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Pop Culture in Free Norfolk City

Postby Free Norfolk City » Sat Jan 20, 2024 9:59 am

Every country in the world has it's own pop culture; its own entertainment (such as film, music, television and video games), sports, news (as in people and places in the news), politics, fashion, technology, and slang, and the Crystal Castle Republic is no exception to this rule. This is a list of iconic pop culture items, but it is not an exhaustive list:


A Norfolkite family watching NBC television.

1. NBC: The Norfolkite Broadcasting Corporation, or NBC, is the first and oldest major broadcast network in the Crystal Castle Republic of Free Norfolk City. It, alongside the Esvanovia Broadcasting Company, or EBC, due to their longevity and ratings success are informally referred to as the Big Two that dominated Norfolkite television until the nineties, and are still major broadcast companies to this day. The NBC is the traditional home of Baseball Night in Norfolk, often abbreviated Baseball Night or BNIN, broadcasts. The BNIN broadcast features various segments during the intermissions and between games, as well as pre- and post-game coverage of the night's games, and player interviews. It also shows the hosts' opinions on news and issues occurring in the league. It's also famous for the "Manager's Corner" segments, in which DeVerle LeSueur, one of the sport's most famous managers, hosts a commentary and analysis segment that made him one of the most polarizing and divisive figures in Norfolkite baseball, with the Manager's Corner being described as one of the most watched five minutes on Norfolkite TV. DeVerle's strong opinions at times led to repercussions, including several attempts by the NBC to fire him as well as numerous public complaints.

It's also sported long-running daytime dramas, game and talk shows, as well as programming for children and teens. NBC also holds the broadcast rights to several annual specials and award show telecasts. Seen as milquetoast and family friendly over the years, it was up to executives like Lochlan Douglas to (controversially) revamp the network's image, especially as other television networks were leading the way with more appealing programming. The famous filmmaker Arnol Smoot got his big break with a made for television film with NBC; he was known for directing films which addressed topical social and political issues, often making controversial or complicated subjects accessible to mainstream audiences. His movies can be described as a John Hughes movie if written and directed by Émile Zola. Currently, NBC's audience is evenly split between men and women.

2. YTV: Youth Television, better known as YTV, is a Norfolkite television channel that functions as the country's equivalent to real life channels like Nickelodeon and MTV. The channel and its programming is targeted at children to young adults, and consists of both original live-action and animated television series, movies, and third-party shows from various Garbanian and foreign-based networks. The channel blossomed during the late nineties and early noughties, with many shows such as Darla, Gizmos and Gadgets, and Metalomania becoming staples of Norfolkite television.


Darla Lebasque, the protagonist of the YTV adult sitcom, Darla, is cited by many Norfolkites as a personal heroine and cultural icon. She was played by the actress Juliette Petitpas, who considered it her favorite role.

The channel is also famous for its annual spring break coverage, featuring numerous live performances from artists and bands on location, and has been a tradition since the channel's founding; celebrities such as Juliette Petitpas, Red Hot Stephanie Austen and Dwayna Jeanson have hosted said coverage over the years.

The channel is also avaliable to college and university campuses as part of internally originated cable systems that are a part of on-campus housing, airing specialty programs for college and university students; the channel also funds student-made programming, and even invites promising students to apply for internships and scholarships.

III. Twisted Sisters: The Twisted Sisters were a Norfolkite girl group of the sixties and early seventies, best known for several hit pop songs of theirs that had a protopunk feel to them.


The Twisted Sisters, an N-Pop girl group.

They consisted of Venus Barker, Brynn Keen, Heather Clifton, Tressa McKerras and Alison Rosson; they wrote songs specializing in adolescent themes such as alienation, loneliness, abandonment, and premature death, and their tough girl persona set them apart from other girl groups and would inspire the Borborite, riot grrl and other similar movements in later decades. They were one of the groups considered by historians to be part of the Norfolkite Invasion, a period in Garbanian culture and history where Norfolkite bands and musicians became very popular among Garbanians and their remaining colonies. Their music is a staple of Norfolkite radio and pop culture to this day, particularly in the district of Edmonton, where they were all from.

IV. Yo-Yo: Yo-Yo is a style of pop music that emerged in the District of Dojabad, best known for its infectiously catchy songs and their often sentimental, but sometimes risque, lyrics. It underpinned the Norfolkite counterculture during the sixties, and many of its artists have enjoyed enduring popularity, even though the genre itself was largely confined to that decade. Famous artists of the genre include Lia Labonté, simply known as Lia, whose song "Why Should I Change?" became a generational anthem.


Lia Labonté, simply known as Lia, a N-Pop sensation.

Nanalyn Metius, whose debut album, "Hey, It's Nana," was considered one of the finest of the genre of N-Pop, and Ysabeau Bellefleur, who formed a trio, Little Free Birds, best known for their smash hit, "Chick Habits."


Nanalyn Metius (left) is considered one of the most popular Norfolkite musicians; her music is heard throughout the Garbanosphere to this day.

Though largely confined to the sixties, Yo-Yo songs can be regularly heard on Norfolkite radio and television to this day, with quite a few of its artists having enduring popularity. The genre, critics note, simply gave way to a more edgier, grittier sound in the seventies, especially among female musicians who resented the stereotype that they were only good for "bubblegum pap," and though certain stars like Nanalyn and Lia experimented with a darker sound, the genre overall lost ground to the new sound of the new decade.

V. Borborites: Borborite (sometimes called the Shaiburg sound) is an alternative rock genre and subculture which emerged during the mid eighties (though some contend earlier) in the District of Shaiburg; the word Borborite comes from the Greek word βόρβορος, meaning "mud"; thus the name Borborites can therefore be translated as "filthy ones", which was considered a source of pride for those bands and musicians considered part of the genre; lyrics are typically angst-filled and introspective, often addressing themes such as social alienation, self-doubt, abuse, neglect, betrayal, social and emotional isolation, addiction, psychological trauma and a desire for freedom. Borborite music coincided with the nineties wrestling boom, the Gang of Five in Norfolkite baseball, and naturalism in video games. Precursors to the Borborite genre popped up during the seventies, particularly Jenny Alexander, the influential frontwoman for the band Jenny and the Harpies; "I wasn’t going to be told by my record company how to look," she told an interviewer in 1973, which was heralded by Borborite musicians as a motto and personal rule. The "angry young women," a group of mostly working and middle-class playwrights, novelists, and musicians, also influenced the Borborite genre; they were women who were disillusioned with traditional Norfolkite society, eschewing gender roles and societal expectations; however, the term was a mere media invention, since they weren't a clique (they scarcely knew each other) and only had anger in common. President Lorraine Kindrakewich, it is said, was inspired by those women growing up, and voraciously devoured their work. The early Borborite movement eschewed record labels in favor of DIY music, in which the bands themselves controlled the entire production and distribution chain, and popularized the guerrilla gig as well as leveraging creative ways of communication through self-published zines and other projects. As well, Garbanian acts, already popularized on YTV programming and by their songs being used as theme songs for professional wrestlers, helped shape and form the new sound.


Avela Raoult is the lead singer of the Garbanian alternative rock band, Trash, whose eclectic, in your face style influenced many Norfolkite bands; while her own strong, independent character made her a role model for countless girls and women alike in the Garbanosphere. Her band still performs today, and is one of the best known examples of the Garbanian Invasion of the mid nineties, when bands like hers saw their music climb rapidly up on the Norfolkite charts.

One of the most popular Borborite bands is the all female band, Moksha, which was fronted by Selena Willis, the the lead vocalist, guitarist, primary songwriter and founding member. Her anti-establishment persona and socially conscious songwriting ensured she would be heralded as a spokeswoman for generations of Norfolkite girls and women alike; her guitar famously sported a THIS MACHINE KILLS MISOGYNISTS sticker. However, although she was hailed as the voice of her fellow women following Moksha's sudden rise to the top, she was uncomfortable with this role. While Norfolkite youth, male and female alike, venerated her, many adults criticized her, particularly after she said on a talk show when asked about her hobbies that, "I enjoy playing video games and tying up girls, mostly." Despite her open lesbianism, she rejected lesbian separatism, and wrote a song mocking self proclaimed gold star lesbians. She also rejected radical feminism, claiming that, "Feminism, to me, is about choice," and had no problem performing at the birthday party of a good friend's daughter. However, she struggled with the personal and professional pressures of fame, and was often in the spotlight for her tumultuous relationship with fellow musician Luetta Huyghebaert; after the latter died from a previously undiagnosed cerebral aneurysm, Selena hanged herself after struggling with guilt and shock, leaving the two other members, Katy Nevil and Wilma Cameron, to form a new band with Pinkie Suthmeer called Tie Fighters, though many fans distanced themselves from this band because they felt it was "too soft, too approachable," though some have stuck around. Indeed, after Selena's death, the Borborite genre began to lose its grip on the pulse of the public in the late nineties, having shared the top of the charts with bands from other genres such as shoegaze and power pop, but continues to maintain a significant following, especially with many making trips to Selena's grave to pay their respects; she was laid to rest beside Luetta, and their relationship is said to have helped fuel the drive to make LGBT rights a priority among politician and voter alike according to one critic.

Other Borborite bands include Susie in Fetters, Peyote Jelly, Paingasm, and the Love Buzzers, whom alongside Moksha, were called the Big Five; bands said to be Borborite-adjacent include Slim Jim, the Deadheads, the Militant Hitchhikers, and the Red Green Chili Peppers, although some critics and fans dispute this.

VI. Nu-Alt: A new, genre-splicing generation of singer-songwriters is taking over the rock scene, one critic said, as nu-alt, the 'new alternative,' which, unlike the Borborites, was a sound full of youthful exuberance and desire for recognition; its artists were vocal about their disdain for the Borborites, with Maelysse Kerambrun, the lead vocalist for the Nu-Alt band, Wham-O, criticizing their depressing lyrical content and writing them off as rubbish. Wham-O's song, "I'll Be a Rock 'n' Rollin' Bitch For You," off their debut album, "Welcome to the Fun Factory," is traditionally credited with bringing the genre to light, though bands like The Gatherers and Lost in Space had paved the way.


Noella Le Garsmeur, simply known as Noella or Noe-Chan, was considered one of the earliest nu-alt acts; with her husband, Lennart Saxe, she formed the duo, Chickie Wah Wah. One of their best known singles, "Confetti," can best be described as sounding like how Massive Attack's Teardrop might've sounded with Madonna instead of Liz Fraser on vocals.

Trash, the seminal Garbanian band, was directly cited by fans and acts alike as a significant influence, especially with the band frontlining Alternapalooza, one of the biggest music festivals in the country, with bands and musicians from all over the Garbanosphere performing there; YTV's annual coverage of the event is as much a rite of passage to watch among Norfolkite youth as it is to attend in person. Nu-Alt was marked with fusing and mashing all sorts of genres and inspirations together, from old fashioned rock and roll to the rhythmic drumming and chanting of Ngombian tribals.

Vana Le Luyer
Raïssa Labauve

The Garbanian house and dance music group, the Sampladelics, best known for drawing vivid, multiracial, pan-sexual crowds, were a pivotal influence, with many Nu-Alt bands citing the Sampladelics' lead vocalist, Nancy Schexnayder, in particular, with her vivid fashion sense and uncompromising character.


Nancy Schexnayder, popularly known as Sweet Nan, was a G-Pop sensation and fashion icon. Born and raised in Empire Bay, she believed that music was the universal language that could bring everyone together regardless of their differences. She supported a variety of progressive causes, as well.

Many Nu-Alt artists found themselves comprising the soundtracks of many dopey teen movies and hit video games, and their popularity spilled into the noughties, though began to dry up by the Tenties (2010s) as new sounds emerged, particularly the slowcore band, The Swift Currents, whose debut album "Her Groove Is My Everything" received critical acclaim. Other Nu-Alt bands include Nocturne, The Superblasters, Short Skirt-Long Jacket, Too Sweet, Nuclear Donkey, Abetton Baseball, Memory Lame, Black Hole Sunshine, Thunder Kisser, Lesbian Mustard Bottle, Sacred Chao, and the Nothing Naturals.


Rhéanne Dupéré was the front woman of Nocturne, one of the nu-alt bands that gradually took over the spotlight from Borborite bands.

V. IPTN: The Indigenous People's Television Network is a Norfolkite specialty channel maintained by governmental funding; it airs and produces programs made by, for and about indigenous peoples, and is the first television network by and for the Crystal Castle Republic's indigenous peoples; it offers a variety of programming related to indigenous peoples, including documentaries, news magazines, dramas, entertainment specials, children's series, movies, sports events, educational programs and more. In 1979, the Norfolkite Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (NRTC) issued the Vellacott Committee Report, in which the committee concluded that Indigenous peoples had increasing interest in developing their own media services and that the government has a responsibility to ensure support in broadcasting of Indigenous cultures and languages. The committee recommended measures to enable indigenous peoples to use broadcasting to support their languages and cultures. The Anmhonmite Broadcasting Corporation, or ABC, was the first major attempt to do exactly that; a television production company, ABC's programs are all broadcast in Anmhonmite, and all production centres are staffed by Anmhonmites. It was the first indigenous language television network in the country, and existed until it was subsumed into IPTN, with it becoming that channel's 'at home wing,' catering to the Anmhonmite population. The goal of IPTN was to produce radio and television programs in indigenous peoples' languages to reflect their cultural perspectives. However, while it offers programs for Ngombian viewers, it does not specifically include them in its mission statement, as Ngombians are not considered indigenous to either Free Norfolk City proper or the Esvanovian colony; as such, such programming is developed as a courtesy rather than an obligation. The Anglo Saxons are also not considered indigenous peoples, and they have their own broadcast and cable television network also.

VI. Esvamania: It would not be a complete look at Norfolkite society and culture without referring to Free Norfolk City's sole colony, Norfolk-in-Esvanovia, in particular the phenomenon known as Esvamania, in which many in Norfolk-in-Esvanovia attempted to assert cultural independence from Free Norfolk City. It all began on December 6, 1973 when Timon Kittredge, a prominent essayist who wrote for the Charlottechurch Courier, penned his seminal essay, "Eikonoklastes," the title being taken from the Greek, and means "Iconoclast" or "breaker of the icon," chosen because Kittredge's point was that the colony had to establish itself culturally, to show it had so much more to offer than what most thought; his essay sparked a firestorm of debate among all walks of life—one story tells that a john booked the services of a prostitute simply because he wanted someone to talk about the essay with, only to find that she wanted to talk about it too. Israel "Izzy" Varnell, the prolific power hitter for the Edmonton Eddies, coined the phrase, "I am Esvanovian," in reference to being born and raised in the colony; it became something of a protomeme in how quickly viral it became, despite the absence of the internet in 1969. Varnell ended up seeing the controversy surrounding the phrase overshadowing his prestigious career, which he came to regret after his retirement. Wenzel Paskin, an agent for the Monmouth Bay Trading Company, recieved a petition from the indigenous peoples of the Esvanovian colony, as well as the Countryborn (the mixed-race descendants of Garbanian settlers and indigenous peoples), for not only more autonomy, but more recognition of their cultures and traditions; of note was Anehih Yoet, a representative from Île de Femme, which is best known for its matriarchal culture; there was a fear among the islanders that their unique way of life (particularly their use of strict matrilineal primogeniture, which is a form of succession in which the eldest female child inherits the throne, to the total exclusion of males and descendants through males) was under threat from the MBTC's Norfolkization policies; Kunibert Ozanne, one of the Esvanovian representatives in the House of Representatives, not only quoted Varnell, but sparked debate over the increasingly archaic Company rule, when he proposed a bill that would see it abolished; when the Monmouth Bay Trading Company scolded him for this, he merely replied that he was working on behalf of his constituents, not their shareholders; this was followed up with town hall meetings getting rather heated, especially during the Summer of '92, where the controversial bailout of the MBTC by President Gignac's administration still echoes throughout the years since, as many have claimed that Gignac's reforms were solely meant to delay the undelayable.

What we know as Esvamania kicked off properly during the nineties, most notably with Iyatah Draes, a Manamanan historian, appearing on Free Norfolk City's equivalent to PBS to be interviewed; she famously proposed that Norfolkite egalitarianism was culturally insensitive, which sparked numerous debates nationwide, especially when compared to the egalitarianism of the Tomatek and the patriarchal society of the Totecans. Indeed, Ghasvan Ghonrakan, a Totecan elder, echoed Draes' remarks with those of his own, defending the aforementioned patriarchal society. This was not to say that the Manamanans or Totecans held the other gender in bondage; after all, the federal government was quite happy to remind them that that was illegal; rather, old habits die hard.


Addison Davis is a singer-songwriter, actress, and television presenter from Norfolk-in-Esvanovia. Her considerable popularity is often cited as one of the best known examples of Esvamania.

The writer Soren Granholm from Bradfordville coined the term when he covered the rise in radio and television stations opting for local acts and programs rather than simply importing from Free Norfolk City or Garbania, most notably Addison Davis, a child/teen sensation who first had her big break on public television, raising money with other local acts on a telethon. It did not help matters that the Federal response to the events of the Summer of '92 was found wanting, with many in Norfolk-in-Esvanovia protesting in the streets. It did not help that the colony was sitting in the middle of a constitutional limbo; a proper constitution had been debated for years, constantly vetoed for various reasons, and until one finally gets passed, the people of the Esvanovian colony find themselves asking the question: without a constitution, what kind of nation are we? Esvamania had grown in the fertile soil of decades of politicial dissident, with the Feds regularly accused of exercising insufficient oversight over the colony.
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The Covenant

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The Garbanians making first contact with a Ngombian tribe.

The debt of gratitude that the Ngombians owe the Garbanians after their invaluable assistance in the war against Mareyland is referred to as the Covenant, in which the Ngombians fulfill by taking on tasks that the Garbanians need done, such as war with Garbania's enemies. In Garbania, the Garbanians afforded the Ngombians every opportunity to thrive. While outsiders and even some Garbanians regard the Ngombians as junior partners, if not actual servants, Ngombians have integrated themselves into nearly every level of Garbanian society as respected productive citizens, such as in the court of the Duc de Despojanbourg or in the famous Infanterie Ngombienne regiments.

Any Ngombian can refuse service, however few turn down the offer as serving the Garbanians is considered a great honour in Ngombian society, as the Ngombians earn honour not only for themselves, but for their families as well; having a son or daughter chosen to serve a Garbanian family is a point of pride for any Ngombian parent. Many Ngombians who turn down the offer to serve the Garbanians move overseas; they are welcome to do so. Ngombians who leave Ngombia usually become lone adventurers, and they typically seek out other peoples and adopt their culture. Outside of Garbania, it is common to find Ngombians who take more to Norfolkite culture, whether in Free Norfolk City proper or Norfolk-in-Esvanovia, or even the cultures of other peoples in the Garbanosphere entirely.

When Free Norfolk City reluctantly declared independence, a significant chunk of its Ngombian population left the country, believing that the terms of the Covenant mandated their return to Ngombia, or elsewhere in the Garbanian colonial empire, though quite a few remained and transferred their allegiance to the Crystal Castle Republic.
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Who's Who in the Garbanosphere: Norfolkites I

Postby Free Norfolk City » Mon Feb 12, 2024 3:34 am

The following characters are of the Norfolkite variety. This list will be updated when inspiration strikes, and is not in any particular order. Feel free to telegram about any who interest you.

