The Factbook of The Empire of Masumene

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The Factbook of The Empire of Masumene

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The Empire of Masumene

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History of Masumene

The state of Masumene began in 1634 and was at first a bustling small republic on the Ishtar Sea. In the 1700s it underwent a time of massive expansion and almost quadrupled in size. It secured land both into the continent and 3 large islands off the coast, Heshlin, Gregorin, and Nekolin. In the 1800s the nation solidified it's control over these areas and expanded once again but only slightly when taking over a small republic on the mainland. This expansion however came under heave international attention and some of it's earlier acquisitions came into question. While Masumene managed to hold onto it's territories it ceased all expansionist activities.

In 1932 there were several small riots about citizenship and personal freedoms which shook the republic to it's core. While there was never an open rebellion the nation was forced to step down on some of it's legislature. In 1987 corruption among the politics of Masumene reached an all time high. The population slowly began to hate the current leaders and politic systems and in 2008 General Aja Janjul led an open coup with the support of 40% of the armed forces and 80% of the population. In the resulting year long conflict the nation suffered massive losses in both infrastructure and lives. When the war ended and Aja Janjul took the capital the nation had been tarnished and the population had decreased to just over 5,000,000 persons. An Absolute Monarchy was set up and the nation has since been on the rise. However many difficulties have yet to be overcome.

Geography of Masumene
(Map is to be inserted here upon completion, This will include provinces in the nation as well as roads, cities, and well everything XD)

Masumene is a fairly large country roughly the size of Kazakhstan. It spans a collective landmass of 1 million square miles and controls the waters extending 20 miles away from it's three main islands. It contains several different biomes ranging from a small rocky desert in the north west corner of the country and grasslands to the north east. The majority of the country including it's three islands are all temperate forests.

Other then to the north the nation is fairly hilly but not quite mountainous. However our southern coastline is mountainous and other then two port cities we have pretty much sheer cliffs to the sea. This is because we are on a fairly large ocean shelf which drops off near the coast. Our three islands are actually large mountain peaks that rise out of the sea floor from a underwater mountain range. This cliff coast is very helpful as it provides a natural buffer against storms, tidal waves, and other weather related incidents but also makes invasion via sea extremely difficult.

The port cities of Michal and Gredorial are on the deltas of two major river systems (The Kal and Celta rivers that flow through Mesumene) These rivers have cut their way through the cliff and over time created the deltas on which these cities have been established. These rivers have a large amount of tributaries and smaller rivers that connect with it and flow through the country. These river systems make the countries soil extremely rich and have created an area of land where fresh water is constantly available.

There are thee bordering nations to the north these being The Republics of Fenland and Tibelian, and The Communist State of Delkland. The Empire of Masumene maintains good relations with all three and makes great profit from supplying these nations in times of war as the Republics and the Communist state are usually at war with each other.

There are many natural resources in Masumene. These vary but some of the major exports of the nation are timber, oil and natural gas, Gold, Silver, A large fishing industry, Iron and steel, tin, Aluminum, and a various assortment of other metals and minerals. We pride ourselves in that our hills have many different mine-able minerals and veins in them that we take full use of.

One of the Major environmental issues of our nation however is mining. Major steps have been taken into reducing the impact of our mines in our pristine forests however some damage occurs no matter what we try to do to limit it.

Economy of Masumene
We have a bustling strong exportation based economy. We export many different metals and minerals but one thing we export is Jewelery. Our Jewelery products are considered to be some of the best in the world. We also export some food stuffs and a little bit of oil and natural gas (however the majority of this is kept for our citizens and use), however our economy runs more off the exportation of finished products, metals, and minerals.

We are a capitalist country however there are regulations among these so that nothing gets out of hand and the economy can continue to grow at a steady rate. While this cuts some possible profits the chances of us ever having a crash or a severe economic downturn are doubtful.

As of 2010 our National GDP was measured to be at 274 billion and 12.3 billion per capita

Our current inflation rate is floating at roughly 2%

We have a straight income tax of 12%

Currently 30% of our population is under the poverty line and we are working hard to get these citizens above this line.

Our currency is the Yue and it is currently very strong internationally

Unemployment is only at 3% however which we take great pride in saying.

We have at the moment absolutely no debt

Governmental Structure
The government of Masumene is an Absolute monarchy however there are judicial and legislative branches that help run the country under the Emperor.

Country Name: The Empire of Masumene (Masumene)
Capital City: Musune
Cities: Michal, Gredorial, Heshler, Greglor, Neklo, Ishtan, New Highland
Date of Founding: 1634
Political Parties: Multi Party system, Voting is done through Primaries which cut down to the top 4 and then Finals which elect the member
National Holiday: Day of Liberation - June 27
Constitution: Started with an original 13 freedoms and has since expanded and can be amended.

People and Population

Total Population: 5,234,817
Age Structure: Most of our population is young, 75% is below the age of 40
Median Age: 29
Life Expectancy at Birth: 96%
Nationality: Masumian
Ethnic Groups: There is no discrepancy
Religions:We accept all religions
Languages and Literacy: We have two languages, English and Nekolian, Literacy is at 95% due to very good and required schooling.

On the island of Nekolin a sentient humanoid species was found. They were a mix of human and cat with fur and once looked much like this painting of young Neko:

At first normal relations preceded but they were looked down upon. When the island was taken in the early 1700s the Neko were brutally enslaved and used. While slavery was banned in the early 1900s the Neko had been permanently integrated into our society. However due to 200 years of inbreeding among the two species the Neko have taken on a more human appearance. It is very rare to see a Neko with their original physical appearance. Most have lost their fur and have since gained almost pure human appearance except for the retaining of their tails and ears. The Neko now make up 38% of our countries population and have equal rights as humans. There are still a few remaining cases and groups of human supremacists however these have been mostly taken out and the Neko are fully equal in almost all eyes and have the same advantage of any one else.

Military of Masumene

50,000 Personnel with 4 Armed Forces Branches
Budget = 35,000,000,0000


Individual solider specified equipment

Machine Guns:
7000 HSW 190 Zulu Charlie

Sub Machine Gun
4000 Striker PDS 5.7

Main Battle Tanks:
Challenger 2 = 400

Light Tank:
FV107 Scimitar = 350

Warrior = 800
Tempest MPV = 400

FV432 Bulldog = 1500

CRV(T) = 1200

Land Rover Wolf = 6000

Self Propelled Artillery:
AS90 = 150

Towed Artillery:
L118 Light Gun = 140

Rocket Systems
MLRS = 50

SAM Systems
Rapier FSC Misile System = 30
Starstreak Missile System = 300

81mm Mortar = 2000


Air Force:

Special Forces: 3500 forces

(This will be added to as Masumene grows and prospers)
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"Ride Your Horse on the Edge of a Sword"

The Factbook of Masumene

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