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Imperial Dual Army - 1st Helghaz (Armoured) Division

Postby Yohannes » Tue Dec 07, 2010 5:37 am

1st Helghaz Division

Empire of Anagonia-Yohannes
Imperial Dual Army
Armoured Division
Current Commander
Major General Yusuf Agung Siarawan
Jakarta. Kingdom of Java.
-14,906 men (Professional, Standing)
-150 LY4A1 'Wolfhound' MBT
-170 Katana MBT
-15 LY219 'Ironheart' AMTV (Ambulance)
-5 LY219 'Ironheart' AMTV (Command Signal)
-20 LY219 'Ironheart' AMTV (IFV)
-50 Lynx IFV
-20 LY219 'Ironheart' AMTV (Armoured Recovery)
-280 Warhammer Self-Propelled Howitzer
-30 Sickle SPAAG
-720 LG Defense MTV
-75 LG Defense HETS

The 1st Helghaz Division is an armoured division of the Imperial Indonesian Army. It was originally formed in the aftermath of the National Army Re-organisation following the union with the Confederate States of Anagonia, with main focus being placed in the development of a trully professional army and land formation, and the abandonment of the outdated conscript practise of the Indonesian Empire of Yohannes. Following the union with Anagonia, and the subsequent formation of the Empire of Anagonia-Yohannes, a serious re-organisation of the army was needed. The result was the retainment of a professional standing force of ten land divisions, with emphasis being made in quality, and not quantity of the said coalition of formation. The 1st Helghaz Division is one of the current active professional 10 active divisions of the Empire of Anagonia-Yohannes The goverment of the Empire of Anagonia-Yohannes allocated an estimated ¥546,412.16 (not converted to Universal Standard Dollar yet) worth of training and equipment of its military budget per men.

Current Formation
The divisional headquarter is located in the constituent kingdom of Java, specifically north-west of the capital city of Jakarta. The 1st Helghaz Division is made up of four brigades - 19th Javanese Armoured Br., 25th Surabayan Armoured, 16th Javanese Artillery, and 1st Javanese Mechanized Br. The divisional units of the 1st Helghaz Division are : 1st Division HQ and Signal Regiment, 1st Regiment IAS (Imperial Air Support), 11th IEU (Imperial Engineer Unit), 1st Logistic Support Unit, 2nd Logistic Support Unit, and 28th (IADS) Imperial Air Defence Support.

Current Commander
Major General Yusuf Agung Siarawan.
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Postby NERVUN » Wed Dec 08, 2010 1:51 am

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