Factbook of Acaiteron (FT)

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Factbook of Acaiteron (FT)

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Name: The Most Holy Hegemony of Acaiteron
Government Type: Hemony
Leader: His Majesty Holy Hegemon Peter Wiggin
Capitol: Acaiteron
Currency: The Credit
Colors: White and Gold
Current Government:
Holy Hegemon: Peter Wiggin
Holy Soomon: Valentine Anderson
Ministry of State: Minister Hyrum Graff
Ministry of the Treasury: Minister Laura Morales
Ministry of Justice: Minister Dink Meeker
Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Minister Carn Carby
Ministry of Defense: Strategos Ender Wiggin
Ministry of Importation: Aramil Seregend

System of Planetary Governance:
Worlds that fly the Holy Hegemony banner have their loyalties first and foremost to the Holy Hegemon, as he is the supreme leader of the Hegemony. Next in that line is the planetary Governor. The Governors are responsible for ensuring that the laws and commands of the Hegemon. Governors are also responsible for making sure that taxes are payed by citizens and corporations.

System of Military Governance:
The Acarian Armed Forces are under the supreme command of the Holy Hegemon, followed by the Strategos. The Hegemon may only declare wars with the Acarian High Command's (also known as the Admiralty, even though it is a mixture of Admirals and Generals that comprise it) approval and vice versa.
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(Coming Soon)

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Maineiacs wrote:The internet: Where the men are men, the women are men, and the children are cops.

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Maineiacs wrote:The internet: Where the men are men, the women are men, and the children are cops.

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Culture and Other Information:

In the Holy Empire, proper respect is of importance. It is expected for citizens to respect those in any military or law enforcement profession, with proper politeness and etiquette enforced. Those of lower station are expected to place their hand on their chest when making contact with those of more noble blood than them. All are expected to give the Holy Emperor and the royal family a military salute upon sight, those that do not are subject to a week in a prison cell, only those of royal blood are exempt from this law. Common courtesies are expected in all walks of life though, and being rude or impolite is a good way to get a beating in the rougher areas of cities.

Acairian Time and Calendar

Time is counted within the Empire based on the Sol model, with a few differences. The calendar is based on a 350-day year, with each day being 28 hours long. The 350 days of the calendar are divided into ten 35-day months. The eras in the calendar are divided into many different sections, with a new era starting whenever a new Holy Emperor is sworn in. If the Holy Emperor is descendant of the previous one, the family name is kept as the suffix.
Example: April 1, 12 in the Emil Era
This can be simplified into: A1, 12E
The current date is Monday August 8, 2010 in the Wiggin Era, or simplified, MA8, 2010W

The dead are treated differently depending on species and whether or not they were Myernist. If they are Acairian and practice Myernism, no one, not even the Holy Emperor outranks the deceased. Those that practiced Myernism are buried at the churches expense, with a rite from their chosen god to usher them into their waiting arms. Those unaffiliated with the church are free to their own funerals as written in their wills. Should no specific funeral be written down, no religious affiliations discovered, and relatives nowhere to be found the dead are cremated and their ashes jettisoned into space.

Dating and Marriage
The course of dating and marriage are different among the species of the Empire. Acarians take a rather serious approach to dating, with dating usually lasting around 5 years before marriage is considered.

There are three types of citizens, normal, sub, and slaves. Normal citizens are those born to parents of proper citizenry. Sub-citizens are immigrants and emancipated slaves, having to swear an oath to the Holy Empire, have another citizen vouch for them. Sub-citizens can become proper citizens by joining a branch of the Acairian Military and fighting in a campaign or proving themselves worthy in a number of other ways. Likewise a citizen can fall to sub status if they begin to rack up a debt or as a punitive measure for a number of minor infractions against the law. It is rare for citizens to descend to sub status; more often than not sub-citizens simply serve a term in the military and gain higher status. A slave is exactly as the name implies. Slaves exist to do their masters bidding.

