Official Guide to the Federal Commonwealth of Jakra

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Official Guide to the Federal Commonwealth of Jakra

Postby Jakra » Wed Jul 01, 2009 5:02 pm

This is the Official Informational Guide to the history, culture and government of Jakra. It is offered for sale to all tourists visiting Jakra, and at the National Archives.

History of Jakra
Jakra was originally a colony established in 1605 by the Sumaran Empire to exploit the untapped resources on the newly discovered Continent of Mezoea (Me-zo-uh). The colony was named Jakra after the indigenous people known as the Jakkera, unfortunately all 1.5 million Jakkera would be wiped out in a plan by the colony's Vice-Roy to settle land disputes with the Jakkera. The Vice-Roy feigned an alliance with the Jakkera and gave poisonous foods and blankets of small-pox victims as supposed peace offerings. The Jakkera, who lived a very social lifestyle were quickly exterminated by the poisons and disease. After the Vice-Roy's plot was uncovered by Sumaran officials he was promptly tried and executed for his genocidal act, to prevent another act of such a horrific scale, the Sumaran colonial authority divided the colony into thirteen counties and used these to create a federal system which greatly constrained the Vice-Roy's previously limitless powers. This is generally considered the first step towards the inevitable formation of the Federal States as a sovereign entity.

In 1699 the Sumaran Emperor declared all colonies must contribute 30% of their GDP to the Sumaran Military (which was deadlocked in a war with another empire), the Jakran Economy crumbled under this tax and the voices of dissent grew louder and more heard. When a group of Jakran revolutionaries robbed a cargo vessel carrying Jakra's tax payments to Sumara and returned them to the Jakran taxpayers, the Emperor went into a fit of rage and ordered the Royal Army to Jakra and to regain the lost money. The Army arrived and began a house to house collection of all the taxes, due to the military presence, the taxes were collected without incident and taken to the courthouse in the colonial capital of Freidma. On the night of December 31, 1700 as the Royal Soldiers guarding the taxes drank to celebrate the New Year an armed group of revolutionaries calling themselves the Free Men raided the courthouse by easily overwhelming the few sober or awake Soldiers and reclaimed the taxes for the last time. The Free Men took the taxes to their headquarters in the city of Harsburg where they began to redistribute the money on January First. The Royal Army's local commander rallied his men and marched towards Harsburg bent on retaking the taxes and killing every Free Man he found. However, the Free Men got word of the Commander's plan and readied to defend the town and reclaimed wealth with their lives. The Free Men fought a heroic defense of Harsburg and repelled the Royal Army with heavy casualties. This battle would later be known as the Battle of Benjamen Street and was the first official battle of the First Jakran Revolution.

The First Jakran Revolution was a brief but bloody struggle between the Jakran Army For Independence (JAFI), the organized descendant of the Free Men and the Sumaran Royal Army (SRA). The war lasted only 3 and a half years but left 7,000 dead JAFI soldiers, 5,000 dead SRA and 10,000+ wounded on both sides, civilian casualties were always hidden for propaganda reasons so no reliable figures exist but it's estimated to be almost 12,000 dead or wounded. The war was ended by the Treaty of Harsburg in 1703, as the Sumarans had an opposing empire to face which explains why they granted Jakran independence so quickly and so unconditionally. The new Jakran government stayed very similar to the old colonial system only a Congress and Vice-President were added, the Vice-Roy became President and the first President became JAFI Commander Collin Smith. Smith established the basis for everything in modern Jakran politics during his three terms (4 years each), he established the first political party, a unified Jakran currency and refined the federal system to better balance power between the various government branches. For approximately 200 years after Smith left office in 1716, the FCJ was a relatively dull nation. It expanded to the limits of Mezoea, legalized woman's voting, developed a basic infrastructure and kept itself relatively isolated from the world at large. However in 1916 a President would be elected who would change Jakra's peaceful dull and middle right lifestyle forever, his name was President Charles Foster Kane.

