that Abacathea has also contributed many resolutions to the General Assembly, making this nation an all-around proficient and world-affecting nation,

FURTHER NOTING that Abacathea performs reviews and evaluations of World Assembly proposals as Minister of World Assembly Affairs in The North Pacific,

DESCRIBING Abacathea as a pristine model of World Assembly membership, both in constant attention to upcoming and at-vote proposals, assistance and insight to new authors who endeavor to pen resolutions, and remaining active in drafting and writing proposals,

ASSURED that Abacathea promotes and strives for the mottos of both the General Assembly and Security Council in spreading interregional peace and improving the world,

APPRECIATIVE of Abacathea's contribution to multiple regions in the world by way of legislation and World Assembly knowledge,

DECLARING Abacathea as a worthy nominee, taking into account World Assembly membership, authorship, and mentoring, and as a genuinely helpful nation,


Votes For: 7,527
Votes Against: 2,558

Implemented Saturday 22 February 2014

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SC Resolution 134: Liberate St Abbaddon

PostPosted: Tue Apr 15, 2014 7:27 am
by Tim-Opolis
(Repealed by SC #136)

Liberate St Abbaddon

A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region.

Category: Liberation | Nominee: St Abbaddon | Proposed by: Yurope

Description: The Security Council,

RECOGNIZING the region of St Abbaddon as among the oldest of all regions,

RESPECTING that the region has a long and storied history,

BELIEVING that the community of St Abbaddon is worthy of preservation,

FURTHER BELIEVING that the armed forces of the The Brotherhood of Malice, Osiris, Balder, The North Pacific, The South Pacific and others are attempting to destroy St Abbaddon,

KNOWING that those forces have spoken of intentions to destroy the region and refound it as a protectorate of a variety of international organizations,

UNDERSTANDING that a liberation will make it impossible for these groups to cause grief to the region,

FURTHER UNDERSTANDING that St Abbaddon's nations and community are deserving of protection from such an action,

Hereby liberates St Abbaddon.

Votes For: 7,085
Votes Against: 3,553

Implemented Friday 7 March 2014
Repealed Saturday 15 March 2014

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SC Resolution 135: Liberate Anarchy

PostPosted: Tue Apr 15, 2014 7:28 am
by Tim-Opolis
Liberate Anarchy

A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region.

Category: Liberation | Nominee: Anarchy | Proposed by: YoriZ

Description: The Security Council,

Recognizing that the region of Anarchy has existed as a community in NationStates for over 10 years,

Noting the region's historic neutrality in the war between invaders and defenders, its acceptance of nations of all backgrounds, and its laudable mission to encourage political debate and dialogue amongst its members,

Lamenting that Anarchy was invaded on February 3, 2014 by The Black Riders, a group notorious for region destruction, tag raiding and other nefarious behavior for which it was condemned twice by this Council,

Dismayed that the invasion has turned to a long-term occupation, during which natives who dared protest against the invasion had been ejected and all dissent had been suppressed,

Aware that it is a matter of time before The Black Riders' WA Delegate gains sufficient influence to lock-down the region, and painfully aware that they could unleash destruction without interference from defenders, natives, and the world at large,

Concious that natives have no hope to reclaim their region once that happens,

Noting that Security Council intervention is the only course of action that could save Anarchy from The Black Riders' rapacious assault,

Hereby Liberates Anarchy.

Co-authored by Goddess Relief Office

Votes For: 8,717
Votes Against: 1,847

Implemented Tuesday 11 March 2014

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SC Resolution 136: Repeal "Liberate St Abbaddon"

PostPosted: Tue Apr 15, 2014 7:35 am
by Tim-Opolis
Repeal "Liberate St Abbaddon"

A resolution to repeal a previously passed resolution

Category: Repeal | Resolution: SC#134 | Proposed by: The Dourian Embassy

Description: WA Security Council Resolution #134: Liberate St Abbaddon shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The Security Council,

Aware that "Liberate St Abbaddon" (SC#134) was passed to battle the then extant threat of The Brotherhood of Malice and a variety of regional armed forces to the region of St Abbaddon,

Understanding that the passage of this liberation helped to end the threat of destruction St Abbaddon was facing,

Knowing that the passage of this liberation, while successful in achieving its goals was also passed under false pretenses, and used as a tool by raider forces to open the region up further,