The two categories observe different standards. Citizens enjoy the full protection of the law, are allowed to take large loans from banks, and can travel within and without the Holy Empire without restraint beside basic credentials. Sub-citizens do not enjoy such freedom. What would be an otherwise meaningless offense is a dire transgression for sub-citizens, and the fines levied for the crime are much higher. It can be hard for sub-citizens to find reliable loans of a sizeable amount, most banks not lending their services to them. Traveling requires many permits and payments, and even then sub-citizens will rarely be allowed to leave the nation.

Slaves are a common sight in the Holy Empire, though their status is not entirely obvious. Most work the jobs not wanted by the citizens, such as filling papers and answering phones in a cubicle or overseeing many dials and spinning wheels in a foundry. Others serve as reliable servants, living with their masters and often seeing better treatment than those that labor in the other industries. The wealthy retain prestigious or desirable slaves simply as status symbols, dressing them up in expensive regalia and seeing to their well being to ensure they stay fit and presentable.

As property slaves are denied all sapient rights, being classified in the same category as objects as opposed to people. Their owners may treat them as they wish; beating or slaying them being perfectly within the bounds of the law, but such acts will quickly see the owner black-listed by slave trading consortiums. Those other than the owner have to treat slaves as they would any other piece of property, with respect. The punishments for killing someone else’s slave can range from a heavy fine to a slow and painful public execution.


The Story of Creation:

In the time before time, before the universe was created, there existed El, a figure older then eternity itself and he drifted alone through never ending nothingness. He eventually decided to create something that would be able to hold living things. And so Els work on the universe commenced. He labored many eons to create the universe and even more time creating the galaxies surrounding and containing Acaiteron. Satisfied with his work, El set about creating other beings like him. His first creations were monstrosities, incredibly powerful, their hunger consuming entire worlds. El saw that this was bad, and he created a galaxy surrounded by black holes to contain the might of the original creations, known as the Originals. He saw what he had done wrong and went to work once more. His created 5 beings were much better then the Originals. They lived on many different planets for a long time before they started to complain about the planets. They were barren, just featureless spheres, and they begged El for the power to improve them. And so he did, granting a separate power to each one. And the 5 beings went and craved mountains, sculpted seas, populated the land with forests, and created beautiful planets. One planet outshone them all and this was Acaiteron. It was here that El decided to populate the planet with life. He created many types of animals to live on Acaiteron and for a while, that was enough.

After many years, the Gods asked their father, El, to create a superior being that would be able to do grand things and bring praise and worship to the Gods. And so El created Acarians, made in the Gods visage. And the Gods adored them. They walked with them, talked with them, helped to progress their society. However, Acarians were missing a source of heat and light, and as a result of this, many perished in the cold. The Gods once again pleaded with El to give them what they asked for. El then created Mot, who was bathed in flame, and Mot descended to Acaiteron to bring flame to the people. And for a long time they prospered, creating many new materials. Eventually, Acarians started to war with each other and there was no winner, as neither side could rely on a God to help their side with war. And the Gods panicked, as the only way to stop this never-ending war would be to descend and fight the war themselves, which would result in the destruction of Acaiteron. And so El created Dev, the God of War. El told Dev to help a side win the war. And so Dev descended to Acaiteron and won the war, although many lives were lost. The souls of these dead had nowhere to go, and were stuck drifting aimlessly on Acaiteron. So El granted one of his 5 children, Imortia, the ability to be the God of the Underworld. Yet the spirits still wandered, lacking a guide to bring them to the underworld. So El created Ashur, the Harbringer of Death and guide to the underworld so that Acarians could die and be lead to the underworld. El saw that these creations of destruction and death were necessary evils. And so he created more Gods until almost every aspect of everything was covered. That is the story of the creation of the Gods and the Acarians.

Practitioners of Myernism follow a loose set of guidelines proclaimed by the High Oracles as well as anything told to them by their respective God. Praying is not set on a timeline, it is done whenever an individual choses too, however, going more then a week without praying is considered taboo. Sacrifices can be made once every 3 months or more depending on the sacrificer. Gods are chosen at the discretion of the practitioner.

