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The Nare [FT, M] Five Years Running, (WIP).

PostPosted: Fri Sep 03, 2010 4:43 pm
by Neo ORB
Important Note: For Viewers: This is a MATURE Project, That means that some of this content is 18+
For your discretion you have been warned. I take no responsibility for those; who choose to read on further and are shocked by any images or narrative, However the images will correspond to site rules and regulations as will the narrative.

Edit 19: This FT Factbook has had almost five years running, the five new reserved posts are not grave digging, I have recently updated after a long period of RL, College, Moving and various hard drive data losses meant for "The Nare" which has set this project back several years.

Table of Contents:
- Introduction, Who are they?
The Airdren
-The Beast
-The Illusion (WIP)
- The Outliers(WIP)
- The Contagion(WIP)
- The Forgotten(WIP)
-The Artificial (Concept, WIP)

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Status: Changing, updates incoming.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 03, 2010 4:48 pm
by Neo ORB

PostPosted: Fri Sep 03, 2010 4:48 pm
by Neo ORB
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Introduction, Who are they? [FT] MATURE CONTENT

Section 0: Personal File's of Dr. H. Donavon

Hello, My name is Doctor. Herold Donavon.
I work for the Neo O.R.B Union government, Intelligence Section Six.
Unfortunately, by the time you view this, I will be long since gone from this world. as by the time you have read this I have the utmost honor of being the last living person of O.R.B.
You may be wondering what happened to us, why we as a race; One of humanity far spread cells have simply vanished...
How should I explain... I could give a brief history... ah no... this is not about us Orbians... we had our chance I should just do what I'm payed too do and deal with this categorization I have to complete before my time is up on this existence.
Right moving on. Over the course of this episode. That you my friend are reading and watching, you will view my documents, my archives, all of our research that we Section Six spent our lives on in order to inform you, of "The Nare". We have chosen not to assimilate as our people did.
We of Section Six have and will be the last, the final page of our people's Saga, The arbiters of their memory and records.

Oh, is it that time already... Well then sorry friends, it seems to be eighteen hundred hours which means dinner has been prepared... we will take a short break and then continue where we left off... This is Doctor Herold Donavon Signing off.




The youngest Novarrcian head of senate, having been passed down the position by her mother, Yali'tear was only one hundred and one years old, never had migrated the settlement, and has the least amount of experience, she is 4'8" still within her growing period, with dark blue eyes, white skin and short shoulder length blueish black hair.
Her personality is anything but weak, known for her tact as being strong willed and bullishly stubborn.

An older Novaarc at the age of four hundred and twelve with a height of 5'10" with bright but long and messy red hair, and the only male head with deep orange eyes and pure black wings, his skin color was Caucasian and he was known to be unlike most males quite the womanizer with a playful personality

The oldest female Novarrc head at an age of seven hundred and thirty two, she was 5'1" with ash colored wings and had a gentile personality and deep wrinkles caressing her face, known among her people as a sage her medical knowledge and intellect had allowed her to remain at being the head of state for the longest running term for over five hundred years like most of her kin in her settlement, her skin tone was a darker tone of Caucasian while her hair had progressed to a well defined mesh of white and silver due to age.

At and age of three hundred and ninety eight and a height of 5'8", she was one of the taller Novarrcian women with a dark skin tone, amber eyes and bright blond hair kept in a long braided pony tail, she was known for her fiery hotheadedness and being a energetic person always on the move, even beyond the general standards, as such she was often leaving her work either behind her or to her overworked but loyal subordinates, rather wanting to be among her settlements kin, farming or teaching the youngest about their way of life.

A silent woman with a bark colored brown hair, dark brown eyes and light brown skin tone at the age of four hundred and two, often called the clumsy forest fairy due to her green and bluish feathers and glasses, she was seldom seen by her kin after rising to the position of head of senate, but before rising she was known as a book worm by the people around her as she was always focused on cataloging documents, seldom flew and was seen most being on the base level of the settlements nearest to the ground or on the ground itself, leading some to believe she had a fear of heights, something very uncommon for the Novarrc people since their main mode of movement was flight... but if true, being head of senate mean that she likely was always shuddering and fearful of falling since she would be on the highest level of the migratory settlements.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 03, 2010 4:49 pm
by Neo ORB
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The Nare: First Devision; The Airdren. "Children of the Air"

The Airdren:

Typical Gender:
Known population count:

Well, at first not much can be said about these angelic people except by there image, having two bright white wings sprouting from their backs, long purple hair, gold and purple eyes would seem to be the main colors that generalize the "Airdren", I have learned at first very little, what I did know about the "Airdren" was that they were the first of the Nare we actually encountered and that it first glance theory, but with my ever changing encounters and world, I've learned more information that I could have possible imagined.


