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Austrivinian Factbook

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The Dictatorship of Austrivinia is a small nation, It is a nation of beautifal beaches, majestic plains, and mighty hills. It's mostly warm all year round. There are three major rivers, the Costas, the Borotino, and the Reme's. The nation has a 100 mile coastline with stunning views and fantastic towns to visit.


The national currency is the Belk, the nations economy itself is reasonable, the government has been becoming more and more loose on letting businesses do what they want. There is currently an unemployment rate of 6%, however with the government becoming less strict many are hoping this will reduce the rate and bring in more workers. The nation exports a small amount of oil, large amounts of lumber and mechanical parts. The nation is also renowned in having good food.


The nation was split into city states for years, it was formed into a Independent nation in the 1860. After a bloodless rise to office Frederico Adalberto came into power. During it's founding It's armies were engaged in bloody struggles against foriegn aggressors, but with some innovating and improvising the Austrivinians pulled through, their sacrifice gave rise to a peaceful modern nation which his Excellency rules today. The country has been isolated for years, mostly due to foreign political incidents and struggles. The nation is however looking eagerly towards the future.

The Austrivinian Army (AA) consists of 60,000 men, however in peacetime it fields 30,000. The Navy (AN) consists of 20,000 men and fields an adequate defence, as does the Airforce (AF) which fields 20,000 troops. Most of the Navy and Airforce however are in reserve and only a minority are usually in the field of service. The armed forces however haven't been in an armed conflict in years and probably won't be in a hurry to as their ability to wage war is second rate as is their gear, not to mention all their vehicles and gear are left overs from past administrations, However the military is always looking ahead for whatever they can get to provide an adequate defence, but this is not to say that the Austrivinians aren't strong, they can still fight with impressive heroism and can prove they are a force to be reckoned with.


Today the nation is ruled by his Excellency Frederico Adalberto, he is a strong leader, and rules with a firm hand over his people. There is a senate, they meet with his excellency often to discuss national issues. There aren't any elections, the legal system is fair and just however, as no individual is guilty until proven so. The Capital is Agriatini, it is the largest city and one of if not the most stunning. The second largest city is Amundia.

-Skyline of Agriatini, With his Excellency's Capital building in the background


The people are a hardy folk, and patriotic to say the least, they live in a nation that as they have done as seen progress and hardship alike. There is currently a population of 3.647 Billion, the life expectancy at birth is 4 out of 5. There are a handful of ethnic groups however they are all quite small. There are mostly Protestants and Catholics, with a small minority of jews and other religions. However, each religion has certainly helped shape the nation and still is, and will certainly leave it's repectible mark on the nation in the future.
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Past Vehicles of the Armed Forces


Light Tank

Weight 7,400 kilograms
Length 4.38 m
Width 2.06 meters
Height 2.18 meters
Crew 3
Main armament Type 98 37 mm gun
armament 2 × Type 97 7.7 mm machine gun
Engine Mitsubishi A6120VD air-cooled diesel
120 hp (90 kW)/ 1800 rpm 14,300cc
Suspension Bell crank
range 250 kilometers
Speed 45 km/h (road)

Medium Tank

Weight 14 tonnes
Length 4.9 m (192.9 in)
Width 2.2 m (86.6 in)
Height 2.39 m (94.1 in)
Crew 4
Armor 42 mm
armament 47 mm Cannone da 47/32 M35
104 shells
armament 3-4 x 8 mm Breda machine guns
Engine Fiat V8 diesel
125 hp
Power/weight 8.92 horsepower per ton
Suspension Leaf spring bogies
range 200 km (120 mi)
Speed 32 km/h (20 mph) Road

Weight 3.70 tonnes
Length 5.40 m
Width 1.824 m
Height 2.40 m with single turret
Crew 6
Armor 9 mm
armament Two machine guns
armament One machine gun (IZ only)
Engine One petrol engine.
range 300km
Speed 60 km/h on-road