When a practitioner passes away, their soul is received by their patron God and judged. If they lived a life following their Gods ideals they are allowed to live with their God in whatever they perceive to be bliss and perfection. If the practitioner was unable to follow his God, then he would be judged by the God and a punishment delivered, though most had the practitioner manifesting as an animal. For those who had committed atrocities in the eyes of the Gods, the underworld was the only place for them. Terrible punishment lay in the Underworld for anyone unfortunate enough to be sentenced. As a side note, the souls from the war that had the underworld created in the first place were taken out of the underworld and taken in by El.

The Oracles of Myernism serve in a very diverse role although all are totally committed to their Gods. Oracles spread the word of the Gods, teaching others about the Gods,spreading the word, helping practitioners choose their God, and so much more. They are very noticeable given how many Oracles paint themselves and wear signs of their respective God.

El, the Father and Creator of All:
El is the creator of the Gods, people, everything. He is a kind and just God, although he is willing to do whatever is necessary for the safety of his children, the Acarians. El demands a drop of blood for a sacrifice to remind his followers that their lifeblood flows from him. Oracles of El generally were crimson garments with a vial of their spilled blood hanging from their necks.

Gu, the God of Earth and Building:
Gu is the God of Earth and Building, the sculpture of mountains, the creator of structures, and the God of those wishing to create structures and other physical works. A sacrifice to Gu is a lump of earth, formed into a mound. Oracles of Gu wear earthy looking robes, generally brown. An unofficial standard of the Oracles of Gu is to keep small jugs somewhere on their person, filled with earth from every battlefield they travel to.

Oro, God of Vegetation:
Oro is the God of Vegetation and Green Life. He is the God of those who admire beauty in flowers and plants. Oro requires a small garden to be kept, consisting of the purest items with nothing, such as weeds or stones, defiling the garden. Oracles of Oro wear green robes that usually have a vine pattern on it.

Tu, God of Water and Creator of Seas
Tu is the creator of all liquids and the God of those who are interested in creating poems, pieces of art, and other related arts. Oro requires his followers to keep a small pool of pure water, clean of all impurities such as algae, and for a piece of art to be created in his name. Oracles of Tu wear blue robes and carry a small vial of water taken from the Spring of Tu on Acaiteron.

Imortia, God of the Underworld
Imortia is the God of the Underworld, judger of dead, and keeper of souls. Imortia demands that his followers spend 1 month out of the year without their most prized possession in the hand of Imortia to symbolize how Imortia has control of the most powerful thing an Acarian can have, his soul. Oracles of Imortia wear black robes and have ice blue markings on their face.

Dev, God of War
Dev is the God of War and one of the most popular Gods of Myernism. Dev demands that his followers carve his name, or something fear inspiring, into their favorite weapon. Oracles of Dev usually wear blood red robes and carry a very visible sidearm.

Mot, God of Fire:
Mot is the God of Fire and Anger. He is the one who brought the sacred flame to Acarians in their time of need. Mots followers are required to keep a flame going in their house at all time. Oracles of Mot wear red robes with yellow flames at the bottom. They carry a miniature hearth around their neck, encased in gold.

Tao, Harbinger of Death and Guide to the Underworld:
Tao is the Harbinger of Death and the Guide of souls to the Underworld. Tao demands that an animals blood must be spilt in his name. Oracles of Tao wear black clothing, white jaws painted over their own, and they typically have a sword.

Jorna, Judge of All:
Jorna is the one that decides the fate of Acarians. She sentences them to either eternal paradise with their God, or eternal pain in the Underworld. Oracles of Jorna wear royal purple robes and have a set of gold scales around their necks.

Ranar, God of the Sun:
Ranar is the God of the Sun and Light. His followers are required to have a room in their house where the sun will always shine. Oracles of Ranar wear golden robes and have a gold sun disk around their neck.

Zuerte, Goddess of Love and Beauty:
Zuerte is the Goddess of Love and Beauty in Myernism. She demands that her followers have a rose that never dies, as a sign of how the rose represents love, and Zuerte is love. Her followers wear pink robes with a rose symbol over their heart.

