[DRAFT] Commend Ambrella

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[DRAFT] Commend Ambrella

Postby Mancheseva City » Wed Jun 02, 2021 5:11 pm

This is a Commendation for Sopo, one of the most long-standing and successful members of Europeia and a multiple-term President! Co-authored with some pretty awesome people which I am sure you all are familiar with. I, on the other hand, am a first-time SC author and this is exciting! Any feedback would be appreciated.

The Security Council,
Recognising Ambrella as a shining example of a nation that uses its substantial influence for the common good,
Acknowledging that Ambrella has been a strong and constant presence in Europeia since 2010, acting as a vital force behind its development and growth over the years,
Astonished by the sheer amount of contributions that Ambrella’s irreplaceable leader Sopo and its other citizens have made to this region, sometimes in tumultuous and turbulent times, including:
  • serving as Head of Government for an impressive total of 437 days, during which they:
    • enlivened regional discourse by creating the Ministry of Media, which is now known as the Ministry of Communications and grew to be a core part of Europeian government and culture, regularly producing quality content and distributing it throughout the world;
    • orchestrated Europeia’s 8th anniversary celebration in a week’s time, showcasing their ability to host a successful festival under pressure;
    • stepped up to serve as president of Europeia in September 2018, revitalising the region during a period of inactivity with their decisive leadership, and as part of the Anti-Pacific Coalition spearheaded the war against the ideology of Francoism, which was ultimately beaten back largely thanks to the prowess of Ambrellan diplomatic corps;
    • co-hosted a Festival of Friendship with The North Pacific, The East Pacific, and The West Pacific in December 2018, which provided a much-needed beacon of hope during the war;
    • helped the region to transition back to a unified executive system by sustainably managing personnel to avoid burnout, and hosted an interregional cultural festival, EurOlympics 2020;
  • serving in multiple roles in the Cabinet for a total of 806 days, during which they achieved many feats, especially in the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Radio, including:
    • as Minister of Foreign Affairs implementing the deputy program that streamlined processes in the ministry by delineating duties to trusted people and was utilised until recently;
    • solidifying the Weekend Games program as Minister of Culture by creating an overall leaderboard and rewarding people for each game they won, with the program being intermittently active until present day;
    • fostering activity in the Ministry of Radio through constant innovation and hands-on work, hosting shows, as well as mentoring future radio leaders, including future minister Poulton-with-Fearnhead;
  • being an ever-present contributor to the Europeian media scene, where Ambrellan journalists wrote countless articles explaining political trends in Europeia and helped increase the quality of private media by serving as the head of three different newspapers and assistant editor for Europeia's oldest private newspaper, which culminated in the founding of the Organisation of Independent Media in 2014;
  • hosting or co-hosting countless highly acclaimed radio shows, including, most notably, the “Sopo Showpo”, where discussion of current events is accompanied by top-tier entertainment, and the “Power Players Draft”, where the most prominent Europeians are discussed;
  • serving in the Europeian Senate for many terms, where Ambrellan legislators worked tirelessly on drafting and amending Europeian legislation, for example, legislation granting the government necessary powers for regional emergencies, defining punishments for various crimes, and modernising language in laws to make it gender-neutral;
Lauding Ambrellan representatives for having been active citizens and members of government of multiple other regions, especially Caprecia, which has since fallen victim to time, where the state of Semisopochnoi and its citizens made an essential impact on the region by:
  • authoring its Constitution, which ensured proper functioning of the region;
  • serving as Minister of Internal Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister, before being elected Prime Minister in August 2008, serving a total of three consecutive terms in that position and overseeing the golden age of Caprecia;
  • preventing a total collapse of the region during his tenure as Prime Minister by handling a major government crisis involving the region's founder nation by saving it from oblivion;
Bemused at Ambrellan out-of-the-box and sometimes odd foreign affairs policy, which gave us the world’s “premier nonsense region” of Bloopsjooj, an anarchy where elections are organised as a weekly survival contest, not to mention reviews of Europeian memes live on air, and even a list of the 8 best nations in Europeia according to Sopo;
Believing that Ambrella is worthy of official recognition by the Security Council,
Hereby Commends Ambrella.
Co-authored by Maowi and Honeydewistania.
Minister of World Assembly Affairs of Europeia
Former Minister of World Assembly Affairs of Europeia
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Postby Lenlyvit » Wed Jun 02, 2021 6:01 pm

There's no spaces between your clauses. Also, your list code seems to be broken in one place?
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Postby Flanderlion » Wed Jun 02, 2021 6:31 pm

I don't think they're commendable, especially as it feels like a Europeian is commending another Europeian for Europeian stuff. Give him another ovation instead.
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Postby Bhang Bhang Duc » Wed Jun 02, 2021 10:41 pm

While on first read this appears to be a well written draft I also get the impression that there is a lot of filler and fluff in there.

At the moment I’m nowhere near convinced that the nominee is deserving of a Commendation.
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