The Allied States of Gesseria Factbook

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The Allied States of Gesseria Factbook

Postby Gesseria » Mon Jun 28, 2010 7:32 pm

This factbook is incomplete or has not been recently updated. A new factbook on NSwiki is under construction, and will replace this existing one.

The Allied States of Gesseria
"Our Most Notable Achievement is Doing Nothing Notable"


Compact Version


The Allied States of Gesseria is a small Eastern Pacific nation consisting of the islands belonging to the Gesserian Island group, located north of the Hawaiian islands, and south of Alaska. The individual islands of Gessen, Haeka, Ena, Gapa, and Piinosen form the states which make up the the country, with the national capital being Dalka, which is located on Gessen. Once a territory of the United States of America, it received its independence after World War II in the year 1948. Currently, the Allied States is rated as a developing nation; which is correctly applied. Economic growth is steady within the country, thanks to the presence of several large automobile manufacturing plants (Made for overseas companies. Thank you outsourcing!), furniture and craft making, and food production.

The Gesserian Military pales in comparison to those of its American and Canadian neighbors, as its main mission is national self-defense; not to wage war. Fighting smuggling and drug trafficking are also missions the military performs. A significant difference between the Gesserian Military and those of most nations, is the lack of an Army branch, which most nations possess. As a small group of islands, state and national leaders have found no need for such a branch, and instead established the 'Gesserian National Police Force' (GNPF), which takes on both the roles of law enforcement and national defense. Thus, the GNPF is equipped to handle both roles (As long as the budget allows, but it probably doesn't, so the GNPF probably isn't), but that is not to say that an IFV will be pulling a person over for speeding (We can't afford that! Gas is too expensive.). Strict regulation ensures that military-purposed materials are used only when needed by the situation, to prevent the possible unnecessary harm to people or property.

Map of the Main Gesserian islands


Map of the Island and State of Gessen


National Data

Full Name: The Allied States of Gesseria
Common Names: Gesseria, The Allied States
Abbreviated: ASG, GSRA
Motto: "Our Most Notable Achievement is Doing Nothing Notable"
National Animal: Mew Gull
Location/Coordinates (of Capital City Center): Northeastern Pacific Ocean (31.0. -168.4)
Region: The East Pacific
Closest Neighboring Nation: The United States of America (Midway Atoll)
Capital: Dalka, Gessen
Largest City: Dalka, Gessen
Time zone: UTC-10
Population: 102,285,479
Primary Languages: English, Gessi, Tagalog, Japanese
Descriptive Term: Gesserian
Independence: June 4, 1948
Government Type: Democratic Federated Presidential Republic
Executive Head (President): Pallen L. Sofu
Legislature: Congress
Legislative Head (Lead Congressional Speaker): Syna M. Rivera
Currency: the Pran
GDP: 69 Million USD
GDP Per Capita: 11,665USD
Unemployment: 7.47%
Driving side: Right
Calendar/date: mm/dd/yy (AD)
Calling Code: +1 534
Web TLD: .gz
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The Allied States of Gesseria Factbook

Postby Gesseria » Mon Jun 28, 2010 7:33 pm


Many aspects of the Gesserian government are based off those of the United States of America. In most cases, the setup and functions of the Gesserian government are exactly the same, along with names.

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch of Gesserian government is headed by a President, who is chosen by the Gessarian people through free elections. Included in the Executive Branch are the Chief Department Heads of the Federal Executive Departments.

- Federal Executive Departments
Department of Foreign Affairs - Deals with international relations.
Department of National Security - Oversees and controls all branches and activities relating to national defense and the military.
Department of Commerce - Deals with the nation's economic stability and growth.
Department of Health & Wellness - Manages all agencies concerned with the health of the nation's people general well-being.
Department of Education - Manages all agencies related to the nation's education system and enabling all citizens the right to learn.
Department of Justice - Oversees all agencies and matters pertaining to the enforcement of the nation's laws as well as the legitimacy of such laws.
Department of Transportation - Oversees all branches dealing with the nation's infrastructure and transportation.
Department of Resource Management - Manages all agencies related to energy production along with agriculture.
Department of Culture & History - Deals with protecting the traditions and past of the country and its citizens.

