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Postby Lenlyvit » Sun Nov 21, 2021 12:40 pm

Sedgistan wrote:
Thousand Branches wrote:This line should be changed in the SC rules post to reflect the new names for GCRs:

"Feeder (as in 'feeder region') or Sinker - legal."


Warzone Codger wrote:Are nations such as the 'TRR WA Committee' allowed to be listed as co authors? I thought they are barred from the current interpretation of this rule, which unfortunately might be one of the reasons such regional programs never got off the ground.

I think the rule should be adjusted to allow such programs and regional promotion - if a region is focused on the WA they should be entitled to boast about it.

They're allowed. I don't recall us banning them previously, though I may be wrong. It sounds like the kind of thing the GA would have prohibited.

Suggested change to 4b:

Co-authors should use the in-built mechanics for recording co-authors, rather than listing them in the text of proposals. [Note: since this feature was added in November 2021, resolutions prior to this have co-authors listed in the resolution text, which was legal at the time.] Lists of supporters or similar are not permitted.

This introduces a new restriction - adding additional co-authors via the text. The coded co-author system has notifications for co-authors (they they've been listed as one, and when someone tries to repeal a passed resolution they co-authored), badges, and allows the co-author to withdraw a proposal without having to go via the Moderation team. Since that system is far superior, it makes sense to force people to use it.

The change looks good to me.
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Postby Thousand Branches » Sun Nov 21, 2021 12:44 pm

Don’t wanna snip but I concur with Lenly, it looks like a good change. And thanks for updating the other line! :)
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Postby Unibot III » Sun Nov 21, 2021 12:58 pm

The precedent against working groups was set in a case against the South Pacific during ‘Commend Fudgetopia.’ I also hated the ruling and happy to see it reversed. :p
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