The Enclave Revolution
The election of 1916 was a close and vicious fight for the office and Jakra's future. Jakra's 200 year old political and economic system was falling apart, the Congress was constantly deadlocked in debate and the lack of any major economic regulation lead to huge manipulative schemes and speculation related disasters each greater than the last. Millions of Euros were lost to the schemers and speculators who then used their capital to support Rightest extremists such as the Jakran National Order Party (JNO). That was how Mr. Kane won the election, as a devout Calvinist and head of the JNO he blamed Jakra's problems on minorities and the Left claiming them to be demonic souls endangering the Elect (Calvinist elite who were chosen by God for heaven). Kane also established a national religion (Calvinism) and made it mandatory to attend Sunday Mass, destroying Jakra's previously accepted concept of separating Church and State. Despite a popular vote against Kane, he had bribed several members of the electoral college, which won him the election in a flurry of dispute and accusations. But the worst of Kane's grievances had yet to be unleashed. He would soon instill martial law in all the Jakran cities and open a series of"reeducation camps" across the country for any non-protestants or "Leftist Radicals". Outrage against Kane built as he forced Jakra deeper into an economic catastrophe, by outlawing all "constrictive" business measures, encouraging monopolies of vital utilities, drastically expanding the national debt (from 320 million to almost 14.2 billion) and creating a hyper-inflation crisis as he tried to pay off the rapidly expanding debt by printing more and more money. Finally, Kane did the unthinkable, before the elections of 1920 he bribed enough Supreme Court Justices to rule that elections and the legislative assembly were unconstitutional and make Kane president for life.

However, as Kane built his government on greed and evil, the organization which was to destroy him was forming and plotting his demise. The organization in question was an alliance of socialists, communists, and disgruntled citizens all opposed to Kane, the first official name was the People's Front for the Salvation of Jakra (PFSJ). The PFSJ was led by a young socialist named Thomas Morrow who was fed up of Kane's tyranny, and determined to stop it. The PFSJ had many early successes against Kane's security apparatus, as disgruntled low ranking soldiers filled PFSJ ranks, growing sick of their ignorant corrupt officer corps. Similarly disgruntled guards and police let PFSJ rebels rob government arsenals without resistance and steal sensitive documents from army command posts often without firing a single shot in the facilities' defense. The PFSJ's propaganda wing led by a fiery young socialist named Jason Cunningham gave speeches over the PFSJ's radio station encouraging dissent and support for the PFSJ. The speeches in conjunction with PFSJ military successes prompted tremendous public support and assistance.

However despite the recent successes the PFSJ was to soon suffer a major blow at Kane’s iron hand, the PFSJ leader Thomas Morrow was assassinated by one of Kane’s death squads. At first the loss killed PFSJ moral and effectiveness, it seemed as if the loss might just cost the PFSJ their war. But, Jason Cunningham wouldn’t let the cause die. The well known Propaganda Chief took the reins of the PFSJ and gave the PFSJ a new vigor and energy, Cunningham also gave them a new name, The Enclave. The name was a reference to Cunningham’s main speech where he would call the PFSJ the enclave of sanity and justice in a state of insanity and lawlessness. Cunningham would finally achieve what the PFSJ/Enclave had longed to achieve, in 1921 the Enclave’s rebel army staged a massive uprising all over Jakra. The rebels were joined by dissenting policemen, soldiers and citizens, the rebels easily overwhelmed what loyal forces there were and captured Harsburg within 3 days of the Uprising’s start. Despite Cunningham’s intentions of a trial for Kane, it was not to be. Kane committed suicide on July 8, 1921 to escape capture by the Enclave, his face would be remembered for generations as the face of true evil.

With Kane dead and his government in ruins, Cunningham declared a revolutionary government on July 21, 1921 a day now celebrated as Revolution Day throughout Jakra. Cunningham would lead the reconstruction and build a new and improved federal system over the ruins of Kane’s perversion of a government. Cunningham’s system has served as the basis for the modern Jakran government and many of his political ideals live on today, notably his concept of an Economic Bill of Rights, which is a clearly visible contribution. Like Cunningham's ideals and policies, the Enclave lives on in modern Jakra as the dominant political party which normally enjoys majority support and approval.

Modern History
The Federal Commonwealth of Jakra has had a tremendous growth spurt since the Revolution, with the Enclave at the helm Jakra has become a prosperous country with a thriving private sector even with the inherent tight government monitoring. The modern Jakran population has has sacrificed some economic rights in favor of civil and political rights along with a large but efficient welfare state . Jakra's advanced Arms Manufacturing companies provide their military with state of the art weapons at a discounted price and bring in billions of Euros in taxes. Despite the Enclave Party's heavy dominance several small political parties are gaining recognition (Socialist Labor Party, Communist Party) and influence. The Enclave has in fact retained it's dominance by very peaceful means as it holds a 73% approval rating in general polls. The Enclave's success is often attributed to their devotion to Jakra's well being even after so many years. Jakra also opened up to the world following the Revolution becoming a force in international politics, Jakran troops have been deployed in numerous intervention and assistance missions across the world. Just to name a few,

