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Evil Diplomat’s Embassy

Postby Evil Diplomats » Sun Jun 06, 2010 2:15 pm

The Evil Diplomats home to over 6.7 Billion, would like to wellcome new commers into their nation, the embassy is now open for all nations. Please sit now and have some roasted T-Rex.

Application form:

Name of Country:
Type of Government:
Head of State:
Head of Foreign Affairs:

Name of Ambassador(s):
Medical Problems to be alerted of:

Diplomatic Staff(Max.15):
Security(Max. 10):
Staff(Max. 20):
Hiring Locally?:
Special Requests:

Forrest Street: A quiet street, located 15 minutes from the capital building, and near a park, need to have fewer than 100 million citizens to qualify for this street

Business St: A very busy street, located 5 minutes from the EDSX (Evil Diplomats Stock Exchange) and 25 minutes from the capital building, need the have a Powerhouse economy to qualify for this street

Liberty Lane: 5 minutes from the capital building, this street is always busy and is located right next to many museums and theatres, need to have Excellent in either in Civil or Political Freedoms to qualify

Main St: This Street is on the same street, there is nothing abnormal about it and is a cool, 35 minutes away from the capital. No requirements are needed for this street.

Restrictions: No Military Vehicles, No Military Grade Weapons, No Illicit Substances.

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