Races Of Atraps (FT Factbook)

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Races Of Atraps (FT Factbook)

Postby The Gank Federation » Wed Dec 08, 2010 7:21 pm

For whomever that has done FT posts with me, i am quite sure that many have been confused about what race i use. This post tells of several, all that has lived on my main planet Atraps. Comments and Questions are encouraged.

A Rocky World, can be quite compared to Mars. It has a Oxegen Atmosphere, contains few plants, many carnivoric Animals, and little water. There is one Ice cap at its northern pole. The size of the planet is approximately 1/4 more of the size of Earth.



Sithrak are a 3-4 meter tall lizard humanoid race. They have four arms, razar sharp teeth, and they love war. Like Sparta, they dedicated themselves to battle. Their leader is whoever is the strongest in a fight of hand-to-hand combat, and a fight simulator in space. Sadly, there is few remaining this day due to the Drej takeover.


The Drej a race made of pure energy. While each individual Drej can think, they only have a certain limit. The Drej are very warlike, and only wish to expand their borders. They have a deep hatred to all organic creatures, viewing them as ' a lesser accident'. The orgin of the Drej is unknown. Thier leader, the 1st, has been known to destroy planets without giving it a single thought. The only reason the Drej no longer exist in our galaxy is that their leader was nearly destroyed, and all the Drej have been disconnected. They are now trying to reorganise in seperate galaxies, where they will attempt to bring back the 1st. It this occurs, the Drej will come to our galaxy again, seeking to destroy all life as we know it.

**Coming Next, Demons, Imps, and Spirits!
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