AoM National Archives (Factbook)(Closed)(WIP)

A place to put national factbooks, embassy exchanges, and other information regarding the nations of the world. [In character]
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AoM National Archives (Factbook)(Closed)(WIP)

Postby Advancement of Man » Wed Sep 15, 2010 12:48 am

(Most pictures used in this thread do not belong to me, and in many cases, their true owners' names and/or websites can be found on the pictures)

Table of Contents:
0) (this post) Genral information
1)The "constitutions" of SFAoM (AoM Constitution/NSC Defense Code/Ameliora Code, Scientific Federation Charter)
2)Details about the NSC
4)Governing Body
5)Diplomacy (full list of alliances)
6)Naming Details
8)City list
9)City Detail
11)Civilization Scale
13)Ship Classification
14)Fleet Detail I
15)Fleet Detail II
16)Fleet Detail III
17)Fleet Detail IV
18)Fleet Detail V
20)Domestic Systems
Region: Realm of Unrestricted Science
Nation: The Scientific Federation of Advancement of Man
Demonym/Genillic: Federational
Capital City: Scio Utopia
Head of State: Supreme Administrator Cyrus Scientia
National Religion: Scientific Theism
Head of Government: Administrative High Council
Date of founding: September 13, 3010 (final settlement)
Major Ethnicity: Utopian (skintone: 24 on the Von Luschan's chromatic scale, dark eyes)

Explanation of our Economic system: The entire nation is treated as a corporation, with a security force (the NSC), a research department (The Scientific Federation) Maketinging and sales (the Ameliora), Management (The Administrative Coalition), and resource production, manufacturing, and food production (automated systems). In this way, The SFAM is virtually a self-sufficient company.

Location: Roughly 900 light-years away from Sol Primus (Sol), in the Scutum-Crux arm of the galaxy.

Area: 3 planets, all orbiting one star, including an Earth-like planet named Terra Utopia (seat of government), its moon Terra Lunera (industrial Centers), and the gas giant Aethera Athena's moon Terra Cynthus (Agricultural Centers).

Terrain: All three worlds have been terraformed to near-paradise states, although Terra Cynthus experiences frequent earthquakes due to irregular tidal forces enacted upon it by Aethera Athena. Though through some strange, and somehow unfix-able glitch in the Terra Sculptor's creation-ary matrix, virtually every landmass, on all three planets, is very mountainous.
Where Flat land was needed, midair Antimatter detonations were used to create results mimicking the Tunguska Event.

Climate: Each of the three worlds have a variety of climates, due to each being terraformed to be like Terra Earth.

Societal make-up: The Scientific Federation is made up of four main parts, as well as four minor parts, these are major parts: The National Security Corps, the Scientific Coalition, the Administrative Union, and the Ameliora, and the minor parts are are the Artisans, the Industrialists, the Journalists, and the Innovators. (for more info, see the culture section)

Courtesy of AoM Dept. of The Archives

FlagCoat of arms

Motto: Scientia progredienda, contemnens sumptorum

  • Capital:
    • Of the Scientific Federation: Federal City
    • Of the Scientists' Coalition: Temporealis Utopia
    • Of the Administrative Union: Titanus Utopia
  • Official language(s):
    • English
    • Latin
    • Japanese
  • Government
    • Democratic Socialist Republic
  • Supreme Administrator
    • Cyrus Scientia
  • Legislature
    • City, Region, Population, & Faction
    • Area
      • Total : 1,530,198,000 km2
      • % water: 70%
    • Population
      • Total: 4 trillion
      • GDP (PPP)
        • Total: $174.86 trillion
        • Per capita: $43,094
      • Currency:
        • Quertz russling (YQR)
      • ISO code:
        • YO
      • Calling code:
        • +585
      • WA status:
        • Member
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The Supreme Constitution of The Scientific Federation

Postby Advancement of Man » Thu Sep 16, 2010 8:44 pm

This section is currently under heavy revision, in order to ensure logical continuity
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2)The NSC

Postby Advancement of Man » Fri Sep 17, 2010 12:43 pm

The Natonal Security Command is the nation's police force, intelligence agency, army, navy, air force, and Exos force. The NSC is commanded by the High Administrators of Defense and Ivestigation, and the Admiral Maxim(us/a), each managing their own Major portion of the NSC. Governing the NSC as a whole is the Supreme Administrator, who's orders can be vetoed by a vote of 2 to 1 of the three heads of the NSC.
Detailed here are the different divisions of the NSC.

:: NAF :: National Armed Forces :: Armed infantry corps of the NSC
Includes all infantry deployed into battle, not stationed on an ETV other than an Urbe Machina.
Headed by the High Administrator of Defense

:: NPF :: National Police Force :: Police force of the SFAM
Includes Local, National, Federal, and Public Defense Officers
Headed by the High Administrator of Investigation

:: NIA :: National Intelligence Agency :: Intelligence agency of the SFAM
Includes Field Agents, Intel Agents, and Political Agents
Headed by the High Administrator of Investigation

:: NEF :: National Exos Fleet :: Naval Extraterrestrial Fleet of the SFAM
Includes all officers, crewmen, and pilots of the fleets of ETV's
Headed by the Admiral Maximus

The NSC holds 2/10 of the political power in the SFAM (with the Scientific Federation holding 4/10, the Administrative Union 3/10, and the Ameliora 1/10). It makes up around 15% of the population, the reason for it being so large being that it hold the responsibility of being the police force, the military, and the security agents for every citizen in the nation.

The NSC employs a multitude of technologies in their defense of the Federation. For information on Exos ships, see the Fleet detail section. For information on different mutions used, see the Weapons or Technology sections.
The NAF is divided into several categories, as seen below, along with the number per higher organisation, there are 20 Legions:

Each level of organization is lead by a different member of the NAF, as sown below:
General, Praetor, commander, captain

Below, there will be listed the various vehicles, mechs, and soldiers used by the Federation. Each horizontal bar marks an increase in rank

The most basic form of NSC soldier, these are the youngest soldiers who have not yet received their specialized training.

The highly skilled long range soldier of the NSC. They are normally deployed on covert ops.

Heavy Weapons Expert:
Deployed not only to support other soldiers, but also as security forces, as their sheer presence is highly intimidating.

Leads a Squad, comprised of 5 officers, 1 sniper, and 2 Heavy weapons experts. Ranked just below Commanders.

Commands a Unit of 5-10 Squads. They usually are the highest ranking officers in the field.

The Elite spies, agents, and investigators of the NIA form the largest information and intelligence network in the galaxy, with the ability to execute operations within nearly any foreign nation.
Seen here: a squad of operatives retreat from a blown operation
This is the basic level of NIA officer, operatives are deployed in small squads to scout out new areas, or work in offices/work stations, coordinating with field agents.

Deployed solo to go undercover to spy on foreign operations. one of three special units that are allowed to choose their own uniforms while working.

Armed with highly focused radiation weaponry, an NIA assassin is able to kill its targets in an instant, with nobody realizing what happened until the autopsy. An assassin's deployment can last months, as they are given tasks to strategically stabilize/destabilize and area/government, which may take a long time.

Usually deployed solo, Agents are usually given single target to eliminate/capture, once set loose, an Agent will stop at nothing short of death to complete their mission, and always attempt to have as few marginal casualties as possible. Agents are more machine than man, with large portions of their brains being cybernetic, this has, as a side effect, led to development of slight quirks and eccentrics.

Deployed in pairs, these ruthless machines have the brains of former humans, who have died by unrelated means. This key element allows them the cunning of a human mind. This, added to the relentless vigor of a mechanized body, allows them to be the perfect soldiers. They are sent into nation/planets in/on which an NIA operation has gone so horrible wrong that it's very existence must be removed from all records, and those involved to be removed. They are rarely deployed and are 100% efficient in their job. they are commanded by the Administrative High Council.

