Factbook: The Royal Stratocracy of Veceria [MT/WIP]

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Factbook: The Royal Stratocracy of Veceria [MT/WIP]

Postby Veceria » Mon Jul 13, 2009 1:55 am

OOC: This factbook is for reading- purposes only. Do not post anything here, use TGs if you want to inform me of anything.

The Royal Stratocracy of Veceria Factbook

Welcome to Veceria, a nation full of lush jungles, white mountains and stunning meadows.
Our common name may be Veceria, but if you like to keep courteous, refer to us as the Royal Stratocracy of Veceria. Our citizens are called Vecerians, the single individual is the Vecerian. Our government is quite liberal, even if it is a mix between an Absolute Monarchy and a Stratocracy. Our Grand Archon, David Fenris (formerly called Ragnar Dracon, changed his name after his coronation) is also the supervisor of the Royal Armed Forces.
Veceria is divided into twenty-four so-called chapters, and our capital city is called Aeryn. Our national animals are usually the most successful predators of our fauna, the Shadow Eagle in the air, the Fenris wolf on the ground and the Tiger Manta in the water. The Black Lotus, with it's beautiful black blossom, is our national flower. Vecerians usually speak both German and English, with Russian being the third major language. Spoken elder languages include Latin (mainly used for mottoes) and Mand'alor, an old language mainly used by our military forces. Usually, we prefer Hard Rock and Metal over other music, but our national Anthem is more of the classical style. It is called "David, unser großer König", and the Lyrics can be found right below this text.
David, unser großer König,
König dieses Schönen Lands!
Er, dessen Macht auf Ewig,
Strahlt in Glückes hellstem Glanz!
Feind besiegt, das Volke einig,
Jeder liebt ihn, voll und ganz.
|: David, unser großer König,
König dieses Schönen Lands! :|

Seht, von seiner Fahne Spitzen
Strahlen Sieg und Fruchtbarkeit!
Kanzler in seinem Rate Sitzen
mit Weisheit, Klugheit, Redlichkeit;
Die des Volkes Worte sprechen
Voller Stolz und Ehrlichkeit!
|: David, unser großer König,
König dieses Schönen Lands! :|

Strömt er seiner Gaben Fülle
Über uns, die Rassen gleich!
Bricht der Feinde Macht, erfülle
uns mit Stolz, das Herz wird weich!
Sein Gesetz ist Freiheits' Wille,
vereinigt Völker, Brüder, Reich.
|: David, unser großer König,
König dieses Schönen Lands! :|

Rein herrscht er über Lande,
Öffnet Bürgern Tür und Tor!
Seh' Sie, Eins durch starke Bande,
Treten Seit an Seit hervor!
Und höre, dort am Wegesrande,
singen Mann und Frau im Chor.
|: David, unser großer König,
König dieses Schönen Lands! :|

Veceria prefers allies over enemies, and tries to get into any alliance with similar beliefs and plans. Thus, our current allies are Latnya and Lykosia, and we are a member of the COC, the FPA, the U.C.S.S. and theBrimstone Pact. We are quite intent on using environmentally friendly energy sources, our main power sources are Wind (41%), Water (26%), Solar (19%) and Geothermal (11%), but there are also several other alternatives (3%). Our beautiful environment also affects our main industries. Okay, not really, it just makes Tourism our main source of income. The tourism industry is regulated by the Vecerian National Tourism Agency. Other major industries are Arms Manufacturing (i.e. Fenris Arms National Arms), Car Manufacturing (Wyvvern Cars), Telecommunications (Coral) and Radio/TV Broadcasting, regulated by the VBS, the Vecerian Broadcasting Service.
We allow nearly any religious belief here (well, no radical ones), thus there are several different major religious beliefs here. Still, Agnosticism (37%) and Marshism (35%) are the main ones, followed by Agnosticism (8%), Christianism (6%) and Judaism (5%). Minor beliefs include Muslim (4%), Buddhism (2%) and Hinduism (1%), plus several other, even smaller ones (2% overall).

- by Chiarina Paget, Vice chief of the Vecerian National Tourism Agency

The Vecerian Species (fenris erectus sapiens)
The Vecerians are of a Near- Human species.
The average life expectancy of a Vecerian (both male and female) is double as high than that of an average human (~175 years), and their youthful physical appearance, and also their psychic stability doesn't change much from 20 to 140 years. As they age over 140 years, however, their external looks slowly start to age, too, but not as much as a human's appearance. The female Vecerian's physical appearance actually starts to age over an average age of 160 instead of the males' 140, so their looks don't change much till their death. The average age in Veceria is 32, and the oldest recorded is 232.

Vecerians have evolved other psychic and physical characteristics.
In example, because of the wild nature around, and often also in their cities and villages, the skirmishes against the Haegorian Rogues and their survival in uncommon and unfriendly territory and terrain, every Vecerian has at least a few signs of Athletic or slightly muscular body-build. Their slender athletic build masquerades their strength and improved agility and speed. Also, most male Vecerians got canine-like, or simply more-pronounced fangs, while female Vecerians do have an increased vision in darkness - the disadvantage of this feature being the light gathered making the eyes glow. However, males have slightly enhanced nightvision, too (but it gives them no advantages over humans) and females also have slightly more pronounced fangs. This natural nightvision is generally restricted to different shades of gray. These features are mostly because of their evolution out of the Vecerian Fenris Wolf, a both humanoid and canid predator. (page 137 for more informations about the canis fenris lupus)

Vecerians also have a few disadvantages, of course.
The major one is their low fertility. Usually, the fertility of females drop to 50% or even lower after they got their first baby, and to 10% after the second. Males have a usual fertility of 70%. Another disadvantage is their carnivorous nature. That means that their diet contains 90-100% meat, which may get quite hard to get while deployed. Too much vegetables may result in stomachaches, but funnily, fruits do not pose a problem to them. The third problem is their somewhat allergic reaction to nicotine and tobacco containing smoke. It usually gives them headaches, makes them cough and, if exposed too long to the smoke, even suffocation and vomiting blood. The fourth problem is their inability to dive to great depths. It is yet unknown why the species can't dive as deep as humans, making them faint when diving too deep due to high water pressure. As the Vecerian physical structure isn't that different to the human one, it may be because of some neural disability.