General characteristics
Crew: 1
Length: 7.79 m (25 ft 7 in)
Wingspan: 10.96 m (35 ft 11 in)
Height: 2.96 m (9 ft 9 in)
Wing area: 18.2 m² (196 ft²)
Empty weight: 1,975 kg (4,354 lb)
Loaded weight: 2,706 kg (5,965 lb)
Max takeoff weight: 2,415 kg (5,324 lb)
Powerplant: 1 × Fiat A.74 RC38 radial engine, 625 kW (838 hp)
Maximum speed: 484 km/h (301 mph) at 5,000 m[53]
Range: 670 km (418 miles)
Service ceiling: 9,835 m (32,258 ft)
Rate of climb: 13.7 m/s (2,694 ft/min)
Wing loading: 148 kg/m² (30 lb/ft²)
Power/mass: 230 W/kg (0.30 hp/lb)
Guns: 2 × 12.7 mm (0.50 in) Breda-SAFAT machine guns

General characteristics
Crew: 4 (pilot, navigator, gunner/wireless-operator, rear gunner)
Length: 14.80 m (48 ft 6.75 in)
Wingspan: 21.44 m (70 ft 4.5 in)
Height: 4.10 m (13 ft 5.5 in)
Wing area: 66.7 m² (718 ft²)
Empty weight: 5,800 kg (12,787 lb)
Max takeoff weight: 11,300 kg (24,912 lb)
Powerplant: 2× Tumansky M-88B radial engines, 820 kW (1,100 hp) each
Maximum speed: 430 km/h (232 kn, 267 mph)
Range: 3,800 km (2,052 nmi, 2,361 mi)
Service ceiling: 9,700 m (31,825 ft)
2 × 7.62 mm ShKAS machine guns
1 × 12.7 mm Berezin UB machine gun
Up to 2,500 kg (5,500 lb) of bombs or mines. Alternatively, 1 × 940 kg (2,072 lb) 45-36-AN or 45-36-AV torpedo. Very rarely, 2 × BETAB-750DS 305 mm rockets

The Modern Armed Forces Vehicles



Weight 7.7 tonnes
Length 5.75 m
Width 2.37 m
Height 2.31 m
Crew 4 (driver, co-driver, commander, gunner)
Armor Welded steel
10 mm front of the turret
7 mm sides of the turret
7 mm rear of the turret
7 mm top of the turret
14 mm hull nose plate
5 mm upper front of the hull
7 mm lower front of the hull
7 mm sides of the hull
7 mm rear of the hull
7 mm top of the hull
2 mm front floor of the hull
3 mm rear floor of the hull
armament 14.5 mm KPVT heavy machine gun (500 rounds)
armament 7.62 mm PKT coaxial general purpose machine gun (2000 rounds)
Engine GAZ-41 gasoline V-8
140 hp (104 kW) at 3400 rpm
Power/weight 18.2 hp/tonne (13.5 kW/tonne)
Suspension Wheeled 4x4 (+ 4 auxiliary wheels), leaf springs with hydraulic shock absorbers
Ground clearance 430 mm
Fuel capacity 290 l
range 750 km
Speed 100 km/h (road)
10 km/h (water)

Weight 18.4 tonnes (40,500 lb)
Length 5.56 m (18.24 ft) (w/ gun)
5.03 m (16.5 ft) (w/o gun)
Width 3 m (9.84 ft)
Height 2.77 m (9.08 ft)
Crew 5 (Commander, gunner, loader, driver, co-driver)
Armor 9.5–38 mm (0.37–1.49 in)
armament 1 × 75 mm Gun M6 L / 39
48 rounds
armament 1 × .50 cal Browning M2HB machine gun
440 rounds
2 × .30-06 Browning M1919A4 machine gun
3,750 rounds
Engine 2 × Cadillac Series 44T24, 8 Cylinder
300/220 hp (220/164 kW) total
Power/weight 16.09 hp/tonne
Suspension Torsion Bar
range 161 km (100 mi)
Speed 56 km/h (35 mi/h) (road)
40 km/h (25 mi/h) (off-road)




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Past Weapons of the Armed Forces

Weight 3.4 kg (7.5 lb.)
Length 1015 mm (3 ft 4 in)
Barrel length 91/38: 540mm (21.3 in )
Cartridge 6.5x52mm Mannlicher-Carcano and 7.35x51mm Carcano
Action Bolt-action
Muzzle velocity 755 m/s (2,477 ft/s)
Effective range 91/38 c. 656 yards (600 m)
Feed system 6 round integral magazine, loaded with an en-bloc clip