Cognizant that the liberation of St Abbaddon was passed without input or permission from the region's native residents whom have voiced their desires not to have this proposal in place,

Believing that this liberation is now superfluous, and an insult to the very principals this council stands for,

Hereby Repeals "Liberate St Abbadon"

Co-Authored by Abacathea

Votes For: 7,807
Votes Against: 1,999

Implemented Saturday 15 March 2014

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SC Resolution 137: Repeal "Liberate Slavia"

PostPosted: Sat May 03, 2014 6:34 pm
by Tim-Opolis
Repeal "Liberate Slavia"

A resolution to repeal a previously passed resolution

Category: Repeal | Resolution: SC#130 | Proposed by: The North Polish Union

Description: WA Security Council Resolution #130: Liberate Slavia shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The Security Council;

RECOGNIZING that the original purpose of SC Resolution #130 "Liberate Slavia" was to prevent the refounding of that region by a hostile occupying force;

COGNIZANT that the liberation served its intended purpose insofar as the occupying forces were unable to turn their conquest into a permanent occupation of the region and that said forces have since been removed, thereby allowing for the original inhabitants to return to their region;

APPLAUDING when such international efforts are made to protect the sovereignty of vulnerable regions such as Slavia;

NOTING that, since the occupying force has since been removed, the continued presence of a liberation on Slavia hinders efforts to bolster the region's security;

FURTHER NOTING that the inability of Slavia to instigate more rigorous security measures may result in a renewed hostile occupation, which would go contrary to the original ideals of SC #130;

BELIEVING that it is the Security Council's duty to aid regions in their efforts to maintain security;

THIS BODY does hereby repeal SC Resolution #130, "Liberate Slavia".

Votes For: 8,944
Votes Against: 1,175

Implemented Wednesday 2 April 2014

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SC Resolution 138: Commend Anime Daisuki

PostPosted: Sun May 18, 2014 4:07 am
by Tim-Opolis
Commend Anime Daisuki

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Anime Daisuki | Proposed by: Ramaeus

Description: The Security Council,

Noting that the government of Anime Daisuki also controls Goddess Relief Office,

Impressed by Anime Daisuki's leadership as a defender in one of the largest and most enduring defender organizations, Ten Thousand Islands Treaty Organization (TITO; based in 10000 Islands), through coordinating and commanding hundreds of defenses, uncovering numerous invasions, participating in the defenses of several hundred regions, possessing incredible attention to detail, and creating numerous tactical techniques for the betterment of all defenders,

Acknowledging Anime Daisuki's diplomatic skills, having fostered relationships with many defender allies, including: The Founderless Regions Alliance (FRA), Alliance Defense Network (ADN), Renegade Islands Alliance (RIA), Yggdrasil Defense Service (YDS), Texas, and Pacific Defenders, devising joint military operations throughout the world,

Applauding Anime Daisuki for the numerous regions it has refounded and secured for displaced native populations, notably:

  • France, which, had it not been refounded by Anime Daisuki, would have fallen under the possession of Macedon—a formerly prolific raiding and imperialist organization,
  • India, whereby, under the leadership of Anime Daisuki by the joint forces of TITO and YDS, amongst others, control was seized from the raiding organization The Dominion,
Further applauding the numerous missions Anime Daisuki has led, including: The Siege of South America, notable for the tremendous amount of support from participating parties over a lengthy time period; and the involvement of over 200 nations in The Siege of Rajahland, with both missions resulting in defender victories,

Recognizing Anime Daisuki's authorship and co-authorship of multiple resolutions, notably:

  • GA#53, Epidemic Response Act: establishes a framework for recognizing, containing, preventing, and curing epidemics and pandemics,
  • GA#223, Transboundary Water Use Act: mandates that member nations use transboundary water resources responsibly,
  • SC#30, Commend 10000 Islands (co-author): acknowledging the ongoing positive influence to the world by one of the largest regions in the world,
  • SC #44, Commend Texas (co-author): recognizing a historical and influential region,
  • SC# 108, Liberate South Pacific: liberating a region of historical significance,
Respecting Anime Daisuki's role as delegate of 10000 Islands, expanding one of the most influential regions in the world through concerted recruitment efforts, overseeing over 1,000 delegate endorsements, and encouraging WA authorship,

Appreciating that Anime Daisuki, through the nation Goddess Relief Office, has created and maintained the stable and enduring region of Yggdrasil, home to a few hundred nations and The YDS,

Recognizing Anime Daisuki's extraordinary abilities as a defender, admiring its persistence and diligence, even in the face of mounting odds, thankful for its defense of regional sovereignty and the protection of nations it defends, respecting the dedication and innovation it has brought to our world, and believing its actions worthy of the highest recognition,

Hereby commends Anime Daisuki.