As stated above, Vecerians are usually slender, athletic and youthful. The majority of Vecerians got quite pale skin color and dark hair color, of course, very light hair color is not unusual, too. Females are averagely 1.60 to 1.70 meters in height, and weigh 50 to 59 kilos. Males are 1.65 to 1.75 meters high and weigh 58 to 65 kilos. Their are quite many differences between the northern, middle and southern Vecerians. Northern Vecerians are very pale, smaller than average and have a quite Nordic look. Vecerians from the middle areas are also quite pale, have an average height and look Nordic or Oriental. Southern Vecerians are larger than average, have darker skin colors due to the sunny climate and may look either Oriental, Arabic or even African.

Vecerian evolution:
canis fenris lupus - montis fenris lupus - vecrae fenris lupus - fenris habilis - fenris erectus - fenris erectus sapiens

- by Gregor Jespers, Vecerian Scientist

National currency
The Vecerian currency is called wolfpound, and abbreviated with the 'Ou', the Greek letter ȣ. It is made out of 100% high-quality cotton fiber, and quite many security features protect it from being copied and faked. There are eight different banknotes. The 0,5 ȣ note is 125x60mm in size, and features the ravens Hugin and Munin of the Nordic mythology. The 1 ȣ note is 130x63mm in size, and features the national flower, the Black Lotus. The 5 ȣ note is 135x65mm in size, and features the head of a Southern, small Fenris wolf. The 10 ȣ note is 140x67mm in size, and features the head of a Northern, big Fenris wolf. The 20 ȣ note is 145x70mm in size, and features the head of Alya Darken-Fenris, our beloved Queen. The 50 ȣ note is 150x73mm in size, and features the head of Joseph Daniels, the first Vecerian president. The 100 ȣ note is 155x75mm in size, and features the head of Nancy Carbon, the first Vecerian governor and founder of the former Armed Republic of Veceria. And lastly, the 200 ȣ note is 160x78mm in size, features the head of King David Fenris, our beloved leader. Usually, the market value of the wolfpound is quite high, due to our strong economy.

- by Kolya Amando, Vecerian numismatist
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Postby Veceria » Sat Jul 18, 2009 4:52 am

Map of Veceria

Geographical Statistics
Veceria is a peninsula on the south-western edge of the Marshite Sphere in Xanadou.
Landmass Size: 17,173,632.55 km²
Territory Size: 265,923,562.52 km²
Landmass Size of Colonies: 9,613,501.35 km² (Aquarica - Protectorate); 4,184,128.73 km² (Bragia); 972,213.55 km² (Uterio); 3,217.12 km² (Alyania)
Highest Mountain: Mount Lupus (7,153 m)
Average height above sea level: 72 m

Thermic Statistics
Maximum Temperature (South- Western Area): +40°C
Minimum Temperature (Far- Northern Area): -45°C
Group A (Tropical/megathermal) climate in the south, Group D (Continental/microthermal) in the middle, Group E (Polar) and H (Alpine) in the north.
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Postby Veceria » Tue Jul 21, 2009 12:25 am

A small Extract of the Vecerian History:

The first Vecerians evolve from the Native Fenris Wolf. As predators, the first thing they invent are weapons to improve their hunting, and using energy like fire (heat).

0 Ceannos Fenrir conquers the first part of Vecrae and founds the 'Empire of Vecrae'.
106 Ceannos dies in the battle against Frecanian tribesmen. His son Sacrator takes his place and kills all invaders.
209 Sacrator's son Joseph Fenrir-Neacula conquers the villages and land of the Frecanian tribes, killing thousands of soldiers and taking their women as slaves.
313 Peacetime. Several successors, including Hermes, Thomas, Philipp, Trician, Nuncio and Orpheus Fenrir lead the Vecerian people.
7. May 934 The last king of the former kingdom of Vecrae, King Lupus Fenrir dies. Remaining citizen of the former great empire scatter across Lykania.
894 Great exile. Lupus' son Trojan renames himself to Trojan Fenris. His sons Henson, Odin and Tracon follow him.
1311 Great fire of Oceanica. The three unknown were later discovered to be Jesper, Grecius and Munin Fenris. Until the refounding of Veceria, three additional members of the Fenrir bloodline lived in Aquarica, namely Fawkes, Nemo and Travis Fenris.
1800 - 1809
16. December 1802 The Republican Territory of Veceria was founded. The first settlers arrive in the village of Aeryn. Nancy Carbon is elected to be the first governor of Veceria. The first houses were built.

1810 - 1819
7. November 1812 After several fights against nearby natives the great wall around the village of Aeryn is built and the Vecerian border control is founded, with 1,000 recruits volunteering.

1820 - 1829
8. July 1820 Again nearby natives are attacking starting the first small Vecerian war.
12. June 1825 All over, nearly 200 soldiers of the border control, 400 Vecerian civilians and 2,000 hostile natives were killed during the war.