Weight MAB 38A: 4.2 kg (empty)
Length MAB 38A: 946mm
Barrel Length MAB 38A: 315mm
Cartridge 9×19mm Parabellum / Cartuccia Modello 38
Caliber 9mm
Action Blowback
Rate of fire 600 rpm
Muzzle velocity 429 m/s (1,407.12 ft/s) (9×19mm Parabellum)
Effective range 250 m
Feed system 10, 20, 30, or 40-Round Detachable Box Magazine

Weight 11.57 kg (25.51 lb)
Length 1,120 mm (44 in)
Barrel length 533 mm (21.0 in)
Cartridge 8x57mm IS
Action Recoil-operated, roller-locked
Rate of fire 1,200 rounds/min (varied between 900–1,500 rounds/min with different bolts)
Muzzle Velocity 755 m/s (2,477 ft/s)
Effective range 1000 m
Feed system 50 or 250-round belt

Weight 15 kg (33.07 lb) to 23 kg (50.71 lb) all-up
Length 1,100 mm (43.31 in.)
Barrel length 720 mm (28.35 in.)
Crew three man crew
Cartridge .303 British
Action recoil with gas boost
Rate of fire 450 to 500 round/min
Muzzle velocity 744m/sec
Effective range 2,187 yd (2,000 m)
Maximum range 4,500 yd (4,100 m) indirect fire
Feed system 250-round canvas belt

Caliber 75-mm (2.95 inches).
Length of tube 9 feet, 31/2 inches.
Weight in action 3,136 pounds.
Maximum range 12,570 yards.
Muzzle velocity 1,985 feet per second.
Traverse 50°.
Elevation -5° to +45°.
Traction Tractor

Modern Weapons of the Armed Forces

Weight PK: 9 kg (19.84 lb) (gun + integral bipod) + 7.7 kg (16.98 lb) (tripod).
PKM: 7.5 kg (16.53 lb) (gun + integral bipod) + 4.5 kg (9.92 lb) (tripod).
PKT (tank): 10.5 kg (23.15 lb)
Length PK: 1,203 mm (47.4 in)
PKM: 1,192 mm (46.9 in)
PKT: 1,098 mm (43.2 in)
Barrel length PK: 658 mm (25.9 in)
PKM: 645 mm (25.4 in)
PKT: 772 mm (30.4 in)
Cartridge 7.62×54mmR
Action Gas-operated, open bolt
Rate of fire PK, PKM: 650–850 round/min.
PKT: 800 round/min
Muzzle velocity PK, PKM: 825 m/s
Effective range 1,640 yd (100–1,500 m sight adjustments)
Feed system Belts in 100/200/250 round boxes
Sights Tangent iron sights

Weight 3.85 kg (8 lb 8 oz)
Length 1,021 millimetres (40.2 in), M59/66 length 1,117 millimetres (44.0 in)
Barrel length 521 millimetres (20.5 in), M59/66 558.8 millimetres (22.00 in)
Cartridge 7.62x39mm
Action Short stroke gas piston, tilting bolt, self-loading
Rate of fire Semi-automatic
Muzzle velocity 735 m/s (2,410 ft/s)
Effective range 400 metres (440 yd)
Feed system 10-round internal box magazine, 10-round stripper clip-fed or individual round loading
Sights Hooded post front sight, tangent notch rear sight to 1,000 meters

Weight combat: 3,210 kg
(7,055 lbs)
Length 5.4 m (17.71 ft) (transport)
Barrel length bore: 38 calibres
Width 1.9 m (6.23 ft) (transport)
Height 1.6 m (5.24 ft) (transport)
Crew 1+7
Caliber 122 mm (4.8 in)
Recoil hydropneumatic
Carriage tripod
Elevation -7° to 70°
Traverse 360°
Rate of fire 5-6 round per minute (sustained), 10-12 rounds per minute (max)
Effective range 15.4 km (9.56 mi)
Maximum range 21.9 km (13.76 mi)
(with rocket assisted ammunition)


Officers Uniforms

Left to Right:

Common Support Uniforms

Left to Right:
Artillery Gunner
Infantry soldier with machine gun (note his M38 helmet in hand)
Infantry soldier with mountain gear

Common Winter Uniforms

Left to Right:
Infantryman with captured Anti-tank rifle
Assault soldier with Winter Camoflauge

Common Summer Uniforms

Left to Right:
Infantryman with full gear
Infantryman in the Garrison legion
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