-Empire-Comorostan Conflict
-Intervention in Guatarma
-Neoslavian Civil War
-Hadula's Civil War
-Kuroman Genocide as part of CAFOR
-Jimani Assassination Investigation
-Monandi Civil War

Jakra's crowning modern achievement however, is being a co-founder of the United Federation of Sovereign Countries with the United Kingdom of Telvira, and serving as the UFSC's Chairman member. Finally, Jakra has been a major backer of the UFSC's CAFOR deployments and interventions, sending large numbers of troops and materials and providing political will to stand by or against a deployment. However, following the decay of the UFSC after the first few years, Jakra resigned it's post as Chairman and it's membership completely. The final fate of the UFSC is still being determined.
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Re: Official Guide to the Federal States of Jakra

Postby Jakra » Wed Jul 01, 2009 6:06 pm

Jakra's National Flag (above)
Under Revision

"Liberty, equality, Opportunity"
The national motto is the three main tenets of Social-Federalism which was the defining ideology of the Jakran Army for Independence and the government which they formed.

Full Name: The Federal Commonwealth of Jakra
Common Abbreviations: FCJ, Jakra, The Jakran Commonwealth
Capitol City: Ephyra
Largest City: Freidma
Government Type:
Executive Branch: President
Legislature: House of Sovereigns, and Federal Assembly
Judicial Branch: Supreme Tribunal
Calling Code: 984
Url Extension: .fsj
National Anthem: "Oh Jakra Tis for Thee"
Strong and peaceful, wise and brave,
Fighting the fight for the whole world to save,
We the people will ceaselessly strive
To keep our great revolution alive!
Unfurl the banners! Look at the screen!
Never before has such glory been seen!
Oh Jakra! Oh Jakra! Oh Jakra, tis for thee!
Every deed, every thought, tis for thee!
Every deed, every thought, tis for thee!
Every deed, every thought, tis for thee!

Life Expectancy: Male-88/Female-90
Fertility Rate: 2.0 children per woman
White European: 84.3%
Black: 10.7%
Asian: 15.5%
Other/ Small minorities: 5.5%
Official Languages: English
Officially Sponsored Religion: Deism
Christianity: 40.3%
Judaism: 3.1%
Islam: 4.3%
Other Various Religions: 9.1%
Non Religious or unspecified: 43.2%
Literacy Rate:100% of population under 21 can read and write, 95% over 21

Under Revision

Jakra's current ruling party is the Enclave which has held a majority in the legislature since Jakra's second Revolution (see History), currently that majority is is 109 out of 140 seats in the House of Sovereigns (upper house w/uniform representation) and 379 out of 550 in the Federal Assembly (lower house w/proportional representation). This large dominance is often contributed to the fact Jakra has a dominant party system and only five parties are licensed to run for elections. In no specific order they consist of, The Enclave (Social- Federalist), Industrial Labor (Communist), National Perseverance Coalition (Conservative), Freedom and Equality (Libertarian/ Libertarian Socialist), and Green (Environmental protection and Eco-Socialism).

Jakra's progressive education policies ensure that all children can attend school and receive at least a high school education, this is mostly due to the socialist policies which keep public schools open and excellent through high taxes. The average Jakran child is expected to complete high school and college, as college, while still voluntary is highly affordable due to the government's series of scholarships and grants which make college affordable to even the poorest citizens. The education policies also teach children the dangers of drugs, crime, violence, and political/religious extremism. All public schools are apathetic or encourage a Deist view on religion, but they also promote racial and cultural tolerance in all pupils.

Social Welfare
The Jakran government maintains a massive Social Welfare plan, guaranteeing every citizen the ability to retire at age 68, though many retire earlier by using personal funds to supplement welfare. Any one who does not use or need all their pension is encouraged to return the excess so it may be used wherever else the money is needed. Welfare also goes to single parents with 2+ children, teenage parents and the unemployed (with government sponsored job fairs to help them re-enter the work force). Also special welfare checks go to permanently physically and mentally disabled citizens who are unable to work because of their condition(s). Attempts to live off the welfare system by those who do not need it are relatively few as it has many safeguards built in (ex; Gov Doctor must verify disability, unemployed who don't seek work will be cut off, etc) and punishment for such an offense is very severe ($100,000+ fines and 5 year+ prison terms).

Health care
Most citizens in Jakra obtain their health care from the government run insurance corporation known as the Public Health Service, which provides an affordable and relatively comprehensive basic coverage package to 96% of Jakra's population. While the basic minimum package (in compliance with Jakra's individual mandate law) is the most popular package (63%) there are several layers of coverage available depending on an individual or household's needs. The remaining 4% purchase their coverage from the small private health insurance market which mainly exists to provide superior or supplementary (and often costlier) coverage to the the PHS and usually cater to the Jakran upper class and elite while the PHS caters to the middle and lower classes.