1830 - 1839
27. February 1832 The first art for the Vecerian flag is presented. It shows the Fenris Wolf, Vecerians national animal, and two Vecerian rifles at the left and right side.
19. April 1836 Governor Nancy Carbon gets shot by a member of the Nationalist group NFFV.
4. March 1838 The Vecerian 'Schattenoperationen', or ShadeOps Special forces are founded to search and arrest all members of the NFFV.

1840 - 1849
20. August 1842 The last two NFFV- members are arrested. The Vecerian Tribunal declares the death penalty over Arthur Lecin, the murderer of Nancy Carbon.

1850 - 1859

1860 - 1869
29. January 1866 The last natives of Veceria are driven off.

1870 - 1879

1880 - 1889
23. March 1884 First small war between Veceria and its neighbour, the Colony of Haegor.
1. May 1884 The new-founded Vecerian National Army fights a greater battle against the attackers and wins successfully, loosing just 638 soldiers of the Vecerian Army and killing over 3700 of the Haegor’ ones.

1890 - 1899
7. July 1893 The Haegorian Army attacks again, now with a greater army, destroying the wall around Aeryn, killing over 21,000 civilians.
17. December 1893 The Vecerian army strikes back against the Haegorians. Famous quote of a unknown Vecerian General: “We'll kill one hundred Haegorians for each Vecerian they’ve killed!”
1900 - 1909
The Haegor-Veceria war continues.
30. June 1903 Until now, 90,925 Vecerian Civilists, 186,589 Vecerian Soldiers, 371,917 Haegorian Soldiers and 58,513 Haegorian Civilists died during the conflict.
6. July 1905 The Vecerian Army assaults two Haegorian Cities, killing further 21,251 armed Civilian Suspects and over 100,000 Haegorian Soldiers.
This bloody day made history as the “Haegorian Blood Bath” in the Vecerian History books.

1910 - 1919
2. January 1912 Haegorian Soldiers raid two Vecerian City, again killing hundreds of Vecerian Civilists.
Unknown, 1919 Surviving Haegorian soldiers in Aeryn build an underground organisation, which continues to terrorize Veceria after the War is over.

1920 - 1929
9. November 1920 The Vecerian army believe that they killed and captured the last Haegorian invaders in Aeryn.
3. May 1925 Vecerian Soldiers attack the Haegorian Capital City, capturing the Haegorian President.
21. December 1928 Most of the Haegorian Army surrenders after hearing this, but less than a 20,000 Soldiers of the Haegorian Army attack once more,
just to get killed by hidden mines, snipers, guerilla fighters in southern Veceria or the unfriendly arctic terrain and Fenris wolves of northern Veceria.
19. May 1929 General Zlavo Bormir gets killed by a ricochet during the last days of the war.

1930 - 1939
Post Haegorian War period.
5. March 1932 Vecerian people start to rebuild the destroyed parts of their cities.
10. November 1935 The Vecerian City watch is founded to take care of the Haegorian underground organisation.
27. February 1938 Governor Leonie Ruback gets assassinated by the Haegorian underground. Igor Karven replaces her.
25. June 1939 The first Vecerian President is elected: the 62-year old Senator Joseph Daniels.

1940 - 1949
8. September 1945 The Head of the Haegorian underground organisation gets captured during a crackdown. The Organisation slowly collapses from this time on.

1950 – 1959
17. March 1955 The last member of the Haegorian underground organisation gets arrested. From now on, there is peace in Veceria.
6. June 1959 President Joseph Daniels retires. The new President is Senator George Harper (58).

1960 – 1969
3. May 1966 Ragnar Dracon Fenris is born in Aeryn.

1970 - 1979
3. May 1977 The last Haegorians leave the neighbourhood of Veceria.

1980 – 1989
Unknown Metal becomes very popular in Veceria.
23. September 1986 Ragnar's son Felix is born.
24. February 1988 President George Harper retires. The new President elected is Argus Knowles.

1990 - 1999
5. July 1991 Ragnar Dracon Fenris becomes the youngest General of the Vecerian Army (At this time, he is 25 years old).
13. December 1991 The XM10s make place for newer rifles, namely AM10s, and later the AM20s, the first bullpup rifles of Veceria.
7. January 1995 Ragnar's daughter Lucia is born.
2000 - 2009
12. May 2004 President Argus Knowles retires.
29. May 2004 Ragnar Dracon Fenris is elected the new president and Commander of Veceria. He is the youngest president and Commander of Veceria, only 38 years old.
7. July 2008 The new flag of Veceria is completed. It shows the Fenris wolf, like the first flag, and the new AM20s instead of the old guns.

Veceria assists the defense of South America.
2. January Vecerian Army finally replaces all AM20 Assault Rifles with FenrisArms' latest design, the AM30.
8. August First Economic crisis due to major strikes of the TV broadcasting branches.
17. September National update/replacement of Mk.I tanks, new Mk.II Designs are now in use.
05. November Veceria changes from Republic Democracy to Republic Autocracy, former President Fenris is now the Autocratic President.
11. November Broadcasting worker's strikes finally crushed by police, remaining, non- striking workers get together to form the VBS (Vecerian Broadcasting Service)
21. December Veceria joins the Steel Pact.

