Factbook of The Galactic Empire of Joshuahood (FT No Post)

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Factbook of The Galactic Empire of Joshuahood (FT No Post)

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The Senatus Populusque of Joshuahood
"Senatus Populusque Joshuahood"

Fast Facts

The Senatus Populusque refers to the nation on Similidomus and its political, social, and economic systems.
The Galactic Empire refers to the above, only inclusive of the rest of the nation/empire on other planets.
The white on Joshuahood's flag represents the purity and honesty of the nation and its government.
The red lightning bolts on Joshuahood's flag represents its citizens' willingness to fight for the nation.
The yellow circle on Joshuahood's flag represents balance, wholeness, and prosperity for Joshuahood.
The black double- headed eagle on Joshuahood's flag represents bravery, professionalism, cleanliness, dignity, and nobleness.


The Senatus Populusque of Joshuahood is a massive, economically powerful nation, ruled by Imperator Romulus Marcus Titus with a fair hand, and notable for its museums and concert halls. Its hard-nosed, intelligent population of about 9.843 quadrillion (Joshuahood Year 13157 estimate, based on 13155 Census data and population growth rate) have some civil rights, but not too many, enjoy the freedom to spend their money however they like, to a point, and take part in free and open elections, although not too often.

It is difficult to tell where the omnipresent government stops and the rest of society begins, but it juggles the competing demands of Defense, Law & Order, and Education. It meets every day to discuss matters of state in the capital city of Joshuahood City. The average income tax rate is 100%. A powerhouse of a private sector is led by the Gambling, Arms Manufacturing, and Woodchip Exports industries.

Skateparks can be found in every city, the government is seen to favor Catholics, Regulus is one of the most popular forenames in Joshuahood, and all footpaths have tollbooths. Crime is totally unknown, thanks to the all-pervasive police force and progressive social policies in education and welfare. Joshuahood's national animal is the regulus, which is also the nation's favorite main course, and its currency is the aureus.
The nation used to run under the economic system Joshualism (explained later), until rising population made it impossible to run under it. Now it runs under Social Capitalism.

Joshuahood is located on a recently terraformed planet called Similidomus, in the Joshuahood Galaxy. The nation takes up the entire planet. Joshuahood also has control of 3 other planets besides Similidomus that are in the Milky Way Galaxy, these being Nemorosus, Ferremundus, and Fonsmundus, making Joshuahood the center of a large galactic empire, aptly named The Galactic Empire of Joshuahood.


Joshuahood has claims to 3 planetary systems in the Milky Way Galaxy: Nemorosus, Ferremundus, and Fonsumundus systems, named after notable planets in the system. The country also has claims to 7 planetary systems in the Andromeda Galaxy, 2 in Messier 81, 17 in the Cartwheel Galaxy, 3 in the NationStates Galaxy, as well as all of the Joshuahood Galaxy. The following is a list of the planetary systems Joshuahood has laid claim to, excluding those in the Joshuahood Galaxy (except for Similidomus). All planets in the systems are habitable (many were terraformed), to some degree, and were not taken from any intelligent native species. Note: All moons of the planet (not the system) Nemorosus were sold.
Key: Joshuahood G. Milky Way G. Andromeda G. Cartwheel G. Messier 81 G. NationStates G.

  1. Similidomus- 6 planets in system
  2. Farstustas- 4 planets in system
  3. Nemorosus- 2 planets in system
  4. Ferremundus- only planet in system
  5. Fonsmundus- 4 planets in system
  6. Garatralia- 9 planets in system
  7. Hartrilist- 2 planets in system
  8. Dranolistia- 5 planets in system
  9. Vardestia- 5 planets in system
  10. Cerberus- 1 planets in system
  11. Hades- 2 planets in system
  12. Caphelitia- 3 planets in system
  13. Sorbentisius- 5 planets in system
  14. Warstentus- 8 planets in system
  15. Razzistimosus- 6 planets in system
  16. Kudmunten- 2 planets in system
  17. Jugmustus- 7 planets in system
  18. Jarstust- 4 planets in system
  19. Brostinea- 7 planets in system
  20. Setheritus- 2 planets in system
  21. Uscutinus- 5 planets in system
  22. Quistibravus- 3 planets in system
  23. Charbevus- 6 planets in system
  24. Titus- only planet in system
  25. Styxironus- only planet in system
  26. Vellitratus- 3 planets in system
  27. Bastintusin- 5 planets in system
  28. Harbunusin- 7 planets in system
  29. Shiptopis- only planet in system
  30. Lyrovias- 8 planets in system
  31. Pluvivinus- 4 planets in system
  32. Sarnestin- 2 planets in system
  33. Aureus Prime- 12 planets in system
  34. Goliath Prison- only planet in system
  35. Voltrixir- 5 planets in system