Each Presidential term lasts for 4 years, after which another election is held to decide the next President. The maximum amount of terms possible for the presidency is 2. Only Gesserians born within the country may become President, which is a rule that also applies for the Vice President. The minimum age for the Presidency is 25 years. A college education is also required.

-Notable Past Presidents - There have been 15 Presidents since the nation's independence in 1948. Of whom, only 1 was elected a second time.
Suicada L. Peltanci - Gesseria's 1st President. (That's notable enough right?)
Vanessa Nostolaga - 4th President, first female Presidential candidate, and the first female President.
Isaac Shimizu - 7th President, first and only President to serve 2 terms.
Steven Loronat - 10th President, removed the Gesserian Ground Defense Force as a branch of the military, and established the Gesserian National Police Force to hand both law enforcement and national defense. He was also involved in a scadal in which he was accused of having a secret stash of Girl Scout Cookies.
Haruhi Suzumiya - 13th President. It is unknown how this schoolgirl was elected President, as she was certainly below the age requirement, did not graduate college, and is not even a Gesserian citizen. Her Presidency is remembered for the complete deployment of Gesseria's military forces in the search for aliens, time-travelers, and espers. Suspicions arose that the President's Department Heads--one Yuki Nagato, Mikuru Asahina, and Itsuki Koizumi--were actually of the sort, but those suspicions were quickly put out by then-Vice President Kyon.

Legislature - The Gesserian Congress

The Gesserian Congress' main task is the creation of laws. Unlike the US Congress, which is split into two (The Senate and the House of Representatives), the Gesserian Congress is only comprised of one house which is made up by state representatives. Proposals for laws may be made by a single or a group of representatives from different states.

A representative is an elected official who 'represents' a district of their state in Congress. Each of the five Gesserian states are divided into districts, of which comes 3 representatives each. The terms for representatives lasts for 2 years, but they may hold as many terms in office as they choose, as long as they are re-elected to the position.

Congressional Districts:
Dalka - Total Representatives (15)
- DL District 1
- DL District 2
- DL District 3
- DL District 4
- DL District 5
Piinosen - Total Representatives (6)
- PN District 1
- PN District 2
Ena - Total Representatives (9)
- EN District 1
- EN District 2
- EN District 3
Gapa - Total Representatives (3)
- GP District 1
Haeka - Total Representatives (6)
- HK District 1
- HK District 2

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch is lead by the Gesserian Supreme Court. Its jurisdiction covers all matters relating to the enforcement of laws along with the legitimacy of such. The Supreme Court has the power to find any law illegitimate or against ones' personal rights and freedoms. In this case, the law may be repealed or the person prosecuted for violating the law may be pardoned.

The Supreme Court consists of 5 associate Justices and 1 Chief Justice. The appointment of Justices lies within the Presidents responsibility, although they must first be approved by Congress.

Supreme Court Justices:
Chief Justice Richard K. Pastufu
Associate Justices Michael Pulikei
Julia Cala
Philip R. Santos
Joyce Matsuda
Gary Selanka

Gesserian States

The five Gesserian States are Gessen, Haeka, Ena, Gapa, and Piinosen. While there are many more islands within the country's territories, only the 5 largest are inhabited and recognized as states, with any smaller inhabited island falling under the jurisdiction of the closest state. Each state is then divided into smaller administrative districts whose people and needs are represented in the State Senate. A governor serves as the head of the state government, whose powers are similar to those of the President, only on a state level.
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The Allied States of Gesseria Factbook

Postby Gesseria » Mon Jun 28, 2010 7:34 pm


The economy of the AS is supported mainly by automobile manufacturing, furniture and craft works, and food production. The food production industry is composed mostly of individually owned farms which grows crops mainly for local markets. To a lesser extent, ship building and general product manufacturing are also prominent Gesserian industries.