Balanar, God of Hunting:
Balanar is the God of Hunting and is associated with hunting, archery, and snipers. Followers of Balanar are required to have a bow that is kept in top notch shape at all times. Oracles of Balanar wear camouflage robes and carry around the aforementioned bows.

Zar, God of Strategy and Wisdom:
Zar is the God of Strategy and Wisdom. His followers are the great thinkers and generals of the Holy Empire. He demands that his followers have a map detailing all of Acaiteron. Oracles of Zar wear green robes with a map on their chest.

Seena, Goddess of Agriculture:
Seena is the Goddess of Agriculture. She is the one who provides the necessary for Acarians to live. She requires that her followers have a patch of land where they farm. Her followers wear yellow and green robes and carry a bushel of corn.

Milnimar, God of Metalworking:
Milnimar is the God of Metalworking. Factories cannot build without his blessing for it is he who is the one that taught acarians how to create weapons, vehicles, anything involving metallic substances. His followers a required to have a forge and they must create a unique bladed weapon using that forge. Oracles of Milnimar wear red and black robes and carry a hammer and tongs.

Knerma, God of Weather
Knerma is the God of Weather. He is responsible for the rain, clouds, thunder, everything. Followers of Knerma are required to have a tattoo of a weather condition on their body. Oracles of Knerma wear blue robes with a gold thunderbolt from their shoulder to their hip.
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Acairian Military Equipment:


Siloner Pistol:
Weight: 2.5lbs
Length: 266.7mm
Calibre: .400 Corbon
Rate of Fire: 275rpm
Muzzle Velocity: 4225 ft/s
Effective Range: 275m
Magazine Capacity: 12-16 rounds

The Siloner Pistol is a superbly crafted weapon that has yet to find its equal in combat. Crafted from a solid block of Acairian Battle Alloy, the Siloner is surprisingly light for its size. The .400 Corbon is on par with the 10mm round with lower recoil and higher accuracy. The Siloner is available in a wide variety of caliber's, with the .400 being the most common. All the the user must do to change calibre is switching the barrel, bolt, and magazine. The Siloner Pistol is one of the most prized weapons a soldier has in his possession.

Jarathor SMG
Weight: 4.6lbs
Length: 500mm
Calibre: .45ACP
Rate of Fire: 750rpm
Muzzle Velocity: 4000 ft/s
Effective Range: 300m
Magazine Capacity: 35 rounds

The Jarathor SMG is a very compact, fast firing weapon used mainly in an urban warfare environment. It's compact size means that it can minimize it's wielders profile as he or she peaks out or around cover. The fast rate of fire, along with the accurate sights ensure that targets can be brought down quickly and efficiently.

Longbow Sniper Rifle
Weight: 9.48lbs
Length: 1219.2mm
Calibre: 13mm
Rate of Fire: 129rpm
Muzzle Velocity: 6500 ft/s
Effective Range: 7km
Magazine Capacity: 15 rounds

The Longbow Sniper Rifle has long downed enemies of the Holy Empire from afar. The Longbow uses a magnetic accelerator to achieve incredible distances that are over 5km. The longest recorded kill using a Longbow is from 10.23km away. The scope of this weapon is capable of reaching 525 times view. It is also capable of finding range, detecting wind speed, gravity, and much more allowing for the most accurate shot that the sniper can make.

Fathomere Assault Rifle
Weight: 8.9lbs
Length: 889mm
Calibre: 7.92mm, 40mm
Rate of Fire: 900rpm
Muzzle Velocity: 5250 ft/s
Effective Range: 3km
Magazine Capacity: 35 rounds

The Fathomere Assault Rifle is a very popular rifle in the Acarian Armed Forces due to its accuracy and raw firepower. The 6x scope can be adjusted for the rifle or the grenade launcher with a simple push of a button. This allows for total suppression of an area with accurate rifle and grenade fire.

Salafor Light Machine Gun
Weight: 12lbs unloaded, 16 loaded
Length: 1041mm
Calibre: 7.92mm
Rate of Fire: 1500rpm
Muzzle Velocity: 4500 ft/s
Effective Range: 1210m
Magazine Capacity: 200 rounds

The Salafor is a great all purpose machine gun. Coming in many different forms, the Salafor is capable of sharing magazines with the Fathomere assault rifle if the Salafor should run out of ammo. The Salafor has received the nickname of Peter's Saw due to the buzz saw noise that the gun makes when firing. There is no such thing as cover when a Salafor begins to fire.