8. January Vecerian Economy slowly starts to recover from last year's economic crisis.
1. February Rumors about bloodline connections between the President and the ancient King Lupus Fenrir arose. Citizen started to collect pro- votes on a civil poll to crown the president king. There has been no statement from the government yet.
21. February Vecerian citizen finally vote for the president being crowned king.
25. February The poll ends with a majority of pro votes on the crowning. Ragnar Dracon Fenris is crowned to be king 'David Fenris', his birth name.
28. February Veceria supports the Kingdom of Los Cabreddes in their war against the Interstellar Empire of Diol by sending the 7th and 21st Royal Navy and the 42th mixed, 155th cavalry, 214th specialized and 6th armored Royal Army divisions.
4. March 'End' of the war between LC and Diol.
14. March Veceria joins the COC.
1. April Beginning of the conflict in Ganos Lao.
4. April Veceria resigned from the WA.
16. April Veceria joins the FPA.
27. April The conflict in Ganos Lao ends with the suicide of Ian Brandon Anderson.
1. May First meeting between the members of the UCSS.
12. May Veceria joins the Brimstone pact. The Terrorist organization known as 'Al-Sharifah' bombs the Vecerian embassy in Drackonisa. At first, the 21st Mixed Airborne is sent, with the 20th, 30th, 33th and 37th Infantry, the 30th Armored, the 17th Cavalry, the 29th Specialized and the 10th and 13th Mixed as reinforcements.
19. May The Royal Empire joins the Degrus alliance as a prospective member.
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Combined Armed Forces of Veceria: Royal Army

Postby Veceria » Tue Jul 21, 2009 3:26 am

Combined Armed Forces of Veceria

Army Details
Total Armed Forces: ~0.598% of the Vecerian population + roughly 0.05% of the total Aquarican population as conscripts
  • over 0.142% of the total Population as Soldiers total in Action (Militia not included)
  • over 0.425% of the total Population as Soldiers total in Reserve (Militia not included)

Army structure:
  • 89% of the Armed Forces as Soldiers in the Royal Army
  • 4.4% of the Armed Forces as Soldiers in the Royal Navy
  • 0.9% of the Armed Forces as Soldiers in the Royal Airforce
  • 5.1% of the Armed Forces as Militia
  • 0.2% of the Armed Forces as Soldiers in the Special Forces

Main Wars we have participated in:
8. July 1820: Vecerian Spring War
23. March 1884: First Veceria - Haegor War
7. July 1893: Second Veceria - Haegor War / Great War
After 2000: Mostly diplomatic missions; Currently waiting to be called into action in the war between the Glacier Isles and Millsa.
28. February: Veceria supports the Kingdom of Los Cabreddes in their war against the Interstellar Empire of Diol by sending the 7th and 21st Royal Navy and the 42th mixed, 155th cavalry, 214th specialized and 6th armored Royal Army divisions.

Vecerian Military Logistics are mainly carried out by the VRMLS, the Vecerian Royal Military Logistics Service, with help from branches of the Intelligence Service CITADEL.

The Vecerian Royal Army

Head of the VRA: Al’verde Nina Dresd


  • 1 Army Corp = Several Divisions
  • 1 Division = 5 Brigades
  • 1 Brigade = 5 Battalions
  • 1 Battalion = 5 Companies
  • 1 Company = 4 Platoons
  • 1 Platoon = 4 Squads
  • 1 Squad = 2 Fire Teams
  • 20.000 Soldiers / Division
  • 4000 Soldiers / Brigade
  • 800 Soldiers / Battalion
  • 160 Soldiers / Company
  • 40 Soldiers / Platoon
  • 10 Soldiers / Squad
  • 5 Soldiers / Fire Team.
Types of Corps:
  • Infantry Corps
  • Armored Corps
  • Cavalry Corps
  • Specialized Corps
  • Mixed Corps
  • Special Forces Corps

Soldiers and their Equipment:
Vecerian Royal Army Soldiers are usually separated into so-called 'Weapon Kits' or 'Waffengruppen'. However, each Soldier gets (nearly) the same basic equipment.
Aquarican Conscripts are usually equipped with the same basic equipment as Vecerian Soldiers, a Type IIIA or Type II Body Armor,
the basic UTP10 Tactical Pistol and one the ASG 68 Rifle (either the basic, DM or with AM400)
Basic Equipment
  • CK34 Combat Knife
  • Several Grenades (i.e. LY1002 'Hellsbreath' Thermobaric Hand Grenades)
  • additional Magazines for both Main Weapon and Sidearm
  • Several MREs
  • Night Vision goggles
  • Field cooking equipment
  • 'Badger' Trench Axe
  • VNA TCB5 Backpack
  • Identity Tag
  • Basic Medical Equipment
  • Personal Equipment (Civil/Private clothing (Including underwear, socks, shirts, trousers, shoes, ...), Other (personal hygiene equipment, books, ...))
Body Armor
  • VNA ACU VX2.0 (Including Type III Armor - Light or Heavy, Shirt, Trousers, Helmet, Combat boots, jacket, gloves and belt)
  • Combat Uniform Subsystem (Integrated Combat Recorder and Camera, Battlefield Visor and GPS, Fire Support System)
Either a
  • Pistol (CR 500 PK or UTP10 for Standard Soldier; CR 520 PK 10.2, P300XVI or P290XC for Special Forces)
  • Machinepistol (ATP10 or AAP26), usually for Special Forces, Drivers and Pilots only
Assault Kit
Equipped with one of the following: LCC338, LCC338DM, G56, G56G, AM30 or AM30G
Scout Kit
Equipped with one of the following: G9360, UMP5A1 or ACC36
Sniper Kit
Equipped with one of the following: AM30S, L25SD or Basilisk.50; Additional Ghillie Suit
Anti-Tank Kit
Equipped with a G9360; Additionally either a LAVW-07 or a LAT-V1
Support Kit
Equipped with one of the following: M70HMG, ME33 or AM30H
Driver Kit
May be equipped with an G9360 instead of a Machinepistol
Additional SpecForce Equipment
  • 'Kommando' versions of certain rifles (AM30K, G56K)
  • Combat Tablet Computer (Either as advanced map, or as control device for Drones)
  • CK55 Combat shortsword instead of CK34
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Combined Armed Forces of Veceria: Ranks and Insignias

Postby Veceria » Tue Jul 21, 2009 3:27 am

Armed Forces Ranks and Insignias

Add a 'Pirun' for Naval ranks, and an 'Abiik' for Air Force Ranks.
Vecerian Rank NameVerd’ikaVerdAlor’uusRuus’alorAlorVer’alorAlor’adAl’verdeDralshy’a Al’verde
English TranslationPrivateSoldierCorporalSergeantConstableLieutenantCaptainCommanderSupreme Commander
Payment/year in wolfpound14,00014,50015,50016,50018,00020,00022,50026,000It's the king's rank, he gets payment from other sources
Payment for soldiers is generally tax- free.