The largest portion of the NSC is the NEF, the extra-terrestrial fleet of warships and their crew, listed below, from lowest rank to highest, are the various roles filled aboard a Federational Warship. Pictured in each description is the average uniform worn by crew members. Despite their uniform's flimsy, fabric appearance, the material of which their outfits are made is actually carbonis, a thin, fabric-like material, that is made up of a triangularly latticed planes of carbon atoms.
Role: Maintains engines, life support, and fuel-containment aboard the ships of the fleet, lowest ranked crewmen, but some of the most important
# per ship: Varies by the size of the ship

Role: Mans and maintains the various instruments and controls stations on a ship, second lowest rank, also very important to a ship's functions
# per ship: Varies by size of the ship

Role: Commands the operations of an individual ship
# per ship: 1 (on all ships except for the Urbe Machina

Role: Commands operations of a fleet, usually take missions from the NSC command, or from the Administrative High Council.
# per ship: 1 (only stationed on Urbe Machina

In addition to its elite soldiers, the NSC employs several different forms of walkers, vehicles, and tanks. listed below are a few of these technologies.

QM-7 Light Walker
The QM-7 Walker, along with two of the engineers that designed it
Armaments:-Six Side mounted lasers
-1 top mounted triple barreled turbo laser
-4 front mounted sonic pulse guns (for stunning targets)
Armour: 1 inch thick graphene hull
Top speed: 30 mph
Range: 10 miles
Carrying Capacity: 1 passenger

QAM-12 Heavy Walker
Armaments:-48-part compound rocket laucher
-4 back-mounted AA laser turrets
-2 front-plate-mounted demolition kinetic cannons
-2 front-bottom mounted heavy lasers
-4 arm-mounted gauss turrets
Armour: 4 inch thick graphene hull
Top speed: 15 mph
Range: 100 miles
Carrying Capacity: 12 soldiers

NIA QX4-Extraction Walker
Armaments:-1 back-mounted Laser Machine Gun
-forward mounted primary stun cannon
Armour: Ionic Energy shielding
Top speed: 30 mph
Range: 300 miles
Carrying Capacity:4 people

Light Mobile Artillery
Carrying capacity: 5 (driver, navigator, gunner, and 2 passengers)
Engine type: Fully electric
Range:100 miles per full charge
Top Speed: 120 mph
Armaments: mounted turret:
-primary beam laser cannon
-4 rapid-fire pulse lasers
-2 rocket launchers
Shielding 1/2 inch thick carbon-metal plating, light nuclear shield

Heavy Troop Carrier
Carrying capacity: 4 operators (2 drivers, navigator, system's monitor) 10 passengers
Engine type: Fully electric, with solar-cell emergency-recharge capability
Range:300 miles per full charge
Top Speed: 150 mph
Armaments: 2 homing missile launchers (carries up to 4 rockets each)
Shielding 2 inch thick carbon-metal plating, light nuclear shield
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Postby Advancement of Man » Sun Sep 19, 2010 7:36 pm

This section is currently under heavy revision
List of Leaders (from past to present)
under revision

Courtesy of AoM Dept. of The Archives
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4)Governing Body

Postby Advancement of Man » Mon Sep 20, 2010 10:55 pm

1)The High Council
The High Council is the group of individuals that govern the entire state.
They are:
  • Supreme Administrator:Cyrus Scientia
  • High Administratora of Defense: Alicinia Praesidium
  • High Administrator of Civilian Affairs: Thomais Cives
  • High Administrator of Foreign Affiars: Flavius Orador
  • High Administrator of Research: Isaac Cogito
  • High Administrator of The Fleets: Ethran Navis
  • High Administratora of Finance and Commerce: Amilis Mercator
  • High Administrator of Investigation: Sergius Intelligo
  • High Administratora of Utilization: Triah Aedificio

Each High Administrator has a specific duty and requirement for qualification, all are shown here:
  • Supreme Administrator:
    Leader of the Federation:: Impartial member of the legislature:: Supreme Judge of the courts
  • High Administrator of Defense:
    Head of Home-System Defence:: Oversees all defensive matters, both active and passive:: General Maxim(a/um) of the NSC :: Representitive to the Council for the NSC:: Must have served in the NSC as an administrator for a minimum of 5 years.
  • High Administrator of Civilian Affairs:
    Head of Public relations :: manages civil disputes :: Supreme Judge of the Civilian courts :: Representative to the council for the Administrative Alliance
  • High Administrator of Foreign Affiars:
    Manager of Foreign Embassies, abroad and at home :: Manages treaties and foreign disputes :: Representative to the council for the Administrative Alliance
  • High Administrator of Research:
    Head of the Scientific Federation :: Oversees All research projects :: Assigns administrative heads of all science departments :: Distributes research materials :: Approves research for international publishment :: Representative to the council for the Scientific Federation
  • High Administrator of The Fleets:
    Leads the Fleets of the SFAM :: Decides on which missions which Urbe Machina go on :: Admiral Maxim(a/us) of the Fleets :: Admiral of the Urbe Machina Navis Maxima, The Navis Maximum
  • High Administrator of Finance and Commerce:
    Finalizes Budget plans :: Abassador to the Council for the Ameliora :: Keeps Communication with the Ameliorate
  • High Administrator of Investigation:
    Heads the NPF and the NIA :: Ambassador to the Council for the NSC :: Keeps all state secrets in his personal attorobotic memory server, separate from any outside network
  • High Administrator of Utilization:
    Processes innovation ideas :: Abassador to the Council for the Scientific Federation :: Reports new inventions and improvements to the council for approval from the other High Administrators.

Requirement not shown, for the reason that all are require these conditions: -Must be a native born citizen -Must be an administrator already -Must have experiance in the field of their administration.

Supreme Administrator:Cyrus Scientia
Age: 21
Bio: Son of Augustus Scientia, chosen to be the Supreme Administrator for his exceptional skills in politics and leadership.

Departments of the Government:
DepartmentHead of the Department
Dept. of AdministrationSupreme Administrator Cyrus Scientia
Dept. of DefenseHigh Administratora, General Maxima Alicia Praesidium
Dept. of Foreign AffairsHigh Administrator Flavius Orador
Dept. of Civilian AffairsHigh Administrator Thomas Cives
Dept. of ResearchHigh Administrator Isaac Cogito
Dept. of CommerceAdministrator Jason Mercator
Dept. of The ArchivesAdministratora Lucia Forix
Science Departments (all report to Administrator of Research)
Dept. of GeologyAdministrator John Terrus
Dept. of ChemistryAdministratora Sarah Chemos
Dept. of EngineeringAdministrator Gordon Meches
Dept. of PhysicsAdministrator Adam Physos
Dept. of GeneticsAdministrator Lucas Gens
Dept. of CosologyAdministrator Richard Cosmos
Dept. of MathematicsAdministratora Harriett Metrica
Dept. of PsychologyAdministrator George Psche
Dept. of SociologyAdministrator Joseph Socio
Dept. of Health and MedicineAdministratora Eve Medica
Dept. of AstronomyAdministrator Cassian Atmos
Dept. of BiologyAdministrator Daniel Vita

Courtesy of AoM Dept. of Administration
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5) Diplomacy

Postby Advancement of Man » Tue Sep 28, 2010 10:41 pm

Our Nation Has ties with multiple others, through both alliances and embassies. Shown here is a list of all our current diplomatic relations.

Embassies (nation::ambassador)

Nations with embassies in our nation
See embassy program page for full updated list, link in sig)

Our Embassies in other nations
The Glorious and United Kingdom Of the Floor Kippers:: Ambassador Jackson Orador
Indonesian Empire of Yohannes:: Ambassador Melissa Orador
The Republic of Artarnica:: Ambassador John Orador
The United Socialist States of Frenequesta:: Ambassador David Orador
The Kingdom of Mid Lothian:: Ambassador Maximus Orador
The Federation of Capisaria:: Ambassador Marcus Orador
The Libertarian Society of Sungai Pusat:: Ambassador Aulus Orador
The Empire of [nation]Ibàsira[/nation] :: Ambassador Julius Orador(inactive nation)
The Unified City-States of Tsvarchi (Maraque) :: Ambassador Marci Orador
The Republic of New Rhovanion :: Ambassador Florence Orador
The Holy Empire of New Armarzia :: Ambassador Constantine Orador
The Democratic Judgeship of Nullarni:: Ambassador Richard Orador (inactive Nation)


Amelioration of Humanity : Region : Founder
The Galactic Federation : Alliance : Member
Alliance (Realm) of Unrestricted Science : Alliance/Region : Member
Confederation of Socialist States : Alliance : Commissar of Alliance Affairs
-In command of the 5th-14th CSSAF Fighter Wings
The Institution : member
The Galactic Confederacy : Alliance : Member
The Multiversal Peace Keeper Alliance : Alliance : Founder
The Nuclear Arms Assembly : Alliance : Member
The ARCTIC Alliance : Alliance : Full member
The Colonial Powers Association : Alliance : Part-time member/delegate for the MPKA
The TEC : Alliance : Full member
The Brootherhood : Alliance : Brother
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6)Naming Details

Postby Advancement of Man » Mon Oct 11, 2010 11:35 pm

First names are usually latin, but do not have to be. Most government officials have Latin names.