Co-authored by Eist.

Votes For: 8,501
Votes Against: 1,925

Implemented Thursday 10 April 2014

[SC #138 on NS] [Official Debate Topic]

SC Resolution 139: Repeal "Liberate South Pacific"

PostPosted: Sun May 18, 2014 4:27 am
by Tim-Opolis
Repeal "Liberate South Pacific"

A resolution to repeal a previously passed resolution

Category: Repeal | Resolution: SC#108 | Proposed by: Goddess Relief Office

Description: WA Security Council Resolution #108: Liberate South Pacific shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The Security Council,

REVIEWING Security Council resolution #108, passed on January 24, 2013 in response to the invasion and occupation of South Pacific,

NOTING that soon after the resolution's passage, invaders left the region on their own accord,

SATISFIED to learn that South Pacific's legal government has been restored and the region is now at peace,

COGNIZANT that the native community has requested the repeal of SC #108 to close this dark chapter in the region's history,

AFFIRMING their right to self-determination and their desire to be free from limitations imposed by the Liberation,

WISHING to restore full regional sovereignty to the region of South Pacific,


REPEALS Security Council Resolution #108 "Liberate South Pacific"

Votes For: 9,580
Votes Against: 965

Implemented Monday 14 April 2014

[SC #138 on NS] [Official Debate Topic]

SC Resolution 140: Condemn The Dourian Embassy

PostPosted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 1:28 pm
by Tim-Opolis
Condemn The Dourian Embassy

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation | Nominee: The Dourian Embassy | Proposed by: SkyDip

Description: Description: The Security Council,

PREFACING the arguments herein with the adeptly-labeled polarizing nature of The Dourian Embassy, but firmly believing that The Dourian Embassy has caused much more strife and ill-will in the world than positive effects,

BELIEVING that through multiple repeals of World Assembly statutes, The Dourian Embassy has impressed a hard-line ideology of National Sovereignty upon the General Assembly that fundamentally undermines the purpose and goals of the World Assembly,

ENUMERATING some repeals authored by The Dourian Embassy and their effects:

  • GAR#11, Repeal "The Right to a Fair Trial" in which The Dourian Embassy summarily struck down WA legislation guaranteeing WA member nations an essential judicial right
  • GAR#225, Repeal "Assitance Givers Protection" wherein The Dourian Embassy argues on the basis of "poor writing" and "unnecessarily [tying] the hands of nations," further promoting a National Sovereignty theory and practice onto the World Assembly
  • GAR#269, Repeal "Against Corruption," perhaps the most noticeable repeal to date by The Dourian Embassy, which sought to prevent, on a WA scale, corruption in government
NOTING that The Dourian Embassy orchestrated a massive coup in Osiris after a new Delegate was lawfully elected, and went on to forcibly eject more than 2,000 nations from the region without proper cause, as well as suppress the free speech of the native community,

FURTHER NOTING that during this coup, The Dourian Embassy labeled Osiris a protectorate of Gatesville, a noted anti-World Assembly region bent on the destruction of these councils,

DISTURBED by the admissions of The Dourian Embassy that the coup of Osiris was done for simple amusement and a desire to cause long-term damage to the region,

DENOUNCING The Dourian Embassy and their work "Liberate St Abbaddon," in which The Dourian Embassy underhandedly used an anonymous satellite nation to speed an unnecessary proposal through the Security Council with the intent to garner swift defender sympathies and votes,

DISTRAUGHT that "Liberate St Abbaddon" was a further ruse, proposed only to make a mockery of this esteemed council and those partaking in it in coordination with those occupying St Abbaddon at the time,

REVILING the manner in which The Dourian Embassy underhandedly clogged the Security Council queue with proposals that were never meant to be taken seriously, and then pulled said proposals so as to immediately send "Repeal "Liberate St Abbaddon"" to vote, causing many Delegates to wrongly cast their votes,

