Factbook of the Johannesburg Commune

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Factbook of the Johannesburg Commune

Postby Greater Johannesburg » Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:55 pm

Above: a map of the Johannesburg Commune.
Basic Information
Country Name
conventional long form The Johannesburg Commune
conventional short form Johannesburg
abbreviation JC
demonym Johannesburger
World Assembly
status Non-Member
category Left-wing Utopia
economy Fair
civil rights Excellent
political freedoms Superb
Other Basic Information
motto* "Freedom, Equality, Solidarity"
official languages* English; Afrikaans; isiZulu; sePedi
drives on the Left
geographic co-ordinates 26°12′16″S 28°2′44″E
time zone SAST (UTC+2)

*Motto and official languages of the Johannesburg Congress of Trade Unions (Jocotu) and the Johannesburg Communal Soviet (JCS), the two organs of coordinatory governance in the Johannesburg Commune.
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~Information Courtesy of the Johannesburg Anarchist Communist Front

The Johannesburg Commune
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Economic Left/Right: -10.00 | Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -8.46

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