Factbook of the Empire of Azanj (Modern Tech)

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Factbook of the Empire of Azanj (Modern Tech)

Postby Azanj » Mon Sep 13, 2010 9:27 am

This is Azanj's Modern Tech Factbook, For Further Information on Azanj, See Its Ancient Tech Factbook. Please See Its Questions and Answers Page If You Feel Like Asking Any Questions.
Above: A map of the Azanji Empire
Basic Information
Formal Name: The Empire of Azanj
Informal Name: Azanj
Motto: Truth Alone Shall Prevail
Capital and Largest City: Jainagar
Official Language: Azanji
Demonym: Azanji
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Shah: Eskandar Azanj IV
Grand Vizier: Abdullah Patel
Prime Minister: Jawaharlal Sharma
House of Commons Speaker: Motilal Ahmedinejad
House of Lords Chairperson: Indira, Fourth Pasha of Malawi
Chief Justice: Kurosh Pandit
Judge-President: Faisal K. Malik
World Assembly Status: Non-Member
World Assembly Category: New York Times Democracy
Civil Rights Rating: World Benchmark
Political Rights Rating: World Benchmark
Economy Rating: Strong
Currency: Rupiya
US Dollar Exchange Rate: 1 Rupiya = $0.62
Total: $5,588 billion
Per Capita: $11,404
Time Zone: SAST (GMT+2)
Daylight Saving: Not Used
Drives on the: Left
Internet TLD: .az
Calling Code: +42
National Symbols:
National Animal: Azanji Lion
National Bird: Secretary Bird
National Flower: Frangipani
National Tree: Umbrella Acacia
National Emblem:
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The Empire of Azanj
"Truth Alone Shall Prevail"
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