Shala'Zoris des Ishusis - Indigenous noblewoman from Île de Femme who seeks adventure and riches. A couple cute girls fighting for space on her lap wouldn't be so bad, either.
Desmond Desmondson - One of Free Norfolk City's finest soccer players; described as a player with pace and predatory instincts that make him a danger inside the penalty area; has proved he can score against tough opponents. One of the country's most popular (male) celebs.
Ashanyit Taatalir - Born in a quaint village of Île de Femme; her parents are traditionalists alarmed at her modernist sympathies, but they love her nonetheless. She currently does odd jobs around the village, but dreams of saving up enough money to see the world. She is single, but don't expect her to just be a tag-along. She won't walk behind, only beside, whosoever successfully courts her. After all, the women of Île de Femme aren't exactly known for their subservience.
Kirby McKay - Kirby "Kiki" McKay is the coach of the District of Winchestertonfieldville's ice hockey team, the Whirlwinds, known for his high level of energy, aggressive play calling, and interactions with the media. Many fans and journos alike remark that he initially felt out of place for a team in such a quaint, soft-spoken district, but they've warmed up to him since then, and he has done quite well with the team; so much so that he's one of Norfolkite hockey's longest-tenured coaches.
Luella Mattix - One of Free Norfolk City's up and coming actresses, twenty three year old Luella Mattix rose to fame at the age of seventeen when she played the role of an Esvanovian rancher's niece in the series, Heartsdale, recieving significant mainstream media success in the process. Nollywood, the Norfolkite equivalent of Hollywood, wanted to recruit her right away, but she consistently refused to get into movies until Heartsdale had concluded, not wanting to ruin the show (she played the role of the protagonist) as she had been approached around the tail end of the first season. It was only after the series ended that she accepted her first movie deal...
Juliette Petitpas - One of Free Norfolk City's foremost actresses, Juliette Petitpas is best known for playing the role of the titular protagonist in YTV's Darla. Born into an ethnic Garbanian family, Juliette has been in show business since she was five, but her parents opted to be her agents because they did not trust anybody in the industry. She did some bit roles for public television before she was discovered by Silas Marner-Volney, one of the better known writers at YTV, later to be known for his work on the Blayze Rushton franchise of action films; his claim to fame was being one of the head writers on NBC's Top Spin, a live action sitcom about Connie Shepard, a new girl who moves from rural Esvanovia to Free Norfolk City and ends up the starting pitcher and captain of her school's baseball team; the show being controversially cancelled fueled Silas' drive to find not only a new project to work on, but a means to show the execs what's what.
Prince Davirarducius Epimanḗs ("The Mad") was one of the leaders of the Garbanian invasion of Anmhonm, but moreso known for his often eccentric behaviour and capricious actions during his interactions with people than his actions on the battlefield. He is remembered as a major villain and persecutor in Anmhonmite tradition due to his blatant disregard for the welfare of the locals and his misogynistic views of women as little more than his playthings; his father Prince Theodeyand famously rebuked him, and sent him back to Garbania, giving command of his forces to the more prim and proper general, Gepaard Marasaud, who was appointed Comte de Suara and given the hand of Lady Ynna Petilamont in marriage. However, while many ancient sources are hostile to Davirarducius, some modern historians are skeptical of them as well.
Synabyth Adraav was a Garbanian socialite and preservationist; noted for her wit, sharp tongue, and devotion to learning, Synabyth was a member of the once significant Garbanian settler population that once lived in colonial Anmhonm—during colonial rule, there was plenty of intermixing between the Garbanians and Anmhonmites, which formed the nucleus of what would become the Norfolkite people; her own family married into, and vice versa, both Anmhonmite and 'Proto-Norfolkite' (that is, the descendants of the initial Anglo-Saxon emigres) families. She lived at the Adraav family plantation and her best friend was Katja Stoltensteen.
Anaïs Deschamps is a Norfolkite socialite and salonnière of Garbanian descent; she is a direct descendant of Corrhnainluin Motuardt, Duc de Sakkra, via his son, Glovdach. It was at her salon that the famous satirist and comedian, Bartholomeus vandeBerg, proposed skateboarding be the only legal way to travel around the country, as well as where Aleksandar Yanev, Brenda Jean Ornelas, Elisa Gurner, Gennady Medovoy, and William Wallace Ornstein, on the eve of the feast day of Saint Leibowitz, formed their clique during the Summer of '92.
Simone Belle Kashouf - Famous fashion model and beauty pageant champion; was Miss Teen Norfolk and Miss Norfolk, being one of a select few to win both titles. Considered a modest woman with a lovely character, is currently trying to break into opera, which she considers to be her passion.
Johnny Brazeau - A beloved cultural icon among the Ngombians, Johnny Brazeau was the lead vocalist and sole songwriter of the hit N-Rock band, Swamp Boogie Queen, one of the most popular and musically influential bands in the history of Ngombian music. He started writing songs as a teenager, and co-founded the band; he is regarded as one of the most important pioneers of rock music in Ngombia, and is credited with popularizing the genre throughout the island country. He retains a devoted following throughout the Garbanosphere. He tragically committed suicide, it having turned out that his eccentric and happy-go-lucky public persona was masking chronic depression. Ngombians the world over consider both his birthday and the anniversary of his death to be unofficial holidays.
Jean-de-Dieu Brazeau - A Ngombian general in the Imperial Garbanian Army; Johnny Brazeau was one of his descendants. Kidnapped and enslaved as a child by the Mareylanders, he eventually was traded to Garbania, and presented as a gift to the Emperor Amaurbert, where he was freed, adopted and raised in the Emperor's court household as if he were his own son. Ngombians consider him one of their folk heroes, and in numerous polls, he ranks high on the most famous/important Ngombians of all time lists. He married Francesca Bechini, with whom he had five children; Ngombians call him the Liberator because he grew up to be the leader of a great and mighty force that expelled the Mareylanders from Ngombia.
Tahmasb Zurithalissaran - Tahmasb Zurithalissaran was the Garbanian prince who eloped to Anmhonm during the reign of the Emperor Idhdhuag, after his "unlawful" elopement with Synnadette Matrvanne, a common maid; the Emperor infamously disowned him upon his fifth, final request to leave Synnadette, who was heavily laden with child. Tahmasb, with his loyal retainers, established a plantation in Anmhonm, currently a museum, where he lived with his beloved. Although his father disowned him, the colonial government still held some belief in the supposed power and authority of his blood, and treated him no differently than they had prior. Tahmasb's descendants took the surname Gavaudon, and still exist today. It is said to be a 'stroke of ironic fate' that Jharulmas Gavaudon was the only one to enthusiastically sign the Norfolkite Declaration of Independence.
Faustin-Élie Amoussou - Faustin-Élie Amoussou was the sole Ngombian to sign the Norfolkite Declaration of Independence; a veteran of the Caprona War, he chose to sign because he believed that the Garbanians had dishonored his fellow soldiers who did not return home, a belief held by many veterans who had returned to Norfolk after war's end; he held that, by doing so to the Ngombian soldiers in particular, the Garbanians had reneged on their promise to the Ngombian people, and thus no longer deserved loyalty. He was also known for trying to quell the Great Anarchy by non-violent means, and was one of the inagural officers in the Norfolkite Army.
Alixenander Chaognese - Garbania's first Ambassador to the Crystal Castle Republic. Despite his loyalty to the Imperial Court, he privately revealed to his Norfolkite hosts that he believed their independence was undeserved, that the Emperor was something of an idiot. He was present at the independence day festivities, and thanks to his connections, avoided being fired from his position when he delivered his own speech rather than the stock one provided to him.
Hans-Adam Von Hohenhau - Hans-Adam Von Hohenhau is credited with having founded the country's central bank, and was essentially the Crystal Castle Republic's first finance minister. He pushed for free trade with foreign nations, and pushed for policies that resemble the ideas found in Thomas Paine's Agrarian Justice, believing that the best government was one that enabled the success of all; for all, by all, especially in contrast to the tight state controls in Garbania at the time.
Laëtitia Marie Laure Haddaway - Lady Haddaway was one of the first salonnières of post-independence Free Norfolk City; her salon was home to many spirited poliical and religious debates, most notably those between supporters of Norfolkite independence, and those who favored attempting to regain the Emperor's favor and, ultimately, reunion with the empire; she herself often claimed to be no respector of persons, and let any and all speak their mind, without censure. Her salon also hosted Hans-Adam Von Hohenhau's numerous lectures on his ideas for the economy, as well as Henk du Plooy's proposal for universal conscription; ahead of his time, 'Ol Henk proposed that women not be exempt from conscription. "If women are equal to men," he said, "And they are to possess all rights we men do as citizens of this Republic, then shouldn't they bear all the responsibilities, too?"
Yhannis Doe - Yhannis Doe, born to a Norfolkite father and Ngombian mother, was one of the first uniquely Norfolkite agents of the Monmouth Bay Trading Company, tasked with helping ensure that the handover of Garbania-in-Esvanovia to Norfolkite rule went smoothly and peacefully. Doe also worked to provide a reason for many Ngombian settlers to stay rather than flee for Ngombia due to the sociocultural taboos surrounding the Covenant; he was well liked by settler and indigenous alike, and a statue of him can be found in Charlottechurch, the capital of the Republic's sole colony.
Dalaillnibal Merovanne - Born into the Garbanian minority, Dalaillnibal Merovanne campaigned for the Republic amongst his fellow Garbanians, aiming to stem the brain drain caused by the departure of many Garbanian loyalists for Garbania proper following independence; he also pushed against the program of de-Garbanization, which he felt crippled his efforts. He wrote several articles and essays against those who were against independence, and also helped kickstart the creation of the District Guards, the country's equivalent to the United States National Guard.
Jean-Jacques Golou - J.J. Golou was a political radical whom, with his colleagues, helped to create the Norfolkite Way to Success, inspired by real life ideologies such as Gaddafi's Third International Theory. The Norfolkite Way to Success strongly emphasizes the individual, the nation state, and national sovereignty; it posits that a country will prosper once it has become self-reliant by achieving political, economic, and military independence. Rejecting the left-right spectrum, Golou's quote, "Not Right, Not Left, But Forward!" defined the movement, which was defined by Golou as a government model for Norfolkites, by Norfolkites; however, echoing Stalin's socialism in one country, neither Golou nor his associates felt the need to spread their newly minted ideology to foreign lands, citing that those countries had their own circumstances and, thus, they needed their own models to deal with them accordingly. The Norfolkite Way to Success can best be described as what if Libya actually, sincerely, tried to implement the ideas in Gaddafi's Green Book, though there are some tweaks to the formula.
Richilda Hawkins - Richilda Hawkins was one of the radicals who helped formulate the Norfolkite Way to Success; her contribution to the ideology was that Deism should stay the state religion, and that parents who subscribed to other religious beliefs should be able to send their kids to schools that offered a cirriculum based on their beliefs; as such, both public and private, religious-themed schools began to crop up in the country. Hawkins also contributed the staunch egalitarian bent of the Republic, with women considered fully able and capable to live full, meaningful lives. However, she controversially opposed ending conscription, especially for women; when one critic asked if she'd fight in a war, she replied, "You need only give me a gun and tell me who to shoot."
René Guinan Clarke - René Clarke was one of the radicals who formulated the Norfolkite Way to Success; his contribution was to steer things towards a left-libertarian direction; or, rather, to maintain the various concessions made previously such as the implementation of Henry George's land tax ideas, as well as the return of surplus public revenue to the people by means of a citizen's dividend. Clarke believed that such things ought to be considered sacrosanct, and that any attempts to repeal them should be met with severe, inflexible power. He coined the phrase, "The people are the greatest resource of any country," and pushed for anything that would maximally, let alone sufficiently, empower the Norfolkite people. In fact, he coined the phrase, "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for our children," and later on added, "Because the Republic is a light that must never be extinguished from the Earth," because while the Norfolkite Way to Success was not meant to be preached to foreign nations, it was hoped it would inspire them to create their own ways to success. Clarke was considered the most left-wing of the radicals, but personally saw himself not a peddler of ideology, but a proponent of plain, common sense.
Vladimir Vasilyevich Stalinovskovichdavidovitchsky - Known simply as V.V.S due to his rather unusually long name, Vladimir was yet another radical who helped create the Norfolkite Way to Success; his contribution was that the country should be turned into an impenetrable fortress; his ideas are reminiscent of North Korea's Songun policy, which put him at odds with his fellows. However, he did not advocate interventionism, believing it was not the responsibility of the Republic to pick up the slack of other nations. He advocated significant boosts to the military's budget, especially given the presence regionally of powers like the dreaded Kravenites, as well as fears in Norfolk-in-Esvanovia that the Monmouth Bay Trading Company would be unable to protect the colony's borders in case of war with regional powers there, most notably Aureumterra.
Renée Kalaiki-Ali'i - Born and raised in Fort Lauperdale, N.I.E, Renée Kalaiki-Ali'i is a Norfolkite television host, comedian, writer and producer best known as the host of her very successful, late-night talk show. She is considered the longest-serving, female late-night talk show host in Norfolkite television history, as well as the second longest-serving, period. During the time of 'Esvamania,' back in the nineties, she was at the forefront of promoting colonial culture, fashion and cuisine, which earned her numerous accolades. She has also been actively politically, in that she regularly campaigns to get folks to register to vote.
Lori Lipschitz - Nadia Felix's best friend, Lori is basically your average, modern teenage girl; her style resembles the real life, 'e-girl' style just like Nadia's, and the two regularly hang out at all the city state's popular teen hangouts.
Aisha Al-Shammary - Aisha Al-Shammary is sometimes called Aisha Al-Mammary due to her being rather buxom a la Abby Shapiro; as such, she is considered one of the country's foremost female news anchors. While she would prefer to be known for her hard work and many journalistic accolades, she has often brushed off people's fixation with her looks, saying that she refuses to let them get to her and make her feel bad for the body God gave her. When she went online to post a selfie with her boyfriend, baseball player Sylvester Takaza, many men (and bi, lesbian women) were said to have gone into mourning online, with many memes being made as a result. She reputedly chose Takaza because, as she put it, baseball players are her weakness.
James Samuel Ladner-Royce - J.S. Ladner-Royce was another figure made popular during the era of Esvamania; as the Mayor of Charlottechurch, he went about a massive campaign of urban revitalization in the hopes of luring both Norfolkite and foreign tourists to the colony, especially the capital. Folks called him 'Unca Jim because he was often as approachable and down to earth as a wise, venerable uncle; he would regularly dine in local diners rather than restaurants, and listened to people's concerns and complaints without question. He also hosted the visit of the Emperor Tristelomon, the first visit to the colony by a Garbanian monarch in over a century, and was a prominent supporter of the Charlottechurch Cavaliers, the capital's ice hockey team. Unlike in Garbania, where political offices are held as long as the politicians want to keep running and as long as the people keep electing them, there are strict term limits in Norfolkite politics; from the Presidency on down, one is only allotted two terms; according to current law, the mayors of Esvanovian municipalities are limited to two consecutive five-year terms in office, and are forbidden by law to run again thereafter. As such, after his second term, Ladner-Royce retired from politics and became a bovine veterinarian.
Maître Issouf Baadho - Known simply as 'Le Maître,' among his supporters, Issouf was best known as a latter-day sage; he advised against following any doctrine, discipline, teacher, guru, or authority, including himself and emphasized topics such as choiceless awareness, psychological inquiry, and freedom from religious, spiritual, and cultural conditioning. Although erronously attributed to the Buddha in real life, Baadho famously told people, "Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it..." at a free (he refused to charge people even a single cent) lecture at the famous Café De René. He warned his associates on several occasions that they were not to present themselves as spokesmen on his behalf, or as his successors after his death, and that anyone who did should be rejected to the utmost. He famously lived plainly like one might see among the Amish, and had little to no possessions save for his walking stick and cloak. He did not claim to be a prophet nor a deity, but rather saw himself as nothing more than a friend to all. His goal was to bring about a revolution; not politically, but rather ethically. He did not call himself 'master,' in the sense that he wanted authority over others, but rather that he wanted to be the master of the Self. In his dying breath, he ordered that to avoid his tomb being a place of pilgrimage for his followers that his body should be donated to science, with the caveat that the skeleton should be destroyed after the researchers were done with his remains, so as to ensure nobody could steal it and lose sight of what was important: serving one's community.
Jérôme-Napoléon Hoddonu - Born to a Ngombian father and Garbanian mother, Jérôme-Napoléon Hoddonu was one of the first officers of the Norfolkite Navy. He was a tall, imposing man; general characteristics among the Ngombi people include long legs, narrow bodies, and short trunks, adaptations to Ngombia's hot climate; in fact, a study of Ngombians like him suggested that Ngombi people "may attain greater height if privileged with favorable environmental conditions during early childhood and adolescence, allowing full expression of the genetic material." He served with valor in the Caprona War, and sailors remarked often that he was a firm, but fair, captain. After the war, he was appointed captain of the ship bearing Princess Beulah of Garbania, the namesake of the Ngombian province of Beulahland; rumor had it that she was quite smitten with him, but he refused her flirtatious advances en route to his homeland, not wanting to put her, let alone him, at risk. He was eventually stationed in Free Norfolk City, where he helped train new sailors; during the Great Anarchy, he commanded the ships that fired on rioters who had taken over coastal defenses, and for his efforts, was given the first Norfolkite medals ever minted. He was later given command of the Esvanovian Squadron, and upon his retirement, lived in a chateau on (TBD) Island, where he penned his memoirs. His death was mourned by many; he insisted that he be buried at sea, and he was after his funeral.
Kiki Ngui - Born in the Esvanovian town of Eylstadt, Kiki Ngui was the Norfolkite equivalent to musicians like Pat Benatar and Suzi Quatro, basically; during her heyday, she scored a string of singles that found success in the Garbanosphere; one in particular, Pleasure Seeker, became something of an unofficial anthem for the entire colony; or, rather, its youth that were increasingly disenchanted with Company rule. Although she was surpassed by other, more famous acts, they all insisted Ngui paved the way. She's still making music to this day, and is the host of her own podcast (formerly radio show), Kickin' It With Kiki, in which she provides news and other information in the world of music, interviewing both industry veterans and upcoming stars.
Ian Brandon Anderson - Basically, Ian's Free Norfolk City's equivalent to Emperor Norton; much like him, he has been immortalized as the basis of characters in the literature of many authors past and present. His schtick was that unlike Norton, who proclaimed himself monarch, Anderson took upon himself the title of regent, believing that he would lead a committee that would appoint a monarch, though he never did quite state anyone specific. He believed that monarchy was not only the default government of mankind and, thus, perfect for the newly minted country, but that the best monarch for the country would be homegrown; thus, one might consider him a proto-nationalist, even if likely mentally ill. He is considered the first, and thus most famous, case of a sovereign citizen in Norfolkite history, because he refused to acknowledge the laws of the nascent republic; however, the police were ordered to leave him be; in fact, they saluted him as he passed on the street and, at one point, during a heated discussion between monarchists loyal to the indigenous monarchy and those to the Imperial Family of Garbania, he stood on a small box and challenged their leaders directly, telling them and their assembled supporters to disperse and go home; Anderson was unsuccessful, but the incident was widely reported in local papers over the next couple of days, especially when he took the opportunity to propose the creation of an elective monarchy; while not the first proponent of the idea - that title belongs to Victor Emmanuel Kuuzegh - he did get a bit more attention, especially because he insisted that he personally organize any election. Two stray cats, Rosie and Josie, were said to be his pets; he would share his meals with them, and they would always follow him wherever he went. Recognized for their unique bond and their prodigious rat-killing ability, they became a fixture of city newspapers, were exempted from local ordinances, and immortalized in cartoons, most notably an early 'manga' style series which praised the virtues of both cats and recounted their various adventures together. After both died, they were mounted by a taxidermist and placed on display on each side of Anderson's grave; his own death in complete poverty, contrary to rumours of wealth, was marked poetically with a lovely festival celebrating the service of the 'Regent of Norfolk,' which ironically coincided with the final end of monarchism as a relevant ideology in Norfolkite politics.
Zoroastra Rakhshani - Zoroastra Rakhshani is considered to be the greatest of all time in women's baseball; she set many records that remain unbroken to this day, and it is commonly believed that had she been born a man, she might've very well be one of the, if not the, greatest of all time still. Her home run race with Zola Lombardi was the stuff of legend, and helped, among other things, to reinvigorate Norfolkite baseball; as well, it helped take people's minds off the events of the Summer of '92.
Justine Jouthe - Madame Jouthe was the founder and namesake of Jouthe, a Norfolkite publisher that initially published novels for women; it also started a monthly magazine called Bijou (Jewel) that was described as a magazine for elegant women. Jouthe was bisexual and openly conducted relationships with women while being married to a man; she is credited with having originated the phrase "book club" as a discreet code for lesbian or bisexual women who concealed their true sexuality. She wielded considerable influence and power in the literary world, and was made famous by her family connections and her reputation as a witty conversationalist. Her charm and humour made her a popular guest at salons and pubs, and she helped many Esvanovian authors get their big breaks; she was the first foreign hire of the L'Académie des Femmes, an all-female academy in Île de Femme; however, many of her essays about her experiences there were suppressed by cultural puritans, and were only published rather recently.
Josette Le Houerou - Affectionately called 'Jojo' by her adoring fans, Josette Le Houerou was a vedette and dancer renowned as one of Charlottechurch's cutest and notorious courtesans; she referred often to a woman called "Votre Altesse," or Your Highness, whose name was Valérie-Pâquerette de Kergaradec; she taught her everything that she needed to know, and then some; she inspired numerous authors and playwrights, and soon enough, so did Josette, who was essentially her protege. When Valérie-Pâquerette de Kergaradec went missing after she joined an expedition into the Ngombian interior (she was later declared deceased), Josette took up the torch, and made her mark with her vivid, stunning dance routines. However, while her old friend was quite open to most clients, Josette developed a reputation for being picky, so much so that she ultimately quit the trade and married Benio Hanamura, who ran a popular restaurant on Kuronami Street in the District of TBD. The politician Charles Taylor Hadler, who founded the Norfolkite Monetary Reform Association, which advocated C.H. Douglas' social credit ideas, was famously rebuked by her when, after a speech, she quipped, "Once again, stealing the fruits of labor from other people for dubious theory," which provoked widespread laughter.
Elma Fujieda - Elma Fujieda was a Norfolkite pharmacist with a practice on Kuronami Street, best known for creating one of the country's first energy drinks, Sonomi, which she named after her daughter. The drink was originally marketed to tired mothers who needed a pick-me-up, and was so named because Sonomi was such a hyperactive bundle of joy, Elma felt really out of it even before the day ended. The drink is still sold today, and has gone through many changes since it was created in 1917.
Jeanne-de-Dieu Ezeonu - Born to a Ngombian father and 'Old' (that is, Anglo-Saxon) Norfolkite mother, Jeanne-de-Dieu Ezeonu was raised in a spiritually eclectic family; her mother had her baptized and christened, and took her to her first communion, but her father instilled in her a deep-seated respect for her ancestors, as ancestor worship is a core component of Ngombian spirituality and culture; in fact, the Ngombi responded quite interestingly to Christianity in that they adopted a seemingly Christopagan position, simply adding Jesus and the Virgin Mary to their pantheon. As such, Jeanne-de-Dieu Ezeonu was bound to become the itinerant mystic she turned out to be, regularly participating in missions to the Ngombian interior and teaching Ngombian culture and traditions to Garbanian and Norfolkite students. Her central practice was rather similar to the Latihan of Subud, and attracted followers of all kinds. She did not establish any cult or sect, so upon her death, most people moved on, but she is still rather fondly remembered as an advocate for Ngombian interests.
Starla and René Starmer - they are the owners of the Café De René, a renowned, family owned open-air coffee shop that is a national landmark and tourist destination; in fact, it's on the National Register of Historic Places, having been deemed worthy of preservation for its historical significance; after all, it was here that the Norfolkite Declaration of Independence was officially presented to the public, read out loud, in full, by its author, Valdémard Lanthier. All fifty five signers of the Declaration of Independence were present, and their names (and portraits) are proudly displayed on the café wall.
Theodoros Ioannis Askiates - T.I. Askiates was the only Christian signer of the Norfolkite Declaration of Independence; born into a "Eastern Lutheran" (that is, a blend of Lutheran theology with Orthodox liturgics) family, his personal seal was based on Luther rose, but the cross in the center was changed into an Orthodox cross. His family were originally well esteemed in Garbania, but they took their talents to the Republic after a business dispute gone awry.
Catriona Caripides - An opera singer often called the Norfolkite Nightingale, she was one of the most highly regarded singers of the nineteenth century; she performed in performed in soprano roles in opera across the Garbanosphere, and undertook an extraordinarily popular concert tour of Garbania in 1855, which continued for two years, though a third was added due to popular demand. The tour provoked a popular furore dubbed Catrionamania by the local press, especially when Caripides donated her profits to her favorite charities, principally the endowment of free schools in Ngombia. She continued to perform for years afterward, until she eventually settled down, marrying her husband Joseph Jenkins Scharf, with whom she had three children, and opening up a school for young women who wanted to break into opera, or just theatre in general. Catriona lived a long life, becoming a near-centenarian, with her voice reputedly still intact; a popular joke is that the Gods grew too impatient, and called her home to perform for them. You can hear preserved samples of her voice at the Museum of National History, as well as see pictures of her with Louis-Philippe Kandrand-Tzau, who wrote the lyrics for the Norfolkite national anthem, and Pierre-Louis Danou, who composed the music; in the case of the latter, the music shares an uncanny resemblance to the real life hymn "Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika" (English: "Lord Bless Africa"), which was composed by Xhosa composer Enoch Sontonga. As well, you can see her foremost protege, Yana Lysovyska, whose big break was singing the national anthem on the first day of Norfolkite independence, with such a stirring rendition that the festivies reputedly ended up looking and sounding like a funeral with so many people weeping profusely.
Kasia Rayne Redford - Alongside her Ngombian husband, Issouf Soumaré, she founded the Museum of Medical Oddities, a peculiar tourist trap in the country that became really famous in an episode of YTV's Darla. Lady Redford got the idea for the museum upon, during her visit to Ngombia, seeing how the funerary practices of the interior tribes differed from those of the so called "civilized" tribes along the coast; her husband Issouf was of the latter, and took her with him on research trips into the interior.
André Assogba - Assogba was the lone Ngombian signer of the Norfolkite Declaration of Independence; he initially wanted to refuse, despite being given the title of representative of the Ngombian community, but at the behest of his non-Ngombian wife, Mei Liu, he signed the declaration, and was appointed then on to the Norfolkite House of Representatives as the first representative from Beulahdale. His legislative efforts were focused on making things better for his people and for trying to keep as many of them in the country after a schism broke out between those loyal to Garbania, and those loyal to the Republic. He was also the lone opponent (that is, he was the sole no vote) of the Titles of Nobility Amendment to the Constitution, fearing the effect it would have on his people, an act which won him support among traditionalist Ngombians, but also significant criticism from Norfolkites; one cartoonist even suspected him of pro-Garbanian sympathies. Despite this, he had a long, storied career and, upon his death, he was laid to rest in the National Ngombian Cemetery in the District of Beulahdale.
Rosalina Isabella de la Garza - Lady de la Garza was a Norfolkite socialite and philanthropist who pioneered the creation of the national network of little, free libraries across the country, filling the first libraries with books from her own personal library. She also funded the creation of new schools and libraries, and zealously supported the cause of free, universal, public education as the backbone of a new model society.
Fabrice Ardhuin Ganahl - Fabrice Ardhuin Ganahl was a signer of the Norfolkite Declaration of Independence; born into an ethnic Garbanian family, he made his living in 'The Boot,' which was where the city state would establish its network of rural cooperatives, generously compensating the farmers and ranchers before the great upheaval caused by the legendarily unrestrained urban sprawl of the original city. Ganahl's support was considered crucial to ensuring the rural vote for independence, as the initial opinion in 'The Boot' was firmly in support of loyalty to Garbania, with rather noticeable support for declaring independence itself as its own nation. After independence, Ganahl created the National Federation of Agricultural Co-operative Associations, the NFACA, which served to provide farmers with the means not only to ensure their own, individual livelihoods but to pool their surplus produce together for the sake of society; the NFACA's utilitarian bent was initially controversial, but Ganahl personally visited each and every suspicious farmer and secured their support. In later years, the NFACA was one of the significant backers of the politician Lawrence Arthur Biddenback, a staunch nativist who pushed for the outright ban of temporary foreign workers and outsourcing.
Gilbert Lorenzo Houngbo-Acquarone - Gilbert Lorenzo Houngbo-Acquarone was a signer of the Norfolkite Declaration of Independence; upon independence, he was put in charge of not only encouraging immigration, but stemming the tide of the Great Migration, in which thousands upon thousands of Garbanians and Ngombians fled the country due to their loyalty to the Garbanian government; his task was to intice them to change their minds and stay. Although he made some initial successes, the latter turned out to be a rather abject failure, albeit through no fault of his own; many emigres reported that he did his best for them, but that they could not deny their oaths. However, he was more successful when it came to immigration, with Rhossenians fleeing tyranny and serfdom, as well as those from minority communities in Rhossenia, coming in droves to replace them. He was rewarded with numerous honors for his long service to the Republic, as he was one of its most ardent supporters, and upon his death, he was buried in the Patriots' Cemetary along with his fellow signers save Assogba, who requested burial alongside his people.
Mona Lisa Al-Marri - Mona Lisa Al-Marri was once called one of the greatest avant-garde women artists of the early twentieth century and a pioneer in modern Norfolkite art. Drawn to painting from an early age, she started formal lessons at the age of five. She depicted everyday life of the people in her paintings, and traveled to numerous countries for inspiration and study purposes. She first gained formal recognition at seventeen for her painting of the portrait of Princess Eolanche of Garbania's daughter, Princess Gynnadette, for her birthday; as a result of her stellar work, she was considered an honored guest at Court, but later left Garbania; she never returned, and never spoke of her experiences there the rest of her life. Al-Marri would later be invited to join the team that would help shape the aesthetic improvements to the Norfolkite Capitol, the seat of the Norfolkite Congress, the legislative branch of the federal government.
Sophia Lauren Momodu - A former actress of Ngombian ancestry, she starred in films as a sexually emancipated persona and was one of the best known sex symbols of the time; known professionally as Zozo, her career has lasted almost as long as she herself has lived. However, despite portraying such a character, she was rather quiet and reserved off camera, and had only one relationship - her husband, Christian Fletcher V, who was a sailor in the Norfolkite Navy and the direct descendant of Christian Fletcher, the crew member on the HMS TBD who first spotted Nusquama Island, one of the component islands of the Islands of Refreshment (Îles de Rafraîchissement), called the most remote of Garbania's overseas possessions. Despite being in the Navy for life, often going on numerous tours, the marriage was considered storybook; in 1999, on the cusp of the new millennium, Christian and Sophia's letters to one another were compiled and published in book form.
William Makepeace Kittikachorn - 'Ol Billy, as he was called by his peers, was a Norfolkite novelist and illustrator. He is known for his satirical works, particularly his book, TBD, a panoramic portrait of Norfolkite society, as well as his short stories that poked fun at the popular figures of the day; legends has it that while the Emperor of Garbania detested them, his own family and friends greatly approved so much that he was kept awake by, and could not focus on his work as a result of, the laughter that constantly, consistently echoed throughout Court. Kittikachorn was laid to rest in a normal cemetary, but was moved to the Norfolk National Cathedral, sometimes simply called the National Cathedral, which is the country's equivalent, particularly due to all the figures buried and commemorated, of Westminster Abbey and is the seat of the head of the Old Catholic Church, the Archbishop of Norfolk.
Rita Mattiaccio - Rita Mattiaccio was a Norfolkite poet best known for her highly personal, confessional verse; her poetry details her long battle with bipolar disorder, suicidal tendencies, and intimate details from her private life, including relationships with her husband and children. Much has been made of the tangled threads of her writing, her life and her depression, especially when she jumped to her death from the top of the Norfolkite National Cathedral; the spot where she landed was turned into a memorial garden for those who have lost family and friends to suicide.
William Godwin Emefiele - W.G. Emefiele was one of Free Norfolk City's staunch promoters of free, universal healthcare, writing Medical Justice, a pamphlet which proposed the creation of a single-payer, universal health care program, which would provide full, equal access to health care for all citizens. He considered the creation of such a program, providing coverage for the whole populace, to be the cornerstone of any prosperous state; his musings on this matter remind one of the Bhutanese philosophy of gross national happiness. Emefiele is fondly remembered by many Norfolkites; a statue of him stands outside on the grounds of the Pitcairn Rehabilitation Hospital.
Charles Andrew Uba Bosah
Jonathan Ghuniam
George Ochonogor de Izon
Martin Eze
Jean-Christophe Mwitumwa
Joyce Ozioma
Alexander Hamilton Ofuonyeadi
Ben Kuruneri-Okezie
John Ademola
Chinweoke Trevor Nwauzor
Joe Eboh
Adrien Armand Domalewski
John Boko
Ahmed Sadiq Issoufou de Shakahola de Makakoo - A.S. Issoufou was an Ibadi Muslim ennobled by the Emperor Lanrothric; he was given land and title in Ngombia for his assistance in "curbing disobedience," and he made his mark by organizing expeditions into the interior. Although he served a non-Muslim regime, he nevertheless did so quietly and efficiently; he lived a pious life, and was laid to rest accordingly upon his death. He was later sent to Free Norfolk City, on the eve of its independence, wherein he trained the last batch of the Colonial Militia; the Imperial Court recalled him soon after; though loyal, he privately expressed dismay at the expulsion of the Norfolkites. Despite his rise through the ranks, Islam remains a fringe religion at best, though one notes the Arabic writing on his tomb. He was also famous for befriending the socialite and salonnière Delores Sonrohon; in her salon, he routinely recited the Quran (he was a hafiz, and said to have had a rather rugged, but still lovely, voice) and personally funded translations of the same.
Alejandro Mayorkas
Niko Vuksani
Alixar Laulham
Nanette Philgette
Rustem Rashitovich and Andrey Sergeevich Chanyshev
Yonas Shaaibu Jubrilla
Noah Bodze
Vivian Leigh Gardner
George Dalton Tubman, Dean of Weister City University
Joshua Connor Kuykendall
Samuel Truesdale-Rappinet
Edmund Gregory Archibong
Anastasia Tsukovits
Wilma Niemi
Solána Lamduwa Alamduwa
Mark Anthony Moreau-Coulson
Ahmed Johnson Koffo
Stéphane Menfo
Oscar Rebollo Alvarez
Adrienne Jane Page
Daria Jane Hulme
Jane Daria Hulme
Ernil Adeng Piañar
Bruce Corbin Hackett - He was the founder and namesake of Hackett's Weekly, A Journal of Civilization, a Norfolkite political magazine published from 1867 onward; it featured foreign and domestic news, fiction, essays on many subjects, and humor, alongside illustrations. A mint condition copy of the issue that announced Norfolkite independence was donated to the Museum of National History for its exhibit on the Great Anarchy; Hackett himself was dismayed by the Imperial decision, and threw his considerable influence behind the Republic as a result.
Derek Roy Edouya
Hans Peter Zwennes - H.P. Zwennes was a Moravian missionary who established the Workingmen's Chapel in the District of Jeannesport. He was called 'Ol Hank by the sailors and prostitutes who frequented the massive harbor complex, always respected for his kindness and charity. He emphasized personal diligence, enterprise and frugality and regularly gave advice and aid to any who needed either, and upon his death, he was mourned by many. His chapel still exists today, and offers numerous social programs to the poor and needy.
George Michael Tokunboh-Rambau de Hogbonu de Talahara
Amos Hubertus Sawyer
Frederick Mbogo Haight
Daud Asmoni
John Paul Pascalina
Francis Paul Bamikole
Casimir Riaan Louw
Yelysaveta Tkachenko
Lillian Charis Stoltzfus
John Kenneth Rowsthorne
Malcolm James Firoozbakht de Maktarim de Alacc
Alexandra Muzumbi
Boris Soroka
Amira Goldstein
Kofi Kutele Mnyamana
Chidiebere David Adiwego
Delbert Olishehike Emefiele
Jessie Alexandra Ventura
Emma Zuzanna Nowakowski
Volodymyr Duprée - Coined the popular Norfolkite saying, "May your beds be warm and your markets free!"
Nasir Roland de Mouquet al-Sa'ad, Gouverneur des Île de la Sérénité - Coined the motto "L'audace, l'audace, toujours l'audace!" (Audacity, audacity, always audacity!) which is the official motto of Île de la Sérénité, also known as Ilha de Serenidade and Coconut Island due to the popularity of coconut products such as coconut-filled candy bars and canned coconut water.
Dianna Dymond - An actress in "certain movies," Dianna Dymond was born into the prestigious Vancouver family, who had founded Vancouvia, one of the provinces of Norfolk-in-Esvanovia and home to the famous Quikcard Centre, one of the best known arenas in Norfolkite ice hockey. Her decision to get into those movies was, while popular among a specific segment of the population, horrified and scandalized her family. Her real name was Olivia Rosemary Vancouver.
Faarooq Ahmed Acheampong
Nina Azura Krok, dame de Bonghy-Moddoo
Yusuf Olalekan Afis
Katsuhiro Ono
Lilian Jossy (nee Pinckney)
François-Henri de Fermmard de Bénin - A Norfolkite general of Garbanian ancestry, he served in the Caprona War, and was described as having been very intelligent, merciful, generous, resourceful, and experienced. He was also responsible for the recruitment of the Cent Mille Fils de Toteco ("Hundred Thousand Sons of Toteco") due to his time prior to the conflict as Governor of Toteco, who were used to devastating effect upon the enemy.
Hannah Lau Luen-Hung
Mariana Tkachenko
Bakhtiyor Madiyev
Rocky Staveley
Anna Malgorzata Leszczynska
Hanzala Ali Hamza Saad, Duc de Meifuren
Christina Patscher
Kama Mustafa Arnautovic
Mohamed Ali Ghanem
Mari Velasca de la Nua Gealach
Deda Dedvukaj and Avery Culver Izaghi
Symon Petyr Kirillton
Alec Louis McChesney
Blanca Weiss
Lori Lopez
Jessica Quinn and Sarah May Schremp
Catherine, Emily, Hannah, Kacey, Jackie, Julie, and Kathleen Lange
Philomena Samantha Zetsche
Yara Wanczyk
Regina Novakova
Jack Thaddeus and Jason Kendrick Ouzuo
Dwayne Gretzkii
Debra Carmen Müller-Ötvös and Meiying Taanh Mugnai
Kseniya Yevheniya Flora Westbrook
Mei Mian d'Euphova
Yuriy Akinshyn
Kevyn Detlef Scheer
Johnny Angus Muzorewa
Margret Onyin-Tamaya
Ivana Glasenberg
Karl Heinz Uhlworm
Gilbert Mboweni
Vana Lund - Vana is a talented, passionate, and attractive country musician from Jeraddo, a town in Norfolk-in-Esvanovia, renowned for its endless rows of mobile homes. She is the illegitimate daughter of the Comte de Maurepas and Ms. Delulu Nungesser, whom he knew in his youth...
Dmitri Gorodilov
Manuel Goldstone
Joanna Liu Phélypeaux
Jaroslav Zdeněk Suchánek, Comte de Hanatului de Marele: Mssr. Suchánek, the Comte de Hanatului de Marele was one of the very few "orthodox" (that is, Nicene) Christians in the aristocracy. He was an Eastern Lutheran, and was a close associate of T.I. Askiates; the two pooled their resources together to fund the nascent independence movement. Despite the establishment of the Crystal Castle Republic, Suchánek continued to help the Norfolkites afterward, but retired to his estate in Garbania upon the passing of the Titles of Nobility Amendment, whereat he penned his memoirs and donated his remaining wealth (that is, what was left over from the inheritance he would bestow upon his children) to the building of a Eastern Lutheran chapel, La Chapelle Comtale, which stll stands today.
Sang-Su Wong
Gia Marsella Laurence, Lady Rahasya
Karin Grundstrom, Lady Ashaven
Jean-David Chamboredon de Urgolon de Ryanwood
Simone Simmons
Alain Stephen Barletta
Amadeo Maurizio Giannini
Tommaso Ferrante
Akira Ohtani
Jozefo (Jose) Yamashita
Anaru Yamashita
Rosito Yamashita
Mimiru Yamashita
Chesa Yamashita
Kayko Matsu
Rosito Matsu
Mika Matsu
Misuzu Matsu
Yuriko Ishii
Genevieve Mensah
Nicolaas Tiedt
Rodney Okukuizu
Melvin Anung Prabawa
Françoise Bettencourt Meyers
Olha Shcherbakova, Lady Zdorvaiyoch
Zahra Simard de Dhanyabhu - the word Dhanyabhu derives from two foreign words; dhanya meaning blessed, bhu means land. It is one of the many provinces of the Garbanian colony of Onyxania, and is well known worldwide for its Buddha statues, modeled OOCly on the Buddhas of Bamiyan.
Faarooq Adarbraka al-Lakabi
Anna Vostokova
Jean-Luc Debroux, Gouverneur des îles Atréidond (Duc de Mephras) - Currently lives in Avedon, the capital of îles Atréidond.
Gabby Angelori - Born and raised in Littlespring, a slum named for its location near a natural water source...
Claudia Hayes
Waju Takme IV, Duc de Shamoin de Dectubech
Margaret Peters
Joseph Nzongo Condé
Ahmed Bashuri al-Zamani
Hizan Idi Otu
Heather Khumalo
Susan Shabangu
Kelvin Kaunde
Yulson Zackman
Natasha Bakai - A Eurasian actress, Natasha was best known for hitting her big break in a performance of the theatrical comedy, "Liliya. From Rhossenia with Love. How Much Though?" She was also in a performance of the play, "Quis Decipio Ipsos Deceptors?" She broke into movies with a starring role in the late nineties dark teen comedy movie, "Gobstopper," which, while being a critical and financial failure, gained a cult following through home video release and subsequent television airings. She was born in the Ngombian province of Nasarbago, as her parents were researchers studying the interior tribes.
Anisha Onnoghen
Mikhaila Shenko
Olena Kravchuk
Marie Alcindor
Yulia Borisovna Navalnaya
Igor Khodorkovsky
Garry Bultman
Pavel Moskvitin
Gareth Mykhaylo
Inthavong Khodpangna, Duc de Bhunam et Kaourukéréa - Inthavong Khodpangna was...
Jean-Jacques de Attali, Duc de Marakuana and Yuliia Skhosana, Comtesse de Charusse (Charussia)
Viktor Adamovich Lyaksandro
Anastasia Kotvitska
Guy John Wanrow
Mikio Noguchi/Rebecca Garang
Faarooq Abudu Yabure (Uliza + Theodoran)
Marisa Lorenza Acquarone
Mohammed Roland Patterson
Yasmin Jetha Krijg-Leeuw
George Joseph Cabusas Vergara
Kazuma Vong Chi Keong
Katya Nardhamuni Ganas
Yukio Rosenberg, Graf von Derastüun
Booker Takudzwa Tawanda
Raelyn Rajabhandari, Lady Roiyaru
Willa Whalsey
Hoang Thi Mai
Marek Krzystof Olejniczak
Chantal Marie Rabelais
Marie-Adeline Rodrigues
Amanda Kouassi Desney
Rexford Anokye Boakye
Catherine De Bolle
Ralph Philip Shklyar
Jeanne D'Albis
Maria Yesenalievich Karwatsky
Titus Bruccius Monneret, Comte de Huyunu
Jean-Frédéric and Françoise-Améthyste Guilevert, Comte et Comtesse de Poyais et de Franberry
Jack Thaddeus Corrigan: J.T. Corrigan was best known for his controversial probe into the finances of five televangelism ministries that promoted prosperity theology on Norfolkite airwaves, leading to a spirited debate over whether or not it should be banned. Ultimately, the Supreme Court voted to allow televangelistic programming on Norfolkite airwaves, believing that ultimately, an informed, rational populace with true common sense will always be the best approach.
Janice Ann Thoreen
Georges-René Wabourton
Mary Grissett
Boniface Igwe
Ardjouma Sirima
Kate Gallagher
Natasha Margaret Ann Zimberg
Yacouba Adama Gnamba
Carolyn Eva Sterke
Ashok Tolani
Debora Bielecki
Melissa Lambert
Harleen and Lurleen Heath
Marco Rotondi-Kabelo
Jakaam Mishail Zuluf
Monika Aaradhya Maurya
Kimberly Sabrina Foster
Wanda and Cherry Ann Sidden
Vineet Bhardwaj Singh/Charlene Francoise Kaur
Kimberly Georgievna Vinnichenko
Carmen Angelica Zuluf
Maria Elburg von Burchadinger
Bashar Sayyad Kausar
Donald Okyere-Darko
Dani Mwaaba al-Maliki
Debora Rasoana, Lady Sherriton
Kim Ouk Chan
Rashid Al-Wahaibi
Bryan Louis Nzeribe
Katira Anxhela (de Reinnapani) and Amina Medjahed (de Cassanos)
Kenneth Bunjimongoe Bornking - Ngombia's answer to real life, obscure figures like Simon Kimbangu, André Matsoua, Samuel Oshoffa and Joseph Ayo Babalola, K.B. Bornking was the founder of the Église de la Bienheureuse Espérance (Church of the Blessed Hope), that combined Christian religious beliefs with traditional Ngombi symbolism. Bornking received considerable media attention when he declared that it was revealed to him that polygamists could be baptised into the church; in this sense, the church is more willing to accept some cultural practices, but this is balanced by a strict sense of holiness. The church also recognises salvation through Jesus Christ, the Son of God, but claims that the Son of God has been incarnated in multiple contexts, rejecting the orthodox doctrine of Christ taking a human body and soul for eternity. None of these incarnations are considered exclusive; they only serve to reveal Christ to people of different contexts, and all who are saved through any of these incarnations of Christ will worship God together in heaven. While Christianity is a fringe religion in Ngombia, census statistics indicate that Bornking's church commands the adherence of many Christians.
Svetlana Drvarska
Zoey Dotto
Cyril Augustus Ifey, Graf von Unkerlantum
Mohamed Lucien Kabongo de Blainesville de San Guillermo - Born into what passed for nobility in Ngombia, Mohamed was raised in the Garbanian colony of Onyxania, in the province of Myakka; his wife came from the neighbouring province of Xerut.
Bhavna Shipra Rai
Jennifer Mbayá (or Mbyá) Bouvier, Lady Cotenshire
Maria Karina Kuznetsova
Shandi Cabrera
Andreas Grossmann
Wilbur Jay Willard
Nicole "Nikki" Erika Bridene Malachowski
Chrissy Cooke
Étienne-Émile Marangoni, Comte de Togodo (Vylette-Athénaïre)
Bismarck Maganawe
Severián Magomedalievich Abdullayev
Sarah Ritterhouse
Li-Hsin Huang
Sharon Joyce Scranton
Elsa Anna and Tina Higgins
Fiona Maria Gomez
Sarah Teresa Olivia Rodriquez
Oleksandr Mykhailo Volesky
Aimée Barnes-Noble
Wendy Schwartz-Gouraud, Comtesse de Calmira
Katie Sarah MacMascorro
Anita Jane Darpino
Lena Mireya Torres
Kayla Marie Delleca-Gardou
Juliette Fleming
Katie Brianna Van Der Hoeven
Dean Ambrose Milenkovic
Zoltan Szamosi
Valentina Vazquez
Geneviève and Louis-Grégory Chase
Marilyn Rachel Weisz, Comte de Tanaara
Kari-Lynn Throesch
Mianna Gabbard
Eugênio Alberto Dias Del Rio, Gouverneur de Île des Tempêtes, Comte de Tannat: Born in Free Norfolk City, he was appointed governor of Île des Tempêtes, also known as Ilha das Tormentas.
Baylee Mabel Castro
Sharon Arnott
Conor Coidavid
Ramona Caswell, Lady Astholm
Aline Arsenio
Zainab Mocache Asumu
Nancy Darpino
Eva Mila Lisandra & Tricia Cindy Bohai-Guang
Alejandro Barroso Queijero
James Onanefe Ibori
Blaise Yameogo
Reginald Ihejiahi
Leonard William Hazzi-Mohaggat
Shalonda Renata and Ambrose Murphy Boone
Herman Dyck
Peter Andrew Chibuzor
Aina MarIyeh Aguilar
Stella Samir de Kalakuta
Jonathan Lambert Gwazo, Comte de M'Simbati
Rania Kenzuiw
Karla Kasmith
Richard Milhous Ramamurti
Wilbur Allen Emerton
Charity Florence Benard
Dita Barbara and Mia Zaya Christabel Yovani
Victoria Mercy Wulandari
Jude Isiaka
Anthony Joseph Ahissou
Steve Erwin Carradine: Founder of the Marvins, a Norfolkite rock band that proved to be widely influential across a variety of genres and acts.
Ernest Earl Lowenstein: Ernest, a Norfolkite musician, performance artist and activist, founded the comedy rock band, BeefPuke, in 1984, as an attempt to create the world’s worst band (their name was chosen accordingly). Early on, the band earned a reputation for throwing rowdy shows, destroying venues, and generally soiling audiences with milk, which was a reference to his childhood as the son of a dairy farmer. He was also one of the first celebrities to get involved with the Norfolkite equivalent of the "Got Milk?" ad campaign. He sparked controversy when he famously quipped, "It is just way easier now to become popular, because the bar is so fucking low. I see non-musicians heralded as musical geniuses. Much harder to get popular back in the day," and once flouted the ban on political parties by hosting an all ages, actual party that just happened to be political.
Helen Giamma bint Faris Al-Ramadhi
Sylvia Aurelia Frances Mgbada
Francois Gustave and Warren Francis Kafando
Katherine Kate McNeil
Farrah Lisa Morgan
Joachim Schlotfeldt
Maximilian Rothkopf
Anyim Pius Ibru Chijuka
Aimée Lee - A common milk maid from a Norfolkite farm, she was the dearly beloved of the Ngombian chief, Wàto Turùpo Ùmari. Their relationship was the stuff of comedy, particularly in these lines from an old play: "Sir, thou hast depleted the stocks of milk by drinking one gallon per day. Where perchance do you plan to get more?" Her descendants are numerous throughout Ngombia and beyond.
Haroon Shahab Saeed Koutché, Comte de Courezzia
Haziq Teerawat Khomaram
Abyeza Villela Selekan, Comte de Chamada
Marek Jozsep Traur Malakowski
Alexandra Vasilieva Kalakdanova
Amystris (sometimes spelt Amyris) de Costa León
Jagomir Krzysztof Wlodzimierz
Olivia Dorzha Devlukia
Valery Revizov
Petr Dmitrievich Zavgorodniy
Grigor Ospanovich Tuleuov
Marge Brazier - Marge Brazier was the inventor of a controversial brassiere, the Hooter Holster, which marketed itself as the 'modern' solution for violence against women. She also supported the right to bear arms, believing that gun rights were women's rights and that under no circumstances should disarming female citizens be tolerated, for guns were the great equalizer.
Mandy Virita Mhzita
Damian Condez
Megaera des Kel'lara
Rhonis and Ptaros Höek
Manuel Arturo Jabulani
Lynda Jane Boswell
Chiang Jung Cheong
Dmitrij Nikonow
Candice Cromwell
Casper Perri Hengyucius
Oleg Anatolevich Alimov
Angelica Valiantsina Maslava
Suphat, Jakkapat and Dechaphon Khlongchring
Trishna Lutchman
Jennifer Mendez
Gamal Marouane El Randa
Titania Duff - Slender and curvaceous, Titania is a lovely young lady who is never seen without a smile on her face. She is quite social, perhaps too social.