Fiznav Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher
Weight: 25lbs
Length: 1340mm
Calibre: 50mm
Rate of Fire: 450rpm
Muzzle Velocity: 2500 ft/s
Effective Range: 3km
Magazine Capacity: 25 rounds

The Fiznav Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher is a innovative new rocket launcher. Consisting of 5 barrels, the Fiznav operates on the gatling principle, shooting out its 50mm rockets at a fire rate of 450 rounds a minute. Using a massively shock absorbing stock the Fiznav is able to put its rockets within a 5ft circle at 1km. The Fiznav is a very demoralizing weapon when it fires off its magazine in the midsts of an enemy formation.

Kazahad Designated Marksmen Rifle
Weight: 9.5lbs
Length: 1000mm
Calibre: 7.92mm
Rate of Fire: 350rpm
Muzzle Velocity: 6000 ft/s
Effective Range: 4.5km
Magazine Capacity: 20 rounds

The Kazahad DMR is the rifle for when a target is at medium to long range. With its 250 times variable, wind compensating, range detecting, gravity compensating and more, scope, the target is never too far away to hit. Capable of sharing magazines with the Fathomere rifle, ammo is never hard to find.

Nastash Shotgun
Weight: 10.5lbs
Length: 1,016mm
Calibre: 23mm
Rate of Fire: 350rpm
Muzzle Velocity: 4,500 ft/s
Range: 230m
Magazine Capacity: 20 rounds

The Nastash shotgun if loved by its users do to its reliability and its ability to effect massive amounts of damage with a single shot. It is used primarily in urban warfare, rarely being seen on large, open battlefields.

Mismar Anti-Armor Rifle:
Weight: 31lbs
Length: 1,575mm
Calibre: 27mm
Rate of Fire: 25rpm
Muzzle Velocity: 10,000 ft's
Range: 15km
Magazine Capacity: 3 rounds

The Mismar is a true beast of a weapon. Firing 27mm cannon rounds at amazingly high speeds, the Mismar is capable of penetrating most armors encountered on the battlefield. In a pinch it may serve as a sniper rifle, and job it fulfills easily with its 15km range.

Mormor Anti-Aircraft Missile Launcher:
Weight: 22.5lbs
Length: 1405mm
Calibre: 87mm
Rate of Fire: 75rpm
Muzzle Velocity: 6,500 ft/s
Range: 25km
Magazine Capacity: 4 missiles

The Mormor AAML is a 87mm dual purpose missile launcher primarily aimed at engaging aircraft although it is perfectly capable of taking on enemy armor.

Self Propelled Ground Vehicles:
Common Vehicles:

Mark 17 Light Tank
Weight: 55.9 tons
Length: 23.8ft
Width: 13.3ft
Height: 14.5ft
Speed: 106mph
-2x 37mm Auto Cannons
-200mm Railgun

The Mark 17 is a very popular tank among new tank crews due to how easy it is to operate and cheap to produce. The 37mm cannons deal with infantry and light vehicles, while the 200mm railgun is used against heavier targets requiring more firepower. Being available in large numbers, it is not uncommon for thousands of these tanks to be seen on the battlefield.

Mark 5 Medium Tank
Weight: 230 tons
Length: 26'7"ft
Width: 12'9"ft
Height: 9'10"ft
Speed: 56mph
-225mm Railgun
-300mm Mortar
-37mm Auto Cannon
-6x 30mm Auto Cannon
-4x 25mm Auto Cannon

The Mark 5 Medium Tank borders on being classified as a Heavy Tank due to its fierce and extensive armament. With 4 25mm guns protecting its back and sides, 6 30mm guns for soft targets, 300mm mortar for long range fire, and its 225mm railgun for heavy vehicles, the Mark 5 is more then capable of leveling small cities. Large amounts of armor protect it due to it having a bulky and large statue, ensuring that it is a prime enemy target.

