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The World Factbook- Atheimsa [closed]

Postby Atheimsa » Tue Dec 14, 2010 10:24 am


Atheimsa is one of the many Archipelagos in the Pacific Ocean. Quite far north it was never found by colonising powers in the 18th and 19 th century and therefore has kept its original culture.
It founded in 2010 when it split from the Noripak Islands of which it was a an autonomous region for 500 years.


Oceania in the North Pacific, east of Japan, south of the Aleutian Islands, North of the Marshall Islands.

::Geographic Coordinates 37 00 N 165 E

::Map References: Oceania

:Total 21,573 km^2
land 21,561
water 12 km ^2

::Inland Boundaries 0 km
::Coastline 1,329 km

::Maritime Claims
territorial sea: 10 nm
exclusive economic zone: 200 nm
continental shelf: 200 m depth or to the depth of exploitation; rectilinear shelf claim added

temperate marine. Cool rainy winters and misty summers.

Volcanic origin the center islands ,the other sedimentary atolls.

::Elevation extremes
lowest point: Pacific Ocean
highest point: 946 m Putai Maunga

::Natural Ressources
timber, fish, hydropower, windpower

::Land Use
arable land 10.1 %
Permanent crops: 20 %
other: 80%

::Irrigated land
0 %

::Natural Hazards
Cyclonic storms do occur regularly from october to march

::Environment Current Issues
soil erosion

::Environment - international agreements:
Field info displayed for all countries in alpha order.
party to: Biodiversity, Climate Change, Climate Change-Kyoto Protocol, Desertification, Endangered Species, Law of the Sea, Marine Life Conservation, Ozone Layer Protection, Tropical Timber 83, Tropical Timber 94, Wetlands

::Geography - note:
Includes 206 islands of which 52 are uninhabited


1,190179 (December 2010 est)

::Age Structure
0-14 years: 25.3% (male 150,548/female 150,556/inter 10)
15-64 years: 70.9% (male 421,851/female 421,925/inter 32)
65 years and over: 3.8% (male 22,600/female 22,620/inter 2) (2010 est.)

::Median Age
total: 32.3 years
female: 33.4 years
male: 31.2 years

::Population growth rate:
0.587% (2010 est.)

::Birth rate
11.01 births/1,000 population

::Death rate
7.1 birth/1,000 population

urban population: 45% of total population (2010)
rate of urbanization: 0.6% annual rate of change (2005-10 est

::Sex ratio
at birth 0.98
under 15 years 0.99
15-64 years 0.99
65 years and over 0.99

::Infant mortality rate
total 5.1 deaths/live births
male 3.9 deaths /live births
female 2.2 deaths /live births

::Life expectancy at birth
total 71.05 years
male 70.1 years
female 72.0 years

::Total fertility rate
2.6 children born/woman


::Ethnic groups
Atheimsian 90% (predominantly with Polynesian a Melanesian admixture)
other 10% (Pacific Islanders, European, Ainu, Hawaiian, Aleutian)

The fellowship of the light side of the force (10%)other 40% (naturalistic )
none 50%

Amoethic (official)several regional languages

definition: age 15 and over can read and write
total population: 96.7%
male: 96.5%
female: 96.9%

::School life expectancy
total: 12 years
male: 12 years
female: 12 years

::Education expenditures
10% of the GDP


::Conventional long form Disputed territories of Atheimsa
::Conventional short form: Atheimsa
::local long form whenua takohu
::local short form whenua takohu

::Government type
Name Piritoene
Geographic coordinates 36 80 N 165 E
time difference UTC +12

::Administrative Divisions
Atoongi, Hegoi, Imsaki, northern Islands

::Independence 10. 01. 2010 previous autonomy in 1500s

::National Holiday 10.01

::Constitution enacted on 11.01.

::Legal System
Based on common european law

20 years universal

::Executive branch
chief of state President Tonga Ariki
head of government Prime Minister Atigi Fauaea
cabinet appointed by the prime minister

the president is appointed by popular vote.