AFFIRMING that The Dourian Embassy has shown multiple facets of duplicity, extremism, and casual disregard for the World Assembly and its guiding principles,

HEREBY CONDEMNS The Dourian Embassy

Votes For: 6,382
Votes Against: 3,888

Implemented Friday 18 April 2014

[SC #140 on NS] [Official Debate Topic]

SC Resolution 141: Commend 1 Infinite Loop

PostPosted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 2:14 pm
by Tim-Opolis
Commend 1 Infinite Loop

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: 1 Infinite Loop | Proposed by: Ramaeus

Description: The Security Council,

Noting that 1 Infinite Loop was delegate of The East Pacific (TEP) for three years, and founder of The Confederated East Pacific,

Understanding that 1 Infinite Loop has an exceptionally long, prominent history as delegate of TEP, ensuring stability, security and activity within TEP whilst the other Pacific regions were often embroiled in wars, in-fighting, and political upheaval and unrest,

Recognizing some of the accomplishments of 1 Infinite Loop in their capacity as delegate of TEP, notably: successfully defending TEP against two large invader armies, boosting the activity and interest in self-government of the nations of TEP, creating the first, and to this day only, regional forums of TEP, creating the first government of TEP, and the creation of an eccentric and welcoming culture and tradition,

Believing that the accomplishments stated above serve as sufficient examples of the aforementioned values of leadership that 1 Infinite Loop strove for during their time as delegate,

Further Recognizing that 1 Infinite Loop has a myriad of achievements outside of their role as delegate which have helped to free, secure and stabilize the region,

Observing that 1 Infinite Loop worked tirelessly to free TEP from “the Empire” – a group of nations that invaded, oppressed and occupied TEP for over four months,

Further Noting that 1 Infinite Loop, during “the Empire's” occupation of TEP, revealed that Lord Rahl, a high ranking member of the Empire, was spying on TEP through a puppet nation of theirs named Biyah,

Aware that revealing the status of Biyah as a puppet of Lord Rahl allowed the region's rightful stewards to be free from unwanted interference and spying, which allowed for the eventual liberation of TEP under A Slanted Black Stripe,

Applauding 1 Infinite Loop's role in the creation of The Concordat (the document which guides TEP to this day), which granted new, widespread freedom to all nations of TEP,

Further Applauding 1 Infinite Loop's role as a co-founder of the new, democratic government of TEP (which is still in existence to this day), and aware that this government has seen unprecedented activity and interest from the natives of TEP,

Concluding that 1 Infinite Loop performed admirably as delegate of TEP, protecting TEP in its infancy, creating a regional government and forum, a sense of identity and culture, and an interest in self-governance, all of which have made TEP the region it is today,

Further Believing that any nation which shapes the identity of a region as large as TEP is deserving of the highest recognition and acclaim,

Hereby Commends 1 Infinite Loop.

Votes For: 7,424
Votes Against: 2,201

Implemented Tuesday 22 April 2014

[SC #141 on NS] [Official Debate Topic]

SC Resolution 142: Repeal "Commend The NationStates Communit

PostPosted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 2:17 pm
by Tim-Opolis
Repeal "Commend The NationStates Community"

A resolution to repeal a previously passed resolution

Category: Repeal | Resolution: SC#86 | Proposed by: Venico

Description: WA Security Council Resolution #86: Commend The NationStates Community shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The Security Council,

ACKNOWLEDGING that a number of nations worked together on April 1 2012 in order to compile a majority of shares in the company NationStates,

APPLAUDING that these nations could cooperate in such a way,

POINTING OUT that The NationStates Community was commended for a singular event,

CONCERNED that this nation has not done much of note beyond this event,

ASSERTING that The NationStates Community has not performed any world changing activities, nor have the actions of this nation affected the world or World Assembly at large,

APPALLED that the nations supporting The NationStates Community attacked regions and nations who held out from contributing their shares, most notably the attacks on Texas,

BELIEVING this nation performed no great service with their actions nor were they unique in their endeavor of consolidating and gathering stocks,

FINDING the merits of SC#86 entirely lacking and The NationStates Community not worthy of being commended by this council,


Votes For: 9,119
Votes Against: 889

Implemented Saturday 26 April 2014

[SC #142 on NS] [Official Debate Topic]