To lower production costs, many companies outsourced their production lines to foreign countries. One of the many countries chosen is the AS, which although has nowhere near the level of production China received, still has a considerable amount. The most noticeable companies are the American and Japanese auto giants such as General Motors, Ford, and Honda. Manufactured items are usually exported to other parts of the world, but are also sold locally in smaller numbers.

Major Foreign Companies
General Motors Gesseria - Dalka Manufacturing Plant - Production of Chevrolet Tahoe, Suburban, and Silverado
Ford Auto Manufacturing Plant Vandaen - Production of electronic components, transmissions, and Ford Fiesta
Honda Motor Assembly Gesseria - Dalka - Production of electronic components, mirrors, brakes, and Honda Civic and Accord (North American Versions)
Dole Gesseria - Operates a number of fruit farms throughout the country. Equal amounts of produce are exported and sold locally
McDonald's Fast Food Chain - Has numerous establishments throughout the country serving fast food
Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Fast Food Chain - Has numerous establishments throughout the country serving fast food
Popeye's Chicken and Biscuits Fast Food Chain - Has numerous establishments throughout the country serving fast food

Major Domestic Companies
New Allied Automotive Assembly Plant - Gull Point(NAAAPGP) - Production of Toyota Hi-ace, Hi-lux, Corolla (North American Version), and Coaster.
New Allied Automotive Parts Manufacturing - Gull Point (NAAPMGP) - Production of electronic components, windshields, and engine components for Toyota, General Motors, Suzuki and Taglanta.
Taglanta Motors - Commercial trucks brand and the only domestic automotive brand. Produces vehicles similar to Mitsubishi Fuso
Kolaena Dairy - Produces dairy products like eggs and milk which are sold locally. It is most known for its award winning cheese, which is also exported to foreign countries.
Ena State Craft Works - Produces a variety of goods from furniture to shipping containers
Tuyonoto Shipbuilding and Dry docks - Produces seafaring vessels from fishing boats to container ships. It occasionally constructs and maintain the few ships of the Gesserian Navy
Gesserian Gull - Clothing brand (Gesserian version of American Eagle, a real life American clothing brand)
Silsan Mart/SilMart - Supermarket chain with stores throughout the country
Kansan - Superstore similar to a Wal-mart or Tesco
Tilba Media - Regional media distributor. Thanks to them, DVDs and CDs line the shelves of Tilba-tainment stores, which are also owned by Tilba
Gessair - State owned airline and the flag-carrier of the Allied States. Operates primarily domestic flights, with several international routes.

The Pran

The national currency of the Allied States is the 'pran', which was adopted upon the nation's birth. 2.5 prans is equal to 1 USD. Paper bank notes and coins are both in use, with denominations equal or lower than 5 using coins, and denominations higher than 5 using bank notes. On each pran is depicted a key Gesserian historical figure, location, or some random junk they decided to put as a design.

Buying Trends

Foreign brands are ever popular on the Gesserian market, and dominate the auto and electronics industry. Foreign cars built both abroad and locally fill the streets, with the exception of commuter and commercial vehicles, like buses and trucks. Luckily, consumers prefer to purchase Gesserian brands of clothing, which tend to be more affordable than foreign ones (They are also locally made, which is a nice bonus).


Transportation within cities and states focus on road based travel such as cars and buses, while interstate travel is more based on a crowded ferry system and under-equipped air service.


In-state land-based transportation is managed by either the state governments or cities, but regulated by the Federal Department of Transportation. Land-based transportation includes operations of city buses and rail, along with intercity buses and rail. Transit operations do not overlap, but multiple Authorities may operate in a single city. The city authority may operate city-suburb service, but cannot route to cities a certain distance away. State authorities may operate in towns or cities freely as long as they do not have their own transit authorities. States must also maintain their own highway systems, which are vital to Gesserian industry.