Now from what I discovered they are called Airdren, or in a different sense you could call them Children of the Air, they have Four wings that grow/sprout from their backs. these Air children, or Airdren as i'm calling them now are generally a peaceful race in the Nare, from what I've seen they seem to be able to reproduce with each other and with my current theory's also with the human race, but they seem to reproduce in the same lines as human beings. In peacetime this race in the Nare are generally left alone to themselves, in the eyes of other Nare they are a nomadic people as there constantly moving from place to place through the air and on the ground, they seem to stay in one place for a short period of time and then move on to another area.
From there living habits, the social structure is a something of an advanced republic with a monarchy, I've tried to get more detail on that but I'm not entirely allowed hopefully they will warm up to me soon in the future, in times of conflict however this race can become quite aggressive if the life of one of their members are killed, from what I've seen during combat there exceptional at close quarters, there weapon is some sort of special power that exits their body's through their hands I'm still trying to get information on that however.
When an Airdren reproduces, among there own, another "Airdren" is born, but it seems that they can spread the genetic code by imprinting it during sex with a human at the peak or climax which then starts the process of turning them into an "Airdren", or a type of one, I'm unsure on this but strangely from what I've seen when a human is made into a "Airdren" the body changes from the typical known "Airdren", I've named this new race the "Arkor's" as the Airdren have no marks of their body's. The "Arkor" have a strange but beautiful red tribal like tattoo pattern going around the entirety of there body's

The Arkor:
the Arkor are the race I've seen after the Airdren, Arkor are well to put simply there like the Airdren, but the main differences are that they have a tribal like tattoo running along there body's length, stay in one spot, have two wings sprouting from there backs instead of four, and their wing are gray instead of white, it currently is unknown why the color changes to gray it may have something to do with the time it takes for them to change into a Arkor, but unlike the gentile Airdren during time of peace, the Arkor are very active and dangerous to the other races in the Nare, my theory to that are because they were once human, I was later proven wrong.

The Arkor seem to have no real seen allegiance with the Nare at first glance but after several weeks we stopped in a settlement of Arkor when I was traveling with the Airdren, it was during that moment I saw the relationship of the Arkor and Airdren, the Airdren seem to be some sort of High power in there society, since Arkor stay on one spot, and the Airdren don't the time they see each other is few and far between. It seem that for every settlement of Arkor, there's a group of Airdren they've swear allegiance to, now what this entails only time can tell me, however the Arkor are a proud race, their highly intelligent and armed in the same way the Airdren are.

They seem to use a range of hand held weapons consisting of daggers and spears, it seems that they actually wore a sort of body armor under there clothing, I've seen this once in a fight between two Arkor, it seems that the armor has a sort of standing in there society as well as a for light protection against weapons, because when I saw that fight they were trying to brake each others armor, other Arkor were cheering so I can only guess that it maybe a sort of sport or entertainment, or they were cheering for them to kill each other, why they were fighting I didn't know might be honor bound.

From what I've seen, there a mixed race of both male and female Arkor, I've seen young Arkor going to a sort of school like life, and the older Arkor working, there technology seems to be at the modern level shortly after the post Industrialization, but they use hand to hand weapons such as Spears and daggers and the similar ability's like the Airdren.

The Seekers:
The Seekers are the next part of the Nare in the Airdren category, like the Arkor they have two white wings, but their difference from the rest of the races is that they are a sort of religious role for the Nare, as well as the changes that their body's take when using the powers.

when we first saw these beings they were integrated with both the Airdren and the Arkor, it was later that we found their role, and the horror they could unleash.

The Novaarc::
The Novarrc were once known as the Neo Orbians, this new name was given to them after they made the choice to be back with The Nare after eons of separation, while the look very similar to their mother race 'the Airdren', having four wings like them growing from their back, the main difference in there body's are that the Novarrc wings are a Grey charcoal color to a silvery with black tips, they also inherited the unknown ability's that the Airdren produce being able to slice apart known physical matter such as hard metals like titanium or flesh and blood body's, but unlike the Airdren when they are angered they still control themselves but the power's they produce seem to get stronger.