Total Number of Systems in Empire (above number): 35
Total Number of Planets (above number): 149
Total Number of Systems in All of the Empire: 21 billion (approx.)
Total Number of Planets in All of the Empire: 87.5 billion (approx.)

Note: Many planets are used for habitation. Others are used for mining/other uses.

Very Brief Summary of Description of Planets (such as the planet Similidomus)(See above for names. It goes in order):
  1. Similar to Earth, entire planet is Joshuahood City, along with others in air, underground, underwater, in space
  2. Capital system of the Alliance of Technologically Advanced Nations (AOTAN)
  3. Huge rare element Attodasorite mine, no settelment allowed
  4. Huge iron mine, hot, tough conditions
  5. All freshwater, vacation resort for rich
  6. Vast plains for food growth
  7. Huge silver mine, tougher conditions that Ferremundus
  8. Vacation resort for government only (although government officials can go to other resorts if they wish- Fonsmundus is better but has civilians)
  9. Huge factory, produces mainly ships
  10. Joshuahoodite jail for the country's worst
  11. International jail built by Joshuahood for mankind's worst
  12. Huge crystal mine
  13. Vast sugar fields and a huge candy factory
  14. Training ground for Joshuahood's soldiers under all conditions
  15. Vast plains for food growth
  16. Huge silicon mine
  17. Huge uranium mine
  18. Huge plutonium mine
  19. Huge diplomatic university (Brostinea University of Diplomacy) and site for peace talks/diplomatic sessions
  20. Huge scientific laboratory for the research of diseases
  21. Huge factory for the production of blades (swords, knives)
  22. Huge scientific laboratory for the study of elements, compounds, their interactions, and the discovery of new ones
  23. Huge carbon mine
  24. The Titus Family's own planet (gift from Senate 4744 years ago)
  25. Religious (primarily Roman Catholic) capital of The Galactic Empire (and also the furthest away from Similidomus)
  26. Huge Factory for the production of clothes
  27. Huge communication center for the Empire
  28. Huge trade center for the Empire
  29. Planet for the storing of the Empire's large fleet (when not in use)
  30. Huge factory for the production of firearms, both government and civilian
  31. Huge library and archives, all for public use
  32. Planet used to test explosives, other planets in system are used for other weapons testing
  33. Huge trade center for the Empire
  34. Huge prison for Joshuahood's worst
  35. Huge power system where electricity is beamed to various parts of The Empire

In addition to these planets, there are also other planets in the same system. Most are for mining other elements, although some are used for the same purposes as some of the ones mentioned above, even within the same system. For example, one of the other planets in the Pluvivinus System is used for the careful storage of the hard copies of the information stored digitally on the planet Pluvivinus (i.e. books, scrolls, etc.). Most planets in the same system are related in their subject. For example, all four planets in the Pluvivinus System are history- related- the other two planets not mentioned are museums for ancient-present artifacts and ancient-present animals. Other planets in these systems may be used for habitation, although the cost of living can be very high depending on what other planets are in the system. For example, other planets in the Fonsmundus System would cost a lot to live there, because of how close it is to the planet Fonsmundus.



The Armed Republic of Joshuahood was founded 13157 years ago by Romulus Aurelius Titus (ancestor of our current leader Imperator Romulus Marcus Titus), who unified the ancient city-states of Joshuahood to fight against the immortal King of the Reguluses. This unification led to the creation of The Armed Republic of Joshuahood.


The Armed Republic of Joshuahood's politicians, from different political parties, became corrupt and bipartisanship was unheard of. Taxes were high, and the economy was bad. This led to the general public to revolt against their weak and unstable government, which collapsed after 518 years of existence. Once the government was gone, the people returned to their old city-states.


