Factbook of the Empire of Azanj (Ancient Tech)

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Factbook of the Empire of Azanj (Ancient Tech)

Postby Azanj » Tue Aug 17, 2010 11:28 am

This is Azanj's Ancient Tech Factbook, For Further Information on Azanj, See Its Modern Tech Factbook. Please See Its Questions and Answers Page If You Feel Like Asking Any Questions.
Above: A Map of the Azanji Empire
Basic Information
Formal Name: The Empire of Azanj
Informal Name: Azanj
Motto: Truth Alone Shall Prevail
Capital and Largest City: Jainagar
Official Language: Azanji
Demonym: Azanji
Government: Absolute Monarchy
Shah: Kurosh Azanj II
Grand Vizier: Dariush Abdul
Area: 1,648,195 Square Kilometres
Currency: Rupiya
Era: Antiquity
National Symbols:
National Animal: Azanji Lion
Royal Standard:
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The Empire of Azanj
"Truth Alone Shall Prevail"
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