The Average Novarrc is roughly 5'10" for the Males, and 5'4-6" for the females, their body's are mainly of human structure except for the hollowing of bones in their body's, Wing span typically is about several meters across ranging from 2 meters when folded, to 4-6 meters from tip to tip from the wings, the Novarrc psychology is like their mother species, mainly always gentile with everything, and yet like the Arkor, they can be fairly warlike at times. For reproduction, they seem to currently only be able to reproduce inside its own species, but it is unknown if that is the case, they typically have sex the same way that they had had it before the war, male and female genders committing sexual activity, as for the children, they are born without wings, the wing's usually grow around the age of 10-14 the latest case of growth was at the age of 17.

When a human, typically a Orbian changed into a Novarrc, the body emitted a strange glow that rans along the veins and went outwards like a pulse, this may be due to the heart beating, but it is unknown. Once the glowing has stopped at roughly five minutes in, the person would go into a coma and stay that way until the internal changes had finished, from there when they were woken form the coma they would experience spasms before the skin at the back would twist outwards and harden, from there the hardened skin would slowly crack away and bleed while the new born wings would slowly push outwards until they are all free, after that usually the body's changes are finished, this process can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 3 years..

Now, the Novarrc live with similarity to both the Arkor and Airdren races, they typically settle in an area for a set amount of time before moving on to another place, usually for about forty years, their technology is also based heavily off of the Airdren race in main design, however it still contains large portions of their own tech from before the war.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 03, 2010 4:49 pm
by Neo ORB
The Nare Second Division: Overminds and Messenger Variant's "The Beast."

The Overmind:
The Overmind is the central mind of all known Messengers, the appearance is that of a large balloon like creature, from the front it has a long neck attacked to a small head, at its under carrage there are six spike like legs, in is unknown if they actually use them. the Overmind's Body from the outside looks like a large ballon, but in reality there are sevreal sacs that enable its flight or floating ability, i have only seen one overmind sofar, it is unkonwn if there is more or if that is just it, besides the unique appearence, their body is harder then steel.

On the head of a Overmind resides a large horn, it's belived that this horn is meant as an antenna of some sort meaning that the overmind is a sort of radio like base, and with our current understanding, of the relasionship between the Overmind and the messengers, it seems that's the case, but were waiting until we can have further permission for studys.

I believe that the title should speak for itself, this race of people are 'Messengers', the Messenger is another type of the Airdren as a whole, there appearance is of young children aged around seven to eight with light brown hair with hints of orange. They have no wings that I can clearly tell, but it seems that there numbers are drastically few, maybe numbering in the hundreds if not early thousands.
Their body's are of children but there are major differences in there body's, one of which is hat they seem to have a tail, this tail has a razor sharp blade at its end resembling a dagger, apart from there tails, they have jet black compound eyes, they seem to be gentile, but when in danger there body's rapidly change, the skin on their arms builds and then explodes ripping itself apart from the body, from the muscle structure its similar to human except when fighting, the muscles turn black and split apart forming a twisted writhing form of tentacles, something out of a horror movie.

The tentacle like muscles averages about 21 tentacles per arm, but this tentacle like form has another deadly secret, they can rapidly grow and fire over a distance of about 50 meters in any direction from where the muscles point, the weapon fires out at about 120 miles per hour from when first fired, if a person is hit at close range there likely to die from the force of the tentacle going in and out of the body.
From scanning of the body in this state, the tips of the tentacles are like hypodermic needles, it seems that there is also a gland like organ that supply's a type of hallucinogen like liquid, further research is needed for what the liquid exactly will do.
The weakness behind this weapon is that they can be cut away easily by a sharp weapon, and as the range increases, the force of the potential damage decreases, but the body of theirs makes them terrifying no less.

Messengers seem to travel in pars, They are seen as a misfortune omen, and in most cases anyone they are harmless, but they seem to run on a hive mind, they are used as translators, it also seems that there unable to reproduce, maybe because of the child like body, but they pass there DNA by a type of imprint with pre-selected targets, usually kids, when a child is imprinted, the fist sign is that their skin peels off and they bleed from there pores, after if there of Airdren or Arkor decent, they rapidly deteriorate into a cocoon like state and then emerge as a Messenger several days later, if they were human then the muscles rip apart and turn them into a black writhing mass of tentacles, from there they emerge days later as a Messenger.
Human made 'Messengers' have two tails instead of one and are a little longer looking at an age of ten.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 04, 2010 11:28 am
by Neo ORB
The Nare 3rd Division: The Temptress and Songstress Variant's
Code Tag: "The Illusion"

The Temptress:

The Songstress:

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