A basic way of describing the State and City transit authority relationship is:
City Transit = Within City
State Transit = Connecting Cities, and within cities that do not have their own city transit.

While it may be easier to operate a single entity which covers all services, the current system seems to cost less.

Examples of Major Land Transportation Authorities
Dalka Metropolitan Transit Authority (DALMETA) - Operates bus and rail services throughout the city of Dalka, surrounding suburbs, and the nearby city of Liyajo.
Gessen State Transportation Authority - Operates bus and rail services throughout the state of Gessen, and connects all population centers to each other.
Vandaen Transportation System - Operates bus service within the city of Vandaen


The Gesserian Interstate Ferry Service(GIFS) carries the bulk of passengers moving from one state to the other, as it is the only transportation system with routes to every inhabited island in the country. Its fleet utilizes aging ships with capacities too small to allow the service to function smoothly. Attempt have been made to modernize the fleet to improve service, but budgeting has always been a problem for such projects. Unfortunately for commuters and travelers, it is only one of two choices, with the other choice faring not much better.

With all cities situated close to the shore, each one is accessible by ferry. Most routes only accept passengers, but routes between major cities may also transport automobiles.


The second form of interstate travel is through the air. Gessair, a state-owned low-cost airline, which is the flag-carrier of the Allied States, operates routes to all inhabited states within the country that possess a functional airfield. It was made a goal by the government to improve air service throughout the country, and possibly invest more money into Gessair to start more international flights.

Dalka International


Quick Information
Airport Type: Public
Owner: City of Dalka Operator: Gessen State Transportation Authority
Serves: Dalka and surrounding areas Hub for: Gessair
Runways: 2 Runway Directions: 11/29 - 4/22 Runway Lengths: 7,003ft - 12,104ft

Dalka International Airport serves as the country's primary gateway to the world. Through Gessair's single direct flight from Dalka to Honolulu, Gesserian citizens can access the United States and any other destination reachable through Honolulu. It is a common stopover for transpacific flights, and also a primary destination for cargo carriers.

On June 8, 2010, the Department of Transit initiated the lengthening of runway 4/22 from the original 6,800ft to the new 12,104f. This was done to promote Dalka and Gesseria as a whole, as a destination for overseas carriers.

Despite, the country's general laziness, its Customs & Immigrations Department are one of the most well operated in the Pacific. This can be seen at the airport, where the C&I line is always moving, and business always done quick and smooth, but still in a friendly manner. If emergency situations arise, the GNPF's Immediate Response Units (IRUs) which are based on-site.*

*Dalka International Airport shares its land with Tori M. Altaru AFB of the Gesserian Military, because it saves land...and of course money.




Gessair came to existence in 1951 as Gesserian Inter-Island Air, operating a single Douglas DC-4 for flights from Dalka to Enatoke and Gapatan. Its two hubs are Dalka International Airport, and Gapatan - Laura P. Santiago Airport. The secondary hub at Gapatan was required to increase the convenience of passengers flying from Gapatan to Gull Point, the longest domestic flight served. Domestic services are the bulk of Gessair's operation, although international flight to Honolulu and Guam are also operated daily.

In addition to passenger service, Gessair also operates freighters under the name Gessair Freight. It currently operates 737s and 727s which can be converted from passenger to freight operations depending on need.

Gessair Fleet

NAMC YS-1142 Ex-All Nippon Airways, 1 Ex-Japan Air Commuter
Bombardier/DeHavilland DHC-8-3005
Bombardier/DeHavilland DHC-8-4004Youngest aircraft in fleet
Boeing 737-3002All Fitted with winglets
Boeing 737-4003
Boeing 737-7007All fitted with winglets
Boeing 767-200ER2
Boeing 767-300ER3

Gessair/Gessair Freight

Boeing 737-200QC3Convertible Passenger-Freight
Boeing 727-100C1Convertible Passenger-Freight
Boeing 727-200F2
Boeing 757-200PF2
Airbus A310-200F1
Airbus A300F4-6002

Gessair Liveries

The most frequently seen livery was first introduced in 1989. It incorporates the colors of the Gessarian flag, as well as the two stars design. While a new livery was introduced in 2007, it has yet to be applied on all aircraft, and most are still seen in the 1989 livery.

