Discussion: SC: Condemn Maricoen

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Discussion: SC: Condemn Maricoen

Postby Zeiling » Sat May 01, 2021 3:49 pm

To discuss the [proposal=]Condemn Maricoen[/proposal] in the SC and why it should be supported or opposed. Sorry for forgetting to upload the draft here

Observing the criminal mismanagement of New Eastern Europe while in tenure as WA delegate, the WA hereby condemns the government of Maricoenwhich through ignoring various members of the region, pursuing expansionist ideas, meddling in policies of various regional officials and refusing to acknowledge thier missteps, caused the collapse of New Eastern Europe.
Realising the fact that Maricoen refused to hand over power to the Imperial states of Europa, Old Falinar or the Lillistroniralocksnefurthering its collapse.
Recognising the damage that Maricoen's government committed on leaving New Eastern Europe, as he forcefully ejected various nations in order to prevent the region's stability as a way to heighten his own regional legacy by demanding his own executive authority.
Horrified at criminal double standard in reference to Eastern Europe as a force that constantly overrode the various government officials, blaming them for his own mistakes.
Paying respects to the displaced from the collapse of New Eastern Europe without providing a repositioning system for the various nations that would soon be ejected.
Recognising Maricoen's complacency in reference to the various agitators in his cabal, specifically insults exchanged by Zanjact to critics of his handling of various insults exacted on his position.
Failing to fathom the true intentions of the government as any way to help the citizens of New Eastern Europe.
Shocked by the fact Maricoen closed intercontinental communication systems(offsite chat) despite the fact there was only a positive outlook on its existence.
Noting that the closing of New Eastern Europe ICS isolated various nations in reference to the Dissolving of the union
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Outer Sparta
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Postby Outer Sparta » Sat May 01, 2021 4:16 pm

Why did you submit it without even providing a draft here? Frankly, it's not well-written and the nominee is not condemnable.
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Postby Bhang Bhang Duc » Sun May 02, 2021 12:14 am

Zeiling wrote:To discuss the [proposal=]Condemn Maricoen[/proposal] in the SC and why it should be supported or opposed.

Supporting or opposing it doesn’t really matter as the submitted proposal is illegal.

Apart from that it’s poorly written and honestly the nominee is not Condemnable.
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Postby Andusre » Sun May 02, 2021 1:22 am

I assume this is regarding Maricoen's recent destruction of New Eastern Europe which, whilst deeply unfortunate, is not particularly condemnable. Founders destroy their regions all the time, 'tis nothing special or unique to Maricoen and thus is not worthy of a condemnation from the Security Council.
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Postby Calamari Lands » Sun May 02, 2021 12:37 pm

1. No operative clause. (The World Assembly ... Hereby condemns Nation)
2. Spacing errors, you need to space words and paragraphs.
3. Use of "his". You're supposed to be talking about a nation, use they/them.
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