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Factbook of Loonaterian

Postby Loonaterian » Sat Nov 27, 2010 1:52 pm

The geography of Loonaterian is thick jungle and tall mountains. The Atamoya mountain range is a large mountain range in the north west of Loonaterian. Hidden deep inside them is Weegee(vai-jai) the former capital. There is also the Atamoya forest hidden in the Atamoya mountain range. The jungle is home to the Atamoya Rattlesnake, the Pacific Tiger, the Tree Mamba and the Mandarin Viper, most of Loonaterian's most dangerous predators. There is the Chromanolua(krow-man-ol-wa) Desert is in the south east of Loonaterian. The Red-tailed Desert Rattlesnake, which is another one of Loonaterian's most dangerous predators, lives there.

The economy is incredibly good for a Communist nation. Loonaterian's major industries are Arms Manufacturing, Automobile Industry and Information Technology.

Exchange Rate: 1 nateria = $1.3271
Gross Domestic Product: $43,060,384,451,089.47
GDP Per Capita: $20,330.68
Unemployment Rate: 4.11%
Consumption: $0.00
Government Budget: $51,784,845,840,000.02
Government Expenditures: $41,427,876,672,000.01
Goverment Waste: $10,356,969,168,000.00
Exports: $6,810,992,363,089.46
Imports: $5,178,484,584,000.00
Trade Surplus: $1,632,507,779,089.46

Prehistory = Home to a wide variety of strange animals including the ancestor of the Pacific Tiger.

Early History = A tribe colonizes the island who then rule for the next thousand years.

Late History = Tribe wiped out by arrival of the Alitarian Empire. Alitarian Empire civilise Loonaterian
and then rule for the next thousand years.

Modern History = Plague brings Alitarian Empire to its knees. Capitalists establish rule to be beaten by Communists at the last election. Capitalists are angered and form a breakaway nation, known now as Jacouba, which fell into socialism.

Ancient Alitarian temple: Image

The Loonaterese military is led by the High General, who is currently Sir Rudyard Illyar. The military is in three divisions: Navy, Army and Airforce.

High General Sir Rudyard Illyar:

The Navy is led High Admiral Sir Alveega Moranee and basically controls the seas of the Thousand Islands. It uses the newest technologies in naval warfare.

Loonaterese submarine:

The Army is led by High Marshall Sir Yeegar Feerhoulas.

Loonaterese heavy tank, the Monster Mk.9 Design 2:

Loonaterese main battle tank, the LAL Vandenberg:

Loonaterese submachine gun, the LAL Arnold, which is the weapon used by the paratroopers:

Loonaterese sniper rifle, the LAL Spaatz, which is used by the marksmen in the LNA:

Loonaterese amphibious troop transport, the LAL Fairchild:


The helicopters are used for battlefield devastation by the Airforce, which is led by High Wing Commander Sir Umio Rarri.

The planes are used for scouting and aerial warfare.

Loonaterese jet fighter, the Hurricane Mk.5:

Government Structure and Political Structure:
The politics of Loonaterian are it is a Communist Dictatorship led by the Militarian Party. The current dictator is Major General Talman Hubodi, a notorious and psychotic dictator. The parliament building is in Torday and is known as the Communist Citadel.

Communist Citadel:

People and Population:
Total population: 2.118 billion
Age structure: Image
Population growth rate: 2
Life expectancy at birth: 80.1
Nationality: Loonaterese

Number of televisions: 500 million
Number of telephones: 550 milion
Number of cell phones: 2 billion
Number of radios: 1.5 billion
Internet service providers: LGA
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