::Legislative branch

Parliament of Atheimsa 99 seats
Council one representative of every district (4 districts)
election Parliament every 4 years last election 10.01,2010
election results :Parliament-percent of vote by party- RP 40% ,-TP 16% , MP 5% other (10-%)
seats by party - RP 44, TP 31, MP 4, independents 12

::Judicial branch
Surpreme court elected by the parliament and council

::Political Parties
Reipa (Antigi FAUAEA), Taiao (Paru PARA), Matamua(Tawhito WANANGA), Rangatu (Kawau MARO)

::Political Pressure groups
Unions, enviromental groups

::Flag Description
Two Bands of Blue colours (blue and navy) the ursa minor and Polaris in the upper band the three main Islands of Atheimsa in the lower band. The dark blue stand for the night sky and the constellation symbolises the Northern geographical position and guiding stars, the blue stands for the sea and the main Islands.

::National Anthem
'Whetu tohutohu whenua takohu '
lyrics: Waiata TIRA


Atheimsa has a good economy which heavily relies on natural ressources, as well as manufactural production of house hold goods. It has a large service sector and a large public sector. Especially in the rural areas subsistency is supported and encouraged. Seafaring is also a major business and especially since Atheisma is at the forefront of developing ressource saving and fossile fuel free cargo vessels. Inflation is low and so is unemployment.

::GDP (Purchasing Power Parity)
743 billion $

::GDP (Official exchange rate)
529 billion $

::GDP (real growth rate)

::GDP (per capita)

::GDP (Composition by sector)
agriculture: 2.8%
industry: 23.2%
services: 75.0%

::Labour force

::Labour force by occupation

agriculture 5.8%
industry 30.9%
services 63.3%

::Unemployment rate

::Population below the poverty line

::Investments(gross fixed)

revenues 36 billion $
expenditures: 41 billion $

::Public debt
4.1% of GDP

::Inflation rate
2.1 %

::Central bank discount rate

::Commercial Bank prime lending rate

::Agricultural products
Fish, rice, vegetables,fruit, pigs.

Shipping, eco-industries, natural solution

Ships and parts, ecological technology
190 billion $

150 billion $

::Export and Import Partners
East Asia, Oceania.

::Exchange rate
Rand per US dollar 3.40983 (dec 2010)


::Telephone main line in use

::Telephone mobile phone in use

:: Telephone system
Telephone up to a good standard in the town and cities, advanced mobile phone and satellite networks on the villages and rural islands

::International: Country code -8239
Several Satellite station support the Internet and phone connections to the mainland, as well as two supplmentary undersea optic fibre cables.

::Broadcast media
20 free to air tv channels received via DVB -S and DVB-T of which 3 channels are public channels as well as 2 regional public channels. Radio broadcast many station in the agglomeration(50) and many local channels broadcast in the countryside in FM and AM.

::Internet code

::Internet hosts

::Internet users


211 (2010)

::Airports with paved runways

::Airports with unpaved runways
2,438 to 3,047 m: 1
914 to 1,523 m:110
under 914 m:100

total 210 km
standard gauge

total 10210km
paved 512 km
unpaved 9618 km

::Merchant marine
by type
cargo 10, roro 1, container 10, passenger 200

::Ports and terminals

Piritoene, Tirua


::Military branches
Army, Navy.

::Military service age
20 years of age is either military service of 6 months or community service for 6 months
enlisting from 20 years of age.

::Manpower available for military service
total 124901

::Manpower reaching militarysignificant age annually
total 1058

::Military expenditure
0.5 % of GDP

:::Transnational Issues

::Disputes International
Noripak sees Atheisma technically as an automonous part of their nation. It does and had however no further influence on it and does not share any trades with it. People who wish to move to Noripak are free to do so.

::Illicit drugs
drugs are free to use in atheisma from an age of 20 however people are advised to leave them home if going outside of the country. The prices are fixed for drugs
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