Administrators are labeled by gender, Males are Administrators and Females are Administratoras.

Surnames are more interesting, however, as people are not born with the name. when they reach age 18, at which time they usually decide their branch of science to work in, they take their surnames. each surname identifies their career. The following are all available surnames:
-Branch::Surname:: Pronunciation*
-Supreme Administrator :: Scientia :: Scēěnchah
-Administrator of Defense :: Praesidium :: Prāsǐdǐo͞om
-Administrator of Research :: Cogito :: Cōgētō
-Administrator of Civilian Affairs :: Cives :: Sēvās
-Administrator of the Treasury :: Pecuniam :: Pěco͞onēahm
-Foreign Affairs :: Orador :: Oorahdoor

-Armed Forces :: Miles :: Mēlās
-Naval (both extra-terrestrial and aquatic) :: Navis :: Nahvǐs
-Air force :: Aves :: Ahvās
-Physics :: Physos :: Fǐsōs
-Biology :: Vita :: Vītah
-Geology :: Terrus :: Tāro͞os
-Engineering :: Machina :: Mahkǐnah
-Cosmology :: Cosmos :: Cawsmōs
-Mathematics :: Calcus :: Călco͞os
-Chemistry :: Atomos :: Ahtahmōs
-Genetics :: Gens ::Gěns
-Psychology :: Psyches :: Sīkēs
-Sociology :: Populous :: Pǒpūlōs
-Medicine :: Medicos :: Mědēcōs
-Astronomy :: Astros :: Ahstrōs
-Archives :: Forix :: Foorēx
-Ecology (studies ecosystems) :: Ecolos :: ēcōlōs

Courtesy of AoM Dept. of Administration
Cities-All cities are given three official names, two of which are used as their common name. The FIRST name is that of the city, this name can be anything and is completely up to the founders/citizens of the city. The SECOND name is that of the region/sector, for example the government sector of Terra Utopia. The THIRD and final name is that of the planet. The FOURTH name is only used by navigators aboard sppace craft, for it designates the star-system of the city. For example, New York city would be named as such:
New-York USA Earth Sol
And the Capital of The SFAM would be:
Scio Government Utopia Utopia

*All pronunciation is given in Concise Oxford Dictionary pronunciation notation
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7) Maps

Postby Advancement of Man » Fri Nov 05, 2010 10:24 pm

AoM's location in relation to Earth

For better resolution, click the link on the picture and view the full image.
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8) City list (WIP)

Postby Advancement of Man » Fri Nov 05, 2010 10:35 pm

Terra Utopia
On Terra Utopia, the different areas which contain cities, towns, and other settlements are divided into 6 sectors: the Government Sector, the Civilian Sector, the Research Sector, the Military Sector, the Arctic Sector (includes both poles), and the Ocean Sector.
Notes: The Research Sector's "cities" are actually research facilities, their listed population is their average staff

Government Sector:

Scio Utopia10,000,000Capital cityYes
Miles Utopia1,000,000Primary Military Base, home of largest terrestrial ship-manufacturing center in the nation, located almost entirely beneath one of the largest mountain ranges on the planetYes
Porta Utopia1,000,000Main harbor of the Government Sector, houses many residential buildings for government officialsNo
Cosmos Utopia500,000Main spaceport of Terra Utopia, has 5 square miles of landing pads and hangarsYes
Pan Terra Utopia400,000Rail system hub of Terra Utopia, has a train to almost everywhere on the planet.Yes
Ludus Utopia250,000Education Center of the nationYes
Temporalis Utopia10,000,000Home of the Scientific Federation's Primary Research FacilityYes
Amelioris Utopia1,000,000Center of The Ameliora's Federational HeadquartersNo
Navis Utopia1,000,000Headquarters for the Navy of the NSCYes
Administra Utopia1,000,000Primary center for the Administrative Union, Headquarters of the Foriegn Affairs DepartmentNo

Civilian Sector (Tourist Sector):

Delectai Utopia5,000,000Sector SeatYes
Naviga Utopia (Sail City)1,000,000Performance Arts centerYes
Summa Utopia1,000,000Mountain Resortyes
Astris Utopia500,000Second largest spaceport on the planet, recieves most traffic from tourists.Yes
Aeria Utopia200,000A gleaming white city surrounds a lake secluded by mountainsYes
Urbis Utopia500,000An enormous city, center of commerce (and income) of the civilian sectorYes

Military Sector

Exerctier Utopia100,000Sector Seat, Home of NSC High CommandYes
Floatilis Utopia50,000Home of FLEETNAV and The Federation's Galactic Civilization IndexYes
Faecere Utopia50,000Home to the largest manufacturing plant in the nationYes
Scutus Utopia10,000Houses the Planetary Defense Grid Hub.Yes
Gladius Utopia100Home of the emergency action device (specifics classified)Yes

Research Sector

Transaeria Utopia1,000Sector Seat, Main research Hub, provides communication link between research facilities
Isailia Utopia250Geological formation research facility
Cava Utopia200Facility built atop a cave system, used to study cave-dwelling organisms and geological structures
Centrum Utopia300Facility containing vents to the core of the planet, for seismic and geocentrum research

Arctic Sector
Solera Utopia5,000Sector SeatYes
Frigis Utopia3,000Contains facilities studying matter at near zero temperaturesYes
Isola Utopia4,000Contains the planet's electromagnetic storage facility, containing massive amounts of antimatter (city is protected by a Class VI Distortion Shieldyes

Ocean Sector

Mare Abeo Utopia100,000Sector Seat, both aerial and aquaticaly built, resint on both the ocean and the cloaudsNo
Oceanus Utopia20,000City resting on the surface of the Great Ocean, contains a submersible hub, providing transportation to the submerged cities of Fluctua and Procella UtopiaNo
Isla Utopia10,000Archipelago based resort-like complexNo
Fluctua Utopia7,000Submerged city, has facilities for conducting mid-depth ocean researchNo
Procella Utopia5,000Submerged city located at the lowest part of the ocean floor, houses facilities for deep-sea researchYes
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9) City Details

Postby Advancement of Man » Thu Nov 18, 2010 7:55 am

Government Sector
The capital city of The Scientific Federation of Advancement of Man, Scio Utopia is the largest, most secure city in the nation. Located centrally in the Government sector of Terra Utopia, it is a gleaming example of modern AoM life. With massive skyscrapers on the surface and the nation's largest subterranean fortress, which houses the Administrative District, under ground, the city is truly amazing. In the center of the city is the Federational Pyramid, housing the entrance to Sub-Scio Utopia.
An aerial picture of the Federational Pyramid.

Half a mile beneath the capital city is Sub-Scio Utopia, the center of government of the nation and the most heavily protected fortress in the galaxy. Said to be impenetrable, the subterranean city houses the Headquarters of the several Administrative departments, including the Department of Research, Dept. of Foreign Affairs, and the Dept. of The Archives. It also hold the Legendary ship The Rapture, which at one time carried the original federationalists away from Earth, now houses the Supreme Administrative Council Chambers.

An image of one of the many plazas located across Sub-Scio Utopia. This image specifically is of Sub-sector 11, the embassy district.

The Rapture, pictured here in the time before being placed in Sub-Scio Utopia.

Three of the 12 main towers of the rail system hub.
Pan Terra Utopia is said to be the center of all Terra Utopia's transportation. Not only is it possible to take a rail to any other major city on the planet from here, but it is also the nation's largest producer of land cars and other non-aerial vehicles.

One of the Higher Towers located throughout the city.
When a Citizen turns the age of 4, they are sent off to Ludus Utopia, where they stay for approximately 17 years. It is in ths city tat they gain their training in the sciences, or, if they choose so, in combat to be later recruited into the NSC. The city's security is maintained by personal Escort soldiers who accompany the citizens until they reach the age of 15. Universities, unlike in other nations, are contained within a single building, called a Higher Tower.