A constant (and very welcome) presence in the GA debate halls, the Thessadorian Ambassador (originally a gag from a silly forum poll) is admired internationally for her various "talents" and prized "assets," often complemented by a tight flattering T-shirt. She has lovely eyes too; if you wanna look up a little... Hey! *snaps fingers* Are you even paying attention?!

She is a beautiful, buxom woman who captures the eyes of most males who look upon her, and very kind towards people, perhaps too kind. She's basically the Republic's equivalent to Paris Hilton; a total airhead, sure, but her heart's pure gold.
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Who's Who in the Garbanosphere: Norfolkites II

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Bronwyn Munk
Jaylyn Tuckness
Valentinus Jopling
Dayton Yellen
Yehudi Crenshaw
Rodmund Rasband
Victor Emmanuel Mbang, Comte de Lagonda
Leah Wehinger
Dennis Kazeem Adeshola
Jean D'Albis
Ahmet Ogenc
Laurie Kendrick
Dean Ambrose Athanasia
Becky Odonkor
Khairuzin Mohammed Arif
Ivo Šatan
Václav Oigara
Nancie Diane Muwanga
Naomi Jane Muteteka
Thomas Constantine Chiemela-Nwaeke
Spencer Thomas Gottstein
Juliet Maryann Frimpong
Dyana Greene
Marcel Alain Edmonsou
Geena Lim
Thessa Agesilas Nguyen
Dianne Rose Sanou
Franck Postránecký
Ibrahim Al Balawi
Catherine Bessant
Isaac Solomon Pirzada
Sally Ann Degner
Bernard Karim Negara
Lilia Velazquez
John Micah Demchak
Stanley Ejiogu
Lionel Thornberry
Ayane Reinhart
Alice Lei Dynevor
Karuna el Ghuffari
Satori the Mariner
Idris Ali al-Garbani
Yunus al-Ngombi
Kasumi Yseult
Brian Yuyi
Angela Aerosmith
Katie Lantz
Shirley Arce
Vincent Joel Aldea
Karen Karenson
Marlena Canneberge
Eugène-Émile Udina
Bardo Dvarada
Willa Willgood
Lovelee Lovejoy
Zola Lombardi
Lacey Keibler
Trish and Treena
Captain Jayson FitzLahey
Mara Kateson
Marilyn Auf der Maur
Jamal Bin Ghalaita
Charles Okonta
Deda Dedvukaj
Isaac Lungu
Maren Obed
Søren Nshima
Perrin Somerville
Lili'zorah Spinelli
John Constantine Askiates
Melisandra Tudor
Quinn Louise Soubert
Allison Amber Soubert
Ashley Amber Speers
Ginger Gripling
Philibert Spitz
Armina Arce
Leroy Sinclair
Herbert Mutabi
Gaelle "Gigi" Lubin
Wilhelmina Burnish
Yolanda Chilton
Peggy T. Chimbetete
Denver Danvers
Hermione Mutimba
Lloyd and Floyd Banda
Grace Musimudziwa
Aletta Nyakurai
Chenai Chimbetete
Samuel Dube
Stella Nera Tisoni
Ashwani Bhatia
Tamina Scalfani
Renee Jane Morgendorffer
Britney Taylor
Brittany Bublé
Chad and Stacy Shatner
Galileo Nimoy
Charles Darwin Shortman
Alexis Shortman
Samantha Spock
Oriana L'Shashazay
Dido Mathers
Iris FitzBuick
Raymond FitzRaymond
Ganos Lao
Armin Dasani
Kokoro "Koko" de Montfort
Lili Reinhart
Corey Chambers
Quincy Quirrell
Severus Santorelli
Jasmine "J-Wow" Kyprianou
Mika Hartnett
Rinslette D'Fresca
Garrus "Garry" Massani
Zaeed Vakarian
Tali Korey
Abishag Korey
Dëne Korey
Yvette Polston
Yvonna Shtern
Yvetta Darcsen
Vita Scaletta
Theresa Boutin
Norman Hartley
Yugi Wakabayashi
Noelle Tyutin
Ruby Mae Nadezhdanova
Ariel Andersen
Bilitis D'Arby
Sappho de Veyllard
Shaundi Pierce
Elena Pierce
Rinslette D'Capilano
Earl Dobbs
L. Ron Hickey
Kaori Oda
Erin Ponce
Noella Svetlanova
Fritz Cobain
Muammar ibn Kwab
Kwab al-Majusi
Robert Reynold Drachenberg
Yosef Kwok Wai
Marina Nematova
Ami Niamé Traore
Joanna Abban
Andrzej Kazmierczak
Anne Finucane
Robert Bruce Gbenga Makinde
Jessie Staley
Matilda Berryhill
Kitty Kautter
Rebecca Ronto
Elsa and Anna de Frosset
Deborah Ann Benen
Charlee Asavathiratham
Tiia Tuovinen
Kate Henshaw
Robert Lee Potrykus
Stella Maria Wegener
Spencer Suleiman Andrade
Neil Kwabenya
Bibi Mingqiang
Esther Dijkstra
George Nord: Reputedly the son of George IV, King of England, and Olga Zherebtsova, a Russian noblewoman—although one source notes Olga's alleged affair with Sir Charles Whitworth and the possibility that he was the father of George—George Nord was, like Armand Gagné, a young man trying to make a name for himself, and he did so, like Armand, in colonial Anmhonm, by then beginning the last phases of the metropolitanization of the country.
Bridget Alizabeth van Kralingen
Kaylee Makofka
Gustave Louis Rimbey
Marie Isabelle McClaren
Oleg Golovenko
Vivian Sarah Pfinsgraff
Elena Goitini
Marek Kozlowski
Anita Schimanski
Peter Godwin Mösenbacher
Geraulmas Ogesouche: After the expulsion of the Jesuits from the various European empires, some Jesuits ended up washing up on the shores of Anmhonm; Geraulmas, who was in charge of keeping tabs on who was coming into the colony, permitted them to settle within the colony, thus establishing Roman Catholicism, as we know it, in Anmhonm, much to the chagrin of the Old Catholics, who called them heretics. The Jesuits were initially reluctant to respond in kind, but upon various attacks (albeit literary) upon their characters, let alone their doctrines, they did so. The Norfolkite historian M.A. (Marie Annette) Stillman wrote that Geraulmas took them in because he believed, as foreigners, they might have important knowledge, both political and technological, to divulge to the government.
Gepnneond Masognese
Dexter Wexler
Kingsley Osuji
Tokunbo Abiru
Fatoyinbo Adewole
Kwame Issan
Anne Juuko
Elizabeth Yelena Amado
Souleymane "Souley" Hagenbuch
Joshua Connor Gbolahan
Ebenezer Kolawole
Caroline Wanda Källberg
Allessandra Dinello
Vanessa Cuartas
Wendell Clark Beppler
Celina Muntali
Richard Peter Amangbo
Leena Vainiomäki
Ulrich Bredemeyer
Orlando Lucero
Kathleen Farris
Simon Bodehousse Idohou

Dagoberé Zurithalissaran - A prince du sang (prince of the blood), Dagoberé was the Commandant de L'Armée Impériale Garbanienne à Anmhonm (Commander of the Imperial Garbanian Army in Anmhonm), which meant that he commanded the Imperial Garbanian Army units stationed in colonial Anmhonm; a hard working and consummate professional, he is best known for his marriage to Charlotte Stuart, the illegitimate daughter of the Jacobite pretender Prince Charles Edward Stuart; forbidden by him to marry, Charlotte eloped with Dagoberé, who handsomely provided for her and her mother. He had been sent to Europe as part of a diplomatic mission at the behest of his father, the Emperor Esmonderic, who reasoned that as Dagoberé was one of his many sons, he could afford permitting the otherwise unsanctioned marriage. Under Garbanian law, the Emperor (or Empress) may theoretically choose his (or her) heir from any of his children (including adopted children), but the standard practice of the oldest child inheriting tends to be the norm. Of course, some doubted their marriage would last, but it was storybook; Dagoberé and Charlotte had five children, and their descendants are numerous.

Mertuinhrasil Zurithalissaran - A prince du sang (prince of the blood), Mertuinhrasil was the firstborn son of Emperor Esmonderic, best known for having saved the life of Marie Thérèse of France, or so it was believed; during the During the French Revolution, Ernestine Lambriquet, the adopted/foster daughter of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, was said to have had such a physical resemblance to Marie Thérèse that it was rumored the king was her father. In fact, the resemblance was so strong that a rebel mistook Ernestine for Marie Thérèse and threw the corpse of a member of the Swiss Guard in front of her feet, but a shop-keeper defended her, also believing she was Marie Thérèse; it was this shop-keeper who smuggled her to safety, not realizing that the "princess" was actually a pauper. Mertuinhrasil, who had been in France on a diplomatic mission, came across the "princess," and had her brought aboard his ship. Jeanne Louise Victoire (also called "Zoe") and her two elder sisters, as well as Jean Amilcar, were aboard the same ship also; displaying a talent for drawing, Jean Amilcar was able to draw the famous depiction of the "flight from La Rochelle," reputedly with the Garbanian prince smuggling the children in cargo boxes supposedly full of faïence, which combined with the insistence on diplomatic immunity, prevented the revolutionaries from searching the ship, which immediately set sail for his native Garbania, whereupon she was believed to be Marie-Thérèse. Deciding that the best thing to do was to play along, "Princess Marie-Thérèse of France" married Mertuinhrasil, whose own son and heir, Merathorchimac, added the title, King of France, to his already long list of titles. Ernestine took the truth to the grave, and to this day, many Garbanians are still taught that a French princess once lived among them. Mertuinhrasil wrote an account of the French Revolution, which reputedly inspired the future Emperor Weyerlbert. Both Mertuinhrasil and his father provided generously for the others; Jean Amilcar was brought into the Imperial Court as the court artist, while 'Zoe' and her two older sisters married the sons of nobles. OOCly, the plotline of Ernestine is based on an alternate take on the theory that Marie-Thérèse of France swapped identities with her adoptive sister when she was released from the Temple.

Armand Gagné: Born François-Michel Gagné, Armand Gagné was an adopted (or foster) son of King Louis XVI and his wife, Marie Antoinette. Unlike his step-siblings, who all went to Garbania, Armand feared both the fury of the people and the fear of being thought a favourite of the Queen’s, according to Henriette Campan. He considered joining the revolutionary army, but feeling that they would reject him, or even have him shot as a spy, he opted for a life at sea. He ended up sailing for many days until he ended up in Anmhonm, where he decided to lay low. However, he would never again see his native France, and having eventually made his peace with this, he settled down; he married, had kids, and lived a long, modest life. He lived to see Norfolkite independence, and passed away as a centenarian, dying at the age of 105.

Jhaorananach and Lazalynver Tailtor
Renabinastian Velognese
Luiza Godooi
Patrick Onyemegbulem
Tyler Randolph Hanczaruk
Frances Mary Frankensteen
Adenike Laoye
Ella Golan
Abderazack Zebdani
Rodrigo Tolotti
Alla Kosyanchuk
Cynthia Rutherford-James
Stephen John Leitch
Sherri Frunchak-Bronstein: Sherri Frunchak-Bronstein was a Norfolkite schoolteacher best known for her time as a teacher for children of the Danuk, one of the indigenous peoples of the Esvanovian colony. She wrote her observations in a series of critically acclaimed books.
Francis Pouka
Patrick Onyemegbulem
Chukwuma Nweke
Ahmed Johnson Houng
Marina Eze
Mabel Okoh
Deepak Khullar
Phanerlbert Jastuardt
Enmannel Gelekeley
Hatillnibal Riroud
Alegonav Yviavan
Emmanuel Ibeawuchi Nwoke
Bounty Okonkwo
Claire Clairmont
Wolfgang Kirsch
Stella Maris Smythe
Roger and Dorothy Smith
Celestine Dumnall
Kimberly Maryjane Chirac
Victor Emmanuel Ukwat
Otohime Maldonado
James Craig Hennager
E.K. (Émile Ken) Cheung: E.K. Cheung was an agent of the Monmouth Bay Trading Company best known for his work among the Danesi, an indigenous people of the Esvanovian colony. The Danesi homeland, 'Danesiland,' sometimes called 'Danesia,' is found within the Province of Quabeck.
Rupert Schulmeister
Esme Carimbocas
Abdoulaye Yacaouba
Lorita Badoti
Sarah Layla Kronqvist
John Mark Muyobo
George Musongo
Maricel Azondo-Yawson
Marilyn McClatchey
Kamsiyochukwu Amaefule Chukwuemeka
Vera and Chukwunwike Mutanda
Claudia Dagadou
Rickard Rykowsky
Rosemary Nwanneka
Marlyna and Şevket Mastrallet
Georgette Joubert
Hugh McColl
Doris and Boris Udozie
Andrew Emmanuel Alexsson
Clyde Benjamin Nwaorgu
Sherri Glover
Yentchabre Yendoukoi
Larisa Sosnitskaya
Amata Amalados
Yahya Malik Andris
Alfred Yeboah
Dorothé Gounon
Jyrki Karvonen
John Kennedy Uzoka
Augustus Herbert Wigwe
Gabriel Emmanuel Dreibelbis
Brian Robert Steininger
Ebenezer Onyeagwu
Lillian Grace Aduamah
Jean-Christophe Laloux
David Ryan Sequeira
Hans Peter Van Kluvert
Jeanne Beunardeau
Concetta Graziano
Sandra Bestevaar
Elizabeth Baldassare
Madeleine Venkatakishore
Jacqueline Hockley
Valeriya Demyanenko
Oluwayemisi Uwajimaya
Karl-Georg Bednorz-Eidenhart
Ferenc Soltész
Ariel Kimmel
Tanya Howard
Terry Tuggle
Debra Mallonee
Robert Clement Dobberke
Alastair Borthwick
Kavita Karlapudi
Jan Bengtsson
Gennice Alcendor
Shazana Takis
Pius Anyanwu
Jose Merino: One of Norfolkite baseball's legends, Jose Merino spent his entire career with the (placeholder)...
Erik Van Daan
Britney Brasson
Garrath Fulford
Noel Quinn Laiche
Bernadette Gunnurlous
Mamadou Moucheron
Zoya Pankratova
Nereida Martinez
Ozella Burnley
Marina Stamboliyska
Merve Kurt
Stella Maeve Bianchi
Pamela Shodipo
Cindy Courterielle
Giorgio Bugatto
Valerie Vaskovich
Marius Radameyer
Suzi Bastiancic
Robert Deschatelets
Madame Marie-Claudette de Yves Saint-Junien
Cindy D'Aoust
Alejandro Gonzalo,
Mirena Kyleena Vanlandingham
Teena Cowan,
Trish Ali,
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Shanna and Tiffany James
Victoria Shapoval
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Kenneth Letendre
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Allycia Adamovych
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Rebecca Ziegler-Allen
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Louis Cardinal
Helen Yannicelli
Olivia, Baldwin, Judith and Roselyn Beaudoin
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Roberta Antonia Hutsell
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Catilda McQuade
Joan Arbuckle
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Paris McBain
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Elvis, Beavis and Jasmyn Thibert
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Tanya LeDantieux

Tanya LeDantieux


Sonya LeDantieux

Lloyd Tshabalalala
Stanbury Stonebreaker
Anselm Caulfield
Rosegrethe Pressey
Myrna Wigmore
Liselotte Cullimore
Lennart Saxe
Timon Kittredge
Shakira Brich


Ynes Delamar

Devana Delaney
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Yadira Parliament
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Dezirae Corey
Tanya Rawe
Maurine Chittick
Trinetta Britton


Vanja Thetford

Vanja Thetford is an agent of the Monmouth Bay Trading Company, best known as the Company's representative in Île de Femme; unlike most Norfolkites, she seems quite fine with the island's strict matriarchy, which endears her to the people there; it is noted in several Company reports, however, that the islanders are loyal to her personally rather than the Company, which is increasingly being seen as archaic and out of touch. As the Company's representative, her mission is to ensure that the people's concerns are attended to, as well as to represent the Company at cultural events. Also, Vanja has been noted for her amazing equestrian skills.