SC Resolution 143: Commend Hobbesistan

PostPosted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 2:29 pm
by Tim-Opolis
(Repealed by SC #161)

Commend Hobbesistan

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Hobbesistan | Proposed by: Abacathea

Description: The Security Council;

Reminding the assembled members of this esteemed council of the purpose of a commendation resolution, namely "to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.";

Futher reminding this council, that it is our collective purposes as assembled members to recognize nations based on their contributions to our respective environments regardless of their alignments and creeds ie: raiderism, defenderism and so forth;

Believing the nation of Hobbesistan despite their relatively short existence, has made considerable contributions to the NationStates universe, spanning culture, governance and military aspects of the universe;

Highlighting the military organizations led by Hobbesistan, which, through their leadership, have seen a tremendous boost in activity, the modernization of tactics and strategies, and the creation of new technology, the military organizations that Hobbesistan has lead are: the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army (EPSA) and the Lazarene Liberation Army (LLA);

Applauding the numerous defensive operations that Hobbesistan has either participated in or lead, including: Union Soviet Socialist Republic, Darwin Allied Republics, RORMS and Christmas – a region that is currently under the protection of this council;

Further Applauding Hobbesistan's role in stopping the purge of Khora – a region that once boasted over 100 nations – and aware that through this act, the region of Khora was saved;

Acknowledging Hobbesistan's contributions to The East Pacific, where they have been a tireless member for several months, contributing to the region's legislature as a Magister, interpreting laws as an Arbiter, and improving the region's forum as an Administrator;

Applauding Hobbesistan's contributions to Lazarus, where they contributed to the revitalization of that region through their creation of Lazarus' forums, the revitalization and creation of the LLA, and assisting in the creation of the region's guiding documents;

Further Noting Hobbesistan's creation of both RadioNS and the Lazarene Stock Exchange, both of which providing a unique, enjoyable and unifying experience to nations and are arguably two significant and sizeable feats not likely to be repeated with ease, both of which have been done with the sole intention of furthering the experiences of nations across Lazarus and the NationStates universe as a whole;

Lastly highlighting the “approx” script, which was developed by the nation of Hobbesistan to aid military operations across the NationStates universe, and distributed widely and freely, further serving to enhance the experience of nations;

Believing, without a doubt, that the multitude of contributions made by Hobbesistan to culture both on a regional and international scale, military ops, the respective governments to which they serve and ultimately, to the regions and nations which have the pleasure of encountering this nation are worthy of being given as much consideration in the annals of this esteemed council as any other member currently enshrined within;

Hereby Commends Hobbesistan.

Co-authored by Ramaeus.

Votes For: 5,925
Votes Against: 5,295

Implemented Friday 9 May 2014
Repealed Sunday 26 October 2014

[SC #143 on NS] [Official Debate Topic]

SC Resolution 144: Liberate Liberal Haven

PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, 2014 10:54 am
by Tim-Opolis
(Repealed by SC #163)

Liberate Liberal Haven

A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region.

Category: Liberation | Nominee: Liberal Haven | Proposed by: Cormac A Stark

Description: The Security Council,

Recognizing that Liberal Haven is a peaceful region with a native community which has not engaged in any act of aggression against any other region;

Condemning the multi-regional force which has invaded and occupied Liberal Haven;

Observing that the occupying force has barred free entry to Liberal Haven for the purpose of purging its native community and taking permanent control of the region;

Noting that the invasion and occupation of Liberal Haven has been motivated by the reprehensible and hateful ideology espoused by the occupying force, which deserves no recognition by name from this Security Council;

Asserting that it is the responsibility of the Security Council to remove the barriers preventing liberation of Liberal Haven and to do everything in its power to thwart the occupying force:

Hereby Liberates Liberal Haven.

Votes For: 9,355
Votes Against: 1,467

Implemented Tuesday 13 May 2014
Repealed Thursday 6 November 2014

[SC #144 on NS] [Official Debate Topic]

SC Resolution 145: Liberate Hogwarts

PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, 2014 10:57 am
by Tim-Opolis
(Repealed by SC #146)

Liberate Hogwarts

A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region.

