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The Extreme New Order Factbook

Postby The Extreme New Order » Sun May 23, 2010 12:54 pm

1. Geography
Area: About 30,000 Sq. Miles
Bordering Nations: Jatos, Bexxstan
Natural Resources: Steel Mines
Environmental Issues: Widespread over-hunting
Natural Hazards: Volcanos

2. Economy
Private Enterprise is illegal. The Government runs all banks and businesses.

GDP: $173 Billion
GDP Per Capita: $4,335
Unemployment Rate: 7.24%
Income Tax Rate: 96%
Population Below poverty Line: 60%
Agricultural Products: Beef, Milk, Corn
Budget: $158 Billion
Currency: The Eno

3. History
In 1971, Emperor Dorian Jordans founded the Extreme New Order after violently separating away from MyPlaceYo with a group of Tribal Revivalists. The Extreme New Order was run under his sole rule, and he took advantage of it. The emperor knew that the only way to stop civil war was to kill rebels, as unfortunate as that is, and thus, he had to kill 2,000 citizens in 1981 during The Great Uprising. Emperor Dorian Jordans married Empress Alice Jordans in 1983, and in 1993, they had a son, Paul Jordans. Emperor Dorian Jordans ruled until May 23, 2010, when he passed away, 2 years after his wife, and passed the crown to Paul Jordans, who is the current emperor.

4. Military
Air Force
Space Force

% of Population: 50% of Males over age 15 are drafted every year.

Expenditure: 20% of GDP

Allies: Bexxstan

Annual Nationals Reaching Military Age: 20 Thousand

5. Government and Political Structure
Country Name: The Incorporated States of The Extreme New Order
Government Type: Dictatorship
Capital City: BorloffBurg
Political Parties: There is only the Emperor
Date of Founding: December 24, 1971
UN Description Category: Iron Fist Consumerists
National Holiday: December 24

6. People and Population
Total Population: 40 Million
Growth Rate: 14.63%
Life Expectancy At Birth: 61
Ethnic Groups: All non-human
Nationality: Ennonnann

7. Communications
Number of Televisions: 10 Million
Number of Cell Phones: 38 Million
Number of Radios: 25 Million
Radio Broadcast Stations: Empire Radio, Hail Jordans Radio, ENOMUSIC
Television Stations: Emperor TV
Web TLD: .Eno

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