Vivienne Waight
Silana Scribner
Mairin Latson
Genevre Burcham
Diannah Hudkins
Blanch Bache
Candice Corbett
Louella Poulton
Lilshezaa Ogan
Nahnelaef Rada Dor
Yastine De Afe
Nanveya Ofa Ga
Mivahel Doga Egad
Lilse Qonaa Dofa
Tuskulaana Sergekhovna Madjarova
Sandaara Djaakypovna Kumalyrova
Samaana Saarynovna Symyllayeva
Sayaara Ayaalovna Bysyrova
Unpatar-Humban ben Somadih
Alexavier Lunt
Durward Hartvigsen
Cartaegus Crowther
Teyana Rigby
Oretta Rasmussen
Deloria Maughan
Everon Mecham
Edlow Hardward
Arnol Smoot
Brik Hanks
Violeet Bennington
Mar Braithwaite
Venetia Caldwell
Nelda Seegmiller
Shamaya Farnsworth
Jerilene Sirrine
Shazette Pomeroy
Shantel Brinkerhoff
LuJeanne Hildebrandt
Shaunae Boynton
Dynelle Gunderson
Taleesha Blackham
Dynelle Gunderson
Deelanya-Ann Blackwell
Velonda Braithwaite
Jaralee Woolley
Deelanya-Ann Blackwell
DeVerle LeSueur
Volmer Hardward
DeVerle LeSueur
Whilden Zabriskie
Vosco Cloward
Twylen Coombs
Tagon Belford
Russel Schvaneveldt
Neil Memmott
LaMond Graf
Audrus Jarvis
Calbert Naegle
Randalyn Hildebrandt
Merlee Prestwich
Shirlyn Brimhall
LoNita Avery
Shantel Behunin
Meriah Cornwell
Deedra Brinkerhoff
Tediana Smoot
Zariah DeMille
Shanette Pingree
Starlene Clonts
Jaunaree Beall
Walleen Jolley
Shanette Taylor
Marvella Pratt
Lynita Adamson
Chlorinda Bennion
Maharlika Hirschi
Vesna Blackwell
Marsanne Seegmiller
Valeeta Chatterton
Euzen Visdeloup
Evarzheg Jarry
Avela Raoult
Donasien Caradec
Konstantin Kermabon
Guinoux Ar Garreg
ha Plouzennec
Arzula Guillermo
Ivonig Kerautret
Yoanie Le Goux
Varnelvin Kirbgine
Istidach Hawkowald
Dareus Wirll
Chreveos Heruardt
Delvrasilelyn Meliian
Baraachnton Herston
Theron Ergaach
Jharumal Virmavan
Grathierry Kircette
Arnrdpar Yvieinace
Ylbhnainluin Penetrine
Ogierbert Melene
Duacetusdon Veltene
Muirnie Rirult
Talaabelle Valchad
Talaabelle Valchad
Talaabelle Valchad
Lisdice Nervieve
Isabette Aumdwulf
Roxaine Blakus
Malvalyn Dalonds
Sennenne Jolwing
Milnadette Jelilie
Yvarudette Perwald
Eugalddean Jonlus
Meberarducius Wirsaud
Frosenand Aloiel
Marenne Herrham
Hamestophecetus Drarry
Meralf Bantieve
Guiistrard Yvitecou
Relthorchimac Lotalla
Maurdal Ashnique
Louisable Petirane
Moranndish Maband
Tynaentente Masterrascel
Ferrrdand Farrlie
Merulmas Arneerry
Ormoryntham Nerelred
Donnanold Leorwing
Tuthretus Lochrien
Nepeus Aririen
Urammubin Eartav
Tynndert Virmcel
Irbrillnibal Rirneley
Delardand Auraire
Laznnran Imbeud
Inwodeistophe Surdrine
Alaindert Monane
Soren Granholm: He was a Norfolkite essayist, lecturer, historian, and biographer who lived and worked his entire life in Norfolk-in-Esvanovia, best known for inspiring waves of writers and other creatives, culminating in Timon Kittredge, who coined the term Esvamania the following century. A leading writer of his time, he exerted a profound influence on nineteenth century art, literature, and philosophy. He was seen as a champion of individualism and critical thinking, as well as a prescient critic of the countervailing pressures of society and conformity; this was especially true among those who felt that Norfolk-in-Esvanovia had to stand on her own two feet, and achieve "sociocultural equality" with Free Norfolk City.
Kayden Harris
Marcus Lehmann
Alex Riley Markle
Reid Merritt
Lucas McCrae
Calvin Cairns
Olivia McCrae
Khloe Keen
Charlotte Grant
Maximus Paull
Cruz Keen
Sebastian Ostell
Wesley Bourne
Micah Baldwin
Faustine Surette
Stella Gentil
Suzette Authement
Prudence Lambert
Saberrah Breaux
Bastienne Tassin
Marylène Daigle
Maggy Mazerolle
Raïssa Labauve
Sveltana Bonvillain
Nina Bastarache
Martine Schexnayder
Fabrice Thibault
Karren Chauvert
Orianne Tregre
Fabiola Doiron
Ségolène Cadet
Cordélienne Cabana
Lia Labonté
Delcie Bruneau
Lydia René
Miranette Cameron
Vénérée Lebel
Séméria Lelièvre
Ella Charest
Abigaelle Boulianne
Nymphore Gill
Améralyse Desmarais
Mya Brazeau
Arielle Olivier
Mériette Nantel
Miraldée Galarneau
Florégina Sénécal
Arnelle Venne
Aphéda Doré
Hudorina Rioux
Zoralia Corriveau
Victalienne Pigeon
Ignatienne Lafleur
Aurelie Racicot
Aurelie Racicot
Arianne Gendron
Rose Audet
Naomie Langevin
Andreanne Louis
Aurelie Racicot
Zella Carrington
Cordélienne Cabana
Mya Robins
Aleena Burt
Willow Arbour
Lyla Dawson
Danesia McKissick
Raania Tahseen
Liselotte Cullimore
Jahmai Noffsinger
Rochelle Ratican
Hakagvild Fenarifksson
Hakagvild Fenarifksson
Ulfari the Strong
Agnirid the Buxom
Ingrika Shade-Maiden
Hestette Torvahriksdottir
Svava Sorersdottir
Macette Bog-Guard
Hyrimlaith Broken
Maleena Gjarnsdottir
Anjana Summer-Hewer
Emfrdur Night-Eater
Rostara Cloud-Killed
Katdir the Knife
Risfinna Lonely-Wish
Sira Tarborindottir
Sira Tarborindottir
Valeide the Younger
Mineete Fenrahrdottir
Swannja Tallowhand
Illdgret Bulwark
Eisamir Dreamer
Maleen the Unfaithful
Margestris Brandy-Master
Hestette Torvahriksdottir
Sorlanna of the Isles
Lyndi of the Piercing Eyes
Elstilde Harensvedottir
Elstilde Harensvedottir
Imsif Alarikdottir
Fjorard the Bearclaw
Sylglgeth Round-Mage
Rakhild Dwarf-Wish
Toraollod Bjoarssen
Kibnnen Mjaldessen
Vonhild Sorervonsson
Kodlund Sohrardesen
Aldeir Wine-Eater
Tulvsvar Torvervonssen
Wilhlfi Ravencrone
Aenanir Mojensson
Stroin Wet-Spear
Nysmvar Sohrarikssen
Esbegal the Unfaithful
Yngvnir Gjervonssen
Arranl Argaldersen
Raddki the Rascal
Gjalngar the Unseen
Alfimar the Unfaithful
Feldic of Stuhn
Mramar Sohrerson
Yrsakum the Lean
Jeshff the Unmentioned
Hamigas Thrice-Hammers
Meksarald Corundum-Leg
Sorkdulf Ahlarikesson
Ysgrss Ahlanerson
Argingrim Fanrenrson
Adrdmund Mojorinssen
Kralomgar Sohranssen
Engrnskar the Unwavering
Heidi Soraldersen
Ysmlfi Fenarorkessen
Lodvdmir Ahlarmesen
Rogger Enrahrson
Harlot Bjarsen
Oguagur Thuruburk
Ebenezer McCalmont
Kenelm McCourtney
Kenelm Rouse
Selwyn Felix
Narine Mitchell
Kimberly Moore
Shelly Alleyne
Barbara Kanhai
Josanne Gill
Roland Francis
Shane Lezama
Prakash Bachan
Marcus Rooplal
Danielle Rooplal
Antonio McIntosh
Nigel Ramlochan
Maurice James
Annette Moses
Ricardo Kissoon
Florence Seecharan
Sherry-Ann Mark
Asha Lalchan
Josanne Isaac
Sabrina Lynch
Debbie Ramnath

Catherine Ramjattan
Jenny Alexander
Catherine Ramjattan
Suzette Lopez
Suzette Lopez
Catherine Ramjattan
Vera Gajadhar
Bernice Jaggernauth
Carol Haynes

Uraccard Ernavan
Phannran Gestois
Simibard Vaueve
Emmarbert Geleomax
Enmonard Merotieri
Farenand Fesarde
Cyninille Lylerry
Barnywyr Tusdrine

Lazumal Lochert
Dalaerlbert Yvieuchamp
Renerlbert Marqrine
Simelon Gernique
Bedard Jonory
Renaachnton Vannwald
Jharerlbert Sanvieve
Arndeistophe Briont
Mordach Chroin
Loundre Masouche
Claibalgory Andrtenne
Simyn Yscuardt
Annnadette Jensgnese
Roxanne Gulinius
Annayn Briuchamp
Nanalyn Metius
Sennyssa Elbeon
Sennche Jondoric
Elyzaegh Erntrose
Nancette Wirlinie
Lisnadette Ogesowald
Dairelie Maraush
Muiile Monll
Leleene Farrilie
Henyrrya Littnnitte
Uailanelle Panhad
Gwynyssa Aricie
Marilinie Beanax
Drysbard Perrtecou
Achachd Yvieans
Jadnnran Rolslory
Jadnnran Rolslory
Birannran Vauthe
Lewynak Andrck
Marnel Viehart
Dalaingiel Phireve
Robehierryard Lemdwulf
Ylbetienzkav Ererey
Etixeon Ninarde
Nepnedhnain Blain
Alistian Lirialanie
Donnnedhnain Stoidee
Jharmmubin Selerrienele
Timoteron Ernseric
Etieillnibal Masston
Amiacieleier Monimax
Antordeditte Ariwald
Trarbert Dolbtav
Varnoryan Faniufort
Stauillnibal Tusrine
Celacoisarilie Gevalaine
Idhdhimacning Raneans
Hanndeistophe Gulieve
Lazanieve Denion
Odvaenne Marelus
Vereus Mereric
Tynthierry Phieon
Thorisien Bienarde
Gondrtolas Sylballa
Duaaldald Surascel
Tynnanuel Lotoriane
Dilboryntham Tynton
Delvthachber Yvieoin
Alabretus Lochal
Uthillnibal Metrtieve
Veriistrard Dietenne
Jocierlbert Bradee
Antouinhrasil Frerach
Mordthamard Velgnese
Aineorananach Encaine
Mordthamard Velgnese
Thetnderic Alort
Verinrion Renarard
Varndal Littlie
Cosninacourt Stedell
Staurbert Valtois
Fristophecetus Meneeley
Meban Monthouse
Sofia Gulinne
Angelia Colbert
Delaysha Colbert
Elbert Colbert
Gayla Brooks
Shauntel Englen
Theresa Colbert
Vernon Colbert
Englen Colbert
Alfred Stephens
Barbara Michaelis
Kevin Jones
Lurleen Lauriston

Exanopha Gordon
Eudoric Toupin
Fleurantin Desgagné
Herculien Cadieux
Aldénas Hernandez
Adalor Cusson
Algard Beaupré
Cléritain Larouche
Uldérie Taylor
Exébuable Leroux
Phédius Frappier
Boisramé St-Jacques
Lypidus Laurin
Elézime Trottier
Idolas Lamarre
Anathaniel Soulières
Alaire Arcand
Tancrète Pierre
Clophidas Sévigny
Héraldo Charles
Floriot Tousignant
Barbant Pilote
Aldoma Rose
Xantus Demers
Algibert Maheux
Arestide Blais
Leufroi Garon
Célinois Nadeau
Elzédor Forcier
Dononzo Carbonneau
Agathon Boissonneault
Héraclius Chénier
Yervant Choinière
Oxibée Laverdière
Aldémas Brassard
Médérick Jolicoeur
Idelbert Gougeon
Télard Dion
Archélaus Martin
Ludore Ladouceur
Anidas Bourbeau
Alfrédor Boulianne
Louis-Philippe Pinsonneault
Cléodémir Boisvert
Mivil Soucy
Hildevert Bousquet
Pantalémon Nault
Clotaire Castonguay
Cyrice Crépeau
Ymeldo Gignac
Héribert Pagé
Eximir Canuel
Ovénigue Quévillon
Tancrèce Lacasse
Ophédime Lupien
Zéphyrius Chapdelaine
Isambard Harrisson
Médore Nguyen
Gualbert Deneault
Donoza Falardeau
Méryle Ladouceur
Emmaüs Thiffault
Ménasiphe Champoux
Nalbé Lampron
Lhéas Vallée
Laudéric Guindon
Lami Lamoureux
Théobert Bergevin
Fleuriant Choquette
Lauranzo Chicoine
Chlodomir Lee
Milphus Lamarre
Léondard McDuff
Vilbert Gignac - Born into an ethnic Garbanian family, President Vilbert Gignac is generally ranked by historians as a rather poor president; in fact, he has also been described as one of the least memorable presidents, largely due to his significant inability to deal with pressing issues such as the events of the Summer of '92. He meant well, the common consensus is, for a president who did nothing well.

Dalcée Surprenant
Lurain Éthier
Agualbert Bélair
Agualbert Bélair
Ghismond Banville
Marcédone Garceau
Uldéphonse Sénéchal
Nerré Bussières
Almen Caouette
Valfroy Dupras
Thélémaire Duchesne
Théandre Vachon
Erexène Brien
Sérice Bussières
Asilliase Verret
Cazimir Taillon
Oxibée Coderre
Néciphore Bénard
Ménésippe Chiasson
Alzamond Thibodeau
Zénaïe Miller
Séréas Moisan
Mélédime Pigeon
Godiace Galarneau
Ysabeau Chicoine
Ovidias Charest
Elife Dansereau
Léondas Vallières
Eméric Rainville
Lauréande Boulay
Aphédard Tourigny
Gérémie Cadieux
Napolidore Métivier
Napolidore Métivier
Aventin Laflamme
Chrysélie Choquette
Hortensus Deraspe
Dermias Boulay
Isambard Pépin
Adéodore Berthiaume
Thaddéas Godin
Aribert Lefebvre
Eloysias Belzile
Aristoclès Collard
Erville Carrière
Rodéric Vézina
Merville Coulombe
Catulin Bossé
Hysophore Pelletier
Léfé Boileau
Dalmore Bissonnette
Anthiméus Labelle
Solenne Groleau
Andronique Courtemanche
Zélophore Daneau
Elésidore Mélançon
Adalphas Morency
Norberto Nault
Athénador Le
Sylvère Nguyen
Théobert Sauvageau
Esclarmonde Pharand
Oceane Kirouac
Eloise Gonzalez
Hermelle Frappier
Délexine Lapalme
Vilette Charlebois
Sélima Giroux
Bruna Marcoux
Euphrézile St-Amand
Celvinie Marcoux
Délice Ouimet
Mia Racicot
Flaurianne Levac
Valida Quirion
Aldegarde Boilard
Eliota Amyot
Egéria Lachaîne
Maranda Lamy
Gézielle Clermont
Mercilise Gauthier
Ariane Lefrançois
Anne-Sophie Plouffe
Magalie Desormeaux
Kelly-Ann Trottier
Maria Lafontaine
Damécile Pageau
Adilard Morency
Cérélise Olivier
Floriette Lebrun
Leane Doré
Maria Fiset
Donathilde Marceau
Sylvana Dalpé
Ulévie Moore
Maudalice Tran
Gracienne Bourbonnais
Fernadette Potvin
Jésuette Mercier
Dévéline Normandeau
Cyreldée Charles
Rosilienne Couturier
Alvéline Chicoine
Adorilda Perez
Priscillina Hudon

Rhéanne Dupéré
Rhéanne Dupéré
Maydolna Meunier
Annaclette Gauthier
Bélamire Couillard
Andara Vigneault
Ouzélinie Adams
Enoée Cousineau
Edélie Racine
Alicia Le
Exarée Deneault
Oriphise Levac
Mésérante Ladouceur
Mérence Dumais
Alzildée Blondin

Gaëlle Champagne
Suzanne Leprince
Eliette Breaux
Beatrix Gareau
Roseline Saint-Scene
Roxanne Vincent
Victorien Lavache


Naifah Khaleel Bishara
Ashur Abdulqhafurov
Dettert Dormettinger
Tönjes Tútschmans
Cathrine Fabble
Tressa McKerras
Virginia Pettitt
Eloise Steen
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Who's Who in the Garbanosphere: Norfolkites III

Postby Free Norfolk City » Thu Feb 22, 2024 12:16 am

Lysyssa Draach
Geraastyr Sylquardt
Damerlbert Freywulf
Ahmed Fuad Al-Qanada, Comte de Fuadia
Klaus Heinrich Von Stauffenheim
Leroy Brandt von Zehr-Brunswick
Yasmeen bint Ahmed bint Maryam al-Qanada
Bailey O'Sullivan
Alanis Yang
Vannevar L. Dryden, Gouverneur de l'île Cornaline (Carnelian Island)
Marie-Fortunée Vignon, Gouverneur d'Ar-Rabalistan
Alexis Nikole Monette
Karl-Heinrich Perinot von Solm
Brereton H. Lewis
Jean-Claude LeBuick, Comte de Chaumenard
Janet Adara de Iduan
John Tyler Ubakam Umuahia
Robbert Olajumoke Olbukola
William Vacanarat Shadrach
Chukwuma (Chuks) Kogba Mampele
Abdullah Qassem
Frank Schneiter
Milan Stanko
Justine Hodonou
Pius Mark Ozor
Amos Nwachike
Herman Kuben Naidoo
Abdul-Azeez Balarabe
Jean Bastien Ubaka
Susan Alessima
Vera Henderson
Gabriel Edwin Ifediegwu
Tina Lagarde
Fred Ibezimakor
Faustin Amouddou
Richard Etemesi
Alexander Glelanmni
Edgar Tibo Mboni
Judith Royer
Mary-Ann Denesha
Leonarda De Vera Valderama
Pascal Okuku
Guohui Song
Tadachiyo Osada
Okoye Michael Ikechukwu
Greg Guyet
Abdul Salam Nikornpun
Thoranong Kongakaew
Joan Kasamba
Moshe Rosenthal
Agnes Louise Renouvin
Peter Johan Kohler
Abubarka Mamman Gambari
Helga Von Moltke
Nangoro Yeebah Songo Kabore
Emmanuel Onyebor
Gloria Jakovac
Jaime Pérez-Sharma
Kerin Benoît-Debroise
Benita Manitowabi
Juliet Grace Tettey
Jerry Mayaki
Tina Barwick
Arianne Mbamba
Jeanne-Marie Andrianarisata
Oscar Karl Dimkpa
Abdul Suleiman Kofarsaur
James Entwistle
Agnes Richier
Jessica Ezeh
Miki Williams
Anders Karlsson
Nathalie Kimberly McLenigan
Stephanie Isabel Ouedraogo
Bonnie and Clyde Okumu
Kimberly Patricia Rivadeneira
Lisa Maryann Salakas
Janet Omenne
Andreza Isakh Akintibubo
Davida Salamini
Yusuf Barakiel Garrabrants
Linda Georgette Djossou
Terri Otutunzu
Pascal Yembiline
Colette Bowe
Katy Knox
Elaine Kroeker
Robert Nnamdi
Charlotte Charapong
Ayo Adepoju
Adil Manambrakat
Rahman Azimullah Khan
Fatima Evelyne Vlahovic
Alanis Bischoff
Vincenza Russo
Sherri Cornette
Afrianna and Esedra Chawa
Vashti Chou
Esther Essendon
Davis Bon
John Barosa
Francis Augustine McAllister
Arthur Kojo Boateng
Andreas Rahmat Reinhard
Abdul Rasheed Olaoluwa
Obi Wuan Ibekwe
Therese Liggins
Victor Robert Etukwu
Jeffrey Herselius
Moana Pineaha
Monique Tshabalala
Andy Cheung Lee Ming
Sofia Hassan
Roseline Vance
Shirleen Roseman
Farah Sarkozy
Nigel Martel
Ethan Allen Weidner
Monika Flange
Andrew Cox
Randall Travis Crabtree
Tobias Adrian Addams
John Quincy and Mariette Tourneur
John Paul Watson
James G. Farad
Ludwig and Hedwig Mühlhausen
Nancy Chylla
Sandra Jean Uchman
Rita Halapio
Sophie Schwann
Barbara Avison-Young
Pamela Holbert
Brent Beardall-Desoer
Partha Das Singh
Kit Boga
Sumit Singh
Soheli "Soso" Kayal (female)
Pronati Mondal (female)
Shuvam Maity (male)
Ayan Maitha (male)
Clark Tarkten
Vivian "Bambi" Steyn
Quincy John Ovenden
Lloyd Hoffmaster
Angelina Obior Russell
Gina Gagnon
Rick Ruzzi
Rose Tansi
Kevin Kravchenko
Victor Osadolor
Olivia "Olive" Cecere
George Tugbo
Cecilia Ronan
Saoirse Abangu
Moses Zongo
Maureen Tyndale
Deborah Jean Schreiber
Lydia Hovhannisyan
Donald Yuksel
Sandeep Chouhan
Shirleen Barillas
Maryam Chéng
Hakim Ben Hammouda
Daphne Lormestil
Yunus Mogaji
Renata Dessellien
Graeme Richard MacBeth
Giraaldald Menehart
Qualjus Magalgus: Qualjus Magalgus was an Anmhonmite (indigenous to what is now Free Norfolk City) lord who rose to prominence during the reign of King Ikhethar, becoming the lord of Nxakanxaka Domain; the domains served as a system of de facto administrative divisions of Anmhonm alongside the de jure provinces until they were abolished by the Garbanian colonialists, who attempted to assimilate the indigenous nobility into their own. He was best known for his attempts to initiate reforms, most notably through the domain schools, and when his efforts began to falter due to the stiff resistance from the royal court, he shifted his efforts towards trying to secure good relations with the Garbanians, who were becoming a significant influence on Anmhonmite politics and society at large. While he was a devout follower of the indigenous religion, he nevertheless permitted the practice of foreign religions in his domain, and relied on missionaries to bring word of foreign technological advancements for study and implementation; for example, his personal library contains quite a few Buddhist works, including texts dealing with meditation, abhidharma, and basic Buddhist doctrines. Legend has it that his faithful canine companion outlived him, but spent his days and nights keeping vigil at his tomb; he was laid to rest beside him upon his own death.
Okhasvin Dhebpagan: Okhasvin Dhebpagan was the Lord of Kabanana Domain, but he faced much opposition there since he spent most of his life in the capital (a compulsory requirement at the time due to a decree from King Chuksar) and as such he was considered a stranger in his own domain. He ascended to the position during the array of economic policies introduced in the kingdom's waning years, called the Astyoma Reforms; these reforms were efforts to resolve perceived problems in military, economic, agricultural, financial and religious systems. He greatly encouraged learning amongst his retainers, and sent them to the best schools to absorb the foreign knowledge and technical expertise which was entering the country at the time; however, his interest in Garbanian Studies, as said knowledge and expertise came to be known as, as well as scientific and industrial projects, promptly led to the deterioration of the domain's financial position; Ghegan Ghopmecan, his father Gaganapako's chief advisor, did not see eye to eye with him on this, but gradually developed a begrudging respect for his new liege.

Ukramak Raksedor: Ukramak Raksedor was the chief minister and top advisor to King Edhethor, as well as the chief rival of Gheneya Gheb'mavran; while she led the traditionalists, he was among the reformists, and as such, was accused of pandering to foreigners, a charge he rejected routinely. He favored diplomacy with Garbania, and went as far as to set sail to that country with Captain Rahard Taihouse, in the hopes of arranging a pact of friendship. This did not pan out as he had hoped, and a series of unfortunate events took place seemingly coincidentally thereafter, leading to an all out war. Raksedor was taken prisoner by the Garbanians, but they were under strict orders to treat him more along the lines of an honored guest than a prisoner of war; it was believed that the Garbanians wanted to form a puppet government around him, but they ultimately chose to annex Anmhonm outright, giving him instead land and the title of Prince of Elohssa. Despite his feelings of incredible shame and disappointment, he proved to be loyal to the new regime, and was buried accordingly with honors upon his death. Indigenous citizens consider him to be a folk hero, and his birthday is an unofficial holiday in the country, as well as the anniversary of his death.


Gheneya Gheb'mavran, The Last Queen

Gheneya Gheb'mavran was Anmhonm's last queen consort; she favored a policy of isolationism and self-sufficiency, reducing economic and politicial ties with foreigners, chiefly Garbania, and taking vigorous measures to eradicate the small but growing Manichaean community initiated under her husband's predecessor, King Obrothan. While she did not have much in the way of powers, the so called queen's men were members of her husband King Edhethor. She routinely meddled in political affairs, and despite her strict Garbanophobia, she was respected as a formidable foe by the Garbanians, including Prime Minister Sylastyr Menelamont, under whose administration the two countries had a brief, but devastating, war. She attempted to flee during the conflict, but she was apprehended by the Imperial Army officer, Astuinhrasil Nestriane, whose unit brought her back to the occupied capital; there, she witnessed the annexation of Anmhonm, with its first colonial governor Hathnhul Panotor overseeing the marriage of Crown Prince Theodyn to Princess Okhekira, uniting House Zurithalissaran of Garbania with House Sukulutu of Anmhonm, though "errant branches" of the latter persisted thereafter, such as that of House Dhab'rabar, the family of the Earls of Angarasari.


Jaromir Mulanax, Ambassador of the Crystal Castle Republic to the Imperial Court of Garbania.

Jaromir Mulanax - Born into the ethnic Garbanian minority, Jaromir Mulanax was the country's first Ambassador of the Crystal Castle Republic to the Imperial Court of Garbania. He famously wrote his thoughts and feelings on the appointment in the form of a news article while sailing to the latter on the HMS Charlotte Corday. He was initially reluctant to accept the position, given that his sympathies were with the unionists, but he carried out his duties to the utmost, and was well recieved by the Garbanians, despite their routine xenophobia towards even members of their own ethnicity who just so happen to have lived their entire lives overseas; indeed, when the population transfers began, Mulanax advocated as best he could for the Garbanians who, having lived their whole lives in Free Norfolk City, now had to return to the land of their ancestors, a land they themselves had no experience with. Mulanax married Dhanya Khem'sachar, an indigenous Anmhonmite woman, and had five children with her; three sons, two daughters. One of his sons, Imeddurvey, worked for the Monmouth Bay Trading Company, and participated in the events leading to the handover of the colony to the Crystal Castle Republic. Another son, Eduaeus, went to Ngombia, while the third, Phanistyr would be instrumental in shaping what would become the country's national pastime, baseball. His older daughter, Evelcine, became a prominent salonnière, while the younger, Eriayl, took up residence with a chieftess in Île de Femme, which provoked a scandal leading to a constitutional crisis, culminating in the Crystal Castle Republic passing its own equivalent of the Titles of Nobility Amendment as well as inspiring future LGBT activists who campaigned in support of gay marriage; though the relationship was not officially defined as such, Eriayl was said to have treated said chieftess the same way another woman would treat her husband.


Giraaldald Menehart, the discoverer of Nusquama Island.

Giraaldald Menehart - After Free Norfolk City recieved independence, the Imperial Garbanian Army and Navy units stationed there largely left the country, save those deemed "native," that is, having been formed in the colony itself rather than imported from abroad; as well, individual officers of both were offered the chance to choose whom they'd like to serve; Giraaldald Menehart was one of the captains in the Navy who opted to serve the newly minted republic. His past experiences in the Imperial Garbanian Navy, fighting in Caprona and elsewhere, were what he told the first batch of Norfolkite recruits all about; however, it was his experiences after independence that have earned him mention here. You see, he was the first to "discover" Nusquama Island.


Giraaldald Menehart, the discoverer of Nusquama Island.

