The Official Factbook of Holy Paradise

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The Official Factbook of Holy Paradise

Postby Holy Paradise » Tue Sep 14, 2010 8:08 pm

The Official Factbook of the Conservative United States of Holy Paradise:

Table of Contents:

I. A Short Foreword by President John Holtz
II. General Information
III. Geographical Information
IV. Economic Information
V. Political Information
VI. Military Information
VII. Population Information
VIII. Communications Information
IX. Recent History

I. A Short Foreword by President John Holtz


I am President John Holtz, Head of the Executive Branch of the federal government of the Conservative United States of Holy Paradise. I have held the most high honor of the Presidency for some time now, and have gained much insight about the nation of Holy Paradise. Holy Paradise is a grand nation, powerful both economically and militarily. It is a nation that is still growing rapidly, in terms of population and world influence. We are nonetheless committed to maintaining peaceful relations with the nations of the world, and promoting the dignity of people everywhere. We look forward to taking a more active role in world affairs in the near future, so as to promote peace and prosperity through diplomatic means.

To my fellow citizens, I thank you for all that you have done for this nation, and hope you will continue to help Holy Paradise become the shining city upon a hill.

To citizens and leaders of other nations, I hope that you'll consider visiting Holy Paradise someday. We encourage people to experience this nation, and maybe even give us help on how to improve it. We are always looking to better ourselves.

Thank you, and God bless the Conservative United States of Holy Paradise.

II. General Information

Official Name: The Conservative United States of Holy Paradise

Unofficial Names: Holy Paradise, HP.

World Assembly Membership: Non-member

Region: Capitalist Paradise

Number of Nations in Region: 474

National Animal: The Angel

National Currency: The Gold Coin

National Capital: Holy Paradise City
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Postby Holy Paradise » Tue Sep 14, 2010 8:09 pm

III. Geographical Information

General Type: Island

General Size: Roughly the equivalent of the RL nation of Russia.

General shape: In the shape of a backwards "C"

Terrain: Mostly grasslands and hills, with a number of large mountain ranges and forests. Smooth beaches dominate the coastline, with a few rocky cliffs intersparsed among the coast.

Climate: Mostly quite temperate. Hot in the summer, cold in the winter, warm in the spring, cool in the fall

Environmental Laws: Holy Paradise is currently drafting laws that will better protect the environment.

Natural Resources: Abundant in Uranium, Farmable Land, Iron, Aluminum, Copper, Tin, Precious metals, Timber

Claims: Claims extend out to the extent allowed by international agreement.

Bordering nations: Does not directly border any nations.

IV. Economic Information

(As of RL September 21, 2010)
(All monetary values are in RL US Dollars unless otherwise stated)
(Sources: NSEconomy NationStates Calculator, SunsetRPG Economy Statistics)

World Assembly Economic Strength Rating: Frightening

Economy type: Free-Market, lightly-regulated Capitalist economy. Most of the regulations are in regards to work safety and labor treatment. Many large corporations and small businesses.

Gross Domestic Product: $499,625,346,008,395.06

Gross Domestic Product per Capita: $43,283.84

Gross Regional Product: $3,788,084,971,132,220.00

Percent of GRP contributed by Holy Paradise: Roughly 13.2%

Average Percent of GRP contributed by nations of the Region: .2%

Average Regional GDP per Capita: $34,582.07

Currency Exchange Rate to US Dollars: 1 Gold Coin = $1.9364

Consumption: $391,930,098,560,000.00

Government Budget: $109,989,837,659,520.00

Annual Government Expenditures: $107,790,040,906,329.59

Annual Government Budget Surplus/Debt: +$2,199,796,753,190.41

Annual Government Spending by Category:

Law & Order: 32%, $34,492,813,090,025.48

Defense: 26%, $28,025,410,635,645.70

Education: 13%, $14,012,705,317,822.85

Religion & Spirituality: 10%, $10,779,004,090,632.96

Commerce: 9%, $9,701,103,681,569.66

Public Transportation: 9%, $9,701,103,681,569.66

Income Tax: Flat, 12%

Net Exports: $58,834,468,271,585.36

Major Exports: Uranium, Food, Weapons, Services

Net Imports: $58,929,261,729,520.00

Major Imports: Clothing, Electronics, Automobiles, Oil

Net Trade: -$94,793,457,934.64

Largest Industry: Uranium Mining

Other Notable Industries: Livestock/Agriculture, Weapons Technology and Manufacturing

Unemployment Rate: 2.55%

Worker Enthusiasm (According to SunsetRPG): 89%

Consumer Confidence (According to SunsetRPG): 92%

Inflation: Deflation period

Labor Force: Roughly 7.54 Billion

Population below poverty line: 6.3%

Minimum Wage: $8/hr
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Postby Holy Paradise » Tue Sep 14, 2010 8:11 pm

V. Political Information

World Assembly Government Type: New York Times Democracy

Government type: Federal Democratic Republic, akin to the United States

Branches of Government: Legislative (Split into the Senatorial House and the Congressional House), Executive, Judicial (The Premier Court)

Head of the Senatorial House: Consul of the Senatorial House Sen. Philip Marsdon

Head of the Congressional House: Speaker of the Congressional House Con. Sarah Taylor

Head of the Executive Branch: President of the Conservative United States of Holy Paradise John Holtz

