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Bodegraven's Encyclopedia (Factbook)

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The Constitutional Monarchy of Bodegraven's Encyclopedia (Factbook)
Location, Area, Coastline, Terrain and Climate
The Constitutional Monarchy of Bodegraven lies in Europe, and it's borders are the North Sea to the west, the river Lek to the South, The river IJ to the North and Bodegraven2 to the east. Bodegraven's land area is about 2.900 km², and the total area is about 3.500 km². The nation has a 60 kilometres long coastline on the westside, and is known for being extremely flat. The lowest point of Bodegraven is at 4.5 meters below sealevel and lies near the North Border. The highest point of the nation is a 20 meters high dune near the North Sea called Katwijkseberg. There are some lakes. There is a temperate seaclimate (Cfb), with rain troughout the year and average temperatures varying from 2.8°C in January to 17.4°C in July.
Bordering Nations
Bodegraven only borders to Bodegraven2 at the east side of Bodegraven, and the areas across our rivers are called "wastelands", because Bodegraven2 dumps nuclear garbage there and nobody lives there for that reason. There are no claims on that region, and Bodegraven doesn't claim areas of Bodegraven2, but Bodegraven2 claims the province of Utrecht, which is the entire eastern border of Bodegraven.
There are a few oil and natural gas fields in the North Sea, but there aren't any other resources except fresh water.
Land use, environmental information
70% of the area is used for buildings, 20% for pastures etc., 9% for recreation/national parks and 1% is used for roads. The government is very careful about the environment and puts strict rules for cars, factories and homes to minimize energy consumption and CO2 output. There are 2 national parks, the Reeuwijkse Plassen and the entire coastline. Both areas may be visited bay everyone, but you must walk there, and they're partially closed from March to May because birds are breeding there then. Garbage is recycled, and all the energy comes from renewable resources. The only environmental problem is the rise of the sealevel, because 75% oif the nation is below it and only 5% is 1 or more meters above sealevel.

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