The Capital of the Administrative Union. It is here that all administrators and administratoras have homes and offices. from here, the entire federation can be managed, with conference rooms and holo-decks, any administrator can be contacted, no matter where in the universe they may be. Built on a mountainous plateau, overlooking the vast plains of the low-lands, the great Administrator's tower is on of the seven wonders of the Scientific Federation of Advancement of Man.

Mausoleum of the Administrators
Interred in this mountaintop structure are the bones of Supreme Administrators past. inside is a multi-story circular room, with 9 alcoves placed inside the wall, with several stories beneath the structure, allowing for more room if needed. the floor in front of each alcove is in reality a semicircular shaped elevator, allowing visitors to move between different levels. Also interred, only as recognition for truly outstanding scientific achievement, are the bodies of the best scientist the Federation has ever produced. It is here where some citizens come to pay their respects to the brilliant minds lost to the universe.

Civilian Sector
(Aka "Sail City")
This city well known for its remarkable white towers, hosts dozens of theaters, concert halls, and entertainment venues. Here, cultural performances from across the galaxy are held.


Mare Abeo Utopia's original function was to serve as a change off station for rail ways from the Government Sector to the Civilian Sector. Since then, its function has shifted to also house a great many homes for scientists, administrators and tourists. While a large section of the city exists on the ocean's surface, sections exists beneath the wave, as well as above in the clouds.
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10) Technology

Postby Advancement of Man » Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:56 pm

This is a list of our technology that is somewhat more advanced than that of Earth's current technology.


-Antimatter-matter fusion drive: a system standard in space vessels, uses the 100% efficiency of antimatter-to-matter annihilation to propel the vessel through space.
-Ion pulse drive: small, weak propulsion system usually used on satellites, but used in larger engines to propel short range frigates.
-FTL drive: allows ships to travel 5 times faster than light [exact specifics are classified], Used for in in-system travel.
-Warp drive: allows ships to travel 1000 times the speed of light by contracting space-time in front of the ship, and expanding the space-time behind it. Used for Interstellar travel.
-Tunnel Drive: Used rarely and only in the most dire of cases, employs Quantum Nonlocality to implode a great number of atoms, causing their pairs (held at the arrival location) to similarly implode, creating an unstable spacial tunnel through which the vessel travels through. Used only in emergency due to the difficulty in collecting Quantum pairs and the extreme instability of the tunnels created.


-Radiation shield: special "membrane" that reflects away radiation waves.
-Kinetic barrier: a thick "membrane" that will filter out most high speed objects by acting as a buffer, which slows the object down enough for the distortion field to vaporize it.
-Distortion field: A very special "membrane" which acts both a filter and an artificial atmosphere. It can vaporize most objects, focusing mainly on high speed objects, and holds a thin atmosphere, which prevents total venting of interior air into the vacuum of space. it can be manipulated to encompass smaller vessels.


-Resonance- Special form of communications that send messages that are received instantly my those listening in. this is done by send a message though the universal resonance, which exists everywhere at the same time.


-Nanobots- Microscopic robots (10-9 meters across) mainly used by the Federation for things such as sanitation, they are not nearly used as much as the even smaller, and more superior Attobot

-Attobots-The peak of AoM Microtechnology, the attobots are 109 times smaller than nanobots, making them about 10-18 meters across. Unlike most robotics in the Federation, which use AI or CPU's to function, AoM Attobots have been programed to sync with a single human's mind (through use of a brain augmentation that allows brainwaves of the host t communicate with the attobots). Due to the extreme usefulness of the Attobots, they are used for numerous technologies, such as augmented arms (for administrators), where the Attobots form a near invincible shell for protection and form the completely flexable "muscles" inside the shell, allowing the host to use the arm as if it were not augmented.

Attobots are used in everything, from clothes, to buildings, to the sanitation services. The attorobotic revolution was the defining movement in SFAM history, as well as it's signifying the nation's raise from obscurity.


The Administrators and soldiers of AoM all go under several augmentations. These augmentations are listed here:

Spinal Augmentation
The spine is reinforced with carbon-fiber threads that are threaded along the back of the spine, protecting it from projectiles and blades that might cause paralysis.
ImageShown: Area affected by Spinal augmentation

Eye augmentation
They eyes are both removed, being replaced with cybernetic ones. These new eyes allow administrators and soldiers to have: night vision, infrared, thermal, and UV vision. in addition, the Administrative augmentation allows them to access files on anything/anyone they are looking at, as long as there is a file in the national archives. They eyes auto-detect when night vision is needed.
Image Shown: several examples of the augmentation, each viewing in a different mode, Blue is UV, yellow is Infrared, and white is night vision

Arm Augmentation(administrative only)
The right arm is removed and replaced with a completely cybernetic arm. The arm allows the administrator to remotely control the systems of the buildings that they are in, and in the Supreme Administrator's case, control the electronics of the Entire planet of Terra Utopia, all through resonant hyperlink between the administrator's brain, and The Rapture's mainframe, which controls all automatic systems of the planet. it also allows the Administrator to use an average power CED (taser).
ImageShown: the administrative cybernetic arm, before artificial skin is added.



All ships that belong to the Federation are equipped with an on-boards semi-sentient AI's. They are completely fabricated projections and "choose" their own appearances. Shown above, for example, is the AI aboard the Urbe Machina Temporeal, which is an intergalactic research vessel, thus, the AI chose a "galactic" appearance.


-Hyperspace drive: when "hyperspace" is used here, it is meant as higher dimensions, and not as an FTL system. The hyperspace drive phases the vessel out of the 3rd dimension and into hyperspace, this appears as if the vessel fades into transparency. While in hyperspace, the vessel cannot be reached by anything other than a res signal or by another vessel raised into hyperspace. vessels raised only partially into hyperspace are seen as semi-transparent and can still be reached by 3rd dimensional objects, allowing it to launch and receive ships.

-Courtesy of AoM Dept. of the Archives
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11) Various Rating Scales

Postby Advancement of Man » Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:56 pm

Our nation's Xenobiology Sub-Department has devised this simple, ten(10) tiered scale to be used in determining a civilization's technological/civilization's advancement. Civilizations only begin to appear on this scale once they have achieved a certain level of organization, namely, having some sort of social structure. As a result of this requirement, the Scientific Federation refuses to recognize anarchy to be a valid nation. The tiers range from [tier 10: tribal], up to [tier 1: multiversal]

Tier 10:Tribal
The civilization has organized into small groups of codependents. These groups may be far apart, nomadic, or close together and/or agricultural.
Technologies required for classification:
  • Hunting tools
  • Harvesting tools (optional)
  • Ability to build shelter
This is equivalent to the Native American tribes during the time of European-American exploration.

Tier 9:City-state
The civilization has grown, grouping many of the species together. These states usually have some form of town built, with a social class develop(ed/ing). The civilization may have a ruling class/government and/or some form of military.
Technologies required for classification:
  • Building tools
  • weapons (for defense or offense)
  • ability to grow mass amounts of crops to supply the local population.
  • roads and/or buildings
This is equivalent to the Ancient Greek city-state of Athens during the time of the Greco-Persian wars.

Tier 8:Terrestrial Country
The civilization has expanded, and now controls large mounts of land area. Expansion may require development of faster transportation and/or communication over long distances. The social structure must be well defined, but does not need to be rigid and immobile. An economic system may have been developed. Populations may have grouped themselves into towns and cities.
Technologies required for classification:
  • transportation via vehicle
  • communication systems (via virtual or physical means)
  • economic systems (bartering or currency)
This is equivalent to 19th century Earth.

Tier 7:Globally Networked Civilization
The civilization has developed sufficiently enough to be able to communicate across the entire world. The civilization may/may not be under a unified government. Global economics have developed. The civilization must be aware of the universe outside of its planet's atmosphere.
Technologies required for classification:
  • Global communication network
  • Ability to launch objects into space (ie satellites)
  • Nuclear/electrical energies must have been discovered
This is the level at which early 21st century Earth stands.

Tier 6:Solar civilization
The civilization has achieved space flight. They have extended their species to the other planets (if any exist) within their home solar system. Unified government is not required, but is helpful.
Technologies required for classification:
  • Space flight
  • ability to created artificial environments suitable for habitation.
  • Ability to colonized foreign planets, while remaining in communication with the homeworld.
This is equivalent to Earth's nations colonizing Mars, the Moon, etc.