Mark 7 Heavy Tank
Weight: 350 tons
Length: 26"06ft
Width: 16ft
Height: 9ft
Speed: 68mph
-2x 350mm Railguns
-45mm Railgun
-2x 12.7mm Railguns
-2x 6mm Railguns
-15mm Concealed Gatling Gun
-12x Gorner Missiles

The Mark 7 Heavy Tanks is the most powerful of the 'common' tanks, boasting an impressive armament. The Gorner missiles are able to hit enemies that are beyond LoS, the 6mm railguns deal with light Recon class vehicles, the 12.7mm railguns deal with light tank class vehicles, the 15mm Concealed Gatling pops up to deal with infantry, the 45mm railgun deals with medium tanks, and the massive 350mm railguns deal with heavy tanks. Only the most elite and experienced can hope to be placed in command of a Mark 7 tank. Bringing in a dozen of these tanks can turn the tide of a battle.

Mark 11 APC
Weight: 16.7 tons
Length: 27"8ft
Width: 10ft
Height: 10"7ft
Speed: 110mph
-45mm Variable Power Railgun
-15mm Concealed Gatling Gun

Troop Capacity: 12 troops

The Mark 11 APC is the primer troop transporter of the Holy Empire when in war. The 45mm VPR is capable of behaving as an Auto Cannon or a powerful railgun making it capable of dealing with a wide variety of foes. The 15mm Gatling gun is concealed until its power is needed, then it springs up and shreds enemy soldiers before the have a chance to react. It's high speed ensures that it can reach its target quickly and safely, with minimum damage to itself and its cargo.

Mark 4 Artillery
Weight: 58.9tons
Width: 13ft
Height: 15"7ft
Speed: 55mph
-450mm Cannon
-20mm Gatling
-9x Gorner Missiles

The Mark 4 Artillery is a fearsome vehicle. Capable of hitting targets 30km away and doing massive damage to them, the 'Pounder' is capable of destroying entire divisions before the lay eyes on the Mark 4. If need be the immense 450mm Cannon can be used in the Anti-Armor role, often times splitting tanks in half.The Pounder is inadequately protected against infantry and vehicular attack, so some sort of guard is a must for protection.

Mark 15 Anti-Armor Tank
Weight: 110 tons
Length: 29ft
Width: 10ft
Height: 11ft
Speed: 65mph
-2x 375mm Railguns
-Salafor Machine Gun

The Mark 15 Anti-Armor Tank is the bane of enemy vehicles. The Salafor MG holds off infantry and light vehicles as its twin 375mm railguns rip holes through enemy tanks and fortifications. The Mark 15 is not a slow tank, and enemy armor trying to escape the battlefield can expect to find themselves hunted down and gutted by the 15.

Mark 2 Anti-Aircraft and Recon Vehicle
Weight: 9 tons
Length: 11ft
Width: 6ft
Height: 5ft
Speed: 132 mph
-4x 30mm Cannons
-4x Harma Anti-Aircraft Missiles

The Mark 2 Anti-Aircraft Vehicle is a versatile anti-air unit that has a secondary anti-infantry function. Its low profile and high speed allow the Mark 2 to zip around and take minimal damage. The Mark 2 is also capable of, after a short modification, capable of operating as a UFV, Unmanned Fighting Vehicle. This allows for more ammo to be stored, and keeps the single crew member out of harms way. The Mark 2 is a pioneer in this field. The Mark 2 also doubles as a recon vehicle.

Uncommon Self Propelled Vehicles:

Mark 23 Long Range Artillery
Weight: 545 tons
Length: 63ft
Width: 18ft
Height: 24ft
Speed: 35mph
-3x 750mm Cannons

The Mark 23 Long Range Artillery is a massive weapon of war, capable of decimating targets up to 500km away. Its projectiles reach the very upper part of the atmosphere, where air resistance is at a minimum, to achieve this awesome range. The Mark 23 needs significant protection, especially anti-air due to the size of the Mark 23. Perhaps the most impressive ability of this weapon is its ability to deploy and un-deploy under 7 minutes. This allows for it to fire off its 3 cannons, then move whilst reloading, and repeat. Mark 23s are costly to build and deploy, so they are not used lightly.

