The Onox Legion Q&A thread[Read the OP]

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The Onox Legion Q&A thread[Read the OP]

Postby The Onox Legion » Mon Feb 14, 2022 4:29 am

"Greetings, people of the many worlds.
The name is Vire, Lieutenant General of the Onox Legion and Demarch of the Republic of Athos, and I am here to receive the questions you might have about the Onox Legion, it's vassals, it's leaders and all of the other things related to it.
Now then, ask the questions!

-Lieutenant General Vire

The Onox Legion is a monstrous horde that conquered the eastern part of Old Hyrule, after wreaking havoc on everything in it's path to that area. It is currently more stagnated, after a defeat in against the Holy League in a rather recent war(Have to update that lore in Onox's factbook), and became a participant on the Old Hylian politics.
Still raids their neighbours and is a big participant in banditry though.
It is a rather strange place, where advanced species and monsters both life together.

  • Stay on topic.
  • IC and OOC Questions are both allowed
  • Along with the Questions, a small offering to the legion has to be provided
  • Mostly to show if someone has read the rules
  • Please keep in mind that the legion might not understand a lot of topics.
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A bandit state lying in the eastern area of Hyrule.
Raiding, destruction, partying are all part of the program.
The World is one where the three timelines have merged a while ago, but tensions have risen.
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NS stats have been beaten up and gotten their wallets taken, they don't count.
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