Tier 5:Extra-solar civilization
The civilization has expanded to other star systems. They are able to communicate across systems. They are able to travel between systems in a timely manner, via FTL or warp systems.
Technologies required for classification:
  • FTL or Warp transportation systems
  • FTL communication systems
  • life support systems for deep space transportation.
This is where the present-day Scientific Federation stands

Tier 4:Galactic Civilization
The civilization has expanded vastly, controlling most, if not all, star-systems in the galaxy. FTL and/or warp is absolutely necessary. civilizations at this level are very rarely unified, and usually unstable if so. exceptions to this instability are hive minds (i.e. Xenomorphs (from the Alien series) and unified consciousness (see italicized example at bottom of Tier 4 section for example of a unified consciousness).
Technologies required for classification:
  • Efficient FTL transportation technology or Warp drives
  • Efficient FTL communications.
  • Ability to harness the power of stars (mass solar power production) or other form of massive amounts of energy supply
This is where the (unstable: Galactic empire)/(stable: Galaxia) of Issac Asimov's foundation series stand.

Tier 3:Multi-Galactic Civilization
The civilization has expanded outside of its own galaxy, colonizing nearby galaxies. They require massive amounts of energy and resources.
Technology required for classification:
  • enormously accurate and sustainable warp or FTL communication and travel
  • Ability to harness the energies of galactic cores
  • Ability to travel across deep-space within a single lifetime.
This is equivalent to where the Ancients, of the Stargate universe, stood before their ascendancy.

Tier 2:Universal civilization
The civilization has expanded to all corners of their universe. they are able to harness the power of both dark matter and dark energy. Very few civilizations ever reach this point, as it requires either several separate governments, or a unified consciousness or hivemind.
Technologies required for classification:
  • Unified consciousness/hivemind
  • Teleportation across massive distances
  • ability to manipulate time and space
  • ability to harness dark matter/energy
No known examples of this tier exist

Tier 1: Multiversal Civilization
The civilization has harness the ability to travel across universes, expanding their civilization across the vast mutiverse. This civilization is purely hypothetical, as a civilization that has reached this tier would be virtually unstoppable in its expansion, eventually controlling the infinite universes. As it is impossible to rule over infinity, it is near impossible for this civilization to exist.
Note: while a civilization may have the following technologies, as well as all technologies listed above in the lower tiers, the Scientific Federation will only recognized a civilization as this tier if they control both their home-universe inits entirety, as well as several other universes.
Technologies required for classification:
  • Ability to travel across the 11thDimension
  • ability to colnize other universes
  • Ability to communicate across the mutiverse
This is a hypothetical ceiling

-courtesy of the Scientific Federation's dept. of Taxonomy

It may be noticed that on this factbook, shielding is referenced vaguely. Well, here is a compilation of a scale for gauging effectiveness of our shielding technologies.

Light Kineto-Nuclear ShieldingProtects against light munitions (and the average space junk) and mild radiation
Standard Kineto-Nuclear shieldingprotects against mild munitions fire and mild radiation
Heavy Kineto-Nuclear ShieldingProtects against heavy munitions and ballistics, as well as heavy radiation
Light Distortion Shield (Class-I)protects against all physical attacks, blocks out light radiation (includes solar radiation) susceptible to energy weapons
Standard Distortion Shielding (Class-II)same as above, but can withstand light energy attacks
Heavy Distortion Shielding (Class-III)can withstand mild energy attacks
Superior Distortion Shielding (Class-IV)can withstand heavy energy attacks
Advanced Distortion Shielding (Class-V)can withstand prolonged exposure to high level energy (such as the interior of a star)
Class VICan withstand a direct blast from an antimatter detonation (requires massive amounts of energy, usually supplied by a combined 4 antimatter reactors)
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12) Weapons

Postby Advancement of Man » Tue Nov 23, 2010 12:09 am

Light weapons (handguns):

Marakov Plasma Pistol:
Ammo: Plasma Cartridges
Shots per clip: 12

Peterku Energy Pistol:
Shots per clip: 6

Automatic Weapons (machine guns)

Sonic Pulse Rifle (semi-nonlethal)(automatic)
Ammo: 100V Cartridge Battery
Shots per clip: 25

Laser Bolt Rifle
Ammo: 50V Cartridge battery
Shots per clip: 200

Long Range Rifles (sniper rifles)

SVD Tactical Laser Sniper Rifle
Ammo: 100V battery cartridge
Shots per clip: 1:00 minute of continuous fire

Heavy Weapons

XM8 Multi-Stocked Rocker Launcher
Ammo: Variable
Shots per clip: 6
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13) Ship Classifications

Postby Advancement of Man » Thu Dec 02, 2010 9:15 pm

Each ship has three names, its class name, its technical build type, and its personal name. For example, an Urbe Machina dubbed Fortuna would be the SWS Urbe Machina Fortuna. Listed here are most of the Classification names and their related Technical Build Type. They are not listed in any particular order.

Abbreviated Classification name==extended classification name==Technical build type

SCS==Superior Capital Ship==Da Vinci-class Battle Cruiser

FSD==Fleet Support Dreadnaught==Tesla-class Light Dreadnought

HSD==Heavy Support Dreadnaught==Administrator-class Heavy Dreadnought

DSS==Directed-plasma Support Ship==Edison-class Support Frigate

SFC==Strike Force Cruiser==Newton-class Siege Frigate

FDV==Fleet Defense Vessel==Aristotle-class Light Frigate

SBF==Standard Battle Frigate==Kepler-class Heavy Frigate

PIV==Primary Interceptor Vessel==Lamina-class Primary Interceptor

CTS==Civilian Transport Ship==Illuminati-class Transport Cruiser

ADS==Attorobotic Drone Ship==Atomos-class Support Cruiser

IDS==Interceptor Defense Ship==Lamina-class Defense Battleship

MTS==Multiterrestrial Transport Ship==Marathon-class Fast Transport Shuttle

SWS==Supreme World Ship==Urbe Machina-class Supreme Carrier

APS==All Purpose Shuttle==Mercury-class Multipurpose Shuttle
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14) Fleet Detail I: The "Massive"s

Postby Advancement of Man » Sun Dec 05, 2010 12:35 am

Capital ship

Class: Da Vinci-class battle cruiser

The Da Vinci battle cruiser over Mare Abeo Utopia

Crew: 3000 (20 officers, 1000 engineers, 200 medics, 800 NSC soldiers, 400 mechanics, 400 pilots, 180 misc. crewmembers)

size: 500 km long, 300 km wide

Propulsion: Antimatter-matter Fusion engine

-1000 missile tubes, each carrying a small anti-strike craft payload
-200 rotating laser auto-cannons
-50 forward facing Gauss cannons
-100 Forward Mounted Lasers
-10 Antimatter missile launchers
-1 Forward mounted Super laser

-radiation shield- shields from solar and nuclear radiation
-kinetic shield- protects from most projectiles, can resist 2 simultaneous nuclear bombs
-Class-III Distortion field- acts as an artificial atmosphere around the ship, can be extended to surround smaller vessels
-2-foot thick Graphene hull, protects from most weapons

Light Dreadnought

Class: Bohr-class Light Dreadnought


Crew: 825 (25 officers, 500 NSC soldiers, 250 mechanics, 50 Technicians)

Size: 400 km long, 50 km wide

Propulsion: 9 antimatter-fueled combustion thrusters

-6 dual-barreled Rotary railguns
-6 Quad-barreled rocket launchers (forward mounted)
-20 triple-barreled turbo-laser turrets
-5 dual barreled ion-laser turrets (4 on back, 1 on front)
-12 beam-laser turrets (side mounted)

Shielding: High powered Distortion shielding, advanced Kineto-nuclear barriers

Heavy Dreadnought

Class: Tesla-class Heavy Dreadnought
(above: An example of a Tesla dreadnought, surrounded by several small frigates)

Crew: 2000 (100 officers, 200 remote pilots, 500 mechanics, 200 medics, 500 engineers, 300 soldiers, and 200 misc. crew)

Size: 100 km long, 30km wide

propulsion: 6 antimatter-matter fusion drive.

-100 directed laser cannons
-200 remote fighter drones
-10 antimatter bombs
-100 missile batteries, containing multiple-launch anti-air/space craft seeker missiles

Shielding: High powered Distortion shielding, advanced Kineto-nuclear barriers

Super Dreadnought

Class: Administrator-class Super Dreadnought


Crew: 10,000 (500 officers, 2000 NSC soldiers, 5000 mechanics, 500 strike craft pilots, 2000 misc.)