Berthe Kabwe
Licah Chumaazvin
Stephen Gregory Mwanangombe
Johnny Enemuwe
Kwame Rodriguez-Walling
John Jacob Ngilazi
Patricia Litiya
Herbert Mutabi
Amaurbert Renaamont
Jauyrick Motialaine
Bannumal Ephid
Rosanna Dufolamont
Arielette Ergelred
Irenecelle Vauterry
Belladlia Arnella
Caieau Morrrry
Amelyrrya Seloud
Ellynn Elbald
Malirie Coppernck
Jylace Velarry
Mirabelle Reteouche
Sennline Carirelle

Angevina Wickgnese
Bieyn Dalck
Melda Brohart
Beatette Kirbston
Evelette Frasav
Lielche Wiriel
Cayona Stieence
Cienand Galeile
Mencette Lelnitte
Ameludette Metren
Carcha Binsoric
"Whatever they were in life, their deaths had no equal. They are worthy of joining the spirit of Anmhonm itself."
Aurnecelle Sylonis
Chanlyssa Letryne
Dele Thieufort
Delilde Gilenis
Yvabe Jelieri
Arbudette Rirnes
Erlieliene Jensoin
Vieiana LaRoippe
Ascile Andlaude
Malanelle Larocques
Braneya Dhagcelok
Ghanna Gen'radah
Sylyrick Rieuardt
Hanhston Dience
Didiciusine Mannuette
Grothor Braccah
Usarak Bas'kalor
Khetia Dhondodrak
Ogonine Ded'dachar
Ofanya Romsagoh
Ekrarem Kreb'nerah
Ughalem Khakkedah
Abrarak Cros'dopos
Akramak Kraf'kekk
Dhasvin Gabsovan
Odoprak Samkechar
Ghasvan Grog'bahan
Ghapor Ghem'nanak
Ghagan Khofrokan
Ghegan Dhog'foba
Opromak Ghamcakk
Ghathar Khadbocan
Ogotok Ghan'nath
Okhethor Dhannator
Ukoko Dhogfogoh
Grasvin Dammamon
Saprak Rak'kostar
Ranna Kef'gakk
Abafine Dhaffegoh
Udrogrom Gham'momon

Esther Anne


Kayla Ducksworth

The Barsac Mission

Eoin and Wyanne Muchamore
Jasmine Lifsey
Honey Tansley
Pasvan Dasrarah

Aileen Hawkey
Qendok Gekori
Doksar Brasku
Prorbok Peyasa
Peksan Drexi
Stravanor Kherra
Gakaror Foyako
Grukirum Wrenake
Qrirbon Graraki
Naksor Puda
Chuksar Guxi
Gunthar Gammage
Rolland Satterlee
Odo Skemp
Kourosh Kinzey
Niels Atterbury
Hamlin Hardick
Sven Catlow
Henry Mulnix
Lamar Sartain
Arnatt Tippitt
Guarniero Rimes
Teddie Wimble
Ramsey Dark
Thaddeus Dunsmore
Birch Hawker
Valerianus Philpott
Jakobe Roebuck
Elten Kellett
Ogden Fagg
Davet Chatham
Claudio Norrick
Nelly Howard
Maxence Featherston
Roger Wainscott
Keyshawn Durand
Louvel Seely
Delmer Fowler
Adalbero Pippins
Sadddique Pettitt
Kolja Merrick
Warner Galen
Berit Lippitt
Rogelio Russum
Menachem Umble
Marley Popejoy
Sprague Harlin
Gregory Gunnison
Cordell Kellow
Lane Spencer
Loisl Tippens
Noel Nolan Hannum
Hans-Peter Ingledue
Paavo Reade
Florianus Syers
Gerhardt Jessop
Adalard Nettleton
Adalbrecht Gawthrop
Leodegrance Simkin
Tyshawn Tharrington
Nate Turner Tharrington
Bud Cumberland
Shemar Orris
Neddy Grimley
Troy Ferrand
Engelbert Willette
Humbert Brockenbrough
Ossie Wheelwright
Wenceslas Silcox
Kimberley Cleavenger
Derck Tankersley
Devereaux Rosten
Valerian Gilkerson
Charlotte Parramore
Cleopas Farabee
Aribert Etherington
Vinzenez Cartwright
Tamara Lopez-FitzGerald
Dominique Sheree Piper
Maximus Merritt
Rob Rawnsley
Parighosh Serling
Ekbrecht Ridgway
Wladimir Capron
Bonifaz Renwick
Harmon Nasby
C. Montgomery Templeman
Hulbert Lambe
Sobek Swindlehurst
Jean-Pierre Saxby
Seabright Wonson
Gebbo Chessher
Anaximander Meadowcroft
Gorji Kabanana
Amandaj Hectaizani
Billy Knoblauch
Ahfri De Sjaarev
Alsif De Tiegev
Yaffih De Gevfred
Olvaala De Xershia
Ashranan Xeershaa
Anatlih Nuek
Isala Muuk
Ninvalef De Orshaa
Chad Knudson
Athareh Yion
Adransah Sheon
Ikulyu Meel
Ufilkuh Sheen
Inunnu Yian
Ihikli Kuet
Enatu Miol
Aneta Thuuk
Uhifuh Yuil
Olusma Thuut
Amatet Kaat
Imilah Taon
Irihi Yiat
Thurmond Catlow


Kasad Aehng Phu
Karen Karenson
Gareth Carling
Fayette Flasher
Thorburn Toogood
Stanbury Stonebreaker
Anselm Caulfield
Rosegrethe Pressey
Myrna Wigmore


Liselotte Cullimore

Liselotte Cullimore - Liselotte Cullimore is the daughter of Tedmund Cullimore, Free Norfolk City's Ambassador to the Imperial Court in Garbania—she is an intellectual girl bound for a prestigious university, but she feels tremendous pressure from her parents to excel, largely because her parents want to impress their Garbanian hosts, as Garbanians tend to look down upon Norfolkites, though not universally. Heavily involved in school activities, Liselotte sees herself as a future leader of Norfolkite society. Spending most of her life in Garbania inspires her to be more aware of Norfolkite issues, but she is simultaneously bitter about having to always play the part and having to always be calm, reasonable, and carefully spoken, especially when confronted by prejudiced Garbanians.

Cleopas Wilcott
Lennart Saxe
Timon Kittredge
Shakira Brich
Ynes Delamar
Luella Mattix
Devana Delaney
Israel Varnell
Wenzel Paskin
Waldo Bean
Hacket Fouke
Raimond Cammer
Yan Gandy
Gian-Luca Frankland
Perrin Godbold
Dicken Treece
Karlitis Lavine
Percy Tubbs
Hannibal Brammell
Yahir Crawshaw
Ursinus Attebury
Sandy Sudbury



Justyne Haycraft

Justyne Haycraft - Born and raised in Free Norfolk City, Justyne Haycraft is one of the leading Greens of Norfolkite politics. She is seen as one of the emerging New Generation of Norfolkite politics, having come into her own after the impeachment and throwing out of office of Montgomery Jackson-Triggs, the first Norfolkite president to experience that. She has supported Green politics all her life, and whilst still at school she found her first job, working at a local fish-and-chip shop, where she impressed her boss with her questions about sustainable supply. Although political parties are banned in Free Norfolk City, with all politicians running as independents, there have been informal alliances between politicians, and Haycraft has fallen in with one that champions progressive causes. She has yet to run for the presidency, but has recieved word that quite a few would gladly support her.
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Who's Who in the Garbanosphere: Norfolkites IV

Postby Free Norfolk City » Thu Feb 22, 2024 11:43 am

Hideyo Miki and Taeke Reijenka
Vilma Gutridge/Vassili Marchaiev
Ren and Anne Allyson
Helen Brindley: A popular Norfolkite children's author who wrote the still-popular Jessie Springsteen novels. Despite the old timey language, the books still resonate with modern audiences. Like the blue plaques of real life Britain, a green plaque was installed on the house where she lived and wrote her novels in the District of Emmerdale.
Róisín Kate Laurine Isabelle Richter: Róisín Richter is the Norfolkite new wave sensation; our version of Debbie Harry. She fronted the band, Goldilocks, and is still revered by her fans and critics to this day.
Justine Wohlgemut
Elizabeth Schroeder
Annie Alfaro: Norfolkite music's answer to Debbie Gibson and Tiffany. Still has a faithful following. Writes all her own songs, and does all of her own producing too. Was basically the prototypical girl next door type.
Natalia Rhoda Yodanyanova
Nazira Grogunova
Whizaka Qampte: Born among the Qubburo people, Whizaka Qampte was a Baháʼí pioneer best known for his attempt to introduce the Baháʼí Faith (the majority religion of the Qubburo) to the Norfolkites; while his people had largely converted, the Norfolkites largely declined to do so, although he did acquire the property upon which was built the Baháʼí House, the city state's first Baháʼí centre.
Frauk Shiokras
Tessa Van Der Maat
Maria Loudres Martina Serrano Casarrubios
Fayth Fuchs
Tomas Esposito
Ariel Benaiah Peninnah Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff: Born into the prominent Wolfe­schlegel­stein­hausen­berger­dorff family, Ariel is a Norfolkite
Taumduad Jemaufort, Duc de Sarrowset: A religious and social reformer often influenced by strong and vehement feelings, and easily moved both by sorrow and joy, Jemaufort was a natural orator, and though his dress was simple his personal appearance gave an impression of distinction and force. He was best known for his support of foreign ideas, particularly Unitarian Christianity; he allowed Unitarian émigrés to take shelter in his lands, and most notably allowed them to preach therein; as a result, there was, translated into his native Garbanian, an edition of the the Book of Common Prayer produced and revised for use by Unitarians. However, this earned him numerous opponents; though he also recieved supporters as well. The reason he is listed among the Norfolkites was that, while not openly persecuted by the government, he felt increasingly wary of his safety, and thus fled to colonial Anmhonm to continue his research. Many Unitarians followed suit, with Norfolkite and Anmhonmite translations of the BCP being published as a result.
Lyweuel Rolslamont
Uurvannuus Lauloriane
Igvas Dremmeze
Vemdoch Voccozu - the fifth President of Free Norfolk City; born into an ethnic Garbanian family that stayed upon independence, Voccozu curtailed what was seen as excessive "Norfolkization" and encouraged economic and political changes that heightened the country's prosperity and international profile; he has been described as a talented leader with diplomatic skills; his leadership was instrumental in maintaining the Republic's independence and sovereignty. His diplomatic skills helped him to deal effectively with regional powers, and to maneuver in the complex field of international law and relations.
Eiana Annun: A Bahá’í pioneer from an ethnic Garbanian family, she was best known for her role in helping to establish Bahá’í communities in Garbania. She was one of the first converts to the religion, and worked alongside Whizaka Qampte to help the poor and needy before she left for Garbania.
Sara Leigh Schneebly: While she got her start writing for the Hebdomadal Gabfest, a popular Norfolkite magazine, she was called the "Mother of Children's Television" for her role as Miss Dressup, becoming an iconic presence in Norfolkite media; on her show, which aired every weekday morning, Miss Dressup would lead children through a series of songs, stories, arts, crafts and imagination games, with the help of her puppet friends - a child named Rory and a cat named Ulysses - who lived with her and often played in the tree-house in her backyard. Due to the long run of the series, several generations of Norfolkite children, both in the Crystal Castle Republic (as well as NIE) and the other Garbanosphere nations, grew up watching Miss Dressup and her adventures; Sara and the character of Miss Dressup have become strong Norfolkite icons and a part of Norfolkite pop culture. However, the show was, for one episode, renamed Mrs. Dressup after her marriage. After the show's final episode, Sara spent time touring college campuses giving talks about her time on the show aimed at students who grew up with her series. She died in her sleep, and many throughout the Garbanosphere mourned; these days, she has become an internet meme due to the rise of YouTube Poop-esque creations using footage of her show.
Antosedt Velault
Gannanuel Menorard
Sosrlette Beaucette
Tualnuul Trennod
Brenbauch Grannaho
Huammomvog Droccuwa
Elena Neri Aurora Constantini
Heidrun Anije Bayer
Jemima Butterworth
Gediminas Samuelnas
Manfred, Lidwina and Auston Terrance Zöhrendorf
Richard Miles Husekler
Susanna Moorehead
Kingsley Moghalu
Alexander Philip Oduozah
Edward Jude Vienneau: E.J. Vienneau is considered the "father" of the current version of the Constitution of Free Norfolk City; in terms of political personality, he was intense and immovable and had a tendency to rhetorical extremism.
MaryLynn Mcllhone
Estelle Eprat: A popular actress whose raspy voice and preference for "rough and tough" roles endeared her to the working-class audience. Her breakout role was in 1952's "Big West," in which she played the role of a hardened housewife in rural Garbania-in-Esvanovia.

Soraya and Saraya Lescroart

The Etchells family were the original settlers of the Jubilee Islands (sometimes called the Jubilees) in Esvanovia, named in honor of the golden jubilee of Emperor Theroranin of Garbania. From 1723 to 1923, the family essentially ruled the previously uninhabited islands as a private fiefdom, initially as terra nullius and then later under Garbanian (1732–1891) and Norfolkite (1891–1923) sovereignty; the family was forced, under threat of expropriation, to sell the title to the islands, with the exception of the family's residence, to the Monmouth Bay Trading Company at the behest of the federal government in Redwall.

Alexander Joseph David Etchells: Alexander Etchells was the first member of the Etchells family to land in the Jubilee Islands, and according to an article in a Norfolkite newspaper, "ran his little colony on model lines and succeeded beyond expectation," having populated it with former serfs from Rhossenia attracted by the idea of living in a tropical paradise, free from tyranny. In fact, his son, Jean-Alexandre, married one, a pretty young woman named Alisa; Jean Alexandre was, by all accounts, his successor to the family's authority over the islands; the Rhossenians reported that both Alexander and his son were kind, generous rulers, and provided for "our every need and want," without question.

Jean-Alexandre Etchells: After his father's death, Jean-Alexandre assumed control over the Jubilee Islands; not much changed until the arrival of an Imperial Garbanian Navy ship under Captain Symon Petyr Nescraine, who took possession of the islands in the name of the Garbanian government, appointing Jean-Alexandre as the prefect of the islands and leaving after a five month vacation. The connection to Garbania changed nothing in daily life on the islands, and it was not until seventeen years later that another Garbanian ship arrived for a complete survey of the islands. He married Alisa Chladny, a Rhossenian peasant woman, and had five children with her. After his death, he was succeeded by his son, Ptolemy.

Ptolemy Etchells: It was during his tenure that the first annual inspection of the islands by the Garbanian government took place; as well, Emperor Geparbert granted the islands in perpetuity to the Etchells family. Representatives from Charlottechurch, capital of Garbania-in-Esvanovia, made regular visits to the islands, especially after the implementation of a policy that mandated penal transportation to the islands from elsewhere in the realm. One report stated that Ptolemy "makes his own laws and interprets them, polices his little domain, provides his own coinage, controls the entire trade and acts as 'the universal provider' to satisfy the wants of the community," and that the Rhossenians on the island continued to maintain their allegiance to the Etchells. He was the first to marry a non-Rhossenian woman, instead choosing to wed Shirley Whitbeck, but was the last head of the islands under Garbanian rule, as jurisdiction over the islands was transferred to the Norfolkites in 1891; his son, Louis-Julien, assumed control after his death.

Louis-Julien Etchells: Louis-Julien, despite the seemingly monarchial, even outright feudal, undertones of island society, nevertheless swore loyalty to the Crystal Castle Republic upon the handover in 1891, and governed the islands accordingly. He revamped the capital, Tiestru, and embarked on a campaign to modernize the islands, particularly when it came to tourism. He entered into several business dealings with the Monmouth Bay Trading Company, however, which would ironically prove to be his family's downfall.

Napoléon-Alexandre Etchells: In 1923, Napoléon-Alexandre Etchells was compelled by President Erwin McDevitt, to sell the Jubilee Islands to the Monmouth Bay Trading Company, after McDevitt promised to take a firm stand against opportunism and corruption; he particularly took issue with the Etchells family, claiming they were some of the last vestiges of Garbanian colonialism to stamp out. Napoléon-Alexandre had no choice but to feebly accept, and retired to his family's residence in Tiestru once the deal was completed.

Rudolph Etchells
Isabella Etchells
Julian Etchells
Samual Etchells
Julius Ceran Etchells-Morran

Rupert Sen Ketchin
Katarina Wynsend
Ulisen Sunset-Etarian
Renanrion Raneatha
Herbert von Lyonsen
Helaine Brantingham
Morgan von Set
Gelden Morran
Adam Ironoak
Velika Reznikoff
Wesley Terrick
Rachel Svarovsky
Dejana Balabanov
Velizara Bukowski
Jack Bartolomeo and Lydia Heloise de la Soulé
Dominic White
Isil Von Lyonsen
Able Nescraine
George Sunset
Douglas Wynsend
Kimberly Reyes Cortes
Julius Von Set
Boris Morran
Peter Ironoak
Ulisyl Terrick
Horitar Yellow
Emile White
Elton John Inosi
Ravenn d'Azkaban
Angela-Rayanne de Montfort
Sharon Domakakides

Jiafei-Lynn Simons
Woodrow Howe
James Francis Ndubuizu
David Solomon Urbach
Allison Princewill-Hegadorn
Sherry Wigglesworth
Bessolé René Bagoro
Roger Wautier
Barbara Agatha Leuthard
Amalraj de Loyola
Pierre Olivier Gourichas
Nethleen Nash
Zeina Lina Keffier
Abigail Suzanne Mahone: Affectionately called Abby by her many fans, as well as the Princess of Pop, Abigail Mahone is basically Free Norfolk City's equivalent to Britney Spears. She was one of the defining icons of Norfolkite music during the late nineties and early noughties, and was inducted into the Norfolkite Music Hall of Fame, but not without some controversy.
Jean-Charles Lanneau
Jean Narciso Djedje
Valeriy Demyanenko
Olivia Barbara Tettey
Bruce, Jennifer and Annabel Munah Oppong-Methner
Chido Ifechukwu Feliks
Azra and Aynn Yavuz
Solange Marie Sunshine Nwankwo
Noel Kabelo
Rita Eseoghene
Annegret Bebinhill
Kingsley Moghalu
Meilene Neiss
Meilene Yusara
Victor E. Green
Ibrahim Gagalow
Roland William Chukwuma
Alissa Zomma
Karen Ngui
Larry Atukwa
Grace Bhutta
Genevieve Begueno
Abdulrasheed Bawa
Chukwuemeke Ugwuanyi
John Kelvin Sharma
Marie Alvarez
Rohita Rajkumar
Molly Varga
Meadow Kenney
Erin Kobayashi
Thora Bärentochter
Mark Carson
Courtney Berg
John Thomas Nakatsui: J.T. Nakatsui was the Norfolkite doctor who reported on the first cases of Viral Overactive Dysfunction of the Auto-Immune System (or VODAIS) in the country. He coined the initial name, Communicable Immune Deficiency (CID), in his first few reports. Julian Szklarz, a Norfolkite journalist who wrote The Black Parade, a tell-all book about these cases, noted that Nakatsui was appointed head of the Strange Disease Countermeasures Committee, or SDCC, which was tasked with handling the emerging crisis. His personal philosophy closely resembled Schweitzer's personal philosophy of Reverence for Life (Ehrfurcht vor dem Leben) and, as such, he tirelessly advocated for VODAIS patients and their loved ones, even helping to start the country's first VODAIS hospice. He was also tapped to help formulate a national health strategy, established to promote updated national policies for health promotion and disease prevention, which included full VODAIS antiretroviral medication coverage with no cost, regardless of age or income.
Alisia Oriana Cronin
Candice Alicia Gilbertson
Marshanda Ramelan
Anita Ezeego-Horvitz
Jovana and Delcan Argueta
Monica Howard
Christiana Alabi
Erica Melendez
Martina Isabel Gilbertson
Eddie Jaun and Barron McAiver
Ahmeda Yadav bint Goldma al-Dobab (adopted by Mssr. Virieux)
Jean-Aniel and Jean-Alain Watteau
Erika Mustermann
Christy Tran
Dominic Anakwe
Olena Shcherbakova
Margareth and Talitha Jacqueline Hockley
Helen Mucciolo
Erzsébet Howard, Comtesse de la Marché Noir
Rukkard ibn Qassim al-Mevraqi (Comte de Mevraq)
Sophya and Neil Dinsmore, Comte et Comtesse de Soutona
Tyraus, Suara and Ealhswith, Comte et Comtesse de Sakkra
Sorgan Tlozuk
Belerian of Auerburg
Arthur Maximilian IV von Selbach, Graf von Maerngau
Kyle Losee
Samuel M. Bradley
Johnathan Miller
Angelina K. Royce (nee Lurhuma)
Paul Y. Wilson
Ahmasi O'Daniel
Christopher Fenley
Kurt Gorem Remao de Kyouji
Taevrioiaete, Echa, Taevri, Alathaea, Vrandaka/Vrandakis,
Moubis Ughan Mishlek de Itzaygix
Maren Ord Cantrell, Comtesse de Kahomata
Marc-Louis Van Boxel-Woolf: He could be called the Dr. Bronner of the video game industry, in that he used product labels to promote his moral and religious ideas, including a belief in the goodness and unity of humanity. Indeed, when he came out with his console, a Norfolkite equivalent to Mattel's infamous Hyperscan, everything came with text-heavy labels. He was a constant fixture at gaming conventions, and routinely took questions from fans and critics alike; he was also cited for his insistence on treating employees and customers alike like they were family, and regularly donated surplus consoles free of charge to poor families, including children living in women's shelters. He also personally oversaw the development of each game, making sure the console had at least one of each genre, most notably a port of Big League Baseball, one of the country's biggest video game franchises, which was considered rather ambitious for the time given the console in question. Indeed, he chose Big League Baseball '05, the only game in the franchise to be ported to the console, to be the pack-in game. Despite all this, his console, the Verge (so named because he believed he was on the verge of instigating a revolution in gaming) was a commercial failure; despite this, it developed a cult following if only for Boxel-Woolf's enigmatic promotion of the console, especially on the infomercial circuit; he was something of a proto-meme for his bombastic speeches. He also boasted of his diet of Brazil nuts and buttermilk, claiming it would lead to a long, healthy and vibrant life. However, he would be terminally diagnosed with cancer; on his deathbed, he decided to make the Verge the world's first open source gaming console; he also ensured a free supply of development hardware that would help homebrewers out immensely. The Verge came out in 2005; as such, Big League Baseball '05 was the only game in the BLB series to be released on the console; as such, there's a community of fans of the port that has continously provided free roster updates. "Why?" said one member of the community. "Because we can. It's that simple."

Kayden Greystoke, Comte de Razmanya
Ke'joh, Marliella and Marie-Thérèse Charlotte Amalie von Krahn, Duc et Duchesse de Rhand et de Koprivshtitsa

Okio, Haruma, Shirobuya, and Nambu. Okio is a capital city of Matsutaka.
Emperor Sunohara, a new emperor in this country. The Emperor Sunohara had a 4 wifes. There is Kyou, Nagisa, Kotomi, and Tomoyo. Thats a very large number of wifes!

Known As - Osvikken
Adjective - Osvik
People - Osviks

Arharldir IV Oskurlu, Comte de Kreykusti
Kragnor Eikyolas
Irkyegir Gyaldirka
Rosalina Iryss Kaur (la Troismots)
John Wesley d'Kyuss
Homer Drumheller
Auston Matthew Greentree
Ulla Regina Schtikkenshtun
Roger Dastun, Earl of Abdju (Abdjuan, Abydene (mildly derogatory), or, rarely, Bayumi)
Charles Victor de Móntfoy de San Ivanna
Erys de Sarre
Kara Chloé Price
Roxanna Kurrigan
Armin Matei: Armin Matei was the founder of the Matei Corporation, oftentimes shortened to Matei Corp, the world's largest, family owned-and-operated multinational video game company that develops, publishes and releases both video games and video game consoles, beginning with the Mateivision Video Arcade System, codenamed Nabonassar; according to Ptolemy, the reign of the Babylonian king Nabonassar began on the day development on the console began, marking a new era characterized by the systematic maintenance of chronologically precise historical records, so it only seemed fitting. Although not the only video game company in town, the Matei Corporation is considered the number one company in the country.
Rihanna Rihanoff
Alfred and Lalah Schipke
Othyl Irving and Leylah Bell
Alden McCoy
Davis Wallace
Dean Cedric Munoz
Devin Gibson
Angelia McIntyre
Elba Cantrell
Haywood Woodward
Ignacio Barton
Karyn Valentine
Jaime Burgess
Raleigh Jarvis
Salvatore Benton
Spencer Alphonse O'Connor
Kate Dennis
Eugene Grimes
Emmett Zachery Cooke
Jennifer Boone + Ikechukwu Nwanze
Felix Vazquez
Rachel Ramona Heidi Hébert
Gina Cheri and Alessandro Gullo
Inga-Britt and Ositadinma Koutché, Comte de Nintendonia:
Théophile Toussaint:
Enya and Basil Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff
Émile Yufus de Yetay, Comte de Taeshan

Nevaeh Patricia Alamini
Jennifer Cushman-Wakefield
Hikaru Goto de la Trefoilland (adopted son of Jacques René; married to Dana Zichova)

"Charmin'" Armin Polston
Herbert Herbers
John Tyler Tudor, Comte de Rosengarde (Jordyn Carmelina, Marie Leanore)
Erwin Eugen Blumenthal: E.E. Blumenthal was a Norfolkite nuclear physicist who is widely credited as the father of the Norfolkite nuclear programme; he also played an important role in the birth of the space programme. He was one of the chief proponents of what would become the no first use doctrine which asserts that nuclear weapons are solely for deterrence and that Free Norfolk City will pursue a policy of retaliation only.
Nelly Blount
Cédric and Ivy del Valle
Chaitanya Gupta
Rachel l'Avori de Rajaratna
Sebastian Cussens
Antti Juhana Ristimaki
Meiko Voordendag-Fortuyn
Saidazim Khodjaev
Fadhlan Farrell
Lanelle Hubert
Birgitta/Heike-Karin Rosén (nee Gullette)
Ari LaGuado: A prominent baseball manager, LaGuado was best known for his work as a scout, manager, coach, general manager, and farm system director. Like Tommy Lasorda, he was the namesake of a sixteen-bit baseball video game, and like Whitey Herzog, developed his own style of playing baseball. He is one of the foremost recipients of the Manager of the Year Award, having won it a total of five consecutive times.
Deena Ueicho; l'Kanami
Rina Togo; d'Kurona
Dolly Xingfutang, nee Benin
Jasper Tartt, Comte de Rhodmhire
Leonard Van Vliet
Hubert Blaine Bergström
Igor Vladimirovich Pavlov
Louis-Philippe Cockenpot
İhsan Hakemoğlu
Can Mahmut Yerven
Şevket Halis
Adalet Minekavak
Lars Nyberg and Nathalie Carlsson
Villiam Hamayo-Nilsson
Léa Glinkowski
Dolly Galvone-Mermudez
Lisa Frattini
Charles-Maurice Vũ Hướng
Marlene Kathrin Ringhofer
Leopold Augustus Victor Greubel
Alannah O'Shaughnessy
Elizabeth McCaul
Ash Mansukhani
Judge Joan Donoughty: You know Judge Judy? Well, then you know Judge Joan. She's a fixture on Norfolkite television.
Megan Brennan Zients
Axelle Van Trotsenburg
Tobit Quirrell
Dainis Kanopa
Francis Xavier Rexall
Candice Michelle d'Oneka
Marius Mattingly
Reginald Sidebotham, the Third
Samuel Benedict l'Ayre
Ava Amandine Avison-Young
Orson Butler Al-Hadi
Rasselas Gaboutin
Zadig Nedakh
Brado "Burger Baron" Butler
Ash'terah Tzararacua
Lorne O'Cawd
Harold Osman "Ozzie" Flashman
Mya d'Eeri
Tristan Kinglet
Varvara Ashante Blackwood
Gemma Gwen Terryberry
Norah Jane Arielsson
Cammy Whitlocke
Liberia "Libby" Weidner
The Quikcard Centre
Laura Pratt
Dorothy "Dottie" McConnell
Jessie Daniels
Anna Harte Bruun
Marylyne Vantelli
Deborah Deerow
Marie Perrine Amirah Wulun
Tsuneo Takahashi
Patricia Jane Desserich
Rita Michelle and Shahla Leszczyńska Małgorzata
Aleena Amelia Freya Shore
Daisy Hill
Teresa Mpume
Yoshiko Sayuri Celina Alexander
Clarisse Fuyuko Jun Bangurah
Christiane Rajkumar
Natasha Benjamin de Arivada
José Manuel de la Rúa ("of the street") and Cunegunda de la Torre ("of the tower")
Amina Jamilatu Al Yusuf
Nicole Apollonia Joyce Behiri
Isolde Verena Bersier
Jean-Christophe Vasiljevic
Rita Tania Agueda Aloisio dos Surote
Margaret Dotley
Rita Ann Gabriella Kozacek
Lillian Cazelia Noor
Debbie McKenzie
Jacqueline Lamont Ward
Shahinaz Zuthimalin de Aermannia
Marietta Sinclair
Olena Tethla Eleniltova
Therese Nina Viviane Zoungrana
Renata Settnik
Jacinta Zamora-Giland
Radka Lulcheva
Josh Fiallo
Aleksandra Lakic
Vanessa Francesca Weidemann
Rita Flora Sultanah Nur Zahirah
Stella Rasheda Koffiman
Vivian Muhammed
Maria Isabella Ferreira
Anita N'Gussan Ndoi
Bromwell Entwistle
Lolita Bergmueller
Joyce Ann Middleton
Marie-Josée Stokkermans
Felicia Judesson
Amelia Lucy Segasson
Tatiana Juliette Annie Lowen-Klein
Sarah Abdelmalek
Rose Holtsbury
Rakim Akabenya
Aldous Mustus, Comte de Cavapoo
Linah Mohohlo
Elvis, Beavis and Glennis Honden Thuis, Comte de Glennevis: E.H. Thuis, the Comte de Glenevis, was the Garbanian aristocrat who provided both financial and marketing support for the imagiCube, the Norfolkite equivalent of the Nintendo Gamecube...
Lasmini Houwada
Amos Kollmar von Rausvaal
Helena Victoria Ruhanen
Charlotte McManaway
Judith Clare Augustsson
Debra Marienne Duckerts
Naomi Ruth Ucirvine
Isabella Macaraega
Elizabeth Schubert
Leelah Rosenberg
Elisa Theodora Sidirokastriti
Yvette Kimitete
Jasmine Lopez/Lola bint Umar Al-Hassi
Gérard Foch
Iris Stobbs
Bridget Hemmant
Anna Babayeve Vachon
Bella Delphina Terron
Johanna Henderson
Anastasia McDonald
Layla and Yasunori Nakatsuta
Jehanne D'Arcy
Elizabeth Taylor Swift
Taylor Jonathan Swift
Jazmine Al-Dubbaisi
Marianne Konaté
Melissa Payne
Amelia Marois
Nikki al-Waad (nee Baakir)
Sheelah Weylara de Veyatari
Jessica Beneditta Broohme
Kristina Schwahlen
Henriette Louise Ferreira
Ashley Scheepstra
Dolores Vuyufambom Apellido
Ava Harper
Maryalice Sergette Rayne and Monica Celine Kouassi
Jane Heather Obed
David Herbert Lawrence Yacouba
Diana Ackerstaff
Dorothy Touveron
Stéphane Nirvanov
Sherry Ann Palmer
Isabella Dzsesszika
Sören Giskegaard
Deborah Coleman
Ashling Spagnolo
Dido Dhansou-Clough
Mariya Rouya Cosongo
Bernadette Bouck
Rose Tina Domonkos
Ulala Udala
Rebecca Zainab Udina
Ruxandra Ratnavale
Rania Takahara
Yumiko Haggins
Aleesha Jessugnyoun
Anastasiia Gromova
Tandi Chevrolet-Ford
Martin Aston Villa
Mitsuko Miyagawa
Rachel Clarke
Alicia Stadler
Alisa Ameganvi
Sheridan Leclercq
Sofia Didier
Monika Singh
Diarmuid William Diallo
Aleksander Abramovich Franciszek
Irene Dakuku
Susannah Onoda
Lydia Howard
Iyoko Azuo
Jane Cattar
Berenice Sayyed Hagemann
Zita Katel
Perri Mason
Lynette Kondratyuk
Ioannis Kastritis
Alice "Allie" Azamara
Sandra "Sandy" Schlumberger
Kellie Milne
Dina Koenigstein
Alexander Theodore and Heather Sirdashney
Augustyn Eryk Buchanan
Roxanne Hill
Debbie Easterbrook
Sven Van De Wynkele
Abdul Ibrahim Padmanabhan
Abdul Abbas Sandaluk
Emily Flananagan
Katrin Beckenbauer
Ilona Leuschner
Philip Mahmood and Clark Kent Swinley
Tomás José Balacua
Bárbara Balacua
Vincent John Tyler Barrowman
Dennis Farouk Vancura
Shuichi Watanabe
Aileen McZee
Maureen O'Mara
Emmy Walter
Alicia Teresa Hemsing
Joseph Cole Nyang'ara Omwega
Viktor Radchenko/Maria Radchenko
Helmut Bernhard Hoss
Jack Coke
Bronwyn and Sebastian Maarten Wetselaar
Paisley Rylee Pnarumon
Celestyna Bukowski
Safarik Zdenek
Jerome Saylor
Satoshi Nakamoto
Khalid Abdulaziz Al-Hasson
Aimee Tanaka
Amélie Baddour
Arwen Armanpour
J.R. Bob Manasseh Mbogo
Lance Malone
Abdul Halim Spengemann
Clement Nkuhlu Mfundo
Thomas McAreavey
Olusegun Ajewole
Timo Alassane
Emeka Okonkwo
Jack Francis Adewala
Juan Carlos Goha Gwari
Deborah Walden
Joseph Malam Prabish Kanakan
Victor James Mbanefo
Angelica Yetkin
Marié-Angélique Stoudt
Ida-Faith Levine
Alda and Slartibartfast Huxtable
Robyn Ryder
Marie-Thérèse de Couagne de Francheville
Juan Carlos Huerto de Garaweñas
Zeina Dauterive
Nadia Felix
Marilyn Hicks
Saoirse Una Gribble
Ridley "Rusty" Shackleford
Debbie Lipscomb
Ikegwuruka Ugochukwu Le Hourou
Carolyn Czerwinski
Vera and Josiah Edward Aellen
Desmond Liam Bettencourt Schueller
Hans-Jurgen Bergmann
Channa Prasanka Silwesthrige
Kate and Yuki Glenn
Debbie Bosanek
Pearl Mae Meseck
Anne Michelle Akhaolu
Mary Angelica Sepulveda
Susan Brautigan
Arisa Lamon
Amira Nassar
Zainab Haadiya Mayrhofer
Farouk Ayaonde/Monique Janssens/Shirley Fosgate/Mario Raschid aun Nafarrate
Melissa Fatima Julianna Lambert
Jane Eeva Banat
Christabelle Brundtland
François Pinault
Renate Koch
Claudia Maria Paxton
Linda Anne Justus
Lisa Ann/Esther Francis/Ava Williams
Anjana Kulkarni
Klaudia Wojciech
Nelly Lauren Wardlaw
Esther Frances Farmer
Claudia Mölleken
Adrine Davith
Elisabeth Burghardt
Elena Chaima Tourabi
Kunio Uematsu
Beatrice FitzGeorge-Modesich
Veronica Abaranje
Jerome James Okafor
Nanette Lanette
Marianne Tanbansi
Jeffery Krough
Samuel Sarpong
Rita Ikeh
Idris Okonye
Joseph DeVries
Darnassus Valqura
Qalavarnassus, Monasteriense, Tol Alethia, and Roszalia
Lyon Vittori
Vigarde Maloriel
Marcus Gosselin
Cirillo Alseini
Darien Kizri
Leonardus Von Kothari
Ephraim Dawnmoor
Mira Rugandi
Cho Sheng
Commodore Marcus Ellari
Madeleine Rookwood-Celeste
Isabella Latia
Shin So.
Abd-Al-Aziz Rahman
Carmen Alecto
Laurence Victoriatus
Bahiyya Abd-Alar
Bernard Rothborn
Ahmad Nashwa
Victor Reynaldus
Jack Peron
Cassandra Delarosa
Kevin Fenvold
Philip Giniks
Nana Nnanna Nwachukwu
Kwame Acheampong
Evelyn Ukeja
Paulinus Okona
Yul Zaidi
James William Ekwueme
Henri Fordjour
Francine Nundy
Dawn Marie Massey
Desann Mattel
Baris Ozdogan
Frederick Wilfred Steinkamp
Özgür Kurucuk
Manfred Faselle de Amn'Voss
Benjamin Amadou Yeboah
Thorgan Marten
Rita, Natalie, Peter, Bob, Pedro, J.J, Susie
Thabo Alfred Mathabeni
James Joseph Cheeseman
Edward James Redcorn
Nancy Grace and Samuel Benedict Roye
Stephen Garrett McClatchey
Abraham Lincoln Duncan, Lord of Qalavarnassus.
Darnassus Valqura, Lord of Roszalia
Maximilian Leopold Ferdinand Albert Rudolf von Thunder-ten-tronckh
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Who's Who in the Garbanosphere: Norfolkites V