Mark 17 Assault Gun
Weight:450 tons
Length: 34ft
Width: 11ft
Height: 12ft
Speed: 50mph
-550 Railgun
-20mm Concealed Gatling Gun

The Mark 17 Assault Gun was created for the purpose of destroying enemy fortifications. The 550mm railgun is capable of penetrating reinforced concrete like a knife through butter. The gun can also be turned on enemy vehicles, the shock from being hit by the 550mm is often times enough to destroy the vehicle. In an emergency situation, 12 soldiers can be carried on the inside of the tank.

Mark 1 Heavy APC
Weight: 650 tons
Length: 135ft
Width: 30ft
Height: 27ft
Speed: 40mph
-4x 30mm Auto Cannons
-8x Harma Anti-Aircraft Missiles

Capacity: 48 soldiers, 1 Heavy and 2 Light Tanks, 1 Helicopter.

The Mark 1 Heavy APC is a gigantic APC capable of carrying a small task force inside it. Carrying a platoon of soldiers, 2 light tanks,1 heavy tank, and a helicopter, all bases are covered. These APCs are used when large amounts of troops need to move from one location to the other.

Non-Self Propelled Guns:

Mark 4 Anti-Tank Gun
Weight: 2 tons
Length: 17ft
Width: 6ft
Height: 8ft
-88mm Railgun

The Mark 4 ATG is by far the most common ATG in use by the Holy Empire. Capable of piercing all but the heaviest of armor, the 88mm has been known to stop entire offensives by itself, albeit in large quantities. These weapons can be found on almost every battlefield, sounding the death bells of an enemy vehicle every time it fires.

Mark 23 Anti-Aircraft Gun
Weight: 5 tons
Length: 26ft
Width: 14ft
Height: 13ft
-4x 47mm Railguns

The Mark 23 AA Gun is common anti-aircraft piece used for, obviously, the suppression of enemy aircraft. In order to fire a the high altitudes that enemy planes fly it, the use of railguns is employed, allowing the 47mm rounds to easily reach their targets altitude. A variety of rounds are used, proximity being the most popular.
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Air Force


Darash Fighter:

Crew: 1
Length: 23m
Wingspan: 15.24m
Wing Area: 61.87 m²
Dry Thrust: 28,525lbf
Thrust with Afterburner: 42,550lbf
Thrust Vectoring: ±20° at 30° per second in pitch and yaw
Maximum Speed: 6.3 mach
-30mm Gatling Gun
-2x Narstad Short Range Air-to-Air Missiles
-3x Eramore Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles
-4x Teratore Long Range Air-to-Air Missiles
-6x Jarstad Multi-role Missiles

Berrymore Bomber:

Crew: 4
Payload: 250,000lbs
Length: 51m
Wingspan: 43m
Height: 13m
Wing Area: 215.2 m²
Dry Thrust: 19,650lbf
Thrust with Afterburner: 26,980lbf
Maximum Speed: 4.2 mach
-250,000lbs of munitions

Tristar Transport Plane:

Crew: 6
Length: 56m
Wingspan: 42m
Height: 10m
Wing Area: 300 m²
Dry Thrust: 15,230lbf
Thrust with Afterburner: 23,888lbf
Maximum Speed: 3.5 mach
Cargo Capacity: 242,508lbs

Desira Variable Geometry Helicopter:

Crew: 3
Length: 40m
Rotor Diameter: 33m
Height: 9.3m
Maximum Speed: 333mph
Cargo Capacity: 48 troops, 60 litters, 44,000lbs
-1x Tri-Barreled 30mm Gatling Gun
-1x 150mm Cannon

Jerathor Gunship

Crew: 4
Length: 26m
Wingspan: 29m
Height: 13.2m
Maximum Speed: 555mph
-2x 355mm Cannons
-1x 130mm Quad Barreled Rotary Autogun
-12x Zara Multirole Missiles
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