Size: 1000 km long, 100 km wide

Propulsion: 10 antimatter-matter fusion engines.

1 Gamma ray burst cannon
1 MAC that runs most of the length of the ship
10 antimatter bombs
200 nuclear missiles
4 EMP cannons
5000 manned laser turrets

Shielding: High powered Distortion shielding, advanced Kineto-nuclear barriers

Supreme Terraformer

Class: Novas-class System Scultptor


Crew: 500 (10 officers, 90 NSC soldiers, 200 terraformation engineers, 100 mechanics, 100 misc.)

Size: 6000 km long, 600 km wide

Propulsion: 1 Star-forge Fusion Reactor.

22 Side mounted nano disassembler cannons (launched at target to disassemble molecules, then return them to the Novas)
1 forward facing 2-in-1 forge device
--can create an acutely contained and controlled singularity-like gathering field that, when activate near a planet, disassembles it as if it were being consumed by a black hole
--can project and compress gathered atoms into different elements, elements into molecules, and molecules in planets, stars, and gas giants.

Notes: It is worth mentioning that this ship is one of the only remaining ship (excluding the Rapture) that is still functioning from the original nomadic Fleet.

Shielding: High powered Distortion shielding, advanced Kineto-nuclear barriers

Courtesy of AoM Dept. of Defense
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15) Fleet Detail II-Battleships & Frigates

Postby Advancement of Man » Tue Feb 08, 2011 11:54 pm

Stealth Carrier

Edison-class Stealth Cruiser


Crew: 37 (7 officers, 20 on-board defense guard, 10 drone remote pilots)

Size: 1 km long, 0.5 km wide

Propulsion: Antimatter-matter fusion core
-4 thrusters

-Forward EMP cannon
-32 Plasma Arc Gun Tesla coils
-4 electric arc generator nodes
-30 remote drones
-4 anti-strike craft plasma turrets

Shielding: -Standard Kineto-nuclear shielding
-Light Distortion shielding
-Chroma Refractor cloaking system
-Illusionary Nebula Cloak (emits a nebula-like projection around the ship, obscuring it from siht, often mistaken for thunder cloauds in atmospheric uses)

Light Frigate

Newton-class Light Frigate


Crew: 95 (15 officers, 30 Defensive guards, 50 Strike pilots)

Size: 4 km long, 2 km wide

Propulsion: Antimatter-matter fusion core

Armaments: -100 guided laser cannons
-1 Mass Accelerator Cannon
-2 Nuclear missile silos (4 payloads each)
-10 Strike craft (bombers, fighters)

Shielding: Standard distortion shielding, standard Kineto-Nuclear barriers

Special forces frigate

Aristotle-class NSC Battle frigate


Crew: 50 (5 officers, 25 NSC soldiers, 20 mechanics/engineers/etc.)
Size: 500 meters long, 100 meters wide
Propulsion: 4 ramjet engines

-10 laser turrets (4 on the bottom, 6 on top)
-1 Alternation ion pulse cannon (4 barrels-pictured as the long poles extending out the front of the ship
-(for in atmosphere combat) 3 sonic pulse cannons

Shielding: Advanced distortion field shielding

Heavy Battle Ship

Kepler-class Heavy Battles ship


Crew: 100 (5 officers, 60 crew, 35 mechanics/engineers/etc.)

Size: 1 km long, 0.5 km wide

Propulsion: 2 ion pulse engines, 1 Antimatter-Matter fusion engine

-24 rotating ion cannon turrets
-4 missile silos
-1 rail gun (on rear)

Defenses: Standard shielding

Interceptor Battle-Cruiser

Lamina-class Fast Acting Interceptor Battle Cruiser


Crew: 300; 10 officers (5 administrative), 15 pilots, 150 NSC soldiers, 50 mechanics, 25 misc crew

Size: 750m long, 200m wide

Propulsion: 3 antimatter engines, 5 scram-jet engines


Shielding: Advanced Distortion Field Shields

Heavy Defense Cruiser

Hydra-class Heavily armed Defense Cruiser


Crew: 100; 10 officers (5 administrative), 5 pilots, 50 NSC soldiers, 25 mechanics, 10 misc crew

Size: 500m long, 100m wide

Propulsion: 8 ion combustion engines

Armaments:-forward-mounted cluster missile launcher (large hole inset in the front)
-12 dual-barreled ion turrets (mounted on top and bottom)
-4 forward-mounted railguns (large 4 cannons on front)
-4 forward-mounted beam laser cannons (mounted on the sides of the super-lasers)
-2 side mounted turbo lasers
-12 side-mounted dual-barreled rocket launchers
-6 side mounted homing missile launchers (seen as the 3 holes on the side)

Shielding: Kineto-nuclear shielding, standard distortion shield

Scout ship/Cargo Carrier

Marathon-class Scout Ship


Crew: 500 (10 officers, 290 technicians/engineers/mechanics, 200 misc staff)

Size: 750 m long, 300 m wide

Propulsion: 8 ion propulsion engines

Armaments: 3 ion cannons, 1 forward mounted beam laser cannons, 1 top mounted pulse laser cannon, 2 dual-barreled flak turrets

Shielding: Kineto-nuclear shielding, standard distortion shield

Covert ops Battleship

Reaper-class Covert battle Cruiser


Crew: 200 (20 officers, 100 misc NIA operatives, 80 maintenance, engineering, etc)

Size: 1 km tall, 100 m wide

Propulsion: 18 Cold fusion propulsion pits

Armaments: 60 side mounted laser turrets, 7 forward mounted laser cannons, 1 forward mounted Precision Particle beam weapon

Shielding: Light Distortion shielding

Courtesy of AoM Dept. of Defense
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16) Fleet Detail III-Misc ships

Postby Advancement of Man » Sun Feb 13, 2011 12:20 am

Scientist Research Transport

Illuminati-class Researcher Transport Cruiser


Crew: 58, 5 officers, 15 NSC soldiers, up to 30 Scientists/researchers/passengers, 3 pilots, 5 mechanics.

Size: 100m long, 25m wide (excluding the engines, which add 20m each)

Propulsion: 2 class-C antimatter fusion engines

Armaments: 6 forward-facing repeater lasers, 2 rear-facing rotary EM beam cannons

Shielding: standard Distortion field shielding

Attobot Drone Cruiser

Atomos-class Atto-Robotic Carrier Drone Cruiser


Crew: 10 tons worth of Attobots ==This vessel is completely unmanned, and is instead controlled from afar, usually from an Urbe Machina, by specialized administrative controllers.==

Size: 100m tall, 20m wide, 30m long

Propulsion: 4 scram-jet engines

Armaments: (armaments largely depend on the controller, armaments given are standard across all Atomos cruisers) 16 forward mounted lasers
NOTE:As a last resort, a controller might ram the cruiser into an enemy craft, causing the attobots to shred through the hull, as they then reform on the other side, or in some cases, accidentally attempt to reform inside the now leaking enemy ship, vaporizing and matter in the way.

Shielding:N/a, when hit, the Attobots split apart from each other, absorbing the energy of the hit, then reform after cooling off.

Multi-purpose Shuttle

Mercury-Class All Purpose Shuttle

Crew: 8 crew (Pilot, Co-pilot, 2 NSC guards, 1 Gunner, 3 mechanics) Room for 10 passengers, or 6 passengers and a gurney.

Size: 20 meters long, 5 meters tall

Armament:-6 Heat seeking missile
-2 forward turbo-lasers
-1 top-mounted manned Turbo-laser turret

Shielding: Minimal Distortion shielding, standard kineto-nucler shield (blocks nuclear blasts and most kinetic munitions.)

Cargo Ship

Avaline-class High Capacity Cargo Carrier


Crew: 30 (5 command crew, 10 Security officers, 15 cargo workers)

Size: 6.15 kilometers long, 750 meters wide

Propulsion: 1 ion-propulsion engine

Armaments: 2 laser turrets

Shielding: standard kinetic-nuclear barrier shielding

Stealth: limited chroma-reactive cloaking

System Shield Vessel

Aegis-class Shield Vessel


Crew: 50 mandatory (10 officers, 25 NSC officers, 15 technicians/mechanics), 200 optional (visitors)

Size: 2km long, 500m wide

Propulsion: 4 Ramjet engines, 2 Antimatter-matter propulsion thrusters

Armaments: 4 wing-mounted super lasers, 1000 stomach mounted anti-ship laser turrets

Shielding: Adamant top-oriented distortion shields, advanced Distortion shield extensional projectors.