1023 years after the collapse of The Armed Republic of Joshuahood (11616 years ago), the people decided that they would try to create the old government again, only with much stricter rules, including elections for a president-for-life. Marcus Ignatious Titus, descendant of Romulus Aurelius Titus, was elected the first president, and ruled well. Since then, the presidency has remained in the Titus family, despite the fact that there are president elections once the president dies.


Joshuahood, on Similidomus, has seven mountains rich with varying amounts of radio- active substances deep in their centers, which are very carefully mined. From these mountains, there are three rivers that supplies most of Joshuahood with freshwater. Joshuahood has small gold, silver, iron, and copper mines, and all of the oil it produces comes from the Joshuahood Desert. In Joshuahood City, the largest city and the capital, all land is used for urban development, businesses, infrastructure, and housing. Joshuahood City covers the entire planet's surface, and has many oxygen factories. Other cities on Similidomus are underground, underwater, flying, or in space orbiting the planet.


Joshuahood's economy was on the rise for the past 100 years or so, and has made it to an economic rating of "Frightening," but this figure has since gone to "All- Consuming" since the recent terrorist attacks. Income tax rate is 100%. The country operates under the economic system Joshualism. GDP is about $92 trillion, GDP per capita is almost $30,000, and the unemployment rate is 2.68%. Over 6 billion kilowatts are produced per day, and 5 billion kilowatts are consumed per day. The excess is sold to other nations. Joshuahood has a trade deficit of about $3.75 billion. Joshuahood's main focus is on defense, which makes up 22% of its budget. Joshuahood's exchange rate is 1 aureus note = $1.4496.


The old currency of Joshuahood was the aureus, a coin made of gold. Recently, it was replaced with the aureus note, a fiat currency made out of strong reinforced, paper. About 1,000 aureus coins were sent to the Pluvivinus System to be put in museums. The rest were smelted down into gold bullion, to back the new aureus note:


Fig. 1- Picture taken in the National Treasury Vault, of a tiny portion of the gold bullion



Fig. 2- Top left: Rank of 7- Star General. Top Right: Rank of Private. Bottom: Rank of Lieutenant- General.

Joshuahood's total fighting force, including reserve and maximum government conscription, makes up .005% of its total population, about 49,210,000,000,000 people, although a force this large will only be used if the government were about to collapse. Branches of the military are the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Guard, and Domestic Navy. All Joshuahood citizens wishing to join the military must be between the ages of 18 and 45, and must be able to prove Joshuahood citizenship. 22% of Joshuahood's budget is spent on defense.


Legislative Branch

Joshuahood's Legislative Branch is made up of a Senate made up of 3.281 billion Senators, 1 from each planetary system region (seven systems to a region), and elected by those with that system's citizenship every 10 years. It is the Senate who writes up the laws, which must be signed by the President-for-Life. In order to maintain an effective system of governance, the Senators' election periods are staggered every year. 32.81 million Senators from each system are elected each year, resulting in a maximum of 328.1 million new Senators each year in the Senate. The Senate meets in the capital city, Joshuahood City, once every year. There is no term limit for Senators, and if a Senator shall die while in office an election will be held to replace the deceased Senator. The head of the Senate is automatically the Lower Minister of Legislative Activities, and relays proposed and passed laws to the President-For-Life, but they may not do anything else with the President-For-Life. Senators must have been born in Joshuahood (automatic citizenship) and be at least 25 years old. The only powers Senators have are to propose laws to the President-For-Life, and the ability to impeach the President-For-Life with a 4/5 vote.

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch of Joshuahood is made up 100 Supreme Court Judges, chosen by the President-For-Life. Their term is for life, and they are the judges for violations concerning governmental incidents, such as corruption. At a trial, they are completely impartial, and only 7 are required.

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is made up of the President-For-Life and his Ministers. There are seven Ministers: Minister of Defense, Minister of Internal Affairs, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of the Treasury and Economic Growth, Minister of Energy, Minister of Education, and Minister of Agriculture. The President-For-Life chooses them. Lower Ministers are Ministers for the President-For-Life's Ministers; they are in charge of sub-areas, i.e. the Lower Minister of Small Arms reports to the Minister of Defense.