Category: Liberation | Nominee: Hogwarts | Proposed by: New Harry Potter

Description: The Security Council,

RECOGNIZING that throughout history several iterations of the region Hogwarts have existed in this world since 2003;

ACKNOWLEDGING that the latest iteration was created through a refound by the condemned invader group the Lone Wolves United, with the assistance of other invaders including: the twice-condemned The Black Riders, The Brotherhood of Malice, Unknown and the United Imperial Armed Forces;

REGRETTING the invasion and refound of Hogwarts by the Lone Wolves United, which saw a password imposed on the region and a purge of all native residents, when that previous iteration of Hogwarts had persisted with the same founder since 2008, with that founder being delegate of Hogwarts back in early 2005;

DECLARING that these natives, including former delegate Gryffidor, Darth Lord Proctos, and others purged by Lone Wolves United are the true natives due to their history with the region and their non-violent, peaceful nature;

HOPING that Hogwarts can maintain its history of being a free, open, and peaceful region in the spirit of the community for which it is named and has persisted in some form or fashion since 2003;

BELIEVING that the invader culture of the Lone Wolves United is a threat to this hope, and that another refound on the part of the Lone Wolves United would close the region off from its true native population once again;

ASSERTING that no region should fall victim to an invasion and purge as Hogwarts has at the hands of the Lone Wolves United, who only seek to employ the region as a puppet territory for the further aggrandizement and expansion of their condemned empire;

DESIRING to make another refound of Hogwarts as difficult as possible for the Lone Wolves United so that the region may be given a fighting chance to survive as an independent, free and peaceful entity as it has for most of its history;

HEREBY Liberates Hogwarts.

Votes For: 5,271
Votes Against: 5,075

Implemented Friday 30 May 2014
Repealed Saturday 7 June 2014

[SC #145 on NS] [Official Debate Topic]

SC Resolution 146: Repeal "Liberate Hogwarts"

PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, 2014 11:01 am
by Tim-Opolis
Repeal "Liberate Hogwarts"

A resolution to repeal a previously passed resolution

Category: Repeal | Resolution: SC#145 | Proposed by: Abacathea

Description: WA Security Council Resolution #145: Liberate Hogwarts shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The Security Council

Denouncing the use of SC #145 as a weapon against the current government of Hogwarts;

Highlighting the biased logic applied by the resolution author who on one hand acknowledges that this is yet another reincarnation of a dead/dying region, yet laments those who have pursued the refounding of it, suggesting that the largest issue here, is not the refound, but those who seek to do so;

Sickened that such a proposal would be utilized which goes against the mission statement of this council, simply because of whom has chosen to resurrect it as opposed to the intent of the people doing so;

Appalled that this resolution was passed without any true consultation with the native population, wherein to do so would not have resulted in the passage of this resolution in a manner which has clearly divided the international community;

Noting the authors hopes that "Hogwarts can maintain its history of being a free, open, and peaceful region in the spirit of the community" yet highlighting the authors biased tarring of the fate of this region by stating that "the invader culture of the Lone Wolves United is a threat to this hope," despite LWU's statement they wish to bring activity to the region;

Desirous to ensure that the purposes and ideals of this esteemed Council are not subverted to the prejudices of its members against ideologies and utilized for the purposes of undermining any group without some shred of evidence to their intent;

Repeals SC #145, Liberate Hogwarts

Votes For: 7,553
Votes Against: 1,992
Implemented Saturday 7 June 2014

[SC #145 on NS] [Official Debate Topic]

SC Resolution 147: Commend Astarial

PostPosted: Sat Aug 02, 2014 3:49 pm
by Tim-Opolis
Commend Astarial

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Astarial | Proposed by: McMasterdonia

Description: The Security Council,

Acknowledges that Astarial has been an active contributor to NationStates for more than nine years.

Recognizes the hard work that Astarial has put into Equilism, serving in nearly every Government position including: Prime Minister, Military Minister, Domestic Affairs Minister, Foreign Affairs Minister, Immigration Minister and Associate Justice.

Notes that the region of Equilism has sustained itself significantly due to the efforts of Astarial in recruitment, culture, entertainment, and their leadership in the affairs of government through several government terms.

Applauds Astarial’s long-time involvement in regional militaries and their expertise as a military commander, having served as Secretary of State of the Alliance Defense Network, Commander of the Central Defence Army, and Chief of Staff of the E-Army of Equilism. Their grace and honorable behavior on the battlefield were recognized by allies and opponents alike, and nations across the raider-defender divide.

