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Encyclopedia Enarchia(In Progress)

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The Anarcho-Syndicalist Communes of Enarchia
Motto: For the love of Freedom, fellow human beings, and knowledge
A gigantic country of hundreds of thousands of individual self governing communes. It is defended by an army. All communes are required to sent some men to the arm force.
Citizens are called: Enarchians(In-nar-Ki-ans)
Population 1.2 billion
Located in Eastern Siberia.

Freedom of trade between individuals. Individuals enjoy full extent of freedom. Freedom from top-down structures. of government, absence of monopoly. absence of giant corporations. Freedom to move from one communes to another until one chooses a commune he/she likes.
GDP per Capita: $36,109
Unemployment rate: official about 19%, but many citizens take many different jobs that can't be tracked by statisticians.
Income tax:59% on average, some communes have virtually no tax, if one chose to live in it. basically redistributed into public kitchen, public healthcare, public library that all can and agreed to enjoy.

In 1991, a group of highly educated people of many nationalities consisted mostly of Americans, British, Danish, Swedish, Japanese, and Chinese, who were sick of their government, organized together and bought a gigantic plot of land in Eastern Siberia. They named it Enarchia, the name signifies the founders want a government-free progressive society. They began to organize themselves into different communes, raised an army to protect themselves, and developed a stateless communes system. Full civil rights are recognized, all members even children have political rights, torture is illegal and citizens can do whatever they want as long as they don't harm others. Recognizing the individual's will over any external construction such as religion, ideology, social customs, government etc. Many are attracted the to the Anarcho-syndicalist communes and the numbers quickly grow, people began to organized themselves into different communes. Recognizing they need an army to defend their way of life, they pledge to send men to the Enarchian Army and contributed each year's budget to defense, the condition of having a community in Enarchia.

Percent of Expenditures: 13%
Name: Enarchian Defense Force(EDF)
Military age: 18
Manpower reaching military age annually: 9.6 million men, 9.5 million women

Multinationality populations: All race and colors can be found in Enarchia. There is no immigration policy, all are free to come into the communes.
Religion: Protestant and Buddhism(45%), and many different religions.

A form of stateless organizations united to protect the Enarchians way of life. There is no central government. All members participate in small scale local democracies which differ from communes to communes. Citizens are free to move to different communes that better suit their life styles. In fact, communes compete with each other by trying to creating better system or more suitable systems for some people. In this way, we practice what we called the free-market-political systems, by competing political styles improve as people of Enarchia are not forced in live in any communes. Many different communes with different systems united as one. Recognizing the need for defense, One central army, however, protect Enarchia from outside aggression. There is one foreign secretary who are elected by all Enarchians to deal with diplomacy.

Federative Law of Enarchia
- Anti-trust law for Commune Systems
- Federal Anti-Monopoly Law
- Declaration of Human Unalienable Rights

Enarchia is composed of thousands of these communities such as this.

Other types:
Housing for denser populated communes, and sea communes.

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