Branch Colors:
Branche typeSpecial ForcesBorder ControlCity WatchRoyal ArmyRoyal NavyRoyal Air force
ColorDark Blood RedLight Blue/CobaltGreyGreenBlueWhite

Royal Army Kits:
Kit typeNo KitAssaultScoutSniperAnti- TankSupportDriver/Pilot
Stripe typeNo Stripes1 Thick1 Thick, 1 Thin1 Thick, 2 Thin2 Thick2 Thick, 1 Thin3 Thin
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Royal Army Squads and Fireteams

Postby Veceria » Tue Jul 21, 2009 3:28 am

Squads & Fire Team Specifications

Every Squad is led by an Officer.
Usually, every Squad is a combination of two Fire teams with various differences in each Royal Army Corp (Infantry, Armored, Cavalry or Specialized). Each form of Fire Team of every Corp is presented below:

Infantry CorpsArmored CorpsCavalry CorpsSpecialized Corps
2 Assault Gunners(AM30G Rifle)
2 Designated Marksmen (AM30S Designated Marksman Rifle)
1 Support Gunner (AM30H Light Machine Gun)
3 Assault Gunners (AM30G Rifle)
1 Support Gunner (AM30H Light Machine Gun)
1 Anti- Tank Gunner (UMP5A1, LAT-V1)
2 Assault Gunners (AM30 Rifle)
1 Support Gunner (AM30H Light Machine Gun)
2 Drivers (G9360 SMG)
1 FAV Greyhound Fast Attack Vehicle
3 Assault Gunners (AM30G Rifle)
2 Anti- Tank Gunners (G9360 SMG, LAVW-07)
4 Assault Gunners (AM30 Rifle)
1 Support Gunner (AM30H Light Machine Gun)
4 Assault Gunners (AM30G Rifle)
1 Anti- Tank Gunner (ACC36, LAT-V1)
5 Assault Gunners (AM30G Rifle)
2 Assault Gunners (LCC338 Battle Rifle)
3 Drivers (G9360 SMG)
1 AFAV Husky Armored Fast Attack Vehicle
1 Support Gunner (M70HMG Machine Gun)
4 Drivers (ATP10)
1 HAT Seal Heavy Amphibian Tank
5 Drivers (ATP10)
1 T-I Fenris Wolf or 1 T-CI Father Wolf Heavy Battle Tank
1 Assault Gunner (LCC338 Battle Rifle)
4 Drivers (2x ATP10 and 2x G9360 SMG)
2 Tanks (T-CIX Little Fox Transport Tank, T-CX Coyote Light Urban Tank, T-CXI Wolfwhelp Light Tank, T-CXVI Bloodhound Mortar Tank)
1 Support Gunner (M70HMG Machine Gun)
4 Drivers (2x ATP10 and 2x G9360 SMG)
1 T-CXIII Alphabeast Main Battle Tank
1 Anti- Tank Gunner (UMP5A1, LAT-V1)
1 Assault Gunner (LCC338 Battle Rifle)
3 Drivers (ATP10)
1 Transport Tank (VHTV Bulldog Very Heavy Transport Vehicle)
2 Assault Gunners (G56G Rifle)
2 Scouts (ACC36)
1 Designated Marksman (AM30S Designated Marksman Rifle)
1 Assault Gunner (LCC338 Battle Rifle)
2 Anti- Tank Gunners (G9360 SMG, LAT-V1)
2 Support Gunners (ME33 Light Machine Gun)
2 Assault Gunners (LCC338DM Designated Marksman Rifle)
1 Sniper (Basilisk.50 Heavy Sniper Rifle)
2 Support Gunners (ME33 Light Machine Gun)
1 Assault Gunner (LCC338 Battle Rifle)
4 Drivers (G9360 SMG)
1 Artillery tank (HMA T235A Hellhound Artillery Vehicle, T-MRL I/II/III Hydra Multiple Rocket Launcher, T-SPG Kentaur Self Propelled Gun)
3 Medics (UTP10)
2 Drivers (G9360 SMG)
1 T-MEDIC Snowfox Medical Transport
3 Anti- Tank Gunners (G9360 SMG, LAVW-07)
2 Drivers (G9360 SMG)
1 FAV Greyhound Fast Attack Vehicle
1 Assault Gunner (AM30 Rifle)
2 Scouts (ACC36 SMG)
2 Snipers (Basilisk.50 Heavy Sniper Rifle)
2 Assault Gunners (G56 Rifle)
1 Scout (ACC36 SMG)
2 Snipers (L25 SD Silenced Sniper Rifle)
3 Assault Gunners (AM30G Rifle)
2 Support Gunners (AM30H Light Machine Gun)
3 Assault Gunners (AM30 Rifle)
2 Designated Marksmen (AM30S Designated Marksman Rifle)
2 Assault Gunners (AM30 Rifle)
3 Scouts (G9360 SMG)
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Royal Army Mottos and Vecerian Weapons and Vehicles

Postby Veceria » Mon Dec 13, 2010 2:32 pm

Mottos and Sayings of the Royal Army and the Special Forces

Royal Army Official Mottos:
1. Amat Victoria curam. (Infantry, Main Motto)
2. Fortes fortuna iuvat. (Cavalry)
3. Fortius quo fidelius. (Armored)
4. Fax mentis incedium gloriae. (Specialized)

Special Forces Official Mottos:
1. Pulvis et umbra sumus.
2. Bene qui latuit, bene vixit.
3. Cum tacent, clamant.