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Claudette Cravens: One of Free Norfolk City's best known authors of lesbian literature, and one of the city state's most popular authors overall, Claudette Cravens began writing at an early age. She was from Carver City in Norfolk-in-Esvanovia, a once-quaint 'town' which is said to be a holiday resort plagued by crime. The fabled town of Carver City has a history of bad luck and misfortune, one local journalist noted, all the while giving the impression that it's a pleasant family getaway. Here, Claudette honed her skills by going out and about, writing down observations about the people she saw, the events that happened; a car crash here, a bar fight there. Her books were, at times, controversial, but were nevertheless popular.
Abdullah Mohammad Khalaf al-Bajraki: Called "Moadib" or teacher by his peers, he was an Ibāḍī Muslim imam who was the first imam of the Mosquée Mère d'Anmhonm (Mother Mosque of Anmhonm), which was the first mosque in the country's history. The Norfolkite historian Reynelm Warelwast noted that the mosque was constructed in 1532, twenty three years before the Garbanian conquest of Anmhonm. He was seen as a wise and venerable figure, and was a hafiz; that is, one who has memorized the whole Qu'ran. When the Garbanians annexed Anmhonm, he negotiated the final surrender of the remaining Anmhonmite loyalists and safe passage and security for civilians. He provided help for the first translations of the Quran in the Anmhonmite and Garbanian languages, but both were seen merely as "foreign curiosities," and consequently for many years, only he and his fellow Arabs constituted the Muslim community. Despite the inabiliy to attain converts, the Garbanians kept him on hand for his expertise on community relations, and upon his death, buried him with honors. The mosque he built is still in use today.
Priscilla Jean Wollenschlaeger: P.J. Wollenschlaeger was the lead vocalist, songwriter and "all around menace to decent society" of the metal band Lafcadio; the proverbial girl next door who lived in the District of Pleasantview, she was one of the first among a small number of women to front as a death metal vocalist, but did not set out to do so; initially, she aimed to make music comparable to that of Debbie Gibson and Tiffany, but the story goes that she walked into the wrong audition, but decided to perform anyway, impressing her would-be male bandmates enough to offer her the position. Despite initial reluctance, as well as her parents being concerned, she took the job, and has performed ever since. The members of Lafcadio have been acknowledged as some of the most proficient players on their respective instruments, with each winning numerous awards in magazine readers' polls over the years.
Deron Damon:

Tobias Adrian Crabtree:
Samirah (or Sameera) Khan

Christina Cholmondeley: “Like my sister Chrissie says: don’t be haters just ‘cuz you ain’t us,” natters Christina Cholmondeley, of popular reality show Crashing Out with the Cholmondeleys, as she flicks her hair. “Reality TV is, like... what’s the word? Not Alsatian... aspirational. We aspire kids to be better than they are. If they’re fat and stupid, we make them want to be pretty and clever, like us. By acting like us, they can hope to be like us. Then they’ll have their own brand of perfume, like Chrissie C’s Pong of Class, which is on sale now, babe. Rather than oppress us, you should show your fans how awesome you are by being on our show... like, lots. Norfolk-in-Esva needs our brand of style way more than political speeches.”

Cherry Clarke
Khalid Abdul Qahhar al-Bitkirni
Marcus Antonius, Comte de Noremac

Radul Pearson: Radul Pearson is the Minister for Defense, responsible for overseeing the national defence of the city-state. His parents were Vernon Pearson, an officer of the Norfolkite Army and Monica Hickling, a pin-up girl. His philosophy is simple: "Whatever keeps our ships floating and our jets flying." He also supports maintaining the country's armed neutrality, and is a staunch defender of the policy of conscription, including the rule that women are not exempt whatsoever. "We are a city state in a volatile part of the world," he explained. "All of us must do our duty. Every last one of us."
Gennice Alcendor: Gennice "Genny" Alcendor is a Norfolkite politician, diplomat and former optometrist who has been serving as Minister for Foreign Affairs. She has held a variety of posts in the Norfolkite government, and is one of the city-state's most respected politicians. An optometrist by profession, she made a name for herself before she entered politics, with her practice recieving many positive reviews. She turned to politics after becoming disenchanted with "the way things are done," and wanting to help the less fortunate, who constituted quite a lot of her clientele. Gennice is often considered Lady Lorraine's right hand woman—in fact, the two were childhood friends—and is thus considered one of the more prominent figures in Norfolkite society. While Lorraine can arguably be considered to be high-strung and suffering from anger management problems, Gennice tends to be cool and collected, rarely given to anger. She values pragmatism over ideology, and a politician from Shimono once said of her, "The quality of her mind is impressive. In meetings with her, she has legal framing, approaches problems in a deeply systemic way, is unsentimental about the world, clear-eyed and very strategic...oh, sure, she can be hard-headed about what is best for Norfolk, but she is always upfront and clear." Her parents are Luiz Alcendor and Margarida Vazante.

Miguel Tomás Balacua: Miguel Tomás Balacua is a Norfolkite politician, rancher and spokesman who has been serving as the head of the Norfolk-Esvanovian Trading Company, and thus, as the first governor of Norfolk-in-Esva, which while considered a colony of Free Norfolk City de jure, is de facto under his personal control. He is the patriarch of the Balacua clan, one of the most famous families in the history of the city-state. He was initially an agitator for reform in Free Norfolk City, but had ran afoul of the government to the point that he was effectively exiled under the guise of being appointed to run the NETC. He is considered a down-to-earth figure in the colony, treating settler and indigenous alike with equal concern, being no respector of persons. He often governs from the hip, running the colony like he were the sheriff of an old, Western town in real life, American fiction. He is seen as somewhat quixotic by his detractors, but overall enjoys the support of the majority of the colonial population. He is recorded as having said, "I want to see government limited as much as possible, but I would not like to see it abolished. I think the average person, if left totally free, would act exactly like a warlord. I don't trust the people any more than I trust the government," which isn't surprising given how he handles law and order in the colony. He married Talula Gangursky, with whom he has five children, and lives with her in the capital, Charlottechurch. Their wedding was held at the city's famous Choirgirl Hotel.
Gerónimo Balacua/Beatris Catala

Mikaela Esparza: A Norfolkite journalist, she was a pioneer in bringing up controversial issues such as abortion, incest, rape, VODAIS, the imprisonment of juveniles, and trading of weapons. Her book about VODAIS in particular, centered on the life of supermodel Justine Mirna Damary, who was one of the first famous women to ever succumb to the disease, won numerous accolades, and was even made into a movie.

Magélis Dagenais
Lia Padhi

K.K. McKenough: K.K. is the head of the Federal Security Police (FSP, or "SecPol" as it is more commonly known), the Norfolkite equivalent of the FBI. He is a quiet, reserved type about whom little is known; what is known is that he has shown himself capable and willing to pursue his own agenda. However, he tends to serve the interests of the Republic, and is well-known for his eccentric behavior and brazen charisma; even as a child, he was regarded as a gifted, and despite his eccentric personality, often charismatic individual even at a young age. Showing an aptitude far beyond his age, he was generally seen as eccentric or "weird" by his fellow students. He lives a rather secluded life outside of the public eye, and remains "happily" unmarried, despite his own rhetoric praising the benefits of marriage. He also refuses to hire a cook for himself, and refuses to eat in public.

Faarooq Asaad

Rylee Roseborough: Rylee, at twelve years old, was best known for making the first suggestion for what would become the VODAIS Memorial Quilt—she was also the youngest person that Mikaela Esparza interviewed for her book on VODAIS. Rylee would later become notable for her dedication to her community, being considered the "first young person to actually enjoy community service."

Montgomery Jackson-Triggs: Montgomery Jackson-Triggs was a former President of Norfolk, widely recognized as the first and so far only president to be impeached and thrown out of office. Called the Full Monty by supporters, he ran on a platform based on isolationism, populism and autarchy. He was the first president of the country with neither political or military experience, and was seen as a fringe candidate until he famously defeated TBD in the 20** election. His "loudmouth" rhetoric included a controversial speech in which he urged Norfolkite girls and women to give lonely men a chance, which was sharply condemned by activists, and was a watershed moment since it brought attention to the issue of incels and other, similar groups. His flippant response to the criticism is said to have sparked the impeachment. The current president, Lorraine Kindrakewich, took office afterward, beating her rival and former ally, M.T. Balacua. However, he has not faded away; rather, he has continued to be outspoken, insisting he was screwed and that he should still be the president. His marriage to notorious "paparazzi fodder" and "socially twisted" socialite TBD also won him no favors, and their separation was called "The Divorce Heard Round the World."

Catarina Holliday
Bernard Jackson-Triggs/Margaretta Stickels

Sasha Bleu: Sasha Bleu is an adult film star whose infamy in Norfolkite society stems from the fact that she was controversially fired from her job as a school teacher due to her past work in adult film. The so called "Bleu Case" was marked with protests throughout the city state and its Esvanovian colony, with numerous figures coming out to support or condemn her. It also inspired Eliza Bleu, a hip hop starlet, when choosing her stage name; certainly, it didn't help matters that she openly believes sex work is real work, and that women can be empowered by it. This provoked feminists to criticize what they saw as a romanticization of poverty (as Sasha repeatedly stated she grew up poor) and internalized misogyny. Sasha, for her part, claimed that "jealous, bitter" women can't handle her success. Despite claiming not to be ashamed of her past, she has turned down countless offers to return to the porn industry, stating that "she's past that stage now." An avowed libertarian, she has teased a political campaign, but has yet to file the paperwork. Various porn stars have credited her with inspiring them to be more willing to negotiate for better conditions after she fought with the studio she worked for for ownership of her movies. It was a highly publicized conflict that drew widespread attention and media coverage, which ultimately resulted in her re-recording the sex tapes that initially made her famous. Her image was again tarnished when she agreed to do a collab with Dixie Davis, though she later admitted that "mistakes were made" and that "I'd never work with that bitch again" after word got out that the collab itself only barely managed to happen due to intense creative differences.

Adult Film Star
Sasha Bleu
Personal Info

May 5th, 2000


Lawndale, Free Norfolk City


"Old enough, baby."


"Never knew him."


"Wish I never knew her."


"Need me to show you, baby?"

Sexual Orientation:

"I'll work with anybody, anywhere, any time."

Ideology Info

Political Ideology:

Economic Ideology:

"Free love, free market."

Dixie Davis: Dixie Davis is an N-Pop singer, songwriter and television personality whose popularity in Norfolkite culture is lauded by some, abhorred by others. While having spearheaded what some call a renaissance, others believe she represents peak idiocracy. She is the second most-followed woman (after President Lorraine Kindrakewich herself) and the fifth most-followed person on Bleeter, with over one hundred million followers. Her followers tend to be fanatically devoted, and will spare no expense to defend her online, especially in light of the "WOTD Scandal," in which she was voted Woman of the Decade over other women deemed more suitable for such a title. Many allege she weaponizes her fanbase to go after people she doesn't like. She has put out ten albums, along with a variety of other releases. She's earned notoriety for what some felt was her classless, graceless antics both on and off stage, including selling her virginity when she turned eighteen (and being condemned for her homophobic comments when she refused to accept a gay woman's bid), and her collab with notorious adult film star Sasha Bleu, which was quite ironic given her aformentioned homophobic comments as Sasha Bleu has worked with girls as well as guys. Despite many claiming she is a bad influence on young girls, others see her as a great example of female empowerment in a patriarchal world.

N-Pop Sensation
Dixie Davis
Personal Info

May 1st, 2005


Barcaville, Free Norfolk City


"Just turned legal!"


Jhon Davis


Krystal Chavez


"Like, OMG, what do you think?!"

Sexual Orientation:

"Boys, obviously. Duh!"

Ideology Info

Political Ideology:
"Who cares?"

Economic Ideology:

"Like, whatever makes me money, duh!"

"'Lil Rich Bitch" Shania Barton: Shania Barton is a Norfolkite socialite from the prominent Barton family. While her big sister Megan is politically active, Shania could care less about politics and generally lives a life of luxury and hedonistic indifference to the world around her.


July 4th, 2006


Sweet Valley, Free Norfolk City



Megan Barton: Called "The Red Sheep," Megan Barton is a Norfolkite woman from the prominent Barton family, famous for having renounced her privileged background while still a teenager, and becoming an adherent of left wing causes. Called the red sheep of the family, she aligns with anarcho-syndicalism and libertarian socialism. If she existed in real life, she would most likely consider Rosa Luxemburg her role model. She famously condemned President Kindrakewich's decision to work with the Nifonese, and routinely speaks out about the need for "real, meaningful change" in Norfolkite society and politics. She has also spoken out against the MBTC, demanding that Free Norfolk City end any and all colonialist ventures, which provoked Montgomery Jackson-Triggs to claim she was seditious, if not outright treasonous. While her parents, despite disagreeing with her politically, attempt to keep her within their reach as her parents, her sister Shania routinely denies her existence, and refuses to have much to do with her. It doesn't help that Megan's remarks about Shania are less than favorable, to say the least.

Esmond Barton
Jessica Freeman
Catarina Holliday/Jinoquio Holliday/Nadya Mayne
Obaidullah "Obie" Thoogudeep

Kato "Kitty" Kobayashi
Nadeshiko "NaNa" Nakamura
Jhared and Rutika "RuRu" Kassantini

Samantha El-Masri: With her dark brown eyes and dark black hair, along with a lithe, slender build, Samantha is a Norfolkite model and debutante.
Wild Bill Cramer: Wild Bill was best known as the first in a series of evangelical preachers who took to radio, and later television, as a Primitive Methodist clergyman. His fiery devotion to the Gospel earned him much fame, especially when he confessed before the nation that he fathered a child with a lowly tavern wench, claiming he had fallen short and that by being honest and forthright with the public, he would do the cause of Christ a far better service than any other. He would later note in his will that fifty percent of his estate should go toward the conversion of souls, while the other fifty percent went to the mother of his child.
Vasil Yurievich
Aiga Eksenova
Mili Yurievich
Sallaat Dollorov
Izabella Germanovna
Damian Stanislavovich
Bella Konstantinovna
Yuriko "YuYu" Wakabayashi
Vinesh and Gagandeep Pratap
Andriy Kuzmenko: MMA star of Rhossenian descent. Man of few words, and fewer F's given.
Yuliia Aladuranova
Ginger Wells
Lola del Rio: A prominent women's baseball player well known for having a toothpick in the corner of her mouth while on the field and at the plate.
Mary-Ann Gharshani
Beulah Volvonova
Joylene Hickey
Francine "Franny" Kramer-Weidemann
Inna Crouse
Philibert Whissell
Epcorinne and Epcottina FitzZara
Yuna MacDonald
Unna MacMoffat
Owen Nolan and Thessadora Patrick
Dolly Wacker-Neuson
Susie Shrewsbury - She is the Crystal Castle (our version of the White House) Press Secretary. Looks like Jen Psaki, is quite well liked by Norfolkites.
Roosevelt Karim de Tongatenga
Zelda Van der Woolf (daughters Babette and Kristelle)
Viktoriia Gonchar
Karter Zyaire (Rafaeh and Nevaeh)
Kateryna Lindeman
Hronis Skretting
Chastity Pence
Nelianneke Weatherhead
Victoria Holst
Michael Caine Windridge
Stella Kennett
Dani Ptitsa
Élisabeth-Mélodie Bélanger de Lydale
Abigail Bernadette Trevino de Heloin
Veronica Jade Ruschenberger: Popular young and pretty socialite whose exploits are chronicled regularly, particularly by those who ironically dismiss her as a bad influence on young people.
Tara Lynn Cardinal: A member of the prestigious Cardinal dynasty founded by Ser Louis Cardinal in the Garbanian city of Vezverde, once called 'Lezverde' for its significant importance in lesbian culture, including the high number of lesbian bars. Married Claudius Cardinale in a "lovely bout of irony."
Aneta Ramonita Bocian: The lead vocalist and chief songwriter of the shoegaze band, Goodnight Moon. Openly bisexual. Proudly Esvanovian. Supports the disestablishment of the Monmouth Bay Trading Company. Is considered a crossover star due to her considerable fandom throughout Garbania and her colonies. Her first album, Cette vie a été une épreuve with its smash hit single, Willow Witch, was a significant success.
Elmer Edris Garubar: E.E. Garubar is the current Director of NSIS, the Norfolkite Security Intelligence Service, which is the country's foreign intelligence service and security agency.

Elana Euresti: One of Norfolkite animation's foremost creators, best known for creating The Punisherette, an anime series about criminals' worst nightmare: a housewife with nothing more to lose after her husband and only child are killed. She is also known for her Tom of Finland-esque depictions of girls and women, which make her works stand out for sure amidst other domestic, and foreign, fare. She was part of the animation renaissance during the nineties and early noughties, and considered an influence on a wide spectrum of creatives, not just animators.
Pascal Guei: Admiral of the RNS Anne Askew; best known for sailing into Charlottechurch's main harbor upon the handover of what was to become Norfolk-in-Esvanovia during the summer of 1892. The RNS Anne Askew is today a museum ship, and a popular tourist trap, but at the time, it was one of the best ships in the nascent Norfolkite Navy. Guei, an avowed Republican, was also known for helping to start, and advocate for, the Norfolkite Navy being the 'favored service' of the overall armed forces, much to the chagrin of the Army.
Marylinna "Spiffy" Spiff:
Cynthia Terrell
Claudia Clement: "Everyone copies one another and then kvetches that they’re the original," quipped Claudia Clement, the first Norfolkite salonnière to adapt to the new medium called television; she was a Norfolkite critic, talk show host, and interviewer known for her filmed interviews; following in the footsteps of Barbara (Barbie) Saffern, who did likewise with radio, she entertained hundreds of guests from all walks of life, from the wealthiest bankers to randoms pulled off the street. In preparation for an interview, she said that she did the necessary research independently, and her interviewing style was praised by many. The interviews mainly focused on the celebrity's latest work, such as an actor's most recent film.
David Herbert Lawrence Gogocha
Oje Ebaka Ukoko
Udo Abulu Aigbokhan
Abapa Ehichoya Mogale
Bacasim Oduku Osunbor
Patrick Sean Zakuza
Dollie Shiraaz Maamarazaq (House of Maamarazaq), Comtesse de Khilapha: Founder of the Connexion de la comtesse de Khilapha, a small society of evangelical churches. She welcomed all who would make the proclamation of the Gospel their priority, and was the first major indigenous convert to Christianity, which is especially notable given that the House of Maamarazaq was known for its family tradition of upholding the old ways and for having its members live out their days as custodians and maidens of shrines and temples. Her movement had a profound impact on indigenous Anmhonmite society and culture, and it played a significant role in the indigenous revivals of later centuries, especially as all services were conducted in Anmhonmite, rather than Garbanian or what was becoming the Norfolkite language. The Comtesse de Khilapha was an avowed Methodist, and is seen as a significant early leader in the community. However, her connexion is considered separate from the Free Wesleyan Church of Norfolk, as well as the Church of Anmhonm, which was established in 1923 by indigenous Christians who did not like what they saw as Norfolkization.
Erin Bassett: Popular news anchor for the Norfolkite Broadcasting Corporation. More than just a pretty face, she has racked up a lot of honors.
Devin McGranahan: Norfolkite basketball sensation. He has both dashing looks and considerable talent. Plays hard, lives harder.
Daria Jane Kpanou Sossou Dansnes
Georgette Adele Kronfeld
Eleanor Jean & Lili Marleen Pribbenow: A pair of sisters who worked the opera circuit together, famous for their versatility and vocals. Both were unmarried and childless their entire lives, preferring each other's sisterly company after their parents passed away in a freak accident; neither felt they could risk leaving the other behind.
Deborah Mgbogi
Seth Likens
Clay Aiken
James Charles DuValle, Seigneur de Douce Vallée: J.C. DuValle was the most famous of the Seigneurs de Douce Vallée ("Sweet Valley") due to his enthusiastic support for unionism; that is, Free Norfolk City's remaining a part of the Garbanian colonial empire.

Kelly Barnett: N-Pop sensation and style icon. Has a whole lot of hit singles under her belt.
Philip Desmond Thorington: P.D. Thorington was President of Free Norfolk City from TBA-TBA. He was best known for leaning hard into libertarian principles: "People will be free to do as they damn well please," he told the media upon winning the election. "Nothing will be illegal so long it does not infringe on the rights of others. If a citizen wishes to open a tavern, set up gambling or make pornographic films, the government will not interfere." He also banned the circumcision of children, including the Jewish practice of brit milah, saying, "Bodily harm is against the fundamental rights of all children, and we can't understand when a so-called civilized country such as Free Norfolk City would allow its male babies to be so readily mutilated legally!"

Osman Jack and Keziah Likens: Osman Jack, and his wife Keziah, were the progenitors of the Likens clan, famous for their many members becoming prestigious members of proto and early Norfolkite society, and beyond. Just as it is said that within every ship's crew, there will be at least one Norfolkite, it is said that within every trading post or otherwise foreign enterprise, there'll be a member of this clan.
Karigan and Tiffany Roslyn James
Bhoward Likens
Sandra Grace Nnaji
William Juilliad-Bekkener, Seigneur de Île Amélie: William Juilliad-Bekkener was born in Anmhonm into an ethnic Garbanian family. He took to sea as a common sailor on a merchant ship and then on a whaler, but he jumped ship in what was called Les Îles Resplendissantes, a group of various-sized islands. Historians note he was motivated by a settled hatred of external authority, a lust for personal freedom, and most of all, a desire to make a name for himself. Little did he know that he would do so by discovering a remote island, which he named after his daughter, much like how Jeremiah Heaton founded the Kingdom of North Sudan in real life—of course, Amelia Island soon fell under Garbanian jurisdiction, but Prince Socorananach, who sympathized with William, secured for him the (albeit honorary) title of governor, with his daughter, the island's namesake, being named (also honorarily) queen. The island is much like Redonda, but despite the imposing difficulties, William visited; climbing the top of the island is very arduous, but he nevertheless did so, planting a flag that his daughter designed. The island is the farthest away out of the entire chain, and was once called by Gabriel Bertrand Anih, the husband of the notable socialite Nathalie Anih, "the little island that the Gods forgot," because every other island was more or less habitable by humans, so the jaded observer might've concluded there was little reason to impede the poor fella's venture. After Free Norfolk City's independence, he asked one of his old friends, Gerhard Wurditsch, one of the signers of the Norfolkite Declaration of Independence, to "recognize the independence of his daughter's realm," but although his daughter had aged out of those "childish fantasies," she nevertheless appreciated the gesture. The island still bears the name today, and atop it, lies a Garbanian language memorial honoring the "late Queen, and her chief advisor."
Muyiwa Adeseyoju Lugard
Nazuho Tawaih Armah
Nancy Charyl Amaechi
Pamela and Desmond Connor Patsley
Stella Douglas - She wrote the lyrics to and composed the music of the Norfolkite national anthem, L'Aube Nouvelle, which was adopted as such in 1932, though it was popularly sung since 1868. Stella, a humble housewife, crafted the song upon seeing her crestfallen husband, a veteran of the Caprona War, taking to drink, wanting to inspire him to get back to his former self. The song not only did just that, but soon became the talk of the block, and then, the entire country. The newly minted republican government chose her to be one of the inagural bearers of the Congressional Gold Medal.
Enzo Pareneux: He was the founder of the first Sociétés Républicaines Démocratiques (Democratic Republican Societies) that were formed in the early years of the CCR to promote republicanism and democracy and to fight aristocratic tendencies. The first society appeared at TBD House in the District of TBD on Gnadenhutten Street.

