[Draft] Repeal: Liberate Kaiserreich

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Postby Tomisburg » Tue Apr 27, 2021 4:05 pm

Nova Vandalia wrote:So since you all claim to be putting in the work, I though I'd look through your region and It took me literally a basic cursory exploration of your nations to find one flying a the American Falangist Party Flag... the Falangist symbol "The Yoke and Arrows"in Red and Black are widely utilized by National Syndicalists and Fascists throughout Spain, Europe, and the world.

I mean that is a blatant example and one that should have easily been caught.

That being said, while I personally would include the use of Iron Crosses as troubling, I understand the larger NS culture isn't as heavy handed as I am, making this arguable the only blatantly obvious Fascist in your region, based off of the flags.

You might want to resolve that before even more folks notice it.

Hello! I am KAISERREICH's go-to guy for identifying Nazi/Fascist/Far-Right symbols, so if anything does slip by it falls on me. Later today, I'll do another sweep of the nations later today to make sure nothing else remains. As for a few of the members you brought to our attention.... - This user had a very obvious Far-Right symbol (Falangist) on their flag, it has been a while since I went and looked through all nations, but as mentioned above I'll comb them later today. This user has been banned. - This is a friend of mine, and one who has actually helped me spot fascist before. I told them to edit the flag and they have. I was not aware of the symbol they had on their flag, and it has a quite basic design, so it's likely they did not notice it either. The flag has been fixed. - This user's flag seems to be inspired by the Byzantine Flag, and the symbol you noticed seems to me like a regular Sun Cross. I understand your concern, but I doubt this user is attempting to hide anything.

About the Iron Cross, it really depends on the context. If the symbol is on a flag where a Swastika is normally placed, it's obviously being used as a dogwhistle. However, especially with our German Empire themed region, the Iron Cross is present on many flags, likely for innocent reasons.
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Postby Lenlyvit » Fri Apr 30, 2021 6:04 am

I'm going to move this to last call, if there's any more discussion I'm looking to submit this weekend. For HS's advice, I'm not really sure how to incorporate what he wants in the proposal so if he or anyone else has suggestions that would be great.
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Postby Nova Vandalia » Tue May 04, 2021 10:08 am

I do just want to make it clear, after helping to point out the use of Nazi and Fascist symbols in your region. I don't personally endorse this, because of that last statement from y'all. Asking for the pretty consistent benefit of the doubt on allowing Nazi adjacent symbols within your regions, with a past like y'alls is too close to walking that line. It's either all or nothing. You're region lost that privilege in my book to walk that line when you all were fascist, and there is no regain or rebuild that trust. So so long as you're allowing those symbols often used by them it's a no from me.

And As for the argument about OOC Liberations. I adore them. They're a tool in the fight against fascism, and I'll keep that tool in my toolbox even if I don't ever intend on using it.
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Postby Refuge Isle » Tue May 04, 2021 10:38 am

Against for the reasons BBD and Xoriet already stated better than I could.

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Postby Great Algerstonia » Tue May 04, 2021 3:41 pm

I support this
I don't like sand.
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