Vecerian Weapons
None yet

Vecerian Missile Systems

Vecerian Ground Vehicles

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Royal Navy and Airforce

Postby Veceria » Mon Dec 13, 2010 2:59 pm

The Vecerian Royal Navy

Head of the VRN: Al’verde Michael Clover

Royal Navy Official Mottos:
1. Ex cearulo.
2. Lupus in fabula.
Royal Navy Sayings:
1. Shark! Shark! (Used to annoy newbie’s)
2. Die dulci freure!

Naval Vehicles

The Vecerian Royal Airforce

Head of the VRAF: Al’verde Livia Mandell

Royal Airforce Official Motto:
1. Potes currere sed te occulere non potes.
Royal Airforce Inofficial Mottos:
1. Aquila non captat muscas.
2. Abyssus abyssum invocat.
3. Non timetis messor.
Royal Airforce Sayings:
1. Diem praeclarum!
2. Orbes volantes exstare!
3. Quando omni flunkus moritatus.

Airforce Vehicles
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The Vecerian Royal Family

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Currently composed of just a few members, but the ongoing research of Vecerian genealogists will soon discover more relatives and ancestors.
The current known members are king David Fenris, his wife and queen Alya Darken- Fenris and their children Lucia and Felix Fenris.

Known ancestors of the King
Part One of the Family tree | Part Two of the Family tree | Part Three of the Family tree | Legend

Small Biography of the current family

King David Fenris, Monarch of the Royal Stratocracy of Veceria, and Dralshy’a Al’verde of the Combined Armed Forces

Age: 45 (Born on the 3. May 1966)
Race: Vecerian
How long served as national leader: 29. May 2004 to 05. November 2010: Democratic President; 05. November 2010 to 25. February 2011: Autocratic President; 25. February 2011: Crowned to be king.
Loved or hated: Absolutely loved. The citizen voted for him to become an autocratic president and, after genealogists found out about his royal bloodline, even decided to crown him.
Political Party: None.
School career: 7 years Vecerian elementary school (Skipped one class) (Age 6-12); 4 years Vecerian military secondary school (Specializing on Technical education) (Age 13-16); 4 years Vecerian higher technical college (Skipped one class, Specializing on designing and military mechanics) (Age 17-20); 4 years Vecerian military academy (Skipped one class) (Age 21-24); 2 years social studies at an Vecerian university (Specializing in psychology) (Age 25-26)
Military career: 1 year conscription, four additional by choice, and still employed (Age 18+). Promoted to Al’verde at an age of 25 (Youngest General in Veceria's history).
Current side-occupation: Military commander.

Queen Alya Darken- Fenris, beloved wife of Veceria's King and High- Princess of Aquarica

Age: 42 (Born on the 6. February 1968)
Race: Aquarican
Date of marriage: 8. March 1986
Loved or hated: Absolutely loved. She's a fixed star on the sky of all Vecerian charity events.
Political Party: None.
Other terms besides first lady: Aquarican High- Princess, Ver’alor in the Vecerian Army.
School career: 8 years Aquarican elementary school (Age 6-13); 4 years Aquarican secondary school (Age 14-17); 5 years social & political studies at an Aquarican university (Skipped two classes) (Age 18-22); 4 years Vecerian military academy (Skipped one class) (Age 23-26); 4 years Vecerian University for Psychology (Skipped one class) (Age 27-30)
Military career: 1 year conscription and four additional by choice, in the Vecerian military (Sniper in a Specialized Division) (Age 18, 31-34)
Current side-occupation: University teacher (Psychology/Political studies)

Prince Felix Fenris, expert strategist and popular party host

Age: 24 (Born on the 23. September 1986)
Race: Vecerian
Loved or hated: Liked, but not too present in Veceria's list of celebrities. He's quite a well known party host for a small circle of acquaintances.
Political Party: None.
Other terms besides prince: Ver’alor in the Vecerian Army.
School career: 8 years Vecerian elementary school (Age 6-13); 4 years Vecerian military secondary school (Age 14-17); 4 years Vecerian military college (Skipped one class) (Age 18-22); 3 years Vecerian military academy (Age 22-24)
Military career: 1 year conscription, four additional by choice, and still employed (Age 18+).
Current side-occupation: Vecerian Special Forces Soldier

Princess Lucia Fenris, lovely daughter of the King and upcoming blogger

Age: 16 (Born on the 7. January 1995)
Race: Vecerian
Loved or hated: Loved. Vecerian citizen see her as the nation's 'pet of the family'. In fact, she's a young lesbian who just found her way into the world by meeting the love of her life.
Political Party: None.
Other terms besides princess: None.
School career: 6 years Vecerian elementary school (Skipped two classes) (Age 6-11); 4 years Vecerian secondary school (Specializing on languages and social sciences (Age 12-15); 1 year Vecerian political college (Age 16)
Military career: None.
Current side-occupation: None.
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Excerpt of the Vecerian book of law, Part 1