The Council of Seven

Members of an ancient, collapsed alien civilization, The Council of Seven is a council in Joshuahood. They are made up of the seven Councilmen of the collapsed government. Despite once being in power, they now prefer to sit and meditate, practicing their powers of the mind. They are immortal except for when something kills them, so long as they drink at least cup per year of a special elixir they make. Unfortunately, they will not give it up for testing, and when a Joshuahoodite Human tasted a drop of it they died within the hour. They will remain alive as long as something deadly, such as a bullet, does not kill them. Their bodies do not degrade, and they are immune to all known diseases and ailments. They may take whatever form they please, as well as past forms of themselves, but they prefer to take the form of their current age. The Council does not like to talk about their past, but it is known that their civilization was in a great war more than a millennium ago, and were defeated. Their entire empire collapsed from the outside in, their planets exploding one by one. They claim that they are the only ones that survived, and so far, extensive searches by the Joshuahoodite government have backed these claims. They claim that, after the fall of the empire, their ship escaped their home planet and took them far away. They lasted for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years before being found by a Joshuahoodite scouting mission, still in their ship. Having lived for such a long time, they are very knowledgeable, and can speak many languages. They are used for general inquiries by the President- For- Life, as well as advise. Endlessly grateful to be saved by Joshuahood, they have pledged to serve the country for as long as they live. Their existence has helped added a great benefit to knowledge in Joshuahood, and they have even revealed some secrets about their ancient, highly advanced technology. The Council members are all the same height, 11' 8", putting them among the taller creatures in the Empire.



The people of Joshuahood are proud and very supportive of their nation. Many serve in the military, while others serve in the elite class of service called the Order of the White Lotus, the Secret Service. There isn't an upper class, and their isn't that big of a lower class either. The reason for this is Joshualism.


Joshualism is the doctrine of the conditions of the liberation of the lower class from poverty, in a capitalist society. Joshuahood is a Joshualist society. In Joshuahood, the average income tax rate is 100%. All money goes directly to the government. Then, the money is given out equally to people: A§50 (50 aureus) per person for food, A§100 per person for clothes, A§100 per family for other necessities, and A§200 per family to spend as they wish per month. Therefore, for a family of 4 people, their monthly government income would be A§900. Joshuahood citizens do not get paid for their jobs, but they get paid a little extra per month from the government depending on their jobs. This ensures that Joshuahood citizens, provided they spend their money wisely, are not poor, nor are they rich. The government pays for their housing, which is mostly in apartments. If a Joshuahood citizen has a job, then the government will pay completely for a 4- room apartment. If a Joshuahood citizen does not have a job, then the government will pay completely for a 3-room apartment. If a person is not a Joshuahood citizen, then the government will pay completely for a 2-room apartment, and providing they become a citizen, they will get upgraded to a 3- room apartment, and if they get a job, a 4- room apartment.

The population growth rate in 13157 is +27 trillion births, +39 trillion in immigration per year, making for a total of +66 trillion people per year.

The Joshuahoodite Human is a very distant cousin of humans found on Earth, and are considered an entirely different species. Evolved from the Earth human, they average 8' 9" in height. They are also 37% more intelligent and 83% stronger than the Earth human, on average. Joshuahoodite Humans are born with a multitude of psychic powers, ranging from pyrokinetic to clairvoyant, telekinetic to the ability to read minds. The Imperator, for example, was born being pyrokinetic, telekinetic, and the ability to read minds. Joshuahoodites who are unsatisfied with their natural psychic abilities may train themselves, also, although it can be dangerous. Joshuahoodites rarely ever use these powers in the field of combat as it requires them to focus and concentrate, things that do not come easily to most in a battle, although some people fight only using their psychic powers.


Most people of Joshuahood's first language is English, and those who do not know English are required to go to government- funded English programs. Joshuahood's people will communicate with each other in various ways, whether it be face- to- face, over the phone, by letter (although this form of communicating has lost popularity due to increasing postage costs, currently A§1.27 if you use the Joshuahood Government Postal Service, and the amount of time it could take for a letter to get across the country, being around a week), social networking sites such as HeadScroll or YourClutter, email, Instant Messaging, and texting over mobile phones. All phone calls out of the country are government- tapped for security reasons: this has led to the capture of many terrorists and illegal immigrants.



There are many different types of cities in Joshuahood. The main types are submerged, underground, terrestrial, aerial, and spacial.