Most Jakran families posses at least one automobile, to fulfill this need for roads the Jakran government maintains an expansive, well maintained and interconnected series of highways all over Jakra. While these automobiles run on alternative fuels (hydrogen, Natural Gas or Biofuels) many "cleaner" public transport networks exist, each major city has a subway and/or bus system. High speed trains connect nearly as many places as the highways and most major cities possess at least one sizable airport to facilitate easier transportation over long distances.

The Jakran energy infrastructure is based out of a series of Fast Breeder Nuclear Reactors, the network of plants criss-crossing Jakra provides 3/5 of all energy consumed with no CO2 emissions and little to no waste as the reactor constantly reuses spent fuel. Despite early skepticism of such a large scale nuclear program and the obvious safety concerns the project was extremely successful and by 2007 had replaced all "3rd generation" nuclear plants in Jakra. The remaining 2/5 of Jakra's energy supply is renewable sources such as wind power, sunlight and natural gas. The most common renewable energy sources in Jakra are solar, wind, geothermal and clean coal. All vehicles run on either liquid natural gas (the dominant form currently), bio fuels and a handful of prototype hydrogen powered vehicles fueled by water, while hydrogen is least common is it expected to gain popularity and affordability as the technology develops.

Official Buildings
The Executive Palace: Official residence and office of the Jakran President
OOC Note: Unlike the photo the palace has tan stone walls, windows in the niches, and obviously has Jakran Flags in place of the DPRK ones and lacks the photo over the main entrance.

The Capital: Home to the legislature of Jakra (House of Sovereigns and Federal Assembly)
Interior: Assembly chamber within the House

Four Courts: Official Chamber and offices for the Jakran Supreme Tribunal and it's Justices

Current Jakran Executive Officials
President: John Henry Eden
Vice- President: Daniel Bird
Director of the Office of National Intelligence (DONI): Daniel Collins
Director of the State Science Institute: Emmanuel Goldstein
Secretary of Defense: Marcus Ramius
Secretary of State:
Secretary of the Treasury:
Secretary of the Interior: Alexander Smith
Secretary of Agriculture:
Secretary of Transportation: Carly Nostrava
Secretary of Development and Natural Resources: Wesly Mouch
Secretary of Justice and Security: Joseph Friday
Secretary of Labor: Eugene Debs
Secretary of Education: Sarah Monroe
Secretary of Energy: Julia Dayton
Secretary of Health and Human Services:
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Re: Official Guide to the Federal States of Jakra

Postby Jakra » Thu Jul 02, 2009 9:52 am

Jakran Law Enforcement and Military

Law Enforcement in Jakra
Law enforcement in Jakra is split into three levels of Jurisdiction(as most Jakran government activities) Local, State and Federal. Each Major Jakran city has a it's own police force with jurisdiction in and near said city. Each state government has either a Sheriff or State Police Department which has statewide jurisdiction. There are several Federal agencies which have nationwide jurisdiction but normally enforce a handful of Federal laws. Local and State officers may pursue suspects outside their jurisdiction (Ex; Car chase) but when the suspect is captured they must be handed over to whoever has Jurisdiction in the suspect's area of capture, and wait for extradition.

Crime In Jakra
Crime rates in Jakra have always been very well controlled and as of late it seems crime is on the brink of extinction, progressive policies in social welfare and education keep the young/unemployed citizens from resorting to crime while Jakra's effective and large police forces keep professional criminals under control. Street Gangs are the only major crime organizations which can still survive, due to the effectiveness of anti-mob measures and policies.

Federal LE Agencies

FSB Logo

FSB: Federal Security Bureau, Oldest and primary LE agency, divided into several Directorates each of which handles a certain field of FSB jurisdiction. The FSB was formed in 1930 by Executive Order #912 to replace an ineffective National Police Service (NPS) which was largely a dysfunctional relic from the days of Kane. The FSB gained early prominence by capturing several foreign agents within it's first year of operation, and would later be known for it's near elimination of major organized crime. The FSB is based out of the William H. Monroe Building in Epyhra, the building is named for the FSB's 3rd but most known director. All FSB agents are trained at the FSB Academy in Calecent, Jakra and are issued .40 Caliber JAC Cobra-40 handguns and all field agents are given either R-03 Sarissa rifles in 6.8mm Remington SPCor MP5 Sub machine guns in .40 S&W.