Postby Veceria » Sat Apr 02, 2011 1:45 pm

Overview of Vecerian Legal Ages
  • Permission to work: 15
  • Business License: 18
  • Permission to take the DLE: 15 (Moped); 17 (Cars of all Sizes); 18 (Motorbikes up to 150 cc); 20 (Motorbikes more than 150 cc); 22 (Planes)
  • Age of (Sexual) consent: 16 (Under 16, the parents of both partners have to agree to the intercourse - happens more often than actually expected)
  • Permission to marry: 18
  • Permission to vote: 16
  • Permission to drink Alcohol: 14 (up to 2%); 16 (up to 6% Alcohol); 18 (more than 6% Alcohol); May be raised for some suspects if they misbehave too often because of Alcohol
  • Permission to gamble: 16
  • Permission to use Softguns: 12
  • Permission to use Airguns: 18
  • Permission to take the WLE: 18
  • Permission to buy pornographic material: 16
  • Permission to prostitute oneself: 16

§ 1. Voting and Election System (VES)
Elections: Only the councilors of the Vecerian political parties may be elected, not the party itself. There has to be at least two months between each parties' election.
  • First Step: Elections in the 24 main chapters.
  • Second Step: The total votes of each chapter are converted to percentages (i.e. 5000 for councilor A and 12000 for councilor B and 20000 for councilor C are converted to 13.5% for councilor A, 32.5% for councilor B and 54% for councilor C)
  • Third Step: The percentages of each chapter are divided by 10 and used as the total votes per chapter (multiplied by a corrective number, because some chapters have a lower population than others) (taking the example from before further, this leads to a total vote of 1 point for councilor A, 3 points for councilor B and 5 points for councilor C)
  • Fourth Step: The numbers of each chapter are summarized (councilor A: 1 point from Chapter I, 3 points from Chapter II, and 1 point from Chapter III; councilor B: 3 points Chapter I, 2 points from Chapter II, 5 points from Chapter III; councilor C: 5 points from Chapter I, 2 points from Chapter II and 1 point from Chapter III. Total: councilor A: 5 points, councilor B: 10 points, councilor C: 8 points)
  • Fifth Step: Calculate the winner. (In the example, this would be councilor B)

Voting is not compulsory.

§ 2. Environmental Laws (EL)
§ 2.1. Hunting of endangered species
The hunting of endangered species is absolutely forbidden within the borders of Veceria. This includes the marine borders.

§ 2.2. Using animals as entertainment source
The use of animals for cockfights or similar cruel activity is absolutely forbidden.

§ 2.3. Hunting in general
Hunting in general is allowed in Veceria (like deer hunting or similar). The same is in effect for fishing.

§ 2.4. Public Littering
Public littering is forbidden. If somebody commits this crime, he has to do 2 months of public service as a member of the Vecerian cleaning teams.

§ 3. Nudity Law (NL)
Nudity in Veceria is totally legal. Partial nudity falls under the same category.

§ 4. Gender equality law (GEL)
All genders within Veceria are treated the same way, in any jobs as in social life. This includes homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals, or any other form of sexual orientation. This also includes homosexual marriage and similar.

§ 5. Law on sexual intercourse (LSI)
In Veceria, Sex is allowed everywhere at home and in personally owned areas.
Also, outside one's home it is allowed in several special places marked with a 'Sex allowed here' sign. (i.e. special park areas)
Further, it is allowed in personal cars in public, but the windows and doors have to be closed.
As said in the § 4 GEL, every form of sexual orientation is allowed within Veceria.
Contraception is allowed and encouraged.

Incest: Allowed as long as consensual.
Polygamy and adultery: Legal
Rape: Illegal
Child Abuse (Includes any sexual activity with a child): Illegal
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Excerpt of the Vecerian book of law, Part 2

Postby Veceria » Sat Apr 02, 2011 1:51 pm

§ 6. Vecerian Individual Right Law (VHRL)
§ 6.1. Slavery/Thralldom
Slavery is generally illegal in Veceria. However, foreign visitors may bring their own slaves from other nations and keep them legally in Veceria as long as their stay may last (only for holidays or similar - if they like to become citizens, the slave will be freed). Also, using certain exotic species, in example pet- like, more-or-less unintelligent creatures as pets is allowed for Vecerian citizen, however, special licenses are required. As some nations may have noticed, a single Vecerian company (Called the BlackLotus corporation) buys slaves, especially young ones, quite frequently. Those are not kept as slaves after they arrive in Veceria. The company 'sells' those 'slaves' to families with one or less children, due to the low fertility rate of Vecerians restricting their organism to a maximum of three children per woman (Thus, it is more like an orphanage organization).
Further, all prisoners with a sentence of over 40 years immediately become thralls of either the state (working for the state) or their own victim (if they murdered family members of the victim, raped them or similar), whatever their age, gender or race may be.

Penal Slavery: Hard Labor due to crime
Not necessarily hard labor, but thralldom due to crime.
Private Slavery: Slave owned by citizen
Yes, somewhat.
Debt Slavery: Forced into slavery due to an outstanding debt
No, only if the citizen wants to become a thrall him/herself. Then it's legal.
Indentured Servitude: Lasts for a specified period of time, usually more laws to protect them

§ 6.2. Legality of Suicide
Suicide is legal, but frowned upon.

§ 6.3. Abortion
Abortion is legal.

§ 6.4. Becoming a Vecerian citizen
To become a Vecerian citizen, you have to pass the VCT (Vecerian Citizenship Test) and to pass certain physical and psychical tests by Vecerian doctors. Illegal immigration is forbidden.

§ 6.5. Freedom of speech
Vecerian media has the advantage of totally free speech.