1989 Livery


2007 Livery

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The Allied States of Gesseria Factbook

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The Gesserian population is relatively small when compared to many others. It is composed of numerous races and if one would hold such views, species.

Ethic Groups

Native Gesserians (Descendants of the original Gesserian people who inhabited the islands before its discovery by European explorers) make up the bulk of the national population. Filipinos, Japanese, and native Hawaiians also make up considerable amounts of the population.

62% - Native Gesserian
12% - Filipino
10% - Japanese
9% - Other
7% - Native Hawaiian

Species (Humanoid beings)

While Human beings compose the vast majority of the Gesserian population, there are many citizens who may be deemed their own species by the international community. These include Anthropomorphic beings and androids (Constructed to be as human-like as possible, to the point of having artificial flesh and hair).

Each nation tends to hold its own way of classifying beings. Human beings who may possess...peculiar animal-like traits, are sometimes put into their own species. The Gesserian Department of Health & Wellness does not classify these people as non-human or their own species(Whether they like it or not), but simply 'human beings who may possess animal-like features'.

Humanoid beings, on the other hand, are classified as their own species.

Gesserian DOHW Official Citizen Classification Guide - Simplified (Based off national census data and the global registry of species.)
Human - a person, pl. people. The majority of residents in the Allied States of Gesseria and the world.
Specially Classified Humans - Humans possessing distinctive animal-like features, usually cat/fox-ears and]
[tab=12]Catgirl (AKA. Neko or Nekomimi) - Human female possessing cat-like traits. Catboys have been recorded in Gesserian hospitals, but are much more rare than Catgirls.

Foxgirl - Human female possessing fox-like traits. Like Catboys, Foxboys are also registered in hospital records, but are also very rare.
Humanoid/Animalistic Beings (AKA. [Insert Animal]-people) - Beings possessing characteristics resembling that of a human. Unlike catgirls & foxgirls, these beings resemble animals more so than they do human, but only appearance wise. Fur, snouts, and paws, along with whatever trait may be present on the animal they were evolved from, are also present on these beings. While they hold a heavy resemblance to animals appearance wise, they resemble humans mentally. (ie. Starfox characters)
Androids - People, though not really people. They are mechanical beings with the exact physical appearance of a human, although their train of though may be different. While mechanical, they are still considered life-forms.
Example: Human thought
"Oh, I have to go buy some tuna for dinner. I'll pass by the supermarket later."
Example: Android Thought
"Oh, I have to go buy some nothing for dinner. I won't pass by the supermarket later, since I don't need to eat!

These citizens are mainly from foreign container ships which may have beached on Gesserian shores due to the lack of light houses on aforementioned shores. As it is illegal to manufacture androids in Gesseria (Parts for maintenance must be purchased by the android him/herself from a foreign country), the population is expected not to rise. Also, with the construction of new lighthouses on Gesseria's shores, ships containing more androids are less likely to become beached.

Gesserian DOHW Official Immigrant Species Guide - Simplified (Based off national census data and the global registry of species.)
Immigrant Species - A species of sentient life not native to the Gesserian Islands. Though not native to Gesseria, they may immigrate or visit the islands from foreign nations. Foreign species may range from humanoid aliens, dinosaurs, to genetically altered beings and literal vegetables.

92% - Human
5% - Humanoid/Animalistic Beings
2.4% - Immigrant Species
0.6% - Androids

Culture & Lifestyle

Gesserian life is rather simple, although it may vary by person, environment, and age. Rural life could be the same or completely different from urban life, and each person may view their situations in different ways.

A typical Gesserian childhood revolves mainly around their (compulsory) education. Going to school is not only where they learn for the future, but also where they make friends and develop social lives. Extracurricular activities within primary (elementary) schools include sports, and music. School is often the most visited place for typical Gesserian children, second only to perhaps their homes.

