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Xomician Factbook (FT) (WIP)

Postby Xomic » Wed Sep 08, 2010 8:10 pm

The Embedded Monarchy of Xomic

Quick facts
Name: Embedded Monarchy of Xomic, EMX, Xomic
Government: Empire
Head of State: Empress
Capitol: Orphanus
Currency: Shell
Official Languages:
"Spoken": Xomician.
Written: Circle-script
Systems: 3
Life expectancy: 81
Population: 8.455 billion


For the average Xomician, outside of historians, is generally unconcerned with the past, and the Empress has not expressed much interest in making pre-emergence history widely known.

What is known is that for several thousand years Xomicians grew, lived, and died, in a period of almost completely unbroken warfare. Since the traditional form of combat allowed victors to ‘win’ without killing their opponent, the wars were mostly bloodless, although no less filled with strife, and the loser had to leave the area. This changed about two hundred years before the emergence, with the development of weapons that would almost always kill, designed by a group of Xomicians that had been defeated many years before and forced to wander without a place to call home.

This technology gave them an unbelievable edge and their anger fuelled their actions. They proceeded to raid lands they once owned and took them by force for their own. But their taste of power lead them to siege most of the planet. The marauders, as they came to be called, managed to seize half the world before others banded together and build their own weapons of true war.

Of this, two things happened. Firstly, technology was seen as the primary source of victories, and science and technologies advanced quickly. The second effect was to turn the whole planet into a massive war zone.

Who or who funded the Empress’s creation is unknown, but within a Xomician day (about three weeks) of her ‘onlining’ war stopped, and most of all technology higher than muscle power was part of her.

Since the Emergence of the Empress, there has been only peace in the Xomician world, and she’s focused both her and her people’s mental resources on developing technology for more peaceful purposes.


Geographically, the EMX is composed of twelve prefecture systems, each with it’s own well developed world. Other than the provincial capitol world, there is a varying number of colonies within each system, which are something like city-states.

All major worlds tend towards being very wet. Either in the form of world oceans, or marshy rainforest, or a mix of both, as is the home world Ocu.



Ocu is the homeworld and capitol of the EMX, where the Empress resides. Planet is 60% ocean, 38% marshy rainforest.


Ocean world. Most of the land surface is new volcanic glass, causing the water to look very dark. However, the water is actually fairly clear and pristine.

Rax System
This system contains two major worlds, Maelstrom and Pearl Sea.

--Pearl Sea
--Position: Third from the star

--Ocean world with 99% ocean. Remarkable for a native plant-like organism that gives the water a pearly appearance.

--Position: First from the star.

--Tidally locked, Maelstrom is fairly tropical on the side facing it’s star. Every 33 days, however, it’s moon drags cold water from the far aide causing massive ocean and weather ---disturbances.


The economy of the EMX is, internally, non-existent, due to robots maintaining the basics of the economy from the emerence onward, and as such everyone’s basic needs are met. There is, however, a large trade/barter system among the population, as well as a vaguely capitalistic set of corporations that help meet the populations’ wants; including negotiating with external nations for goods they produce.

The currency is known as the shell, or Xomician shell. Originally based on sea shells, the modern shell is more like a credit card than a physical form of currency.

Colonies trade among themselves, and rarely with outsiders who enter their system.


While Xomic maintains a small army, navy, and air force on the homeworld and in limited quantities on subject colonies, Xomic has no space-based combat systems of a military nature, although they have a fairly large fleet of exploration drones, armed with at most weak lasers.

The Arbitratrix and her Infomorph copies are all integrated into the very fabric of each colony, and punishing a population for disobeying is as simple as a thought to her. While she is hardly all-powerful, she does know how to enforce rule with an iron fist without firing a single bullet.


Politically, the EMX is a empire, with multiple subject worlds and colonies. The leader of all this is Arbitratrix Aeo-Lui. Arbitratrix is the preferred title used to refer to her, due to it’s historic nature.

The Arbitratrix herself is a cyborg, completely integrated into the capitol city Nexus Reef. From here, she directly controls all computerized devices within the Ocu home-system, and through the use of Infomorphs, the other eleven prefectures.

Each prefecture is ruled by a copy of the Arbitratrix, known as an Infomorph, who resides in a specially built citadel, known as a Nexus, located in each provincial system. Periodically, the infomorph is recalled to Ocu to be consumed by the original and replaced, less she become too independent.

Despite being a cyborg, the Arbitratix tends towards an extremely short lifespan, no more than fifty years, due to her brain wearing out at an extreme pace.sucession is always orderly, and involves one of the Arbitratix’s daughters being implanted with the necessary implants and plugged in.

The full name of the nation is the Embedded Monarchy of Xomic, which can be shortened to EMX or just Xomic. The demonym of citizens in the state is Xomician.


Species ... opussy.png
by CTK_Hullo

The EMX’s primary species is known off-handedly as squids (or more derogatorily, lightbulbs) by most humans, which is fairly adapt given their appearance, but what the species calls itself is unknown due to their language. The closest they offer as a name in English is Light-blessed-armed-ones-of-the-humorous-lady-Xomic. Needless to say, most refer to the species as Xomicians.

As a species, the Xomicians look very much like an octopus, sharing much of the same general body arrangement, although they are more or less amphibious. However, their over all mantle is somewhat more defined, and Xomicians have a total of twelve arms, rather than eight. Of these arms, the four arms in the front are slightly clubbed, and all arms have suckers. The Xomician’s skin is similar to many cephalopods, in that it can change color and texture. However, unlike the cephalopods they resemble, the top of the mantle and in narrow strips running down their arms, this ability is extremely developed, producing a multitude of colors and textures, as well as being able to emit polarized light. This subset of skin forms the basis for the species’ communication ability. This however, makes the native tongue of the Xomicians impossible understand, and it’s only through computers that they’re able to communicate with non-xomicians.

The average height is between 3 feet and 5 feet, with an arm span of 10 to twelve feet.

During birth, these sub-arms help newborn larva spread out, so they don’t kill one another at once, which they would do if confined into any sort of limited mass. Females give birth to around two thousand larva, which swim in the oceans or private pools, growing into miniature adults until they’re around five years of age, at which point they look like adults, and are referred to as proto-adults. Over the next fifteen years, the children will mature. Sadly, Xomician larva has a tendency to eat siblings and rivals, meaning few survive to be proto-adults.

The average life expectancy is around 81 Ocu years for non-enhanced Xomicians, but for enhanced Xomicians, they can expect a lifespan of up to 160 Ocu years.

Population structure

The population of the EMX is around 8.455 billion individuals. However, this includes larva, so the actual population of proto-adults and adults is somewhere around 200 million

The age structure heavily favours below five bracket, with only 2.36 percent of the population being adult or proto-adult. However, once a larva reaches proto-adulthood, their odds of death are nearly reduced to zero.

Language and Literacy

The “spoken” language of Xomicians is very complex, but the written language is much less so. Known as Circle-script, each letter is made through the use of the Xomician’s arm’s suckers, producing words that look like a linked series of semi, demi, hemi, and multiple circles.

Literacy at adulthood is 98%.


Name: Exploration Drone
Left: closed up. Center: Unfolded. Right: unfolded with rad extended.

Length: 100 Meters
Armament: two low powered Lasers
Sensors: LADAR, Exploration probes.
Crew: Zero (commanded by a single AI)
Long range Communications: Single use wormhole generator
Short Range: Laser, Radio.
Drive: FTL Waveform Expander (IE form of Hyperspace)
STL: MRF/Ion Drive
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