Admires Astarial's extensive commitment to legislative improvement in Equilism, Osiris, and The North Pacific, which has led to the nation achieving recognition as an effective legislator and civil servant across interregional boundaries.

Asserts that Astarial was a fierce campaigner against the rogue delegacy of The Dourian Embassy in Osiris, during which the region was occupied by Gatesville Inc and thousands of nations were ejected. Astarial’s work in the coup’s aftermath, from the positions of Kai Repat and Pharaoh, laid the foundation for the subsequent cultural, legislative, and political reformation of Osiris.

Appreciates Astarial’s extraordinary skills in diplomacy, evident in their involvement in the successful negotiation of formal treaties, the establishment of long-lasting alliances between multiple regions, and their fundamental contributions to interregional organizations.

Affirms that throughout their history, Astarial has demonstrated commendable commitment to the protection of regional sovereignty, and has consistently contributed to efforts against the spread of hateful ideologies in NationStates.

Observes Astarial’s dedication to mentoring and supporting other nations and World Assembly Delegates in their duties, applying their experience and knowledge to supporting the next generation of regional leaders, and acknowledging these efforts as having contributed to the nation's international respect as a highly capable diplomat and honourable nation.

Contends that Astarial’s leadership has brought peace and tranquility to Warzone Europe, a region previously plagued with unrest and military upheavals. Under Astarial’s direction, Warzone Europe has enjoyed a stable delegacy for the record period of six months.

Believes that the contributions of Astarial to NationStates are extensive, significant and deserving of recognition.

Hereby commends Astarial.

Co-authored by Renaissancistic People.

Votes For: 8,066
Votes Against: 1,055

Implemented Thursday 19 June 2014

[SC #147 on NS] [Official Debate Topic]

SC Resolution 148: Repeal "Commend The Joint Systems..."

PostPosted: Thu Aug 07, 2014 5:58 am
by Tim-Opolis
Repeal "Commend The Joint Systems Alliance"

A resolution to repeal a previously passed resolution

Category: Repeal | Resolution: SC#26 | Proposed by: Elke and Elba

Description: WA Security Council Resolution #26: Commend The Joint Systems Alliance shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The World Assembly,

ACKNOWLEDGING that The Joint Systems Alliance has been commended by this body for its role in promoting and keeping peace, and its involvement in providing help and aid to nations in need, and has been rightly done so,

NOTING that the said alliance has ceased to exist on peaceful terms for a significant amount of time and yet the commendation remains in force in order to promote the spirit the Joint Systems Alliance have promoted relentlessly throughout its existence, and to act as a role model for others, however,

FURTHER NOTING that this commendation have brought around unneeded attention to the honourable region of The Joint Systems Alliance, in which caused its objectionable refounding under a state unrelated in any way to The Joint Systems Alliance of the old,

UNDERSTANDING that The Joint Systems Alliance have been unfairly and unjustly usurped by Morningstar Shining,

APPALLED that such an usurpation was not in the intention of the revival of the region, from the unfair ejections and ban of new non-related nations into the region, and only to gain recognition of the World Assembly and seek glory through this aformentioned commendation that applied and was solely and only meant for the original The Joint Systems Alliance and not the currently-existing irrendentist region similarly named 'The Joint Systems Alliance',

ACCEPTING that as a result of such, keeping a commendation for the dissolved The Joint Systems Alliance would be untenable despite its former honourable acts, actions and past work,

FURTHER UNDERSTANDING that it is ultimately the World Assembly's fault for keeping this aforementioned commendation which allowed for the tarnishment of a past memory of a organisation once justly credited for, for it has galvanised the rogue state of Morningstar Shining to act malevolently and refound the once-glorious region despite having no aim whatsoever to restore its work, and no claim to the name due to its lack of any involvement whatsoever in the original the Joint Systems Alliance since this rogue state has bitter disregard for the commendable work The Joint Systems Alliance have done,

Hence unwillingly,
HEREBY REPEALS SC#26, "Commend The Joint Systems Alliance".

Written with the assistance and support of Dreadful Sagittarius, a native of the original The Joint Systems Alliance.

Votes For: 8,216
Votes Against: 885
Implemented Wednesday 9 July 2014

[SC #148 on NS] [Official Debate Topic]