Lisa Ann Des Vœux: Hailing from the Garbanian province of Saucony, her father Yhon-Marq was the seigneur of a tomacco plantation in the Ngombian town of Kamooko, in the province of Grurland; he was later appointed Comte de Akumaku, and also introduced golf to the Ngombians, claiming, "it didn't take, but it was worth a try." In her early years, she lived in Ngombia, a country that has traditionally been divided between the relatively lush and populous interior and the sparsely populated coastal region; there was often little or no overall government in the interior, and the tribes often fought amongst each other, as well as raided the coastal peoples, who were seen as civilized, having largely assimilated into the Garbanian way of life.

Stephanus Jan Gabriel Du Plessis
Juan Pablo Agugua:
Philomena Giroud
William Cuthbert Pickett
Marie Anne Licoju
Ben Atuegwu Dossou
Gabriel Dominick Ablamvi
Joseph Oriel Ukarex Ubah
Peter William Nazuho Nagata
Maureen Enofe Ovim
Sheila Annette Trommler
Josiane Tchoungui
Dexter Ulrich Korner, Graf von Ostrothia und Nildwalden:
Sara Vendella Moore
Marietta Connery
Ingvar Petersson-Foehn
Amira Awa Zoundi
Justine Mirna Damary
Trey Fung Golou
Ekaterina Nikolaeva Terembeva
Sterling Leibel: Norfolkite politician best known for the proposal to legalize political parties, claiming that the ban on political parties was a violation of the freedoms of speech and expression. His proposal was debated for quite a while, but ultimately rejected via referendum.
Lucian Hye, Comte de Midnapore et de d'Anchurie (Anchuria)
Obaid Jaseem Tarkan Yurdaay
Abdul Hamza Ajumas
Andres Auchincloss
Jung-min Chou
Isabella and Stevic Helmreich
Ooi Sang Kuang
Victoria Heidenreich:
Oleksandra Kodora
Teresa "Tessy" Loydman:
Allyson Stephens
Khalid Al-Kuwari
Baba Riley O'Henry
TBD Blanchard-Forton
William Chong-Seng Lim, Comte de Honghai
Julius Augustine Makazhu
Lucas Werner Frackelmayer: A political activist known for his perennial candidacy, best known for his saying, "There will come the day when Frackelmeyer moves out of his parents' house and into the big house!" He has yet to do so.
Sosthene Jacques Ndaoulet, Comte de Ogtogo: As the governor of the island of Ogtogo, he was best known for his sympathy for the Totecans, whom he placated via several, generous overtures; he also further fortified the island, but the anticipated Aureumterran invasion never came. Nevertheless, he carried out his duties to the utmost. He is listed here because after his governorship concluded, he was sent to Anmhonm, then undergoing the first steps towards becoming Free Norfolk City, and oversaw the building of fortifications on the border with the terra incognita to its north, long considered the bane of all would-be explorers.
Lorene Walcott: Lorene Walcott wrote the Norfolkite equivalent to Little Women, called Little Tree, inspired by a Biblical verse, Psalm 1:3. Walcott's first novel, she initially didn't want to write it because, outside of her stories for the paper, she did not appreciate her own talents, but the book's immediate success surprised both her and her publisher. Pure, simple and truthful, opined one critic. Written with a naivety that is refreshingly believable, said another. The book has recieved numerous film adaptations, particularly one made in 1992 that helped bring an end to the chaos of the Summer of '92.
Edwin Rosney Mutara
Abdulaziz Bin Malik Al-Zaid
Grzegorz Walkowiak
Yana Makarova
Bridgett Pelton: Bridgett was best known for instigating a riot over rumors the Old Catholic Church was adopting imported Protestant doctrines in 1662, a la Jenny Geddes. The riot led to a government inquiry into the Christian faith. The rumors ended up being unfounded, as the Archbishop of Norfolk, Siward Sleford, officially denounced said doctrines as heresy; he also told the Emperor Rurorananach that Christianity was compatible with the realm, citing Romans 13:1. However, Sleford's denounciations failed to sway the minds of dissenters, the first batch of whom established the Presbyterian Church of Norfolk.
Suzanna Azee de la Moane
Nasser Khalil Al-Jaidah
Jeong-hwa and Ebenezer Essel
Antonhul Tuserre
Franz Dennis Magufuli
Mauonan Seleele: A Garbanian immigrant to colonial Anmhonm, he was best known for his seminal work, the Summa Spiritualitas, also known simply as the Summa, in which he attempted to categorize and explain each minority religion in the realm. He was also known for his Manichaean commentaries on St. Augustine's Confessions. As Manichaeism is the majority religion of Garbanians (at one point, the country's state religion), these commentaries were responsible for many Manichaean citizens mistrusting their Christian neighbours, as Seleele made sure to note Christian persecution of Manichaeans numerous times in his works.

Anton David Mussert, Comte de Entralla

"All human beings, regardless of income level, deserve to eat right and natural ingredients." (Farm to Plate, F2P, Initiative)

Tamar Tremblett: The namesake of the world famous Norfolkite dish, Tremblett's Pie, which she made while serving as a nurse in the Imperial Garbanian Army during its invasion of Ngombia, liberating it from the slavers of Mareyland.

John Felix Ekoué Djro Glokpor
Kelvin Omar Isma'il Al-Zarouni
Vinothan Pooranampillai
Stefano Francesco Vaccaro: Called the father of Norfolkite opera, his many works are still widely loved today. Vaccaro believed in applying the big tent philosophy to opera, wanting to appeal to as many people as was possible; indeed, people from all walks of life flooded the opera houses that won the honor of premiering his operas, including Vous, Les Riches, which was considered scandalous and ahead of its time for featuring a lesbian character. Some of his works had a political bent to them, highlighting the chronic neglect of Anmhonm, and later Free Norfolk City, by the Imperial Court. Despite him coining the word "Norfolkite," as it is commonly used today, he was deeply upset when Free Norfolk City declared independence, and turned down an invitation to participate in the inagural independence day festivities. In his last years, Vaccaro undertook a number of philanthropic ventures; when the Titles of Nobilty Amendment passed, Vaccaro, who retained the numerous honors bestowed upon him by the Garbanian government, was technically to be stripped of his citizenship, but the Norfolkite people were so horrified by the prospect, that many gathered outside the Norfolkite Capitol to protest. The nascent Republican government, not wanting to see violence unfold not that long after the Great Anarchy, made an exception in Vaccaro's case. He passed away shortly thereafter, with fans from all over the country and the rest of the Garbanian empire converging on the funeral site to remember him by. Today, Vaccaro is still considered a very important figure in the Norfolkite national mythos, despite his staunch monarchism.
Shirley Susan and Karybek Baibosunov
Jean-François-Valère Varon: Jean-François-Valère Varon, the namesake of Varonism, was the architect of the Norfolkite welfare state; amidst accusations of being a communist, he rejected the label and called himself a communitarian; a communitarian, he explained, emphasizes that individuals often gain incredible value through their connection to, and interaction with, groups. Most Norfolkite policies the people take for granted stem from his presidency, such as universal healthcare (that covers even pets), state-funded funerals, free education including college and university and the end of Norfolkite as the official language. Varonism, however, is not an actual ideology, but was coined by a Norfolkite journalist covering the impressive attendance at rallies come election season. "When the President so much as sneezed," quipped another, "The whole nation says bless you." Despite his seemingly leftist ideas, he was an ardent nationalist, and his first order of business in the matter of foreign affairs was to push for Garbania to apologize and make amends for the Shaiburg Massacre, resulting in a significant plunge in diplomatic relations between the two; at one point, he even told his wife that he considered his presidency a failure simply because he was unable to get Garbania to do just that. He also was the first Norfolkite president to take a hard stance against the Monmouth Bay Trading Company, but due to the mandatory referendum law, a cornerstone of Norfolkite democracy, he was unable to take direct action without popular consent; the measure just barely failed, with the narrowest of victories for the pro-Company faction. Varon was one of a select few of Norfolkite presidents who died in office; he is said to have overworked himself to death, with a fatal heart attack taking place on national television during his last (due to strict term limits, a Norfolkite president can only govern for two, five year terms) State of the Republic address. His successor was Vice President Jadiel Ferreira De Oliveira, his chief acolyte, but only after a snap election confirmed the people's support. While most of Varon's more 'interesting, if not radical' ideas never saw the light of day, Jadiel ensured that the main ones would endure.
Yutaka Shirota: Known affectionately as Shirota-san, Yutaka Shirota was the creator of the popular series of turn-based strategy games, Armchair General; the first game in the series, critically acclaimed, had a controversial bonus campaign, an alternate history campaign in which the rumored military coup actually did happen, overthrowing Emperor Weyerlbert of Garbania, with the newly minted junta fighting Norfolkite rebels who refuse to lose their ancient freedoms. For Armchair General II, the bonus campaign was what would've happened if the Great Anarchy turned into all out civil war, with the Shaiburg Massacre turning into a Isandlwana-level disaster for the Garbanian forces under Girart Dieudonné. Armchair General III's bonus campaign was a civil war in Norfolk-in-Esvanovia, in a timeline where Free Norfolk City called Garbania's bluff, and refused to take it over, leading to Garbania abandoning the colony to its own devices. But it was Armchair General V which was said to be the best of the series, with its bonus campaign being a Garbanian victory in the Caprona War, and the aftermath of such an event...
Emily Souji
Keitaro Yoshihara, Haridas Pal, Hideaki Shirota, Yutaka Nagasawa, and Keisuke Tominaga
Simona Galinyte
Ruslana Tatayeva
Evelyn Addington
Napoléon-Louis Ramgoolam de Nambia de Covfefe: Born in the town of Phefdoumkreyethekeo...
Katherina Nafiza Abdul-Ahmed al-Barakeshi
Sherilyn Carina Lýkkegard-Behn
Susanne Klatten-Cuenca
Silvana Tenreyro
Aleksandra Gvozdenovic Lakic
Cherry Webb (nee G'ladheon)
Julia Fiona and Lizabeau Tuttle
Vladimir Kalinin
Stijn Margodt van Schwessen-Hellfohen
Paolo Pungi de Tel Karol
Alberic & Alva & Irva Kacou
James Earl Hewlett-Packard and Yonit Igarashi
Sera O’Connor
Julia Flanagan
Debbie McKenzie: Your standard issue friendly neighbourhood high school cheerleader. Despite her popularity and looks, she was not completely cliche; her family slipped into poverty as a result of funeral costs for her father. As such, President Jean-François-Valère Varon pushed for, and achieved, state-funded funerals for everyone. "That way," said Varon, "Families won’t have to mourn their bank accounts as well as their loved ones."
Daniel Ahoussou
Abdul Jamal Azizi
Veronica Abraham
Benedict Arnold Khama - Born in Port Kierkegaard, N.I.E, B.A. Khama is considered one of the foremost up-and-comers in Norfolkite politics. "They really need to get rid of these ridiculous grey wigs," he said in an interview, referring to the Monmouth Bay Trading Company's leadership. "I don't know if I'm the one who'll do so, but I'd like to hope that maybe I'll be the spark, at least, for the fuse of that one who will. Look, it's very simple: we've got to recapture that hard moral core and get back to the soil." His supporters call him Bonnie Prince Bennie, and campaign enthusiastically for him. He is very much opposed to the current administration in Norfolk-in-Esvanovia, and would be considered a staunch federalist; that is, one who desires federal rule over the colony. He sparked something of a scandal when he said he did not support independence because he believed it was as much of a pipe dream as returning to colonial rule. Were he president, he has sworn to nationalize the assets of the MBTC, effectively dissolving the company, as his first order of business.
Maria Galvez - A popular courtesan from Norfolk-in-Esvanovia, Maria was cited by several historians as one of the first federalists, that is, one who opposes Company rule of the colony, having boasted that the "utter bores" from the Monmouth Bay Trading Company she'd sleep with had "no more an ability to not put their shoes on before their pants" than they did to govern.
Jean-Pascal Ecker - Founded Fort Marilynne, a MBTC trading post. Held the title of Comte de Rolais, and was a frequent visitor to the Rhossenian Tea House in the District of Bridgetton. He was one of the last notable aristocrats to dwell in Free Norfolk City before independence; he left shortly before it was attained, likely at the behest of his wife, who did not like his relationship with a Rhossenian girl. Ecker is listed here because, like Samuel Pepys, his diary is a vital source of information for historians, particularly those studying the later years of Garbanian colonialism in Anmhonm/Free Norfolk City.
Wilbert Versteeg
Mamioru Kawamitsu
Renald Mazzi
James Tatum Badenhorst
Ahmad Elayyan Al-Ubeki
Nadezhda Yektova
Dmitry Sergeyevich Peskov
Tetsuya Yuudai + Brianna Bayani
Park Kyoung Hyun
Abdulaziz Bin Abdullah Al-Zamil/Maria Hartmann
Jean-Mathieu Compaore
Fong Pau Teck
Zamora Surasak
Samantha Hanczaruk
Yaacov Vakabua McClure
Séan Patrick Lacassin-Merlan: Like R.D. Lawrence in Britain, S.P. Lacassin-Merlan was a diabetic who devoted his life to the care of people with diabetes, including Princess Muirlynn of Garbania, which was said to have positively shaped relations between Garbania and its former colony. He founded the Norfolkite Diabetic Association, and his numerous books, articles, and speeches helped to simplify and explain treatment for doctors and patients alike.
Roxatrice Rolwing
Carlos Silva Morrison
Roxoline Guevuche
Idris Al-Zanjani
Alain Rahinatou Zangrè
Ines Montero
Mayra Javiera Alejandra Nieto Inzunza
Maria Joanna Arce
Jean Lucas Bittencourt
Dave Alejandro Mangetout
Angela Rayanne Reno
Marita Saṅulu Rulmá
Chris Walter and Charles Godfrey van Tonder
Henriette Rolande Makosso
Henriette Rolande Clostermann
Mario and Luigi Molleri
Agneta Sjöberg - Affectionately called Aggie, she is best known as the first cross-eyed model in Norfolkite history; rather than let it limit her, she (and the various publications she does shoots for) consider it an opportunity.
Maria Luisa Tamboezer
Makoto Kiyoshi
Leilani Kai Daniels
Shaundi Michaelis: Called the Heartbreaker, she was one of Norfolkite wrestling's most respected and cherished talents, often called Miss Wrestlefest for her myriad Wrestlefest appearances; her match with Red Hot Stephanie Austen at Wrestlefest XIV is often called a passing of the torch moment, and one of the biggest matches of the nineties. She was spotlighted often for her risque entrances and matching storylines, particularly as a member of the New Women's Order in 2003, though that was considered quite a while after the original success of that stable.
James John Scott
Hassan Saraki
Maria Montalvo
John Tyler and Josephine Michelle Kirchman, Comte and Comtesse de Chosrah
James Malcolm van Spronsen
Veronica Wang/Maureen Wang/Linda Wang/Seán Wang: the Wang family are...
Oleg Chuiko: A baseball player of Rhossenian descent. Best known for racking up homers. Built like Zangief, he is comparable to Minnesota Twins legend Harmon Killebrew.
Veronica and Ludovic Liu
Juan Bernardo Agouna
Elizabeth Emma Fukinuki
Herbert Reuben Groko
Elena Gorbunova
Augustin Carstens
Esther Rodríguez
Mehmed Özdogan
Maria Evora Keehner
Jacquelyn Grosbard
Louis-Alexandre Gumassi Kouku, Comte de TBD: pioneer of the field of Anmhonmite Studies; conducted a lot of archeological research. Was born into slavery but freed as an infant by Garbanian anti-slavery detachment, much to Mareyland's chagrin. Was held up as an example of the "success" of Garbanian colonialism in Ngombia.
Khalid Abdul-Aziz Al-Hasson, Comte de Hechmidiqut
Sasha Augustina van Gemert
Claire Cordell
Myron Vyacheslavovich Kurochkin

In addition to wrestling, Seymour has trained with nunchucks for at least two years.[3] She also rides motorcycles, deep sea fishes, and hunts wild boar

Gina Gugliotta - Beautiful, buxom reality television star from the hit television show, "Guernsey Beach." Unwittingly helped bring down the presidency of Montgomery Jackson-Triggs by writing an article for a burlesque related magazine called Daydream.
Tammy Faye and Bertha Faye Dunavie
Arnold Murti - Founded the Norfolkite Communist Party, aligning with so called left communism; argued for "smashing" the existing state apparatus and establishing a "People's Commune of Norfolk" based on the democratic ideals of the Paris Commune. Wrote a series of essays, "The History of the Norfolkite People," which attempted to deliver a Marxist analysis of Norfolkite history and society. "Murtism," as it might be called, closely resembles De Leonism, named after Daniel De Leon.
Jean-Marc Leblanc
John Mark McInnis
Creswell Greene
Joachim Brauer
Mei Xing Lin
Lori Beth LaValley
Maryam bint Bahlooq Messner
Philip Li Wong
Usman Hassan Ananaf al-Yanubaa, Comte de Verdeguay et de Franberry: An ardent Garbanophile, the Comte de Verdeguay et de Franberry was a member of the Jeunes Impériaux (Young Imperials), which was a broad opposition movement that favored constitutional government for Garbania rather than the traditional absolutism. The movement recieved a significant boost in support following the expulsion of Free Norfolk City, which led to rumors of a planned coup, but this never happened. The Comte was also known for his marriage to Rebecca Rachna Niraamaya, a popular socialite, which produced one son, Omar, and seventeen daughters: Antoinette, Bridgette, Claudette, Bernadette, Marnadette, Synette, Mabrudette, Benedette, Raenadette, Bridgette, Nicolette, Claudette, Paulette, Juliette, Odette, Colette, Lisette and Genesse. The 'daughters of al-Yanubaa' would each have their own fruitful marriages, and as such, the Comte's descendants are numerous. The Comte is mentioned here because of his Norfolkite wife, as well as the fact his in-laws were supporters of reform.
Elyzisande Renerk
Sybguerite Gilenie
Yvaielle Macite
Ellynn Dolblamont
Zoene Madatav
Marnadette Arnerre
Vivitte Labnnitte
Rianrine Philen
Talinna Freyippe
Esteende Lirhart
Damiillnibal Razlle
Andrés Montesinos Geyer
Usman Chaudry
Kristin Alfson
Najah Al-Attar
Yakubu Mustapha Sennhauser
Dirk Jan Sterrenburg:
Solomon Omar Masuku
Olga Martinez - Openly lesbian, Olga is an agent for the Monmouth Bay Trading Company. Is cold and reserved towards men and fellow butches; prone to being territorial around femmes. Is considered a hard, dedicated, model worker, but her vice is blowing her allotted money on prostitutes. Were this to become public knowledge, taxpayers wouldn't be too happy.
Jean-Francois Anas: popular metrosexual fashion designer. Tends to be aloof and self-absorbed, but his brand is pretty lucrative, and sells well throughout the Garbanosphere.
Arthur Alan Marufu
Sally Ann Schwarz: An author, speaker and radio commentator, best known for her Sunday reminders on the radio program she hosted, Word of Knowledge, that, "God wants you to be happy, God wants you to be rich, God wants you to prosper." In Christianity, the word of knowledge is a spiritual gift listed in 1 Corinthians 12:8. She was one of the Dissenters, a member of a nonestablished church; the Old Catholic Church had long enjoyed a monopoly of being the sole officially recognized church under Garbanian colonial rule.
Rhananna Mira Duniya and Melvin Meyuchi
Fatimah Aaban Shumejda
Alekper Khalilov
Dwayne Wade and Mark Henry Barrett
Ho-Seok Wang Yang
Osvaldas and Rosha Ciuksys
Edyth Marculey: called the Grandmother of Congress, runs on a platform inspired by her Quaker faith. Popular among young and old alike. Has openly supported B.A. Khama, if only by agreeing with him about abolishing the rule of the Monmouth Bay Trading Company. She is in her nineties, but considered to be rather spry and on-the-ball. Many consider her to be one of the worst cases of wasted potential in Norfolkite (political) history in that they felt she would've been a better president than those who were.
Kadijat bint Jubril bint Seiyefa Obokoro
Elena Berezovsky
James Ellard Galenzoga de Rustamaya
Maria Ariele Garavano
Richard Sikabre
Ismaël and Maryse Yang (née Sakandé) (Daughter of Alassane Ugorji Sakandé)
Esther Bambuto
James Arthur Ratcliffe
Malick Klichi
Vera Saint Laurent
Anne Fontaine
André Kim and Elaine Kim (parents of Eileen Kim)
Nina Christina and Mariette Ricci
Sophie Paris Lichtenstein
Hervé Léger
O. Henry Bergé
Della Dillingham
Gina Gillingham
Alessandro and Alessandra Mercateli
Tashanique Anthonia Ambrósio
Jean-Philippe Mabuto, Comte de Jalamonha: Founded the city of Zaduz, in Norfolk-in-Esvanovia, home of the award winning cotton pudding, and such.
Annette Rose Hernandez
Adele Assale Karaxian
Adam Cole Prescott
Alois Jakob Stalder von Masburel und Santaklorz - Alois' family motto is "Pecunia Non Olet," which in German is, "Geld stinkt nicht," and which translated into English means "money does not smell," and when asked about this, he reputedly replied he had next to no clue why it was what it was, but he was proud all the same. Perhaps it has something to do with the family's tomacco plantation.
Augarundus de Temeev, Comte de Kazzak-a-Karak
Whirnak de Lachkris-Tsvarchi
Yhon de Ghargant, Comte de Cassadaigua
Jonathan David and Abigail Suzanne Luthman
Charles Frederick Momoh
James Joseph Otumba
George Fred Bangoh
Rajeev Kapoor
Allison Amber Eveline Trixie Orton
Shahbaz Alam
René Honoré, Stella Rose and Anaiah Wilshire
John Michael and Manfred Tobin Faulkner
Dante Welch: a court dwarf during the reign of Emperor Gasillnibal, Dante was the last court dwarf before the Emperor's successor, Prince Gepananuel, thought the practice demeaning, and banned it. The historian Louis-Mathieu Frary noted that he was a foundling from a foreign ship adopted by a proto-Norfolkite family, the Welches, and that he was spotted by Lady Roxaphine Beanuardt, an associate of Empress Leleabelle, who recommended his services to her; as such, when he was brought to Leleabelle, she warmed up to him real quick, and had him given the position of court dwarf. There, he met a maid named Lysnice Velcque, whom he fell in love with deeply. She was initially reluctant, but he won her over in due time, and the two were married. Despite Dante affirming he was content with his position, Gepananuel wanted to shed the remaining 'court archaicisms' and, thus, had Dante leave Court, which he did with his wife to Free Norfolk City, where he wrote his autobiography, which resulted in a scandal due to the information he revealed. His wife, who was normal-sized, loved him deeply, and they have quite a few descendants today.
Muiriana Matrlamont
Uairrie Chrrry
Meberlbert Lauus
Edna and Enid Ebdon
Lelenique Jelard
Amaedie Erelene
Francis Xavier Zegarra Cadenas
Sandra and Mirabeau Medugu
Helvsa Nytdrine
Sybiiana Acquon
Syblde Seleerk
Sosnne Selovan

Paula and Phebanique Verar
Aisha Hilary Joubert
Jacinta Gloria Abbate
Joel Elliott Aldea
Katherine Scott
Jade Pritchard
Debora Nwabenne-Carangi (Fille du Comte de Gnillik Yot)
Sausan Dagogo
Aqeel Mageed Yahia
Susanna Nitschman
Yasmine Kabore
Martin Luther Gruenberg
Herman Melville Rookhuizen: H.M. Rookhuizen was a Norfolkite author best known for creating the character of Davis Bon, the country's equivalent to Philip Marlowe. Rookhuizen had an immense stylistic influence on Norfolkite literature and popular culture as a whole; he is cited as one of the pioneers of the hardboiled school of detective fiction, and created numerous, memorable characters.
Cheryl Vivian Lockett
Delbert Fritzer
Corrine "Coco" Rocha Corrain
Osvaldo di Lorenzo
Tamsyn Loyandford
Walter William Lyle Scott
Pedro Donald and Katelyn Rose O'Hanxxx
Steve Odonkon
Clementine Bowen
Charlotte Powell
Ashot Stepanyan
Azizah Abdul-Hafiz Hassan
Nina Coulibaly
Jorge Franco Azzopardi
Rachael Fayada
Quantrell, Andre and Lita Natanya Ineva Bishop de Presador, Comte et Comtesse de Egorgia
Richard Charles Russon
William Godwin Reed McKillip
Melek Nur Turkoglu
Orhan Othman Oduobi Tokunbo
Jameelah Al-Jayyash
Mariah Cate Blanchett (daughters named Kate-Mary and Ashlee)
Roseline Nzete Youlganova
Horatio Nelson Coakley
Jaber Al-Ghafri
Evangeline Evans
Park Geun-ryeong
Sarah Alade
Ishak Jukut Sammon al-Burakgazi
Humberto Ruiz-Guillen
Sherlock McGuigan
Tomas Lopez de Herrera
Patricia Flynn
Norman Murillo
Audrey Reid
Nestor Nieto
Sara Yarini
Estela Copero
Esteban Lasa
Luisa Cardenas
Leeza Reno
Estelle Martinez
Maria Porro
Juan Trimiño
Manuel O'Reilly
Ernesto Mustelier
Pedro Castellen
Celso Pacheco
Luis Galarza
Pepe Arredondo
Ren Rucellai

Ahmed Rassaq Rasmane Lai: A well esteemed Qubboro scholar, Ahmed was best known for his works concerning the Baháʼí Faith, and its precursor, Bábism.

Inscription honouring Honorius, as florentissimo invictissimoque, the most excellent and invincible,

Joseph Désiré and Daena

Yacob Abramovich Oxton
Esther Lehmann-Schulz
Toshiaki Sasaki
Isabel Dos Santos
André Taraba Danko
Ahmed Fattah Royston Erefaan
Chloe Madison Manboury
Veronika Pavlenko: A popular soccer star who has been credited with inspiring girls and women to get more involved in the sport; she is known for her crafty style of play and her activism off the pitch, particularly when it comes to animals. She routinely appears on telethons raising money for animal shelters and supports a full, unconditional ban of animal testing; she credits living on a farm her whole life as her inspiration.
John James Yemego-Leham
Dora Nancy Akabenya
Loretta Yuen
Brandy Browne
Claude-Victor Kamoun
Sonia Sheniaux, Comtesse de Dashret de Istakhr
Karl-Heinz Stockhausen von Unterzagersdorf
Nikolai Muratov
Kathleen Chrouser
Ibrahim Pringle
Melina Rowntree
Nikos Karapanos
Élise Clemens: Élise Clemens was the young Norfolkite woman best known as the brief and unfortunate mistress of the Emperor Dalaeraud, whose son and heir, Weyerlbert, expelled Free Norfolk City from the realm. She was a humble tavern wench, and he was the Crown Prince who wanted to slip away from his entourage and see what the colony was "really" like. Despite the concerns of her family and friends, as well as corresponding concern from his, the two pursued a relationship. Even after his marriage to a "proper" woman, he continued to pursue his side piece. It is believed by some, usually fanfic writers, that he wanted to divorce his wife, abdicate the throne, and retire to Norfolk to live with his true love, but none of this can be confirmed, although popular speculation was driven by a 'cinematic' documentary which posited that the Emperor made a crass remark about his wife (which we can't publish here) and that Clemens was his "real" love. Everything came to a head when he brought her to Garbania, and made her a lady in waiting to his unsuspecting wife. However, as these things often do, word got out; when her lover died, she was five months with child, and so fled the country after she was told the new emperor threatened to have her arrested. She hastily returned to Norfolk, where she gave birth to a son, Tuthhston, who adopted his mother's surname since "FitzEmperor" was deemed too dangerous unlike in past cases. One historian made the controversial claim that Weyerlbert's feelings of resentment for the Norfolkites (and, hence, the "real" reason for the expulsion) stemmed from his father's adultery, but most historians believe that it was hardly that influential an event. Élise Clemens lived a quiet, obscure life thereafter, as it was her son Tuthhston Clemens who would make an impact in the world.

Mansour Fadlallah Azzam de Hanjungdo
Archibald Benscott, Comte de Shoshogo
Louis-Nicolas Vakharia
Vera Bellam, Lady Karagua
Petrus Vermeulen von Clonknock
Nicolas Kabore-Gagermann, Comte de Takht-e-Shahansahi: had an impressive library of ancient, out of print books that he donated to the National Archives in his will.
Sarah Teigan Reamsbottom: A staunch advocate for economic justice, health and representation for LGBTQ girls and women, S.T. Reamsbottom is the lead singer and songwriter of the indie rock band, Meowvellous. If you're a fan of bands like Deerhoof, you'd like Meowvellous.
Lena Rumpf
Helen Hazelita Wilkin
Benjamin Franklyn and Melissa Bamba
George Washington Mujuru
Abraham Lincoln Sonnesson
Diego and Dora Hernandez-Romero
Abdul Zayeed Nkuhlu de Oologah
Adrik Kolgujev
Babak Morteza Zanjani
Afsoon Ghamzeh
Franziska Rosine Larissa Mohannadi
Anita Marie Louise Mabrouk
Yakub Okono
Mayriam Vera Sangwe
Raul Ojeda de Thaicaro de Togora
Allison Madueke Thalassi
Hannah El Kayat
Kaoki Hayashi
Vera Laboso
Dakota Odumodu
Gustavus Adolphus Ilungani-Ojiofor
Mila Lily Hersvik
Anita Almazan Rondez
Marianne Carolyn Ndlovu
Angela Uratta Dagnon
Alfred Dreyfus Gouldbourne
Farkhat Omarov
Anil Kumar Mcebisi Skwatsha
Martha Zanelli
Elizabeth Meifung Grenville
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Norfolkite Ambassadors

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OOC: Rather than do an entire embassy thread, I've decided to just list all Norfolkite ambassadors here as a convenient list for myself to keep track of. Should you want an ambassador of my nation in yours, just shoot me a TG and we can work out the details. Thank you.