§ 6.6. Vecerian Prostitution Law
Prostitution in Veceria is legal over the age of consent, with weekly controls by Police and the National Health Organisation.

§ 6.7. General Individual Right laws
Murder, rape, fraud, theft, treason and any form of discrimination are banned. Swearing, divorce and criticism of the government are allowed.

§ 6.8. Censorship laws
Nothing within Veceria gets censored, neither video games, films (Whatever their type) nor free speech, as mentioned in the § 6.5 Freedom of speech.

§ 6.9. General Education laws
Vecerian schools may only teach evolutionism, creationism is forbidden, due to the proven evolution of both humans and Vecerians by native scientists.

§ 7. Vecerian Gun law (VGL)
Allowed Firearms for Vecerian Civilians at the age of 18+:

Allowed 'Firearms' for Vecerian Civilians ate the age of 12+:

In Veceria, civilians have to make a weapon- license exam (WLE) if they want to own a weapon. Only civilians without any mental- health problems are allowed to do the WLE.

Allowed Firearms for Civilians with a positive WLE:
Pistols (no fully automatic pistols)
Rifles (no fully automatic rifles, calibres up to .40 or up to 10mm)

Members of the Vecerian National Army, City Watch, Border Control, Special Forces, other Military Organisations under the control of the Vecerian Government, and the Vecerian Police are allowed to buy and operate every gun issued by the Vecerian government as military available.

Guns do not have to be concealed.

§ 8. Vecerian Traffic System (VTS)
In Veceria, there are three major speed limits (Effective for cars, motorbikes, anything greater than a car, and similar vehicles):
In Villages and Cities, the maximum speed limit is 60 km/h and the minimum is 10 km/h (There are a few exceptions for the minimum limit)
On country roads, the maximum speed limit is 110 km/h and the minimum is 30 km/h (Also a few exceptions)
On expressways, superhighways or similar, the maximum speed limit is 150 km/h and the minimum is 60 km/h (Also a few exceptions)

These limits are usually controlled by our police, but there are also citizen who get special licenses (Vecerian Traffic control license; VTCL) to stop speeders legally and allow them to seize the car keys of those until a police officer arrives.

§ 8.1 Traffic Side
People drive on the right side and go on the left side.
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Excerpt of the Vecerian book of law, Part 3

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§ 9. Law on Circumcision (LC)
In Veceria, it's illegal to circumcise any non- consent citizen.
After reaching his age of consent, a citizen is allowed to get circumcised voluntarily.

§ 10. Military Guidelines (MG)
  • Killing POWs and unarmed enemies that pose a threat or attack (Order 10.0.1)
  • Accepting surrendering troops (With a maximum of precaution) (Order 10.0.2)
  • Destroying airports (Civilian and military), any military relevant buildings, relevant railways (Order 10.0.3)
  • Killing civilians if they pose a threat (Order 10.0.4)
  • Strategic and carpet bombing (Order 10.0.5)
  • Torture and aggressive interrogation of enemies (If certain information is essential for progressing in a war or similar) (Order 10.0.8 ) [Updated]
Sometimes allowed; Allowed in special situations:
  • Total War (Only for the defence of Veceria) (Order 10.0.6)
  • Mercy killing of our own troops (Only if it saves them from further pain, if they die anyway) (Order 10.0.7)
  • Looting (Allowed if the troop/soldier is out of essential equipment and too far away from allied support) (Order 10.0.9)
  • Use of Booby traps, IEDs and area mining (To secure certain positions and if nothing else is available to destroy fortified objectives) (Order 10.0.10)
  • Firebombing, the use of Napalm, chemical and biological weapons (To eliminate greater threats or to accomplish tasks faster) (Order 10.0.11)
  • Intentionally killing POWs, unarmed enemies and any civilians (If explicitly allowed by the mission command) (Order 10.0.12) [Updated]
  • Intentionally destroying civilian buildings, roads or farmland (If explicitly allowed by the mission command) (Order 10.0.13) [Updated]
  • Use of concentration camps, genocide (Order 10.0.14)
  • Death Marches (Order 10.0.15)
  • Intentional collateral damage (Order 10.0.15)
Firebombing and the use of Napalm are allowed in certain situations. (Order 10.0.16) [Updated]
Chemical weapons are only allowed in very some situations. (Order 10.0.17)
Biological weapons are only allowed in very rare situations. (10.0.18)

§ 10.1 War trophies (Order 10.1.1) and wartime cannibalism (Order 10.1.2) law
Rite of taking a war trophy:
  1. Behead the enemy corpse.
  2. Take of the skin of the head
  3. Extract such things like the brain of the killed
  4. At last, wash and polish the skull
  5. Stick the trophy to your belt or take it to your home.
Cannibalism of any enemy corpse is totally allowed.
[Update] Cannibalism and trophy- taking may be extended to any armed/aggressive civilian, even if he/she's already captured.

§ 10.2 Nuclear Weapons Law
Veceria opposes and forbids nuclear weapons of all kind.

§ 10.3 Conscription Law
Conscription is in charge for both male and female citizen, but just if they do not have any jobs or necessary tasks to do. The average duration of conscription is 1 year.
Age of conscription: Minimum 18 to maximum 26.

§ 11 Religious Equality Law (REL)
Each Religion in Veceria is treated with the same Respect and laws. The “official Religion” of Veceria is Agnosticism.

§ 12 Drug Use Law (DUL)
  • Pot (Over 18)
  • Alcohol (See Legal Ages)
  • Caffeine
  • Tobacco
  • Cocaine
  • LSD
  • Heroin

§ 13 Human Anatomy Law (HAL)
Stem cell research is totally legal, but cloning is only legal for reproducing organs or similar important objects.
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