-1st Department; Criminal Investigations
-2nd Department; Counter Intelligence and Counter Terrorism
-3rd Department; Cryptography (FSB purposes only)
-4th Department; Economic Security, handles industrial espionage and major financial crimes
-5th Department; Cyber Security Unit, works with CSC to protect government from cyber attacks
-6th Department; Science and Technology, develops new technology for FSB and manages FSB crime labs
-7th Department; Protective Service, protects Jakran VIPS (ie President)
-8th Department; Internal Affairs, handles investigations of FSB personnel

Federal Marshal's Service, LE agency for Federal Courts, FS Marshals protect court officers and buildings and ensure the effective operation of the judicial system. The Marshals assists with court security and prisoner transport, serves arrest warrants and seeks fugitives.

NEST: Nuclear Emergency Search Team; responds to any type of radiological accident or incident anywhere in Jakra, particularly NEST focuses on response to criminal use of radiological materials (illegal use of nuclear materials within Jakra, including terrorist use of materials, and smuggling of such materials or weapons made from them). NEST is mostly composed of scientists or experts in the field but also contains agents who are highly trained in crimes involving such dangerous materials and devices.

Public-LE Relationship
For the most part in Jakra Police and federal agents are respected by the populace and only truly hated by extremist fringe groups (Nationalists, Anarchists, Communists, Nazis,etc).

Jakran Intelligence Services
Jakra's Intelligence Services are a small secretive community who often work with their counterparts in the JNAF and law enforcement; to gain the most intelligence possible on foreign states and keep Jakra's secrets secure.

-Office of National Intelligence (ONI); formed from the now defunct Jakran Intelligence Service (JIS), the ONI serves as Jakra's main intelligence collection agency. The ONI also contains a small but well equipped para-military division known as the Special Services Directorate (SSD) which handles para-military operations and covert activities such as cyber-warfare, economic warfare, psychological warfare and issues relating ot political influence often in conjunction para-military operations.
-Communications Security Command (CSC); The CSC handles the bulk of the Jakran government and military's encryption needs, while also managing the secure government data farms which store official records and information (like RL NSA)

Jakran National Armed Forces
The Jakran National Armed Forces (JNAF) were created in 1924, and created to replace the disbanded Jakran Armed Forces which had become a corrupt and useless fighting force under Dictator Kane. The JNAF consists of 4 independent branches and 2 semi-independent branches. All forces answer to the President of Jakra as Commander in Chief, but the day to day running is left to the Armed Forces Council (OOC: like the RL JCS) and the Minister of Defense.

JNAF Branches
Jakran National Army (JNA), Main ground force of Jakran military, largest service branch in Jakra
-Sovereign Guards Corps, elite bodyguard unit for Epyhra and the President
Jakran National Air Force (JNAF), handles air defense of Jakra and offensive actions outside Jakran Airspace, 3rd largest branch
Jakran National Maritime Force (JNMF), Navy, 2nd largest branch
-Federal States Marine Corps (FSMC), land component of JNMF and elite infantry unit.
Jakran Strategic Rocket Force (JSRF), smallest branch, handles all nuclear missiles and warheads.

Military-Public Relations
JNAF soldiers are respected throughout Jakra as those who answer the call of duty, but senior officers often take the blame for some unpopular JNAF policies. Conscription in Jakra is considered a contingency plan and not utilized unless needed, but many peace advocates demand it be scrapped. Homo-sexuality is another military issue, after nearly a decade of a non-disclsoure (don't ask don't tell) policy, the legislature formally approved open homozexual service with the Defense Reform Act (2007).Finally, anti-WMD groups have long demanded the destruction of all said weapons in the Jakran arsenal, however the government has steadfastly refused to ban nuclear weapons but has conceded biological and chemical weapons to appease the Peace and safety activists. Jakra currently maintains an undisclosed number of nuclear warheads of undisclosed payloads, but has eliminated most Bio weapons and chemical weapons. The Army Chemical Warfare Corps (CWC) now works on developing countermeasures and vaccines to defend Jakra from biological and chemical weapons.

Military Equipment And Vehicles
JNAF equipment and vehicles will be covered in a specific Factbook about the JNAF
JNAF Military Factbook (WIP)
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Re: Official Guide to the Federal States of Jakra

Postby Jakra » Sat Jul 04, 2009 8:21 am

Placeholder for Future Additions
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Re: Official Guide to the Federal States of Jakra

Postby Jakra » Sat Jul 04, 2009 9:23 am

Please Comment, Ideas for Addtions are Welcome
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