Note: These ships are deployed along the helio-sphere of Sol Utopia, remaining in hyperspace, preventing any ship from warping into the system. As a result, Federation ships travel in FTL until outside the helio-sphere before engaging warp drives.
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17) Fleet Detail IV-Space Stations & World Ships

Postby Advancement of Man » Mon Feb 14, 2011 11:59 pm

Urbe Machina


These massive ships serve as space stations, Supreme Dreadnoughts, manufacturing plants, and cities. They are used as a housing of fleets while they undergo repairs, refeuling, rearming, etc. Twenty (20) Urbe Machina-class Supreme World Ships currently exist, each assigned to a fleet.

Size: 12,000 km long, 3,600 km wide (measured by the frontal wing-span) , 4,000 km tall (measured from top-front-middle secton to bottom-front-middle section)
Structure: Several Observation rooms form up the managerial structure of the Urbe Machina, they are:
-2 forward placed 450 km wide, 50 km tall bridges (primary & auxillary)
-In addition, it has one tail mounted bridge (500 km wide, 25 km tall) used in emergencies
Shielding:Heat and radiation shielding that can withstand a journey into a star, and an energy shield that can project this shielding to incoming ships. Can withstand total immersion in a star for 2 consecutive Earth years
Propulsion:10 massive antimatter-matter fusion engines, 4 FTL drives
Carrying capacity:5 hangars, (two on each forward wing,one in the very front and very center) with the total carrying capacity of each vessel:
6 :: Tesla-class Dreadnought
2 :: Administrator-class Heavy Dreadnought
12 :: Bohr-class Light Dreadnought
100 ::Edison-class Stealth Cruiser
50 :: Newton-class Light Frigate
200 :: Aristotle-class Special forces Frigate
50 :: Kepler-class Heavy Battle Ship
10 :: Illuminati-class Scientific Transport
? :: Atomos-class Attobot Cruiser (varies widely, each Urbe Machina holds 5000 tonnes worth of attobots for use in these)
200 :: Domina-class Supreme Gunship
500 :: Mercury-class Multi-purpose Transport Shuttle
1000 ::Apostate-class Unmanned Drone
In addition, In the front of the ship, below the forward bridges, there is a hangar large enough to house the larger ships in the Federational flett, such as the Novas-class system sculptor. To do this, it utilizes Spacial compression technology (it's bigger on the inside).
Life support: Can support a population of 10 million for 25 yrs (Earth time)
Armament: ==Names denoted by "___" are what the weapon has been termed by NSC soldiers==
==All weapons systems designed to be able to fire into normal space if the Urbe Machina is in a resting position in hyperspace==
-2 forward facing massive Railgun accelerator cannons
-10,000 Automated fleet defense Flak turrets
-100 Downward Seige Laser cannons
-100,000 missile silos
-Guided Balsitic "Bunker breakers"
-Incendiary insertion projectile "Salamanders"
-Nuclear warp-drive-enabled "Decimator" Projectiles
-Self-Guided "Swarmer" Multi-phase Missile
-General-use Utility Asteroid-breaker "Janitor" missiles
-25 bomb bays:
-"Thor's hammer" non-propelled diamond rod (meteoric impact device)
-"Death's Flare" 5 kg Antimatter explosives (yield approx. 15000X that of the Hiroshima bomb)
-"Carpeter" Cluster warhead
Misc information:-Each ship is approximately the size of Earth, preventing it from ever landing on a terran planet
-Gravitic Force nullification generators: cancel out any effect of gravity that may act on or result from the Urbe Machina, preventing ill effects to a planet's orbit as a result of the ship's presence.
--Area of Effect: 1 km
--Placement: Every 1000 meters, embedded into the Urbe Machina's hull
-Each Urbe Machina hold an entire fleet, and are primarily used as mobile command centers for their hosted fleet while on missions.
-When not in use, each Urbe Machina remains in hyperspace, in the area in or around Sol Utopia

NEFIvictaFlagshipAdmiral Maximum Ethran Navis
NEFNautigioSupreme CarrierAdmiral Jayk Navis
NEFNautaMobile Command CenterAdmiral Ryua Navis
Administrative UnionImperatorFlagshipAdmiral Archer Navis-Scientia
Administrative UnionRegisProxy Diplomatic Emissary vesselAdmiral Octavius Navis-Scientia
Administrative UnionGeniusMobile Mission ControlAdmiral Silas Navis-Scientia
NIAUmbraFlagshipAdmiral Syn Navis-Intelligo
NIANoxStealth insertionAdmiral Falon Navis-Intelligo
NIADaemnStealth DreadnoughtAdmiral Herren Navis-Intelligo
NAFCPreliatorFlagshipAdmiral Trajan Navis-Miles
NAFCLegionusDreadnoughtAdmiral Aurelion Navis-Miles
NAFCExercitusHighest Fleet Battle-CruiserAdmiral Alexander Navis-Miles
Scientific FederationSciosFlagshipAdmiral Klelen Navis-Cogito
Scientific FederationAetherDeep Space Research VesselAdmiral Naythl Navis-Cogito
Scientific FederationTemporealInner-Galactic Research VesselAdmiral Weylan Navis-Cogito
Dept of Foreign AffairsArcadiaFlagshipAdmiral Meli Navis-Orador
Dept of Foreign AffairsIthicaAlien Communications/Research CenterAdmiral Daema Navis-Orador
Dept of Foreign AffairsDelphiForeign Nations Negotiations PlatformAdmiral Friena Navis-Orador
AmelioraVenaliciumMass Goods FreighterAdmiral Issef Navis-Mercator
SFAMMinutorResource GatheringAdmiral Raemin Navis-Scientia

-Flagships are the Fleet's most heavily armed and heavily armored ships
-The NAFC ships are primarily troop carriers and mission operation centers
-The Minutor Is responsible for gathering resources from barren planets, stars, and space debris, and supplies the SFAM much of its raw materials for construction and manufacturing.

Razor-class Space Station

Size: 14,000 square meters
Shielding:enhanced kinetic barriers, enhanced distortion barriers
Propulsion: 5 antimatter drives (used for repositioning)
Carrying capacity: 500 hangars, each capable of housing a mid-sized warship
Life support: Can support a population of 100 million for 25 yrs (Earth time)
700,000 auto-cannons
Features:Several Wormhole gate-rings leading to various places throughout the federation's influence.
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18) Fleet Detail V- Strike Craft

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heavy Gunship

Renegade-class heavy Gunship


Crew: 3 (1 pilot, 1 copilot, 1 navigator)

Size: 20m long, 30m wide (wingspan)

Propulsion: 4 mid-sized scram-jet engines, 1 central large-sized scram-jet engine.

Armament: 4 heavy ballistics missiles, 2 dual-barreled rotary turrets (laser), 1 DEMC (Directed ElectroMagnetic Cannon), 2 forward-facing machine-guns

Shielding: kineto-nuclear shield

Stealth: Heat dampeners

Light fighter

Malefactor-class fighter


Crew: 1 pilot

Size: 10 m long, 20 m wide

Propulsion: 2 ion propulsion engines

Armament: (all concealed) 2 rapid-pulse laser cannons, 4 ballistic missile launchers

Shielding: light distortion shield

Stealth: Chroma-reactive cloaking

Light Bomber

Primaris-class Light Bomber
(named Primaris for being the first strike craft deigned and built by the federation)


Crew: 3 ( pilot, copilot, navigator)

Size: 50 m long, 15 m wide

Propulsion: 2 ion-propulsion engines, 1 combustion rocket engine

Armament: 6-wing mounted multi-rocket ballistic missile launcher
::Bomber payload:
-10 cluster bombs
-1 antimatter (.005 mg) bomb
-5 "Bunker-buster" heavy ballistic bombs

Shielding: kineto-nuclear shields

Stealth: heat dampening, chroma-reactive cloak, EM cloak

Light Gunship

Trespasser-class Light Gunship


Crew: 5 (pilot, copilot, navigator, 2 auxiliary gunners)