During the teenage years, school is still prominent in the lives of Gesserian youth. In high schools, work difficulty is increased, and extracurricular activities include sports, music, and now student created clubs (With the authorization of several teachers). Adolescence brings about new challenges for most Gesserian youth to face, such as learning to drive, independence from parents or guardians, intimate relationships, career choices, alcohol, and many other things typical of teenagers. How they fare varies by person, but most usually end up...okay (Okay? Not good or great?).

Young Adulthood/Adulthood
Considered as a part of youth or adolescence, young adulthood tends to revolve around graduating high school and entering higher learning (college) or obtaining a job. Most people at this age would attend college or university to meet the requirements their career choices may hold. Smaller amounts would immediately join the workforce or go into military service.

This is primarily where the bulk of most experiences are made. Adulthood brings about family and work, depending on the individual, which continues until they grow old, or their children reach young adulthood.

At this age most Gesserians would like to work simpler jobs, or just retire. What they decide to do with their lives at this point is a more personal matter, of which a survey was not yet made or mailed out.


Christianity, mainly Roman Catholicism, is the dominant religion in the Allied States. Islam, Shintoism, and Buddhism are also present within the country. Original Native Gesserian religions are practiced by small groups, and is preserved mainly through records kept by the Department of Culture & History.

75% - Roman Catholic
12% - Other Christian Religions
6% - Shintoism
5.4% - Buddhism
2% - Islam
0.4% - Other

Art & Music

The arts are heavily appreciated by the Gesserian people. Museums and concert halls are some of the more popular sites visited within Gesserian cities. While not possessing internationally renown artists or musical groups, most citizens are content with their local performers and enjoy seeing and listening to their works and performances.

Crafts such as sculpture and pottery can range from native Gesserian works to modern abstract creations. Paintings are generally of local landscapes or scenes, which do not tend to get as much attention as the more unusual works (where it may take 30 minutes to find out what the painting depicts).

Music is important to the Gesserian lifestyle. It is used to relax and used to get pumped up. It is also one of the most popular forms of entertainment nationwide. Recent polls show 83% of Gesserian citizens prefer to listen to the radio than watch television (Note this survey was one of the only ones where more than 80% of survey recipients replied at all). General opinions stated that listening to the radio allowed easier multitasking than watching the TV.

Popular genres of music include Classical, 70s-80s American & British Rock, Alternative, Pop, and Rap. Common, but less popular are Country, Folk, K-Pop, J-Pop, and Opera.


While not as popular as radios, televisions in Gesseria are still common, as in most countries. Most channels provided are local networks, which provide local news along with various non-news programming; national networks, which provide mostly news that occur nationwide and internationally; sports networks, local public access, and a variety of other channels.

Popular Stations
Gesseria Nationwide Network (GNN) - Similar to CNN, even in name.
GNS News 5 - Dalka (GNS-NBN) - Local news network for the Dalka Metropolitan Area.
ASN 11 - Enatoke (ASN-NBN) - Local news network for the city of Enatoke.

Recreation/Outdoor Activities

Every Gesserian enjoys some time outdoors. From walking, running, biking, swimming, playing sports, or just sitting in a park, being outside is an enjoyable activity for all Gesserians. Beaches are never completely empty, and city plazas are popular hang-outs for kids.

The most popular sports in the country are baseball, football (soccer), and lacrosse. All Gesserian public schools have baseball, soccer, and lacrosse teams which play against each other. In addition, track & field teams are also maintained by Gesserian schools. Swimming, American football, basketball, and tennis are also also have a considerable following, but there are no official school teams for those sports.

National Sports Associations
National Gesserian Baseball League - Oversees and regulates professional baseball, as well as nationwide school tournaments
Gesserian Football Federation - Oversees and regulates professional football (soccer), as well as nationwide school tournaments
Gesserian National Lacrosse Association - Oversees and regulates professional lacrosse, as well as nationwide school tournaments
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