Presidential Cabinet:

Secretary of War and Defense: Secretary West Masterson

Secretary of State: Secretary Nicholas Trenton

Secretary of Labor and Commerce: Secretary Hans Rosstein

Secretary of Finances: Secretary Brian Dallas

Attorney General: Atty. Gen. Linda Morgan

Secretary of Education: Secretary Richard Samson

Secretary of Agriculture and Environment: Secretary Angela Vale

Secretary of Health: Secretary James Springs

Secretary of Housing and Transportation: Secretary Margaret Lee

Secretary of Energy: Secretary Greg Trasdok

Head of the Premier Court: Chief Premier Justice Frederick Batton

Official Federal Constitution: The Holy Paradisian Constitution (ratified and signed in RL April 4, 2004)

Official Date of Nationhood: RL April 4, 2004 (April 4 is Holy Paradise Day)

Legal Code: The Holy Paradisian Registry of Criminal and Civil Law.

Trial System: Adversarial

Suffrage: All Holy Paradisian Citizens that have reached the age of 17 may register to vote and vote in elections.

Elections: Varies by position. All elections are determined by popular vote. The Presidency and Legislative Seats are once every 4 years, the Judiciary is appointed by the Presidency, approved by Legislative, and then popular vote. State elections are varied in rate of occurrance and positions.

Administrative Divisions: Holy Paradise is comprised of 30 separate states. Each state sends 4 representatives to the Senatorial House and sends a varied number to the Congressional House, depending on their population.

Government Efficiency (SunsetRPG): 98%

Most Populous City: Holy Paradise City (504,191,294)

2nd Most Populous City: Darumba (402,412,813)

VI. Military Information

Official Title: The Holy Paradisian Armed Forces

Official Branches of the Holy Paradisian Armed Forces: The Holy Paradisian Army, The Holy Paradisian Navy, the Holy Paradisian Air Force, the Holy Paradisian Elite Army, the Holy Paradisian Coastal Guard, the Holy Paradisian Merchant Guard.

Total Manpower: Exact number is classified, but it is roughly 86 million, about .75% of the population.

Available Manpower (All able-bodied 18-25 year old men plus the current enlisted) Roughly 290 million, but this number has never had to be used.

Annual Nationals that become available manpower: 12 million

Expenditures: Please see the Economic Information section.

Commander-in-Chief: President John Holtz

Head of the Holy Paradisian Army: Gen. Andrew Majowski

Head of the Holy Paradisian Navy: Adm. Marcus Bishop

Head of the Holy Paradisian Air Force: Gen. Nathaniel Lefleur

Head of the Holy Paradisian Elite Army: Gen. Duke Williams

Head of the Holy Paradisian Coastal Guard: Adm. Samantha Cho

Head of the Holy Paradisian Merchant Guard: Gen. Robert Lanson
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VII. Population Information

Population: 11,543,000,000

Urban Percentage: 85%

Rural Percentage: 15%

Literacy Rate (SunsetRPG): 100%

Age Structure:

0-18: 18%
19-30: 30%
31-50: 33%
51-70: 20%
71+: 18%

Median Age: 31

Average Life Expectancy: 75

Caucasian: 70%

African: 15%

(Non-Caucasian) Hispanic: 10%

Asian (Including Arabic): 5%

93% English
5% Spansih
2% Other

85% Roman Catholic
7% Protestant
2% Judaism
2% Muslim
2% Hindu
1% Buddhist
1% None/Other

Population growth rate: .05% a year

VIII. Communications Information

Number of televisions: 9,962,021,000

Number of people per television: 1.154

Number of landlines: 7,542,000,000

Number of people per landline: 1.525

Number of cell phones: 10,012,841,000

Number of people per cell phone: 1.149

Country Code: 01 842

Number of radios (not including car radios): 5,129,841,021

Number of people per radio: 2.243

Number of computers: 9,971,000,000

Number of people per computer: 1.154

Percentage of population with easy access to wireless network coverage: 92%

Official Government Domain Extension: .HPG

Largest Radio Broadcast Stations:

KROK 92.3 FM (Classic Rock, Arena Rock, Stadium Rock)

KZNW 96.1 FM (Latest Hits, Pop)

KPRQ 94.1 FM (Hip Hop, Rap)

KZNR 95.2 FM (Country)

KWNO 98.5 FM (Classical)

Largest Television Stations:

HPBC: Holy Paradise Broadcasting Company

HPN: Holy Paradise Network

NNN: National News Network

NBS: National Broadcasting Station

IX. Recent History

Holy Paradise has, as of late, taken a step back from the world stage, although the government does plan to get more involved with the world in the near future.

Holy Paradise has enjoyed much peace since the Holy Paradisian Civil War ended a few RL years ago. Prior to that war, Holy Paradise was mainly involved in the affairs of one Roach-Busters, a nation that has since disappeared. Holy Paradise did enjoy strong alliances with Doomingsland, Generic Empire, and other powerful nations, of which, only a few remain.

Holy Paradise has recently entered a number of disputes with various nations, mainly out of concerns that said nations were disregarding human rights.

Holy Paradise is also considering founding a new defensive alliance, but is still mostly quiet when it comes to other diplomatic affairs.
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Postby Holy Paradise » Wed Sep 15, 2010 2:11 pm

I will try to update this once a week.
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