  • Submerged- These are cities that are located on an ocean floor, usually off the coast of large landmasses. These cities are made to withstand the immense amount of pressure at the ocean floor, while remaining airtight. Citizens are not allowed outside of the city because they will die from the pressure and lack of oxygen. Citizens must walk or drive through corridors that are part of the city in order to get around. The city Primaquaurbis is an example of a submerged city.
  • Underground- These are cities that are under the surface of a planet, usually no more that a mile deep. They are located in huge, man- made caves underground, supported by many beams. These are the least type of city because of the amount of materials needed to build them underground, but there are some that have been very profitable in the mining business. Citizens are allowed outside in the open, but the cost of living is very high. Fresh air is circulated using many vents. Poisonous gases, even if detected in miniscule amounts, will cause the city to be evacuated. The city Primsubterraurbis is an example of an uderground city.
  • Terrestrial- These are the average cities located on the surface of a planet. They can be very large. Joshuahood City is an example of a terrestrial city.
  • Aerial- These are cities that are up in the air, usually no more than 2 miles high. They are designed like giant airplanes, with a city on its back. These cities are usually within half- domes that have very tiny holes in them to allow air circulation. Their designs are usually fixed- wing or rotary. These cities run on electricity to fly, and generate their own power, so they could stay up in the air forever, but are required to land every six months for maintenance and checking. These cities are usually very small, and are a major source for Joshuahoodite tourism. Primaerurbis is an example of an aerial city.
  • Spacial- These are cities that are launched into space orbit. They are usually built piece by piece, much like a jigsaw puzzle. They, like the aerial cities, are surrounded by a large half- dome with a net 3/4 of the way up to catch people. These domes do not have tiny holes in them. The city supplies its own electricity and oxygen. Pods to and from the city is how people get to the city, as the city never lands. Primalacunaurbis is an example of a spacial city.

Project Terminator

The Joshuahoodite government has been working on a top secret project, codenamed Project Terminator. Only the Imperator and the Minister of Defense know the exact details. The idea for Project Terminator came from the ancient Terminator movies from the 1990s-2000s. Terminator units' endoskeletons are made entirely of pure Attodasorite from the planet Nemorosus, making them extremely hard to destroy. Their endoskeleton is also made of hydraulic servomechanisms, making them superhumanly strong. Their organic covering, or "skin," is an artificially produced substance called SimSkin. SimSkin is made of tiny, inorganic cells (the size of human skin cells), and made out of a skin-like rubber. It is not living, and is also 20% more durable than real skin. Terminator units have a "brain" that can be connected to other units at the Terminator Neural Center. The TNC contains locations for all units, and also gives the Terminator Monitors the ability to connect their brains with others, control what they learn (so they don't develop rebellious thoughts), and other necessary abilities. They are programmed with the knowledge of how to use almost all Joshuahoodite weapons, including the Order of the White Lotus unique plasma sword. They have artificial hearts, and fake blood pressure to throw off humans. So far, the Joshuahoodite government has done extensive testing on a group of 7 they have created, and have now released them into the unsuspecting public for further testing.


A Terminator Unit without SimSkin

The CyberSuit

Late in the year 13155, Joshuahoodite government scientists and engineers released the fully tested CyberSuit to the Space Military. The CyberSuit is a space suit that is extremely resistant to temperature extremes, small arms and some heavy arms, and highly equipped with weapons. It is made out of Attodasorite, making it hard to destroy, and can withstand small explosions and fairly large projectiles. The suit lends its wearer added strength due to the hydraulic systems in the suit. The CyberSuit is usually about 15 feet tall, although sizes vary. Propulsion systems are in the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands for added stability in flight. The base of all five fingers on each hand are also mini antimatter cannons. High powered lasers are equipped in the index fingers of all suits. Small rockets/missiles/torpedoes may be stored in the shoulders, and launched from on top of the shoulders. In the center of the chest is an ion cannon. The eyes of the suit act as a monitor person wearing the suit. A scanner in between the eyes finds weapons or objects of interest, and relays to information to the eyes. The suit has a hyperdrive function for FTL propulsion. The CyberSuit runs on LEA (Liquid Enriched Attodasorite). The suit also has a shielding system and cloaking for added protection and stealth. Training lessons have been given to a random group of people in the military for free. The public is aware of the CyberSuit.


A CyberSuit
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