Ephraim Mwansamulenga - Ephraim Mwansamulenga is the Crystal Castle Republic's Ambassador to TBD.
Josée-Georgette Tsiaussidis: Free Norfolk City's ambassador to the Kingdom of Abetton. Modest and sweet, she is sincerely motivated to making the world a better place, but she tends to be a tad too idealistic at times. Her mother, Marlena, is a socialite best known for her fondness for cigars, while her father Maero, is an MBTC agent suspected of advocating reform.
Nymphadora Budaeva: Nymphadora Budaeva is a Norfolkite businesswoman, political donor, philanthropist, politician, and diplomat currently serving as the Ambassador of Free Norfolk City to the Stórveldi of Aureumterra. She was initially active in local politics and civic causes, such as helping the poor, and raising funds for the arts. She has been a generous donor to and supporter of primarily progressive figures at home, and of charities in Aureumterra. She grew up in a middle-class family, the daughter of a local veterinarian and a home economics teacher. Her parents are Alyksandr Budaev and Dasha Budaeva.
Perry Clarence Mason - P.C. Mason is the Norfolkite ambassador to the United Island States of AHSCA. He seems to have many gifts: intelligence, charm, and a terrific sense of style. He's something of a rogue, and has hired a local girl from Misakichi Village, Animalopolis, as his secretary. Interestingly, his father's name was Clarence Perry Mason.
Mary Faith Rafuah: M.F. Rafuah is the Norfolkite ambassador to the Principality of Katase. She has a noble air about her, but boasts proudly of her proletarian origins. She's beautiful, she's bright, and has a considerable aptitude for intercultural understanding, especially when she makes regular efforts to learn from her hosts, often by touching base with the average man, woman and even child at events such as festivals and parades.
Sherrell Martese: Sherrell Martese is the Norfolkite ambassador to the Theocratic Matriarchy of the Holy Marsh, also known as the Romani-Mar'si Union.
Manuel Gennaro Tourneur: M.G. Tourneur is the Norfolkite ambassador to TBD. A prim and proper gentleman from a family that runs a shrimp cook-and-sell business, he is best known for wearing the same attire as a prominent purveyor of fried chicken. You know the one.
John Baldwin Shoumatoff: J.B. Shoumatoff is the Norfolkite ambassador to TBD.
Luanne Grace Margaret "Gracie" Théroux-Bénoni: Luanne Théroux-Bénoni is the Norfolkite ambassador to TBD.
James Luper: J.J. Luper is the Norfolkite ambassador to TBD.
Tedmund Cullimore: Tedmund Cullimore is the Norfolkite ambassador to Garbania. Before he became ambassador, he was a special education teacher, and he taught students including those with autism, agenesis of the corpus callosum and traumatic brain injury. "These children deserve to be heard, loved and appreciated," he told the media. "The world needs to understand that in many ways, the children have it right. We need to learn from them." He is a father of three daughters ages 17, 15 and 13.
Hayley Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff: Born into the prestigious Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff family, Hayley is the Norfolkite ambassador to the Grand Duchy of Leoneise.
Kyle McLennan/Pam Swain: Kyle McLennan is the Norfolkite ambassador to the Holy Empire of Rhossenia. He is a direct descendant of Reuel McLennan, who introduced baseball to the Ngombians. His wife is Pam Swain, a prominent hairstylist.
Lydia Bartlett: Lydia is the Norfolkite ambassador to the Republic of Mareyland. Underneath her pretty exterior is a strong and capable woman. She was born into the working class, and has no qualms about rolling up her sleeves and getting her hands dirty. She favors pulling one's bootstraps and appreciates hard workers.
Halil Hamid-al-Zouiszi: Halil is the Norfolkite ambassador to TBD.
Róan, Darren, Hanoch and Meladee McGillicutty: Hanoch McGillicutty is the Norfolkite ambassador to the Kingdom of Leoneise. He formerly worked as a firefighter before shifting careers. His wife is Meladee, and he has two sons in Róan and Darren.
Nkechi Amaechi
Kamorudeen Ishola
Omoniyi Kehinde
Sarah Darason
Muhammad Ali ibn Abdul Jubrin
Sabrina Henning: Sabrina is the Norfolkite ambassador to the Kingdom of Siando. A posh, aristocratic type, she is a member of the well off and well known Henning family. However, she is determined to make a name for herself rather than embrace stereotypes.
Dora Jayne Torrens
Wendee Evans
Agatha Tukluviak Tellok
Linsley FitzJasper
Élisabeth Louise MacClennan-Valad
Felix Soibelman
Rexhep Rexha
Jacques-Victor Jodoin
Laura Schneider
Susanne Winkler
Anna Möller
Gillian Dvořák
Joseph Catalan
Mitt Kanada
Hannah Kühn
Wiebke Weiß
Sarah Michelle Hofmann
Alberta Schäfer
Andrea Köhler
Gisela Krüger
Jean-Nicolas Fröhlich
Hans Friedrich Kühn
Chloe McLachlan
Hiram, Joyea and Eleanor Kushner
Fransiska Fältskog
Jerome Powell
Dženifera Felizità Chua-Küchler
James Bomen
Vittòri Amedee Meraviglia and Marija Antuanete Ģērmane
Christiane Frohmann
Yohannes Aagaard
Greta and Felix and Laura Rechsteiner-Schütz (von Staschoten am Richtenräschen)
Howard Schönfinkel
Carmella DiCamillo

V.D. Mitra: Victoire-Désirée Mitra is the Norfolkite ambassador to the Divine Empire of Shimono. She is a shrewd, calculating type, and enjoys good food, sun-drenched beaches and long walks in the pleasure district. Her father is Kama Mustafa Mitra, a member of the prestigious Mitra family and her mother is the popular art model, Geneviève-Françoise Falardeau.

Phillip & Dawn Chippewa
Charlotte Anne Stickler
Ruxandra Claire Williams
Edwin Robert Eziamaka
Pearl Kalani
Jotham Masuku
Helmut Castaneda
Anna Roseline Bernice Buquia
Lara Lawson
Margot Farmer
Tommo Scrooge
Chaw Thant Zin
Naomi Jones
Talisha Zanjani
Jean-Jacques Malathola
Anthony Joseph and Laura Pratt
Lauren Pritt
Mark Anthony Babatunde
Philip Alexander Chevchenko
Faulkner and Richelle Hesse
Samuel Kanyon Weinhold
Yhannis Doe
Elizanne Poe
Marcus Aurelius d'Orcana
Allison Amber Madueke-Diezani
Kimberly Lynn Berrycloth
Leroy Sinclair, Lord of Sinclaria
Edward McCullen
Alexei Mikov Turescu
Lindalynn Girdaladze-Krummenacher
Alycia Keyes
Agnes Ruegg
Artyom Timurovich Maronitov
Tatiana Knessa
Inna Khodorkovsky
Nathan Drake Sutanawarakul
Joyce Donna Ruegg
Deborah Darcsenova
Lara Eidenberg
Marcela Fernandez
Nadira and Osbert Lojewski
Angela Armbruster
Othello Enkhbold
Suzara Zinchenko
Marion-Annabelle Del Rose
Cédric Forsberg-Šakić
Abdul Baasid El-Sadek
Abdul Hakeem Al-Shafi
Abdullah "Abbi" Lindström
Josephine "Jo" Thornton-Stevenson
Camille DeCesare
Mark Matthew and Stacy Ann-Marie Gilligan (Ginger et Mary-Ann)
John Felix Makubela
Heidemarie Vogelweide
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Who's Who in the Garbanosphere: Norfolkites VI

Postby Free Norfolk City » Thu Mar 14, 2024 11:30 pm

Keyara Harrington: Called "Keke-chan," by her followers, Keyara is one of the biggest Norfolkite streamers around today. She is part of a collective of online content creators called Rawrsauce on the video live-streaming service, LIfeCast.
Gillian Dvořák
Ethan Allan Ewasko
Big Jim Slade: Big Jim Slade was a Norfolkite professional wrestler, nightclub bouncer and volunteer firefighter. He was one of the foremost stars of the eighties, but had a pretty decent run in the nineties.
Yana Yellen
Ksenya Fernandez
Omar Muraco Bahma
Abella Almicar

The late-night, alcohol-fuelled marriage and subsequent annulment of pop starlet Dipsy Bubbleyum (whose real name is Jane Adelaide Lennox) has been thoroughly condemned by tabloid presses across the country.

Shazza Springsteen: Shazza is a Norfolkite singer and actress who achieved recognition in an episode of a reality television series which recorded her attempts to gain a record deal and her eventual signing with a label. Although she has become synonymous with singing songs about female empowerment that are "full of attitude," her catalogue also consists of love songs; Shazza believes female singers are often misunderstood for expressing "feminist views" or standing up for themselves, about which she often sings, explaining, "that doesn't mean that we don't love the men in our lives, and that we don't need the men in our lives." Despite being seen as 'dated' after the eighties' optimism gave way to nineties' cynicism, Shazza retained considerable popularity due to the use of her music on television and video games.
Bartholomew and Jaune Oobleck
Yogesh Chandrasekharan: Called "Yo-Yo" by his followers, Yogesh is a popular Norfolkite streamer who is also part of Rawrsauce on LifeCast.
Roxanne Wang
Wei Stromburg: Wei Stromburg is a popular fictional detective from Norfolkite literature who has appeared in numerous radio, television, movie and video game adaptations, as well as internet memes. He is considered one of the foremost characters of Norfolkite pop culture, and is even popular among other Garbanosphere members. His secretary is the femme fatale, Kamilah Gaber, who also enjoys some popularity, both as his love interest and as a proto-LGBT icon, given that her creator, Sigourney Kiefaber, wrote her as heteroflexible.
Teddy Lugiagbe
Muaz Unais
Jean-Pierre Mugabe
Athena Carey
'Jolly’ Jacquetta Cogan
Freddie Ugiagbe
Halil Hamid-al-Zouiszi
James G. Farad
Ulene Murst
Charlita Hastings - A popular young adult author who actually is a young adult, Charlita Hastings is the author of the bestseller 'genre-spanning' series of novels, Dancing through Dimensions. She started writing stories when she was very little, and tends to write "whatever's, y'know, like, interesting" rather than stick to any one genre. Her family are old stock, a term which here means descended from the Anglo-Saxon emigres who came from England following the Norman Conquest.
Una Casamassina
Alexandra Cullen
Ashley Rivera
Georgette Luisse Marthen
Jose Ulloa
Jane Kane
Ola O'Bannon
Aleia Le'Gare-Bryant, Comtesse de Dodomai et Sakado: Born and raised in Garbania proper, Lady Aleia was a Norfolkite sympathizer, and a financier of the True Whig Party (TWP), also known as the Garbanian Whig Party (GWP), one of the oldest political parties in Garbania today. During the waning years of colonial rule, she donated generously to Norfolkite politicians who sought to maintain Free Norfolk City's presence in the realm, and afterwards, the nascent republic. After the passing of the Titles of Nobility Amendment, she left for Garbania, where she helped form a precursor to the Assembly of the Friends of Norfolk (AFC), which promotes cultural, economic and political ties between the two countries.
Ksenya Bautista: Ksenya Bautista was the Norfolkite actress best known for starring in the popular Norfolkite sitcom, "Snake Eyes," in which she was a tramped up ballerina who moonlights as both a casino craps dealer and a catty hairdresser with a gambling addiction. The show was a smash hit, and has become something of an internet meme due to its raunchy storylines and Ksenya's endearing acting.
Gina Haspel
Marie Louise Myshaniuk-Schurek
Tracey Oglesby
Yulonda Esther Jefferies
Zoltan John Jangula
Jean 'Skeeter' Hansen
Henry "Hennie" and Aewynne Heyman
Kenneth Kaunnah - Kenneth Kaunnah was the District Commissioner for the District of TBD, best known for his dedication to his constituents, as well as his marriage to the glamour model Hitomi Fujiko Shimabukuro. Affectionately nicknamed Kengle by his supporters, he was famously the center of a debate over term limits, as despite his willingness to abide by the strict rules established by the Constitution, his supporters demanded that he be allowed to stay in office. A national referendum was held, offering voters the options to abolish term limits, or to establish "special exceptions," but voters chose to maintain the status quo. Kengle, for his part, encouraged his supporters to vote for his protege, Bill George Candler-Feinberg, called "Boy George" by them.
Louis-Gabriel Dieudonné Kpeware
Marcellus Beaudet
Brittaney Milliner
Julius Jacob Adeniji
Beavis Bevis
Bianca Dures
Nadia Abass
Pierre-Guillaume McGinnis
Audrey Mae Firestone
Festus Poitras - Uncle Festus, as he was popularly called, was the flamboyant and demagogic District Commissioner of the District of Shaiburg whose social reforms and radical welfare proposals were ultimately overshadowed by what some have called an unprecedented executive dictatorship that he perpetrated to ensure control of his home district. In spite of an impoverished background, he managed to rise through the ranks, aiming for the presidency. However, he died under mysterious circumstances, and his movement fractured shortly thereafter, paving the way for numerous conspiracy theories.
Maurice Richard and Aisha Ouadragou
Joseph Bernard Rhambo
Wilfred Joseph Colocino
Cheryl Oguru
Xavi Ybarra
Reese/Reece Yaw Kwakwa
Kwame Sarpong
Martha Lussie
Babek Bayramov
Charles-Louis de Faverolles
Elvira Malaga y Santiago
Margaret "Maggie" Maggard: Maggie Maggard was a young Norfolkite woman who shot and killed a young man whom she accused of rape in an act of vigilantism. The case sparked extensive media coverage and public debate, particularly as her victim was a star baseball player whom major league scouts had been touting as a potential generational talent.
Lauretta Onochie
Allyson Rita Dufour
David Peter Bryner-Pekoske
Basil Okagbue
Maree Ramzi
Sebastian Felix Garcetti
Robert Kwame Tosselle
Claude Chima Chijioke
Clayton Jay Oghaleoghale
Lucien Marie Noël, Mathieu Paul and Marie-Christine Kiener
Victor Emmanuel FitzKimberly
John Lucas Tolbert
Maja Anastasia Hoffman
Débora Gabriella Emmanuela Duffner
Maria Elisabeth Schaeffler
Patrizio Stefano Pessina
Gillian and Adrian Bayford: A Norfolkite husband-and-wife vocal and instrumental duo whose lyrics are about love, spirituality and the equality of all human beings. The Bayfords might, however, be most known for their surprise participation at a music festival most associated with the hip-hop music subgenre horrorcore, and other similar subgenres.
Lee Shau-kee
Frances & Patrick Connolly
Beatrice Danila Mykhaylo
Manfred Tobin
Deborah Machefer
Susanne Hanna Ursula Klatten
Lenka Cecconi
Dileep Ranjekar

Getúlio Enriquillo Vargas - G.E. Vargas was a professional wrestler who was known for his unique, acrobatic, off-the-ground, flying wrestling style. He was one of the greats of his time, and one of the first to be inducted into The Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame (PWHF) and Museum, which was established to "preserve and promote the dignified history of professional wrestling and to enshrine and pay tribute to professional wrestlers who have advanced this national pastime in terms of athletics and entertainment." His funeral was attended by thousands and made the front page of newspapers nationwide.

R.B. Byxbe (sometimes spelt Byxby)
Désirée "Dez" Puckett
Craig Strang
Charles-Louis de Farevolles

Elvira Malaga y Santiago: One of the best known female wrestlers of her time, Elvira was credited for popularizing women's professional wrestling in Free Norfolk City. With her considerable height at five foot ten, her Bull Nakano-style hair, and Gothic Lolita fashion sense, she terrified both opponents and fans, especially when she took a break from the squared circle to break into horror movies. Her gimmick was that she was a harsh drill sargeant called the Colonel, and her partner was her real life niece, Deanna Cavicchio; they were five time women's tag team champions in the Norfolkite Wrestling Association (NWA).

Junior R. Walker
Frances Elena Tuttolomondo-McIntyre
Matthieu Paul Ilboudo
Sherene Philippa Razack
Jodie Finchum
Gertrude Uchendu
Sheryl Ochayon
Leonardo Del Vecchio
Maria Luise Sauvain
Bernard Arnault
Sheryl Sandberg
Shireen Kaltschmidt
Gina Winehart
Christina Sarah Glatzer
Rina Akhmetova
Maryellen Rodriguez
Rajesh Rauch
James Arthur Ratcliffe
Irene Hashimoto
Daniel Garry and Clara Lemaire
Missy Missler - Some call her, out of "affection," Missy Melons, while others call her that derogatorily, but either way, Missy Missler is a Norfolkite model, actress and television personality. She started her career as a magazine centerfold for a certain kind of magazine geared to men, and modeled for fashion companies, as well as doing commercials for local and foreign companies. Missy became nationally famous, however, for publically turning down the courtship attempts of an older, prominent, wealthy tycoon. Marrying into money was not a good thing for me, she said in an interview years later.
Angela Schütz

He was the Original Shooter, the true definition of "Cowboy S***"; the liberty-takin', bone-breakin', record-makin', title-takin' son of a gun who ran rough shod all over the WWF. Now, you can relive his rise to glory, his epic feud with Faarooq, and his ascension to legendary status.

Marie-Thérèse Pravatoudom: Marie-Thérèse Pravatoudom founded the Norfolk Housing Authority (NHA) that oversees public housing within Free Norfolk City (separate groups handle the same in Norfolk-in-Esvanovia). She was a social worker who specifically worked in improving the rights of immigrants and advancing child welfare, especially in regards to eradicating the commercial sexual exploitation of children. She sought to build Free Norfolk City into the ideal example of a co-operative community at work: all hands dependent on all hands, each individual responsible for the security of each.
Sherry Byrdson
Brittany Boettcher
Erin Fusco
Nancy Viola Florence Ammar
Nancy Zitsanza
Nadine Souami: A Norfolkite mystic and author who gained an international following as the leading theoretician of Societas Rosicruciana in Norfolcia, a Rosicrucian order that can be considered the Norfolkite equivalent to the real life Ancient and Mystical Order Rosæ Crucis (AMORC).
Vincent Kennedy Mbajiekwe
Jasmine Saint-Pierre: Jasmine Saint-Pierre was a Norfolkite writer who hosted a literary salon at her home that brought together both domestic and foreign writers. She influenced other authors through her salon and also with her poetry, plays, and epigrams, often thematically tied to her lesbianism and individualism. Born into a wealthy family, Jasmine was partly educated in Garbania, and expressed a desire from a young age to live openly as a lesbian; in fact, her first romantic partner was the daughter of a tribal chief in Ngombia whom she met while shadowing her father, visiting his sister, who had married then-Governor Tynarbert Mabkeley. Inspired by the work of Sappho, Jasmine began publishing love poems to women under her own name; writing in both Garbanian and Norfolkite, she supported feminism and minarchism. She opposed monogamy and had many overlapping long and short-term relationships, including on-and-off romances with poet Clarelle Vettique and courtesan Josette Le Houerou and longer relationships with writer Raelyrrya Ranetien and model Aksana D'Harcourt. For over fifty years, she hosted a salon at her home, bringing together writers and artists from around the world, including many leading figures in Garbanian, Norfolkite, and minority (Ngombian, Rhossenian, etc) literature; attendees of various sexualities expressed themselves and mingled comfortably at the weekly gatherings...
Sebelomon Fanaulese
Ulrstophecetus Duflaine
François-Henri Grissett
Maria Christine Lagarde
Elzbieta Michelle Buteau
Hans Bruno Kharouf
Joyce Kelly Fluharty
Adele Rouamba
Samuel Albert Eziechine
Victor Noah Chakib Mimoun
Valeriy Demyanenko
Matteo Tortorelli
Franklin Delano McBain
Theodore Roosevelt and Keira Christina Beckham
Elena Pearce
Clive Dennis Van Wasteco (pronounced was-tek-oh)
Lisa and Tahiel Lisson
Lambert Cresswell
Monica Maldonado
Horatio Nelson Olivereth
Gafarou Tairou al-Beiraqi de Yaokaoku (Yao Kao Ku)
Giovanni Canassi-Matteotti de Palatazze, Comte de Danoc et de Duloc (The Twins)
Misaki Watanabe
Alejandra Maria Ponce
Bernard Pascal Nyavor
Kyla Plumbtree
Othman Vernon Kimongo
Marcus Edgar Greatpillar
Nancy Hessinger
Carmen Hicks
Connor Owen Sonou
William Goldberg
Carol Tomé
Dejan Rollins
Betty and Betsy Boutt
Janice Maira Vorobiova
Natasha Dubrovhsky
Jessica Joyce Maltsev
Sherlock Agbanabu Ezu
Shirleen Roseman
Honoré, Tina and Linda Champou
Robert Edwin Dennard
Alexander Kenneth Peleus
Paul Reuben Abelson
Louis-Thomas Ozoude
Gulsara Imanova
Mohammed Kamal Jubrilla
Simon Usman Kacou
Dudley Alfred Muskus
Agnes Rose Tataw
Ozzie Arlasky
Richard Felix Nkosi
Baltazar Miguel Zwartendijk
Dora Cheong
Ali Shareef Lama Oumar Tengatenga
Juliet Diarria
Calvin Klein Roder
Francine Reimann
Martin Luther Alassane
Alexsandra Maldonado
Laura FitzGuillaume
Désirée van Rooyen
Yaa-Naa Xavery
Naoko Yamazaki
Maurice-Napoléon van Oostendorp:
Faizah Boulos
Ulla Martens
Marcelo Tartaro

Subramanian Suryanarayan
Tina Mercee Armstrong
Souleymane Diarrassouba
Chaz Godsrich
Catharina Doria Mminele
Fatima Sawadogo
Maurice Alaki
Sandrina Omaru
John Wanunu Oramaeze
Ali Ahmed Kharrubi
Farouk Scholze
Lila Leighton Lukunku
Julio Romero Quashigah
Victor Yousuf FitzEmpress
Alfred Stephen Magagula
Hassan al-Bashir
Ezequiel Lindberg: Ezequiel Lindberg was the founder of Crystal Castle F.C, commonly referred to as Castle, a professional football (soccer) club that plays in the highest level of the Norfolkite football league system, the Norfolkite Super Mega League (NSML). Lindberg was an avid football enthusiast who was recruited by President TBA to put together a club for the residents of the sole federal district.
Marcel Chagnon
Maria Rosa Winkfield
Steve Austin Wemba
Chrys Walter
Cecilia Deniega Calisan
Juan Carlos Dasuki-Mokoena
Estevan Kafando Ouedraogo
Mobie Dyck: One of the Norfolkite Navy's first, and finest, admirals; best known for his service in the Caprona War, won numerous accolades from the Imperial Court. Born and raised in Free Norfolk City, he detested the Emperor for his expulsion of the colony, and hastily enlisted with the Norfolkite Navy. Was one of those sent to Esvanovia following the equally controversial handover. He married Tingyun, sometimes spelled Ting Yun, and had a happy life with her.
Katherine Jean McMahon (nee Harlow)
Iordane Pkhakadze
Karybek Baibosunov
Corey Otwell
Bruno Pietro Jurjevic
Maria Valentina Holsemeyer
Maria Perissionotto
Edmund Phillip Makhlouf
Zaina Tshering Lhadn
Abdulaziz Bin Abdullah Al-Zamil
Saad Al-Kaabi
Ulfric Thobias Gwanda
Friedrich Walter Anatovic
Saraya Farah Anatovic (née Gueit)
Monika Sharma
Amelia Laboso
Willa Makelove Thackrey
Alejandro Ryan Madarbocus
Shaariaya Villard-Dugara
Rachel Valentina Kouame
Dariusz Schlegel
Francesca Manzzini
Catherine Gratwick: An adult film star who notoriously hooked up with President Lorraine Kindrakewich's campaign manager, offering her services for events on the trail. "That's a great ass - uh, asset," reputedly quipped Lorraine about her, which led to a viral study of Gratwick's work years later when the remark became an internet meme; Lorraine, who is married to a man with kids, reputedly brushed aside her newfound fame as a "woman of culture" on imageboards and social media, saying that she was the president, and couldn't waste time on such silly things. However, her support with single men and WLW (women-loving-women) skyrocketed with the addition of Gratwick, who was quietly laid off from the team after the election.
Colette Bowe
William Dudley Blydgen
Sharon Zarch
Olivia Maddison Hammerstein
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A More Perfect Union: The Districts of Free Norfolk City

Postby Free Norfolk City » Thu Mar 28, 2024 2:36 am

As it stands currently, Free Norfolk City is governed as a unitary state without provinces or states. However, for the purposes of administration and urban planning, it has been subdivided in various ways throughout its history; currently, the city state is divided into fifty five districts, each divided into scores of wards, then precincts, and ultimately, cells, similar to the tonarigumi of Imperial Japan. There is also one SAD, or special administrative district, the Redwall SAD, which is similar in nature to the District of Columbia in the United States, and is considered separate, but equal, among districts overall.

Each district is governed by a District Commissioner, who functions much like a state governor or provincial premier. As political parties are banned, each DC is an independent - the first District Commissioners were elected by the people of their districts to represent them as members of the All City Defense Committee, hastily formed to defend the new country from potential aggression from its neighbours. The ACDC would eventually morph into today's Congress, with a House of Representatives and Senate. The first election took place in 1876, with Valdémard Lanthier, an ethnic Garbanian, becoming the country's first President. All (federal) elections in the country are quinquennial, meaning they're held every five years; however, every district election is held every two, and every ward election every three, and every winner serves five years in office. However, there is a strict term limit, much like in the United States, limiting presidents to two terms; however, unlike the United States, the Norfolkite custom is to include (the same) term limits for every government office, as well as for justices of the Supreme Court; this also applies, unconditionally, to Norfolk-in-Esvanovia.

The fifty five districts are as follows, in no particular order:

1. Pleasantview
2. Shaiburg
3. Bankbridge
4. Shirleyville
5. Gloverstone
6. Winchestertonfieldville
7. Emmerdale
8. Lynnwood
9. Rosedale
10. Lakeburg
11. Tuvanun
12. Mayberry
13. Cottonhills
14. Heatherfield
15. Hugora
16. Cedarhurst
17. Edmonton
18. Sweet Valley
19. Seacliff
20. St. Martin
21. Beulahdale
22. Štroblovágrad
23. Rishabhgaba
24. Old Norfolk
25. Adreenabad
26. Abellaville
27. Jeannesport
28. Shanadoo
29. Pepsiville
30. Wolfridge
31. Ravenspurn
32. Eastglendale
33. Cloverfield
34. Glenora
35. Ravensrodd
36. Springfield
37. Shirleyville
38. Lawndale
39. Arlen
40. St. Louisville
41. Duncanville
42. Zamenhofurbo
43. Wascana
44. Pitcairn
45. Dohgabad (formerly Alexandria-in-Varathron)
46. Segaville
47. Rosemond Hill
48. Fort Rukkard
49. Wolfswood
50. Eeri
51. Melvillia
52. Arumlily
53. Texway
54. Guinyot
55. Waltendale

Each district has its own, unique history, with some formed on the onset of independence, and others later on in the nation's history. Old Norfolk is the oldest, while Pleasantview is the youngest.
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Who's Who in the Garbanosphere: Norfolkites VII

Postby Free Norfolk City » Wed May 08, 2024 10:06 am

Milena Hovhannisyan
Kristine Shahverdyan
Tiffany Yemenian
Lianna Navasardyan
Ani Bakmajian
Yeva Sarkisyan
Gisela Graham
Stacey Yerex-Laycock
Nefertiti Nelson
Łukasz and Anna Łucja Tymczak
Ashurbanipal Tarkin
Abron Cendrik
Yelberton Tarkenton
Brünhilde Wagner
Nausicaä Mayberry
Nadja Tarkova
Léona and Zandra Beukelaer
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Leaders of the Norfolkites (1555 to 20XX)

Postby Free Norfolk City » Sun May 19, 2024 8:52 pm

Colonial Governors:


1. Valdémard Lanthier (1868 - 1878): While George Washington fought for his country's freedom, Lanthier fought for it to remain a colony. An ethnic Garbanian, he rose through the ranks to become the head of the All City Defense Committee, formed by an impromptu gathering of who's who in the then-colony, over concerns that the Garbanians were grossly neglecting the welfare of the colony and its people. He was also a veteran of the Caprona War, and fought with honor and distinction; his fellow soldiers were his initial supporters, and were oftentimes considered the most loyal. Over the next few years, Lanthier and his supporters vigorously debated those who were either opposed to independence, or to their vision of it. His farewell address became a preeminent statement on republicanism in which he wrote about the importance of national unity and the dangers that regionalism, partisanship, and foreign influence pose to it. Lanthier is an icon of Norfolkite culture; he has been memorialized by monuments, a federal holiday, various media depictions, geographical locations, stamps and currency, and he consistently ranks in both popular and scholarly polls as one of the greatest presidents in Norfolkite history.
2. Mirchaz Ochmonach (1878 - 1883): When Ochmonach entered office, the ongoing major disputes between the Garbanian Empire and the nascent Republic were causing great difficulties for Norfolkite merchants and sailors on the high seas, while also arousing intense partisanship among contending political factions across the nation.



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