Size: 45m long, 50m wide

Propulsion: 5 ion-propulsion engines

Armament: two top-mounted plasma rail guns, 4 ion pulse cannons, 2 laser pulse cannons

Shielding: kineto-nuclear shielding

Stealth: Chroma-reactive cloak


Apostate-class Cargo-transport drop-ship


Crew: 3 (pilot, copilot, navigator)

Size: 15m long, 10m wide

Propulsion: 1 ionic combustion turbines, 1 rear rotary propeller for steering

Armament: One forward Gatling laser

Shielding: kinetic barrier

Stealth: Infrared/radar invisibility


Dervish-class Fast-action Fighter craft


Crew: 1

Size: 10m long, 3m wide

Propulsion: 1 ionic combustion turbines, 1 rear rotary propeller for steering

Armament: 2 forward placed ionic pulse cannons, 1 forward placed rocket tube

Shielding: kineto-nuclear shielding barrier

Stealth: Infrared/radar invisibility
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Societal classes: The Scientific Federation is made up of eight societal structures, united into one federation. Each societal structure fills a niche in society. These structures are divided into 8 groups, four major and four minor. Below are listed the 8 classes.
The Administrative Union: The Judiciary, legislative, and executive branches of government are run by the Administrators.
The Scientific Coalition: The largest portion of the Federation, made up of scientists from all branches of knowledge.
The Ameliorate: The traders and merchants, lowest level of prestige in the nation.
The NSC: The military and police, third largest portion of the nation's society.
The Innovators: The engineers, inventors, and the mechanics, usually the ones who take the Federation's knowledge, and make new technologies out of it.
The Artisans: The musicians, artists, and writers. Held in high regards, usually live in the civilian sector
The Laborers: Contractors, cargo workers, Architects, culinary specialists, and personal assistants. A very small portion of society, but one held with reasonable respect.
The Educators: A small group of experts whose purpose is to teach not only students of the federation (in practical applications of their automated education), but also people of other nation. They are sometimes dispatched to other nations in order to aid their scientists.

The scientific Federation's current flag was adopted under the current era of rule under Supreme Administrator Cyrus Scientia in 3011 AD. It has bears the official seal of the organization, the ancient secret society from which the Scientific Federation evolved. While an ancient design, it has been slightly altered, color wise, and hold an almost totally different meaning than it had when first created.
Central symbol:
  • The Four large arrows represent the four foundations of the nation's population: the Administrators, the NSC, the Scientific Federation (the scientist population), and the Ameliora (the economic population, i.e. merchants)(this is also the nation's link with the Ameliorate)
  • The eight medium sized arrows represent the eight points of the Supreme Writ of Human Writes
  • The twelve small arrows represent the twelve branches of Scientific research
  • The central ring represents Earth, the home of Humanity
  • The crimson slashes represent the blood of past intellects who have been persecuted in the past.
  • The silver half-slash represents the metal of technological advancement.
  • The gold half-slash represents the prosperity brought on by technological superiority

Societal division
Broad division:In the Federation, Scientists are given the most respect, followed by the Administrators, then the NSC, then lastly, the Ameliora (merchants), who are seen as unintelligent, and reliant on deceit to make their livelihood .

Women: Women are equal in the SFAM, however, they seem to group into certain areas, such that the majority of Doctors in the SFAM are women.

Ethnicity: All races and cultures are equal, so long as they do not try to influence the way society is run (ie attempt to overthrow the government).

Economic status: Their are no inequalities in income or economic standing, so economic division is not a problem.

to the tune of Armed by Faith, by Immediate Music.
Words in parentheses are treated as one syllable

We have prevailed throughout the ages
Proved ourselves True beyond false Sages.
Guided by Science we have prospered,
With our creations we were armored.
Led the blind masses with great knowledge,
Only to be forced (into) economic bondage.
Moved by a powerful thirst for wisdom,
We escaped the broken system.

Now we've forged our own great union,
Formed to protect all that has been proven.
Governed by laws that (promote) all Science,
We are together, a grand Alliance.

We shall protect all those who wander,
Searching For reality's noble wonders.
We are united, and all shall follow,
We pave the way to a grand tomorrow.

The citizens of the Scientific Federation are not very varied when i comes to musical entertainment. They enjoy orchestral music, choirs, and ballets.

Local terms/slang
over time, the original English/Latin language spoken by citizens of the federation was tweaked in several areas, most noticeably in the area of terms dealing with space flight and space terminology. To decrease the amounts of misunderstandings and misinterpretations, a list has been provided here, detailing the most frequently used local terms and their English equivalent.

Exos :: Space : the region outside a planet's atmosphere
ETV :: Extra Terrestrial (Vehicle/Vessel) : a vehicle or ship designed to traverse the Exos
Hive :: The Network of drones : the vast network of unmanned, remote controlled fighters and bombers
Swarm :: a group of 10 pods : a group of 50 drones
Pod :: A group of 5 drones

There are 2 sets of 7 wonders of the Scientific Federation, the Artificial Wonders and the Natural Wonders. Both are listed here:
  1. The Administrative Tower :: Administra Utopia
  2. The Planetary Shield Generators :: Scio Utopia
  3. The Transportation Hub Towers :: Pan-Terra Utopia
  4. The Floating City of Mare Abeo Utopia :: Mare Abeo Utopia
  5. The Aero-reactive Sail towers :: Naviga Utopia
  6. The Subterranean Capital Complex :: Scio Utopia
  7. The Central Antimatter-fueled Energy Generator :: Scio Utopia
The Administrative Tower: Built on a large plateau overlooking the Low-Lands, a large flat area made up of nothing but plains. A wonder because of its noble and imposing look when seen from the Low-Lands
The Planetary Shield Generators: A four part, massive structure, embedded in Scio Utopia, and modeled to look like the national seal, these projectors create a massive shield that protects the entire planet from radiation, to meteors, and even magnetic storms.
The Transportation Hub towers: rising above a relatively flat area of the Government Sector, these three towers are massive white cones that contrasts starkly with the brown and green landscape.
The Floating City: Hovering over the middle of the Profundius Ocean, the Aerial section of Mare Abeo Utopia is a huge complex of metal structures that shadow the water below.
The Aero-Reactive Sail Towers: The white towers of Naviga Utopia glisten and shift with the wind in a stunning and breathtaking sight.
The Subterranean Capital Complex: The massive underground structure holds the national archives and the seat of government.
The Central Antimatter-fueled Energy Generator: This massive reactor provides power for the entire Military Sector, and at only half power. It's massive dome impresses upon the landscape its sheer power.

  1. Mt Civis :: Civilian Sector
  2. The Iulian Cave network :: Government Sector
  3. Mt Scientia :: Government Sector
  4. The Alexandrian Trench :: Government Sector
  5. The Faraday Mountains :: Civilian Sector
  6. The Great Hydrogen Vortex :: Aethera Athena, Area-R16
  7. The Mt Steradian Halo:: Terra Luna, Public Sector
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Domestic Sytems

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Above: One of hundreds of automated farm silos

All food production for the Federation is completely automated and artificial. In this way, it is very possible to feed entire cities with just an acre of land.
All meat is synthetically engineered from individual atoms, through use of an atomic restructuring device.

Across the area of every city there are placed automated defense turrets. These go a long way when it comes to deterrence of crime, and aids in city defense in cases of national emergency, invasion, or rioting.
They are place at strategic positions and retract into the ground while not active.

Antimatter Reactor:
Above: one of 5 Urban Antimatter Reactor Power Plants located in the Industrial sector of Scio Utopia
Urban Antimatter Reactor Power Plants (or UARPP) are used in all cities within the Federation. They are always surrounded by a large area of 3x the diameter of the central reactor. this area is filled with control towers, output power lines, and, primarily, Globular Distortion Shield Generators (or GDSG), which have the appearance of large rectangular blocks. The GDSGs created a multi-layered distortion field, which contains any accidental explosions resulting from containment failures, effectively protecting the surrounding city.
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Once born, a child is raised by their parents, until age 6. Then they are taken away to Ludus Utopia, Educational Center of the Nation. There they receive the most advanced education they galaxy can offer, with most pupils reaching education levels of modern day doctoral programs by the age of 15. from ages 16-17, they intern in various differing career paths. At age 18, they are required to chose their career, at which point, they begin their advanced education, becoming experts in their field.
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